What Are Some Best Practices For Using BrowSEO In 2019?

By April

The Best Practices for BrowSEO 2019 are the same as BrowSEO 2018!

YouTube video

In episode 170 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the best practices for using BrowSEO in 2019.

The exact question was:

Thanks for answers and patience last week, super helpful as always. BTW, Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp is going WELL, thorough, easy to consume and digest will be implementing soon.

1. BrowSEO Still Working 2019 (2016 HDHO = Solid Overview)
If YES, any advice on approach, usage, your application of it presently if at all?

BrowSEO is a web app that scans web pages through the eyes of a search engine bot. It scours meta information and shows you how a search bot sees it. With this SEO browser, you have a better perspective in analyzing site structure since you'll have the advantage of how Google sees your website. Unlike other SEO software like Screaming Frog, this doesn't provide information on outbound links but it focuses more on the site's pages structure including header tags and meta robots.

In the video, Bradley mentioned that he still uses BrowSEO in managing multiple profiles and build browsing histories and cookies for different personas or different accounts. There are also tons of features in the Pro version but he did not commit to further explore the tool as he heard that the training isn't as organized as he wished it to be.

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