Duplicate Content Issues When Using Templates for Business Franchise

By April

YouTube video

In the 69th episode of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the possible content duplication issues when using a template for optimizing a business franchise in different local listing sites. Moreover, he wanted to know if it's recommended to syndicate posts from each city domain to a branded network.

The exact question was:

Okay, so I've setup a branded service for local business on a root domain and I've created subdomains for regional cities. My intent is to lease out the map listings and subdomains. For example “Ann Arbor Premier Septic Systems”, “Lansing Premier Septic Systems”, etc. Couple questions;

1. Since I'm branding the service and treating each city like a franchise, I'm using the same template, graphics, and brand name for each website, changing only the content, city specific NAP, Json markup, etc. Am I going to get myself into trouble branding across subdomains like that?

2. Similarly, can I syndicate blog content from each city subdomain to my main branded IFTTT network, or should I create a separate branded IFTTT network for each? My thought here is it would look natural having a branded franchise service syndicating content from its franchisees. Yes? No??

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