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By April

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Bradley: Now I think we are live.

Adam: Alright. Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 255. This is the one where I fake the funk and pretend I'm not getting a cold and just smile. So we're going to get into it here in just a minute. I think maybe they'll guys gonna be showing up, maybe not. We'll give them a minute. And we got a couple of quick updates to talk about. And then we're going to get into the questions and all that. So first of all, just want to say thanks for being here. Whether it's your first time or maybe it's your 250 fifth time, actually, that'd be pretty awesome. If someone here has watched most of these, let us know on the page. I'm really curious because I know we've had people watching us for years. So anyways, back to what I was talking about another way Just let me interrupt you, God bless anybody that's watched us 255 hours, 55 hours of your life with us. Let's I'm gonna start up top. Bradley, how you doing today?

Bradley: I'm good man. Happy to be here. kind of excited because, you know, POFU Live events coming up in a few weeks, like two or two and a half, something like that. And I'm pretty excited about that. So…

Adam: Good deal. Chris, how about yourself?

Chris: Doing good. Just looking for an improved flight to Denver.

Adam: Yeah, I was about to say, you know, this is a natural lead in anyone who's coming to POFU Live or if you haven't yet go to pofulive.com and grab your tickets. Like Bradley said, You got two and a half weeks, and then make sure you've got your tickets. But even if you do that, make sure that what happened to Chris doesn't happen to you. So Chris, what what's been going on?

Chris: Well, another airline went bust pretty much but like, if the book was the right agency, you get like, the money refunded immediately. And, yeah, it's now time to look for a better flight.

Bradley: So you got caught up in that British company travel agency that got like 600.

Chris: Company, it's a condor.

Okay. So that's crazy, by the way, man. Well, at least they refunded it to you. So

Adam: That's the good news. Let's see.

Chris: We live in Europe. What's that? We live in Europe? Not in the US.

Adam: Yeah, you got refunded? All right. Well, before we get into it, you know, we did touch on POFU Live real quick. Tomorrow, I'm going to drop the link but tomorrow, Bradley, that's tomorrow in the webinar. Yes at 12pm. Eastern that losing my mind here yet. Tomorrow, we're going to have a webinar, we're going to be talking about POFU Live, but then also, of course, about hopefully live because we think this is important. I mean, there's a reason we put on our shirts. There's a reason when you come to POFU Live you get a coin, that although the design changes, just a poke you on there, and what it's about, you know, it's something we really actually believe in I have a feeling Chris is about a There we go. Let's see it. So there's Christmas coin from last year. So what it's about, you know, and how you can use that to you know, get really what you want and that doesn't mean just like you know, doing whatever it takes screw and everybody over anything like that, you know, it's about you know, I don't have a prepared statement about this because it's different for everybody. And that's part of what this is about is finding out what it means to you.

When I first heard it, actually, I was like, I don't know, the term kind of seems weird to me. And then I sat down and thought about it. I was like, I like that it's different for everybody what Bradley, what his POFU is is not the same as me, Hernan, Chris, Marco. And I think it's really cool to talk with people about what it is you want, what you want to get how you're going to get it. And then you know, laying out the steps to get you there. So that's not all of what the webinar is going to be about. But I did want to talk about whether or not to come to life. I think that this is really interesting and really powerful. Just exercise for you to really think this through and be like, what is it that I really want? Yeah, how am I going to get there? And then how can I provide things of value to other people that help get me there as well?

Chris: So I'm trying to say people actually going to learn something and not just be invited for a pitch fest is one of those live events.

Adam: It's just going to be non stop offer or no, yeah, POFU Live is awesome. You know, as far as getting going to be live. You know, it's about learning, it is about finding out about what other people are doing. And it's about networking. I mean, those are three huge powerful areas. We, of course, look forward to meeting you and helping you however we can, while we're there, you know, I think last time how we price that few hours every day just talking to people find out what you're doing answering questions, you know, it doesn't have to be related to it, if we got the time, you know, we're going to help you but then forming that connection with the other people was really cool between the attendees.

Bradley: And I also just want to add that, you know, it's my partners and I, who are Semantic Mastery, right? There's, there's five of us come from all different parts of the world. We each have our own separate businesses Apart from this, and so we've all and you know, we've been together for six years now. And so, you know, we've all got a lot of experience that we've accrued, individually as well as collectively. And I think that's kind of really what we're trying to impart with both who live is in the position of fuck you which is what you know, it's kind of a joke, but at the same time it is very much very serious in that, you know, I've learned over the years as well as I know my partners have, that. It's not just about making money or having a business, you know, it's about really living the lifestyle that you want in the way that you want working with the people that you want, or on the projects that you want. And I know that sounds kind of like Pollyanna or whatever, like, you know, but it is something that you should be striving for. And I understand somebody just starting off might not be in a position like that, but you should be working towards that position. And that's really what we want to convey at our live event is trying to help people and we do this in the mastermind as well, but it's not quite the same as being live with everybody in the same room where that energy really kind of is contagious. If, if I may, you know but you know, it's about just being able to kind of help people into almost on an individual level to really develop their path to POFU right. And how to achieve that, and through all of our experience, you know, we kind of try to provide insight on how to get to that point and processes, right because it is a process, it's not something that's just going to happen not going to come to POFU Live, you're going to go home and you're going to be at your position of Fuck, he was not going to happen, just so you know, but it will give you the tools and the resources and kind of the path to follow to help you to get to that point. So

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Adam: definitely so I just put the link down. You know, if you're watching the replay, I guess it's another good reason to watch live. You know, it's going to probably be too late unless you see this maybe on early Thursday or late Wednesday. But if you're watching live, you can check out the link we just put down there. Go get signed up, come check it out. See if it's for you. If not, you know nothing else you are certainly going to walk away with a little bit better idea about what POFU is maybe what that means to you and how you can start moving things in that direction. So real quick to wanted to say oh, no, this is cool. I got one. I think POFU was brought up today in the mastermind wasn't I'm not gonna say who it was. But one of our mastermind had a really good post showing some results, or I should say bad, I don't know, bad results from a client who had said, Hey, you know, I want to do some SEO stuff with you, but I'm not sure. And then the guy said something like, you know, this guy pitch me social media for a much lower cost than what you're quoting me. And then they see the traffic mastermind member got the traffic graphs of what happened after this guy did the work. And then the client comes back to him and says, Yeah, I'd like to do SEO, I think that's actually going to work out for this guy trashed my stuff, but I'd like to do it for less money. And well, and you know, that that's tough, and it happens people but what the mastermind member said was, you know, Hey, take a hike, you know, get out you're not my ideal client, you're not gonna, you know, I'm not going to provide you value if because clearly, you're going to just be a pain in my ass, and you're not going to provide value for me. And then the last thing on his post just said, you know, so I really got a kick out of that, but that's part of what it is, right? Yeah, our mastermind member wasn't telling the guy you know, I'm gonna, you know, do whatever I want with your SEO do this. You just Hey know you know what part of his position fuck you is I don't want to work with people like that you tried to pull one over on me I'm walking away and doing what I want to do.

Bradley: Yeah go Good luck finding somebody else you know what I mean like Best of luck to you it's not about being a smart ass but it's like you know you had your opportunity you fired me for what the cheaper option that ended up trashing your traffic and now you want to come back and ask for negotiate a lower price now thanks see you.

Adam: Definitely so that was awesome made man-made my morning that was good to see but also if you are interested in joining the mastermind You can find out more at mastermind dot Semantic Mastery calm. That's definitely for people who are already got some clients that are already rocking and rolling. We help people grow you know, if you're wanting to start getting your agency going or if you've got a business and you want to start to grow that we can certainly do that as well. But the very first thing we always recommend you do especially if you're new to Semantic Mastery go grab the battle plan. All right, we lay things out step by step in there with what you should do what you need to get done, you can find out more about that at battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And last but not least, head over to the YouTube channel after Hump Day hangouts or if you're watching on YouTube, hit the subscribe button. Stay up to date with these as well as all the other questions that we answer there. And lastly, we always tell people to get things done, save some time, outsource, do what you can go to MGYB.co, that's where we got the done for you services, right? That's links embedded press releases syndication networks, always drives stacks all sorts of good stuff over there. So please do that. We tell our mastermind members to do that as they're trying to grow their businesses tell people doing projects to do that we use it ourselves. So good stuff going on over there and I know that there's more stuff coming out got the heavy hitter packages for me but we got new packages for links. So definitely go and check that out. Alright guys, anything else you can think of before we hop into it?

Chris: Yeah, you forgot one thing. Everybody who is coming to POFU finally get the opportunity to kick Bradley off of spot number one for what was that from the ranking board? How loudly well we gonna race Bradley

Adam: Ah, that's right yeah, well you've got to beat him know so I mean yeah POFU Live if you got a VIP ticket going to come go-karting with us and have well-had drinks after the go-karts don't drink before they won't let you on the track and then it's going to be a fun championship. Actually, I ride ATVs not go karts, so i'm not i'm not i'm not making any claims on who's going to be forget Bradley might just go across the track, you know, bring your a games I'm saying.

Bradley: Alright guys, let's do it. Alright, cool. Yeah, that's gonna be funny because those are like racing cards too. So it's gonna be fun. Let me grab the screen and we'll get into the questions that are here. Marco was not here today guys because he he took a week off. He hasn't had a vacation in many years. So he took a week off and so he deserves it. So that's why he's not here today.

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Can You Recommend Some Basic Tips About Website Building?

Let's get started with looks like Mike says hello everyone, can you please share some basic tips about website building? I think to create a website using WordPress plus element or do you have any favorite plugins, my must have plugins or just share the most important tips about website building. What are the basic steps of it? Thanks. Well, that's a long type of question. You know, it's going to there's a lot of variables that go into that and everybody has their own choice of favorite plugins and that kind of stuff. I first of all, just want to clarify that I try to keep my we actually had a thread about this just recently in the mastermind I think just this week, actually, one of our mastermind members was asking that he was going to take a stab at WordPress, I think it's anyways, uh, and so there's a few people that have chimed in, obviously with their own recommendations for their favorite plugins and that and so it's going to really vary depending on you know the individual and what you're trying to accomplish. What I would recommend though, and this was my answer in the mastermind was that you know, I try to keep my WordPress installations as light as possible as few plugins as absolutely possible because plugins tend to make them websites the sites load slower there's also constant you know, conflict issues that happen when there's updates that happens often actually and it's kind of a pain in the ass. And so, you know, again, I try to run my WordPress installations as light as possible, which means uses few plugins as possible. That said, I have a few that I use pretty regularly for SEO plugin, I use the ultimate SEO plus or SEO ultimate plus plugin, I should say, which is Jeffrey Smith. And by the way, I'm also going to suggest this soon, very soon, the there's going to be an updated kind of a version three of pro version SEO Ultimate Plus Pro version of that plugin coming out, which is, in our opinion going to the best SEO plugin. But also, he's got the best on page SEO training course we've ever seen so much so that we didn't create our own because we always point people to his and it's called SEO boot camp. So if you go to Semantic Mastery and I don't know more Adam, if you want to drop the link, but SEO Canada, excuse me Semantic Mastery com slash SEO boot camp. That is Jeffrey Smith training for on page stuff and he goes through you know how to build a site properly how to do on page key you know how to do keyword research and how to do Semantic optimization for the pages. And I mean, it's just incredible what he's been able to do with on page stuff to reduce the need, or at least to reduce the requirement of off page SEO. Like he's taken out some really big sites outrank some really big sites with basically just on page little to no backlinks at all. It's really, really incredible. So if you implement or apply his On page training with like our off page methods which are you know the drive stacks and the syndication networks and link building to those and all of that stuff you can get incredible results which is what you know we prefer to do. So as far as plugins and like I said SEO ultimate plus the pro version is coming out soon. We can't give me an exact date on that but it is coming out soon.

I didn't I use some basic plugins like a caching plugin, I still use w three total cash. I know there's a lot of people like to use other types of caching plugins. I always use disable comments, easy SSL to Fort you know, which is helps set up the HTTPS or secure socket layer. You know, those are a few simple three one redirects is another one, you know, there's just a handful of plugins that I use on a consistent basis a contact form plugin, depending on what you know what whether you're trying to generate leads or what is really going to determine what type of contact plugin that you use. What I tend to do now is use thrive themes I like using Thrive Themes I know you mentioned element or so that's fine. Why I like Thrive Themes is because they have a whole bunch of well themes, but they also have plugins that integrate seamlessly with their themes. So most all of the plugins that I need can be you know, are provided by thrive so I don't really you know, there's never any conflicting issues when they update a theme. All of the plugins work seamlessly with that theme update if that makes sense because they're all from the same developer. And so that's why I've really started going to just using Thrive Themes. And again elements are might have their own plugins sweet. That's fine. I don't know enough about it to be able to determine and I'm not saying outlet thrive is better than element or I'm just saying that's what I use because most of the plugins are available that I need within throughout the thrive suite or thrive package of plugins and themes, as well as landing page builders like you know, I still use Click Funnels a lot because I've gotten really good at it over the years, but you can develop landing page is very similarly that like you can within Click Funnels within drive because it's drag and drop page builders I'm pretty sure element was very very similar to that plus they have a ton of landing page templates and all kinds of stuff so those are all things that just make site builds a lot easier, more efficient. And again, I don't recommend mixing and matching a whole bunch of different developers or theme plot or plugin developers and things like that because that's where the conflict issues arise.

Also, one thing I want to stress I can't stress enough guys is when you're going to build any site but especially WordPress, make sure you have a really good host. Don't use these budget hosts like Hostgator and or GoDaddy hosting or anything like that because you will regret it. There is no doubt you will regret it they are a pain in the ass to work with your site's will load slowly there are issues that arise all the time-bandwidth issue issues, typically your the IPS the servers are way overcrowded. So you can be mixed in with what you call like a bad neighborhood right? Which is where your site is on the same IP as a lot of really spammy sites that just know that but if you have problems a lot of times the support is slow or non-existent. So we always recommend getting a really good host my preferred host has been for years Liquid Web. But there are other ones out there as well just go with a good host pay a little bit more money for your hosting provider and it will pay off in the long run. Trust me when you come on.

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Adam: Yeah, I've got a few more to I totally agree with what Bradley said about the hosting regardless of where you're at. Make sure you have some sort usually it's via plugin do some sort of backup. I use me like MainWP and what I forget what exact service they have. But I use that to make sure everything's kept up to date put a lot of this stuff on autopilot. Click Funnels is another big one I like basically just because but if you're using a theme and doing landing pages that way, that's fine. Don't worry about it. And then before you even do any of this, start looking around at websites you like this is for like the planning phase. And you can use something like built with dot com i think is URL. And you can enter URL on seeing a lot of times, especially if they're on WordPress, like maybe what some of the frameworks they're using are or some of the other tools they're using and then use that start planning out what you're going to do. And I say this fully from my own experience, lack of planning makes building sites such a pain in the ass when you start having to kind of patch things together. And then you are you realize you, you know, left out one area, you can literally draw some of this stuff out on with pen and paper, maybe do some design stuff, write down what plugins you're going to need and then maybe even sketch out like the silos how you're going to organize the content and get that stuff done ahead of time. And I know there are people that do this it's been several years since I've really actually built the site from the bottom up but putting together some spreadsheets for this stuff will save you so much time. Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, mapping it out to I mean, like, like you said, even just doing a kind of a visual. I mean, like my Snagit skills, right, which is just kind of developing out like kind of a visual sitemap as to how you're going to build the site depends on your category, like hierarchies and all that, if you're just starting out, you probably don't need to worry about any of that stuff really just learned about WordPress itself. Play around in there. But as as Adam said, backing it up is important to a lot of good hosts will have automatic backups for you anyways. So that's another reason to have a good host. But yeah, I agree. WordPress is a bit of a beast, you know, if I, if I could never build another WordPress site, again, I would be all too happy. But it's kind of a necessary evil. You know, so it's something that you just have to learn over. And, you know, so I've learned it over the years. And I know that I try to stick with one particular type of theme developer and get really good with that. Because if you jump from theme developer to theme developer to theme developer, every one of them has their own nuances and the way that they you build sites and build themes and are customized the themes, excuse me. And so it's it becomes a constant learning curve. And that's why I prefer to stick with one type of theme developer, and then use that because then you get really good, really proficient with that particular developer and it makes it so much more efficient to build sites and the correct you know, make repairs on sites and fix things when they break and all that kind of stuff. So that's a good question. Now.

Do You Offer A Website Building Service?

The next one says, or I guess it's kind of a follow-up. He says, I know it's a big subject, maybe you can suggest any good course about it, or do you offer website building service? No, we do not. As I said, I don't enjoy building websites at all. I do it. I do it for clients, mostly for, you know, optimized for lead generation and stuff. But it's not some sort of service that we provide. As far as like I said, SEO boot camp is your best on it's not necessarily just a WordPress training. It's more about how to do on-page optimization, the hands down the best way I've seen. So I would recommend SEO boot camp if you want to learn about on-page optimization, but you can a lot of the times you can get from whatever theme developer you're going to be purchasing. If it's Elementary, then so be it. I'm sure they've got tons of tutorial videos on how to customize how to use their different plugins if they have plugins or how to use the different theme options and how to set and, you know, customize them and all that kind of stuff. So most good developers and I know I've heard elemental before, so I'm pretty sure it's a good developer, are going to have a lot, you know, an extensive library of tutorials and you know, on how to how to use their stuff. So that's, that's really key, just don't go Don't make the mistake that I've done over the years, not so much for the last several years. But when I first started out, I would go buy those themes, the new themes, new, bright, shiny themes that were being offered on JV zoo, and things like that all the time, because they were inexpensive, and they looked really cool and all that. But the problem with those is, a lot of times developers don't support those, they just do a big launch, they take your money. And then you know, a year year and a half down the road, the themes no longer work and you can't get any support for them. So you end up having to switch an entire website to a different theme anyways. So stick with the themes like element or, for example, the theme developers I mean, or thrive or something like that. That's been around for quite some time. Okay. Good question.

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Adam: Well, I just for that I also pointed him towards the Facebook group. I think that's a good place you could ask I think some people there are services out there some good ones I think Hernan used one. Anyways, but join the Facebook group asked that question about courses and services for building out sites. And I'm sure you'll get some at least some ideas if not some solid recommendations.

Bradley: Good. Thank you.

What Are Some Chrome Extensions That You Use?

Okay, so the next one says, Hello, everyone. I'm new here rapid-fire questions first, what are all those Chrome extensions that you use? Well, there are various and some of them are just for show No. Lastpass book X marks which is like my bookmarks, that one's a color grabber or it's called colors yellow, but that's just so I can you know, if I've got a match of color when I'm creating something, then I it just tells me what you know, what do they call it, the hex value of the color is or whatever, so I can match that up. I've got bit link, which just does short. You know, a lot of times when I'm taking notes on stuff that I'm researching, I'll just grab the URL and this creates a short link. That's pocket. So it's like another like a that's a content bookmarking site. So we use it on our syndication networks, actually our IFTTT, syndication networks. So I actually use pocket to kind of grouped content together for things that are useful for me. That's Google Tag Manager, tag manager or tag, excuse me, Google Tag Manager tag assistant, which helps you to figure out if you've got your tag manager tags set up correctly on landing pages and conversion, tracking remarketing pixels, all that kind of stuff. So that's, that's something I use a lot. That's my Google Hangouts plugin. I've just I've got a ton of stuff up here, guys.

This is a really cool one. This is called link gopher. And that one's great if you're trying to extract all the URLs of a web page. All you gotta do is against called link go for Chrome extension. All these are free, I believe. But that's really good because you just click that and it was open up in a new browser window or a new tab, essentially, with all of the URLs just all in one place on that, you know, basically line by line with different you on URL on each line. So it's great when you're trying to build, you know, like, Link target lists and things like that. So those are always really good. I mean, I could go on and on and on guys, but that's I've got, you know, just a bunch of stuff on here that I use pretty regularly and that's why they're up there. Some of them are really I don't use that much anymore. Like that's an email address Finder.

Open Graph preview they have for social media posts and things like that. But anyway, I've given it gave you a few of the ones that I use most often. Like, one thing I want to recommend, though, is don't, you know, might look like I've got a lot of them but one of my still got up there is Webinar Jam and we haven't used Webinar Jam in forever. I could probably get rid of that. One is you don't want to like I know that some make sure it's a trusted Chrome extension because a lot of times if it's something that's rather new, they can cause like issues with you. Browser or make stuff not work properly. And so just keep that in mind very much like what I was talking about WordPress stuff. If you if you're trying out a brand new extension that doesn't have much of history, just be aware that it could cause funny things to happen while you're browsing. So look to see if they've been around for a bit.

What Is The Big Difference In SEO And Local SEO?

The second our guest and next thing was Oh, second question is, what is the biggest difference between SEO and local SEO? Well, there's really no difference except that local SEO Well, I guess there is a bit of a difference. A lot of the same principles apply to both. However, with local SEO, a lot of times you're trying to rank also in maps. If you think about SEO, you know, search engine optimization, which I think is more than just ranking in search engines. I know the title is or the name search engine optimization, but I think SEO encompasses a lot more than specifically ranking in search engines now, right because it includes content marketing and what Marco calls is ART, right? Activity relevance trust, authority, all of these different things that going go into SEO to be successful in SEO. But the principles for both SEO and local SEO are applied to both of those, in other words, that the general principles apply to both the differences with local SEO, a lot of times you're trying to rank on a local level, right? for search queries that have local intent. Those are people that are searching for local businesses, like local contractor services, or, you know, restaurants near me or pet store in my town or my area, right and or perhaps even adding the actual local modifier. So those just consider it, like searches with local intent is local SEO. And because of that, a lot of the times you get maps involved, right Google Maps involved. And when you do that, then there's there's you know that that's, that's kind of a whole different division of SEO, if you will, where there's a lot of additional things that you can do for Google maps that you wouldn't necessarily need to do on an affiliate level right or a national or a global level or I mean, it could even be regional for that matter. My point is, is that a lot of the on-page optimization techniques, off-page stuff like link building and providing the relevant signals like I just talked about activity, relevance, trust, and authority, all of that applies no matter what your project is. But, um, local SEO can also include optimizing for maps, right? So that in for local search or searches with local intent, and so that can, you can add additional things in there, for example, you wouldn't want typically, you're not going to be optimizing a Google My Business profile for an affiliate site. I mean, I guess you could, but technically, people don't. I don't really see the value in that unless you expect to generate a lot of traffic from locally for an affiliate offer or something like that. But you've also got to worry about, you know, making sure that it fits within the proper Terms of Use for local, like Google My Business anyways. But again, you know, the same type of on-page principles are going to apply to both that type of a site like an affiliate site as well as to get better results for your local sites. So just keep that in mind. You know, again, maps are usually included with local SEO, whereas something that's not necessarily a local business where they're targeting a specific, you know, local area, then if you don't typically get maps involved and worry about the optimization, having to learn how to do optimization on that, that end of it. That makes sense. You guys want to comment on that at all.

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Adam: No, Sir.

Bradley: Okay, moving on. Then.

Possible Reasons Why Organic Rankings Decline Despite Having RYS Stacks, Weekly Press Release, Etc.

Fitz is up. What's up, Fitz. He says, good agents. Thanks for this very helpful for him. It is appreciated. I have a client who's getting the smackdown from a competitor. That sucks. The organic went straight down. Like the cliff tourists jump off of Rick Rick's cafe in Jamaica, okay. I got them RYS plus a small boost started. Weekly press releases and a plan and plan a medium link building and 60 days site is over three years old. Did I miss anything? Well, if your site dropped, that you're working on, you know, is it that your site dropped? Or is it that your competitor, just all of a sudden outranked you like, or is it a combination of both? Because if your site drop that leads me to believe that there's probably an algorithmic penalty, and that's in play. So how do you determine that? Well, one thing you can do is look at the Search Console. If you have your site, you know, associated or attached to search console, then you can take a look at the manual actions and see if there are any manual actions. Now, that's not the same as an algorithmic action. But I would check there first, and I'm assuming fits that you know that already and you probably have and if it says no manual actions found, then there are a few things that you can do to determine if you're kind of an algorithmic penalty number.

Do a brand search, right and see if your money site. So the self-hosted website for that particular brand is the first URL to rank, right? If it's not if like, for example, I'm assuming it's a local business. So like Yelp, if Yelp outranks your money site for your brand search, then there's a chance that your is a good chance that your website is experiencing some sort of an algorithmic penalty. And that again, that's not going to show in Search Console is a manual action. So that's but that's it. These are some of the things you can do. Another thing you can do is search Google for the domain name. And see once again, does the domain name right number one, for the domain name search. If it doesn't, then there's it's very likely that it's experiencing a panel and algorithmic penalty of some sort. And if that's the case, if that's what you did, you know, find out discover then it's probably you know, either not it can be a combination on-page issues and or off pages or combination of both. Does that make sense? And so then you really have to analyze what I mean I always start with on-page First, take a look at the site, look at the structure of the site, the internal link or linking, excuse me, our pages or any of the pages over-optimize, do you have duplicate content? If you're using WordPress and you've got you're using in your posting and your you've got tags, do you have unique tags because unique tags on a post create basically a duplicate page of the same post if that makes sense? So that creates duplicate content, there's I mean, there's just a ton of things that you can do to determine on-page if you have issues. Use a we were just talking about this in the mastermind, again, use a web crawler a site crawler like Screaming Frog, for example, to look at the technical aspect of the site to see if there are any issues with broken links, URLs, duplicate meta tags or SEO titles, that kind of stuff. So Screaming Frog is a really good tool for crawling a site that finds potential issues with the sites, the site structure itself, then you can also

Again, look at the backlink profile. You know, everything that we teach fortunately has is about creating an SEO firewall and then doing all of the external link building to that SEO firewall. And that SEO firewall is Google properties and high authority third party sites that we can use to filter all of any, you know, anything nasty that we want to do externally, we can do to that and it basically launderers or filters, any bad bad juice or bad equity out and just pushes relevancy into the main entity, which is our asset or primary asset, right? So, again, if you're experiencing a significant drop, and it's not just that your competitor outranks you, all of a sudden, it's probably some sort of penalty, whether manual or algorithmic and there's like I mentioned a few different ways to look at it to determine if there's an algorithmic penalty. If it's manual, then you'll know it'll say so and search console and then figure out what is causing the penalty and try to remedy that. Fortunately, if it's an on-page thing that can be very fixed rather easily. And you know it after it gets fixed, you'll generally see improvement within a matter of a few weeks off-page, SEO issues are a bit tougher to clean up. And, you know, again, there it could be a million different things. But, you know, I've in the past, been very successful with actually disavowing links if I found really toxic links pointing to the site, although Marco would tell you not to do that if Marco was here, but since he's not, he can't read but what I'm saying, but he always said don't ever use disavow tool, but I've actually been successful with getting off-page penalties removed from disavowing links. So it's been a couple of years since I've done that because we don't I don't do off-page link building directly to the money site anymore. We do everything the way that we teach. So I haven't had the had to experience that but years ago, I would take on clients that already were experiencing issues and I would, you know, figure out their first do a backlink. Well, it's always on page first but then I would get to the off-page analysis and figure out what could be potentially causing problems. And then disavow, you know, bad links essentially. So, anybody wants to comment on that? Chris or Adam?

Adam: No. I'm good with that.

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Okay. So yeah, I mean, again, I would start with on-page stuff first. Determine if it's an algorithmic penalty. If it's just that somebody that ranking you will then as far as the steps, yeah, put all the pieces together fits. That's key. We, you know, we talked about this right syndication network, RYS drive stack plus g site that is mirrored the mirror, you mirror the structure of those as the same type of structure that you have on your website. Then you can do press releases, which is kind of like a link building tool anyways, and additional link building to your SEO firewall, create an @ID page. That's what we call the entity loop. That's how you close that entity loop. You want to do all of that stuff when you put all those pieces together. Other than that's really when you'll start seeing significant results. But if you're experiencing a penalty, again, I would try to remedy that first before or while you're doing while you're building the other components, putting the other pieces together, I would work on trying to figure out in Lyft, you know, work on whatever is causing the penalties what I'm saying.

How To Create A Silo Structure For A Local Service?

So, the next question says, Mike, where's from Mike, he says, How to create a solid structure for local service, how to sort out the different service keywords with different city names. Can you please show a visual example of it? Thanks a lot. No, I can't. And the reason why is because we just went over this in the mastermind. Actually, for the last two mastermind webinars, the first master you know, a month ago essentially I did a basically a conceptual overview of of how I struck because we had a mastermind member asked this very specifically, if you're in the mastermind, you can go watch the previous two webinars that we've had the most, the most recent two webinars that we've had, and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not in the mastermind. First of all, it's a lot It takes a while to explain how to structure all that stuff. Right? There are some interesting things that happen when you're trying to, especially for a surface area business, which is I think what you're talking about, which is where like, let's say a plumber, right, so a plumber that might cover, you know, an entire county and the county let's just for simplicity sake, say has four different, you know, town names or city names within the county itself. And they cover all four. What happens if you try to create a silo structure with services, and then try to optimize each service for each separate location, then you end up having a lot of times URL conflicts, because of you're trying to duplicate the same areas within different topics, topical silos, if that makes sense. or service silos, if you'd rather look at it that way. And it can be especially if you're using complex silo structure, which is typically how you would do it for a surface area business with multiple services, right? So the problem, it creates a problem. And I know I fought that for years, I would have to map sites out literally, that's what I talked about earlier, creating a visual sitemap of how you plan to build a site because it would take me a while to plan before I would ever start building to try to figure out how to reconcile potential issues or prevent issues from occurring when you have complex silo structure where you're trying to combine both topical plus location-based silos, very difficult to do without having a really solid plan. And what happens is if you end up changing your plan at any time, it can create a real mess out of the site in the siloed structures. So I kind of developed a way out of getaway around that. And again, I can't really go into detail here because it's a big can of worms to open up number one, and you also would probably need some visual aids to excuse me on to actually see what I'm talking about. But what I've developed in kind of did this out of necessity for a specific project was to create topical silos but then use tags as your actual way to create location, relevancy for each one of the topical silos or services in this case, and it's very, it's very unique way to do it and works very, very well. And combined with what we teach with the Google Sites, and the RYS stacks, for example, you can do some really incredible things. But again, you'd have to see it. In the mastermind. We talked about it very specifically. And just last week on the last mastermind webinar actually showed some examples. I'm kind of building that out on us on my newest website that is for my own business and sharing that with my with our members. So, unfortunately, I can't show you here, but just know that what I recommend is trying to keep to a simple silo structure if possible, which is just pages, top-level categories and posts and then you know, as because complex structures are just like the name says complex and they can become a nightmare to deal with overtime, unless you have a really solid strategy upfront. And so I recommend sticking with a simple silo structure, and then start thinking about how you can use Tags and Categories specifically to create the location relevancy with your posts in each topical or service silo, if that makes sense, right? Or come join the mastermind and then I can show you much more in-depth with videos and visual aids.

Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say to go head over to YouTube and just search for Semantic Mastery silo, and you'll get a lot of awesome videos with Bradley's drawings and, excuse me, some good explanations through to on some of these areas.
Bradley: Yeah.

Should The Nitro Link Packs Hit The Client Target All At Once?

So the next question is from Katie says, okay, boys, I just bought four natural link packages from MGYV and I'm super pumped. To see what these puppies can do a couple of questions I plan to use one pack per month for the next four months to boost my clients' site. Okay, the first question is should the link pack son of a bitch hate it when this thing does that mean back up again? Okay, so the first question is should the link pack hit the clients target all at once? example month one the link package would hit all the syndication networks Gsite PR advantage page links or is it better to blast the whole link package at a single main target and change the target each month IE month one hit only the syndication network month to hit only the press advantage page etc. If it's better to hit only one main target per month with the whole link package doesn't matter which order to hit them. No It really doesn't matter um, you know at six and one half dozen and another because the key with the link building packages is that you need to do them fairly regularly anyway, right because what happens is a lot of these links will end up you know, the pages that get created the content when during the link building process will fall out of the index over time, right. And so hitting something with a link building package, you can't it's not a one and done type of thing. Now you can stagger them out for example, you know what, if you were going to do you know, kind of direct all of your link building packages for to just the DR stack, for example, on month one, then you could do sent you to know, syndication network month to month three depressive Vantage stuff and that Id page or something like that, however, you work it out. If you wanted to stagger it out. The only thing that that does is it allows you to create kind of an ongoing process out of it. So you know if month one, if month one is a syndication network, month two is the DR stack and let's just say those, the only two things you're going to target. Then month three could be the syndication network. Again, month four could be the drive set, right so you can create a regular recurring type of campaign that's very logical

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That way, but it doesn't really matter, you can hit everything all at once to just remember you want to hit your SEO firewall, not your money site, right? You do not want to include that as part of your URLs in the target URLs. That said, also remember what you're hitting with the link building packages to, right. So for example, if you're using like an @ID page, and you have, you know, that you're going to be link building to just remember not to directly link to your money site URL from that because that although it's an Amazon page, what I like to do is use an embed instead, right? So you iframe your money site into the @ID page, instead of having a direct link to it, if that makes sense. So that when you're hitting it with these links, you're not even opening the possibility of any negative you know, consequences of having a spam link package, which is what they are pointing to a direct URL back to your money site, if that makes sense. Using the embeds that's a different story right? So iframing and iframe stacking. And that's really what the whole entity loop is all about. It's about creating this iframe entity loop that surrounds or protects or creates an SEO firewall around your money site. But you can push all that relevancy into it through the iframe without an actual any links directly linking back to your money site except through like Google properties, for example, like drive stack properties. So that's the difference. As far as the way that I would personally do it. I don't think it matters. Either way. I'd love to hear Marco's opinion on this, but the way that I would do it is I would probably be split up, you know, do about whatever your total targets are, is maybe do half of the month one and half of the month two, and then month three, do the first half again, month 40. The second half again. And again, that's just to create kind of a regular recurring link building service out of it. And that's something that I also recommend guys that you build that into your budget when you're quoting a client or prospect, right, because those are all things that it's not a one and done you know, it's just like building or content marketing for that matter. It's something that should be done consistently and regularly so that you continually benefit from it. Right? So hopefully that makes sense.

If it is, is it better to hit one main target per month while the whole? Or does it matter which already hit them know? Like, is it better to hit the syndication network before the G site or vice versa? also want to buy the maps and the @ID page embeds? Should I wait till these four months of link packages are done? Well, here's a good idea, right. You can also buy maps or an ID page embed campaign. And you can also by the way you can create an iframe out of your Gsite, for example. So you can run an embed campaign on your G site, right? There's a number of things that you can do. So you can also link built use your link building packages to build links to your if your embed gigs, right, so you get your embed, report back and then you can submit your embed links to have link building sent to your embeds. So that's essentially like the pages that are created for the embed code where you've got your iframe GGMBR excuse me Google site, or your GMB map or your @ID page, or you can, you know, you can iframe your GMB website, for example, all of those things can be iframe into the content pages that are created for the embed campaigns. And then you can actually take that list of embed URLs that you get back and submit those as for link building target URLs, if that makes sense. So you can actually power that up as well. So you can do a number of things like I just try to vary things up consistently, but create a regular recurring type of schedule out of it, if that makes sense. Because here's the thing, you don't want to start building, like throw four packages of links at your all of your, all of your target URLs, entity URLs all at once, right or over the next four months and it stopped dead in its tracks because that'll look suspicious, right? That's all of a sudden you have all this link velocity, and then all of a sudden it just ends then that's not good. You want kind of keep your foot on the gas and keep steady at it if that makes sense. Alright.

The site is a couple of years old with a few decent rankings but competition is fierce. I'm hoping MGYB will help me show them who's the boss, so I can buy more links. Thanks. Yeah, again, I recommend just build out just like I recommended to one of the previous questions is build out all of those entity assets first, and then start systematically kind of on a regularly recurring schedule, powering up those entity assets right instead, so that you're constantly feeding back into it. And that's where the where you're going to get the most power.

Does The MGYB Press Release Have Same Features With Press Advantage?

Does your press release service in the MGYB store has all the same features as one directly from Press Advantage? it does right now, but in not, we were going to have a press advantage update webinar for the new features that are going to be rolled out was going to be Monday but next Monday the 30th but we had to push it back another week. And there are going to be some new features that are only rolling out if you have your own press advantage subscription.

Unfortunately, but I completely understand why it's for like, really some of the stuff that is coming as only if you have your own subscription, but for right now, yeah, everything that is available as a subscriber of with your own subscription package is available in MZYB. For example, can we add a retargeting pixel? Yes, if you contact support, you can, as far as I know, unless Rob's going to kick me for this, but now you should be able to because it's fairly simple to do if you have your own remark, retargeting pixel from Facebook, and it's for a particular organization and you're going to be publishing press releases for that organization fairly regularly. Then it would make sense to create the retargeting remarketing pixel. And that can actually be assigned to the organization page now so that all press releases for that particular organization have that pixel, you know, included with the press release, if that makes sense. So, so yeah, that's um, and do they include links for each release as they mentioned in the sales video from several months ago, do they include links? Do they include links for each release? Not sure what that means unless you're talking about, like getting the link reports, the distribution reports. Yeah, I'm sure you can request those if we don't, all right, I don't order through MGYV because I ordered you know, I've got my own subscription, but I'm pretty sure that you get the link reports, which you know, can be used to do whatever you want as far as daisy-chaining them together for the same organization to where you're basically press release stacking.

I think you can do that. I don't know I'd have to check on that. I'll tell you what, best thing to do. Contact support at MGYB dot CEO, and we can answer those questions specifically. Okay, I don't run the store so I can't answer them definitively. But you can ask us at MGYB [email protected] and we can get you definitive answers. Lastly, are the purge levels still present? Yes, that's one of the benefits or beauties of you know, Jeremy and press advantage is that he's been able to negotiate with a lot of the distribution sites to extend the purging considerably, like in a lot of sites that would purge in 30 days a lot of times now or on the press advantage network or, you know, 90 days or even 190 days, so you get much, much more longevity out of each distribution. Okay.

How Does The Advanced RSS Strategies In Battle Plan Work Now That G+ Is No Longer Active?

Daniela says, Hey, guys recently purchased Battle Plan and watch the two webinars about advanced RSS strategies in the battle plan. I have a question about the rank feeder bonus webinar at some point in the video, a G Plus page is part of the setup, as G Plus is not supported anymore. Can you explain how this process works for now? Yeah, it doesn't matter. You know, g plus was great when it was there. There was SEO benefit for using it, but you don't need to use it. So in other words, if you don't have a Google Plus page to include in the rank feeder like sticky items, for example, then it doesn't matter. You could use you know another entity asset, for example, a Google site if you're if you've got a drive stack and a Google site, which is what we totally recommend. It's foundational, right? You can use the Google site at the homepage URL or an inner page URL of the Google site as a sticky item and the rank feeder feed. If that makes sense. You could use the drive stack folder like the primary drive stack folder or an inner folder, right? So you could do that. There's a number of things that you could do like if you're it's for local stuff, you could use the GMB website URL, right. So the business site URL as opposed to the Google Plus, if you're if you got an @ID page, use the @ID page URL as because remember, that's all that is, is essentially a URL. Universal resource indicator, right? It's a page that has all of your entity assets basically listed on the page or iframe into the page as well as JSON LD markup, right. So again, that's a very, very powerful URL to include as a sticky item in the rank feeder, Google Plus was great because we used it as what we call it a Semantic hub, you could add a bunch of links in there was a Google property. But if you can't use that anymore, which you can't then substitute it with something else that would achieve similar SEO results, right, which is to help solidify the entity again and @ID pages perfect for that Google site. It's perfect for or drive stack, either one of those is perfect for that kind of a thing. So just include one of those instead. Right.

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Mobile Search Images & Brand Names

Austin says to have an image show up on mobile searches for a site. Is that schema related? Or is it just up to Google if they select an image? That's a good question. I'm not 100%. Sure. Does one of you guys have an answer to that?

Adam: No, one sec. Let me I read it a couple of minutes ago to have an image. Yeah, I'm not sure, to be honest.

Bradley: Yeah, I'm not sure either. Sorry. I can't answer that one. Austin, Don, excuse me. The next one is also with mobile searches. Why do sites Why do some sites have the brand name listed above instead of the URL at the top again, I couldn't answer that. I'm curious as to. Yeah, I forgot to remember when they came out with that. That's like the icons. And so again, mine, this is not the definitive answer, because I am not, wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure it's probably related if they can crawl and see that that's the website title or the brand associated, you know, with the entity, but they do that on even Google Search now.

Yeah, they're showing in the did you pull up the image? That's what a screenshot shows? Yeah. Well, that was a mobile search. But you can see that like, Here, for example, the same thing. Yep. Do you see that? So you can see that you can see the actual, you know, basically the What do they call that the fabric on the icon directly in the search results now? So and again, that's not something that I know that you can optimize for. I think Google just does it. They just take the fabric on and put it in the actual search results. As far as why do some have a name as opposed to the URL. I'm not sure about that. I'm not sure if you can optimize for that or not. I'm sure you can. I'm not sure. That's something interesting. I'd like to like to find out because that would be something I would want to do. So that's probably schema, but I don't I'm not 100% sure. I'm almost sure it would be schema though. So

okay, let's see the next or last question it looks like and that's cool. We're almost out of time anyways, is he says I meant backlinks to rank each release for press advantage. Thanks. Do they build backlinks to each link to each press releases? I think what you're saying, I think they do, but I'd have to confirm that with Jeremy.

Unknown Speaker 53:41
I think they do because remember, he had his own SEO fulfillment service from a previous company that basically all the infrastructure still there and so if I remember correctly, they do build backlinks to each press release distribution because not all to the press advantage. URL. Right, so where it's published on the press advantage domain, they build backlinks to it. As far as I know, now, I can't come. I'll have to have to get clarification on that. So if you want and post this question again next week, I will have an answer for you because I chat with Jeremy daily, so I can find out for sure, but I'm pretty sure that they do build backlinks to the press advantage, published. Pr. Right. So your press release published on the press advantage domain because it only benefits the press advantage domain as a whole makes it more powerful and more strong. But again, I'd have to confirm that to be 100%. Sure. And you can either contact us at support or post that same question for next week and are getting a definitive answer or even use the free Facebook group and post that question in there. And I'll tag Jeremy on it, let him come in and answer it directly. Okay, that's another thing you could do. So

okay, I don't see any other questions, guys. We're gonna wrap it up. It's good timing. I gotta get my daughter anyways.

You guys good? Sounds good.

Yeah, and like I just want to remind everybody if you want to join us for the POFU Live webinar on Thursday, which is tomorrow at 12:30 pm Eastern. Yep. I will pop the link in there again, make sure you be there and definitely we will send out a replay though if you can't, so get signed up either way and hopefully we'll see their life. Right. Thanks, guys. Yes

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