How to Link Citation Pages to Tumblr Sites?

By April

YouTube video
One of the viewers of Hump Day Hangouts episode 74 asked about the ways to link citation pages to Tumblr sites.

The exact question was:

Hey, welcome back Bradley and Adam. Last week, Hernan and Marco had great answers if you are linking from your own property to a citation. 1) My question today is similar but different to last week – how to create a backlink to a citation when the linking property like a Tumblr is NOT owned by your brand.

In the Tumblr what types of text and anchor text would be used? To clarify, this would be a Tumblr not related to my brand at all and it would be used to link to a Yelp or yellow pages. What do you actually write to create that link? “This is where I went for knee surgery these guys are great”? I really have no idea. thanks.

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