Best Practices When Conversing With Lead Gen Prospects Through Cold Calling

By April

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In the 134th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for tips for conversing with lead gen prospects via phone calls. Tips for how to deal with rejections and moving on to different prospects were also discussed.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley, I have an client closing question.

I know you love to use vmail prospecting to get your lead gen client. However, the area that I do leadgen in a lot of them doesn't have email, so I have to do cold calling.

I manage to get past the gatekeeper but my conversation with the owner is short. That sucks…

So if you are able to get the owner to the phone. How exactly will carry on the conversation without him knowing you in the first place.

Do you talk to him from (I am your competitor, now I have too much leads unable to service. May I forward some leads to you) perspective

Or do you talk to him from (I am a marketer currently have a website that is generating leads but need a contractor to service them”” perspective)

I have tried the 2nd option because I want to be honest but didn't find much success.

But if I go for the 1st option, I was afraid I set the wrong frame for the business owner where he thought his competitor is sending him leads FREE because they cannot service them and freak out when he found that he needs to pay them.

I hate the go for the 1st option route where I am pretending that I am his competitor because it is so easy to set the wrong frame. I don't want to explain to him that I am actually a leadgen company pretending to be hid competitor when he sees the company name on the bill is WSK Consultancy, a marketing firm name

Bradley assume you got past the gatekeeper and the owner say “”hello””.. How do you carry on this conversation with him without setting the wrong frame which leads to disappointment?

Can you do roleplay with Hernan where you are on the phone with the prospect(Hernan) to demonstrate to us how you carry the conversation with the business owner.

2) Do you offer an x amount of free leads to the client before start charging them?

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