How To Combine 2 SILO Scenarios To Rank In Multiple Cities?

By April

YouTube video

During the 84 episode of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one participant wanted to know about the best ways in combining 2 SILO scenarios to cover multiple cities.

The exact question was:

wanted to get some silo structure input from the group….I will try to be as clear as can be.

If trying to create a site that is covering a large area so would silo the site based on location…. domain,com/location/city for the city silos. Lets say that i am also trying to rank for couple services in each city. . so domain,com/service/subservice. My question is how would you combine the 2 silo scenarios?

Would i have a service silo under each city :


Or would i have location silos and service silos that link to each other?

domain,com/locations/city1/ – city page would link to each subservice?

domain,com/service/subservice1 – each sub service would link to a top location page? or should link to each city page

Hope that is understandable…

I am thinking that would silo the location and then silo the services with links from location to service and from service to location. That way are not creating same content about subservice 1 for each city page since it is truly the same service at different locations.


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