How Would You Silo Structure A Website With Multiple Topics?

By April

In episode 324 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to silo structure a website with multiple topics.

The exact question was:

hi guys: 1) A better example for last weekend's question: “”How Google treat pages that are not related topically to the site?””. Say you a site about marketing. The silo is about Software. Lets say all the marketing software goes here. But what if we add non marketing software pages to that silo like employment software or betting software etc? should a new silo be opened to non related marketing software?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 276

By April

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Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 277, where we talk about maybe some we have a drink. It's almost five o'clock here. So now, we'll maybe do that on one coming up. But Welcome, everybody. We're going to say hi, real quick, we got a couple of short announcements, and then we're going to get into it. We've got a long list of questions. And just for those of us joining us for the first time, I want to let you know too, we really appreciate your questions. If you can keep it to one question, we understand some are multi-part. But today we have like, somebody put in like six long questions. We're not going to be able to get to all of those, but we will try to answer what we can we just want to make sure we give everyone a chance. So we'll touch on that again. But again, we appreciate your questions. Please come and ask but you know, just be respectful of everyone else and make sure to make room for them. So with that said, Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm good, man. If we wouldn't have been talking about the beer I wouldn't be so thirsty right now.

Adam: Yeah, this is good. I'll share it with everyone since it's topical. We were talking about it you know everything on everyone's minds coronavirus, and then hearing the news reports that Corona, you know, the beer is taking a sales hit, you know, it's just kind of one of those like mind-blowing things that are actually a result of this.

Bradley: So, yeah, how stupid can people be there? They're concerned about drinking Corona beer. They've associated it with the coronavirus and poor Corona.

Adam: Oh, let's see next on here Hernan. How are you doing man? It's what comes up in wintertime for you. I guess it's fall now.

Hernan: Yeah, it's actually fall. We're getting to fall. But today's like still in the past. It is been hot as hell outside. So it's been good, man. And everything is good and excited to be here.

Adam: Nice. Nice. Marco, how about you? How's the weather?

Marco: Groundhog Day you see it? I ain't got to tell you about it. You see it. This is what it's like, every daym every morning, 365. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. But it's always warm in Costa Rica. So stay away. I want you here. I don't want your Corona. Only Corona I want is in my fridge and I actually do have a couple of Corona in the fridge

Bradley: careful now

Marco: Yeah, no it's antibodies I'm building up yeah.

Bradley: there you go I just clean or get drunk so that's what you call an ambiguous to Corona entity, man.

Adam: Chris, how are you doing man?

Chris: yeah then good still like cold here I mean like it's not freezing but like you still need to pull over. Yeah actually like it colder weather is like really hot summers always giving me brain fog and I'm really unproductive so not sure what to say to the others here

Adam: for good you're where you should be then so man I do get the same way when it gets hot just like yeah man that is not my jam. Guys real quick before we get into it just wanted to say if you're joining us here for the first time, that's awesome. We really do appreciate it. Please ask your questions, you can always catch the replay on YouTube, which you can go head over and subscribe. You can find the link down below or just go to YouTube, or and subscribe. Stay up to date. Because we understand sometimes you can't make it live. But all of these are recording go up on our YouTube channel. Also, if you're an agency owner or a consultant, like us, and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue and you'd like to scale your team then you should be are already into x your agency or Double Your Agency, you can go over and check that out at two extra And we know a lot of people find us and they're looking for and getting great advice for SEO. But if you want the step by step, Battle Plan, then guess where you should go it's step by step processes for everything from new websites, eighth websites, YouTube channels, so much more. So head over, grab that and you can find the links off to the right if you're joining us live.

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And real quick for anyone who is live. If you guys can do some typing for me, I saw that somebody on there said that there are some issues with redirects and using the chat on the hump day hangouts page, you guys can let me know if it's working okay for you or not. We'd love some more feedback. So I want to make sure that that's working smoothly for free one chat box is not working again or something. I just had some issues somebody was saying they were having issues with redirects, but it's working in incognito. So I just want to see if it's one person or many.

And then last but not least, we've got some information coming out about some really cool updates with Where you can get done for you services for syndication networks, RYS stacks, and of course SEO shield, which we had a killer deal going on last week. A lot of people took advantage of that, but there's some new great stuff coming out with that and I believe Marco even with the link shortener, there are some potential updates coming right.

Marco: Yeah, what we're trying to because someone mentioned it last week. Having a custom domain, although people use Bitly people to use rebranding people use all kinds of a on Twitter, they use all kinds of shorteners. And it doesn't really matter. And in fact, because of the strength of our shortener, it actually enhances everything that you're doing to the point that the shortened link, right, whatever it short with, it can rank for that keyword and take up more real estate in SERPs, which is actually what you're looking for. You want people as much as to cover as much of the real estate as possible so that you have a greater chance of people clicking on whatever project it is that you're doing.

And before we get to questions, I'd like to make a quick announcement because anyone who donated to the charity, got access to all of the webinars and everything. If you haven't, then please send an email. Right, you got you guys. I'll post it all on the page. And I'll be doing an update webinar probably in May because I promise one because I showed the land solutions that work and how it's going and all of a sudden they just blew up and started appearing on the first page like everywhere.

Yeah, getting national attention. We're getting form fills from all over the US. So it's pretty interesting what's happening. And without really all of the power that I thought it would be necessary to get this to where it is right now. We're on the next push. I'm expecting it to land the top three in for the top-level category, which is the top market level that everyone wants. I'll tell every one. Sell and fast and then state Bradley just show me this morning where it's appearing in Virginia.

Bradley: Yeah, you son of a bitch. It's out of touch.

Marco: I can't control the monster man. Once it's gone, guys. I can't help it.

Bradley: Yeah, well, I got the knowledge panel now which is pretty impressive considering I really haven't done a lot of SEO work that has been just through exactly what we've been teaching which is that entity like guys I haven't even been doing link building to the alpha land realty project I did one link building package when I first got the drive stack delivered month you know I'll shit damn near a year ago now, well at least nine months ago and I did one link building package that's it. Other than that I've just published in press releases for properties that I have for sale haven't done any other sort of SEO work whatsoever and I've got the knowledge panel now for sale down pat fast Virginia which means you know, my brand has been fully associated with that keyword which is super powerful. And again guys that's doing nothing other than what we teach about solidifying, validating the entity period.

Marco: Entity-based worry less SEO is what this is all about. That's what my update in May or June. I don't know when because I want to do press release stack and then I want to do a link building. I'll put do an embed stack and a link building run and see what happened. What kind of madness that gets us into. So it's coming, guys, if you donated, you'll have all of the replays are available and you will have access to the upcoming webinar. And if you haven't donated it, there's always a good time, right? This is no better time like now to go and donate and get access to everything and including the upcoming update webinar. So there you go.

Adam: Awesome. Awesome. Two more quick things. I'm gonna have Bradley, I got a question for you. And then from there, we can go to questions, but I want to remind everybody, we still got early access pricing for POFU Live tickets, I believe we have 19 spots, maybe 20 remainings, but the prices are going to go up before too long. So grab those if you want to come if you want to find out more about that you can find out at But it's basically finding out about all of this stuff. But doing it over two to three days. I highly recommend you grab the VIP ticket we've priced it to make it easily accessible from the main ticket. It's not a big bump in price. We just want to cover the costs get you together with everyone else a day early.

We have a lot of fun last year we went go-karting that was blast had a beer, some food and just get together and you know, in a kind of relaxed environment, have some fun you can get to know everyone and then go into the event. You know, and it's a small group you already kind of know each other. You're familiar with each other and go in there and really get the most out of that. So like I said, check it out at POFU Live if you'd like to join us can be last weekend in Boston or last weekend in September in Boston. We'll have a bunch more details coming but go grab that And then Bradley, you just updated the Double Your Agency training right if I know we're going long here, can you in like 60 seconds just real quick tell people what the training was about?

Bradley: Yeah, well, this week it was about embeds and link building, which is how to power up the entity, the Semantic Mastery way, which is beautiful. And so what's really important here is that we like I just mentioned how all I'm doing all I've done for Alpha Land Realty. lt is entity-based SEO and I haven't even been doing the external stuff because I drive the most traffic to it via direct mail, and Google ads and also organic rankings now. So because I'm doing well, I haven't really done a lot of SEO to it. But it's ranking. And what I discovered today was we're in the 2xyour results section of the Double Your Agency training. So there are three total parts – 2xyourr pipeline, 2xyour results, which that's the section we're in now. And then it's 2xyour business which is what we're going to be going to in two weeks.

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And so the first three topics covered in this module, which is the 2xyour results was number one, the SEO shield. That was week one, which is the foundation of everything we do guys it's absolutely the foundation now and that's how you solidify the entity right? Number two is content marketing. It's just how you start to build relevancy, both topical and or location, relevancy if it's for a local project. So content marketing is how you start to fuel up the entity like the power it up with content and build the relevancy and now three as external link building and embeds, like what we do to the SEO shield to power it up. And I'm telling you guys, it's a three-step process. There's a lot of components to those three steps, but it's a three-step process. And the fourth step being pushing relevant traffic into the entity which kind of is like throwing jet fuel on the fire. And we're going to talk about that next week. My whole point is I've got several projects I'm working on right now that all I'm doing it's paint by numbers guys exactly what we're teaching and to 2xyouragency for the 2xyourresults part of it. SEO shield, content marketing, power up the entity, run relevant traffic into it, you'll get results period and the story. It's painted by numbers. There's not there is no competition out there that you cannot overcome with this method, period. End of story. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Dude, I don't even take into account the competition. I don't look at it. I don't bother. I don't care if we can go up against Amazo. We can go up against anyone. And so I just don't bother anybody I do. I let them worry about me because this guy is the top guy in nationwide for this is in trouble and he doesn't even know it. Because it's coming into it's going to hit. You're already seeing it with really that last power push that we usually do to get it in there. It hasn't even been done. So it's just gonna be mad simple and simple doesn't mean easy, right? We try to make it simple so that people can follow everything and get there and get the same results that we get. It's not easy. It's a lot of work. There's a lot of things involved. We have a whole team that works behind all this to accomplish all of the different steps. But once it's done, it's just keeping it up and doing your link building cycles the way that you're supposed to your press releases, and it's done. It's a done deal. It's crazy how simple this is, and how people despite the proof that we can provide because I'm sharing results in our group. Despite that, there's still sell it. That doesn't work. Yeah. Don't leave your lying eyes because it's an optical illusion, the results that you're seeing in SERPs that's not true either, right? So I will just leave it at that. Let's go to the questions, guys. It doesn't work. If you want to see how it doesn't work, come and get our stuff and

Bradley: anything else guys, or can we get any question?  Let's do it. All right, there we go. Tell me when you see my screen. Got it? Okay. We can see it. Yeah. So that's what I was talking about. If you look at selling and fast, Virginia, it's popping knowledge panel now number one position. And you can see my brand is associated with that search term. It's even showing up and suggesting related searches. Guys, that's what you want, you know, powerful that is when somebody a prospect starts typing a generic keyword into search and a brand appears how powerful that is. So it's incredible how much traffic I get from that. It's insane. And guys, I haven't done anything other than what we teach. I have an SEO shield. I did one batch of link building to it and ever since then, all I've done is run relevant traffic into the entity. And it just took time is just a matter of time and I'm already popping for knowledge panel now push this competitor out who had been number one for months. So it's um, it's impressive, guys. I can't thank Marco and my team enough for making it so easy to repeat and get results. It's just not fair. It's just not fair.

Alright, so let's get into the question.

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How To Make A Domain Mapping In Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Dustin. Hey, guys, how do you? Yeah, okay, that's it. Hey, guys, how do you make a domain mapping with AWS Amazon cloud so my websites get hosted on Amazon, just go to YouTube. You can do it with Cloudflare. Probably the easiest way to do it is through Cloudflare. But just go to YouTube and search not directly on our channel, because I don't think we have any public training about that. And the training that I did on that was probably three years old now. And it's likely that it may, I don't know, it might not have changed, but just go to YouTube and search domain mapping cloud, Amazon HTML site or something like that, right. And just playing around, you'll find somebody that's good with a tutorial for that. It's, it's fairly simple. I use CloudFlare to do that. But you can also use Amazon route 53, which is their DNS service inside of AWS console. You can do it with Amazon route 53. And what's interesting about Amazon route 53, by the way, is when you set it up that way, it gives you what's called a dynamic IP, the IP for your site will change. Well, if you're hosting in Amazon, but if you're just pointing how do you make a domain mapping so my website gets hosted on Amazon.

Yeah, if you're using Amazon to host, then it's a dynamic IP, which is it's interesting because the IP changes, years ago, we had talked about building a PBNs, well, kind of like PBNs but essentially buffer sites using Amazon HTML pages hosted in s3 buckets, but using Amazon route 53, to set up subdomains for a particular domain, and you have just multiple, like, essentially, we create a bunch of pages and subdomains, but they would each have dynamic IPs. So it would, it wouldn't look like all of them coming from like links from the same domain would be coming from different IPs, if that makes sense because they were different subdomains. And you'd go check them in an IP checker. And if you refresh the screen, it wouldn't always be a new IP, but often when you would refresh the screen, it would be a whole new IP. And it was a great way when we were still using a lot of PBN stuff to get IP diversity into your link building. But again, I don't do that anymore. We don't need to, the SEO shield is all we need to do. And that is link building, and it works. But yeah, just go check YouTube, you'll find somebody to teach you how to do that. It's not that difficult.

Why Do You SEO For Local And Not Focus On Ads Where You Have More Control Over Keywords?

jp says I don't understand. Okay, this is a good question. I don't understand the use of ranking websites for local. I run Google Ads with GMB location extension activated and Google ads for local plumbing clients, I ranked multiple websites organically number one and GMBs organically number one, I would guess that about 5% of traffic comes from my number one organically ranked websites and about 15 from organic GMB organic rankings and the rest come from ads and GMB linked to the ads. You can target so many more keywords with ads and organic you will never show in the three-pack for the variety of keywords you can target in Google ads. Well, that's not necessarily true you can depend on how much work you put into it. You can write for a variety of keywords and you can also rank for outside of your immediate area like you can with ads. I know what you mean when you run a location extension with the GMB. That's how you can get beat that proximity filter right away. Right? There's no question. If you have the top quality score, or a high-quality score that Trumps your competitors, then that's how you will typically get in the number one position in the ads, you know, the number one ads position in the maps three-pack or in the expanded maps.

And there's no question that that's a great way to expand your service area very quickly and overcome that proximity issue. However, we do know a way of overcoming that proximity issue organically, which is the local GMB pro method. So it's not that you can't do it. It's just it does require a lot more work than just paying Google to get placed there. That said, you say that you would guess that about 5% of your traffic comes from organic rankings and 15% from organic or maps rankings. But you said that you would guess you know, I would recommend you know, looking at your analytics deep diving in that to see if that is the case. And it may be for your particular industry, plumbing, I don't do plumbing, SEO. I mean, it happened to pass. But I, you know, most of the industries that I work in I've proven time and again, that maps rankings produce the most leads for most of the services that I, you know, provide most of the industries that I provide services to. And organic rankings have recently for whatever reason started to produce more than they have in the past.

And I don't know why that is because they're pushed even further down on the page now than ever. But for some reason or another, I'm getting more traffic through organic rankings that I have in recent years. And I'm not sure exactly why that is, except for maybe the fact that the maps filter have you know, the proximity issue has reduced the maps footprint and your organic rankings are taking are kind of filling in where the maps used to produce results. Now, it's organic, so maybe that's why but I think it varies by any industry, you know because there are a lot of statistics out there that state. And again, I'm sure it's going to vary by industry. But there are a lot of statistics out there that state that organic rankings get organic listings, period maps or organic, get so much more click-throughs than paid. And so just and I'm going to ask Marco and other others to comment on this in a minute, but I just pulled this up for organic first-page search statistics on higher-visibility calm, and this is stats for 2020. And it talks about right here 70. And this doesn't mention local specifically, but it says 70 to 80% of all searches, searchers ignore paid ads and focus only on organic results. So again, I'm not disputing what you say is the result of your marketing campaigns. But what I'm telling you is by it probably varies by industry, and through my own projects. I've proven over and over and over again through data that we generate far many more leads for the like tree service industry.

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For example, at far less cost than we do use, we generate far more leads at using SEO and maps SEO, that at far less cost than we do use Google ads. So again, you know, I'm, I'm not trying to dispute what you're saying. I'm just saying that I think there it's going to vary depending on industry and project. Comments, guys. I absolutely agree that it's going to depend entirely, not only on the industry, and how people are used to seeing whatever it is or the results that they're seeing. It also depends on how much effort you put into your SEO and your maps versus how much effort you put into ads. So if you think that s that SEO and ads aren't going to bring you the results, because you're guessing that 20% is coming from that and all of your efforts actually know that 8020 rule 80% of your effort goes into ads, then that's going to show in that present. I've seen it differently also. And we have them especially in the plumbing niche, we had the DC plumber example, where once we trigger that map pack, the phone went, what they went nuts is map pack and it's also organic he gets organic traffic, you have to remember the press releases also bring traffic to one will branded will also bring some traffic, right your social media and how much effort goes in there. So the idea here is that you don't focus all of your energies on one source of traffic is one change can bring that 80% to half and then what do you do, but if you focus as you mentioned in other Hump Day Hangouts and holistic marketing when you take an overall approach to what this is a gang, you're actually driving several traffic funnels, not concentrating all your efforts in one.

I think you're going to see much better results. I'm also seeing it in the morning, by the way, I'm working California and in New York with an attorney in those two places and it's man, the map pack in those and it's whatever we target, right because we could target in the GMB. Any keywords that we want or any keyword set or any we can silo it, it's what we do. And it's how we link it together. It's how we get that those keywords to pop up. And you know, you get into the thousands of keywords that way and not only in GMB Insights, but it starts showing up in Search Console on what you're getting impressions for, and the average position where you're getting impressions where if you improve the average position, you start seeing crazy CTR and so all of these factors combined our matter.

He is seeing his numbers from his efforts, which is fine, that's the way you want to do it. If you think that you can get the most bang for your buck out of it. And then by all means me I'd rather not go up against for example Amazon and pay for ads against Amazon I'd rather hit them organically and do my damage there because I'm seeing crazy results from that case study also seeing results from the land solutions network, right the cell and fast case study. So all of these things that we do, what we give you is is is it's like you're giving us data from what your efforts are from what you're getting. So we give you data from what we see and not to say the one or the other is wrong it's just different approaches to the different niches that we're after.

Yeah, I just one more comment on that. Like for example, why I like SEO better than ads and I run ads guys for a lot of stuff. My alpha land Realty, for example, generates a ton of traffic through ads, and I do it for clients too. But my point is kind of like what Marco said like, let's say you've got $1,000 a month budget period for any type of marketing, whether it's Google ads or SEO or whatever. If you're running $1,000 a month in Google ads and Google Ads only, that's, that's great. You can target you know, whatever your keywords are and your locations. But if you want to expand into new areas and target new keywords, you still only have that thousand dollars a month budget. So you've got to rob Peter to pay Paul. In other words, you've got to pull money from existing campaigns, or ad groups, whatever you've got running, to push into different areas, if that's what you're limited to is, let's just say that that's, you know, again, hypothetically, you're limited to that, that thousand dollars a month, whereas with SEO, the thousand dollars a month can go towards content marketing, and link building and such and target, different keywords, different locations. And once the content is there, and it's producing, it's your ranking and you're producing leads from that content. You can redirect those funds to the next location, the next set of keywords because that's already producing. And it's just a matter of maintaining it then with through our methods, you can maintain organic rankings through just link building and such to the SEO shield and the entity. So my point is, you can take that same thousand dollars and continue to expand keywords and locations area, right. So the service area and continually grow with that same thousand dollars per month. Whereas with Google ads, if you're at full capacity for your budget, you can't grow into other areas without spending more money or taking money from an already producing campaign to redirect to those areas. That makes sense. So that's what I like, you know, when you stop paying Google, you stop generating leads. That's the problem with Google Ads there. I mean, again, I guys, I love Google ads. I love them. But I don't you know, I still always recommend to clients, that we start an SEO campaign and that we only use Google ads to supplement until the SEO is producing the results that we desire.

Okay. Anyways, good question. Or good? Great question.

This is a very long, like, it looks like it's only six questions, but if you get into it, there's like, eight questions in this one alone. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through the first number three numbers here, and then the rest of them will have to be, you know, come join the mastermind, if you want a consultation, that's what it's for. Like, you know, you can ask these kinds of questions and mastermind but this is a lot of damn questions. We're not going to have time for all of these unless we get through everything else and then we'll come back. We appreciate you coming and asking questions, though. I do appreciate that. So should I include the author and each post I publish? You can, it's not necessary. My blogger, I tend to have her do it because she's a prolific blogger who's been blogging for years for me now. So she's got quite the author's status. But you know, that's not necessary. It's just a matter of preference.

Which page in the silo structure should get the most backlinks? Well, if you understand silo structure doesn't matter which page because if you have your interlinking done correctly, your internal linking throughout the silo, anywhere you point links to within that silo is going to benefit the entire silo. Right? That's if you understand silo structure and how to interlink correctly properly within a silo, then there's no one page that should get any more links than any other because it doesn't matter. You could take the last post in the silo and inject all your links there and it's going to flow up through every post in the silo and up to the top-level page. So, you know, it really doesn't, it's not important as to which page gets the most links. If you've got your silo structure and internal linking done properly. I can tell him which page gets the most length. None of the pages on your website should get linked. None. Absolutely not. You should not be link building to your money site. That's what your SEO shield is for.

Now through your SEO shield, you can push into each one of your market level categories. Or you can push into the supporting post for your categories, which whichever way you decide to do it, and you can cycle that what I call a link building cycle, which will you change it up, sometimes you go into the pole sometimes into the category, maybe you'll go somewhere else where you know, tier one, and push through there. But everything should take place through that dry stack and G site and maybe even tier one branded because they can handle it. But if you get caught building to your website, a lot of bad things can happen. That guy we stay away from the top-level domain for that reason because we don't want to trigger any of those nasty little things that can pop up and get you in and kill everything that you've been trying to do so know the answer to that is none on your website. Learn how to how to cycle your link building through the SEO shield how to add depth and breadth to that drive second Gsite and you're going to get much better results with protection to be correct.

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So the next question was, what do you think about it? What do you think of this dummy silo for a niche site? 1000 posts, for example, in the site all under the main domain, which is also the homepage, no categories, no tags, no subfolders, and the homepage links to all of the posts up to the last 1000 posts. Is this good for a silo? Now, for a couple of reasons.

The number one is, well, if you were linking From the homepage, to all 1000 posts, first of all, that would be one hell of a menu or one hell of a linked list. It would be kind of ugly for like user experience and everything. And number two is if any one of those individual posts link back to the homepage, which is really what you'd want to do anyway, that would be the reciprocal link, it would kill the value of that silo. So my point is, I wouldn't do that. If I were going to do it, first of all, you know, having a one category website is fine, that's perfectly fine. But you don't want to link to all of the posts on the homepage. That would be ridiculous in my opinion. And I think it would be hard for users to navigate and I don't think it would be any good for SEO. So I think you're better off adding some sort of structure to the site navigation structure. If you were going to do something like that. That would be logical, but you would also want to make sure again, you understand how to properly interlink within a silo, which we cover in the mastermind will also be covered in heavy hitters club I'm sure or heavy hitter club excuse me, when that's available, which will be soon but we can't share our exact silos linking technique here on a free Hump Day hangout apologize.

Do you want to comment on that? Anybody before I move on? I thought I think that was fine. Okay.

Yeah, there are good ways to do that. If you're going to you can have a site all-around one particular topic, but typically are one category. But typically, even with that one category, you're talking about 1000 posts.

You're you can probably segment those posts into subcategories right to make it a more easier to navigate and a more logical setup than to have 1000 posts all in one very, you know, I don't know how, I'm sure it can be done, but I'm just saying I think you'd be better off even having, you know, subcategories and such to make it more logical. I think you'd be better off that way. We'll come back to some of these other ones if we have time.

How Long Should You Wait After The New WordPress Page Is Published?

Yeah, okay. Hi, everyone. I'm using RSS syndication on my website. But my WordPress page has been disabled twice. So I think this is because my posting frequency is higher than normal blogs that can happen. So my question is, how long should I wait after the new WordPress page is published?

Well, it's, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you publish relevant content to the WordPress site. site when you get it in. Let that sit for a week or two. And the way that we build it at our, you know, our builders build them at the store is we, we, we find relevant content on another blog and post that we republish that with attribution. So we link over to the original source because now that's an internal link for WordPress. com. Does that make sense? That's why we do that. And we and it's a relevant article relevant to whatever the theme of that blog is now, right. And then we always recommend that you wait and give it like, you know, seven days, five to seven days, roughly before you start automating posts through RSS syndication. But then if you're going to when you start syndicating posts if it's a high volume, frequency of publishing, then we always recommend that you start slow and you ramp up, which means like, you know, if you publish, let's say you publish, you know, five blog posts per day. I don't know what your frequency is, but we'll just use that as an example. You don't want to come out of the gate, publishing five blog posts a day to a day new WordPress site, even if it's been, you know, kind of season for a week or so, what you want to do is maybe start doing one post per day for a week or two, and then maybe you can increase it to two posts per day and then three and then four. And you do that slowly you build up so that WordPress, kind of, you know,, or whatever other blog sites kind of gain an understanding of the business and a lot of the site excuse me, and allows it to, it tends to get terminated a lot less. You know, we've had, we've had projects that are I've had projects that I've worked on that had a high volume of publishing, but as long as you gradually increase to whatever your normal posting frequency is, it typically will remain. But that said, it also depends on the type of posts that you're publishing. If the posts are spammy, if they contain a shit ton of outbound links, things like that, then you're you it's likely that they're going to get terminated anyways. So you just got to be careful. It's got be decent content, while my VA is for the projects I work on like we just use curated content because it's very nicely done content. We're linking to multiple sources, not just our own. So so for example, not all links on the blog, just come back to the money site. We use curated content. So every post has links to relevant third party content sources. And I think that makes a big difference too, which is why I have such a low suspension rate or termination rate for syndication network properties. So it's a matter of quality of content, the number of outbound links where those outbound links are pointing to and also the frequency of publishing, you can gradually build it up over time. Okay, it's a good question, though.

How long does it take to attain maturity? I can't tell you that because I don't know it. As I said, if you just gradually increase, you should be okay. But your content does matter. Content matters, guys. You know, it does

Should You Use Similar Content In The GStacks As On The GSIte And The Money Site?

loft says a question about duplicate content, do I use the same content and the Gsite is in the G site as on the money site? So if I find the money site onto the G site, the content appears twice. And there is no problem with that. My question? Well, first of all, I'd love to get Marco's opinion on this. I don't, here's the thing on the G site, why even put content on the pages if you're going to embed the money site page, it will read the content of the embed, and that will become the content of the page. It'll even show up in the meta description in search. So for my projects, I don't put content on the pages.

Guys have to excuse me, I've got a call coming in. I don't know how to silence that right now.

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Okay, so yeah, so I don't actually run, put content on the page as well. Sometimes I do. It just depends on the page. But for the most part, if I'm embedding pages, it's going to be embedded pages. And that's it. The content is produced through the embed. You want to comment on that, Marco? Yeah, I don't understand that the iframe question. If you understand iframe, then what you're doing through the iframe is you're displaying your homepage on the G site. That's all that is, so it's not a copy. And let's get away from duplicate content. There's no such thing as a duplicate content. It's bullshit. It's a myth. It doesn't happen if it if there were such a thing as duplicate content, we set a time and again press releases would be they'd be out of work. They wouldn't work it's it just doesn't make sense to say that there is duplicate content that could be a duplicate content penalty and all these other things that people say, which we have shown time and again, are not true. We showed it in the mastermind, as a matter of fact, I asked Marco.

Marco: anything webinar, we showed it, there is no such thing as a duplicate content. And so with that in mind, you can do whatever you want on on that G site. This is going to be relevant. It's relevant to whatever it is that you're doing. We use other people's content. Sometimes we use our own content, sometimes. It's just it just depends on what it is that we're trying to do.

Yeah. Okay, he says also, because the G site takes the schema from the iframe site, and now has the featured image of the iframe site in mobile search, even though that image does not appear anywhere on the G site, I thought you might like to know that and if you already do, maybe know a way to undo this. I, I don't know why you would want to undo it. Look, I don't care what you know if something like that appeared happens, because my point is the search results are just more of my entity. Does that make sense? So like, and I've had, you know, people say, Well, you know, I don't my client doesn't like the G site appearing in the search results for you know, their keyword or for their brand name? Why would you rather a competitor's website be ranked there and you know, we make them look really good, they'll convert, I mean, you know, so anyway, my point is, as long as I'm taking up real estate on the first page with my entity assets, I don't care, you know, because it's pushing a competitor off the page period, end of story and if every one of those open those links open up to a branded entity asset that's going to lead back to my company with a company that I'm promoting for the project then I really don't care if something like that happens or which properties appear in search, for example, which is one of the network properties in our syndication networks that for whatever reason is ranking super well right now for like brand searches. And when you click on it, you know, if you've got your RSS feeding into you know, newspaperly, a newspaper or whatever they call it, then you know, it's branded content on the paper profile. So like, it's not something I would typically push intentionally to the first page, but on a lot of projects I have right now, for whatever reason, is ranking for the brand search, so I'm not going to go disable it or delete it because my client doesn't want paper at least showing up for their brand search. I just tell them, hey, look, that could have been your competitor, you know what I mean? So my point is, I don't know why that's an issue. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. But honestly, it doesn't. It doesn't bother me to have that happen. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: No, no, no. I mean, it did. It doesn't make sense not to want as much to not want to take up as much real estate as possible. Take it up, take it to take up as much as you can, if you're doing it through iframes. I mean, that's fine. It'll go to the client eventually. And if not, then it's reinforcing the entity and he clicks on that image just reinforces the entity. Yeah.

That's right. Its activity into the entity. That's correct. All right. Lauren says I want to order an SEO shield? Can you explain how it works? I'm having a hard time understanding how it protects my website.

Yeah, we did the SEO, she would explain just go to our YouTube channel. In fact, I'll walk you through it. Let's go to slash Semantic Mastery. Okay, go to our YouTube channel. See that search icon that's the search this channel feature. So we're going to click that there and we're going to type in SEO shield and right here is the holiday special Hump Day hangout Episode 267 where we went into the SEO shield right there. So just go use our channel search feature.

As I just showed you search for SEO shield holiday special Hump Day hangout SEO shield right there, 14 minutes 36 seconds long, all about specifically what the SEO shield is and how it works. Okay. Good question though, Thank you.

This Stuff Works

Baby says the chat works but if you don't save the page link and bookmarks, it's hard to find the chat page. Okay, guys, the chat page has been the same redirect URL since we started which is was an over five years ago for stands for Hump Day questions. bookmarklet. Remember it committed to memory, It's been the same URL for many many years. it redirects to this page right here but just remember HD questions, Hump Day questions, period. . It will always take you to this page right here. Okay. You don't have to sign up for an opt-in every time. If you are not then I'm sorry because that sucks.

Alright, next Are there any up sales on your to extra agency course I plan I plan to buy all the upsells but I wanted to know if there are any before I buy. Yes, there are upsells there are one time offers and that kind of stuff. We wouldn't be good we wouldn't be worth our weight.

We wouldn't be worth anything if we didn't have upsells man, this is internet marketing guys. So anyway, all right, we do have some time left so we can go back to some of those other questions. Anybody have anything they want to comment on before we do?

Adam: Oh, yeah, I just wrote the comment on there but basically what you said I was like yeah, there's some awesome deals I was like that, you know, truly are one time offers we you know, want to make something cool. It's like Bradley said, you know, we're wouldn't be worth our weight if we didn't put in a good offer and funny but these are really really really really good ones. Anyways, that's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah, because a lot of the stuff that's offered throughout the sales funnel essentially is also you know, we talk a lot about the in the 2xyouragency course guys because they're all, you know, here's the thing and throughout the 2X Your Agency course we point you to its a conceptual training. In other words, it's a high level of training, to point you in the right direction to do these things. If you want to learn more about the specific methods of how they work, go buy this training course points you to the correct training course. But the whole point of Double Your Agency guys is not to encumber you or bog you down with more training in more shit you have to learn and then either do yourself, God forbid or hire somebody out and train them to do it for you, which is a better option. But if you want to Double Your Agency, it's done for you services that are already set, the team is in place, the met the training, the management, the quality control, all of that is in place and then you just mark it up and sell right and manage projects for your clients. That's how you Double Your Agency, not by getting bogged down and training. And I'm not telling you don't go through our training. That would be stupid. But I'm saying that if you really want to grow your agency, I would focus and I recommend focusing on using third party fulfillment providers like MGYB to do the work, and you need to focus on prospecting and sales and learning how to manage camp projects, essentially, project management, because then that's how you can scale your agency without getting bogged down in the day to the daily grind and having to do all the work. And that's so so that's what we do.

And 2xyourgency we talk about concepts at a high level, there's a lot of actionable plans. But we tell you if you want to learn more about the specific tactic or method, go by the training course. But the better option is just to go buy it done for you at MGYB, and move on to the next module so that you can grow your business does that make sense? Any comments on that guys? Yeah, man, cuz. Right. So it's, it's what we do. If you guys want to know how I got results for the land solutions, network case study, I went and I got the prospects from MGYB, and they were built out the tier one branded the @ID, the drive second g site, you can go in and starts and start breaking it down and you can see it all there. I worked on the entity just like I recommend everything is that we guys, we don't do anything different than what we give you. This is why it's ridiculous. If you guys want and go and try other things, you want to change it up and you don't want this to happen. You don't want that to happen. You want to see results. This is how we do it. Exactly how we're showing you the SEO power shield, which seems like it's something new it isn't. It's simply bringing all of these different things that these pieces that we've been mentioned the syndication network, which I would never do anything without the @ID now the and the drive seconds, guys, it's my training by August of 2015. It was released, it's working better today than it was when it was released. And so why wouldn't I use my own training my own methods, methods that I use them to train VA that are now in MGYB working for us. Why wouldn't I do it? Why would I go and try something else? I do tests right to see whether what other people say is true, whether it's working, how it works. And I just find that my stuff did the way that I do it works and works like crazy. It works.

I mean, I can't say how well it works. You see, you're seeing Bradley get results, you see mega results, Rob talks about the results that he gets. And if you're in our mastermind, you know what results our mastermind members are getting. And so I don't know what else to tell you, other than this thing that we call the SEO shield is what we use not only to protect ourselves from Google but also to enhance our entity and to enhance our footprint. So Google, look, this is me, this is who I am. And all of these things are also extensions of my brand. And what's happening right now in search engines is that brands are getting rewarded. Yes. If you do not do if you're not doing entity SEO, you're already in trouble. So you even before you start, you're in trouble. I agree with that. And I just want to show like, for example, this is, you know, I, because of the 2xyouragency training, I actually wasn't doing a lot of marketing for prospecting for Tree Service clients for my own agency. Because I've been really focused a lot on the last several months on my real estate business. However, some of the marketing that I had put, you know, content that I produced two years ago, for whatever reason is producing a lot of inbound leads for my agency. So Tree Service contractors contacting me and over the last couple of months, asking me to quote them, you know, for service, SEO services, and lead generation and such. And so, as part of the two extra agency training, I said, you know, it's silly for me to be doing this training and not also adding to my own agency marketing and stuff to bring clients in which I

Again, I wasn't originally planning on growing my agency but I didn't feel hypocritical not actively trying to grow my agency throughout the two extra agency training. So why not I'm going to grow my agency. So just a couple little things that I've been doing recently to get better results and so for example, Tree Service SEO, I haven't even done any SEO to this except for one, press release one press release. And I had a page on my site right here that for the last two or three years or however long it might show what the publishing date was. Okay, so for the last year it was when I published this page this posting guys looked at so awful, I haven't my websites, a one page website. And anyway, I haven't added any images to this. haven't done any outbound linking or any internal link. It's a one-page website. There's nothing to link to but the homepage, but all I did was I had an article written I didn't write this I had it written and I there was this post was nothing other than this infographic for the last year until last week.

When I had this article written, and I just went in and published this article, it's about 1500 words about SEO. And that's for Tree Search. It's optimized for Tree Service SEO. And that was it. And I haven't done anything to this page. There's no theme mirroring. This has not been built into, by the way, I don't even have a theme mirrored drive stack and G site because there is no content. There's no silo structure for my agency website. It's a single page other than this post. It's literally a single-page website. There's no content, there are no silos. There's none of that. The drive stack that has been ranking since August or May of 2015. So going on five years, the SEO Virginia, Virginia SEO, SEO agency Virginia, it's producing number one maps ranking for local IPS, number one Google Site ranking. And if I open that up, it's interesting but when taking a look at my drive stack because I built this from scratch when I was first turned on to the RYS Academy methods by Marco and I built I only built one set of files. That's it like I was just in the account, the Google account where the owner accounts for this drive stack that I built, which was under different Gmail account for whatever reason, I was just in there over the weekend. And all I've got guys are the files that are embedded right here. That's it. There is nothing else to this drive stack. And it's got me ranked number one for SEO, Virginia, Virginia, SEO, SEO agency, Virginia, blah, blah, blah, for five years, over and above all the other SEO agencies in the state of Virginia. And it's just a matter of like six drive stack files. That's it.

There are no folders, there's no silo structure. My point in telling you all of this is because imagine and again, this page, this one page here, which was nothing other than an infographic for the last year, all I did was add content to it, which hasn't even been optimized like I haven't gone through and finished optimizing the content, adding images and all tags, all of that stuff.

This Stuff Works
Look at these guys, out of all the Tree Service SEO agencies out there who are paying for ads and everything else. on page one, what position seven with no SEO or just one, press release. So you can imagine if I go in and feed mirror that page onto this G site, build some drive stack files, a folder around Tree Service, SEO, and files that are all pointing to that page, run a few links to it, guys. There's no question I should be able to pop to the number one position for that keyword. Right? So anyway, I'm just showing work. You know, we don't just tell you to do things because we tell you to do it. We practice what we preach and it works. So okay, any comments on that before I try to answer a few more of these? Does anybody know?

Norian says It can't be that easy with all the different SEO tactics out there. Okay. You're right. It doesn't work. Laurens. Right. Yeah, we're showing you it works, but you're right. It doesn't work. It can't be that easy. Okay. Well, I like I mean, if you want to make overcomplicate it, that's fine. You know, continue over complicated. But, uh, you know, It is that easy. It's just a matter of how much you push into the entity. That's, that's how you overcome competition right now. All right, so I understand it. No. I see you, Lawrence. And I hear you know, it's not easy. It's simple. We keep it so right. Yeah, we keep it simple. We've developed a method that has withstood the test of time and every single update that has been thrown at the SEO world for the past five-plus years. So no, it can't be that easy. It isn't easy. It doesn't involve effort or work. It's just easy. Simple is different because we focus on web principles that everyone has to follow, including Google. So focusing on those and focusing on the map is what allows us to simplify our tactics to the point where we can get results this way.

So easy as and simple are different in this case. So one thing and I've got I know we can answer this number for right here. So I just want to say one more thing about this. So in the mastermind, guys, I have a couple of projects that I'm starting. We got a mastermind webinar tomorrow, my mat, the format has changed. We don't talk about that enough at the beginning of Hump Day Hangouts, guys, we need to do that coming week. We recently changed the format to where each one of us now is producing our own mastermind webinar. So if you're in the mastermind, that's an enormous amount of value because before it was mainly Marco and I doing the webinars every two weeks we would do a mastermind webinar, which would often go to two and a half, sometimes even three hours. But it was heavily SEO based and it was mostly Marco and I are doing the training and answering questions. But we've changed it since the 2xyouragency juicy stuff. Now all of us have different skills, Semantic Mastery Mmastermind, partners, right? My partners, we all have different sets of skills, they all overlap for sure, we all have different sets of skills, we want to be able to provide you guys with as much actionable information as possible. So each one of us now is hosting our own separate webinars. So you can come and plug into the ones that are the most relevant to you and your business at what at any given time, or plug into all of them if you want. So one of the things that I'm going to be covering and I'm gonna announce this tomorrow, kind of like reveal the plan and everything is I've got a new a whole new tree service project that I'm starting. And part of the agreement I made with the contractor just this week, in fact, was that I could use his project as a case study within my teaching with as a training opportunity. And he agreed and I'm giving him you know, a substantial discount on my normal fees for a Tree Service contractor to be able to use this. So I'm going to be taking this exact thing that we're talking about, right so, create the entity build the SEO shield, start the content marketing link building and embeds through MGYB driving relevant traffic into the entity using Google ads, very inexpensive display and or YouTube ads. That's it. That's the process. That's it. And we're going to take that project. And I'm going to make it a case study that I'm going to be sharing in the mastermind over the next month or a couple of months while I'm building it out. For service area business with a wide surface area to show how we can absolutely get results, no questions asked, by just doing exactly what we talked about. And 2xyouragency here and everywhere that you guys can hear us, right, which is that that simple. It's not easy. There's a lot of work involved. But the easiest way to make it. The way to make it easy is don't do the damn work. Just buy the components, manage the project, buy the components, stack them or put them in you know, build them in the order that we tell you to do. And then just power them up and that and produce good content. That's a big part of it. That's it. You do that and then no question you will get results.

So, all right, we got about three minutes. I'm gonna roll through these last couple real quick.

What Is The Use Of The Multiple Tier 1 Rings?

He says what is the use of the multiple tier-one rings? We don't recommend multiple tier-one rings except and only four YouTube channels. Okay. And I've said that a million times. I can't assume that you've been now all of them. But yeah, I don't one tier one ring for blog syndication only branded tier one right? That's it. Now you can use multiple tiers, right? So you can use two-tier networks or three-tier networks whatever we'll we will build two-tier networks for you at MGYB. But as we've said, and again, you can go to our YouTube channel and find this you can go to and look at our knowledge base under Syndication Academy and there are several frequently asked questions there where I specifically go into depth into detail as to why if you're going to use two-tier or multi-tier networks for blog syndication how to set it up correctly, which is to inject third relevant related RSS feeds into the second tier. Okay. And again just go to Syndication Academy knowledge base articles and there are several lessons in there about that. But um, so yeah, so only one branded syndication ring, tier-one syndication ring for blogs if you want to use multi-tier networks you can, but you have to be aware of how to set that up correctly, which again, I just pointed you to the resources for that.

Also, if there could be more tier-one rings, what should they be personas? No, they wouldn't be tier-one rings for blog syndication if you want to use multiple rings again, they should be second or second tier and beyond. And they should be persona-based or topical based like theme based but not branded. Does that make sense? also, should you do multiple tier one on YouTube channel only or is it allowed websites? No, no. For YouTube channels, you can stack as many tier one networks as you want. They could be branded. Well, you should only have one branded ring period. But the rest of them can be persona-based, theme-based. You know, whatever you want, it's fine for YouTube. It's no issue. It's only for the blog, blog syndication.

I think we're about done. How much money will be needed for a complete project like that? How much do you charge? I'm not sure what you're asking who you're asking about charging. But for a complete project. Again, you guys can just go to MGYB and price it out. Right? So like an SEO power shield, go look at the pricing. That's component number one, right then component number two would be you know, content marketing and such which vanish to do that, but component number three would be the link building and embed gigs and determine what size link building or embed package you need is going to depend on the competition. Competition is going to dictate the volume of links needed and the frequency with which you need to do that build them. Does that make sense?

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So you can kind of go through and just kind of price it out that way. And, you know, I recommend 100% markup at the minimum for charging clients. So if you go to MGYB and kind of just map out what your costs are going to be, and then mark it up 100% minimum, that's what you should charge your clients for setup. And if like, for example, for monthly ongoing monthly link building gigs, if you know, a medium competition package is going to be what you need for your particular industry might not be what I found for a lot of my projects is, I go heavy upfront when I start the project with link building and embeds once I achieve the desired results that I typically cycle through the low competition, link building and embed gig packages, but they repeat like in other words, they recur on monthly basis and that's just to maintain but it may be different for your niche. I can't, I can't tell you what to how to develop out your plan. You need to do that depending on your project, your market keywords competition level, that kind of thing. Okay.

All right. Does anybody want to comment on that? I'm about to wrap it up.

No, it just is it's all set up. It ends up being Everything is their SEO shield is there. That's what you need to get started. That's it. Go join 2x Your Agency go through the 2xyour results training. We're in week three of four for that next week will be the last week of that and we're going to get into two extra business which is going to be about how to scale your operations and grow. So we'll see some of you and mastermind tomorrow. Bye, everybody. Thanks. Bye, everyone.

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Would You Recommend Using The Deep Interlinking Tool From Ultimate SEO Plus To Silo A Site With 650 Blogs?

By April


In episode 220 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Semantic Mastery team recommends using the deep link interlinking tool from Ultimate SEO Plus to silo a data center facility architect site with 650 blogs.

The exact question was:

Inherited a non-siloed site (Data Center Facility Architect) that has 650 blogs on it. Traditionally, I like BOTH hard and linked silo structures. However, the thought of even having one of my staff categorizing each blog to /%category%/%title% and 301 redirecting all those gives me tired head. If you were me, would you just use Ultimate SEO Plus' deep interlinking tool and just link the keywords as they occur in all those blogs to the appropriate Service Page when possible? (Granted, it means a single blog might link to two different service pages…tensile siloing not clean siloing). #onpage

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In A Complex Silo Structure, What Types Of Anchor Text Should I Use In The Posts Linking Back Up To Child Category Pages?

By April

In episode 102 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the types of anchor text to use when linking back to the child category pages in a complex silo structured site.

The exact question was:

My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it.

My confusion is on what types of anchor text to use in the posts linking back up to child category pages. I thought it was suggested in the IFTTT training to use long phrases and even an entire sentence to avoid short, exact match keyword anchor text being syndicated out to the 4 blogs in the network. But it also seems we should use strong important keywords to link up to the child pages to reinforce to Google what that child page is about.

I feel like I am missing out on strong internal linking power because, out of fear I am using long phrases instead of keywords for the anchor text. What text do you suggest for the links? Thanks.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 102 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at


Adam: All right. Welcome, everybody to Humpday Hangouts, episode 102. Today, is the nineteenth of October, 2016. We're happy to be here. Today we are going to keep the announcements pretty short, so we can get started getting to the questions. Real quick, we'll say hi to everybody. Chris, how's it going, man?

Chris: Good. Glad to be here.

Adam: Yeah. Hernan, how you doing?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What's up? It's really, really good to be here. I'm excited for what's coming, actually. I am really, really excited. [inaudible 00:00:29].

Adam: We get to see you, win, win.

Hernan: Definitely. You guys should get a coupon after the Hangouts.

Bradley: I don't know if I'd put that in the win column.

Adam: Marco, how's the weather, man?

Marco: Hey, man. What's up? Rain. We've been getting lots of rain. It's nice and warm, though, cannot complain. Excited. I'm really excited, today, man.

Adam: Would you say that your pumped?

Marco: I would say that I'm really, really pumped, man.

Adam: Outstanding. Hey, Bradley. Let's say hi to Bradley, and then we'll circle back around, here. How's it going Bradley?

Bradley: Hi.

Adam: I figured everybody doesn't get to hear you talk enough, after this, so we got to stop and say hi to you, real quick.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: To make sure you're there. All right. Marco, why don't you tell us what your pumped about.

Marco: Okay. I'm really, really pumped to announce that we have this major social media machine coming to meet with Semantic Mastery men. The guys name is CT Fletcher, for those of you who don't know who he is, former power lifter, I mean, serious power lifter, champion. Right? Record setter. Just everything. Then, he had a problem with his heart, and he actually died on the operating table, not once, three times the guy dies, and he comes back. Now, he has to think things through again and start all over.

One of the things that he's done, is he's targeted social media, and just in the last three years he's grown, if you guys have seen my post, just his YouTube subscribers are over one million in three years, so imagine. This is all organically. It's not as if he's paying for ads, or running all this other stuff, this is just him doing videos, his message, connecting with people, going into Twitter, going into Instagram, going into Facebook, going into everything. What he has graciously agreed to do is to give some Semantic Mastery ninety minutes of his time, you can imagine how busy he is. Right?

I spoke to him. I spoke to his business manager, we connected. I got him to give us ninety minutes, to come and tell us how he did it, of course, share his story, but tell everyone how it was that he managed to grow his social media empire, because it's now an empire. The guy is a social media machine. You can see why I'm so geeked to have this guy come to us, and not just do the usual thing he does, also social media, but to actually come and share with us what it is he is doing behind the scenes to make his business grow. Because whatever he is doing applies across the board to whatever anyone wants to do. He has a message, and he delivers it to his audience in a way that his audience just eats it up. I'm geeked. Sorry, for taking so much time. I could take an hour to talk about this, but let me stop.

Adam: It sounds good. No. This is going to be awesome. I think we're all looking forward to it. I know I am. We were talking about it earlier. I think everybody is pretty pumped. Sorry, to keep using that, but everyone is pretty excited to do this. Right on.

Bradley: The guy is a beast, man. He's big. He's just …

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: He's not just big, he's f'ing big.

Adam: Definitely. Speaking, we'll do a beast mode segway, here. Obviously, we got local kingpin coming up next week. Basically, I would have talked to Bradley about this, and why he kind of went into AdWords, and that's kind of a dirty word, sometimes with SEO's. People here are like, AdWords, you're working with the enemy, but I think this is important, and I asked you this question, earlier, Bradley, so I just want to ask it, like somebody asking you on the street, or maybe one of the students, but why did you go into AdWords for your legion business. Why did you go into AdWords for your legion business?

Bradley: Great question. Because a big portion of my business is lead generation, and I do client consulting, too, and what do I do for my clients? Well, I generate leads. That's my business. Right? Using online marketing methods. We found from my own lead gen properties as well as my clients properties that any of the clients that were ranking in maps in my own lead gen properties that were ranking in maps, didn't really get effected much by the new search engine results pages layouts. It really didn't change much as far as call volume, and most of my business is generated through phone calls, not so much web submissions, but mostly calls.

This Stuff Works

For anything that was just organic based, call volume dropped significantly, as much as sixty percent. That's because the new search engine results page is ISA, but it's newer, a lot of local queries now will have four ads at the top, above the three pack, and then there's the three pack. You go to go buy a seven listing just to get to the first organic listing. Because of that, any of my lead gen properties that weren't ranking in maps, my call volume dropped significantly and then the same thing started to happen to my clients, too.

It was just a matter of me wanting to maintain the level of income that I had been used to, and saying, okay, look, there's four ads above the maps pack, and now maps packs are showing ads. Not all of them, but a lot of map packs, or you're starting to see it more often, now, is the first position in the three pack is an ad, and then if you click on, expand to show more results, at the bottom of the three pack, you open it up, and the first listing in Google Maps is an ad.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I said, you know, it's basically, I have to evolve with the times in order to maintain that level. You're right. AdWords has been kind of like the dark side for SEO's. To be honest with you, I never did AdWords for a couple of reasons. One, I didn't need to, because I was able to generate leads with SEO, a lot of leads with SEO, alone. Number two, because it was intimidating. I was intimidated by AdWords, there's just no doubt. I avoided using it as long as possible, but now I think it's an absolute necessity, if you're in the lead generation business to at least have a look at it, and try it. Again, if your income drops because your not able to generate as many leads, then who are you hurting by not doing AdWords?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yourself. I started getting into it. I've learned so much in the last few months. I've got the local kingpin training, the tagline is on demand lead generation, because what I've found is with the AdWords funnels, you can set them up, and set up an AdWords campaign and within forty-eight hours you start generating leads. Whereas SEO could take you, if you're really good, it could take you a month to start generating leads, or more likely it's going to take you three to six months to really start generating leads from SEO.

Whereas this is something you can literally set up a full AdWords funnel, local funnel, or lead gen funnel, and within forty-eight hours have that setup, your notifications, everything, and turn the traffic on, and just like that start receiving traffic. The funnel that I set up for the actual training, and I'm going to do a second one as part of an ongoing case study.

All though the local kingpin training is going to be a one time purchase, it's not a monthly, there's going to be updates for about three months. We're going to do several update webinars, because I want to do an ongoing case study, kind of like a live in real time case study for that, as well. The funnel that I set up for the training, I turned on the ads fourteen days ago, it's actually thirteen days ago, because it was Thursday, so it was thirteen days ago, and we've got thirteen leads in thirteen days. That's amazing. I mean …

Adam: That's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. If it was SEO it would take every bit of a month or two before we would start generating those types of leads. I'm really super impressed with it. I've been fortunate enough to be able to develop, I started building out my multiple funnels for my lead gen business, and so I've got a lot of practice over the last several weeks. Maybe four to six weeks. I got a process in place. It takes some time to learn the process, but once you learn the process, you can turn these things out, very, very quickly, and the other part of is you can hire a virtual assistant for about eighty percent of the entire process can be outsourced.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: That's it.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Outstanding. Cool. Everybody, you are going to get to hear more about this next week. I wanted to answer that, we have had questions about it, and I think it's important that you hear about why Bradley started doing this. Some pretty important stuff. Also, real quick on Marco's notes on CT, we will be sending out some more information about that, but Marco posted some of his social stuff, his YouTube channel, by all means, go check it out. You'll be hearing from us with some information about where we'll be doing the interview, or the discussion, and you'll be able to show up and join. I think that's about it.

Marco: One last thing, before I forget.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Because I did say it in the announcement that I put out, today, for our one hundred and fourth episode, since we're going to be giving away prizes, one of the prizes that we will be giving away is we're going to give someone an opportunity to ask CT Fletcher a question. They will be invited, not as the webinar attendee, but actually into the group, to come in, and ask CT Fletcher a question, whatever question, just directly in person. Not only will we be handing the questions that come on, in the chat, but whoever we select can go ahead. They can start planning for it, looking forward to it. You have to attend the one hundred and fourth episode, live to be illegible to win the prize, that's the condition. There you go.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay. Question time. You guys ready?

Marco: Yes.

Serp Shaker For Lead Gen Properties

Bradley: Let's do it. Ben is first. He says, “Hey, Bradley, I'm using Serp Shaker, still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out? It would seem if I can deal with making each page somewhat unique, and having some quality incoming links to a few of the category pages, and I would have a valued properties going to hang around for a while. What are your thoughts about this?” Yeah. It is Ben. Any sort of those mass page generator builders, there's several of them now. Yeah. If you want to use them to generate lead gen properties, or to build lead gen properties, you certainly can. I

Recommend using an overlay or plugin though, or something like that to where you can make them look pretty, because the default, I guess you can install a theme, or whatever like that, but typically what I'll do with those types of sites is build a landing page that's on a different domain, or a sub-domain, or something like that, or even within Click Funnels, and just use the click funnels URL, for the landing page, and use that as an overlay, because those sites by themselves typically they look like crap. It's because there's junk content on them too, that kind of stuff. If you're using a piece of content that you added, Spintax so it can be used across hundreds, or even thousands of pages, then it's pretty much crappy content. I recommend that if you're going to use it to rank that's great, but use an overlay plugin.

Do not by all means, do not overlay your money site page on top of one of those sites, because that's cloaking, and it can get your site the indexed. Both the underlying site, and the overlay site. I know, because I've had it happen. That's why i say always build a landing page on a sub-domain, or another domain entirely, like a throw away domain, or use something like Click Funnels, or something like that, lead pages, or something. Yeah. You could still do it.

This Stuff Works

I've found that for a lot of local stuff, depending on the keywords, where I find the most success with those kind of sites, for local stuff, is if you build out the sites using a long list of long tail keywords. That you are generating a page for each long tail keyword, plus a local modifier, for all the municipalities, townships, cities, all of that around the entire service area of the business. If that makes sense. You can generate, like let's say you had a list of a hundred long tail keywords, and you had five cities, or townships, or municipalities, whatever you want to call them, that you wanted to target, then you would end up building the site, it would target all five cities times one hundred keywords for each city. It would end up being a five hundred page site. If that makes sense. That's where I found it to be the most effective. Because a lot of the short tailed stuff, they don't seem to rank as well, because local has becoming more competitive, at least in organic it is. If that makes sense. Anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: I've taken the same route when it comes to some other plugins, like, well Lead Gadget for example or Master space creator, which would be playing a HTML sites, the reality is, whatever change that you need to do with [inaudible 00:13:58] is really cool, because it's [inaudible 00:14:01] do not need to handle databases, and those kind of things. What ever change you need to do, you need to do the website all over again. You know?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: The reality is that I've gone through not the entirely lead gen property, or renting out but rather the Amazon slash affiliate way and for me it was a complete waste of time. Because you have to be dealing with the indexing, and you need to be dealing with, I don't know, Amazon, accounts [inaudible 00:14:35], and those kinds of things which is a completely waste of time. In my opinion. If you keep it, I think if you keep it like really high quality, and again, you follow Bradley's advice, you use Serp Shaker or Lead Gadget to create the whole structure, or skeleton of the website, which will save you a ton of time, but then you go and add somebody, change the content, and et cetera, that will be much more viable approach, because each website will be much more viable to rent out, and you can actually ask more money for it, because it's not just foreign garbage over and over again. You know what I mean.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: If you go for, I don't know, three hundred pages, you know, five hundred pages, that's fine. I was doing, I don't know, thirty thousand even two, five hundred thousand pages which was really pushing it. If you keep it short and to the point, and to admin quality, I think would be fine.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, and I've done this, you can use, for example a Yelp listing, for the business, you can use that as an overlay. Right? I mean, it's better to have a landing page, because a landing page has no distractions on it, and it's got a clear call to action that literally is for local businesses, typically either make a phone call or submit a contact request form, or both. You can, if you don't have a landing page built, or whatever, and I've done it just for testing purposes, where I've gone out and built a bunch of pages with long tail keywords, trying to target areas, just to see if it would work, and in the meantime slap the Yelp listing for the business on it.

The overlay, like literally is hundreds of pages out there that when the visitor visits, it will show the Yelp page. That's just kind of a short cut, and instead of going out and building a landing page, and taking the time to do that, just try to rank the site first, and use an overlay for something like Yelp, or the Google My Business listing, or something like that. I haven't tried it with that, but why not, give it a shot, and if you start to see some results then you can always go back through and create an actual landing page to overlay instead.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right?

Hernan: Yeah. Just another thing that I wanted to add, Bradley, that I've seen a lot of people doing this, is that they will put out big soft shaker kind of sites, and they will link back to, or use some sort of call to action, or banners, or whatever, at some point they will even do 301's, for example, when the website is ranking, I would advice against that, but if you have several feeder sites, like Serp Shaker decides that they will feed traffic into a main website …

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: That main website could be very well the one that's turning visitors into leads. You know? You do not need, I mean, the main website, the main money maker, will not be, you want to be worrying about getting at the index, or whatever, because it's not …

Bradley: Because you are sending people from a banner or something instead of a direct overlay.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Is what you are saying. Right?

Hernan: Yes. That is what I mean. Yeah.

Bradley: All right. He said, “Building links to category pages,” I've never built any links to any of those types of sites, because I always look at those as short-term sites, like I don't expect any of those sites to last for any significant amount of time, so I never do any off page site, SEO to those sites, guys. You can if you want, and I know that some people do, and that's fine, but to me I hate doing rework. I hate doing stuff that I end up losing later on, so I just never built any links. I did strictly on page stuff, and that was it. It's up to you if you want to try it, Ben, by all means, test. Okay?

Serp Space Link Building Package For Tier 1

Just to clarify, he says, “The link packages on Serp Space link to tier one properties, only?” Correct, Ben. We will not except any money site links, but you can send on the IFTTT network properties, press releases, citations, anything you want, PBN's, whatever you want, and we'll build links to those, just not your money sites.

Project Supremacy Plugin

[inaudible 00:18:25] Marketing, says, “Project Supremacy plugin, and yes, or no, or why?” Your call. I've only used it for the scheme of dot org, the structure data markup, and that's it. That's the only thing I've ever used it for. It was, honestly, I don't use it on most of my sites, I did it for one specific site, in particular because we were trying to force the review stars to show, and I've had nothing but trouble with that one particular site. I always add my own, Jason, I'll decode to my sites, manually, I just injected into the header, myself. I don't use it for anything else, other than that. I know a lot of people loved the plugin. I'm not saying anything bad about it, I just personally haven't used it myself, other than for that one specific purpose. I know it's kind of like a Swiss Army plugin that it does a whole bunch of stuff. Many of those features I haven't even touched. I don't know. I'll let one of you guys comment on that, if you've used it, and do you suggest it, yes or no?

Hernan: Yeah. I do. I've used it and I really like it. It's kind of like as you were saying Bradley, it's kind of like a Swiss Army knife. The reality is that for many of us that are working with, for example [inaudible 00:19:36] SEO, besides the stars rating on the [inaudible 00:19:42] data that you could put images, and all of the markup, most of the other kind of things that [inaudible 00:19:50] on that regard, but I think it's a really cool plugin. I mean, you could have your, pretty much all of your, I wouldn't say all of it, but maybe eighty or ninety percent of your SEO needs covered with that plugin. It has also a keyword research, and a keyword difficulty [inaudible 00:20:10]. I haven't used that, as much as I would like, but I think it's a really powerful [inaudible 00:20:16] they did a really good job developing it. It's a solid plugin, that's what I mean. It's not like those kind of plugins that they try to do everything, but there [inaudible 00:20:27] is not the case. This is a really solid plugin, Todd is a really good developer, and they have taken their time to do that. Yeah. I would recommend it.

Bradley: Yeah. It's your call. One of the things, guys, is I've over the years. I've gotten to the point where I'm a minimalist when it comes to WordPress, now, I try to the absolute bare minimum of plugins, because of all the issues that occur with plugins, and conflicts, and updates, and hacks, and all of that kind of shit, and slowing down of the page load, page speed, and everything else, so I really have gone, I used to buy plugins, I used to buy every damn plugin that was ever launched.

It was such a waste of time, and eighty percent of the plugins that you purchase, especially in the IM world are junk, and they don't end up being supported for any length of time. I know projects supremacy plugin is contrary to that. In other words, there's good developers behind it, and support, and they're constantly updating and improving it, but personally I'm a minimalist when comes to WordPress, now, and I try to use the absolute bare minimum of plugins, so it's just not something that I've used much of. That's a good question. I know a lot of people who are really happy with it. I know it's suppose to be a really, really great plugin.

Approaching Potential Lead Gen Clients

Mark, says, “SM crew, I hope all is well. I would like some advice, please, I had my first lead gen site on first page, for one of my main keywords, plus one that. I'm literally number eleven for my main keyword, so I'm going to start contacting people, now, I'm very excited, but I'm also nervous. It's my first one, and couldn't have done it without you guys, especially IFTTT, SEO Academy. It's been very powerful for my site. I believe not the only thing, but huge. I don't like the idea of people ringing one company the lead gen one, and getting another, the lead fulfiller.” Like, the service provider. What you're asking, what Mark is asking about guys is if you have a generic lead gen property, and you're selling the leads to another company, and the other company ends up calling the customer that submitted the contact request, and they're calling from a different company, now, and they announce themselves as a different company. That seems a little bit weird. Yeah. That can be.

This Stuff Works

What would be your advice? I'm thinking of saying the lead gen company has teamed up with who's getting the leads. For example, saying something like plumber pro Dallas teamed up with Bob's Plumbing. Sorry, for the long question, but it's my first time, and I would like some advice from you guys, trust me, I'm a big skeptic online, as I know most internet marketing is full of slime. Thanks you, guys for any input will help.” Okay.

Yeah. You can do that, you can say for example, there's a couple of things you can do, you can do what you just mentioned, that is certainly valid, in fact, the lead gen funnel that I set up for the local kingpin training is exactly the scenario that you're talking about, here. It's a generic name that I made, a suto brand, as I call it, and I've got the tree service contractor that is servicing those leads. He asked me the exact same question. He said, “It's kind of weird because they say, we called, and I call and say, hey, this is blah, blah, blah, what he does, now, is when he returns the call from the lead that comes in, as he says, hey, this is my name from blah, blah, blah, you submitted your details for blah, and here I'm coming out to give you an estimate, or whatever. That is my marketing website. That's what he says to cover.

I'm only doing that because I'm sharing that lead gen funnel in the local kingpin training, in other words, it will be shared with you guys. I didn't want to actually use the contractors name on that, but for a lot of my lead gen clients, guys, what I'll do is I'll build out the sites and get them ranked, or whatever with my own suto brand, and then I'll go in, and just swap out the graphics of the logo graphics and put the company, whoever the service provider ends up being, I make it their branding on the site. Does that make sense? When somebody lands on the landing page, they see the company's name. It's usually like in an image.

I won't put the company's name in text on the page, or in the SEO title, and stuff like that, because that could effect my SEO that I've done for that lead gen site, with the suto brand. What I'll do is I'll put their graphics on there. I could put a notification bar, like you can use a plugin for that, for example, a notification bar that comes up at the top of the WordPress, the webpage that has scrolling text, that says, we've changed our name, or we've partnered with, or whatever. Just put their branding on it. Does that make sense? I like to do that, because that way I still keep my site ranked, my digital assets with my suto brand kind of like underlying, but I put their branding on that site, so that when anybody lands on the site, they know that when the service provider calls the customer they're going to be familiar with that brand, already. That's just another way that you could do it.

You can do that literally with just graphics guys. You can even put a popup plug in, like an exit popup plugin, for example, on the site, that will make a big banner square popup on the page, and say, hey, all service provided by, and then the contractors name, and their logo, something like that. Okay? I totally understand. Some people, some companies are going to complain about that, so find another service provider. My point is there's plenty of contractors, especially guys, because that's the niche I work in is contracting niche. Right? There's plenty of contractors out there that are hurting for leads, and could care less what the site looks like, as long as they're getting the leads. Okay? All right.

Changes Made Before It Does The 3-Week Google Dance

Brandon is next.“How much can be rewritten in change, as far as content sidebar, outbound links of an existing page, before it does the three week Google dance? Where changing most of a page caused only that page to jump around, or does it infect the entire site?” I don't know what the specific percentages are of the how much content can be changed, because usually if you edit or modify the SEO title, like the meta title, that's a pretty big change because that's the first thing, I think that's pretty much weighted the most for telling Google what the page is about, is the SEO title, it's one of the first things that the bots see. Changing the SEO title can make it dance. I know that for a fact.

Also, changing the URL slug, can make it dance, sometimes. Changing the H1 tag, which is important, that's the page opening title. Right? That can make it dance. Now, as far as changing the content, changing a few, adding, for example, a lot of the times I'll go back to old content, and add new paragraphs, because it kind of refreshes the page, and adds some new content to the page, gets it re-crawled, re-indexed, so that can actually have a positive effect. As far as, changing how much existing copies on the page, I don't really know. I don't have a number for that. Do any of you guys? Have a threshold?

Marco: No. I don't have a threshold, but I do know linked building, major changes on the page, and also no changes, it can start dancing for no reason, it's a number, it's a mousetrap. Google might assign a position to you, for whatever reason, and then all of a sudden it'll drop. It'll drop to see how you react. You cannot touch it for twenty-one days, once it does that. We've always seen this for no reason of a video, remember videos would drop and you commented a lot about this Bradley, and then all of a sudden you just left it alone, and it would come back often even stronger than before.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: We were able to pinpoint that this is actually the Google Dance. We were able to give it a time frame [inaudible 00:28:14] look up, what is it? The Google Dance explained, just Google the Google Desk explained, you'll see my blog post, and you'll know what it's all about. It doesn't mean that you do have to make changes on the page, it just means that Google, for whatever reason will decide to get your stuff dancing to see how you react. Once it starts doing that you cannot do any link building or anything else other than what you normally do, or else you get sand boxed.

Bradley: Yeah. The other part of this is when changing most of a page cause only that page to jump, or does it effect the entire site? It depends, Brandon. Because it depends on how integral that page is to the rest of the site. If it's a page that has, for example, if it's one of the strongest pages on the site, that you are changing, it has a lot of inbound links, and that's where most of the sites authority comes through, or at least a large portion of the sites authority comes through that one page, then changing that page could certainly effect the entire site.

For the most part, typically it will just effect the one page, unless like I said, there is a lot of link equity flowing into that page for some particular reason, then is also feeding the rest of the other pages on the site. If that makes sense. If that's kind of like where a lot of inbound links are coming in, it just depends on how much of the overall strength of the domain is coming from that particular page. If it's a significant amount, then yes, it could effect the whole site. If it's a nominal amount, then most likely it's just going to effect that one page. Okay?

Also, like Marco said, it's usually structural changes that are going to cause any sort of structural change, so again, SEO title, URL, H1 tag, anything like that can cause the page to dance, quite a bit. As far as the actual content, the body of the content, if you were to swap out several paragraphs that could most likely change it, as well. If you're just editing a few lines, here, and there, it's probably not going to cause much change. Although it can, though, guys, it certainly can. All right. What you might want to do, Brandon, is test another page on the site, that might not be as important, and see what it does to that site. Okay?

This Stuff Works

Anchor Text For Child Category

Chris, says, “My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it. My confusion is on what type of anchor text to use in the post linking back up to the child category pages? I thought it would suggest in the IFTTT training to use long phrases, and even an entire sentence to avoid, short exact matched keyword anchor text being syndicated out to the four blogs, and the network, but it also seems we should use strong important keywords to link up to the child pages to reinforce, to Google what the child page is about. I feel like I'm missing out on strong internal linking power, because out of fear I'm using long phrases instead of keywords with anchor text. What do you suggest for the links? Thanks.”

Chris, I understand your concern, but what I was talking about specifically with using the longer phrases and that kind of stuff, using sentences, that's if you're using a tiered network. Because if you're using a branded network, and you've only got three or four blogs in that network, which would be Blogger Tumbler, WordPress, and perhaps Medium, or Weebly, one of those, or for example. Any one of those you're only looking at three or four anchored text links. What I would do is, I would go ahead and use your exact match keyword, as your internal link, which will syndicate out to the network, but it's only three or four different blog properties.

Your only getting three or four external links with that exact match, and their webbed to links, so it's not quite the same as if you were building a real strong PBN link, if you were to build four or five really strong PBN links with the exact match anchors, that could tip you past the over, beyond the over optimization scale. For the blog sites, it's not really an issue. On a two tier network, you've got to be careful, because on a two tier network, now you're looking at twelve to sixteen, depending on whether you're using three or four blogs per network, you're looking at twelve to sixteen anchor text links.

When you're using tiered networks, which I don't suggest you'd ever do, anyways, you can, we always suggest you use a tier one network, only for blog syndication. Don't worry about it. Just make sure that if you're going to continue linking from blog post to those top level category pages, or child category pages, as you say here, that you don't just hammer the same keywords over and over again. If you're going to be continually linking from your blog to those category pages make sure you vary your anchor text, and your link types. Right?

Vary your anchor text, use naked URLs, generic terms, you could also use like I've mentioned before, three different link types, you could do contextual links, which is typical, that's what most people will do, but you could also curate content from your pages or your category pages, whatever into your blog post, then you end up using like a curation, or a citation style link, where you're citing, an attribution style link, where your attributing where the content came from. Right? The source, you are attributing the source. That's the other way, and then you can also link with recommended reading, or related resources box. Those are different link 0types as well. Again, I do recommend you use exact match anchors to link to your category pages, just make sure that if you're going to hammer away on those same category pages over and over again, that you vary your anchor text, your anchor text types, and your link types. Good question, though.

Identical Keyword Strings

Scott, says, “Doing keyword research on Uber suggest for an affiliate site, and there are several phrases with identical strings of words, except for the last word or two. The phrases are all related, and mean the same thing, IE, questions to ask a girl, questions to ask a girl over text, questions to ask a girl you like. Do you make one page with these additional keywords sprinkled throughout the article to hopefully rank for all of them, or do you make a separate page for each keyword?” Do not make a separate page for each keyword. You will trigger pan to penalty, for sure.

Around pan to four, which I think was around April or May of 2014, that changed, it used to be that you would want to a separate page or post on your site for everyone of those keywords. That's how we used to do it. Then, it ended up becoming a negative ranking factor, because they're two similar, those queries, or those terms are too similar, and so you end up with what Google determines. It's like duplicate content, because they're so similar that they really don't deserve their own pages of content. They could all be combined into one.

What you might want to do is create a page, and with this particular example, you might just want to create a page with questions to ask a girl, and then have literally a Q and A page, because then you can work all those keywords in there, and actually answer them, and that would be like an actual valuable piece of content based upon queries out there that people are searching for. Right? That would probably end up speaking to the hummingbird algorithm too, and mobile, as well. Because those are full text queries. Right? No. I would put them all on one page. Absolutely. You don't need to do that. Guys, just think about it, you got to think about, does it look spamy, and if you had multiple pages or posts on the site that are only slightly different, then, yeah, that certainly looks spamy. Just try to think about it logically. Does it look spamy, if so, if you think it would seem spamy, just don't do it. All right.

“Same question goes for ranking videos for these keywords,” videos are different, because now you are talking about using YouTube, which is a Google property. That's a bit different. Those rules are different, guys. A lot of difference between money sites, and YouTube. Videos are easier and cheaper to make for separate videos as far as you can just spin content and description, wherefore a site you would need unique content for each page, it would be far more expensive, but I totally agree Scott. Scott, yeah, you can spam with videos, a hell of a lot easier and get away with a hell of a lot more. I wouldn't do that to a money site, though. Okay.

SEO Strategy With Consistent Results

Pete, says, “Asked last week, and we ran out of time, so here it is, again,” yeah, sorry, Pete, it's got to get in early, buddy, “When discussing three pack optimization strategies everyone has a strategy, my question is, what are you doing to get consistent results that you can directly tie to your strategy? Keep in mind, I know that there are several factors that come into play, but somethings have a bigger bang, no silver bullets, just a strategy implementing, it seems you get the biggest returns.” RYS Academy, Pete.

Marco: You beat me to it.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah. I tried. I knew you were going to say it, Marco. Yeah. RYS Academy works really, really well for local. It's not a silver bullet, because it's not something that works a hundred percent at a time, every time. It's consistently, it's like our secret sauce for ranking and maps is to employ a drive stack. Right. That is something that we've talked about. Look, you can buy RYS Academy, or join RYS Academy, and learn how to do it yourself, or you can just buy done for you drive stacks from us and not even go through the whole trouble of learning how to do it yourself. It's up to you. If you're the do it yourself or you are going to want to join the academy, if you just want the results, without having to learn how to do it, and put the work in the do it, then just order them from us.

I mean, I don't build my own drive stacks, are you kidding? I only built a handful of drive stacks in my entire life, and it's only because I did it for training purposes, for others. We have a virtual assistant that builds our drive stacks, who is absolutely amazing. The guy is a machine, and the stacks that he builds are freaking beautiful. He does it quickly. For the cost that you guys can by drive stacks, man, it's hands down the way to go, in my opinion. Marco, you want to pitch that a little more, man? Because I think I did a pretty good job.

Marco: No, dude. Nine months of being inside there playing with files and folders, and everything that you can do, and moving it up and down and all around, I don't want to go in there, again, man.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I don't do it. That's why we hire and trained our VA to do the best job possible. We found the best guy for the job, and now he does it, so we that we don't have to.

Bradley: He's amazing.

Marco: He's fabulous. The quality. Gsites, if you guys have seen Gsites they suck. Right? There's very little that he could do with them, but he does some awesome stuff with them, man. He actually makes them look really good.

Bradley: Yeah. He does. He just did one for the local kingpin training, the upgrade it's called Maps Kingpin, and so I implemented a drive stack for that, and had our guy build the stack for me, and he got it back to me like within twenty-four hours. Of course, I'm one of his bosses, but he got it back to me in about twenty-four hours and I posted it in our slack box, and I was like, wow, he's an artist. This is beautiful. I was really, really impressed. Definitely check it out. Rob is next, “With the blog on a sub-domain with an IFTTT syndication network that has internal links over to the main domain, any recommendations for linking best practice, since they are not actual internal links?” No. I wouldn't worry about it, Rob.

I mean, the way I look at it if you have a blog on a sub-domain, of a main money site, the way I look at it, is it's still isn't an internal link. I know it's technically not, but since it's part of the same domain, I still consider it as an internal link. I treat them as such. Now, I wouldn't hammer away, just like I mentioned to Scott, I guess it was, or Chris, or whoever I was just talking about with anchor text. You don't want to just keep hammering away with the same anchor text, over and over again. There's no doubt you want to vary your anchor text, your anchor text type, and your link type. I still treat blogs on sub-domains as part of the money site. That's just how I do it. If anyone of you guys have any other opinions, I'd like to hear them.

Hernan: Sorry. I was muted. Yeah. I do it the same way. I treat sub-domains as part of the main money site. Yeah. I just usually use the same IFTTT because you want to keep everything as branded as possible. The more content you're feeding to that, usually the better.

Bradley: Yeah. If I'm using a sub-domain as an entirely separate site, like different branding, and everything else, then of course, you wouldn't be linking to the root, anyways, unless there was a reason for it. In which case I would treat it as an external link. When the blog is branded like the root, then it's pretty apparent, it's pretty clear that it's just a blog on a sub-domain. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, or site on the root domain, and you want to put a WordPress blog on a sub-domain, and it's, then since it's the same branding, and I'm linking from the sub-domain blog post up to the root domain, I don't treat it as an external link, I treat it as an internal link, but if it was a separate site, entirely, like different branding, different category, topics, and all that kind of stuff, then I would treat it as an external link, then. That was a good question, too, Rob.

Drip Feeding Tier Links For 14 Days For A 6-Day-Old Stack

Kevin is next, “Hey, guys. I just have a quick question about back linking to a Google stack is fifty tier two contextual's to all of the stacks individual properties, plus one hundred tier threes to each tier two drip feed over fourteen days be too much for a six day old stack?” Love your approach, Kevin. No. You can basically drop an atom bomb on a drive stack, and I'll let Marco comment on this one, but I haven't seen any negative effect from it. Throw the kitchen sink at, as far as I'm concerned. What do you think Marco?

This Stuff Works

Marco: I always tell people test. My standard answer is this is something that you should test. We have abused them, I mean we've done [inaudible 00:42:09]. We've done [inaudible 00:42:11], just a whole bunch of crap to it, and nothings happened. That is not to say that tomorrow it won't change.

Bradley: That's true.

Marco: Take that with a grain of salt. Right now, hammer it. As a matter of fact jackhammer SEO.

Bradley: Yeah. I love Kevin's approach, though, man, that's awesome. He's not holding back. He's CT Fletchering it.

Adam: That's awesome.

Setting Up Syndwire To Send Some Social Signals To A Tier 1 YouTube Network

Bradley: [inaudible 00:42:37] says, “Hey, Bradley. [inaudible 00:42:39] team, Jeff, here,” okay, so it's Jeff, would like to ask the following, “If I have a YouTube channel with a persona based tier one IFTTT network attached and I want to send some tier two social signals to the tier one network with Syndwire, would I set Syndwire up with persona based profiles, or branded profiles?” I'd do persona based, Jeff. I'd do persona based. Because again, it makes sense, I wouldn't, if you've got a tier one network, and you want to send social signals to your tier one network, it really wouldn't make sense to those, at least in my opinion, it wouldn't make sense to be coming from branded, especially, branded properties that are branded the same as the IFTTT network, or the money site.

To me, it makes sense that you would be receiving signals from people. Random people, and followers, and customers, and fans, and that kind of stuff, which would be personas. Okay. That is just my take on it. I would set it up as personas. All right. “Now, the same, but different companion website to the YouTube channel has a branded tier one IFTTT network attached, and I want to use Syndwire to drive tier two social signals to my tier one branded network, persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Syndwire set up.” Persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Attach [inaudible 00:43:59] drives to a tier one branded network. Okay. You want to drive tier two social signals to your branded network, around your YouTube channel? Same thing. I would still do persona based. “For the companion website Syndwire setup.”

I'm not sure what that means. Because you asked about YouTube channels, as far as I can tell you're just asking, okay, money site, branded network, what type should you have branded or persona based, tier two? I say persona. YouTube, as your trigger. Branded tier one network, should you have persona or branded tier two? I say, persona. Okay. I mean, that's the bulk of them, anyways. If you want to mix some branded stuff in there, you certainly can, but, again, I would just stick with persona.

“Do you have any suggestions for gigs for single wire profiles setup to the semantics mastery level quality,” no, unfortunately I do not, Jeff, because I just took one of our network builders, that builds our IFTTT networks, and basically had them set up my Syndwire profile as the same way that we set up our IFTTT profiles. In other words, she would create a persona, and then register for all the accounts, that were available in Syndwire that I cared about, because there was a bunch of them in there that were really worthless in my opinion.

The ones that I cared about she would go out and create an account with that persona brand, or that persona profile for all of those accounts and then she would interlink all of them, and theme that network. Theme that persona around a particular category, like, construction, or health and wellness, or whatever, something like that. Then, I would group persona profiles together. Let's say she built twenty profile personas each with their own set of accounts, and they were all for the construction and home services industry. I would put all of them in a single Syndwire group, so that when I went to go make a post, I could just select that group, and I could push out to all twenty of those properties, those twenty profiles, which might have fifteen or twenty properties per profile. If that makes sense. They would all be themed.

I just had one of our IFTTT builders do it. I don't know of any [inaudible 00:46:14]. I never purchased a gig from anybody for Syndwire. I just had one of our own internal network builders do it. Personally, I couldn't suggest any. What I would recommend that you do is potentially hire your own virtual assistant, and train them the way that you want them to build it, because that's going to be your most cost effective, and if you're a heavy user of SyndWire, you're probably going to want somebody, essentially a virtual assistant on your payroll that can build them for you, because I know accounts do get shut down, and that kind of stuff. All right.

Yeah. I got the point with the big flashing warning, Adam.

Adam: I thought it would be a little bit more obvious this way.

Using Expired Domains Aside From Rebranding

Bradley: Brian, says, “What do you guys do to breath life into an expired domain you scraped, besides re-branding it, and giving it an IFTTT network?” Social signals. That helps. Also, Crowd Search, if you're using Crowd Search or some sort of CT spam, click through spam tool, driving traffic into that PBN will breath life into it. Social signals, and traffic will breath life into an expired domain. Again, you can spoof traffic with something like SyndWire, not SyndWire, excuse me Crowd Search.

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Possible Reasons Why A GMB Listing Is Not Saving The Updates You Made

Ethan, Ethan Rocker, says, “Hey. I keep on running into a frustrating problem when creating my Google My Business listing.” Okay. I read this earlier. I don't have any advice for you, Ethan, I'm sorry. That's something that I would reach out to Google My Business support for, and find out if they can help you. A lot of times they can, in fact, Wayne Clayton pointed me to a help file for Google My Business the other day, that I found to be really cool. I guess, Google stepped up their game. Let me see if I can find this, real quick. This one here, I believe. Yeah. This is it.

All right. I'm going to drop this link on the page. This is how you can contact Google My Business, and tell them you are having an issue, and explain to them what the hell the issue is, and they'll contact you via email, or whatever, or possibly by phone. You can tell them which one you want, and ask them what the problem is. Hopefully it's not a spam site. If it is, I didn't fill this out, because I was having issues getting a verification card for one of my lead gen properties, and I did not fill this out, because I didn't want some Google rep poking around, and investigating a little bit further, if you know what I mean. If it's a real business, then I would have no problem at all contacting their support. Okay. Just keep that in mind. I don't know of any other thing to tell you about that, Ethan, I apologize. This is G and B help.

We almost got all the questions, today. Almost. Okay. Regarding G and B listings it is recommended to check the box, is it recommended to check the box? I delivered goods and services to my customer at their location for all niches? No, Ethan. I have a few drug rehab sites and I'm not sure if that would be relevant. No, Ethan, if you, okay, think of it this way, if it's a service based business, where the business serves the customer at the customer location, then you would want to check that box, because that basically removes your street address from the maps. If you don't serve, if customers don't ever come to your location, then that is by Google's own terms of service, that's how you're suppose to set the listing up. In other words, if it's a plumber, and the plumber always goes to the customers house, or business, whatever, the customer location, there's probably never a time where the customer is going to come to the plumbing company's location. Right?

You would check that box and it would basically remove your street address from maps, but it would still show your city, your contact information, everything else. If you've got a point of sale. A business, where customers make a transaction at your location, or they come to your location to pick up stuff, or whatever, then you're going to not check that box, and leave your street address. Does that make sense?

That's why I like for my lead gen properties, again, I deal pretty much exclusively with contractors and they're pretty much all service based where they go to the customer location, so I never, I always check that box to where it removes my street address from the maps, because most of the time they're virtual mailboxes, anyways. I don't want that address shown in Google Maps, it doesn't make sense, nobody is going to click driving directions to go to a virtual mailbox for a plumber. Does that make sense? Again, just think about it, do you have a point of sale? If you have a point of sale, leave the address showing. If you don't have a point of sale, there's really no need. If the business goes to the customer location, then you can remove that, or check that box. Okay.

Greg, we got four more minutes, guys, right? We got four more minutes or am I suppose to wrap it up, now?

Adam: You should be wrapping it up, but yeah, let's just roll through these.

Bradley: Greg, says, “Based on your input last week, I removed two blogs from my IFTTT network, I had ten,” okay, “For the other three extra blogs, I could change them to syndicate only post snippets with a title linking to the blog, two paragraphs of content, and attribution link they would look like large bookmarks, or a blog archive page. Would these be good to continue to use in that manner, or would you still eliminate those completely, as well?” I don't know, Greg, I would test it.

Honestly, that's all I would do, is I would test it. I'm not sure. I mean, again, personally I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it one more time, now, and then I'll say it ten more times next week. I would just do a standard tier one blog syndication network, and that's it. That's all I do for my money sites, now, guys, is one, branded tier network. That's it. Okay. If you want to do other things, what you are talking about, here, Greg, again, you'd have to test it, because I just don't know.

Without me testing, I'm not going to give you some bullshit answer. You know what I mean? I would have to test that, and I'm not going to set up a test for that, because like I said, I always just use a branded tier one network, because it's the safest. It makes sense. Right. Again, if you want to continue using additional blogs, if that's your strategy then hey, great that's awesome, man. It's good to see you taking initiative to do your own thing. Just continue, I would test with maybe with another site. If it's a money site, that you're counting on ranking, or whatever. If it's important to you, then I would test it on a test site, first, and see what kind of results you get from that method. All right.

“If I keep them, should I leave the existing full posts that are already on them, or change those to two paragraph snippets? Thanks.” Again, I don't know. I cannot answer that, Greg. I am sorry. I wish I could, but honestly like I said, I can only give you the advice of what I do, and what I do is just a branded tier one rank for money sites. That's it. All right.

Recommended SEO Plugin

Damian, “Advice request. I'm starting a site from scratch. Can you recommend a good plugin or theme that is not loaded, and has all the SEO bells and whistles? I've done website SEO, I haven't done website SEO, for real, in three years. I'm building the video leads HQ brand, and that consists of a website, too, any recommendation from the experts?” Damian, I'm pretty particular with my themes that I've used. I like the Inkthemes. I've always used Inkthemes. I don't know if they're particularly SEO friendly or not, it's just that's the one, like you guys know every theme developer has their own functionality within their, and I just learned Inkthemes really, really well. I always stuck with those, or I'll use something like Optimized Press, or Click Funnels for everything, now. I use Click Funnels for just about everything, now.

This Stuff Works

What were you going to say?

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say, you can go to Theme Forest, and order them for most popular, and you will find avatar, I think the X theme, or something like that, and then you will find, Thrive Themes, it's a good one.

Bradley: Yeah. Thrive is good. Yes. I agree with that.

Hernan: Thrive is good. Genesis. DV, is another good one. There you have a bunch to go about, and they're not that complex because the more beautiful the theme, the less it works for SEO, so have that in mind.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, like I said, I'm more of a minimalist now, when it comes to WordPress guys, like I try to knock out a site as quickly as possible, using the least amount of plugins. I don't like spending a lot of time on WordPress, and now, I'm using Click Funnels for even my websites, basically. I mean other than if I have to have a blog and a syndication network, which I do for a lot of stuff, then I'm certainly using WordPress, but yeah, I mean, I agree with Hernan, and Thrive Themes are really good themes, too. I haven't used them a whole lot, I use more of their plugins, landing pages, and content builder plugins and stuff, but I know that they've got some pretty good stuff.

Okay. Cool. Four, fifty-five on the money. We got to all the questions. That was like a match made in heaven. All right, guys. Thanks for everybody, being here. We will see master class members in about five minutes.

Marco: Awesome.

Bradley: Don't forget Local Kingpin, next Tuesday.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: See you.

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Silo Structures Explained

By Bradley Benner

We often get questions about SEO silo, especially how to set them up on the internal links of the website. Each scenario is going to be different so it is difficult for us to tell you which website silo architecture is best without knowing all of the details. So instead of us trying to tell you, you should be able to determine how to structure your silos on your own.

There are two main types of website silo structure: Simple and Complex. I have created a video describing each below that should help you to make the right decisionin siloing pages and to what kind of silo structure will be right for your site.

Please note: I recommend trying to use the simple silo for most search engines projects due to it being simple to setup (and still VERY effective). Complex silos often create additional challenges that are unnecessary for most website projects. I know that 90% of SEOs are going to want to over-complicate this, but try not to. Keep it simple if possible.

Simple Silo Structure:

Complex Silo Structure:

The silo plugin mentioned in the complex silo video is here: