Is Consistent Content Creation Necessary For A Wix Site Of A National Insurance Leads Provider?

By April

In episode 242 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if consistent content creation is necessary for a Wix site of a national insurance leads provider.

The exact question was:

Following on from the previous question, is consistent content creation necessary still? I know of course it helps a ton, but assuming I still have a syndication network made, do I lose a lot by not doing it?

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Finding New Content Ideas For Local Websites

By April

Content creation can be difficult after you've taken care of the basics – however, there are always new sources for content. This video explains a few quick wins that you can use to find a wide range of ideas.

Utilizing written, audio, and video outlets along with some additional discovery methods can have you putting out quality content for your local site, or client's site, in short order.

Content Creation And Semantic Relation SEO Tools

By April

This is a quick video showing two tools found via a new Search Engine Land article about content creation. There are some good ideas here, and the tools can help you speed up quality content creation as well as get a handle on market or market segment relationships.

Right now the FaqFox tool does not appear to be working correctly, but that may change in the future. Edit – After recording the video, FaqFox appears to be working again.

The Wiki Mind Map tool is a good way to find some semantic relations between industry areas that can help you plan out the on page SEO required for a site build out as well as possible areas to reach out or engage via off site SEO.