How Would You Add Relevancy To Your Money Site Using Drive Stacks?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 262 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to add relevancy to a money site using drive stacks.

The exact question was:

I have been trying to push my site further up for a group of keywords relating to “”food tours”” in my city. I find that there is one competitor who is ranking very high for these keywords and it seems they aren't doing much SEO. While I have been really trying to push with creating the loop, some link building, etc but typically can't crack the top 5 for these words. In SEM rush, I did some topic research for my brand and their brand to see what the “”High Efficiency”” was for each brand name Keyword. I was trying to establish what google was seeing in this competitors relevancy that it would deliver them so high for all “”food tours””. It seems that the topic around my brand name is very efficient for “”Tour guide”” while they returned very efficient for “”Vietnamese Food””. I felt like I needed to add onto the “”conversation”” around my Brand Name to develop an association with “”vietnamese food”” instead of just trying to drive further into the “”food tour”” keywords with link building. Inside my drive stack, I had created a “”Vietnamese Food”” Folder inside a “”Food Tour”” Folder. In the “”vietnamese food”” folder I have put together alot of Docs that are related to Vietnamese food directly from the conversation and subtopics I could find in SEM Rush with high efficiency for the term “”Vietnamese Food”” based on Q&A and Subtopics. I then pointed those Docs at my money site (I haven't created a page for it on my google site yet). Q1. Would this be the right approach to take on trying to push my Money site up further? Q2. In regards to the keywords used that I have found relating to “”Vietnamese food”” would it be okay to use keywords that establish relation to Vietnamese Food like “”lemon grass, Pho, Vietnamese Pancakes””, inside the drive stack pointing to my money site, rather than just my “”food tour”” Keywords?

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