Concerns Over Decreasing Rankings For A Website With T1 Branded Ring Powered By PBNs

By April

YouTube video

In episode 129 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant discussed his concerns and asked for solutions on the decreasing rankings of his website, which has T1 branded rings powered by PBNs.

The exact question was:

Hi all I got a website that have a T1 branded ring, I powered up the ring with my PBNS, the T1 ring became too much powerful.

My website got slapped by Google and all the pages that had links from the ring lost their rankings is that possible?

The other pages that don't get links from the ring didn't loose their rankings. In webmaster tools I have 400 links from , 400 links from blogspot, 250 from trello, the network shows in search results some of them even page 1 the trello especially.

And if I want personal support who I contact with? I am a member of syndication academy and battleplan and rys starter

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