Using SNAP and IFTTT: The Pros and Cons

By April


In the previous Hump Day Hangout, someone was asking about delaying posts via IFTTT. In Episode 63, one participant suggested using SNAP or Social Networks Auto Poster for delaying posts. Moreover, he also wanted to know the Semantic Mastery team's view on the tool.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys – A couple weeks ago I asked about time delaying posts and Adam & Hernan I guess had discussed on a podcast the fact there was no solution for IFTTT delayed posting… well GOOD NEWS I have found a solution for this its SNAP from they have a FREE version and a paid multi site pro version for only $49 a year….. Needless to say I bought it on sale right now.

Would love to hear your thoughts on using SNAP with IFTTT.?

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