Best Practices For Link Building And Ordering Services From SERP Space Done-For-You Links

By April

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In episode 123 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for recommendations on link building and ordering links using the done-for-you links services from SERP Space.

The exact question was:

General question on link building best practices and ordering services from SERP Space done for you links. When I add links to a local service site I firstly create my main branded social sites such as GMB then G+, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and You Tube.

Then I build local and national citations keeping my NAP the same as my GMB NAP across all citations.

Now I am ready to add links to anything and everything.

In what order would you recommend ordering links from SERP Space?

Would you firstly create a blog on my site then setup an IFTTT network order for it?

Would you then order RYS links – Map Powerhouse – or something else?

My question is from the blog and IFTTT part on – what order do you guys recommend and at what velocity?

I understand why it is important to setup IFTTT and a blog first to get frequency of publish and authority and trust going and not waste content i post on my main site by not syndicating it out.

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