Thoughts in Using EMD on Today’s SEO

By April

YouTube video

During episode 68 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer asked about the use of EMD in today's SEO.

The exact question was:

Hi. I want to rank for local dentist (lead gen, & get Dental SEO clients) – “dentist palm springs” is top KW.

My domain is: (not real city).

I am concerned it is too much EMD after listening to many of the mastery info. Should I continue with this domain or would you strongly urge me to dump it and re-start with something like or

Due to EMD issue, it sounds the links from the IFTTT networks would all have to be “nofollow” (from one of your videos)? If so, wouldn't that defeat most of the purpose and lose much of the link power?

The domain is small, only 3 links, aged 1 year, but ranking page 7 for a few terms. I just started to focus on this. I need to do it right, but also need to rank the site sooner rather than later (personal situation and 2 dentists are watching) so ranking in 3 months is so much better than 6 months.

Should I dump it due to EMD limiting my anchor text and dofollow options -or is it ok to keep going on it?


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