Do You Think Google Will Consider An Exact Match Domain Optimized Because People Are Searching For Such Terms?

By April

YouTube video


In episode 248 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if Google will consider an exact match domain optimized because people are searching for such terms.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . . Your help on Hump Days is VERY, VERY much appreciated (smile) . . . . . I had previously asked a question about using a “”partial match domain”” like for a local lead gen site, thanks for your very helpful answer (smile) . . . I would like to better understand a couple of things though . . (1) You said to stay away from exact match domains, but since some people might search using the phrase “”top local plumber””, might Google consider it an “”optimized”” domain and raise a red flag?, and . . .

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