What is Video Power House?

By April

YouTube video

During the 55th episode of Hump Day Hangout, one member asked about Video Powerhouse and how it can improve video content rankings and SEO. Getting powerful embeds from domains with real metrics (Trust Flow, etc) play an important part in your video marketing and it's power in the search results.

In the video above, you can get a better idea of how this super powerful embed network can help you with your video marketing. Not only does the Video Powerhouse system feature fast and automatic posting to high quality domains that are themed, monitored, and more, every single domain in the network is surrounded by a Semantic Mastery IFTTT Network with its own persona and social media sites!

What does this mean for you?

This means that for every post to Video Powerhouse you are getting more video content embeds and backlinks from authority sites by a real persona that provides tons of power and authenticity. Sounds good, right?

The exact question asked during the webinar was:


I signed up for Video Powerhouse and excited to get started and test. I was wondering if you could elaborate further on the service so I can translate what is going on to customers and prospects in terms they can understand. I assume everything else needs to be in place for maximum effectiveness such as channel and video optimizations? Anything else? Thanks! ?