Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 95

By April

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Adam: Hey everybody welcome to do Hump Day Hangouts, this is episode number 95. Today is the last day of August, the 31st, 2016. We got almost everybody here, but we'll go down the short list. I believe we're missing Chris right now, he might pop in later, but Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. How's everyone doing? It's really good to be here.

Adam: Good, good. Marco what's up?

Marco: What's up man? Warm, but it's raining. It's raining again man. Two days in a row.

Adam: Into every life a little rain must fall.

Marco: Yeah, that's how it goes.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: It's going well man, I'm happy to be hear. I'm excited about our Content Kingpin launch. It's ongoing right now, so I'm sure we'll talk a little bit about that, but happy to get started.

Adam: Definitely, definitely. Well I wonder mine people, obviously everybody hear … Let me rephrase that. Everybody watching should be able to count. So we're at episode 95. Instead we might do something on episode 100. We were just talking about this, we're definitely going to do something special for episode 104. That's going to be … You know, 52 weeks in a year, so episode 104 will be the big mark for us. That's going to be two years. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Stay tuned for that. We'll obviously be putting out some information on what's going on there. Then, if you've opened your e-mails, hopefully you've seen them and you check them out. If you're interested to add all in content. I'm going to have Bradley talk about Content Kingpin real quick. Also, we wanted to let people know too, that this isn't just written content. There's also a video component to this. Bradley if you want to talk about that real quick.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I'm posting on the event page right now, the Content Kingpin Q & A webinar that we did yesterday. I'm posting an event page so that you can see the posted questions as well. You're more than welcome to go check that out if you want to. It wasn't a pitch webinar, it was just basically here's what the course is, this is what it's about, this is the origins of it, how I developed it, why I developed it, and what's inside. We walk through the members area to show the training. Then we brought Zane on to talk about the Tube Kingpin, which is the up-sell. It's an offer that talks about … Content Kingpin is focused around blog content. So creating content for either your own sites, money sites, client sites, and always for link building. Content cu-ration for, and content creation for link building. That's what that cover.

Then there's Tube Kingpin, which is the up sell. Zane Miller put that together, and that's about curating videos on YouTube, and being able to use those to drive massive amounts of traffic to wherever you want. Very, very powerful method. Both of those are covered in detail in a webinar that we did yesterday. Again, it's not a pitch webinar. Literally the link is on the webinar page if you want to buy it. Just go check it out, hopefully it will get some questions answered. We certainly encourage you guys to pick it up right now while it's dirt cheap, because the price rises I think tomorrow doesn't it?

Adam: Yes sir. Tomorrow morning.

Bradley: Okay, so the price goes up tomorrow for, I think, 4 days. Then it lands on it's final resting price which is-

Adam: Yeah, once the 7 day launch is over we'll have it at a evergreen price beyond that.

Bradley: It will be the evergreen price, that's right. If you're on the fence I'd get it today, because tomorrow the price goes up another twenty bucks, and then it goes up another thirty dollars about a few days later. Get it now while it's cheap. It's stupid cheap right now guys. Anyways, that said, anything else we need to cover?

Adam: I think we're good. Marco or Hernan, you got anything?[crosstalk 00:03:33]

Marco: Yeah I'm good.

Adam: All right, let's do this.

Bradley: Okay, I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen and we'll get right into questions. I see quite a few good questions already. I'm going to zoom in a little bit this time guys, because I think it will make it easier for everybody else.

Starting right at the bottom. Let's see.

Google Penalty & NoIndexing Subdomains In IFTTT

“Hello Bradley, I hope you are doing great. I have a question regarding IFTTT in Syndwire. First of all, Syndwire, some blogs that can embed video on, but does not integrate with IFTTT like LiveJournal, SOS blogs, and Jimdo. So I was thinking create three sub-domains on my self hosted WordPress site and using IFTTT to syndicate my video to these three sub-domains. Then use these three sub-domains RSS as a trigger for Syndwire, so Syndwire can auto post my video to LiveJournal, SOS blogs, and Jimdo. It's like having additional three properties to syndicate my video automatically. I plan to no index these three sub-domains, but I know Google may crawl it, but it won't index it.” Yeah, that's correct. “So my question is if I noindex uses three sub-domains will Google tie these three properties with my three sub-domains and trigger a penalty? Or am I over thinking stuff?

This Stuff Works

You're over thinking stuff. No indexing the sub-domain and then syndicating content to the web 2, doesn't mean that the web 2 post won't index. Okay. It really makes no difference. It will be … The attribution link will point back to a link that's set to no index, but that's not a problem. That's not an issue. You're just telling Google not to index it. You're over thinking. Don't worry about that, you'd be find to do that. Okay.

Video Titles As Anchor Texts

“Assume the above scenario is possible. Is it safe to use the title of my video as the anchor text if I have a three tier two networks, is there a specific ratio that you follow for all of your IFTTT due follow properties?

Is it for a video network, or a blog syndication network? Let's see, I'm looking through it again. He's talking about embedding video. It sounds like it's a video embed network that you're doing, but you're using some blogs for additional syndication. In that case I would say it'd be fine, because you're trying to rank the videos, not necessarily the blog post itself correct? That's just my assumption based on the rest of your question. I just hammer … Whenever I'm doing, for example with video recipes, you can edit the video recipes that we provide, to either link with the raw URL, or naked URL. Or, you can use the title … You can use tokens within IFTTT to do that. Right? The tokens are what they call the ingredients. You can select “Enter URL”, or “Entry Title” so you can actually code your attribution links or, excuse me, the link in the description of the recipe. If you know what I'm talking about. Typically we do the embed code, and then we link to the actual video, Which again, could either be naked URL, it could be anchor text you want, you just code it into the recipe, or you use the video title. Then we always link back to the channel.

In channel you can link to various pages on the channel. For example, you could link to just the main channel URL. You can link to the about page. You can link to the playlist page. You can link to the videos page. It really doesn't matter. There are several pages you can use to link to, and again, the anchor text can be changed out for the channel link as well, right? You can have a naked URL, or you could use anchor text or the channel name. The channel name is anchor text, or keywords. Whatever you want to do. All I recommend is, if it's a video network, if you've got three different sub-domains, what I would do is kind of interchange the recipes slightly. Just bury them a little bit.

For example, on the first sub-domain site, maybe you use recipes that are all title anchor. Then for the second sub-domain, you use just naked URL link or text. For the third one you could use generics or whatever. All I'm saying is switch it up a little bit, add some diversity.

If it's blog properties it's different guys. If you're doing blog syndication, first of all, I don't recommend doing the two tier networks. We've talked about that a thousand times. Unless you're minimizing your footprint of it with … Reducing your footprint by using tier two related content triggers. In which case, you're typically going to be linking back with the anchor text is going to be the actual link … the title of the post that you're syndicating is going to be the attribution link. If you've got an internal link in blog post itself, remember this is if you're syndicating blog post. If you're using the blog post itself to create an internal link to a page on your site, which is what we teach, then you just got to be aware of your anchor text.

If you're using a tier two network you got to be a bit more careful, because you have to recognize that your anchor text is going to be syndicated to not only three blog properties on tier one, but then an additional nine blog properties on tier two. Because each tier two ring has an additional three blog properties. If you're doing the full text post feed, if you're syndicating a full text post, then that anchor text will get syndicated as well.

It's okay to still use a tier two network for blog syndication, I don't recommend it, but if you want to do it, you just have to be aware of that. In that case, I typically like to just use naked URLs, or generics, or very broad terms. I'm always cognizant of that when my virtual assistants, whoever, whose doing the posting, is always aware of that so that they vary the anchor text from post to post, so that we're not always hammering away on the same keyboards, because then you can get over-optimized anchor text. If that makes sense. Okay.

“Reason I was asking because of above strategy work that can use SyndWire to auto-syndicate blog content to six more PDF sites, one more blog site that IFTTT doesn't integrate with. Now I'm in doing video, but would love to know about doing blog syndication”

Okay, well I hope I answered both of those in that long scpheel. So we'll get to number three. “If the strategy works, I will have an additional seven more properties to syndicate to, If I were to interlink an additional seven of them is I going to look spammy? I've interlinked every IFTTT site, and live stream site. Should I know the seven additional properties, of should I just leave them?”

IF they're branded properties, yeah go ahead and enter … Let me rephrase that. On tier one, you'd brand them. Right? On tier two they would each be branded for the persona or the profile. Or whatever the brand is for your tier two networks. Yes, I would interlink them, because once again, what we're trying to do is establish and validate an entity. The more properties out there on the web that you can associate with a profile, or a persona, or a brand, the better. Okay.

This Stuff Works

By the way, there's a couple of announcements I did forget to mention. Number one we're going to do the IFTTT update webinar for the V2, the multi update webinar. It's probably going to be scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. We usually do it immediately following Hump Day Hangouts, but next Wednesday, we have master class, so it would be two weeks before we could get to the update webinar. We're due, so I'm thinking I'm going to schedule it for Tuesday, but I'm not 100% sure. If it's not Tuesday, it will be the following Wednesday guys.

One other thing I wanted to mention, was next week we're doing a special webinar from 4:30pm to 6:00pm eastern. So Hump Day Hangouts will still be on next week guys, but we're going to push it thirty minutes early. I didn't even tell my partners this. So, guys just so you know were doing Hump Day Hangouts 30 minutes early next week.

Hernan: Thank you Bradley.

Bradley: We got a special webinar, we're probably going to make it public. I'm not 100% sure yet. We're going to do a special webinar for master class next week, and it will be a 90 minute webinar starting at 4:30pm and running until 6:00pm eastern. Just so you guys know.

Hernan: You never talk to us man.

Bradley: Yeah, I know I made an executive decision.

Hernan: Okay.

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Bradley: Ron, I would just go ahead I would absolutely recommend you interlink the properties. You interlink them network specific. In other words your tier two networks, all the properties for tier two A is going to be interlinked. All network properties for tier two B will be interlinked. Right? You don't want to cross link between tier two A and tier two B, and the same goes for tier two C. You don't want to do any cross linking between any of those. You do want to interlink all of the properties within the same network. Okay? That helps to just build more authority, and validate the properties for the entity, the persona, the profile, whatever.

Crowd Social Signals

Another one from Adam says “Hey guys, good day. Quick question, have you come across crowd social signals it claims drip fed by real people and does it help to improve the trust level of domain, thanks”

I saw you're question earlier Adam, and I went ahead and clicked on it, or pulled it up. This looks totally like a Dan Antone service. I'm almost 100% sure it is, because it's got an interface very similar to what crowd search has. I'm pretty sure this is one of his new services. We're going to reach out to him and get a little bit more information on. I have not tested this or anything yet, but I should be in the beta testing group because we do a lot of stuff with crowd search as it is. I'm assuming this is a similar service to crowd search, except it's a social signal service, a crowd sourced social signal.

From my initial impression without testing it or anything else, if it's a Dan Antone service, it's a solid service. It looks something that we definitely would want to test and give our honest review about. We're going to be reaching out to Dan to find out more about it. Unfortunately I don't have any more information at the moment, but maybe by next Wednesday we'll have a little bit of data for you … an opinion. I can tell you just from first look that Dan Antone services are usually really solid services so I would say it's probably a good service. All right.

Outlook Account Suspended

Bob's question. He says “I just finished building my first IFTTT syndication network,” everyone go plus 1 Bob's, because that's a milestone. “Most of it went smoothly, but when I went to put links in my One note account I got a message saying my Outlook account has been temporarily suspended. Other than the initial setup there has been no activity on that account. I'm not sure why it was suspended. Any thoughts on why this would happen? I may not be able to make the Hump Day Hangout live, but please answer so I can check it on the replay.”

Okay Bob. I haven't actually seen that specifically from adding links. I know Outlook, those accounts can get locked fairly easy, because of IP issues. If you've got … For example, and I don't that this is the case, but I'm saying if you created the account with a proxy, and then you logged into the account without a proxy, sometime it will trigger … It will lock the account, and it will trigger a re-verification, and their a bitch to re-verify. Outlook accounts are. That may have been an issue. I don't know that that's what you did, I'm just saying if your IP's had changed from logging in one time, to logging in another, that may have been an issue. As far as actually adding links and having it saying temporarily suspended, I have not seen that. I really can't trouble shoot it without … Or give you any suggestions. My first guess would be it's most likely an IP issue. You were on a dirty IP or something like that. If you were using a proxy, it could have been a proxy that's been blacklisted or flagged, or something like that.

If you were using your own IP, maybe they're just cracking down on stuff. If we start getting more reports of that, we'll have to dig into it a lot deeper and figure out what's going in. All right.

This Stuff Works

No. Of IFTTT Networks For Business With Multiple Locations

Clark says, “I have a new client that has three locations. Each location has a verified, but not optimized Google my business listing. I will be creating a new website and want to use IFTTT network to best advantage this. Should I use one network, or do I need one for each location?”

All right, Clark, this is definitely a good question. We get this asked a lot. I recommend that if you've got one network and it's for the same client, the same brand, in other words the same business, but they just got three different locations, then it's perfectly fine to use one network for all three locations. Okay? There's a couple ways that you can do that. You can have each one of the locations, if they each have … You say each location has it's own Google my business listing, I don't know whether you have one website, or three websites. If you have one website, it makes it easy, because you'd just would syndicate to the one network from one website. Right? You might have three separate landing pages on that domain, for the three different locations. That's perfectly fine.

Now, if you have three separate websites, there's a couple things you can do which is typically how I build stuff out. I usually build a corporate website on the root domain. Which is essentially just a billboard. It's just “this is the company, this is what we do, here's our contact information.” Then there's a locations page, or a directory right on the website. They can click through to go to the individual location websites, which are usually on sub-domains. That's just how I build my structure whenever I'm building a multi location site. I'm just going to give you both versions of it here. If it's one website with three separate landing pages, yes one network is fine. If you've got three separate websites, what you can do is is still use one network, but what you do is you create three sets of recipes. Each separate website can have its own RSS feed. Right? You could have essentially three sets of recipes triggering the same IFTTT network because you're using three separate RSS feeds as triggers. One for each location.

Alternatively, you could choose one location to be the main blog, and just blog from that. Again, this is if you have three separate websites. You could choose just one website to be the blog, or put a blog on a sub-domain, or something like that, and just use that as a content distribution engine. Then syndicate all your content from one website, but still use that blog to build links to all three locations, or all three separate site. If that makes sense.

The point is, yes you can get away with one network depending on how you built the structure of the site. I recommend posting from one location because it's just easier. I don't know if you do that yourself, or if you outsource the content, the blogging part of it, which I highly recommend that you do. For my virtual assistant, my curators and bloggers, they typically will log into root domain and then build links into all of the sub-domain sites from that root domain, by blogging from the root domain. We just have the root domain set up with categories, each location has it's own category. That way we're actually silo-ing the content within the specific category. The category links over to the corresponding sub-domain site. If that makes sense. There's a few different ways to do, but one network is definitely suitable for all three locations if it's the same brand. All right?

No. Of Pins & Videos For Maps Listing In RYS

Next one, “You show how to add additional locations on Google my maps listing in the RYS case study. My question, is there a best practice limit to the number of pins and videos that can be added? I have a customer that has a service area that includes over 80 individual cities and named neighborhoods. Can I add them all? If yes, should I add them all at once, or edit my maps listing over time? Thanks.”

Clark, I'm going to let Marco respond to this one, but I can tell you yes you can add all of them. Marco was there any issue on the timing of that? I don't think there is?

Marco: Nope. He says 80 individual … We have run into a limit. I forget what our VA said it was. It's somewhere around 500. You have to remember the more iFrames, and that would be videos that you add to that map, the more it's going to slow it down when it scripts it over. That's the only real issue is how much of a burden you're putting on the resources. No, you can add as many pins as you want and as many cities. You're going to have to layer them, you get to a point where it will only accept so many pins, but you just add a layer and then you'll add more pins, then you'll add another layer and add more pins until you get to the limit. I forget, I can check it and put it in later. We ran across this already.

Also depends, because sometimes a My Map will rank. Not in the map pack, but the map URL. It all depends an how spammy you want it to look, It can look really bad. Trust me. Redundant, right man? I think I showed you a case study with the SEO plus city thing. We just went everywhere.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: That's why I knew 80 cities could be added, because there was hundreds of pin on that map.

Marco: He could do it, split it up by areas. North, south, east, west, or however it is that the cities divided. Whatever it is that he's targeting … I'm giving away to much. But he could divide it up right? Reach out to me in RYS Academy man, and ask me this question and I could give you more guidance. The quick answer is yes. On the previous question, I would say that for each location you do an RYS stack, a separate RYS stack for each location, so that you carry relevancy over to the location.

Bradley: Yeah. Very good, thank you. Okay, a milestone, we hit 3000 subscribers today on our YouTube channel Semantic Mastery. We want to thank everybody for that, that's really incredible. We were … I think I remember we were doing Hump Day Hangouts and I think we were around, I don't know, episode 15 or 20 when we passed the thousand mark. We were on the Hang Outs and I think we were at 996 subscribers, and I was like “Go subscribe to our channel right now, we're going to give something to the thousandth subscriber.” We've come a long way since then, it's pretty cool to see us hit that 3,000 mark guys, so we really appreciate that. I wanted to share that with y'all.

Okay Scott Says, “Hey Bradley, I was going to ask this question the last class, but the link said that the next webinar is Wednesday is September 7th which is too long of a wait. Question, where exactly is the master class training,” Excuse me “where exactly in the master class training does it show how to build an optimized website step-by-step? Not able to find it. Thanks.”

Scott, I would suggest, most likely you're talking about if it's a local site, that's what I can assume. There's two case studies that I went through where I built the site basically step-by-step. Because the master class trains only an hour each time, I don't go through in real time and build it, but what I would do, is every single week I would plan … At the end of the master class webinar, I would say what the plan was, the to-do list, for the next week. The following week, I would immediately go in and show the work that was done that was proposed the previous week. Then walk through what was done, how it was done, and why it was done. Then we would go through and set-up for the next week and do it like that.

There's two case studies. There's a local case study, and then there's a launch jack … Well actually three case studies. A launch jack, and affiliate case study. All three of them were set up with the same sort of format.

Adam: I think he's probably going want to start with the local case study. One, that's first in the series. Two, I know that you definitely went in to detail what the website said up there. Not that you didn't in the others, but I think that's going to be the one he should probably go through. That's about six, or seven. I'm looking at it right now.

Bradley: Yeah, six, seven or even eight classes.

Adam: I think it's seven with a Q & A.

Bradley: We went into great detail in that guys. That local case study is still just ranking like crazy. I think four out of the five keywords are in the maps three pack that I had originally optimized for. I haven't touched that since I think July of last year. It's definitely a solid way if you just go through the training.

Adam: Yeah, I'm going to say it now too. Anybody listening right now is in IFTTT SEO Academy and this is sounding like good stuff to you, you should hop into the master class. I'll put the link up there, but you get access to all this stuff, and you get access to the IFTTT SEO Academy stuff.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Just so they understand that, if they subscribe to master class, then we cancel your IFTTT payments guys, because master class includes IFTTT SEO academy. Also, there use to be a drip schedule on archive content, but that's all been removed. When you sign up now you get literally a content dump of a year and a half worth of content. It's all up to you, you go at your own pace. Take as little or as much as you want.

Marco: IF I can just throw in my two cents worth. Our shit works. Period.

Bradley: Enough said.

Optimizing Attribution Page In IFTTT

All right, Chik's up next, “Hey guys is there a poster example of your recommended way to optimize a post for IFTTT network? Specifically for giving attributions to the page I want to link? Thank you.”

I believe it's in the best practices training Chik, if you go into the IFTTT members area, the academy members area, if you go look at the advanced training, there should be some training in there for that. Really it's very simple guys, when you're blogging from your main money site, which is what you should be doing. Syndicating you're network. You want to use contextual links from within the post to link to the pages on the site that you're trying to rank. Typically you're not trying to rank the blog post. That's not always the case. Sometimes you want to rank the blog post. Sometimes you just rank the blog post without even really doing it intentionally, and that's fantastic. Most of the time you're trying to use the blog to rank the pages. That's kind of the point. Right?

There's three different ways, and I talk about this often. Maybe we'll make an FAQ out of this Adam, if you want to mark this right now. There's three different ways to create a link to your page from within the blog post. Okay? Number one is a traditional contextual link. Which just means within the content of the post, you link typically with keyword anchor text to the page that you want to rank. That anchor text link is going to get syndicated out to your branded network. If you have a two tier network, it goes out to tier two as well. I really don't recommend doing that guys, you can if you want. Anyways. That's the typical, traditional way, that's option number one. That's just using a contextual length within the body of the post.

Number two, is to curate content from one of your pages. Especially if you're using content cu-ration for your blog. Which is what we highly recommend. Shameless plug once again for Content Kingpin. If you don't have that training, go pick it up right now before the price goes up. Curating content, if you're curating content already for your blog, which means you're citing content sources, high authority. Hopefully content that has a lot of social engagement as well. You're grabbing snippets of other peoples content, and you're adding that to the post, and then you're citing the source. Well you can cite your own content as the source. When you go to create a curated style link, you will typically use the page title as the anchor text, and link to that page. Okay?

That's not always the case. You can switch it up, you can use a generic, you can say “read more,” or “learn more,” or “continue reading,” or something like that, and use that as the actual link. That's fine too. Option number one, remember contextual link. Option number two, would be to curate some content from the page that you're trying to rank and then link to that page with the page title itself, or with a generic or something like that.

The third option is a recommended resources, or additional reading, or related content, or whatever. Something like that. Which is essentially most curated type blogs have at the bottom guys, some of the biggest blogs on the web have this, and you guys will recognize this. At the bottom it says related content, or recommended reading, additional content, whatever, whatever you want to call it. Then it's a bullet list of three, four, five, six, whatever articles and links pointing to other articles that reinforce the overall theme or topic of the post. Continued reading type stuff. You can always add a link to your page within that as well. Again, all of that is very … In the IFTTT training itself, there should be some training for that. Also on Content Kingpin, most recently, we go into that extensively. Hopefully that's helpful though.

So there's three different ways that you can use to actually link up to your page. Just remember you don't want to hammer the same keywords over and over again. That's why it's good to even vary the type of links. From contextual to citation link, or curated type link, to recommend reading style link. That varies the link type, as well as the anchor text, and everything else. That's what you kind of want is some diversity. Right?

Curation Suite For Content Kingpin

Shannon says, “I know Content Kingpin is out, but I have no received it yet, so I was considering picking up Curation Suite. Would that work with Kingpin or is it not needed?”

Yes, Content Kingpin teaches you how to curate and why, which I think is key. Yes, there are tools like Curation Sweep which we recommend in the actual training that can help you to be a hell of a lot more efficient with it. You can totally do it manually with free tools. That's how all of my content marketing team does. They do it 100% manually using free tools.

Adam: Use Curation Sweep, it is awesome.

Bradley: Yeah it is. I mentioned this in the webinar that we did yesterday, if I had to train my team over again, I would have trained them on Curation Suite, and they'd be using that. It would make them even more efficient. They're running like a well-oiled machine right now anyways. If I had to do it over again, I would use Curation Suite. Okay?

Also guys, MasterMind members, you guys all will be getting Content Kingpin. It will be … We haven't made that post yet have we?

Adam: No we needed get over the launch, make sure everything was smooth and then later this week we'll set-up.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I just wanted everybody, just be patient you guys will get it.

Adam: I'll have to check, Chris might have posted in there. Regardless if not, it's going to happen this week.

Bradley: Oh, Chris posted right here. Yeah right there. Sorry, that was just above. Anybody that's a master mind member, or purchased Curation Mastery, which was the old version of the course, just contact us at support semanticmastery.com and we'll be happy to hook you up with the updated version.

RSS Data

Earl says, “RSS authority sniper question. Confused as to what type of information I should be putting into the rank feeder authority feed details page 3 B. Feed title, should it be keyword rich, attract viewers, or what?”

Both, Earl. I mean if you can squeeze a keyword in there, make it a compelling type title. That's what you should be doing. Keyword specific titles aren't really the best way to … That's not really good for marketing. You know what I mean? It's good for SEO, but you want a compelling title. If you can squeeze a keyword in there, with a call to action or something that's a headline, like a hook, that peaks interests, or curiosity, then that's something that you'd want to do.

“From the feed tag, it allows 10, should I just be filling this in with the keywords?” Yeah, you can put keywords in. That's typically what you'll do, but you don't have to put ten in every time just so you guys know that. Just because there's ten slots doesn't mean that you have to put ten in. Typically I'll just pick out two or three, of the main keywords and stick them in. You can fill out with ten if you want, just use a good variety of co-occuring keywords, LSI's that kind of thing.

“Advice on static first, top, random etc. Ping on Publish, vs Drip Ping, and comments on how often and why?”

I don't think that really matters so much personally. I just usually have it set up at static at first. That's it. That's just the way I set them up. I haven't set up a whole lot of them though, so I don't really think it matters. I got to think that Lisa Allen has a Facebook group or something for rank feeder in RSS authority sniper. I would say probably want to ask in one of the groups from some of the heavy users that have a lot more testing behind it than I do. Hernan or Marco have you guys used it much?

Hernan: Yeah, not in reality like. I'm trying to think of an example that I've used that … The only way that I've used it was for foreign Youtube videos, but that's pretty much it. Not for anything else. Not for a foreign website, not yet at least. We will definitely need to try. My guessing is that being much easier, you could over optimize a little bit and it will be fine.

Bradley: Yeah, it's not the same. These are RSS feeds, if you're just submitting aggregators and directories. It's not the same as like over optimizing links that are pointing to your sites. It's not the same. You can be a little heavy on the optimization, that's fine. I always say, just try to use common sense. If you're hammering away at the same keyword across every field that you can enter text, and it's the same keyword, I just would assume it wouldn't work all that well.

Earl, again, I mentioned if I had more experience with it, I would give you some better data. I would recommend, number one reaching out to … I've got to assume that she's got some sort of Facebook group or something. Some of these questions could be answered by people that are real heavy users of it. The other thing is, just test. Test it and see. Even other people, when they give advice, it's still worthy of a test on your part. Right? My point is, go ahead and set up a feed one way, for one post. Then set up a feed another way for another post and track your results. Put it in a rank tracker and see which ones are giving you better results. Which configuration gives you the best results. Then if one configuration outperforms another, then you need set up another test to verify or confirm that that data is consistent. That that's a repeatable event, or repeatable results.

Adam: Thanks to Greg, he just posted the Facebook group. Anyone who's looking for that, it's the top comment up there. Thanks Greg.

Marco: Just if I can add to this. My take on this is that you should really be concerned about hammering away with keywords on this. What you're looking for is your siphoning that authority, and that topical trust, right, for the topical trust algorithm.

Bradley: And co-citation.

Marco: Right, you're looking for, exactly, for that co-citation. All of that together, the bot is smart enough to take all of that relevancy and say that's what this is about. Without you needing to do all this other … Without you having to worry, okay, “should I hammer it with keywords? Should I add it here, should I add it there? What else should I do?” What you're trying to siphon is the authority from these other feeds, and again, the topical trust, and as Bradley mentioned, the co-citation. That's what you're looking to do. To push all this back to wherever your feed is originated. That's how I see the purpose of Rank Feeder.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and how many [burner-mind-ring 00:36:19] are both evolved enough, advanced enough, to be able to make that association too. That's the thing, you don't have to hammer away on the same keyword is my point. Just like Marco said.

Love that meme Wayne. It's awesome.

Difference Between Serp Shaker And Lead Gadget

Braulio says, “this might not be the right place for the question, but here it goes. What is the main difference between Serp Shaker and Lead Gadget? I've heard Bradley say that the ATM is the industrial version of Serp Shaker, but how so? If the answer is that Lead Gadget builds entire sites, and Serp Shaker is just a plug-in, Andres has released Serp Shaker control center which builds SS sites en mass. So does this bring SS to the same level of Lead Gadget?”

I'm not here to put down anybody's products or anything like that. All I can say is I stopped using Serp Shaker when I started Lead Gadget and the ATM very heavily. I'm not familiar with the evolution of Serp Shaker, so I really can't comment on that. Besides that, Andres is a friend of Semantic Mastery as well. You guys, you just have to make the decision. I can't tell you because I haven't used the Serp Shaker control center what the difference is. I know that the ATM has massive amounts of coding behind it now, in part, not just from Don, but also from Marco and our team, I know that we have a unique relationship with that. Again, I'm not here to put down Serp Shaker control center. I have no idea. I haven't used it. I know it's a good product. A lot of people liked it. A lot of people used it. I can't really answer that other than the fact that I use exclusively Lead Gadget and the ATM. Again, because we have kind of relationship with them that's beyond just us using the product. We've got a vested interest in it.

Does that make sense? Marco do you want to comment on that at all? We're kind of in a precarious position trying to comment on it.

Marco: Not really, because I haven't used the control center. I've only used the SerpShaker plug-in. That's the only thing I could speak on if I were to speak. As far as the SerpShaker control center, we'd have to have access to it. I can tell you from having a behind the scenes to what LeadGadget is. It's above and beyond anything you can possibly imagine the amounts of code and work that has gone into this. Both into lessening the footprint being able to grant you speed, being able to pull in content sources, I mean just everything. We're still working on it. We're adding [Skeemo 00:38:51]. We're adding just a whole bunch of different things that will allow people to make each site more unique, each site that they mass produce, even though it's mass produced. All I can say is what I've seen, and what I've worked on, rather than speak on what Andres is doing. Maybe we need to invite Andres over so that he can talk about his control center.

Anchor Text Generated In IFTTT Networks

Bradley: Okay, Ethan's up. He says “Hey I've purchased several full two tier IFTTT networks from Serp Space and I just want to confirm with you guys that I am safe that if the fault anchor text generated by all these properties.”

Well, okay Ethan. Again, when we deliver, as far as I know Adam, we are still sending out with delivery links to the best practices series, correct?

Adam: Sorry, I had myself muted. Yes we are, I'll double check on that though just to make sure something isn't broken or any of that. We should have a link in there. Couple of months ago I check every once in a while.

Bradley: That's in the done for you IFTTT funnel series if you need the links. As far as I know when we deliver the networks we send out the best practices. We totally recommend Ethan, that whenever you're two tier networks for blog syndication, that you make sure, and this is not something that we're going to do in Serp Space, we will not do this, this is something that you're going to have to do once we deliver the networks, and that's gathering your own related content feeds, and make sure that you set up the tier two triggers. So that you're reducing or minimizing your footprint for blog syndication. That can create an issue. Remember when you're syndicating content to a branded network, you don't care about a foot print, because you are just doing what you are expected to do, and that's sharing your own content to your own branded properties. They're just extensions of your brand. So there's no footprint issues.

When the footprint issues come in is with blog syndication, when you start stacking networks and doing tiered networks, because then you're doing it clearly to manipulate search results. That's against Goggle terms of service. That can get you in to trouble. You can minimize or reduce any footprint issues by injecting additional related content sources into the tier two triggers, so that you're second to your networks get populated with additional related content from other sources. Okay? We talk about that in the training. We talk about that in the IFTTT best practices series, and we've talked about it on Hump Day Hangouts probably 350 times. This makes 351. Just be careful with that. The default anchor text, the only anchor text that's generated is the anchor text that you create when your blogging from your distribution source. Which would be your blog. Right? The attribution links, which usually are going to use the title of the post as the anchor text to link back the original post.

Now, keep in mind the other part of this is, there's two types of attribution links. There's an attribution link type, or attribution link format that we use for single tier networks. Then there's the attribution link format that we use for two tier networks, and it's different. That's explained right here on this page as well, which is also explained in the training. Let's just go look it up RSS recipes. Let's see if I can find it. There it is. This is the page here guys, I'll drop it on the event page. Right here, the RSS recipes, there's training here for this, and we even talk about spin text to use RSS plug in when building a branded network only. So when doing a tiered network only, or excuse me, a tier one network only, then you'd want to use this type of spin tax, if you're using our plug-in. If you're not using our plug-in then you don't have the ability to spin the attribution text, but you can still create the attribution text.

If you're using tiered networks you want to omit the link back to the home page in the attribution text. Okay? In other words, when you're doing single tier network syndication, typically you're going to link to this post, and you use the title of the post as the anchor text to link to the post. Was originally published on, and then you link to the actual homepage of the blog. Right? Of the money site.

When you're doing a two tiered network, you want to omit the link to the home page, to where you're just building a link back to the actual post using the title as the anchor text. Okay? Again, that's covered right here, it's covered inside the training, and it should be covered in the best practices series that gets delivered with the done for you network. You're not in any trouble or anything Ethan if you haven't been doing that. I recommend that you immediately go find some related content sources, grab some feeds and set-up the additional triggers on the tier two networks so that you start populating those tier two networks with other peoples content as well. Okay?

Older Post In RSS Feed

Ethan's next question, “Also I've been curious to know how to bump an older post to the top of the RSS feed” wow this question. I'm not upset with you Ethan, this question has come up, I swear at least twice week for the last month. Do we not have a FAQ for this one?

Adam: I do, I'll get that if you want to go on to the next question. I'll grab it and post it up there for Ethan.

Bradley: All right, just really quickly I'm going to post in here. If you have our premium version of the plug-in, if you're a master mind member, our plug-in will do that for you. The RSS plug-in you have to be a mastermind member to get it. It's not for sale. If you want it you got to join the master mind. Otherwise if you use republish old posts, and I'll say WordPress, it's going to be the first link. This one right here. This is a plug-in that you can download, or install on your site, it's free. It's called Republish Old Posts. There's some settings, I'm not going to walk through how to set up, there's help files and everything else. You can actually use this to re-insert posts that have already been published back into your feed for re-syndication. Okay? So this is Republish Old Posts. Check it out, it's free.

Let's see. Paul Fussel. Link for the up-sell, did you give that to me?

This Stuff Works

Adam: I asked him to … Yeah he's going to get in contact with us.

Bradley: Just so you guys know, you don't want to buy the Tube Kingpin up-sell unless you have Content Kingpin. It's based on the principles taught in Content Kingpin, it really wouldn't make sense to buy that buy itself, just so you know.

Okay, Greg says, “RSS network works great and has measurable results each submission.” Yeah Greg that is very cool, so thank you for that by the way.

Semantic Mastery Course For Map Pack Ranking

Jordan Says, “is there any semantic mastery plan for a course of maps pack ranking?” Jordan Fowler. Well yeah, Jordan. First there's a few. Number one the master class training. In the master class training, we walk through the local case study. Which again, if you join the master class, we cancel your IFTTT SEO academy payments, because master class includes IFTTT SEO academy. Just like master mind includes master class and IFTTT SEO academy, and pretty much everything else that we do that's under 300 bucks. If it's over 300 bucks then you get a 30% discount. We have tiered products. Each time you step up, you get the products below it. Included with your subscription.

MasterClass has training on the local case study, which I mentioned at the beginning of this webinar. That site is still ranking today. I haven't done any work whatsoever since July of last year. It's still ranking today from four out of the five keywords. I've walked through step-by-step on exactly how to do that. Plus we also have … Well in the master mind we cover stuff every other week when we do our webinars that are two, and sometimes two and half hours long. There's a ton of stuff in there about that. Specifically we also our RYS academy. RYS academy and the speed ranking course was specifically for maps ranking, and it works like gang busters. Do we have a link for that we can drop for him? For the speed ranking courses. There's the four RYS academy course, then there's the speed ranking courses, which is specifically a case study that I did with the RYS methods for a local site that's ranked number one in maps right now, and all I did was RYS academy stuff methods. Nothing else.

Adam: We'll get that on there shortly.

Marco: If I can just add about RYS academy. We just had a fabulous testimonial dropped in there by Darrel on how he went from nowhere, to he just started ranking for dozens of keywords. As soon as that stack was built, we call it the dry stack, as soon as it was built, just a few days later the website just started jumping. The Google dance of course, because you're link building even though you're not really. You're just doing stuff to carry relevancy over to whatever it is you're doing. It just shows, he does the screenshot, there's a video in there on the latest that he did. Bradley's videos are in there on local map pack rankings. Everything that you need to rank in three pack is there.

Bradley: That's the thing. It's crazy, Darrel's post was great because he had first started the drive stack, and everything disappeared in search results and he was freaking out. He asked us what should I do. We said relax, take a breather. Take a few days let it settle in, because you just did a whole lot with building a drive stack. Sure enough he left it alone, and that's what he updated that post and shared some screenshots showing the jump in ranks and all that. He's got many many keywords ranking now and that's all he had done was the RYS drive stack. It definitely works great, it works really really good for local.

Semantic Mastery Course For  Using VPN & Proxies

Next, Jordan says, “Is there any semantic master” … Sorry that's one that I just answered. “I think there is a need for a course on how to use proxies, VPN's, how to go to stealth, best practices for marketers, and IFTTT members maybe?”

Well, the whole first module inside of my IFTTTSCO academy is about how to use proxies properly with Firefox. I also have an additional training on specifically how to use Browseo. We're going to be having a webinar with the Browseo developer Simon Dadia, next week, next Wednesday. He's about launch version three of it. It's a solid product. If you're doing a lot of building yourself, or if you have a lot of virtual systems that are building, I highly recommend that you get it. It's wroth the additional costs because the efficiency that it provides with being able to build.

I use Browseo for the video marketing blitz software which we promoted a couple weeks ago or whatever. That's a Abs product, which is a really good product. It requires having a bunch of … Each Youtube account has it's own dedicated proxy. You have to create the API credentials, and you always have to log back in using the same proxy, the same IP. Just set up Browseo and just install all of your … I have one of my virtual systems, he just added 60 Youtube accounts, with 60 dedicated proxies. One per account. He just added all of that to the video marketing blitz software over the last couple of days, because that's what we're doing.

Browseo makes it very very simple because you can have one window open with a whole bunch of different browser tabs, each tab has its own proxy. It's own IP. It's completely independent and separate from the other IP's. There's no cross-over, there's no bleed-over. No leakage, right? IP leakage, right? Browseo is a very very powerful software too, Greg, and we cover that inside the IFTTT SEO training. Again, we're going to have Simon Dadia on next week, which again we may make it public. It's going to be the master class webinar, but we may make it public. It's going to be from 4:30 to 6:00pm next Wednesday.

Now we're about of time guys, let's finish up these last couple ones. Jordan says “Also, as to my recent experience with SquareSpace site and IFTTTSCO network, run like a scalded dog. Finally convinced client to let us migrate to WordPress, if anyone has a client with SqaureSpace site, say “we migrate or no dice.” Unless you're feeling like Tony Romo day after day.” That's awesome Jordan, thank you for that.

This Stuff Works

Joining MasterMind

All right, last one. Jordan says “So can one join MasterMind at this point and not feel miles behind?” Yeah Jordan, and the reason why is because you can go through the archives, the library of past webinars, which is immense by this point. Remember we were doing the master mind I think six months before we even opened it to the public. Even longer than that really. When we were just a very small private group before we had even become Semantic Mastery, we had been doing webinars. Some of those are in the archives I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong Adam, don't we have two and a half years worth of content in there.

Adam: Yeah, there's a lot.

Bradley: Obviously I recommend that you would start off with the most recent webinars and work your way back, because at some point you're going to start seeing some information that's no longer outdated. Or that's no longer up to date because of how stuff evolves. I would just start with the most recent webinars and work your way back. Once you start seeing some information that had been contradicted on a more recent webinar, that's when I would stop.

There's still some evergreen stuff in there that doesn't change. That's the thing, if you have anything specifically that you want to find, you can always post in the master mind community and ask for some recommendations. Okay? We can point you in the right direction, or some of the master mind members … Again, I guarantee you if you're unclear about something and you post it in the master mind community, somebody else in the master mind had been unclear about it as well, and it got resolved so they can help you. That's part of the reason that it's called a master mind guys, and not just a group. It's not just about us teaching you guys stuff, it's about all of us collaborating together. We learn as much from our students as they learn from us. That's the truth. Because we have a lot of really savvy people in the master mind that contribute and post, and post content that they find and questions and case studies. It truly is a master mind community.

Adam: Not only that, talk about this as a power, it's even helped us and others. Like Bradley's saying, like SerpSpace that came about in patients because of a master mind member. That's how that happened. It's crazy, the power, that's how we started. Just my two cents.

Bradley: That's the truth. Semantic Mastery formed because of a previous master mind that we were all in. Yeah SerpSpace that's a collaboration between Semantic Mastery and Rank Us Now, whose a master mind member. Roman and his crew. There's a lot of really good connections that could be made guys.

Okay, last, Ganti says “Please make Browseo, I guess, by Dadia public, I really appreciate it.” Yeah Ganti, I think we're going to. Even If we don't make it public for the actual live webinar. We're probably going to push the replay out. I know he's going to a limited release on their version three. I think once he fills those slots he's going to close it down just to work out any bugs. Then it will re-open. Either way, I'm pretty sure we're going to make it public. I can't swear to it just yet, I got to get clarification from him as to what he wants us to do. All right.

Okay, “Would love to see live reviews of the tools that are on your resource page. I have several that I would like to leave.” “We would love to see live reviews of the tools that are on you're resource page, I have several I would like to leave.” I don't know what that really means Greg.

Adam: Probably just so he can pick the best. Right? We offer several, if we're using them, there's generally several options for lets say VSL tools, is one I'm thinking of. Be able to see that before we do that. That's good, we've thought about, it's tough just because of the vast amount of stuff out there. It's something we are thinking about. It's funny actually Greg, this may get us light the fire under our ass again. We talked about this recently. Anyways, that could be coming, we'll see what we can do.

Bradley: Okay, sweet. Well this was a good one guys. We got all the questions answered too, it was good timing. All right guys, everybody thanks for being here. What do we go tomorrow? Tomorrow is the Tube Kingpin webinar for anybody that purchased Content Kingpin and Tube Kingpin, we're doing the webinar tomorrow. Zane's going to be hosting that and talking about Tube Spinning, and curating Youtube videos and all that. Anybody that want's it check it out. Otherwise we'll see you all next week, and don't forget, next week the Hump Day Hangouts going to be thirty minutes. We're going to start at 3:30pm and go until 4:30pm.

Adam: Sounds good, so for anybody who hasn't bought into Content Kingpin, or whose maybe on the border why … I'm totally pimping ourselves, but why should they go buy so that they can go to this webinar. What's so cool about the webinar?

Bradley: I guess it's the introduction to Tube Spinning. Zane's hosting it, so I don't have the actual content in front of me as to what it's going to be teaching. It's going to be essentially laying out what Tube Spinning is all about, and how curating youtube videos, and building re-marketing lists and all that kind of stuff. Which is really the core of the Tube Kingpin training. The reply will be put inside the members area anyways, so even if you guys don't get it before the webinar tomorrow, you'll still be able to see the replay of the webinar. Again, the price goes up tomorrow. So if you're going to get it, get it now while it's cheaper.

Adam: Sounds good. All right, awesome.

Bradley: All right, thanks everybody. Thanks Hernan and Marco.

Hernan: Thanks Guy.

Marco: Bye everybody.

Bradley: Bye.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 92

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 92 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Bradley: Our bearded leader, our other fearless leader isn't here. Oh here he comes. Hey everybody, this is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hang-outs for August 10, 2016 episode 92. Wow.

Chris: Wow.

Bradley: That's quite a milestone. I'm not sure if Adam's coming or not, he's going to be traveling to the Click Funnels Certification event, so I don't know if he's coming today or not, but we are live on Google and Facebook right now. As far as announcements today, I guess let's run through and say hey to everybody first. I'm going to go right down the list in the order that I see them. Chris how are you?

Chris: It's been good. Happy to be back in Austria. How are you doing?

Bradley: Yeah I bet man. Back on your home soil huh?

Chris: Yeah.

Bradley: We got Hernan here, what's up Hernan?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey what's up? Hey Facebook, hey Google Plus, hey whatever we are broadcasting this. It's really good to be here.

Bradley: YouTube and you want to start naming off all the IFTTT properties?

Hernan: We can, we can, it's going to take me a while.

Bradley: We've got Marco, hey Marco.

Marco: Hey man what's up. Since I didn't mention that last week right, I'm going to mention it this week. It's warm and sunny in Costa Rica.

Chris: Still?

Marco: [crosstalk 00:01:17] That's how I roll man.

Hernan: What happened to rain season man?

Marco: It's the rainy season, what can I tell you?

Bradley: We're like a ship without a rudder when Adam is not here you know?

Marco: Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Chris: Let's focus.

Bradley: As far as announcements, there's just a couple announcements. Guys we've got, what were the announcements again Marco? I just sent them before, I didn't write them down. I know we've got the Video Marketing Blitz bonus webinar next week guys, it'll be immediately following Hump Day Hangouts so any of you that purchased Video Marketing Blitz through our link which is Abs Product Video. It's a really good video product and I'm going to be going through a webinar next week and a case-study showing what I've been able to do with it in the last couple of weeks that I've been playing with it. That's next Wednesday at 5:00 pm. What else did I say we're going to talk about? Does anybody else remember?

Hernan: Nope.

Bradley: You see what happens? I don't take notes.

Marco: Giving people the opportunity to sell our stuff.

Bradley: Oh yeah, that's right. That was the other one. Thank you. Content King Pin, that's the next product that we're launching under the Mastery PR brand that launches on August 30th. It's Tuesday, August 30th if you guys are interested in promoting that you can find it on JVZoo or I can drop the JV link on the page if you guys want to check it out and promote. If not, it's going to be a really good product on content marketing and curation and video curation and all kinds of really good stuff so check that out as well. Okay, so that was it right for announcements? All right, cool. Well then I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen and we're going to get into questions. Let me make sure I got the right window here. Tell you what I'm going to do. I've got too many windows open again as usual, so just give me one second guys. Okay, we should be good to go. Everybody can you confirm for me that you're seeing what you're supposed to on the event page?

Marco: We can.

Hernan: Yep.

Is It Okay To Embed A Google Spreadsheet Into A Blog In IFTTT?

Bradley: Okay good. All right, we're going to get straight into it. Marco Connell's got the first one. Hi guys, quick one for you. “Let's say I created a Google, a public Google spreadsheet with all of my IFTTT properties and their RSS feeds then embed this one into one of my blog posts it will syndicate through my TR1, and let's say that I also snuck into the embed coding naughty little keyword. Am I in trouble?” No, not at all. That works really well. Marco, I'm going to let you talk about that one a little bit since that's more your avenue.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yeah, you know, as we mentioned before, all credit goes back to the source URL, so what you're directing everything to is that spreadsheet and I'm thinking oh yeah that's a Google spreadsheet, then it's public, and everything's there. Google can stem the abuse. I mean, your blog wouldn't if it were being looked at that way. Since it's embedded you're actually publishing contact that's in Google. This is for right now, so please, whenever I say anything don't think that I'm telling you 10 years from now this shit's going to work cause it might not work. Right now it's working really well so go ahead, push it.

Bradley: Yeah it does, and putting the keywords in the spreadsheets is a good idea because, especially … There's a couple ways you can do it. You can put the keyword and actually hyper-link the keyword within the cell in the spreadsheet which would kind of give you like a keyword anchor text, it's not quite the same because of the way that Google Reader acts, but it still associates that keyword with the link itself. Another way you could do it is by separating your columns and putting let's say keywords in like a left column for example and then your links on the right column so that you get the association is made. It's another form of co-citation, in other words a citation link. When you have a keyword in close proximity to your link there's a transfer of keyword relevancy there though that link based on it's being close in proximity to the actual link itself, so you can do it either way. Yeah, it's absolutely a good strategy.

Bradley: Yeah, let's go one better then that. You go keyword, you go link, and then you go the Google shortened link, and then you're giving Google all sorts of information. Wherever that's embedded, anyone looking at that, any bot looking at that, Google's going to take that as activity on that page on that spreadsheet but everything is going to filter back to the source. Then from the source if you have a link to the original website, to the thing you're really looking to rank then the juice flows out and it comes back and it flows back out to whatever link you're directing it to. You kind of have to play with it right? Remember how we've talked about the spider-web silo right? Where nothing works the way it's supposed to inside the things that we manipulate and this is one of those things where you can direct it anywhere you want and the power, the trust, is going to be pushed in any direction. Inside wherever that file is contained, and it'll go to all of the links that are contained within that file and to the final destination. I don't want to get into too much more cause [crosstalk 00:07:02]

Marco: Yeah, I was going to say … man, shit.

Bradley: Hey Hernan, did you want to comment on that as well?

Hernan: Yeah, I wanted to say real quick that without giving away too much also you can get real nasty with embeds you know. If you embed that spreadsheet on some other places like Tumblr, then you can embed the Tumbler posts someplace else, but yeah, I'm going to stop that, because otherwise we are giving away too much. I don't know if Mark is part of RYS Academy, if you are not, all of these nasty stuff is taught over there.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Can I give away one since you guys all got to?

Chris: Yeah, go ahead.

Marco: All right, so another one would be something like you guys know you can embed Google Plus posts? So what you can do is take a drive file and create a Google Plus post with the drive link, make it a public link obviously, and then create a Google Plus post, and then you can embed the Google Plus post inside of a Word Press site, a Tumbler site whatever. You end up having multiple I-frame stacks originating with drive, then having Google Plus wrap that I-frame with it's own I-frame and then you embed that inside of a Word Press or Tumbler post or whatever so you get multiple stacks and you're talking about Google properties. Put that Google Plus post inside of a blogger blog, now you've got 3 Google properties or a Google site. Okay I've given away enough, I'll stop.

Chris: Yeah. Enough.

Hernan: Come [inaudible 00:08:34] learn the rest.

What Is The Best URL To Submit In Serp Space's Backlinks Service?

Bradley: Nate's here. What's up Nate? Greg says, “I want to spend some money and purchase the back-link service on Service Space. Would it be possible to get a clearer understanding on what URLs are best to submit in this case?” Yeah, Greg, pretty much all of them from your tier 1 network. Or if you're going to, if you're buying for a full future network you can actually spread it across all networks if you'd like. Typically what I do is I don't usually, well, I always boost the tier 1 properties always, but I don't always boost the tier 2 properties. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't it just depends on if it needs it or not. I always end up taking whatever I build on a tier 1 network for a client or a [legion 00:09:17] site or whatever, then I end up sending it over to get the links built. I just have links built to all the home pro, the profile URLs, the home page of all of the different sites and the IFTTT network. That's what I do.

Some people only like to build links to the “do follow,” you know, properties that provide do followings. I don't think that's natural looking, so I like to basically spread the entire link package out across all the properties in the network. Again, I do it to the home page because, you know, you get more effect if you were to actually take individual post URLs from the IFTTT network and build links to that, but then you're limiting the link juice to only being effective for that one post. It doesn't spread across the rest of the site. Now if you did some internal linking stuff you could, but that's way too much manual work. For efficiency reasons and just for automation reasons all I do is take the profile links from the IFTTT spreadsheet right out of the column, I just copy all of the links right out of that column, paste them into the sub-space order form, and that's it.

I just have all the links distributed evenly across those because then essentially what happens is every time a new post is published to your own site or to your own YouTube channel whichever, and it syndicates across the tier 1 branded network or the tier 1 network, it doesn't have to be branded, all of the post are going to be on that home page right? They're going to receive all of that extra juice from the inbound links pointing to the home pages. Usually the way that, you know, the blogs paginate which means it'll show you know, like 10 posts on the front page before it goes to page two. Your post gets the benefit of all that juice flowing from the home page for sometime in the future until it paginates because of another post pushing it off eventually, which will happen eventually. Usually by then it's settled in its rankings, unless it's really competitive in which case you might want to build additional links to the individual post URLs.

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I do it just strictly for speed and efficiency reasons. It's just so easy to just grab once the network's built I get a return from our builders, I just copy the call and paste it in the order form and generate my keyword list whatever, and then send it to get the links built to the home page and then I don't have to think about it anymore, it's done. I like to spread them across, evenly across all the properties because it looks more natural to have inbound links built to all of the properties instead of just a select few, especially ones with “do follow” links if that makes sense. What do you think Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah, I think it, yeah, I usually do the same and as you said, unless I need to specifically push a post, those posts that are page 2 or the bottom of page 1 that you want to push them upwards, unless that's the case then if I want to build like general authority to the network that's what I do as well. Now, you need to have in mind what kind of links we are creating to the networks. We are creating a couple tiers of links and that's where the power resides you know, because we could be spamming the networks and that's not the idea because those are branded properties and those are really valuable properties because they can generate a sale, they can bring traffic etc. The main idea here and this is when we developed the link building packages, the idea is that you're syndication network properties they only get contextual backings that we can create with Turbo Web 2.0, GSA, FCS Networker, Zenno Poster Pro, all of the tools that can create a web 2.0 contextual, and by contextual we mean relevant piece of content and relevant context that's surrounding the link.

Those are the links we are sending to the properties directly and then we are spamming those. We are spamming the contextual automated back-link. This spam comes like three or four hoops after the syndication networks. That's how we are managing to do that and you need to understand also that there's an amount of link that we're sending. The mass of links is not being sent directly to the IFTTT networks but rather we are using buffers in-between.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: Like you only get a handful of links per property and that's on purpose. That's on purpose because we don't want to ruin them, we don't want to burn them.

Bradley: Yep. The other thing Greg, keep this in mind too, the link building service is good for IFTTT networks, whether it's tier 1, tier 2 it doesn't matter, also they're great for citations. If you're doing local work and you … You can also point directly to YouTube if you'd like. You can do that. We will not accept money site URLs, cause we won't, we're not going to build spam links directly to a money site. We're using spam tools, we don't do it ourselves so we wouldn't offer that as a service either. Citations are also a really good, press releases, any sort of tier 1 property is a good property to use for the link building service because just like Hernan just explained, we don't spam them. I call it spam because we're using a spam link tool, but we don't through like kitchen sink spam directly at the tier 1 links. We put a buffer of higher quality spam links if that's possible, between the kitchen sink spam and the tier 1 links. Our target URLs if that makes sense. Okay?

What Is The Timeframe Difference Between PBN BackLinking And IFTTT Network?

Okay Dean's next. He says, “I'm used to linking PBNs and other links to money sites and I'm used to the time frame it takes to show progress. My question is, if I was to link the PBNs and others to a single PBN and link it to my money site or my IFTTT network, one branded ring that links to my money site, what difference in time frame is there for progress etc. Just that I'm scared to spend money linking to a PBN or IFTTT to find that it takes much more time slash money to get the effect showing on the money site's ranks. Thanks guys.” There is a little bit more of a delay between, at least it's not always the case, but most of the time unless you have an unusually powerful link that you find and you point it to a buffer site first, in which case you can see results very very quickly. For the most part whenever I'm building through a buffer site, so I'm building links to a buffer site that links to my money site, I find it is slower effect on the result than if it's a direct link to the money site.

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I don't mind because it's safer. It's a safer approach that way. I don't have a specific time table, I know it varies. Again, it depends on the strength of the links that you're going to be pointing to, the actual buffer site. If it's a particularly powerful link you should see a result and effect much quicker then if it's a standard strength link or a weak link for that matter, so it really depends. Yeah, I don't have, I don't know that there's a specific formula for that, I've never made enough detailed notes to be able to determine that if there is. Do you guys have any input on that?

Hernan: Well it used to be like if you pointed a PBN link to a website or a webpage it used to be like 1-2 weeks tops. Now things are getting slower because Google is drawing out updates every month, and you need to have in mind also Dean, that if you get like a really powerful back-link and you point it to a website or you get a 301 for example, and you get a nice drop from Blue Chip Backlinks and you point it, you 301 that to a website to a webpage. There's a high chance that you will get the exact opposite effect that you are looking.

Bradley: Yeah, it'll drop.

Hernan: Yeah. You will see a drop. That pay dent from Google. I think Marco shared with us or something like that. That's on purpose as well.

Marco: It's a trap.

Hernan: Yeah, you will panic and go back and eliminate the link and that's exactly what they are aiming to do, to trigger that fear, quote unquote. That's exactly why you want to take it easy on PBNs. I've seen better results, like better results, I mean like slower results but more consistent in time. Like for example right now if you point a link, a PBN link to a website you can see maybe in three weeks, maybe in four weeks you can see a bump, but then it slowly starts to go down again because it's a dead link. It doesn't have any social signals, any social interaction, any validation anything. Now, when you do that through an IFTTT network maybe it takes longer but the results are more consistent in time because you're going through a buffer that has high DA, high trust flow whatever.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: Have that in mind. If you're in a rush do PPC because otherwise you will be messing up with your rankings because that's exactly what Google wants to do.

Chris: I spoke about this two effects or I wrote about them back in December. Both the Google dance and what I called back then the death of the PBN, which is exactly what you are showing. If you buy a website that's out there in the middle of nowhere and all it's doing is providing a link back to another website then it's obvious what the purpose for the website that you purchased and so that's going to atrophe over time. It's going to lose power over time. The way that we've overcome that, now Bradley does it a specific way, but another way to overcome it, another way to show social signals or whatever is to drop an IFTTT rank especially if it's really powerful and get those social signals going, get curated content going throughout that's related to whatever it is that you're pointing the link to and then all of the sudden it becomes that much more powerful.

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When you do that, when you start link building, that's when the Google dance might kick in. Not always, but it does. When it does you can't do any type of link building. You have to leave it alone. You can't undo it, you just have to leave it alone for at least 21 days to see where it's going to settle because it'll start … It's called the dance for a reason. It'll move up, it'll come down, it'll move up, it's Google teasing you look what's happening. Of course, we as SEOs tend to panic. Unless you know what it is that you're looking at on that ranking ground. When you see that dance you know I'm not touching. I'm just going to go and produce content and do everything else that I usually do. I'm going to leave it alone for 21 days, which is 3, maybe 4 weeks until it settles back to whatever position Google is going to determine that it deserves. That's when you decide the next step to do.

Now we're talking about a time frame of a least a month from the time that you buy your PBN and you point it at your property and it starts dancing before you can do any other type of link building to the property. Or here's a killer, if you get sand-boxed permanently you know that's it, it's all over. You're not going to move past wherever it is that it's dancing. In that general range that's where it's going to stay. It's just Google's way of killing, one of the ways of killing PBNs or catching SEOs. They spring the trap and all of the sudden you're sand-boxed and you don't know why. You keep pushing and you keep pushing and you keep triggering the Google dance until you permanently sand-boxed.

Bradley: That's right. The other thing you can do, which is, it's been working well for me to now for several months is also like for example when Marco said I do it a different way because I don't build PBNs anymore. I just build, re-build expired domains so I don't have to worry about producing content at all anymore. Something that works fairly well with that too is because we're losing the ability to attach an IFTTT network in published consistently which gives that PBN site and what I call private link network site because I'm not using it as a blog anymore. It's not a private blog site if I'm not blogging on it right? It's a private link site and so since I don't create a blog on those domains anymore I'm not publishing content and I don't have an IFTTT ring around it so I'm triggering all those or providing all those signals that Google wants to see. There's a hack, a work-around for that that I've been doing which is using Crowd Search.

Then at I send traffic signals though the private link, the rebuilt aged domain that I purchased I send traffic through that link to my money site or to whatever site it is that I'm linking to. Those are traffic or engagement signals. Even though it's not getting the social validation and everything else that a PBN site would that would have an IFTTT network around it, I'm still giving engagement signals by sending traffic through the links from that private link network site so that's another option. In case you guys haven't seen the webinar we did on how to do all that kind of stuff, referral traffic using Crowd Search. If you just do a search on Google for Crowd Search demo 2016 you'll see our video at the top and I did an hour-long webinar specifically about how I use Crowd Search for referral traffic, and it's a very very powerful method.

Hernan: I put the link on the events page.

Should All Of Your First 20+ IFTTT Properties For YouTube Syndication Be Powered Up?

Bradley: Okay cool. Okay, Wong, he is new, he says, “Hi Semantic Mastery team my name is Wang.” I'm sorry, and he says, “I just joined IFTTT SEO Academy V2 and completed my first network. I would plus 1 that but I'm not logged in under this browser.” Somebody go plus 1 that. “I wanted to order link building services and service space to power up my IFTTT properties. I want to ask should I power up all 20 plus properties?” Okay, we just answered this question for somebody else. For YouTube syndication yeah, I recommend just powering up all the networks or excuse me, all the network properties. If you have a full tier 2 network for YouTube syndication, like I mentioned earlier I don't always power up my tier 2 networks, the second tiers. I often do for YouTube stuff, but generally what I do for YouTube is I use test channels when I'm trying to get into a new industry or a new niche or new location or something. I'll use test channels that have one tier 2, full 2 tier network around that channel.

If I identify some areas that I'm going … If I identify key words that I'm going to go after that have some level of competition so they're not just slam dunks like I rank it instantly. I know that there's some competition, I know there's competition but I know that I can win. I can get there. I can get where I want to be with the networks. Then what I usually do is I build up a money channel for that particular industry or niche or whatever and I'll end up stacking multiple full 2 tier networks on that one channel. I usually don't go more then like 5 full two tier networks but that's a lot because that ends up being like 20 IFTTT rings that goes through it, that every video gets syndicated to. Very very powerful. For YouTube syndication, like if you're just starting out I would recommend without a doubt always boosting your tier 1. If you've got a full 2 tier network which you should for YouTube guys, for YouTube you should always use full 2 tier networks because you can. There's no footprint issues, there's no issues whatsoever so you ought to just be using full 2 tier networks for YouTube period.

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If that's the case go ahead and start powering up those two. If I had to only choose one ring I would absolutely make it the tier 1 ring, but it's definitely powerful to even power up the 2 tiers as well. Okay? Again, as I mentioned earlier, just do all the properties. It just looks more natural that way.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Using Google Apps Emails For Branded Networks?

Greg says, “Quick question. Have you tested long-term effects using Google apps e-mails for branded networks?” I have not Greg. I've never used Google apps e-mails anyways so I really have no experience on that whatsoever. Does anybody else here tested that?

Hernan: Nope. No Google apps.

Chris: No, nope.

Hernan: I have used branded e-mails like [email protected] for …

Bradley: Web mails, yeah.

Hernan: Web mails yeah, but not Google apps.

Bradley: Yep. In fact, usually for branded networks guys, for websites, not for YouTube syndication but for blog syndication, I usually end up having the e-mails or all the accounts created using the web mail account instead of the Gmail account because what happens is in case, and very rarely do branded properties ever get terminated, branded networks do they ever, very very rarely do the Google accounts for branded networks ever get terminated. It has happened. Especially if I'm doing something particularly spammy with them. It's very rare that that happens. In the past I've had it happen where I've had a branded network Google account shut down. What sucks is then when you have to rebuild a new, create a new Google account and then if you had signed up with the Gmail account for all of the other accounts you have to go in and change the e-mail address to the new e-mail address. It's kind of a pain in the ass. I don't do it anymore myself I just hand it over to one of my VAs if that happens, but it's still unnecessary work.

If you're building a branded network for a website and you have access to web mail then I create a web mail account specifically for building that network and then I'll create of the, or have the VAs create all of the accounts using that web mail account. That way if the Google account were ever to get terminated for some reason or another it wouldn't effect all those other accounts in the network. They would still have notifications and everything because those were all going to a web mail account instead of Gmail if that makes sense. Again, that's just if you're building your own networks, obviously if you're ordering from us that's not going to work. We're just going to produce the network sites with using the Gmail account that we create. If you're doing it for yourself then that's an extra step that you can do to prevent additional work if you know, God forbid the Google account got terminated.

Would A 301 Redirect Fix Websites With Duplicate Content Issues?

Paul says, “Hey guys, I have a new client that has two sites with duplicate content on both. Site A has some ranking on first page but no metrics. Site B has good metrics but no ranking, so my question is if I take site A down will the simple 301 redirect to site B fix the problem of duplicate content and save the ranking on Google?” Well yeah, I'm not sure. Paul, without looking at both of the sites, if it's an exact duplicate site then the on page is going to be the same, but I would look at the off page. You say one has no metrics and one has good metrics but it's not ranking as well. There's a reason why there. There's a reason why. You say it's got good metrics but it doesn't mean it's got a clean link profile. You can have a really high metrics but still have a really shitty link profile. That could be what's causing it not to rank.

Just so you know when you do a 301 redirect the site that you're redirecting is no longer index-able so it will absolutely clear any duplicate content issues because that page disappears in Google's eyes. It gets redirected if that makes sense. What I'm trying to say is I don't know, from what you're saying if site A is the one that's ranking and site B is the one that had metrics but it's not ranking or it's ranking on page 2, then what I would do is instead of redirecting site A to site B which you'd be like taking the one that's ranking and pointing it to the one that's not ranking that to me seems backwards. I would want to redirect site B to site A and monitor site A and see what happens just like we talked about earlier on this webinar, you probably will see a drop immediately but then after a few days or a few weeks you should see it come back and settle in if there's not a problem.

If site B does have some, even though you say it's got good metrics, it could have some issues with the back-link profile and that's why it's not ranking. If that's the case it could cause site A to pull down too, but then all you have to do is remove the 301 redirect and theoretically site A should come back to where it was before you did the redirect to begin with. Right? That's something you could do. Something else you could test is if it is an exact duplicate Paul, you could go into site B and set the canonical to point to site A and see if that fixes the problem. It does something similar to a 301 redirect but it's not an actual physical redirect. It would leave both pages index-able, but Google would push all the credit from site B to site A or whatever you point the canonical to, if that makes sense. All right?

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Scott's got a slew of questions here. We'll try to run through these very quickly. Typically we ask you guys to post you know, one or two questions at a time and then wait and post the other ones so other people can have a chance. We'll go ahead and answer these.

Does IFTTT Support Instagram And Snapchat?

He says, “Hello, I noticed you don't use Instagram or Snapchat which are two of the most popular sites on the internet which gets lots of traffic does IFTTT not support these sites? Are we missing out on a lot of traffic by not using these sites?” Well, IFTTT as far as I know does not support those sites. Besides that I just flat out don't use those two sites. It's just not something I've ever done, Instagram or Snapchat. I do have a Snapchat profile but I still haven't even played with it yet, so I just don't use it period. Guys, if you, I don't know, Hernan, are those channels in IFTTT? I don't even think they are.

Hernan: Well, sorry Marco. Instagram for example in [Esped 00:31:30] you can only post from Instagram to someplace else. Instagram being a mobile app it's not allowed, it's actually against Instagram terms to post anywhere else than on a mobile phone. You can post for example if you upload something to Instagram you can get it syndicated to Pinterest or to Flickr to Facebook whatever, to Twitter. Snapchat I'm not entirely sure. I don't think there is, but I know there is a market there. We might go into the you know, the [rant 00:32:07] mastery that we want to do. Some of us might go through Facebook like, some of us might go through Snapchat, but there is no way we can post to these applications.

Marco: Snapchat is not in IFTTT I just checked.

Hernan: Yeah, Instagram it is but as a trigger not as an action we can post to.

Bradley: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that it can't be used. You can build, I mean if you're really into whatever social media property it is that you're talking about, you can build an IFTTT network specifically for that. Just like we do with Twitter or [CR Cannon 00:32:47]. We did that. It's not that we don't use it, we do use Instagram, we just have someone that goes in there and publishes content for us right? We have our social media manager that does stuff there and Facebook and Twitter. It just compliments whatever it is that you're doing. You can't just make your blog ground zero and do everything from your blog because that's not what the regular Joe does right? They'll be going into Instagram …

Bradley: Well we try to do that possible. Things like Instagram and Snapchat are third party applications that you have to use outside, beyond your blog if you want to use them. There's certainly traffic there, it's just not something I've ever taken the time to learn how to do. That's why it's not in the training. If we were using it Scott, if would be in the training. Let's put it that way.

Chris: Something that's worked really well for me is … I had a project and this women, I mean her home is here Facebook page. She didn't want to go bother with a blog. She didn't want to do any of that. The way that we got around that is that we said okay, we'll just make Facebook ground zero and we'll make that the trigger for everything else and it's worked really well.

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Bradley: Yeah, it's not just about SEO it's about driving traffic right?

Chris: The end result that you want if people visiting whatever it is that you're trying to promote.

What Is The Average Time You Maintain A Website's Ranking?

Bradley: That's right. Okay, he says next question, “With the way you guys set up IFTTTs, tier 1, then having links pointing to IFTTT for power, does this tier 1 buffer typically keep the site's videos more protected from Google updates? With these techniques taught how long do you guys maintain rankings for it on average?” Yeah, that's in part in the training Scott I talk about the IFTTT branded or the tier 1 network acting as an SEO firewall and that's in part another reason why we use it. It does protect the money site from additional link building stuff that we do. All the additional link building stuff that we do goes to the tier 1 networks or other tier 1 properties. They don't have to be IFTTT properties guys. Those are just like you know, it's just standard operating procedure for everything we build to have a network, but there are other things that we do. Whenever we are building links to our money, or to, whenever we are link building I typically don't build, unless I am very very selective, I typically don't build links directly to the money site I build them to the tier 1 properties.

Most of the time the IFTTT networks are also other tier 1 properties, like press releases and citations and things like that okay? That way we're using them as buffers guys, and that's like SEO or link building 101. I mean it has been for years. There's nothing new about that. Does it protect from Google updates? Well so far, again, knock on wood, I've been using the IFTTT strategy now for 4 years, yeah 4 years, over 4 years now, and I haven't had any issues with that. That's exactly why I don't … It does protect from updates. I do some nasty things beyond the IFTTT networks. In other words, outside of that I do some pretty nasty things and luckily those networks have been able to protect my site from any particular wrath you know what I mean? How long do they maintain rankings for on average? It depends Scott. It really depends on the competitive, you know the competition in the industry or the keywords that you're competing in. That has a huge effect or huge factor on how long something maintains the rankings.

Also, if you're in an industry where content freshness factor is important and you nee to continually publish, that's key. Even it you're in an industry that is not a particularly content heavy industry you still should be updating on a regular and consistent basis, so that means blogging. That's what in part gives these networks their power okay? Even like a roofer for example should be posting at least one per week in my opinion on their blog because that's going to continually update their network with fresh content, it's going to continually feed Google those signals that it's looking for, it's going to continually post to their Google Plus page or their Google Plus local page, Google my business local page, so that's going to feed additional signals to Google. That's why I said you know, how long will at rankings be maintained from an IFTTT network? There's too many variables for me to answer that question. It's going to be on a case by case basis. Every case is going to be different.

Is There A Difference When Naming Links Without The Brand Name?

All right, next one. Scott says, “When naming links you always make it Get It Done YouTube, Get It Done Blogger. Can we just make the link?” Scott, you can name them whatever you want. Okay? Guys, those were just guidelines. I said that in the training, it's just guidelines. You guys are free to change stuff if you'd like. You're free to experiment and in fact I encourage you to experiment because that's how you get good at SEO guys. Just following instructions is great to get started, but you should be doing tests on your own and testing and trying to learn cause that's how you really get good at this stuff. Following instructions is really good when you don't know what you're doing. It's a great way to get started guys, but you should be trying to create your own flavor of SEO so to speak. Scott, play around with that okay? You can just put YouTube blogger or whatever you want. You can name them anything you want buddy. Next one Scott …

Hernan: If I can just pop in, I encourage people to just push boundaries and do whatever you want just make sure that you don't care about whatever it is that you are working on because if you care about it a …

Bradley: Don't test with it.

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Hernan: Right, you're risking losing it. Just make it something and just push it and hammer it and do whatever you can to it. Keep notes, keep good records, and this way you know well that definitely didn't work cause I got de-Index so now you know what gets you de-index right? You roll back a little, may you try it a different way. The way that we do it, the way that we give it to you is how you can be as safe as we've determined though our testings, as safe as you can be. That's not saying that you are completely safe, but dude, just push push push keep testing and keep going. It's the only way to learn, the only way to learn is to break stuff.

Bradley: Here's a trick. I used to test, create test properties strictly for testing, which was great cause I learned a lot and I still set up test properties now, but now when I set up test properties there's a monetization aspect to it. In other words, I don't just set up text properties specifically just for testing. I set up with the idea that if this test is successful I can make money from it. My point is you can set up like [legion 00:39:34] sites for example for testing because those are assets that you own, they're not client's properties right? They're not properties that are already producing revenue for you. You can set up test [legion 00:39:45] properties for example or test affiliate campaigns or test CPA campaigns. Whatever you want just set up something with the goal of testing but also knowing that if the test is successful you can monetize it. There's no reason in setting something up for testing purposes just to learn that's great because you can learn so that's the benefit.

If you can also make money from what you learned at the exact same time from that test property, you already put the work in, why not make money from it you know what I mean? That's why I have a lot of [legion 00:40:15] properties guys that are outside of my main industry which is tree service that I set up just as test sites. It would actually produce revenue for me because they were successful, successful tests. I've also lost a lot of them. I've got more failed tests then I have successful tests I can tell you that.

Do You Have Notes For IFTTT V2 Videos?

All right, last one from Scott. “Do you guys provide actual notes or can you provide actual notes for IFTTT YouTube videos? I've noticed you do have perfect notes in the videos but they're not provided on the sides.” Or on the side excuse me. “You probably give those notes to your outsources.” You're correct Scott, I do. “Can you provide those notes?” No, I'm sorry Scott. Those are working procedures that I've developed for outsourcers and everything that is needed is inside the training already. The notes that we provide to our outsources are more proprietary because they have specific things that we do specific to projects that we work on and I can't share those with you I'm sorry. I think everything in there, you're the only person so far that I know of that has asked for that Scott, so I think that everything that is needed is listed in the description of the video, other then just literally written out step by steps which we call working procedures and those are proprietary so I can't show those I apologize for that.

Is It Safe To Syndicate HQ RSS Feed's Posts Through City Blogs? 

John says, “Have a multi-location client on WP Multisite. We're using a tiered IFTTT network for the main, HQ's root RSS feed with your plug in. Each location's sub-site also has it's own city themed blog and the HQ isn't location specific.” Okay. “For the location pages is it safe to syndicate the HQ RSS feed's post though the city blogs as long as we blend that with other location based content and use attribution?” Is it safe to syndicate the RSS feed's post through the city blogs? I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about using the sub-domain city sites as syndication points from your main site? You could but why not just use your main site as the syndication point and feed it directly to your branded IFTTT network? Then point links back. You can build contextual links within the post to point to the sub-domain sites if that's what you're trying to do. Maybe I'm not understanding the question. Could somebody, am I interpreting that correctly guys, or is that, somebody else want to take a stab?

Hernan: Yeah. No, I think you correctly, I understand the same that you were saying Bradley. I wouldn't know. If you're doing a branded, well if you're doing tiered maybe, but if you're doing a branded network why would you want to blend them with other location based content and use attributions you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah. Typically what we do John, and we talk about this almost every week on Hump Day Hangouts so this is certainly one of our frequently asked questions. With multi-locations, and I don't know anything about WP Multisite I've never used it never, so I have no idea with that. Maybe there's something specific to WP Multisite that you're asking that I'm just not understanding, but when I deal with root domains when I have multiple locations which I had a lot of those, and I [pre did 00:43:37] the locations on sub-domains where I used the city as the sub-domain name. Then what I'll do is I blog through the root domain or my virtual assistants do the blogging through the root domain that covers all of the sub-domain sites. We're only syndicating from the root domain to one brand of IFTTT network, and then what we do is within the blog post we set up silos on the root domain. Location silos, so the top level category will be a city. So each, every sub-domain site will have it's own category on the root domain if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works

For example in Virginia I might have a Fairfax category and a Prince William county category and Stafford county category something like that because I have those sub-domains already that I'm using as location sites. Then what we do is blog from the root and put the posts within the proper categories whenever I'm linking, building contextual links from inside the blog post to the sub-domain site because that way I'm still building links to all the sub-domain sites through syndication but I'm doing it from one blog instead of multiple blogs. It just is easier on the virtual assistants, I only have to maintain one rings, you know one IFTTT ring. If I find that anyone of the sub-domains aren't getting, you know I'm not seeing the results as quickly as I would like, because maybe there's more competition whatever, then I can always go in and build a location base, location specific IFTTT ring for that particular sub-domain and then start blogging through that sub-domain blog instead of from the root. I only do that when necessary and that's only when the root domain blogging strategy does not work or doesn't work as quickly as I wanted it to.

Like I said, when you got multiple locations it's so much easier on a management level to manage when you're just dealing with one network and one blog point. That's typically how we do it. Okay? Excuse me.

How Fast Can We Put Videos Using Video Marketing Blitz In Branded IFTTT Network?

Clark says, “I have Video Marketing Blitz with it I can find hundreds of keywords that will rank videos on Google. My question is how many and how fast can we safely put videos into our branded IFTTT network?” Great question Clark. What I recommend is no more then 5 videos per channel per hour period. For example I've got a 2 hour when I'm going to be doing a bonus webinar next week after Hump Day Hangouts we're going to do the bonus webinar and we'll talk all about this, but my point is like right now with the testing that I have I only have 5 money channels. Each channel has it's own IFTTT network. Every time I do the poking first through test channels that have no networks, they have no association with any other property on the web, they're just strictly spam YouTube channels and I use them to test or code key words.

Once I've identified key words with will rank with no SEO work then I go produce those videos and publish them or whatever, upload them through my money channels. My money channels have networks around them. I limit it to no more then 5 videos in a 24 hour period. I'm sure there's other people here that can spam the hell out of their YouTube channels, their money channels, and probably get away with a lot more then that, but I always try … I hate losing channels so I try to keep it 5 videos in a 24 hour period per channel and that's it. That way I don't lose the channels. Okay? Here's the thing. Even if you were to pump out 10 or 12 videos or 15 videos on channel that has an IFTTT network around it in one day, you're posting to your IFTTT properties your Word Press Tumblr 15 times in a day and that can raise a flag very quickly and get your accounts terminated. I hate rework guys, I can't stand doing rework so I try to make my properties last as long as possible.

Any Thoughts On Tony Peacock's Embed Network?

“What's all the big hoop-la about Google's change on embedded videos?” I didn't know there was a big hoop-la Wayne. This is news to me. Huh, I would like to know what you're talking about. If you can drop a link Wayne, I'd love to know what you're talking about. We won't have time to cover it today but if you can drop one in the Mastermind we can start a discussion there too.

How To Make Citation Unique For 2 Business Names Sharing 1 Address?

DC Glenn whoop der it is, okay, he says, “If I have two entities using the same address can I make one citation unique to one brand and the other unique to the second and get away with it?” Yes you can. Yes, okay, “I'm not really trying to run for local but I want my citations to pass quality dues back to my sites. Is there penalty for this method or is there a better way?” No, there's not penalty DC. What you need to do though is the names are unique but the addresses are the same, so what you need to do is make sure the other 2 data points are going to be different as well.

This Stuff Works

Usually we think of local as NAP, name, address and phone number, but there's also web address right? That's also part of it right? In my opinion the NAP itself includes the web address at least for what we are talking about here. You can share one data point across multiple listings without it causing any NAP issues. If you share two data points then it can cause problems. In your example here you've got two unique business names. They share the same location but if you have two unique phone numbers and two unique web addresses you should be good to go. I haven't experienced any problems from that. As soon as you start sharing two data points then that's where you start accruing just massive amounts of NAP issues guys. There is nothing worse then having to clean up NAP issues guys, and that's why I don't recommend any of you ever doing it on your own. What I recommend you do is hire somebody to do it. There's several services out there. My favorite for citation clean-up is Loganix. Loganix has a citation clean-up service, it's about 500 bucks but it's the best I've found for the US market anyways. Okay? Okay, Hernan's yelling at me, he took over Adam's position. Give me a 5 minute warning.

Hernan: Somebody has to do it.

How To Have Multiple YouTube Channels In Same IFTTT Account?

Bradley: [Two saw me buy houses 00:49:43] with IFTTT and YouTube. You stated that she could have multiple YouTube accounts tied to the same IFTTT account. No. You can have multiple YouTube accounts tied to the same IFTTT network but you have to have, you can only have one channel, one YouTube channel to any one IFTTT account. You can have one IFTTT network and have, you could have 5 different channels feeding into one network if you want, but each channel has to have it's own IFTTT account and then the network properties all have to be connected to each IFTTT account if that makes sense. Okay? “When you do that do you have to add the recipes over again to the YouTube channel that you just added?” Well yeah, because each IFTTT account, remember, it's a 1 to 1 ratio YouTube to IFTTT, the network properties that we syndicate to those can be shared across multiple IFTTT account but you have to recreate the recipes every time. You don't have to create them all you have to do is copy them from the spreadsheet that we provide to you. Paste them and just edit a couple ingredient details and that's it. Yes, every IFTTT account will have to recreate the recipes. Okay?

Difference Between Curation Mastery And Content Kingpin

[D'Ante 00:50:55] “What are the differences between the old curation course and the new content king pin course? I know that if I buy the old one I will get the new one for free, if I buy the new one what information in the old one is lost? Asking this question because of the price differential, thank you.” [D'Ante 00:51:06] that's a great question. The original one called Curation Mastery that also included some outsourcer training stuff on how to outsource the content marketing part of it. Since we just developed Outsource Kingpin for Mastery PR, we launched that last month, was that last month guys? It seems such a blur to me any more I think it was two months ago at the end of June. I was at the end of June.

Hernan: Yeah it was the end of June.

Bradley: Basically the new version which is Content Kingpin, it's been updated. There's obviously been some changes, there's been additional content added, some additional things that we'd done, but also we removed the outsourcer part of it because now we have Outsource King Pin which is a separate course. [D'Ante 00:51:51] if you haven't already purchased Curation Mastery don't. Just wait. Content King Pin is going to be released in 3 weeks and you can purchase that and you'll have everything you need. If you want the outsourcing training that's a separate course now, it's Outsource King Pin. Which by the way, if you're going to be doing the content marketing business guys you should be outsourcing that. It's not something you should do. You can literally make money for just managing projects which is so easy to do once you learn how to train oursourcers to curate which is really simple.

Content King Pin when that launches at the end of this month you guys can pick that up, put your VAs through the course, use your account I don't even care, buy your account put your VAs through I don't care, that's fine, train your VAs how to curate and do content marketing for clients or your own sites whatever. Just pay them to do it. Don't do it yourself, you don't need to.

Chris: You can share our stuff with your VAs you just can share it in [black cat 00:52:49] forms.

How To Use YouTube RSS For Syndication?

Bradley: Yep. I'm sorry. Okay, we've got one more question we're going to answer and then we're going to be done. Kevin says, “Can we still use a normal YouTube RSS feed from our channel to our IFTTT ring since YouTube changed the RSS feeds to take the embed out? And it's only a link not sure if that's right, how do we use YouTube RSS feed for syndication then?” Yeah Kevin, we don't recommend it anymore. Since YouTube changed their RSS feeds and they're no longer embeds they're just links, no, we don't recommend using those. All I recommend for the YouTube RSS feed is just submitting it to directories and aggregators and that's it, and you know like pingers. That's all I recommend doing the YouTube RSS feed because now if you buy, if you get Lisa Alan's Rank Feeder, RSS authority sniper and rank feeder, her rank feeder application will actually create the old style YouTube RSS feed with the embeds and everything that are syndicatable embeds. If you want that functionality again then you have to subscribe to Rank Feeder. It's a great service though. As far as using YouTube RSS feeds for regular syndication stuff now, no I don't recommend it. It's not worth it. They don't embed anymore.

All right, I think that's it. Sorry guys we couldn't get to the rest of the, there's only a couple more anyways, but we got to wrap it up. We've got Master Class starting in 5 minutes, so thanks for everybody being here. We will see you guys in Master Class in a few minutes those of you that are here, those of you that are not we'll see the rest of you next week. Okay? Thanks everybody for helping out.

Hernan: Bye bye guys.

Chris: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 89

By April

YouTube video


Click on the video above to watch Episode 89 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Well, indeed we are here, buddy. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 89 with Semantic Mastery. Today is the 20th of July, 2016. We've got a couple of us here today. So, hey, Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, Adam, hey everyone at Facebook, Google+, everything. Earthlings, it's really good to be here.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up, man? It's good.

Adam: Let's see. Just so you know, we don't see you. I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

Bradley: Well, let me check my settings.

Adam: Good deal. Well I'll go through some quick announcements. We told everybody…

Bradley: Can you guys see me now?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Cool. So I'm going to put the link up, everybody. We had a couple respondents to our Rant Mastery. If you guys want to chime in there, it redirects right to a Google forum. I'm getting phone calls. All right. So if you can pop stuff in there real quick. It's going to be just quick responses we're going to start doing on Facebook, via Facebook live, through the Semantic Mastery page. It's kind of fair game, but obviously if it's something really off-topic or something too in-depth, we're going to have to skip it.

Bradley: Yeah, so the idea, guys, is rant mastery. We need ideas to rant about, so rant requests is what we're looking for. It's a one-question Google form, and it's 100% anonymous, so just submit stuff that you would like for us to rant, sound off about. We're going to do Facebook Live posts. It's probably I was thinking about doing one per day but it might be like two or three per week, something like that. We're going to take ideas from people. It can be just about anything. It doesn't have to be about specifically SEO and stuff like that. Remember, our Q&A session is this, Hump Day Hangout. If you guys have something short, or whatever, we'll take all ideas, any and all ideas because it gives us ideas of stuff to rant about. Submit your stuff. You can be smart-asses if you want.

Adam: I was about to say. I know I'm going to really open up the floodgates here, but we read every single one of those entries. Already we've had a good chuckle or two, so, you know, keep it somewhat clean. By all means, put in there whatever you want. Could be anything. We've had some good ones. I think I've got one I'm actually going to do probably tomorrow or Friday when I get some time.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and we're probably going to start those full-force after today. We just needed a few more entries. We had a few, but we'd like to get some more, so you guys help us out. Contribute to it and give us some stuff to rant about.

Adam: Yeah, and one more reminder for everybody. Right after Hump Day Hangouts at 5:00, we're going to be doing how to livestream part two with OBS, Open-Broadcast Software. I guess that's what OBS is. It's a little bit better way. I prefer it to Wire Cast. It's right now what Bradley's using to dual stream to more than one location. For me, I just think it's simple. I like it. It's easy to use. If you're interested in how to do that, we're going to paste the link on the page and hopefully you got an email. If you're watching this down the road, you'll be able to click on the link and go watch it. This is going to be some training that we're going to offer people. It's something neat that we do, so we wanted to share it with you guys.

Bradley: Yeah, and Adam, next time you paste a sub-domain, don't put www in front of it. It doesn't work.

Adam: Interesting.

Bradley: So, just so you know.

Adam: No, I had it in my notepad without anything and was like, ooh, I'll make it all, anyways.

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley, but just a quick note on the webinar, that's what we're using right now to livestream all over the place. Facebook has been giving a ton of exposure lately to live events. I think it's a great opportunity for people to come and leverage on that opportunity, you know? I think this is a great tool. It's free. It is kind of a … well, it's not a pain, but it has tricks and perks to set up. That's why we are doing the OBS webinar anyway. I suggest that you come, sign up; it's free. It's going to be a pure value.

Bradley: Yeah, no pitch. And it's not going to be a real long webinar, guys. It'll be an hour or less. It's not real in-depth on how to use OBS. It's actually fairly simple to use. I think it's a lot easier to use than Wire Cast to be honest with you. I really like it. It's open-source. It's 100% free. The webinar we're doing today, guys, it's 100% value. There's no pitch at all. You guys come check it out and you'll learn how to use OBS, which we just started using about a month ago. I really, really like it. It gives us the ability to simulcast both YouTube and Facebook Live at the same time.

Like Hernan said, Facebook Live posts are getting about 25% reach. Whatever the Facebook page total like number is, every time we do a Facebook Live post, it gets pushed out through the edge rank algorithm and shown to about 25% of the overall audience, or the people who have liked the page. That's really cool. Then they'll give you the option to boost it, which will give you another 25% reach, roughly. That's pretty significant, considering most posts get anywhere between 5 to 10%. 10% is even high engagement, unless you boost it, for regular-type posts. Facebook Live posts are doing really, really well for engagement, and that's why we started to use it. We want to kind of show everyone else how to use it as well. We'll be doing that today at 5:00 PM, so in about 45-50 minutes from now. All right?

Adam: Good deal. Well, that's all I've got on my end. Do you guys have anything?

Bradley: No, I think we're good. Let's go ahead and try this again, because remember, it's a little bit tricky if you're doing a screen share. If I select just Google hangouts tell me you guys aren't seeing anything but a black screen, right?

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Adam: Correct.

Bradley: All right, let's do this. Let's go select Firefox window. It's a little bit tricky setting this up. That's it right there. You guys should be seeing it now.

Adam: Good to go.

Hernan: All right.

Bradley: I am going to go ahead and show Chrome and webcam over here actually do this. Everybody should be good to go. All right guys, sorry about that it's a little bit tricky managing all of these at the same time. All right, let's do it. Let's get into the questions.

How Likely Is It To Get Mention From Huffington And Forbes?

Alex says, “Bradley, how likely is it to get a Forbes or Huff post-like website to mention me on their site if I contact them? Say I do land a backlink from them, how many would someone need to gain authority in the health beauty niche to rank from zero to at least the first five pages?

Well you mean from not indexed or not in the top 100 to the first five pages. I am assuming that's what you mean Alex. How hard is it to get a link from them? Well if you could get a guest post, if you could somehow work your way in and get a guest post on it, you could get it that way. Something else you could do is there are what they call editorial links. There are a lot of services out there now that sell editorial links. They are damned expensive. I mean hugely expensive. Sometimes they are thousands and thousands of dollars for one link. In fact, Hernan, can you … I know local client takeover, those guys, have an editorial link service.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Can you locate that and drop it on the vent page for him.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: It's really expensive, but that's why it's expensive, because those links are so effective. It's very difficult to weasel your way in and get a link on your own. You have to pretty much build relationships with journalists and things like that. That are regular contributors to those media outlets in order to get them to use a quote of yours or something like that in one of their articles, in which case they'll link back to you. It's difficult to do that. You can if you've got the time, then you could do that.

Another site that you could look at for opportunities to comment on stories that are going to be written would be HARO Help A Reporter Out. That's something else you can sign up for a free account and get alerts on a daily basis and that's called Help A Reporter Outer. Let’s go take a look at that real quick. The email, the upcoming request from journalist and writers, bloggers and that kind of thing that are looking for experts in that particular subject matters and they'll tell you what the subject matter of the articles are. Then you can submit details to the writer saying that you can be quoted on that. When they quote you, that's when they'll link back to you. Let’s take a look at this real quick.

Help A Reporter Out right there. That's helpareporterout.com, okay? That's it right there. You can sign up for a free services on the source, sign up that way and then you can get them to send you, everyday they'll send you some available opportunities and things like that. Now you'll be competing with others too, so just keep that in mind. It definitely takes work. That's why the services like the one that Hernan is going to drop on the page is valuable because they've done all the leg work, you just pay them a lot of money and you get to link back. Hopefully that was helpful.

Hernan: I'm talking to Mark [Luckenbo 00:09:32] from [Nelcity 00:09:34] and they do not have it publicly but they will toss a contact information so that if you guys are interested getting it, it’s not cheap but they can get the job done for you. Another option that, I think diving like deep into guest posting to increase like brand awareness for Semantic Mastery and what not. There are a bunch of people out there that you would think that they wouldn't even answer your emails. It’s not like that. If you have something worth saying or sharing Alex, go ahead and pitch them, you may be lucky and at some point you need you just need to follow up with the guys and what not.

I thought it would be harder but we landed some nice guest posts. We're talking not only about the link possibility or the Link shoes but the traffic that is guest post can get. You have several options. The other option is to scrape them using Blue Chip Backlinks you know and 301 those links to whatever you want to you want to write. That's like a third option.

Bradley: Yeah that's not quite as effective is still effective and it's better than not having them at all. With your backlinks in fact I'm pretty, maybe not, I might be thinking of the old crawler I was using. They used to have specific categories like from CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes, those kind of things, Entrepreneur Inc. magazine, they used to have like lists of available domains that they have scraped them, that might've been the other crawler. Regardless you can call yourself if you want, if you have access to that tool. Okay also just wanted to thank you guys, I'm very thankful to have found out about you guys and I have IFTTT.

How Many Forbes Or Huffington Mentions To Gain Authority In The Health/Beauty Niche?

Well plus one that but I'm in the Firefox window so won't let me. The second part of that question I didn't finish and I'm sorry about that. He said so say I do land a backlink from them, how would someone need to gain authority, how many would somebody need to gain authority and help building their strength from zero to at least first five pages? Too many variables there Alex, there's too many variables. Because I mean like for example if you on-page isn't correct, I'm assuming yours is but I'm just saying if your on-page is poor, then you're going to require a hell of a lot more backlinks. If you have really really strong on page, you've got an authority type site. If it's a newer site most likely it's not going to mean of authority type site. If you did, having an authority type site, its siloed as well as a lot of content, interlinking is done properly. All of that then it will take less links than it would if you had a poor site with poor on-page SEO.

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Like I said there's too many variables for us to be able tell you how many links you're going to need.

Would Rankings Be Affected With Trailing Slash In The URL?

Paul says, “Hey guys, I've got a question out of left field for you.” Okay. “I've a web designer who redesigned the site for a client. When they uploaded the new site, it lost ranking. Nothing new there, it happens but the client is pissed in went out and got opinions on why. Here is what the clowns said. They said the URL was built wrong with a forward slash on the end of the URL and I was one of the reasons it lost ranking. If it ends in a trailing slash, it creates a meta-refresh that returns the error status 503 to the Google bot. My first reaction is that they're full of shit what you think? Thanks. Yeah that shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. Returns at 503 to the Google bot. I don't know, I've never looked at it from a Google bot standpoint.

Adam: No they should, my opinion on this and Macro since he joined maybe he can chime in on this one.

Bradley: Hi Marco.

Adam: Yeah but the point is that I think that it shouldn't be able to turn a 503 error because that's a server error.

Bradley: Yeah [crosstalk 00:13:32]

Adam: Yeah. If you're getting a bad Gateway, that's something to be fixed on your server but it doesn't have anything to do with the URL. If it isn't meta-refresh or 301, you could be 301 like the end of the training slash two though without trailing slash or whatever, you can do that on WordPress itself. If you're getting a 503 and that's something that you're actually seeing, just plug it into [inaudible 00:13:58] or red checker or whatever. That's something that you need to fix but it's on the server side. It doesn't have to do with the trailing slash.

Bradley: 503 a service unavailable error, that sounds like server error not a URL errors. Anyways I'm sorry go ahead Marco.

Marco: No what I would ask is, is this what they're telling the client or is this actually what's showing up when you look it up, run it as Google bot inside what is it? The search console. Because if that's just what they're saying, the trailing slash has absolutely nothing to do. I mean it could be the theme that's the problem with the trailing slash. It could always change the way we have like the 301, everything that returns in error gets 301 to the own page or whatever destination you want. I don't see way it would be returning a server error just because of that forward slash or trailing slash. That's by default in WordPress when you choose your own permalink trailing. I mean you go over with setting up your own permalink, I mean that's added by default by most themes. I don't see why that would be a problem.

Bradley: Yeah. What I would do is just like he said, you want add your site, the search console and go to fetch and render or use a Google fetch tool. Inside a Webmaster tools or search console and it'll tell you like what codes and things like that. Fetch is Google, that's what you want to do is take a look at it that way and see what the errors are. I think they're full of shit too. I mean if there's some sort of error code that is being generated and it’s something that can be fixed and it’s probably going to be on the server side. It might be something that could be done in HTTP access or whatever too.

Hernan: Yeah because 503 has to do with the HTTP request. You're requesting that URL to the server, the server error says, no sorry. That's unavailable right now because of whatever, delay … Oh there you go. No you're not looking. Look that up, 503 error [crosstalk 00:16:17].

Bradley: What I've done just a second ago.

Hernan: They're going to tell you exactly what I told you, that that whatever is running the website has a problem, they can't handle the request.

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Bradley: It’s saying a server unavailable error, what it is and how to fix it, PC support.

Hernan: There you go.

Bradley: There you go.

Hernan: If you can't find an answer, Google it.

Bradley: That's right. Hopefully that's it. Server's too or because there's maintenance being performed on it. That's a server error code and doesn't have anything to do with the trailing slash and the URL. If it is, you could always contact the host and say what's going on with this trouble. If you're dealing with a good host which is why we always recommend Liquid Web because the Liquid Web has awesome support that pretty much takes care of any issue ever but a lot of the cheaper host won't do it for you.

Hernan: Oh yeah, after fighting with [inaudible 00:17:09] for I don't know, maybe a year, Liquid Web is like heaven.

Is It Okay To Use The Same Gmail Accounts To Build Other IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Liquid Web is totally worth the extra money. Dean says one building IFTTT networks based around niche A with Gmail phone verified accounts and Google sign ins, is it okay to build out a few more networks for niche B still using the same Gmail account and using it to sign in etc. is that spammy? Because as a web designer I have a few client sites already in my main Webmaster tools account and would save me time to perhaps use the same persona i.e. the real me to do that. Many thanks, just put my first network one day ago plus one that.

Well you can Dean but I wouldn't recommend it. The thing is, is what I've said this is how I do it and this is what I recommend is that every time you build new networks that you still set up a persona even if it's branded networks for that matter. I mean the way I do it is I set up a persona which is the account owner so to speak, right? Like that's the page owner of the younger Google account owner is the profile, that's a person or persona in this case. Dean what you do is you set up the branded accounts, the page, the Google plus page and YouTube channel and all that kind of stuff and then you assign yourself your profile, your main Dean's signatory profile as the manager so that you can access it from your own Google dashboard without having to login through a different login. That's what I recommend that you do.

The reason why I say that is because it separates accounts. Let’s say that you had you know 10 different sites and they were all and they were all, so you had different networks and you built them all underneath your main profile or any one profile, does that make sense? Like whether it’s yours or somebody else's profile doesn't matter. Let’s just say that all of those accounts were under that one profile. Something were to happen at some point where Google thought you were doing something spammy and decided to terminate your account, you'd lose all of those, okay? All 10 sites. At least when use a persona as the account owner and you assign yourself as the manager, then you can still manage all of those accounts through your profile.

If you were to ever get terminated because you weren't the page owner, that page would still, it would be affected, it would just terminate your account but it wouldn't terminate the page owner's account. Does that make sense? What I suggest doing is, I know it's a little bit of extra work but it is just a way to prevent yourself from putting all your eggs in one basket in case Google decides to take that basket from you. I always recommend that you separate it. Okay. Let’s see, I already have sites in my main Webmaster tools account, would like to save time perhaps … Yes, the same thing though. I mean once you because you can add your main profile as a manager so that you can access the Google Plus page and the YouTube channel and the blogger account, stuff like that you can do all of that is a page manager.

Then if you want to add those sites to your search console or Webmaster tools account and your analytics account and things like that, you can you just add yourself as a user. Within search console, you click on the top right where the settings are and you add users, click on add users or whatever the term is and then you just submit your Gmail address and then you can also restrict the access level to like read-only or full rights and that kind of stuff. I would recommend that's what you do is still set up the new networks on a new personas and then just make yourself a on page manager as well as a search console user and an analytics user well.

Marco: To go real quick to Paul's because he posted later on that it’s what they told the client. Here's his opportunity to make himself look like a boss. He just needs to make sure that everything is redirected to either the www or none www version of the website. We usually recommend www since it’s a subdomain. Make sure that you have it in Webmaster tools or search console or whatever you want to call it. Make sure that you have access to the cPanel and to the error logs then you go and you sit in front of your client and you run it through search console and then you run a regular request through all three browsers if you want, then you're going to look at the error logs, they should be completely clean and then you say, whoever told this, doesn't know what they're talking about and now you just look like a boss.

Bradley: That's right. Yeah that's what I was saying. Because you can turn this, let somebody else especially when they say some bullshit like that when you go back and can show them proof like that wasn't true, then that makes you look like a superstar. You'll earn their trust as well. One second guys, I got side tracked.

Why Does 3 Pack Shows Up Sometimes And Sometimes Not In Google SERPs?

The next questions is R [Bacon 00:22:19]. He says, Bradley quick question, I noticed when I search Google rankings for certain keywords that I ranked my sites for sometimes a three pack shows and sometimes it doesn't. Is there any explanation as to why only shows part of the time?

This Stuff Works

Well the only explanation I know of and there might be an actual like official answer to this, but the one that, my assumption is or my understanding is, is that Google is always always tweaking their search engine results pages and they're trying new things for different search phrases at different geographic locations and that sort of thing to determine the click through rates of the listings that they're displaying. Sometimes they show the maps sometimes they don't because I know what you're talking about, I see the same thing. However that said, what they do is they determine, they do is like a sample of with the three pack and without the three pack. Then they try to determine and they'll also change the positioning of the ad sometime.

Sometimes the ads, most of the time the ads are at the top, but sometimes they'll move the adds to the bottom of the page now instead of … Because they don't do it on the sidebar anymore anyways. What they do is monitor that the click through rates from the different configurations that they display in the search and results pages. Then over time to determine which one gets the most interactivity or most engagement or whatever. Then they choose to display that more often than not. It's almost like auto optimizing the search engine results pages. That's my understanding of it. I can also tell you I just pulled this up that's why I was distracted. This is an article search engine Roundtable that and I've noticed this a lot recently to and those of you that were on I don't know if we talked about this in Hump Day Hangouts or we talked about it master class last week, I think is master class. I'm doing a lot more AdWord stuff now.

I had never done AdWord stuff in the past, but this is part of the reason why, is because of what they're doing, the search engine results pages is now when you do local searches, most the time on desktops and laptops you're going see four ads and then you're going to see a maps three path. You don't even get to any organic listings until you're below the fold. Because of that, all of the sites that I've done, lead gen sites and plus client sites of mine that were focused 100% organic SEO. They didn't have a maps listing or they were in areas that they don't have a physical location and they also don't you outwards. Most of my clients have not to this point done AdWords. The problem is, is that most of the organic listings we've noticed have started to do considerably … Seen a considerable decline in call volume or leads in general.

About 80% of my businesses is phone calls for lead gen and for clients who, we generate phone calls that's our primary objective. We've seen all organic listings, we've seen significant drop in call volume. However the maps listings the wants that do have maps listings, they have stayed fairly steady. That's why I'm starting to do a lot more Adwords stuff now because we've got to evolve with the changing search. I'm recommending to clients, I've got a meeting with two different clients on Friday actually to pitch them AdWord services because … I'm going to use the same thing. We talked about this before but let's just bring this up real quick. If I say like roof repair let’s say Richmond, yeah. Take a look guys, there's four AdWord listings here first. Then you scroll down and then there's the maps pack with three listings. You've got to scroll a third of the way down the page before you even get to any organic listings. Because of that, a considerable call volume is dropped off.

As well like I said, I'm going to go meet with two roofing contractors in fact on Friday and I'm going to be showing them this and explaining this to them and saying, “Look guys, if you're not up here or in the maps, you're losing a hell of a lot of calls.” They're aware of that already. The link that I wanted to share which I'm sorry I got side tracked again. Here is, let me see if I can post it on this page without being signed. This is an SEO roundtable article that was just posted yesterday by Barry Schwartz. There is there is a lot of chatter on line right now about the maps listings have dwindled considerably. This is a like a before shot, you see this here and then we scroll down, this is the aftershock. You can see that the maps listings now are considerably reduced as well.

I'm not talking about the three pack, I'm talking about when you click on the show more results, so like right here where it says more places, if we click on this, we notice that I've noticed is for a lot of my lead gen sites because I'm always checking on stuff is that the maps listings, they're not showing the show more listings down here at the bottom. Like if you're not in the top whatever, however many they decide to display here, then there's no way to even access the maps listing unless you're looking specifically for that businesses name. If you read this article on here I'm finally pasted, I've been teasing you guys with it long enough. Let me try this right here. No, it’s not going to let me post on here. Adam I'm going to drop this in slack if you could …

Adam: It’s good.

Bradley: Fix down on the event page. What I was going to say with … What he says in this article is that, yeah I think they're paving the way, Google is paving the way for paid maps listings. They're starting to tweak the algorithm. Now again this is speculation at this point, but it seems pretty apparent what they're doing. They're reducing the number of maps listings are showing up organically so that they can start making room for AdWords paid maps listings. We had heard from Google announced before that the first listing in a maps pack is going to be paid out anyways. You can see if we are looking at the maps page right here, this is a paid ad.

From what I hear, from what I had heard on and I'd have to locate the article, but I heard that the first position in the three pack is going to start being an ad too. My point is guys if you're not evolving, then you're going end up not being able to perform as well as an SEO. I think AdWords is going to be something that's just going to be a necessary evil if you want Google traffic.

Hernan: Right, yeah. You make a great point here Bradley because we have talked about this time and time again in several occasions that every free traffic source ends up at some point ends up becoming a paid traffic source. It happens to Google, it happened to Facebook. You used to post on a Facebook fan page and you will reach everyone and know that's not even close. Every free “traffic source” ends up being a paper play, pay to play traffic source. You need to have that in mind, that's for once. The other hand is Google maps listing is not your business listing, is Google maps, it's Google's. You need to be really certain about that, that if you have a big Facebook page, it’s not yours, its Facebook's. If you have big Google Plus community, it’s not yours is Google Plus.

You need to be really really aware of that when you are trying to first explaining to the client and second developing any kind of asset online. The only things in my opinion that really belong to you are at the relationship that you have with your customers and with your clients and with your leads, your email list, maybe your website but that's pretty much it. In any other case you're trying to reach out for traffic eyeballs and you need to leverage other people's real state to do that. I think this is part of the rules of the game. We need to evolve as Bradley was saying. I think that it does a lot of good to start with that mindset, any kind of business or grow your business or even sit down to talk with a client, start with that mindset, because it will help you in the long run.

Bradley: Yeah and that's part of the reason I'm developing the local kingpin training now that's going to be released in October because of this reason. I'm trying to streamline the ability to set up lead gen funnels for local businesses or for your own digital asset portfolio, if you want to do lead gen business. I'm trying to streamline it where it's something that can be duplicated very very quickly. There are some benefits to AdWords guys. I mean literally you could set up a landing page and turn traffic on it 48 hours, within 48 hours. I mean its traffic on demand. There is definitely value in that and so that's what the local kingpin training is about.

Then there will be some SEO training in there too. It's going to be more about being able to set up funnels and turn traffic on very very quickly. Because SEO continues to get more complicated guys and there is no question and is not that I'm running scared, it's just that I want to provide the same kind of consistent results to my clients and for my own lead gen business that I've been able to over the last six years. It seems that without evolving and going into some paid traffic through Google that my abilities are starting to decline. Not as an SEO but is my abilities to generate leads if that make sense. This is something that I've been forced to learn is AdWords and now I see the value in it. To be honest with you, I'm not sure why I hadn't see it.

I guess before I didn't need it because SEO just works so damn well for generating leads that I just never thought about AdWords. I was like, that's stupid. I'm not paying for traffic. Now it's like being forced to pay for traffic. Just like I said, there's benefits to that it’s easily scalable.

What Are Your Thoughts On Text Tools For Semantic Keyword Analysis?

Greg says, have guys heard of textools.net for semantic keyword analysis and could you comment on it please. They're are having summer special and a 14-day free trial. Well I hadn't looked at it yet, I guess we can look at it very quick. Let’s see text tools I'd have to read through this little bit. I don't know anything about it. This is the first I've heard about it. I'd have to look at it a little bit more and I'm certainly not going to do that on a call right now. Has anybody else here heard of this before?

Male: No, not on my end.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Well we can check it out and then comment back on the event page once we've looked at it or comment on it next week. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s given us something to look at Greg. I don't have a comment for you right now.

How To Link Out Geo-Relevant Expired Domains To Local Money Site?

Ryan says, I'm finding lots of geo relevant expired domains from old local businesses but have very little backlinks. How you typically link out to local money sites from these or do you just add a URL or brand link somewhere on the page or do you add some content? Would it be better to save your exact match anchors for domain to provide more link juice? Thanks. That's a good question Ryan. What I've been doing is it's not, I don't care about the number of backlinks when I'm scraping domains. I'm not really worried about that.

What I look for, is I look for the trust flow numbers and the topical trust flow category so I want to make sure that it is relevant. Then what I do is I look at the age of the inbound links going to that domain. In other words I'll go look at archive.org, the way back machine and I'll take a look and see if for example one of the domains that I want to purchase, let’s say it’s only got two referring domains, right? One of the links is like from 2006 and then the other ones from like 2010. Chances are that link is never going to be removed. I don't really care about the quantity of links. I used to when I was buying expired domains like that the traditional PBN style back building PBN's when you just go out and find expired domains based on purely metrics and you didn't care about topical relevancy or any of that stuff.

It was more about the number of backlinks, the number referring domains. Because once you would rebuild the site or build a new site onto that domain, then Webmasters over time would start removing the link to that site because it was no longer relevant to what it had been, it was new content and that kind of stuff. With traditional PBN domains over time they would lose their back links. They were like a finite resource, they would only last so long. That wasn't always the case but that was more often than not the case. With the domains that I'm buying now, I don't really care if, like I'll buy domain, it just has one inbound link, no kidding.

If it's a powerful inbound link and if it's going to serve a purpose then I'll go ahead and purchase it even if it has just one inbound link. Again I checked to make sure that the age is there. If it was a one inbound link, it was just placed last year, then I might not do it because there is a likelihood that that's going to be removed. If it was a link placed in 2008 and it's been there for eight years, chances are it's never going to be removed and so that would still be valuable in my opinion.

How I slink from those to my money site? Well what I typically do is will rebuild the old site using the way back rebuilder, the one inside of each of backlinks. Those of you that aren't using Blue Chip Backlinks, Terry Kyle came out with just the way back rebuilder, is like a spinoff from Blue Chip Backlinks and it's cheaper than Blue Chip Backlinks. I don't remember what it is, I think it’s like 37 a month or something like that. To be honest with you should go ahead and get Blue Chip Backlinks if that's the case. What I'd typically do is just rebuild the site and then I'll just put a link right on the homepage of the site. Like all other links on the site will be no follow and there will be one to follow link that I'll hack into the site like on the front page of site because it’s just an HTML page. I go in and edit the HTML, update the index.html file and save it to the server. It worked to the Amazon S3 or wherever hosting it in and that's it and I leave it alone. Because those are genuine real sites, right?

I just usually put it in it. Sometimes there are footer links. I know you've got a little bit more careful with doing for footer links and that kind of stuff. That's what I've been doing and it works really well. It’s different than like if you were some spamming using traditional style PBN with a bunch of blog posts on it because those look like PBNs, you know what I mean? When you're rebuilding old sites, they look like legitimate sites because they were legitimate sites. I'll just put a link on the homepage somewhere and that's it. That's how I do it. Remember if you're concerned about that, which you should be, you've got to be careful. You can always link to tier one IFTTT property preferably one that has a do follow link back to your money site, so you can link to that. Or you can set up one expired domains that you've rebuilt and then point all of your subsequent expired domains to that one so that you essentially creating like a buffer site and you can do that as well.

Do I add more content? No, I'm not building PBN style sites at all anymore. All I do now is rebuilt old sites that's it. That way I don't have to come up with content, I don't have to theme the blogs, I don't have to, nothing. I just unzip the file, upload it to the server, go in and edit my index.html file, add my link and I'm done. Never have to touch it again.

Would it be better to save your exact anchor text for domain provide more linkages. Yeah I mean you can. What I do is I just typically will if I'm going to build like 10 links back my money site, then I'll use 10 different anchors text, things like that so that they're not all the same. That's up to you. Again what you could do was always use an exact match anchor from one rebuilt site that points to your money site and then link to that rebuilt site with all the subsequent domains and use different variations then. Does that make sense? So that you're only providing one exact match anchor back to your site, but then you’re juicing that link with a bunch of other relevant links using LSI or co-occurring type keywords, okay?

What Is The Recommended Way In Setting Up Email Accounts For Small Businesses?

Scott says when setting up email accounts for small business folks what is a recommended way? I find using cPanel one hosting is troublesome and I'm thinking of using Gmail but somehow make it look like it's coming sending, from their domain name which you can do with Google apps, right? Can't you do that with Gmail apps or whatever it’s called?

Hernan: Yeah I think.

Bradley: I don't do it that way, I set up on webmail and then I set up an alias in Gmail.

Hernan: That's what I do as well for small businesses. Yeah Scott, if they work with Gmail you can redirect the email account to your Gmail and then set up an alias like a reply from, so that they are replying from the at their domain dot com. That's is pretty straight forward.

Bradley: Yeah I know in Google apps you can do that. Somehow I've done in the past but I had to get some help because it was kind of geeky setting up bunch of MX records and stuff in your DNS server for your domain and all that. I know somehow through Google apps you can still use your domain but everything runs through the Google servers instead. Because the way that I still do it now, though is I run everything through webmail. Then I just create and alias and set up SMTP settings in Gmail so that I can send and receive email from my Gmail account, but it's actually still going through my hosting account in my webmail server.

You can do it through, you can do it the other way around where you can have all the emails go through the Google server but you have to do that through Google apps. I'm not 100% sure how to set that up. I had to get help. It was like three years ago when I did it and I had to get help with it. Let's see, I found tutorials from Google however it was not very specific on transferring all older emails over so it seamless to the client and hassle-free to me. Yeah I don't know about transferring old emails. Every time I've ever done it, it's always just been from once you have done the setup from that point forward, there may be a way to import all the old emails. I don't know how to do that though unfortunately Scott, I can't give you any guidance on that.

How To Create A Google Plus Page Login? 

John says and we still got about 10 minutes. John says trying to create a Plus page logins of people can get into the page that way and V2 both sections three video 11 and section eight video two reference a create plus page login option but it doesn't appear to be available now and I'm not finding an update video on the subject. Did Google move or remove this? No John it’s still available. I'm going to have to share my desktop here for me to be able show you that. It is absolutely still available. What you're probably doing is you probably assigned yourself as a page manager and you're trying to edit or create a page login as through the manager account and not through the owner account. You can't do that, you have to be logged in as the page owner.

This Stuff Works

The profile that actually owns it you have to be logged in under that account in order to set up third-party access which is a page login, okay? My guess is that you're set up as a as a manager. Let grab the whole screen here so that everybody can see this and I'll show you. I just wanted to confirm that that wasn't the case, so I actually set it up myself earlier today just to confirm. You guys should all being seeing my entire screen and it probably got really messy just now. What I want to do is move this out of the way, I've got too many damn windows going on here guys forgive me. Let me move this to chrome.

Hernan: That is kind of psychedelic [inaudible 00:42:30].

Bradley: It's messy, isn't it?

Hernan: Its window inception?

Bradley: Yeah it is. One known side of a window. Okay so on Facebook you guys are seeing chrome and you guys aren't seeing chrome you have to see my whole window in order for this to work. From your Google my business page manager, you're just going to select on the page. Make sure that you're logged in as the profile that owns the page. You can't do this is a page manager, okay? I know you guys are hard to see, let me actually just expand this a little bit. That's not going to work. That's all right, you guys can see what I'm talking about. From here just click on the settings, again you have to be the page, you have to be logged in the Google account as the page owner. From settings you just scroll down and it's right here third-party tools, right there.

That's how you set it up, this is the page username right here, you click setup password, you're going to have to enter in the profile account password in order … Once you click setup password it’s going to prompt you to enter in the profile password again. Then you click that, once you click that, then it will ask you to set up a separate password as the page login. This is the page login username/email right there. Again if you're logged in as a manager instead of the owner, this right here won't even show up. That's probably the problem you're having John. All right?

Let’s go back to this Firefox because I know that was probably confusing. Are you guys seeing that?

Hernan: That's why you need to get another monitor Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah probably. No, because then I would be like way confused. A bunch of windows and a bunch of monitors, that is the perception there.

Hernan: Turn this into the matrix or something.

Bradley: Have an ice cream headache by the end of the show. Did Google move it? No, if not is there a work around trick? No, I just showed you how to fix it, you're probably logged in as a manager. Any suggestions on what we should I guess on what should we used to log into feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Any suggestions on what we should use to log in the feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL? Just log in through the profile that you're logged in with.

Hernan: Right because you can login with the profile or with the page login. I mean you can do both. It depends, I mean you could create blogger, yeah like regular Google accounts like blogger. I'm not sure about, YouTube for sure and feed burner from your page login. We usually do it from the yeah from the profile login but sometimes you can do it from the page login itself.

Bradley: Yes, I mean from feed burner all I do is like from usually I'd be logged in as the profile or is the page anyways that I'm working on because I do all kind of work in Firefox for the most part. You just go over to feed burner and just create your feeds that way. Maybe I'm not understanding question John because it seems to me like it's pretty self-explanatory. If you can clarify that if you're here.

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Jacobs is back. Hey Jacob, good to see you back man, it’s been a while. Zane is here, cool. Let’s see, we are almost out of time anyways so this is probably good.

Adam: [Inaudible 00:46:05] answer the [inaudible 00:46:06] question there.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: Sorry you weren't there yet.

What Are The Advantages Of Using City Domain Extensions In Local Optimization?

Bradley: Chris says, “Hey guys have you have any experience with local using city domain extensions like …? No, I haven't done that yet. I don't even know they were available. I would try that. It would be worth giving it a shot. I'm not really that good at success with some of those fancy domain extensions like I just try to stick with .net or .coms, .nets, .orgs for the most part. That's kind of cool, it might be worth testing on a lead gen site. In fact I might actually test that. I'm building out a whole bunch of leads gen sites right now for the local kingpin training. I might actually touch that. Okay, cool. We are almost done. AdWords announced paid pins are coming late 2016, early 2017 on their live event last month. That was it Jacob, that's where I heard it. It was there. It was the guy John Mueller whatever Moller or whatever the hell his name is. That's exactly what I was talking about. Okay [inaudible 00:47:09] question was answered. Is that correct?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay looks like we're done. Thanks Zane for contributing. Zane is a partner of ours in mastery PR and we got some really cool stuff coming up for you guys. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet, but it's really cool we got coming up. We've got another product next month coming out and the next one in August excuse me October.

Adam: All right, well we are done. Thanks everybody for being here. We will be back next week. Those of you that … Did we drop the OBS webinar?

Hernan: We did and I just put it on there again. I wanted to stay in case anybody's listening who wasn't on earlier, at 5:00 Bradley's going to be showing you guys how to use OBS open broadcast software. How to use that, it’s what we're using now to stream. Pretty powerful software. There is no pitch with this, it’s just showing you guys how we do what we do. If you're interested in using live streaming and you should be. If you're doing anything with video or you're interested in it, then click the link at go sign-ups free webinar and it starts in 11 minutes.

Bradley: Yeah, we will see you guys in just a few minutes then. Thanks guys we will see you in a bit.

Hernan: Thanks.

Male: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 87

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 87 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Show me your war face. No, I'm just kidding. We're not going to actually do that, we going to say, “Welcome to episode 87 of Hump Day Hangouts”. Hey everybody. Glad to have you here. For those of you who were wondering why we didn't do this at 4 AM, that was a small technical issue that we resolved about five minutes ago. Thank you, if you're watching this, for showing up on time. We'll check and make sure that is says PM every time from now on.

Bradley: Wow. Don't swear to that. Don't commit to that.

Adam: Yes. I'm going to because I checked these, and I'm going to be paying attention. That's something I generally don't look at as PM or AM. I assume, and I made an ass out of you and me. All right, here we go. Some quick announcements, you guys. For those of you who missed out on the Outsource Kingpin launch, you want to check this out. If you are into outsourcing at all, you're going to want to check this out; Training out VAs, how to get them through a funnel, how to do this, hire and find good people and get them trained up without spending a lot of time. For those of you who've dealt with outsources, I know a lot of people I talk to are like, “Yeah, I've had outsourcers, but it sucks. They wasted my time. It took forever.” There's ways to deal with that. At least check this out. It's worth its weight in gold, and it's worth a hell of a lot more than what we're selling it for.

Bradley: We did an entire webinar last week about it. It ended up being just a hair over an hour. If you want, we can drop the link on the page to the replay.

Adam: Definitely. I'll put the link to both. The sales pitch has got some good info on it too. Obviously, we want you to buy it. It's got some good info and you can see if this would be a good fit for you. We'll put both of those links on there, and I'll do that while I think Hernan and Marco have some extra quick announcements here.

Hernan: Basically, I just wanted to tease real quick about the V2 update webinar that we're doing. After this, we're holding an update webinar for V2 because that's basically the idea for IFTTT V2, to keep you guys updated and sharing with you the latest techniques, and what's working, and results from students. We have some really good results. I had some really good results through Joe on some approach in combination with PBNs and IFTTT. That's basically what I have.

Adam: That's right. What's the way to get there, Bradley, for V2 members? What's the path for them attending? Is it …

Bradley: Just go to the Facebook group, the IFTTT V2 Facebook group, and click on the events tab. You'll see the event, and then you just click on the link for the event location. It's just a link, and that'll take you over to the Google Plus event page, where you can post questions or watch the webinar. Guys, remember that the update webinars aren't really Q & A. If there is time at the end, we will answer questions, but Q & A is really for only Hangouts, so just keep that in mind.

Marco: What I wanted to add is that we were going to have some live stream training today during the update webinar, but it looks like we're going to need more time because we want to do it right. You guys are used to quality, and so that's what we're going to do. In a couple of weeks, guys, look for this. It's going to be free. We're going to show you how to live stream, how Bradley's doing the live event in YouTube, and at the same time going to Facebook, and how he's doing it all for free. Since it's free, there's no reason for us to charge you guys to learn how to do it, so you guys are going to get that. Another thing would be the Semantic Mastery Minute. That's another thing to look forward to. We've been talking about it. We haven't defined how it's going to be set up, what we're going to be doing. We're definitely going to be taking questions that we find provocative, something that's going on at the moment, something where we find this needs to be addressed right now. That's what that platform is going to be for. You guys can look forward to that because you will be able to have access to us directly during the time we have allotted for that. Just a bunch of good things that are coming to you. Again, it's all free. Free is always good, right?

Adam: Fair enough. Sounds good, man.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: The Semantic Mastery Minute. We're going to be doing that. It'll be like every day, one of us will jump on and and just spend a couple minutes talking about something. People can submit questions. We're not going to answer every question. That's what Hump Day Hangouts is for, but every single day we're going to select a question or a topic or something and jump on and chat about it. It's most likely going to be done through Facebook, using Facebook Live, because that's getting a lot of reach right now. That's part of the reason we're going to be doing an entire webinar specifically about live streaming, both to YouTube and Facebook. Again, look for that in two weeks, guys, immediately following Hump Day Hangouts. So two weeks from today, at 5 PM, we'll send out a registration link for that webinar. The Semantic Mastery Minute I think is going to be kind of fun. Most likely, it's going to be through Facebook Live, is how we're going to actually record the Minute – The Semantic Mastery Minute, or Minute with the Masters, is what we're calling it.

As far as submitting questions or topics, that kind of thing, we're probably going to end up having that go through Twitter with a hashtag like #AskTheMasters or something like that. We'll give you guys more details probably next week. We're going to iron out the details. Then we'll give you more details about it next week. Anything else, Adam?

Adam: That's it. We're good to go.

Bradley: Okay, let's do it. Yes, because we had the timing screwed up on the webinar. There was only one question and it was from Michael Dos. I re-posted it, and then invited a bunch of people, and now there's a bunch of questions, so thanks guys. You guys are quick. It was fixed about an hour ago, and we've got a whole bunch of questions now, so thanks for that. It wasn't even an hour ago, it was 30 minutes ago.

Okay guys, are you all seeing my screen?

Adam: Yes. Good to go. We've got the full screen.

Bradley: We're not doing Facebook Live today, only because I ran out of time. I was trying to get it set up and I just ran out of time, and it would've been too much of a mess, so we are abandoning that today, but we'll be back on Facebook Live next week.

What Are Some Good Training Links For Video Email Prospecting?

Michael says, “I recently listened to your video on how to find video SEO clients. You referred to a course you did on video e-mail prospecting, and offered a Google Drive link to the file. This link isn't in the notes with the video. Would you mind providing me with the link? I want to get better at video e-mail prospecting.”

Yes, so guys, let me explain what I'm going to show you here in a minute. What Michael's talking about is … Several years ago, it had to have been in 2012, maybe 2013, I created a course with two partners in a joint venture agreement opportunity. I was working with two ladies. We were providing social media and branding services to real estate agents, and we created a video e-mail prospecting, or what we called “V-mail Prospecting”.

In fact, that's how I really started my SEO agency, was contacting clients using video e-mails. When I say video e-mails, they're not really video e-mails, but you'll understand what I mean once you go through the training. It is free. It's got branding on it from the joint venture that I was in at the moment, at the time, so it doesn't say Semantic Mastery, but it's step-by-step. It still works today, but I had an incredible closing rate. I got three out of every ten video e-mails that I sent out. I would start a conversation. It would get me in touch with the person in charge of the business, and I would end up talking with them. I had a really good close ratio with anybody that I actually started a dialogue with.

It's very effective in getting a conversation started. It's called “V-mail” or “Video E-mail”. I created an opt-in page. That's right. If you want it, you're going to have to go opt in to get it. Here it is. It's BradleyBenner.com/vmail. I'm going to go ahead and post it on the page here. V-mail Prospecting Training. It's free. Go opt in. Once you opt in, you'll be redirected to the actual Google Drive folder, where you can download the PDF, and then there's a six series of videos that go with it. They're download videos in a ZIP file, so you'd have to download it and unzip it. You're more than welcome to check it out.

Guys, I won't be spamming you. I actually created an e-mail list that's an entrepreneur success like Mindset Training series. It's an auto-responder with six e-mails. I just go through various mindset things that have had a big impact on me and my business. That's what you're actually opting in for. No spam, no pitch. If you don't like any of the e-mails, just kindly hit the manager subscription link at the bottom of the e-mail and unsubscribe. If you want the V-mail Prospecting, that's how you get it.

Will Semantic Mastery Offer A Press Release Service Soon? 

Ryan says, “Will you guys be offering the press release servicing?” Ryan, I would say yes, but that would make a liar out of me, because I have no idea. Adam, do you have a better idea?

This Stuff Works

Adam: I'd like to say that I have a definite date but I don't, so I'm also not going to say anything. Suffice to say, it's in the works and it is being attempted to being wrapped up. That's as good as I can do.

Bradley: Yes, it's been many months. I was expecting that many months ago, and it's still not available yet, guys. When it is, we'll certainly let you know.

What Are Your Thoughts On Google's Move Of Clamping Down Fake Reviews?

Kevin says, “Hey guys. I created some fake reviews via the Project Supremacy Plug-ins Review widget on my site. Then added the aggregate and review structure data to my JSON header code, but I'm still not getting the stars. I heard that Google is clamping down on this fake review stuff, and not showing stars, and possibly decreasing ranking slightly. Any thoughts on this, and should I remove the reviews and structure data from my site? Thanks as always.”

Kevin, I have a client that has bonafide genuine reviews, and he's got over 100 of them. I think he's got 110+ reviews now. He's a roofing client. It's incredible. This guy's got a lot of 5-star reviews, and they're not spam. They're real, live reviews. Me and Marco and Chris G., who's one of our Mastermind members and he also helps out with support stuff like that. All three of us have worked on trying to get the review stars to show up in Google for literally months now. We have been unsuccessful. The are bonafide reviews, man. It's not just you. We're having a hell of a time, and it's interesting. If we do a site colon operator and search the domain, it will show all the indexed pages and posts, and show the review stars. It's an overall aggregate rating instead of showing individual for each post. This particular site is set up as it's “Roof Repair Plus City”, as a post. That's how we have the site set up. The pages that we rank in Google are actually posts. Each one of the posts have their own. Because it's “Roof Repair Plus City”, they have their own reviews, but for whatever reason, we've only been able to get the total overall aggregate review rating to show, and that's only when we do the site colon operator.

If we do a keyword search, then the listing … Although when we do a site … When we do a site colon operator, and it shows the post with the aggregate review rating, the 5-star rating, and the stars actually show up. Then we take the same page that's showing that, or the same listing in Google, and then we do just a keyword search, and find that listing, the review stars aren't showing. We can't get it to show for anything other than the site colon operator. It's been months. I've been banging my head against the wall and so has Marco and Chris G. We haven't been able to get it to show, so it's not just you, Kevin. If anybody else has some insight on this, we'd love to hear it, because I really am at a loss. Marco, you want to comment on this at all?

Marco: No. We've been trying everything we can, and it's just fickle. I don't know what it is that makes Google pick up or not pick up the stars. We have to maybe call Google and see what it is that we have to do to get the stars to appear. Maybe get something that has real reviews and have them take a look and tell us why they're not appearing. There's really nothing else that I can say, because we've tried just about everything we can.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: With no luck. Sorry Kevin. I wish I had some better news for you. Personally, I wouldn't do any fake review stuff. If you're going to do fake reviews, I would try to get fake reviews on some of the other platforms, like Yelp, which is difficult unless you're doing it from a mobile device. Desktop reviews usually get filtered out from Yelp. Mobile devices tend to not get filtered as easily. If you can get some reviews on some of the others, like Yellow Pages. There are so many of them. It's been a while since I've done any of that kind of stuff, but like MojoPages or whatever. You know what I'm talking about. Some of the ones you can add reviews to. If you want to create fake reviews on those, that's what I would … I wouldn't just put fake review data in the structure data. I wouldn't do that. I would actually have it reference some real reviews somewhere, just because that structure data spam. If you're creating fake reviews, that's review spam. There's no question. You can do what you want. I don't recommend doing that.

Guys, I've tried to do fake reviews in the past, and I've used some services that do it too, and I'm not talking about Fiverr. There's been other services that do that. They end up getting terminated or deleted over time. I've never found a really good service. The only way that I've been able to fake reviews in the past, which I don't even do anymore, but when I was doing it, was to create fake personas, and do it through mobile devices. You can actually create fake mobile devices using … What do they call … Shit, it's been … God, it's been so long since I've done it. What do you call it when you have a virtual box?

A virtual box, where you can create an Android operating system in your PC, and give it its own IP address, and install the Android operating system and do reviews from that. It acts as if it's a mobile device, and those tend to not get filtered out, but that's really geeky setting it up. At least it used to be. It's been at least two years since I've done it. It's probably a hell of a lot easier to set up now, with Bluestacks or something like that. Back in the day, when I was doing it, it was a lot more difficult. I would build up five or six profiles that were active, and they each had their own virtual box and their own IP address that was tied to an Android device operating system. We would build those personas up. For example, they had Yelp profiles, each one of them. Those Yelp profiles, they look like real people, real reviewers, and so there was activity. It was just a lot of work to maintain. It was powerful at the time, but it's not something that I recommend doing anymore. I haven't tested it in a couple years, but personally I just don't do it anymore.

What Are Your Thoughts On Local Client Taking Over FB Group On IFTTT Networks?

Wayne says, “Bradley, I am curious if you would address the Charles Floate (I think it's Charles Floate) rant in the comments being bantered about the Local Client Takeover Facebook group on the real usefulness of the IFTTT networks.

Well, that could take a whole hour in itself, Wayne. I would just refer everybody to that thread and let them read through the thread and make their own decisions. I don't know if that's a public Facebook group or not. Do we want to drop that link? What do you guys think?

Adam: It is not public.

Hernan: No, it is not public. You will need to join. I think we could shout out the link anyway. I think it's a lot of fun, actually.

Marco: The only thing that I would add to that is … We're not marketists, guys. We're just some guys who have our own businesses, who came up with an idea of sharing the stuff that we know works. How do we know it works? Well, we have our membership that will tell you. That's our best testimonial, right? Our successful members. The thing that I would say is talk to the members. Reach out, talk to them, and say, “What are you doing?” Go to IFTTT V2. We have a bragging thread. Go to … I know you guys can't get in to the RYS Facebook group, but by meeting and talking to people who have been successful with RYS, just to see whether the stuff works or not. The claim is that it doesn't work. We know. We do tons of testing before we release anything to the public. The one thing that we do know through our testing is the shit works, man.

Hernan: Period. Point blank.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yes. If you guys … I don't care if we dropped a link to that Facebook post. You guys might have to join the group in order for you to be able to read it, but it is a very long thread. There's been a lot of comments on it. I stand by my comments 100% and the effectiveness of IFTTT networks. There's some haters in the group that are going to say that it doesn't work and blah, blah, blah, but I've got over four years of testing and results. I've built my entire SEO agency business and my lead gen business on IFTTT SEO as the foundation.

Again, with our students and everything else that have had success … My partners and I, we've been using … They've all been using them for over a couple years now. I stand by it 100%. There's more than one way to skin a cat, which I've mentioned in the thread, or in that post. Pick what works for you guys. The way I look at it though, is the IFTTT networks were giving that Google tickle, as Marco calls it. We are actually feeding into the Semantic algorithm. That's what we're doing. We're giving Google what it wants. That's why I think it's so effective, and that's why I think it's going to continue to be effective, even long-term, whereas a lot of traditional SEO methods are becoming less and less effective. Sometimes even become a negative ranking factor at some point. I don't see that being a problem with IFTTT SEO.

Again, I stand by my comments 100%. I'm happy to share that thread, if we can find it.

Adam: Yes, I think just one thing on that is that … Everyone here is … I don't think we've ever had anyone out of line in a Hangout, or on the Hump Day Hangout. I would just say if you do go over there, you do join. Be civil. If you've got anything to say, make sure it's useful. Don't go in there and just say, “It works.” If you've got something to say, that's great. Otherwise, just read through it. It's a pretty cool thread. There's a lot of information in there.

I think a lot of the confusion comes from people who are used to having people say, “This is the only way to do something”, which is never what we say. It's like, “Hey, this is a really easy way to do a lot of really cool things.” Like Bradley just said, this isn't the only way. There's so many different ways you can accomplish things. It's just that this is, one, it works, and two, it's fairly easy. I think a lot of people miss that point and think that if they're not familiar with us, they probably think we're just saying it's, “IFTTT is the only way you can do SEO”, which is obviously not the case.

Bradley: Yes. The people that say, “Well, you guys only say it works because you sold the product.” No, I've built my business on that foundation prior to ever becoming a product. The only reason why it became a product is because it works so damn well for me. When I started sharing it with a few others, they tried it. It worked for them. They said, “Hey, your on to something here.” Thus, Semantic Mastery was born. That's really why. It's not we've created a product to sell to people. I created a system that worked for me that then worked for others that then ended up becoming a product, so that we could share something that works so well with so many others. That's how it worked out. Like Adam said, just be civil if you're going to go in. I could tell you, I was pretty pissed at some of the comments. I wanted to lash out, but I had to exercise some control, and post some diplomatic responses instead.

Marco: I was actually pretty civil also, man. I am very proud of me, because I started to tell people, “Kiss my ass.”

Hernan: You know, what's funny is that, I think these kind of discussions, or these kind of debates, they do a lot of good to our community, because you all see a ton of … I'm really honored that a lot of people are actually saying, “Hey, I tested this and this worked”, and there's a bunch of big names over there, which I truly respect, including you guys. I think these kind of debates, these kind of discussions, they do really well to our community. What we were trying to convey on that is not that … The group is called the Proper PBN Group, so they are still thinking on the PVN side of things, which is completely fine. In fact, we're going to be talking about PBN on today's update for V2.

At some point, you need to understand where everyone is coming from. We have been testing it pretty much everything. We've tested PBNs and we are always in the trenches. One of the good things about, for example, IFTTT SEO Academy is that all of the people that have been going through the training, like guys like [inaudible 00:21:53] Taric Kyle. He's a big name, in my opinion. They're saying, “Hey, is there really thorough training and deep training?” Yes, because we developed the training to train VAs. That was the original idea. It has to be step-by-step. That will be my take on it. I think it's been a great thread. Of course, we got some haters, but that's the norm.

Adam: That means we're doing good if people are hating.

Marco: Yes that's right. If people are hating, we're doing really good. One last thing, just to go back to one of the original pillars of Semantic Mastery was we were going to be testers. We were going to be the lab, so that people wouldn't have to go out and buy garbage. This is what we do now. We found some people, I'm not going to mention names, are peddling garbage. They're peddling stuff that doesn't work. We've probably mentioned names, which we shouldn't have, but it's what we do, man. We test, and we re-test. We tell you whether something works or not.

If it doesn't work, we're not going to try and sell it to you as something that's the end-all to it all, and this is all you need. We're going to tell you, “No, it's crap. Don't buy it.” You're going to get it straight from us, so we're your lab. It's what we do. We're dedicated to that. We stay true to that. Look at what we do every Wednesday. We give you an hour so that you can come and ask us, “Guys, what's working? What do I do?” Here we are, working on a year straight. Has it been two years?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: This is number 87, buddy. We're approaching two years.

Marco: Two years, and we're still here, man.

Bradley: An hour every week. We give back to you guys. We do appreciate all of you who follow us and support us and all that. That's why we do this every week. It's our way of giving back. I truly do enjoy these Hump Day Hangouts, guys, or else I wouldn't do it every damn week. We've only missed one week in 87 episodes. That was a scheduled week off. That's consistency, baby. We're really proud of that. We stand behind our comments and our products. Hands down.

Are Yellow Pages Do Follow Or No Follow?

Lucian says, “Two-part question. Is Yellow Pages a do follow or no follow? After researching I found some mixed answers.”

Well, the easiest way to tell is just go find a Yellow Pages listing and then use source code. See where the URL is. We could go pull one up. Also, if you're using … I always use browser plug-ins that put a strike through no follow links, so it just puts a line through it. Most of the time, you can tell just by actually viewing the listing. If for whatever reason you can't tell, using a strike-through plug-in and a browser plug-in, then you could just do a right click, View Page Source, and then find that link. Just do a Control F and look for the link. Type in the link and then find it, and then look and see if there's a no follow tag or a redirect or something that would be pulling the juice, not redirecting, like a 301, or a straight link if that makes sense.

Marco: I could be mistaken, but if you pay Yellow Pages, I think they'll give a do follow link. I think that it's no follow by default, but if you pay, I think it's like a likes. If you pay, you get a do follow.

Bradley: YellowPages.com. I think it's just YP.com now, isn't it? I think it is. I think you can go to YP.com. Let's just find something. Let's say, plumber. Culpeper, VA. Let's just take a look. Well, that was a landing page. That was weird. I want to look at the actual listing. How do we do that? Oh, that's an ad. That's why. Let's go find an organic listing. Let's look at this one. Okay. It looks like “Visit Website”. I got the strike-through. This is showing no follow. This is a free listing. He might be an upgrade. He might have paid for an upgrade, but it's not an ad. If you saw on the previous page, which was the index page, the search page. You'll see that these are all ads up here and those, when you click on them, they go straight to the landing page. However, if you look at these, these … Here's another one. Lorenzo Plumbing. That's a landing page too. Remember, that's the guy that's got an ad earlier as well.

Just looking at this first organic listing, take a look at that, and you can see the website. It's got the strike-through. That's because I'm using a browser plug-in that highlights no follow. But you could also right click, and then do View Page Source, and then you could do a Control F, and find that link, which is “Visit Website”. There's the anchor text right there. Take a look at the actual link and it says, rel=”nofollow” right there. See that? There's the actual URL, www.fhfurr.com. It says rel=”nofollow”, and you can see that right here. That's the easiest way to tell, guys. Just go look.

Researching and getting mixed reviews or whatever. The quickest way is just validate it for yourself.

Marco: Yes, but look at that map body frame. I'm loving that.

Bradley: It doesn't pull up the iFrame though. You know what I mean? It doesn't pull up data window. You know when we could add it? I wonder why that is. I wonder if we could hack that in, though.

Marco: Probably.

Bradley: That's something we can play with.

Marco: That's definitely worth trying to play with. I'm loving the fact that you can iFrame a Google Map in there.

Bradley: Yes, if we add the MyMaps pin in there with a … [crosstalk 00:27:55]

Marco: There you go. Multiple stats.

Bradley: Making note of that, we can …

Marco: Start giving away stuff.

Hernan: Okay, shush. Let's move on.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Thanks for doing that, Marco. We'll look into it further. Good question though, Lucian.

Would A Website Be Spammy If There Are Lots Of Yellow Pages Links Pointing To It?

“Also, if a website has a lot of Yellow Pages links nationwide in various cities, pointing to a site, would that be considered spamming?

No, because that would make sense. That wouldn't be spammy if … Let's say it's a national franchise, for example. It's one domain, and as a franchisee, you either get a sub-domain or a page on the main domain, which is how a lot of franchises do it. Then having multiple links from different locations from Yellow Pages to the same domain would be okay, because it would make sense. It wouldn't be spammy, because it's an actual valid reason for those. Does that make sense? It would only be spammy if you were linking to the actual same landing page. Chances are, it's going to be separate landing pages for each listing. That's how I look at it, anyway. If it makes sense, if it's logical, then it wouldn't be spam. You know? If you were doing it purely for manipulations purposes, then yes, that could be spammy. It doesn't mean don't do it. It just means it could be spammy, but I don't know how that would work with Yellow Pages anyway.

Does Using 3 Cloudflare Accounts For All Lead Gadget Sites Can Be A Footprint?

Ray is asking a question about Lead Gadget. Ray, I think you've asked questions here about Lead Gadget before. I will answer your question, but remember, I host a webinar every Thursday. Well, not every Thursday, almost every Thursday morning at 7:30 AM, specifically for Lead Gadget, guys. If you have questions about Lead Gadget, please post your questions on the Lead Gadget webinar. That's what that is for. That's 7:30 AM. If you want a link to that, I'll drop it, but I do that at 7:30 AM on Thursdays and it's a Q & A webinar specifically for Lead Gadget, guys.

“Do you think three Cloudfare accounts is enough for Lead Gadget sites or can that be a footprint?”

I would say it should be enough if you're doing other things properly. Based on some recent events, I know that I'm a little bit gun shy right now too. I had 689 sites de-indexed in one fell swoop, which hurt because it was about three months worth of work. Now it's just gone. We're in the process of rebuilding now, and we're doing a few other things. If you want to talk more about it, Ray, post on the Events page. Go to the Lead Gadget Facebook group, click on the Events tab, and you will see the event scheduled for tomorrow. Post your questions over there, even if you can't attend live, I will answer your questions and you can catch them during the replay.

Are There Benefits In Crowdsearch Referral Traffic To Search Social Hashtag?

Scott says, “Would there be any benefit in Crowdsearch Referral traffic to search social hashtag, click on the Google link, view several pages on target site and then instead of ending on the about page, click outgoing on a different social property, URL icon. I call it same as circling?

I don't know, Scott. To be honest, because I haven't done that, and I can't speculate. You could test it though. That's all I would tell you to do, Scott, is just set up some tests on your own and see if there's benefit to that. Remember, sending referral traffic, guys, isn't going to give you an instant ranking boost. At least for the most part it doesn't. What you do is drip out referral traffic, CT Spam, click through spam, over time and you'll see that it will help to boost the rankings. Don't go real aggressive with it unless you're trying to mimic a viral event. If you're just doing, trying to … What I do with these types of referral traffics is I set up little streams or trickles of traffic that over time helps to increase the authority of the site.

Marco: I can see a definite benefit, as long as he's not … As long as he doesn't get carried away, and it looks really natural. Because he's dropping a shortened Google link in there, and those metrics will go straight to Google. Google will measure the activity on that link, and so, yes. If you're letting Google in there and they're seeing all the activity that's going on in there, as long as it's normal activity, just like it would be for anyone else doing that, I think that you could probably get some really good results out of that. You're not going to an about page, you're going to another social property. So it's people going throughout your social properties, following those links, and Google will track every part of that, since you're letting them in that stream.

Hernan: I think that you make a great point, Marco, because what I've seen with referral traffic and CTR spam and those kinds of things is that they help boosting a property. It has to be already liked by Google, in a sense, because if you have a website or property on page 10, and you want to force it out with CTR, it's kind of hard. It's unnatural. It's unnatural to have a result on page 10 will actually naturally move because it's not the way a person would behave, you know? But, if you have it on top of page 2, or brought on page 1, referral traffic can really help you out. I think that if you add that to IFTTT, in a way that you are branding the properties and you are feeding them with content. I think that could be really powerful.

Bradley: To expand on that, guys, we did an entire update webinar for Clap Crowdsearch. If you haven't seen it, just go to Google, search “crowd search training 2016”. “Crowd search training 2016“. You'll see that we have a webinar. It should be ranked #1 for that term, or “crowd search demo 2016”. Either that, demo or training. Either one should give you the same result. Go through that training if you haven't already, Scott. If you have and others that haven't, then go through that training.

One thing I want to mention that Hernan just said is absolutely true. A [inaudible 00:33:53] mistake that I see a lot of people … These are the same people that try it. They don't get instant results, and then they say, “Oh that doesn't work”, and they quit. Good. Get the hell out of here. Make room for the people that know what they're doing. You know what I mean? Honestly, because I hate it when people give up too soon because they're lazy. I'm not saying that about you, Scott.

What I've seen a lot, that Hernan just mentioned, was that when people use crowd searches, they go after the keyword search. They want to force their site to show up for the keyword search. Their site might be on page 4, and all of a sudden they set up click through, CT spam traffic. That's why it's called click through spam traffic, which is not negative, in my opinion. They set up click through spam traffic with the keyword search and then they have the CT spam, the visitors, go search for all the way back to page 4, and then click on it. That is completely unnatural. Completely unnatural. For it to start getting a steady stream of traffic, for a keyword search when it's listed on page 4. That's the problem.

People do that and think, “Oh, I'm going to force this up on the page 1”, not thinking that's dumb. It looks completely unnatural. The better route is to send referral traffic, but not a flood of traffic. Just do a little trickle of traffic, and over the next few weeks to a couple months, you should see your site start creeping up, because Google's recognizing referral traffic from alternative sources. Not from Google search. It's getting referral traffic through social media, on Web 2.0's, third party platforms. That's why you use either analytics on your site, or you use a goo.gl short link, which injects analytics into the link. The other thing that you can do is set up a brand, or navigational searches, where you search for the name of the business or the name of the website or the blog. Then send traffic that way, because that does make sense. That will also increase, what we call, site weight. It gives the site more authority in Google's eyes.

Instead of setting up a keyword search, when the site's listed on page 4 and then clicking through to that, which is completely unnatural, you could do a search for the name of the site, or the business, or the blog. Then click through to that because chances are, it's going to be ranked right at #1 for that search. Right? For that brand name search. So that makes sense too. Again, you don't do a flood of traffic. You do a slow and steady stream of traffic, and let it build over time. You want it to look as natural as possible. That's where most people go wrong with CT spam, is they try brute force click throughs to make something rank. They don't think about it strategically. I've had incredible success using that tool. It's part of all my SEO campaigns now, because it works well when you do it that way. Again, we covered all of that in the training webinar.

This Stuff Works

Is Picasa Dead?

Scott says, “Where are my images stored in Google? Is Picasa dead?”

Yes. Hasn't Picasa been down? Isn't it Google Photos now?

Marco: Yes. I dropped a link in there. It's photos.google.com and then he can search through albums or photos. You can see everything that was uploaded in either Google or Picasa. He's good to go.

Bradley: Yes. Google Photos are at photos.google.com. That's right. Also, you could do some stuff with Panaramio, if they're original images. That's the problem I found with Panaramio, is they have to be original images, but you could do some pretty good SEO stuff for locals with Panaramio.

How Does IFTTT SEO Validates Entities & How It Differs From Link Wheel?

Richard Bowles. “Please excuse me if this is a noob question. I am new at this SEO and I'm trying to find my way. I read on a thread in Facebook that IFTTT SEO is like a 2009 link wheel.”

He's talking about the same thread we were mentioning earlier, guys. That's where Richard came from, so welcome Richard, by the way.

But he's said, “I've also heard Marco say that IFTTT SEO validates entities. Not sure what that means and that it does the Google tickle. Love that by the way. Can you please explain entities to Google tickle, a link wheel and how IFTTT SEO is different from a link wheel?

We can't get into too much detail here, but a 2009 link wheel, that may be true except … If we were using a persona-based IFTTT ring to syndicate our content to, then that would be true. It would be very much like a link wheel from several years ago. But what we do is we don't try to hide footprints. We claim footprints. We do that, and we create a branded network of sites that is an extension of our brand that automatically syndicates our branded content from our main money site, whether that's a blog or a YouTube channel or whatever, out to our branded properties, which is completely natural. It's completely normal. That's what the big brands do. They produce content and then they share it to all their social media and all of their third party platforms, because it just gives them more reach, more exposure. So why should our little sites be any different than what the big brands do?

That's what we do with our syndication rings, is syndicate our own content to extensions of our brand, where we are on third party platforms. It helps to build authority. It helps to validate the entity, as far as the Semantic web, Semantic web validation, and it helps with the Google tickle. It gives several … It speaks to the positive parts of the algorithm very well, which is building brand, freshness of content, relevant and related content. There's so many things that it does that a link wheel wouldn't do. That's why when somebody says something like that, they truly don't understand what it is that we're doing. I'm not talking about you, Richard. I'm saying that the comment that referred to a 2009 link wheel, which was the first comment on that thread. Something like, “2009 called and said they want their link wheels back.” Okay. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. It works for me. As long as it works, I'm going to use it.

Marco: I would just add that a 2009 link wheel, going back to Essie New, which is a 2009. They were properties that were set up to provide a link back to the source. Google used to pick those out left and right, and de-index them like there's no tomorrow. Now, what we do is we set up profiles. We brand them. We customize them. We make them look like they're actually being used by someone, because they are. If they're your brand, or if they're a persona, then it's going to look real to whoever looks at them. They have activity, they have visitors, which is totally different. From this website, way out there, nowhere, that's just providing a link and it does absolutely nothing except provide a link back. That's a huge difference. As you said, talking to the positive sections of the algorithm, distance graph, freshness, seasonal. There's a bunch of things that it does and validation takes place in different ways.

The way that this validates is through this activity and through all of these positive sections of the algorithm that are going out into the web. The bot goes out and it looks for all of these signals to say, “Okay. This is a real entity.” That's what it's looking for. It looks real, whereas this PBN or whatever it is set up out there, that is not linked to anything else except this website, that is not linked to anything else and is not doing anything else. It has no social media. It has no presence. It's not doing anything. That's the big difference. Having something that's, for lack of a better word, alive, versus something that does absolutely nothing, except provide a link. There's an algorithm that looks exactly for that, just so you know.

What we do, what we give you isn't just something that we make up. I go and I read that patents, and I see where Google was going. I see the patents that it gets granted. I see what it's trying to do. I don't know how, but it just pops into my head what it is that Google was trying to do. I have a programming background, and I think that's where it comes from, where I can see where the communication is taking place and what Google is trying to do. Richard, take it for whatever it is. I would just to try it. Set it up. Set up something that's just PBNs with nothing else, and set up something with IFTTT and see which one ranks better.

What Are The Possible Impact If Someone Doing Negative SEO On Your Sites? 

Bradley: Yes. All right, Ryan says, “Bradley, you mentioned some negative SEO on one of your sites with thousands of links all no follow and it boosted the rankings. Did there ever end up being a negative effect on this site?”

No, because I disavowed those links anyway, Ryan. It's funny, but some negative SEO on one of my client's sites, and the hit it with thousands of exact match anchors, but they were all no follow, which is like, “You dummy.” It was funny because we were always bouncing between 3 or 4 organic listings, and after that negative SEO attack, with all no follow links, exact same anchor, we ended up shooting to #1. I was quite aware of the fact that, although it had a temporary boost, that it could end up hurting this site. I ended up building a disavow file, and then submitting it to Google Search Console. At the time, it was Webmaster Tools. So that those links were disavowed, but it's funny, but that ranking boost stuck after that.

That's kind of like what Hernan calls, “The Ghost Effect”. That's where you build links to something to get it to rank, and then you can take those links down once it ranks, and it still has a lasting effect. That's what I think happened in this case, because … Well, that, and I was also doing other SEO, so once it was boosted to #1, which coincidentally happened right after those thousands of exact match anchors were sent to the site. Within 30 days, I had already built a disavow file and submitted it. We maintained our rankings. It never ended up causing any negative effect. Had I not built the disavow file, and submitted it to Search Console, it may have ended up hurting the site at some point. It was a paying client, so I didn't want to leave it up as a test. That would be kind of a cool case study though. To set up a random site, and hit it with 10,000 exact match anchors, all no follow, and then see what kind of an effect it has. I have never actually done that. That would actually be a pretty good case study.

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Where To Get Affordable Content For Syndication In IFTTT?

“Where to get affordable content for syndicating the IFTTT regular?”

Curate it, Jesse. Curate it. That's the best and most effective or efficient way to create content regularly, is to hire a virtual assistant, train them how to curate, and have them do it for you. We have an entire training course on it called “Curation Mastery”. We're updating that course for 2016, and we're going to relaunch it at the end of August under a different name, called “Content Kingpin”. That will be available. Anybody that purchases “Curation Mastery” will get the updated version called “Content Kingpin” when it's released, so if you're interested in that, we could drop the link. You can literally take the training for “Curation Mastery” and hire a virtual assistant, and put them through the training course, and they'll be able to curate for you when they come out the other side. I know because that's how I train my curators, and I've got a team of about 9 curators right now.

Kevin says, “Not a lot of questions today, so I'll ask another.”

We're almost out of time, guys. We've got to run, so I'm going to try to get through 2 more questions.

Is Having A Link From Non-Niche & Popular Websites Better Than Having A Link From Regular PBN With Related Niche?

“Would it be better to get a link to my money site from the site that has LA Times, Huffington Post, etc. back-links going to it, but it is not niche-related or a niche-related back-link for my regular quality PBN?”

That's a tough one. What I would do is set up the … If you have a domain that has back-links pointing to it, from LA Times, Huffington Post, etc., that's pretty powerful. You should use that, absolutely. I'm not sure whether you … I'd have to have more details, Kevin. I would want to look at it more to tell you exactly what I would do with it. I might set up a buffer site. Rebuild that domain, and then just link from that domain to my money site. Or I might just do a redirect to an IFTTT property that's got a do follow link to my money site or something like that. That's going to be more powerful than a regular quality PBN link.

Even if it's niche-related, those big sites like LA Times, Huffington Post, they just carry a lot of juice through those links, guys. Even though it's not really related, it still has quite an effect, at least for now. As we continue to move further into Web 3.0, the Semantic web, that will become less effective and it will be more about niche-related. It's kind of going that way now, but some sites are just super powerful, like LA Times, Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Inc. Those kind of sites are all really powerful. If you can get a link from them, and I don't care how you get it. If you can get a link from them, you're going to see a pretty significant effect.

Does It Matter If The Same Exact Business Name Is Used In Multiple Locations For Google My Business?

Last one, guys. “Google My Business names for multiple locations. A client of mine has 3 locations.”

My computer is yelling at me. Excuse me. I hate how Google Calendar does that. It drives me crazy.

“A client of mine has 3 locations and 3 different cities. For all 3 locations, business names in Google My Business and other local citation sites have the exact same name with different phone and address. Does it matter if the same exact business name is used in multiple locations?”

Absolutely not, Varun. It makes no difference at all. What's important is because … If it's the same company, it shouldn't have different company names for each location. It shouldn't. It should be one consistent name. What you want the name, address, phone number, you want a unique address, a unique phone number, and a unique web address, which could be a sub-domain or it could be just a landing page on the domain, so each location has its own landing page. It should have the same business name because it's the same company. I've got Lead Gen sites all over the place that are built on sub-domains. For each locations on its own sub-domain, but it's the same business name. It's got a unique address, physical address, phone number, and web address, but the business name is the same. It's never caused me an issue. Where it starts to cause issues is if you share the same phone number, the same landing page, or the same physical address. Any time you do that, across more than one location, that's when you start getting NAP issues. You'll start having some serious NAP issues. As long as the physical address, the phone number, and the landing page are unique, it can share the same business name without any negative effect. That's actually the right way to do it.

Okay, guys. This ended up. I was worried that we weren't going to have enough questions. We ran out of time, so thanks everybody for being here. The IFTTT V2 Update Webinar starts in about 8 minutes, guys. Be there or be square. We'll see you then. Thanks guys.

Hernan: Thanks. Bye bye.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 83

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 83 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: All right. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 8th of June, and this is Hump Day Hangouts 83. We are chugging right along. Every time I see it in the 80's, even though it's once a week, I'm like, “All right, we're getting close to 100.” It's going to be a little bit. Let's go down the line and say hello. We'll start with Chris. How are you doing Chris?

Chris: Doing excellent. How are you?

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, what's up?

Hernan: Hey guys, it's really good to be here.

Adam: It's now progressed from sweater to sweatshirt with a hood weather. Is it getting colder down there?

Hernan: Getting colder. You won't see me at some point, you won't even see me.

Adam: Speaking of weather. Marco, how's it going?

Marco: Nice and warm, man. About to get some rain, so I probably won't be able to participate in Hangout, but you know, that's how it goes.

Adam: Okay. We've got a comment saying that nobody could be heard. You guys can't be heard on Facebook Live.

Bradley: I know you didn't introduce me, sorry but I had to come in. We're trying an experiment. We're trying to do Facebook Live broadcast at the same time that we're doing Hump Day Hangout, but it's weird because my mobile device is pointed directly at me and showing just my face. Nobody can see the screen and apparently other people can't hear you guys when you talk. Anyway, some behind the scenes stuff.

Adam: Let's just go through, I've got a couple of announcements real quick, and then we'll get rolling. The first one I wanted to share is if you're in IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0, we wanted to let you know you can submit your video case studies and share the results. I'm going to put the URL in here, or Hernan, if you've got that handy. I actually think I chopped it off when I copied it. We just wanted to let you guys know that there's some opportunities there for some pretty cool stuff. We're going to say that. V2 members, you got the opportunity there to get some awesome stuff. We'll be talking more about that. Hernan will drop the link if you're in there. By all means, go check it out.

All we're looking for is some short videos, good quality guys, don't be doing some selfie 240p resolution stuff, but it doesn't have to be professional recording quality. About two minutes, maybe two to ten minutes. There's a variety of stuff you can do. What we're doing basically, in a nutshell, is we're going to be going through and choosing the best each month for a free month of MasterMind access. Pretty cool stuff.

Chuck Norris approved. All right. Then one other one. This is for everybody, whether you're a member of our groups or not, just if you're available and you're paying attention during the, I believe the 20th to the 29th of June, we're going to be having a contest that we'll be talking more about next week, but just keep your eyes and ears open for that. We're going to be giving away some awesome prizes, including yearly access to some of our memberships, as well as some cool, well they're freedom journals. I don't know, Hernan, what you would want to describe them as, kind of personal accelerator type of books.

Hernan: Yeah, it's kind of something that would allow you to, let's put it this way, to achieve your objectives faster and keep you on track. It's 100 day journal, I think it's pretty cool. We're giving away that with a bunch of other goodies. Stay tuned because it's going to be good.

Adam: Awesome. Cool. I'll have to post that picture soon. I've got them, they're actually sitting in a box in the closet right now, it's kind of sad, but I've got one on my desk. That's all I've got, you guys got anything?

Bradley: Nope, as far as I know we can get into questions.

Adam: I was going to say, I guess it's too late, but I'll go ahead and say it. If you missed out on the presentation, the webinar Marco did on Monday, that was awesome. Then we did end up having a replay up for 24 hours, but I think that's probably over by now.

Bradley: Yeah. We might end up opening up those webinars again if we polish them up and package them properly, but we haven't decided that yet. If we do, we'll make sure we let you guys know.

Adam: Awesome. All right, let's get to it.

Bradley: Let's get into it. All right, I'm going to grab the screen and lock it onto me. Make sure you guys are seeing everything all right. Are we good?

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Okay cool. All right, here we go, Mark O'Connell. There's a big photo here, I'm not sure why.

Adam: I like to think that that's an introduction without words.

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Is It Over-Optimized To Use Different Industries As SubDomains In The Same Root Domain?

Bradley: Hey. Hi. All right. Mark O'Connell says, “Hi guys. First, big thank you to Marco for the wonderful information given on Monday. Really enjoyed it, I'll plus one that. My question is, let's say I have a domain, plumbersnearme.com, and I have one like this but not for plumbers, is that over optimized? This is now a keyword, I mean industry, near me.” No, not really. It would be if you had a city name in there, but having plumbers in there, that's pretty standard, that's normal. Think about it, I know you said it's not plumbers, but I'm just saying this as an example. A lot of businesses will use what industry they're in as part of their brand name. That's not abnormal at all, or over optimized.

“If I sub-domain out per city, london.plumbersnearme.com, Manchester.plumbersnearme.com, can I have the business name as londonplumbersnearme for a Google maps listing under the same root, but sub-domain cities out to target other areas, or should I just use a completely separate domain?” Let's see, that would be, yeah I would just use different sub-domains on the same domain, the same root. Am I reading that question wrong? Is he just asking about should he keep building out on the same domain? I think that's what the question is, Mark, if I'm misunderstanding the question, please forgive me. It seems like you're asking, should you continue building out cities on the same domain, or use different domains entirely. I would say keep building out cities on the same domain.

Chris: Yeah, I read it the same way, Bradley, so yeah.

How To Fix Videos Without Thumbnails In Search Results Page?

Bradley: Okay. He says, “If I can be cheeky and ask one more quick one. Do you ever have videos on page one with no thumbnail?” Yes, it happens often. I have one here with just a black screen, yes, that's been kind of a glitch that's been going on for a few months. “For another keyword the same video on page two shows my thumbnail, very weird. Is there a way to fix this?” No, as far as I know there's no way to fix it. It's just an anomaly with Google's algorithm. I know some videos will show with a black thumbnail for some reason. It's odd, because sometimes they'll show with a black thumbnail and then other times they'll show with the actual thumbnail. It's kind of hit or miss. Some keywords show it, some don't. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I do not know how to fix it. I believe it's just a glitch with Google. They're going to have to fix it.

I've also had videos that index, but no thumbnail shows. Not even a placeholder, like the black placeholder that you're talking about. I've had videos index, but it looks like just a regular text listing. That's weird too.

Which Bitly Link To Use When Building Tiered Links In IFTTT Network?

Okay, Ed says, “Hey guys, with regard to the new Bitly Profile link …” Ed, I read your question earlier. I'm assuming you're not in IFTTT V2 or SEO Academy V2, because if you were, we did a update webinar on Bitly already. Go check the update section of the members area, and there's a video about that. There's a video in the updates section as well as during the update webinar that we did. There's actually, it's been mentioned twice already. Bitly sun setted their public profile pages, it's not a big deal. It just means you don't add a Bitly profile link in with all your other links when you're interlinking properties. That's all. You still use Bitly, you just don't have a profile link anymore. That's all.

Chris: Right. What I wanted to add to that is that Bitly will still turn your 301's into 302's if you spam them. That's still the case. We have been advising, time and time again, if you're doing some advanced stuff, like 301's and spam and those kind of things, do not use Bitly, because Bitly will turn your 301's into 302's, and all of your link building will be pointless. At that point, I wouldn't use Bitly if you're building tier links or something like that, just because they will still show that spam notice, whatever it is.

Bradley: Yeah. What's interesting is Bitly will do that too, arbitrarily. It's weird. Sometimes without even spamming a Bitly link, it will add a spam attribute. It basically just makes it a 302 link. Sometimes, it could be the cleanest, most pristine link that you've never done anything questionable with, and they'll still sometimes just add a spam tag to it. I don't know why that is, so just keep that in mind.

What Are Some Precautions When Using Authority Sniper With Google's Feedburner?

Next question. R. Bacon says, “Just purchased the authority sniper. I was wondering if there was any precautions I should take with regard to the feed burners, since that is connected to Google?” I don't think so, but you can add multiple accounts to it. If you are worried about it. The way that I typically do things is that I have persona accounts anyway, that are themed. If I'm going to be creating a feed about plumbing, then I'm going to pick the persona account that's a plumber. All of the feed burner feeds that I create, or it could be a bit broader, it could be home improvement related, or whatever. That persona's account that I'm going to be using has most likely been already themed around that particular topic or niche. Again, you can add multiple Google accounts to it. That's what I would do, is just grab one of your persona accounts from one of your IFTTT networks, or a few of them, and kind of theme them. Make sure you label them properly in your RSS Authority Sniper software so that you know what they are when you go to select them.

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How To Generate Content For E-Commerce Sites?

Laurie says, “Hi everyone. We have a potential client asking for help with their website. They have a domain name that redirects to an e-commerce site. It has no capability of a blog, so it is very thin with content. Short of a paid advertising campaign, do they have any suggestions? Thanks so much.” They have a domain name that redirects, well yeah, if they have a domain name sure you can put a sub-domain on that domain and install WordPress and use that as a blog. Laurie, even if the domain itself redirects, I'm assuming it's probably a masked redirect. In other words, when it redirects to that URL that you're listing here, it's probably still showing their domain name. Am I right?

I'm assuming that's the way that it is, that it might redirect, but it's a masked redirect. If that's the case, you could just put a sub-domain on. You would have to use a DNS mapping service like Amazon Route 53 or Cloud Player or something like that, but you could create a sub-domain and point that to a regular hosting account. Then put WordPress on the sub-domain, and just use that as your content distribution engine, your blog essentially. It could be blog.yourclientsdomain.com. You know what I mean?

Adam: Yeah, and then you just put a link. I know some people get confused when they're thinking about this, and get lost in the sub-domain part. You just be sure, put a link on your site somewhere, like, “Hey, this is our blog.” Or whatever.

Marco: If you guys look at that URL, it's already on a sub-domain.domain.com, so all they have to do is add blog.domain.com, and use the blog as the content driver to rank the content on the main domain, since it's content thin anyway. To rank the products and services, or whatever is being offered. We do that all the time.

Bradley: I think the thing is, it's an e-commerce solution, so I'm not sure that she has access to add a sub-domain to this. If she does, yeah absolutely, then just put blog.whatever. If you don't, if you're using your own custom domain and it just redirects to this because you don't have access to control this, then you could still just create a sub-domain on your root domain and just map it over to a regular hosting account. Then install Word Press there. Again, that's just going under that assumption, if you have a custom domain and it redirects to here, it's probably masked.

Hernan: Yeah, that's exactly what I did for a client. They were having something like Volusion or something as their main e-commerce website, and their main e-commerce was out of my hosting. We hire another hosting just for the blog, because it was like Shopify, the main domain was maxed to the Volusion platform. Via DNS, we had to open a blog.domain.com and start blogging over there. It was an extra step that you need to take, Laurie, because Word Press, it would take a ton of time for you. In this case you do not even have blog capability, but in case some other clients come with another e-commerce project, like Magento or whatever, Shopify, et cetera. It takes a ton of time to learn Word Press, so it will be always better to work with that. Otherwise it's not worth it, or they need a ton of money.

Bradley: That's like when I get any client on a custom web platform and they ask me, would I be willing to optimize? I tell them no. I tell them flat out, “I'll provide consulting services, that I can give instructions to your web master to do it, but I'm not going to learn a new platform for one client.” There's no way they're going to pay me enough to do that.

Which To Choose Between RYS Academy And MasterMind?

Okay Brian Dunn says, “Your road map doesn't include RYS. For people who are already monetized and have some industry knowledge, but want to go ninja school to seriously up their game, but you can only pay for either RYS or Master Mind, can you walk through why you might choose one versus the other?” Great question Brian. I would say go with MasterMind. The reason I would say go with MasterMind is because number one, if you join MasterMind, when you are ready to purchase RYS, you get a 30% discount. That's substantial, number one. Number two, MasterMind, every two weeks we hold a webinar. It's the community where you have access to us, and my team members, as well as all the other SEO professionals in the group, so there's a lot of discussions that go on. A lot of people sharing great information, results, that kind of things.

Not that RYS doesn't have kind of an aspect like that as well, but RYS is one specific part of SEO, whereas Master Mind covers so much. There's bits and pieces of RYS sprinkled throughout the MasterMind as well. Again, I would recommend going with the Master Mind because that's going to give you a foundation that you can build upon. When you're ready to join RYS, you also get the 30% discount.

As well as, you get all the other stuff that we have, included in the Master Mind membership, that's under $300. IFTTT SEO Academy V2, Master Class, you get to attend all those webinars, and access to the members area for that. That's all included in MasterMind, as well as all of our other products that are under $300, you get those included. Any of our products that are over $300 you get a 30% discount on, and you guys also, as MasterMind members, get first access to products when we launch. First access to services. You get to be beta testers. You get review copies of stuff before we launch. There's a lot of benefits. Does anybody else want to sell him on Master Mind also?

Hernan: No. I was about to say that, as a disclaimer, the discount doesn't include services.

Bradley: No, training.

Hernan: Yeah, only training.

Marco: The only thing that I would add, if you have a 22 caliber pistol, and a 50 caliber pistol, they're both guns, and you can shoot with both, but shooting a 50 caliber is so much fun, man. One's a pistol, and the other one you can watch stuff blow up, so come on over to the dark side when you're ready.

Adam: Yeah again. RYS is awesome, there's no question, but the reason I would recommend MasterMind is because of all the additional benefits that come with that, and you get the discount on RYS at a later date, or whenever you're ready. You get the discount immediately, but you can purchase it whenever.

Marco: I agree, because it has not only everything that you mentioned, but the members, or the partners, of MasterMind are constantly in the community. We're always providing guidance or answering questions. Just taking care of the community as best we can. You also get that benefit.

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What Are Your Favorite SEO Task Management Tools For Outsourcers?

Bradley: Jenny says, “Afternoon gentlemen. Thank you all for your hard work in these Hangouts. I will plus one that. What do you guys use for SEO task management? Any favored apps or workflow for outsources and the like?” Adam's pinging me. Cameraman. Sorry, I've gotten distracted with Facebook Live this time guys. Okay. Now it should be a bigger video. Okay, SEO task management. You know what, I've always used, for a long time now, about two years now, I've been using Trello for training. Recently, within about the last four or five weeks now, I've been using an app called Flow, which is like, I should show a demonstration of it real quick. It's freaking fabulous. It's going to be highlighted in that new training course that's launching at the end of this month, called Outsource Kingpin. We're talking about that a lot. It's not necessarily an SEO task management tool. It's a workforce management app, and it's really cool.

The reason why, any of you that haven't done Trello yet, haven't used Trello, I think it's great for training and creating working procedures for specific tasks. If you guys aren't familiar with what I mean by working procedures, that's where you take a task and you document how to do it, both in video and with written out or documented steps. Linear steps, step one, step two, step three, in order to complete that task. With Trello, I would put tasks into Trello boards that would have the step by step process. It was hard to organize the tasks into higher level projects, at least I found it difficult to. I find Trello to be awesome for just teaching the working procedures for a particular task.

However, Flow, let me show this to you guys real quick. I think it's called getflow.com is the name of the … It's a paid app though, that's the difference. Just so you guys know. Let's go here. I'll log in and just show you guys. I started using this about four, five weeks ago with one of the teams that I'm working on, the ATM site building team. Let me show you guys what this looks like, why I like this so much. This is like a combination of Trello along with Slack, the chat app, which we use for semantic mastery anyways, my partners and I, we're always chatting in Slack. Slack is the developer of this, so everything integrates. They also have a time tracking software, it's called GetHarvest.com, that integrates with this as well, so you can star to actually track the amount of time spent on each task. Like when you start to build an outsourcing team, you can monitor how much time is being spent on every task. There you can see where who's being more efficient than others. Then you can go and ask, “Why is it taking you twice as long to do something it is somebody else? Is there something that you don't understand? Do you need some additional tools?” Whatever.

This is the app guys, if you take a look at this. Here's the team that I've been working on, what they call work spaces. This is ATM site building. You can see over here some of the projects that we work on. What I like about this is, for example, if I look at the campaign review, if I come up here and change the view to can ban, the can ban view version is the same as Trello. Any of you have seen me talk about Trello before at all, I always talk Trello up this way. This is a technique that I actually learned from Peter Garrity. That's create these lists to do, doing, done and needs attention. When a VA comes in, in this case the team leader, this is Hazel, our team leader for this particular team. When she comes in, she grabs this card, which is a task, and drops it in here, into doing. She opens it up and it shows all the tasks that need to be completed. What they call sub-tasks, that she can go right on down the line and check it off. When she's done she puts it in the done list.

If something happens, and she's unable to complete the entire task. Let's say that she gets down to this point and she gets stuck, then she can drag this over to needs attention, and I'm subscribed to this board, so that when something gets dumped into the needs attention list, I get notified of it, and I can come open it up. She can actually leave a comment if she wants, in the actual task. Let me close this and you can see it. She can leave comments and say why she had to stop at that particular sub-task. Then I can go resolve the issue for her, give her assistance, whatever, and then drag it back over to to-do, once I've resolved the issue. She can bring it back and work on it again. This isn't necessarily an SEO specific work management app, and hopefully Jenny you weren't asking specifically about an SEO management app, but this one itself, Flow, is really cool. It is a paid app.

Trello is free, but Trello I think is much more difficult to organize stuff into more general projects. Where you combine multiple tasks into overall projects or procedures, does that make sense, then this one I find to have a lot more functionality. I don't know, hopefully you guys found this interesting. I'm going to be transitioning, trying to bring in most of all my working procedures into this, into Flow and using it. We're paying for it right now. It's like $59 a month for up to ten team members, or ten sub-accounts or whatever it is. It's very valuable though. I've found this to be one of the easiest ways to manage a team, and I just started using it about four or five weeks ago.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: What's good about this is it's not only, not exclusively for SEO. It will help you a ton. I've been using Trello for awhile now, but what's good about this kind of project management, or task management, is that first you will need to go through the hard work of actually splicing, or kind of dividing your main task into little tasks for your VA's. That's what we did with V2, et cetera. I think this goes two ways. It will allow you to actually manage your projects, but it will allow you to be actually more picky, I would say, with the tasks you're giving to your VA's, which I think is great.

Bradley: Yeah. Like I said, in here they've got a chat app. You can create chat rooms and assign specific people to it. You can assign workers, team members. Again, it will integrate with Harvest. I'm only pitching this, guys, because I think it's such a good program. This is the other thing. Those of you that are starting to build out teams, this is something that's going to be, I'm working on building out the management procedures right now, with Hazel. As soon as I'm done working with her in building these out, then I'm going to work on bringing the individual builders, which are her subordinates, the people that she manages. We're going to bring all their tasks into here, and have it set up in a hierarchy.

That's when we're going to install this Harvest right here, which is the time tracking app that integrates with it. That way we can start to identify, from our workers, who's being the most productive, and people that aren't being as productive, why, we can address that. We can make sure that they're clocking in every day, they're giving us eight hours a day, five days a week, 40 hours a week basically, all of this. Again, this is something that we're going to be integrating into our system. Up until now, I've done everything just using Trello and Google Docs, and that's pretty much it.

Would You Disclose The Relationship Between Child Sites To The Parent Site Within A Network?

Okay, good question. Next one. Chris says, “Questions submitted via support desk. Customer prefers not to disclose their name. If you lived in Buffalo and were going to create a Buffalo home services network of sites, doing everything from landscaping to home repair, and you were going to be starting from scratch and using RYS, IFTTT to build it all, would you blatantly claim the relationship between the sites and their connection to the parent DHS network so you were 100% publicly claiming everything about how they're related, or do you see that as just being way too risky? Is there some other reason you wouldn't even think of doing that? If you were just going to out claim it and also have a spare LLC laying around, would just use that LLC to do it, so it's even more legit, and use that single business to create all the pages, YouTube channel, and everything from all the different home trades? If not, which persona approach would you take?”

Okay. It's a bit of an involved question. I would have to think about that. I don't see a problem with having a consistent brand across all of them. However, I would try to limit my risk in a way, such as be building out sites on sub-domains and such so that I could separate liability, my exposure in other words, in case any one of my sites were to get hit. Here's my point. If I was going to say like Buffalo Home Services, maybe I would call it like BHS.com, or BuffaloServices.com, or something like that. Let's say you were going to go with that. Then I would build out maybe industry specific sub-domains. We already know that the site is going to cover just the Buffalo area. You've got that in the root domain, so that's pretty apparent.

What I would do is probably do like landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, all of those would each be individual sub-domains. The only reason I say that, instead of putting it all on one site, you could put it all on one site, just so you know. If you were going to do that, then it would be all the same brand anyways. You wouldn't have anything to do about linking out different sites and all that. I would all be the same site, and that's perfectly okay. You would want to silo the site out that way too, but if you were to every do anything that Google didn't like, then they slap your site, you're going to lose all of it. You've got to keep that in mind.

What I would probably do is build it out on one domain. I understand you're asking, “Should you be using different domains?” Personally no, I would try to build that as a brand, potentially, the Buffalo Home Services as a brand, so why not build everything out on sub-domains of that root site? The root site could then be like a billboard for your brand. In other words, it's like an online brochure, it explains what Buffalo Home Service is, what your vision is, what kind of service you're trying to provide to the area. Then from there it could actually link to the sub-domain sites as kind of a directory. The root domain would be almost like an index page. Then all of your sub-domain sites would be covered. From there, the only reason I would do that is in case any one of your sites were to get hit for something, it wouldn't affect all the other ones. If your HVAC site got hit with a penalty for some reason, then your plumbing site should be fine, it shouldn't be affected. How would you do it Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah, definitely I would go the sub-domain route. I think it was Marco who shared that Viper Chill. I'll see if I can find it. The Viper Chill post. It was like 16 companies own, probably the first page of Google, and they are blatantly related. Those are called money block networks. Instead of private blog networks, those are called like that. There are a bunch of cases where you have even different domains all under the same IP, on the same server. Google does not penalize them, and they are all interlinked.

This Stuff Works

I think that as long as you are honest with your clients, et cetera, and you're telling them, “Hey, we are part of these networks.” You should be fine. You are open, you are out there and you are actually owning your content, which is what we have been preaching all of this time. I would definitely go the sub-domain route, just in terms of protection and to actually leverage your own SEO efforts. If you do like landscaping.bhs.com, and then you do home repair, home repair will be easier to rank than landscaping, and so and so of the subsequent domains because of domain authority, et cetera. I think that would be the best way to go.

Marco: I went over this on Monday. You validate the entity, right? That's why all these people can get away with it, all these other big companies. The difference between those and private blog networks is entity creation. They validate it, we don't. That's when we get in trouble.

Bradley: That's what I was saying. I would be trying to build that as a brand, Buffalo Home Services, because guys, brands are rewarded, in part because they're validated entities, which is what Marco was just saying. That's in part why they get rewarded, because there's semantic validated entities. That's part of it. That's why I would say, go ahead and claim it. As far as the LLC, that's up to you. That's more of a business call, as to whether or not you'd want to have. IF you're going to be building out a large network of sites all around that particular brand, then it would make sense to have a separate entity specifically for that business, for Buffalo Home Services.

For example, you guys know I run a ton of lead gen sites. I run everything under my main corporation, my local market consulting business. I just use, I've got some DBA's, I've got to be honest, some of them I don't have DBA's for, but some of them I have DBA's for. However, one of my clients is a particular contractor that I've got a bunch of sites for him, all over the place. That's under a particular brand. In retrospect, I probably should have created a separate corporation for that, because I do a ton of lead gen stuff for him, and we do equity share anyway, and there's some benefits to having a separate entity for that one particular business because we have such a network of sites, all from that same business. I don't know if that makes sense.

What I'm saying is, I've got things underneath my main corporate marketing account that are in like the home services industry, a lot of different sites like that. I think for the larger sites, the larger projects that I work on that cover multiple sites, that should almost be its own entity. For accounting purposes, there's a lot of benefits to having it like that. Again, that's going to be a little bit more red tape on your part. It's not hard to do though, LLC's are easy to set up. Yeah, that's how I would do it. I don't see anything else left to answer in that question. That was a pretty intense question.

Greg says, “Holly just joined your IFTTT training this week, and have to say it's …” That must be hi, it's probably auto-corrected or something. “Just joined your IFTTT training this weekend. I have to say it's one of the most organized courses I've ever seen, and I have seen many over the years. Good job.” Plus one that. Thanks Greg. Appreciate that.

How To Manage The Access Of An Account From Multiple IP?

Kevin says, “Hey guys, have a few questions about setting up networks. Do we only use one USA proxy per network, per business? Which accounts absolutely need to be phone verified? If any accounts ever need to be re-verified, does the number need to work to receive re-0verify messages, or do I need to paste the phone numbers to re-verify? What's the best way to manage a client not being able to sign into an account to bind their IP, or client signs in for multiple different IP's? Thanks as always.”

Okay, couple questions. One USA per proxy per network per business. No, you don't have to do that man. You'd need a lot of unique proxies then. You don't need to use any proxies if you're only creating a handful of accounts. For example, the Get it Done network that I created for the IFTTT V2 training, I created that under my own IP. I showed how to use proxies, because I don't build a whole lot of networks anymore, I have VA's that do that for me. However, if I was building a bunch of networks, I would definitely be using proxies. I just don't need them because I don't build them very often anymore. If I build one network every three months, then I can create it under my own IP, it's not an issue.

Kevin, if you're building a bunch of networks, let's say that you just have five dedicated proxies, then on Monday you build a network with proxy one, Tuesday proxy two, all the way through. When you get to the following Monday, you go back to proxy one again. Does that make sense? You're just cycling through. It doesn't matter. You can actually, we've tested this, but you can create two accounts, you can probably create more, but it will start to force the phone verification when you create the account. You can get away with creating two accounts, per IP, in a 24 hour period. If you've only got two or three IP's or proxies, spread them out. Use it for 24 hours, create one or two account sets, and then switch to another proxy. Then in 24 hours, or more, let's say you wait two days, you can go back and use that first IP again. That make sense?

As far as the phone numbers, what we do when we create the accounts, we record, take the phone number and copy and paste it into the spreadsheet, or account workbook. Then if we go to sign into the account and Google triggers the re-verification, which happens from time to time, most of the time all it's going to ask you to do is paste the number in that was used when you created the account. You can just copy that phone number out of your spreadsheet, paste it in, and it will unlock your account. The other thing that you can do is create the page login, which is what I recommend, and that's why it's part of the process of the IFTTT, when we create the accounts and everything, is to create a Google page login. Guys, by the way, all these sign in issues that we're talking about, pretty much are exclusive to Google. I don't have sign in issues with any of the other accounts. It's just Google that has this happen. Keep that in mind.

When I'm talking about a page login, I'm talking about creating a Google Plus page login, and logging in and doing everything through that, because that doesn't trigger phone verification. If you have the page login details, you won't get verification issues. You do get verification issues if you try to log into a profile, which is a main Google account, from a foreign IP. What I mean by foreign is I mean unrecognized, and unrecognized IP. Also, sometimes if it triggers a re-verification and it doesn't give you the option to paste the phone number in that you used when you created the account, then it will ask you to put a new phone number in and verify that you're human. It'll be a text message.

This Stuff Works

Just so you guys know, we've been having trouble recently, even with our Philippines VA's, being able to phone verify accounts using sim cards. I know that other people have had issues with like call fire numbers not working anymore. I know burner numbers are still working for Google, but those days are numbered probably as well. They're getting much better at being able to determine whether they're burner phone numbers, or throw away phone numbers or not. Just keep that in mind. I actually started buying phone verified Gmail accounts now, and that's what our VA's are actually using now as well, because we're having difficulty phone verifying Google accounts the way that we had been. You can always buy phone verified accounts as well, is what I'm saying. All right. The provider that I'm using for that is listed in the IFTTT SEO Academy training. You can buy them from him.

What Are The Latest Anchor Text Rules When Building Web Pages?

Hump Day Inception. I love that. This is tag team back again. Whoop there it is. “What is the latest anchor text rules when it comes to building web pages? Iftu brought a question, what not to do when building anchor text.” Just don't hammer away on exact match anchors, mainly. Stick with mainly brand and URL anchors. What else you want to say? Longer phrases. Use questions. Questions are great for anchor text right now, because that triggers the mobile and the rank brain and hummingbird. Right Marco? It tickles those parts of the algorithm?

Marco: It's the Google tickle, man.

Bradley: The Google tickle.

Hernan: There's also a great tool that I'm going to paste on the event page. It's called Title Generator, which I have been using for, some of them make sense. You just put a keyword, whether it's a noun or a verb, in a box and it will generate a ton of titles that you can actually use them as titles, but use them as anchors as well, from within your post, whether linking internally or externally. It's a great tool. It's free, it's super simple. Some of the titles do make sense, some of them don't, but I think it's a great tool to generate those long anchors that we want to use to have a more natural anchor text.

Bradley: Yeah. That's a great point. The other thing is, guys, you know one of my favorite tools of all times ever is Power Suggest Pro. This is a great tool too. Stick your keyword in there, have a handful of keywords. I'm sure you already have those anyway. Use Google. You can actually use Yahoo and Amazon and Bing, and everything else as well, YouTube if you want, it doesn't matter. My point is, post your keyword in there, then hit search, it'll spit out a long list of suggested phrases from any one of the search engines that you select. Those will give you great ideas for anchor text too, because they'll be very diverse, and it's stuff that people actually type in and search for. Those are great keywords to use. You don't have to just stick with Google either. You can get other ideas. We're talking about just for generating anchor text. Keep it diverse, but it'll still have your keyword in it. These are great terms for anchor texts.

What Are The Anchor Text Rules For Citation Descriptions?

That's Adam yelling at me again in the Slack chat. “Also, what are the anchor text rules regarding citation descriptions?” I don't know what you mean by that? Anchor text rules regarding citation descriptions? If you just mean like, what is your keyword rules regarding citation? With citation descriptions, I try to give it like a compelling, consider it a call to action, because most citation descriptions are going to be very limited in how much you can put in there. A lot of times they're very short descriptions. They won't allow you more than like 500 characters, and even sometimes that's a lot. Sometimes it's like 200 characters, something like that. Usually when I'm doing citation descriptions, and I hope this is what you're asking about, DC, because maybe I'm just misinterpreting the question.

Usually citation descriptions are very little, so they don't offer a lot of room. Most of the time, obviously, I'm purchasing them from a citation building service like Loganix or Marketer Center. They will give you a little text area that you put in the short business description, and that's what's going to be used anyways. As far as that, I usually just try to get the main keywords into the citation description. Whatever the main services or product that I'm selling. Most of the stuff that I do is for service, you know tree service, for example, we'll say, “Offering residential and commercial tree trimming and removal services in blah blah blah area and surrounding areas.” You get the keyword in there, the service keyword, the location keyword, that's all I usually do. It's very short. It'll say, “Call for an estimate.” Whatever, very short, compelling call to action, but it has the keywords in there. Just don't stuff it if you don't need to.

The other thing to keep in mind, this is a question that comes up often, when people say, “Well how do you get to rank in the maps pack for your secondary keywords? If you're ranking for your primary keywords, how do you rank for your secondary keywords?” Well that's one way guys that you do it. Build additional citations on other directories. You're going to have your core citation directories that you want your business in, in the business description, you're going to want to put the main keywords, your primary keywords. When you get done, you want to go after the secondary directories, hyper local directories, things like that, where you put in the secondary keywords in the business description. That's going to start to build that other relevancy to that listing. That will help you to start to rank, that and other things that you can do, will help to rank for other keywords in maps, as well as you can also do that same process to rank in other maps areas.

This Stuff Works

That's a little bit more advanced, and we talk about that inside the MasterMind. Hopefully that makes sense to you. As far as anchor text, there is no anchor text that I know of in citation descriptions, so I'm not sure what you meant by that, other than I'm just assuming you mean keyword density, essentially.

What URL Shortener Would You Recommend In Lieu Of Bitly?

What shortener would you recommend in lieu of …” For what, Clint? I'm not sure what you mean.

Chris: In lieu of Bitly.

Bradley: In lieu of Bitly. I don't know, we use Google for a bunch of shit, but there's a ton of link shorteners.

Hernan: Yeah, in fact, I pasted a link that has 25 or something URL shorteners. Some of them are 301, some of them are 302. It's a nice resource that you can tinker with.

Bradley: Here's another one too. This is URL shorteners that allow redirects. Here's a bunch of list right here. You guys see this?

Hernan: Just be careful with GO or GL, you seen them? Not to spam directly. We had some issue by doing that.

Bradley: 301 link shorteners. Yeah, like I use Google Links very strategically. I want Google to know what I'm doing with those, so I don't use them for pure spam campaigns, but I do use them for a lot of other things. Okay, we've got give more minutes. Anna was trying to get us out of here early.

How To Fix Issue With YouTube  Video Views Recipe On CrowdSearch?

Josh Bailey says, “Having trouble with the recipe for YouTube video views that you were using, Bradley, on CrowdSearch. Maybe it was a user error. Does it still work for you?” That recipe for YouTube video views that you were using, Bradley, on CrowdSearch. I don't know what you mean. Sometimes the CrowdSearch clicks don't register as views, but that's not the point. Honestly, it's really not the point, guys. The point is to show, if you're talking about the referral traffic, it's the referral traffic.

When somebody clicks on to the YouTube video link, whether it registers your view, it doesn't matter because YouTube is aware that there was a visitor that watched the video, and they know where they came from, because they know what the referrer was. With the referral traffic, I'm assuming this is what you mean. I know sometimes your campaign will run and you'll go back and you won't see your view count going up, but it doesn't matter. That's why I use the goo.gl short links as my last hop to the video, so that I can go look at the analytics, the click analytics, on that short URL, inside of goo.gl, and I can see the clicks being delivered to the YouTube video.

It will show the referrer, the browser that they were using, where they're located, all of that. As long as YouTube is seeing that data, which they are, you're still getting the benefit. Whether the view registers or not, it doesn't make a difference. Does that makes sense? Hopefully that's clear, and I hope that's what you were asking for. I still use the campaigns all the time, and the view count doesn't go up, but it doesn't matter, my videos see improvement in ranking because of it.

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Would You Avoid Using Huffington Post's RSS Feeds When Using Authority Sniper?

Sky says, “When using authority sniper would you avoid RSS feeds such as the Huffington Post?” Well it depends Sky. If you can get a category post that would be aligned with the topic, then it wouldn't be such a bad idea, but you certainly don't want to go with their broad, because there's too many damn topics. It would be unrelated. Sky, but you can do something like Feed Rinse. If you go to feedrinse.com, you should be able to create. I don't know if you can still get into it or not, but if you have a Feed Rinse account, you should be able to go in and create a filter that will only allow certain posts. It will generate a custom feed from Huffington Post. It will only allow certain posts to pass that contain a hashtag or a keyword, or whatever it is that you set up. A specific tag, whatever.

What Are Some Good WordPress Themes For Affiliate Websites?

I know we've got to go. We've got two minutes guys. “In one of the earlier Hump Day Hangouts, you recommended a Word Press theme that may be good for affiliate websites. Can you give you affiliate link to that Word Press theme? Thank you.” Don't know which one you're talking about Ganty, sorry.

Adam: Ganty, if you leave it on the page, type it in here, we'll get back to you on the page afterwards, just let us know what it is.

Bradley: Probably the one that I was talking about, because I always use Ink Themes, guys. I have been for years. However, I really live Thrive's themes now, like the whole Thrive plug ins and themes suite is really good. Ink themes, they have one in here, it's an affiliate, product review type site. It's not bad. I just like Ink Themes because I've been using them forever. You can check that one out, that's probably the one I was talking about.

“I'm in MasterMind. What else do you need?” That's right. Anything else guys? I know we've got to go. It looks like we're just about done. All right. Sweet. We're done.

Hernan: Yup we're done.

Bradley: All right guys. Thanks for everybody being here, and our experiment with Facebook Live, as I look directly into the mobile phone. I don't know how that came out. We're going to go back and review it, and we'll see what it's like for next week. We'll make it better for next week. Thanks everybody for being here.

Adam: See you guys.

Chris: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 79

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 79 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Chris: [inaudible 00:00:00]

Marco: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Bradley: We're live.

Marco: We're live.

Bradley: They caught us in mid-discussion. Hey everybody! Bradley Benner, Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts for May 11th. This is actually episode 79. Wow, that's crazy. We've got Chris, and Hernan, and Marco on today. Adam is “running in the woods,” so he's not here today. What's up Chris? … Keep Reading

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 78

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 78 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, episode 78, the episode where we're all here again, so …

Bradley: Nice.

Adam: I'm going to go down real quick before we hop into announcements. Since we've got everybody, we'll say hi. I always go by what I see on my little screen here, so Chris, how's it going?

Chris: Excellent. Great to have you as well.

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, how's it going, where are you, and what have you been up to you, man? Fill everybody in.

Hernan: Hey, guys. I've been traveling, and I'm in Barcelona right now. I miss you all, guys.

Adam: Good deal. I think Hernan's giving a talk this weekend, is it, are you? At a conference, or …

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah, in fact, I'm in Alicante. I'm going to be in Alicante, giving a conference, so it's going to be a lot of fun.

Adam: Awesome, awesome. Marco, what's up, man? How's it going?

Marco: Hey, man. What's happening?

Adam: Not too much. Keeping busy. Hopefully, I don't get the power out. I think I've got the same problem Bradley had last week, I got thunderstorms rolling through.

Bradley: [I've got the 00:00:55] same thing going on now, man. It's storming outside again, so we'll see.

Adam: Yeah, must be covering the East Coast, so …

Marco: Same here. They're starting to roll through, so you guys are affecting Costa Rica, man. Cut it out.

Bradley: It's been …

Adam: No, that's all right.

Bradley: … raining for, like, 4 days, and it's supposed to rain the rest of this week, too, so it's like, “Wow,” we've had rain for like 6 or 7 days in a row.

Adam: All right, so that's our excuse if we end this early.

Hernan: All right.

Adam: Not too much in the realm of announcements for me today. I just wanted to tell everybody, if you weren't here last week, I think we mentioned it, we just had the first IFTTT SEO V2 webinar, and I wasn't there for it, I had to take care of some other things, but Bradley, I believe you went into monetization and then you did some other stuff too, right?

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Bradley: Yeah. There was, I did … It was like, it ended up going a little over 2 hours, so the updates was about an hour, and then there was about an hour for the monetization methods, which was like the additional webinar that we promised on the sales page, and so, what I did was I cut those up, I edited those out, and then split them up and put them in the Member's Area, so those of you that are IFTTT SEO Academy Version 2 members, it's in the update section inside the training area.

Adam: Good deal. All right.

Bradley: Both of them, both the update, the monthly update, and the monetization methods. They're two different videos, but they're both in there.

Adam: Awesome. I put the link in there. If you're not a member, I highly suggest you check it out if you're interested in automating things, as well as driving traffic, all sorts of good stuff. I mean, honestly, go check it out, the sales page is pretty awesome, but I'm kind of biased on that, so … Also, put a SERP Space link in there, people who are subscribers to SERP Space right now are getting a short email series that Hernan put together on video ranking, so that's pretty cool. It's free, it's just if you're a subscriber, you're getting these, and it's just a quick 4-day series on some of, kind of our tactics on ranking videos, and, spoiler alert, at the end of that, there's going to be something special. If you haven't signed up for SERP Space yet, please do. Hop on, it's a free account, and I just pasted the link, go over there, sign up, and you'll get some of the cool stuff like that.

Male: Sweet.

Adam: That's all I got. You guys got anything?

Marco: Yeah, quick announcement from me. I'm doing a free webinar for a Facebook group on May 16th. Time is tentative, I mean, date is tentative and all, but it's going to be on JavaScript and iframe manipulation. For those of you who are, or consider yourselves totally white hat, please come in so that you can see what you shouldn't be doing. For everyone else who is into just into doing the do, come on in because I'm going to peel [your weight 00:03:44] back with what I'm about to tell you.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I'm going to-

Male: [With 00:03:50] two hats.

Bradley: I'm going to post this link to that event page. Is that what you want me to do, Marco?

Marco: No, let's hold off on that until I have it all set up, and we're sure on the time and the date, and all that …

Bradley: All right.

Marco: … but yeah, you're, everyone's invited to attend, it's going to be totally free. It's just pure value, the stuff that you can be doing right now to rank your website, and things that Google is letting us get away with, so … Be there. As I said, you white-hatters, you need to be there so that you know what you shouldn't be doing.

Adam: Good deal. What, so how will people … How should we do this? Will we post it in the groups or something?

Marco: Yeah, I'll post the links, and then we'll drop a link next, on next Hump Day.

Adam: Awesome.

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Marco: It'll all be set. We'll have a page set up so that they can just go and check in, and let us know, yeah. We'll be there.

Adam: Easy-peasy, so yeah, and then, if you guys are listening now and are … We'll just put it under the YouTube notes, too, so if you see this, or you never watch on time, or you have to watch replays, we'll include that so you can make it. All righty. Anybody else?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Adam: All right, let's do it.

Bradley: Let's get into questions then. Grab the screen, so you guys should be seeing my full screen. Correct? I think so.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Yep.

Does NAP Inconsistency Causes GMB Listing Ranking Issues?

Bradley: Yes? Cool. Okay, Ryan says, “Hey, Bradley, I'm starting to work on a business that is not ranking well in maps. The owner signed up for Moz Local a couple of months ago using his technically correct address, which includes a N in the street address, but Google displays this address without the N. The address used in the Google My Business also does not contain the N. Now, tons of citations have been updated with the N added, and I'm wondering if this could be what's causing issues.” Yeah, it could be. That happens, and sometimes, and I'm not sure why, but the Google My Business listings will automatically update the address to what they think it should be, but you're best off, unfortunately, if you already started building citations with the technically correct address and Google My Business page updated it to something else, I would go on and update the My Business page again.

I would go and try to make that match, what it's supposed to be, and also, keep in mind, though, that there's a, I'd have to go look for the site, but there's … You should also be trying to use the addresses that validate via the U.S. postal code, or the Postal Service, in other words. There's a way to validate addresses to where that, to make sure that they're the way that the U.S. Post Office should have them, and then use that address in your Google My Business listing. I've had that happen multiple times across many different clients, where Google, Google Maps or whatever will update the address to something that's different than what it was supposed to be, and you just have to go back in and edit it.

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You might have, it might trigger a reverification, which means it'll send you another postcard. If that's the case, so be it, just reverify it, because I recommend that you try to get, force Google to make it the correct address, than trying to go and update all of your existing citations out there that have the incorrect address, because then you're just compounding the problem. Try to fix it at the source, is what I'm saying, okay? There also, it's been a while since I've done it, but there should be … Let's just see if it's the same. Google Map Maker. Yeah, if you …

You should be able to edit it, potentially, inside of Google My Map, or excuse me, Map Maker, by putting in the address and pulling up your listing, and then suggesting an edit. You're going to want to be logged in your main profile when you do that, because, and in fact, any of you that are doing local SEO, it makes sense to come log in to Google Map Maker as your main profile, and just add details to maps, or make slight edits for stuff that's local around your town that may be incorrect, and stuff like that, because then you start to build a profile inside of Google Map Maker as an editor, and you'll see that when you, if you try to make an edit on a map and you've only done it for, like it's your first time doing it, it will get held for moderation.

It'll be pending for review, and so somebody, some map editor will come by and moderate it and see if it's, either approve your review, or your edit, or they'll deny it, and they'll say why, if it's been declined or denied, okay, but once you've done enough edits to get approved, which it takes time, guys, but once you've done enough edits to get approved, then you'll be able to start making edits and they'll be instantly approved. You'll bypass the actual moderation. I don't know what the threshold is to get over that line to cross, to cross that line to where you don't have to get moderated anymore, but it's good to have, because if you're doing local, it will allow you to update almost in real time issues with citations in Google listings, Maps listings. Check that out, that's, just go to Google Map Maker. All right? You want to add to that, anybody? Before I move on?

Hernan: No, I think you got it.

Male: Looks perfect.

Will Link Juice Naturally Flow From Non-Canonical To Canonical Webpages?

Bradley: All right. Randy says, “If I'm building links to a non-canonical web page, will the link juice naturally flow to the canonical one? I'll be more specific. If I build,” or “I'm building links to rank an Amazon page. However, Amazon has 2 versions of every product page.” Okay. “Number 2 is the canonical, and unfortunately, it will actually change if a seller on Amazon changes their title. I don't know if Amazon 301's them if they change, but the only URL that doesn't change is number 1, its permanent URL. However, it is not canonical.” I think what you're saying is number, link number 2 canonicalizes to link number 1. Does that make sense? That's what I'm assuming. Is that how you guys are reading that?

Male: Yeah.

Male: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Okay, “If I'm trying to rank an Amazon page in Google, to which Amazon URL should I build links for maximum effect?” Well, to be honest with you, all of them.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: Like, you should be building links to all links that, would either 301 redirect, meta refresh, or canonicalize to this URL, any one of those URLs would be a good target.

Adam: Yeah, and real quick, just to clarify, it's the other way around, but I think that your answer still stands, that you should build it to the all of them.

Bradley: This one canonicalizes to here?

Adam: Yeah, that's what he's saying. He just put a quick chat in the event page.

Bradley: Okay, well, [whichever 00:10:36], so usually, you have, the canonical is the one that it points to. Right? What you're saying is … Okay, so number 2 is the canonical, okay. Number 1 points to number 2 is what you're saying. Okay, well, it doesn't matter. The method still stands. I would build links to anything that either redirects, meta refreshes, or canonicalizes, period, but if you know that the one … You said, let's see, which one is it that changes?

Hernan: I think number 2 is the canonical, and the one that changed is 2, so the best way to go in my opinion would be to build, yeah, to build links to number 1, and then both, but yeah, number 1.

Bradley: Yeah, because that's the thing, if this one changes, but this one always is canonicalized to this one, even though this may change, then you're going to want to be pushing links to this one.

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Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Because this is a dynamic URL, which means it updates when something else changes or can be changed at any time, but this one canonicalizes, this is what I would consider the root URL, if that makes sense, so I would be pushing links to here.

Hernan: Yeah. If you want to take the extra job, Randy, if you want to take that extra work, you can still build links to a 301, to a redirect, which you can control link [issues 00:11:55], and redirect that to the new URL, but you will need to be constantly monitoring the new URL.

Bradley: Yeah, in case it changes. Yeah.

Hernan: The best way to go. Yeah.

Male: Yeah.

Marco: Just as a quick note, it's really interesting about Amazon, is that it's backwards. If you build links to the HTTPS version of the website, it redirects to HTTP through a 301, so there's a lot of neat stuff you can do with that.

Bradley: Cool. Yeah, so that pretty much answers the question. I would go with that one, and then that way, if this changes, and just like Hernan said, you can always do a 301 redirect to here, too, from another, from a domain that you control, and build all your links to the 301 redirect. That way, in case this changes, you can just update the target, the destination of that 301, and you can still keep pushing juice to it, but like Hernan just said that, if you want to just stick with this one, because it won't continue … You won't have to monitor this. If this one's always going to canonicalize to this, regardless of whatever this is, then you could build links to here.

Male: Yeah.

Can You Build Many Links As Possible In Tier 2 Sites To Optimize A YT Channel?

Bradley: Okay? Robert says, “Hello, Bradley and SM team. I have gone through IFTTT SEO V2, but I am still left with this one question. Actually, more, but this one for now. Scenario: I have a WordPress site branded, RG Stuff. I build a Tier 1 around it. No Tier 2. One of my Tier 2 … ” Excuse me, “One of my Tier 1 sites is YouTube, that is branded, RG Stuff.” Okay, “WP site, WordPress and YouTube are totally connected.” Okay, “If I understand the training correctly, if I build persona-based Tier 2 sites to the YouTube channel, I could build as many as I want and it will not reflect as a bad footprint on the YouTube channel, and ultimately to the branded website, yes?” Yeah, okay, let me try to read that again. Let's see, WordPress site, branded … I'm assuming, do you mean this is a self-hosted WordPress site? Is that what you mean? Because I'm not sure, it …

This Stuff Works

Adam: I would assume so, but I would say, let's go with that, and I you ever go, if you're on, Robert …

Bradley: Okay, so he has a money site.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: He has a money site, and then the YouTube channel … I guess they're both syndicating to the same network. In other words, you've got your money channel, your money channel, and your money site, right? Your main YouTube channel and your money site, your main website, that are both syndicating to the same branded IFTTT network. Well, that's fine if you want to build … Now, see, what I would do is I would take the YouTube channel and disconnect it from the branded network, and then create a new Tier 1 network for the channel that would just be a persona-based network, and that way, that your only, your branded network is only going to be connected to your main website, your money site.

Then you can build out Tier 2 networks on your, the Tier 1 unbranded or persona network that you have around your YouTube channel, because right now, if you build two-tier networks and connect it to your branded properties in Tier 1, then even if all you wanted to do was use that for YouTube, every time you upload a video to YouTube, it's going to automatically syndicate to Tier 1, and then Tier 1's automatically going to push it out to Tier 2. That would be fine if it was just YouTube, but the same thing is going to happen every time you post a post to your money site, you publish a post to your money site. It's going to do the same thing.

Again, I don't recommend doing that, so if you want to use two-tier networks, which you should be for YouTube anyways, then just disconnect YouTube from your branded Tier 1 network, create another Tier 1 persona-based network that's not branded, and connect that to your YouTube channel, and then use that non-branded Tier 1 as your trigger point for your Tier 2 networks around your YouTube channel. That way, your money site is only syndicating content to a branded Tier 1 network only, but your YouTube channel is syndicating content to a full two-tier network, and you can stack as many of those on that one YouTube channel as you'd like. Okay?

What you can do if you still want to post the YouTube videos also to your branded network, what you can do, you just would have to manually, after you upload a video to YouTube or Livestream or whatever, you'd have to go over to your money site and create a blog post and embed that video in the blog post, which is fine, you can do that, too. It's just one more manual step of going over to your blog and then creating a blog post using the video that you just uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Then, when you publish the blog post, it's going to go ahead and syndicate out across your branded network as well, so you end up getting another syndication out of it to a branded network, because remember, you already got them through your persona-based networks if you build it out that way, but yeah, there's no issue with footprint on YouTube channels, guys. Not with the descriptions, the way that we have the description set up in the recipes. If you start bringing, pulling in YouTube video descriptions and such, then yes, it can be a footprint. If you're using it to build links back to money sites and stuff like that, it can be an issue, but if you use the recipes the way that we have them set up for YouTube networks, then it's not a footprint issue.

Building Full 2 Tiered with YT And Connect Branded WP Site

All right, let's see, or, “Should I build a full two-tiered system, group, ring, whatever it's called, with YouTube being the hub, and connect that to the branded WordPress site, or is this an addition to my first scenario?” Yeah, no. Again, keep those separate, okay? Just keep them separate. If you just have one persona-based entire network, full 2-tier network for YouTube, and then keep your branded network tied to just your money channel, that's it. Okay, “How much difference would or does it make on the 2 scenarios, if any?” Well, I just described the only scenario that I would suggest. Okay, so I wouldn't suggest either one of these, I would do what I just mentioned.

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Should You Direct Tier 2 Links When Building Siloed Playlists In A Branded YT Channel?

“Okay, one more question. If I built siloed playlists in the branded YouTube channel, should I direct my Tier 2 links to the channel as shown in the V2 training, or should I direct the links to the playlists, or both, playlists and channel?” You can do either of those, Robert. Play with them. Set up one set of recipes that points to the playlist, and then another set of recipes to point to the channel. That way, you've got some variety. Just play with them. That's entirely up to you how you want to do that, okay? I just give you a guideline to show you how you can use the recipes to create links every time you post, make a post or upload a video, and the links are always going to go back to your YouTube property. Right?

You're going to either be building links back to your channel, or to a playlist, or to another YouTube video, or whatever it is that you want, you can code that into the recipe. Just keep in mind that that's hardcoded, so if you want to update them, you got to go mess with that, the ingredients in that recipe. Okay, but you can switch it up. That's what I would do, so you can switch it up. Let's say your Blogger recipe points to your channel. Maybe your Tumblr recipe or your wordpress.com recipe points to your playlist, something like that. Does that make sense? Switch it up.

Male: Yeah, I also think he's looking at this, and most people are looking at this really narrow and singular, because one user can have 50 channels, right? I think that's what you're allowed per user. You can create multiple channels so you can do multiple things, if you're a video person and that's what you want to do. You can do a lot of things that are related, and just add relevancy to whatever it is that you're doing. You can post from all of your different channels to the same network, or you can build multiple networks, you can criss-cross … As long as everything is themed, there's a whole, there's a lot that you can do that just mushrooms. You can't just think narrow, one channel, one syndication network, and, “That's it, that's all I'm allowed to do.” You can't think that way.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, and that's, I understand also trying to get the [brand 00:19:44] … That's one of our frequently asked questions that we get often, guys, by the way, and it's in our knowledge base at support.semanticmastery.com in the IFTTT training, or knowledge base articles, but one of them is, “If you have a branded network, and a money site, and a YouTube channel, can you syndicate content from both to the same network?” I always say, “Yeah, you can, but if you're going to be syndicating videos, if you want to push videos out across a two-tier network, then I recommend just creating a persona-based two-tier network for your YouTube channel specifically, and then keep your branded network just for your main money site, okay, and then again, you can always publish the videos as blog posts on your main money site and get another syndication out across your branded network from it,” so …

Do You Syndicate Social Media Posts Through Blogger Or Wordpress For Clients Who Don't Have Blog Presence?

Ryan says, “Hey, guys. Getting a lot out of IFTTT so far. Question about setting up branded blog properties. If the client has no blog presence, but they are active on Twitter, Facebook, etc., do you ever syndicate their Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or Tumblr posts through a Blogger or wordpress.com?” Yeah, you can, Ryan. You absolutely can. “This would be similar to a feed that just simply republishes links or embeds those posts to your branded ring. Wondering if you've messed around with that.” Yeah, you can.

That's what I'm saying, guys, we give you the recipes for using IFTTT to be triggered via RSS feed or from YouTube, because those are the most common types of recipes that you're going to use for content syndication. However, you can use Blogger as a trigger, or wordpress.com as a trigger, or just use the RSS feeds from those if you wanted, or you could use Twitter, you could use a Facebook page as a trigger, anything that you want, really. As long as you can just create a recipe inside of IFTTT to do it, you can certainly play with that, and test it.

Hernan: Yeah. In fact, if your client is active on Tumblr, Ryan, Tumblr does output an RSS feed, so you can try both. You can try the native channel, from Tumblr to whatever, or from the Tumblr RSS feed to whatever, so you have both options over there.

Bradley: Yeah, but he's also, he's asking, “Can you syndicate from Twitter?” Yes, because …

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: … in our Twitter SEO Academy training, we create Twitter syndication networks for that, so that … Then you can also use Facebook posts. I'm not sure about profile posts, but I know you can do page posts.

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Hernan: Yeah, page posts. Yeah, profile posts, they are usually private, so, I don't know if that's the case, but Facebook posts from pages, yeah, definitely.

Bradley: Absolutely. Just play around with that, guys. I mean, again, now that you know how to use IFTTT, feel free to play around with the recipes. We give you guidelines and tell you why we've set up the recipes the way that we do, but there's no reason you can't go out and start playing with some of your own as well. By the way, you guys should probably have a test network that you have set up, like a throwaway WordPress site that, a self-hosted WordPress site, like a testing domain. You should probably have several testing sites anyways, but you should have a test network or two that you test different recipes on, different syndication methods, things like that, because you don't want to be doing those kind of tests on an asset, a digital asset that's producing income for you, or client stuff, or anything like that.

You should have, essentially, a demo or testing network and site that you can do, try different things on, because that way, it's not going to harm anything, it's not going to end up … If you do something wrong and you end up getting accounts terminated or whatever, it's not going to lose or interrupt a revenue stream, an income stream, right; so it's always good to have at least one test network somewhere that you can play around with different types of recipes and stuff.

Can You Use One Branded YT Channel For All Cities?

Michael Franks says, “Hello. None of my city subdomains will have many videos individually. Can I just use one of the branded YouTube channels for all cities?” Sure, Michael. Absolutely. “In the Google Drive Doc of a brand IFTTT network, is it a good idea to add in some citations like Yelp to the list of online properties?” Sure, you can do that, too, Michael. We actually teach that inside of RYS Academy, but yeah, you can do that inside the Drive doc. Why not? You can list, you can put links next to your citations. If you have a local business and you have citation listings out there, or business directory listings, sure. Link to them. Find out what your most valuable ones are, and link to those, all right? Let's see, how are we on questions today? We got a few. I was going to say, I'll give a demo, real quick, of how to find the most powerful citations, but we've covered that before. You think I should cover that again real quick or move on?

Hernan: No, I think we can move on. Just Google them.

Bradley: Yeah. I was going to give a demo, but Michael, just, what you should do is go put the business's name and phone number in, and then, into Google, so search on the business name plus phone number, and then whatever Google shows you as, on like, the top two pages of what citations are showing, business directory listings are showing, copy those. Those are going to be your most powerful citations, so if you want to link to those, that's fine.

Hernan: Yeah, and that technique, usually Google. Google telling you what are the most valuable things, so pretty much everything. Works for, if you are trying to power a press release, if you're trying to power up other profiles, like if you were doing a branded search, and Google will tell you which one are the most valuables, because you know the top 3 or top 5, so …

Where Is The Location Of The Website Files Created In Sites.Google.Com?

Bradley: Okay, Greg says, “Hey, guys. Do you happen to know where the website files created in sites.google.com are located?” I'm not sure what that means. You mean like where those sites are hosted? Somewhere on Google's servers, but I'm not [sure 00:25:28] … Maybe I'm not reading the question right. does anybody know what he's asking here?

Hernan: Yeah.

Male: Yeah.

Marco: I think it's, you know how you can access the files in WordPress …

Hernan: The [HTTP URL 00:25:40]?

This Stuff Works

Marco: … or [you can access 00:25:40] FTP or cPanel files? That's Google internally, and they will never give you access to that. That's why we came up with the Google Drive method in RYS Academy, to build sites. This way, we have more granular control.

Bradley: Yeah, because those are all, I mean, I don't know how to access any of those files. They're are on Google's servers, which are probably in the middle of Fort Knox or something.

Hernan: The moon.

Bradley: Let's see, this is John, he says, “Bluechip Backlinks is awesome. I should have listened to you guys earlier. Everybody needs it, a wealth of information.” Yeah, it's awesome. It's really, it really is powerful.

Hernan: Yeah.

How Do You Automate Daily Sitemap Submission?

Bradley: Steven, contact us at support, we'll get you square away. “Many SEO companies advertise daily sitemap submission. Is this a good idea and how do you automate this?” That's BS. Daily sitemap submission is garbage, it's crap. That's just something, a feature or benefit that they put in their sales copy to sound more important, because when you submit a sitemap, guys, it's there, it's done. You don't have to keep submitting it. It should update dynamically … Well, it depends, I guess, on your web platform, but WordPress updates dynamically, so it's not something that … Most sitemaps should update dynamically. I don't think there's any of them that are static unless you've got, like, an HTML site, and even then, they've got scripts that update that stuff, right?

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah, as long as it's XML, it should update, or unless you have a humongous website. A website with thousands of pages, and-

Bradley: Yeah, and pumping out dozens of posts per day or something like that.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Right. If that's the case, you will need to use something like [Better 00:27:21] WordPress Sitemap, that will actually cache your sitemap, but the cash will expire, so it's pretty much the same. Instead of updating every, instantly, it will take like a day or two, but it's pretty much the same, so …

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the thing is is, the site map, especially when if you're going to go submit your site map to Search Console, right? You only need to submit it once, and then it's going to update … It's supposed to update dynamically, but like Hernan just said, like for example, if you've got a site with, it's a massive site and it's got thousands of pages or posts, or if you publish a hell of a lot of content, so your blog's being updated dozens or hundreds of times per day, think of like Huffington Post and things like that, guys. Then those sitemaps, yeah, they'll cache, because otherwise it's just, it's too resource-heavy to generate sitemaps like that regularly, but again, you only need to submit it one time, to Search Console.

Hernan: Yeah, and there's also, most of the time, you will have parameters on the sitemap, whether the content is updated on the blog, on the … For example, [eHost 00:28:35]. It will tell that the posts are updated daily, so that's like, or hourly, or always, or never, you know? That's like a cue for the spiders to keep coming back, and then you have priority. For example, the homepage will have most of their priority, and it's updated regularly, and those kind of things. Those are like timestamps that the spider use with XML language to keep coming back, depending on the frequency of your posts and updates, so …

Does Link Buiding to an IFTTT User Profile Help The Recipes?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, looks like Adam's gotten a lot of those. Brian asked, “Does building links to an IFTTT user profile do anything to help the recipes?” Not to help the recipes, but you can get a link from Google or, excuse me, from IFTTT. Let's go login real quick and I'll show you. If we go to my profile …

Hernan: Yeah, there's, like, a profile link, right?

Bradley: Yeah, you can get a … Which can be used as a buffer site or whatever, but if we go to, where's my … How do I go to just my profile page? Do you know? Preferences, maybe? Yeah, that's probably it. There's a profile page, I know there is, it's I've just got to find it. Here it is. It should give you, anyways, there's a way to get a public profile URL, and I'm not sure exactly where that is, but here it is, there it is. Right there where it says “view profile,” dummy. “IFTTT.com/p/yourusername” is going to be your profile. Now, there should be somewhere in here, I thought there was a link to my website.

Hernan: Yeah. You have it set up as your Facebook profile. You can edit that.

Bradley: Yeah, it should have been edited. It used to be the Semantic Mastery. I wonder what happened. Maybe it updated and I need to change it. Must look at it and then unsigned … When I'm not signed in. Yeah, it looks like I need to edit that, but at least you used to be able to. Maybe it's changed, but you used to be able to put a link to your main money site, and it would show on your public profile page. It's not going to do anything to build links here to help the recipes, but if you had a link to one of your properties here or whatever, then you can push some juice through that link, but other than that, no, it's not going help your recipes any.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Yeah. What I'm saying is that, for example, if you use something … Because you can use some of the channels as profiles. You can select a new channel to become your main link, and if you select something like Twitter, it will grab your Twitter username, and it will also grab the description for your Twitter profile, so for example, I'm on [my 00:31:18] clients right now, that's why I know that, that it will get the description from the Twitter profile, and the actual, the links, are active links, so it says like, “Follow on Snapchat,” and I have the t.co link for the Snapchat profiles of these guys, so those are active links, and you can build links to this, so …

Bradley: Let's try it and see what happens. Profile updated.

Hernan: There you go.

Bradley: There you go. See how it just updated that? Let's refresh this and see what it looks like in a … There we go.

Hernan: Oh, that's cool. It has hashtags and also, that's a live link.

Bradley: Yeah, that's a live link, which should …

Hernan: That's cool.

Bradley: … take me over to Semantic Mastery. Yeah. There you go. That's where you would get your benefit. Don't use Facebook, though, apparently, because then it won't give you a link.

Hernan: No.

301 Redirections of Amazon Links

Bradley: It used to be you could actually post your link in there, but now it looks like it changed. Okay, “Can you expand on what was mentioned, that Amazon 301s all … ” Okay, so this is more for Marco, about the HTTPS to HTTP.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yeah, but that's stuff that we usually reserve for the Mastermind. Oh, sorry, [I'm taking off 00:32:28], I brought it up. I thought people were familiar with the 301, double 301, and how one redirects to the other …

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: … so I don't know how much you're willing to give away. That's up to you. That's Mastermind.

Bradley: [Don't look at 00:32:44] me, I always give away the farm and then you guys yell at me. It's the whole good cop, bad cop routine.

Hernan: Yeah. To put it simple …

Marco: Is Randy in Masterclass or MasterMind, by the way?

Bradley: I think he's in Masterclass. I'm not 100% sure if you're in Mastermind, Randy, but if … I think you're in Masterclass, we're going to have a Masterclass webinar as soon as this one is done.

Marco: Post your question there, and we can-

Bradley: We cover that in there a little bit.

Marco: Yeah, yeah.

IFTTT For E-Commerce & Online Shop

Bradley: Cool. Okay, “IFTTT for e-commerce, online shop?” I'm not really sure what that question is, but yeah, you can do that. I mean, like what we've talked about, not … I haven't used it for like syndicating product listings and stuff, but I've done it with subdomain sites to use as the content distribution engine to build links to my, to product pages or to category pages and that sort of thing.

Adam: Yeah, and …

Bradley: Yeah-

This Stuff Works

Adam: … I'm sorry if I'm butchering it, if your name is Marcin or … I'm not sure how you say that, but depending on the platform too, this is perfect for things like Shopify and a lot of other areas, depending on what you're doing.

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah, usually the best way to go for e-commerce, and we have this usage training, and we have a section for e-commerce as well, and we want to dive on, probably on a next … In an upcoming [funnel 00:34:08] we're going to be driving a lot more into. Other uses that do not come strictly hand-in-hand with SEO. You have some SEO benefits, of course, but if you are looking into more like promoting your products via social media, V2 will help you, because whether it is for using subdomains to link back to your product pages or category pages, or even having something like WooCommerce, that will output an RSS feed, or Shopify, that will output an RSS feed, and you can syndicate directly from the e-commerce, so if you haven't jumped into V2, do so, because inside of it you will find specific usage for e-commerce and how to set up for maximum impact and having the most amount of eyeballs on your products.

Bradley: Yeah. Mason Buys Houses, “Did you ever test the Bulk Phone Verified Account company from the IFTTT training?” No, I didn't, but because I mentioned them in the training, the guy reached out to me that runs that, because he said that he's got a shit-ton of orders, which is funny. I see that you're saying, “They increased the cost of 100 double-verified YouTube accounts to 50 bucks and will not answer a purchase request.” I'm not sure what to tell you about that, because if he ended up reaching out to me via support at Semantic Mastery, and then I got on a Skype chat with him and he was like, really appreciative of me driving traffic to him, when I hadn't even tested it, but, guys, I did disclaim inside the training that I hadn't tested it.

It was just something that I Googled, and I found Phone Verified Accounts, so … Honestly, 100 double-verified YouTube accounts for 50 bucks is still a good price, but obviously you need to get a hold of him, and I can't help you get a hold of him, other than trying to contact him via Skype myself, which I'm not really set up to do that, so just keep trying, and hopefully he'll reply to you. If not, try another one. There's other phone verified account providers out there, too. I just picked one from Google, guys, and pointed it out in the training, and said, “Hey, look, this is what a provider looks like, haven't tested him, but they look like they're pretty good. Give it a shot.”

Benefits Of Curating Content From Self-Hosted Wp Site To Social Media 2.0 Sites

Just find somebody else, if he's not answering. If he doesn’t want your money, I'm sure somebody else will take it. John says, this is Houston Junk Car Buyer, we'll just call him John, John Doe, “Can you curate content from your self-hosted WordPress site to your social media 2.0 sites? What are advantages versus disadvantages to this?” I'm not sure what you mean, “Can you … ” Yeah, that's, I mean, that's what we teach, is how to curate content from your self-hosted WordPress site to your social media sites. You publish curated content on your main blog, and it's going to republish itself across your network.

Hernan: Yeah. Right, if you're using IFTTT, you do not need to do that work. You just publish curated content on your WordPress site, and it will automatically syndicate out to your social media, and most of the links that you get from IFTTT, it's curated content, because there are like 3 or 4 platforms that are actually copying, if you would, or posting the posts as they are, but the rest are backlinks, like bookmarks and those kind of things. They are curating content, so …

Bradley: Yeah, and the advantages and disadvantages, well, I'm a huge advocate for curated content. Been using curated content for years now, as opposed to written content or original content, because it's much more efficient to produce, it's much cheaper, and it's more authoritative, and Google freaking loves curated content, and it also does things like it masks footprints and stuff like that, so there's a number of reasons why I would recommend using curated content over original content.

Don't get me wrong, if somebody's got, if somebody's an expert in their field and they like blogging, absolutely they should produce original content, but for clients and stuff like that, I have curators that are just virtual assistants that have been trained on how to curate that create all the content for my clients, and for my lead-gen sites and stuff. They don't have to be subject matter experts. All they have to do is know how to locate good information and curate it. That's it, and so it's much more effective.

Hiring skilled writers that are knowledgeable or experts in a particular field or topic or subject matter can be really freaking expensive. If you don't believe me, just ask legal bloggers, people that provide content marketing services for attorneys and doctors and stuff like that. That kind of stuff's expensive. Really expensive. Whereas curated content is a hell of a lot cheaper, because you can train somebody how to become an expert curator in pretty much any subject matter without them needing to be experts in that subject, so I highly recommended that.

By the way, you're in the Mastermind, John, and you have access to Curation Mastery, just go check it out. Go through that training. I think you'll find it very valuable. For everyone else, if you want it, we can drop a link for it. We're going to update it and relaunch it under a new brand with new updates and everything, and that's probably going to be …

That's going to be underneath the Mastery PR brand, and that's probably going to be a launch set for sometime around September, so just know that … It might even be done sooner than that. It's probably going to be done sooner than that, so just keep that in mind, if you guys are interested in it. Anybody that purchases the original version of it will get the updated version.

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Adam: Oh, my God, it's killing me you're not reading the next question yet.

Is It Acceptable For A Repeated Word In A Silo Structure?

Bradley: Okay, “My name is Cecil DC Glenn. I'm the artist that made the song ‘Whoomp There it is!' … “

Marco: Don't interrupt the man. He gets a +1 even before you read the question.

Adam: Yeah. That's why I was dying, just like, “Oh, my God, come on, read it!”

Bradley: ” … back in '90s. I'm building a nostalgia website.” That's awesome, by the way.

Adam: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: “A nostalgia website for Tag Team,” and, yeah, I remember “Tag Team back again,” I remember that song, dude, “Because the song title is repeated so many times, is this silo structure acceptable? The site is purely for information and contacts, but will serve as a nuclear engine from all my other sites. Is this the proper structure? I am in the pre-production phase of building the site tagteambackagain.” Well, I want to look at it. Can I look at it, guys? Did anybody else click on it?

Male: Yeah.

Male: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay. We don't do site audits on Hump Day Hangouts. We do in Masterclass. I would love to have you come join the Masterclass so that we can maybe help you with this, but, and just taking a quick glance at it, what do you guys think? Did you look at it?

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah, I did. My first impression would be that the silo structure is solid. However, probably you can save a bunch of articles just by nucleating …

Bradley: Combining.

Hernan: Yeah, like combining keywords into a big article, like, for example, the Whoomp There It Is silo. It would be a good idea to have probably 3 or 4 of these keywords. They can fit into a big article. You know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: He's also getting himself into over-optimization problems.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah, which I think is probably his main concern, I mean, just based on his question, is that he knows it's going to be tough to do.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Right.

Male: Yeah.

Hernan: I mean, the silos are good, '90s music, old school music, Whoop There It Is, Tag Team back again. Those are great because those are different URLs as well, but then, for example, the '90s music, it can be movies, cartoons, fashion hits, songs without the '90s. You know what I mean?

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: That will give you like a unique URL. The same with old school music, like rap, R&B, movie songs, etc. You know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, because if it's in that silo already, then it's already been qualified as being old school music, right …

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: … so you don't need to say “old school rap,” because you could just say “rap,” for that matter, because it's already in the old school music folder, or silo, or container. Does that make sense?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, so it's going to-

Adam: Yeah, or you can, well, you could just mention it once, but you wouldn't want to have that as the title or something like that.

Bradley: Yeah, of every … Right, exactly.

Hernan: Right. For example, if the URL is tagteambackagain, then I won't have, one of the silos is Tag Team back again, and that can give you like Tag Team Whoop, you are repeating the keyword twice or thrice, so …

Adam: Sorry, this is my favorite question of the day. Every time we talk about, or you say that, I just keep hearing the song in my head. I'm sorry. This is really hard to think about while …

Marco: One other thing. If he has the URL to the official video, please post it, man, so that we can go give it some love, so that we can go … Because I know Gary posted one, but I don't think that's the official video. Dr. Gary posted the URL to a video, but if you're on this, Dc Glenn, and you have the URL, post it, man. We'll go watch the video and give it some love, man. I love that song.

Bradley: Dc Glenn is the winner of the question of the day. Winner! I don't know what you get, but …

Adam: Yeah, big time. All right, Man. The song was the inspiration for a '90s party, my friend …

Bradley: Bragging rights, yeah.

Adam: … not too long ago.

Bradley: Let's see. Dan. Okay, Dan says, “I got networks built by you guys. How do I know what the trigger is from them?” Well, when you ordered the network, you provided us with the trigger. You should have, right? We ask you when you place the order if you want a blog syndication network, in which case you have to supply the RSS feed, or if you want YouTube syndication, in which case we either create the YouTube channel for you, if it's a brand new network, or if you have an existing YouTube channel that you wanted as the trigger, you need to just send us your page login details, which is part of the order process as well, so what you need to do is go to your Tier 1 network and log in to the IFTTT account from your Tier 1 network.

Okay? Open up your spreadsheet, go find the IFTTT row, log in, and then just look at your … Go to “my recipes” and look, and you'll see what the trigger is in the recipes. That's what we built it on. Again, that should have been from information supplied by you when you ordered. Okay? All right. We're almost done. We're almost out of time, anyways. We've got about 4 or 5 minutes tops. “Bluechip Backlinks.” All right, cool. Adam, thank you. “Hi, Bradley, did you do an .htaccess training? I am looking for the best code to use for general SEO.” No, I haven't, because .htaccess stuff, I have not done any training on that.

Honestly, I'm not real good with it either. Every time I got to do anything in .htaccess I end up having to look in forums and stuff like that to get it straight, or I just contact the host, which is what I like about having a good host, because if you contact a good host and say, “Look, I need this done to my .htaccess file,” they'll do it for you. That's personally what I do. If I'm just testing some stuff … I don't have any training on that, if that's what you're asking, George, no. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you can find something if you dig around and Google long enough, you can find something, I'm sure.

“Masterclass,” Randy. Okay, Randy, then bring that question up when we start here in about 10 or 15 minutes, and we can answer that question about the HTTPS thing. John says, “Where do I find Mastermind? I always miss them.” Masterminds are every other Thursday, and under Mastermind, instead of Masterclass, you have to be, go into the Mastermind Community, and click on the events tab in the left sidebar, and that will take you to the events page for the Mastermind community, and that's where you'll find the Mastermind community or event page.

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Adam: John, you should also be getting email reminders. One just went out today and you'll get another one an hour before. If, for some reason, you are not getting those emails, please send in a support ticket, and we'll get you straightened up.

How To Deal With Country Redirect In Blogger?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, “No disrespect.” Dc Glenn, that's awesome that he came on. Okay, Rico Suave, Richard, he says, “Questions I also pasted on Facebook: Blogger.com issue. Last week my AHREFS toolbar showed UR 6 then it went to 12, while the backlinks went from 10 to 120, so far so good, but since a couple days ago, it went to 0. Is it just me who has this issue, or is AHREFS blocked on Blogger? The DR is shown. Anyone can confirm with AHREFS tool Blogger shows UR value greater than 0?” Okay, I'm not familiar with any of the Ahref metrics anymore, because I've been using Majestic for the last 2 years, so I'm not even sure which metrics these are. “Many thanks in advance. In addition, I think I found something. blogspot.com has a country redirect.” Yeah, they have a country redirect, I think, for like, God, how many different domain extensions do they have? Marco?

Marco: However many Googles there are, man, and I think it's over 100.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, those are all … You can use … It's basically like canonicalized or 301 to the original blogspot.com, if you create it that way, so you can use all of those as additional link targets.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Because they're all redirected. Are they canonicalized or redirected?

Hernan: No, they are canonicalized, because, yeah, it doesn't matter what you put, it will still … It will keep the TLD. If you put like blogspot.com.fr …

Bradley: Oh, that's right. Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah, it will keep the TLD, and then-

Bradley: It's canonicalized, not redirected.

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Hernan: Yeah, it's canonicalized, but you can play a little bit with that, and those are all great link targets. In fact, if you're doing foreign SEO, the [ahref 00:48:08] lang tag on the Blogger will change depending on the TLD, so that's interesting to test.

Bradley: Yeah, so I know that you can build links to any one of those TLDs, extensions, and it should be canonicalized back. In fact, all you got to do is just go check it out, like look at your .fr extension, right, so look at your blogspot.fr extension or whatever, and then just view page source and look for the … What is it? Link rel=canonical. That's all you got to do is look for that, and you should be able to find it, and it should be pointing to your blogspot.com. Now as far as Ahrefs, I can't speak for Ahrefs specifically, but I know, guys, a lot of backlink analysis tools.

I don't know specifically about this one situation, but I can tell you that things change with the backlink canals. I mean, for example, guys, I have only been using Majestic for the last couple years, but sometimes I'll be looking at a domain and it'll have a trust flow of 27, and then I'll look at it the next day, and the trust flow will be 0, and it will stay that way for 3 or 4 days, and then it'll jump back to the 27 or whatever, and same thing goes on with backlinks.

Sometimes backlinks will disappear from their index, and then they'll come back, and that just kind of happens. I'm not sure what causes that, but it does happen, so maybe that's what you're seeing, Richard. I don't know for sure, because I don't know specifically what this one problem is, because I'm not even familiar with what those acronyms are inside of Ahrefs, it's been that long. Anybody else want to add to that? I know we got to roll, but …

Adam: No, I think we have to wrap it up here. One more question.

Hernan: Yep.

Do You Put Curated Content On A Subdomain And Link Back To Original Source?

Bradley: Okay, so sorry if I can't answer that better for you, Richard. I just don't know much about Ahrefs, and I can see that backlink analysis tools do some weird stuff sometimes. “When you curate content for a client, do you put it on a subdomain and link back to yourself while also linking to the original source?” I don't know what you mean by that. Curate content for a client … No, when I curate content for a client, it gets published directly to their blog, so …

I mean, because they're paying me for content marketing services, and, or for SEO, which includes content marketing services. Because of that, we're going to post the content directly to their blog, so I'm not sure what you mean by that, so … Okay, that's it, guys. We are done. Thanks, everybody, for being here. Masterclass members, we will see you in about 10 minutes, and for everyone else, we'll see you next week. Thanks for being here.

Adam: Awesome. See you, everybody.

Male: All right, man.

Male: Bye.

Male: Bye.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 70

By April


YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 70 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Bradley: Hernan, it's your cue.

Hernan: Oh, it's mine. Hey, everybody. Welcome to the episode 70 of the Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 9th of March, 2016 and we are here with the whole crew. I guess Chris just ran away because Adam wasn't here so I'll go ahead and say hey to Marco. What's up, Marco? … Keep Reading

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 65

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 65 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Hello everybody, and welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 3rd of February 2016 and this is Episode 65. We're going to go down the panel of fine looking faces here. I think Bradley is the only person not live today. I had some issues with my camera so you guys have to stare at the speaking heads. Chris, how's it going, man?

Chris: Hello champions.

Adam: I like it. Sorry. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, what's up?

Marco: Hey man, what's up? I'm bored with all this sun and warm and …

Adam: Okay. … Keep Reading