Is There A Risk Of Claiming An Unclaimed GMB Profile Amidst Google’s Rampant Suspension On Legitimate GMB Listings?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 243 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if there is a risk of claiming an unclaimed GMB profile amidst Google's rampant suspension on legitimate GMB listings.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . thanks again for your Hump Day help, as usual it is MUCH appreciated (smile) . . . . . . You mentioned recently that Google has been suspending legitimate GMB listings for making profile edits, in their effort to kill “”spam”” listings. Is there a risk of suspension if you “”claim”” an unclaimed profile and then completely fill out and optimize the listing profile properly for the biz owner during the verification process and right after it's been verified?

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