What Is Your Experience With Google’s GMB Tech Support Call Service?

By April


In the 152nd episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the team's experience when dealing with Google's GMB tech support call service.

The exact question was:

Follow up from my Maps Listing sandbox issue last week, sharing what Ive learned: I asked last week about why a Maps listing would drop from Maps SERPS just from changing a GMB's area coverage from Mile radius to Zip codes. Google support said not to worry, it would come back in a couple weeks after the Algo does it's thing. I speculate another factor is that the listing's area coverage overlapped with other locations in the same GMB account, indicated by two other locations dropping out of the listings altogether as well when the Main site's coverage area changed to zips. As Hernan mentioned, there was an algo update dubbed Hawk recently that supposedly addressed multi-Locations very near each other, maybe this has some inputs to the outputs. Yet Im still worried. 😉 All that to ask, Is Google's GMB tech support call service to be trusted? Do they really know their stuff, or are they simply typing in to a FAQ and repeating talking points. what is your experience with their GMB tech support call service?

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