Can You Setup a Google Business Page without Physical Address & Contact Number?

By April

In the Christmas Edition (Episode 59) of Hump Day Hangout, one participant would like to know if it's possible to create a Google Business page without a physical address and contact number.


The exact question was:


Can i set up a Google My Business with out an address? or if I use my personal address will I get a bunch of business marketing flyers and crap in the mail, phone calls etc or does google keep my business address phone etct private from telemarketers?

Can I use a call tracking number or a google voice number as my business phone number in my GMB listing and citations i will create?

How many citations and how quickly can i build citations I see fiverr gigs offering like 50 in 3 days. Same thing for map citations how many and how quickly, plus then do you run them all through an indexer, drip fed or? *note my niche is truck finance with the biggest keyword gets 1k searches a month and the rest of $ keywords between 100 – 800 searches*

Should I suggest just hitting all my citations + map citations after they are created with GSA directly? I know probably should do FCS contextual first but I am broke and would be using a 5 – $15 seo clerk/fiverr gig to blast them. Also if i go this route will all that crappy CF pass down through the listings and give my site a really poor TF/CF ratio?