Is There A Way To Get Google To Do A Manual Review On A Competing Local Listing?

By April

YouTube video


In episode 97 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it is possible to contact Google to get a manual review of a competitor's local listing.

The exact question was:

Hi guys, I have a client that is just out of the map pack (#4). His competition is in the #1 & 2 spot of the map pack. He obviously has someone doing SEO, because they have him on 2 different GMB pages, and the only difference is they reversed the name. First name last, last name first. Everything else is exactly the same (NAP).

I want to knock him off naturally with me doing the RYS. But With the new Google change to the 2-pack, is there a way to get Google to do a manual review on this guy’s listings?

Just trying to take care of my client. Thanks

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