Why Is The Local Lease Pro No Longer Recommended In Making GMBs?

By April

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In Hump Day Hangouts episode 268, one participant asked why the Local Lease Pro is no longer recommended in making GMBs.

The exact question was:

I heard that Local Lease Pro is no longer offered as a standalone course in part due to the way Google's GMB policies have changed recently and I was directed to local GMB Pro is the replacement question is about why local lease pro method is no longer recommended.. If I got the local GMB pro would I still be able to accomplish the same kind of business model which is quick map quick map ranking without sight and simple flat fee rental using the local GMB process

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Is There A Risk Of Claiming An Unclaimed GMB Profile Amidst Google’s Rampant Suspension On Legitimate GMB Listings?

By April

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In episode 243 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if there is a risk of claiming an unclaimed GMB profile amidst Google's rampant suspension on legitimate GMB listings.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . thanks again for your Hump Day help, as usual it is MUCH appreciated (smile) . . . . . . You mentioned recently that Google has been suspending legitimate GMB listings for making profile edits, in their effort to kill “”spam”” listings. Is there a risk of suspension if you “”claim”” an unclaimed profile and then completely fill out and optimize the listing profile properly for the biz owner during the verification process and right after it's been verified?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 240

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 240 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: Alright, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout. This is Episode 240 is the 12th of June 2019. And man, we're just rolling through the month. It's hard to believe it's already June. But here it is, before you know it, it's going to be October and there's something going on in October. I think it's POFU Live. So we're going to be in Denver, the 12th and 13th. And we will be starting to sell tickets soon. Not quite yet. But we are going to have tickets coming out for POFU Live. You want to join us, there's going to be a limited opportunity to get your hands on an early bird discount. We had a couple people take us up on that last year. It's going to be even more important this year to do that. limited numbers and don't want to miss out on that. So we'll have some more information about that real quick want to say hi to everybody. Hernan's got this big grin on his face. So you know what? I'm going to start with you How you doing, man?

Hernan: Hey, what's up, dude? Good I'm excited about POFU Live 2018 was a huge success. And I was like mind blowing the amount of value that we that we shared not only ISIS the team but the rest of the crew You know, it was it was pretty cool. And so yeah, we're planning to to make it even better this year. So if you couldn't make it last year, make sure that you say that on your calendar because it's going to be pretty awesome. So good man. Happy to be here. Cool. Cool.

Adam: All right. Well, Chris back to you. You usually start with Chris but yeah, just turn on with the How to go so have to start with him. Oh, good. Oh, good.

Chris: Yeah, super excited here as well. Like finally. A couple of things Lou, from how to bring money on POFU.

Adam: All right.

Chris: I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Adam: Sounds good. Chris always got some sneaky stuff. You guys missed it. His post in sem, SEO and tutorials group the Semantic Mastery that kind of blew up. You might have to repost that again or is that still possible for people to get access to the thing you shared? If possible. Alright, well we'll put the link in everybody if you're watching if you haven't joined our free Facebook group, by all means hop in there. And that's where you can find stuff like that. So, Marco How you doing, man?

Bradley: You must be muted again.

Chris: He's already printing money.

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Adam: That's Marco saying hello. So welcome back, Marco. Just holler if you get your mic. Sounds like you had some connection issues there. So Bradley, how you doing?

Bradley: I'm good. I'm trying to multitask. So sorry. But, uh, yeah, I'm good. I'm excited about several things. Tomorrow's a MasterMind webinar. Well, first, I'm excited about both for live 2019. Absolutely. It's going to be in Denver. Like you said, I think that's gonna be cool. I've never been have an uncle that lives there, which is going to be cool to go see him. I've been telling him for years that I was going to go visit him in Denver. It's all supposed to be really cool city. So I'm actually excited to go out there for that. But also the training and everything else. Last year was good. It was our first live event. But I'm excited about this year because it's going to be slightly, you know, obviously different kind of subject matter and that kind of stuff. And I'm really, really excited about my new business. And I'm going to be talking a lot about kind of implementing a passion project. So I think that's my main topic going to going to be for that. That said, tomorrow is a MasterMind webinar. And I'm really excited about that as well, because I'm going to be going into that the new business model that deeper that a lot of people asking about it. So I'm going to kind of reveal more and more about it tomorrow, specifically, what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, that kind of stuff because there's a lot of a lot of money in this business, and it's relatively simple or easy compared to a lot of other digital marketing stuff. So anyways, I'm going to be talking about that more in the MasterMind tomorrow, as well as getting into a lot of different customer member questions. Various stuff, too. We've got a lot of really good questions this week that are going to we're going to dig into, although I'm going to be almost flying solo

Tomorrow because mark is not going to be there. Which is usually my sidekick for the well, hell, I'm not showing up now if you're gonna be don't don't don't get hurt. No, but usually Marco my co host over there and he's not going to be there. But and so I asked her if he'd come and Hernan said he's going to be traveling. So I was like, shit. Adam said he joined me. So I am going to have some moral support, and I appreciate that. But yeah, it's gonna be good. And I'm excited to be here.

Adam: We've got a couple good questions today as well. So when you're done with announcements, we'll get right into it. I got a couple more, man, we got some good stuff. Marco, are you there? Okay, still issues. So what I wanted to say to Bradley was writing an email and I'm not going to tell you exactly what he was writing. But we are talking with Jeremy over at Press Advantage. And he's got some really cool updates to the platform that he's had if anyone has been involved with Local Lease Pro up using press releases for your own other stuff, if you've gone through Local PR Pro, or you're just interested in finding out how much power this stuff can drive in, and what's going on over there, we're going to be setting up a webinar with him later in June. So definitely stay tuned. If you're not signed up yet on our email list, you can do that on the page below. Or if you're watching the replay, you can follow one of the links to the website and get signed up. You're not going to want to miss that.

Bradley: Yeah, last time we did it. You know, I don't know, it's likely that same offer won't be available, because that was ridiculously good. But it's still going to be a really good offer. And press advantage has got a lot of new features that they've implemented in the last few months. And in part, Jeremy and I consult all the time. And so he's asked me on several occasions for feature requests, and I've given them to him and he's implemented a lot of them I was actually just trying to reply to him now about another one. So yeah, it's it's it's a really good service. I still use it as almost almost exclusively. I use a couple other services as well, but I use that one as my primary presse release service. And that's what we also resell on MGYB. So definitely you guys want to get signed up for that when, when that's available.

Adam: Definitely real quick to want to swing back to POFU Live and we've got a one confirmed guests so far, but I'm going to hold on to that. We're also trying to convince Mr. Rob Beal to come join us. So those of you who know him through RYS Reloaded, maybe through Hump Day hangouts or through MGYB, or in the group's if you guys know or have interacted with him and you're watching today, if you could just type in the chat box, Rob below go to poke who live that would help me out. So we're going to make sure he goes we're gonna we got a couple other great surprise guests that we're going to look into announcing later down the line as we get them lined up. And other than that, if you're watching us for the first time and you're not sure about POFU Live, that's okay. Just stay tuned and we'll fill you in as time goes on. But keep coming back. You're in the right place Hump Day hangouts is the place to go beyond that. If you want to get started the best places to Battle Plan go to https://www.battleplan.semanticmastery.com and if you're either looking to start or you want to grow your existing digital marketing agency then our MasterMind is the place to be it's not just instructions and hey do this but it's also the powerful network and the peer connections and the groups you form within that so go check out that at https://www.mastermind.semanticmastery.com and then for those of you who know that done for you services can save you a hell of a lot of time, money and effort mgyb.co is the place to go for your premium done for you SEO services. And again if you're watching this on YouTube, checking out the replay or whatever it is. If you like the channel, please subscribe and if you find something useful, let us know leave a comment and share it with somebody who might find it helpful. Other than that, I think that's it guys anything before we dive into it

Bradley: all right. To one All right, let's do it. take that as a no. Marco is just going to be here watching lurking in the background he'll probably right he's gonna yell at me and slack with it with all caps and stuff if I if I screw up a question should be answering. So Marco I would reboot If I were you and see if you can get get it to work. Anyways, why does this keep telling me to reconnect? All right, let's try it again. Stand by for a minute.

What's The Best Way To Track Results Of A National SEO Campaign?

Muhammad's up first There we go. He says hey guys I'm close to signing a client who wants national SEO done for his insurance leads business. To say that's competitive would be an understatement You're right about that. But I've been following SM long enough to know where to start he seems on board but his big concern is tracking and analytics giving that he's national what's the best way to track his results my go to is usually Search Console and GMB but he doesn't want to do local Should I add a Rank Tracker even those those aren't typically precise anymore? Well, yeah, I mean, I would, I would, I would still have a Rank Tracker on there. I still provide rank tracking reports from all my clients anyways, but I've explained to all of them that they're not entirely accurate. It's because of, you know, the nature of mobile. And you know, that Muhammad, besides not only just mobile, but also because of Google really trying to start pushing more personalized results. So two people that could be standing side by side looking at their mobile device at this for the same search query, could see or are likely going to see different results, similar but different results, and that's because of past search history and all of that stuff as well. So again, I preface sending the reports to my clients the rank reports with this is kind of a kind of a indication of your ranking, not an actual like exact measurement of where your your keyword or your pages are ranked for specific keywords. So keep that in mind. But I would do honestly, Muhammad I would have more. I would suggest more tracking through analytics or providing reporting through analytics and showing an increase of traffic and also conversion tracking.

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That kind of stuff. Like you can set up analytics events conversion tracking events essentially. And you can do all that kind of stuff with like Tag Manager as Tag Manager and analytics combined, which there's a great school or training program or training videos and all that stuff by this he's a he's an analytics and a data nerd. But he's really good. His name is Julian I think it is from measure school. So if you go to measure school, excuse me if I can type correctly https://www.measureschool.com. It's this guy here. Let's see how do you close out of this damn thing. So if you go to learn at the bottom, there you go. He's got it. He's got a great YouTube channel and a blog where he basically just post his YouTube channels, Google Tag Manager, beginners course Google Analytics for beginners course. This is where I've learned I learned how to up you know, use Tag Manager from this right here. And he's also got some courses on you, Udemy, Udemy or whatever the hel you call it you know for and I think right now they got deals for like 999 for courses and stuff like that. So if you need advanced courses and stuff, he's got them on the platform. And I think like I said, they're like 10 bucks right now. So I would highly recommend going and checking out measureschool.com to learn how to set up analytics and event tracking and all that, like I, every time I need to set up special like event tracks and event tracking. Things like that, I usually have to go to a training to figure it out. Because it's not like I'm not an analytics nerd. I use it for a very basic purpose. But sometimes we do. I do have to put, you know, monitor certain things like scroll depth, for example, or certain button clicks and things like that. And so I usually have to go just review some of these training to figure out how to do it. So just so you know, that's what I would recommend that you do, and I would use that more as a metric, then right trackers would be right, because you can actually, you can do all kinds of cool things with Tag Manager and analytics.

Like, show if somebody clicks on buttons or if they obviously submit a form, or if they tap to call, if it's on a mobile device, and they tap to call a phone number that's listed on the page, like you can set it up to actually record those, as, you know, specific events like conversion tracking events, if you want to record it that way, or whatever. And so all of those different things you could set up and that's what I would learn how to do for national client now. Because that's something that you could show is that like, Who gives a shit about rankings, right? Like, really, who cares about rankings? I know we as SEOs like to see that stuff. But really, the bottom line is, leads and revenue. And if you can show with, you know, with quantifiable data, that you're getting them more traffic, and traffic and obviously more, you know, eventually more, ultimately, more leads I should say, then that's really what's important, not the rankings, right? So okay, anybody want to add add to that?

Hernan: I agree with you, Bradley.

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Bradley: Okay, sweet

Does The Addition Of MGYB RYS Stacks And SM Links Help In Increasing Clicks And Impressions?

question number two, I had this real estate client in the beginning of the year but I lost him in March just before we parted ways I got an MGYB RYS Stack delivered and blasted it with links from Dadea which is our link building service and MGYB as well. In the months since they ended up getting a new site made one of those industry template real estate ones. Yeah, I don't like any of those. But I know what you're talking about. Anyway, I just found that I still have access to their Search Console. And the traffic is absolutely skyrocketed like eight times as much clicks and impressions. It just keeps going up. The rise started in April, around a month and a half after I had left and it hadn't stopped could their meteoric rise really have been from the stack plus, thanks. Yeah, it could have very well been Muhammad because like you said, just before you parted ways in March, you had ordered it and got an ad delivered an MGYB drive stack right and and that's the thing that about drive stacks, guys is especially if you do what you did, which was, which is what we recommend is to build links to them after their you get the stack delivered is it can take several weeks before you start to see any significant results. But almost always you see results. And sometimes it's really significant results. And so again, it's like there's like a delayed reaction, it doesn't happen really quickly. And that's why a lot of people I think, they buy dr stacks and they they don't see a movement right away, and they don't build links to them and such and they'd say, Oh, well, this shit doesn't work. No, if you do what we suggest, typically, you're going to see it move the needle for sure, and sometimes significantly, and so in my opinion, I mean, obviously they could be doing other stuff as well. If you're, if you're not doing SEO for them anymore. Maybe they got somebody else doing SEO that you know doing well for them maybe, but it's very likely that a lot of the stack in the link that you built to that just took a long time for it to kick in, but it has significantly improved their results in traffic and everything else right. Did I haear somebody trying to comment?

Hernan: I think it's Marco squirming to tell to go ahead and comment on that. So might be him.

Bradley: Marco, are you available?

Marco: Did my microphone come back? hearing me, man. Whoa, what the fuck man 15 minutes fiddling with the fucker.

Bradley: You need time for new mic. But um, so yeah, I mean, what I would honestly if you're if you're drive stack and you're, you know, then the link building had a significant impact on on rankings like it really pushed it up in the rankings, then that's naturally you're going to get more traffic from that. more traffic and more clicks, right, more impressions, more and more clicks and you'll see that in Search Console. So I think that very well likely could be that I mean, there could be other factors that you're unaware of too but I wouldn't. I wouldn't discount that is being one of the primary factors. Marco would say?

Marco: that's a good way to know if you still have access to that drive stack, turn it off, turn it, turn it to private. Stop all the juice from flowing and see what effect that has.

Bradley: You could do that. You could do that. All right. Good question though.

Will A PO Box Perform Better Than A CoWorking Space Address When It Comes To GMB Listings?

Next one is Jason says, Hey guys quick question would which would perform better for a new GMB listing a p o box with a street address or co working location with the street address? My thought is while getting an address at a co working spot is a bit more expensive. Couldn't you use citations with CO working spot because it's a real business address and could even pass a manual Google review. Thanks. You know, I don't know because I still haven't had any issues using po boxes, guys. In fact, like I said, for some I still, I still use po boxes from time to time for some of the Tree Service sites specifically for the one brand, my primary Tree Service brand because I like being able to build citations and so I still use is the PO box method and and I don't have any issues. I mean, it's absolutely insane I actually took a screenshot for from my Gmail inbox with the filter for that particular client, because I get an email notification from answer Connect, which is the call center that I used to you know, to take all the lead information from calls, and I set it up set up a screenshot of just showing the calls coming in for that one particular client. We've got, I don't know, almost two dozen locations for now. But it's insane. It's like in the last seven days, he said 36 calls, tree service calls and it's it's crazy because he you know, he calls me about once a week to pay me and and you know, it's really good money, I can tell you that it's really really good money for for the amount of leads that we're generating.

So, and I haven't had any issues with the PO boxes. I'm honest to God, I haven't had any of those suspended at all. I have had some of the verified GMB suspended that we are the ones that I don't recommend building citations do because you don't know where that addresses or you know, you can't go retrieve the mail was what I'm saying. I've said that on multiple occasions, guys. If you're going to build citations you need to be able to retrieve physical mail from that location. Because you're going to get put on mailing lists. The businesses will get put the business will get put on mailing lists and mail for solicitation offers from like VISTA print and you know, all kinds of different marketing type mail messages will get sent or mail pieces will get sent to that address that you register with your citations. And it will have your business's name on it right for that location. And so you can get reported and get for you no complaints essentially for not having mail being sent to for a business that doesn't exist there and that's a great way to get your GMB suspended. So I don't recommend you doing citations if they're spammed addresses, but in your case, you're talking about getting an address in one of two locations, either PO box or a co working spot, I've not had any issues with using PO boxes, personally. So I prefer that method because it's a hell of a lot cheaper. But you know, you can always test it and see if you want if you feel more comfortable doing that, then then go for it. Okay, good question, though Jason.

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Will Google Accept And Publish A New Listing Without Verifying The Address Of A Fake GMB?

Gordon's up he says, Hey, guys, thank you so much for your Hump Day. Help doesn't seem to be really enough or saying thank you, excuse me for saying thank you for your Hump Day help. Doesn't seem to really be enough, but just know that it's super big. Thank you. You're welcome, Gordon, we appreciate you. He says I had previously asked a question about creating a fake GMB listing. But I was not clear enough when I asked it, so I'll give it another shot and try to do better. I think Google allows anyone to create a GSB listing if they don't see one for a business they're searching for. But I could be wrong about that. So if you create a fake new GMB listing using a fake suite number and the address of a real virtual office building complex and you never intend to claim it or verify it, just use it as an unverified listing to help boost a local lead gen sites search engine rank, will Google accept and publish the new listing without you having to verify the address or having Google check anything out at all? Thanks again. No, and that's what I was saying last week. It used to be where you could, whenever you would create a GMB listing, it would publish, but you couldn't edit or use any of the additional tools like GMB, post GMB websites, you, you couldn't really add photos or anything like that you could publish that the you can enter in the business information name, address, phone number, and the primary category. And then it would it would publish an index but you had to verify it before you could edit it or do anything else like add photos and all that kind of stuff. But Google stop that well over Well, probably about a year ago, maybe a little bit longer than that somewhere around a year ago. They stopped that to where now. When you go to register a GSB it will not publish until you verify period. So you can go in and create a GMB. But it'll, it'll say, okay, you know where to send the postcard, or it'll do it by phone sometimes, but very, very rarely. And it will say where to send the postcard. And if you give it the address and tell it, you know, send it here, and you don't ever go get the postcard. It'll just say pending verification inside the GMB dashboard and it won't publish you won't be able to find it on Google period. So it won't have any beneficial effect for you because you still won't be able to use any of the tools like GMB posts and all that stuff because none of those features are unlocked until it's been verified. And it doesn't publish until it's been verified. So really, that's just a complete waste of time now. So, to answer your question, no, just that that would not help you. If you can get it verified, then yes, you could get you could do it but if you can't get it verified, it's unpublished. It's not going to help you.

Marco: This there's a red exclamation point that stays on there that says verification required. Yep. And then right next to the blue, it says, verify now, if you don't do that, that no, it's not going to be published.

Bradley:That's correct.

Does Having An Iframe With Backlinks Give Better Ranking Results To The Property That The Video Is Embedded On?

So Joel's up. He says, Hey, question, Does an iframe with backlinks give better results? Like a YouTube embed video that has backlinks to it? Does it help every property that the video is embedded on? Okay. I'll give you my initial answer. And then I'll let Marco clarified because he's the iframe expert. If you have a video embedded on a page, and you send backlinks to that, or anything embedded right, GMB map, anything iframe done to a page and then you send backlinks to that page, it's going to benefit that iframe for sure. Now, if that same iframe is embedded on other pages, and you only send the links to the one page, I don't know that it benefits those other pages any but Marco, can you answer that?

Marco: No, I wouldn't. You'd have to send links to every site page, whatever, where that iframe is embedded, right? Because the iframe is coded. So that source equals and whatever the sources, a YouTube video, the sources YouTube, you are going to get some bounce back to the embed site. But you won't get bounced back to any of the other embeds sites because they're not connected. It doesn't flow through it to those pages know, how can it right? How can it because you're going through the the embed, that would be the embed destination to the embed source. And the flow will be back and forth between those two. It's, it's, I don't want to get too technical, but it's two nodes, and the link that connects those two nodes that embed code. And so how does Google know to benefit one and not the other? Well, you telling you, it knows where it where that iframe is embedded and it knows what the sources because it's telling it to credit the source. And so that that's how that works, you would have to do link building to all of the others. And I would just say contact Dadea because, you know, if you have him do the link building and and the embedding, that he knows what to hit.

Bradley: There you go. So, um, yeah, so I would say no, I mean, honestly, if you're going to build links to the page, then that's great if you got multiple pages that it's embedded on, which is what we we, you know, for example, we have the embed service and MGYB and then you could actually build links to the embeds. That's like an upgrade, right, like an add on service. And they that that what, what we do at that point is, wherever the videos embedded, those now pages get sent to a link building campaign and we build links to all of those pages. So but yeah, that's, I just wanted your clarification Marco.

Do You Use Similar Video When It Comes To Creating A PR Stack?

Fits is up, he says, Good day, gents. Thanks for you. Thank you. Thank you for this forum to get real questions answered with what works. Now when creating a PR stack with a video? Does the second PR in the stack need to be from the same video? Or do you need to change to another video? Or Won't it matter with more links? The Better to one video thank you in advance? Well, I'm not really sure I understand that question. When you create a PR stack with a video okay, so a video I guess embedded in a PR or linked to from within the PR either way, I think would be is what you're talking about in the stack does it need to be from the same video I see that's what I'm not, I'm not understanding you don't get it. Unless you're using some sort of a service that creates a press release out of a video I'm not sure if that if I'm reading it incorrectly or just misinterpreting it. But if you're trying to boost a video with press releases as part of and using press release stacking, then it doesn't matter if you're if you're pointing if you're using the same video and to press releases that

Except that the press releases should be, you know, the content around the video should be unique, right? That's pretty important. So if you're using, like our service, for example, each time it gets written, it's going to be an original press release. But you can use the same video more than once. Like, you can embed it. By the way, we can embed videos now and press releases in our service guys, just in case or YouTube videos anyways. So you can embed a video into the press the same like the same video into two different press releases, that's fine. And if you're stacking, it doesn't matter either because, let's say PR one, you've got the video embedded in it. And then NPR, you've also got the video embedded in it, but it's linking to PR one one of the links within the PR is linking the PR one that's perfectly fine too. And in fact, that's pretty powerful because that's that is the PR stack. You see what I'm saying? And so that that works as well to it doesn't need to be a unique video if that's what you're asking. Okay. However,

Remember, you could use the YouTube silo method, right and you can have a secondary video that's put into a playlist that is siloed together and then in that second PR use the secondary video and also link to the playlist right and that could also help to boost it too. If you're trying to boost a video that's a great way to do it. Right use the playlist guys use the YouTube silo method. It's really powerful. We're actually gonna be talking about that in the MasterMind tomorrow. Damon, one of our member longtime members had some questions about video SEO and we're going to talk about some of that tomorrow. So

What Do You Need To Do After The Drive Stack Is Complete?

all right pompom says what is required for someone to do after the drive stack is complete. I plan on buying one. Um, well, like we just talked about, one of the best things you can do is link building to it. If you've got siloed architecture on your website or your asset period, it doesn't have to be like a self hosted website. Then we always talk about going into manually creating mirrors like theme marrying essentially creating folders and files to mirror the theme or the silo structure on your website, that's something you have to do, we cannot do that for you, at least not yet. It's something we may be able to do in a few months after our relaunch or anniversary date of POFU, or excuse me, RYS Academy, but that's not something we can do currently. So again, getting the base drive stack bill is incredibly important, because that's like the foundation of everything, but you can go in and theme mirror right? So build additional files and folders and files that are built just like your silo structure would be keep your teeming tight within your silos, and then build links to everything. Right. One of the things I do recommend, and we just covered this on Monday, Marco and I did when we did the drive stack or the best practices for drive stack webinar and MGYB, which by the way, if you guys haven't seen that yet, go to MGYB.co/store/webinar, and you can catch the replay and Marco and I were on there for about 90 minutes talking about how to get the most power out of drive stacks. Right. And one of the things to do is if you're using syndication networks, which should be a foundational, you know, a should be should be foundational, right? You should always have, at least according to what we teach, and what works for us. Having syndication network is absolutely critical. And so if you have a syndication network for whether it's a YouTube video or YouTube channel or for a branded website, it doesn't matter. The point is, is if you're going to get a DR stack, if you have a syndication network, include those links in your drive stack order to all of your syndication network properties. Because all you want you want you want to make that additional entity validation, right? You want all of those things to be included in the the drive stack. So once you've done that, then you would get the drive stack completed returns go in and mirror silo structure if you have it. If you don't, you might want to consider that and then order links to it. Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

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Marco: Yeah, I'd say just go watch the webinar. And then when you're done go order RYS drive stack when you order the drive second it gets delivered to you. You're going to get the done for you User's Guide which tells you exactly what you need to know.

Bradley: That's right. Okay, I'm still trying to multitask and reply to Jeremy's questions about feature updates. Alright, next is like everybody saying Rob Bell Denver so Rob's going he he doesn't have a choice.

Do You Have Any Sites That You've Used Succesfully For Getting User Feedback On A/B Page Testing?

Suggest any sites you guys have used successfully for getting user feedback on AB page testing. Suggest any sites you guys have had successfully for getting user feedback on A/B page testing you mean split testing pages. I mean Click Funnels does that but that's more of a you know you can track conversions and stuff. I know I haven't done a the conversion optimization stuff like this, what you're talking about here, but I know we use Hotjar to like heat mapping and stuff like that I know Adam handles a lot of that stuff so.

Adam: Yeah Greg would just been exactly what you need because I know some of that stuff can get pretty wild in terms of pricing like Optimizely but yeah I mean hot jar if you need to actually see stuff and then beyond that if you're just tracking like links through you know, it's just finding something good that works for you like Improvely or any other decent link tracker with some sort of good data analysis up.

Does Having A Good On Page SEO And RYS Drive Stack Enough For A Site To Rank?

Yeah. Okay, so just good on page SEO and good ROI is drive stack be a good idea to rank?>/a> Well, yeah, absolutely. I mean, in fact, we you know, we always talk about SEO boot camp because Jeffrey Smith's course is just it's fabulous. What he's, what he's able to do with on page SEO is unparalleled in the industry. I mean, I haven't never seen somebody be able to rank like a outrank authority sites with zero or next to zero next to no backlinks, little or no backlinks, He's able to do it by the way he structures is on page. It's incredibly powerful. And so SEO boot camp, if you're not, if you haven't heard of it, guys, if you want to learn how to do on page two where you can like crush any one of your competitors, if you go through it and apply it. And then if you're doing any off page stuff, it only requires a fraction of what you would typically need in a competitive market to get results if you have your own page, correct. So if you build your on page correctly, you structure your site correctly. And then you mirror that with a drive stack. You've got 90% of your work done. Right, then you could do some of the other stuff like you know, link building to the drive stack, some press releases, you know, you could run some traffic into it, you could do several different things to actually get even better results. But what I'm saying is, if you know absolutely good on page SEO, and a good dr stack, where it's mirrored to your on page, right so it has similar structure and if you keep the feeling tight again, just like Marco said, just go look, watch

That replay that we just had on Monday, it explains exactly how to do that. And then from there, you only need a fraction of the off page work to be able to get the kind of results that you desire. I can I can I please clarify that because that's an independent? Well, it isn't. It depends. That's an that's an it depends. Because if you're trying to rank for gold, then just good on page SEO and a good RYS drive stack won't do it. I mean, if the test site that we showed on Monday, right, major metropolitan area, Washington DC, a highly competitive niche plumbing, and it didn't just take a good site and a drive stack. It took a whole lot more. But what happens in it is is that when all of that hits, the thing just just sticks. It stays and and to this day after doing absolutely nothing for almost two years. Well, it's two years.

Now, because it's June and we started, I think around May of 2015. Getting ready to add to what, what then became RYS Academy Reloaded. I'll be that that was the thing. We just want to see how much abuse is this thing going to take and rank and it took it took everything. But

I've seen other people try to rank in highly competitive niches with just a website and a drive stack. And like, you know, you had to have content on that website. Yeah, it has to be siloed correctly. It has to be siloed, according to, I would say, Ultimate SEO boot camp and with Jeffrey Smith teachers, and then you copy that onto the G site, and then you hit all that with whatever you have at your disposal, whether it's, you have press releases, which we offer at MGYB.co, you have link building, from Dadea who helped us with the test at MGYB.co. I mean, everything is done for you there. So that that's the great thing that you can have the same thing that we use to rank for DC plumber. Yeah, so that that that's what I would add it. I mean, that's that's a good start for like low hanging fruit. But if you going for that top level category that that monster that's going to give you all that traffic, sometimes you're going to need more. Yeah, I mean, I thought it was pretty clear about on page SEO Yes, if you're doing on page SEO correctly, which, again, just just traditional on page SEO isn't going to do it. But if you were to build an authority type site, the way that Jeffrey Smith does with semantic entity relationships and all this stuff that he does with word Lyft and like I mean it's absolutely insane what he does, and then you have an RYS drive stack as well. That like I said it gets you well along well on your way to getting the results that you desire, but you still are going to likely going to need off page if you're doing traditional what you've been taught or heard around the web on page SEO that's not going to cut it you know, I'm saying like, you are absolutely going to need more. That's still a good start. But you would still need a lot of off page two but what I'm saying is if you have a site structured and built like the way that Jeffrey Smith teaches, and no you have a drive stack that is mirrored and built very you know, essentially just like your website as well as your G site and everything else, now you've got your like I said, probably 90% of the way there you can get with a fraction of the off page, you can get really really good results. So hopefully that was clear.

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Fit says I wrote my question incorrectly and you answered it perfectly. Thanks for understanding my crazy You're welcome fits.

Joe says regarding my question about the video embedding having backlinks does it help get better rankings I met specifically if you send backlinks to the YouTube video, then embed that video on a page will that page benefit better because that YouTube video has backlinks so sending links to the video not the page. Not that I'm aware of. I haven't tested that specifically but usually

I've not seen having a video on a page that has been boosted Help Help the page that much. But again, it's not something that I've specifically tested. Any anybody want to comment on that?

I would say that having a video on the page whether it has links or not, does benefit it's a Google property and if it's related and it has traffic and it gets some some some viewer action on the website. Yes, of course you're going to benefit from just from it being YouTube. Are you going to benefit then from link building to the video?

I haven't tested that. But I would say from having done just so many I have friends over the years and and and how I see it work and how the works. Right? I would say that it has to be the the other way around. It has to be embedded somewhere you have to hit that embed with links in order for you to get the bounce back from the authority site, not the other way around. You're not going to get the bounce from the authority site, just because the authority site has links. Yeah, because I would be passing link juice from YouTube to the page. And that doesn't happen. Yeah. Not Not unless it's iframe, right. And then the link building goes from the destination back to the source. So I yeah, again, I'm not tested that I don't I mean, if it's irrelevant, having YouTube video, if it's relevant on a page does, you know, that's it, that's a good signal. It's also good for visitors, which creates more engagement, better engagement signals, because people will typically watch a video and if it's relevant, though, at least they'll click the play button. That's a good signal for the page. But that's not strictly like a link juice thing, right? So below

Putting links to the video and embedding that video on a page. I don't see how that would actually help the page other than how I, you know, video standards would would typically help a page anyways. But I don't again, I have not tested that specifically. Joe, that's a good question. That'd be interesting for you to set up a test Guys, if we don't know the answer. That's typically what we do is set up a test and we encourage you to do the same thing. I mean, you're not going to hurt the page by building links to a video and then embedding the video so why not test it? See?

Okay, there you go. Thanks, Adam, for posting that. And guys, we're almost out of questions, which means we might just have to wrap it up early. So that's hard to believe. But okay, Greg says, Thanks, guys. Nice to see you all.

Would You Consider Map Embeds From Sellers On Fiverr?

Fitz says would you consider mapping beds from sellers on Fivver? No, I mean, I guess if you didn't have anything else, then sure. I mean, I typically don't use Fiverr gigs for anything like that. I have done some like traffic gigs for specific stuff, where I was doing tests but I don't typically recommend Fiverr gigs, fresh SEO stuff, because they get us the same, the same things get used by so many people. So there's like a footprint, so to speak, right? Again, I don't know, I don't I haven't tested Fiverr gigs for mapping beds. So I don't know, if you had nothing else to use, then I would say, you know, try it, but maybe Marco can comment on it. But my point is, you know, we have in bed service, and memzy will I be and we know who's built that. And we have, you know, Daddy, our man who's been building stuff where he, you know, started off working for me, like back in, I think 2012 or 13. And he's been building embed networks, web to auto embed networks that are themed that some of those are three and four years old. And I mean, hundreds of thousands, if not, over a million properties now that are available in themed networks. So they're aged and themed web to auto embed networks and link building networks that he's built. And so I think you're better off using something like that than just going to a fiver gig where

It's likely that it's been spammed to death by is all the other users, right? Because a lot of those guys think about it, they're only making $5 per gig or whatever they charge now, sometimes it's more, but they they're not making a lot of money to do that. And so do you think they put a shit ton of effort into it? I don't. I mean, I honestly, I can't really answer that. But my assumption would be no.

I mean, we have a dead Yeah. And we have an idea for a reason we we use the idea is that as if we just offer his services to you guys. Period. We use the services we recruit him to come and do look, hit this link bill to this. I need an embed an embed gig for this, and what he's done over the years. I mean, last time I talked to him about about his his embed network, which is a couple of years ago, he was at a million I would bet that he's, you know, multiple, he's done multiple times that right right now. And what he did is when when we talked about it, I thought you have to theme it and you have

Have to go by data category, you have to try to add niches and sub niches. And this is exactly what he went and did. So when you go and offer a gig, not only are you getting you're not just getting embeds from from whatever, which and Fiverr, I don't know what it is that they offer, like, I can't say anything bad about them, they may have a great, they may have a great service, I don't know I can tell you about area, I can tell you about data, and how great his stuff is, how its aged, how its themed, how its niche relevant, and how how he's been, he's been able to build up age, trust and authority over time, because of the way that he does things. He takes the time to go ahead and theme it and make sure that when your iframe goes out whatever it is, that it's relevant to your plumbing video isn't going to go into something about entertainment. Let's just say that just just as an example. It's going to go into the plumbing

And in supplement categories, whatever it might be, so And when he hits it with link building, the links are going to be relevant also. Yeah. And so all of that put together yet like, I don't know who else would could take the time for 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks to do all that Great. quality is better than quantity. In my opinion, relevancy is better than quantity. So

How Do You Increase The Traffic And Sales Of An eCommerce Website?

Okay, so next is Don, he says, How can I best use what you guys do on an e commerce website to create more traffic and sales? Do you have anything that goes down this rabbit hole to increase my sales? I know we don't have any training specifically for ecommerce stuff, because none of us really doing e commerce stuff. But you can still use silo architecture, essentially to push relevancy and power and help to help with search engine ranking. And that's I mean, I, you know, again, I don't I haven't done any ecommerce stuff in many, many years now. So I don't know if if much of that has changed, but in my opinion, it would still be you know, should be similar, somewhat the same. And that you can still build out. Like, for example, like use a drive stack where you have your categories and your your product categories, right would be their own silos or folders within the main drive stack, right. And you can mirror that with a G site. And you can hit all of that stuff all of those files within a particular product category that would be within a specific folder, right? That's the silo within the drive stack, all of the files within that folder would be pointing to your product pages and or category page for that on your ecommerce site. Right then you mirror that on the G site. Right. So the Google site now has pages that are specific to your product category pages on your main your ecommerce site, and you have supporting articles within there. And again, that can all be done via the script, which or at least when we build it originally, right but you have to go in and manually add the additional product categories stuff we talked about that we're not able to do that yet. We provide that yet. But you would have individual pages and in supporting articles that would be pointing to that product category from the G site. Now you hit those with, you know, kitchen sink spam, like essentially, you can throw everything under the sun at the drive stack and the G site. And all of that stuff will push through from the Google properties to your e commerce site, which should help you in search engines. Again, I don't do an e commerce stuff. So I don't know how effective that is. But the principles should be the same as what they are for any type of site Marco, am I wrong? No, no, the principles work for anything if you get a syndication, for example, a syndication network right. Or if you go into Syndication Academy if you go into the group so that you can learn to do it on your own. The principles are the same because you're going to use it on your ecommerce store number one, to to validate and solidify the brand

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You're going to tell Google that this is my footprint, this is where everything is you're going to use your schema to further solidify the entity, you're going to take all that. And then you could, if you were, in that group, also take the @ID process and use that. Right. And so everything comes together. So you so you build the entity first. And once you have your entity together, what you're telling Google This is everything that my site is about. That's, that's when you go the extra step and you bring in the sledgehammer, which is that drive stuck. And then you do the link building. Or you can do the press releases into the drive second, then you link built into the the press release, and the drive stack and the drive stack will have everything about your entity also. So link building into all of that, and that all of that power will push over to your website and that that's what actually all of that power being pushed into your money. So it's what's going to push it up for whatever it is that you're trying to do. But it does take up take that work and it doesn't matter if it's local. It doesn't matter if it's e commerce, affiliate, whatever it is that you're doing, because I always say, local is relevant. And this is one of those places where, you know, your e commerce and it could be global, but it doesn't matter because we work with with basic Semantic Web principles. There you go.

Would You Recommend Tenants To Use Unique Address When Doing GMB Listings For A Rented CoWorking Space?

Greg's up, he says, took on client with large volume of CO working spaces for rent where the client will rent an entire floor East suite 2500. And currently, their tenants on that floor use that address. USPS mail is sorted in house. But at some point when the tenant start to do GMB marketing, will there be a mess when the same address starts to show up in Google max or excuse me maps and to nip it in the bud? Would it be advisable to tell the clients to start to register with USPS their tenants with the unique address 2501 2502. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I would do that because our or even, you know, 2500 a 2500 me or whatever, in any way that you can. That's all that needs to be unique, by the way. Right? It can be the same street address. And the sweet number. The sweet numbers should be unique, though, right as my as my point. And like what you're in Greg. Yeah, you know that right? You do know that. And that's good. I'm glad that you brought that up. Because I would, I would recommend absolutely doing that is starting that now before they start registering any jammies because yeah, that's going to create an ambiguity. I always have a hard time saying that word, right. It's going to evaluate the data. If you have, even if you have unique business names, and unique phone numbers and unique web addresses, if they all have the same suite number or you know, street address plus suite number, that's going to cause any p issues like that. that's critically important. And it's going to dilute the data for all the businesses that are trying to use that same suite number. That makes sense. So again, it's really, really important. The only time out of all of those, we always talk about name, address and phone number, but that also, as part of the NA p, it really does include the web address, right? So we're really talking about four data points. And for locals, especially, the only thing that I ever recommend that you can keep the same is a brand name, right? If you're going to have multiple locations, the brand name can still be the same unless they're really, really close together in proximity, in which case, I recommend that you add a modifier. And we've had a discussion about this in the MasterMind recently, but adding something like north south, east and west or some sort of modifier to describe to kind of disambiguate what that specific location is, if that makes sense, but a brand name can be the same as long as the street address or the physical address.

The phone number and the web address or unique. Now I've seen people use the same web address to like for multiple locations. But I don't recommend that because you can use the same domain. But I recommend, obviously we teach using subdomains, but you can have inner pages a specific location pages, each location should have its own unique landing page. That that all said that's different physical addresses different phone numbers, right? And that's all for the same brand. But if you're going to have multiple business names or companies, right, trying to use the same physical address with the same suite number that's going to create a lot of problems for all of those businesses. So I would absolutely recommend that you would instruct them to change their What is it naming convention or street addressing convention to where they have individual or unique suite numbers per business locate even if it's on the same sweet floor? Right? each business should have its own unique suite number then that should solve any potential issues with you know, invigoration is a great question, though, Greg.

Should You Keep The Same URL Structure For A Client Site That's Already Ranking?

Pumpum said, Should I just keep the same URL structure for my client sites? Since it's already ranking that might change the rankings? Yeah, I don't I mean, I don't recommend changing that. That's a pretty significant change. I mean, I it depends. Yes, if you change the URL structure, sometimes it will cause the it to do some dancing. It depends on what else you're doing to the site, though. Because obviously, if a site needs a structural overhaul for SEO purposes, then I recommend putting up with some short term loss for the longer term gain, which would mean if you're going to restructure a site to silo it correctly, then yes, even if you had ranking pages, a lot of times when you restructure if you significantly changed the structure of a site, you're going to see dancing, but if you're doing it for So, which means if they're currently ranking well, they may see it go through, it's likely that they'll go through a point where they will Their pages won't rank as well. However, you got to think about more on the long term, right? If you can, you will endure some short term pain for long term gain, I would always opt for Yes, that makes sense.

Because a stronger or more I better structured site is going to produce longer term and better results overall, then dealing with just leads now like in other words, just getting results. Now, in time those results could fall because the site's not structured, as well as some of your competitors, if that makes sense. So I, again, it just depends, I can't give you a solid answer on that because I don't know how much over you know, overhauling you need to do for your client site. If, if it's ranking well and if the site is structured decently then you can always do both on silos, right with what I mean by that is you can start to silo the website by building you know, anything new on the site would be improper solid structure, but you leave existing the way that

It is like that's something else that you can do.

Okay. Lori, hey Lori. She says, Hey guys, good to be on summer break and back on Hump Day Hangouts. Lori was one of our longtime MasterMind members who ended up taking a teaching gig I believe, which was a long time dream of hers. And she's back to just come check us out. Hey, glad to have you back. Lori. We definitely miss you in the MasterMind.

Would It Be Helpful To Use A Syndication Network For A ClickFunnels/Non-Wordpress Site?

Mom, it says, Hey, guys, I saw an opportunity here and I'm back for another question. A while ago BB showed me that I could still have a syndication network for a Click Funnels non WordPress site. Is this something I should go out of my way to do considering I don't use WordPress sites much anymore? Yeah, absolutely. I still recommend that guys. Even if you're not syndicating Well, look, even if you're not seeking syndicating content I seen firsthand with my most recent business that I launched, how powerful syndication networks truly are, even if you're not syndicating content. And I talked about this before, but I created a new business and I had branded it and and I all Click Funnels, essentially it's a landing page and the thank you page, right? It's a lead generation style page. So it's just a single page Click Funnels landing page and then there's when somebody ops in it goes to a thank you page. That's it. So it's not a WordPress site. And I had registered it, I've got a brand, an exact match a brand new domain, not an exact match keyword, but an exact match brand domain. And that's the name you know, obviously the name of the business as well. And it's similar that business name is similar to other businesses in the same industry in that there it's it's it's a unique name, but it's there are a lot of other businesses out there with similar names. And so that Click Funnels page was indexed, but it was like on page two and three, it would never and I'm talking like the bottom of page two and most of the time on page three somewhere and then all I did was I had one of my VA is build me a syndication network for that brand. And, and so a lot of the subdomains, obviously on the syndication network properties were named after my brand name and all that kind of stuff and they all linked back to it. I didn't do any content syndication, so Click Funnels page, you can't syndicate from there. Now I do have a blog dot sub domain that is a WordPress site, but I've only syndicated two posts. Now, before any of that was even done knows what I'm saying. The syndication network was linked back to just the Click Funnels page, which was on the root domain. And within three days, I was number one for brand search. So I'm saying before for my brand name search, it was on page two, bottom page two most of the time on page three, just connecting a syndication network to it, having it built, connect and linking back to it and to linking all those properties just exactly the way we teach or the way that you get them if you purchase the done via network. Within three days, it might have been five days. I think I had it delivered on Thursday, and I checked it on Monday and for brand name search. I was number one in Google for that brand name search. Only they knew different was having that syndication network built. So yes, absolutely. You should use it that says

There's really no reason now I think Mohamed, I know you're what you've been working on. So I don't know that you would need to do it. But you could always build a blog sub domain and use that for content marketing to feed the syndication network, even if your syndication network is just linking back to your primary domain or Click Funnels page in this case or non WordPress site. Because you could still use content marketing to your advantage, right? Because Google loves that freshness factor and everything else so why not still use the syndication network, just publish content to it syndicate content to it via another method, which could be a blog, sub domain, it could be even one of the syndication network sites you could use WordPress blogger or Tumblr as a blog to actually feed the network. Right? So just consider that there's there is still benefit guys to syndicating content regularly because you can use it for building backlinks and you know, basically building the theme out the relevancy, all of that okay.

Alright, Greg says four locations in Chicago 60 suites each like to keep them the same brand, but we'll have all unique addresses and phone. Yeah. Okay. Then I would say, Yeah, I imagine that would work. Okay, it looks like we're just about done Anyways, I'm on just about out of time. So any other thing that we need to cover guys are can we wrap it up? I don't think so. Got a couple questions about hopefully live already and just let everyone know tickets will be going on sale as early as next week. So just keep your eyes and ears open. And if you're interested in finding out more you already know you're on board. Once you hear about that, make sure you grab your ticket.

Should You Use A Subdomain Or Use A Regular File Structure For A Large Websites With Thousands Of Location Pages?

Oh, yeah. I've seen Logan posted one more and since we're not at 5pm yet, I'm going to go ahead and answer it. Logan says if we have a large website with thousands of pages and want to add pages for each location, hundreds of locations should we make each location a subdomain? No in that case, Logan Absolutely not. Let me clarify what I said earlier. If you're only doing a handful of sites, you know locations. If you only have a handful of locations or it's going to grow slowly, then I recommend using subdomains. And there's a reason for that because subdomains are treated by Google as standalone web entities, even though they might be part of an overall brand or larger brand. It's a way to protect potential problems, if any one of your locations were to catch a penalty. Now, we don't, fortunately, a knock on wood. I haven't experienced any sort of penalties for years now. And again, knock on wood, you know. So I've never I haven't had had to experience any sort of loss from having inner pages or even losing subdomains for that matter. But I'm always trying to mitigate potential risk, right, trying to prevent catastrophe. And so if you have locations on subdomains, in any one of you do something spammy, or even if you don't do something spammy, but Google determines that it doesn't like one of the locations for some reason fees and penalties or deindex, is it something like that? It's going to only affect that one particular sub domain. It doesn't affect the route. And it doesn't affect what I call the sibling subdomains. Right? But if you, but if you've got dozens or hundreds, like you said of locations, that becomes a management nightmare trying to deal with that many subdomains. So unless you were just doing a subdomain redirect to, you know, standalone entities of some sort, or whatever, then then that that's different. But again, that's a little bit more complicated. And I want to get into if you're, if you've got hundreds, dozens or hundreds of locations, then I would recommend you do that as inner pages of the website of the of the root domain. But just be cautious because remember, if you catch a penalty on an inner page, it's going to affect the root domain and all of the other pages that make sense. So that's why I recommend for people that are working on a smaller scale, working with subdomains because it's safer, you can reduce risk or exposure. I'd like to call it reducing expense pleasure that way. But again, in your case you said subdomain or regular file structure, I would go with the regular file structure.

Okay. Hundreds of locations you would absolutely be a nightmare trying to manage that many subdomains. Right?

I think everybody else bailed. Just Marco and I see Mr. Go. Alright man. Bye, everyone.

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How To Keep The Domain Authority (DA) Of Previous Citations Without Confusing Google With Different NAP Data Of A New Citation?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 237 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to keep the domain authority (DA) of previous citations without confusing Google with different NAP data of a new citation.

The exact question was:

Hi guys thanks for your time. If I register a domain and when I go to do the citations see that it already has citations from the previous owner. What is quickest way to keep the DA and build new citations without confusing google with different NAP data?

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What Is The Appropriate Number Of GMB Pages For A Chiropractor Targetting Different Addresses In The Same Building?

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In Hump Day Hangouts episode 238, one participant asked about the appropriate number of GMB pages for a chiropractor targetting different addresses in the same building.

The exact question was:

Hey I am a chiropractor. I started using several GMB with a different addresses in the same office building. I am taking up real estate nicely and will roll out more condition specific sites. How many is too many I have 4 and was thinking of going to 8 GMB

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How Would You Setup A GMB For An Essential Oils Company That Doesn’t Have A Physical Store But Has Pop Up Booths At Festivals?

By April

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In episode 238 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to setup a GMB for an essential oils company that doesn't have a physical store but has pop up booths at festivals.

The exact question was:

Hey guys. I’m working with an essential oils company who does most of their business at pop up booths at festivals. Now they want to expand online and I want to setup a GMB for them. They don’t have a physical location so I would set it up as a SAB but not sure if I should make the radius their city or make it the entire country. Any recommendations? Cheers and thank you.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 239

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 239 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



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Hernan: You don't sound super excited.

Bradley: Yeah, she grew up too damn fast. And that means I'm getting old as a problem.

Adam: Yeah, that's crazy. I'm trying to think when we met her. What was that like three or four years ago? or? Yeah, man. That's crazy. Anyways, Long Time Time flies. Alright, well, getting back to the hump day hangouts topic. If you're watching us for the first time. That's awesome. You're in the right place. Thanks for watching. Whether you're watching us live at https://www.semanticmastery.com/hdquestions or if you're checking out the replay on YouTube. This is the place to be you can ask the questions at again https://www.semanticmastery.com/hdquestions. That's where we've got the form the little chat box for all the questions, you can ask your questions ahead of time, you know if you aren't gonna be able to make it live or you just want to make sure it gets answered because it is first come first serve. Beyond that, we get asked a lot you know, where should I start with semantic mastery Well, this is the place to start. You know, we're here every week we're answering questions. We're watching Hernan choke to death on his drink. And but then we tell people after watching that, don't grab the Battle Plan. All right. And that's what you want to grab. You know, if you want to get better repeatable results, go to https://www.battleplan.semanticmastery.com. But if you're past that you're kind of wanting, either you're ready to start or you really want to grow your digital marketing business, then, you know, joining an experienced community with faster access to real-world info and testing with the Semantic Mastery Mastermind is the place for you. And again, you can find out more about that at https://mastermind.semanticmastery.com and for those of you who liked using done for you services and like to speed things up and over to mgyb.co, and I'm almost done, I do want to say that if you can subscribe to our YouTube channel helps us grow helps us get our word out there. And if you come across any videos or clips that you like, please share them. You know, if you find something particularly helpful, there's probably someone you know who might like that as well. And real quick, I wanted to say because Hernan just kind of glossed over this I bet he can actually talk now maybe he's recovered from his drinking. I know. Yeah, kind of. But I think heard on you're going to be doing some live q&a for our mastermind members. Kind of a live thing if you call direct

Hernan: Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be starting. I'm going to be starting I tried to start last week, but it was up kind of a problem because I wasn't in the country. So I was given a traffic workshop. So but these Friday, I'm going to start doing kind of a serious about paid traffic, specifically Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. We're focused on local, we can talk about pretty much anything you guys want to lead gen. In general, you know, CPA e-commerce, what do you guys want, it's going to be exclusive for the mastermind is going to be on the Facebook group. So you need to be part of the Facebook group, if you're in the Mastermind, you haven't been joining or visiting the Facebook group, that's where the magic happens pretty much besides the calls and whatnot, that's where, you know, we get a lot of action happening or whatnot. So head over there, I think I'm gonna be doing it. Let me actually confirm you guys the time. So it's going to be Friday, the seventh and it's going to be at 11 am. Eastern. So it's going to be there, it's got to be live, it's got to be awesome. So you know, it's got a bit I'm going to be testing it out as well to see what kind of response we get. And you know, if you guys agree with that, that could have become a cycle. So just jump in live like, once or twice a month, just answering Facebook stuff. That's part of the commitment that we have with the mastermind people that we want to give them as many tools as possible to grow their business. And Facebook ads is a powerful tool indeed. So

Adam: sounds good. Yeah. And that's on top of all the regular training, everyone gets in the mastermind as well as the community. So if you're interested, head over to https://mastermind.semanticmastery.com and join up before Hernan goes live. So you can attend the

Bradley: speaking of which I've got YouTube ads training that I'm going to be doing over the next several weeks in there. Because I'm doing several YouTube ads campaigns for Semantic Mastery I've just been recording several videos over the last couple days. In fact, we're going to try to grow our YouTube channel subscriber base to above 10,000. So I'm setting up several campaigns using in-stream ads and YouTube for that, and I'm going to be kind of documenting and sharing, you know, the process for that kind of stuff, as well as we're going to start increasing our Hump Day hangout attendance to and I want to use YouTube ads for that, because there's an enormous amount of traffic to be had from YouTube, if you know how to do it, right. And it just takes consistent effort and you know, trial and error to figure out the best recipe so to speak for the ads and the messaging to get that right. And so I'm going to be doing a lot of that I also started another business that I finally revealed to the mastermind last week, I've been teasing it for a month, I'm not going to talk about here, but I'm going to be using YouTube ads a lot for that business as well. And it's just, it's going to be cool, because it's going to be slightly different from just our standard, you know, local lead gen stuff that we've been kind of pushing for the last, you know, six or eight months, because it was you know, there was so much opportunity in that. But, you know, we've kind of done all that. And so now we're going to kind of broaden out a little bit and do some, I think it's really good timing that is Don's gonna be doing some Facebook, and Instagram paid traffic training. And I'm going to be doing some paid traffic training on YouTube ads and how to get traffic that can be applied for you know, affiliate type businesses or local businesses or, you know, just getting like branding and awareness and all that kind of stuff, building up an email list, building your subscribers, lead generation, it's just going to be kind of all-encompassing, so I think it's a really good time to be in the mastermind.

Adam: Awesome. All right. Well, if we don't have anything else, or rather, is there anything else? You guys, are we good to go? To one. All right, we're good to go. Let's hop into it.

Bradley: Alright, let me grab the screen. And we'll get into the questions. Sweet. All right, where are we? Seven days ago. Okay.

How Do You Use The Embeds Service At MGYB?

So it looks like to Tushar is first he says embeds service at MGYB. Why be how do you recommend using this? Is it for tier one links or money sites or the embeds on niche relevant sites? Well, the embed network is for embedding pretty much any sort of iframe. Typically, people think of embed services as being used for just videos. But it can be used for Maps, Google Maps, Google, Google, my business maps, you can, you can actually iframe pretty much almost any website unless it has an iframe breaker. So you can use it for any number of things. We use it specifically for videos GMB or Google My Business map embeds as well as RYS you know, RYS Reloaded methods or tactics session, say. So, if you're not familiar with that, it's really powerful to do with your drive stack stuff, your files and folders and things like that, that you can embed, which is great, because, you know, if you order a drive stack to be built from MGYB and then you can use parts of that as part with the embed service. And the same thing goes with maps and beds or video embed. So it can be used for pretty much any sort of thing and embeds or actually, I don't know how much Marco would want to get into this year. But embeds are like a do follow link even on nofollow sites. So they're very, very powerful. And they work very well. Marco, what do you want to say about?

Marco: That said, it's like getting a link, but it doesn't count against your link profile.

Bradley: Yeah, it's raining again.

Marco: Yeah, it's raining really hard, and the thunder coming through and all kinds of good stuff. You can hear it. But anyway, that's just the way it is. And embeds are really simple. It's a display of your page. on somebody else's, it's a tunnel. And all the credit goes back to the source. And that's just what it is. It's a way to get a link that doesn't get counted as a link. So if it's not counted as a link, it cannot incur a penalty.

Bradley: Yeah, and they're really powerful and the embed networks are primarily web to auto-embed networks that are link building manager has been building for years now. So they are themed networks. In other words, he's been building and seasoning these links, or excuse me, these web 2.0 embed networks for I'd say, at least three years, maybe even four years now. So a lot, I mean, first of all, it's a massive network. And second of all, a lot of these are their aged and themed well, because he's been building and building and building. I mean, he's got hundreds of thousands, if not over a million properties built specifically for this kind of stuff. So again, they are themed, very, a lot of them are aged. So it's it is a very powerful thing. We've seen quite a lot of movement, using the embed service for like GMB map embeds. You know, I don't do a whole whole lot of video SEO stuff, or at least a haven't been recent. But I'm going to be over the next several months because I'm going to be doing a lot of YouTube stuff right now. But I'm doing paid traffic as well. So I'll be testing that some more. I know it works well for videos, but I have been doing a shit ton of map stuff, Google Maps, and GMB stuff. And I've been using that embed service for that as well as like we, we teach in any one of our paid training courses about @ID pages, again, can't go into that here in a free setting. But in our paid courses, we talked about @ID pages. And they're very, very powerful to embed in some of the biggest movements that I've seen, are using just traditional link building like, again, the same service that we have an MGYB and an embedded service or combination of both, where you embed a property and then hit the embedded the properties where it's embedded with additional links. And that tends to really move the needle. And what I like about that service is that it's easy, it's easy for us, right? Because we all we have to do is place an order, you know, and in our link building manager and his team take care of all of that. So it's easy on me, I just have to submit details. And then you know, a few weeks later, I get the report. And I can usually see depending on the obviously level of competition, but you can usually see the results will move the needle just from the link building and the embed services combined. So it's a very powerful service. And it's simple, simple to fulfill.

How To Build Citations For Multiple Cities Website?

Next is he says how to build citations for multiple cities website. Do you offer GMB verification for your local clients? I asked this because I'm not sure if this is risky. And we should limit this to our own properties. Should we do this for a client with a service business that can serve multiple cities? Yeah, you can I mean, that's something I up sold to a lot of my clients was adding additional locations and I'm using air quotes because they didn't a lot of my clients didn't actually go get physical, you know, additional office spaces or, or shops, because most of them are contractors. But we did add additional maps listings for a lot of my clients. However, I don't, you know, I always recommend taking precautions if you're going to do that for businesses like if you're doing it for lead gen stuff, you understand the risks, right? So so that, you know, use them at your own risk. But when you're dealing with a client, you have to be more careful, right, you do not want to do anything that could essentially pass a penalty to their main brand or their main domain, their main location. So whenever I've up sold maps expansion or location expansion to existing clients, then what I would do is either just use subdomains from their root domain for each location or I would avoid using their domains alt altogether and just use GMB assets, which would be the GMB website GMB posts, the map itself, that kind of stuff, and then obviously would be branded still for the main company. And if they would all have their own unique tracking numbers that would go to what I'll forward to the, you know, main phone number for that company. Typically, they would either have an in house receptionist that would answer the phone or I would set up an answering service like like, like I've been doing for my lead gen stuff forever. And so all the locations would go to the same destination phone number, but all of the individual locations would have a unique physical address a unique phone number and a unique web address.

If it was going to be used with their branded domain, we would, we would always use subdomains, not inner pages. So not like location pages, it would always be subdomains. And typically I wouldn't even build websites on them on the subdomains, I would just do a redirect from the subdomain to the GMB website. That makes sense. But in some cases, I recommended not even and it's just again, for those clients that were worried about it, I said, you know, we don't even need to use your domain, we can just use this the GMB website as the main website for each location. The idea is to get the leads to go to the main, you know, the leads back to your client, you're the business, it doesn't necessarily mean as long as you can brand it with the same logo and same like the header image. So the GMB website image, that kind of stuff that you know, the header image on that, all of that, that's all that you really need to brand it. And the rest of it can still be left within just GMB, which is what I recommend. So it really depends on the level of risk that your clients are willing to take, I always recommend trying to reduce or eliminate risk as much as possible. So the only thing that would stay the same would be their name. But we've actually had a discussion recently in the mastermind, I'm not going to get too much into it but adding a pending an additional term to the actual business name to make it more unique. So for example, if you had four locations in one city, you could name it like north, south, east and west. So company name North company name, East company name, South company name West. And that actually helps to add a little bit of diversity to the business name to prevent any potential pigeon issues. But like I said, it's still it would still be I still wouldn't recommend actually connecting any of those assets directly to the primary businesses location or websites because you want to reduce any risk. That makes sense. Okay.

As far as building citations, I don't build citations to GMB assets unless they are real bona fide businesses that I have x or addresses excuse me that I have access to collect mail from and I've talked about that on for many, many months. Now. If you're buying GMB verify, you know, verified GMB locations. That means it's it's a spam address, or it's an address that you do not have access to collect mail from or at. Does that make sense? So the problem with getting building citations is the moment that you start building citations because most citation directories or business directories require a physical street address in order to build the listing. And the moment that you start adding your business or publishing a listing on a business directory with the street address. Okay, you're going to start you're going to get on that that street address is going to be put on a marketing mailing list for physical mail via United States Postal Service. And what happens is that location, that address that you use will start to receive business-related mail that's addressed to the company that you have listed as the GMB. And so if it's going to an actual building that or to somebody's house, God forbid, I recommend that nobody ever uses somebody's house address, unless that's their own house, or they got permission to do it. But if it's going to a building or a house, and somebody starts getting email, or excuse me physical mail, with solicitation offers from marketing companies and Vista print and, you know, list providers like info USA and like all these different I know, because I get a ton of them myself, you start getting all these marketing, e mails, these solicitation mails for offers for the business, then it's likely that somebody's going to report that business is not being actually at that location. So I highly recommend that you don't do that you can get results without citations. If you have a physical address that you can accept mail that then I absolutely recommend using citations because it is still very powerful and effective. But you can still get results without using citations. And if you're using GMBs that are not, you don't have access to the actual physical address, and I recommend that you do not. Okay. Do other things.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Up The Rankings If You Need To Change The Phone Number Of A GMB Listing?

Dustin said Hey guys, I need to change the telephone number on my GMB. What's the best way to keep the GMB rankings only delete the old number and add the new number in my RYS tack or to adding the new number. And keeping also the old number and RYS stack. Um, well. Actually what I would do?

Bradley: Well depends. If because if you're going to change the phone number, if you mean any properties that you have access to edit, I would want to change to add the new phone number in. But think about if you do have citations, we were just talking about those. But if you do have citations out there, that's a real pain in the ass to go change the phone number. In fact, I wouldn't recommend doing that yourself at all, I would hire service for that there's a great service for that. But from Loganix, if you go to https://www.semanticmastery.com/loganix, then that's the best service. I know for citation cleanup work. It's more expensive than some of the other services but they're really really, really thorough, I've had really good results with them. So if you have to do if you have citations, it's a real bitch because you're going to want to update the phone number on those. However, if you're not going to lose the old number entirely right, then you can keep that phone number in the GMB as a secondary phone number.

So what you can do is actually go in and add or essentially click to add another phone number into the GMB dashboard. And then cut and paste the existing phone number into the second position and put the new phone number in the first position and then click Save. That way Google understands that that old phone number is still associated with that profile. However, if that old phone number is not going to receive calls any more than it being listed on a bunch of other business directories, in the event that people do try to contact the business on this business from this business directory listings, it's going to be an invalid number. For the SEO purposes, it would still be okay because you left the old number in the GMB dashboard is a secondary number. It won't be published. But Google will recognize that it's associated with that business. But like I said, if you have existing NAP or citations published on the web, then I would recommend that you try to update those as possible. And again, if it's something you have access to like drive stacks, yeah, absolutely update the number. But when it comes to citations and things like that, it's a real bitch. It takes time and consistent effort. And so I recommend you hire a service for that. So but I want to comment on that.

Adam: No.

Bradley: okay.

Does The Semantic Mastery Battle Plan Help In Setting Up A Local Lead Gen Business?

Now, Rob says, I just recently purchased a franchise product that provides SEO Services. It's not from you guys. Well, then we're skipping this question. Now. I'm kidding. He says in that from you guys, the company gave some exhausted training on how to sell the services but seems like everything was leaning towards cold calling and door knocking in order to get clients somehow came across you guys on the internet purchased the Battle Plan. I have a website that franchise gave two for lead gen gave to me for lead gen but was not familiar with how to set it up for lead gen does the Battle Plan product up with that. And if there's something else I could use with your product to get the ball rolling a little faster, sorry, for the long text. Okay, um, well, as far as lead gen using for lead gen for like getting clients really all you need is a, you know, a landing page that you know, describes your services and has a real big strong call to action to contact you. Right? Typically, it's going to be you know, your phone number real big, perhaps your email address, if you want to publish that, I don't like to do that or contact form. Right? You know, once, once more information, contact us, or contact me, depending on how your branding your business, contact me here and you know, have a little contact form. But so that's just standard, right? That's just a standard lead gen type web page. So you can set your own. Like, for example, my own agency website is just a one-page site. That's all it is. It just says what I do. And there's you know, a contact form at the bottom. So if there are contact buttons, you know, in several locations, if they click it, it just scrolls down to the bottom right where the form is. That's it. That's all I do.

Because it that's for inbound marketing, right. So typically, you're going to be driving people to a landing page, if you're doing if you're if you know if you've got inbound marketing setup. So that's like settings, running ads to drive traffic to your landing page. Or it could be organic stuff. But what I found is as-as a marketing consultant myself, right, running my own agency, I found that most of the time that I've been able to secure clients is when I'm going out and doing outbound marketing, where I'm, I'm contacting them, right, I know, you can get inbound leads, but personally, for my own business, I don't get a lot of inbound leads, most of the inbound leads, I do get offers from referrals from existing clients. But you know, I don't get a whole lot of cold leads coming from Google, or you know, I don't do a lot of pay per click marketing to get clients, but from just straight SEO, you know, I rank well for SEO, Virginia and things like that. But I don't typically get a lot of leads from that. What I've gotten most of my leads from was me doing the outreach. And you're right, I hate cold calling, I hate door knocking I hate it, I absolutely despise it. So we developed a product called video lead gen system, which I've been using since 2012, to build my own agency. And I recently streamlined it because we built a whole bunch of lead gen assets, I needed to find a way to get service providers to monetize our lead gen assets. And so I needed a way to streamline the video lead gen, or video email prospecting method that I had always been using because it was time-consuming, very effective, but time-consuming. So we created lead gen video lead gen system and an updated it recently, and just relaunched it. So if you're interested in that, I'm sure Adam, you probably already dropped the link to it. But I would recommend that you try that for him because that's a great way to get people to get noticed or to get a conversation or a dialogue started with potential prospects. Because you got to think about this, if you just recently are starting to try to build your own agency, I'm going to tell you now that it is a saturated market out there when dealing with local businesses or business owners period, it doesn't have to be local businesses. But business owners get hammered relentlessly by marketing and advertising companies all the time, they're getting solicitations via cold emails via cold calls, you know, by people knocking on their door seriously, like walking in and pitching them just like what your franchise company is telling you to do. That's like the norm now. And so you really need to differentiate yourself, you need to be able to make yourself stand above the competitors or get noticed, through all that noise. And so that's why I said the video lead gen system is a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack and just becoming another solicitor. Right. And so again, guys, I'm not discouraging anybody from getting into, you know, providing Client Services or becoming an agency and all that. But I will tell you that it's a lot harder now than it was five years ago, to get clients attention or prospects attention. And that's because of you know, it's just an absolute feeding frenzy out there people the businesses get hammered nonstop with solicitation calls, emails and offers all the time. And so you have to really be able to stand up, stand out from that crowd. So the video lead gen system is a great way to do that it does require some work, it's not a magic bullet. And it requires consistent follow up but we talked about all of that in the training and if you implement that, you'll see that you will start to get much much higher response rates than you would from typical cold calls or not, you know walking in the door and calling on think about this guy's and I've done door to door sales in the past, think about you know, as a business owner it like I work from home, and I can't stand it when somebody knocks on my door like to try to, you know, whether it's a Jehovah's Witness or some a census purse, somebody wanting to ask questions for the Census Bureau or anything like that somebody comes in beats on my door, and I'm in the middle of working or recording a video or something like that. It it's an interruption it pisses me off, I also don't answer the phone unless I know who the phone calls from. And I'm really if I'm only if I'm expecting the call, as a business owner, myself, I don't want to be interrupted. So think about when you cold call somebody or you go walk in their door, and you know, knock on their door to say that you try to sell them something, what you're doing is interrupting them. And that pisses a lot of people off. So I don't recommend that at all. I recommend you get more creative on your pitch and your approach and make it easy for them and convenient for them to hear your message. And that's part of the reason why the video lead gen system works so well. Because you can send them a personalized video that explains why you reached out to them, and they can watch it when it's convenient for them. And when you set up notifications properly, you'll know exactly when they're watching your video, so you can follow up with them immediately. Right. So that was a really good question. But like I said, when it comes down to the Battle Plan, no Battle Plan is going to tell you how to get results from like, get your getting your websites seen and get traffic to them and get better results for them for SEO and all that kind of stuff. But lead gen, standard lead gen templates, very simple, you can just look at like go to Google and look up lead gen. You know landing page templates and things like that and get an idea of what your basic elements are that you should have. And then the rest of it is really about honing your message right crafting your message and finding an approach that's going to get people's attention and get them to want to follow back up with you. Okay, turn a cold lead into a warm lead. And that's what the video lead gen system is all about.

Marco: In our free Facebook group, Adam did a post on the 31st. of May. And he talked to us about this, how he uses the video, little video lead gen system with Loom to follow up. So he says it makes it more personal, right? They're used to video so he sends them a video. And it says his conversions are way higher. Why don't you talk about that, Adam?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. It's such an easy system to use. And it's funny because videos used to be tough to do. And I remember I copied Bradley's method from the first version of lead gen system and using images and this that the other thing but now these tools like loom have made this so much easier, where I can put the video it plays natively in Gmail. And even if it didn't, if it looks like an image is there, and then not only that because I went ahead, that's just the free version, the paid I went ahead and paid for it when you know, brought out their pro version or whatever. And I can put an overlay link that goes anywhere I want on there, which is awesome. So the conversions on this stuff are super high. Like Bradley says, and anyone who's gone through the course and put it to us knows how well this works. I mean, it's crazy getting 3040 plus percent conversion rates and, and the method that most people get 1% or less. And then the follow up is super important. at poker we live in 2018 and DC, did a little exercise. I had people stand up. And they said, you know, assuming everybody here is involved in some sort of business where they talk with customers. I said, you guys all in this room, everybody does some sort of follow up, right? You know, everybody nodded their heads. Yep. Okay, so I said, Everybody, stand up. And I'm going to talk I'm going to say a number starting with one and working my way up and say how many, you know, automated follow up either calls or emails do you have in your business right now. So started at one. And you know, everybody was pretty much still standing up said too few people said they only got two, three more people sitting down by four, there are very few people standing and I may have this wrong, but I think by the time I got to six, there was one person in the entire room standing up, I didn't even have six, which I'm since fixed. But your rate of response from people goes up hugely as you keep going and we all know this, you know the over supposed to maintain this contact and we're supposed to follow up with people. But if you don't have this process or this method to do it, you know, you get busy, you got other things you want to do, it's not fun, but this is what gets results. So you know, highly encourage anyone who doesn't have a great method for doing this that isn't already giving you fantastic results to just go grab video lead gen system put it to work. And this is one of the fastest courses to return your money and then probably 10 or 100 fold over time.

Bradley: Yeah. And last thing I want to say about that is also if you're going to be pitching or prospecting for your new business, I recommend that you really do niche down to a particular industry, because you'll get really, really good being able to talk speak directly to that that type of business owner as opposed to being all over the place where if you're going to be marketing to pretty much just to businesses in general, you have to really understand what's important to every business industry and and and speak to those owners with their VA with their own vocabulary. It's very difficult and it takes a lot of time and a lot of experience to get good at being a general marketer. It's much easier and much more scalable to become you know, a specialist or like a boutique marketing professional in other words, where you really niche down and become an industry-specific professional. Because then you can you really only need to come up with like learn to function Have you, Larry, the pain points, the hot buttons, know what the customers for that particular business are looking for what their needs are all of that it makes it so much easier to scale. And then you can just expand your business by targeting more locations, right? expand your service area, essentially. But you're still targeting the same business owner, same business type, I would recommend that highly. Alright, so

Does Google Favor An Authority Site With Specific Niche And Location Over A Lead Gen Site With Powerful Backlinks In It?

next Gordon's up he says, Hey, guys, as usual, your Hump Day hang Hump Day help is greatly appreciate it. You're welcome, Gordon. He says, I'm not sure how Google search algorithm works in one particular instance, when it comes to local search, be taking a standard lead gen site that is branded with specific business NAP actual or made up as well as having links to citations in the major directories and a GMB listing and compare it to an authority site that is targeted to a specific business niche in location. But without any of the items just mentioned, for the lead gen site. They're both equally easy to rank or would Google's search algorithm favor one type of site over the other? And if so, in what way? Um, I'm not sure what you're talking about, unless you mean like, a local lead gen site versus like, a Yelp page or something, if that's what you mean, or a big authority type site like Well, I mean, Yelp would be one of those. But like home advisor would be another one or Angie's List or, and I'm talking contractor type stuff, but like in the real estate market, it would be like, you know, long and foster century 21 or, you know, REMAX and things like that versus a local lead gen site. Right. So my point is, it really depends when it comes to maps listings maps rankings, I found that a local lead gen site, you can typically rank, you know, better than those type of sites, because a lot of those sites won't have a maps listing like a physical location in their particular area. But when it comes to organic rankings, yeah, it's tough. If it's a search with local intent, especially if there are directories. You know, if you go to a search in Google right now, guys, you'll see that the I think Google's broken again, and I've talked about this in recent Hump Day Hangout, because there are, you know, Google is nothing but an index of links, right, Google doesn't search results are indexed results, the search engine results pages of the SERPs is nothing but an A list of indexed results, right. So page one is the top 10 results as indexed by Google, according to Google's algorithm. But if you take a search to do something like plumber, Fairfax, VA for Virginia, right, so plumber, Fairfax, VA, you do that search, and you'll see that there are the maps listings, which is great. And you might see a couple of local business, local businesses ranking organic listings, but you're primarily going to see business directories, that are indexed in the organic section that when clicked upon, go to another index page. We talked about this recently. Right. And it's very difficult to compete with that kind of stuff. So let's just take a look real quick. If I say, plumber, Fairfax VA.

Alright, we're going to scroll down. Let me zoom in a little bit. Okay. And you can see there blue because it's still cooking from the last time I was I was here, but you're going to see ads. All right, let's make sure that we're spelled right. Okay, so we're going to see ads, and then we're going to see the maps rankings, which I find are easier to do when competing in this type of space, right? Because take a look that, you know, the top three, there's one actual company website, right? That out of the top three, so number one, and number three, our index pages have on other So essentially, when click, when you click through to this guy's all it does is take you to another damn index, which is what Google's pages, right, it's an index. And then you take a look at this. And if you click through, and it's nothing but another index of plumbers on Yelp, and that is in Fairfax. And the same thing goes for Angie's List, right? Then you'll see Michael and sons, Okay, number four, so that's another company. But then home advisor, that's another index page. So out of the top five, three out of the top five, are actually index pages. And so again, even though they don't have a physical location there, which is why they're not in maps, you can see that those are authoritative sites. And they are their authority is why they rank so well, organically, even if they're not super optimized, right, specifically like data. If you take a look at the Yellow Page, it doesn't have a ton of content here about plumbing and the plumbing services, or the services that plumbers offer and all that kind of stuff. All it is is a freakin index page. Right? That's all it is. And so it's not content rich at all. Yet, it's ranking very, very well. Number one, in fact, that makes sense. So when it comes to actual, you know, which one is easier and which one's harder, that's why I've always recommended for local lead gen focus on maps. Because it's gotten over the years, it's gotten harder and harder to rank in organics, the organic section, excuse me, because of the business directories. And Google is gone through phases where sometimes it will this index page again, I I think it's stupid, think about that. You go from one index to another index. That's dumb. I don't think that's useful to anybody. Right? I mean, that's just my opinion. But I really don't think that's useful to anybody. Why would you want to go from one index to another index, when you click through now you're, you're just you've added an additional step to find your solution. Right. So again, I think that's done. But over the years, we've seen that happen with Google where they get rid of the index, the directory listings, the indexed directory listings, it's okay to have a Yelp page for a specific company ranked in the top 10. You know, that's fine, because that means that company had probably proof done really well at filling out their profile optimizing it, well, they probably got a lot of engagement, that kind of stuff, that would be fine. But to go to another index page, unfortunately, that's kind of where we're back to now. And I don't know that it's going to change or when it will change, it may, like I said, it's gone in cycles over the years. So when it comes to what I think is easier to do, I think you're much better off focusing on maps, for local lead gen stuff, then trying to do though, you know, trying to fight or compete with the authority sites in the organic rankings. And I know, some people might have differing opinions. But you know, fighting with Yelp and their authority, excuse me over here, it's very, very difficult. The same thing with Angie's List, home advisor, you know, it's very, very difficult. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: Not I'm going to agree with that. But I would also say that in SERPs now, what really matters is the entity and how well you are how much you've taken care of the entity, how much power you're pushing to the entity, so that so that you're presented to Google, as trusted and authoritative also, in a niche. If you don't do that correctly, then you have no hope of trying to rank in the, in the SERPs, right? Especially, again, against these are powerhouses. But you can as he, as you've shown that there is one, there is a company that's right in there. And the way that you do that is power, you should first of all, we went through the entity webinar, right, we did that in Syndication Academy, where we showed the steps that you need to take that to solidify the entity or what I call the end game. So that when you push power into the entity, Google is going to take all of that power, as trust and authority for your entity so that you can go against these, these powerhouses and get in there. But it does take a lot of power. It does take a lot of creativity and you know, your schema has to be right. There are many things that come into play when you're trying to do this. And as you said, it's easier to go after the maps.

Bradley: Yeah, I totally agree with what you're saying, though. I mean, my point is to get results and get, you know, I start with maps, there's no question. But always definitely you want to evaluate solidify that entity, you want to try to build brand authority for that particular entity. Because it's not that you can't rank in the organic section, it's just going to take you longer and more effort. And so my point is start with maps. Once you start getting, you know, leads coming in for your lead gen business or for your client, then you can focus on all the other stuff that you're going to need to do to get ranked. And you're going to try to attempt to rank in the organic section as well, which all the stuff that Marco just mentioned is absolutely correct. So do both, but start in my opinion with the map stuff. And that's what you know, that's why I've run my business for years.

Okay, so next one, he says is would it make a positive difference if you listed one or two random local business and a piece from that niche on the authority site to give Google a local business name, address, and phone number? Thanks again? Would it make a positive difference if you listed one or two random local business and a piece from that niche on the authority site? I'm not sure I understand that one. If you're trying to rank order, actually what it makes? Maybe the way I'm interpreting this, as you're saying, if you're trying to rank organically by including any piece from other businesses, perhaps it would make it more like an authority site. I wouldn't recommend that. I mean, it depends what depends on what you're doing. But it unless you're building a directory site, I wouldn't do that. Right. I mean, I wouldn't want to push authority over to anybody else's site, especially competitors. So I'm not sure I understand that part of the question. I'm going to move on.

How Do You Pick What Links To Use When You're Adding The Service Post Links On The City Page For The Second County?

Don says thanks for Hump Day Hangouts. Two questions for Bradley and your complex silo YouTube video, use the following structure. Okay, when adding the second County, it seems that the post name should be slightly different. Yes, it should be. Those videos were recorded many years ago. So I'd have to I don't even really remember what I said in those videos. But yes, the post name should be unique, forever, all the way down to that level. However, let me just clarify something right now. There's no need to use the physical silo structure anymore, which is what you're looking at. And that URL structure there, which is where you know, the category slash post name permalink structure in WordPress, you don't need to do that anymore. You didn't need to do it back then. But I preferred it back then because I liked seeing the hierarchy of the silo structure within the URL. But we've tested over and over again, and you know, I haven't done any hard tests in the last few years. But it's not necessary to have that as a physical silo, you can do what's called a virtual silo, which is just using the post name permalink structure. So it makes your URLs much cleaner, much shorter. Right, it's, it's still, you still want to build your categories correctly. And you know, your sub your subcategories. If you're doing a complex solid structure, you're going to have categories and subcategories, right? And pages and child pages, and then post right, which is your third level deep. But yes, when it comes to the permalink, or the slug, for the post you want to have that is unique for each post, you can't duplicate Leak Repair, for example, as a post slug on two different posts, because it will, but WordPress, by default will put a dash two for the second one, right.

And so on the post level, I've always recommended that you would on the post level or even on a subcategory level. But my point is, you're going to need to have unique slugs, right. And so that's why it's not necessary to have the physical silo. Because let's say that let's say if you were going to have Fairfax County and Prince William County, and then you were going to go directly to like, I don't know, plumbing, let's say, let's just say you're going to try to use plumbing as a subcategory for both. They're two different parent categories, then you're going to have plumbing and plumbing dash two, right, because the second time you try to create that subcategory, it's going to have the same slug, it's not going to work. So my point is, you know, I stopped using the physical silo structure, which is where you see everything in the link. And it started using virtual solid because I don't care if there's a plumbing dash to as a subcategory. As long as it stacked within the higher the way that you build it out in the silo structure. The bots will crawl it correctly to where it won't bleed over from one plumber like plumbing dash to to plumbing, you know, the regular plumbing if that makes sense. They will all be separate containers basically. But you don't have to look at that ugly URL was my point. So it makes sense. So I've switched to just doing virtual silo structure, which again, is just using the post name permalink because that way you can hide all of that stuff that's hard or impossible to reconcile within WordPress. However, that said, there is another way to silo and I can't obviously I'm not going to get into that here because it would take the rest of the time, I'd have to get out my snag and start drawing side siloed diagrams and all that. And anybody that's been in the mastermind knows what an abomination that is. But you can silo also using categories and tags, guys, you can use tags as a way to add for especially for complex silos where you've got perhaps multiple locations, but you've got the same service that's going to be provided in each location. Right? So instead of having location silos, via categories, and in-service silos via categories, which is difficult to do, you can, you can actually use tags to create silos too, right? So you can have like location silos or service or product or service categories, and then use tags as a way to create location silos. And there's, there's a way to do all of that, which is a little bit cleaner. It still takes some planning out guys, a complex silo structure is just what the name says it is. It's complex. And so I always recommend if you're going to do that, that you map it out first because it will take some thought to be able to do it correctly.
Marco, were you gonna say something or somebody? Not? Good. Already popping might pop.

Okay, so But yeah, as far as when it goes down to the post level, yeah, make always recommended that the posts be more like conversational type titles, and the person the link structure can reflect the more like what the title of the post is, right? But if you're just using the permalink, the post name permalink, which is just a simple, excuse me a virtual silo, then it's not going to matter. Because your URLs are going to be rude calm, you know, root domain, com slash posting, even all the way down to the post level, which is deep into the siloed. Right? That it's just going to be posting and at your, at your earlier pages higher up in the silo at subcategory level, it'll be, you know, root domain.com, slash subcategory, or at the category level root domain, com slash category. Right. So it's always just going to be whatever that page that you're landing on is going to be as bright past the first, you know, the first level past the domain itself. And so that's a much cleaner way to build a silo In my opinion, because then you know, it doesn't matter. Because even if you're permalinks, or have the dash twos and things like that, which are ugly, and I always had a hard time reconciling that with the physical silo structure was very difficult. But over the years, I learned that it's absolutely not necessary, you can do it with a virtual silo. So you can hide all that ugly URL shit that happens when trying to do that with a complex silo, it doesn't matter the but still crawls it the way that you build it. Right? So regardless of how ugly the URL is, if you're hiding all that shit, it won't matter. That makes sense.

Where Do You Typically Include The Links To The County Silo Index Pages?

Okay, question two do you typically include the links to the county silo index pages in the site-wide header, navigation footer nav link on the homepage content. Other know, and we talked about this in mastermind, I can't get into this very deep here either, because once again, it's we don't have the time number one. Number two, this is something that we this is kind of stuff we cover in the mastermind. But no, essentially, with a silo structure you want from the navigation, you want to be able to link to your top-level category, pages, right, which are pages, also categories. And then on the category, the top level silo pages, you can link to subcategories. If you have them, then your subcategory pages, you don't want to really link to anything from there, except for perhaps back up to the root domain, like the homepage, and then all of your supporting articles will be stacked or placed underneath each subcategory. And you'd want to daisy chain those together, or link from the subcategory back up to the homepage or to the top level category but not the subcategory. You don't want to create what Marco calls a reciprocal link even on the same domain. And that's about as far as I can get into that right here. Okay. That's changed recently, too, by the way. So again, those are old, old videos, that the principles are still remain valid. But I have absolutely changed my strategy slightly on how I build those type of solid structures out now. And maybe it's time for an update on that.

Should You Create Two Different GMB Assets For Two-Related Keywords Or Separate Them?

Gabriel's up he says, Hey, guys, thanks again, for all the great content plus one here. Missing g plus, yeah, I'm currently working on building a GMB asset for solar panel installation services and solar panel installation course. Should I create two different GMB assets? Or should I use one big asset to rank for both keywords best solar panel installation? A solar panel? Oh, I see what you're saying. So one, is it services? And one is, of course, that's a good question. I mean, if it's a local course, where only people that aren't you're going to be marketing the course to local people then like like, you know, for people to come to a school or a location to learn how to install solar panels, then yeah, I guess you could use it, I would recommend doing it for both. But if you're going to if the course is if you're trying to market that, well, you can always still have a GMB. But yeah, I would probably come if it's for the same company and everything that I don't, I would just keep it all under one entity, one asset. That's my thoughts. But that's just because you can actually accrue more authority that way, then try a separate them. Marco, what do you say?

Yeah, I wouldn't separate them either going to have them on the same website. I don't see why you would need two different GMB. They're totally relevant. So there's relevance there. That's everything that you need. And then pushing those two. I mean, in the course, and I don't want to get into it too much. We show that we show a way where you can do both just through posts. Right. And it's still in in the same GMB. But you know, you post about the course and you post about the service. And you can keep them separate. Yeah.

Yeah, I agree. And again, I would I, you know, I try to reduce assets, if possible, when it comes to stuff like that, try to keep them all housed on one entity, essentially one web entity, right, which would be, you know, a website that you could add, like, we were just talking about silos, for example, right, instead of having two separate assets, it's more work to maintain two separate assets, and you're actually, it's going to take longer to build the authority to each individual asset than it would be to have the cumulative effect of having both of them under one asset.

And if he's using the GMB auto poster or the briefcase, then he can get the RSS feed out and actually going to his T one and use both post right both types of posts, and power up his tier one that way, and create the relevance for both throughout his tier one assets. And, of course, you have to do our way as reloaded, you have to do the drive stack. And you can also stack it in there right to stack targeting each of the what would be top level categories.

How To Keep The Domain Authority (DA) Of Previous Citations Without Confusing Google With Different NAP Data Of A New Citation?

Yeah, um, so the next question was from Steve, he says, Hey, guys, thanks for your time. If I register a domain, and when I go to do the citation, see that it already has citations from the previous owner? What is the quickest way to keep the domain authority and build new citations without confusing you? Okay, so when you say citations, that leads me to believe that you bought a domain that was being used for a local business, right? Because local businesses are the ones that typically get citations being published in business directories, right. So name, address, phone number plus website URL. And so as far as keeping domain authority, I don't care about domain authority. So I'm not, you know, honestly, I'm not going to recommend how to keep the domain authority because I just don't care about that metric. I stopped caring about that metric years ago, it doesn't make any fucking difference. I swear to you if you know how to build relevancy, domain authority doesn't mean shit, right? Unless you have incredibly high domain authority numbers, in which case, then it does have an effect. But for anything below 80, you're not it's not going to make a difference whether you have domain authority or not if you know how to build relevancy. So that's irrelevant, right. But as far as you talking about citations, if you mean, if you just mean links, there's not much you can do. But if you're talking about site, because they're, they're already built to the site, you could disavow them. I know, there's going to be conflicting opinions on that. But, you know, I would also check to see if they're toxic or spammy links, that kind of stuff. But if you're talking about citations, where that domain was being used by different business, and just published citations on the web name, address, phone number, and web and web address, that are linking to that, and now you're going to use it for a new business with a new name, new address, new phone number, new brand, then I would recommend that you would hire a citation cleanup service. Again, I talked about that earlier, like Loganix, or Loganix. I don't know whether I'm saying it right or not. But uh, semanticmastery.com/loganix, that will get you to it's, like I said, it's a bit expensive, but it's hands down the best service I've used for, for cleaning up inconsistent NAP issues, right. So they'll go out and contact all the directories where they find that now incorrect. citation and name, address and phone number. And the requests that be updated, they'll submit the new details. And they'll do that for I think, a total of four rounds. So they'll do it like every two weeks for a total of eight weeks, or something like that, to were like, because sometimes you have to contact those directories multiple times to get them to actually do it. So that's what they do. It's expensive, but it works. And it works, you know, about 70% of the citations that are found that to be incorrect, will be updated. And that's that, I found that to be really, really high compared to a lot of the other services out there that say they can do it that get are pretty much lackluster results. So again, if you're talking about that, when you're saying citations, if you're using that term correctly, and it's listed that web, that domain is listed with another name, address and phone number from another business, and now you're going to use it for a new business with a new brand new name, new phone number, new address, all of that, then you are going to need really clean that up out there. Because otherwise, you're going to create ambiguity. And it's going to dilute your efforts and build new citations is going to make it hard to get results. It's always more important to clean up bad data than it is to build new data, which just dilutes bad data. Does that make sense? Start with that start with the cleanup.

Would You Recommend That The Inner City Pages Have The Same Style As The Homepage?

JOHN says one cousin is a good idea to make the other pages on the site the same style is the homepage. I'm trying to rank the homepage city page for a city but I'm also trying to rank other pages for other cities. Now, do you think it's a good idea to just copy my site tone page style? Not the content, just the style? And if I copy the content, just rewrite? Or is that a good idea? Yeah, I mean, that's fine. As far as like the layout of the page, I don't think that makes much of a difference. I could be wrong. But in my opinion, it's more about having the content unique and optimized for the specific cities that you're trying to rank rewrites are fine. I've done that a lot, especially for lead gen stuff where I'll go out and like by an article, or by five articles, and I'll have each article rewritten three times. Right. So now I've got 15 articles. And it's a lot to have an article rewritten and have a new article written. Right. So that's what I would do is go buy authority content, pay a lot of money for an 800 or 1000 word article. And then I would send that to an article rewriting service and have them rewrite it, you know, three, four or five times. And now I've got multiple versions of that one article. By the way, I always would put in tokens into the article, like for the location name, just put it in brackets put in, you know, in brackets, location, or city or something like that, as opposed to actually putting a city name in there. And that makes it easy to just use, Find and Replace, to be able to swap out location names. Once you know when you have it all rewritten with those tokens as opposed to city names. And then you have multiple versions of the article, each version, you can use the Find and Replace function to replace with a new city name. So it makes sense. It's much easier to do that. So yeah, as far as the layout, that shouldn't make any difference. It's more about the content and what it's optimized for. Okay, and why the web is coming up? Yep. Monday, June 10. 3pm.

Can You Embed A GMB Post?

Can you embed a GMB post Marco says you can. I haven't tried it but Marco says you can.

Marco: I have and still can. Okay, cool.

Bradley: Got a shirt today. Look at that. That's cool. We got to wrap it up in about three minutes. Looks like we're about done anyway.

How Do You Recover A 3-Pack Rankings?

So last question, says a real business with a physical location GMB was ranked in three pack for multiple keywords but is now outside of top 10 only changes where we started GMB post press advantage prs and sent money robot links to and embed to add ID page and G site but never directly to the money site. It may be in Google dance. So we have stopped money robot links in embeds. We will continue to make GMB posts and press releases would appreciate your input and suggestions to try and recover three pack rankings. Um, yeah, that I don't I mean, I don't know without having more detail on it. It could just be a dance, but I doubt it that typically doesn't happen for what you're talking about. Like it was in the top three, and now it's outside of the top 10. Got it something had to have been triggered. See, embed to add ID page and G site but never directly to money site. Yeah, I don't. And also depends on how you set up we had a long discussion going on in the mastermind just recently about how the ad ID page is connected to a money site if you're using a self hosted website for the money site, as opposed to just GMB assets. Guys, remember, if you're just using GMB assets, you can get away with absolute murder. Right? If you're using a self hosted website is the primary website though you have to be more careful because you can't just spam the shit out of your, your your assets that are going to be all linked and pointed back to a self hosted website. Right? Because the rules are different. So it depends on how you have your ad ID page setup is the canonical setup to your homepage. If so, and you're spamming that, which is what money robot is, then you're essentially passing spam back to your money site. Right? So there's other ways to do that break that chain to where it's not spam isn't being pointed directly to your money site, run it through a Google Site instead. Right? So you can canonical lies your ad ID page to your G site that's part of your drive stack, and you're in your money site be linked from within your dive stack, right, so that all your spam links to your ad ID page and your embeds and all that other stuff that you're using total spam for, which is fine if you've got the structure if you got it set up correctly. But if you got it canonicalization to your homepage, where do you think that all that credit is being that credit from the spam is being passed to? Right? So you think about that. So you got it, you really got to know how what you're doing when you're going to use Spam. Spam is perfectly effective. But you got to know how and when to use it properly. Right. So again, I can't without knowing more specifics of your project. I don't know how you've got all your this chain set up. But my guess is you probably have somewhere your spam links are actually being passed directly to your money site somehow some way, which could be through a canonical from the ad ID page. Could be that simple. But it could be more than that to are you embedding your money site into your ad ID page and in spamming the shit out of it. Don't do that. Right. Use your Google properties, which is what we teach. So again, there's without more detail on this specifically, which by the way, if you are in the mastermind, we can take a look at it and analyze it and help you figure out the problem and fix it. Right That's what we do. But can't do that here on Hump Day. Hang out. Anyways, looks like we're done. That was perfect timing. Everybody. Thank you for being here. No mastermind webinar this week, but we will see you guys next week.

Thanks, guys.

Alright man. Bye, everybody. Later

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Welcome to Hump Day hang out Episode 238 the one where I try to sound like an announcer and fail miserably. So moving right along, we're going to say hello to everybody. We got some good analysis for everybody watching. And then we are going to get into it got a load of questions to get through. So I believe Hernan is out gallivanting around the world. I think he's in Miami today so Hernan if you're watching say hello, drop a line. Let us know you're still alive. But barring that, let's start with Chris. How are you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good. Happy to be here again. The studio is set because Game of Thrones is over.

Adam: Ah, that's it. So he took off to Miami to brighten up his day. You could do well It's a small world. I just had a call with somebody from Austria so I forgot to ask him where exactly he was at but over in your neck of the woods so small world.

Nice. Yeah, nice.

Adam: Good time. So, Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: I'm fine. Men proud to say that I never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones.

Bradley: Yeah, me neither. I don't have time Who has time for TV?

Adam: Yeah, I watched it watch it all horribly disappointing. Let me know on the page if you're watching this view agreed with fewer disappointed with the last season it was pretty bad.

Bradley: So I posted a post on Facebook saying all you Game of Thrones fans, nobody cares.

Adam: I care I care. Man, Bradley. Besides Game of Thrones ranting How are you doing?

Bradley: I'm good, man. Yeah, I don't have much time to watch TV. And when I do I just put something on Netflix and watch it and most the time or even get through it before I get bored with it and go to sleep or something. Do you know what I mean? Gotcha.

Marco: I have three young kids ask me about a Disney movie. I got Holly singing all the tunes, but TV and programs and series and all that you got time for that? Yeah.

Adam: Awesome well if you're just watching for the first time Thanks for checking this out. We do eventually talk about other things but we just want to let you know you're in the right place you are watching Hump Day hangouts is the place to get your digital marketing questions answered. You can bookmark it https://wwww.semanticmastery.com/hdquestions come join us every week. can't watch us live that's fine. You can ask your question ahead of time and check out the replay on YouTube.

Also, if you're wondering, the price like the second most. What's the word I'm looking for? a second most common question we get asked is like where to start as you know, I came across your course or I talk someone I saw this video. If you're looking where to start with Semantic Mastery go grab the Battle Plan, battleplan.semanticmastery.com, a great way to get repeatable processes. We've laid everything out in there. It's based upon the processes we use the tools we use the stuff we recommend, and use ourselves. And if you're looking to take your marketing agency or you want to start a digital marketing agency and kind of add some rocket boosters to it, and get going you should join the mastermind. And you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

Because my little one line thing there does not do it justice. You know, it's about more than just starting an agency or growing your agency. It's about being with like-minded people who are pushing, who want to do more who want to deliver better results for their clients. And you know, like I said, adding the rocket boosters doing all of that faster, getting feedback faster and being more successful. Anything you guys want to add on to that? I always wonder if I, you know,

Bradley: I mean, just we've had a lot of really good conversations in just the last week in the mastermind, some of the threads have gotten pretty deep that with just all kinds of various stuff. And you know, it's not just SEO tactics, a lot of times there is that but there's just questions about all kinds of aspects of building a business, running a business, hiring people, managing people, promoting people. We're actually going to have a mastermind webinar tomorrow and that's going to be one of our topics. We've got a few topics we're going to cover tomorrow. But one of the topics is going to be about hiring people, you know, whether it's virtual assistants or personal assistants or whatever, and then training them, managing them, letting them kind of growth within their position. And at what point do we would like to promote them to a higher level, even almost like a management position, or project manager or something like that. And that's, we've all got all every one of us, my partners, and I have experience in that in some degree or another. So we all have our own take or slant on how should be done when it should be done. So we're all going to briefly talk about that tomorrow. For some of our members. That's been a question that's come up recently, and I think it's pretty, pretty valid, pretty important to cover. But you know, we also have a lot of other members in there at the mastermind that has their own businesses at varying levels as well. And so it's really good to have that community because we get to converse and chat about all different kinds of stuff and get input from various sources. It's not just us always talking about things, right. It's a lot of our members contributing. And you know, some of our members are pretty high level two, so are really high level actually. So it's really good to see that I learned almost as much or just as much from our members as they learn from us. There's no question about that. And it's just, it's a lot of fun to be in there. It's certainly helpful. And it doesn't have to be specific about just one type of business model either like SEO or local SEO, because we've got members in there that are doing all different kinds of stuff. And, and I think that's really important to stress that as well.

Adam: Definitely, totally agree. And real quick, I want to say since everybody, no matter what you're doing, you're watching us on YouTube in one way, shape or form whether you've come to the page, semanticmastery.com/hdquestions or if you're checking out the replay, but do a favor subscribe to the YouTube channel. Stay up to date with obviously Hump Day Hangouts, a lot of the other videos we put out, and then if you're coming across a clip and you find it useful and you think it might be useful to someone else do me a favor send it out to them, ask them to check out our channel. And last but not least, if you are looking for done for you services, head over to mgyb.co. I'm not even going to go through the whole list of what you can do but press releases syndication networks are always driving tax we're adding more and more services in there and this again, guys, this is stuff that we've added in there that we use, and that we made public so that we can provide those services as well. So by all means, check it out. It's a great way to save some time and a lot of cases save some money over trying to do it yourself or build up the team. So with that said, Is there anything else we need to talk about you guys before we get going?

I don't think so. I want to revise my statement about TV. There is one show that I like to watch. Oh boy. Yeah, it's impractical jokers if you guys haven't seen it as freakin funny. Yeah, check it out. Never heard I love it because it's just brain dead comedy but it's funny and that's one thing I love to put on because it's like it's always on Tru TV. And it's almost always on. So it's just like it's comfortable, just put that on and just giggle because it's those guys are so dumb. But anyway, I just wanted to update my statement. I do watch some stuff, but not very often. And that's one of the things I watch regularly. So, all right, we'll get into it. We got lots of questions already. That's a good thing. We got the screen.

What Google Adwords Bidding Strategy Do You Recommend For Local Contractor Businesses?

Bradley: Okay, cool. So Jay is up, he says, started an alpha beta AdWords campaign for a local client, but I'm not getting any impressions so far at all. What bidding strategy do you recommend for local contractor businesses?

And then he's got a follow-up question. Well, first of all, if you're not getting in and when it comes to bidding strategies, I don't use any bidding strategies. When I start a campaign. I go manual cost per click bid, right? So it's manual and I always do that because in, you know, two years ago, I would have said don't use any bidding strategies that Google offers because they weren't very good back then at least I never got any good results with them. But now I, I've changed my tune on that my opinion has changed. There's a lot of really good suggestions and automated bidding strategies that you can implement with Google. However, I don't recommend doing that until you've started to get some data into your account, which means activity, right impressions and clicks, and that kind of stuff. Then once you have some data in your account, and I don't mean like a day's worth, but a couple of weeks worth and it really depends on the volume of traffic or activity that you're getting into your account or your campaigns I should say.

But what I typically do is I will always do manual cost per click, and if you're not getting any, any impressions from that, then it means if first of all make sure your ads have been approved. I'm quite sure that you've already checked that if they are approved and you're not getting any, any, any impressions, either your keyword targeting is really far off. But if you're using the alpha-beta campaign structure and you're so essentially you're running a beta campaign right now, it shouldn't be that far off, because you should only be targeting your Bullseye type keywords, which are going to be just a couple of words per search query modified broad match. And from there, that's how you start to develop your exact match search queries through your out which then become your alpha campaigns. So my point is if it's either your keyword selection is very far off, or you're not bidding high enough on your cost per click, maximum cost per click bit. And so that might be what you typically that's going to be the problem and also your quality score. But remember, your quality score is going to be very low. Starting off like a lot of times I've seen I've got I just started recently running a lot of Google Ads again for one of my own businesses.

going to be talking about that business tomorrow. Finally, on the mastermind, I've been teasing it for a month. But I'm actually going to reveal that tomorrow on the master during the mastermind. And so I've started running some campaigns over there. And I've been using the exact same strategy that I've taught, which is the alpha beta campaign structure. And you know, with with with that the keywords, if you're not, if you're bidding not if you're not bidding high enough, you're not going to get impressions but your quality score is usually going to be low when you start off anyways like it starts off. Typically, at least what I've seen recently is around five, five out of 10, right, until you start to get some traffic and don't freak out. If your quality score is low with a brand new campaign. Don't worry about it. Once you start getting some clicks, it'll start to adjust itself, because I haven't done anything with this campaign that I set up for my new business.

And like I haven't done any ad editing to improve the click-through rate yet I've got three sets of ads which I always try to split tests two or three ads at a time. And it started off as a quality score of five out of 10. Just last week, and I haven't done anything to modify yet. And I'm already up to a quality score seven out of 10. And it's just because I'm getting more activity through those, and it just that the algorithm or the quality score algorithm really have to kind of adjust itself based upon the activity that it's getting if that makes sense. So, again, if you're not getting any impressions at all, select manual cost per click, raise your minimum bid. And then also make sure that you're with an alpha-beta campaign structure that you're not going to narrow with your keywords you want to go broader and use modified broad match type, which is you know, use the plus and then each keyword has the plus symbol before it, or each word within the keyword phrase has the plus symbol in front of it. So do that. All right.

As far as do I recommend any competitors buying or bidding tools or apps now I've never used any of them. never used one of them. Honestly, that's part of the reason. I love that Alpha Beta campaign structure for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, by the way, just go to Google and search alpha beta campaign structure or Google Ads alpha beta campaign structure, you'll see a PDF by PQ3 digital, I think, is the name of the publisher of that PDF. And it's a very simple campaign structure, that I like that that's how I always set up my Google ads. And that's why I don't need any competitor spying or bidding tools or apps. If you're in a really complex niche or something, then maybe or if you're doing e-commerce and that kind of stuff, maybe but if you're doing lead generation, I'm telling you, you don't need any of that stuff. It's just an added expense. Because your alpha beta campaigns, your beta campaigns will reveal to you your best performing keywords. And by that, I mean the keywords that generate the most clicks and ultimately, the ones that generate the most conversions. clicks aren't good enough, right clicks mean nothing. What you want are conversions. Whatever your conversion goal is for lead generation is typically a phone call or fill out a contact request more, right. Or if it's for a storefront business, maybe somebody that, you know, comes into the store clicks for driving directions or makes an appointment, something like that. And for those, like I said, what you'll find with that kind of a campaign structure is your your beta campaign will identify to you reveal to you your best performing keywords, at which point you create exact match campaigns, exact match keyword campaigns, and that's called the alpha campaigns and you what used to be what's called a single keyword ad group. That's not necessarily the case anymore, because Google won't even honor a single keyword ad group anymore at the ads platform will actually show even if you use an exact match type.

And you create a single keyword ad group, Google still going to show your ad for what they call close variants. They didn't use so they used to be pretty strict about it. But now those still show close variants, so it's okay to mix very similar exact match terms into the same ad group now. But what I love about that guys is again, it's such a simple way to set up and let the data show you what the best keywords are. And then you create your alpha campaigns around those best keywords. And it's, I learned how to do that also through

what the hell's the guy's name that wrote the Perry, Perry Marshall, the 8020 rule, if you look the 8020 sales and marketing book, go get that on Amazon and read it. It's incredibly powerful that book, and it is, it pertains or applies to Google ads, but it also applies to almost everything like and what, you know, 20% of your 80% of your results are going to come from 20% of your keywords. And in fact, it's often closer to 90% of your results come from 10% of your keywords or 95% of your results come from 5% of your keywords. And that's absolutely the truth. And I've seen it time and again, whenever I've been running lead generation campaigns using Google ads. So that's a great question.

But again, I'd save your money on competitors buying bidding tools or apps, and invest that into the campaign itself and let that data tell you what the best keywords are to target and how to fine-tune your campaigns.

Does anybody want to add to that?

No. Okay.

Will A Local Lead Gen Google Site With Syndication Networks, Drive Stacks & MGYB Links Ranks Faster Than A Stand Alone Domain?

Gordon's up next he says, Hey, guys, your generosity and updates is greatly appreciated. As usual. You guys are the best. Thanks, Gordon. He said, should I conclude from comments on previous hump days that using a Google site for local lead gen site and hammering it with RYS drive stack, syndication networks, and link building from the hobby store is more likely to get you a page one ranking faster and easier than using a regular new standalone domain for the site? Or am I wrong? No, you can still use a self-hosted domain. But what we do is and the way that Marco has been really preaching and teaching is is that we use all of the Google properties as tier one properties to power up the domain because of the domain itself

Self, we try to protect the money site, right? If you're going to use a self-hosted domain, which you should if you're running a business for lead generation and stuff, guys, you don't need it. I don't, I don't think you need it. You still can use it if you desire to, but it's not necessary. But if you're doing client work or you're running your own business, I absolutely recommend that you get a branded domain and a self-hosted website. But what we try to do is protect put a firewall around that site, that domain and we can use Google properties to do that and syndication networks and all these things to validate and solidify the entity. We did an MTI be a webinar, which we've got another one coming up

on June 10, Monday, June 10. We're going to be doing another webinar specifically about how to power up Google sites and Dr. stacks, by the way, how to get the best practices or the best practice uses and the best uses of Google Sites. And Dr. stacks. Okay, so that's coming up Monday, June 10. If you guys

Want to drop a link for registration for that, that would be great. But we did. About a month ago, maybe five weeks ago now we did a webinar specifically about how to solidify and why syndication networks are more important now than ever. And they're just as powerful as now in a different way than they used to be. But it's all helped to help validate and solidify an entity. And it's also again, it's always acted as kind of an SEO firewall. We've been talking about that for years. But now we just use the Google sites and the drive stacks to do the same thing as Marco it's called it it's about being in the belly of the beast. Right and, and using those properties is kind of a firewall or a filter, and we can do all of our nasty stuff outside of those, but or to those instead of direct to the money site and it protects our money site. But like I said, if you're running your own business, or doing client work, I always recommend that you do have a money site because it's a little bit it's, in my opinion, is better for branding, and all of that. So Marco, what say you

Marco: I would say that since he's talking about local lead gen, and his purpose should be to rank in the map pack. Now you're going to rank in organic. Anyway, pretty much with whatever you target locally. But yeah, I mean the drives stack plus GSite, the GSite will rank and be Bradley shown at time and again, when looking at Virginia, SEO, SEO Virginia, and that'll get you leads but the idea is to push power then from that from the SEO shield, and as Bradley said, from being in the belly of the beast to the GMB to the map so that you can pop it up in the three pack, which is what most of the action is taking place. Right? And then the more power that you throw at it, the more that will transfer over to that that GMB the post so you get action on the post you get action in the in the three pack. You get all kinds of action. It goes crazy. And I'm glad you mentioned that, that you mentioned that the June 10 webinar because I've been talking for a couple of years now about it about a test that we ran. I couldn't mention the city. And I couldn't mention the niche that we went after I just said that it was in a highly competitive market, highly competitive niche. Well, on May 10, I'm going to reveal what the website is. It's still raining. I'm sorry, on June 10. I'm going to reveal what the niches, what the city is. And you're going to see live that it's ranking number one, still, for the top level. For the market level keyword, it's right there. And the guys still getting calls to this day. And all from one was the 1 million spam link test. So if you're wondering whether it's still works, whether it's still relevant and whatever, we have people killing it either way that you do it, whether as Brittany recommended a TLD where you're establishing your brand and you can go after multiple things through your brand or whether you just go through the make that your money site or you combine it the G site with the GMB that so many things and so many ways that you can do this to generate revenue from whatever lead gen property you have that but to kind of bring it all back and really nail it down. The answer is yes, it is more likely to rank faster and better than a normal to TLD would.

Bradley: Yeah. And so yeah, I again, I just want to stress that if you're just doing local lead gen stuff, then you don't need a website. Not a self-hosted website, I mean, but if you know you can get away with just GMB stuff. And I certainly recommend a Google site as well as it drives tech. That's kind of all part of the process really. But you can just use like the GMB website for example, as your primary website and still use, you know, if you choose but again, if you're doing client work or you're running your own business, I recommend you still use a self-hosted site.

Clarifications On Fake GMBs And Verifications

Alright, so Gordon's upset again he says And could you please help me understand something you mentioned? I thought you said that if you create a fake new GMB listing, the address has to be verified at the time or it won't be published. I thought that Google only looked at stuff like that if you tried to create it and claim it, thanks. Well, I'm not sure I understand that question. Because what I was saying was when you are creating a GMB and remember, I don't verify the GMBs any I mean, other than the manual way that I've done it many, many times over the years, which is using PO boxes with the street address option that you know, obviously you have to have a you that you can go pick up a postcard for that but that's manual because you've got to go rent the PO box, like go sign the paperwork, show your ID pay for it, all that get the key and the box assigned to you then go back and register the GMB and then wait for the card and then go back and pick the card up. So that's a manual process, but as far as like buying them, I'm not honest to God, I bet

I still don't know how it's being done. I never cared. I didn't ask and I don't care. And I wouldn't tell even if I did. No, you don't I mean, so. But what I'm saying is, if you're, if you're trying to verify GMB, at some point, when it's being verified, there has to be a physical location of the physical address entered, or it will not allow you to verify period. Now, if the service area business, you're supposed to clear the address before adding your service areas once it's been verified, right, but Google understands where the physical location of the Google My Business is, because it's a requirement in order to verify or to claim it anyways, to create it and or claim it. Does that make sense? So if somebody if you're talking about if you tried to create it, Google only looks stuff like that if you try to create it and claim it. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what other options there are like. If there's an existing GMB out there that's unclaimed, then it's going to have a location associated with it already. If you're creating a new listing, you have to put a physical location and you cannot create a new one without having a physical address. Right? Again, that doesn't, there are other ways to verify them, obviously, than actually going and picking up the mail. That's how people are able to provide that as a service. That's how we've been able to provide it MGYB. But you still have to have a physical address. That's my point. And so what I was saying was, if you're going to be using GMBs with spam addresses, I don't recommend that you build citations, because where is that address? What was that physical address, right? If it's for service area business, you're going to clear the address anyways. But when you get the location when you get the verified location, you should know what the address is because it's going to be up to you to clear the address and start adding your service areas. The problem occurs because if you start sending or building citations

Most citation directories or business directories require a physical address a street address. So you have to enter that in. And it has to be the same as whatever it was. That was associated with the GMB when it was created and claimed and or verified, the right has to be that same address, or else it creates ambiguity and ambiguity. I can't say that right now. But it invigorates the data. In other words, it will create NAP inconsistencies. So it has to be the same well what happens when you start building citations to a location they get put on marketing lists that business that I'm using air quotes, that business that you created, gets put on marketing, this direct mail marketing list, and so all of a sudden that that physical address is going to start receiving mail from credit card companies for business credit accounts and from you know, solicitation offers things like this to print and, you know, check printing places and you know, all that kind of stuff will start to appear at that address. And if it's a spam address, and there's an actual physical location there, whether it's a business or god forbid somebody's house, they're going to be notified that somebody used their address for a fake GMB listing right for a fake business registered their address for business that doesn't exist there. And that's a good way to get your GMB reported. So that's why I recommend if you're going to be using those do not build citations to you. And I've been saying that since way back when we started really pushing on building lead gen assets. So that hasn't changed. But you know, I know some people do it anyways. But don't you know, don't be surprised if you end up getting it reported because somebody is complaining about getting mail for a business that doesn't exist there. So it makes sense.

Any Suggestions In Getting Reviews For A Rank And Rent GMB Site?

Okay, moving on. Jay Darrow says grappling with getting reviews for my GMB. It is for rank and rent any suggestions. thank Joe. Well thanks, Joe. Well

If you have a service provider already, then what you can do is ask the service provider to solicit reviews from their customers. Now, I know that's difficult because a lot of the times if they have their own GMB, they're going to, you know, maybe push people to their own GMB. But what I would do is recommend if again, if you have a service provider, I've done this with many of mine. As I've told them, Listen, I'm the one generating your GMB is not really generating leads for you. I understand you want to build up your reputation for yours as well. But I'm the one that's generating the work for you. So would you mind sending people to leave a review on our on you know, my listings, and I make it easy for them right set up a redirect domain. Even if you're not using an actual website, like a self-hosted website, you can buy a domain that you can just have is redirected to the review page for for Google Maps and make it easy and tell them put shit print them out some business cards that have that on there that says satisfied with their service leave us a review and give them a stack of business cards and say make sure that they pass these out to your clients or your customers at you know after the point of sale, preferably the ones that you know are satisfied with the job done. We've done that I've had you know, for a lot of my Tree Service guys, I've given them business cards or I've offered to pay for the next time they get their paper invoices printed, so that I can add my GMB review link essentially to their invoices, that kind of stuff. It works. Also, if you handle any like digital lead gen, like as far as opt-ins or contact request forms, you can always set up email campaigns for those kinds of people. Like the people that have submitted contact request forms, you can set out send out emails to request solicited or to request leaving a review. Again, make it easy, simple habit go directly to the review. Now if you're looking to just get fake reviews. You know, I think don't recommend that although, you know, you can do it.

There are services out there that you can use to do that. There are some that are better than others. I don't know if we have the LPL robot link for that. That's something again, I would recommend that you're careful with fake reviews, guys, because in some states, it's illegal. So I wouldn't, you know, I can't, I can't recommend that you do that. Use that at your own risk. I am not endorsing or suggesting anybody do it. But if you want to, there are services out there that you can use to do that they're going to automate it or services that will do that.


But if you can get real reviews from real people, that's the better way to do it.

Think about this, if it's your own accounts, and you don't want to, you don't have a service provider yet. So you can't really ask them to do it. Then I would recommend instead of just buying fake reviews, you know, perhaps build up some personas or some profiles on your own. If you're using something like browseo or ghost browser, wouldn't it make sense to have some profiles that you build up with local guides that you use to review multiple businesses before you start reviewing any of your own? But you know, I mean, think about like, in your own town, different businesses that you actually do like or dislike, you know, I don't, I don't advocate leaving bad reviews for people, unless they really are shitty, like, honestly. But think about places that restaurants and services and stores and things like that, that you like gas stations, even, that you could actually leave good reviews with other persona profiles to start building up local guide accounts. That then you could use to review your own stuff. when needed, like if you need that kind of stuff. I again, you got to be careful because in certain states, that could be illegal. But if you're building up a profile, that you're actually leaving reviews on places that you really frequented real businesses that you frequent that you received.

Satisfied with unhappy with, why not you're giving them a good review. It's good for them and at the same time you're building up a profile that then you could use to review some of your own businesses as well. Okay.

So there are multiple options to do that. I'm not a big fan of buying fake reviews just so you're aware of that. Okay.

What Are The Most Effective Things To Focus To In Order To Get The Benefits Of GMBs?

Steve says just about 20 GMBs which I am the process of getting created, how would you use them to get the most benefit I fit IE focus on one niche in one metropolitan area or something else? When set up? What would when setting up what would you recommend us the three most effective things I should focus on to get better rankings and more calls for from them? Okay, um, that strategy, it evolves all the time. So as of today, if you had 20 GMBs, yes, I first of all, I absolutely recommend one industry, because then you only have to learn all the keywords and develop the creatives and the content and the marketing messages and all of that from one industry, if you if you have 20 GMBs and you wanted to do five industries, you have to go through that whole creative process that discovery research and discovery process five times, which is it's enormously time-consuming. So what I recommend is if you just target one industry, you only have to do keyword research once, right? You only have to come up with like, like learn the vocabulary and the pain points and the market, you know, the best marketing terms and messaging and that kind of stuff. One time you can come up with one set of creatives that can be used again and again and again. Right. So first of all, one industry is always what I recommend, you don't have to do that. We know a lot of people that target multiple industries, and that's fine. Just know that it's going to be more work. Okay. Number two, would you focus on one metropolitan area or something else? No, I wouldn't. And again, the strategy is evolved. It went from when the mobile first algorithm or mobile index first really took over at the end of July last year. 2018

There was a huge open hole. And but we started off just targeting like the metro or excuse me, the suburbs of metropolitan areas. But then we found that there was an opportunity by targeting on a zip code by zip code basis, there were open holes that you could actually, you know, get good results from a GMB by finding zip codes that didn't have other businesses registered in that specific zip code, right. But then so so we started teaching that, but then I found out if you have too many locations too close to each other, that you end up experiencing at least I have some pigeon filter issues, which means Google will filter some of the locations out because they're too similar to other locations. So what I recommend now is that you pick you know, a couple of locations in a metropolitan area that is in proximity are further apart from each other. And only focus on you know, the ones that look like lowest hanging fruit of the East, the least competitive ones, but not going crazy. Like at one point, I was building 12 to 15 locations in a metropolitan area. But what I found was, you know, half of them would end up getting filtered out. And it's not that you can't get that filter lifted, it can be done, but it creates an enormous amount of work to do. So the whole point was to rank these things quickly and without a lot of work. And so we were actually kind of shooting ourselves in the foot right hindering our performance or ability to get results because we had too many too close together. So what I recommend now is looking

I think we did.

Oh, well everyone it looks like we're experiencing some technical difficulties. Let's see if we can contact him somewhere else.

I thought it was me yeah

Let's see if he is.

Buddy hang out for a minute. grab a drink do something we'll be back as soon as we figure out what's going on here. Let me check and see if actually, I'm wondering if it's even playing Let me check.

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Are we back? Yeah, sorry I forgot happened. No, I don't know. It looks like you just got booted the video kept playing. We're still good. Oh, okay. Well, I don't know where I was last at.

So I'm just going to pick up right here guys. Let me grab the screen again. Sorry about that. I don't know what happened here that won't be out. You are 20 GMBs and answering that

Yeah, I know you have it. I don't know where I lost was lost in that. That particular question, but I'm just going to pick up with this right here. Alright, so again guys sorry I don't know what happened I got kicked out of I had to sign back into google it was weird. So anyway, um, when setup what would you recommend is the three most effective things I should focus on to get better rankings and more calls from them we've talked about. Number one use all of the assets available or the tools available within GMB fully optimize your profile use all of those. Okay, that's number one. Number two, syndication network absolutely is still part of it. You can actually even if you're not posting directly to the syndication network, but you can if you're using some sort of tool like rtmp, auto post or briefcase that will give you an RSS feed for GMB posts. As I just said, you want to use all your GMB tools which GMB post is very, very powerful. You can automate the schedule post using a post scheduler doesn't have to be ours. There are others out there that do it but what you can do

was also find ones that create an RSS feed from the GMB posts that you can then syndicate to your network. Because again, there's no need to create self-hosted websites for just lead gen assets guys, it's unnecessary. It's additional work that you don't need to do. So use the GMB asset to post to a syndication network that helps then drive stacks press release a standard operating procedure for me at least one to start with, but I typically publish press releases of one per month per location, sometimes more depending on what they need. But drive stacks, again, hands down, that's gonna be one of the best things you can do and then hitting the DR stacks with link building. That's so that was a few but number one GMB completely optimize us GMB post. Number two is syndication network even if you're not going to post to it I would recommend that you do but still have a syndication network. You can have it for the brand. By the way, if you're going to be in a particular area you can have it for like the brand plus city and cover actually use that one network for multiple locations. That makes sense drive stack, press releases and then link building to all of the above right link building to and guys, again, link building works really, really good to Google properties, believe it or not, okay, we've proven that over and over again.

Marco: I would add to the list that you just gave them local GMB Pro, grow to get in local go get in the course and you'll get better ways on how to rank better and get more calls and how to get more calls without even ranking. That's true.

Does Creating A GSite Link Wheel Boost A Site?

Okay, so next Mike crest he says just creating a G site link will seem like a good idea to boost your site. Is there a better sites to do this like s3 link wheel or combo s3 G Cloud g site? Any minimum amount I should use? Um, that's a really good question, Mike, that we could actually probably dig into on the mastermind webinar, but tomorrow.

Marco: I was gonna say the same thing because that the only thing I'm willing to answer here is, it seems like a good idea. Test it and find out. Yeah.

Bradley: But yeah, I would agree I would I mean, you can test them all right. Do you sites we know work well as three languages. Yeah, the those could work well as also we, you know, we love using s3 HTML bucket hosted html s3 bucket hosted pages, right? I love using those for various things that Id pages for buffer sites for spam injection like for filtering, spam, all that kind of stuff. It's really really, really powerful. So, all set, I haven't done a whole lot of link wheel testing stuff. I really have it but I would say test them but if you want to talk about that a little bit more in-depth tomorrow about specific strategy and things like that. Just post that in the mastermind webinar question form and we will cover some of that tomorrow.

How Do You Load A Verified GMB Listing In MyMaps?

Okay, Mike. Paul's up. He says hello semantic crew. I have a verified GMB listing that shows up at the top of the Google often in maps, however, I cannot pull the same verified listing in the mind maps or load the correct info from Google Earth. Is it a service area business, Paul? Marco, there's an issue with that, right? Yeah, you can't hide the address and then try to find it. That's right. The mind maps can only find the addresses that you give it or it can find an area so so if you're working, for example, Gainesville, Virginia, where our offices are located, right, air quotes, offices, but you can pull in the area, but you cannot pull in an address within the area unless it's not hidden. If the address is hidden that you can't do anything with it. What you can do with with the mind map, I'm not going to give too much away here is general information about the area and include that when you're doing the mind map. Yeah, and you can still link to it. You just can't really put it in as it like an embed, right?

Marco: The idea is to pull in that link to get that link that Google gives you. And the only way that you can get that is if you if the address is listed. Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. And by the way,

I had to I had a client who's got a second sight a second business. I want to show you guys something. Yeah, we got time. Let's do this. Let's look at Semantic Mastery.

I'll show you something.

Okay, so I have a client that has a second business.

It's kind of a complimentary business or sister business but it's run by kind of a, an employee of his but it's she it's a painting company and they do they have like, you know, they do like house painting and stuff like that. So there are painting contractors the primary site but the secondary business is like interior design, and color design and they do cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting and stuff like that anyways, they have to jam beats because it's it's really two different businesses but they're they're really owned by the parent company. And they asked if I could help promote some services for the the other business the the color design business, and they didn't want to give me access to the GMB for whatever reason, because she's really particular about like, she wants all full control of all that. So I said fine, I'm doing some press releases and some other stuff for them to get it to rank for specifically what they want to rank for. But anyways, long story short, I didn't have access to their GMB dashboard and I was telling you guys I've said this on a couple of Hump Day Hangouts. What the best link is to build links to for GMB maps and the easiest way to find it. If you have access to the GSB is in the GMB dashboard. Click on the Info tab and then where it says view on search or view on maps. Right click the View on maps link, copy to clipboard, paste it into a txt file or notepad file. And then from there you it's going to be a maps. google com domain slash whatever. See ID question mark equals right? And then there's a string of numbers, that string of numbers is the actual map identifier right for the GMB for that for that Google Map listing, it's the identifier. So if you take that, right click that view on maps link, which is a www or excuse me, maps. google. com, and you put it into a redirect checker, it will show that it's a redirect to www.google.com slash maps slash, see ID equals whatever So essentially, and I wish I had a, I probably do actually, let me see if I've got one pulled up here. No, I don't. I say I wish I had an example to show you guys in a text file, but I don't, but I want to show you that if you don't have access to the GMB to get that link, then there's another way that you can do it. And that's just by clicking on to the actual map listing, because I had to do this for this client. And then once you're in the map listing, right click and view page source, and then just click for control f4, fine and input see ID.

And what you'll do is you'll have to scroll down to down. I know it's probably hard to see on your side, guys, but there are the yellow lines where it exists, the sea idea exists and up at the top, that's not where you're gonna find it. If you scroll down here, not that one, scroll down a little bit further. Okay, so down in here, you're going to see where it says see ID, l, you do see ID, for example, I know it's probably really small on your side. Let me see if I can zoom in a little bit for you guys. And we'll scroll back down to that area.

Okay, so like right here where it says Liu, Liu, do see it ID and then there's this backslash backslash, and there's this string right here, that right there, if you copy that and put that into a text notepad file, like this, and I'll increase the view on that as well.

All right, get rid of the first few characters to where it says something 3d. I think that's, I've seen that over and over again, that 3d or whatever, so you get rid of that. And then you get rid of this part right here. And right there as the sea ID equals or whatever, that's the identifier for it. So you can actually just create the map URL from that. So those of you that didn't know and I'm pretty sure it's marked, do you know what it is off the top of your head? It's www google. maps. com

Can you give me that URL Marco? I don't want to go I don't have it off the top of my head. I think it's a question mark. See ID equals

I think it's this.

Pretty sure that's the format but We can find out.

No, it's telling me it can't connect to that. Oh, because I spell goggle instead of Google. That's why straight this way.

Boom, that's it. That was it. So I was right. Okay. So there you guys go it just so you know, that's a quick way that you can get it is just click through. So this is the actual URL. So what I'm saying is if you target if you go in and I'll show you guys with this real quick and then we'll get back to questions, redirect detective.com. Alright, so if you right click inside of Google inside of GMB and select the copy link URL or copy link, whatever. From view on Google view on maps, excuse me, it's going to look like this. Right and there might be some stuff appended to the end of it guys which you can get rid of. You don't need any other that stuff. And this is that what it'll show give you. And if you watch and you'll see if we put this in and click paste and go watch what happens. First it redirects to that www Google version. Then once the page fully loads, it redirects to that really long, ugly maps URL that you can get if you click Share, and you click on send a link, and you copy that link, which is also a redirect and then put it in the browser bar. So in other words, it and ultimately redirects to this long ugly URL. But if you take that URL and look at it in a redirect checker, for example, redirect detective or where goes or something like that, you'll see and this one saying it's not acceptable, which I'm not sure why let's check where it goes.

Okay, you see how to throw to redirect and all it does is says redirects to the instead of maps dot google com. It's www dot google.com slash maps question marks the ID equals, right? So that's why I'm saying all you gotta do is go in, copy that link from the dashboard of your GMB. Right click it, copy it, paste it into notepad file, change the maps. google com, to all you got to do is switch the maps dot part to WWW dot, and then that creates this URL here. And you copy that, and that's the one that you should build links to. So if we actually look at that directly, you're going to see that it's going to say, test, okay, or trace complete. And it's, it's it,

there's no redirect. But what's interesting is when you go read, when you actually paste it in the browser address, the browser bar, you'll see that once the page fully loads, it automatically redirects to that long URL. Does that make sense? So again, but the way to get that from a maps listing, if you don't have access to it to the dashboard, for whatever reason, is just click through to the maps listing, click right click View Source, view page source, then type in control F Find and put CID and it's down here. You know, halfway down

Or two thirds of the way down the page, you'll look for that URL you do CID forwards or backslash, backslash, then there's that string right there. And all you got to do is cut that first part off, whether it's got a letter, and then cut off the end part. And then that's your actual map CID. Right. Does that make sense? So I just kind of wanted to point that out.

I don't know if that was helpful to anybody. But there you go.

So, okay, Paul is up again. He says, Hey, guys, me again. Sorry, I'm on my iPhone having trouble posting anyway. How can I get that listing to show up in my maps?

Should You 301 Redirect Multiple Tag Pages That Cause Duplicate Content?

Okay, so that was the same question. We already answered that one. Alright. Scott's up. He says, I'm doing a website. analysis for client. Yes, they are paying me for this service. Well, that's good cut. The website has a large number of tag pages that are indexed, but also contain a high percentage of duplicate content. Should these tag pages be 301? redirect it to relevant pages left alone or do something else? Thanks. Yeah, I would because you know, tag pages can be used very strategically, we've talked about that in the mastermind quite a bit. The problem with WordPress is if you don't know how to use tags correctly, and you leave your tag pages set to index, which I think by default they are that if you have a unique tag on a post, it creates a duplicate page, right?

If there's only one post that has a particular tag, then the post itself exists. And then there's a tag page with that same post, right? And that's it. That's just it's got tagging the URL, but it's the exact same page. So that is a duplicate content problem. Tags should not be unique unless you know what you're doing right, which you can canonicalization a tag page. So that's something that you can do. We've talked again, we've talked about that in the mastermind, I'm not going to get in any further into that right now. But you you could do that or you could have tags that are more general that so that it

You know, the same tag gets used across more than just one post. If a tag gets used for two posts, then the tag page for that that tag is going to have both posts on it, which is unique to the individual post, right? It's different, it's not the same. So if that makes sense, it tags should be more general, not, you shouldn't have unique tags, unless you're going to canonical lies or redirect those specific tag pages to the, if you're going to leave an index, if you leave in a no index, it doesn't matter. So again, unless you know what you're doing with tags, the easiest thing to do is just set your tag pages usually in just about any SEO plugin, you can go in and tell.

Tell it to no index tag pages and tags in our cut, you know, the archives and there's tag pages and author archives and all those kind of things and you can set all those to no index. If you want the tag pages to stay index, which you can because tag pages can rank well. Then what you want to do is make sure that if you have tags, individual or unique tags that are only used on one post

That you either canonical eyes or redirect those specific tag URLs to the actual post itself. Does that make sense? But if you have tags that are used across more than one post, it's perfectly fine to leave those tag pages indexed, because they're going to be unique. They're not going to be just a duplicate of the single post. Does that make sense?

So there you go.

There's Game of Thrones. Look at that.

How Would You Setup A GMB For An Essential Oils Company That Doesn't Have A Physical Store But Has Pop Up Booths At Festivals?

Todd says Hey guys, I'm working with an essential oils company who does most of their business at pop up this at festivals. Now they want to expand online and I want to set up a GSB for them they don't have a physical location so I would set up as a service area business but not sure if I should make the radius their city or make it the entire country any recommendations cheers and thank you, Marco like this one, because you can, you know, if they sell their essential oils nationwide, then you should put the service area nationwide why limit yourself to just a specific city, which is what you would do if you set it for just a specific city. Now. Don't expect the GMB to rank for local search terms or search with local intent across the country. It's, I don't think I've ever seen that it will likely rank wherever your physical location I'm using air quotes is specifically where the business is registered. I know you said it doesn't have physical location, but if you're going to buy a GMB then there you still have to put an address in like I was talking about earlier. So there will be an actual locality associated with that GMB, but the surface area can be the entire country. That's perfectly fine. Just important thing is the GMB will help to validate solidify the entity it's a great signal for Google. So even if you're not planning on ranking in the maps pack nationwide, because I wouldn't even that's not something I would even you know ever expect that it's still a good signal to use. There's no reason why you shouldn't have a verified GMB for every business even for like an affiliate marketing business. You still have an actual office somewhere, right? Even if it's from your home, if it's a real business

This you can register Jimmy for that. Right? So Mark, what do you say? What do you say?

Okay, so I say What does Google have to say I like oh, Terms of Use regarding this. But what Google says is that it's designed for businesses that deliver to local customers, right when you set your service area, or that you visit or deliver to customers, but but you don't serve customers at the business address. I plumbers, cleaning services or whatever, since it's really meant for something more local, although we're using it. And this this is this is where you're in that gray area. We use it to validate the entity to reinforce the entity. And that's fine right now. There haven't been any problems. Say yo semantic mastery set this way.

Where we serve as several areas, you know, non English speaking countries, and it works well for us. And it's worked well, for other for other businesses that I've worked with that do national and international services, right service based businesses, where they actually deliver the product to the customer, wherever the customer is. So if you have that type of business, you may be able to get away with it. I hope I hope that that answered the question. And what he's asking, because it's kind of it's one of those things where we're actually not

honoring the terms of service set by Google for for service area businesses, and yet we are so this is one of those things is one of those weird things where you can just get away with it. I agree.

All right. We're almost out of time guys will try to roll for the next few. Jay says thanks for the answer. Bradley. Good stuff. My impressions problem with AdWords turned out to be the Google has a three day hold on average.

counts for security measures since new credit card was input for building. Oh, there you go, Jay. I'm glad you got that resolved.

See how I feel about PDFs? I don't know. Oh, okay, gotcha. Micah says yes, I have had someone use a residential address and person received the mail from Google and called and was furious. Yeah. See, that's what I was talking about. Guys. That's why I've been saying since you know, I started we started kind of pitching building GMB lead gen assets that don't Don't you know, I just don't build citations to them unless I can be the one to actually get the mail, which you're going to get physical mail if you start building citations. That's just the nature of of how it works. So, you know, don't do that. If you've got GMB lead gen assets, don't build citations. You know, if they're just lead if they're just spammed addresses is what I'm saying. It's a good way to get them terminated because people will get pissed off and report them.

What Is The Appropriate Number Of GMB Pages For A Chiropractor Targetting Different Addresses In The Same Building?

Brian says am a chiropractor I started using several GMBs with different addresses in the same office. Building I'm taking up real estate nicely and will roll out more conditions specific sites. How many is too many? I have four and was thinking of going to GMBs? Well?

That's a good question because it depends on, you know how similar they are. If it's all the same business name, then I would say don't do that, because you're likely going to have some that are going to get pigeon filtered. If you're giving them unique names, then that's different, right thing is you don't want to have common data points and what you know what we call an AP name, address, phone number or web address, you want to have,

you can have the same domain, but you'd want to have separate landing pages for each location, right? That gives it a unique URL, you'd want to have separate phone numbers, you'd want to have unique business names. Now you can have the same business name, but you want to have separate addresses, separate phone numbers and separate landing page URLs. Right. So that again, you don't want to have to have any of those data points be the same. If one of them is the same. You can It's okay. But if you have more than one data point common across multiple GMBs, then that creates a invigoration. Right, and that can cause this problem end up in consistencies. So and also, like I said, pigeon filter issues now. So I recommend that, you know, if you're going to do that, that you you try to make the names unique. The addresses, which are obviously unique, but I would have separate tracking phone numbers for each listing as well. And if you're going to be using the same domain, I don't know that you are but if you're going to use the same domain, have the landing page or the associated website with the GMB going to separate landing pages right with unique URLs for each.

As far as I haven't tested this type of setup, so I don't know what would be too many and what wouldn't, I wouldn't push that real hard though. If you're already doing well. You know, because I'd be afraid that you you push it too far and then you end up losing a few of them either from suspension or from pigeon filter issues, which can be a bitch to get lifted.

I would just add that too many is when they stop getting ready.

Results are they provide diminishing results, then you know that you're not you're not really getting the most bang for your buck. And you could just try to optimize the ones that you already have somebody for now, as long as you're getting results, I mean, keep doing it. I just I, when I get results, I just do more of it until I can't do any more.

And that's cool. You know what I think one of our mastermind members in Jesus in our mastermind now too, by the way, he's been incredibly active, by the way, which is awesome. Thanks, G. But yeah, I think I think one of our tava or somebody else gave us this link to at some point, I haven't really used it much. But there you go decode place IDs. So that that's pretty cool. Thanks for that, guys. Go copy that URL, because you can probably just get that maps URL that I was showing you earlier. From right there.

Do You Add Tier 1 URLs To The Bottom Of Your Blog Page?

We're almost out of time. Fit says when you create a blog page, do you add to one URLs to the bottom of the page and make them links or do you add a few and leave off the HTTPS?

I don't know what you mean. Or do you? Do you create a blog page? Do you add tier one URL to the bottom of the page and make them links or do you add a few and leave off the H I'm not sure what that means. I'm sorry if it's I don't I'm not I'm not really following the question.

So I can't really answer we're going to we're out of time anyways Brian says back pain CT calm calling it back pain project, yes. to new phone number. Okay, so that must be the what you were talking about appear with the chiropractor stuff. So yeah, as long as you're keeping everything separate, that's what I would do. But I again, I wouldn't push it too far. If you're getting good results. You might want to you know, go slow doing add additional locations slowly so that if you hit some threshold and you start to lose some of them, you don't lose them all at once. So it sounds like you've got it covered. Alright guys, five o'clock. I've got to go. appreciate y'all being here. mastermind webinar tomorrow. Don't forget those of you that are in the mastermind. We got a lot of stuff we're covering tomorrow. So that will be fun. Thanks, Adam. And thanks for

Bye, everyone. Bye, everyone.

What Makes Google Decide Which Brand Should Rank First When Both Of Them Have The Same Name?

By April

YouTube video


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 234, one participant asked how Google decides which brand should rank first when both of them have the same name.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, one more question, did you ever run into a situation to take the number one organic / gmb rank from a competitor when both your client and the competitor had the same name in GMB, and nearly same exact matche domains? The both shoot for the same exact match brand name. What makes google decide that one brand is actually now another brand, eg one website overtaking the top positions / even knowledge panel in some cases.

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