How To Expand A Locally-Dominating GMB To An Adjacent Suburb It Is Not Showing Up For?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 266, one participant asked how to expand a GMB dominating in one location to an adjacent suburb that it’s not showing up for.

The exact question was:

I have a client that dominates for his suburb in GMB. How can we target locations that are 10k or less that they are not showing up for. For example they don't show up for the next adjacent suburb 3K away.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 228

By April

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Adam: Alright, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout. This is Episode 228. This is really cool seeing the numbers creep up like I mean now we're well into the two hundred. But every time I see it I'm like and that's a lot of episodes. But anyway we're back and back for another great episode. And real quick just wanted to say if you're new to semantic mastery whether you're watching this live whether you're catching the replay we appreciate you watching and what we recommend is the first thing you do is start coming to Hump Day hangouts every week every Wednesday at the same time for pm eastern every single week after that grab the battle plan just go to battle plan that dot semantic and now we're going to do the usual thing we're going to take a minute Say hello to the guys before we jump into it. And so let's start on the left here. I see her now because I guess Chris must have not been able to join us this week.

Hernan: Yeah, I'm not sure but I'm good. Thank you. I'm doing well thank you for asking. I'm super excited super, super excited for being here for this Hangout. So by being here.

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Adam Outstanding! Marco How you doing man?

Marco: Holy shit! came pretty quick What's up man? I'm doing good I'm in the lab nice manipulating shit just I'm gonna drop a bomb. That's it it's a nuclear missile I'm going to drop a nuclear missile and then see and then say See I told you I was gonna do it I told you so from beautiful Costa Rica coming at you, nuclear missile

Adam: SEO tip nuclear missile. Good stuff. Bradley How you doing man?

Bradley: Good. I'm good. I had a. I had one of my primary lead gen like delivery options from answer Connect. Apparently, they dropped the delivery routing to my contractor seven days ago. And I just now discovered it today. And so for seven days, we had 21 calls come in, they went into oblivion. I'm so upset about it because my Contractor Call me was like an awfully slow Is everything all right and I was like what do you mean we've been getting a ton of calls and I went researched it and found out that somehow they dropped the delivery option so I was getting notification via email but my contractor wasn't getting notified like they just dropped his delivery options for whatever reason I don't understand and anyways I'm a little bit upset about it but happy to be here and we got to resolved and I vented my anger out with AnswerConnect and they gave me an account credit which doesn't make up for the potential revenue loss but at least it's it's been fixed and it's now delivering again so I'm glad I caught it when I did it could have been three weeks you know what I mean?

Adam: Let's say it's better seven days is better than 8 days. So… I'm good deal. Well, like I said at the beginning if you're just joining us a good place to start. You're in the right place watching us if you want to watch live you want to ask questions ahead of time go to semantic the next step for sure. Whatever you're doing is grab the battle plan at battleplan.semantic and if you really want to start or grow your local digital marketing agency, please come join our MasterMind. And you can find out all about that at mastermind, semantic Now, the couple other things we want to touch on. Obviously, some of you are watching this live, whether you're seeing it on the replay or live, you can we stream through YouTube, so you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you find anything super useful, you might be watching clips or you could be watching the whole thing. Just share that with anyone you might find it to be useful with. A lot of times we answer some specific questions. But there's a lot to out there where, you know, people like to find just this one thing and whether it's about lead gen, whether it's about content production, and there are other people out there who could really benefit we'd love it if you'd share it with them. And then the last thing I wanted to touch on to was done for you services whether you're looking for syndication networks are way as Dr. stacks actually I'm going to let Marco and you guys talk about this a little bit because I think we got a lot more coming out very soon. Go to for your done for you services so guys do we have stuff that's actually coming out or my jumping the gun here

Bradley: yeah we have well I'll let Marco say it because I always say we're going to have it and we never do when I say it so

Marco: no no no we are it I mean it's already in the backend the product is there that's the only holdup and I as I said yesterday during our board meeting your flag me with a wet noodle one of the holdups. is Oh sorry, Nicholas. You're not supposed to be in here. Sorry. I gave you the wrong link to each other. Need to sign up. Nicholas, you hear me? You need to sign out. surprise go.

Bradley: That's all right. I just hit the eject button. I don't think I've got this. To use that eject button and send out like yes

Adam: well now back to our regularly scheduled programming so anyways Mark I'll toss it back to us so we oh yeah I'm gonna hold up this time on one of those which is link building.

Marco: And the holdup is I hate writing copy because I guys I'm a literature my one of my majors is literature so it has to be right for me and I always find something that's wrong and I go back and reread and then there's something wrong again that is that doesn't quite say what I want to say or just whatever and I never get it done and I spent hours on this which is why I hate having to write I was asked to do it I said I'd go ahead and do it I should have known better I said no let's get this hire somebody for 20 bucks to right the ship and it gets done.

Marco: But anyway, it's going to get done. The product is ready. As soon as I'm done with the copy link building will be ready. But we have also in the back end the done for you GMB off page optimization service, we have the indexing, we have just a whole bunch of things that are coming down the pipeline, and we have others that are in the works so that there are plenty of things that are coming. Sorry about this one. Again, Mia culpa, you guys can go ahead to flog me 10 times with a wet noodle. Sorry about that.

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Bradley: Yeah. Just to be clear, though, guys, the off-page GMB service is only going to be available in the mastermind for the first several weeks while we cut because they always get first crack number one. Number two, we want to make sure that we can deliver and you know, fulfill without any hiccups, that kind of stuff because it is a new process for taking other people's assets instead of our own through. Our team so again, it's going to only be available in the mastermind members will get a 20% discount from the public pricing when it does launch. So that'll be should be ready I was just chatting with Rob about that within the next couple of days but again don't don't quote me on that because every time I say that in the past and eat my words it doesn't get launched right away so but very very soon let's put it that way

Adam: cool deal all right and if you're watching this and you're not on our newsletter list hop over to semantic mastery. com there are lots of reasons to join we run a lot of great news from there clips information sales discounts and then flash sales as well some really cool stuff so done-for-you services if you're looking to save some time as well as get the kind of the really high quality about said that we're stuff done for you then that's

Bradley: Don't say any bad words on Hump Day Hangouts, man

Adam: Hey, someone's gonna keep it clean. Alright, guys with that that's all I got on the road down. Did you guys get anything else before we dive in?

Bradley: Alright, sounds good. Let's get into it. Okay, let me grab the screen. All right, we don't have a lot of questions. So that's odd. I guess people aren't digging this new format. We got five new ones there. So that's cool. Well, that's all Adam. Yeah, yeah. OK, cool.

How Do You Create Quality WordPress And GMB Assets To Scale Up To 100k Per Month Quickly?

So Alex is up. Looks like several times in a row, but that's right. And he says, Hey guys, how about how Okay, how would you go? How about would you go to create as many quality assets? I'm not sure I'm understanding that but GMB or WordPress as fast as possible. I guess, how would you go about creating as many quality assets as fast as possible? In other words, what would your plan B to scale to 100 k per month as fast as possible? How many sites would you think it would take to create high-end quality expensive service providers is included in this in this scenario? Thanks. Um. Well, I don't know I mean it 200k per month as fast as possible, that's that would take a lot of work,

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I you would need a team or a really good outsourcing, you know a service provider like somebody that could provide, you know, a white label service or, you know, like mg y be, for example, that could do a ton of the work for you, you see what i'm saying that that's what you would want to do, if you had to build your own team to be able to scale to that there were there's a lot of time and effort that goes into building a team that could even scale it took me several months to get my team and that point where we, you know, we're, we're, we were building the GMB assets very efficiently. And now we're going to start offering that and MTV for example, but it took several months of really refining the process that and because also the process was constantly evolving and it still kind of is but um, so if you're gonna if you have the resources available like in other words, if you got somebody that's backing you financially for a build out like that, to be able to scale then you

You're better off going with white label providers or fulfillment services that have already have the processes in place that can handle that kind of volume does that make sense then trying to build your own although I recommend I always recommend to most people you know that are that are building their own agencies and things like that that they should hire their own in house teams and train them how to do stuff there's a bit of a it can be a pain in the ass to learn how to hire and train and and manage VA or staff regardless of whether the virtual assistants or actual in house staff it can be a pain in the ass to do that but it's the most cost effective way long term as long as you can manage properly right if you can't manage properly then it's actually cost you more money than it would be to go to a fulfillment provider like em gee Why be for example our store right because again if you're if you miss manage or you don't keep your VA is working but you're paying salaries and that kind of stuff, then you can end up costing yourself more money than if you just hired it out from a service provided that already has the processes in place and is efficient, you know, has a certain level of efficiency and all that kind of stuff can deliver on time. That's something else you have to consider when trying to scale if you are promised, you don't want to over promise and under deliver to whoever you're scaling for. And again, if you've got a financial backer or a partner or something like that, and you promise that you can hit certain numbers and you're unable to do so because it is a bit of you know, it can be a mess.

It can be cumbersome to build a team and manage a team and manage multiple vas and things like that but it really depends on what your what your goal is. I would say the fastest way to get to it would be to hire a fulfillment service that already has the capability to take on that kind of a volume if you have the resources to afford it. So you know that's one thing I would suggest a GM bs is a great way to go obviously we we have highly recommend that WordPress obviously takes a bit longer. When you're dealing with custom domains or self hosted domains, it takes longer to get results than it does from strictly Google assets now, and that's just the nature of the game because you have to build up the authority and trust of those domains and that kind of stuff. Although I don't, I don't count that out entirely. I would say that that's still a good strategy, but that's a little bit of a longer term thing.

So, in my opinion, the quickest way to go about it would be with GMB assets, to begin with, and also use some paid traffic to get, you know, pay per click type stuff to get some results from those really quickly. Obviously, SEO stuff is what you want to do long term, but even with GMB assets, guys, depending on the level of competition for each location, some are going to take longer than others to start getting results and that's why you should have a nice mix. If you're trying to scale very quickly. You should have a good blend of SEO as well as PPC which can come from straight search ads which can be rather expensive, depending on your market. They're effective, but they can be expensive.

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But display ads are actually working really, really well and remarketing obviously, but display ads are a lot less expensive. And, and YouTube, YouTube's a great source of traffic right now to even for local stuff. So you could use those or leverage those two platforms, Google Display Network, and YouTube to get traffic immediately to your GMB assets which by the way, will help them to rank faster to right. And so and those are all things that I would do it but I would I would try to stay within the Google ecosystem originally or at least initially while I'm working on the SEO aspect of that and then I would also you know just consider over the over a few months time once you have the SEO in place and your your your assets are ranking and producing leads from organic and organic rankings, then you can start to pull back on some of the paid traffic stuff. So what do you guys say?

Marco: Yeah, I would say that this depends. From what he's saying quality and expensive service providers is included in the scenario. So I'm going to take that to mean that you have a big budget. If you do, then the fulfillment is there because we have MTI be who can do. Just about everything that you need. As far as you know, GMB syndication the cat, our syndication networks are our is Dr. Stack, what I would also recommend is you hire a consultant if depending on your level of expertise, you may not need one but hire a consultant that can be the bridge so that they can tell you why and the why and the how this is what needs to be done and they can guide you along in the process and so any of us that have time and I don't know what I'm pretty tight with time right now, but you know, any one of us can take you and guide you along the process.

And it's going to be what, four, maybe five hours a month for x x amount of months, it'll have to be figured out depending on what you want this-this is like it's so general that it's really hard to pinpoint it. But I mean, we can take your say, Okay, this is what you're going to need to do set up a whole plan you're going to need, of course, some of the courses that we teach. We don't recommend that you do it that you go through it and do it but setting up the hiring funnel so that you can get a team in place setting up, you know, getting our ys, Academy reloaded, local least pro local GMB, pro syndication Academy, get all these things in place. This is in conjunction because you can just go and buy them from us of course, but long term you want your own team doing this so that anyone that you take on as a client you can just plug in into your system so

So any of us can help you systematized this in a way that it becomes a well-oiled machine. So that all you have to do is just plug and play. And then everyone in your team knows what to do it. So you have the two scenarios, you could just hire it from us or train your own people, or have one of us show you how it's done. I mean, this this is what I would recommend.

What Type Of YouTube Ads Do You Use For Lead Gen Sites?

Bradley: Yeah, I agree with that. Anyone else? Okay. Alex is up again. He says, Can you explain what type of YouTube ads Do you use for lead gen sites with do you show and the creative add?

Well, it just depends. Like it depends on what if you can get a good video or not. If you know a lot of the stuff that I do clients actually have had videos made from local video production companies. And so those are typically you know, good video videos. Excuse me. They're compelling enough to where they'll generate their compelling enough to where they generate a click, somebody will click through to see the offer, which essentially takes me to a landing page or if it's for GMB assets or lead gen sites or whatever, you know, sometimes they'll go directly to the Google property but for the most part, they do end up going to landing pages from paid traffic. So but you can use pls type videos if they're decent, you know, if they're Remember, the idea here is if you're targeting properly, you're going to be targeting an audience that is already in the market for that kind of a certain product or service. And so it doesn't take a lot of pushing or nudging for them to click through because they're already you know, they're already interested in what you know, have a desire for that product or service. So, you know, I've used to feel our videos, they're not great, but they will get the trick done. If you can find decent ones. Something else you can do is find you know, a good provider on Fiverr, for example, they're not five bucks anymore. I can tell you that you can spend easily 100 bucks

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Or more on a good video now a video to be produced. But the idea is if you can get a good video produced that you can then repurpose for multiple clients or multiple lead gen sites. That's a great strategy because you'll have a little bit of an initial investment up front to have a nice video created. But what you can do is template ties that video in other words, you and this is something you can do with when dealing with a provider. And it doesn't have to be from fiber guys, you can find video editors or you know, Video Creators or whatever on like up work for example, and a lot of times you can find some really good ones there for a relative route, you know, relatively good prices. But something that I've done in the past is I've approached video producer to create a video that you know, might cost me 150 bucks or 200 bucks up front but I tell them very specifically that there I'm going to have them create a template that then every time I get a new client or

I'm going to use it for another lead gen location or asset, for example, that there are going to be specific sections of the video that are going to be swapped out with new sections, right? So it could just be text overlays, for example, but sometimes it will be like, you know, the logo will come in on you know, it will animate itself into the video that kind of stuff to where you pay a lot of money or not, you know, not a lot of money but relative to the edits afterward, it's you know, it's initial, an initial investment and excuse me investment but then after the templates created then it's a real quick and easy job for that same video professional for you to send to them and you might pay him 20 or 25 bucks right for each new version of the video that you have created for each new client or location. So it's an investment on that if you're going to use this strategy I would recommend that you do that because instead of using like appeal or video because the problem with the Pl our videos it's so generic that they're not all that common.

compelling, right? So it doesn't a lot of time generate the interest or the result that you want from it. Whereas a video that is compelling, much more compelling, which if you have a custom video for a client like, again, a lot of my clients will actually have videos made by local video production companies. So there you 100% unique videos for their business. And those typically work really well. But you can have a nice template created that's unique to your business. But then you can use that over and over and over again by just swapping out certain sections to make it unique to each property or client that you're using to promote that you're promoting for so it makes sense and that's something that if you're going to use that strategy, I would recommend that you do that because it will separate you from just any other internet marketer in their mom's basement that can grab a PR video and do the same thing you're doing so it makes sense

Bradley: the second part of that is have you ever use Facebook ads to drive phone calls through your assets? I do not I just have never really done Facebook ads period or not may be able to talk about that.

Hernan? Is he still here>

Adam: Yeah. Must be muted. Maybe he had to run and grab something.

Does A Canonical URL Pointing To Itself Make It Appear As A Non-Duplicate Page?

Bradley: Okay. So sorry, I can't answer that for you. But I just don't do Facebook stuff. I really don't. I stick to Google. So I'm going to keep on moving her non comes back and jumps in on that. That'd be great. Otherwise, we're going to keep up moving. Alex says, does having a canonical URL pointing to itself make it appear as a non-duplicate duplicate page aside I'm observing has 500 plus pages all 500 of the exact same 300-word page with the change in a suburb, right? So like the location modifier is the only thing different on each page. When I run a site liner check only a small, very small percentage of duplicate content appears most of the pages are skipped due to canonical URL that points to itself as a result. I'm guessing that the site doesn't appear as spam at all. Is it also ranking It is also ranking number one for a ton of keywords? I can't seem to make the canonical tag work through Yoast SEO. Any recommendations?

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Bradley: I don't know, I've never looked into that having a canonical point to itself, I don't understand how that would make it not appear as duplicate content when every single page would have their own canonical is pointing to themselves and it would all be the same page with just the location details or location modifier changed out that sounds just like you know, a typical mass spam or mass page spam site. I've seen them do some really odd things with the search in the search engines that you would think wouldn't work I've seen that over the years for about two years I worked with lead gadget and the ATM and that's essentially what that does is like an industrial strength mass page builder and there's a lot of people that were crushing it with that I know I don't particularly like the churn and burn type strategy and that's what I consider that to be and those you know, I've had a lot of built a lot of sites and had a lot of sites D indexed over time and I just didn't like to have to continually repeat the builds. So that's part of them and I got away from it. I don't understand how having canonical point to itself or every page point A canonical to itself would prevent any duplicate content issues. But again, with this mass page sites, I've seen the rules are different. And I don't know why with only 500 plus pages.

That doesn't seem like a lot we would build page WordPress sites with an ATM part of lead gadget that was 30,000 cities. So it's 30,000 posts with basically the same content on every page. And then we would put anywhere between six to 10 tags per page were proposed, I should say, which would then if, let's say six, that's 180,000 tag pages, right? So 30,000 posts with 180,000 tag pages. So the site would be 210,000 plus pages. And what's interesting is the tag pages would rank like crazy and that's where most of the traffic would come from was the tag pages and I would actually even submit them to search console different accounts.

Obviously, you wouldn't submit them all through the same Google account. But I would use you know, like syndication network, Google accounts and just submit, you know, 123 sites may be per account. And what was crazy is I would see the index rate start, you know, it just 100 couple of hundred pages, and then it would go to a couple of thousand than a few 10,000 and then into the hundreds of thousands. And sometimes sites would index you know, 150,000 plus pages, which was nuts because they were all just spam sites. So I don't really understand why those type of sites get away with being able to do what they've been able to do. I don't I got away from that strategy all together probably two years ago now, and I don't really ever plan on going back to it just because again, I don't like to hold the churn and burn strategy or method I'd rather build longer-term assets. But I don't know Marco, can you see how it canonical page canonicalization to itself with 500 pages that are basically duplicate content and how that would prevent any like stop it from being considered duplicate content.

Marco: First of all, he's checking it with a third party tool. It's not Google and it's not how Google is seeing it first and foremost. But yeah, you know, I could see how then the canonical pointing to itself makes it unique in and of itself apart from all the others. So maybe there's some uniqueness factor that's playing in this because I mean, I'd have to go into Google and search console and see whether Google is seeing anything that's a big because that's all I care about how Google sees it how any other third party tool I could care less now this is obviously working and Alex if you if you've ever heard me talking to you ever been in any of my webinars or whatever my thing is, you always become a master mimic. You always go after the big boys in your niche to see what they're doing. So that you do all of it and then one better right that's how you that's how you take them down you go you do what they're doing and then one better always you always do one more to try to push them down so I can see how this would work I don't understand canonical is enough to tell  why it would work one way and not the other but what I can tell you is get rid of Yost yeah it's fucking virus get Jeffrey Smith ultimate SEO plus plugin it's awesome it'll let you do everything that you want to do not really that only REL equals canonical URL Previn REL next which is working really well. And let me see that as a result. Yeah, I mean, it's spam even though it doesn't appear spam so it won't hold up to manual.

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I can guarantee that if it was if it raises enough flags, it'll get a manual and it's gone. So that's why I'm with Bradley on this, where you try to build assets that are longer lasting. But you know, you always experiment. That's my thing. You always go and you test and you see how it works. And if it works, it makes you money, then you just do more of it. That's my motto more, more is always better.

Bradley: So for the canonical, if you're having issues with the host I agree to get rid of iOS it's a piece of shit me I don't like it. It's a bloating bloated, it just adds a shit ton of bloat to the site's guys just get rid of it. If you want a really great solution, go to, pick this up. It's going to you know, you can buy a license for certain a number of sites and that kind of stuff. It is a paid plugin. The SEO ultimate plugin doesn't have or this is SEO ultimate. And then there's the SEO ultimate plus, which is the paid version. They're coming out with version 2.0 soon it's been in beta for a couple of months so I know it's coming out I just can't give a date when but this is great we know Jeffrey Smith is awesome. Probably the best page on page SEO that I've ever met. He's amazing. And so he's built this plugin. That's awesome. And he's got a code and starter module inside there that pulls up all of your pages and posts Well, there's their tab. So you can like go into your pages for example, and add and it will just be like an index page with all of your pages. And you can go in and add code to each individual paid like so you can just go in and add the canonical URL. So you know, it's the link REL equals canonical tag inside each individual page that way and it probably isn't has has a bulk edit I'm pretty sure that it does so you can do it very quickly to all of your pages and posts this way if you want to go the free route then this would be there so go ahead so go header footer plugin. It's free. They do have a pro version I think as well. But with this one, you would have to go in on a page by page basis or post by post basis and add the actual link REL equals canonical tag and each one of those pages individually. So if you've got a mass paid side I can see that being incredibly time-consuming or cumbersome to do so, in that case, I would recommend going with the paid plugin like Jeffrey Smith okay this is just a superior SEO plugin period guys. All right. But yeah, get rid of the garbage any to any chance I get. I get off of that.

Would Assigning A Custom Domain Affects The Current Rankings Of A GSite?

Bradley: vitality says hello, you guys are well. I have a G site that I was working on and it started to rank I want to assign a custom domain to it domain is brand new and not even indexed in Google. Is there a chance that I might lose the rankings or new domain will simply change the long g URL anytime that I need to be aware of? Best regards. you know

i don't know I've done the domain mapping to G sites in the past Am I but I don't remember if I've monitored because I've got g sites out there now that are have custom domain map to them for lead gen stuff that is, you know, that are ranking. And I don't know if it Marco probably has a better idea I don't know if it did a dance or not because what's interesting is both both sites will remain indexed your your custom domain g site will be indexed and your custom or excuse me your G site will still be indexed and it actually canonicalization to your custom domain. So both of them will remain indexed. And now typically the at least what I've experienced was with the custom domain that ends up the ranking and the other one still remains index. But it doesn't typically rank like the the Google site itself typically is pushed back further and the result the search results, but it still remains index. And if you do a view page source from the Google site URL, when you're viewing the Google Site version of it, you'll see that it's got a canonical pointing to the domain that you mapped to. So it's interesting that they both remain index like that, but I've seen that happen over and over again. I can't remember if there was a lag or a period where it dances. Marco, Can you shed any light on that?

Marco: I haven't seen any dance period when, when mapping the branded domain, right, the TL D. And so I yeah, I don't see any issues with it. I don't know how well the tracking, but you can always it, they'll recover. Google respects its own cannot This is the interesting thing, right. And this is how you know that Google trusts itself. Google is not respecting some canonical. we seen this we tested it, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but it will respect its own. So when when the buck crawls the G site, it'll see that the canonical going up to the new domain, which is your branded domain, and it'll send everything that was previously there to the new domain. This is the great thing about working with Google. Yeah, and I've explained this before that the reason why the G site stays alive at States index is because that becomes your content management system. If if they kill that, that then you have no way to work on your content and to see your content because you do everything on the site so that it appears on the canonicalization. It's really weird how they set this up. It's it's a great thing. I hope they never change it. Google don't listen, if you're listening to me right now, please don't change anything in Jesus. We love your G sites.

Bradley: Yeah, so there you go. I would say just go ahead and do it because as he's saying, like Marcos and even if it did a significant dance. I've seen them come back like I mean I don't even remember if I saw them dance to begin with. But my my custom domains if they if the G site was ranking before I mapped to domain to it, then what then those custom maps domains are ranking now and again I don't remember if they went through a period of dancing or not Marco saying that they shouldn't or that they don't so I would go ahead and do it and then obviously if you did if you had a like a catastrophic dance happen you could always remove the domain map and the site should pop that because again it's a Google property so.

Why Do You Need To Use A Brand-Associated Account When Creating Google Sites?

Bradley: quick this house says good day gents thanks for offering and taking this form for them very seriously. When creating Google Sites, is there any reason to only create them in an account associated with the brand?

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There's some inherent authority that you can have from doing that but you can always create the Google site and another account and then add a user to like an even assign ownership to the primary brand account after you've created it which is how we do it if you order dr stacks from us you know we created g site under a persona based account and then when we deliver it to you you're more than welcome to in fact we would encourage you if you wanted to you know because some people they just flat out want it to be owned by their brand account and and and that you know, especially if it's an aged account got some authority like a G sweet account included that guy that helps obviously, because it helps to validate the entity or reinforce entity so then you can assign or add a user to that account. I'm talking about the G site guys obviously we know we can do that with Dr. But with the G site you can actually add a user to the account like a manager basically and then you can even transfer ownership if you want it but that's how we do it with the DR stacks. Um, yeah, I think with with if you have excuse me, an older account that's been established preferably if it's a G sweet account, I've seen some benefits to building a G site directly from those accounts but that doesn't mean that you can't inherit authority from transferring it to that account after it's been built. That makes sense Marco Do you have any comments on that No, I mean you know how we do it we said that we create a new account set up the dry stack and D site that we turn it over and we recommend that you go and add yourself your main account as the manager of the new Dr. Stack and Angie site so that you never again. Have to go in and touch it as the owner. And that's just it adds an extra level of protection. That's the only reason. I mean, there's no reason why it can't be either. Or the problem that you'll run into them if you get enough from us is if you, if you make yourself the owner, then you're going to overburden the resources in your drive stack. And Google will hit your drive stack, and you decide, and there'll be suspended. So this is why we went the way that we did with creating them in another gmail account because we run a script and the script is resourced heavy. And so we only recommend that in the way that we give that to you is how you should run that script. If you add any files, folders, whatever, don't run the script in those it but if again, if you take if you make yourself the owner, your main Drive account, the owner of one and then you add another one as Yoda. Now you have to run that script, right? And Google is not going to

Appreciate someone having all that free hogging all those resources, and you're not paying Google shit. They'll tag you quickly seen that over and over and over again.

What Is The Best Free PPC Keyword Generator?

Bradley: Yeah. Katie's it says Hey, guys, quick question. What is the best free PPC keyword generator? That's easy. The Google Ads Keyword Planner. Yeah, I mean, that's what that is, guys. If you're going to look for Pay Per Click keywords, there's no better source than the Google Ads Keyword Planner. And it's free because that is essentially what it is. For years, people have used that for SEO keywords. And I've been saying for years, it's not a very good SEO keyword tool. Because those are the metrics that you're seeing are for paid traffic and that's what they're measuring to. So like the historical information for traffic volume and all that, that's all for paid keyword stuff. That's why longer tail keywords like the people don't bid on don't even show or will show little or no search volume when I know for a fact that we can you know, from obviously, I don't know, for every keyword, but I know for a fact that there's a lot of long-tail keyword phrases out there that generate traffic that we, you know, could we rank for them? Like, for example, we use power suggest pro one of my favorite keyword tools of all time for SEO stuff because it generates it pulls from Google auto-suggest. You know the essentially it doesn't via API so it's incredibly fast and you can literally build up hundreds even thousands of keywords and really long tail stuff that has traffic or else it wouldn't come from Google suggest. Right.

The whole point about Google suggests is those aren't just random keywords that Google throws out there that stuff that as historically has data like there's people that have type those in and searched on them or Google suggests search queries and there's enough traffic that enough click through from those suggested phrases that they keep them in the suggest database in other words, and so the are great keywords for SEO stuff, especially when you're starting off on new projects because that you might not get a flood of traffic, you know that a lot of those long tail phrases are typically a very, very few very little competition Excuse me. And so those are great, especially when you have silo structure, that kind of stuff to start building momentum for the shorter tail more competitive terms. But when you're looking for like what, you know, using the ad, the ad Google Ads keyword planner for SEO terms is not really good because especially like for local stuff, guys, I've been, you know, talking about the alpha-beta campaign structure for Google ads for search ads. And that is the most efficient way to build out lead generation campaigns for using Google Ads search ads, excuse me, and the alpha-beta campaign structure is all about just going after the bullseye keywords that the short tail money the most money keywords the most targeted keywords because the 8020 principle absolutely applies in if not the 9010 or 95 five principles, right where 80% of your traffic is going to come from 20% of your keywords.

And again, like I said, with local stuff, it's typically a lot more least with contractors, which is what I primarily work with. It's really like 9010 or 95 590 90% of the traffic is going to come from 10% of the keywords and the alpha-beta campaign structure is perfect for identifying that the beta campaign structure is using modified broad match which essentially calls it like a keyword discovery campaign but you very quickly once you start getting some data coming into the account can figure out what your Bullseye keywords are and that's what you create your alpha campaigns are single keyword ad groups although they're not really single keyword ad groups anymore. Skaggs right they're not really Skaggs anymore because Google will start to show close variants anyways so you can group like terms into what I still call them single keyword ad groups but you don't even need too because Google will start to show very close variants even for exact match keyword match types within and an alpha campaign structure.

This Stuff Works

And so again when it comes to that, that the best thing that you can do is just use the Google Keyword the Google Ads keyword planner and just look for your keywords that you're, you know, the money keywords, the broadest of keywords, then set up an alpha if you're going to be doing PPC I'm telling you alpha beta campaign structure is the best way to go in my opinion, especially for local leads guys because you can very very very quickly identify where your money keywords are the keywords that are actually producing traffic and obviously converting because you can have keywords out there that produce traffic but they don't convert that's worthless, you piss money away that way, both in ADS if you're spent paying for PPC or SEO right and that's one of the reasons why I love using Pay Per Click Search Ads the alpha beta campaign structure specifically for if I'm entering a new market and I don't know what the money keywords are the converting keywords because

Although I might be able to get traffic from certain keywords, if they're not converting into leads, then what good is it and he spending some money on PPC as a very quick way to identify which keywords first produce traffic and second produce conversions. Okay and then those are the keywords that I would then begin building my SEO campaign around a lot of the industries i mean i already identified those so I can just start off with SEO right off the bat but I don't suggest going into a new market or a new industry and just assuming that you know what the money keywords are from from even using the keyword planner for example, or any other keyword tool for that matter. I recommend actually spending a little bit of money on ads you know, a few hundred bucks 500 bucks 1000 bucks over the course of a month or two to determine what those money and converting keywords are and then build your SEO campaign around that because think about it if you're targeting competitive shorter tail keywords that you know that are somewhat competitive it could take you three four months to get significant results from an SEO campaign and if you don't know if those keywords don't end up ultimately converting then you just pissed away several months worth of effort where you could have identified that within four weeks six weeks time by spending some money on ads and figuring out which keywords generated traffic and converted and then build your SEO campaign around that so it's like you either waste time or you waste money or you know what I mean it's one or the other and and for me I'd rather waste a little bit and I don't call it waste I called it investing or research like it's r amp D research and development right so you invest a little bit of money in some ads to figure out what you're converting keywords are your best converting keywords are and then you build your SEO campaign around that it will save you a ton of time and wasted effort.

But obviously, like seriously guys, I wouldn't go like just the Google Keyword Planner that's free. And that's if you're looking for PPC keywords. That's the place to go. Nobody out there has more data than Google on search keywords for for pay per click. I mean for ads, Google ads, right. Any comments on that? Is that good enough? No. I mean, that was above and beyond because it was a simple go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

How Do You Handle GMB Posting With SEO Clients?

Bradley: Alright, so, Robert. Robert, he says, any recommendation for how to handle GMB posting with SEO clients? A client is paying me $700 a month and one of the things I'm doing for them is there GMB optimization but I didn't discuss GMB posting with them. Is it well worth me creating a bunch of GMB posts for them as one of the services and providing them over asking them to try to post it themselves? Obviously, I want them to rank so I don't want anything holding them back. Well, so that Robert that's a good good, it's a great question actually, because I've got some clients that I've pitched GMB posting services on a couple times and they had didn't take me up on it and ultimately, I end up doing a little bit of GMB posting for them.

Anyways, because it is so special. Most of my clients, I've been able to talk into some level of GMB posting service as an, you know, an add on service. And I have a blogger that does that. For me, she's amazing. Anyways, but here's the thing, if you, if you, if you're getting $700 a month retainer from this client and you're struggling at any point to get results, then you may want to just include doing some GMB posting on to produce the results that you want to give them. You know what I mean? In other words, to make sure that you are providing the results, it may be something that you have to add into what you're already doing. Now, if that wasn't in the original scope of work and in the list of deliverables that they agreed upon, then I would still try to pitch them on it and try to get them to you know, put essentially would be an add on service right get them to agree to an additional service because if you're providing them with the fulfillment of the deliverables

This Stuff Works
That you already promised them then it this is something over and above. However, if you promised them results as part of your deliverables and you're struggling to get results, then you may want to just include adding GMB post at some level to help get them the results that you've promised them. Does that make sense? So it's going to be a judgment call on your part as to whether or not you need need to or should approach them. I always recommend that you do. However, as I just mentioned, I do have some clients that have just for whatever reason, I've turned me down on GMB posting services when I've tried to on multiple occasions upsell them on that and it's in my clients all know that I don't just willy nilly like go out there and recommend or suggest services I when I suggest services is for a very valid reason. But some of them they just don't have the budget or they don't want to invest in it or whatever the case may be. So I'll still have like, for example, I'll give you a really good example.

We were using I've been using David Sprague's videos as just kind of an add on service for a lot of my clients, we would do one or two rep videos per month per client, just because it's an inexpensive service to for me, right? It's like 90 bucks or 100 bucks a month for the subscription, you get like 25 video credits per month or whatever. So depending on what level my clients were at, I pay I give them one or two videos per month where we would publish one of those rap videos for them and it would go out across their channel as well as across a lot of my you know, my channels that have syndication networks, and all that kind of stuff. And so we would we were doing that. Well, my blogger who does that for me, I've got another VA that does the video stuff for me every month. She sent me an email just a month ago saying, hey, look, some of your clients have run out of reviews because we've been doing this now for a year and a half. So some of my clients have only had so many reviews and she said I'm struggling to find new reviews. And I said, Okay, well look, some of these clients aren't doing GMB posts. So what I want you to do and I just provided her across US doc last week I worked on this actually took me almost like half a day to produce the process doc and the training for her. But what I did was I should produce some training to show her how to go to Firefox download the GMB or excuse me the rep video from the from any one of the YouTube channels that videos are posted on then upload that as a GMB post video to their GMB their Google Google, my business dashboard is a GMP post. So upload that as a video. And then just put the same video description that we had in the YouTube video as the GMB post with the call to action and AP, and that kind of stuff, which is the exact same. So essentially, it's a really simple process for but I said, Look, we'll stop producing for those that don't have any new reviews will stop producing new videos for and we'll just shift that service into doing one or two GMB posts per month using those videos and by the way videos and GMB post get more engagement very similar to like Facebook posts.

Guys, if you just do a text based or to me image based post, in fact, Facebook, you'll see that it gets, you know, some interaction. But if you do a video post on Facebook, it gets a hell of a lot more interaction. It gets exposed to more people by Facebook's algorithm was. The same thing happens with Google if you just do an image based post. If you're monitoring, GMB insights, guys, you can go look through post. And depending on the client, and you know how much traffic they get in that kind of stuff, you'll see that you ought to have an average level of views per post after, you know, seven days or 14 days, or whatever the case may be, you can go through and you'll see that there's a range of typical views that those image based posts will get. But if you do a video post, you'll see it'll be doubled, tripled, sometimes quadruple the amount of views they get seen. So is that because the video was that awesome? Or is it just because Google's exposing it more? Right? Think about that. It's because of Google's exposing it more because it's a video post. And so my point is that that's something that I've taught my VA to do as just an as an additional service I don't charge my clients for it's just something that we were doing the video radio

Excuse me, it's just part of, you know, by the way, I've done that for clients over the years. I call it mission creep, right? Which is like, you know, I find things that work well, that is easy to fulfill, that don't, don't cost me a lot of money. And it's not, it's not something that I do because, or I can train a VA to do very, it's very simple and easy to fulfill, doesn't take a lot of time. It doesn't, it doesn't cost me a lot of money. And so I added into already existing services that I provide, and I've done that over the years for a lot of my clients, but that's why I've got clients that have been with me for six or seven years now, guys, so Robert, again, it's going to be a judgment call. If you are struggling to get results and results are part of what you promised, which I know most SEOs do right, then you may want to just include some GMB posting. I would recommend though if it wasn't part of your original deliverables, the fulfillment list that you would pitch them on it, don't ever ask them to do it themselves. I do have one client in particular that I've pitched on a few times to say to try to get them to let me do the GMB posts for them. And he insisted on doing it himself and he's doing it. In fact, I had a call with him yesterday and he made a joke about, he goes, man, these GMB posts are killing me. And and I, and I, you know, offered it to him again, I got a blogger, she can do it for, you know, but he just insists on doing it, but he's actually seeing a tick up. I told him to start posting two times a day is just a Monday through Friday business, and he started doing Monday, posting two times a day and I there's quantifiable evidence and GMB insights that he's getting more maps exposure now, so again, it's really going to be a judgment call. Robert, it's a great question, but it's going to be dependent upon which you feel comfortable with. I don't, I don't recommend asking them to do it themselves because they won't do it very well. They won't do it consistently. That's a great question though.

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Marco: Yeah, I just want to add that there's a reason why local GMB pro was set up the way it was and it's set up around not only optimizing the Google My Business listing but also doing posts on a regular basis and and you have to determine what your sweet spot is Bradley just said for his service provider it's to a date it may be that yours is only a couple of times a week it could be that it requires 345 times a day you're going to have to find that sweet spot. And then not only that the images there's a reason why Bradley teaches how to find images in YouTube and why I teach how to find unlimited local images and local GMB pro UK it's it's virtually impossible to get these people to provide images for you your eye when they do it's not really what you wanted. And there are all kinds of problems is all kinds of going back and forth. And so you can just do all this. The question now shouldn't be should you be doing posting it? Yes, you definitely need to do posting question is are you going to get paid for it? Or are you going to do do it under the 700 a month Bradley said go and try to get some money for it? I totally agree. If they don't then go ahead. Do it because it once you set up a template, it's really not that much work now. But the benefits that you're going to see and the upsell that you can get behind the results that you're going to get are going too far away. whatever amount of time you put into this, it's really well worth it. posts are done for a reason. They're done the way they're done for a reason. Everything is taught for a reason. And if you leave anything out that you're leaving money on the table

Can You Give Us Insights And Timelines On Semantic Mastery's Link Building And Indexing Plan For @id Pages?

Bradley: Jeff's up, he says SM team Rob, bill says you might have a link building an indexing plan coming out for an ID pages that we create. Can you give an update on this timeline?. Yeah, we talked about that at the beginning. First of all for indexing and Id pages. just submit them to search console I mean that's the easiest way to get them index now as far as link building Yes, that's what Marco was already apologizing because he's the bottleneck at this point because he can't get the copy written. He's a perfectionist when it comes to that. I would say just put a big by these links and then put the page up and then you can always add the copy later Marco because we got a lot of people asking about it. Yeah I agree we should just do it but just put some so some some Latin right from Lauren nips if someone on there you guys right and if the buy button and the works go buy it yeah and so anyways Jeff it's it's available I believe you're still in the mastermind we will notify you immediately when it is so but yeah I'm pretty sure that we should have that I mean Rob says it's ready to go so it's just a matter of us getting the sales page up with the with with the with the copy on it so that but as far as that idea indexing guys just just submitted to search console if you're in the mastermind I've given you training on all that already so but yeah we're again the next thing inside the mastermind will be the off page GMB SEO service which will be building all that stuff that we do for GMB assets. All the off page stuff we can do that for you that'll be done for you service 100%, which you know, there's it's quite a process well my team is crushing it with that and it's going to be my team doing that, to begin with, for the mastermind members to make sure that we can fulfill everything in a smooth way and then that will be launched publicly and you guys in the mastermind, by the way, will get 20% discount so and that should be available very very soon I give you a day but every single time I say that I gotta get my word So.

Bradley: Rob says is my first Hump Day Hang on. We're welcome rob us wander up that Yeah, welcome Rob. Go subscribe to our YouTube channel man. While we had a bunch of hiding comments, urban telling says all my questions get marked as spam real quick. I wanted to touch on that because Yeah, I saw his comments so I had to log in. And so guys, just everyone watching if you've had your comments hidden or you've had issues, we also had some problems on a webinar earlier this week. So we hear it loud and clear and we want to get that fixed so working with her on and we're gonna have a new system up in place next week. But you shouldn't have to do anything different. You can always come to semantic mastery. com slash HD questions and we'll just test something else and move forward.Yeah. Okay.

Are Verified GMBs Delayed In MYGB Store?

Bradley: James says a verified. GMB is delayed right now and web store?. Yes, James only because they're hard as hell to get verified right now that's part of the problem is, is, you know, Google's been making their delayed, but we can still get them. It's just taking longer. That's all you guys should do YouTube live events. That's what we this is a well to it is a YouTube Live event, but we're using this page for our comments. Paul, I know what you're saying. That's what Adam just said, we're trying to figure out a way Look, Google shut down the events pages that we've been using for four years. And these are relatively new and I understand there are some issues that we have to fix them. We got some bugs to squash. So I appreciate you letting us know and we are working on it. Okay. Is it okay to create a G site on a Gmail account that is not related to the brand? Yeah, it doesn't matter. That's fine because you can always like I said, add an owner, transfer it Do whatever you want to do. So yes, you can create a G site with brand new Google accounts. If you like that's what we do for spam.

Why Is It That Some GMB Listings Are The Only Listing That Shows Up In The Knowledge Panel When There Are Other Competitors?

Bradley: Anyways, Stephen says, Hey guys, how is it that some GMB listings are the only listings that show up in the pack on the right side, even though there's other competition that's called a knowledge panel when you see that win, and that's just because that brand has, according to Google has all of the authority in that particular for that particular keyword in that particular location, however, that that will shift that's fluid like a lot of the times like for example, when I first started developing the local PR pro method, which is like PR stalking. One of the very first tests that I had set up was for a home remodeler remodeling contractor in New York little town called King fairy New York and there was a knowledge panel that was showing up for another contractor and there was no three pack at all and then I had set up a brand new was just a Click Funnels landing page for this guy and I did a press release I think it took two but I did to press releases and then boom, the three minutes appeared and this guy, so it pushed the knowledge panel guy into a three pack. And then and then the other contracts that I was promoting actually was in the three pack as well.

This Stuff Works
I don't think he was number one right away but I ended up getting into number one so it just you can if you can push enough authority to another map listing you can make the knowledge panel disappear right in other words you can push the knowledge panel occupant into a three pack instead but it's going to take some building of authority to the up to your maps listing that you're you know you're trying to push so that's typically what happens but yeah it just means that Google has deemed that that company has the most authoritative and really the only one that satisfies that search query at that point so you have to build some authority to that listing that you're promoting to try to get the maps back to push but you can do it no question. Okay.

Would It Be Okay To Use A Regus Virtual Office Location To Expand A GMB Page To A Bigger City?

Scott, and we're going to we gotta run we're going to run out of time here in just a minute. So we'll get through just last few comments. Hopefully quickly. Scott says Hey guys, my Home Services client wants to move on to a large city in the area, 650 k population. He rented a Regis virtual office location without my input now wants to upgrade his GMB for the big city I know we need to use a separate GMB account and I plan to use a subdomain for the big city. I'm very reluctant to use the Regis address for. why not I would I wouldn't have any problem using a Regus address I just wouldn't use as a UPS store but I've I mean I know people that I haven't done a Regus address so unless you've heard in other forums and such that those are easily get terminated or get flagged I would go ahead and use it I don't see why that would be a problem that's better than like a UPS store I can tell you that. So I cost because Google might instantly suspend the account any advice on this now I wouldn't worry about I mean, I would try it you know, I mean, here's the thing if you try it and they do instant instantly suspend it. Then you just go back to the route that we've been doing right, which would be just creating another listing and within that same zip code or whatever and then you know to build it out that way but I don't see why you wouldn't attempt it at least if you have an address where it's I mean you may as well because if you can verify the regular a snail mail, you know, physical mail then that's actually a better way in my opinion than trying to do it the phone route which is or however the how we've been doing it because I'm not even sure how it's done because those tend to get released right now Google still with the itchy trigger finger so those tend to get slapped rather easily at right now because of you know, Google still being on the lookout for spammed addresses essentially, but that one would be a valid physical address. Does that make sense? So I would, I would, I would absolutely try

Should You Be Worried About GDPR Compliance For Clients That Don't Have Anything To Do With The EU?

DC brain in the house. The brain supreme and nails grinding, right that's awesome. Well, there it is. Market says how worried. Do I need to be about GDP or compliance with all my clients are local plumbers, dentists, lawyers, etc. that don't have anything to do with the EU? They're all in the United States. I don't really worry about that stuff because again, you're you're not targeting anybody from overseas. If you're, if you're your audiences tight, you know, local us stuff, I don't worry about any of that stuff. I just just to be real clear, like for example, a lot of my stuff or just GMB assets now, and there's there's not even like g GDP or compliance ability on those you know what I mean? So if you've got a WordPress site or whatever like I don't know they make plugins and stuff now that make that shit real easy if you want to do you could just slap that on there but I don't see why that would be an issue that's not your audience if you're not targeting people outside of your local area and the United States I don't see why it would be an issue but I'm not an attorney so.

Should You Have A Separate Page For Each Video In GSite?

Quit this house says when creating a G site for ranking videos is it one video plus description per page or can you have multiple videos know descriptions on one page? now I would do I would do a separate video per page because then you can optimize that page for that specific keyword which is what you know that's the best way to do it for video SEO one keyword per video really.

I mean, you can add additional keywords in the video and in description and stuff like that. But you want to have your your title tag targeting essentially one keyword. At least that's what I've always done. I've always been able to get really good results that way. That's why the syndication athletes from syndication networks or syndication Academy are set up the way they are because it's one video proposed essentially with one keyword is your, your your title tag essentially. So it makes sense. That's what I recommend.

How Do You Reinstate A Suspended GMB Listing?

Tim says, Hey guys, I recently transferred ownership of a GMB from one account to another, and the transfer from the account got all the GMB suspended ownership of the GMB from an account to another account, and the transfer from account. Got all the GMB Do you know, the ways and account get all its GMB suspended. Thanks. No, I don't. I know there is still a lot of crazy shit going on. I had I've only lost I lost six assets at once, several weeks ago. But I think that was from a very specific reason I mentioned before.

About putting something in the appointment URL section other than an actual valid appointment app or link to like a page that does have an appointment app on it. So, but then last week, I think it was last week, it might have been a week and a half ago. Now I had a Tree Service. It was in brand new listing, though that all I did was go in and actually remove the ad the ad ID page URL from the appointment second, and it suspended it and but and I don't know why. And Marco said he had one that all he did was upload a video for GMB post and it suspended it. So that's why I'm trying to stay out of those as much as possible, especially as an owner and that's what you were talking about. doing stuff is like transferring ownership and that kind of stuff. If I'm doing any sort of work now in them, I'm trying to do them under manager accounts. Because those two I found that that doesn't it doesn't seem to happen with from doing that stuff from under a manager account. But when I go in as an owner, like that's where I've seen suspensions as going in as an owner and making edits. So add your

This Stuff Works
And Tim, if it's a valid business, then you could, you should be able to request to have it reinstated, right? If it's about if it's a spam to dress that I don't know what to tell you, you can still try to get it reinstated, but you're probably not going to be successful. I wouldn't hold your breath. But you know, if it's spam to dress, that's the risk we take. But if it's a valid business, then there's no reason why you shouldn't, you know, ask for reconsideration or reinstatement contact Google My Business support and find out what you can do to get it reinstated. Because if it again if you're transforming a valid business from one account to another, there's no reason that it should have been suspended.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Clients Who Suddenly Stops Paying You After You've Ranked Them?

Okay, we got to wrap it up guys. Mom, already five minutes over. Calvin says hey Bradley, what are some ways to protect yourself from a client if suddenly stops paying you after you've ranked them? Can you own all the work you put in thanks while you can we talked about this in the past you can do some things but you can't do you can't protect yourself entirely because some things that you're going to be doing for clients are going to be directed at their domain.

Unknown 1:04:00
Period like citations, for example, where if you're blogging for them and you're blogging from their domain, which is what you should be going to a branded syndication network then, or if you're doing GMB posts, through their GMB assets, those are all things that are going to be done to their assets for their assets, which is what you know, that's what client work is, there are things that you can do, like if you were to mirror their site, clone their site. If it's WordPress, for example, you can do a cyclone through and install on your own domain, set up a page by page redirect from your domain to theirs. And then any external off page link building you could do to your own domain. That way, if they stopped paying, you could essentially remove the redirects and now you've got a site that's been built, I would still change the copy and things like that. But now you've got a site that's been built that has a bunch of links built to it that you own right, but that doesn't protect you from all the stuff that you've done to their assets which you have to do for client work. Do you know what I mean? Like you can't turn that off as my point you can like with some press release. places you can go in and actually, like shut down the press releases and stuff that like if they have an organization page for example, you can turn that off to where it's basically no index that kind of stuff to where that would remove some of the juice but honestly guys, you know, the way I look at it is that's going to happen. It sucks. It sucks bad but it does happen guys. That's just the nature of the game instead of trying to figure out ways to get even I just find I'd spend that energy looking for another client.

What's The Best Local Citations Method For A Service Area Business?

Okay,day one says interested in purchasing your local branding package for the client what would you suggest would be the best method for citations of a service area business? will press releases are great for citations as well as you know, because you don't need to list the address that way you can just list the name city state zip Do you have to list the street address press releases work really, really good for that the one we sell press releases for a very fair price at mg Why be so you might want to check that out. Also, you can be doing syndication networks and blogging. That helps you can do geo posts that kind of stuff through their blog. That helps as well. So that's something else we can talk about. Yeah, I see your question already. So. I take my money, just take it. Okay, guys, I'm gonna wrap it up. We're already a little bit over. So we appreciate everybody in here. Sorry about the new platform not taking everybody's questions all the time. We'll figure that out. What the hell is not still sharing.

Alright, everybody has a good one while we figure out the ongoing tech issues onwards. Yep. Alright, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you next week. Thanks, everybody. See you. Thanks, Adam.

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Are The Strategies For Ranking A GMB As Effective For An Older GMB Account?

By April


In episode 266 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether the strategies for ranking A GMB are as effective for an older GMB account.

The exact question was:

If I have a customer that has had their GMB for some time, does the process work the same with the Press Advantage room, the Press Release pointing to the first post, etc. In other words, is process to rank GMB as effective on a GMB that has been around for a while?

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Is There Some Type Of Google My Business Update Going On?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 225, one participant asked if there is some type of Google My Business update going on.

The exact question was:

Hey guys it's my first time back since you moved off of google plus. I would like to know if there is some type of Google my business GMB updates going on? There is a lot of talk about this in other groups I'm in. Is it all BS or is GMB the same still?

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Can You Explain The Siloing Process In The GMB Auto Poster?

By April


In episode 225 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked the team to explain the siloing process in the GMB Auto Poster.

The exact question was:

Bradley: On the local lease post-training, you talked about siloing posts. You said:

“”Silo posts based on tags: Assign each post a tag in the Auto poster, then select
to silo post in Auto Poster, which means it takes the previous posts url, and
add that link from the previous post to this new posts. Your GMB website turns
posts into inner pages.””

The first post you do manually and then in Auto Poster, the 2nd post links to the 1st, the 3rd to the 2nd and so on.

Can you please explain a bit further what you meant? Am I way off or am I on track?

thank you

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 226

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 226 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Alright, we're live with Hump Day hangouts Episode 221. All right, I just did that. I'm a little embarrassed us now going to be on YouTube forever. So anyways, moving right along into the sixth of March 2019. We got the whole crew here. Bradley is

Chris: doing some secret squirrel stuff in the background. But we'll get to that. So first, let's start on the left and work our way down. Chris, how you doing? Man? Doing good Spring is here

Adam: actually. Nice. Yeah, it's quite nice. But I'm getting kind of like form on like the snow snowboard enough this year. So

Chris: unlike everybody else, I'm actually liking the winter when it's not too hot and stuff and they can actually write on the slopes and we get powder and stuff so yeah, like I'm one of those weird freaks who is actually enjoying wintertime

Adam: bad and her not I like your shirt. But let's see what summer is coming to you. Right.

Hernan: Thank you Yes balls here man I'm sweating myself but anyways I'm super pumped thank you guys actually wanting to publicly say thank you guys I love you soon as Bobby can say that because you guys have been awesome you got a lot of you guys were got the Battle Plan v3 and you're really supporting the costs right here right now so I love you guys thank you for the support it's been awesome

Adam: yeah definitely actually I'm going to pop that on the page if you're watching grab the battle plan that's a little quick note but in case you weren't aware we launched just over a week ago you can still get in there and get it it's we priced it you know we get a lot of questions about this to you know when we first came out with it as $100 and you know it's overly well has a lot of great processes in place things out really smoothly but over time we decided to bring that price down and it's much much much cheaper now because we really truly did want to get this in everyone's hands so that you have simple processes and if you go to, you can see us talking about that and how this can help you in your business, no matter what you're doing. So anyways, I just want you to go check that out.

Chris: I would have had a battle plan right now, other than the price Say that again, why would avoid a Battle Plan right now? Other than the price?

Hernan: Can I go for it? Yeah, because it's step by step process do now for sure. Like, we have actually distilled a lot of the stuff that, you know, we have been teaching and showing over the past, you know, five, six years on Semantic Mastery, we have distilled that into a step by step process. So if you have like, if you have a brand new website that you should put your domain right like yesterday, and you want to put it up with the band, go get the Battle Plan. If you have an H website that has been, you know, yielding good results he has a year it's, you know, it's a year old, but you still want to push it to go get the benefit. If you get a YouTube video that you want, push, go get the bad plan. If you also get have a GMB that you need better and

Like that is something that we have recently added to this be three and you know we made the webinar the how to be successful marketing 2019 that's the value alone of admission and then you get a lot of additional bonuses on the bonus member's area that you're getting for free so it's a no brainer your question

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Adam: And I'm still learning how to use the mute button alright so yeah I'm not gonna expand on that I think are Hernan hit it and we're really happy to be able to share this with you guys and like croissants at the bonuses are friggin cool so check out but Marco we wanted to check in of course with you how you doing man

Marco: I'm good, man. I'm about. Give me three to six months and I'm going to drop a

Adam: whoops. Sorry about that. Yeah, that was me in my browser.

Marco: Quit Quit messing with that shit man. I'm about to drop a nuclear bomb on the SEO world again. Alright, so stay tuned. It's coming it's it's I'm sorry but it's not going to be like the battle plan almost free because I'm on some takeover shit and I'm done. I'm done like playing I'm done with people hating I'm done with people. I'm when I say done if you talk about me I'm going to make you a fucking porn star. That's how this is gonna be. So fuck with me.

That's that's what this is about. That's what that's what's coming. They don't fuck with me to

Hernan: Yeah and you got you guys better listen because what Marco says that he's dropping the good stuff he usually like 100% of the time delivers, right he did what he did with our YS Academy. One are ways to kind of meat to it always brings up the good stuff. So definitely.

Adam: Well, I want to circle back around to where we started with introducing and saying welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. And since they If you're new to semantic mastery first of all thanks for watching. We might have just heard us talking about the battle plan, grab it. It's the best place to get started not only with us but for like Hernan said all you know your age sites your new sites. If you're getting into videos whatever it is GMB start their battleplan.semantic if you are you know looking to either start or grow your local digital marketing agency and you want to join the best community for that and be a part of that then join the mastermind and you can find out all about that at mastermind dot semantic And for everyone, no matter what you're doing. Go to em. Gee why b dot SEO. Alright, for the premium done for you SEO Services, you know, getting the GMB verified so you're not spending your time trying to do that which we're going to touch on I know a lot of people have questions about candies and what's going on there if you want syndication networks done, you know really, really high quality from you know, the training that Bradley originally created these updated over the last four years our YS stuff

Man what else press releases we got all sorts of stuff and there's a lot more good stuff coming down the pipeline right.

Hernan: Cora and keyword research I think that that that's worth mentioning because you know you can you can spend like an entire week going after keywords you know going after keyword research and whatnot and I think that that solves the entire issue and I haven't personally I haven't seen and mean that type of I don't know how you guys are doing that because that's all marketing Rob but I don't know how you guys are pulling that up but honestly I haven't personally seen any any other keyword research report that you don't need to pay I don't know shit ton of money to get something like that you're getting a piece of the market, No kidding so I think that's pretty cool and that takes a lot of time and I don't think that we're pushing it enough for with the body that you guys are getting some. Definitely get man it's a goldmine for Edwards like Yeah.

Adam: Oh cool. I'm sorry. So I was about to post something on the page. We're going to hop Over to Bradley in a minute. As I said, he's got some stuff going on in the background. But something else I want to say, I know we get a ton of views on YouTube. And you know, people either aren't here live or to catch it later, they will watching down the road. If you want to, you can click the button, click Subscribe, stay up to date, obviously, with Hump Day Hangouts, a lot of the videos that we upload there, and if I can ask a favor for anyone watching, you know, we really want to help people find out about our YouTube channel and really grow that if you find Hump Day hangouts helpful. If you're watching a video clip and you found it helpful, please share it with them. You know you think it's going to be particularly helpful we try to really help people out point them in the right direction and a lot of times you know what you're learning or what you're solving could definitely help someone out so point them in the right direction send them the video clip or point them to semantic mastery. com slash each the questions and real quick I'm going to pull something up but Bradley Are you in the middle of it. Are you are you ready?

Bradley: Alright. I'm sorry. I was muted and had the camera off I guess I can note to self and to everybody else out there do not start a server migration right before our webinar

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Adam: Here hold on a minute let me let me write this down real quick the support staff the support staff assured me that it was going to be a smooth process bullshit

Bradley: I've got client sites down left and right like a database connection issues all kinds of shit and it's kind of a shit storm right now I'm trying to get it resolved and now I've got a host a webinar so but Bradley no self we have a Caesar

Yeah, well not gonna be able to get in touch with them right now. We got a webinar host. So anyways, what else are you going to say?

Adam: I was just gonna say we had to people Hey, Alex, and Rishi. Thank you very much. They just grabbed the battle plan, I think today and we're just talking about it. So thank you and appreciate you guys being here and checking it out and we're happy to answer your question. So with that Bradley, I guess.

How are you doing? And then let's just jump into it.

Bradley: I'm a little stressed out, but here right and answer some questions and help others. Well, my shit crumbles.

But that's all right. So yeah, I'm good.

Adam: This is good. Well, focus because you know what? I'm guessing that there's next working on your server. There's nothing you can literally do about it right now. So this will be good. take your mind off it.

Yeah. All right, let's do it.

Bradley: Let's rock and roll. I’ll grab the screen.

Alright, so we got to go back to seven days ago. That's how we determine where we left off. Right.


Is It Better To Use Gmails Instead Branded Emails For GMB?


Adam: Let's make sure with the Six Day guy there we go. I can't see it looks like a mobile, mobile. Mobile is movie local business.

Bradley: Okay, so I've always pushed businesses to use their branding domain for their email info at As an example, instead of Yahoo, Hotmail or whatever but it could be better SEO to use Gmail and said for GMB and across citations now I recommend using a branded domain, always. And in fact, I would recommend using g sweet for your branded domain instead of like shitty webmail. That's one of the issues I'm actually dealing with right now, with the server migration webmail sucks. And there tend to be problems a lot with webmail accounts guys that are through servers. But you know, for the price is going up, I think, in the next couple days for G Suit, but for a basic G Suite or domain account, domain web email account. That's all hosted through Google at $6 a month guys per user, but you can add like, I don't know if it's unlimited or not. But you can add a whole bunch of domain alias is if you'd like so that you can actually send and receive email from multiple domains from the same Gmail account it's or G Suite account but it's Google email essentially and I would and also as Marco will probably chime in here that's also another entity validation signal to be hosting your, your domain at using G Suite email services for your domain.

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So I would recommend that you do that. What do you say, Marco?

Marco: I totally get that business card on file whether or not whether you do it through G Suite. It used to be that Google only would allow names in Gmail, right? They wouldn't they wouldn't discourage you from using business names. But now it says everybody started doing it then it now okay so you could actually do Gmail and pay through Gmail right for driving extra drive and everything but you have G Suite there and if you have a business or that you're running or a business that you're helping them, by all means, get them over into G Suit and run everything through their let Google see that this is a legitimate business with legitimate services products or whatever it may be. So yes, I 100% agree. Go and pay Google for these services.

Bradley: And just as a quick, I'm not going to go through it guys on screen, but just write this down or take notes. It's not a hard process, there is a wizard that will kind of help you through it. But the first couple of times you do it, it's a little geeky, but once you understand how to do it, it's really simple. You have to use go You have to be able to access your domains, DNS settings which you know can either be through your registrar or if you're using something like a third party DNS, iCloud flair, you can do it there. But you got to add a text a text record for domain verification. That's to prove to Google that you own the domain or control the domain and then you add your MX records. There's five of them.

Yeah, there's five of them and they'll get the G sweet will give you those. It's it's fairly standard or easy to set up. And then after that, there are just a few additional records that you want to add like one is called an SPF record. Another one is called a D Mark record. And the last one is a DKIM signature and those are three different things that you want to add. So just write down down and then you can just search in G sweet help which when you're logged into your G sweet admin panel there's a help search bar at the top and you can just type those in like SPF records DK, I am signature and D Mark and you it'll, it'll give you help files to show you exactly how to set that stuff up. Once you do those, then you should be good to go. You know, it's also important, make sure that you do have a domain that setup with website and such that's good for domain reputation for email, or for email reputation, if you're sending from a domain email account, if that makes sense. So just adding those few things are going to help to make sure that you get really good deliverability. I do use g Suite accounts for prospecting when I'm doing you know, cold emailing for prospecting, and they tend to work really well. If you use a standard Gmail accounts like personal Gmail accounts, and, you know, free Gmail accounts essentially and you try to send a cold email within a very short period of time, your emails will stop being too delivered, they'll stop in boxing. What depends on I guess, really the volume and whether people are hitting spam and stuff like that. But if you use the domain emails and you set up those records, like I said, and you have a website on the domain, so at least you know that those are kind of things that helped it for those to the inbox. But for a standard business, you shouldn't really have to worry about much of that other than just set up those records correctly, and you should be good to go. That's a good question though.

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Would The GMB Auto Poster Strip The Meta Data And Geo Settings Of A Picture Uploaded Within The Post?

Elaine is up, she says. Would the GMB auto poster software strip the metadata of a picture we upload including the geo settings when scheduling a new post?

You know, I have no idea but I doubt that it would because we are developing knows how important that is. Marco, do you have a definitive answer?

Marco: No, I don't have a definitive answer. But it's essentially Google that strips it.

Bradley: Yeah, but yeah.

Marco: Yeah, they get the information and they know you give them all the information and then it doesn't matter if it's still on the image. All you want is the relevance and Google can also take a look at the at the front of the picture. And you'd be surprised at how much entity information Google pulls from the front of the image instead of just the back.

Bradley: Yeah. But I mean, specifically for her question was, does the auto-poster application itself strip the metadata?

Marco: Yeah. I don't have a definitive, definitive answer for that. All I can say is, if it's getting stripped out, it's usually Google that's doing that.

Bradley: That's correct.

Adam: That's something maybe we can run by St. Pat the developer find out if he knows for sure. Again, he's he's a good guy. He knows guys what the benefit of what we're doing. So I'm quite sure that that's kind of baked into the software already, but we can confirm that with him.

Will An Older GMB Account Have The Same Ranking Effect As With Those That Have Been Created Recently?

Bradley: Dan's up he says, If I have a customer that has had their GMB for some time, does the process work the same with the press advantage from the press release pointing the first post etc. is the process to rank GMB as effective as on a GMP that has been around for a while.

Yeah, it's typically more effective that way. In other words, if you use the same methods that we teach in our various products, whether it's local least for our local GMB pro and you apply those two or PR progress in your, in your case, Dan because that's what sounds like you're talking about it either any one of those methods are going to should should work better for an established GMB than they do for a brand new one. Because remember with the brand new one guys you're trying to build a reputation and we're trying to force it very quickly and if you pick the low competition areas which were the original location research training for local least bro you can typically get rankings almost overnight or with very little work very low effort.

Now if you're using the updated version where you're going much more granular and trying to target more locations and even more like metro areas and such you're still going to have a bit of a dogfight that's what I've been experiencing. So and it takes time because and here's the thing when you're looking at like location research and you're looking at even if you see opportunity because there are locations that don't have the same they're not the same zip code area that you're searching and that kind of stuff. You'll see that a lot of. At times, especially in metro areas, the the the API, the top 10 results that it pulls in are pulling in maybe locations, or GM bees that are outside of that specific location. But it's pulling them in because they're very relevant. They'll have big authority signals, such as lots of reviews, lots of images, website citations, ages is a factor. So you have to take all of that into account. So even if you target your location placement perfectly, you still have to compete with other entities out there, essentially, companies or brands, locations that have built authority, and that's why Google is pulling them in as being the most relevant. So there is still a bit of a dogfight to do with that. But what I'm saying is if you have an existing asset that's been established for some period of time, and I don't know what you know what the threshold would be to make this better obviously, probably the older the better, but if you apply those same kinds of methods, you're going to get better results than with them with a brand new listing.

Guys, there's another good question.

Do You Hide The GMB Backlinks And Sensitive Data To Protect Yourself From Angry Competitors?

Okay, Alex is up. He says, Hey guys just purchased the battle plan. Glad I did. How common is it for competitors to report lead gen sites to spam or whatever, both the jam BS in the actual WordPress sites.

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For me it's been rather rare I haven't really experienced that much I've actually had years ago when I first got into the business. Should I'd say it was it was it was actually my first Tree Service site that ever built and one of the competitors did report that one and I got it reinstated which was funny, I had to re-verify it via mail. Unfortunately, I still had the mailbox that I was using for that at the time. So I was able to re verify it and get it out and he was just pissed because we outranked him like within a couple of months, and he'd been an established Tree Service business. But that was really the only time I've had to experience it. And I'm going to knock on wood, but I hadn't really experienced that. So here's the thing. I mean, if you've got a good lead gen asset that set up correctly and it's optimized well. And it's not super spammy and you've got the calls that are directing especially you know, as always recommend to a call center where it's a valid Pete person answering the phone right away, you know that kind of stuff. It's hard to really bitch about that, you know, to prove that it's spam you know, especially if you're using surface area businesses in your location, your physical location or the address the physical address is hidden. How would they know you know what I mean? It's not like it used to be where sometimes you could still display your address if you got a surface area business, you're not supposed to display your address. So how can they know? You know what I mean? So I haven't really experienced that again, fortunately not saying it can't happen. guys just saying I haven't experienced that much.

Alex has to finish up he said. Do you do anything to protect yourself from anger competitors? Yeah, as I said, I don't display the address. That's why I'm actually not building citations as much because a lot of citation platforms still require you to display the address or you can even place a citation on their directory.

So, um, you know, again, I'm doing a lot of other stuff outside of using them because if we're using a, an address that's not, you know, actually where the business is located, then we don't want to publish that if possible. So that's just one of the things I'm doing is doing a lot of other sorts of stuff, a lot of on page stuff and other types of off page where I don't have to display the address.

Okay, you got any comments on that? Anybody?

How Do You Use GSites To Increase The Visibility Of A GMB Page For Nearby Cities?

Alright, moving on. With this house is good agents. Thank you for or thank you for offering this form to us. I have questions about g sites as a way to increase visibility from nearby city g site 1000 word article, videos, content samurai, or summary of Article links to money site and GMB website and also include several links to the web to auto or should I be cautious about them to you.

You mean can you link to your web two daughters from the G sites? Or are you talking about building links to your web two point O properties?

I would say you could do either if your web two or tier one properties and they're built well then I don't see why it would you know, again, it's just kind of like validating the entity is if we're syndication Academy guys, whether you've been through our training or you purchase done for you networks from us, that's how we do it right, we interlink all of our tier one properties. They're all branded properties. We're not trying to hide our footprint you're actually trying to display our footprint, right? Because those are all branded entities. We want Google to make the connection between all of those as being of the same brand. So I don't see why that would be any issue in either instance, what I'm saying is, if you're linking out to branded tier one properties that are well built, well optimized, then that's kind of internal linking your brand. If you're building links to your branded properties, that's fine too. I would recommend you do that instead of direct to your money site, which is what I think you're alluding to anyways, right? That's part of the reason that we use this dr stacks and G sites and things like that because their Google domains, Google properties and we can just literally hammer them and it will take it like a champ.

So any any comments on that guys?

Adam: No, I think I think that's perfect. And the setup is perfect too because you can even drop press releases into the D side and and Dr. Second power those up and Yeah, well, we've I mean, we've done I keep talking about this. We did 1 million spam links including porn and not not intentional. I just told that it hit it with whatever you got in and it was actually a anyway GSA is what we use for it. So he didn't he didn't filter he didn't do anything they just blasted it, it was it turned out to be a million plus went through the drive stack through the site onto Well, the mind is not the mind map. But the Google business map which ranked in the three packets still ranking to this day. There's nothing we could do.

As a matter of fact, the guy stopped paying. First of all, he took one of his phones. I talked about this role, he took one of his phone's off the hook because he just couldn't handle the call body. And then the fucking to stop paying with that, that just totally makes no sense why would you stop paying but he's still ranking to this day major metropolitan area highly competitive niche and it's there and last time I looked there was still a porn link indexed in his link profile. So think about that. Google has it has its index right when you go and look at the link profile in Google you do the site search and appointment comes up so Google is hey you know we like this port link for for your website. Here you go. How much better can it get that you do spam links into a drive second g site and it comes up pristine on the other end and you can push power to wherever you want it to me that's that's just incredible. And it's only been five years since it's been working. So what a loophole.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: There you go he says do I do the same for each city that I want to rank for?

Well similarly to what I talked about with syndication networks if you know I prefer to use one brand one branded network for multiple locations if possible and so if you're talking about building web tues out for brand then you know if you want to get location specific you certainly can you can always add like a location monitor to the brand name so for example you know Joe's plumbing is the primary brand and then let's say you've got, you know, three different locations and they're all obviously different cities then you could do Joe's plumbing an input the city name for example as a modifier if you're going to create another set of web tools that are location specific and you can certainly do that you know if that's what you want to do now do stacks yeah just you can either buy new new drive or bi or build new dr stacks for each individual location or better yet create internal folders within the main brand drive stack in silo just like you, you know, essentially create like silos within the stack, okay.

So it's up to you how, again, I try not to build location specific web tools if possible, because I like to just use the branded one. You know, I like let let I like doing getting results with the least amount of effort. And so I try not to do that if necessary. But sometimes in more competitive areas, it does help to do that. And so that if that's what you're asking then. Yes, I would say you can do that too

Can You Please Enlighten Us With The New Policy Of GMB?

Toby's up. Let's have name. I haven't seen in a while it says hello, gangstas. Happy to be back in your hood. Can you explain one more time G and its new policy on GMBs?

Um, well, I would. But I don't really know. I mean, the policy is don't do what we do. That's the policy but we do it anyways. And so there's a lot of misconceptions out there now. Thanks, Toby. Yeah, there are I mean that's the thing you know, that's why we haven't really commented yet as to we don't have a definitive answer on that as to what what to do and what not to do at the moment. I can tell you one thing I've I've got my Multiple lead gen assets that I was in, I was chatting with Rob today in our slack app about this, that, you know, I've, I've been updating a lot of my stuff like crazy. Some of them are brand new listings. And I have not had a single problem with getting anything suspended. I mean, I've even done some stuff that would typically trigger re verification immediately and in the last few days, and it has not caused any issues for me whatsoever. Now, I'm not saying you guys can go buck wild right now, because there is a lot of suspensions happening, but I think there's certain things triggering them.

So for example, I mentioned this last week, too, by the way, and I don't have any problem mentioning this to you guys on Hump Day Hangouts. Because I want you guys to not make this mistake. One of the things and it's only mistake now It wasn't a mistake a month ago. And I don't know for sure that this is absolutely like an absolute rule. But I know that one of the things that I've noticed we lost about six assets in the last couple of weeks. And so I've got my team actually not doing anything.

In the like, on page work on GMB stuff, right now, I've got my team working on off page stuff. I myself, I'm still inside doing, I'm testing different things inside on, you know, like on page edits, and stuff within GMB locations, and I haven't had any suspended on me. But when my team was doing them, one of the things that we we think we identified as as a trigger was adding to the appointment URL like an ad ID page, for example, which is typically an Amazon we host those you know, we've talked us and said this publicly before but we host those on Amazon s3. If you don't know how to do it, get to buy the course the figure it out or find out on your own. But one of the things was that originally it would take an s3 bucket URL but it stopped doing that the appointment URL section would stop stop doing that after some time. So then we got smart, right and we added a redirect URL and then it would take it again but one of the things that I think is causing that is by putting something in that appointment URL other than an actual appointment app link like to calland Lee or something else, or to using the business, the Google My Business website URL to go in the appointment, you were out. Or if you had a page on a money site that had an appointment app embedded in it, that would also work.

But if you're if you're still staying strictly within the Google ecosystem, which is what we've been primarily doing, where we don't have an off page, you know, we don't have a self hosted site then. We've been using the GMB business side is the primary website and then using yet ID page in the appointment URL section. And I think that that's an issue right now. So I said this last week, guys, just don't link to that in there. I would recommend not putting anything in that appointment you are Unless Unless it's a valid appointment URL or app or, or if you got a money site, and you want to put the GMB business site URL on the appointment URL. I don't think that's going to be an issue either, but if you start doing that, I do what you should be by the way.

Creating that page, it's super powerful link to it with a contextual link from the GMB website. That way, you still get it in there, guys, you're still getting Google to go crawl it from the GMB asset. It just doesn't have to be in the employment URL. And we did that because we were able to, but if that's one of the trigger points, which I think it is, I don't have 100% certainty on that but we noticed that that's one of the things that when we had six we lost six assets in a week and what my builder Joe was the one that was the one that said that he thinks that that's what it was because he noticed that it happened on three of them right after he had added that URL. So I recommend just not doing it for now until we know for sure that makes sense.

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So as far as what is the actual what are the policies while the policies are don't spam? Are you going to abide by that because I sure as hell not you know, so essentially that's, that's what it is. So we just got to keep playing around in there until we figure it out. Now, I know some of you guys don't have the resources is to be able to, you know, burn through a bunch of GMP. And I get that. And that's part of the reason why we're still testing and figuring out what it is. But like I said, I've done a lot of on page edits and stuff right now. And I mean, just today alone, I did a lot of stuff that would have typically required re verification or suspension, and it didn't cause any of that. So I'm just just letting you guys know, until we figure it out. I would recommend that you just tread lightly, don't do anything super spammy. You know, take things slow, as Marco always says, make a couple of edits, you know, or one big edit or something, and then get the hell out of there and leave it sit for a couple days. let it marinate, right that that it season, let that kind of settle in before you go back in and change a bunch of other stuff. What do what do SEOs do SEOs go in especially when you got a team and processes developed like we do that go in and like within you know, two, three hours they've completely optimized everything and added photos and posted and like you know, I've done everything and that's business owners don't do that because they don't know how to do that.

You know what I mean? So if you act like a business owner or if like Marco said, if you go in as like an agency through a manager account, make some edits. I always recommend removing the manager account afterwards. But that's something else, you know, there's different things that you can test with, with some of your own assets. assets, excuse me, but just think about, you know, what looks natural, a business owner wouldn't go in and fully optimize and, you know, in one fell swoop because they don't typically know how to do that kind of shit. A manager might, right. But I also believe we've talked about not having, you know, using a manager if you're targeting one vertical, don't use that same manager account for every account that you or GMB that you log into. Because that's a way that their footprint could be created. use multiple manager accounts. For example, guys, probably most of you have a shit ton of syndication networks, at least I hope you do, which means you've got a lot of different Google accounts. So you could use those different Gmail accounts that you have for various profiles to actually act as a manager where you log into one of your make some changes, and then log back out and remove the manager for the owner account, if that makes sense. And that's something that you could do to reduce potential footprint issues.

That was another good question.

Robert Nelson. He's a new mastermind member. I had a call with him yesterday. It was great. Glad to have you.

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Is There A Way To Automatically Randomize Images For Posts When Autoposting Using GMB Briefcase?

Robert says, Hey, guys. Great to be in here. When auto posting using the GMB briefcase Is there a way to automatically randomize the images used for posts so they are being scheduled monthly?

Yes, it's called it with the briefcase. Yes, that's got an image spinning. I think you have to upload them via CSV and I have not tested with that yet. It's because I just haven't taken the time to learn it. But I don't know where I can point you to. For the training. We have a slack group Robert, that was there were some beta testers for the briefcase, we can probably add you to that because you're in the mastermind, guys. You have to be in the mastermind for stuff like that. Sorry. But if you're if you're interested in that, Robert, ping me in the mastermind Facebook group and I'll see if I can get you added to this slack group for that. And there's a lot of training and stuff in there for that. And there's probably training files in the briefcase for that. I just haven't seen them there. So anybody know for sure.

Hernan: Oh, that's actually a good question. Bradley will need to double check. But yeah, that's something for sure that you might want to join the mastermind for that. And not only that, but also for the calls that you get, you get an onboarding call, and then you get a 90-day call follow up. So that is pretty cool, too.

Adam: Yep. Yeah, the only other thing I was going to say if there is any issues to and you want to do it on your own, you know, if he can let me know, because I do some of the stuff with spreadsheets before it was added in there where you know, you're randomizing some of the stuff on your own which might come in handy and some other places.

Bradley: Yeah, so maybe that would be a good thread for us to start in the Facebook group for the mastermind anyways, and we got a mastermind webinar tomorrow guys, so now might be something we can talk about there too. But yeah, Robert, I'll see if I can get you out of To the slack group I just picked St. Patty's the developer see if he minds if he doesn't mind I'll squeeze you in on there okay. let's say what's up clan Adam? That's cool when did you change your was that different?

Adam: Yeah must pull from Facebook I think I updated a couple days ago It looks like a boss

Hernan: oh yeah that's from Nashville yeah.

Have You Seen Results With The Mapping Techniques Of Peter Drew's GMB Dominator?

Bradley: Jim what's up. Bradley, in the past you mentioned Peter Drew' GMB Dominator, not by name as it didn't have a name yet. I just saw the beta testing pricing today and wondered if you have seen the results with these mapping techniques that software it's 100 or $500 one time $100 month shiny or legit.

You know, it's a legit tool. There's no question it's a good tool. I've been actually consulting a lot with Peter drew about that stuff. So yeah, it's cool. I mean, I haven't tested all of the software some of the new stuff that just comes in the last couple weeks I haven't had the time to but a lot of the let's just say there's going to be some collaboration between us anyways guys.

If you end up purchasing it, you'll see that I added some preliminary training on. It's kind of a teaser training for we're updating the video lead gen system specifically for outreach and prospecting, to monetize lead gen assets. And I'm working on that currently, right now, as a matter of fact, like in the last week and a half now, I've been working on that. And so I think we're going to launch that in April. And that's going to be a complete update to the already existing product. And it's going to include a whole bunch of resources and methods and processes and stuff like that for monetizing lead gen assets. Or for going and targeting on non-owner verified profiles to get your foot in the door. That way using video emails is the primary prospecting method. And so and you'll see that if you end up checking on a gym, it's I think it's a good product, you know, just like anything, you have to use them and use them consistently those kinds of tools to get results. So just keep that in mind. It's not like a one-shot you buy these things. You go run one campaign for something and you're done. You've ranked if you're you know you're successful in your you never have to work again it's not like that even with those tools that are simple tools which is why I like them you have to you know use them repeatedly and usually run multiple campaigns per project in order for you to get results. So just keep that in mind but yeah absolutely, I would recommend it guys no doubt.

Okay. New Battleplan executor here. It looks like a lot of what how we Schwartz used to do in the early days of I am great stuff. Okay, I'll take your word for it I don't know who our Schwartz's.

Adam: That's a name from like 2008-2009

This Stuff Works
Hernan: And that was the guy more time than I thought I think the guy got pulled up by Google security in one of theirs. I can't remember exactly what happened you will have to I'll have to look that up later but something happened in one of the guys got a lot in Google's nerves so that's a good nice to see men and thanks for buying the battle plan. Rishi

Bradley: You guys, that was just a year or two. I started in 2010. So that must have been right before I got involved with internet marketing. So sorry. Go ahead.

Hernan: You were too young for that.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, I wasn't too young. I just hadn't started in digital marketing it that's all.

How Many Network Is Enough To Get Enough Traffic To An Affiliate Marketer In YouTube?

My question lies and having enough first doing more than necessary and getting slapped. I mean YouTube based affiliate marketers starting in a new market. For this, I have set up one email address, which I used to create an over a dozen other web properties and implemented the battle plan. I've also started my YouTube videos as part of the bonus. That's great. I'm glad to hear that. My question is, Is that enough? Or should I be creating more and more web properties like I am keyword based content? Or can this one network with the siloed videos on YouTube provide me enough horsepower and bring enough traffic to my videos?

Now for videos guys, for you, specifically Rishi if you're doing YouTube stuff go nuts. With networks you syndication networks, add as many networks to your channel as possible and not just tier one network. In other words, not just where the YouTube channel triggers syndication two networks, I would recommend also creating second to, you know, to tier networks. And if you want to go beyond that, you certainly can. You can go, you know, third tier networks, fourth tier networks, I don't recommend that only because it becomes a bitch to manage. I've always preferred to stop it two-tier networks, which means and again, if you've been through syndication, network training or syndication Academy training, or if you purchase a two-tiered network from MGYB be which we will set it up for you, you could always go back through and reverse engineered if, you know, if you're not a build a single tier network that's triggered directly from the YouTube channel and then you see a two-tiered network you'll you'll you'll know how to do it because you're just going to use the RSS feed from the blog properties on the on the first tier network. So like blogger, Tumblr WordPress to post to republish to the second tier network and it's very, very powerful and the different sizes with YouTube there's no footprint issues.

If You use the app, what's the way that we teach, okay, if you start importing the video descriptions and republishing them and all that kind of stuff, you can get web 2.0s terminated and that can look spammy so I don't recommend that. I recommend that you do exactly what the app what's the way that we designed them because I tested all that stuff guys and there's a reason why those outlets for video syndication networks were set up the way that I did because there are no footprint issues there. And the reason why is because all you're acting as is a publisher for Google at that point because all you're doing is syndicating Google embed code and then a link back to the channel and or a playlist that's it. So like again, I don't see how that could ever be an issue and it's never caused a problem. And so what I say is like usually when I was when I was still I have a lot of aged themed video syndication networks now that I use so I don't really build them anymore or even buy new ones for that matter.

Um, but when I was doing a lot of that and building a lot if I was going to test a new channel like a new niche, a new industry then what I would do immediately go with two or three, two-tier syndication networks attached to the channel right off the bat like right out of the gate, I'd have at least two or three two-tier syndication networks. So that's essentially four syndication rings per network to tier syndication network right so I would have anywhere between eight to 12 syndication rings being triggered from one YouTube channel right off the bat and so I would recommend that, yeah I mean go nuts with that as many as you feel like building or buying and you know to add to your arsenal do it because it's only going to get make it better and easier for you to get results from your videos that way. But I would recommend also Rishi to go back to the last couple Hump Day hangouts that from last week and I think the week before especially I know last week we talked about it but this is over the last several weeks let's put it that way. We've talked a lot about how one of the magic secret sauce things that you can do besides embeds and backlinks which is kind of traditional SEO for videos guys. Just push a little bit of traffic into them and watch the magic happen then it's like it's like it comes alive when you just push a little bit of traffic. And I'm not talking about just shit spam traffic that you can buy from Fiverr gigs although there is a little bit of a benefit to that. But there are ways that you can use YouTube ads for example, to push traffic into videos specifically that if you've got embed them cascading through and embed network your own syndication networks, whatever and you've applied some traditional link building and things like that you start pushing a little bit of traffic into that whole system and you'll see that like everything it'll start to rank really really well.

And again, we see if you didn't know that order bump which was one of the things you could have purchased in buying the battle plan about Google Ads pro or was it your local ads pro or something like that I don't remember what you guys call it yeah the killer local ads training Yeah, the killer local ads training, which was essentially the YouTube training I did specifically showing how to do what I'm just talking about that was an order bump and if you didn't get access to it well. We may be able to if you reach out to support. Adam Don't kill me if I'm wrong for saying that.

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Adam: I'm gonna kill you

Bradley: But that's something I would recommend that you do because it's going to really really help but yeah don't worry about footprint issues with as long as you're using the app what's the way that we teach you're going to be good to go stack as many networks as you want, okay? Does anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: Oh I like that I am still and beds were really well for YouTube video so if you combine the power at some point he wasn't even funny like it was really broken the fact that you could go live on a bed and a bunch of places in the new rank first instantly not for injury attorney but for something similar but that still works really well so if you pay that live streaming, it still is. It's very well still up that lethal combo so yep, yeah.

Bradley: So focus on building up your primary network that's branded for your YouTube channel. Typically, you want to brand that you're you know you're that. That's like your branded network for a channel, right? That's the one that you really want to build up as far as, like, additional link building to the network properties is perfect for that. So when, by the way, we have that we have that available in the back end, I don't think we have the public page up yet. But the link building service in our store guys is going to be available very very soon, I promise.

So that's what I would recommend is that you continue boosting that your branded network for your channel but then like I said, as far as you can build persona based channels and just or similarly themed channels, right that is, excuse me networks, that similarly themed networks that you can stack as both tier one networks as well as trigger tier two networks because what I found through testing guys was that if you have like let's just say that you got 10 syndication rings and you had them all triggered as a tier one so they were triggered directly from the YouTube upload or live stream, then a lot of times you'll get really quick rankings from that like you'll get the videos will jump, you know, to page one or page two right off the bat. But then they'll start, they'll start to slip down in the rankings rather soon. I compared to, if you were to take those same 10 rings, and let's say you did three, you know, two or three, two-tier networks out of those instead, then they might not rank as quickly. But when it does rank, it tends to stick longer. And at least that was, you know, I haven't done a hard test on that now, and probably two years, but that's was I did extensive testing on that several years ago. And I found that when you use the two-tier networks, they tend to stick longer if they even if they don't rank as quickly they tend to stick once they rank longer if that makes sense.

As a good question to we're going to keep moving.

Should You Hold Off Doing On-Page Work On GMBs Until The Wave Of Suspensions Subside?

Grant says that we could go on Hump Day hang out, you were suggesting to hold off on doing on page work on GM B's until the current wave of suspension suicides? One a week later, Is that so your recommendation? Well, that's up to you. As I just mentioned, Grant

Hey, so I already answered and I see that you saw that or heard that. So that's good. I would recommend, you know, that's up to you go in, and I would do a tentatively. So, if you've got raised, which I know you, probably you do grant because you were in the pope who live group with us. And so that was one of the objectives of being in that group was everybody was to build their own Build Team. So if you've got a team doing it, I would recommend maybe you go in and do some of the off page things that you want to do so that you can see firsthand what you're doing. And if you get a suspension, then you can start to deduce you know, what may have triggered that whereas if your team does it, they might not you know, I'm not saying don't trust your team, because my team actually was the one that notified me about like the ad ID the appointment URL thing so and I trust that that's that was probably it. And that's something that I've avoided doing for the last few days as I've been in making on page updates, even brand new like I've just got a brand new one delivered today and I was in there. I literally went in.

And I did some stuff that would have absolutely triggered re-verification a couple of months ago. And it was perfectly fine. In fact, I did it twice just to see because I didn't believe the first time that it was it took it the way that it did. So I did it a second time within two hours. And it took it still valid still there. And in fact that said edits pending and about 90 seconds went by refresh the page and it was fine. And just like it had taken the edits that I had made, which typically would have re-triggered or trigger verification. So, Grant, I would recommend that you go on and do that yourself so that you can kind of, you know, very like dip your toes in the water before jumping in, you know, I mean?

How To Expand A GMB To Another Adjacent Suburb?

Wills up, he says, I have a client that dominates for a suburb and GMB, how can we target locations that are 10 K or less that are not that they are not showing up, for example, they don't show up for the next to Jason. suburb three k away. I don't what is, I'm not sure what three kilometers, Excuse me.

This Stuff Works
Well, there's a lot of. To do that will, it's kind of something we're not gonna have time to really explain here. But I mean, and also, that's something that we cover Marco covers and local GMB Pro. And it's called expanding the central at least that's what Marco calls it. So there are things that you can do with an existing listing to where you don't need to create another listing to actually expand. If you have a self-hosted website, you can add pages and target like what that you can call them geo post or geo pages specifically, and set up silos, location-based silos for those areas and produce content where you're targeting that type of, you know, landmarks and, you know, things like that, that you can, you know, I got a VA that I trained how to do that kind of stuff. If you've got a self-hosted website, you can do some additional things that way, because you can create silos you can still do that with your GMB to but again, we can't really share those methods here on a free setting. So I would recommend, if you don't already if you're not in local GMB Pro, that's the perfect training for what you're trying to do. Would you agree, Marco?

Marco: Absolutely I mean it's not that difficult to extend or expand this the century. I have some people say move the centroid well that'll that'll get you suspended more often than not so if you don't want to get suspended if you want to be like careful and take care of your asset that you have to look to go from where you are to where you're not and that's as far as I'm gonna go with that yeah.

Should You Separate The Alpha And Beta Keywords In One Ad Group?

Bradley: Frankie what's up Frankie he's hard at work on ads I can see says hey guys question for you is creating specific scab which stands for single keyword ad group for each and every keyword and a beta and alpha campaign with keywords specific optimized landing pages and metadata for each keyword etc. worth it or is it okay to have them in one ad group? Thanks.

Okay. That's a great question, Frankie. Um, first of all, on your beta campaigns, I don't do single keyword ad groups, right? That's only an alpha campaign. So beta campaigns are typically you still want to create ad groups with your beta keywords which are typically just going to be a very small handful of keywords guy, Frankie, because it's the modified broad match, right? So because it's a modified broad match, you don't need many keywords and a beta ad group, because you really only need your short tail.

The most important thing with the beta ad group is your negative keyword list, right? That's where you want to spend your time building up is the negative keyword, negative keyword list. But the actual keywords that you add for targeting purposes that which are modified broad match, it's usually just a very, very small handful of keywords per ad group, right? And you want to make sure that they're closely related in each ad group. But usually, I don't have more than three or five keywords max in a beta Group, a beta ad group now you're single keyword ad groups that you can have if they're if they're a similar type of keywords, very similar.

First of all, Google will even, by the way, guys, the Google Ads platform has gotten incredibly I mean, so much better. In fact, it used to be like I said. I've been talking about the Display Network getting so much better. But the search ads have gotten so much better to, if you go look at the recommendations, a lot of those recommendations, which again, two years ago, I would have said, Don't follow the recommendations, they'll spend your money back more. But if you start applying some of the recommendations that Google gives you, you'll see your performance, your ad performance going up your cost per click, going down conversions going up, that kind of stuff.

And so it's the AI the machine learning artificial intelligence and all the automated bidding strategies and all this stuff that they that's available now. And the ads platform is really really good. So I what I do is I recommend always starting off with all your campaigns managing them manually, to begin with, until you get a set, you know, some good data in which might take you two weeks, it might take you six weeks. That's up to you and what your ad spend is really, but once you got enough data in there, start taking a look at the recommendations that Google provides and start applying them make notes of what you do. Keep a Google doc and make notes date, take dates and notes of when you've applied. Changes or recommended you know recommended changes that Google provides and monitor your you know, take a screenshot of what your results were when you applied that change or recommendation and then go back two weeks later or a month later or whatever and then take a screenshot of your results since that change was applied and see if your ad performance is better because if it then leaves that recommendation in place if not then remove it take it back to your managing the campaign manually so anyways that's what I was trying to get at with single keyword ad groups it used to be where there would be you know for example singular version of a keyword or plural version right so like let's use remodeling contractor plus city right so whatever that let's just use Cole pepper that's where I'm at so remodeling contractor called pepper or remodeling contractor in called pepper or Remodeling Contractors in called pepper VA. Those are all very similar keywords and so in the past a single the alpha group in the alpha the alpha group, I would have every one of those variations in their own separate as their own separate keyword. They would all still maybe target one landing page but that would i would have inserted each one of those is exact match keywords in that particular alpha alpha campaign or alpha ad group.

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But now if you do that one of the recommendations is and I think it's just for ease of management but Google recognize those those as being like singular and plural version is the same keyword so even though it's in you put it an exact match brackets you don't have to put all those different variations because Google will still serve your ad even if it's not exactly as it like if you just use one keyword one exact match keyword type in the ad group Google will still display your ad for the plural version or if they add the VA modifier, and in this case, like Cole pepper and Cole pepper VA, Google will still display that and that's a change that just occurred kinda recently and again, that's because machine learning has gotten so much better.

That makes sense. So my point is, yes, Frankie to make management a little bit easier. Beta groups should only be a handful of very closely theme keywords where you want to spend your time there is developing your negative keyword list as far as your alpha campaigns. Yeah, as long as they're very closely related. But again, you really don't even need to create a bunch of keywords in the alpha list because Google will still display your ad now for what it knows to be. What do they call them? Shit, close variants. That's what it's called close variants. Okay. It was a good question though.

Okay, cool. We're almost out of time, guys. Marcus says via spam links which are not indexed by Google. Do I need to worry about them know?

You mean if you have spam links pointing to your site?

Should You Be Worried If Spam Links Are Not Indexed By Google?

Uh, yeah. No, I mean, I'm not sure what the question is. Mark is if you're asking if you have spam links pointing to your site that aren't being indexed by Google, do you need to worry about them, kind of if it's to a money site only because just because they're not indexed doesn't mean Google doesn't know about that.

It's most likely that Google knows about them. One of the ways you can tell is go to search console, look at the links to your site. And you can download a report. And you'll see that there are probably a lot of links that are linking to your site that are not indexed in Google. Google knows they're there, or else they wouldn't be in the report. So that's something that, you know, Marco doesn't ever disavow and stuff. And I haven't had to do that shit. And a couple of like, several years, but I used to disavow spam links, and it would work I've recovered sites from penguin penalties from that it's a pain in the ass. I don't like doing that kind of shit anymore. But anyways, if you have spam links that you're using to push something that isn't indexed in Google, don't worry about it. You can try to get them indexed. You know, we have a service that eventually will be up hopefully the next week or so. And our link builder, he does a lot of spam links to, you know, in the correct way. And one of the things he does is always submit them to indexers. But just because they go through the index or doesn't mean they're going to be index. All you have to worry about is Google become aware of them. And typically Google will become aware of this. Sooner or later okay? Good question as well.

Paul says: if you're a G Suite customer Google Plus for your G Suite account should remain active contact your G Suite administrator for more details? Okay, cool I could care less about Google Plus anymore. Find out why they are not indexed a lot of those a lot of those are infected disavow those yeah see that's I agree with Clint in that respect.

You know, I like to I've done it in the past I don't really mess with that kind of stuff much anymore like off page cleanup and stuff I don't really have to but yeah in the past that's what I would do. So I agree with the plan.

What Are Possible Reasons Behind The Increase Of Bounce Rates?

Dan says I set up two domains along with two g sweet accounts to do cold email sequencing using prospect rocket bounce rates were up to 30% even though I didn't mean that was probably look up.

I hadn't I hadn't really shouldn't results from prospect rockin I'm not trying to talk shit about like David Sprague's he's got a lot of tools that I actually do use like rap videos are great for meetings and that kind of stuff.

But I had something to do with running things through prospect rocket. I don't know if that's still the case but I had terrible I mean like I couldn't get my inbox at 30% and I haven't even used it

Adam: Bradley so maybe you can clarify but is that what it was scraping or what is sending?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Cold email sequence bounce rates were 30% that means about 30% of them were bouncing back well are you verifying your emails, Dan? The emails that you're the email list that you're sending emails to are you sending running them through like never bounce for example like that's something you got to worry about if you're if you're using something like lead Kahuna, which is the scraper that I use again David sprigs product so great scraper. If you're doing a lot of mass emails, that's a great scraper. If you're not doing a lot of masses, you're doing more targeted stuff I would highly recommend leads recon. So like the video email prospecting that I'm developed like the updating that now for Jambi monetization, asset monitoring, you know, lead gen asset monetization and I'm doing very targeted email Sales again back to my roots which is how I really started my agency so I'm doing individual video email so for that leads recon is fabulous. But if you're doing a lot of mass cold emails then yeah leads lead Kahuna is great for that well. You can use the never bounce and bright verify as part of the software which will go check them but I would recommend that once you filter your list your output list your export list with your con you know contacting those that you still go upload that CSV file to never bounce and only download the valid emails output so don't double dip because I made that mistake and we burn through a lot of money verifying emails like three times because we use the never bounce settings and lead Kahuna and right verified but then I would still output the export file and then upload it to never bounce because it would still find additional invalid or spam traps or unverified emails that I would have been sending to which will lower your domain reputation and low and will cause your email to inbox less and less over time, so that that's why I recommend that damn what I would tell you to do is just second leads going to never bounce is built in.

Yeah. But I still would recommend and I and again, guys, I've tested this over and over again, if you take that same export file, even if you used never bounce as part of the lead Kahuna scraping process, if you export that CSV and then go to never bounce and upload it and then let it process and then you download you can download all and it will have a column and show you what the status code is for each one of them. You'll see you'll still end up with many of them that are either invalid or will be what they call catch all on verified and that kind of stuff. So I would recommend either just running using just bright verify in league Kahuna itself and then manually editing or uploading them to never bounce once you've generated the list. Okay? but yes, that's what I'm saying. It scrapes crappy emails you have to verify and never bounce.

So yeah, Dan Absolutely. That's your issue right there. That's your issue. You're sending emails to shit. You're sending out emails to shit email addresses, right? A lot of that stuff's going to bounce. And it's going to be that's going to lower your domain reputation. In fact, I would probably recommend if you've already hit 30% bounce rates, abandon those domains. And remember, you can add additional domain aliases to the same gG Suite account. So I would abandon those domains and go by similar domains and add them as G sweet emails as domain aliases, and then start emailing again. But make sure you're doing the never bounds. Okay?

Oh, cool. We're almost done. And I thought we're going to go way over me. See what's the last comment was here? Yeah. Okay. All right.

Does The Opportunity Lie Greater In Mass GMBs or Client-Side GMBs If You're Just Starting Out?

Calvin says if I'm just starting out, does the opportunity like greater and masculine bees or client-side GMB or both? Really? Both? Absolutely. That's good. Both in both. That's cool. Both Yeah, absolutely. Both. The thing is guys then there maybe you know, it may, it's getting harder and harder to verify.

And Google is going to continue making it harder. And I've been predicting that since, you know, we really started pushing building additional GMB assets. Because I know it guys, it's all that's the case of SEO, anything. Anytime something works really, really good people catch on, and they do more and more of it, and then they get shut down. And then we figure out another, it's a cat and mouse game that we play. But I know my prediction has been that it's going to be more and more difficult to verify. And so you know it while it's still available, do that, but at some point is going to become damn near impossible without providing corporate Docs or screen, you know, like, you know, things that can absolutely verify that there's a legit business at that physical location. And that's going to make it harder and harder. And so that's why it's good to do it while you can. Because if the more that you have to practice with for example, the better you will get so that when that time comes, you'll be able to get results from just working on individual GMB assets that are you know, bonafide is part genuine business type stuff so I would do both. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Okay the fact that you are consulting with the tools make me feel better about using He must be talking about Peter drill yeah I've been chatting with him almost on a weekly basis and he's in Australia and I'm in the state so it's like a 15 hour time difference so I've talked to him at 6 am in the morning and it's like 9 pm at night on his end and we've done that several weeks in a row so he's got some good stuff going on then.

Dan would the Peter drew software be a waste of money for service-based companies that wouldn't have driving directions to their business address? well I don't know if I'm allowed to say this… there's there's an update coming down. I was going to ask this but forgot to do so for what's the replacement for all the map stuff? There's an update coming, okay? Just that's all I can say – there's an update coming.

Quintin says hello I'm a full time musician I'm looking to spam My name quit and revenue- we talked about this last week when.. yeah?

Adam: this is a different question though I like the way that he's using discuss to spam.

Do You Still Recommend Press Releases To Increase Visibility?

Bradley: Keep doing it. All right, all right let me let me start reading it again then because the opening part of it sounded exactly like the previous question that we asked. Hello, I'm a full-time musician. I'm looking to spam My name, quitting revenue so much that people think I'm the mayor of Charleston South Carolina when you Google Charleston. Do you still recommend press releases?

Absolutely. Absolutely. I love press releases still use the shit out of them all the time in fact I use them heavily so I would absolutely recommend that. One of my videos content press for my name blasting and Charleston every other hour or something about me as posted 24 hours a day any recommendations um. Yeah I mean one thing is if you're if you're brand is Quintin rabbit, or like your name is your brand set up a GM before that, I don't know why that wouldn't be possible.

You know what I mean? Like I don't think that's it because I know that realtors do it right. Doctors do that sometimes, you know, they were they have their brand, their, their name is like their brand and like that's their business. So they, you know, I can't imagine you couldn't do it as a musician. So, set up a GMB use that to put publish GMB posts consistently and regularly, just like you probably do on Facebook or, you know, whatever other your social networks are, you know, I don't do music marketing, but SoundCloud, probably in a lot of other places. So I would recommend that you, you know, use Google to because remember, that's you want to, we're trying to feed Google what it wants. So, use a GMP set yourself up as a branded entity, even if it's a personal brand use that press releases is great for that that's gonna help to build authority. Something else you might want to do is, you know, try to reach out by the way, in your case, I would say try to reach out to some of the local news and media stations and stuff like that and try to develop like, I mean, don't spam them. That's not what I'm saying. But I'm saying try to develop a relationship with some of the local media type people or newspapers and or local magazines like event magazines, and things like that, or event blogs, that kind of stuff. And see if, you know, you can get posted on local event boards and things where you can, you know, kind of like not like I said, don't spam them. But when you have bigger events, and, you know, place concert events or things that you're going to be at performing at that you can contact them with a well written press release. And they'll publish for you right, and get picked up on the local media websites and perhaps even get some TV airtime, you know, get some featured on local news and stuff like that. That's what I would recommend doing. In a case like yours, I would absolutely do that because you're trying to build your own brand. And there's no better way to do that than to get local press from it like and not just press releases that you spam out there. That's a good starting point, but like to get actual local journalists or broadcast journalists to do to run stories on you, right, and that's perfectly legit. And that's perfect. You're perfectly capable of doing that if you try to develop a relationship with them.

Go ahead and spam away until then, though.

Alright, guys, I gotta wrap it up. Quinces, I predict verification will be paid to play. Yeah, you do that. And like I said, I'm, you know, showing corporate docs like utility bills with the company name on it with the physical address showing and that kind of stuff that's something I've had to do already not for the lead gen stuff but for for actual businesses that i've you know manage that have moved locations and they didn't have access to their original GMB that was verified so we had to produce corporate docs and things like that in order for Google. But I mean, it was easy to do once once we get Google what we wanted within 24 hours it was moved and ranking you know what I mean? So I think that's what's how it's going to go. Or like Clint says there may be a paid pay to play version of it.

This Stuff Works
David No, there's not. We keep it cheap enough to where you know, we don't have to provide discounts for upgrades for that

You guys aren't anything on a radio. A new version of SEO ultimate plus. Yeah, it's been it's been in beta for a couple months now Clint.

Adam: I talked to Jeffrey every Wednesday after Hump Day Hangouts and asked him Clint so I'll make it a point to go and ask him and as soon as as I know something it'll go first into our semantic mastery mastermind.

Hernan: That that's who receives all of our all of the benefits as soon as he tells me Yeah, it's a goal we got it you guys will be the first to know in our semantic mastery mastermind Yeah, because people ask about that all the time So…

Bradley: Alright, guys gotta run. Thanks, everybody will see you guys next week. mastermind webinar tomorrow for those of you in the mastermind. We'll see you then. Bye everyone. See ya.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 225

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 225 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: We are live very quickly today. Hey everybody! Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 225, two hundred and a quarter. Today is the 27th of February 2019. We have got some great announcements for you. But before we get into that, we're gonna go down and say hi to everybody. Starting on the left, Chris, how are you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good. Exciting day today, especially with all the good stuff going on in Semantic Mastery.

Adam: Definitely, definitely. Hernan, how about yourself, how are you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing great. I'm super excited for today, super excited for Funnel Hacking live last week, it was awesome. We have a lot of good stuff coming up for you guys, so stay tuned. We have a lot of good stuff coming up for you guys today, actually. So it's gonna be awesome.

Adam: Oh, I just have this T-shirt on, how random. All right. Well, anyways, moving right along. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: I'm good, man. What's up?

Adam: Nothing, just chillin'. I was hoping for a weather report. It's kind of overcast and nasty here. How about you?

Marco: It's over-sunny and sunny here.

Adam: Bradley, how are you doing? What have you got, snow, hurricanes? What's going on?

Bradley: I don't know. I haven't been outside since about 6 o'clock this morning because I've been working all day. But it looks sunny, with the temperature. Anyways, hi!

Adam: Well, I see you've got your nightshirt on too.

Bradley: Yeah. We got the memo, apparently. Mine is fading now because I wear mine more than you, apparently.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I might have just gotten one for the conference I was at. So shout out to Dan, if you're watching, good to see you, man. We bumped into Dan and his wife at Funnel Hacking Live. It's always good to see people. We met a few more people who knew us from Hump Day Hangout. It was really cool to see, Hernan, I think you met up with a few people, [inaudible 00:01:52] my mind while I'm talking I can't remember anybody's name.

Hernan: Yeah, for sure. Adam reached out to me and he was a big fan of Semantic Mastery. He had a digital marketing agency and he was listening to Hump Day Hangouts pretty much every week. So yeah, it's good to see, “Hey, you're from Semantic Mastery. I know you guys,” and that's pretty cool. That is pretty cool.

Adam: Awesome. Well, I'd like to say this every time, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thank you very much for watching Hump Day Hangouts. This place gets your questions answered, you can just put them on the page. If you're watching the replay, just go to and ask your question there. Then you can always come back, we timestamp the video so you can watch later whether you got client calls, you're working, whatever it is.

This Stuff Works
Then the next thing we always tell you is, because people ask us, where should I start with Semantic Mastery? Well, you should start with the Battle Plan. Today, the Battle Plan 3.0, bigger, better badder, expanded, has landed and we have got all sorts of good stuff in there. We're going to talk about that a little bit more, but I'll be putting the link on the page. I highly suggest you grab that. We got some kick-ass bonuses. I'm not gonna read it to you. I want you to go check out the sales page. Personally, I like it because I made it, but secondly, we got just a like laundry list of some cool stuff we put together for you guys. So please go and check that out.

If you've already done that and you're looking to take things up a few notches, if you're wanting to grow or you want to start your own local digital marketing agency, then we would love to have you join the Mastermind and you can find out more about that at

Bradley: By the way, I wanna welcome Robert Nelson. He just joined today. Robert, I reached out to you via email to schedule your onboarding call with me. Welcome to the Mastermind. I hope to chat with you next week sometime.

Adam: Outstanding! Looking over things real quick, I wanted to tell you too, I've skipped this while I was excited about talking to the new people, but if you're checking out the replay or you watch these on YouTube and you're checking this out sometime in the future, click the subscribe button, stay up to date with all the Hump Day Hangouts, all the video clips we put out, all the training, all the good stuff. It's great way and free way to stay up to date.

Let's get into it. I need to pay some stuff on the page. Hernan, or you guys, can you tell them a little bit more about what's going on with the Battle Plan?

Hernan: Yeah, for sure. The Battle Plan was born because, I think it was like two years ago and we have been putting out like, Bradley specifically, he's a content machine, and we have been putting out a bunch of content, a lot of content pretty much every week, between Hump Day Hangouts, between the Mastermind sessions and whatnot, the groups and whatnot. So a lot of people are reaching out and saying, “Hey guys, you guys are awesome, but we need, or we feel we need something that we could actually grab and take a look at and say, all right, so I am at this stage, I have a new website, what step one, what would Semantic Mastery recommend? What would Bradley Benner do?”

This Stuff Works
Basically, we kind of developed that step-by-step framework so that we knew a lot of people that were coming that they would have like new websites and, bam, we developed a framework for them, each websites we develop a framework for them, YouTube videos, we developed a framework, local websites, we developed a framework. We have been adding up, taking out, subtracting, adding and updating to the latest and greatest stuff that we have been finding throughout these past few years.

Now, this edition, the 3.0, the SEO Confidential, we have added everything that goes into Google My Business, which is something that we didn't have on previous versions. Now it's there. So if you're optimizing Google My Businesses for clients doing lead-gen and whatnot, this is the type of stuff that you wanna get. We have also added a bunch of additional bonuses.

Not only that, when you're getting the Battle Plan, which is again of kind of a feel manual, you go through it, you know exactly what you do, where to order, what to do, in what quantity, in what power and whatnot, you also get access to a webinar that we recorded that is basically the Battle Plan in a webinar format. So I think that when getting the Battle Plan you're sending yourself up for success with your local digital marketing agency. Even if you're doing info products, if you're doing affiliate, it also works as well just because of the fact of how specific it is.

If you want a million different things, that's not your thing, that's not what you wanna get. But if you want to simplify way of applying the Semantic Mastery knowledge over the past five years, then that is the guy that you want to get pretty much.

Marco: Can I just add that simply does not mean bad. We boiled it down. It's a step-by-step instruction so that anybody could come in and follow what we do, how we apply our own training. Because Bradley does training, I do training, Hernan does his stuff, and we have to have a way for people to know, okay, so if I were to approach this, how would I tackle this step-by-step? So that's what was done in the Battle Plan.

Just because it's simplified doesn't mean that it doesn't work, that it's bad. We're hardly charging anything for it, anyway. But it's just a way for you to go and take a look, okay, so these are the things that I need to do. If I follow this formula, does this guarantee me success? Oh, fuck no. Nothing guarantees anything. The thing that we can tell you is that this is what we do and the things that we apply to get our success online. These are the things that we have done.

This Stuff Works
If you apply it and if you follow everything in sequence, I mean, nothing's guaranteed and in this world, especially not when you're dealing with the 800-pound gorilla in the room, but this guy, there's some absolute fantastic tactics in there that will help you overcome that 800-pound gorilla. I mean, you can go and do the Google tickle. When all is said and done and you're still having trouble, you can go in and you can still hammer Google and make the needle move. It's just how much work are you willing to put in towards your success? Because nothing in this world is free. I'm Christian, and so if you don't work, you don't eat. It's very plain. So guys if you don't put in the work, how can you expect to be successful on the web?

No magic pills. No magic formulas. Anybody telling you that you can make $100,000 overnight is blowing smoke up your ass. Stop listening. Put in the work.

Bradley: Yeah. He mentioned G tickle, that sounds a lot dirtier than it really is. Just check out the Battle Plan, you'll see what we mean.

Adam: Yeah. I want to say real quick, I wanted to do something fun for you guys. If anyone is watching right now and hasn't picked up the Battle Plan yet, one, you should do it, and two, we'll give you a little push in the right direction here. Go to Buy it, grab it during Hump Day Hangouts and comment on the page and we'll randomly select one person who does that, we'll buy one of these nice fancy T-shirts for you and ship it to you for free.

Marco: Can we give someone a Battle Plan for the best question? I know we didn't plan this ahead, but why don't we do that?

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Or if they bought it, we can refund it.

Adam: Yeah. We'll do a free one, just because I don't wanna screw up our stats. I'm not gonna lie. I'm looking at the numbers. But yeah, best question, Marco, we'll pick someone, and then if you go and buy the Battle Plan during comment, leave a comment on the page, and we'll randomly select. We'll hop online, we'll get one of these nice shirts, printed out for you and send it to you.

Bradley: Cool. Can we get into it?

Adam: Let's do it.

Bradley: All right. I'm gonna tease the Mastermind just briefly because we've been working on building out GMB assets and all that. By the way, guys, if you're in any other groups, you'll probably are aware that there's a lot of shit going on right now with GMB because Google's trying to crack down on spam to Maps listings, which we all knew was gonna happen. I've been preaching that for months. That's part of the reason why I've been pushing for months on building a scalable process for building these out. I kept hammering all of our Mastermind members especially with guys be building, building, building right now, well, monetize them later, right now build them, because I knew it was gonna be a loophole that was gonna get shut down or at least made more difficult. It looks like that's what's going on right now.

This Stuff Works
So there's a lot of stuff going on, a lot of changes, Google's cracking the whip, they're tightening the noose, so to speak. So I recommend staying out of the GMBs, unless you have to go in them, work on off-page stuff. That's really what my team is doing. My team has been completely prohibited from going in any new accounts or anything that's been set up recently. So I'm having them just go back through and fine-tune our off-page strategies until we figure out what's going on.

Also, a lot of times, guys, it's just a matter of letting the dust settle, like letting everything calm down and cool off before going back in. We have some ideas, we're not gonna share them here yet, but we do have some ideas as to what not to do in order to prevent suspensions and that kind of stuff.

But just know that you have options and opportunities to work on existing assets that may need additional pushes, like I've got a bunch of those. So we're kind of working on the off-page stuff at the moment. Then once we nail down what we've determined is the proper procedure for going forward, obviously, we're going to share that in our paid groups or the members that have bought specific products and things like that.

Just kind of wanna give everybody a heads up that, no, don't panic, guys, I'm sure you've got plenty of stuff that you can work on while the process is calming down. Eventually, it will, it always does, and we'll find other ways. That's just the nature of the game. It's a cat-and-mouse game. That's what SEO is, really, digital marketing.

With that said, also I have recently released all my processed docs and everything to the Mastermind members because I had spent about four months really developing these processes in training and virtual assistant team to build out my assets and so that I could scale this and do exactly what I've been preaching and that was to build, build, build. I think we built-, well, I'm not going to mention how many, but a lot. We built a lot of different assets. I think it was two weeks ago I released, or maybe a month ago now, or three weeks ago, something like that, all the process docs that I developed with my team as well as some of our live event attendees to the Mastermind, which was invaluable.

I got a lot of really good responses and comments from that because we didn't charge anything extra for that, guys, as part of the Mastermind. We always say Mastermind has its privileges. Well, because I've got my team doing off-page stuff right now and recently there's been some developments. For example, we did a webinar with Lisa Allen. You might want to get this link ready, Adam, anyways for the RankFeedr webinar, if anybody hasn't seen it yet. Lisa has this tool that's a co-citation RSS feed creator, or a super feed creator, as I like to call it. It's called RankFeedr.

It's great for creating co-citation and adding geographic relevance, especially for some of the processes that we developed for the GMB asset building or the Local Lease Pro model. It's something that you can set and forget. It's a bit time-consuming to create these super feeds. Also, there's a way that you can embed them in specific pages.

There's a question specifically from our new Mastermind member Robert that I'm gonna answer in just a few minutes, but there's a process that I taught on how to create an embedded feed using feed burner in Syndication Academy update webinar, which was the last update webinar. I just held that a few weeks ago, maybe two weeks ago, three weeks ago now. So if anybody's in Syndication Academy, excuse me, if you haven't seen, that go to the training area and go look at the update section. It's the only replays or archived so far for 2019. So it's in a specific section there in the replays or updates, module, whatever you call it.

This Stuff Works
In there I talked about specifically how to do that. Well, you can combine the two methods. If you've got RankFeedr, then you can actually embed the feed. It's really powerful. So I've got my team, I actually was working on producing the process doc for my team today so that I can get my VAs, because I'm just having to do off-page stuff at the moment. So they're gonna go back through and go through all the assets that we've created and start embedding these feeds and in very specific locations. It's a bit of a process but I'm just gonna give you guys a quick preview of what my process docs look like. The Mastermind members already know, many of you probably don't.

That in itself, guys, I've put a lot of work into this stuff. I've developed my processes over the years and how to create process docs and how I train my team. It's a literal step-by-step process that they cannot make mistakes. As long as they follow, I mean, they don't even need the training video. There's always a corresponding training video with all of my process docs. But they could just follow, if they can read, you can take a VA, virtual assistant that's cold right off the street, like essentially has no internet marketing skills whatsoever. But as long as they know how to read and navigate on a computer, then they can complete any process that I want them to complete. That's essentially how we train our teams.

So I'm just gonna grab the screen before we get into it anyways. I'm gonna show you guys this really quickly. Take a screenshot if you're smart. But this is it. This is me explaining what it is to my team, and then I go through and I tell them what we're gonna be doing. I just started on part one, the training video will go here, there's a step-by-step process as part two will be next, and then part three is how to create the feed burner feed and embed it.

So again, I just wanted to do it real quick, kind of tease on that, guys, because Mastermind members, as soon as I get that process training completed, I'm gonna add that to the process docs that I shared with you, guys, in the Mastermind just a couple of weeks ago. Okay. So be on the lookout for that, you'll be able to put it to use. All right.

Also, we're gonna get into questions, but I did wanna mention this very quickly, Ben had a great question last week, he's also a Mastermind member, about how to get over shiny object syndrome and how to focus and how not to get carried away or swept away by other products or methods that are attractive? As entrepreneurs, we often chase opportunity because we see opportunity everywhere and, as the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right?

This Stuff Works
So a lot of times we get involved with or started on a project usually a new method of some sort that we've been suckered into from an attractive marketing message. We start off with what's called uninformed optimism, and then as we dig into it a little bit we realize the amount of work or the learning curve involved and all that kind of stuff, that's where we go into this next stage of what's called the emotional cycle of change. It's called informed pessimism.

Anyways, I'm not gonna go through all that because I put a video on here that I found to be very helpful. I review it often when I find myself in this emotional cycle of change. So I posted this in the comment section, guys. Just bookmark it. Go back and watch it if you are the type that suffered, most of you are probably entrepreneurs and that's why you're watching this webinar, you've probably suffered from shiny object syndrome at some point or you currently still are. I'm a recovering shiny object syndrome, that's like a recovering alcoholics. Do you know what I mean? I was talking about how I've unsubscribed from all the marketing emails message or lists and things like that specifically because I really want to stay focused on doing what I know is going to progress my business. I think this video may help you, guys, so just check it out when you get a chance.

Does Ranking YouTube Videos And Selling Lead For Local Business In Google Still Work In 2019?

Okay. We're gonna get right into questions. It looks like Renee Wagner posted his question twice and it looks like she posted it last week probably after the webinar, so I'm gonna start with her. She says, “Does ranking videos for local businesses and Google using YouTube and selling the leads to local businesses still work well in 2019?”

Yeah, it can. The thing about ranking local videos for leads is they don't convert typically as well as having a Maps listing would. They can, don't get me wrong, depending on the message and if it's a compelling video and that kind of stuff. Also, ranking videos, you can still do it, but I also recommend that you learn how to use YouTube ads because YouTube ads, you can get really targeted traffic from the very specific areas. You can set your geographic targeting. There's so many targeting options as far as audience targeting inside YouTube now or the Google ads platform for video that you can get really good results.

And as a byproduct of having a video that is targeted and getting targeted views from people that are within a specific geographic area, that are known to Google to be in the market or interested in that particular product or service, those are heavily weighted views. And as a byproduct of that, the video will often rank. Again, this has been a trick up my sleeve for years now, but it's gotten better and better recently, and that's using YouTube ads to actually rank the video.

So if you know video SEO, you still apply all of the SEO methods to the video as well as the channel, you can still do off-page SEO stuff, but the magic, the real magic is using YouTube ads to run local relevant traffic to it. Because it's not just about the traffic either, you actually get engagement and clicks to your offer or clicks to the landing page or leads for local businesses. You'll actually get real traffic and real leads from a properly set up YouTube ads campaign.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Adam, but isn't that training available is an order bump for the Battle Plan?

This Stuff Works
Adam: I'm not gonna lie I was looking at a spreadsheet, I missed the first part of that.

Bradley: The YouTube ads training I did for local videos?

Adam: Yep. Yeah. You can get that if you buy the Battle Plan on check out. It's the killer ads for local, order bump, yeah.

Bradley: I would recommend you look into that. It is still a strategy that works. For the longest time, for years now, guys, like five years now I've been ranking videos or doing video SEO, selling a wholesale video SEO services to a local video production company that creates videos for local businesses. They would always just create the videos and then sell them, the client, their customers, they would sell them the video and the customers would put them on their website, maybe posted into Facebook, put them on a YouTube channel, but they never were getting leads from them or ranking them in Google.

For about five years, now I've provided wholesale SEO services to that company. So the company handles the sales, then they upsell my service to the client or the customer and so they make money off of my SEO service every month. That way I don't have to deal with the customers and all that kind of stuff, all I do is provide reporting. However, with just in the last six months or so, I've actually went back to them, after four and a half years or so of just providing wholesale SEO services, and I said, “Look, I'm not going to provide the SEO service anymore. I'm going to provide local ads. I'm going to set up ad campaigns for the videos.” Because I can guarantee traffic that way. I can't guarantee traffic or leads or clicks or anything from ranking in Google. I can't guarantee rankings either.

I mean, I've always done that. I've always said, “Look, if it doesn't rank, then I don't refund the money, but we could cancel service.” They can always cancel anytime. I don't ever put them on contract. I've always been successful at ranking them anyways, but I can guarantee traffic, clicks to the website or the landing page, whatever the destination or target URL is with the call-to-action of the video. I can guarantee that with ads. I tell them, “Look, you can still tell your customers as a byproduct of a well-optimized video and a well-optimized ads campaign. It's likely going to rank anyways.” So I still apply the SEO techniques to the videos, but I set up the ads campaign now.

What's also cool about that is the reporting is so much better. So I provide the video production company with the reports that then they send off to their customers or their clients. The reporting is so much more detailed. It's so much more accurate because I can show where exactly the clicks are coming from. If you go into ads and you look, and you go into the ad group and then you go into locations, you can pool locations reports. You can do it by zip code or by city or by county and things like that. So I can literally show where the views are coming from specifically.

This Stuff Works
So my targeting can be extremely tight. I can show that “Hey, this is only local people looking at the video. I can also show the audience targeting options. I can show the demographics.” I can show an incredible amount of detail as to where the traffic and clicks are coming from the ad campaign, which you couldn't do with regular YouTube analytics or with just a rank report if that makes sense.

Again, 95% of the time the video is gonna rank because of a proper YouTube targeting campaign, because of the traffic and the engagement is [inaudible 00:23:41] both geographically and topically. [Inaudible 00:23:49]. It's available, like I said, as part of the quarter buff to the Battle Plan. All right. That's a great question though.

Marco: If I may, run a test just to see. Because this is interesting, we ran the test over a two, three week period. We ran embeds and link building tests to see what kind of action that would do. Interestingly enough, that still it, not only moves the needle, it has a great effect on videos. Once they start hitting the first page and they move towards the top, you can start seeing the people start coming through to the channel and subscribing and liking and sharing, and doing all of the things that a video needs in order for YouTube and Google to keep giving it love.

So there are two things that play here, right? If you hit the top spot, you're going to get traffic if, and now here's a caveat, the video has to be engaging enough for real people to take action to like it, to share it, or to give you that thumbs down in YouTube and in comments and everything else.

There are two ways to do this, both ways are still viable. Bradley's method, the ads training, that's hyper-targeted people that are likely to convert into leads. Now on the other method where you're doing the embeds and the link building, what you're going to get is you're going to get a more general viewership and so you're going to need more in order to get the leads that you could generate through the video ads course. But both methods are still alive and well in 2019.

Bradley: Yeah. To be clear, guys, that's why I mentioned, I still apply all the SEO methods. For example, I always live stream a video to a channel that's connected to a bunch of syndication networks. So that's the first step. Once the live stream is over, it literally cascades through all of the syndication networks that are attached to that channel. It's automatically getting embeds. My syndication networks are well-themed and aged because I've been doing this for so long. So it gets a lot of super good traditional SEO power, or juice, or whatever you want to call it from that, which are traditional signals that Marco's talking about, like embeds.

This Stuff Works
Even if you don't have well-aged syndication networks or whatever, you can just use an embed service and embed it. So all of those are traditional SEO signals and they still work, there's no doubt about that. What I'm saying is combining those two methods, guys, that's where the magic happens. So still do all the SEO stuff, optimize on page, which means optimize the video, optimize your channel, use playlists, guys, playlists, YouTube Silo Academy is how you silo. Guys, even if you only have one video on a playlist, create a playlist and put the video on it. Because a playlist is also part of video SEO, right?

Again, on-page stuff for the video, on-page stuff for your channel, use playlists, use embeds, use some backlinks. But if you're not getting the traction that you want, and like I said, for me, it's just standard operating procedure, I do all that first and I immediately go set up the YouTube ad for it and start driving real engagement, real traffic from Google to the video.

Google knows who that traffic is, what they're interested in, where they came from and where they're located. So it's super-targeted traffic which is highly weighted trafficked by Google, and that's the magic that really kind of helps all that SEO work. It just flourishes, right? It just works. Everything comes surfacing. It's almost guaranteed. Again, I don't guarantee rankings now. I tell them if it doesn't rank, they don't have to pay me and we'll cancel it. But I do guarantee views and clicks. I can't guarantee a certain number of clicks, but I can guarantee targeted views because I can buy those views directly from Google. You know what I mean? Again, use both methods, guys. I'm not saying do one or the other, use both. All right.

Factors Contributing To Low Conversion/Leads Despite Having Many Views in GMB Insights

Alex is up. He says, “Hey guys, I'm ranking in the 3-pack and I have a couple of five-star reviews. The GMB Insight shows around 450 views per month, but the calls are around five to eight per month. Is there a reason why it might be getting so few phone calls? Could you explain some common mistakes that lead to that? Thank you.”

Yeah, Alex. It could be many things. First of all, what is your message? Do you have a compelling call-to-action? What are your calls to action? What are the images? Where are you sending people, by the way? For example, if your call-to-action is to click the button in the post and go to a landing page, or wherever you're sending them, where are you sending them? If you're sending them to just the homepage of a website that's not set up for lead conversions, then it could be that you're losing them there.

It could be that if you're just using the call buttons, then you could be losing traffic from desktop searches because people aren't clicking the call button from desktop search and some people won't go actually click through to the website or go do another search for it. I mean, there's a number of things that could be it. I would say that, typically, if you're getting a lot of exposure but you're not getting a lot of calls or leads, then I would look at your calls to action, what your offer is, and where you're directing the traffic to, if it's a click-through as opposed to just a call conversion goal.

This Stuff Works
Also, in your posts, if you're doing posts regularly, which you should be, use some images that are relevant to the industry. Because I know a lot of people that use stock images in their GMB post, guys, people are almost blind to that, they almost are numbed to a lot of stock images, so try to get original images from the client if possible, also just relevant images. I talked about how to do that from YouTube. You can also local images, which is more for SEO purposes. We talked about that at some of our training, can't talk about that here.

Those are some of the things that I would recommend. Marco, what do you say?

Marco: I'd say that that's just about right with 450 views, between two and 10 calls a month. You have to get, this is for talking about locally and from our experience with Mario who had more phone calls and other locals that I've been doing. It's not until you get the thousands of views that you start seeing movement upwards of 20 calls. I mean, the ultimate it's calls or people going to your website or asking for directions, all of that are our actions that could turn into leads depending on where they're going. It just means that you have to go and figure out. I'm not gonna get too deep into our training, but you have to know when to deliver the message. Right? There's ways to know which days, what time, what message.

Bradley: And how often.

Marco: Correct. I mean, in some niches, you might only need two or three posts a week. In others, you might need two or three posts a day. In others, you might need just a whole lot more. It's just constant, right? Because there's people constantly looking for it. So there's a whole lot of things involved. Just a general overall opinion on what's happening, I would say from 450 views, you're just about right on the calls.

Bradley: Yeah. That's increased the views per month and it's a numbers game. If you're getting what looks like 1 to 2% of whatever your views are, it looks like that's what's actually converting in the leads based upon that number that you're showing there, right? Four hundred fifty views per month, five to eight calls, that's about 1 to 2%. So if that's the case, even if that were to hold true, that number, then if you increase your views, if you doubled that to where you're getting 900 per month at that conversion rate, then you should essentially get 10 to 16 calls per month. Does that make sense?

Well, how do you get more views? More activity, better images, more compelling images, those kind of things, video, start using video in your GMB post, guys. If you haven't done that yet, go test it because you'll see that a video post, just like it does on Facebook, will get a hell of a lot more exposure, therefore, it will get a hell of a lot more views. Okay?

Marco: I would also say to look at the posts and see which of the posts are getting the most action and then try to figure out why. Explore why those are getting the action and the other ones aren't, and tailor your posts to the ones that are getting the most action.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Test different calls to action in different messages. It's just like split testing ads, guys. If you've ever done any pay-per-click search marketing, you got to split test copy, you split test your landing pages, all that kind of stuff. Again, you can fine-tune for conversions, which is called conversion optimization, right? That's something that you may also want to look into.

Can You Explain The Siloing Process Of GMB Auto Poster?

All right. Olena's up. She says, “Bradley, on the Local Lease post training you talked about siloing post. You said silo post based on tags.” Yeah, that's just because there's an auto post, like our GMB post scheduler or GMB Briefcase, depending on the level that you're at with your business, gives us the ability to schedule posts within the dashboard of it, which is great. It's great for my team. It just makes things a lot easier. Then the post siloing can be accomplished through tags. It just daisy chains post together. It's a very simple process. It's not difficult at all.

Let me carry on with the question. She says, “Silo post based on post tag. Assign each post in the Auto poster, then select to silo posts in the Auto Poster, which means it takes the previous post URL, and adds that link from the previous post to the new post.” That's correct. “Your GMB websites turns posts into inner pages.” That's correct. “The first post you do manually and then in Auto Poster, the second post links to the first, the third to the second, and so on. Can you please explain a little bit further what you meant?”

No, you're right on track. The difference is … Look, when my team goes through to set up to optimize do on-page stuff of a new asset, a new GMB location, then they typically will do, and this is just our standard operating procedure, they don't add or connect that location to the post scheduler first. That's something that gets done after the initial on-page work gets done, and part of the initial on-page process is just posting a post manually.

I also recommend posting manually to it anyways instead of automatically connecting a new location to an API and using an automated tool, which is what the post scheduler is, because it's very similar, guys, to syndication. I know Olena, you're in Syndication Academy or have been, I know that for sure. It's the same as the best practices that I've been preaching for years about syndication networks, is that you don't go out and build or purchase a brand new syndication network and then hook it up to IFTTT and start posting to it through an automated way or right off the bat.

Because if you do, it's likely that some of your web 2 accounts within the network will get terminated. It's happened time and time again, guys. That is specifically why I tell you if you're gonna build them yourselves, which I don't recommend, you're better off buying them already built from MGYB. But my point is, whenever you build them or buy them, I've always recommended that you post manually to, at least to the blog accounts, which are Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, post manually to them and allow that post to sit with for about seven days or so, I call that seasoning the network, before hooking IFTTT up and starting to automate post to it.

This Stuff Works
Because if you automate right off the bat, then a lot of the times one of those or a couple of those blog accounts will get terminated. Tumblr has been real like trigger-happy in the past, and it goes in waves, guys. WordPress too, WordPress will often get terminated if you try to automate posting to it too quickly. So that's my process for GMBs as well. We don't like to automate things right off the bat. I like to have my team go in and do all this stuff manually and then within a week or so, or a few days time, they'll go back and connect through the API, which is through essentially that's done within the post scheduler dashboard, and then they'll start to automate the posts.

So just so you're aware, if you're posting manually first, which is what I recommend, then you're not going to have a tag in that post. So when you start the posting, scheduling posts out using the post scheduler or the briefcase, depending on what level you're at, then that first post that you create will be the first post in the silo. You can manually go link from within that first scheduled post to the post that you created. That's why in the spreadsheet, the GMB assets sheet, which you guys have the template for that have joined Local Lease Pro, there's a column for the first GMB post URL.

Again, my team, when they go to schedule the first post within the briefcase, we use the briefcase because we got a lot of locations, then they can just go copy and manually add that first post URL to that first scheduled post, and then that one will have the tag in it, and from that point forward they can daisy chain them together.

All right. Again, you're right on track, Olena. I think you just needed a little bit of clarification.

Issues With Changing Appointment URL With Amazon S3 @id Page in GMB

All right. Ted's up next. Ted says, “Hey guys, a heads up. My tree service GMB that's been around and generating leads since LLP launched was suspended this weekend when I updated my appointment URL with the Amazon S3 @id page. Also, I was using the same Ghost Browser session since day one. I just wanted to get everyone heads up.” Yeah. That is one of the things that I would recommend. Well, first of all, like I said, I've told my team to stay out of them all together right now while we let things settle and there's a lot of testing going on through various people and other groups as well. So once we have a better understanding of what it is that is triggering that, which can be a number of things, we've got to try to identify each one of them.

Again, I would recommend just staying out of them, but one of the things that I would recommend not doing, for those of you that still want to test with your own assets at the moment, is do not add the @id ID page to the appointment URL. If you want, you can link to it via anchor text link within the GMB website text, so it would be a contextual link. But I would recommend not pushing anything into the appointment URL at the moment, that section, other than an actual appointment app. Okay. That's just one of the things that I think is potentially causing problems. So I would recommend not adding that URL right now to the appointment section URL, only adding a valid appointment URL or scheduling app there at the moment. Okay.

Again, you can still link to it, guys. You can link to it from your GMB post. You can link to it from an anchor text link within your GMB website content. Okay? I'm sorry for you, Ted, but that's the nature of the game. The good thing is at least you've got quite some longevity out of that anyways. You said it had been producing leads for you and all that. You know can do it again, right?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. I told my VAs not to change anything, to just keep doing what they were doing it and not to start anything new, by the way.

Bradley: Right.

Marco: We just kept going because I don't like changing, I don't like sending Google mixed signals. Interestingly enough, I had one suspended, and I hadn't had one suspended yet I was wondering what all the ruckus was about, and I finally had one suspended. Then when we started talking about it, when I went back and talked to the VA, she uploaded a video which we had never done on that one account. So veering from what we're doing, just by a video was enough to get the account suspended.

Bradley: That's crazy.

Marco: Yeah. It's really interesting what's going on. If you do anything different than what you've been doing, you're setting yourself up to be hit. They're just sniping anyone, left and right. I mean, third on the match and you're done.

Bradley: Yeah. By the way, that's something else. We had our live event and that was really where I started developing the scaling processes so that we could build, build, build. That was the goal for … We had our live event in October and so we had a 12-week period or a 90-day sprint where were our goal was to hit 50 assets built and optimize. So that ended about three weeks ago and so the next 12 weeks was gonna be all about monetizing assets.

It just worked out for us that we had built all these and now because of what's going on, the timing is, it just happened that it's a good time for us to stay out of building new ones at the moment, work on off-page stuff to get the ones that we built that aren't performing well yet. We can work on all the off-page stuff now to get those to start performing better, ranking better, producing better.

I am developing the processes right now currently for, well, obviously, as I shared with you guys just moments ago, I'm still developing some of the off-page strategies and processes for my team, but at the same time I'm developing the monetization so that outreach prospecting and sales process for monetizing these assets, and that's my next 12-week goal, which like I said we're in about week three now of developing those processes out, which will be shared in the Mastermind. I'm gonna give everybody exactly what I've been doing and show real road examples of how the stuff that I'm doing, what works, what doesn't work, all of that, like I always do in the Mastermind.

So that's something that we just got started on this week. Now the POFU Live event attendees, I have a weekly accountability meeting with them and we did that on Monday. If anybody's here on the Hump Day Hangouts that was there on Monday or watched the replay, you can comment, if you don't mind, on the page and let people know how that strategy is going.

This Stuff Works
Because it's a very powerful strategy, using video email. We've got a training protocol video call lead-gen system that I'm going to be updating with all of this prospecting training and processes that I'm developing right now for outreach in prospecting in sales essentially monetizing our assets specific to GMB stuff. I'm going to be adding all of that training and updating it in the video lead-gen system. That's going to be something that we will launch probably at the end of this 12-week sprint, which is about nine weeks from now.

Again, guys, there's a lot of stuff going on. If you've got stuff that's already built but not monetized yet, now's a good time to work on pushing them to get them to produce better and also working on developing your prospecting strategy to get them monetized. Let the dust settle on building new assets at the moment and within a few weeks, guys, will have some new methods.

What Are Some Of Your Ranking Strategies in Pinterest?

Anyways, the next question, from Dean. Marco, it's gonna be directed at you because I don't have any idea about anything on Pinterest. I'll read it for you. “Question for Hump Day Hangout 225. Have any of you guys tried ranking in Pinterest? Their PPC system seems expensive compared to Google but they are a good fit for my home and garden client. Thing is with nearly 2,000 pins of furniture products and with hashtag optimized descriptions, only a few seem to pop up in Pinterest search. Old pins that have been saved a few times or more, that hints to me that pin saved by people may be the biggest ranking factor in Pinterest. Can you shed some light? If that's the case, I wonder if some spam accounts can save pins and manipulate it somewhat?”

Marco: All right. I'm sorry I've spent about two years in Pinterest figuring out the algorithm and a whole bunch of different things that what makes it go and I'm not willing to give that up for free.

Bradley: Okay, fair enough. We're gonna move on. Sorry, Dean. I'd help you if I could, but I don't know a dick about Pinterest. I've never really done anything with Pinterest so I can't help you anyways.

What Are The Reasons Why Verified GMBs Do Not Show Up In Google My Maps?

Jay Turner says, “Some of my service area business client's verified GMBs do not show up in Google My Maps when searching for them in order to add their pin to a Google My Map. Why is that? Does adding KML file …? Again, it's probably because it's a GMB service area business. I don't know that for sure because I don't do a whole lot of My Map stuff. Is that something we can comment on? I know that's kind of RYS stuff.

Marco: It is. If you hide the address you cannot expect to find it.

Bradley: Right.

Marco: Because all you're going to pull up is a service area. So there's no way to do that.

Bradley: Yeah. You could use the city center for that area. I mean, that's something that you could do. But I don't do a whole lot of My Map stuff still. I just never really did. I know we have RYS Academy training that talks about that stuff, Jay. So if you're in there, that might be a good question for the RYS Facebook group. Okay.

Will. Let's see. This is similar to the one that Olena asked, but I'll read it real fast and we'll move on. He says, “When using the GMB auto poster and writing a month's worth of post, are you saying that we should manually post the first post in the sequence of these 30 posts then use the GMB auto poster software so that we can link to the first post and the subsequent posts in the Auto poster?”

This Stuff Works
Well, no. Again, it's not about always linking to that first post, guys. Again, you post manually because it's a way to kind of season the asset without automating stuff right off the bat. Okay? That's it. That's all. It's just part of the optimization process for my team. It's not about always linking to that one post, guys. The siloing is more about theming. It's just like a website silo, guys. I think too many of you guys are trying to over complicate stuff, and I'm not picking on you, Will.

But if you understand website silo architecture, for YouTube silo architecture, which you can accomplish with playlists, it's the exact same with GMB post silos. Again, it's the same principle, guys. It's no difference whatsoever. As long as you understand website silos and how to build those correctly and theme your silos correctly, you just repeat that same process in either YouTube or GMB. It's the same process, right? Again, it shouldn't be over complicated, guys.

If you don't understand website silo architecture, go search our YouTube channel. I've got several videos on there that I've talked about. They're several years old, but the strategy has not changed a bit. Right? It's one of those things that are timeless, that will continue to work. You can also go search Bruce Clay. Just go search on Google Bruce Clay website silos and it'll be the first link at the very top of Google search results and click on it. It's an old article. I think it's from 2009 or '10. Read it, it's still valid and relevant today. Okay.

Next, Robert Nelson. He's our new Mastermind member. Welcome, Robert. He says, “Hey guys, excited! Just signed up for the Mastermind around an hour ago. Looking forward to getting to know you guys better over the next few months.” Yeah. I hope you schedule a call with me through my calendar link I sent to you, Robert, via email. So I hope to talk to you next week.

Is It Okay To Use RSS Authority Sniper On PBNs?

He says, “My question is, I'm wondering if you think it's a good idea to use RSS authorities.” Oh, yeah. This is a great question, by the way, guys. This is a really good question. I'm gonna answer it. “I'm wondering if you think it's a good idea to use RSS authority sniper on PBNs if it's also been used to create feeds for the money site.” Okay. First of all, you're using RankFeedr to create the feeds. RSS authority sniper just finds feeds, okay? So you're using RankFeedr to create the feeds.

“Which my PBNs are linking to.” He says, “I'm a bit worried about a footprint if the domain they use for RankFeedr feeds has links to my money sites as well as my PBNs. Do you think that's an issue?” All right. What I would recommend is that you would create separate feeds to embed in your money sites. Okay. If you're using PBNs, and I don't know if you're populating content, in other words, are you feeding content to your PBNs through RankFeedr, which I don't recommend because that would look like crap, but you can embed the feed.

Again, I just talked about that in Syndication Academy on how to do that, guys, and the Mastermind, you guys all have access to that anyways, which means, Robert, you'll have access to that too. Again, that was the most recent Syndication Academy update webinar. I talked about how to embed a feed. Okay. So using the RankFeedr feed to embed is super, it's great, it's fantastic.

So what I would recommend is that you can use RankFeedr feeds on your PBN as an embedded feed which will create co-citation, but do not include your money site links either static or RSS feeds as part the RankFeedr feed that's on the money site-, or excuse me, the PBNs. Just use that to add local and topical relevancy to the actual PBN. Then you can still use traditional links within the content to link back to your money sites because the RankFeedr feeds that are embedded aren't going to be having any of your content sources in the feed itself, which would be kind of a footprint, because now you'd have an embedded feed that has links to your content sources like your money content sources as well as contextual links from your traditional PBN links back to the same destination. Yeah, that would be in a footprint I would worry about.

Plus, I would also have, if you're going to be using RankFeedr to create co-citation feeds for your money site, those would be separate feeds. In other words, I'd have one RankFeeder feed that I would use is an embed on the PBN to just add geographic and topical relevancy to that PBN, then I would have separate RankFeedr feed where you would include your money side RSS feed, your GMB RSS feed if you're doing it for local, you could also have your static items and all that so that you can create local and geographic co-citation relevance to your money site. Bt that would be separate and apart from what you're using on your money site-, or excuse me, your PBN. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
Just keep that in mind, guys. Remember, with the top level subscription package, it's like $47 a month, guys. It's ridiculous. You can get up to 1,100 feeds. I would create two separate feeds in that case if you're doing that, just like I said. Robert, we can talk about that in a little bit more on our call, if you want to go and do it a little bit deeper. Okay.

Also, you can post, by the way, Robert, the Mastermind Facebook group, we go real deep into discussions about anything that you want. So if you want to post that in there, we can comment on a little bit further, also on the mastermind webinar as we dig into that stuff, so you see over the shoulder training type stuff. Marco and I get real deep into that stuff all the time. We get into the weeds. Awesome. Glad to have you.

Greg, thanks for being here, man, as always.

Is There Some Type Of Google My Business Updates Going On?

Frankie says, “Hey guys, it's my first time back,” what's up, Frankie?, “since you moved off Google Plus. I would like to know if there is some type of Google My Business GMB updates going?” Yes, a lot. “There was a lot of talk about this in other groups. Is it all BS or GMB the same still?” No. They're cracking down, which guys we've been talking about, we knew it was gonna happen, it was just a matter of time. It doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. It just means that shit settles down, we'll figure out the next method and we'll produce training around it when it's available, all right, once we figure it out. But glad to have you back, Frankie. Okay.

Jordan says, “Welcome back to WordPress sites, all GMBers.” Well, no, I wouldn't say that yet. Maybe. We'll see.

Marco: No. There's still other ways that you can verify GMBs. All they're trying to do is kill one loophole, but there's quite a few others. The old stuff that we've always been preaching is still working. So no, I'm not planning on going back to WordPress sites anytime soon. If anything, I'll just go back to G sites. Well, I never left G sites, right? Drive stacks and G sites.

Bradley: Yeah. Quit This House says, “Do we still get the bonus semantic webinar if we buy feed burner stuff today?” Yeah. Well, essentially, all I was gonna do was share some of my methods on how I'm using it and some of the results that I've gotten. Yeah, sure. I'm glad you mentioned that, by the way, because I almost forgot about it. So if you bought RankFeedr guys through us and you can prove it, then just reach out, what I'll do is …

By the way, Adam, if you're still, on can you do me a favor and make a note of this? Maybe in two weeks or three weeks something like that I'll hold a kind of an update webinar for RankFeedr, and Mastermind will obviously be included, and maybe I'll probably include Syndication Academy members too, because it's precisely the method that I've shared in Syndication Academy, which is how to embed those feeds and create the feeds, and what I'm doing, and where I'm embedding them. I'll even give you guys the process for, well, that's only Mastermind members will get the process doc, guys. It has to be that way.

But I can share with you what I'm doing and the results that I'm getting specifically with those RankFeedr feeds and how to get really good results for local stuff. Okay. So, yeah, I will do just an update webinar and it'd probably be a short webinar. Again, the Mastermind, they're going to get the process docs for this stuff too so that they can have their team do it as opposed to doing it on your own or developing the docs on your own.

This Stuff Works
But, yeah, that's a good idea. I appreciate you reminding me about that. Absolutely, just reach out to us at support. We'll create a small list on for people that we've known. Or just come join a Mastermind, you'll get it anyways. Also, as I said, it might be part of the Syndication Academy update webinar is what I'll do. It's likely gonna be that too and we'll just include the RankFeedr buyers into that also. Okay. It's a good question though.

What URL Do I Use From The GMB Briefcase Auto Poster To Setup The RSS Authority Sniper?

Michael says, “Question about RSS authority sniper. What URL do I use from GMB briefcase auto poster to set up the sniper? Everyone I've tried got an error. Thanks.” I don't know why that's the case, Michael. Have you posted? You have to have GMB post or the RSS feed won't register. It's just like a WordPress site. If you try to add an RSS feed to IFTTT that contains no items, it won't accept it. It will give you an error every time. So have you posted? If so, then what I …

By the way, inside the auto poster, guys, there's an update RSS file button. You go to settings RSS feeds and that lists all of your locations that are connected to the auto poster or the briefcase, depending on where you're at, and then it says, there's a blue button off to the right column and it says copy URL or whatever. Well, that's your RSS feed. If you're having issues, just click that update RSS file button, it's at the top of that column, it's a yellow button, click that.

It'll take a few seconds to reload. Once it read loads, all of your feeds will be updated and just check it then. Go check it in a Firefox browser. You're gonna have to add, it's called the RSSPreview Firefox add-on. RSSPreview is one word. Go open Firefox, go to Google and search RSSPreview Firefox add-on. It'll be the first link at the time top of the search results. Click that, add it to your Firefox, enable it. That way you can start viewing HTML versions of an RSS feed in Firefox again. They disabled that a few months ago for whatever reason. The native RSS feed reader in Firefox is you have to create add the add-on now. Okay. But then just go check it.

If you have any other issues, contact support Shreepad, which is little support bubble is in the bottom right corner inside the briefcase or the post scheduler, he's really, really good at replying to support requests, guys. If you have any issues, contact him. But I promise you, if you've got posts in there and you click the update RSS file button, it should work fine. Okay.

Should We Use SEO Ultimate Plugin Instead Of Yoast For The Battleplan Strategy?

John says, “Hey guys. I purchased the Battle Plan. Awesome. In the plan, it suggests using SEO ultimate plugin, but in the webinar Yoast seems to be the favorite.” Are we still linking to one of the older versions of the webinar, at that point maybe?

Hernan: Yep. Maybe we're gonna be clipping and updating that really shortly. We have redirects over there.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah. SEO ultimate is way better, guys. It doesn't have a bunch of loaded code. Jeffrey Smith knows his guys, I'm telling you. It is hands-down the best SEO plugin and get the SEO ultimate plus. It's inexpensive and gives you a ton of additional functionality. The version 2 of SEO ultimate plus is coming out very soon. It's been in beta for the last couple months but it's going to be awesome.

Marco: Yeah. Just a short comment, Yoast is foot fungus get SEO ultimate. Please do yourself a favor.

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What Are Some Top On Page And Off Page GMB Tips?

Bradley: Greg Derebret says, “Top on-page GMB tip.” I would say just complete the profile and post regularly. That's the best on-page tip I can give you. Just completely complete the profile with well-optimized everything. Not stick spammy, just well optimized, well written stuff, and post regularly. Best off-page? That's to be determined. Right now probably some of the stuff that we teach on Local Lease Pro and some of the stuff that I'm talking about with RankFeedr and that kind of stuff, Greg. Again, we'll talk about that in one of the closed groups.

Marco: I would say top on-page silo, silo, Gregg. You're with Gregg. I mean, that's hands down, I mean, now with Jeffrey, hands down. The top off-page? Press releases, stack them.

Bradley: Yeah. Although the press releases in and of themselves are not as effective as they used to be, even six months ago, unless you're varying distribution networks consistently or you stack, you publish press releases consistently and regularly-

Marco: That's why I mentioned stack the press releases.

Bradley: Yeah. I had super good results with the Local PR program method with just as little as two press releases. I was able to rank in 3-pack a year and a half ago or two years ago whenever we launched that training. Now I'm finding to get the same kind of a result I have to publish six or eight press releases to get the same kind of a result, unless I'm varying the distribution networks and stacking to where I'm using three or four different distribution networks where still a lot of them share the same type of footprint, in other words, they share a lot of the same distribution sites.

But if you get some more link diversity from other distribution networks, because they distribute to different sites, in other words, and get picked up by other sites. If you do that, if you have access to a lot of different press release distributions, then that's that can help. Or you have to stack consistently and regularly if you're using the same sort of network and make sure that you're …

Again, I'm not giving away too much here, but as I talked about in the Mastermind last week, I think it was Muhammad's question about that, there's not a set formula for how to stack, guys. You just need to constantly be varying what you're linking to for to different tier one types of properties. It's something that you need to do and it just seems like it's taking more press releases to accomplish same thing. And that's to be expected, guys. Anytime something works really well in SEO, it's only a matter of time before it starts to become less effective. Right?

So don't say the press releases aren't effective. I'm not saying that at all it's just the strategy has evolved a bit. Right?

Marco: Just to add just a quick thought, Greg. You have access to Dedia. Reach out to him because if you link build to your press releases he knows exactly what to do.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: That'll set it on fire. Now I'm giving away too much. Drop some traffic in there, Greg

Where Can We Get Backlinks For Videos?

Bradley: Yeah. Marco, the next question, when does link building gonna be available in MGYB?

Marco: It's being added as we speak.

Bradley: Okay. So there you go. Because, Greg, you can contact Dedia directly or you can wait, it should be available any minute because it thought was gonna be available last week. So that answers the next question, we he says, “Where can we get backlinks for videos?” Guys, our best link builder, he's been working with me for six years now I guess and he's awesome. We're gonna have that service available in MGYB and it should be like at any moment. Okay? So check back often.

Is It Safe To Autopost To Lead Gen GMB Nowadays?

Guys, I got to run in a minute so I'll try to get through the next one very quickly. Grant. What's up, Grant? He was one of the POFU Live attendees. He's been working very closely with the group. It's awesome to have you here. He says, “Is auto posting to lead-gen GMB safe currently? Yeah, it is. As far as I know. I haven't had any issues with that whatsoever. I have not had a single property terminated or suspended from that. Now I can't swear that that's the case for everybody. I'm just telling you I have not had any issues whatsoever it's making on-page changes that's been causing problems. It's depending on what kind of change it is too, because I've actually been manually going in and changing on a lot of different stuff.

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Like I mentioned earlier, guys, one thing I would not recommend doing is trying to add anything to the appointment URL section other than an actual bonafide genuine appointment app right now. That's one thing that I see is triggering suspensions. Okay. I don't know that for sure, but that's a hunch of mine. I've heard that happen now from several different people. We lost six or seven assets just last week. But it's the first six or seven out of like more than 10 times that we've built.

Again, I think a lot of it has to do with that one particular process. So my team's not touching anything at the moment. I'm in their testing with different things right now. Something else is, and this is kind of using a manager account, I've talked about not doing that in the past, but I think using a manager account actually helps right now. So what I've been doing is I've been going in and adding a manager account to an asset and making some slight changes and then removing the manager. Still I've not had anything suspended like right before my eyes anyways, if that makes sense.

Google Starts To Ask For GMB Location Validation With Tax Invoice Or Business License

Gregg says, “Google is starting to ask for GMB location validation with tax.” Yeah, that's one of the things I had predicted I thought would happen. Gregg, I've said that before that that was my speculation on what was going to happen, is that they were gonna start requiring either corporate doc's or proof of mail being facts or photos taken with company letterhead or like bank statements, all of that stuff that I've had to do in the past to have verified GMBs moved to different locations. That's what I assumed and I had speculated would probably happen.

The plan you outlined in your POFU group to monetize your GMB locations is brilliant and simpler, easier, and is the best method I've seen from all your optimization methods I've seen over the years that will be high converting. That's awesome, Gregg. Yeah. I'm gonna be doing a lot of training over that next few weeks on that.

Last call to win the free Semantic Mastery T-shirt. Okay. “Bradley, is there a new press release program coming down the road soon?” Yes, there is. I can't really announce that just yet, but I've been testing something that's really kind of disruptive. I wouldn't say that lightly, but it's really, really cool technology that one of our very own Mastermind members has been developing it. He's one of the code developers behind it. I've been on several calls with him and it's actually very disruptive what they're doing. Something that no other service out there has that I think would be a great addition to what we're already doing. Again, that's something that we'll be announcing here in the coming weeks.

All right. Guys, pick the best question and all that so we can wrap it up.

Marco: Alex. One of the very first questions was excellent.

Bradley: Where was that? Right there?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Yep, Alex. Okay. So Alex is the winner for what, either the Battle Plan or what? T-shirt?

Hernan: Battle Plan.

Marco: Yeah. We said Battle Plan I think.

Bradley: Okay. Well, somebody else is getting a T-shirt, aren't they?

Adam: Yeah. We did a random number generator and saw who bought and who posted back. Ted, you are the winner so just send into support from your normal email. I think we've actually had some back and forth between me and you, so just shoot an email into support. We'll get to that large shirt and next time I'm in Sacramento I'm gonna find you for a beer, man.

Bradley: Don't lie. The reason why he won is because of the beer emoji. Guys, I hope you all were paying attention. The next time you want to win something just put a beer emoji in there.

Adam: Yeah. Be within an hour's drive of me and offer a free beer. No. We used a random number generator. It worked out, man. So we'll get you your shirt just send them to support that's

Bradley: Awesome. I hope everybody got a lot out of this. No Mastermind webinar tomorrow, but we got one next week on what I'm working on, which I'll be sharing with you guys, with the POFU members, and I have started developing this week, which is the outreach program using video email specific to the GMB asset stuff. We're going to be going through that. So guys pay attention. Oh, and I'll share the RankFeedr process doc with you guys in the Mastermind too. So see you all next week. Thanks guys for hanging out.

Hernan: See you, guys.

Marco: Bye everybody.

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How Many Verified GMBs Should You Order To Get An Entire Service Area Verified For GMB Listings?

By April


In episode 223 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how many verified GMBs one should order to get an entire service area verified for GMB listings.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys! Thanks for all of the awesome content. If I wanted to get an entire service area verified for GMB Listings … ie All of Southern California … All of Phoenix … etc. etc. how many verified GMB's do I order from you guys?

This is for an actual company that is national … but their office is in San Diego. I know local lease pro probably covers this but I just want to get this going …

Also, should I use SerpSpace or MyGYB Store?

thank u!


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How Do GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro Compare Against Each Other?

By April

In episode 221 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro compare against each other.

The exact question was:

Would also appreciate if you could give a brief overview of how GMBPro/LLP/LocalPRPro compare against each other. I'm completely new to local marketing, so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?

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How Can You Test The Water With GMB If You’re A Beginner?

By April

In episode 221 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to test the water with GMB as a beginner.

The exact question was:

Can you go over GMB basics? I'm interested in getting started with one local GMB to see how it's done, so I think I could start with MGYB for getting it verified, right? But after that, what should I do? I know there's courses on this, but I'd like to start with the basics and “”test the water”” to see how it's done before moving forward.

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