How to Correct GPlus Badge Not Showing in for Blogger Blogs?

By April

One of the participants in the Episode 54 of Hump Day Hangout asked why does his GPlus badge is not showing in his Blogger blog, which is connected to the IFTTT Networks.

The exact question was:

HI Guys. I have been setting up Blogger accounts for IFTTT networks, and when I go to set up the G+ badge, the ID number in both the G+ profile & the G+ page (URL’s) are both the same number, so the Google + badge won’t come up.
Did Google change the url’s? Or am I doing something wrong, or by chance did I miss a update?

Here is an example of the latest account I’m trying to build out, as you can see the ID numbers are the same. But yet both addresses work to each page.