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How Do The Advanced RSS Strategies In Battle Plan Work Now That G+ Is No Longer Active?

  In Hump Day Hangouts episode 255, one participant asked how does the advanced RSS strategies in Battle Plan work now that G+ is no longer active. The exact question was: Hi guys, recently purchased the Battleplan and watched the 2 webinars about advanced RSS strategies in the battleplan. I have a question about the Rankfeedr Bonus webinar. At some point in in the video, a G+ page is part of the setup. As G+ is not supported anymore, can you please explain how this process works now?

What Is The Best Way To Convert A Personal Google Plus Account With Several Followers Into A Business Brand?

In episode 185 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the best way to convert a personal Google plus account with several followers into a business brand. The exact question was: If I have a client with several thousand Personal Google+ Followers This same client owns and has a Google My Business Page but no Reviews What is the best way to convert that to business and keep the following up? SO I just create a Brand Account?

How to Connect Diigo in Google Plus?

  During the Episode 54 of Hump Day Hangout, one question asked was about what sort of Diigo URL should be connected to a Google Plus account. The exact question asked was:   ┬áDiigo- Do we add the “Bookmark” library URL or “Profile” URL to our G+ page links?

Adding Pocket Links to G+ Page

In the weekly SEO Q&A of Semantic Mastery, particularly in the Episode 54, one of the questions asked is the proper ways on how to integrate links from Pocket, an RSS aggregator. The exact question was: Is there a way to add Pocket links to the G+ page and About page? The current Pocket account creation has changed and they do not allow you to use an email account anymore. They make you sign up with Twitter or FB. Also, once the account is created they do not give you a profile URL (at least I can’t find it) because ... Read more

Growing Google Plus Circles For Local SEO – Part 1

One of the most common questions I get asked by SEOs concerns how to use Google Plus for local SEO. While there are many ways that G+ can benefit any SEO campaign, one of the easiest and quickest to produce results is to build and grow your Circles. So what are Circles? Google Circles give us the ability to segment our connections within Google Plus. With Circles, we can create targeted groups based on interest, profession, location, or any other criteria we choose. This is important because, once we have developed a targeted Circle, we can share posts, updates, messages, ... Read more