Does Creating A GSite Link Wheel Boost A Site?

By April

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In episode 238 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if creating a GSite link wheel boosts a site.

The exact question was:

Does creating a Gsite link wheel , seem like a good idea to boost a site? Is there better sites to do this like a S3 link wheel or a combo s3/gcloud/gsite – any min amount i should use?

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Can You Use An RYS Drive Stack On A GMB Instead Of A Google Site?

By April

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In episode 237 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one can use an RYS drive stack on a GMB instead of a Google site.

The exact question was:

I have a question about using RYS for my stand alone domain. Can RYS be used on GMB where instead of using Google Site I can use a stand alone domain. If yes then what changes need to be done in the drive stack? Regards.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 237

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 237 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Oh no. Oh, look at this. Welcome to the episode everybody. This is one where we look at nipples. nipples to 434 don't look good in the transcription.

Adam: Yeah. Well, just in case you were wondering you are in fact on Hump Day Hangouts and this is episode 237. So now that we've got that out of the way, I want to say real quick, you're in the right place. Thanks for watching. You know, if you're new to semantic mastery, you're in the right place. We're going to get into a bunch of questions. We're going to answer your questions or if you're checking out the replay, if you asked it, we're gonna get to it. So first of all, I want to say real quick, if you're wondering where to start with semantic mastery whether again, you're watching live or catching the replay, you should grab the Battle Plan. If you want to get repeatable results, that is the place to start just go to

And if you're ready to either start or you want to grow your digital marketing business, then head over to where you can find out more about our mastermind there. But before we go any further, I want to say hello to everybody. We got everybody here today. So, start on the left and work my way down. So we'll start with the Austrian. Chris, how you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good. Super excited to be here today. Definitely a little today again.

Adam: You know, I know you probably speak a few languages, but I know you could speak German. I've never actually heard you do it on. Can you say like hello everybody in German? I actually don't know how to say it.

Chris: Oh man. (Speaks German)

Hernan: the baddest, the baddest. Right

Adam: That's exactly what I was thinking. Awesome. All right. You never know man. There might be people out there. So did you understand it? I know you can speak German as well. I ambition. So

Marco: God bless you. God bless you.

Adam: Her name and you want to let's Yeah, let's rock some Spanish. How are you doing?

Hernan: (speaks Spanish). All right, there we go. That will make it for the day. I'm super excited to be here. Really, really excited to be here guys. It's always a fun time and so we're going to have the Hangout so good to be here.

Adam: Yeah, we got … What's up? coming up. I want to tell you guys about the wall. Hold on to that and keep going. So Marco. What's up with you, man?

Marco: Mazel Tov.

Hernan: Hey, Marco can speak Spanish too. Hey, come on.

Marco: Now it's a myth, the part token speaks Spanish.

Adam: It's all man. Awesome. How are you doing man? Things are good. What's keeping you busy these days?

Marco: I can't say but I showed you guys and I showed it in the LA mastermind. You know, we always share everything in there. And although I can't really say, right, I can show what the results are and… Just show people It has nothing to do with Google, I'm getting traffic to a website. And I'm not using Google at all. And we're not talking 10 or 20 people, right? A day not, we're talking. That's nearly averaging 150 a day in a very competitive niche where you'd have to spend, I mean, an insane amount of money viewer to try to do SEO and organic rankings. And we're just pulling traffic left and right. So we should that's listening. You know, like, I probably could, I could do a lot of things I but I'm keeping it internal right now because it can make a lot of money. So we'll go there first. We'll have the case studies and show people. You know what can be done and then we'll go after that. So it all builds one on the other. Sorry, guys, I don't mean to tease this one. But I just can't say because it's so simple. It's stupid.

Chris: If Facebook and Google go down, we go to Marco.

Adam: Well, I'm going to keep things moving Bradley, how you doing, man?

Bradley: Good. Happy to be here. Hump Day, one of my favorite days. So, yeah, you go.

Adam: Awesome. Alright, well we got, Of course, we got some really good questions today. appreciate everyone posting questions on there. You know like we said it's first come first serve. Just quick reminder I didn't see if this was the case today I did see some in-depth questions, which is great. But if you list of like a long list of questions, we might end up skipping them. So try to keep it to one and let other people do their thing or if you do have a lot just realized we may not be able to get to all of them based on how much time we have. And last but not least a couple last things. If you want Done For You services, you know, of course, we offer great training in various areas, whatever you want to do. If you're grabbing a battle plan, you're joining Syndication Academy, you're joining the mastermind, that stuff is great. If you also want to incorporate done for you services and get stuff done quickly and up to our standards, head over to We've added a lot of services over the last three months.

I'm not going to go into all of them but please go over there check it out. There's a ton of great stuff. It's the stuff we use for our own projects and then you know, product ties it and made it available to you. Also, if you're watching the replay, thanks for checking it out, please subscribe to the YouTube channel help us grow the channel. And if you find a clip or something that's useful, just share it if you know somebody who would appreciate it. Do him a favor, do us a solid, share it and that's about the end of that I got to work on an outro on that I just stopped cold every time so I think that'll do it for this. Do you guys have anything else we want to touch on?

Marco: I'll get to the questions man.

Adam: Cool. All right, I gotta queue up some audio stuff. I need one of those. What do you call them the soundboard I need to have like the sound so I can just press that and

Marco: end everything with tofu and you can't go wrong. There we go. just poke tofu tofu tofu.

Adam: Alright guys. Let's get into it then.

Bradley: All right, I'll grab the screen. We've got some pre-posted questions which are good already so we'll get into what we can get our means going crazy in the corner. Let me actually down Look at that. Yeah, that's beautiful.

Can You Use An RYS Drive Stack On A GMB Instead Of A Google Site?

All right, here we go. Alright, so first one up is Gian. He says, I have a question about using our is for my standalone domain can be used on GMB, where instead of using Google site, I can use a standalone domain. If yes, then what changes need to be done in the drive stack regards? Um, yeah, you can I mean, but one of the whole points of using the drive stack In my opinion, and Marco, I'm sure will back me up on this one. He'll expand on that as well as the Google site because it's another Google property. And you can use a Google site to push authority over to your money site as well. But you can use that as kind of more or less your, your, your firewall from and Marco was actually talking about this.

In our mastermind just in the last day or two, because somebody was asking about it, and that's part of the reason they work so well is that we can protect our money sites with using Google properties. And as Mark always calls it being in the belly of the beast, and that's part of the reason we use the Google sites to you can use the money site as your target URL, your primary URL for a drive stack. But it's I mean, it doesn't, in my opinion, you may as well also have the Google site. So, Marco, you want to expand on that?

Marco: Yeah, I'm not sure I fully understand the question, right. He wants the drive stack to go to be aimed at the GMB instead of using the Google site, right? And he wants to use a standalone domain where you could do that in either or scenario but I wouldn't lose the power of the GSite. Guys, that's a powerful thing, right? Everything happens on the GSite. We build a stack, it becomes that much more powerful with when you go and take all your files or folders and you do what we do on the Google side, and we aim everything at the destination, and then it can be hit with link building.

So you putting a buffer. Also, I wouldn't worry about GMB. He says I've hit them with link building before in it and they take it like a champ. Yeah, but it's just an additional buffer. And if you're pushing link building into something that's already powered up, then the destination which in this case would be the GMB whether it's a website or the Google My Business site, whatever it is, it's going to power it up that much more. Because whatever you lose in the hop, you're gaining it because you're going from power to power. So I wouldn't split it like that. Like how he said, if I'm understanding this correctly, yeah, I would still go with the drive stack, Gsite with local plus keyword relevance, of course, location, plus keyword relevance and services, how we do it. And then take that and add all of his GMB assets to the drive stack, as well as syndication network assets. Absolutely for entity validation and solidification, like we talked about it in the webinar, the update webinar. So yes, absolutely. All of the assets actually go in there to get powered up. And this is for a question that's coming up. It's the fact that we're in the belly of the beast. Google protects us from Google. Interestingly enough, it sounds like there's no way that this can happen. How can Google protect you from Google? It just does. We've proven that Google trust itself. And by being in Google, we take some of that shield on so that we're not only powered up, but we're protected from anything that Google does from inside, inside out.

Bradley: Yeah. And don't forget, you can also I mean, you know, we talked about your tier one branded assets can all go into a drive stack the files and the drive stack. And those are great. I mean, because they're all tier one branded links. What I mean by that is, you've got your drive stack URLs, your GMB stuff, you've got syndication network URLs. You also have like citations, right? So like if you have if it's for local business, and you have citation URLs, include those at least your top tier citations, your main social profiles, press releases, if you're doing press releases, we have organization pages, those are great to add. If you can harvest your standalone press releases, as you know, you're maybe not the organization page, but like if you don't have one of those, what I'm saying is if you have press releases that are published on sites that don't purge, you can add those to your drive stacks files or you know, all of that stuff is really, really powerful.

And don't forget guys, and we had again in our mastermind, we had another big long discussion recently in just the last just this week actually about it. It was funny because what is one of our members, longtime members that he posted, like breaking news links still work like link building still works and we're talking about using our link building service from MGYB, which is it's developed specifically for powering up things like drive stacks and syndication networks in Tier One assets right. And that the post was about how just throwing a whole shit ton of those a link building campaign at at drive stacks as well as a lot of the tier one assets and just having it structured correctly and throwing links at it has made a significant boost for the project that this our members working on, which is in a very competitive niche. And you know, again, that's it's what I love about that service is the fact that it's an easy service for us to fulfill.

And when I say for us to fulfill in that, if I buy a drive stack for a client. And once I get that returned to me, the next thing I do is send it, or I just order a link building package essentially to have links built to it. And that just powers it up. And I include my syndication network URLs in that link building package and all of that stuff. So as it says in the battle plan, guys, you know, one of the most powerful strategies that you can do right now, which is crazy, and I'm so glad that it still works or is working better now than it had in the past, it seems, is to have a syndication network built and once your syndication network is built, then you get the drive stack bill and you include your syndication network URLs to be included in the drive stack when it's being built. Right? If you build it yourself, which you know, I don't recommend but because it's much easier, just buy it from us. But then once you get all that back, then you go order the link building package and just hammer it with links and you'll see and at the same time include your top tier one branded at profiles and citations and press releases and all that kind of stuff in that link building package. And it really, really, really does move the needle. And it's easy to do it that way. Because you don't have to do all the I mean, you can do all the building yourself but I don't recommend it, it's a lot easier to just outsource that stuff.

And, you know, we provide that service. And so that's just kind of like standard operating procedure. I've got a client that I just recently picked up as an HVAC contractor. And that's all the first really six weeks is about is just building out the syndication network, the drive stack, getting some top tier citations built immediately start fleshing out the GMB with posts and all that kind of stuff. And then once I get a lot of those assets built, it's just hammer with links, you know, press releases get published consistently for the first several weeks as well, all of that stuff together so that within you know, 60 to 90 days, this guy is going to have significant results. And it's pretty much just the recipe for success. So we're going to carry on.

What Is A Good Alternative To Burner App To Make PVAs?

Bradley: Chris is up. He says current or what's a current excuse me working alternative to burner app but that we can use to make our phone verified accounts most sites are detecting VOIP numbers and won't allow them? Yeah you're right Chris would that's why our VA is actually creating accounts in the Philippines with simple SIM cards they go out and get SIM cards and they actually manually create the accounts and that's you know, it's been a pain in the ass I totally agree with you it's very difficult to create your own phone verified accounts. I can't give you any recommendations on that other than what I just did because you know we've tried a lot of phone verified account providers and the accounts end up getting terminated or locked where you can't get access to them. We found that to be the case recently over the actually for like the last year now so we really haven't even been buying phone verified accounts anymore. Our VAs create them using SIM cards in the Philippines and that's about the only thing I can tell you. Does anybody else here have any suggestions?

Marco: No, I don't because, I mean, we do things our way. And that's the way we do it.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, we had thought about potentially doing it in providing that as a service. But it's just it's really hard to scale. And it's time-consuming. So we really only create accounts for, you know, orders that come through MGYB. And when we have to, we have to create phone verified accounts, and we do it that way. And it's manual. So it's very hard to scale. And that's why we don't want to be able to provide that as a service, because it would be, you know too labor intensive to cost-intensive that so it's again, I can't I wish I could give you a better answer for that. If somebody else has any. You're certainly welcome to post it here in the chat thread.

How Does Google Juice Pass-Through If GSites Are Buffer For Link Building?

Fitz is up. He says, Good day, James. Thanks for this forum. I learned something new all the time here. My question is if G sites are a buffer for link building, how does the Google juice pass through? Is it having a money site link on the G site a bad thing? So how does that all work? No, because they're nofollow links. I think the only time you can get a do follow link from a Google site is just linking to another Google domain. And that might even be nofollow. Now, Marco, you might be able to correct me on that. But yeah, linking any sort of link to another domain is going to be a nofollow link. So you don't get any bad juice from it, the power comes from the I frames, and we've talked about that, and we can't go into depth, but it's from the I frames, and that's, that's part of the reason, you know, why we do what we do with the Drive files and embedding them those are essentially I frames, right, and using the G sites and all that kind of stuff, because the iframe is actually acted almost as if it's a do follow link. So that's outpassed the juice but it's just the same as like using an Amazon domain guys for an HTML page even just for you know, just an HTML like pbn page or something that you're going to build a link build links to. It can be used. Remember, with an Amazon HTML page, you can create your own links that are do follow which is awesome.

But you can also iframe stuff in. And then you can hammer that stuff with links because it's an Amazon domain it essentially launderers, the links, right? Because it's it can handle that kind of stuff. It can take that kind of abuse, even kitchen sink spam. So that's part of the thing that you're doing with Google as well. Do you want to comment on that?

Marco: You can get dofollow links from the site. And I encourage it, I teach it.

Bradley: And it's been in RYS?

Marco: Yeah, absolutely. I'm not going to share it anywhere else. Sure, of course. So yes, you can. And the idea is, so Okay, let's get into theory, right. Google loves itself. And the art of art says that, that you need to go into something that has activity, relevance, trust, and authority, right? The ultimate activity, relevance, trust and authority as Google as far as Google's concerned. That's why we're in Google. And we count on the fact that Google will not penalize itself and will not pass a penalty through itself this has been what how long have we been doing this man four years for you as a matter of fact May of 2015 is when you rank your first website and Dr. Gary had already been in the lab long before that right? Looking at all the different files folders and everything that all of the power that you could get out of being in the belly of the beast I mean that's what this is all about. How does it pass? We don't give a shit how it just does. And it's good. And so that's why we do it.

Bradley: Well, you know how maybe not want to share it but of course not. Right there. So that look where's the looks like the now There it is. It just moved down a little bit for that particular key phrase. Yeah, may 16 2015.

Is that was a Saturday, I believe if you go back and look at that, that was awesome. Saturday, May 16 2015. And it's you know, that Google Sites been ranked ever since guys. It's crazy. Anyways, yeah, so it's been four years, it's been just over four years. That's crazy.

Does Creating GSites In Different Email Addresses Help The Money Site And GMB Site To Rank?

Anyways, moving on, um, it says, and if you create other g sites in different email addresses, how does that help the money side GMB site move up? Well, I don't see why wouldn't, right? It's not which account that it's created under the passes the authority, it's how you build them, and how you link with them. Does that make sense? It's how you structure the site and the way that you structure the site that passes the authority. Now I, you know, I'm sure there's probably something that helps boost it when it is within the same account, but that's not necessary is my point.

So it doesn't it's not the account that gives the boost itself. It's the way that you build it in the way that you structure it.

Do You Still Need To Have GMB Listing GMB Listing And Major Directory Citations To Rank a Local Lead Gen Site In A Low To Medium Competitive Niche?

Okay, Gordon's up he says, Hey, guys, thank you very much as usual for the assistance you provide on hump day as most of us customers would be lost without your help. Well, you're welcome, Gordon. We truly enjoy this. He says if you're trying to rank a local Legion site or a directory site and a low to medium competitive niche, and a low population area like say 75,000 200,000 people can you get away with not having a GMB listing and major directory citations? Are they still mandatory? And if so, can the GMB listing be unclaimed? And can you use fake and, and unpaid for addresses at a local virtual office building? Okay, so if you want to rank a local lead gen site or a directory site, yes, if you're not trying to rank in maps, yes, you can rank without a GMB listing in or you can rank organically. Keep in mind though, that and I talked about this. I don't know if it was last week or two weeks ago where I showed some ways to get really good results with Yelp and how you can extract all the different URLs that you can throw kitchen sink spam at from a Yelp listing, right so you can look at the page source get all

The href language URLs, which are all canonicalization to the primary page, there are image URLs, there's just a ton of URLs that you can actually scrape from a Yelp page. The reason I'm saying that is because if you go back and watch that replay from again, it was the last week or two weeks ago, from Hump Day Hangouts. And I go into that, you'll see that most and you'll probably know this, Gordon, most of the local searches now are, again, Google showing indexed results of other directories like Yelp, for example, it's a Yelp index page or Angie's List or, you know, Home Advisor index type pages, those are very authoritative. It's hard to outrank those, you can do it, there's no question but just know that you're fighting in a very competitive space when it comes to organic rankings for that kind of stuff. Especially if you're trying to rank like another type of directory that doesn't have much authority.

So just keep that in mind. But yes, you do not need a GMB listing to rank organic stuff. It helps. It still helps, but it's not necessary. Now as far as major directory citations, are they still mandatory? Again directory or citations are going to be more for ranking maps. They do help organics is an organic ranking as well. But it's more of a maps ranking thing than it is for organics. Or I should say organic ranking, excuse me, as far as using a fake or unpaid for address at a local office building. I don't know how you would do that.

You can't, you can't claim a GMB listing anymore. Without it won't publish. What I'm saying is you can't create a GMB listing without verifying it. Or you can create a listing without verifying it but then it won't publish so it won't show anyways. And if you try to claim one that's already published, but unclaimed then you have to be able to receive mail for it or get the phone call, which unless you have a way to redirect the phone number that's currently published in the listing. I don't know how you would do that. So, you know, again, there's, I would recommend there used to be able to do that actually, by the way, club claim and unclaimed listing by changing the phone number and but it does, it stopped working. And that stopped working like in, I think, November, October, November of last year, because we had some people that were actually doing that, but it really just stopped working. So again, as far as using a fake or unpaid address, I don't know how you would possibly claim a listing that way because you'd have to be able to receive the mail to verify unverified listings unless they were already previously published, will not be published. That makes sense they won't won't be found in maps period. So again, work on the organic stuff if you need if that's what you're trying to do.

Does Living An Old GMB Site Have A Negative Impact On The Ranking Of A New GMB Site Of The Same Client?

You mentioned previously that if you create a new site to ranking GMB listing and replace the old site URL with a new site URL in the GMB listing. You should either do a 301 redirect of the old site or insert a canonical HTML code. But if you do not have access to the clients old site or domain, can you just leave the old site online as is without causing any negative impact on the GMB ranking? Well, yes and no. I mean, if the old site didn't have a lot of citations built to it, like the NAP, remember the name, address, phone number and in URL, right, so we always talk about but URL is usually included in that right. So if you've got a bunch of citations out there that were previously built to the old URL, and now you go change the URL and the GMB and you don't have a way to redirect or canonical lies the old domain to the new one, then yes, that can cause ambiguity, right? It can ambiguous the data which can cause it a gym, excuse me a maps ranking. It can cause your maps ranking to fall right to slip because now you've got inconsistent data on the web. So it but if you don't have I mean, if for whatever reason it's, you know, a site out there that doesn't have or excuse me a business out there that doesn't have a lot of citations built to it, then yeah, you could probably get away with just swapping out the URL and and building a bunch of new ones. But remember, guys, it's better to update existing citations first before building new ones and trying to delete bad data. diluting bad data doesn't work as good as correcting bad data first, and then building new ones. That makes sense. So if you have citations that were previously published that were pointing to the old domain, then my suggestion would be if you're going to change the domain, in the GMB listing is to go do a citation cleanup job and have the older existing citations updated with the new URL. If you especially if you can't canonical or redirect the old URL. Does that make sense? So, but yeah, you know, citation cleanup work is very tedious work the best for in the US at least for the best service that I know of for cleaning up inconsistent citations and updating that kind of data is Loganix, or Loga nix so can never he said it's Potato Potato mats Dr. Adam steel did Excuse me, but it's if you go to then you can go check out the service there. It's expensive. I think it's five or 600 bucks for the citation cleanup service but it's hands down the best one that I found anyways. All right.

How Important Does Having A Website With Silos, Proper On-Page SEO On The Overall Ranking Of A GMB Site?

And what percentage of the overall GMB ranking factors does a website with silos proper on page etc play and how important is the SE rank of the site if at all, what does se rank anybody knows what that is? Search Engine is every search engine is what I would say. For GMBs for Google My Business for maps ranking, if you're if you've got an associated website, right, like a self-hosted website, then it's very important you can get really good results with on page stuff.

You know, that's really important if, if your primary website is a self-hosted website, guys, we always talk about that it's, you know, start with on page, right? I mean, you can brute force with off page, right, you can get results by doing a shit ton of off page SEO stuff. But if you can get good on page, like if you can really make your own page structure, your site structure and your internal linking and your keyword thieving, and stalking and all of that kind of stuff. If you can do that correctly, then it only requires a fraction of the off page to get the results that you desire. You know, again, let's talk about Jeffrey Smith and SEO Bootcamp. hands down the best on page training that I've ever seen that what he's been able to do with just on page SEO and you know, basically building sites with semantic language and all the stuff that he does like with word Lyft and all the shit that he does internal linking, like he's been out able to outrank huge authoritative sites with no backlinks, or very, very few backlinks because of what he does, the way he builds a site. And if you go to, again,, you can get his on page course for half price through our link, and it's absolutely amazing. And so we always recommend that you go start with on page first if you're, if you're, you know, we've done a lot of GMB stuff that doesn't have self-hosted sites. We've been using the GMB websites. And that's a lot easier to do because there's not a lot to optimize there. Right. But when you do have a self-hosted website, then I would recommend you always start with optimizing that as best as you can. Now for a lot of local stuff, you don't have to go crazy with deep silos or lots of subcategories. You know you don't have to do all that.

You know, if you're doing like a directory site, then you could make it very complex with complex silo structure based upon locations and categories, like types of categories and things like that. But my point is, you know, if you're just doing a single site for a single location, then you don't have to go crazy with your site structure. But you do want to have your structure correct type. Comments, anybody for move on?

How Do You RSS To A GSite?

Bradley: Okay. Fit says, Can you RSS to a G site? If yes, how do you do that? I don't know what you mean RSS to a G site. You mean like feed content into a new site? I think that was him and he is like posting to a G site through RSS feed. I don't know. I'm not aware of a way to do that. Marco.

Marco: You can embed RSS feeds on the App Store. That's true. You came up can also pull RSS feed. It's not something that I care to get into an in a free forum. I'm sorry, if it's, you're asking very pointed questions that are a part of the training, actually. And I can't get into that. Because if people paid a whole lot of money to get access to that information.

Yeah, and I did training and Syndication Academy for was one of the more recent update webinars like the last within the last two, I would say, update webinars where I talked about how you can embed a feat. There's no question. In fact, it was kind of a piggyback off of the Lisa Allen training for rank feeder. But I showed how to do it even without using rank feeder. You can still embed a feed and that's a great way to add additional relevancy to things like an @ID page, a G site, that kind of stuff. That's right. So again, that's in Syndication Academy, if you you should have access to that, and I would, I would imagine.

So my crest is up. He's a recent mastermind. He joined again recently. I guess he had dropped out for a bit, but he's back now. So he says Bradley going to be a tease again today now because what I was teasing about is only something I'll do in the, I'm going to reveal in the mastermind not hearing and Hump Day hang out. So, but yeah, probably next week when we have another mastermind webinar, I'll probably get into some of that. Because

Are There Any Issues Of Using The Same Images Every Month For GMB Posts?

So Dan's up, he says, For GMB posts, is there any issue with using the same images every month instead of having to change the images for every post within the boat post sheet on drive? You know, unique images are better but I know you're, I feel your pain, Dan. You know, so we use a lot of the same images. I know there's a spinning feature, I'm not really familiar with how it works and the GMB auto post or at least our version of it. I know that it can spend images so if you just put a bunch of images in the sheet, it will repost but maybe not on the same day, like for example, there's a post to scheduling option that you can do.
But what I don't like about just scheduling posts and having them rescheduled or scheduled to republish is it was like, you know, every it's the same post, every at the same interval every time getting post, and that develop that creates a pattern. But if you can have, you know, let's say 60 images, and you repost and you're doing daily posts, then and you have them pulling from a, you know, the the images at random for each post, then yeah, they'll get used, you know, roughly statistically, they should only get used, you know, once or twice or once every two months, right? If you had 60 images and you were doing so single post, but we know that's not the case, but on average, it should be about once every two months. But you know, I don't know how else to do it. Marco, do you have any suggestions on that?

Marco: What we showed how to get unlimited images both from YouTube. You showed YouTube and I showed how to do it another way. There's no reason why you can't have original images. And if you do things the way we say, which is hiring a VA, and have the VA do all this manual work, there's no reason why you can't provide Google with what it wants. Google wants all this local relevant. It has image recognition, I showed that in the webinar, it recognizes it knows everywhere that the image is posted. And you have to go through a whole lot more work, trying to change the image for Google, then you do if you just go and pull one off the web and take care of the deal, and uploaded into the auto-poster so that you can have the VA go in and flip them out right after the 30 day or the 60 day. You go and you flip out 60 new ones and you just keep doing that. There's no reason why you can't do that. I can almost guarantee because it's what I do for the attorney is that we are we're always providing fresh, unique relevant content, images or content I updated on a regular basis a Google eaten up. It's constantly the buyer is constantly looking for new information, new ways of getting right, fresh things, new things. And images in it are part of it. They're an integral part of getting fed into the database getting all of this information that's relevant about the location. If you can't be at the location, then the next best thing to do is fake it. And then the next best step after I don't know how long would be to just repeat the images, but you're repeating something that Google already knows exists if had if it has already been indexed. And fortunately, and unfortunately, pulse they index immediately. So Google knows that the images exist the moment that you publish them because they're indexed immediately.

Bradley: Yeah, I would suggest that within the next couple few weeks so I can't give you an exact time because we ran into some snags with being able to provide the service but that's one of the services that we're going to provide in MTV is GMB posting. But it's going to be manually done right. So in other words, we'll have the A's that will come in and they'll schedule out 30 posts for a month for you. And then you know, it can it's a monthly recurring service, there will be two different services in our MTI be two different options. One is for us to go like our, you know, hot, you guys hire us to come in and up, provide 30 posts or whatever the frequency of posts is that you're you want. And we'll go in and schedule it and then they'll schedule for republishing to worry, that's a one-off fee for you. But we all know that you get better results with what Marco just was talking about. And that's unique images. So we're going to have a recurring service that will be where once you know we our team goes in and schedules out 30 posts or 45 or whatever it is your frequency of posts was that you you decide you go in and schedule all that out for the month. And then at the end of the, when the beginning of the next month comes up our VA go back in and schedule a new set of posts with a brand new set of original images or unique images, and does that every single month, and that's a much stronger service will get better results, then, you know, it would be a monthly recurring fee, as opposed to just a one off expense. But it's it'll be a stronger service, if that makes sense. And so yeah, I mean, again, Marcos correct. It's about instead of just trying to automate that stuff, I understand the reason for wanting to automate that but there's some things that are better off being done manually because you can do stuff like make them unique, where you're going to get better results. Okay.

Does Setting Up A Syndication Network And Google Drive Stacks To Build Location And Topical Authority Help In Ranking The Money Site?

Okay, so Dan's up he says a two-part question one reference syndication network and Google Drive stack does it make sense to build out a syndication network and Google Drive stack option one geographical location example Dallas area to provide geo authority link multiple lead gen sites for the Dallas area with option to general contractor Google stack drive with its own syndication network that points to multiple lead gen sites plumber Tree Service concrete house demolition.

In other words, set up these to provide authority links to money sites, if so what will we use for an address? That I don't really know how to answer that one, Dan, just because I don't see how you would build out drive stacks with the correct relevancy that would that you could push authority to all those different things like in other words, typically when we do it, it's going to be you know, themes are going to have topical relevancy about a particular topic, right. And it's going to have location relevancy for a particular area, and it's gonna if it's for local, it'll be both, you know, for if it's for local businesses will have both the location and topical relevancy, the geographic and topical relevancy for that particular business. So I don't know how you would make kind of a more general version. It where it would be as effective. I haven't tested that it may work, but it's not something I've tested. So, you know, I don't know really how to answer that market. Do you have any suggestions on that?

Marco: Yeah, I think that he's looking to build a directory. If I'm seeing the right racks like a general PBN, almost so a general contractor directly got kinda like a Yelp, right? But you're going to provide all of these Home Services or services around the home which would be like Tree Service lawn and it just whatever lawn care and all that. I don't see why wouldn't I mean it's going to take a bit and but as he adds folders and files in the drive stack, and then the corresponding pages on the site, which match whatever page he's aiming it at. I mean, it'll get really powerful over time. Yeah, take a lot of building. I mean, I, I can't imagine. I haven't tested it. So I can't tell you whether it would work or not. I mean, logically, it sounds like it would, it seems like it would but I think you'd have to build out each folder within a drive stack like you would silo a website kind of like what Margaret Margaret said directory. I don't say anything where he's talking about a directory here. But if you were to build a directory site, like a contractor type directory site, then you would build it out in silos, right, you would have a plumbing silo and Tree Service silo, concrete contractor silo, that kind of stuff. And so you could probably do that with the drive stack and the G site.

And you could focus it all around a particular location or city or, you know, county or whatever the case may be. But again, I'm not typically I've not tested any of that because typically what we do is have a drive stack built for a particular location and a particular business, which is usually only focusing on really, you know, one or a couple of closely related services. So yeah, seems like it would work but I don't know for sure. My standard answer for this type of question even in the ROI is reloaded group is going and test it and come back and tell us how it works.

Should You Order Another RYS Stack For High Competitive Keywords?

like Chris up again, he says if you have a high comp, if you have high competition, okay, does it make sense to order another iOS tech for other keywords? That's you for you, Marco.

Marco: No, we're not going to put another hour? Well, no, no, that's not what we teach. I think I think that might got access to the three webinars that I did where you were, you would add depth and breadth to the existing price tag rather than go off-site first. Yeah. If that doesn't push it, then that's when you start going individually.

Bradley: Now, as far as adding to an existing one, we still don't provide that right?

Marco: No, we're not we're not going to do that because it takes as much time to build additional drive stacks as it does the main one. Because of all the internal linking that we do, guys, it's very easy to automate shit and just have a do all of the basic stuff. The difficult thing is the way that we put it all together. So the functions of it like one ecosystem within the Google ecosystem, so that everything pushes on the next thing, and everything powers up to push power to the destination. That's the difficult part. Right? And that's, there's a lot of judgment in that, that Justin and I have implemented, and you can't code judgment into a bot. If someone if anyone said that they can't afford shit. I'll just leave it at that. It's just very difficult to do.

How Do You Restrict Access To A GSite?

All right, Mike Diaz is up it says Hey, guys, first of all, thanks for the great value offer. You're welcome. I've missed the last episodes. for good reason. My business is growing and in part thanks to the ideas and answers you provide here. Well, that's awesome. I would like to plus one that but looks like I'm not trying or something anyways, I can tell you that the key is persistence. Yes, it is, executes and refine, it only takes a few clients to make it worth it. I've just landed a four year deal with a multinational corporation that found us via Google ads. That's great. The thing is, we now need to hire and train new employees. I wanted to develop a basic website with some processes, video and written and exercises before assigning them to any project. But I don't want to make the content publicly available. So is there any platform application you recommend to restrict the access? I saw Google promoting their g sites for training employees, which has great integration, of course, but no chance to password protect it. Any other suggestions? Thanks. . And sorry, for the long intro. Actually, there is with Google Sites, you can actually password Well, what you can do with Google Sites is make a Google Site not a public site. Like that's one of the options in the settings of the Google Site guys, where you can create like, you don't have to make it a public index mobile site, like you can actually restrict access to it and only share it with specific people kind of like you would drive by as far as I know that that that's the case that you can do that I may be wrong but I remember that as Marco. Can you confirm that?

Yeah me that the only people who would then have it because that's how you share folders in Drive. Anyway. Yeah, right. It's through permission says it's the same thing with G sites if it's not public.

Well, I don't know. I'd have to go check in and be sure but I'm pretty sure. Another thing that you can do is just I mean, you can have something on WordPress and use a black hole like we have in where if anyone comes peeking in there that shouldn't be, we just banned the fuck out of them. They just go into a black hole and they can never come back to the website. And there's there's WordPress plugins that you can create membership stuff out of. There's also like a job, there's value add on there's you know, there's a bunch of different membership type sites that you could you know, Click Funnels actually has membership stuff, although those aren't very secure at all. So I mean, there's a lot of different things that you could use as like a membership type site to be able to restrict access. But specifically, I again, I'd have to go look at that, to confirm it, for sure. But I know that one of the settings in a Google site is like, you can share it with people. And that's how you, that's how you actually get it to be published publicly on the web. It may be by default, it's public, but you can go in and pull in and change that to where it's not publicly available on the web and only share access to the site. And that might just be editor access. But anyways, I would check the settings in that in the G sites to see if you can find that option and play with that. But otherwise, yeah, you could use a paid platform or plugin or something like that. For a WordPress site, I mean, okay.

How Do You Deal With Prospects Who Have Unpleasant Experience With SEOs In The Past?

All right. Sophie says, Hey, guys, most of more, excuse me more of a people-oriented question and authentic one, that's fine. Sophie, where you take those two, how do you deal with the prospect has been burned by SEO in the past. I've spoken people who recognize the value of SEO, but they had a bad experience. So they're reluctant to invest again, I've got a solid case study, testimonials, references, etc. But are there any other ideas you guys have for overcoming this attitude? Canada? Yeah, I mean, that's that's typically what the only thing that I do is if I'm, you know, if I'm dealing with somebody that is very resistant, because they've had bad experience in the past, all I can do is point to current examples of results that I have, either through my own lead gen properties, you know, if you can point to results that you have, like available now current results in the same industry, especially, then that helps. But if even if it's in other industries, if you can point to current results that you're able to achieve right now, and you have solid case studies, like you said, testimonials, references and all that. That's all you can do.

And if I mean honestly, that's all I do. I don't want to have to sell them twice, right? Like sell them on the idea that they need SEO and sell, and then have to sell them on why, you know, on my services, they have to understand, you know that that's hard because you got to sell them twice, right? It's twice the effort twice the work and they're usually going to be twice the pain in the ass to as a client. So that's the best that I can suggest some of the others might have a different point of view. But personally, as I said, All I can do is point to what I currently have available. Current case studies or current other projects that I have worked, especially if it's in the same industry, but if not, then I'll just use, you know, others, other projects, references, all of that is available and if they're still not willing, then I would say move on. Let's say you guys, I would just totally agree of if they're being more of a pain in the ass, then it's worth it that that's how it's always going to be it's not going to change. And it's and the only reason that they're that way isn't that they've been burned in the past is because that's the way they are

Marco: Sophie, the money has to be right, first and foremost, for you to put up with this. And second of all, you can just go the paper performance model where you say, Look, I'm going to this is how I do it, I'm going to positively affect your bottom line. And this is how long is it going to take, knowing that I can get results in 30 days or less, because I'm going to run at right. Bradley's again, I always point to Bradley's course the YouTube ads train, which is fucking fabulous. You use that for anything, whether it's local, or just whatever it is that you're doing, to run immediate traffic, Google ads, I Hernandez, a lot of Facebook stuff. And so we know that we can get immediate results. So what you're doing is you're seeing you're setting yourself up. You're telling this guy give me 90 days, and I'll show you that this works. Knowing that within 30 days, you're going to blow this guy socks off because you're going to prove your weightless, so you're under promising and over delivering, and maybe he will be such a pain in the ass in the future, which I doubt, right? Usually, that's just the way they are. But that's the way our I just do pay per performance. You pay me and I work and I get your results, you don't pay me. I'm going to go to your competitor, and I'm going to offer my services for 90 days at half the price.

Because you screwed me and so I'm going to get you back that way by going to your competitor and having your competitor outrank you the guys that you hate the most that is the guy I'm going to pick and I'm gonna go and find out who it is. So you need to, you know, control as many of the assets as you can. This is a fantastic question, by the way, we should have a prize or something for this question. Because it's been a while since we talked about this and and and what you need to do you have everything. Case studies, testimonials reference what ore do you need? Well, you need some assurance. Right? The client does. But so do you, you need to protect yourself because this guy or boat, at any sign of trouble, if they may, he may never be happy, even though you provide results. So there's a lot of ifs in here. And I just think this is a fantastic question. So thank you.

Bradley: Hernan, did you want to chime in?

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean, I think that we all have gone through a difficult type of clients and difficult sales. I just want to piggyback off what you and Mark have said, Would you guys have a lot of experience dealing with clients, we're in a service based industry, so that's normal, you know, even if you're only selling leads, you're still in service based industry. So yeah, I don't like to sell myself twice, either. I think that's a great metaphor. If you need to sell somebody in the benefits of what you're doing, that's probably not a good fit. You always want to be talking with people that are already sold on the benefits that are just like shopping around. So they're already aware that they need your services, but they're shopping around about the best expert. And the only way that I have found that I totally agree with Marco, you should definitely be aware of the red flags and I tend to disqualify more people than I qualify. And just because of the fact that I don't have a big structure. And I only want to work with people that I, you know, that are awesome and that I really love to work with.

So the only that I've, that I found to kind of fight that back as Marco said, like, work by performance, like I don't sign any long contracts at all. I used to I don't, I don't have because if you think about it, you're not the only time the client to work with you for the next three months, you're tying yourself to work with that client for the next three months, you know what I'm saying? And if the guy's a dick, or if that, you know, if your client is not good, I mean, I would rather do something like no harm, no foul. So I would say Hey, why don't you give us a goal over the next 30 days, you know, and we will show you and we you know, and if we're not a good fit, no harm, no foul. And at that point, then you, you, you bring up the big guns, you spend some of the money that the guy has given you, in order to give them quick results. And if you give them quick results, they'll stay forever. Pretty much they'll love you, you know because you're some sort of magician at that point. You know, you're some sort of David Copperfield at that point. So uh, so yeah, I totally agree with what these guys are saying. Just wanted to reiterate that so I'm pretty sure that Adam has something to add to the mix as well.

Adam: So yeah, just real quick, I think everything you guys just said is good. And I was starting to think along the lines and you know, of course, we have MGYB where you can do done for you services and that got me thinking but it should already be a part of everyone's process to you know, have systems have processes to minimize your time. So I kind of went another step and just thinking if this is someone you that isn't sending red flags if it's someone that has come to you but there have some hesitation that you know, kind of like Hernan hinted at I think just this the

leading with something you know you can get results in and maybe it isn't a full on package but you go in there with the one thing you can you know you have down that you can provide results and whether or not it's rankings or more traffic maybe it's just a service but going in with one thing that you know is you're going to manage your expectations you're going to do very well on and then maybe expand from there. So anyway, that's my idea instead of just saying hey, it's got to be all of this stuff and they're not quite sold on it just you know, find out what they want and if it's something you know, you can absolutely deliver on with very little time investment and get a good risk-return for them, then that's kind of a win-win. Yeah,

I agree. Okay, so the next question and we're almost out of time guys. We're going to try to roll through the last few very quickly.

Can MGYB Still Deliver On Verified GMBs?

Joe says can MGYB still deliver on verified GMBs? Things have been crazy. Last week so many services pulled out. Yeah, again, that those The days are numbered. I think currently we still can. Can somebody correct me? are they available right now? He'd have to write support. Okay. Yeah, contact support at And if they're available, yeah, well you know, we'll definitely, you know, I, I kind of pulled back from building new ones because of that reason. So I totally get what you're saying. And you're right. You know, Google has been trying to stop that spamming of GM bees for quite some time and they succeed, and then we find another way, work around and then they succeed and we find another workaround, but it is definitely becoming more difficult. That's why we preached for as long as we did to take advantage of it when it while it was as easy as it was, but we knew there was a shelf life to that. And I think we're, we've approached that time. So yes, believe they are unless we haven't taken them down recently, but yeah, okay.

How Many Embeds Are Too Much Or Too Fast To Point At A YouTube Silo?

Dan says how many embeds are too much and too fast to point at a YouTube siloed? Do you even use embeds to rank videos anymore? Or have you relied more on video ads and drop the best never relax, I still absolutely use embeds. I still use syndication networks for videos too. I use a combination of both it What I'm saying is it works. It works incredibly well. If you're using syndication networks and embeds and backlinks. You can use a combination of all of those and then you throw some traffic at it. Some real traffic, not fake views, but you buy some real valid views directly from Google. So as far as how many are too much and too fast, appointed a YouTube silo. I don't think there's too much or too fast. I made a comment several months ago about embeds and not going overboard because it could be you know, it could

It could look as this look like a spam signal, but I've not seen anything negative happen from it. What I was trying to state was that you know, Google's Google knows where its code is, guys. And if you take a video in an embed code, and you you know, you embed it all over the damn place, I mean thousands of embeds, and there's little to no view activity or engagement with the video. That's a spam signal. I'm not saying it's going to hurt the video. I'm just saying it's not you know, Google's algorithm with rank brain and everything is smart enough to to be able to detect what is valid and what isn't. And you can still brute force a lot of this stuff, guys, you can hammer it and still get results. But what I found is why bother when you can do a handful of high quality embeds and then run a little bit of in when I say embeds, but you can also do backlink stuff or put it through a branded syndication network or a well-themed syndication network doesn't have to be branded, but a well-themed syndication network and

Which is only a handful of properties, and then throw some real valid engagement signals at it that you purchase direct from Google, or from other places I've heard other people doing it with Facebook ads and stuff like that. But I just always bought them directly from Google and YouTube, you know, through the Google Ads platform, and watch how quickly you can get results with a fraction of the embeds and, you know, traditional SEO stuff. So as far as like, if you're not going to run ads to it, or if you've already tried that yet, absolutely continue, you know, embed that stuff. If you can grab the playlist code, the embed code for the playlist and embed that that that works really well because it helps to power up all the videos within the playlist, essentially the silo so you can do a number of those things. But what I'm saying is drive some traffic into it after you've done those or while you're doing those kinds of concurrently and you'll see that you'll get much better results. So yes, absolutely in bed still work, guys. There's no question. It just works better. When you can push engagement at the same time. Does that make sense?

Does A Business' Stars Rating In Google And Yelp Reflect How They Are As A Client?

Okay, Leon says, When you work with a business owner who has two out of five stars rating through Google and Yelp, Does that ever reflect how they are as a client? Would it be best to target businesses with three plus stars? Well, it depends. Everybody's got theirs to, you know, it depends. First of all, you got to have conversations with the client. And find out you got to kind of feel them out. A lot of times you can determine through conversation with a client, whether they're, you know, if they're a shitty type of business person, like if they do things that are questionable, right, you can usually determine that kind of stuff through conversation anyways, like at least I can, and maybe I'm sure most of you can to. My point is sometimes good businesses get targeted by bad people. And like, for example, negative SEO attacks.

Well, there's negative reputation attacks where people will like somebody will a target or attack another business and they'll get multiple bad reputation reviews posted that are spam reviews. So you have to kind of determine whether the gripes that people are, are the bad reviews are valid or not. And if they seem to be valid, like some people had real valid gripes or grievances with the business that were never resolved correctly, then that should be a red flag. Those aren't the type of businesses that I want to work with. However, I have done reputation type work done SEO for companies that have had a questionable reputation online, but come to find out that it was because of something like an ex-employee that did some spamming reviews spamming that kind of stuff, or they were targeted by a competitor or things like that. And so in that case, they need the help and they they're deserving of the help and so

You know, I have actually helped to correct some of those problems in the past. So it really depends on your gut feeling from having conversations with that potential client or that prospect and determining whether if, because here's the thing, sometimes even my good clients will get a bad review. And I tell them, don't take it as something terrible. Take it as an opportunity to improve your product or service. Right, like figure out why you got the bad review. And some people are just assholes, and they're going to leave a shitty review no matter what, and you can't fix that. But sometimes there is a valid concern like an employee did something and screwed up. Well, that should be an opportunity, that bad review is a good way if it wouldn't be for that bad review. How would the business owner know that somebody on staff or downline screwed up? Right, so sometimes those are actually opportunities to improve their products or services improve their business period. So it just really depends on the actual you know, again, you have to feel that out when you're talking with that business owner to find out. Are they valid concerns? Are they getting shitty reviews? Because they're a shitty business? And if that's the case, I wouldn't want to work with them. If there but if they have some reputation, online reputation, things that you know, some negative online reviews and things like that, but they're really good business, then I would still want to work with them. Does that make sense? Anybody else wants to comment on that before I move? we're about done anyways. I think it's good. Okay.

Let's see. I'm going to try to scroll through these last couple real quick I do have to go them My daughter is waiting for me to pick her up. She's, let's see, Leon says our experience is a business with tons of bad ratings granted across more than just Yelp where we see a combo and GMB BBB. Make poor clients. We run like a scalded dog Jordan file. Yeah, Jordan, I agree with you it. But that's basically what I was saying. If they've got multiple bad reviews across multiple platforms

It's typically a shitty business like Jordan Jordan is right then that means like run away because they're, they're not only shitty to their customers and their clients, they'll be shitty to their providers and their vendors as well. So stay away from them. Dan says I wasn't thinking that was that way Marco, but that's a great approach to get the results I'm looking for. Okay. All right, everybody. Thanks for being here. We will see you guys next week. Bye, everybody. See everyone

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Adam: everybody welcomes to Hump Day hangouts Episode 236. The episode where we asked you the questions. Now we'll get to that actually we do have a question for you who are viewing today and if you're watching the replay but first we're going to say hello to everybody. We got everybody here so going to start on the left with Chris How are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Not excited to be back. It's basically winter temperatures here. It snowed again rain. five degrees Celsius.

Adam: Okay, take it you're back in Austria, then you're definitely not.

Chris: Yeah, unfortunately, I'm already making plans to fly back.

Adam: tough, tough or not. Hernan, how are you doing? Are you What are you warm or cold?

Hernan: Now it's cold, man. It's getting chillier, but it's okay. It's a nice time of the season. I am enjoying this and down here in Buenos Aires. I'll be Miami in a couple of weeks. So if you happen to be in the South Florida area, hit me up. Maybe we can grab something to drink or whatever. But yeah, looking good, man. A lot of work but everything is soaking up.

Adam: Cool, cool. Alright, Marco. How about you, man?

Marco: Damn. It's cold today, man. Yeah, it's 72 I'm gonna have to go walk around the corner and come back. If people are flying here and there I don't know. I'll just walk around the corner they'll get better.

Adam: I got sidetracked there. Bradley. How are you doing man?

Bradley: Wayne Clayton says his name Wayne Clayton hashtag stood looking at his comment. That's funny. Anyways, I'm good. Glad to be here. So, not quite as warm as Marco who's saying it's cold. It's freaking cold in Virginia right now. I don't know why it's like 60 degrees. Cool for this time of year. So yeah.

Adam: I'm near San Francisco is supposed to be nice this time of year and we're supposed to get like a month's worth of rain in the next 24 to 48 hours. So that's gonna be nice. Yeah. Yeah, enough of the weather reports. If you're new thanks for holding with us here while we give you a worldwide update on weather conditions. And I want to say, first of all, you're in the right spot. Thanks for checking out Hump Day Hangouts. Whether you're watching us live right now or whether you're catching the replay. This is the place to be you can always go to for that week, Humpday Hangouts, ask your questions. Get them up there ahead of time, it's a first come first serve, we just ask that you try to not ask you know, 10 questions at once just one maybe to let other people go or else we'll kind of have to skip your answers because we can't focus on one person for too long. It just wouldn't be fair.

But secondly, if you're also wondering where to start, grab the Battle Plan. All right, go to I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about it. Just go check it out. You can find out all you want about it. But if you're looking to take things to kind of to the next level as far as either starting or growing your own local digital marketing agency, then you should definitely join our mastermind You can find out more at

For anybody who's looking for premium done for you services, head over to Alright done for you kick ass services. It's the stuff that we use or developed to use in our own businesses. And then, you know, as people wanted them, we put them in there and made them available so others can benefit from it. And I guess now's a good time to ask questions, guys. Should we ask, should we ask the question we were talking about? Yeah. I'll hand it over. I'm gonna let Bradley do this. He seems like he's interested in.

Bradley: The question is, ever since we had to switch to hang out since Google events shut the Google events page is down, which is where we had hosted it for shit three, we're over three years now. Right. We're going on for four years now. Our way? Yeah. It's been a long time since we've been doing this. But yeah, we're like in four and a half years now. We've been doing this and it's only been like three months or so since they shut Google events down. You know, Google Plus down, which is where we were hosting them and we used to have a lot more engagement on our Hump Day Hangouts, that we do now. And it could be because of that stupid, you know, the stupid chat app that we're using now, which was better than the Facebook chat app that got some accounts suspended or whatever locked or that kind of stuff. But we're still trying to work our way through like finding the best place to host these guys. So we want to ask your opinion, those of you that are attending right now, today live, posting that silly 1980s looking chat box that we're using right now, where would you prefer us to host Hump Day hangouts directly on YouTube watch pages? Or should perhaps we try to stream it into Facebook and use our Facebook group, the SEO Marketing tutorials or whatever group and maybe host it there?

You guys let us know because honestly, the attendance rate has gone down and the number of questions has gone down. Ever since we shut Google or Google events shut down. And so we're debating whether we should keep it going or not. certainly, want to I've always enjoyed these, you know, four and a half years into it. I'd hate to give it up. I've really have enjoyed this a lot. But honestly, if we're not going to get the engagement, we're not going to show up and answer three or four questions and shut it down. So we would like to ask you guys for your opinion. Do you think we should try it over on YouTube? Should we maybe try it and Facebook or give us your suggestion? You know, let us know. So with that said,

Adam: and I'm biased, thank you. I believe that's Mike crest. Yeah, that's awesome. Love the 80s if you love the goofy chatbot that's okay, too. Just for an unbiased opinion for me. Okay, cool. Yeah, we'll take everything into account and we'll let everybody now but yeah, we got any other announcements, you guys I think that was everything I had.

Bradley: There's a stuffed animal dog talking. I do like the fact that this chat outlet says meme again though because for a while we couldn't even do that.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, alright, I don't have any specific announcements other than we've got our mastermind webinar tomorrow, one of our newer members, G, he, we're calling you G, by the way from now on, because I'm not sure how to pronounce your name. So we're going to actually dig into a project that he's been asking a bunch of questions about. Marco and I are going to analyze that. And that's something I want to talk about briefly is, you know, that is the value of the mastermind, in my opinion, is coming in and being able to interact with us as well as the other members. It's not just about us, we've got a lot of savvy members in our group and it's the, you know, very active and engaged the Facebook group. So pretty much any kind of question can be asked there and you get a bunch of really good replies back or responses from other successful marketers or that are successful in whatever type of marketing business they're in. It's not just all local SEO stuff. We talk a lot about that. That's primarily because that's what I do. But there are members in our group to do national SEO, some affiliate stuff, you know, all that so and then it's also getting access to us directly, but then on the mastermind webinars we go into in depth into whatever anybody wants to get into, most of the time I do some sort of training. And then before we get into questions and answers, but then when we get it to member questions, we go really in-depth into whatever anybody wants to go into. And there's no holds barred. Like, in other words, we don't, we don't hold anything back.

Like we have to hear in a public setting, right. So, you know, for example, if a member comes in, and they want us to analyze a website, or a specific marketing campaign or something like that is if they're willing to share that they will go you know, deep dive in it, Marco and I really analyze it, pick it apart, in a nice way, kind of point out how it can get better results and that kind of stuff. And that's really where the value comes in, guys, because that's, you know, again, it's about networking with others. Yes, there's a lot of training in the mastermind, yes, you get discounts and things like that, but that's not what the value is, in my opinion. The value is in networking with us and the other members, getting questions answered in almost real time, about pretty much any sort of issue you're having in marketing or business related regardless or outsourcing? Or, I mean, some of our members even asked questions that aren't even marketing or business related. And that's, that's perfectly fine. That's what it's for. So does anybody want to comment on that or any other not yet?

Marco: I'd like to comment on that on one of your comments. You, you're the nice guy. So you will look at a website nicely. But if a width website is crappy, I'm going to tell someone, you your website sucks. Your SEO sucks. I'm a real man, I can't help it. That's just the way I am. I'm going to give it to you. kind of try to shock you into seeing what you're not seeing or what you're avoiding seeing what you're avoiding doing. And that's what this is all about getting real. With people getting past all of that shiny shit that they're fed every day. All of that bullshit, all of that crap that that doesn't work. It's just made, so that so that they will so that people will just spend more money. There's no purpose to it, other than to get the people to fork over more money, more training. That's never really complete. What we try to do is we try to give you the steps, right? That you need to take in order to take your shit to the next level, whatever your shit on it online might be, it could be anything. But guys, please understand that our purpose is to help you.

If you go into our Facebook group into our mastermind, I said, Look going there a month, and see that the value is really in that Facebook group, and being able to ask us all questions and getting an answer almost immediately. If it's the weekend, of course, sometimes, I'm often with family, but someone sometimes jumps in on weekends and ask us questions. So it's not just here that we answer questions, we ask your questions in all of our groups, but mainly our focus is the mastermind. And no matter what your question is, we try to get you an answer. And if we don't know then the answer might just be we don't know. because trust me, I don't know a whole lot of shit. I'm still learning every day. But we do try to come up with an answer.

Or try to steer you in the right direction and we don't have it will tell you, yeah, we will work on it or just give you or send you in the right direction. So that's what I have to say about this.

Bradley: Sweet. Okay, now I got to find the actual questions and comments now.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah, well, I want to say one more thing too because we are using YouTube regardless where, you know, obviously still being broadcast on YouTube. I guess potentially that could change but we're never going to stop putting out content on YouTube. So if you find this useful or you find other video clips, like Anna just said in the comments, you know, she that's part of how she came across us and joined the mastermind and how she got involved with Semantic Mastery and with our community. So if you come across video clips that are useful, or you know that they would be useful to other people, please do us a favor, do them a favor, share it, send them a link and you know, this is part of why we do this we definitely want to help out and it's mutually beneficial. You know, we want people discovered more us more often and we want to help them go out and we can.

Bradley: Sweet. All right, I'm gonna steal the screen. And we're going to get ..

Marco: and Subscribe, subscribe to our YouTube channel. That's another way to help us out and continue this as a free medium.

Bradley: There you go.

How Do You Find The Town Center In Google Maps?

All right. We had one from a few days ago, Cool Cat says how do I figure out the center of my town using Google Maps? As far as I know, if you type in the name of your city, then typically the map pulls up with the city center as the center point of the map. Has that changed? Or is that correct? Marco Do you know?

Marco: As far as I know, that's the way you just type in the city. You can type in the state if there are other cities that are named the same Island because there are in other states. You just type in the city and you should get to the geographical what Google considers the geographical center of the city.

So if I say Culpeper. Yeah. Yeah, so that should be the center of the map here should be what it thinks is the center of Culpeper, in this case, right? As far as I know, that's how it is now, I mean, so you just dropped your pin somewhere like you know, somewhere in there. And usually when you click on it twice, it puts a little great pin maybe you've got a zoom all the way in anyways, typically when you There goes finally there's a little gray pan and there are your geo coordinates now there might be another way to do it you can probably search Google and say how to find city center and probably get an answer so you know when in doubt use Google.

How To Handle A Mass Page Wordpress Site To Rank 10 GMBs Within 30-Mile Radius Of The Centre City?

Alright, so we're gonna move on Dan demand from Canada says hey gents, I didn't have a question about how to handle a mass page WordPress site in relation to 10 gm bees, all in a 30-mile radius of the city of the center city. If I'm working to rank these 10 GMBs all for the same niche, does it make sense to set up city pages? For example, and then point citations to those individual city pages. I was then contemplating directing the city pages to the individual city, GMB assets. thoughts. Good idea. Terrible. Thanks, man. Well, I'm not sure why you would I mean, if you're going to build a page, a location based page for each GMB, I'm not sure why you would redirect it, why wouldn't you just use that location-based GMB or the location-based page as the website, the landing page URL for the GMB asset, see what I'm saying?

Like if you're building I mean, unless it's because it's a mass page site that you're doing that and it's a spammy type looking or you know spamming type site, which most mass page sites are, in which case I wouldn't build citations to that because then what happens if you get that site to deindex which is very likely happened, right? Mass page sites that happen to kind of regularly. And so if you're building citations to that, and then you have to redirect it, what happens if it gets suspended or, you know, deindexed, then you've either got to go clean up. You can still leave it redirected. But now you're redirecting through a potentially, you know, deindex domain penalize domain. So I wouldn't do that. That's why I'm saying if you were going to build citations, I would build citations directly to the GMB assets or set up a domain with subdomains and have a separate subdomain for each location. Because that way, if anyone of those subdomains now you can't do that with them, I mean, I guess you could with a mass page site, but you're trying to do it all on one domain. So location pages, inner pages, but again, I wouldn't do that with the mass page site and build citations to it backlink shore. Because I mean, you know, no big deal but with citations again, if you lose that domain. Now you've got a whole bunch of citations to clean up unless you left the redirect up through a deindex domain, which I wouldn't recommend doing.

So personally, I would not do it that way. I would build everything like if you were going to build out and self-hosted site for each location, I would do it on subdomains or not use a Mass Page Builder is what I'm saying, you guys, there's nothing wrong with creating location pages and having inner pages for multiple locations. When you're building something out like this, the problem occurs is if you're you've got spam, the map addresses number one, and number two, if you're doing something spammy to the domain, but if you're keeping the domain clean, which is what we teach, right, I mean, we really do we teach about keeping the primary domain clean, building your tier one assets out and you know, especially the way that we build them out syndication networks to drive stacks using press releases, citations also count, you know, all of that stuff, then you can do all your spammy stuff up to that and keep your main your primary domain, clean Gsites. That's a big part of it. What I'm saying is you can build the inner location pages and it's not going to be an issue, as long as you're not doing anything spammy. Now, again, I want to say this with the caveat, if you are using GMBs that are spammed addresses, there's always that chance that they get suspended because they're not real physical locations. So in that case, I wouldn't want to have all of them necessarily associated with a money site domain, as opposed to if you can still do it, but I would recommend doing it through a subdomain. Even if it was just a redirect to like the GMB website URL. Right. So that's, you know, whatever your business site, GMB website, right, you can still use a branded domain in that case and set up a sub domain redirect for each one of those to just redirect. I've got several projects like that where I'm using a branded domain. Can you guys still hear me?

Marco: Yeah

This Stuff Works
Bradley: okay because it looks like a reset on me where I'm using a branded domain, but I use a subdomain with the city name for each different location and the subdomain redirects to the GMB website like for a lot of my multi-location sites, guys, I got rid of the self hosted WordPress sites for my lead gen stuff especially because it's just an additional management piece of, you know, something else that I have to manage and update regularly. You guys know how much WordPress updates and I just got tired of doing it and it's really unnecessary because we're able to get results with just GMB stuff right? So for that I've actually redirected I've eliminated a lot of my WordPress sites now and I just have GMB. Excuse me subdomains redirecting to the GMB website. So anyway, hopefully, that makes sense. I'm not a mass page fan builder or fan fanboy. Do you know what I'm saying? I don't like those, just because they, they tend to get indexed. And it's a lot of work and I've never had really good results with it unless I continually build sites that get taken down.

So I can't really give you the best advice on that. I certainly wouldn't build citations to a mass index or mass, a mass page type site. Any comments on that?

Marco: No, I don't have any because I don't use math page builder.

How To Embed A GMB Post Into A GSite?

Bradley: Yeah. Fitz, what's up a fence? He says, Is there a way to embed a GMB post into a G site? Not that I'm aware of it because Marco would be able to answer that, but as far as I know, GMB posts cannot be iframe, correct?

Marco: Yes, they can.

Bradley: They can. Really? Okay.

Marco: Yeah, yeah, they can. Okay, forgive me then. I was wrong. Alright, so there you go, Fitz. Have you tried using just an iframe generator, and with the GMB post URLs or something secretive that we can't talk about here?

Marco: No. I mean it's just a straight iframe, like YouTube and or anything else? Okay, the iframe code and I was just playing with a day the other day so I'm pretty sure I'll go back on look at my notes, but I'm pretty sure that it's one of the ones that I tried and yes, you can.

Bradley: Okay. So there you go try it fits use the iframe generator, which is right there. And check it out. So it looks like Scott already answered it. Sorry, I didn't even see that Scott till just now. So it looks like you can and Scott is confirming that huh? Okay, cool. Thanks, Scott. Appreciate that Scott Walker somebody. So he's saying go into GMB site and get the URL for the post will be saved individually and have a URL like yes, it's those long funky URL, place the URL and the iframe generator, right. Create the iframe use classic Google sites to embed the iframe insert HTML. There you go. That's Yeah, you can insert the HTML as an element in the classic G sites. So cool. It does actually do that. That's cool. I didn't but you can.

Marco: You can also iframe it into the new Gsites.

Bradley: Can you? I've never done any work in the new g sites on

Marco: There's an embed in the menu. Well, somebody's coming through.

Bradley: I was watching soccer or something?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. But anyway, yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure it is. Post the GMB site and it both on new and classic. Oh, there you go.

Mike, Chris says he doesn't miss the old way he hated his g sweet account. Okay. James, wherever we end up saying he can't do means on YouTube comments so so might have to be in Facebook.

Will You Still Upload Video To YouTube If You Host It On A Facebook Page?

If you host it on the Facebook page, we still upload videos to YouTube? Yes, BJ. And what I meant was if we host it on Facebook will stream it into Facebook. It'll still be primarily through YouTube, or through perhaps zoom Mark has been pushing us to do that for quite some time. I didn't want to get away from YouTube, but we can also use like something like OBS to stream from YouTube into Facebook simultaneously. Right? So yeah, that too. So should we do? Yeah, I mean YouTube is where we get most you know, we've got you to know close to 7000 subscribers in there and it's just it's we got a ton of content in there so I'm not going to get away from that. I wish I could Can I delete that this is terrible. Unbelievable unit towards these guys I want you to look.

Alright. Alright, next. Ready, let's add them. Is this the end of Hump Day? Anna says no, not yet. No. We just got to change it to a platform where we get more engagement. Don says he's okay with this chat format. I would just like to keep the hump day hangouts going. Well, thanks, John. We appreciate that. I'd love to keep them going as well. I just get notified to join and it was difficult to even find this.

If you're subscribed to our channel, you should get notifications in Gmail, if you're using Gmail and the social tab as well as if you're in YouTube, it should give you a notification at the top all that kind of stuff. Here we also send out emails By the way, Adam does every 30 minutes or 30 minutes before Hump Day Hangouts. If you're on our list, you should get an email to. Okay, keep on moving. Adam. Wayne says okay, Wayne is talking about Adams Facebook group that he has called the real world productivity growth group. Yeah, Adam does get a lot of cool stuff in there, guys. If you want to learn how to be more productive, get automate stuff, you know, make your life easier using apps and Zapier and slack. Can you tell if you want to go check out Adams group, Adam that I do outsell that probably not

Adam: my skin? Yeah, if anybody's interested in that stuff if that's your jam, or you want to make things easier on yourself, whether it's just productivity, time management, automate all that sort of stuff then that's a place to be. If that stuff makes you want to cry, then don't join the group that's not the place for you

Any Recommended Tips To Rank Or Push Power To GStacks?

All right, here's a real question from Mike crest. He says having problems getting my G stacks to rank or pushes power, follows the plan, hit links, embeds, PBNs, added content increase the depth and pages just finding they don't push I know the market will likely hammer me. But these are built by you guys any tips or tricks to make these push? Well, I'm going to jump on that briefly before Marco goes off on a tangent on a rant. But honestly, I don't expect my drive stack files to rank it all just so you guys know what my expectation is when I'm using drive stacks, which I'm using it for everything now as well, for even quite some time. I didn't use them on everything but I am now because what I but I don't expect the files that drive stack files to rank at all what I expect them to rank is what I'm linking to, like, for example, could be a G site, or could be a money site or could be a number of tier one properties that I'm trying to rank. And I've got a new business that I just started recently that I'm going to be talking about a lot in the mastermind over the next few weeks, or coming months really, because it's, it's starting to do really well for me. And I just set up a Click Funnels page, a landing page. And it was interesting because, and I talked about this in the Syndication Academy update webinar that was also like the MGYB webinar that we did a few weeks ago where we were talking about the why syndication networks are every bit as powerful now in 2019, as they were before. The way that the power has shifted away from just doing posting and syndicating, which is still certainly helpful is that they help to validate and solidify an entity. And I proved that with this new business, this new website and I just bought a branded domain. I created a new name for this business. And there but apparently that that business name, it's similar to several other types of businesses. So it wasn't 100% unique. It is unique but it was very similar to several other businesses with a similar name, excuse me.

And so anyway, I set up a Click Funnels landing page, I flesh that page out Well, it's got content on it questions and answers and things like that, but it's just a single page, Click Funnels website, essentially. And it was when I would do a search for that company name. It was, you know, that the, which was my title tag essentially along with a couple of keywords. For the first three weeks or so, it would hover on like page three and page for like, that's where that would and that was just for doing a brand name search for this new business that I set up. But then when I got the syndication network, I hired one of our syndication network builders outside of his normal job duties to do this because he asked for some extra hours to make some extra money. So I hired him outside of that to do that for me. And you know, a couple of days later, I got this syndication network back and I think you delivered to me on a Friday and on Monday I went and just did another brand search and boom, that Click Funnels page was number one now, that was syndication networks. But the reason why I'm telling you that was because and that was without posting any content, guys no syndicating of any content. It's a Click Funnels page. I can't even syndicate content to the syndication network from Click Funnels. I did create a WordPress blog on a subdomain. But all I did was published one post and that was after it had already pushed the brand search to the Click Funnels page to the number one position for that brand search term. Now that said, I mentioned just a moment ago and the title tag, I had a couple of keywords. Now, this is not an Uber competitive market. But there are a few Pete players in this market that are savvy and doing SEO work as well as some PPC stuff. And the primary keywords that I'm targeting are in the title tag of that Click Funnels page, but the page itself isn't really optimized for those keywords. Well, I had the same builder that I hired to do to build a syndication network. I had him build a drive stack. He was actually in training to build drive stacks. And so I gave him that project for this particular new business to build a drive stack now that was about three weeks ago and now without doing any additional SEO work I think I've published one press release but just the drive stack alone has now pushed that page that Click Funnels page to page one and it bounces between the bottom of page one and the top of page two right now for the primary keyword phrases which is great and guys I'm telling you I haven't done anything differently so it does provide a push and I haven't even hit that drive stack with backlinks yet. So it does absolutely provide a push if you're in a significantly competitive market it's obviously going to require more plus sometimes depending on the level what market it is what keywords the competition level there's a lot of variables but sometimes they take longer to take effect and others with that said I'm gonna turn it over to Marco.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, there's no reason for me to go off on this if you got one of our RYS done for you start. Now he also says that he added depth as far as pages. Was that done also in the drive stack? How did you do it? Was that done according to the training? And if you're in the training, then this is a better question to ask me in RYS Academy Reloaded. So you can cash in your 30-minute coupon with me, so that we can go over the drive stack and all of the things that you've done. Now, without proper context, I can't say what the problem is and why it's not pushing power. Now, what was the timeframe in which this was done? Is it still dancing? Because a lot of times, you just have to be patient 21 days have to clear from the lab, whatever it was that you did from when you hit it with links. If you did an embed run, then it's 21 days from that. And if you did it too quickly, over and over, then it's just dancing until it settles like Bradley said it could take a while for it to just finish being wherever it is that it's going to end up. Now. This is out of context for me because I don't know. Like the drive stack is always done. The same way for everyone. But outside of that, what you did, I can't account for my guys did. And I can go and look at it and say, Okay, this was either not done right or it was done right. Oh, and whatever it was that you did on the inside of it is not having the effect that it should be cut. But without being able to look at what you did. I can't really answer this come hit me up in RYS Academy Facebook group. And I'll be happy to answer this and to take half an hour with you and go over it and see what it is that stopping the power from flowing.

Bradley: There you go. That's hard. That's hard to pass that up, man. So I mean, that's how much Marco believes in the fact that they work because he'll give up a half an hour of his time to analyze what it is and provide suggestions that kind of stuff and, and I agree it's crazy because you know, sometimes when, you know I don't see the power of drive stacks on a regular basis and unless I'm monitoring it closely, in other words, like if I got a client and I get I just got, I picked up two new clients over the last month or so. And, you know, standard operating procedure syndication network, then a drive stack, but we're doing press releases. So we're kind of doing all these things all at once. But this new business that I started, I'm just doing things kind of slowly, because it's, you know, it's not, I'm just not hitting it really hard with everything. And I'm seeing the effects of the various things. As I said, the syndication network, made it pop to number one position for the brand search. I know that's not Uber competitive. It was a brand search phrase, you know, like a branded name. But it was interesting to see it jumped three pages just from a syndication network without publishing any content to it. Right. Then now the primary keywords that it's targeting, and it's not an SEO page, guys, it's just a landing, I'm driving traffic to it via other methods. I wasn't planning on it being an SEO type thing yet at least. And just having a drive stack bill in about three weeks time, two to three weeks time. I've actually seen a significant push that and I did a press release too. But again, it's interesting to see that kind of result from these things when you're monitoring it that closely. When you're doing them all the time for multiple clients and that kind of stuff. It's not something that I typically monitor especially when you're hitting up the assets with multiple multiple angles like multiple SEO angles, you know, it's kind of hard to at that point isolate What did what, but we know that it works otherwise we wouldn't keep using it. So

How To Regain Access To A Locked Facebook Account?

okay, cool. A grant says, oh, Grant seven hard time getting back into Facebook. Yeah, I don't know. What's going on with that grant. I'm not sure that that was caused from us specifically, but there was or from the chat app but there was we had the Facebook chat up I think we did it for two weeks and one week it just like caused a lot like some accounts to get locked mine too. And what's crazy is guys, this makes makes a good point to talk about why you shouldn't friend people on Facebook that you don't know that you don't really know because one of the things that they do is make you identify photos from friends, Facebook feeds and like who the people are in the photos and that was like I was like Oh shit, like I don't friend I get a ton of friend requests on Facebook that I just never accept and it's because if I don't know you I'm not going to accept your friend request for the most part.

And so you know, some in that verification process some of the photos were from people that apparently aren't on my friends' list that I really don't know. And so I was thinking Oh shit, I'm going to screw this up like I'm not gonna because you only get to fail I think two or three times before permanently or locks you out to where you have to you know another level of security to get back in anyway, I was fortunate enough to be able to get through but goes to show you don't friend people you don't know because it could keep you prevent you from getting access.

Let's see. Alright, what's next? 56k modem firing up. Oh, wow. Okay, Stoke jellyfish mastermind subgroup we're going to take over the world everyone should be extremely jealous. Okay, cool. That must be one of the mastermind subgroups who named a jellyfish

Adam: huh oh, that's why we just name it different animals and stuff each time to make them easy to deal with.

Adam: This is actually a cool point I want to tell people about this. I know we mentioned it before, but this is something we do for the mastermind members, you know, there's a lot of power in the network and in the group and being a part of a big group like that and having peers as well as access to us. But also there's power in meeting in a small group, you know, and so we put people to group if they want to, once a quarter we group people up in groups of like four to six so that they can meet up you know, give loose instructions, here's how it's a good way to do this. And then you really get that quick feedback, you can do hot seats, you can do all sorts of stuff from the people that you're in there with and then on a really more hesitate to use it but on a more intimate level if you will. So it's a really powerful way to even get more out of the mastermind.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. It's about networking. So my Chris says to me Maybe I need to hit the folders instead of the G site. I would agree with that. We say, Marco.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Dadea, it takes care of link building. So I don't, I'll say I don't know. Because whatever, whenever I do something, I just tell daddy, I need link building. And then he says, Okay, give me the main URLs and 300 or so keywords to go with it. And that totally needs then he goes in and finds everything else. So I don't know it could be. But again, I'm not sure I don't know how your inner folders and files were done. Because I know that my people didn't do those as well without knowing that, without seeing that I can't help you. Yeah.

Bradley: Very good guys. Any other questions? Otherwise, we can wrap it up early. Be a short Humpday Hangout.

Marco: And just for Anna. It's not that I try to swear. Whenever I talk. It's kind of just comes out. Must be the sailor in me. Sorry if I offend anyone. Fuck you anyway.

Bradley: That's right. That's right. Okay, well, it looks like unless we got something else we want to train about right now. Anybody? We can wrap it up a little bit early today.

Hernan: We're good.

Adam: get time to hit the trails.

Bradley: You're gonna go in the woods.

Adam: Yeah, gotta go for a run.

Bradley: You know, that's code for right.

Adam: running long distances.

Bradley: Yeah, no that's cool.

Oh, here comes I have a question, guys. Yeah, G is away, buddy. We're going to analyze your stuff tomorrow on the mastermind webinar. We're going to get into that deep so let's see what he says. I would love to talk about niches sometimes Anna says.

Do You Wait 21 Days Before Doing Another Link Building?

BJ after you do the link building Do you wait 21 days before doing another link code? I mean, I don't wait like a specific amount of time. I just wait to see what kind of results comes from it. And I don't usually stack link building campaigns three weeks apart like that, you know, usually, it's usually longer for me, like I'll hit something with links and you know, typically I'll have a Rank Tracker or something that's kind of monitoring that and I'll just check on it every you know, every few days or every couple of weeks and check to see what kind of push it is and but you remember I'm I don't just do link building. I think that's very, very powerful. But you know, we press releases and content marketing And oh, by the way, somebody asked questions about citations and I didn't answer that. So forgive me on that. Son guest says are local citations still relevant? GMB is dominating now. So how much does impact how much does it still impact rankings worth working through all the Citations Sources like Yelp Yelp page citations is still important if you've got a valid business address, I recommend building citations if it's a spam to business you know I for like lead gen stuff if you're getting, for example, would lead gen stuff if you're if you go out and get an actual physical address like a PO Box right? You use the street addressing option, then you can still get away with building citations because you can list the street address right the street address plus the number sign and in the box number, and that still works perfectly well. If you're buying a verified GMB, which is an essentially it's a spam address somewhere. I don't recommend building citations in that in that situation or that scenario and the reason why is because if it was an address that was pulled from somebody's house, which I hope people aren't building them that way, then you could literally be starting start getting marketing mail sent to somebody's house, a lot of the times those addresses are going to be spam from a commercial location. Once again, now those it'll start they'll start getting solicitation mail like physical mail with that company's name on it because now like if you start building citations and Yellow Pages and things like that you get put on the company gets put on mailing lists, and now direct mail spam direct mail solicitation offers will start getting sent there.

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Credit Card off, like a business credit card, offers all kinds of stuff. You can get reported that way by the recipient of those that mail right because it's going to have some other companies address on there. So I don't recommend that. Also, I don't like to publish the address. One of the other questions we had recently was if you're high if the service area business and you're hiding your business address and the GMB which you should ask for Google's Terms of Service for service area business. Should you go out and build all the citations without the street address? Well, there are only a few platforms that I know of that will allow you to do that. Most platforms to build a citation unless it's changed recently because I don't build my own citations anymore. I haven't for the longest time, you know, we hire that out. But for the longest time, I know that most platforms would require a street address, or else it wouldn't allow you to add a citation to their platform, right.

So again, for NAP stuff for area businesses. If it's a spam address, I don't recommend building citations. I'll do everything else but citations. But if you have a valid business address or you go get like a PO Box where you have a physical place to send mail that you can go collect, then yeah, absolutely, they're still effective, there's no doubt they're still effective. I still use them all the time for clients and everything else.

Marco: I would also add that if you can get hyper-local citations, those are really effective. And everywhere you're looking at the greater picture wherein the semantic where we all we always have to think the entity. It's just another way to validate your entity you. It's your presence in all of these places. It's placed where you've taken the time to go and get that citation to get it done properly. So that you know the more powerful ones like Yelp, those could become part of your same math. And it just adds validity to your entity and I got it guys we did the webinar. Not too long ago right for MGYB Syndication Academy where we talked about ads, I can't emphasize it enough how important it is. And that and one of the reasons why RYS Academy Reloaded the RYS text works so well, is because we focus on the entity right from the beginning. And we push power to the entity so that we go after what I call the end game.

Bradley: I suggest for those of you who didn't get a chance to see it, I mean, you should go, do we have it on MGYB? Do we have the URL, because I think people should go and watch that all day down to our YouTube channel, as well as on MGYB store on the webinar page now, which is that isn't that in the header in the navigation menu now?

Marco: where it should be? So just to drive this into people's head over and over whenever you start working on anything, even if it's fake, you have to make it look as real as possible to Google that there is a thing on the web, and that this thing has some kind of validity. And we talked about the different ways to validate your entity.

Bradley: So just to talk about since you know, we've got time, let's do this, we still got 20 minutes and it looks like some more questions popped up. But let's talk about this very specifically because you mentioned hyper-local citations. So what I want to do is kind of demonstrate here how to get how to find those. Now if you can hire a lot of citation building services that will do this now a marketer center is a pretty good spot to get some of these they'll it's still kind of automated if you want to. I mean, they have like, you know, lists that they build from. I think the best citation building service available is Logan x. There's no doubt it but it's more expensive. You're going to pay more for it, but it's a really good service because they build structured citations and unstructured citations, social citations, document citations, video citations, audio citations, all of those and then they hit all of them with backlinks. Like they automatically build backlinks to the citations as part of the service. They've got a monthly citation bonus service 150 bucks a month. For clients, it's an almost standard operating procedure for me, because it's just really good service. And if they do really, really well, they perform well as, but for hyperlocal citations, I'm just going to use this as an example. I think we're using plumber Fairfax, a couple of weeks ago for an example.

So one of the ways to get hyper-local citations is well one is to take a look at competitors. So like, let's say that John C Flood was, which is the plumber site that we're looking at was a client of mine, okay, or, you know, a lead gen project, whatever. Let's just say that that was the case. One of the things you can do is take a look at the top-ranked, and he's doing well organically at least. Maybe not so much in maps, but he's doing well for organics, but maybe look at FJ hooks plumbing is number one in maps and put that into a notepad file, right so I'm just going to say hooks, plumbing, Inc. And then I always use this is the way that you can do these guys use to have three data points for NAP to have it doesn't matter which two but I typically use the company name and the phone number. Okay? So in this case, it's going to be 783-591-1284.

Okay, do that for each one of the, you know, top five or so. So it would be FJ Hooks Long's Corporation, I think that's the example we were looking at a couple of weeks ago, calories, plumbing, home service doctors in my plumber, heating, cooling and electrical, right, so I would take the top five, I would copy down or jot into a notepad file or an Excel sheet or something like that Google Sheet, whatever their company name as it's listed in the NA and the Google Maps, right, and then also their phone number. That's typically the two data points that I'll pull, right and I'll copy that and I'll just go over to Google and I'll do a search. Okay. And then what I'll do this. And again, you can train to be able to do these guys is go through really, all you need to do is go through like the top two pages and copy the URLs or at least note, you don't need to copy the URLs for them, your competitors or whatever. But in this case, this is the top level, the one and number, the number one position in maps. So go through and take a look Manta, I'd put Manta in the spreadsheet. So if you got a spreadsheet or a notepad file doesn't matter, I just put Manta com, Yelp, Okay, Facebook, we know that's a big one that's a branded profile. Anyways, MapQuest. which is interesting. I've not seen that before. Angie's List com white pages. So you guys get the idea. I would go through the top two for every single one of the the the top five listed maps, compete for your competitors that are listed in the top five in maps, right and if you're in the top five, then you know you're going to select the top five plus, you know besides yours.

So what I'm saying is if you're in the top five, then you know, you're going to select maybe one, two, and in four or five and six or something like that my point is to get the top five competitors compared to where you are, and then copy their name and their phone number down and just do a search a simple Google search. And again, he can have a VA do this and go figure out just make a list of the top level citation directories for those companies specific to that area. Does that make sense? That's one of the ways to get the best performing citations for your specific area.

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Guys, there are niche directories like plumbing directories in this case. And then there are our business national business directories which are like Yelp and Manta, for example, and Angie's List would be another one. But then there's hyperlocal citations and want to walk through a quick example of that too. But regardless of the different types of directories again, national which are common, that's what we see the most, Niche directories which are powerful because they're topically relevant, right. And then there's a, there are local citations that are going to be common to specific areas. In other words, there will be certain citations that are going to show up repeatedly for Fairfax plumbers or plumbers in Fairfax, that I could go to Richmond, Virginia, which is, I don't know, 90-100 miles away. And they're going to be a different set of common citation or business directory type sites that are common down there. So what I'm saying is, every area is slightly different. That's why you can't just have a master list and expect that master list to perform the same across all different niches and all different locations. That's why it's very simple.

When you go to Google and you use Google to determine that again, you can have a VA do it take the top five, do it search for their name and address or name and phone number, I'd use name and phone number and then just write down or, you know, put into a notepad file right in the Excel sheet, the business directory domains that are in the top two pages for each one of those five, right? And then you can, you know, you'll see commonalities, the ones that are common across all of those are across all five, which you'll see some of those, those are going to be your most powerful citation sources. So make sure you're listed on that, then to Marco's point to go hyperlocal, what you would want to do in this case, also you can go remember as I said, niche directories right so you could type into just do a Google search and say plumbing directory, right? And I misspelled plumbing but plumbing directory right and you go right through here and okay home advisor you know, I don't like home advisor but my zip plumbers. com that's a local plumbing directory, local, that's a national directory, but they have a plumbing category, obviously, the plumbing right. So national plumbers so this is how you very easily just put in your service, your keyword, whatever directory and now you've got niche directories those are more powerful than just plain national directories right because they're topically relevant. All right.

Now lastly, for getting hyper-local citations in this case, we're going to say Fairfax County. Business Directory, right? Boom right there. Web NoVa chamber org business directory. That's Nova stands for Northern Virginia. Discover Fairfax, VA. com business directory, Fairfax County, EDA or Economic Development Authority, get your business listed there are your clients business listed there, right. A liable Fairfax business right. Find out how you get listed on the Fairfax County. That's the official Fairfax County government website, guys. You can get listed there find out sometimes they're paid listings, who cares? It's it's not usually very expensive. And it's worth it because these are what Marco just mentioned are hyper-local citations. They're very powerful. And it doesn't just have to stop with business directories, you could put Fairfax County blogs, right? Because a lot of times you can actually get listed on Fairfax County blogs guys, it sometimes it just requires outreach to the, you know, the blog owners and maybe you have a press release written or something like that and you reach out. And again, you don't have to do this, you can hire people to do this and have them reach out to them because guys, these are all local blogs now talking about events and activities, and, you know, places to go, and products and services and all of that kind of stuff that is hyper-local, local to this area. Those types of links are so much more powerful than links that anybody can get from anywhere from like national directories if that makes sense. Because Google understands there's that geographic relationship. There's that geographic relevancy, and it's so much more powerful. And so again, these are all kinds of thing. I mean, there's a ton of them that just popped up right here, right that you could potentially get listed on Fairfax County, let's say newspaper that a lot of the times there's business directories there, and you could put online newspapers, things like that. But a lot of times there's classifieds. And you can get, those are powerful citations, you can run little classified online classified ads that will give you a link from those local newspaper and online newspapers. Again, very, very powerful.

Something like Topix. Topix that we used to hack these long years ago. If you guys are familiar with Topix, there's Fairfax, that's like a forum. And there's, there's a local location forum, like there, this site is siloed. Well, and it's got forums specific to locations and you can actually kind of there's this requires like some social engineering stuff, but you can actually go in and start a thread and at like with, you know, a profile you want to use multiple profiles with multiple IPS but most of you have that kind of stuff anyway, but you can go in and register and ask a question like and start a new thread in the fair in this case, like the Fairfax County topics category. And there's a lot of traffic and traction in there, guys. And it's very, very powerful. And you can start a thread and say something like, Hey, I just moved into the area. And I really need a good plumber in Fairfax, work your keywords into the question, any recommendations, right and leave it like that and then login with another account that under a different IP that you may have answered, you may have commented on some other threads within that same category, the same Fairfax category, so that you're not just posting a link because a lot of times in these types of forums that if you if you're new and you post a link, your comment will get moderated out. So if you season one of those accounts to where you can, you know, you created some comments again, guys, you can hire all this stuff out you can train a staff member or VA to do this kind of stuff for you. But if you season an account that so that you get past that threshold to where you can drop a link, then you use that profile to go in and answer that question from the other profile Hey, I just moved in the area, I'm really looking for a good plumber in Fairfax. And now you drop. The first comment underneath that is, hey, here's a great plumber. It's what was the one that I was saying was my business FJ hooks plumbing, Inc, they're located in Fairfax, here's their phone number. Here's their website URL. Now that's a citation from a very powerful Local Business Forum. With it now being the first comment in a new thread and other people will come in and chime in on that thread. And that social engagement, other people commenting on that actually pushes more power into that particular thread and makes that citation even more powerful. That's very, very powerful. Most people don't do that because it's not as easy as just going and hiring a citation building service. It requires manual work, but if you want really good results, that's how you do it. I mean, and again, guys, you can train a VA to do this stuff. It's not something that you can find in a service online typically, but you can train a VA to do this stuff for you and you're going to get much better results. Okay. So hopefully that was helpful. See, we can do this on Hump Day hang out sometimes. That's usually what we do in our paid groups, right? Go into training.

What Will Happen If IFrame A Good Content From A Money Site To An Exact Match Domain?

Alright, Ji says, what if I iframe a piece of good content from my money site to an exact match domain? So you mean buying exact match domain and just put iframe a piece of content into that? I mean, sure, but you can do that with the G site. I'm not I mean, I don't know why you get more power out of doing it from an Amazon s3 hosted page or a G site than you would from bindings an exact match domain that has no inherent authority. Right? Because you can build keyword relevancy from putting content around the iframe is my point. So why not use something that has massive authority already, like a Google site, which is on the Google domain, or an Amazon s3 page write an HTML page that's ham hosted on Amazon bucket now you're you're you're siphoning authority from Amazon, right you can create the relevancy what you don't need the exact match keyword in the domain, you can create the relevancy from the content, the text around the iframe, and in the metadata and in the Jason structure, you know, the LD structured data, all of that. So,

This Stuff Works
I mean, I get where you're going with that, Jay, but that's not, you know, I think you go about it better than going out and buying an exact match domain that as essentially starting from zero, you'd have to build some authority to that. And I just go ahead and use what's available to us for free, right. So the exact mastermind only has an iframe from my money site and that and I link a spam GMB to the exact match domain. I'm not sure what you mean on that. A spam Google My Business. So you're talking about like, building like lead gen GMB assets, you link that to your exact match domain. Oh, I see what you're saying. So you're talking about if you're going to build additional GMBs, and you iframe with a different domain and exact to match them. And that becomes your landing page. But really it's a page on your web, your primary website that's just iframe into it. I don't know. I, I don't know. I don't know if I would do that. Marco, what do you think about that?

Marco: Whenever someone asked me what if questions, I say, test it, and let me know what happens. Yeah. Because I can't tell you what if on every scenario that I haven't tried, but what I meant by when I was asking, what do you think about that, as I'm not sure that I would want to iframe a money site page into a domain? That was it. That was only set up as a spam GMB asset with just my money site. I framed and knew it as the landing page like in other words, I don't know if that could cause any negativity. If Google terminated that, you know, I would say on that if it's going to have a TMP and he's going to take the time to work on the entity power up the entity. It could work but I would as you said, I spend my resources my time and my money on just getting the power from a D site where you know, you can't harm your money site, because Google will just won't pass a penalty though. Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. I'm not sure that I would do that I mark is right. I would recommend if you wanted to try that you'd have to test it. I can't we can't speculate on what would happen. I mean, I personally wouldn't want to do that because it doesn't to me. As I said, I'd rather I guys, you could even use a Google site is your domain, your website URL for GMB? You know, you can do that. There's I've never seen it not happen. You know what I'm saying? So why not just use that right? You can create a Google site and flesh that out a bit and make that the website of the GMB. That makes sense. You still want to create the GSB website and put that in the appointment URL. You know, you can that's what I've been doing. So he says, What can I expect Google picks up the content starts to rank for the exact match again. I don't know how that would treat this G. We haven't tested that. And so, you know, it would be speculation so I don't know. I honestly don't know. So,

How Quickly Can You Livestream Videos To A Channel Connected To A 4-Ring IFTTT Network?

Dan, the man says, or Dan Damman How quickly can you last new videos to a channel connected to a four ring IFTTT network so as to not go too fast and destroy the syndication network effective. I mean, you can live stream whenever if you're talking about, you know, publishing multiple, like, for example, just using it as a spam channel where but it uses live streams as opposed to uploading.

If it's a seasoned network, it can you what I mean by that is if it's got some age to it, and you've slowly, you know, started posting to it, and then slowly ramped up the speed with which you post with the velocity, whatever you want to call it, the frequency of posting, then a lot of times it'll it'll be okay. But if it's a new network, a newer network, and you start posting, you know, multiple times per day. Especially if they're spammy videos with similar content, that kind of stuff, then you know, you can get a lot of your network properties terminated. So that's why, as I said, I, you know, in my opinion, you're better off doing that, if you're going to do that kind of stuff that you're, you know, you don't.

A lot of times you don't need syndication networks, if you're going to do that type of, I don't know what kind of a strategy you're asking about specifically, I'm only making assumptions here. But a lot of times you can get results with YouTube spam stuff, by just using multiple accounts, YouTube accounts that don't even need syndication networks. Why not? If I'm going to take the time to build or you know, purchase, you know, spend money or whatever on syndication networks for YouTube syndication stuff, I'm going to try to keep them around not spam them to death. Right. And so typically, the videos are going to be a better quality it's not going to be the same video just spun. You know what I mean? Like to change the video encoding and that stuff and continually repeating publishing the same damn video. I've seen that too much. Guys, and that shit used to work years ago. And I guess you can still get some results from that. But most people, you know, don't react to those kinds of videos. And honestly, a lot of the syndication network sites and stuff will actually terminate, because they detect those as spam. So I would recommend if you're going to take the time to build networks out or purchase networks, which is what we recommend, and certainly, that you would try to keep your channel and the content good enough to where that's not a date, you're not in danger of doing that. So if you're actually doing real live streams, then I wouldn't worry about it at all, because they're all going to be real and unique. They're not spammy. But if you're just using live streams, and you're basically mass, you know, duplicating a video and constantly re-streaming it to a channel or uploading it to a channel that's connected to syndication networks, you're in danger of getting those terminated. Okay, especially if it's brand new.

We got more questions and we can answer now so we almost shut it down. And at the very last minute when we almost took it from you guys, you posted a shit ton questions that now can't be answered.

So next time post early guys. We're going to wrap it up. I've gotta run guys. My daughter's got a softball game tonight I gotta go to so unfortunately, that's gonna be it for today. So thanks for your extra engagement. We needed it guys we appreciate that. Thanks, guys for sticking around.

Bye, everyone.

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Twitter Embed Code Not Displaying Properly In GSite

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 232

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 232 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at



Hernan: Hey, everybody, welcome to Hump Day hangouts episode hold on episode 232 My name is Adam Moody. I'm reading the script that has just said and it's pretty cool to have you guys here. Today's the 17th of April and this is looking good. So I'm just going to go and you know in honor to or beloved Adam and Secretary which will be going to be missing on this episode. I'm going to be saying hi to everyone on the list as I see them. What's up, Marco?

Marco: Oh, I'm first Holy fuck the Latinos first today.

Hernan: Yeah, man.

Marco: We always end up in the back of the bus, but here I am, man. I got a little bit of a cold but I'm still enjoying the beautiful weather. So that's life. You know, life sucks sometimes. Yeah.

Hernan: How about you Bradley? How's everything man?

Bradley: I'm happy man I'm happy to be here. Things are good. So yeah, we got a very few questions on the new chat app guys we really apologize about that piece of shit Facebook app that we had on here for two weeks and it got every everybody that commented last week apparently got their Facebook account locked. It was nuts. And anyway, I apologize for that we had no idea was going to be like that I got my I got locked out of my account, or non did Marco did. Several of our mastermind members. It was Wow. Anyways, we apologize, we had no idea something like that was going to happen. That's why we got this new one on there that looks kind of funky. But it's kind of cool because it I mean, we're going to find out if it's cool or not. It looks old school as hell but it does give us the ability to post gifts and you can sign in and create an account so that you can actually put your image there which I recommend you guys do so that we know who we're talking to. But if you want to stay anonymous that just use the use it without logging and that's up to you. But anyway, so moving on. Hopefully, this will be satisfactory. We'll see.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, it sounds good man. So we have some people putting Jeff's or gifts already. That's pretty cool. So a couple of things that we usually do. If you're new to semantic mastery, welcome, good to have you here. Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you want to know more about how we do things, you can go to semantic mastery calm for a slash hump day to be notified every time we go live. And you can come and ask your questions. This is free 100% free. We've been doing this for the past seven or five years. And it's been awesome. So thank you for being here. And if you're not new to semantic mastery, thank you, thank you for the support. This is awesome. Don't forget to if you want to step by step repeatable system to you know, rank your websites whatever those are local websites, new websites, age websites, go to Battle Plan out semantic mastery calm and get the battle plan and if you're ready to join a group of people that are growing their local marketing agencies and whatnot, come to the mastermind which is And for all of your done for you premium done for you with SEO services with the stamp of approval of semantic mastery don't accept second options go to em gee, Why be the SEO and you will have everything that you will ever need for your you know, delivering needs because you shouldn't be doing the link building you should be growing your agency that makes sense. So those are the announcements I think I nailed it. I might have something I'm going to paste Now I need to copy and paste some stuff on the thing so so yeah, there was we got I guess,

Bradley: Let me tease what you're doing tomorrow or non so that you don't have to toot your own horn. We got, we've been doing kind of a series in the mastermind. We're probably going to end up launching a product around it anyways, but it's Pay Per Click marketing for local and how to get results. We had a course that I produced about two, maybe two and a half years ago now called Local Kingpin. And it was specifically for using Google AdWords obviously, it's now Google ads, but formerly Google AdWords for setting up lead gen assets and dry and using, you know, producing leads for local businesses, either on a client basis or even on a lead gen basis where you're selling leads. And that worked really well. But the Google Ads dash dashboard, the whole platform has evolved a lot in the last two and a half years, considerably. And, you know, Google Ads themselves for search ads, excuse me, so search ads are rather expensive, you can still be profitable with that. There's no question but it's fucking expensive. So I've actually gotten away from using search ads and get more into using display ads and YouTube ads and remarketing obviously, and it works really well because the display ads are the display ad platform is so much better than it used to be. And you know, years ago when I had developed the local kingpin training

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It was in that method that I was using display ads. Suck it, they might have worked, but it sucked setting them up because you had to go out in the order or design your own banner ads and you had designed them and all the various sizes that you wanted to display them in. So the leaderboard, and you know, this 350 by 250 rectangles, you know, all these different sizes. And so it was a pain in the ass, I would hire a graphic designer to develop a set of banner ads, and that would be one set of banner ads, and it might cost me 50 or 60 bucks. If you wanted to split test, you'd have to pay for another set of ads, right. And so it was just it was you'd have to wait for you know, several days to get them back from the designer. And it's a real pain in the ass. And so it wasn't very efficient. And it wasn't very effective unless you really split test a lot and then found a winning combination of ads. But now what you can do on the Display Network when you're setting up display ads is you actually just import photos, it photos and images and let your logo as well and

It's a square version and rectangular version for each. And then you get to add up to five short headlines, one long headline and then up to five descriptions. So and there's, you know, character limits for each. But then what Google does is Google will create responsive display ads out of just the images that you upload it to just regular photos will work or graphics, either one and then will automatically start rotating through your various headlines and descriptions to find out which gets the highest click through as an engagement. And then it will start to auto-optimize the campaign and start serving the ads that are the combinations that performed the best more and more often. And so it's so much easier to set up a campaign now. And although obviously, display ads don't convert nearly as well as like search ads do, it's a fraction of the cost guys, and with the audience targeting that Google Display Network has now or Google has period. They have what they call in market audiences and life event audiences and you can even create custom intent audiences.

is now based on keywords which are really cool. I just started playing with that actually. And so if you go and find the you know in the in the in the in-market audience targeting settings if you can go in and find an end market audience for the businesses that you're generating leads for then those tend to be very good and like for me for contractors typically a the average cost per click runs between anywhere between about 85 cents to $1 50. So somewhere in that range depending on what type of contractor it is that I'm generating leads for. And so that's a fraction of the cost it just for it's just quickly for some perspective here, for roofing leads, for example, it could in some of the areas that I do SEO work and generate leads for roofers of roofing. A click for search ads for roofing type keywords can cost 35 to $40 per click. And you know, typically an average conversion rate is somewhere anywhere between 32

40% right, so you're talking about three clicks to get one lead at $35 per click, that's $105 per lead. That, to me is incredibly expensive. But with those, if you can there in the market audience targeting, you can actually see that there are a roofing odd Roofing Services in the market audience, and you can use that for display ads. And maybe this says you pay $1 per click will just use a nice round number. And it might be a 10% conversion rate as opposed to 30 or even a 5% conversion rate, which means you need 20 clicks to get one lead, but 20 clicks at $1 to get one lead guy think about that as 20 bucks per lead as opposed to 100 bucks per lead when you're using search ads. So keep that in mind and that's for cold traffic. But also for remarketing purposes. Like honestly, if you're not using remarketing in you're doing Client Services, you're nuts because it's just an inexpensive way to get additional traffic back to

The site and even if that traffic doesn't convert a lot, a lot of it will, but doesn't convert into leads. It's a great branding tool to help that business to gain brand recognition so that people will think of them and go search for their brand name when it's time for them to need their product or service because they're constantly reminded of that business. So, long story short,

we're going to work we've been doing a series of training inside the mastermind about using Google ads for Local Lead Generation, not search ads, but display ads and YouTube ads and remarketing ads. And tomorrow Hernan being the Facebook marketing expert that he is, he's coming into the mastermind to do a full training on how to use Facebook ads for Local Lead Generation. And then we're actually going to probably be packaging all that up over the next 60 to 90 days at some point and then launching that as a separate product as kind of an update to local kingpin, but we're going to rebrand it because it's really going to be a whole new course. Did you guys lose me?

Hernan: No

This Stuff Works
Bradley: I got a frozen screen. Okay, yeah, there you go. Okay, so anyways, just kind of wanted to teach you guys a little bit on what's going on in the mastermind tomorrow. Those of you that are the mastermind a lot there's been a discussion thread by the way or not, did you see the discussion thread in the Facebook group, but are saying that we're going to rope you into actually contributing more than just the mastermind because they want a full soup to nuts type train. Yeah. So yeah, well, yeah, if there's a need for it,  you know, the mastermind has the privilege that you know, if you guys there's a real need about, you know, a specific type of training that you guys want to go after, then we can make a series there's no problem about that. We're all about, you know, serving our members as much as we possibly can. So that if that, you know, we have a good response tomorrow, that's potentially going to happen, at least initially within the mastermind, and then we'll go from there. But yeah, my idea is to cover as much terrain as possible tomorrow specifically, and then if we need to do another iteration of the, of the training or you know, walk you guys through a couple of case studies. So for instance, I was going through one of the clients that I manage, and we, so he's a chiropractor. He's a local chiropractor, and he has four clinics in Dallas. And over the past, I would say over the past six months, we have spent around $160,000 in advertising, and we have generated almost 4000 confirm appointments to those four offices. Now that is rough. So he is charging $49 per appointment, right? It's an intra massage offer. So he's charging $49 per appointment. We're getting him we're getting those appointments for around 39 to $40. So he's, you know, making money on the front end, but that's not even the best thing. The best thing is that each customer forth to him on average $300 you know because they show up to his office and they buy a bunch of stuff and they buy additional massages and they buy so that's

Average and that's on the low side. So there's, there's effectively we have been moving the needle real hard. He's super happy Of course because he's growing. He's expanding locations and whatnot, and some of the stuff that we were able to implement for him. We will be talking about tomorrow on the mastermind, so it's going to be pretty cool. Yeah, awesome. Yeah. Alright, so the last thing we're going to tease before we get into questions, which we were kind of just hoping that more questions would fill in this chat box anyways, uh, we've got video lead gen system

to Dotto really is launching next week, next Tuesday. As a matter of fact, we're going to talk about it well, the first part of next week's webinar, Hump Day hangouts is going to be where we're going to, you know, kind of get into some detail about what it's about and all that because I completely updated it so that still the old training is there, the old method, which I did for years, but over the last several months, I've been really redeveloping that method to make it more streamlined and efficient, something that a lot of it can be outsourced, but also just to make it to where, even if you were doing this yourself like, you know, managing the all of the video lead gen or video email campaigns on your own, I don't recommend that. But if a lot of people still going to do it on their own anyway, it's a lot more efficient now to where what used to take roughly 20 to 30 minutes per video email to send out. Now what will take you just two to three minutes No kidding, there's there will be a setup period on the front end where you can't get into the method here, there'll be a setup period where it might take you an hour to get everything set up. But then from there for every prospect you want to mail to, it's literally two to three minutes. And that's it. And so it's a hell of a lot more efficient. And I've tested a lot of different follow-up methods from that as well to once you are notified of engagement and I talked about all of this in the training and found several different methods that work really well to the kind of get the conversation going and stuff and so I go into great detail. It's basically a whole new course but you're still going to get the original version, as well as the Everything's under

The same membership site now. So there's the original version, which still works, but it's a bit more time-consuming. And then there's the newer version that can be applied to pretty much any sort of marketing service I use specifically one, were really two types of methods for monetizing it. In the examples and in the training, I talked about how to use it for monetizing lead gen assets. And then I also talked about for client services, if you're just doing outreach for clients instead of lead generation service providers. Then, you know, there's a method I talked about specifically optimizing GMB stuff, but it can be modified or an applied to pretty much any sort of service that you offer. So if you're a digital marketer does Facebook ads like her non for example, you could still use the video lead gen system, you just obviously are going to talk about how you can get results with Facebook as opposed to how you can get results with Google My Business. So any of you guys one of the things that we do is we surveyed you guys on a consistent basis to find out what what-what our audience needs, and something that comes up all the time is client getting right? securing clients and that kind of stuff. And so that's really what this was all about. It's so that you guys can go out and least get the conversation started. It's not sales training. I'm not real good at sales unless I got a referral, like been referral but as far as getting the conversation going for prospecting, it's an outstanding way to do it's very unique, you'll get a lot of responses that way. And then it's really going to be up to you to present your offer in such a way that you close the client, you know what I mean? Or the prospect at that point. So anyways, be on the lookout for that guys. Next week, we're going to do like we typically have done in the past, which is a limited offer on the front end for 24 hours and then the price will go up. And that's typically how we do that. So be on the lookout for that next week.

Okay, anything else?
I think we're good.

Alright, cool. Let's get into questions. Alright, so with our 1989 looking chat box, which kind of cool though. Let's get into it will start at the top

What Are Your Thoughts On Keyword Research Ninja?

KT says what are your thoughts on keyword research ninja? I have no thoughts on it whatsoever I've never used it I really don't use any keyword research tools anymore other than Power Suggest Pro, Google AdWords you know, the Google Ads keyword planner for because I still do PPC stuff. And then we have our own in-house keyword research product that is like anytime you need keywords, that's, you know, our go-to source now is MGYB? We have the keyword research done over there because it takes hours to compile a good list of keywords. Really, you can spend hours doing that and organizing the keywords into silos and you know, proper themes and that kind of stuff. And that's what our, you know, our product on keyword research is specifically it's you know, our assistant or employee that does all of that have access to multiple tools, SEM Rush, Power Suggest Pro, you know, all different kinds of tools that she uses to actually develop these reports and puts them into silos and all that kind of stuff. So different type of intent keywords, commercial intent, informational queries, that kind of stuff. So it just makes it super easy. So honestly, I can't give you an opinion on any of those keyword tools because I just don't use them. It just requires too much time in my opinion. And I'd rather outsource that or use a simple tool when I'm going to do it myself such as Power Suggest Pro. Marco or anybody else wants to comment on any of those.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I agree that that's all I use. I use our keyword research. I mean, I taught them how to do it for a reason it's based on the way that you do it. And the way that I do it, which is Google Trends and power suggest Pro with Google ads, right the Keyword Planner Tool, and but the basis is right there. Then we go into everything else and we drill down as much as we can get as much information as possible go to Answer the Public. We just use just a ton of different tools that we can get all of the keywords. I mean, you get thousands sometimes I see our report come back, and it's 7, 8, 9 thousand keywords strong. And I'm thinking, this is like the best way to take down a market. Let me if you really need to start and understand your market and the words involved in your market. There's nothing better. I mean, I don't know I can't speak on keyword research Ninja, it might be fabulous. But I can't say anything other than the way that we have it set up works perfectly well for what we do. Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. And again, it's the amount of time that goes into that, you know, I got away from doing it myself because it just takes too much time. Especially to Oregon. Like it's easy to spit out a bunch of keywords with a tool but to organize them in proper themes, you know, and basically silos and that kind of stuff and intent type people words like that's yet I mean, as far as I know, that's manual. I don't know tools that actually do that maybe keyword research and into does that. I don't know, I don't even look at tools like that anymore. So, unfortunately, I can't give you a good answer to that.

Does Using Subdomains Produce Better SEO Juice Than Using Pages For Multi-City Local Lead Gen Site?

Gordon's up he says thank you very much again for the help you provide on hump days. You're welcome. He says he when setting up a multi-city local lead gen site you have advised in the past few subdomains of the main domain for each city instead of using a page under the main domain. When using pages, I know that the SEO juice can be spread among all the city pages, but when using subdomains is the SEO just spread among all the subdomains to help each other one rank met each one rank better, or does each subdomain stand on its own for SEO purposes? Well, it's a little of both Gordon because, again, a subdomain is treated as a separate entity by Google right. But there is the parent domain being the root domain. So you can the way I always looked at it was subdomains and other subdomains of the same root domain are called siblings, sibling domains, right and the parent domain being the root.

And so what happens is each one of the subdomains or sibling domains are their own standalone sites, which is good for protection purposes. And that's what we've talked about. That's the reason why I've always done that. Now, it's funny because I really don't do anything spammy anymore, at least not to the actual money sites. So I can probably get away with just doing the inner pages, but it's still allowed. You're still a, you know, and that it doesn't mean that what we do right now, doesn't couldn't be considered spammy tomorrow, because we don't work for Google. Right. And so even though I've never really had, at least for several years now, I haven't had any issues with getting sites deindexed or penalize. I've always kept using subdomains specifically to minimize risk, right to reduce exposure, so to speak. Because as I've said before, if you put all of your location pages on the root, so their inner pages, right, and if you catch a penalty against any one of those pages, it could pull the whole site down and all of your other location pages.

Although again, as I said, the methods that we teach, haven't knock on wood, they haven't created any penalties that I'm aware of, for any of my own stuff, as well as any of our students, okay, that I'm aware of. And so you could probably get away with doing it on inner pages for management purposes, that would be much easier for there's no doubt because you'd all you'd have just one site to manage. That said, though, just keep in mind that that's putting all of your eggs in one basket. So if Google decides to take that basket, or destroy one of the eggs in that basket, it could very well hurt all the others as well. So back to the original question, a subdomain is kind of a standalone site in that if a subdomain was to catch a penalty, for some reason or another, it would only affect that subdomain, the route would be left intact would remain healthy and all of the other sibling domains or subdomains would also remain healthy, untouched, essentially, from that penalty that's been levied against that one subdomain. So it's isolates any potential penalty problems. However, if you were to catch a penalty against the root domain, it would automatically apply to all of the child domains or subdomains. Does that make sense? So that's why we all I've done that in the past was to always protect the root against all odds, right? Protect the root. And then if I was going to do anything spammy, it would be on a subdomain level. And that was specifically for that reason.

However, what you can do is in this is something I've actually been testing recently, but I don't have enough time passed to see in fact, I just talked about this on the last mastermind webinar, so 13 days ago, actually, about how to use subdomains and the root domain in conjunction to kind of power it up. And I can't give away the the the method here because it can't do that because it's kind of an extension of something that we teach in our paid courses. But there is a way to still use somebody domains and use the root domain to kind of help power up the subdomains, with inner pages without doing anything that could catch it catch up a penalty to your route. But again, you know, as far as does the subdomains benefit each other, yes, it may not be quite as a quick effect or, or might not be as effective as inner pages. But here's the thing, every one of those subdomains are still attached to the root, right. So again, the root domain being the parent domain is going to benefit now, you guys know we don't talk. We don't care much about metrics. We stopped caring about proprietary third-party metrics several years ago, but let's just use one as an example because a lot of you guys will understand it this way. Let's just use domain authority Moz's metric and page authority is an example okay?

This Stuff Works
When you have a domain authority that sitewide including subdomains, right, so for example, if you have a domain authority of 20 five on the root, then your subdomains, when you create a new subdomain, it won't automatically be 25. I don't think so. But it will become it will benefit from the domain authority of the parent domain. And so what I have found over the years now that I've been developing these multi-location sites using subdomains is that at first, when you start developing, like, let's say you start off with two locations, so you've got the root domain, and then to subdomains at, you know, each subdomain being four different location. And then you add, so you start optimizing, you know, doing what you do to get results. And then you add a third location. Well, that third location tech, you know, typically, according to my experience, will, will often start to get results faster than the first two dead, because it's actually benefiting from some of the authority that has been accrued or you know, accumulated from the previous two subdomains and the route altogether, right. So as a whole, it's now that that new subdomain is actually benefiting from the authority that has accrued from the previous two and the route itself if that makes sense. So then you add a fourth subdomain and you know, fourth location, and a fifth and a six. And what happens is I start to see each new location that I add, tends to respond quicker get results faster than the previous one, because it's actually benefiting from the authority of the, you know, cluster essentially, that's it's the root domain, as well as its additional its other siblings. So, again, if you're doing just inner pages, you'll probably be going to get a faster effect from that. But I found that you know, as you continue to build out additional subdomains, they helped to, they kind of benefit or receive benefit from all of the previous subdomains as well. So they're at their birth point, right. The moment that you create that subdomain, it really already has some inherent authority because of it being a subdomain of a root domain that has built authority or crude authority if that makes sense.

So, anyway, I can't get into any more further of that, honestly, because I will be giving away too much. Come join the mastermind and will tell you all about it. So, Marco, do you want to comment on that at all or Hernan?

Marco: Now, just to validate a little bit what you're talking about on domains, we see that domain subdomain. We see that when we do drive stacks, and we add additional folders and files, right? The more you add the more power that as you say, a cruise and I call it power. I don't give a shit about domain authority or trust flow. I don't give a crap about any of that its power. And so the more that you do have whatever it is that you're doing inside the drive stack, the more power that you pushing through, and the more power that ends up wherever it is that you got that drives tech game. That's why they work so well. Yeah. And so the more work that you do inside, the more keywords that you target, whether it's keyword plus location or service, whatever it is that you're doing.

You do more of it inside your drive stack. And before you know it, I mean, it's just pushing tons of power wherever it is that you want to go. And we've seen people live from case studies that they even get an empty folder to rank before anything else rank. So it's crazy the amount of power that you can do in this method, whether you're doing it at the TL D and subdomain level or at the drive stack and G site level. Right?

Twitter Embed Code Not Displaying Properly In GSite

So if it says it says good day Semantic Mastery team thanks for this form to ask questions and get real answers. When optimizing the site, I framed Twitter the area stays blank with no message saying it won't connect. Is that still okay? All right. I don't do much Twitter stuff. But I know that if you just take a Twitter URL, tweet URL, a Twitter profile, URL, whatever and try to use an iframe create generator that it won't show you have to go into Twitter developers and actually generate an embed code for it which you can do with like your timeline, tweets and stuff. So for example, you can take a Twitter profile and go to

The developers, I think it's or something like that just do a Google search, you'll see what I mean. And you can ask you, or even just go to Google and search, how do you create or embed a Twitter feed? And that's what you would? Again, I don't do much Twitter stuff. But if I was going to try, and I haven't, so I haven't tested it with G sites, guys, but you could probably it's probably you're using the wrong type of embed code. And that's why it's not displaying is what I'm saying. If you go generate the correct proper embed code from the Twitter developers site, or whatever, whatever it is, again, I don't do much Twitter stuff, just like you can, you know, I recently I built Believe it or not, I built some PB ends recently because I was testing. I don't use PB ends. Often guys, I very rarely use them. But I did build a few that I was testing and somebody product actually. And one of the things that they required was that you had made the site look, you know, very real. So one of the things that asked for was embedding a Twitter feed, so I had some persona profiles from some older since networks that I had built that had Twitter profiles with, you know, updates. And so I just had I had, that's how I learned to go build this little embed code. And that's a Twitter feed in bed, that you have to go to the developers console and sign into that account. And then you create it that way. And it gives you the specific embed code for that Twitter feed. So it's probably that you're using the wrong one. Now, I could be wrong guys. Because like said, I don't do much of that stuff with Twitter at all. But I'm pretty sure if you're trying to use just an iframe generator with a Twitter profile or something like that, it's going to be blank, it's going to not work.

Can You iFrame A Facebook Business Page?

Now, the next part of that question is, can you iframe in a Facebook business page? As far as I know, no, I Facebook has iframe breakers that won't allow you to embed them anywhere using any sort of tool. If anybody has a different answer please speak up.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: I think you're right Bradley on that on that and I haven't personally tried to iframe Facebook but I know that you know, Facebook is kind of against that other than Facebook videos, you know that what you can allow and but you can embed that an iframe that but other than that, I wouldn't know? Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I know. There are some like plugins and stuff that will allow you to embed a or you know, display a Facebook page. But it actually Yes, you have to connect it via API and all that kind of stuff like, so there are WordPress plugins that will do that. But as far as just an embed code from Facebook, I don't think that's possible. Once again, I don't do much Facebook stuff. So I couldn't tell you with all certainty, but I can I know that, like, if you try to just take a Facebook URL, and iframe it, it won't it all, it will never display anywhere. I've never seen that ever work. So you have to use stuff that connects via API or authorize or what are they called Facebook apps or whatever. We actually create all that shit in order just to get even a Facebook page to show in like a widget area on a website.

Hernan: Um, so yeah, and they're even more like they're, they're even more like restrictive with all of the privacy stuff that they're going through. So that you may want to consider so.

Bradley: yeah, and then you try to iframe or when you try to embed a Facebook comments app you see what happens the previous couple on the Hangouts that and I get it I guess that's because people can act that shit so right cool we're going to keep moving. This chat is already thousand better than anything before devices that is cool thanks to Vaughn I'm glad you guys liked it for a bus the new battle call right revert I think that's one of the guests says get repeatable oh that's you that was you that's maybe a farm setting up by a cat gotcha well mines Bradley hmm feisty forehead motherfucker in charge just in case you guys wondered what that was all about.

Do Semantic Mastery RYS Stacks Add More Value To An Existing Syndication Network & GMB Page?

Bradley: The humanoid says Marco I have an RYS Drive stack order pending and creating an RYS stack I have my syndication network complete in my see when creating a try so that I have my syndication network completed my GMB URL done. would it add more value when I have you build my RYS stacks. Thank you will thank you will

I know that was directed to Marco I'm gonna put my two cents in first before Marco answers. And if you already have your syndication network all your profile URLs to become target URLs as well. guys remember it's just kind of about it's just like internal linking right with your syndication network. It's there's no reason why you shouldn't be powering up your tier one assets as well. So if you have all of that I would actually absolutely include those but Marco, that's more question for you.

Marco: Yeah, I'm thinking that he wants to know if he should have the team, put them into the bill, by all means, that that's your tier one branded, it should be included and then So when did he get the spreadsheet to hit with link building. That's what's going to get hit your tier one branded your GMB and everything that's inside that drive stack. So yes, by all means, have at it, and you're going to see some really good results. I've been getting a bunch of testimony.

By the way of about people having to build links to their dry stacks and then the drive stacks just going crazy. Yeah once they get some the link building done so yes have added the same thing with the ad ID page. I've done some testing with that and just and that's what I loved about it. It's one of the easiest methods because all you gotta do is go submit link building gig order to you know, I wouldn't say to just anybody but Daddy has got it down to a science and just taking like the ad ID the iframe loop stuff that we've talked about and again our paid courses and almost all of them it's available that that just works really well and again, that's just what that magic of I frames and when you combine that with Dr. stacks or even dr stacks alone, but that's part of it because of you know, iframe in that gets done in the site, everything else so it's just incredibly powerful. And just hitting those that's the beautiful thing about it guys is you know, the daddy has link building pack service which is in MYB, right? They're still spam links, but he's good at what he does. He's a pro, he's a professional, there's no doubt and because of that, he knows how to make it really effective. And then when you use something like Google assets as the target or Amazon domain as the primary target, then it can take that kind of abuse like you can hammer away at it, and it can take it and filter it like a champ. In fact, it just kind of powers it up. Now, it's not something that I would ever direct to the money site, but you can do you know what I mean, but you can do it two very powerful tier one assets, which is why we developed the way that we do so that's why we don't even use VPN, who needs a pbn? When we can use Google and Amazon assets to create the same effect and then you spam links as opposed to and I call them spam and everybody who want to do spam. But guys, I mean, that's what link building tools do they create spam links, you can call them whatever you want. That's really what they are. Right and so pbn links are technically spammed links to you might be buying links from you know, a domain that has good metrics, but unless it's super well themed and all that they're typically spam links anyways, you know what I mean? So it's just it's about how you use them and what you point them at. And so we recommend doing it the way that you know, at least our method we use our method for specifically for a reason. It's efficient, and it works well. Right.

All right old school, like daddy says, will it be set up like this tomorrow? Hernan? What's tomorrow?

Hernan: The webinar? webinar or mastermind? Yeah, now it's gonna be on a mastermind. Yeah. It'll be in the regular mastermind.

Bradley: Jim, think that's when? Yeah, just the regular master the live mastermind webinar page, just like we've always been doing over there. I we haven't had any problems with that over there. Now it's in the bond site. Yeah, right. The membership site, right.

This Stuff Works
So as far as I know, we've never had any problems not one complaint with it over there. We had a problem with the Disqus chat app. on these pages for some reason I think it's a Click Funnels issue like it just didn't jive well but on the traditional mastermind webinars inside the membership site we haven't ever had a complaint on that so if I'm wrong and you guys got some complaints about it to make them known to make them known over there in the Facebook group not here.

How Would You Strategize Sending Out An Email Campaign For Over A Year?

I blue panda whoever that is, is hey guys hope this Jeff Oh, what the hell? That's the same as what we had before. Maybe not okay. Hey, guys hope this chat function works better than this. That piece of shit Facebook jet cheese. Yeah. Or Geez, you're right. That was terrible. Okay, onto my question. I have a list for my niche that is big enough to send 1000 emails per day for over a year. Wow. This is simply a law of big numbers campaign for my client. These will be a one time blast. Either they respond or they don't and the next class goes out the next day what would be the best way to approach a list of this size style of sending? I don't know I've never spammed at that level before. Spam demon.

And that's exactly what you're doing. So the best person to answer that question is unfortunately not here. That's Chris, our partner, Chris, he, he's been doing that kind of work for four years. He can give you the best advice on that. But he's not here. I'm sorry, he's traveling. Yeah, the only thing I would know to say is that make sure that you have plenty of sending from domain email account. So in other words, making sure that you've got several many, many, many different email account setup, you know, that you can send from because you're probably going to burn every single account that you send from like, almost every day.

I don't know for sure, because it depends on how clean your list is. But typically, when you're sending out mass emails like that, from a particular account, especially 1000 per day, you have to have accounts that have developed some sort of reputation for or else when you go to hit send on 1000 emails from an account that's not really seasoned. It will you know, the is the internet search or email service providers will throttle those accounts and not the inbox. You know a bunch of them and also with people will start hitting the spam button which it's likely if they were unsolicited emails, you will get a lot of people hitting the spam button, it will flag that particular domain account for or domain email excuse me for spam and so it will like they'll just stop unboxing her nine you were going to comment? Yeah, yeah,

I agree with you. What I was about to say is that if you want to, you know, reach out to Chris just post in the Facebook group and maybe take him I don't know if blue pen is on the mastermind group. Yeah, if you're in the mastermind, we could get to it. You know, Chris will give you a lot of help out there. Otherwise, you could try it in the free Facebook group and I don't know how much he'll reveal about something like that there. But yeah, that's the only problem like guys I talked about this a few weeks ago, but you know, I got I've unsubscribed from just about every single marketing list that I'm I've ever been on.

Over the last several months, because I decided to get really focused and you know, buying shiny objects and getting pitched new training, you know, methods and stuff like that all the time was really, and I, you know, there's they're kind of happens in cycles. I know a lot of you guys we've I've talked with a lot of our mastermind members over the last several months I do calls now with, you know, one on one calls with mastermind members, as a new member, you get a one on one call with one of us. And then every quarter or so I try to open up the ability to have another 30 minute call with me so I can kind of help you know, find out more about people in our mastermind and what struggles are going through and offer some guidance and and and, you know, 90 days to six months and three to six months, I have another call with them, find out if they made any progress, and they're going to have new issues at that point. So one of the things that I've heard a lot through those calls without calling anybody out is that, you know, constantly being bombarded with different opportunities. And that's because we're all marketers, right? And so we've gone out and been signed up for whatever ours, which puts us on email list or we bought products, which puts us on email lists. And the next thing you know, we get hammered and you guys can all relate I'm sure you get hammered and hammered and hammered all the time with solicitation offers for training or for software or tools or services and all that kind of stuff. And you know,

I found that although they may be interesting and sometimes entertaining to go like watch webinars or to go check out the new sales page of the new tool that or software or WordPress plugin or whatever the hell it is, that typically just distracts from making any progress a real progress in my business and you know, over the years I've gone up and down with that, you know, sometimes a more susceptible to that other times I'm not but over the last many months now I really just started to unsubscribe from you know, ton of people's emails. The reason I started saying that was because my oldest email account that is the account that I use, it's a Yahoo account, Yahoo mail account, that's the one that I used to always sign up for stuff like I don't use my main Gmail accounts for for to sign up for lists or two webinars and things like that, because I knew that I get on a spam list, right and people would start spamming me. I'm still getting a ton of spam over there. But I've never voluntarily or I very, very rarely voluntarily used one of those primary Gmail type email addresses for signing up for that stuff. But I had a Yahoo mail account that was just getting spammed to death. And so over the last several months, I have really, really gotten a much better handle on that too. Because what I've done is I've gone every time I get an email now I just daily maintenance Now, every single day, I go through my Yahoo account probably two maybe three times a day. And if there's an email that came is comes to me that I was unsolicited, which is you know, it's they don't come nearly as often as they used to now, I open up the email, I scroll right to the bottom finance subscribe button, I click it and make sure you know in the page reloads that it's that in the net new tab that I've unsubscribed. Then I close that tab and I go back in and I click the spam button and Yahoo

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And I do that every single day. And, you know, I used to get literally dozens, sometimes hundreds of emails per day, as many of you guys can probably relate. And now I swear to God, this is no bullshit over the last, probably five to six weeks now, I might get two or three emails per day and some days I don't get any spam or unsolicited emails anymore. And that's because I've gotten into the habit of doing that. So now it's much more manageable like that, that email counts almost like a clean account. Now I do still get occasional as I said, Sometimes I'll get one. Sometimes I get two or even three spam emails where it's another internet marketer that bought my name off the list somewhere and sends me some bullshit email about the newest WordPress plugin. But I open up the email, I go straight to the unsubscribe button, unsubscribe and then come back and hit the spam button. And so it's really really reduced that now the reason I said that was because if you start emailing people with unsolicited emails, you're likely going to have many of them going to hit that spam button and that's going to tank your deliverability, just like that. So if you're going to be doing that sort of a strategy, you're going to need a ton of email accounts ready, essentially one per day and even that, I don't know that I'd send 1000 per day from one account. I probably split that up across multiple accounts. Okay.

Can You Still A GSite And Empower A Client's Money Site If You Don't Have Access To Their Email Account?

Anyways, it says when working with clients and you don't have access to their email account, can you create a G site for them embed their properties and deliver the power to the money site URL? Well, yeah, I would never ask for access to my clients Google accounts ever never do I asked for that. So that's how we do it right? We create and fits if it's the same fits as I know that we used to be in our mastermind you should know that. And it might not be but ya know, like, for example, we just we create for clients created or even if for you guys that buy stuff from us, we're going to go create a Google account.

To create your assets, the same thing with my clients, I go create a Google account, right or if they're on G sweet, which some of them are, but most of them aren't, then I have them add, you know, create an email or user account for me. And then I will end up, you know, giving me they, and then I asked them to give me permissions for to access the other accounts, like our Google Apps essentially within that account, right? That makes sense. And guys, you know, send a screencast video tutorial video to your users. So for example, I don't ever ask for Google account access, but I do ask for to be added as a Google My Business Manager to their GMB for example. Right. So how do you do that? Well, unless you ask for their login details and go do it set, you know, add yourself as a manager, you know, add yourself as a manager, you got to ask them to do it. So if they don't know how to do it, you got to provide them with instructions. The easiest way to do that, in my opinion, is to just do a quick tutorial video and show them hey, show him another GMB account. say look, login go to business google. com

Left-hand sidebar, you're going to go click users, this little box is going to show you're going to see a little plus icon at the top, click that to add new user at my email address from the drop-down, select, you know, manager, not site or not owner, just add me as a manager and then click you know, invite or send or whatever the button says, and I'll get an invitation and then I'll go be able to access you can do the same thing, if they have, you know, if you wanted it to be hosted on their main Google account, like a G site, which is unnecessary. But if you wanted to, you could give them instructions on a go into sites, and add me as a user or manager, whatever, give me permission to be able to access that app within your Google account. However, it doesn't matter because you can create the new account, build everything under the new account and then add your client Gmail account as a manager and then transfer ownership if you needed to. But again, it's really unnecessary. It doesn't matter who the Google account is. You can push the power the SEO juice anywhere you want. Okay.

Facebook Embed Post

Facebook also gives you an embed code for each post. Really? Yeah, it does. You so you can embed a Facebook post? Yes, that is correct. When did that start? Yeah,

it's always been there. Yeah, it's been rough. But Jay get. So if you get if you create, like, for instance, if you create, I don't know, post with a link or a post with an image bubble, blah, then you can embed that somewhere. So it has to, it has to be on in your timeline. Or it has to be like, like on an open page. It can be like, if it's a closed group, you can't do anything with it. If if it's a member, whatever it if it's hidden or secret or Harvard. I don't know too much about Facebook. I'm just there answering questions. Yeah, but if it's open, right, and if it's public, yes, Google will not Google Facebook will give you an embed code for that post or for whatever it

Is that you're doing an image or video. But in those at one post though, right, correct, I don't I think that you're right that there's an X breaker if you try to embed the like the entire face. Yeah. Yeah. And it has to come from a, from a Facebook page, if that makes sense. Not from a profile. You know, even if the profile is public, there's a lot of, you know, stuff going on with privacy and whatnot. So it needs to come from a Facebook page, which is what your clients are going to be using anyway. Right. So um, so yeah, but that's, that's another caveat that you want to have in mind. Yeah, well, I mean, okay, so that may mean that that's cool. And all but you know, unless you're going to go in and update the iframe, or the embed code on a regular basis on your sites. I don't see how I mean, obviously, if you've got I guess one post that you specifically trying to power up then yeah, and you could embed it and then hammer and you know, the G site or wherever you've got an embedded with links or something like that, but you know, typically I like to set up the iframe that is going to update dynamically. So I publish content and it's on an automatically be in the iframe that I'm trying to power up. Do you know what I mean? So that's cool. I didn't, I wasn't aware that you could embed individual posts, but say, that's cool. I just learned something. Yep. Very cool. Yep.

Is It Better To Create Different Page For Each Keyword Or Use A Single Location To Rank Different Keywords

Okay, so Gordon's up again, it says, Thanks a lot for your previous answer. You're welcome. He says, which brought up this question and used to be okay to use duplicate content for different sites targeting and local niche in different cities, just changing the location info one site for each city. But is that still true? I've never done that. Gordon. Honestly, I've always advocated for using unique content for all those and that's specifically because, at some point, it could be, you know, toxic, it could you could end up catching a penalty because it is all duplicate content and duplicate content, guys, it's supposed to be on the same domain, I get that, but on the same subdomains, you know, I don't I don't like that because it's not as effective.

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So what I've always always always suggested Yes, it has worked, you can just swap out location information. So like essentially the city modifier within the content. But it's inexpensive to have a piece of content written and then have it rewritten, it's a lot less expensive to have it rewritten than to have original content written for each, which by the way, when you go to a content farm, none of its original, all they're doing is rewriting other content that they've scraped from the web, just so you're aware of that, guys, when you go buy an article from a content farm. It is a rewritten article from something else on the web that they scraped, that's it, there's nobody there is actually writing an original article. all they're doing is going easy and articles or somewhere else scraping an article and then rewriting it and usually it's rewritten very poorly, by the way, but what I'm saying is you can go out and order an article, habit, you know, Britain for whatever, let's say it's 1000 word article, and it cost you 40 bucks. And then you have article rewrites. So let's say you got six locations six subdomains where you got the URL

So that you paid 40 bucks for that, but then you order five rewrites, it might cost you $8 per rewrite. And now you've got six, original, unique, let's just I'm using air quotes, but six or unique articles that are going to be more effective, in my opinion, long term, then having the same piece of content used across multiple sites where the only thing you change this is the location modifier. So that's how I've done that, guys. I've got lead gen assets out there with subdomains with 20 subdomains, and they each have their own unique content. You know, and that's specifically for that reason.

You know, again, it's your call, I've always wanted to build long term assets that will rank and produce revenue for me for years, and I've got many of them. And so, you know, again, it's all I always think about, it might be a little bit more expensive, a little bit more hassle on the front end. But what's more of a hassle having assets that stopped producing or start performing poorly, because of you took shortcut cuts on the front end. You know if they're producing revenue for you and again guys I don't know if it works or not because I just don't do it. I don't know if it still works or not but other people may be able to comment and say oh it works fine that's fine if you want to build your business that way do it you know, there's it's up to you. So I don't recommend it though. Honestly, I try to do the work up front so that it will produce for me for the long term and I don't have to continually worry about that shit.

Do you remember that when they first came out with pandas and penguins? What that what Google was asking for rich unique relevant content that's updated on a regular basis how often they repeated that that was when the doofus what's his name was still with with with the spam team gotten Matt Cutts right. When that was so that this is they kept asking them they didn't they keep doing it over and over fresh, unique relevant content updated on a regular basis. But the telling you that for a reason the bot feeds of content

Now I know that people have done tests when and where, you know, they've used Latin. And it ranked, but there were still keywords interspersed with that Latin garbage that made it rank and that's what the bite is feeding off. It's feeding off that information that you're giving it. And if you just keep pushing the same information over and over, we have seen this, again, we always test guys is why we can give you the answers to these questions. We've seen it time and again and local GMB Pro, that if you use different posts, that if you do it regularly, whatever regularly means for your niche because niches a different each unique niche will react differently to the post frequency. But we know that if you use fresh, unique, relevant content, update on a regular basis, fresh images or you make Google think that they're fresh images

Marco: don't even have to be, it's just all about feeding them but the information that the bot is coded to look for. It's looking for these variables, right the keyword in the right places, and in the right amount and then information. And, and it's also looking at how a real person interacts with that content that you're displaying. And whether that person finishes, whatever action they set out to do. All of this is part of it. Now, if you give people the same information over and over and over again until you change this is a little bit eventually that gets stale, and the bodies will be able to tell how people react to that. And the one thing you'd never want to do is you never want to send us a negative signal. We always concentrate on feeding them but the positive signals that's going to get us positive actions and reactions going to get us better placement.

going to give us knowledge panel displays is going to get us calls. And it's going to get us web site visits, and whatever else, right, whatever else that we're looking for. But it all starts with your content. And yes, you can feed garbage. But eventually, what will happen is it'll get the index just like it happened with that test website that was done. But that one was just to show what you could do with the content place in in in the right areas. And in the right amount. Guys, don't trick yourself into thinking I'm going to take the easy way out and just change the location. Give people a reason to think about it. Think like the end user, right? If I'm going in there, and I'm looking to have my problem solved, and I keep seeing the same garbage over and over. I don't want to deal with that. I want someone that that's talking to me as the end user, and someone who's going to help me solve my problem, become problem solvers and you're going to go a long way towards really developing your content in a way that people are really going to enjoy interacting with, and in the long run is going to make your whole lot more money than taking shortcuts. Yeah.

Bradley: All right. We're going to wrap it up here in a minute. But if it says mastermind calls from Bradley are awesome, relevant, timely, and actionable period. Thanks fits. Appreciate that. Yeah, I've enjoyed those calls. I had a couple of this week already. So again, I appreciate that. And then lastly, Gordon had posted one more question. That's fine, Gordon, we appreciate that. He says, since relied on questions, I'll ask something else. And this is a good question.

Is It Better To Create Different Page For Each Keyword Or Use A Single Location To Rank Different Keywords?

He says when creating local Legion pages, is it better or easier to create a different page for each keyword or to try to rank a single location page for a bunch of different keywords? Yeah, so that's a great question. Because several years ago, that was the method was to it was and that was the industry, right? The traditional knowledge, right was to go out and create. Each page would be optimized for a singular keyword. Right. That was really how silo structure was started.

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be taught was, you go out and you create a silo and then you collect the supporting keywords for that silo and then you start creating posts within the silo that each post is optimized for one keyword. And that can still be applied today. But the thing is, though, you're better off. So let me back up for a minute like with a complex silo, guys, there are categories and subcategories, right? And so what I'm saying is it used to be it was taught for a while the best practices was was to create your top-level keyword would be the top-level page, your top level category. And then for your next tier down of keywords, right, you're supporting keywords, you would create a subcategory for each of those keywords. Right, so that's a child page. And then at your post level, you would go out and take longer tail versions of your second tier keywords and you would create individual posts for each one of those that would link up to your sub-category pages, right. And so that was very granular It was like Uber optimized content. But after panda three or four I don't even remember which one it was but it was sometime around 2014 timeframe we started noticing that that was less effective and now and that's because guys the algorithm has gotten so much better and understanding natural language right it with AI and rank brain and all of that it understands content and its totality now a lot better than it used to, right it's Google's gotten incredibly advanced in that respect. And so now you can actually have longer form content that targets many semantically related keywords that's the key right? So instead of going out and creating multiple pages, which is kind of a bitch anyway, and it's it's really makes as Marco was just talking about, it makes for a shitty user experience to if you go to a site and you have to click to another page to learn more about a very similar keyword anyways or product or service. So it just becomes repetition over and over and over again. And that's less effective. So you're better off creating a long-form piece of content, as it as a page that has a lot of your relevant similarly related keywords within that page, you can even have somewhat broader topics combined on the same page. So provided that they're segregated by correct segments, or headings, and other words, sections within the page. So you know, and I've experimented with even ranking one page websites guys for, you know, multiple types of keywords like that wouldn't even be in the same silo. But because of the way that you organize the content on the page, you can still rank for that. Here's another example, using like Table of Contents or navigation links with hot links that go to those sections on the page. So that's a good way to kind of set to analyze the content within a page to where you can only you can have one page that can rank for multiple keywords or themes that make sense. So to answer your question.

I wouldn't go with optimizing for singular keywords. No, don't get me wrong if you're if you're doing short blog posts, for example, I target, you know, with GMB posts a lot singular keywords, I mean, we still I still sprinkling variations of that single keyword, but there's one primary keyword typically for me, for GMB posts. So you can still do that. But for your pages on your site, right, I'm talking about posts doing that. But for your pages on your site, which are typically what you're trying to rank, you're using posts to support the page, right? So for pages, I would recommend going with longer form content instead. That's why I don't usually recommend using complex silos anymore because you can accomplish it with simple silos, which is just categories and page, top-level categories and pages and then post supporting posts. Because complex structures are exactly what their name implies. They're complex. They're hard to manage. It's hard to map out in the beginning, and it's, it's honestly, I think it's overkill for most stuff, especially for local it's overkill for most local things. All right.

Okay five o'clock I've got to go but I am going to read this comment real quick Jim says FYI everyone I placed an order for keyword research it was actually too good with too many keywords but they do break it down and suggest which keywords you should target which ones are good for silo and for supporting keywords. Don't hesitate to order you won't regret the quality time saved that it takes the guesswork out of it. shipped Marco trains them. Hello. Thanks, Jim. Jim. So, Alright guys, everybody. We appreciate you being here. I'm kind of digging this app even though it looks old school. It's kind of cool. what you guys think. I like it. I mean, it works. Yeah. Works. Nobody's complaining about getting locked out of any account so far. So we'll see. All right, everybody. We'll see you guys tomorrow on the mastermind and everyone else next week. Thanks for being here, man. Later see

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How Do You Use GSites To Increase Visibility In Nearby Cities?

By April

YouTube video


In episode 266 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how to use G Sites to increase visibility in nearby cities.

The exact question was:

Good day Gents Thank your offering this forum to us. I have a question about gsites as a way to increase visibility for nearby cities. Gsite–1000 word article– videos (content samurai) of summary of article—links to money site and GMB website… can I also include several links to web 2.0 or should I be cautious about them? Do I do the same for each city I would like to rank for?

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