Does The Addition Of MGYB RYS Stacks And SM Links Help In Increasing Clicks And Impressions?

By April

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In episode 240 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the addition of MGYB RYS Stacks and SM links helps in increasing clicks and impressions.

The exact question was:

2) I had this real estate client in the beginning of the year but I lost him in March. Just before we parted ways, I got a MGYB RYS Stack delivered and blasted it with links from Dedhia. In the months since, they ended up getting a new site made, one of those industry-template real estate ones. Anyway, I just found that I still have access to their search console, and the traffic has absolutely skyrocked, like 8x as much clicks and impressions. It just keeps going up. The rise started in April, around a month and a half after I left, and it hasn't stopped. Could their meteoric rise really have been from the Stack+Links?

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