Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 28

By April

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Proxies in Firefox and Chrome

As I am in Firefox w the proxy, does chrome open under my IP or the proxy IP?

Throughout the IFTTT SEO Academy training, you keep the workbook open in chrome with your own google account. i just want to make sure there is no conflict doing this as we build our networks… and so, is it vital that I clean chrome and stay out of my own google every time i use proxies in firefox?

Cloud Storage Sites for IFTTT Networks

Are you currently using any of the cloud storage sites in your networks?

Using Contributor To Links in Blogger

When you set up Robert R Mills, you put the Blogger link under ‘Contributor to'. Could you elaborate on why?

Tumblr Themes with Social Buttons

As I have done some digging, I have found Tumblr themes that include various social buttons. I was wondering if these kinds of links would be equal to the ones you code into the Tumblr header.

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Semantic Mastery Meeting 06-26-2014

By cpi1

This is the recording of Semantic Mastery Meeting for 06-25. On this issue:

– GSA Broken Linkbuilding Pyramid.
– GSA Mass Blasting to Authority Domains and YouTube Videos.
– Live Examples of Blanketing.
– Anchor Text Penalization Recovery and Emulation.
– Slideshare + Authorship
– Google Authorship Verification Hacks.

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