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How To Handle A Mass Page WordPress Site To Rank 10 GMBs Within 30-Mile Radius Of The Centre City?

In episode 236 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to handle a mass page WordPress site to rank 10 GMBs within a 30-mile radius. The exact question was: Hi gents, had a question about how to handle a mass page wordpress site in relation to 10 GMBs all in a 30 mile radius of the centre city. If I am working to rank these 10 GMBs all for same niche, does it make sense to setup city pages (ie. remodelers.com/locations/city and then point citations to these individual city pages. I was then contemplating 301 redirecting ... Read more

How Do You Rank Your GMB For Multiple Keywords After It Is Verified And Optimized?

  In Hump Day Hangouts episode 220, one participant asked how to rank a GMB for multiple keywords after it has been verified and optimized. The exact question was: Bradley: How do you rank your GMB for multiple keywords once you got it all verified and optimized – Is that done via posts targeting a particular keyword then? Thanks