How to Recover from Google’s Search Engine Penalty?

By April

YouTube video

During the 75th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer asked about the best ways to recover from Google's search engine penalties.

The exact question was:

Hey Bradley I have a tough SEO question for you. My website used to have good page 1 positions. Last year Google gave it a thin content/no value manual penalty. Google has rejected 4 reconsideration requests over the past 6 months. Last week it got a 2nd “spam -thin content” penalty.

6 months ago it did only have 5 pages. Since then I have added 15 pages, a 1000-word About us page with original images, 3 original videos where I interviewed 3 different CEOs, etc. Pages are 800-2500 words. It has no affiliate links. All is original content. Clean anchors, clean links, Not keyword stuffed, not an EMD.

One SEO's advice was to not fight Google, start a new site and redirect this site to the new domain. What direction would you suggest?

1) 301 redirect the site over page by page to a new domain?

2) Only redirect the most important pages?

3) Double redirect (I heard of this don't even know what it is)

4) Is there a way to completely delete the current site and start a new site using the same existing content on the new site?

5) Will the negative black mark it has carry over and contaminate the new site? If I redirected it to another site as a subdomain will it contaminate the other subdomains and root domain?

I have 200+ hours into this site. Kind of stinks. Thanks.?

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