How Do You Sell Your Domain To A Prospect?

By April

YouTube video


In episode 261 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how do you sell your domain to a prospect.

The exact question was:

Hi guys, I have the following question. I own a .com domain that I purchased 3 years ago for a marketing agency project that then got postponed because I focused on other projects. Despite I would like to keep the name, the website has little work done (SEO wise) and I've recently found an european agency with the same name and branding but a .ie extension. This company seems already quite established and was created after I got the .com domain. Considering all these, I would like to contact them and offer my domain for sale. Any ideas/tips on how to approach them and propose an initial number? I know that the domain per se is not that valuable, but given this situation I may squeeze some money ouf of this. Thanks in advance!

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