Best Way to Create Simple Silo Using Sidebar Categories

By April

YouTube video

During episode 69 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the best way to create a silo structure sites using categories in the sidebar of the page.

The exact question was:

Hi. Really appreciate the videos you made on Simple and Complex Silos. I have watched both videos 3x now. I had one question regarding the categories in the sidebar. After making the top pages be the categories, you made one statement regarding the categories in the sidebar still leaking out juice from the silo then something like “I'd remove them from the sidebar.”

What is the best option after creating a Simple Silo to avoid or minimize that category leak?

1) Just leave the 5 categories (which would be pages) in the sidebar and tolerate a small amount of silo leakage.

2) Remove the category listings widget out of the sidebar.

3) Or Use the Simple Silo Plugin from Network Empire?

My site only has a few top level pages at this time. I could go with any option. Thanks.?

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