Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 63

By April

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Adam: All right. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the twentieth of January 2016, and we got almost the full crew here. I think Marco is going to try and join us later, but we'll do our usual and go down the line. Chris, how's it going?

Chris: Hello everybody.

Adam: Good deal. Chris, are you joining us from the Alps, or are you back at home now?

Chris: No, back at home.

Adam: Oh, all right. Sounds good. I was wondering where you're at. Hey, Hernan. What's up?

Hernan: Hey, everyone. Hey, Adam. It's really good to be here.

Adam: All right, Bradley. How's it going?

Bradley: What's up, guys?

Adam: Good deal. In case I didn't say it, it's episode sixty-three. Sometimes I have trouble remembering the date and what number it is, so it gets really confusing. We just got a couple announcements we're going to run through. We mentioned it last week, I believe, but the MasterMIND will be increasing in price in one week. We're going to go for another week, and then after next week's Hump Day Hangout it's going to go from one ninety-seven to two ninety-seven. I'll be posting a link on here in a second. If you've been on the fence, you want to join, now is an excellent time to get involved.

Bradley: If you don't do it now, no whining later, please.

Adam: Yeah, sorry. There's no, “Ahh, I missed it by three days.” Nope. We've been telling everybody about it for the last couple weeks, so don't do that.

We had a couple people make the jump this past week so 2016 is going to be pretty awesome. We're going to really start focusing on the MasterMIND and helping our members really push things, and really grow. As always, check out SerpSpace. Go over to serpspace.com, sign up, it's a free account. If you have an IFTTT network, which a lot of you do, you should be checking out the network management. This is a really cool option to not have to be in your network. You don't want to spend your time, once you buy it or build it, in your network monitoring it. It functions. You just want to know when you need to fix something. Something else you can do is this is a really cool add-on service you can up sell the clients. For those of you who do client work, you can sell them the monitoring. It's dirt cheap at SerpSpace, and then you can up sell them and make … You could easily do a ten x income on this. Check that out.

I think we have one more announcement. Do you, Bradley or Hernan, have something?

Bradley: I'll let Hernan talk about it a little bit more. He just got finished setting up the funnel, but we got a plugin for the new amp upgrade that Google is really pushing in February, which is the Amplified Mobile Pages … Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Hernan: Accelerated Mobile Pages, that's right. The resident scientist, which is Marco, have developed a plugin that allow you to set up, with really simple tweaks, will actually allow you to set up your entire website, and add the Accelerated Mobile Pages support ready over there. It's really simple, we have created a really, really easy to use version of it. Of course, this is the Beta 1.0 version. We will be adding some more functionality and whatnot to it as we move forward, but it's really, really simple to use. We're going to drop a link that you can sign up. Download it, upload it, you make a simple tweak, and you're up and running.

We are also putting together a Facebook community which is for the creators, which we're going to be discussing a lot about this upcoming development from Google, because apparently it's going to be a big one, and if you're not leverage right now on your mobile traffic, you should. Otherwise you will be missing big time and you know as you do desktop applications, the better you can serve your mobile visitors, and the faster you can serve them, the better. The more revenue you will make, and that's exactly what we're trying to generate with the app plug-in. Go ahead, jump in. It's really simple. It's free right now, and we've got the Facebook community over there ready to go.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I'm posting it now. It's the Amp article. There's an article from Search Engine Land, today I think it was published, or recently, that talks about Google implementing this next month, in February, and why it's going to be valuable. It will potentially give you a ranking boost, just from having the accelerated mobile pages on the site. The plug-in we developed is very simple to use. It's going to help you with that. I'm dropping the link on the page now, the event page, guys, so it should be popping up in just a moment. Check out, it's the link over to the article, and then there's a little scroll box or chat box or something right on the article that's got a button on it that will take you over to the plugin download page, okay? Check it out.

Adam: I see that Marco just joined us, so I don't know Marco if you heard that. If you have anything to add about the Amp plugin, or if you can hear. He might be still connecting so, all right.

Bradley: Yeah, he's on … You've got to tell your hamsters to run a little bit faster, Marco. The wheel's not spinning fast enough, apparently.

Adam: All right. On that note, let's do these guys. Let's get started.

Bradley: All right. I guess let me grab the screen, and we'll jump over … Oops, that's the wrong button. This time I'm going to go just right on the Bugle screen, if we need to. Somebody remind me if I end up going into Firefox that I have to show my entire screen. I know it looks awfully small when I do my whole screen. Okay, all right guys. We're going to start at the bottom and work our way up, and see what we can get through today. There are still some rather long questions, not near as bad as they have been, it looks like. That's an improvement.
Adam: A friendly reminder for anybody who wasn't here last week. We're asking people, if you can, keep it down to one question at a time, if you can, and then the link. Just try to be respectful. If you've got a lot of questions, ask one ahead of time, but then maybe come back and then once it starts, put in the rest of your questions, just so we can keep it flowing and make sure everybody gets something out of this.

Bradley: Yeah, because otherwise it ends up being just a couple people getting their questions answered every week, and then no one else gets to ask questions. That will drive people away from us real quick, you know.

Loose Ratio When Siloing Own Videos and Other People's Videos

All right, Justin says, “I saw in a recent Hang Out where you talk about adding other people's relevant YouTube videos to your own channel, and relevant playlists. I've been doing this a little bit for awhile now, so I was glad to see you recommending it as well. Without trying to over think things too much on my end, I was wondering if you used any particular loose ratio of your videos to other people's videos. You probably have a much bigger data set than mine, so I figured I would ask. I guess I still have a hangup about losing too much link juice to other people's videos that I am pumping into my channel in link juice. I would just silo all of my YouTube videos in the playlists, leaving the other people's videos out of the silo structure in the description, but just having them in the playlist for relevance and to look less spammy.”

Correct, yeah. Justin, yeah, see you can leverage the popularity of other videos, and the relevancy by adding them to a silo, a playlist silo. You're right, you're not able to do the internal linking structure through the description of other people's videos because you don't have access to edit the description. However, you can, if the comments are enabled on their videos, you can drop a link to another video within your silo, depending on what type of silo structure you use. You can drop a link either to the entire playlist, especially if it's a hundred percent relevant, or you can drop a link to one of your videos in your silo, in the playlist, if that makes sense.

You can do that through comments, because comments is an internal link as well. Even though you can't edit the description on other people's videos, if you're linking to a relevant video, and you make a relevant comment on the creator's video, then you can drop a link and most likely it won't get moderated out, because it's an internal YouTube link that's linking to something that is relevant. That's why … Obviously make a comment, just like you leave a blog comment, a real value adding comment to a blog, you can do the same thing within YouTube. You could also leave a big “F You” like a lot of people do on YouTube, but most likely it's going to get moderated out if you drop a link. If you leave a value-adding comment in the video comments, and then you link to either one of your videos that's related, or to an overall playlist, which would be your silo. You could even mention something like, “Hey, great video. Blah blah blah. I compiled similar videos into a playlist which you can see here.” Drop the link. Something like that. Some of them are going to get moderated out, there's no question, but I've had a lot of them that stick. That way you can actually siphon some of that link juice, too.

This Stuff Works

There's the whole relevancy factor, there's the popularity factor of using other people's videos within your own playlist, and then there's also the ability to drop those comment links that will help too. That's how you get the internal linking structure into the silo, even using other people's videos, if that make sense. It is pretty powerful.

The other thing that's really cool about it is if you are using other people's videos that are … particularly ones that are popular, that have a lot of views and that sort of thing, the ones that rank high in YouTube search, is you'll notice that if you have your videos in a playlist with those videos, when you go to view those other people's videos, in the recommended videos on the right hand column in the right side bar of the YouTube watch page, you'll start seeing your videos show up in that section. That's also something that's really cool. You can do that two ways, and if you do both of these ways, you're most likely to show up there. One is to match the tags. For example, if there's a particular channel that has a video on it that's popular in your particular niche or your particular keyword that you're targeting, you can actually take the channel name and use that as one of your tags in your video, and that will help your video to show up on that when somebody's watching that video from that other channel, on that watch page.

Also, if you put your video in a playlist along with that video, if that makes sense. If you combine those two videos in a playlist, the other channels plus your own, and you also tag the channel name in the tags of your video, then you're most likely to show up on the right hand side under the recommended videos, the related videos. Which you can also show up in the related videos at the end of the videos. You know how at the very end of a YouTube video will show you right within the video watch area, recommended videos? You'll also show up for there. Surprisingly, we get about eighteen to twenty percent of our overall channel traffic comes from those related videos that show up at the end of a YouTube video, so there's a lot of traffic. I'd say anywhere between fifteen to twenty percent. If we look at our Analytics, I always find that curious that we show up … We get fifteen to twenty percent of our overall channel traffic comes from those. It's a great way to leverage other people's stuff. Hopefully that makes sense, all right?

Assigning Titles to Properties with Exact Match Keywords

Jouve says, “Hi Bradley. I have a general question about titling your property due to exact match keywords. My customers pay me for the optimization of their videos to get on the first page of Google, but they want to rank for several keywords at once, like company name, keyboard one, keyboard two, keyboard three, city one, city two. Normally I would create such a long-tail title for a video for example, but now I'm wondering if it would be better to use several videos and rank them using titles such as Company Name Keyboard One City One, Company Name Keyboard Two City Two.”

That's how I'd do it, Jouve. I always target just one keyword, especially when it's got a city location. I always just target one keyboard per video. I've had some success with targeting two keywords in a video title, but it's not as consistent as it is when I target just one keyword per video, as far as the SEO title of the video itself. That's why I use something like Hangout Millionaire so I can basically blast out a whole bunch of videos targeting the same … Even if it's the same video, it's slightly different, right? It's been live streamed, number one, so that video files are unique. Number two, it'll add a couple frames in the beginning or a couple frames at the end that'll change the overall structure of the video itself. I can target multiple keywords and multiple cities, and do them one at a time that way instead of trying to target multiple keywords, or multiple cities per video, if that makes sense. I've had a bit more consistency with ranking that way.

He says, “Would the long tail dilute too much juice?” Yeah, again, I've had some success with that, but it's not been consistent. Whereas if I target individual keyword plus individual city, and just focus on one keyword in the title especially because that's the most important part, then I usually have much better results.

For example, if a client wants to rank one video for three keywords in one location, or for one keyword in three locations, so it's six in one, half dozen in the other, right? They either want to rank one keyword in three locations, or three keywords in one location. I do three videos for them. I don't typically charge them three times as much … typically. Sometimes I do, it depends on the client. What I'll do is give them a bulk rate, a volume discount essentially. I'll do all three videos, because it's basically the same video. It's not three times the work, let's put it that way. It's maybe fifty percent more work, because I've got the video already created, and then I use an app like Hangout Millionaire to just basically pump that video out targeting those three different keywords, and I put it in a YouTube silo, a playlist, right? Then I'll just hammer the playlist with links and social embeds and all the typical stuff that we usually do. Then I don't usually charge them three times as much, I'll charge them … I'll give them a bulk rate discount. Again, that just depends on the client, okay?

Does Multiple YouTube IFTTT Rings Increase Domain Authority of Money Site?

All right. Next, George says, “Hi guys. Is building multiple IFTTT rings for YouTube going to increase the domain authority for the money site? Is it a good idea to make for each client? Thanks.” George, domain authority isn't such a big deal as maybe you've been led to believe. Building IFTTT rings for YouTube channels, if you're using it for YouTube syndication, isn't going to help your money, the website that much unless you have it linked to your website somehow. If you're pushing videos out to … Especially if you build them the way that we teach for video syndication networks, even if you have links in the video descriptions that are pointing to your money site, it's not going to get syndicated across the network. You will siphon a little bit of domain authority from YouTube itself, but you're not going to get the benefit of all the links and embeds from all the properties within the IFTTT networks because those links aren't pointing to your money site, they're pointing to the YouTube video on the YouTube channel.

If you want to increase the domain authority of your site, which again is not the metric I'd be focusing on if I were you. I'd be focusing on trust and topical trust, but if that's something that you just want to, for whatever reason, boost your domain authority, then you're better off creating your own network for your blog. In using your blog as your content syndication point, which you can still do even if you're doing YouTube videos because think about it. You can pump out YouTube videos, and have persona-based networks around your YouTube channel to boost the videos themselves, but then you can take the YouTube videos and go create posts for each video on your blog, your money site, and have a branded network around your blog so that each time you publish a new blog post with an embedded video, it's going to get pushed out across the branded network and build links back to your blog, your money site. You can actually get twice the exposure for your YouTube videos that way while at the same time building links back and authority to your money site, which is what I recommend you do. That's what we call the associated website, right? That's what I would do for that.

“Also, is it a good idea to make one for each client?” A branded ring, yes. I'd build a branded ring for everything. I think there might be another question, I saw this somewhere. It might not be here, but somebody was asking a question about can you use tier two networks for multiple tier one networks. Yeah, you can if they're themed properly. What I mean by that, guys, is for every single website I build, it gets a branded network. For pretty much every channel I build, it gets a branded network unless I'm going to have an associated website, like an attached website with the channel, in which case I just build persona-based networks for the YouTube channel, because the branded ring goes around the website.

Let's say that you're into the contracting or home services industry, which is what I do a lot of work in. Let's say you've got a plumbing client, a roofer client, an HVAC client, maybe a landscaper. Let's say that you've got four clients like that. What I would do is I would have a separate branded tier one ring for each one of those clients, but you could essentially have one tier two network that all four of those tier one networks tie into because they're all related. Home improvement related, does that makes sense? Your tier two rings could be home improvement related rings that get posted to from plumber blog … what did I say … plumber blog, roofer blog, HVAC blog and landscaper blog. It would make sense, right? It's broad enough. It's a top level category, the home improvement category, but they could have those sub-categories within it. It makes complete sense to do that. You could do that and get more mileage out of your tier two rings that way. You don't have to have separate tier two rings for all of those, for each one of those tier ones, if that makes sense. You can if you want, but you don't have to. You can get more mileage out of those tier twos that way.

For each client, yes, absolutely. I always do a separate … Remember guys, you're trying to build the brand. That's the whole point of the branded networks is to build the brand. Remember, Google is all about the branding now … It's really, really important to really build the brand and have consistency across all of those sites. That's why we teach the way we do, to have consistency across all the profiles in the tier one network, and to tie them all together and link them all up. We're not trying to hide a footprint at all with the tier one network. We're claiming our footprint. We're saying, “Hey, this is us. This is us over here. This is us over here. We're all the same entity.” That's what makes them so powerful. Hopefully that was clear.

Using SNAP and IFTTT for Delaying Postings

Brad, he says, “Hey guys. A couple weeks ago I asked about time delaying posts, and Adam and Hernan I guess had discussed on a podcast the fact that there was no solution for IFTTT delaying posts. Well, good news. I found a solution for this and it's SNAP, Social Networks Auto Poster. They have a free version and a paid version, and it's on sale right now, apparently. I would love to hear your thoughts about SNAP with IFTTT.”

This Stuff Works

I'm going to let the other guys talk about it. It is a great plugin, there's no question. I just don't use it because with the IFTTT networks, but I know that Marco and Hernan both use it a lot.

Adam: I want to say we mentioned this on the podcast, Brad. I'm guessing you didn't listen to it but that's fine, we're not hurt, I promise. Hernan and I talked about it, and I think the downside … I'll let these guys talk to the downside. The upside is if you just needed something to delay it, then this is a great solution. If that's all you're using it for, it shouldn't be that heavy on any server, right, if that's all you're using it for.

Hernan: Yeah, as Adam was saying, the problem with SNAP is that the free version is fine because you can only add one, usually you can add one … I think one account per social profile. On the pro version you can get a little bit carried away because you can add more than one. You can add three, four, five WordPress bloggers, et cetera. It would also syndicate out to Pinterest, I think, and Google+ directly. It can get a bit heavy on the server, so unless you have a VPS or something like that, or a dedicated server, if you are syndicating out to a bunch of properties like we are doing on the IFTTT networks, it can actually bog down your server and you'll get a ton of timeouts. I know it because I put it to the test, and it will kind of break up, break the entire thing. If that's all that you're using it for, as Adam was saying, to delay it, then SNAP is a great plugin. Have in mind that you can do some stuff with SNAP, and then you can also use IFTTT for stuff that you want instantly syndicated.

Adam: I'm looking at it right now [inaudible 00:21:53] I'm trying to see how you … I guess you could … Ah, posting delay. There you go. Okay. You can do that. You can re-post existing posts. You can randomize posting times. There's a lot you can do. If that's all you're using it for, you can use that as your first syndication point and go from there, just be careful adding it … pushing to too many places.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:22:18] I'm sorry, go ahead Marco.

Marco: The one thing that I would be worried about is that this is website based, right? It's going in your WordPress installation. I'd be worried about a footprint if you try to get too … If you're trying to manipulate too much, right? I use it specifically to target vk.com because it's a Google data partner, and so I don't use it too much. What I use it for is to get to some of the properties that I can't get to through IFTTT.

Bradley: Right. That's what I was going to say, is that's the whole reason why I use IFTTT pretty much exclusively, guys. There are literally dozens of syndication plugins out there. They come out all the time. I can't even name them all because there's so many of them that come out. As WSOs, or used to be WSOs, now JV Zoo offers or whatever. I've tried just about every one of them under the sun. I don't even try the new ones that come out anymore because I always revert back to IFTTT for that reason, that they're generally resource hogs. Especially when you start posting to multiple properties or you start stacking properties, which I don't recommend you do anyway. They end up being resource hogs, and they slow down the blog, and they cause, like Hernan said, timeout errors and stuff like.

IFTTT, the beauty about that is that is it's RSS driven. There is absolutely zero load on your WordPress site because it's fetching the posts from your RSS feed, which is a native WordPress function anyway. That's why I like using IFTTT, because it's reliable, and I've been using it for damn near four years now, guys, and it hasn't failed me yet. Occasionally there'll be a bit of a glitch on IFTTT, or there will be a feed error on your WordPress site that will cause things to not work properly, but overall, ninety-five percent of the time things work just fine, and it doesn't create a load. Like Marco said, there's a few extra properties that you can post to with SNAP, so if you want to use it and set it up for either the reason you're using it Brad, which is to schedule delay posts, that's a great use for it. Also to do vk.com, Pinterest, whatever else that you want to post to that isn't available on IFTTT. As long as you're keeping the load light, then it shouldn't be an issue.

Using Tier 2 Persona Networks Over Multiple YouTube Channels

Mark has a question, and this was the one that I saw earlier that I pretty much already answered about can you use tier two persona networks over multiple YouTube channels, and yes you can, Mark. There's no problem with that. In fact, there's a good case for building out a tier two network, and then spending time really boosting the shit out of it instead of building out a whole bunch of other tier two networks. In my opinion, a well themed and well boosted, extremely boosted tier two … One full two tier network, so three rings, that is extremely well themed and boosted by building tons of links to it and that kind of thing, is better than having multiple tier two networks. Again, its all about the themeing, the relevancy, and then obviously the power that you can produce with those over time by continuing to build links to those tier two networks. Yes, you can. You can get more mileage out of them that way.

Effectively Blocking Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Chick says, “Cheers. I've been digging into G Analytics Inside Acquisitions section and noticed a lot of traffic.” Chick, I saw this question earlier, as well, and we actually answered … I think there was a conversation in the Facebook group about it. It's funny that you mentioned that. Loganix … Let me finish reading the question real quick, guys, and then I'm going to show you an example, and we'll drop the link to it. ” … noticed a lot of traffic from these two domains across several sites I'm tracking, traffictocash.xyz, and then some Russian site. Are these sites spamming these sites?”

Yes, they are. It's referral spam, Chick. Unfortunately there's a huge issue with Google Analytics with showing referral spam, and if you actually … It used to be where you could actually go into HT access and block the bots for those types of bots, but now they can spam Google Analytics referral spam even if you've got them blocked in HT access. There's a lot … It's just a constant freaking problem, and it's awful. You're right, your analytics are always going to be skewed because of referral spam. There's really not much you can do about it.

However, that said, Loganix which, highly recommend this service, guys. If you're interested, you can go to semanticmastery.comloganix. That's a shameless plug. They have a keyword referral spam script that you can actually … It's free. They'll give it to you free, and they update it often. What they do … You can actually download … It's like an authorization button that you click, and they've got a bunch of referral spam filters that they've set up that the constantly update. All you've got to do is be logged into your Analytics account when you click the button for the script that they've provided, which is right here. Download, update the latest referral spam segment, and it will automatically import their referral spam filters right in your Analytics account, and apply it to all the sites that you select. I just select all view instead of … I just actually updated it earlier, but let's see if I can show this to you. If you go to “clean spam now”, you're going to have to put your email address in, and then it says “Give instant access.” I'm not going to actually walk through it, I'll just go back and give you guys this URL.

Just trust me, it's easy. Give them your email address, then it will take you to the next page, and it will have a button you click, and it will open up your Analytics and ask you to give it authorization. Once you do, it will allow you to select which sites you want to apply the spam filters to, or you can select all which is what I do. Then it automatically installs them. Now this doesn't catch all of it, guys, but they are continually updating this, so it's handy to have, and they give it to you for free. Obviously you're going to be on their email list, but Loganix is a really good provider in my opinion, especially for US market. Apparently in the UK their services aren't as good, but for the US market, I highly recommend this service for any sort of local stuff that you're doing.

Hernan: I was about to mention just that Bradley. The actual ability that you have to filter the referral spam. However, I think that analytics will have to come up with something at some point because a lot of people have been migrating out of analytics and going into Clicky, or HubSpot, those kinds of things, because of the referral spam.

Bradley: Yeah, that's true. It's a big problem. It doesn't seem like analytics, Google's doing very much to fix the situation.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: It's been going on … Referral spam really started getting bad about six months ago, and now it's just relentless. As soon as you set up … I used to set up filters individually myself, for each analytics account, for each website I was tracking. It was a pain in the ass, and it got to the point where once a week I was logging in and setting up another two, or three, or four referral spam filters for every site. It got to the point where it was unmanageable. I just started using Loganix when they started offering that as a lead magnet, a cheese. Now I just get updated because I'm their list. Every time they've got a new one, it gets emailed to me. It helps. It still doesn't get it all, but it does help.

Fixing Semantic RSS Plugin from Reseting Itself

Okay, Kevin. We've been through this before. He says, “For some reason the Semantic RSS plugin just randomly resets itself, and I have set up everything all over again. Any reason for this, or how to fix it. “I know we've talked about this before, Kevin. It's most likely your hosting, because we haven't had any issues that we know of from anybody else that's having that problem. “Would emptying page cache and W3 Total cache be causing the issue?” Yeah, it could, because caching plugins cause problems like that all the time. There's a way inside of the advanced options of W3 Total Cache, and most caching plugins, where you can select specific files or scripts for it not to cache. I don't know specifically which ones they would be for our plugin, but I can tell you that may be your issue. It's either that or it could be a PHP version on your hosting account that's causing an issue, because that's typically where most troubles arise with our plugin, is PHP issues with the specific version. I could have sworn we talked about this a week or two ago.

This Stuff Works

The other thing is, like we said, that's a free plugin that we developed for internal purposes. We offer it you guys for free so that you can use it if you'd like to. Obviously it's not a paid plugin, it's not a premium plugin, so we can't provide support for it only because there are so many different hosts out there, and so many different configurations between themes and other plugins that we'd have to have a full time developer managing trouble tickets for free plugin, which doesn't make any sense. If it doesn't work, just use the Yoast RSS plugin … Sorry, the Yoast SEO plugin, and use the RSS feed with the attribution function within that.

There's that, or like I said, check your W3 Total Cache issues, see if there's a way that you can exclude any files from that plugin within W3 Total Cache, or disable W3 Total Cache, and see if that fixes it. If that's not the problem, you probably need to have your PHP version upgraded on your hosting account, because that's typically where most problems arise with our plugin. Again, since it's not a premium plugin, we give it away for free. If it doesn't work, just go use the Yoast attribution link. It's not that we're trying to be dicks about it, guys, it's just it's not something that we can support when it works for our needs and we were giving it away free just because it is helpful if you want to use it. If you can, that's fine, if not, then there are other options, is what I'm saying.

When to Know if You are Over-Optimizing a Website?

Kevin says, “I have a truck financing site that sits on page two or three for a lot of keywords and I'm having trouble getting them to page one. My competitors often have trust flow around twenty-five to thirty DA, twenty-five to forty in PA, twenty to forty thin content, and have been around for five to ten years.” That's a big part of it right there. “Here's a little info about my site, plus I have IFTTT. On page would say seventy-five to ninety percent optimized correctly. My pages have PA fifteen to twenty-one, DA twenty-one, topical trust flow of fifteen to twenty-three. On the pages my IFTTT properties have topical trust flow ten to eighteen, PA is forty-seven, but most are PA one.”

Okay, again guys, I don't give a crap about PA and DA to be honest with you, so much anymore. Actually, I do it a little bit. The domain authority, there's still some benefit to that, guys. There are some cumulative benefits by having higher domain authority, but it's not something that I typically care too much about. Page authority I really don't care a whole lot about. “My Twitter is optimized and has a lot of social activity. You have a couple hundred back links with mostly coming from IFTTT, and maybe thirty from niche relevant blog comments and some from cheap press releases. I have crowd searched doing brand plus keyword searches, Twitter referral and YouTube referral traffic, but no straight keyword searching click campaigns. I've done a couple junkie social signal gigs.” Don't ever do that to your money site, guys. Don't do shitty social signal gigs to your money sites, just don't do it. It's completely spammy and its completely obvious what you're doing, so don't do that. “Now I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next. Should I just keep blog posting, linking back to the site. Carefully GSA all my IFTTT posts but buy PBN links, do high quality press release, quality social signals to all the pages or …”

Yeah, a lot of those are good ideas. First of all, don't do crappy social signals. Second of all, don't do poor or cheap press releases, either. You've got to treat your money sites with kid gloves. Try to keep them as clean as possible at all times, and that's in part why we use the IFTTT networks because if you're going to do spammy stuff, do it to your networks, not to your site. I don't recommend that you burn your tier one networks either, because they're an extension of your brand. That's why we recommend you be careful and do tiered links to those if you're going to do it.

Carefully GS all your IFTT posts. Yeah, you can, if you're skilled with the tool. I'm assuming you are, Kevin, or else you wouldn't be GSAing your tier one posts. You could, I guess, if you're good with it. Buy PBN links, yeah you can do that as well. The problem I have with PBN links is similar to the problem I have with using GSA or spam tools to even tier one posts. You end up not having high quality sites, even PBNs that have good metrics, guys, unless they're themed PBNs, they're not really the best type of links to be pointing at your money properties. You've just got to be careful. Don't get me wrong, you can push juice to your tier one posts. It's more and more about relevancy than it is about equity, does that make sense? It's more about relevancy than it is about power. I recommend that if you're going to be buying PBN links, that you try to buy niche relevant PBN links if possible. Go ahead, Hernan.

Hernan: Yeah, I wanted to say that I would like to know about the time … The schedule for all of these stuff. Sometimes we rush ourselves to do a ton of things and we do not know what hit our website, or what takes it to page one, that's for one. On the other hand, you could be Kevin and, pardon my French, but you could be on a fucked up domain. That usually happens. If that's the case, and if you have the possibility to 301 that domain, check it out. Make a quick 301 from the domain, you just need need to clone the entire site and 301 the domain to a new domain, and see what happens. If there is some toxic link juice going on there, and this is probably more a MasterMIND kind of answer, but if you have a double 301 which will filter it a little bit. Go ahead, try it out if you have the possibility.

Bradley: Yeah, Terry Kyle, he's called that the random ranking factor for … Oh God, a couple years now. One of the tactics that he teaches, and I've tested it, and it's genius. Part of the random ranking factor is Google, for some reason, won't rank certain domains for whatever reason. There's really no rhyme or reason to it. It's an algorithmic anomaly.

When you go to build out a new site, I don't recommend you all do this unless you have the time and the resources to do it, but you could buy three or five domains, and build out pretty much the same site on all three to five domains, hit all three to five domains with the same type of inbound links, and a lot of times just to poke the niche or to test it, you can blast a whole bunch of SAPE links and that's the easiest way to do it. SAPE links to the domains, and just monitor them and see which ones rank because typically out of those … Let's say you've got five domain and you built the same site You only have to build one site, you can just clone it across all five domains, hit it with a bunch of links from SAPE links, so high-powered links. You only need to do it for a month, and track all five domains for a month for your keywords. You'll see that some sites are going to way out-perform the others.

What you do is you identify which domain is going to rank the highest out of those five that you're testing, and then eliminate the other four, or just 301 them to the one that performed the best, and make that your final site. Then get rid of the SAPE links because you don't want those long term going direct to the money site. It's okay to poke it initially, but then you drop all those links. Then you go into your normal traditional link building campaigns, and treat it like a normal money site. You can identify very quickly which, again, random ranking factor … What domains are being affected by the random ranking factor that way. I've actually tested that, and it absolutely works.

It was a genius strategy because I've done it before with a plumbing site, and I did a whole entire case study about it inside the MasterMIND, when I was building out a plumbing site for a client. I tested four domains, I don't think I did five, I think I did four. Out of all the domains that I tested, the .us domain, for whatever reason, outranked all of mine. I hit page one on the top three for my main keywords within seven days. What I did was I just deleted the other three sites, kept the one domain, and I just 301ed the other three to the one domain that worked. Then I dropped the SAPE link package that I had purchased for the one month, and then built up the site on that. It did well. That client's no longer a client for me, so now the site's just been un-301ed.

My point is, that's one thing that yo guys can do, you can try something like that. Kevin, in your case, I know you're saying that you have about six months into this site. It could be that if it's somewhat of a competitive niche, I don't know what it is specifically. I can see that you're dealing with five to ten year old sites on page one, and that right there is probably where your issue is coming. You're dealing with sites that have a lot more age to them, which is part of the overall authority of a brand now. Six months … You could try that. You could try cloning the site, installing it on another domain, and 301ing your existing domain to the new one and just see. It's not much work. You could do that in under an hour. Then just monitor and see if you get onto page one within a week or two, with the new domain. If that's the case, problem solved.

Hernan: Yeah, that's what I've done with a foreign niche of mine, a subdomain actually, that got hit. Not actually hit, but an algorithm penalty. I 301ed it to a new subdomain with the exact same content and, bam you're back ranking.

Bradley: That could be it. The other part of it, if it's not it, is like I said, is you could … First of all, don't do spam social gigs, that's awful, and don't do cheap press releases, guys. You could be pumping toxic links directly at your money site. That's going to cause you issues.

Adam: Who's humming? Somebody's humming.

Bradley: I guess it might be Marco. Just work on trying to find out … There's another thing we're going to cover. We might talk about it today in MasterClass a little bit, actually, and that's finding niche relevant domains to use to build your own link network because that's working really, really well right now. It's actually working incredibly well, so we're going to talk about that probably a little bit today in MasterClass if we don't have a volunteer for the hot seat. That's something else that you could do is start building out your own link network as well. You'd have to bind niche relevant domains with topical trust flow that matches what you're trying to link to. That's they key, guys. They have to be completely relevant.

Using Follow or No-Follow Links When Connecting Location-Based Subdomain to the Main Domain

We've got to move on. Shannon says, “I have locations page, and the locations page at different states like Florida, Texas, et cetera, what are your thoughts on using a follow link or no follow link from the core main site to your subdomain site?”

There's nothing wrong with that. If you're using subdomains for a particular brand so that you can target individual cities for that brand, which is a really good way to do it, there's no reason why on your root domain you can't have a brand page for that company with an index, a locations index, with links out to to the subdomains. There's no reason, because you shouldn't be doing … Well, for the most part, you're probably not going to be doing content syndication and link building to the root. You're going to be doing everything to each individual subdomain site, so you shouldn't have to worry about your root linking to your subdomains. It's basically like an index. Seriously, it's like an index, a table of contents site, so to speak. There's no problem with that. There's no reason to try to hide that or anything, just link to. Don't no follow it, just go ahead and follow it. That will help just kind of spread the juice around for whatever's flowing to the root.

Do all Tweets Get Indexed?

Brian, “Do all tweets get indexed?” Not all of them, Brian. You can force them to, or if you have a … He says, “Does something have to be done every tweet. There has been discussions all across the board.” Bryan, I've seen that, unless you have a Twitter account that's quite active with it's own inherent authority from it's following and it's relevancy, then those tweets will get indexed, almost instantly without needing any nudging on your part, but if you've got a poor Twitter account, or one that you're using specifically for SEO and it doesn't really have a true following, it's not really all that relevant or blah blah blah, then you're going to need some nudging in order to get the tweets indexed, and there's no guarantee that they'll stay indexed.

Marco: He needs Twitter SEO Academy.

Bradley: Yeah. All that's covered in Twitter SEO Academy. Go check it out. It's only a hundred and forty-seven dollars. It's got a lot of really good responses about that, too. People are actually getting clients, local clients, from Twitter by using Twitter SEO Academy stuff. Closing clients via Twitter, that's nuts. I haven't even done that. Dr. Gary, he's right here. He's a master at that.

This Stuff Works

Saper Strategies for YouTube Optimization

Elijah says, “How's it SEOing? I'm trying to find the webinar where you talked about Saper for YouTube videos. Can you please tell me where to find a quick screen cast on it?” That's the thing, Elijah. I did a video for Saper … Hernan did a training series on how to use SAPE and manually go create your SAPE account, locate links and purchase them. It was a three video series, I believe. I did a training on how to use Saper, which is the software from X-Catcher, I think it's called, that kind of automates all of it into one dashboard. It's kind of buggy, and that's training actually over a year old now. That's all MasterMIND stuff. Honestly, I can't give that to you here. You have to join the MasterMIND for it. However … He says, “That's major for me to get my videos up higher. I have a great IFTTT network, still trying to understand GSA and all I need left is SAPE and boom, I'm good to go.”

My recommendation is do some YouTube searches for SAPE network. You can probably find some videos that are publicly available on how to set up a SAPE network account, and purchase links on your own if you want to go that route, or if you want to spend a few extra bucks you can find people that will do that for you, which is what I recommend. I recommend that only because I'm lazy and I don't like spending my time going through the Russian network, finding my own links. You can buy them dirt cheap if you do it that way, but I typically would just go to a provider. I know they're marking them up and making a profit, but all I gotta do is go find them. You can often find niche relevant SAPE links for just a few bucks per month. That's pretty much it. Go to YouTube, start searching guys that you can probably find training on that's publicly available. Ours is not, it's for MasterMIND level. Also, like I said, you can go to Black Cat forums and start searching Black Cat forums for SAPE link providers, and purchase them there if you want to let somebody else do the heavy lifting for you.

Hernan: Have in mind, Elijah, that it's rare that you will find that information for free because it's highly coveted. For SAPE, you can get it for dirt cheap, really good links for less than one buck a month. That's highly coveted, so I would suggest that you could go ahead and have a third party provider, but you will be paying a lot more for each link. If you want to save that and learn a bunch of other cool stuff, join the MasterMIND.

Relative and Absolute Internal Links from SEO Standpoint

Bradley: Yeah. Gary says, “I'd like to know if you have any thoughts on the difference between using relative and absolute URLs for internal links from an SEO point of view.” First of all, I need to know what the hell is an absolute and relative URL before I can answer that question. Somebody want to define that for me, because I'm not sure what he's talking about.

Adam: I would guess … I'm just thinking in terms of e-commerce and where something's put together on the fly as opposed to a static URL pointing to a product or something like that, but I could be totally wrong on that.

Bradley: Yeah, I can't … Until I understand the definition of relative and absolute URLs, Gary, I can't answer that question. I would really just be pulling something out of thin air to try to throw you an answer, and I don't want to do that because it would sound like nonsense, which it would be. We'll move on. If you want to define that, Gary, we've got a MasterClass in a minute, and we've got MasterMIND coming up tomorrow, so maybe that's something we can cover there. I don't have time to read it right now anyway, but thank you, Chris. I'll research that a little bit and we can talk about it tomorrow during MasterMIND. Okay, let's see …

Gravity Forms & AMP Pages

Adam: Clint was the next one. So he's asking about no forms issue with the Amp pages.

Bradley: Gravity forums don't work on Amp pages. I have no idea, this was just released to us today. Marco just gave it to us today, so I haven't even had a chance to test it. Marco, do you have any idea?

Marco: No, I have no idea because I haven't tested it on Gravity forums. It was just put out. It's working really well in converting all of the pages, but I haven't had time to test every single … Contact Seven, all of the other different forums.

Hernan: You can join the Facebook group because we're having an exclusive Facebook group, and we'll try to figure it out together.

Marco: Yeah, that would be great. Clint, actually … [crosstalk 00:49:29]

Adam: I'll drop the link in there, too, for the funnel. I dropped the article link but I'll put in the …

Marco: Funnel link.

Bradley: Yeah, that's right. There's discussions, Clint, just post them right in that group and we'll get them worked out, I'm sure.

Marco: There's also a forum he can go to which goes straight to the developer.

Bradley: Okay, the Google forum?

Marco: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah, there's a link to the Google forum on the Facebook group, actually.

Bradley: Which is like a bug report type thing.

Marco: It's a bug report, it's feedback so if you want to see anything added to it, or if something isn't working quite right, that's what it's for. Number one is report issues, and number two is feedback.

Bradley: Okay. So you can say, like, “You guys suck” if you want or something.

Marco: Yeah, absolutely. I hate your friggin plugin … whatever.

How to Charge Clients for SEO Services?

Bradley: Sandra, she says, “Hi guys. About how you charge clients, you charge a setup fee for the brand new network, then I imagine you charge a monthly fee after that.” Sandra, that's a good question. What I do is I charge for the setup, and then I don't charge a monthly fee, per se, for the networks themselves. However, you can, especially because of using SerpSpace now with our network monitor, that's a way like … Adam just said at the very beginning of this webinar that you guys can use that as a network management fee, or monitoring fee, that you guys can mark up like ten times from what you're paying us for the service, and charge that to the client.

However, how I get the monthly fee, Sandra, is the IFTTT network in itself is valuable, there's no question, but where the true value comes in, or where it's most effective, is when you have a content marketing strategy in place, and you've got a publishing schedule, okay? First of all, I sell the networks to the clients, but then I up sell them on content marketing, or it's part of an overall SEO campaign, SEO strategy that I'm selling them on in which content marketing is part of that. That's where the monthly fee comes in for me. If I'm providing SEO services, then … Content marketing is just part of an SEO strategy now, period. If somebody doesn't want to do content marketing, I tell them, “Okay, then I can't do organic SEO for you. I can do maps SEO, but I can't do organic SEO unless you're doing content marketing as well, and it's going to cost you this much.” Included in that includes the reports every month as well as link building to the networks, updating your social media accounts which is done via IFTTT and the content marketing, but a lot of them don't grasp that. Just so you know, that's typically what I do.

A lot of our students actually charge more than I do for clients for building up branded networks. I charge seven hundred bucks to do a tier one network only for clients. That's a branded network, that's setting up all their social media properties, including some of the ones that aren't in the actual IFTTT training like a Facebook page, for example a Facebook page. However … Oh, and LinkedIn company page. A lot of the times they have those already, they were just poorly optimized, so as part of my seven hundred dollar branded tier one package, I will update those Facebook page and the LinkedIn company page, put graphics across all of them that are consistent, tie everything together, tie everything back to their website, do all the interlinking, set up the RSS two recipes, and then set up for the monthly … That's what I was getting at was I set up a content marketing schedule. Depending on the client, it ranges anywhere between a minimum of one post per week, to as much, for my clients, three posts per week.

There are some clients, or some industries that you get into where you could be posting once or twice per day, and that would be normal. For the industries that I work in, it's usually … Most industries I work in are between one and three posts per week, with an average being two, obviously. That's in the home contracting industry. That's what I charge the monthly fee for. If they stop paying, do I bring the links down? No, I don't, because it's a branded network. They've paid for that network, and so their content marketing strategy was which the monthly is, that's my team creating content and posting to their money site blog which then syndicates to their branded network. If they decide they don't want our services anymore, then we just part ways. They get to keep to keep the network and all of the links that were built because it was content distributed from their blog. Does that make sense? Any of the off page SEO stuff that I do direct to their site, I don't do direct to their site, I do it through a 301 domain so that way in case they stop paying me, I can un-301 that domain, and point that juice anywhere I want. For anything done on their branded properties, they get to keep that. That's just part of the deal.

Hernan: What I wanted to say, also, Sandra that if you are not into creating or curating content, which can be a business in and of itself, you can always do what Adam was saying. Plug your IFTTT networks into SerpSpace, and monitor those networks for your clients at a premium. That's easy.

Best Way to Remove Viruses in WordPress

Bradley: Yep. Okay, looks like we are about out of time, but Adam Patel, “New client has a virus on their WordPress install. I can't move them over to my host right now as the zip gets deleted. What's the best way to remove viruses in WordPress guys, and what's your favorite way to move back up clients from their old host to yours, Backup Buddy, et cetera.”

Adam, what I would do for a virus on the site is I usually just contact the host. If you're dealing with … It could be that you're dealing with a shitty host, and if that's the case, then I don't know what to tell you. Typically whenever I've had an issue with a site being hacked or some sort of malicious code on the site, I just contact the host. That's why I like using god hosts, like LiquidWeb for example, because they'll take care of it for me. If you're on a shitty host and they won't provide that kind of a support, and maybe that's why you're trying to move them from one host to another, my next … I'll let the other guys chime in here, but my next step would be to go to UpWork, and try to find somebody that is an expert in that kind of stuff, and just hire them to fix it.

Hernan: Yeah. I got the … Adam talked to Clint because he helped me with one of my websites, with my main website that got infected. I got it on [inaudible 00:56:07] so you can imagine the support. Now I have it on LiquidWeb, so talk to Clint, he is really knowledgeable and he will help you with your issues with your …

Bradley: You guys are both MasterMIND members so start that discussion in the MasterMIND, that would be a good one for everyone to learn from.

Hernan: Yep.

Bradley: What's my favorite way? When I'm moving sites, I use … Well, first of all, I've got a WP admin guy that I hired from UpWork that works for us part time now, and he just handles everything. Whenever I move my own sites for whatever reason, if I don't want to wait … He's in the Philippines. If I don't want to wait for him and I've got something that needs to be moved immediately, I just use a script that was from Peter Garrity awhile back called Replicator Pro. I don't even think he sold it, I just think it was a bonus for one of his other products. I just use that. It's a cloning script, it works really well for me. It doesn't work on every site, once again it depends on the host, but for the most part, probably ninety percent, nine out of ten times it works and it works quickly. I can do it with my eyes closed, to be honest with you. That said, I know Adam likes to use Main WP, right?

Adam: Yeah, I love it.

Bradley: They've got the cloning feature where you can migrate sites, and it's supposed to be incredibility easy. I've never used it just because I use my own script, but … [crosstalk 00:57:27] The easiest way, though, is just hire an outsourcer. I got a WP guy that does it. What's my favorite way to do it? Tell him to do it. Hopefully that makes sense.

All right guys, it's 5:00. We've got MasterClass starting in just a minute, and I've got to set up the actual video for that. Thanks for everybody being here. We'll see you all …

Adam: If you haven't yet, I'm going to drop the link for the AMP plugin, go check it out. That update's coming down the line so sign up, grab it, and join the Facebook group.

Chris: Get it while it's free.

Bradley: Yep. All right, everyone. We'll see you next week, I guess. Thanks, guys.

Hernan: Bye bye.

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