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By April

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Bradley: All right.

Adam: Hey everybody. Hello and welcome to episode 91 of Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 3rd of August 2016. Let's just go down real quick and say hey to everybody.

Hernan: How is it going?

Hernan: Hey guys I just happened to open the Facebook and there were 2 Adams talking to me at once. It was pretty nice.

Adam: Yeah, it's what everybody wants on Facebook.

Hernan: Yeah, definitely. Hey guys, what's up?

Adam: Awesome. That's all I have been hearing, is one more green screen and two more beard. That's really what we're really trying to do.

Hernan: Definitely.

Marco: How is it going men?

Marco: Hey men, what's up? Listen, upon request, I am not going to mention today how wonderful the weather is in Costa Rica. I will not say how sunny it is, I will not say how warm it is, I will not say that after things I might just take a deep in the pool because I can. Next week, next month. I won't say it okay?

Bradley: What you're saying is, you're not going to be a prick today is what you're saying?

Marco: No, no, I won't. I won't say how wonderful Costa Rica is.

Bradley: What a guy, what a guy?

Adam: Oh Bradley, how is it going?

Bradley: Good men, how are you?

Adam: Can't complain. We got several announces so I'll just roll through that real quick then we hop into things. I wanted to talk about real quick. As I pull it up. That's what I get for not having it on my sheet in front me. This was the first one and most importantly. Guys, if you're a member Serp Space that's great good job. If not, I'm going to post a link, please go sign up. It's free. We're going to sending out some link building special offers and this is above and beyond. From time and time we'll send out some offers. We'd like to hook people up with 5 or 10% discount here and there. We're going to be offering a special on that.

If you're not a member please go sign up and you'll get the email. Those are only for our members. Also, if you have promoted Mastery PR products in the past. Content Kingpin is going to be launching soon and if you need more information about that and you want to be a JV for these awesome products for Mastery PR. I guess, you guys can charm in here, what's the best way for them to go about doing this do you think?

Hernan: We'll put the link for the JV page and they can sign up there. They can get their link there and also if you're interested in promoting it. I would strongly suggest also you click on, become a VIP JV because that will you in the loop and we'll send swipe files and everything else.

Adam: Got you. [crosstalk 00:02:36] Also available or eligible for prizes if they do that.

Hernan: Yes.

Adam: Cool. Already, definitely do that. Guys it's launching on the 30th of October. Then also, this is more of a tease to be honest with you but Video Powerhouse is getting some awesome, awesome changes updates and more so we're just going to do the evil scientist thing here.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Just to give it a little bit more spice. We have been working extra hard on this just to make it the best video embed network above none. That's what we're looking for, that's what we want to deliver because that's what we're known for. That's what we're working towards, we're not quite there yet but we're going to get there.

Hernan: Yeah, I was about to say that. We have the mad scientist working on it.

Adam: Yeah, fair enough. All right, that's it for announcements, do you guys got anything?

Bradley: What about link building?

Adam: Already gone over it.

Bradley: What was I doing?

Adam: What a shame. Probably looking at Facebook.

Bradley: Multitasking. I guess so, I was playing with Facebook stuff. We're going to be doing discount, special offer on link building packages guys right now. If you're not on Search Base yet go do it. Get on Search Base, it's free to just create an account. Daddy's Link Building service, the packages that we do are really, really good for IFTTT networks, citations, PBNs, Tier 2 links. All different kinds of stuff. I recommend you go check it out if you haven't done it already.

Adam: I forgot about one more thing real quick. Rant mastery, we're hopefully going to get to it. It's more fun than work so please keep going there and putting in your suggestions because it's honestly awesome. If we don't get to it, just know it's kind of a fun thing that we thought to do and it just maybe something from time to time we'll pull from. I'll put that link up here real quick.

Bradley: I'll probably start it next week on Monday because I'll should be finished with the Content Kingpin training, finishing up that course up this week. That's going to to free up some time for me. I'll probably start on that next week guys. Go ahead and go to rant.sematicmastery.com submit anything you want us to chat about. It doesn't have to be about marketing. It could be about anything. If it's funny enough or if it's interesting enough, we'll do it.

Hernan:: You've been syndicating, broadcasting a little bit Bradley already, right? Facebook live and what not?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Okay, it's pretty cool.

Bradley: Yeah, it's on right now actually. Okay, other than that are we ready to get into questions and stuff?

Adam: Yeah, let's do this.

Bradley: Okay, let me go and grab the screen and I'm doing to lock it on.

Adam: Camera man.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Blended Feed With Your Money Site In It To Your T2 Network? 

Bradley: I already did that but thank you because I forget that often times when I'm trying to do multitask like this. All right, I'm going to switch Firefox and webcam now. Everybody should be seeing pretty much the same image. All right, one of these days somebody is going to come up with an application that will do all this automatically without having not click so many buttons. Until then, all right Paul is first one up and he says, “Hey guys I think Lisa Allen's RSS Authority Sniper came out after you finished the IFTTT V2 training. So could you show the best way to used a blended feed with your money site in it, to your Tier 2 network. An idea of how the recipes would look like to Tier 2 A, B and C with an RSS feed created from RSS authority sniper. Thanks for all your good information and courses.”

This Stuff Works

Paul, I haven't used Rank Feeder, the feeds that you create with Lisa Allen's product. I haven't used it for syndication, I have used it for submitting the directories and aggregators just for additional SEO. I haven't used for syndication, you certainly can, there is no doubt. Without testing it though, without actually playing around and testing it which I what I would recommend that you do Paul because I don't know how soon I can get to that. What I would do, what I'm curious is, when you put a sticky item in.

For those of you aren't aware, with Rank Feeder which is Lisa Allen's product which is really, really good. You can create RSS feeds and you can create RSS feeds from anything, anything that even has a web URL, you can add that to a created feed and then you can submit the feed to directories and aggregators. You can also use it for syndication, not something I've tested yet however. What's cool about it is you can create RSS feeds from other RSS feeds but you can insert single URLs into the feed and make them sticky. In other words you can make them a part of the output of the RSS feed at all times.

Which is important because if you guys know when you're publishing content. As soon as you publish a new post, that's going to push that previous item down one in the feed. Let's say that your is only showing 10 items then by the time you get to the 11th post, it's going to push that first post off the page. It's no longer in that feed is my point. With the sticky items you can take a YouTube URL, a single post URL, a page, I don't have to be a post, it can be a page, it could be anything and you can insert it into the feed and make it stick to where no matter how many other post come in to that blended feed or spiced feed. That one item is going to stick.

You can have multiple sticky items in the same feed in fact but that one item will always be there. Why is that important? Well, because if you take that RSS feed and now you syndicate it or submit it to directories and aggregators and every time new content gets published. Whether it's your own content because you have some of your own feed spiced into it or other content from other sources which I recommend using related high authority content sources. Anyone of the feeds that make up the overall feed … Stream isn't up on page. I'm sorry what stream is not on page?

Adam: Google plus, it looks like it's not streaming. I don't know if it's OBS or something else. I just figured I stop you now real quick.

Bradley: What is it? A black screen?

Adam: Yeah it says, start soon.

Bradley: I don't understand that. Let me …

Adam: Yeah I think just check and make sure you're streaming the right thing.

Bradley: Huh, I'll be damn. All right, well give me a second guys while I fix this.

Adam: That's odd because that says we're broadcasting.

Bradley: It says we're broadcasting.

Adam: It's strange.

Bradley: Let me try to edit this real quick, just give me a second.

Marco: Let me see if, you know we can …

Adam: Hop into Youtube too real quick and check it out.

Marco: Yeah we can go into YouTube, I was trying to do that.

Bradley: Shit it's not … That's crazy. I don't understand we're …

Adam: Did it just make its own …

Bradley: Oh you know what I did? Damn it, okay, I know what I did. I put the IFTTT webinar URL on the page. My bad, I just got to swap links out. Let me just do that real quick. I see what I did.

Adam: Sure.

Bradley: Multitasking, that's what happens. All right, it should be coming up now, soon as this page refreshes. There we go, we're on there. Guys please remind me to swap out the titles on these ones once we're done because I've got the IFTTT webinar showing right now for the update webinar.

Adam: That's it?

Bradley: That's actually from the event page. You guys should be good to go now. Okay, just confirm it for me please.

Adam: Let's see, we're talking right now, let's see. Yep, we're good to go.

Bradley: All right, let me refresh it over here. My bad guys, I apologize for that. I mixed up the URLs, that was my fault. My point was, with the RSS feed, any time somebody … Any content is published to any of the feeds that are spiced together to make up the Rank feeder feed. It's going to signal the box to cruel out again. It's basically like pinging the feed. Every time the feed get updated, it pings again and it causes the box to come cruel it again and what happens is, the sticky item … That was known as co-citation because now that one sticky item or multiple sticky items if you choose to do so. Is always be associated with content around that topic.

Every time that feed gets cruel that one item or multiple sticky items are going to continue to be cruel again and that association is made and that is called co-citation. It's very, very powerful. Now for Paul's question, I have not actually tested syndicating with a Rank Feeder feed. I don't know how that looks like yet because I haven't done it. I'm almost certain that you can select the feed to publish either the full text, post or snippets. I'm assuming it would work well because I know for like YouTube for example if you pull in YouTube, it will actually will create the full feed with the embedded video in the feed output.

This Stuff Works

Which is something that ever since YouTube got rid of the old RSS feed within YouTube, that was a function that was no longer available to us. I know you can do that with Rank Feeder feed but as far as syndication, I haven't done it yet Paul. The question that I have about that is, if it has a sticky item, every time a new item gets inserted into the feed through, through just whatever the feeds are spiced in there. Will that sticky item republished? I'm curious, I don't know. To answer your question, I don't have any tips for you yet. What I would do is test them.

I would want to make sure that the sticky item doesn't get republished. I don't think it will but I don't know that for sure and without testing it I can't for sure. I would want to check to make sure that sticky item doesn't get republished number 1, number 2, if it doesn't and it works that way, then I would say, you could always put in … Again, I haven't done any syndication with it so really just to kind of move beyond this. Without any testing Paul, I don't have any advice for you yet, I would setup some testing on your own first to confirm that.

Then if the sticky item does not publish a second time or a third time or whatever. If it doesn't continuously republish then you can just put a sticky item in the feed and use it for just another feed source. A content source for your Tier 2 triggers which is what we talk about in the Tier network training anyways. It's to spice or to create or to go locate additional related content feeds and create triggers on Tier 2. Well you can do that with a blended feed or a spice feed. However remember, keep in mind that any feeds that you spice together into a Rank Feeder feed, if you're going to use that spiced feed as a syndication trigger. Then you got to make sure that all of the inputs.

All the feeds that you're using to create that spiced feed, have attribution already coded on their side. In other words, it already has an automatic attribution link. If it does not, then I won't recommend doing it because when you start syndicating content without an attribution feed, that's essentially, there is some copyright issues that you can deal with. How do I know this? Because we've had students that didn't adhere to what we teach on how to make sure there is always an attribution link and then they would get cease and deceased orders. From the blogs that the content they were syndicating.

Obviously that scares people. Well, I mean it should, it's copyright stuff right? Just make sure that, if you're going to use a spiced feed for syndication, all of the inputs have to have an attribution link coded in automatically. If it does not, then you would still have to setup individual triggers for each feed because then you could code the attribution link into the feed through the IFTTT recipe itself. That make sense? Hopefully, again Paul, I would just do some testing on your end and that's why you guys, you should have at least one test network setup for stuff like this, exactly like this. You can just play with different recipes, configurations and things like that.

Is It Okay To Have Separate Persona Rings Themed For Niche And Using YT Connection In IFTTT Of Branded Site As A T1?

Excuse me. Greg says, “Hey guys, really appreciate your efforts in all you do. Been on the training of one and half months. I've got 50 rings setup to date.” Wow, in 6 weeks he's got 50 rings setup guys. Do you think Greg is a mover and shaker? He is hustling me.

Marco: Nice.

Bradley: Because we've been people that have been in the training 6 months or 6 weeks and don't even have 1 network up yet. Anyways, “Just setup ABC YouTube channel with 300 videos currently. I run YouTube and RSS recipes in main IFTTT account.” Okay. “YouTube pushes video to branded network and ABC money site pushes curated post to same branded network ring, then they both trigger Tier 2 network rings but videos don't push to money site. Is it setup correctly?” Yes Greg and the reason why I say that is because, if you've got YouTube recipes setup to your tier 1 branded ring then every time you upload a video to YouTube is going to automatically syndicate any ways.

If you then and we talk about this so many times. In our knowledge base, our support staff, semanticmastery.com, we have help or FAQs on this one as well because this comes up often. If you're syndicating your YouTube videos automatically to your branded network and then you go republish your videos on your blog which a lot of times people do that. They have an associated website with their channel or they have a website and they have an associated channel. Does that make sense? They're both the same brand. People will create videos and then, they want to go take their video and create a post on their blog with the video. That's perfectly okay as long as that video is just part of a larger post.

In other words, the post shouldn't just be the video and that's it. With the same title as the video and then just the video embed. Then what happens if you have both your YouTube channel and your blog syndicating to the same network? It ends up on the Tier 1 properties, it ends up looking like duplicate post. Greg, the trigger is different. One trigger would be YouTube, the other trigger will be your blog, it will be RSS trigger but on blog or Tumblr, WordPress, Delicious, all your tier 1 network properties is going to look like duplicate posts because it's going to have the same title.

It's okay if you're syndicating your YouTube video from your channel and then you go embed your videos into blog post but the blog post should be more like normal type blog post. Which means there is additional content, the title is probably going to be more conversational like blog post titles are. I mean, we usually title our YouTube videos after a specific key word. It's a very SEO type title but with blog post titles, they're typically a bit more, like natural language patterns. They're more conversational. As long as you're doing it that way. Then it's fine because then on your tier 1 network properties, even though you'll still have the same video syndicated twice to the network.

This Stuff Works

It's going to be syndicated in different formats. One will be the YouTube syndication, the second would be, the video embedded and overall a bigger post. That's only natural and that makes sense to do so. It's perfectly okay. In your case, videos don't push your money side, that's find. I wouldn't want to do that anyways. If you push them directly to your money site and then your money site republish them again. Then again, it's going to look like duplicate post across your network and that can get your accounts terminated. You don't want to do that.

“To help boost the YouTube channel, can I have a completely separate persona rings themed for niche and using YouTube connection and IFTTT of branded site as tier 1 and then push videos out via RSS as normal to tier 2, is this correct?” Yeah, Greg. Yeah, for YouTube you can stack as many persona networks on your YouTube channel as you want. If you have your YouTube channel right now, you're money channel. Let's called it your money channel syndicating to a tier 1 branded network. You can start stacking persona networks, tier 1 persona network on your YouTube channel as many as you want.

You can do full tier 2 network too, it doesn't matter. All you do is you use that same money channel, you connect that as your YouTube channel in IFTTT for all your subsequent persona network. Everything single new network that you're connect to your YouTube channel, just make sure that, go to Firefox, log into that IFTTT account for that network, which would be a persona based network and then login to YouTube in another tab in Firefox. Login to that same YouTube channel which is your money channel.

That's again why I always like to use page logins instead of actual logging via profile and then connect that channel to that persona's IFTTT account as the YouTube channel and I'm saying like the IFTTT channel YouTube connect that. Then every time you syndicate a video it will push to your persona network. Every time you publish a video, it will push to your persona network. You can do that for as many as you want. There is no footprint issues provided you do the recipes the way we have them setup. We're not syndicating the video description. For tier 2, there is no different in setup.

For tier 2 networks, for YouTube or blogs syndication is zero difference. Because everything for tier 2 is triggered via RSS recipes. The only difference between tier 2 networks for blogs syndication and video syndication. Is for blog syndication, you want to add related content feeds as tier 2 triggers but for YouTube syndication is not necessary. Other than that, the functionality is all the same. All right? Greg says, he is talking about RSS sniper. “See I've been using RSS sniper also, love it. Lisa Allen and its helped speed up my RSS curation, spicing and dicing also. I look forward to what the brain dudes have to tell us.”

Will Google Slap A New Domain Since It's A 301 Redirected To An Old Domain In The Same Hosting Account? 

Next one is from Kevin. Kevin says, “I have a domain that caught some bad link juice and now has consistently bounced around page 2 to 3. Swinging wildly in position for 4 months now. I would like to a new branded domain and 301 the old domain to the new domain.” Okay, I think he means he would like to moved it to a new branded domain and 301 the old to the new. “The thing is, I will move the old domain to a new hosting provider which will be the same account and host that my new purchase branded domain will be on.” Okay. “Will Google slap my new domain since I'm 301ing my old domain, which is in the same hosting account as the new domain?” No, I don't … You're conflicting 2 things there Kevin, it doesn't matter.

Unless you're on a real shitty host which, we could start naming off some real shitty host. If you're on really shitty shared hosting account then you could be in a bad neighborhood by the IP. Just guilty by association. If you're surrounded by much of other spamming sites with the same IP which is quite possible with shared hosting. Then there can be some issues with just having that IP period but just switching from one domain to another to on the same IP, the same host. That's not going to negatively affect you because remember, your IP most likely if you're on shared hosting which I'm assuming you are. Is going to be shared with hundreds of other sites.

Google would have to penalize every site that is using the same IP as you are and sometimes that happens, don't get me wrong and that could be issue. It's probably not your issue here though. Just buying a new domain, clowning the site, putting on a new domain and then 301ing the old to the new. The host itself, the IP issue should not be causing you an issue unless it's just a bad IP. It has been flagged as bad IP because of considerably high amount of other spamming sites on that IP. There is a site that you can check that checks like IP neighborhood. I think you can do that majestic too. Anyways, you can just do a Google site for like check sites for on IP or something like that.

There are sites that would do a scan of your IP address or your domain and will tell you all the other sites on that IP. You can just go and just kind of have a scan and see if there is a bunch of Viagra or pharmacy stuff and things like that. Then I would recommend switch host anyways so that you get a better IP. That's another reason why we use Liquid Web so much because Liquid Web really limits their shared hosting. The amount of website that they allow on an IP. There is a lot less likely for you to be in spam trap like Hostgator or something else which there is a lot of that.

Remember, keep in this mind. If you're basically going clone a site that's been bouncing and then you 301 the old domain to the new domain. You will be passing the penalty eventually. Especially if it's algorithmic and you like never ever even see it. It will catch up. It won't be inst- … Initially when you clone the site, put it on a new domain and then 301 the old to the new. You should probably see any bad juju disappear, you should probably solidify where the rankings are for that. That penalty will catch up with that 301 at some point typically. It's not always the case but often times it will. You need to figure out where the problem is coming from. Where it originates and then fix that first.

If you can isolate like what you're saying, it's a bad link juice penalty. I'm assuming it's an algorithmic penalty. Then you need to identify which links are giving you the trouble and go ahead and resolve that first. Fix that before you bother with 301, the cloning and the 301 because sometimes it might just be 1 or 2 pages on your site or post on your site that have these negative or bad links pointing at it that are pulling the entire site down. If that's the case, what you would want do is redirect that single page or post URL away or give it a 410 code or something like that which means page does not exist anymore. Then you can 301 the remaining pages from the site that don't have any bad links to them on a page by page basis to the new site.

That way, you're redirecting any bad link juice away from the site. You can point it to a competitor, I didn't say that, did I? If you can't not …

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Bad Bradley.

Bradley: If you can isolate which pages are post on your site have bad links pointing it, then you can redirect elsewhere, competitor or you could just do a 410 or you could just redirect it like a 404 page for that matter, anything like that. Then you can redirect all of your existing pages that don't have bad links point to them to the new pages on the new domain and that's how I would do it. Because otherwise if you do just a flat out domain redirect and you have an algorithmic or whatever, a link based penalty, eventually that penalty is going to transfer to your new domain and you're back to square one again. You want to comment on that Hernan or Marco?

Marco: No, I think you made a good point. I mean, 301s go wherever you want them to go. I mean, it doesn't really matter if it's to competitor or you can do it to a Twitter for example. To a Twitter profile. I've been doing that lately. If you have those domains you register and you're not sure if they will benefit, just use them as tier 2. Just point them to a tweet or redirect them to a YouTube video or whatever because the domain authority and the trustee of that property will filter whatever bad link juice is between the tweet and your money site.

That will be the only thing that … The good thing about 301s is that, you can use them whatever way you want and there being a switch box, if you're pointing them to a branded properties, you need to be really careful with branded properties. We do not blast them with links for example because of the branded possibility. The truth is that, you can always kill the link juice and point them like one to your back. Like a PBN posting to a tweet and then the tweet link into your website. You just need to be creative with 301s. I think things can get really fun when you actually get the power benefit or when the detachable link juice can have.

Bradley: Okay, he says, “I still want to use the old domain as I put 6 plus months of link building into it and I still use that juice on the new branded domain. The reason why I'm doing the domain transfer, is that I don't want to pay $155 a year for hosting. I have the domain packed for $16 a year. Can I just do the 301 and leave the domain parked?” I don't understand what you mean there. The domain should have nothing to do with your hosting because you can point the domain to any hosting account that you want. If you've got the registered in your registar or whatever it is, Name Cheap, Go Daddy, whatever. You can point that domain to any hosting that you want.

Right now if you have it parked, it just means that your main servers are pointed to the parking page for whatever registar you're using. All you have to do is go update your name servers to point to your hosting account, whatever hosting account you have and it will automatically point to that host now instead of parking page. Kevin, I'm not sure what you're saying about having a parked domain and all that. You can't leave a domain parked and also 301 it. You can't do that.

Hernan: I think he is also confused because you don't have granular control at the, it will be the registar level where you'd have to go … What we do is, like wild card 301s when we redirect everything to the homepage before we redirect the domain to wherever it is that we wanted it to go. Especially when something, you know how Chinese domain are, they'll have hundreds and hundreds of sub-domains and you don't want to go and redirect each one. We use the wild card and then we redirect that somewhere else. If he's wanting to keep the juice and if he is wanting to keep what he has and the content.

He plans to do a page by page and that's HT access or maybe a WordPress plugin. We're talking about 2 different things. Not the hosting account, not the registar but actually on the domain itself, going into the domain and if it's HT access, then it's C-Panel or FTP or SSL. Whatever it is he is going to use to get at that .htaccess file.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, what I would do is the existing site, if it's a WordPress site you could install the 301 redirect plugin. The simple 301 redirect plugin and you could actually create a spreadsheet. Just use Excel or whatever. Create a spreadsheet and in column A, you put your old URLs, you're existing URLs from the existing site. Then in column B, you put the new URLs and do a one on one ratio because you're going to clone the site anyways. That is what I would recommend doing, is you clone the site. First, remember, you got to identify where the bad links are coming from and solve that first.

Then you do a one on one, page by page, post by post redirect on a spreadsheet. Column A, original URL, column B, new domain, new URL. Then you can use the simple 301 redirect plugin with the bulk extensions add-on, which is free add-on and you can upload the CSV file and it will automatically create all of those redirects for you. That's the easiest and quickest way to do it in my opinion. The homepage URL, the homepage itself, so the root domain or the existing domain, I would put on something like the ultimate coming soon plugin or something like that or you could just put up and image and a link that says we've moved or whatever.

The root domain itself would be like a parking page but it would still be on the existing WordPress site and it will have an actual link saying we've moved over here or something like that. That's how I usually would do it or you can do it all in HT access or you can setup redirects inside C-Panel. Those are a little bit geeker to do though. I'm not sure what you're saying about the packing and all that kind of stuff. Unless you purchase the domain through the actual hosting account, in which case, again, it's not going to cost you more money unless you're with some kind of weird host to be able to make that domain, the purchased domain, the new one an add-on domain to the hosting account and then you're going to update the main serves to point the main servers that the host give you.

Is There A Way To Use OBS To Live Stream Video To Pre-scheduled Events On A Youtube Channel? 

I think there is some confusion there as to it you're trying to do, Kevin but hopefully that is helpful. Ed is up. Ed, what's up Ed? He says, “Hope you're all having a good summer.” Mine has been hot as hell though can I tell you that. “I've been trying on my own but have been unsuccessful utilizing OBS, to stream videos, to pre-schedule events on my channel that are already ranking on Google and YouTube but just need to stream the actual MP4 or the WMV to the schedule event to complete it.” You can probably can stream WMV, I can't imagine why you couldn't. I was playing with some software the other day that doesn't work with WMV but I don't think it was OBS.

This Stuff Works

Anyways, “Is there a way to do this with the version of OBS you have in your original training video?” Yes Ed. All you do is go … Let me see if I can. I'm going to have to go ahead and grab the whole screen here for a minute guys so just bare with me. I'll walk you through it and I know this is going to be a little bit hard for you guys to see so what I'd do is. Just give me one minute. Let me go to desktop, all right. You guys …

Hernan: Make sure you open a separate instance of the software.

Bradley: I'm sorry.

Hernan: Make sure you open a separate instance of the software, right?

Bradley: Well I'm not going to have to open the software.

Hernan: Okay.

Bradley: I'm just going to show him how to do this with the thing. Let's change this out real quick. I'm going to swap to a different … You know what, let's go ahead and go do … It's easy Ed, it really is. It's simple, you just got have to grab the stream key for that particular event. If I come over here, this is over main channel, Semantic Mastery. If I come here to live-streaming, I go to events. These are going to show you upcoming events right? This is the one that we have upcoming that I actually … Let's see, resume [inaudible 00:35:17] on air. I'm not sure why it's showing this but it … Because it's showing live now. What you want to do is go upcoming, sorry. Let's go to that.

You guys can see these are the coming webinar events. Ed for you, what you're talking about is you have already ranked some scheduled live events and you want to now stream a pre-recorded video into the already ranked live event. These are live events right here and what you want to do is, first of all. I'm assuming you used so sort of software and you have to create the live events, I'm just going to assume you didn't do it manually and create live events manually because if you used some sort of software. It should have created the live events using the custom settings instead of the quick settings. Because it was scheduled live event created with the quick settings.

The only way, and quick just means you're going to use Google Hangouts on air. The only way to actually insert a video into that live stream is to actually start the Hangout on air and then use a software program to insert it into the actual Hangout on air feed. The problem with that is, pre-recorded videos always come out really crappy when you try to stream a pre-recorded video to a Hangout on air. It always come out really crappy. The transitions will be real shitty, they will be all pixelated and stuff like that. Any transitions in the video will come out like crap, the audio is going to sound absolutely terrible and it's a bit geeky to setup anyways.

If you setup a custom live schedule or live event, so that's going to give you your encoding keys and by the way, once you setup a live event and you click the schedule button or the save button or whatever. You cannot go back and edit it. If it's not the correct format, then you have to actually delete the event and then recreate it with the correct format. Let me show you what I mean guys. If I click on new live event, right here you can see the types. There is 2 different types. Quick which uses Google Hangouts on air and custom. If you're setting up live events for poking key words, to test key words. You want to make sure that they're always setup on custom.

If you're using software that does the poking for you using live events, it should have already created the events using the custom settings. Let me just show you. We're going to say Ed Demo. We'll go ahead and create this live event using custom live we show here public which means it will go ahead index. Let's go ahead not share it since it's just a demo, I'm going to click create event. Now I'm assuming, again, Ed you had set it up this way with a custom settings. If that's the case, then when you go to use OBS. You first of all you want to select the bit rate. Depending on your bandwidth, I would recommend going with 480p.

If you have real high bandwidth, you can go with 720p but if you got pretty crappy bandwidth then I would go with 360p. Remember that's going to affect the quality of your pre-recorded video though, just keep that in mind. What I typically do is go with the 480 setting. Once you selected that, you can see it says event successfully saved. It will give you all of this other data here. Then what you want to do is go to info and settings, I believe. Hold on, I got to find it so just give me a second. Maybe it's under live control room, there we go. Let's see, there should be a stream key, maybe it is back here on injection setting, just give me a second.

Select your encoder, okay. For other encoders, that's what I'll do. Okay, I'm going to switch really quick. It shouldn't matter because it should be only for this one event. There is a channel stream key. If you got to your stream now beta, where it says beta. If you click on that, then that will give you channel stream key. Which means anybody with that key can actually stream into that channel, which is why I don't want to show that publicly. I think for individual scheduled live events, the stream key is unique to that event. What you want to do is select your encoder, select other encoders and from here is the stream name.

You want to copy the stream name and insert that into the stream key section of OBS. Does that make sense? Let me open another instance like Marco: just said so that I can show you where that goes. You guys should be seeing my whole screen, am I right? I just want to make sure, confirm that everybody is seeing this.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: What you'd do is from your scheduled event, once you've selected you bit rate, once it saves and it says event successful saved and it opens up these other options from the select your encore. You want to select other encoders. Then you're going to highlight stream name and copy that and then you're going to go into your OBS software and then you're going to go to setting, you're going to stream and you're going to go to YouTube and then you're going to paste your stream key right here. You're going to click apply, then you're going to click okay and then you're click the start stream and once you've clicked start stream. It's going to actually, it will show you a preview you on here.

For example, if we come over here to live control room, once you've clicked the start stream and OBS, it will show preview up here. You can click the preview button and it will start the stream but won't start broadcasting until you tell it to start. That's a good time to go ahead and get setup and let me just cancel this and I'll show you. Inside of OBS, if you have an image setup like for example. Let's say this is the image that you want to use as your thumbnail. I always recommend that you have a thumbnail setup as a scene. A 1280 by 720 thumbnail and then your video next in line so that you can switch between the 2 and you can see … When you start the stream in YouTube, let it run for about 2 or 3 second and then just go ahead and click on the video

Because when you click on the video, it's automatically going to broadcasting that video to the stream. See that? That's why you want to do is use a place holder, a thumbnail image as a place holder first and then click on it because it's going to automatically start it from the beginning. Just sit there and watch the video and near the end of the video right before it fades out or however you've got the ending of the video, you just want to click back to the thumbnail. Let it run for another few seconds and then go ahead and click the stop broadcast button. That's how you do it. Once the video has been streamed and it renders fully which takes a few minutes.

This Stuff Works

Then you can go back and use the YouTube editor to edit out the thumbnail in the beginning and edit the thumbnail at the end if you want. If you've got a good call to action, a thumbnail with a good CTA, it shouldn't matter anyways. Hopefully that was helpful. Let's go ahead and switch this back to how we had it. Okay, it should be. Hopefully that was helpful Ed.

How To Know And Create A Semantic Seed Site? 

Steve says, “I've been checking Hump Day Hangouts for some time. Great stuff.” Thanks. “Today my first question.” Awesome, glad to have you Steve. “I've heard you guys and especially Marco, talking about Semantic seed sites. Yet I can find little practical information about how to achieve these status. Assuming I have a site, non-local selling e-products that has good content, original plus curated. I've added JSON-LD markup and I'm using RSS IFTTT syndication. The social site is branded tier 1 network. What other specific steps do I need to take to make my site a semantic seed site and how would I know it is one? Are there specific involved or is it like calling your site an authority site, vague meaning but no real definition? Thanks.” Marco, I'm going to dump this one in your lap.

Marco: No, no problem. I wasn't vague at all about how to create site or a seed set. It start with IFTTT. I mean that's how you start sending the signals and the trust but the one sure way to do it is get a verified map. You go on you verify your … Excuse me, you get a verified business listing and then you can push that trust and then I would have to start giving way too much on how to do multiple locations and how you can set that all up. I'm not ready to give all that stuff away but it can be done. You can use one location to verify multiple locations and then you can create your seed site or just transfer the trust from the one seed site that you created in.

Once it has even trust, transfer it to others in the set. That's what happens anyway when we get a verified Google my business listing and we get that tier 1 going and we start posting to it because they're all trusted sources anyway. What's coming back is links from trusted sources to the blog or whatever it is you're running. Your business site, your personal site. All of a sudden, that becomes a trusted site. I mean we looked at the other day, Monday in our master mind on one guys and how was manipulating maps to create his seed site and seed sets. It worked really well guys. Once you get it done, you avoid penalties, you shield yourself away from anything.

Now this is very technical and it's not something that I can give a way in a master mind. Excuse me, in a Hump Day Hangout and it's not something I'm going to give away publicly anyway. At some point I might do a, I don't know, maybe a webinar or some training on how to develop seed sites and seed sets but one of the ways that we do it is IFTTT.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, hopefully that was helpful. Even if you've got an e-comm business, you can still register the business to a local address. If you have an actual office, I would recommend that you verify to your office. If not, you don't want to use your home address, if that's what you've got as an e-comm store. You can use a P. O. Box, just use the street address option and that way you can get that verified local, Google my business listing. Which is going to validate the entity. That's what Marco was saying.

Marco: Just to add to this. One thing that we learned from our RYS Academy that people need to clear on is thinking local and thinking local maybe is just your neighborhood or just your city. Really your local when it comes to maps, can be any geographical area that you're working in. The street address then becomes irrelevant because you're not delivering services at your actual brink and motor store. What you're doing is you're serving people at their place of business. Whether you do it locally, state wide, regional, nation wide or even globally. Then your global setting becomes your local, you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: When you verify, you're not going to be publishing your address, you're going after the region. When you think of local, you have to think of your local approach that for your e-commerce or whatever it is you're doing on the larger scale than maybe just a neighborhood, I don't know plumber or anything else that might fall onto those categories as far as services are concerned.

Bradley: Okay cool. Shit, I keep doing this. I'm getting ready for the update webinar because I screwed the URLs. We got about five minutes. Let's scroll through a few these questions.

Will It Be Too Many If A Blog Post Is Syndicated To Google Plus, Local Page, Google Plus Brand Page & Google + Profile? 

Andy says, he looks like a new face too, “Hey is I syndicate my blog post to my Google Plus local page, my Google Plus brand page and also share my blogger post to my Google Plus profile page, is this too many?” No, that's fine. When I first read this question earlier, I thought you were doing all 3 to your Google, like you were syndicating from the various locations to the same Google Plus page or whatever and in that case I would say, don't do that.

This is fine because your blog is going, your Google Plus local page or Google Plus brand page which is absolutely fine to do that and then if your blogger post is being syndicated to your profile, your Google Plus profile then all 3 of those are different. That's perfectly fine. There is no problem with that at all. Good job by the way for setting it up like that too because now you're getting 3 times the power of a single syndication.

Would You Save The Link Building For VPS Use And Build Out Networks On Regular Desktop?

Scott says, “Hello, I have IFTTT V2, my question, the required tools needed. Screen capture software, proxies or VPN, Phone verified accounts. Don't see a VPS. I plan to do my own link building using FCS networker. It's probably a good idea to have VPS in this case then, correct?” Yeah probably, I don't run any of those. What do you think Hernan? Should he have his VPS for his FCS networker? Well for GSA there is no doubt, for FCS networker, I don't how heavy that is on bandwidth or PC resources.

Hernan: No, it's not heavy at all. I mean, for FCS networker, if you have … You'll definitely need one Bradley was saying a VPS for GSA that because otherwise you won't be able to do anything and GSA goes into nasty place. Point blank you don't want that in your PC. Since you're getting that, you can very well run FCS networker. FCS networker the only thing that you need actually is the FCS account creator which is a pretty … I think it's UBot software. It's pretty straight forward over there. It won't harm you because it won't be running 24/7 or anything like that. I don't think you need it.

If you're getting one for GSA, you can definitely go for one like on GreenCloudVPS or something like that and you can install the FCS Networker over there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, again that's why I don't use those software myself, normally I have somebody does for me but we have 3 dedicated serves that we use specifically for GSA and I'm pretty sure FCS networker … No, because FCS networker is cloud based except for the account creator, correct?

Hernan: Yes. That's right.

Bradley: That's why you don't need a VPS for that. We have 3 dedicated servers for GSA alone but that's because it's so damn resource heavy plus one of our servers is specifically used for scraping link targets.

Hernan: Yeah and the main problem is not GSA, like the actual link building tool but the capture breaker. The capture breaker will be like the most resource heavy, the OCR aspect of it. It's like really resource heavy, that is why you need a VPS with at least 8 gigabytes of RAM to like run it fluently otherwise it will be crashing and what not but FCS networker is not heavy. You can run it on your desktop app, on your PC sorry. Then again, if you're getting a VP-. This is the thing, you do not need either FCS or GSA to build a IFTTT networks. You do not need them. All you need is the training and maybe a VPN or a couple of proxies and that's it.

You know you can get from a verified account et cetera but you do not need them. You will need them in case you want to forward those networks with links.

Would You Save The Link Building For VPS Use And Build Out Networks On Regular Desktop? 

Bradley: All right we have a few more to run to. Hopefully we'll get through these very quickly guys. “Would you save the link building for VPS use and build out networks on regular desktop?” Yes. We don't use like VPSs for building networkers, we just do all of that from our own local PC.

When Would You Suggest To Start Using Video Marketing Blitz? 

Scott says, “I just purchased Video Marketing Blitz through Semantic Mastery Affiliate link. I'm currently going through the IFTTT V2 course and it's involved. When would you suggest to start using Video Marketing Blitz, maybe after I've gone through and setup a few rings and completely understand it and implementing it so I stay focused? I couldn't help but get VMB because it looks so flipping cool.”

I like that Scott, it is very, very powerful. Anyone who hasn't seen the webinar that we did with Adam. Adam if you want to drop that link on the event page. Go check it out, the replay is up. I highly recommend it. As far as you Scott, what I would recommend doing is once, as we always say, the IFTTT rings, you should learn how to build them. Setup, 1 or 2 even 3 on your own so that you know how to build them and then I recommend outsources from that point forward. Whether you buy them from us or you hire your own outsourcer or you buy from somewhere else. I really don't care.

I'm just telling you should be outsourcing that because it's so time consuming. As far as using, Video Marketing Blitz, you can start testing key words now using the poking, the key word prospector or whatever it's called. Which is poking key words and checking key words. You can start doing that now. Then what I recommend what you do, is you have 2 separate sets of accounts, ones that are testing accounts or test channels that are specifically, there is no other connection on the web, they're not Semantic friendly, there is no IFTTT networks. They're just bare bones YouTube channels with the YouTube API enable. You use those for testing.

Then you setup money channels that you use, for once you've identify the key words that can rank every easily, you setup money channels with individual IFTTT tier 1 branded IFTTT rings for each one of those channels. That's how I recommend doing it. What I suggest doing is learning how to build the networks so that you understand them and then stop building them. Either hire us to do it or hire your own outsourcer and have them build them. Then start working on the Video Marketing Blitz software side of things while somebody else is building your networks for you. That's what I recommend you do. Okay?

Otherwise you'll be spending all your time building networks and building networks is not going to make you money. The completed networks, what you do with them will make you money. Get somebody else to build them for you for a lot cheaper, your time is worth more than what it will take for you to build them, I can tell you that. Adam is going to flip out on me. I'm going try and answer at least 2 more real quick.

Is It Okay To Use Blogger Instead Of Tumblr In Creating T2 Themed Persona In IFTTT? 

Jon says, “I accidentally created a second tier 2 themed persona account with Blogger instead of Tumblr, so I have … Tier 2 themed persona account with Blogger instead of Tumblr. I have Blogger, Blogger, WordPress. What would you recommend? Using it a tier 3 and point it to tier 2s, use it as a 4th tier 2 and point it to the same money site or changing all the interlink and recipes WP Tumblr?”

It's not that important Jon. If you're using for YouTube syndication, it really makes no difference. If it's for blog syndication, then you can use it just an additional tier 2 ring. Just make sure you're adding additional content triggers in. Again, if you're using a tier 2 network for blog syndication, you just got to make sure you're following instructions inside the training or else you're can leave a footprint. For YouTube syndication, makes no difference. It's really not a big deal what you want to do with it, you can leave as is or you can make it a tier 3, I typically don't. That gets a bit too complicated. There is too many moving pieces there.

Do You Build As Many Drive Stack Links Regardless Of Where They Come From To Get Power? 

You can just basically repurpose it and use it as a YouTube networker, a tier 1 YouTube network for one of your YouTube channels. Last one I'm going to answer Beyond Measures, I'm going to read it, I don't know that I can answer it and then we're done. “Not sure of detail that you can go into during Hump Day Hangouts but for drive stack link building, do you just build as many links regardless of where they come from to get power since drive stacks can handle abuse and clean the links before passing the juice to money site? Thanks.” Me personally, I just scan them. Like all I do is once a drive stack is completely, I'll send it over Daddy for our link building service which is the same service we offer on Search Space guys.

The same one that we talked about at the beginning of this webinar. There is going to be a brief window of time where there is going to be a discounted price for link building packages. That's all I do, is just send the drive stack URLs over to the link building service in order to link are packaged and have them just blasted with spam. Any comments on that Marco?

Marco: No, I mean, that's it. It depends on where it's going, if it's going to your money site, I don't know I would trust a fiber gig although it could probably withstand the abuse but as far as link building, you know how we do it. We turn it out to Daddy, he does his thing and we deliver it. We hide everything inside the folder, inside the drive stack. Everything benefits from it and whatever is connected to benefits from it. It's that spider web silo affect. It's just what we do, that's it. There is no secret to what we do.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: That's how we do.

Marco: That's how we do what we do.

Bradley: All right guys. Thanks everybody for being here. The IFTTT SEO Academy update webinar starts about 5 minutes. I've got to this URL mess that I made fixed. As soon as I clean that up we'll get started. We've got a couple of cool things to go over today in the webinar. If you guys aren't aware to get to that. Just go to the Facebook group for IFTTT SEO Academy V2. Click on the events tab and you'll see the event. If you click on the link in the event, it will take you to the events page. Okay and we're going to start that up in about 5 minutes. Thanks everybody for being here. Thanks guys.

Marco: Awesome. Bye everybody.

Bradley: Bye, bye.

Adam: Bye, bye.

Hernan: Bye, everyone.

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 87

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 87 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Show me your war face. No, I'm just kidding. We're not going to actually do that, we going to say, “Welcome to episode 87 of Hump Day Hangouts”. Hey everybody. Glad to have you here. For those of you who were wondering why we didn't do this at 4 AM, that was a small technical issue that we resolved about five minutes ago. Thank you, if you're watching this, for showing up on time. We'll check and make sure that is says PM every time from now on.

Bradley: Wow. Don't swear to that. Don't commit to that.

Adam: Yes. I'm going to because I checked these, and I'm going to be paying attention. That's something I generally don't look at as PM or AM. I assume, and I made an ass out of you and me. All right, here we go. Some quick announcements, you guys. For those of you who missed out on the Outsource Kingpin launch, you want to check this out. If you are into outsourcing at all, you're going to want to check this out; Training out VAs, how to get them through a funnel, how to do this, hire and find good people and get them trained up without spending a lot of time. For those of you who've dealt with outsources, I know a lot of people I talk to are like, “Yeah, I've had outsourcers, but it sucks. They wasted my time. It took forever.” There's ways to deal with that. At least check this out. It's worth its weight in gold, and it's worth a hell of a lot more than what we're selling it for.

Bradley: We did an entire webinar last week about it. It ended up being just a hair over an hour. If you want, we can drop the link on the page to the replay.

Adam: Definitely. I'll put the link to both. The sales pitch has got some good info on it too. Obviously, we want you to buy it. It's got some good info and you can see if this would be a good fit for you. We'll put both of those links on there, and I'll do that while I think Hernan and Marco have some extra quick announcements here.

Hernan: Basically, I just wanted to tease real quick about the V2 update webinar that we're doing. After this, we're holding an update webinar for V2 because that's basically the idea for IFTTT V2, to keep you guys updated and sharing with you the latest techniques, and what's working, and results from students. We have some really good results. I had some really good results through Joe on some approach in combination with PBNs and IFTTT. That's basically what I have.

Adam: That's right. What's the way to get there, Bradley, for V2 members? What's the path for them attending? Is it …

Bradley: Just go to the Facebook group, the IFTTT V2 Facebook group, and click on the events tab. You'll see the event, and then you just click on the link for the event location. It's just a link, and that'll take you over to the Google Plus event page, where you can post questions or watch the webinar. Guys, remember that the update webinars aren't really Q & A. If there is time at the end, we will answer questions, but Q & A is really for only Hangouts, so just keep that in mind.

Marco: What I wanted to add is that we were going to have some live stream training today during the update webinar, but it looks like we're going to need more time because we want to do it right. You guys are used to quality, and so that's what we're going to do. In a couple of weeks, guys, look for this. It's going to be free. We're going to show you how to live stream, how Bradley's doing the live event in YouTube, and at the same time going to Facebook, and how he's doing it all for free. Since it's free, there's no reason for us to charge you guys to learn how to do it, so you guys are going to get that. Another thing would be the Semantic Mastery Minute. That's another thing to look forward to. We've been talking about it. We haven't defined how it's going to be set up, what we're going to be doing. We're definitely going to be taking questions that we find provocative, something that's going on at the moment, something where we find this needs to be addressed right now. That's what that platform is going to be for. You guys can look forward to that because you will be able to have access to us directly during the time we have allotted for that. Just a bunch of good things that are coming to you. Again, it's all free. Free is always good, right?

Adam: Fair enough. Sounds good, man.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: The Semantic Mastery Minute. We're going to be doing that. It'll be like every day, one of us will jump on and and just spend a couple minutes talking about something. People can submit questions. We're not going to answer every question. That's what Hump Day Hangouts is for, but every single day we're going to select a question or a topic or something and jump on and chat about it. It's most likely going to be done through Facebook, using Facebook Live, because that's getting a lot of reach right now. That's part of the reason we're going to be doing an entire webinar specifically about live streaming, both to YouTube and Facebook. Again, look for that in two weeks, guys, immediately following Hump Day Hangouts. So two weeks from today, at 5 PM, we'll send out a registration link for that webinar. The Semantic Mastery Minute I think is going to be kind of fun. Most likely, it's going to be through Facebook Live, is how we're going to actually record the Minute – The Semantic Mastery Minute, or Minute with the Masters, is what we're calling it.

As far as submitting questions or topics, that kind of thing, we're probably going to end up having that go through Twitter with a hashtag like #AskTheMasters or something like that. We'll give you guys more details probably next week. We're going to iron out the details. Then we'll give you more details about it next week. Anything else, Adam?

Adam: That's it. We're good to go.

Bradley: Okay, let's do it. Yes, because we had the timing screwed up on the webinar. There was only one question and it was from Michael Dos. I re-posted it, and then invited a bunch of people, and now there's a bunch of questions, so thanks guys. You guys are quick. It was fixed about an hour ago, and we've got a whole bunch of questions now, so thanks for that. It wasn't even an hour ago, it was 30 minutes ago.

Okay guys, are you all seeing my screen?

Adam: Yes. Good to go. We've got the full screen.

Bradley: We're not doing Facebook Live today, only because I ran out of time. I was trying to get it set up and I just ran out of time, and it would've been too much of a mess, so we are abandoning that today, but we'll be back on Facebook Live next week.

What Are Some Good Training Links For Video Email Prospecting?

Michael says, “I recently listened to your video on how to find video SEO clients. You referred to a course you did on video e-mail prospecting, and offered a Google Drive link to the file. This link isn't in the notes with the video. Would you mind providing me with the link? I want to get better at video e-mail prospecting.”

Yes, so guys, let me explain what I'm going to show you here in a minute. What Michael's talking about is … Several years ago, it had to have been in 2012, maybe 2013, I created a course with two partners in a joint venture agreement opportunity. I was working with two ladies. We were providing social media and branding services to real estate agents, and we created a video e-mail prospecting, or what we called “V-mail Prospecting”.

In fact, that's how I really started my SEO agency, was contacting clients using video e-mails. When I say video e-mails, they're not really video e-mails, but you'll understand what I mean once you go through the training. It is free. It's got branding on it from the joint venture that I was in at the moment, at the time, so it doesn't say Semantic Mastery, but it's step-by-step. It still works today, but I had an incredible closing rate. I got three out of every ten video e-mails that I sent out. I would start a conversation. It would get me in touch with the person in charge of the business, and I would end up talking with them. I had a really good close ratio with anybody that I actually started a dialogue with.

It's very effective in getting a conversation started. It's called “V-mail” or “Video E-mail”. I created an opt-in page. That's right. If you want it, you're going to have to go opt in to get it. Here it is. It's BradleyBenner.com/vmail. I'm going to go ahead and post it on the page here. V-mail Prospecting Training. It's free. Go opt in. Once you opt in, you'll be redirected to the actual Google Drive folder, where you can download the PDF, and then there's a six series of videos that go with it. They're download videos in a ZIP file, so you'd have to download it and unzip it. You're more than welcome to check it out.

Guys, I won't be spamming you. I actually created an e-mail list that's an entrepreneur success like Mindset Training series. It's an auto-responder with six e-mails. I just go through various mindset things that have had a big impact on me and my business. That's what you're actually opting in for. No spam, no pitch. If you don't like any of the e-mails, just kindly hit the manager subscription link at the bottom of the e-mail and unsubscribe. If you want the V-mail Prospecting, that's how you get it.

Will Semantic Mastery Offer A Press Release Service Soon? 

Ryan says, “Will you guys be offering the press release servicing?” Ryan, I would say yes, but that would make a liar out of me, because I have no idea. Adam, do you have a better idea?

This Stuff Works

Adam: I'd like to say that I have a definite date but I don't, so I'm also not going to say anything. Suffice to say, it's in the works and it is being attempted to being wrapped up. That's as good as I can do.

Bradley: Yes, it's been many months. I was expecting that many months ago, and it's still not available yet, guys. When it is, we'll certainly let you know.

What Are Your Thoughts On Google's Move Of Clamping Down Fake Reviews?

Kevin says, “Hey guys. I created some fake reviews via the Project Supremacy Plug-ins Review widget on my site. Then added the aggregate and review structure data to my JSON header code, but I'm still not getting the stars. I heard that Google is clamping down on this fake review stuff, and not showing stars, and possibly decreasing ranking slightly. Any thoughts on this, and should I remove the reviews and structure data from my site? Thanks as always.”

Kevin, I have a client that has bonafide genuine reviews, and he's got over 100 of them. I think he's got 110+ reviews now. He's a roofing client. It's incredible. This guy's got a lot of 5-star reviews, and they're not spam. They're real, live reviews. Me and Marco and Chris G., who's one of our Mastermind members and he also helps out with support stuff like that. All three of us have worked on trying to get the review stars to show up in Google for literally months now. We have been unsuccessful. The are bonafide reviews, man. It's not just you. We're having a hell of a time, and it's interesting. If we do a site colon operator and search the domain, it will show all the indexed pages and posts, and show the review stars. It's an overall aggregate rating instead of showing individual for each post. This particular site is set up as it's “Roof Repair Plus City”, as a post. That's how we have the site set up. The pages that we rank in Google are actually posts. Each one of the posts have their own. Because it's “Roof Repair Plus City”, they have their own reviews, but for whatever reason, we've only been able to get the total overall aggregate review rating to show, and that's only when we do the site colon operator.

If we do a keyword search, then the listing … Although when we do a site … When we do a site colon operator, and it shows the post with the aggregate review rating, the 5-star rating, and the stars actually show up. Then we take the same page that's showing that, or the same listing in Google, and then we do just a keyword search, and find that listing, the review stars aren't showing. We can't get it to show for anything other than the site colon operator. It's been months. I've been banging my head against the wall and so has Marco and Chris G. We haven't been able to get it to show, so it's not just you, Kevin. If anybody else has some insight on this, we'd love to hear it, because I really am at a loss. Marco, you want to comment on this at all?

Marco: No. We've been trying everything we can, and it's just fickle. I don't know what it is that makes Google pick up or not pick up the stars. We have to maybe call Google and see what it is that we have to do to get the stars to appear. Maybe get something that has real reviews and have them take a look and tell us why they're not appearing. There's really nothing else that I can say, because we've tried just about everything we can.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: With no luck. Sorry Kevin. I wish I had some better news for you. Personally, I wouldn't do any fake review stuff. If you're going to do fake reviews, I would try to get fake reviews on some of the other platforms, like Yelp, which is difficult unless you're doing it from a mobile device. Desktop reviews usually get filtered out from Yelp. Mobile devices tend to not get filtered as easily. If you can get some reviews on some of the others, like Yellow Pages. There are so many of them. It's been a while since I've done any of that kind of stuff, but like MojoPages or whatever. You know what I'm talking about. Some of the ones you can add reviews to. If you want to create fake reviews on those, that's what I would … I wouldn't just put fake review data in the structure data. I wouldn't do that. I would actually have it reference some real reviews somewhere, just because that structure data spam. If you're creating fake reviews, that's review spam. There's no question. You can do what you want. I don't recommend doing that.

Guys, I've tried to do fake reviews in the past, and I've used some services that do it too, and I'm not talking about Fiverr. There's been other services that do that. They end up getting terminated or deleted over time. I've never found a really good service. The only way that I've been able to fake reviews in the past, which I don't even do anymore, but when I was doing it, was to create fake personas, and do it through mobile devices. You can actually create fake mobile devices using … What do they call … Shit, it's been … God, it's been so long since I've done it. What do you call it when you have a virtual box?

A virtual box, where you can create an Android operating system in your PC, and give it its own IP address, and install the Android operating system and do reviews from that. It acts as if it's a mobile device, and those tend to not get filtered out, but that's really geeky setting it up. At least it used to be. It's been at least two years since I've done it. It's probably a hell of a lot easier to set up now, with Bluestacks or something like that. Back in the day, when I was doing it, it was a lot more difficult. I would build up five or six profiles that were active, and they each had their own virtual box and their own IP address that was tied to an Android device operating system. We would build those personas up. For example, they had Yelp profiles, each one of them. Those Yelp profiles, they look like real people, real reviewers, and so there was activity. It was just a lot of work to maintain. It was powerful at the time, but it's not something that I recommend doing anymore. I haven't tested it in a couple years, but personally I just don't do it anymore.

What Are Your Thoughts On Local Client Taking Over FB Group On IFTTT Networks?

Wayne says, “Bradley, I am curious if you would address the Charles Floate (I think it's Charles Floate) rant in the comments being bantered about the Local Client Takeover Facebook group on the real usefulness of the IFTTT networks.

Well, that could take a whole hour in itself, Wayne. I would just refer everybody to that thread and let them read through the thread and make their own decisions. I don't know if that's a public Facebook group or not. Do we want to drop that link? What do you guys think?

Adam: It is not public.

Hernan: No, it is not public. You will need to join. I think we could shout out the link anyway. I think it's a lot of fun, actually.

Marco: The only thing that I would add to that is … We're not marketists, guys. We're just some guys who have our own businesses, who came up with an idea of sharing the stuff that we know works. How do we know it works? Well, we have our membership that will tell you. That's our best testimonial, right? Our successful members. The thing that I would say is talk to the members. Reach out, talk to them, and say, “What are you doing?” Go to IFTTT V2. We have a bragging thread. Go to … I know you guys can't get in to the RYS Facebook group, but by meeting and talking to people who have been successful with RYS, just to see whether the stuff works or not. The claim is that it doesn't work. We know. We do tons of testing before we release anything to the public. The one thing that we do know through our testing is the shit works, man.

Hernan: Period. Point blank.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yes. If you guys … I don't care if we dropped a link to that Facebook post. You guys might have to join the group in order for you to be able to read it, but it is a very long thread. There's been a lot of comments on it. I stand by my comments 100% and the effectiveness of IFTTT networks. There's some haters in the group that are going to say that it doesn't work and blah, blah, blah, but I've got over four years of testing and results. I've built my entire SEO agency business and my lead gen business on IFTTT SEO as the foundation.

Again, with our students and everything else that have had success … My partners and I, we've been using … They've all been using them for over a couple years now. I stand by it 100%. There's more than one way to skin a cat, which I've mentioned in the thread, or in that post. Pick what works for you guys. The way I look at it though, is the IFTTT networks were giving that Google tickle, as Marco calls it. We are actually feeding into the Semantic algorithm. That's what we're doing. We're giving Google what it wants. That's why I think it's so effective, and that's why I think it's going to continue to be effective, even long-term, whereas a lot of traditional SEO methods are becoming less and less effective. Sometimes even become a negative ranking factor at some point. I don't see that being a problem with IFTTT SEO.

Again, I stand by my comments 100%. I'm happy to share that thread, if we can find it.

Adam: Yes, I think just one thing on that is that … Everyone here is … I don't think we've ever had anyone out of line in a Hangout, or on the Hump Day Hangout. I would just say if you do go over there, you do join. Be civil. If you've got anything to say, make sure it's useful. Don't go in there and just say, “It works.” If you've got something to say, that's great. Otherwise, just read through it. It's a pretty cool thread. There's a lot of information in there.

I think a lot of the confusion comes from people who are used to having people say, “This is the only way to do something”, which is never what we say. It's like, “Hey, this is a really easy way to do a lot of really cool things.” Like Bradley just said, this isn't the only way. There's so many different ways you can accomplish things. It's just that this is, one, it works, and two, it's fairly easy. I think a lot of people miss that point and think that if they're not familiar with us, they probably think we're just saying it's, “IFTTT is the only way you can do SEO”, which is obviously not the case.

Bradley: Yes. The people that say, “Well, you guys only say it works because you sold the product.” No, I've built my business on that foundation prior to ever becoming a product. The only reason why it became a product is because it works so damn well for me. When I started sharing it with a few others, they tried it. It worked for them. They said, “Hey, your on to something here.” Thus, Semantic Mastery was born. That's really why. It's not we've created a product to sell to people. I created a system that worked for me that then worked for others that then ended up becoming a product, so that we could share something that works so well with so many others. That's how it worked out. Like Adam said, just be civil if you're going to go in. I could tell you, I was pretty pissed at some of the comments. I wanted to lash out, but I had to exercise some control, and post some diplomatic responses instead.

Marco: I was actually pretty civil also, man. I am very proud of me, because I started to tell people, “Kiss my ass.”

Hernan: You know, what's funny is that, I think these kind of discussions, or these kind of debates, they do a lot of good to our community, because you all see a ton of … I'm really honored that a lot of people are actually saying, “Hey, I tested this and this worked”, and there's a bunch of big names over there, which I truly respect, including you guys. I think these kind of debates, these kind of discussions, they do really well to our community. What we were trying to convey on that is not that … The group is called the Proper PBN Group, so they are still thinking on the PVN side of things, which is completely fine. In fact, we're going to be talking about PBN on today's update for V2.

At some point, you need to understand where everyone is coming from. We have been testing it pretty much everything. We've tested PBNs and we are always in the trenches. One of the good things about, for example, IFTTT SEO Academy is that all of the people that have been going through the training, like guys like [inaudible 00:21:53] Taric Kyle. He's a big name, in my opinion. They're saying, “Hey, is there really thorough training and deep training?” Yes, because we developed the training to train VAs. That was the original idea. It has to be step-by-step. That will be my take on it. I think it's been a great thread. Of course, we got some haters, but that's the norm.

Adam: That means we're doing good if people are hating.

Marco: Yes that's right. If people are hating, we're doing really good. One last thing, just to go back to one of the original pillars of Semantic Mastery was we were going to be testers. We were going to be the lab, so that people wouldn't have to go out and buy garbage. This is what we do now. We found some people, I'm not going to mention names, are peddling garbage. They're peddling stuff that doesn't work. We've probably mentioned names, which we shouldn't have, but it's what we do, man. We test, and we re-test. We tell you whether something works or not.

If it doesn't work, we're not going to try and sell it to you as something that's the end-all to it all, and this is all you need. We're going to tell you, “No, it's crap. Don't buy it.” You're going to get it straight from us, so we're your lab. It's what we do. We're dedicated to that. We stay true to that. Look at what we do every Wednesday. We give you an hour so that you can come and ask us, “Guys, what's working? What do I do?” Here we are, working on a year straight. Has it been two years?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: This is number 87, buddy. We're approaching two years.

Marco: Two years, and we're still here, man.

Bradley: An hour every week. We give back to you guys. We do appreciate all of you who follow us and support us and all that. That's why we do this every week. It's our way of giving back. I truly do enjoy these Hump Day Hangouts, guys, or else I wouldn't do it every damn week. We've only missed one week in 87 episodes. That was a scheduled week off. That's consistency, baby. We're really proud of that. We stand behind our comments and our products. Hands down.

Are Yellow Pages Do Follow Or No Follow?

Lucian says, “Two-part question. Is Yellow Pages a do follow or no follow? After researching I found some mixed answers.”

Well, the easiest way to tell is just go find a Yellow Pages listing and then use source code. See where the URL is. We could go pull one up. Also, if you're using … I always use browser plug-ins that put a strike through no follow links, so it just puts a line through it. Most of the time, you can tell just by actually viewing the listing. If for whatever reason you can't tell, using a strike-through plug-in and a browser plug-in, then you could just do a right click, View Page Source, and then find that link. Just do a Control F and look for the link. Type in the link and then find it, and then look and see if there's a no follow tag or a redirect or something that would be pulling the juice, not redirecting, like a 301, or a straight link if that makes sense.

Marco: I could be mistaken, but if you pay Yellow Pages, I think they'll give a do follow link. I think that it's no follow by default, but if you pay, I think it's like a likes. If you pay, you get a do follow.

Bradley: YellowPages.com. I think it's just YP.com now, isn't it? I think it is. I think you can go to YP.com. Let's just find something. Let's say, plumber. Culpeper, VA. Let's just take a look. Well, that was a landing page. That was weird. I want to look at the actual listing. How do we do that? Oh, that's an ad. That's why. Let's go find an organic listing. Let's look at this one. Okay. It looks like “Visit Website”. I got the strike-through. This is showing no follow. This is a free listing. He might be an upgrade. He might have paid for an upgrade, but it's not an ad. If you saw on the previous page, which was the index page, the search page. You'll see that these are all ads up here and those, when you click on them, they go straight to the landing page. However, if you look at these, these … Here's another one. Lorenzo Plumbing. That's a landing page too. Remember, that's the guy that's got an ad earlier as well.

Just looking at this first organic listing, take a look at that, and you can see the website. It's got the strike-through. That's because I'm using a browser plug-in that highlights no follow. But you could also right click, and then do View Page Source, and then you could do a Control F, and find that link, which is “Visit Website”. There's the anchor text right there. Take a look at the actual link and it says, rel=”nofollow” right there. See that? There's the actual URL, www.fhfurr.com. It says rel=”nofollow”, and you can see that right here. That's the easiest way to tell, guys. Just go look.

Researching and getting mixed reviews or whatever. The quickest way is just validate it for yourself.

Marco: Yes, but look at that map body frame. I'm loving that.

Bradley: It doesn't pull up the iFrame though. You know what I mean? It doesn't pull up data window. You know when we could add it? I wonder why that is. I wonder if we could hack that in, though.

Marco: Probably.

Bradley: That's something we can play with.

Marco: That's definitely worth trying to play with. I'm loving the fact that you can iFrame a Google Map in there.

Bradley: Yes, if we add the MyMaps pin in there with a … [crosstalk 00:27:55]

Marco: There you go. Multiple stats.

Bradley: Making note of that, we can …

Marco: Start giving away stuff.

Hernan: Okay, shush. Let's move on.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Thanks for doing that, Marco. We'll look into it further. Good question though, Lucian.

Would A Website Be Spammy If There Are Lots Of Yellow Pages Links Pointing To It?

“Also, if a website has a lot of Yellow Pages links nationwide in various cities, pointing to a site, would that be considered spamming?

No, because that would make sense. That wouldn't be spammy if … Let's say it's a national franchise, for example. It's one domain, and as a franchisee, you either get a sub-domain or a page on the main domain, which is how a lot of franchises do it. Then having multiple links from different locations from Yellow Pages to the same domain would be okay, because it would make sense. It wouldn't be spammy, because it's an actual valid reason for those. Does that make sense? It would only be spammy if you were linking to the actual same landing page. Chances are, it's going to be separate landing pages for each listing. That's how I look at it, anyway. If it makes sense, if it's logical, then it wouldn't be spam. You know? If you were doing it purely for manipulations purposes, then yes, that could be spammy. It doesn't mean don't do it. It just means it could be spammy, but I don't know how that would work with Yellow Pages anyway.

Does Using 3 Cloudflare Accounts For All Lead Gadget Sites Can Be A Footprint?

Ray is asking a question about Lead Gadget. Ray, I think you've asked questions here about Lead Gadget before. I will answer your question, but remember, I host a webinar every Thursday. Well, not every Thursday, almost every Thursday morning at 7:30 AM, specifically for Lead Gadget, guys. If you have questions about Lead Gadget, please post your questions on the Lead Gadget webinar. That's what that is for. That's 7:30 AM. If you want a link to that, I'll drop it, but I do that at 7:30 AM on Thursdays and it's a Q & A webinar specifically for Lead Gadget, guys.

“Do you think three Cloudfare accounts is enough for Lead Gadget sites or can that be a footprint?”

I would say it should be enough if you're doing other things properly. Based on some recent events, I know that I'm a little bit gun shy right now too. I had 689 sites de-indexed in one fell swoop, which hurt because it was about three months worth of work. Now it's just gone. We're in the process of rebuilding now, and we're doing a few other things. If you want to talk more about it, Ray, post on the Events page. Go to the Lead Gadget Facebook group, click on the Events tab, and you will see the event scheduled for tomorrow. Post your questions over there, even if you can't attend live, I will answer your questions and you can catch them during the replay.

Are There Benefits In Crowdsearch Referral Traffic To Search Social Hashtag?

Scott says, “Would there be any benefit in Crowdsearch Referral traffic to search social hashtag, click on the Google link, view several pages on target site and then instead of ending on the about page, click outgoing on a different social property, URL icon. I call it same as circling?

I don't know, Scott. To be honest, because I haven't done that, and I can't speculate. You could test it though. That's all I would tell you to do, Scott, is just set up some tests on your own and see if there's benefit to that. Remember, sending referral traffic, guys, isn't going to give you an instant ranking boost. At least for the most part it doesn't. What you do is drip out referral traffic, CT Spam, click through spam, over time and you'll see that it will help to boost the rankings. Don't go real aggressive with it unless you're trying to mimic a viral event. If you're just doing, trying to … What I do with these types of referral traffics is I set up little streams or trickles of traffic that over time helps to increase the authority of the site.

Marco: I can see a definite benefit, as long as he's not … As long as he doesn't get carried away, and it looks really natural. Because he's dropping a shortened Google link in there, and those metrics will go straight to Google. Google will measure the activity on that link, and so, yes. If you're letting Google in there and they're seeing all the activity that's going on in there, as long as it's normal activity, just like it would be for anyone else doing that, I think that you could probably get some really good results out of that. You're not going to an about page, you're going to another social property. So it's people going throughout your social properties, following those links, and Google will track every part of that, since you're letting them in that stream.

Hernan: I think that you make a great point, Marco, because what I've seen with referral traffic and CTR spam and those kinds of things is that they help boosting a property. It has to be already liked by Google, in a sense, because if you have a website or property on page 10, and you want to force it out with CTR, it's kind of hard. It's unnatural. It's unnatural to have a result on page 10 will actually naturally move because it's not the way a person would behave, you know? But, if you have it on top of page 2, or brought on page 1, referral traffic can really help you out. I think that if you add that to IFTTT, in a way that you are branding the properties and you are feeding them with content. I think that could be really powerful.

Bradley: To expand on that, guys, we did an entire update webinar for Clap Crowdsearch. If you haven't seen it, just go to Google, search “crowd search training 2016”. “Crowd search training 2016“. You'll see that we have a webinar. It should be ranked #1 for that term, or “crowd search demo 2016”. Either that, demo or training. Either one should give you the same result. Go through that training if you haven't already, Scott. If you have and others that haven't, then go through that training.

One thing I want to mention that Hernan just said is absolutely true. A [inaudible 00:33:53] mistake that I see a lot of people … These are the same people that try it. They don't get instant results, and then they say, “Oh that doesn't work”, and they quit. Good. Get the hell out of here. Make room for the people that know what they're doing. You know what I mean? Honestly, because I hate it when people give up too soon because they're lazy. I'm not saying that about you, Scott.

What I've seen a lot, that Hernan just mentioned, was that when people use crowd searches, they go after the keyword search. They want to force their site to show up for the keyword search. Their site might be on page 4, and all of a sudden they set up click through, CT spam traffic. That's why it's called click through spam traffic, which is not negative, in my opinion. They set up click through spam traffic with the keyword search and then they have the CT spam, the visitors, go search for all the way back to page 4, and then click on it. That is completely unnatural. Completely unnatural. For it to start getting a steady stream of traffic, for a keyword search when it's listed on page 4. That's the problem.

People do that and think, “Oh, I'm going to force this up on the page 1”, not thinking that's dumb. It looks completely unnatural. The better route is to send referral traffic, but not a flood of traffic. Just do a little trickle of traffic, and over the next few weeks to a couple months, you should see your site start creeping up, because Google's recognizing referral traffic from alternative sources. Not from Google search. It's getting referral traffic through social media, on Web 2.0's, third party platforms. That's why you use either analytics on your site, or you use a goo.gl short link, which injects analytics into the link. The other thing that you can do is set up a brand, or navigational searches, where you search for the name of the business or the name of the website or the blog. Then send traffic that way, because that does make sense. That will also increase, what we call, site weight. It gives the site more authority in Google's eyes.

Instead of setting up a keyword search, when the site's listed on page 4 and then clicking through to that, which is completely unnatural, you could do a search for the name of the site, or the business, or the blog. Then click through to that because chances are, it's going to be ranked right at #1 for that search. Right? For that brand name search. So that makes sense too. Again, you don't do a flood of traffic. You do a slow and steady stream of traffic, and let it build over time. You want it to look as natural as possible. That's where most people go wrong with CT spam, is they try brute force click throughs to make something rank. They don't think about it strategically. I've had incredible success using that tool. It's part of all my SEO campaigns now, because it works well when you do it that way. Again, we covered all of that in the training webinar.

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Is Picasa Dead?

Scott says, “Where are my images stored in Google? Is Picasa dead?”

Yes. Hasn't Picasa been down? Isn't it Google Photos now?

Marco: Yes. I dropped a link in there. It's photos.google.com and then he can search through albums or photos. You can see everything that was uploaded in either Google or Picasa. He's good to go.

Bradley: Yes. Google Photos are at photos.google.com. That's right. Also, you could do some stuff with Panaramio, if they're original images. That's the problem I found with Panaramio, is they have to be original images, but you could do some pretty good SEO stuff for locals with Panaramio.

How Does IFTTT SEO Validates Entities & How It Differs From Link Wheel?

Richard Bowles. “Please excuse me if this is a noob question. I am new at this SEO and I'm trying to find my way. I read on a thread in Facebook that IFTTT SEO is like a 2009 link wheel.”

He's talking about the same thread we were mentioning earlier, guys. That's where Richard came from, so welcome Richard, by the way.

But he's said, “I've also heard Marco say that IFTTT SEO validates entities. Not sure what that means and that it does the Google tickle. Love that by the way. Can you please explain entities to Google tickle, a link wheel and how IFTTT SEO is different from a link wheel?

We can't get into too much detail here, but a 2009 link wheel, that may be true except … If we were using a persona-based IFTTT ring to syndicate our content to, then that would be true. It would be very much like a link wheel from several years ago. But what we do is we don't try to hide footprints. We claim footprints. We do that, and we create a branded network of sites that is an extension of our brand that automatically syndicates our branded content from our main money site, whether that's a blog or a YouTube channel or whatever, out to our branded properties, which is completely natural. It's completely normal. That's what the big brands do. They produce content and then they share it to all their social media and all of their third party platforms, because it just gives them more reach, more exposure. So why should our little sites be any different than what the big brands do?

That's what we do with our syndication rings, is syndicate our own content to extensions of our brand, where we are on third party platforms. It helps to build authority. It helps to validate the entity, as far as the Semantic web, Semantic web validation, and it helps with the Google tickle. It gives several … It speaks to the positive parts of the algorithm very well, which is building brand, freshness of content, relevant and related content. There's so many things that it does that a link wheel wouldn't do. That's why when somebody says something like that, they truly don't understand what it is that we're doing. I'm not talking about you, Richard. I'm saying that the comment that referred to a 2009 link wheel, which was the first comment on that thread. Something like, “2009 called and said they want their link wheels back.” Okay. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. It works for me. As long as it works, I'm going to use it.

Marco: I would just add that a 2009 link wheel, going back to Essie New, which is a 2009. They were properties that were set up to provide a link back to the source. Google used to pick those out left and right, and de-index them like there's no tomorrow. Now, what we do is we set up profiles. We brand them. We customize them. We make them look like they're actually being used by someone, because they are. If they're your brand, or if they're a persona, then it's going to look real to whoever looks at them. They have activity, they have visitors, which is totally different. From this website, way out there, nowhere, that's just providing a link and it does absolutely nothing except provide a link back. That's a huge difference. As you said, talking to the positive sections of the algorithm, distance graph, freshness, seasonal. There's a bunch of things that it does and validation takes place in different ways.

The way that this validates is through this activity and through all of these positive sections of the algorithm that are going out into the web. The bot goes out and it looks for all of these signals to say, “Okay. This is a real entity.” That's what it's looking for. It looks real, whereas this PBN or whatever it is set up out there, that is not linked to anything else except this website, that is not linked to anything else and is not doing anything else. It has no social media. It has no presence. It's not doing anything. That's the big difference. Having something that's, for lack of a better word, alive, versus something that does absolutely nothing, except provide a link. There's an algorithm that looks exactly for that, just so you know.

What we do, what we give you isn't just something that we make up. I go and I read that patents, and I see where Google was going. I see the patents that it gets granted. I see what it's trying to do. I don't know how, but it just pops into my head what it is that Google was trying to do. I have a programming background, and I think that's where it comes from, where I can see where the communication is taking place and what Google is trying to do. Richard, take it for whatever it is. I would just to try it. Set it up. Set up something that's just PBNs with nothing else, and set up something with IFTTT and see which one ranks better.

What Are The Possible Impact If Someone Doing Negative SEO On Your Sites? 

Bradley: Yes. All right, Ryan says, “Bradley, you mentioned some negative SEO on one of your sites with thousands of links all no follow and it boosted the rankings. Did there ever end up being a negative effect on this site?”

No, because I disavowed those links anyway, Ryan. It's funny, but some negative SEO on one of my client's sites, and the hit it with thousands of exact match anchors, but they were all no follow, which is like, “You dummy.” It was funny because we were always bouncing between 3 or 4 organic listings, and after that negative SEO attack, with all no follow links, exact same anchor, we ended up shooting to #1. I was quite aware of the fact that, although it had a temporary boost, that it could end up hurting this site. I ended up building a disavow file, and then submitting it to Google Search Console. At the time, it was Webmaster Tools. So that those links were disavowed, but it's funny, but that ranking boost stuck after that.

That's kind of like what Hernan calls, “The Ghost Effect”. That's where you build links to something to get it to rank, and then you can take those links down once it ranks, and it still has a lasting effect. That's what I think happened in this case, because … Well, that, and I was also doing other SEO, so once it was boosted to #1, which coincidentally happened right after those thousands of exact match anchors were sent to the site. Within 30 days, I had already built a disavow file and submitted it. We maintained our rankings. It never ended up causing any negative effect. Had I not built the disavow file, and submitted it to Search Console, it may have ended up hurting the site at some point. It was a paying client, so I didn't want to leave it up as a test. That would be kind of a cool case study though. To set up a random site, and hit it with 10,000 exact match anchors, all no follow, and then see what kind of an effect it has. I have never actually done that. That would actually be a pretty good case study.

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Where To Get Affordable Content For Syndication In IFTTT?

“Where to get affordable content for syndicating the IFTTT regular?”

Curate it, Jesse. Curate it. That's the best and most effective or efficient way to create content regularly, is to hire a virtual assistant, train them how to curate, and have them do it for you. We have an entire training course on it called “Curation Mastery”. We're updating that course for 2016, and we're going to relaunch it at the end of August under a different name, called “Content Kingpin”. That will be available. Anybody that purchases “Curation Mastery” will get the updated version called “Content Kingpin” when it's released, so if you're interested in that, we could drop the link. You can literally take the training for “Curation Mastery” and hire a virtual assistant, and put them through the training course, and they'll be able to curate for you when they come out the other side. I know because that's how I train my curators, and I've got a team of about 9 curators right now.

Kevin says, “Not a lot of questions today, so I'll ask another.”

We're almost out of time, guys. We've got to run, so I'm going to try to get through 2 more questions.

Is Having A Link From Non-Niche & Popular Websites Better Than Having A Link From Regular PBN With Related Niche?

“Would it be better to get a link to my money site from the site that has LA Times, Huffington Post, etc. back-links going to it, but it is not niche-related or a niche-related back-link for my regular quality PBN?”

That's a tough one. What I would do is set up the … If you have a domain that has back-links pointing to it, from LA Times, Huffington Post, etc., that's pretty powerful. You should use that, absolutely. I'm not sure whether you … I'd have to have more details, Kevin. I would want to look at it more to tell you exactly what I would do with it. I might set up a buffer site. Rebuild that domain, and then just link from that domain to my money site. Or I might just do a redirect to an IFTTT property that's got a do follow link to my money site or something like that. That's going to be more powerful than a regular quality PBN link.

Even if it's niche-related, those big sites like LA Times, Huffington Post, they just carry a lot of juice through those links, guys. Even though it's not really related, it still has quite an effect, at least for now. As we continue to move further into Web 3.0, the Semantic web, that will become less effective and it will be more about niche-related. It's kind of going that way now, but some sites are just super powerful, like LA Times, Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Inc. Those kind of sites are all really powerful. If you can get a link from them, and I don't care how you get it. If you can get a link from them, you're going to see a pretty significant effect.

Does It Matter If The Same Exact Business Name Is Used In Multiple Locations For Google My Business?

Last one, guys. “Google My Business names for multiple locations. A client of mine has 3 locations.”

My computer is yelling at me. Excuse me. I hate how Google Calendar does that. It drives me crazy.

“A client of mine has 3 locations and 3 different cities. For all 3 locations, business names in Google My Business and other local citation sites have the exact same name with different phone and address. Does it matter if the same exact business name is used in multiple locations?”

Absolutely not, Varun. It makes no difference at all. What's important is because … If it's the same company, it shouldn't have different company names for each location. It shouldn't. It should be one consistent name. What you want the name, address, phone number, you want a unique address, a unique phone number, and a unique web address, which could be a sub-domain or it could be just a landing page on the domain, so each location has its own landing page. It should have the same business name because it's the same company. I've got Lead Gen sites all over the place that are built on sub-domains. For each locations on its own sub-domain, but it's the same business name. It's got a unique address, physical address, phone number, and web address, but the business name is the same. It's never caused me an issue. Where it starts to cause issues is if you share the same phone number, the same landing page, or the same physical address. Any time you do that, across more than one location, that's when you start getting NAP issues. You'll start having some serious NAP issues. As long as the physical address, the phone number, and the landing page are unique, it can share the same business name without any negative effect. That's actually the right way to do it.

Okay, guys. This ended up. I was worried that we weren't going to have enough questions. We ran out of time, so thanks everybody for being here. The IFTTT V2 Update Webinar starts in about 8 minutes, guys. Be there or be square. We'll see you then. Thanks guys.

Hernan: Thanks. Bye bye.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 83

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 83 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: All right. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 8th of June, and this is Hump Day Hangouts 83. We are chugging right along. Every time I see it in the 80's, even though it's once a week, I'm like, “All right, we're getting close to 100.” It's going to be a little bit. Let's go down the line and say hello. We'll start with Chris. How are you doing Chris?

Chris: Doing excellent. How are you?

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, what's up?

Hernan: Hey guys, it's really good to be here.

Adam: It's now progressed from sweater to sweatshirt with a hood weather. Is it getting colder down there?

Hernan: Getting colder. You won't see me at some point, you won't even see me.

Adam: Speaking of weather. Marco, how's it going?

Marco: Nice and warm, man. About to get some rain, so I probably won't be able to participate in Hangout, but you know, that's how it goes.

Adam: Okay. We've got a comment saying that nobody could be heard. You guys can't be heard on Facebook Live.

Bradley: I know you didn't introduce me, sorry but I had to come in. We're trying an experiment. We're trying to do Facebook Live broadcast at the same time that we're doing Hump Day Hangout, but it's weird because my mobile device is pointed directly at me and showing just my face. Nobody can see the screen and apparently other people can't hear you guys when you talk. Anyway, some behind the scenes stuff.

Adam: Let's just go through, I've got a couple of announcements real quick, and then we'll get rolling. The first one I wanted to share is if you're in IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0, we wanted to let you know you can submit your video case studies and share the results. I'm going to put the URL in here, or Hernan, if you've got that handy. I actually think I chopped it off when I copied it. We just wanted to let you guys know that there's some opportunities there for some pretty cool stuff. We're going to say that. V2 members, you got the opportunity there to get some awesome stuff. We'll be talking more about that. Hernan will drop the link if you're in there. By all means, go check it out.

All we're looking for is some short videos, good quality guys, don't be doing some selfie 240p resolution stuff, but it doesn't have to be professional recording quality. About two minutes, maybe two to ten minutes. There's a variety of stuff you can do. What we're doing basically, in a nutshell, is we're going to be going through and choosing the best each month for a free month of MasterMind access. Pretty cool stuff.

Chuck Norris approved. All right. Then one other one. This is for everybody, whether you're a member of our groups or not, just if you're available and you're paying attention during the, I believe the 20th to the 29th of June, we're going to be having a contest that we'll be talking more about next week, but just keep your eyes and ears open for that. We're going to be giving away some awesome prizes, including yearly access to some of our memberships, as well as some cool, well they're freedom journals. I don't know, Hernan, what you would want to describe them as, kind of personal accelerator type of books.

Hernan: Yeah, it's kind of something that would allow you to, let's put it this way, to achieve your objectives faster and keep you on track. It's 100 day journal, I think it's pretty cool. We're giving away that with a bunch of other goodies. Stay tuned because it's going to be good.

Adam: Awesome. Cool. I'll have to post that picture soon. I've got them, they're actually sitting in a box in the closet right now, it's kind of sad, but I've got one on my desk. That's all I've got, you guys got anything?

Bradley: Nope, as far as I know we can get into questions.

Adam: I was going to say, I guess it's too late, but I'll go ahead and say it. If you missed out on the presentation, the webinar Marco did on Monday, that was awesome. Then we did end up having a replay up for 24 hours, but I think that's probably over by now.

Bradley: Yeah. We might end up opening up those webinars again if we polish them up and package them properly, but we haven't decided that yet. If we do, we'll make sure we let you guys know.

Adam: Awesome. All right, let's get to it.

Bradley: Let's get into it. All right, I'm going to grab the screen and lock it onto me. Make sure you guys are seeing everything all right. Are we good?

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Okay cool. All right, here we go, Mark O'Connell. There's a big photo here, I'm not sure why.

Adam: I like to think that that's an introduction without words.

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Is It Over-Optimized To Use Different Industries As SubDomains In The Same Root Domain?

Bradley: Hey. Hi. All right. Mark O'Connell says, “Hi guys. First, big thank you to Marco for the wonderful information given on Monday. Really enjoyed it, I'll plus one that. My question is, let's say I have a domain, plumbersnearme.com, and I have one like this but not for plumbers, is that over optimized? This is now a keyword, I mean industry, near me.” No, not really. It would be if you had a city name in there, but having plumbers in there, that's pretty standard, that's normal. Think about it, I know you said it's not plumbers, but I'm just saying this as an example. A lot of businesses will use what industry they're in as part of their brand name. That's not abnormal at all, or over optimized.

“If I sub-domain out per city, london.plumbersnearme.com, Manchester.plumbersnearme.com, can I have the business name as londonplumbersnearme for a Google maps listing under the same root, but sub-domain cities out to target other areas, or should I just use a completely separate domain?” Let's see, that would be, yeah I would just use different sub-domains on the same domain, the same root. Am I reading that question wrong? Is he just asking about should he keep building out on the same domain? I think that's what the question is, Mark, if I'm misunderstanding the question, please forgive me. It seems like you're asking, should you continue building out cities on the same domain, or use different domains entirely. I would say keep building out cities on the same domain.

Chris: Yeah, I read it the same way, Bradley, so yeah.

How To Fix Videos Without Thumbnails In Search Results Page?

Bradley: Okay. He says, “If I can be cheeky and ask one more quick one. Do you ever have videos on page one with no thumbnail?” Yes, it happens often. I have one here with just a black screen, yes, that's been kind of a glitch that's been going on for a few months. “For another keyword the same video on page two shows my thumbnail, very weird. Is there a way to fix this?” No, as far as I know there's no way to fix it. It's just an anomaly with Google's algorithm. I know some videos will show with a black thumbnail for some reason. It's odd, because sometimes they'll show with a black thumbnail and then other times they'll show with the actual thumbnail. It's kind of hit or miss. Some keywords show it, some don't. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I do not know how to fix it. I believe it's just a glitch with Google. They're going to have to fix it.

I've also had videos that index, but no thumbnail shows. Not even a placeholder, like the black placeholder that you're talking about. I've had videos index, but it looks like just a regular text listing. That's weird too.

Which Bitly Link To Use When Building Tiered Links In IFTTT Network?

Okay, Ed says, “Hey guys, with regard to the new Bitly Profile link …” Ed, I read your question earlier. I'm assuming you're not in IFTTT V2 or SEO Academy V2, because if you were, we did a update webinar on Bitly already. Go check the update section of the members area, and there's a video about that. There's a video in the updates section as well as during the update webinar that we did. There's actually, it's been mentioned twice already. Bitly sun setted their public profile pages, it's not a big deal. It just means you don't add a Bitly profile link in with all your other links when you're interlinking properties. That's all. You still use Bitly, you just don't have a profile link anymore. That's all.

Chris: Right. What I wanted to add to that is that Bitly will still turn your 301's into 302's if you spam them. That's still the case. We have been advising, time and time again, if you're doing some advanced stuff, like 301's and spam and those kind of things, do not use Bitly, because Bitly will turn your 301's into 302's, and all of your link building will be pointless. At that point, I wouldn't use Bitly if you're building tier links or something like that, just because they will still show that spam notice, whatever it is.

Bradley: Yeah. What's interesting is Bitly will do that too, arbitrarily. It's weird. Sometimes without even spamming a Bitly link, it will add a spam attribute. It basically just makes it a 302 link. Sometimes, it could be the cleanest, most pristine link that you've never done anything questionable with, and they'll still sometimes just add a spam tag to it. I don't know why that is, so just keep that in mind.

What Are Some Precautions When Using Authority Sniper With Google's Feedburner?

Next question. R. Bacon says, “Just purchased the authority sniper. I was wondering if there was any precautions I should take with regard to the feed burners, since that is connected to Google?” I don't think so, but you can add multiple accounts to it. If you are worried about it. The way that I typically do things is that I have persona accounts anyway, that are themed. If I'm going to be creating a feed about plumbing, then I'm going to pick the persona account that's a plumber. All of the feed burner feeds that I create, or it could be a bit broader, it could be home improvement related, or whatever. That persona's account that I'm going to be using has most likely been already themed around that particular topic or niche. Again, you can add multiple Google accounts to it. That's what I would do, is just grab one of your persona accounts from one of your IFTTT networks, or a few of them, and kind of theme them. Make sure you label them properly in your RSS Authority Sniper software so that you know what they are when you go to select them.

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How To Generate Content For E-Commerce Sites?

Laurie says, “Hi everyone. We have a potential client asking for help with their website. They have a domain name that redirects to an e-commerce site. It has no capability of a blog, so it is very thin with content. Short of a paid advertising campaign, do they have any suggestions? Thanks so much.” They have a domain name that redirects, well yeah, if they have a domain name sure you can put a sub-domain on that domain and install WordPress and use that as a blog. Laurie, even if the domain itself redirects, I'm assuming it's probably a masked redirect. In other words, when it redirects to that URL that you're listing here, it's probably still showing their domain name. Am I right?

I'm assuming that's the way that it is, that it might redirect, but it's a masked redirect. If that's the case, you could just put a sub-domain on. You would have to use a DNS mapping service like Amazon Route 53 or Cloud Player or something like that, but you could create a sub-domain and point that to a regular hosting account. Then put WordPress on the sub-domain, and just use that as your content distribution engine, your blog essentially. It could be blog.yourclientsdomain.com. You know what I mean?

Adam: Yeah, and then you just put a link. I know some people get confused when they're thinking about this, and get lost in the sub-domain part. You just be sure, put a link on your site somewhere, like, “Hey, this is our blog.” Or whatever.

Marco: If you guys look at that URL, it's already on a sub-domain.domain.com, so all they have to do is add blog.domain.com, and use the blog as the content driver to rank the content on the main domain, since it's content thin anyway. To rank the products and services, or whatever is being offered. We do that all the time.

Bradley: I think the thing is, it's an e-commerce solution, so I'm not sure that she has access to add a sub-domain to this. If she does, yeah absolutely, then just put blog.whatever. If you don't, if you're using your own custom domain and it just redirects to this because you don't have access to control this, then you could still just create a sub-domain on your root domain and just map it over to a regular hosting account. Then install Word Press there. Again, that's just going under that assumption, if you have a custom domain and it redirects to here, it's probably masked.

Hernan: Yeah, that's exactly what I did for a client. They were having something like Volusion or something as their main e-commerce website, and their main e-commerce was out of my hosting. We hire another hosting just for the blog, because it was like Shopify, the main domain was maxed to the Volusion platform. Via DNS, we had to open a blog.domain.com and start blogging over there. It was an extra step that you need to take, Laurie, because Word Press, it would take a ton of time for you. In this case you do not even have blog capability, but in case some other clients come with another e-commerce project, like Magento or whatever, Shopify, et cetera. It takes a ton of time to learn Word Press, so it will be always better to work with that. Otherwise it's not worth it, or they need a ton of money.

Bradley: That's like when I get any client on a custom web platform and they ask me, would I be willing to optimize? I tell them no. I tell them flat out, “I'll provide consulting services, that I can give instructions to your web master to do it, but I'm not going to learn a new platform for one client.” There's no way they're going to pay me enough to do that.

Which To Choose Between RYS Academy And MasterMind?

Okay Brian Dunn says, “Your road map doesn't include RYS. For people who are already monetized and have some industry knowledge, but want to go ninja school to seriously up their game, but you can only pay for either RYS or Master Mind, can you walk through why you might choose one versus the other?” Great question Brian. I would say go with MasterMind. The reason I would say go with MasterMind is because number one, if you join MasterMind, when you are ready to purchase RYS, you get a 30% discount. That's substantial, number one. Number two, MasterMind, every two weeks we hold a webinar. It's the community where you have access to us, and my team members, as well as all the other SEO professionals in the group, so there's a lot of discussions that go on. A lot of people sharing great information, results, that kind of things.

Not that RYS doesn't have kind of an aspect like that as well, but RYS is one specific part of SEO, whereas Master Mind covers so much. There's bits and pieces of RYS sprinkled throughout the MasterMind as well. Again, I would recommend going with the Master Mind because that's going to give you a foundation that you can build upon. When you're ready to join RYS, you also get the 30% discount.

As well as, you get all the other stuff that we have, included in the Master Mind membership, that's under $300. IFTTT SEO Academy V2, Master Class, you get to attend all those webinars, and access to the members area for that. That's all included in MasterMind, as well as all of our other products that are under $300, you get those included. Any of our products that are over $300 you get a 30% discount on, and you guys also, as MasterMind members, get first access to products when we launch. First access to services. You get to be beta testers. You get review copies of stuff before we launch. There's a lot of benefits. Does anybody else want to sell him on Master Mind also?

Hernan: No. I was about to say that, as a disclaimer, the discount doesn't include services.

Bradley: No, training.

Hernan: Yeah, only training.

Marco: The only thing that I would add, if you have a 22 caliber pistol, and a 50 caliber pistol, they're both guns, and you can shoot with both, but shooting a 50 caliber is so much fun, man. One's a pistol, and the other one you can watch stuff blow up, so come on over to the dark side when you're ready.

Adam: Yeah again. RYS is awesome, there's no question, but the reason I would recommend MasterMind is because of all the additional benefits that come with that, and you get the discount on RYS at a later date, or whenever you're ready. You get the discount immediately, but you can purchase it whenever.

Marco: I agree, because it has not only everything that you mentioned, but the members, or the partners, of MasterMind are constantly in the community. We're always providing guidance or answering questions. Just taking care of the community as best we can. You also get that benefit.

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What Are Your Favorite SEO Task Management Tools For Outsourcers?

Bradley: Jenny says, “Afternoon gentlemen. Thank you all for your hard work in these Hangouts. I will plus one that. What do you guys use for SEO task management? Any favored apps or workflow for outsources and the like?” Adam's pinging me. Cameraman. Sorry, I've gotten distracted with Facebook Live this time guys. Okay. Now it should be a bigger video. Okay, SEO task management. You know what, I've always used, for a long time now, about two years now, I've been using Trello for training. Recently, within about the last four or five weeks now, I've been using an app called Flow, which is like, I should show a demonstration of it real quick. It's freaking fabulous. It's going to be highlighted in that new training course that's launching at the end of this month, called Outsource Kingpin. We're talking about that a lot. It's not necessarily an SEO task management tool. It's a workforce management app, and it's really cool.

The reason why, any of you that haven't done Trello yet, haven't used Trello, I think it's great for training and creating working procedures for specific tasks. If you guys aren't familiar with what I mean by working procedures, that's where you take a task and you document how to do it, both in video and with written out or documented steps. Linear steps, step one, step two, step three, in order to complete that task. With Trello, I would put tasks into Trello boards that would have the step by step process. It was hard to organize the tasks into higher level projects, at least I found it difficult to. I find Trello to be awesome for just teaching the working procedures for a particular task.

However, Flow, let me show this to you guys real quick. I think it's called getflow.com is the name of the … It's a paid app though, that's the difference. Just so you guys know. Let's go here. I'll log in and just show you guys. I started using this about four, five weeks ago with one of the teams that I'm working on, the ATM site building team. Let me show you guys what this looks like, why I like this so much. This is like a combination of Trello along with Slack, the chat app, which we use for semantic mastery anyways, my partners and I, we're always chatting in Slack. Slack is the developer of this, so everything integrates. They also have a time tracking software, it's called GetHarvest.com, that integrates with this as well, so you can star to actually track the amount of time spent on each task. Like when you start to build an outsourcing team, you can monitor how much time is being spent on every task. There you can see where who's being more efficient than others. Then you can go and ask, “Why is it taking you twice as long to do something it is somebody else? Is there something that you don't understand? Do you need some additional tools?” Whatever.

This is the app guys, if you take a look at this. Here's the team that I've been working on, what they call work spaces. This is ATM site building. You can see over here some of the projects that we work on. What I like about this is, for example, if I look at the campaign review, if I come up here and change the view to can ban, the can ban view version is the same as Trello. Any of you have seen me talk about Trello before at all, I always talk Trello up this way. This is a technique that I actually learned from Peter Garrity. That's create these lists to do, doing, done and needs attention. When a VA comes in, in this case the team leader, this is Hazel, our team leader for this particular team. When she comes in, she grabs this card, which is a task, and drops it in here, into doing. She opens it up and it shows all the tasks that need to be completed. What they call sub-tasks, that she can go right on down the line and check it off. When she's done she puts it in the done list.

If something happens, and she's unable to complete the entire task. Let's say that she gets down to this point and she gets stuck, then she can drag this over to needs attention, and I'm subscribed to this board, so that when something gets dumped into the needs attention list, I get notified of it, and I can come open it up. She can actually leave a comment if she wants, in the actual task. Let me close this and you can see it. She can leave comments and say why she had to stop at that particular sub-task. Then I can go resolve the issue for her, give her assistance, whatever, and then drag it back over to to-do, once I've resolved the issue. She can bring it back and work on it again. This isn't necessarily an SEO specific work management app, and hopefully Jenny you weren't asking specifically about an SEO management app, but this one itself, Flow, is really cool. It is a paid app.

Trello is free, but Trello I think is much more difficult to organize stuff into more general projects. Where you combine multiple tasks into overall projects or procedures, does that make sense, then this one I find to have a lot more functionality. I don't know, hopefully you guys found this interesting. I'm going to be transitioning, trying to bring in most of all my working procedures into this, into Flow and using it. We're paying for it right now. It's like $59 a month for up to ten team members, or ten sub-accounts or whatever it is. It's very valuable though. I've found this to be one of the easiest ways to manage a team, and I just started using it about four or five weeks ago.

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Bradley: What's good about this is it's not only, not exclusively for SEO. It will help you a ton. I've been using Trello for awhile now, but what's good about this kind of project management, or task management, is that first you will need to go through the hard work of actually splicing, or kind of dividing your main task into little tasks for your VA's. That's what we did with V2, et cetera. I think this goes two ways. It will allow you to actually manage your projects, but it will allow you to be actually more picky, I would say, with the tasks you're giving to your VA's, which I think is great.

Bradley: Yeah. Like I said, in here they've got a chat app. You can create chat rooms and assign specific people to it. You can assign workers, team members. Again, it will integrate with Harvest. I'm only pitching this, guys, because I think it's such a good program. This is the other thing. Those of you that are starting to build out teams, this is something that's going to be, I'm working on building out the management procedures right now, with Hazel. As soon as I'm done working with her in building these out, then I'm going to work on bringing the individual builders, which are her subordinates, the people that she manages. We're going to bring all their tasks into here, and have it set up in a hierarchy.

That's when we're going to install this Harvest right here, which is the time tracking app that integrates with it. That way we can start to identify, from our workers, who's being the most productive, and people that aren't being as productive, why, we can address that. We can make sure that they're clocking in every day, they're giving us eight hours a day, five days a week, 40 hours a week basically, all of this. Again, this is something that we're going to be integrating into our system. Up until now, I've done everything just using Trello and Google Docs, and that's pretty much it.

Would You Disclose The Relationship Between Child Sites To The Parent Site Within A Network?

Okay, good question. Next one. Chris says, “Questions submitted via support desk. Customer prefers not to disclose their name. If you lived in Buffalo and were going to create a Buffalo home services network of sites, doing everything from landscaping to home repair, and you were going to be starting from scratch and using RYS, IFTTT to build it all, would you blatantly claim the relationship between the sites and their connection to the parent DHS network so you were 100% publicly claiming everything about how they're related, or do you see that as just being way too risky? Is there some other reason you wouldn't even think of doing that? If you were just going to out claim it and also have a spare LLC laying around, would just use that LLC to do it, so it's even more legit, and use that single business to create all the pages, YouTube channel, and everything from all the different home trades? If not, which persona approach would you take?”

Okay. It's a bit of an involved question. I would have to think about that. I don't see a problem with having a consistent brand across all of them. However, I would try to limit my risk in a way, such as be building out sites on sub-domains and such so that I could separate liability, my exposure in other words, in case any one of my sites were to get hit. Here's my point. If I was going to say like Buffalo Home Services, maybe I would call it like BHS.com, or BuffaloServices.com, or something like that. Let's say you were going to go with that. Then I would build out maybe industry specific sub-domains. We already know that the site is going to cover just the Buffalo area. You've got that in the root domain, so that's pretty apparent.

What I would do is probably do like landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, all of those would each be individual sub-domains. The only reason I say that, instead of putting it all on one site, you could put it all on one site, just so you know. If you were going to do that, then it would be all the same brand anyways. You wouldn't have anything to do about linking out different sites and all that. I would all be the same site, and that's perfectly okay. You would want to silo the site out that way too, but if you were to every do anything that Google didn't like, then they slap your site, you're going to lose all of it. You've got to keep that in mind.

What I would probably do is build it out on one domain. I understand you're asking, “Should you be using different domains?” Personally no, I would try to build that as a brand, potentially, the Buffalo Home Services as a brand, so why not build everything out on sub-domains of that root site? The root site could then be like a billboard for your brand. In other words, it's like an online brochure, it explains what Buffalo Home Service is, what your vision is, what kind of service you're trying to provide to the area. Then from there it could actually link to the sub-domain sites as kind of a directory. The root domain would be almost like an index page. Then all of your sub-domain sites would be covered. From there, the only reason I would do that is in case any one of your sites were to get hit for something, it wouldn't affect all the other ones. If your HVAC site got hit with a penalty for some reason, then your plumbing site should be fine, it shouldn't be affected. How would you do it Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah, definitely I would go the sub-domain route. I think it was Marco who shared that Viper Chill. I'll see if I can find it. The Viper Chill post. It was like 16 companies own, probably the first page of Google, and they are blatantly related. Those are called money block networks. Instead of private blog networks, those are called like that. There are a bunch of cases where you have even different domains all under the same IP, on the same server. Google does not penalize them, and they are all interlinked.

This Stuff Works

I think that as long as you are honest with your clients, et cetera, and you're telling them, “Hey, we are part of these networks.” You should be fine. You are open, you are out there and you are actually owning your content, which is what we have been preaching all of this time. I would definitely go the sub-domain route, just in terms of protection and to actually leverage your own SEO efforts. If you do like landscaping.bhs.com, and then you do home repair, home repair will be easier to rank than landscaping, and so and so of the subsequent domains because of domain authority, et cetera. I think that would be the best way to go.

Marco: I went over this on Monday. You validate the entity, right? That's why all these people can get away with it, all these other big companies. The difference between those and private blog networks is entity creation. They validate it, we don't. That's when we get in trouble.

Bradley: That's what I was saying. I would be trying to build that as a brand, Buffalo Home Services, because guys, brands are rewarded, in part because they're validated entities, which is what Marco was just saying. That's in part why they get rewarded, because there's semantic validated entities. That's part of it. That's why I would say, go ahead and claim it. As far as the LLC, that's up to you. That's more of a business call, as to whether or not you'd want to have. IF you're going to be building out a large network of sites all around that particular brand, then it would make sense to have a separate entity specifically for that business, for Buffalo Home Services.

For example, you guys know I run a ton of lead gen sites. I run everything under my main corporation, my local market consulting business. I just use, I've got some DBA's, I've got to be honest, some of them I don't have DBA's for, but some of them I have DBA's for. However, one of my clients is a particular contractor that I've got a bunch of sites for him, all over the place. That's under a particular brand. In retrospect, I probably should have created a separate corporation for that, because I do a ton of lead gen stuff for him, and we do equity share anyway, and there's some benefits to having a separate entity for that one particular business because we have such a network of sites, all from that same business. I don't know if that makes sense.

What I'm saying is, I've got things underneath my main corporate marketing account that are in like the home services industry, a lot of different sites like that. I think for the larger sites, the larger projects that I work on that cover multiple sites, that should almost be its own entity. For accounting purposes, there's a lot of benefits to having it like that. Again, that's going to be a little bit more red tape on your part. It's not hard to do though, LLC's are easy to set up. Yeah, that's how I would do it. I don't see anything else left to answer in that question. That was a pretty intense question.

Greg says, “Holly just joined your IFTTT training this week, and have to say it's …” That must be hi, it's probably auto-corrected or something. “Just joined your IFTTT training this weekend. I have to say it's one of the most organized courses I've ever seen, and I have seen many over the years. Good job.” Plus one that. Thanks Greg. Appreciate that.

How To Manage The Access Of An Account From Multiple IP?

Kevin says, “Hey guys, have a few questions about setting up networks. Do we only use one USA proxy per network, per business? Which accounts absolutely need to be phone verified? If any accounts ever need to be re-verified, does the number need to work to receive re-0verify messages, or do I need to paste the phone numbers to re-verify? What's the best way to manage a client not being able to sign into an account to bind their IP, or client signs in for multiple different IP's? Thanks as always.”

Okay, couple questions. One USA per proxy per network per business. No, you don't have to do that man. You'd need a lot of unique proxies then. You don't need to use any proxies if you're only creating a handful of accounts. For example, the Get it Done network that I created for the IFTTT V2 training, I created that under my own IP. I showed how to use proxies, because I don't build a whole lot of networks anymore, I have VA's that do that for me. However, if I was building a bunch of networks, I would definitely be using proxies. I just don't need them because I don't build them very often anymore. If I build one network every three months, then I can create it under my own IP, it's not an issue.

Kevin, if you're building a bunch of networks, let's say that you just have five dedicated proxies, then on Monday you build a network with proxy one, Tuesday proxy two, all the way through. When you get to the following Monday, you go back to proxy one again. Does that make sense? You're just cycling through. It doesn't matter. You can actually, we've tested this, but you can create two accounts, you can probably create more, but it will start to force the phone verification when you create the account. You can get away with creating two accounts, per IP, in a 24 hour period. If you've only got two or three IP's or proxies, spread them out. Use it for 24 hours, create one or two account sets, and then switch to another proxy. Then in 24 hours, or more, let's say you wait two days, you can go back and use that first IP again. That make sense?

As far as the phone numbers, what we do when we create the accounts, we record, take the phone number and copy and paste it into the spreadsheet, or account workbook. Then if we go to sign into the account and Google triggers the re-verification, which happens from time to time, most of the time all it's going to ask you to do is paste the number in that was used when you created the account. You can just copy that phone number out of your spreadsheet, paste it in, and it will unlock your account. The other thing that you can do is create the page login, which is what I recommend, and that's why it's part of the process of the IFTTT, when we create the accounts and everything, is to create a Google page login. Guys, by the way, all these sign in issues that we're talking about, pretty much are exclusive to Google. I don't have sign in issues with any of the other accounts. It's just Google that has this happen. Keep that in mind.

When I'm talking about a page login, I'm talking about creating a Google Plus page login, and logging in and doing everything through that, because that doesn't trigger phone verification. If you have the page login details, you won't get verification issues. You do get verification issues if you try to log into a profile, which is a main Google account, from a foreign IP. What I mean by foreign is I mean unrecognized, and unrecognized IP. Also, sometimes if it triggers a re-verification and it doesn't give you the option to paste the phone number in that you used when you created the account, then it will ask you to put a new phone number in and verify that you're human. It'll be a text message.

This Stuff Works

Just so you guys know, we've been having trouble recently, even with our Philippines VA's, being able to phone verify accounts using sim cards. I know that other people have had issues with like call fire numbers not working anymore. I know burner numbers are still working for Google, but those days are numbered probably as well. They're getting much better at being able to determine whether they're burner phone numbers, or throw away phone numbers or not. Just keep that in mind. I actually started buying phone verified Gmail accounts now, and that's what our VA's are actually using now as well, because we're having difficulty phone verifying Google accounts the way that we had been. You can always buy phone verified accounts as well, is what I'm saying. All right. The provider that I'm using for that is listed in the IFTTT SEO Academy training. You can buy them from him.

What Are The Latest Anchor Text Rules When Building Web Pages?

Hump Day Inception. I love that. This is tag team back again. Whoop there it is. “What is the latest anchor text rules when it comes to building web pages? Iftu brought a question, what not to do when building anchor text.” Just don't hammer away on exact match anchors, mainly. Stick with mainly brand and URL anchors. What else you want to say? Longer phrases. Use questions. Questions are great for anchor text right now, because that triggers the mobile and the rank brain and hummingbird. Right Marco? It tickles those parts of the algorithm?

Marco: It's the Google tickle, man.

Bradley: The Google tickle.

Hernan: There's also a great tool that I'm going to paste on the event page. It's called Title Generator, which I have been using for, some of them make sense. You just put a keyword, whether it's a noun or a verb, in a box and it will generate a ton of titles that you can actually use them as titles, but use them as anchors as well, from within your post, whether linking internally or externally. It's a great tool. It's free, it's super simple. Some of the titles do make sense, some of them don't, but I think it's a great tool to generate those long anchors that we want to use to have a more natural anchor text.

Bradley: Yeah. That's a great point. The other thing is, guys, you know one of my favorite tools of all times ever is Power Suggest Pro. This is a great tool too. Stick your keyword in there, have a handful of keywords. I'm sure you already have those anyway. Use Google. You can actually use Yahoo and Amazon and Bing, and everything else as well, YouTube if you want, it doesn't matter. My point is, post your keyword in there, then hit search, it'll spit out a long list of suggested phrases from any one of the search engines that you select. Those will give you great ideas for anchor text too, because they'll be very diverse, and it's stuff that people actually type in and search for. Those are great keywords to use. You don't have to just stick with Google either. You can get other ideas. We're talking about just for generating anchor text. Keep it diverse, but it'll still have your keyword in it. These are great terms for anchor texts.

What Are The Anchor Text Rules For Citation Descriptions?

That's Adam yelling at me again in the Slack chat. “Also, what are the anchor text rules regarding citation descriptions?” I don't know what you mean by that? Anchor text rules regarding citation descriptions? If you just mean like, what is your keyword rules regarding citation? With citation descriptions, I try to give it like a compelling, consider it a call to action, because most citation descriptions are going to be very limited in how much you can put in there. A lot of times they're very short descriptions. They won't allow you more than like 500 characters, and even sometimes that's a lot. Sometimes it's like 200 characters, something like that. Usually when I'm doing citation descriptions, and I hope this is what you're asking about, DC, because maybe I'm just misinterpreting the question.

Usually citation descriptions are very little, so they don't offer a lot of room. Most of the time, obviously, I'm purchasing them from a citation building service like Loganix or Marketer Center. They will give you a little text area that you put in the short business description, and that's what's going to be used anyways. As far as that, I usually just try to get the main keywords into the citation description. Whatever the main services or product that I'm selling. Most of the stuff that I do is for service, you know tree service, for example, we'll say, “Offering residential and commercial tree trimming and removal services in blah blah blah area and surrounding areas.” You get the keyword in there, the service keyword, the location keyword, that's all I usually do. It's very short. It'll say, “Call for an estimate.” Whatever, very short, compelling call to action, but it has the keywords in there. Just don't stuff it if you don't need to.

The other thing to keep in mind, this is a question that comes up often, when people say, “Well how do you get to rank in the maps pack for your secondary keywords? If you're ranking for your primary keywords, how do you rank for your secondary keywords?” Well that's one way guys that you do it. Build additional citations on other directories. You're going to have your core citation directories that you want your business in, in the business description, you're going to want to put the main keywords, your primary keywords. When you get done, you want to go after the secondary directories, hyper local directories, things like that, where you put in the secondary keywords in the business description. That's going to start to build that other relevancy to that listing. That will help you to start to rank, that and other things that you can do, will help to rank for other keywords in maps, as well as you can also do that same process to rank in other maps areas.

This Stuff Works

That's a little bit more advanced, and we talk about that inside the MasterMind. Hopefully that makes sense to you. As far as anchor text, there is no anchor text that I know of in citation descriptions, so I'm not sure what you meant by that, other than I'm just assuming you mean keyword density, essentially.

What URL Shortener Would You Recommend In Lieu Of Bitly?

What shortener would you recommend in lieu of …” For what, Clint? I'm not sure what you mean.

Chris: In lieu of Bitly.

Bradley: In lieu of Bitly. I don't know, we use Google for a bunch of shit, but there's a ton of link shorteners.

Hernan: Yeah, in fact, I pasted a link that has 25 or something URL shorteners. Some of them are 301, some of them are 302. It's a nice resource that you can tinker with.

Bradley: Here's another one too. This is URL shorteners that allow redirects. Here's a bunch of list right here. You guys see this?

Hernan: Just be careful with GO or GL, you seen them? Not to spam directly. We had some issue by doing that.

Bradley: 301 link shorteners. Yeah, like I use Google Links very strategically. I want Google to know what I'm doing with those, so I don't use them for pure spam campaigns, but I do use them for a lot of other things. Okay, we've got give more minutes. Anna was trying to get us out of here early.

How To Fix Issue With YouTube  Video Views Recipe On CrowdSearch?

Josh Bailey says, “Having trouble with the recipe for YouTube video views that you were using, Bradley, on CrowdSearch. Maybe it was a user error. Does it still work for you?” That recipe for YouTube video views that you were using, Bradley, on CrowdSearch. I don't know what you mean. Sometimes the CrowdSearch clicks don't register as views, but that's not the point. Honestly, it's really not the point, guys. The point is to show, if you're talking about the referral traffic, it's the referral traffic.

When somebody clicks on to the YouTube video link, whether it registers your view, it doesn't matter because YouTube is aware that there was a visitor that watched the video, and they know where they came from, because they know what the referrer was. With the referral traffic, I'm assuming this is what you mean. I know sometimes your campaign will run and you'll go back and you won't see your view count going up, but it doesn't matter. That's why I use the goo.gl short links as my last hop to the video, so that I can go look at the analytics, the click analytics, on that short URL, inside of goo.gl, and I can see the clicks being delivered to the YouTube video.

It will show the referrer, the browser that they were using, where they're located, all of that. As long as YouTube is seeing that data, which they are, you're still getting the benefit. Whether the view registers or not, it doesn't make a difference. Does that makes sense? Hopefully that's clear, and I hope that's what you were asking for. I still use the campaigns all the time, and the view count doesn't go up, but it doesn't matter, my videos see improvement in ranking because of it.

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Would You Avoid Using Huffington Post's RSS Feeds When Using Authority Sniper?

Sky says, “When using authority sniper would you avoid RSS feeds such as the Huffington Post?” Well it depends Sky. If you can get a category post that would be aligned with the topic, then it wouldn't be such a bad idea, but you certainly don't want to go with their broad, because there's too many damn topics. It would be unrelated. Sky, but you can do something like Feed Rinse. If you go to feedrinse.com, you should be able to create. I don't know if you can still get into it or not, but if you have a Feed Rinse account, you should be able to go in and create a filter that will only allow certain posts. It will generate a custom feed from Huffington Post. It will only allow certain posts to pass that contain a hashtag or a keyword, or whatever it is that you set up. A specific tag, whatever.

What Are Some Good WordPress Themes For Affiliate Websites?

I know we've got to go. We've got two minutes guys. “In one of the earlier Hump Day Hangouts, you recommended a Word Press theme that may be good for affiliate websites. Can you give you affiliate link to that Word Press theme? Thank you.” Don't know which one you're talking about Ganty, sorry.

Adam: Ganty, if you leave it on the page, type it in here, we'll get back to you on the page afterwards, just let us know what it is.

Bradley: Probably the one that I was talking about, because I always use Ink Themes, guys. I have been for years. However, I really live Thrive's themes now, like the whole Thrive plug ins and themes suite is really good. Ink themes, they have one in here, it's an affiliate, product review type site. It's not bad. I just like Ink Themes because I've been using them forever. You can check that one out, that's probably the one I was talking about.

“I'm in MasterMind. What else do you need?” That's right. Anything else guys? I know we've got to go. It looks like we're just about done. All right. Sweet. We're done.

Hernan: Yup we're done.

Bradley: All right guys. Thanks for everybody being here, and our experiment with Facebook Live, as I look directly into the mobile phone. I don't know how that came out. We're going to go back and review it, and we'll see what it's like for next week. We'll make it better for next week. Thanks everybody for being here.

Adam: See you guys.

Chris: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 80

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 80 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 80. Today is the 18th of May, but only until midnight. So we are here … I heard that. We got the whole crew on today. What's up Bradley?

Bradley: Just, we need one of those du-du-du.

Adam: Yeah, just maybe the sad horn, wah-wah-wah. All right so Chris, how's it going man?

Chris: Excellent, how are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. Finally getting some sun here, it's the middle of May. It's starting to act like spring. Hernan, how's Barcelona?

Barcelona is nice. I have the carpet on the wall right here, and it's really nice. We're getting summer here too, so great.

Adam: You got to post some more pictures man. I like seeing the travel pictures.

Hernan: Yeah, it's definitely something to do.

Adam: Cool, awesome.

Bradley: Is hanging rugs on the wall a Barcelona thing?

Hernan: Yeah. Probably yeah. Apparently, I get here and it was like that. I'm assuming it is.

Adam: That's his temporary sound studio.

Bradley: Got it, for acoustics.

Adam: Marco, how's it going man?

Marco: I'm still in paradise man.

Adam: Good deal, good deal. I take it the weather's a little bit better. No storms today?

Marco: It still rains in the afternoon, I'll get a rainstorm, but it's the price you pay for the life you live. It's cool.

Adam: Awesome. Hey Bradley, what's up?

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Bradley: Many, I'm trying to multitask and type on the events page while at the same time [crosstalk 00:01:37].

Adam: I was about to say, well keep going. I'll run through some announcements, and then we'll get going here pretty quick everybody. Real quick I wanted to let everybody know our mastermind webinar in two weeks is coming up, so we have mastermind has private webinars every two weeks. We're going to have Lisa Allen back on. She's launching, and I don't want to butcher the name. Bradley do you remember, is it Rank Feeder, or is it …

Bradley: Rank Feeder, yes.

Adam: That's it, yeah, okay. She's going to come on and be talking about co-citations and some other stuff. Eventually we're going to talk to her, and see if she's okay with pushing some of that information out. For now it's just going to be with mastermind, and then we'll see what we can workout later.

We've got a really cool contest coming up. I'm just going to show you the back of something that somebody could win. Not just somebody. We're going to give away several, and there's going to be some additional prizes, including some memberships to our various courses. That's going to be coming up here int he short term, hopefully here in the next couple of weeks. Once me and Hernan get things hammered out.

Then, we're on episode 80, so it's a little ways off, but we're going to have fun on episode 100, but episode 104 is going to be the true two year anniversary. We're going to have some fun stuff going on with that. Obviously it's still a couple months away, but just wanted to let everyone know we're going to be doing something special. That's is for me, does anybody else have anything?

Bradley: As far as announcements, yeah I got one.

Marco: I'm not giving anything away today.

Adam: Nothing free from Marco today.

Bradley: The contest by the way guys is going to be really cool. Is it a contest or just a sweepstakes, or do we know yet?

Adam: Yeah, we're working out the details. That's why I didn't, we'll tell you more when we have it. I just wanted to let everybody know to … You'll hear about it. We'll send out an email at least, or mention id on the Hump Day Hangouts.

Bradley: The only announcement I have is, guys I just posted on the events page, I'll grab the screen here in just a moment, but there's an article that came out on ReelSEO, and it's talking about the YouTube's audience reach between the demographics 19 to 49 year olds. YouTube is reaching more 18 to 49 year olds than the top ten prime time US TV shows. The article in itself can be used as a way to up sell your clients on selling them for YouTube ad management. It's a great article, and so I posted it on the events page there, so that you guys cn go click on it, save it, whatever, bookmark it. If you do any client SEO work, or you have clients period, you might want to send them an email with a link, and a summary of what this article is, and a link over to this article. Pitch them on the importance of taking advantage of YouTube advertising. Because it's so dirt cheap, and it's not hard. It's not nearly as difficult to run YouTube ads as it is Google AdWords, like regular AdWords for Google Search.

It's a great way to generate additional revenue for your own business, as well as get some results for your clients. I dropped that link on the page. I've sent it out to mine already, and I've already had two of my clients call me up and ask me more, to give them more information about YouTube ad management for them. Like I said, you can use it as a way to pitch them a soft pitch by sending them some information that's going to validate the fact that if they're not advertising on YouTube, they're missing out on the younger demographics for their businesses. Which I think is pretty amazing that YouTube is actually getting more viewership during prime time TV time then even the top ten shows are for that demographics. To me that's pretty incredible. Anyway, I dropped it there.

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There's also a link underneath that for Justin Sardi's Video Ads Crash Course, for anybody that doesn't know how to run YouTube ads. It's a $97 course. Great, great course. Justin Sardi's the one who taught me how to run YouTube ads. You can pick that up there, and in fact, any of you that are worried about … That don't want go purchase another $97 course or whatever. What you can do is actually send this article out to your existing client base, and see if anybody bites. If they're interested in it, then you can purchase the course. Because you know that you're going to sell them on a YouTube ads campaign anyways, if that makes sense. I just wanted to share that with you guys. All right, anything else, or should we get into questions?

Adam: Yeah, let's rock and roll.

Bradley: Okay, let's do it. Hopefully you guys will find that helpful. I already clients.

Adam: What I meant to say was, let's get into it, Woo! I'm working on my webinar.

Bradley: Yeah, anyways, I've had two clients come back already and ask me for more information. By the way Wayne I want to say thanks for that dude, I'm going to have nightmares.

Adam: That reminds me of Mimi for the Drew Carey Show, it's been a few years.

Hernan: That's actually, Bradley demographics, so.

Would You Build Links From Reregistered Expired Domains To Branded IFTTT Network?

Bradley: Tim says, “Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I just want to thank you guys for the weekly hangout real quick. It's been super helpful, and very informative. Keep up the good work guys.” You're welcome, I will plus one that. “Okay, so my question is about PBN's. Every now and then when I scrape expired domains I find some with clean back link profile, clean anchor text profile, just everything about this domain screams register me, except for the who is history. When I check these domains on archive.org you can clearly see they were re-registered at some point, and used as a PBN, or had Chinese/Japanese content on it, or it had been used for domain parking. Let's say I buy these domains, and I'm able to re-index them, so no Google penalty. Would you build links from these domains to your branded IFTT network, or not even do that, because these domains are too risk to use in your opinion?

Yeah, to build links from those to your IFTTT network should be fine. What I would recommend doing, personally I won't buy a lot of those domains. Just if I see that they had been re-registered and used as a PBN at some point, or they got Chinese characters on the way back machine, any of the pages from the way back machine, or something like that. Then I typically won't use them. Only because a lot of the times they won't index, because they have some manual penalty, and that's why they were dropped to begin with. The person that re-registered them to use as a PBN, or for a spam site. The only reason they probably dropped the domain is because it was most likely the index. It's going to be difficult for you to get it re-indexed again. Unless you rebuild it to a previous state, and then submit for a re-inclusion, or reconsideration request, for re-inclusion into the index. Again, that's a lot of additional work that I just will skip all that, and just not purchase those domains if I can clearly see that there was some history like that, spam history.

This Stuff Works

That said, I've also purchased domains that have no indication of spam history, and then I buy them, and I register, or put a site on them, or rebuild way back from the archive.org, the html pages. Then when I submit it to search council it's already, it's been, it's received a manual spam action penalty, so it's be de-indexed. What I'm saying is, sometimes when you're buying domains, if I know, if I can verify that there was a history of spam at some point, I would generally just not purchase it all together. That said, sometimes even the cleanest of domains will have a penalty, and you won't know it until after you purchase it. If you are able to get it re-indexed, then yeah, there's no reason you can't use it. I just wouldn't link directly to my money site, just because of the history. I would link it to a first tier property instead. Anybody else want to add to that, or can we move on?

Hernan: Yeah, I just wanted to say real quick that you will find a ton of domain, that they will use, as you were saying, as PBN's before, but Google really went down chasing those domains, that you will find beautiful domains that they already indexed. That's why, that's exactly what you were saying. I had the experience that add in a persona, and restoring that domain, and they look really good, and if you add a nice GGP mad work to them, you know you make them look legit, real legit. Usually most of the times you will get that domain back, like re-indexed. You need to take that extra work to make it appear not as PBN anymore.

Bradley: I've only got about a 60% success rate on getting domains that had manual spam actions reconsidered. When I've submitted a reconsideration request I've only had about a 60% success rate on that. To me it's more work than it's worth, so I just try to avoid them. Although, like I said, there's sometimes I'll buy domains that there's no indication at all that they were ever spam, and once they're re-registered they're automatically in penalty, and that's there's nothing you can do at that point except make the attempt to have it re-indexed. Right, otherwise you just abandon it, and move onto the next one. Which I've done that as well.

What Link Velocity To Use For Blue Chip Backlinks To Build A Private Link Network?

James says, “Hey y'all I have a lead gen site for home service contractor that started climbing the rankings from zero listings to now on page three to five for multiple keywords in city with a population of nearly one million.” Good job James. “I've achieved this by purchasing your branded IFTTT network setup, and I post it to my blog at least once per week. Going great so far. I'm about to purchase blue chip back links to start building out a private link network, and slowly dripping highly relevant links to my site. Bradley, what link velocity to suggest for this type of back linking?

Well, there's a couple of things I would say. Obviously it's going to depend, it always depends. That's my standard answer for any SEO question is it depends. However, I can give you some guidelines or parameters based on what I do. Number one is go look at the competitors. Who you're competing against, take a look at their back link profile, and get an idea. Remember a lot of local sites guys, don't typically … It depends on the niche, and your city, and everything else, but a lot of them don't have a boat load of back links. You got to take a look at the overall back link profile of your top, the top ranking sites, and then get idea of how many links you think you're going to need based on those other numbers. Then you want to start building them out in a way to where you're not … For example, you wouldn't want to build 30 links in a week. 30 back links from a private link network in a week to your site, unless you were competing with sites that hundreds and hundreds, or even thousands of links, right? In that case you might be able to get away with.

If your competitors are only dealing with 100 back links, or 80 back links, or 120 back links, somewhere around there. Then you might want to start going 2, 3, 4 links per week, but I would take it really slow in the beginning. Because if you're buying blue chip back links, if you're buying domains from blue chip back links that are really relevant, and have really good metrics, you're not going to need that many links for you to get some significant results. I would, personally, I would start off with 2 or 3 links maybe right off the bat. Just make sure you're not hitting the same anchor texts. You want to have like a brand link, a naked URL, and perhaps a keyword link. Then give it some time, and wait. You've got to be patient when you start building links like this, because when you build the links you got to wait a couple of weeks, monitor the results, and then go add a couple more links.

You don't want to go to fast, because then it will look unnatural. You just have to be patient, and it sucks. What I find is that a lot of times, especially when you're using really high quality domains that you're purchasing, is that it ends up taking a lot less than you think it will. For the most part, for you to be able to get the kind of results. As long as you're buying good domains when you do it. You'll find out that even though the waiting sucks, because you've got to be slow. You can still end up getting the … I'm sorry I got distracted by all that noise.

Hernan: Sorry about the boinks.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: No, worries. Anyways, if you have really high quality domains, you might think it's going to take me 20 back links that I'm going to have to purchase these domains, and rebuild these sites. You end up being able to achieve the results with only 12 back links. Because you were patient, and you waited, and those actually took effect. What's good about that, is then you have some … Let's say you had already purchased 20 domains, or that was your intent originally. Now you've got essentially eight domains left in the budget for backup, or for reinforcements when you need it, if that makes sense. You don't want to, remember guys, I always talk about using the bare minimum to rank stuff, so that you always have reserves. You always have stuff left in reserve in case you need it. Anyways, hopefully that makes sense. You want to add to that at all, Hernan or anybody?

Marco: Nah, I think that you nailed it.

Hernan:Sorry Marco, but the anchor text is one of the most important points to control right now. I think you explained that real good job.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean I would start with just a brand and a URL anchor, and then probably one keyword anchor of some sort first. Just to prime your site, because you're going to be pushing some juice into it. Some decent equity into it from those three links. Then from there you can start using some variations of the keywords, and things like that in order to start pushing that relevancy.

Is It Good To Rotate Too Much Keywords In IFTTT Networks?

Earl says, “Am I making a rookie mistake? On posts for clients I tend to put in two links to their sites. One is from a rotating list of keywords we want to rank for, and I also include one branded link to their company name. Then they are shared via IFTTT to our networks. Since I'm asking a basic question, let me continue with, am I making a mistake by rotating keywords too much, some clients have quite a few, or should I be hammering one to three main ones until they stick?” No, keep rotating Earl. “We post at most once a week, sometimes only once or twice a month, and already have something of an established presence.”

Yeah, I wold still just keep rotating. That's much more natural. It's going to give you an overall diversified anchor text profile. Which is going to be better for your site long term. I wouldn't start hammering away on one to three terms, that could get you into trouble.

Hernan: Yeah, in fact, I think that one of the best way to go in this case is to not use the same keywords twice, linking to an internal page. Let's say that you want to rank for red juice You will use different variations every time you're posting to that particular page. As you would find naturally online, because it's really hard to, two people will link using the exact same anchor text. You can use variations in LSA For the different links as well. That usually works really well. If you are posting to, if you're scheduling 10 posts, and all of them you want to link all of them to the same page. Which you could do if you drip feed them over the next three months or something, you can use different anchor texts every time, so you have 10 different anchor texts but variations of the same anchor text. That usually works well in my cases.

Is National Type Of Authority Better Than Local County Or City Wide Authority When It Comes to Lead Gen Sites?

Bradley: Cool, okay Mark says, “Hey guys I've got a question. When you're building lead gen sites, do you prefer a more national type authority site, or a more local county, or even city wide type site? Thanks.”

I usually do regional type sites. I've been a bit more ambitious in the past, and wanted to go after national type sites, but those projects always end up petering out at some point, and I might monetize some of those projects but they're only … They only scale to a certain point, and that may just be because I've lost interest in the project. You know what I mean? My point is the national type sites, there's a lot to consider with those sites ahead of time. You've got to try to think, because you've got to plan for those long terms. Because those are massive, massive sites, and it's going to take you a lot of work to build those first of all, but second of all to maintain them. You've got to be able to scale your infrastructure and all that. Personally I like to stick with either city sites, or regional sites. A few times I've done some state wide sites for clients that cater to an entire states.

This Stuff Works

For the most part I stick with more regional, so there might be like for example, Norther Virginia. It's an area that has multiple counties right outside of Washington DC. Most of my clients, they service all of the Northern Virginia area, so we end up siloing their sites out using counties, and in cities, and that sort of thing. Hopefully that makes sense, but I prefer more regional type sites personally, just because they're a bit easier to manage than a big, big site. Although it's really up to you.

Hernan: Yeah, and it makes a little sense to attack a project like that. Because that way, when you can rank locally or regionally, it's usually easier than to rank for national terms, or to rank for 50 different states, or something like that. You will actually end up making more money initially, or making some money initially that you can then reinvest in the project to keep growing it. As you were saying, scaling, and that usually keeps the motivation strong. You know what I mean? Otherwise you are planning for the long term, and you have to keep the fire going. Even one year and you are still not seeing results. Which is normal case scenario when you are planning for a big national sites.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Also if I can just add this. National sites usually have regional offices, and the one thing that most people fail to do when they're going after a national site, is to establish that trust and transparency of having one central office, and then whether it's a franchise, or whether it's regional offices, extending. They have a lot of trouble, because then you're dealing with multiple locations, and how do I get maps for multiple locations, and that's part of the process. It's something that you have to think about, and you have to figure out how you're going to do that.

What Are Some Good Examples Of Elevator Pitches For Semantic Web And IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Cool. Okay, let's see. Rick Dawes says, “Hello, having difficulty explaining the concept and benefits of semantic web, and IFTTT networks succinctly. I'd like to be able to discuss the SEO and traffic benefits without being to wordy or nerdy. Can you give examples of elevator pitches?”

Yeah, well because Rick, the thing is if you're trying to explain semantic web, as soon as you say semantic web, your clients eyes, I guarantee you, gloss over, and they're daydreaming at that point. Because they have no idea what the hell you're talking about. All you need to do with you're talking to a potential client, or a prospect, or whatever about this, is just talk about the benefits of content marketing on a regular basis and updating social media. Because that's something that they can understand, and they most likely already are aware of the fact that they should be marketing, and producing content, and updating social medial regularly, and they're probably not. At least that's my experience with the type of businesses that I deal with. Is they already know that they're supposed to be doing this stuff, but they don't.

Part of the reason they don't is they don't know how, or they think it's too difficult, or they don't know what we know. About how we can set it all up and automate it. I just talk about that benefits of having regular content that's relevant to their industry, and that their audience would potentially like to consume. That will also have the SEO benefit, and the updating of the social media benefit as well. I talk about the benefits that they're going to receive, and I try to dumb it down to where it's not technical at all. Because as soon as you start mentioning technical terms you're going to lose your audience. You are going to lose your prospect. If that makes sense.

Hernan: Want to hear my pitch?

Bradley: Sure.

Hernan: I'm going to positively effect your bottom line. How I do that is up to me. If I don't do it, you don't pay me, period. I mean it's really that simple. When you can bring it down to those terms, where they can see, “Okay, so he's going to make me money, and if he doesn't make me money, then I can get rid of him. If he does make me money, I want to keep him.” You let them do all the thinking. You don't have to do the thinking for them. Deliver the pitch that way man, and it's a whole lot easier dealing with the client. Because that way you're dealing in terms that they … They understand money. Everyone understands money. It's just how you come across in delivering that message of how you can make them money.

Bradley: One of the things that I, I like to ask questions when I'm pitching. I like to ask the clients questions and lead them into thinking that it's their own decision. For example, I'll say Mr. Business Owner, I'm sure you're aware of the fact that you should probably be marketing on social media, and updating, and interacting on a regular basis. Am I right? No, yes, yeah. Well is there any reason why, or what does your marketing situation look like right now? What are you dong for social media marketing, and are you active on Twitter and Facebook, and blah-blah-blah? I let them start to tell me how poor their marketing is. A lot of it, sometimes they'll say, “Oh, you know occasionally I'll put a Facebook post up, and blah-blah-blah.” I'll say, yeah, but can you really expect that produce any results if you're not active on a regular basis, and updating content that's timely, and blah-blah-blah? By just asking them to reveal what they're currently doing, it forces them to realize, through them telling me what they're doing, that they have a sub par marketing campaign.

This Stuff Works

Their marketing is not where it should be, and so it makes the sale so much easier. That's why, again, I don't talk about the technical stuff. I just talk about the things that they probably already know they should be doing, that they're probably not doing really well, and I let them tell me about how poorly they're doing it. Then that's when I can very easily say, well I can do this, or I can do that. I can update your content. We can provide the content marketing services for you, so you don't have to do a damn thing. All the stuff, and that's usually where the sale comes from.

Adam: Yeah, I was thinking too, I like the way Bradley started off with that, about going in, basically getting the yeses, but doing mini closes. Do you want this? Yes, of course, I mean frame this correctly, but what do you want? Is this what you want? Is this how you want to beat your competition? Get them to be agreeing with you, and then go in, and think of it just from a closing standpoint. Even though you're just telling them about something. You have two choices, do you want to do this, and be future proofed, or do you want to do this and fall behind? I mean that's one option for closing. You have excuses or you can move forward. If you have excuses today, that's fine, and you don't want to do it. That's great. Then you're going to have to make your own elevator pitch. Because nothing we're going to say is going to work exactly for your business.

I would create the one paragraph thing you pitch people, an then if they say, “Okay, I want more details.” That's when I would have a PDF or something ready to go, and be like we'll send it over to you, you can read through it. Kill them with details. Don't sit there and tell them all about it. I don't know why anybody would do that, but you need to tell them clearly what the benefits are, and then do a closing on it. Here's your two choices, you can either be future proof and move forward ahead of you competition, or not. Again, that's just one. Then back it up and say, “Hey, I'll send you this PDF I wrote that explains this type of stuff.”

Bradley: Yeah, and then you get them on your email list anyways, because now they're warm leads, and you can send them auto responders to sell them down the road if they don't purchase right away.

Adam: Yep.

How To Test The Effectiveness Of New Links?

Bradley: R. Bacon, he says, “Bradley, you often recommend testing whenever you try something different. Can you give some suggestions on the best ways to test the effectiveness of new links?” Well, no I don't test new links, as far as you can do it. For example, if you were to purchase an expired domain, rebuild the old content on it, had great metrics, blah-blah-blah. You could poke somebody else's site with it, or a web two site or something like that if you want. In fact Terry Kyle even did a short training, I think it's on his blog, so I think it's available for anybody. Where he talks about doing that, buying an expired domain that has good metrics, topically relevant to what it is that you're going to ultimately be linking to.

Find somebody else in that industry of, or another similar type site or whatever, that is back on page two or three, something like that. Page three, and then point the link there with just a redirect by the way. You don't even have to rebuild the old site, you can just do a redirect to that site that that page that's on page three, or whatever like that of Google Search results and just monitor it. See if it jumps. It was back on page three so it's not going to hurt, and then if it does jump, and you get let's say it jumps from page three to position fourteen, you know that that link had a positive effect on it. Then at that point you can remove the redirect and redirect to your own site.

This Stuff Works

What I would suggest doing is at that point rebuild the domain and then just put a link from that domain over to your money site. You can poke other peoples sites, they don't have to be your own, but if you already have some digital assets in that particular industry that are web twos, or whatever, you can always test them on those first. Personally I don't do it. I don't do all that, because it's just too much time, and I'm too impatient. What I do is just purchase the domains, rebuild the sites, and then put a link to my site, and monitor the site that I link to. Which is my money site, and see what effect or changes it had. Sometimes it doesn't have any effect. I got to be honest, but sometimes I get significant jumps just from one link.

You can definitely poke other peoples property's, they don't have to be your own, or you could setup, like I said, some web twos are something like that. If you don't want to … But again, if you just build it and point it to your money site, if you're already ranking really well, and you're worried about it potentially causing harm. Then yeah, go ahead and test on other sites. If you're not ranking yet anyways, what harm is it going to do to point it directly at your money site, and then monitor the results? If it didn't help at all, or it actually caused it to drop a couple spots, which it may. Because that's the typical Google dance guys.

Remember that's what I was talking about earlier when he was, Tim or James, was asking about link velocity. Is you don't want to go too fast. If you point a link at your site, and it could drop two or three spots right after pointing link to it, but give it some times. Give it a couple weeks. Because it's just doing the normal Google dance at that point. That one link might have made it drop two or three spots, but in two weeks time it could be positive five spots. You got to give it a little bit of time. That's why personally I don't test on other people's … I don't do that testing new links, just because it takes too much time for me, and I'm too impatient.

Will Link Juice Be Transferred Automatically From Non-Canonical URL To Canonical URL?

Randy says, “If I build links to a non canonical URL, will that link just be automatically transferred by Google to the canonical page, and the canonical page will rank well, but the non canonical will never be found in the search engine results?” Bingo Randy, and I'm going to move right on to the next question, because that's going to open up a whole lot of questions, but you're right on target buddy. That's exactly what would happen.

What Is The Best Starting Strategy For Generating Leads?

Chris says, and we talk about that in the mastermind, we've done training on that specifically, how to do that very strategically. Chris says, “If you are starting a new campaign for generating leads for a new client, let's say in something like home remodeling, what would be your starting strategy in a nutshell?” Go to two tiered network around a lead gen website and branded YouTube channel. Now I don't put two tiered networks around websites, only YouTube channels. I'll tell you in just a moment. “Also do you have a product that best covers lead gen fulfillment plus sales?”

Probably the only thing that we would add, like inside of the master class we talk about a lot of lead gen stuff, and we setup a lead gen site, and how to find the service providers, and all that stuff. That's all available inside the master class Chris. As far as what I would be doing, again, it's exactly what I did in the master class. We took a brand new lead gen site, I mean I started the campaign from scratch. It was part of the master class. It spanned about, I don't know what, six or eight weeks. I'd say, yeah, six or eight weeks is how much we covered that. It was brand new. We bought a brand new domain, we registered it, we build a brand new word press site, brand new IFTTT network, started posting content. Two or three posts per week, ordered a pack, citation pack, build the Google Plus local listing. We bought a PO box and used the street address option, so we had a physical location and address. Then we verified the Google Maps listing, and just did exactly what my normal launch strategy is for any lead gen site. It was all covered in the master class.

This Stuff Works

Very simply it's just you find the niche first. That's where you get, you spend most of your time up front trying to identify and find a profitable industry to build lead gen sites in, but number two, is try to find low hanging fruit. The easy ones to rank for guys, so that you're not beating yourself up over months, trying to rank a stupid site that may or may not be very profitable for you. Most likely, if you've done your research correctly, you've selected the proper industry, you're going to make money. I like to find the easy stuff, and for example, in the master class the city that I had selected, it is a growing city. It's growing very, very rapidly, but it's small. The competition level wasn't real high yet, and it was in the home remodeling industry by the way. The exact same industry you just mentioned. I was able to rank it to, into three pack for four out of my five keyword phrases in the eight weeks, starting brand new. With a brand new site, brand new everything, and it generates me money.

That's what I prefer going after the low hanging fruit guys, instead of going after the big cities. Start generating some revenue, build some momentum from having success. One success begets more. Success begets success, so you start having little successes, they'll start to snowball, and you can start going after the heavier, or the more difficult terms, the bigger cities. That kind of things. Really it's really, in master class we covered that in depth. I'd recommend that you come join us, and check it out over there.

Do You Remove Yoast Markup When Adding JSON LD In The Header?

God, that photo is awful. I'm going to scroll up just to get it off the screen. Chris Chapman says, “The Yeast SEO plugin had some markup in site header.” Yes it does. “If I want to add JSON LD markup manually do I remove the small amount of US markup or leave it?”

Well, if you clear the fields inside the Yoast plugin, the settings, like where you add in your social media URL's and that stuff, then it should clear the code anyways. Other than going in and editing the plugin files, which I don't recommend doing. Especially Yoast, because Yoast updates so damn much, the moment it updates it's going to rewrite the code. It's going to overwrite your edits anyways. I don't recommend that you ever edit the plugin files. If you just clear the fields, and you're going to add your own JSON LD, it should be okay. All right?

Can The Jsonld Markup Be In The Site-Wide Header Including All The Local Data And Same As Attributes? 

Can the JSON LD markup be in the site wide header, including all the local data, and the same as attributes? Yes. I thought I heard the local markup information should only be on pages that is also on the page. Not that's not true. You can put it in the header. In fact that's typically what you're going to do if it's a normal type website. If it's a site that has multiple locations, physical locations attached to the one site, then you wouldn't want a site wide JSON LD markup. Because you would have individual specific location pages, and you would want the JSON LD markup for that location, only on that location page. If you had something in the header, then you'd have conflicting local business data markups. Because you'd have two. You'd have one for the site wide address, and then you'd have one for the location. For multi location properties, you're going to want to put them on only those pages. In fact you could do that silo wide if you had siloed your site, there's ways to do that too. For most businesses you're going to just do site wide, and that would be go in the header. If you're using JSON LD markup, obviously.

Is 15 SameAs Attributes In The Markup Too Much?

All right, I have 15 same as attributes in the markup. Is that too many? Thank you. Nah, I mean if they're all the strong properties, and semantic hubs and stuff like that, no it should be fine. Oh that's awful, thanks a lot Wayne.

What Are Your Thoughts On Keeping/Creating Long Urls That Match Long Titles?

Dana says, “First off thanks to Marco for a great webinar on Monday. Awesome stuff. Question, what are your thoughts on keeping/creating long URL's that match long titles word for word when we create new pages and posts? I notice the Yoast plugin now takes long titles and chunkates the URL's to just a few basic words from the title when new pages post, or created. Which is preferred method these days?”

I'm going to say the shorter URL's. I personally like shorter URL's, and I think there's been some testing on that, or some surveys, like search metrics in MOZ and stuff like that to test that. Often time the shorter URL's, there's correlation between shorter URL's and higher rankings. That doesn't mean that that's the case. That's not proof but there's a correlation across large sets of sites that they've monitored or measured. Personally, as far as I'm concerned what Yoast does is just remove the stop words now, like and, of, it. Those stupid stop words, but I don't mind, I don't care if it shortens the URL. Sometimes when you have a long post title, the URL is stupid long anyways.

Hernan: Yeah, I think that shorter URL's are easier to remember for your audience. They are also easier to link to. If you think about it, it would make more sense that a shorter URL will have more links, or more visitors just because it's shorter URL. Instead of having it the entire title, I usually go for the keyword maybe, or something shorter. Because it's usually easier for the visitor to go that way.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Daniel says, “We hang rugs on walls in Russia too.”

Hernan: Cool.

Bradley: It's in Spain and Russia. John, it's posted in the mastermind buddy. The replay of the webinar that we did on Monday, it's posted in the mastermind, so I believe it's in the training updates section, so go check on it, you'll see it. I just posted it I think Monday evening.

Is It Worth The Hassle Of Sorting Through The Incoming Crap To Keep The Trackbacks & Pingbacks On Your Moneysite From Your Own Syndication?

Dos says … Oh cool, we're almost done. This is perfect guys. We might wrap up a couple of minutes early. Dos says, “Is it worth the hassle of sorting through the incoming crap to keep the track backs and ping backs on your money site from your own syndication?” No, I just turn that crap off. In fact for the most part … Well, it depends on what it is that you're doing, but for most of the sites that I manage I put the disable comments plugin on. Which removes that all together anyways. Because if we're going to allow comments on any one of our websites, we usually put in something like the discuss plug in, or some sort of social media commenting plugin, so that it … WordPress comments suck guys. I mean they're just, it's terrible. Those track backs and ping backs, that's a bunch of crap. It's a wast of time, so I just use the disable comments plugin, and just completely remove WordPress commenting function from WordPress all together. I just ignore all that stuff.

Do You Use Sitewide Links?

Ryan says, “Do you guys ever use site wide links usually branded I am guessing. For example I have client site with 20K, 20,000 plus pages with a site wide brand and anchor help, or does that power diminish over that many pages?”

Yeah Ryan, I would just no follow it, and yeah it absolutely diminishes. It used to be, I don't know if it's changed, but I just assume that it's still the same. Is that if you have multiple links from the same domain, that Google's only going to count like the top five links from that site. Whatever it deems are the most beneficial or whatever, to completely are ignored. If that makes sense. If you get 20,000 links from one site, then those are absolutely site wide links. I would first of all no follow it. Even if you, I certainly would do follow it, because that can get you into trouble. As far as I know, at least it was this way a couple of years ago. It may have changed, and I haven't done any recent testing on this guys, to prove it one way or the other, so don't quote me on it. It could be, it used to be where I think five links counted, and anything beyond that was just completely ignored. Do you have any data to back that up, Hernan?

Hernan: No, we'll need to retest that.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I think it was around that. Around five, we will need to test back. Because that was last thing we knew, five links.

How To Use Scrapped Domains In IFTTT?

Bradley: That was 2014, I remember it. When I did that test so. It's been a couple of years, but I just assume it's the same. Side wide links, and anytime I know that I'm going to get a site wide link I no follow it anyways. “Liking blue chip back link so far. I feel a great strategy is just to register scrapped domains, redirect from registar to a IFTTT property and move on to the next one. Can you share some of the way's that you guys are share some of the ways that you guys are using these domains?

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing Ryan. If I can get sites that are really topically relevant to what I'm going to be linking to, then I'll rebuild those sites, and then with the archive.org downloads. I'll rebuild them as html sites, and then I'll hack a link into the front, the first page, the index.html page, and pointing to my money site. If it's, it they're questionable, or they're not 100% relevant to what I'm going to be linking to, but they have the topical relevancy. Excuse me, the proper topical trust flow category. When you guys, searching domains, if you're using Majestic, you're going to see that the very first topical trust flow category that they show in that middle section. Where they show topical trust flow and then the number. That's what they call topical trust flow category zero. That's the one that's given the most weight. That domain is weighted, or leaning towards that particular category more than any of the other ones.

A lot of the times, if I were … For example, if I wanted to build a tree, and I was looking for the business/construction and maintenance category as my topical trust flow category for the domains that I'm purchasing. I might find plenty of them in the plumbing niche and the HVAC niche, but not a lot in the tree service niche. It's the same topical trust flow category that I'm going after, but the domains that I was … If I purchased the plumbing domain, an expired plumbing domain that had high trust flow metrics with the business/construction and maintenance as my top level topical trust flow category, then it still is a powerful, valuable link to me, but I don't want to link from a plumbing site directly to my money site. Don't get me wrong, I've done it, and I still do it when I'm lazy.

I would rather take that, and redirect that URL … Either rebuild the domain and point a link to a tier one property instead of direct to my money site. Because now I can actually push or inject that topical relevancy into the link. Because I'm taking a plumbing site link, pointing it to a tier one property that's about tree services, that's then linking to my tree service site. The link from the tree service tier one property is going to inject relevancy from the tree service content over through that link to my money site, if that makes sense. My point is, is yeah. If I've got really topical trust flow category matches, and the topical relevancy of the domain that I'm purchasing matches what I'm going to be linking to for my money site, then I will go ahead and build direct links to my money site. If it doesn't, but it's the proper topical trust flow category, then I will use a buffer site. Which is typically going to be one of my tier one properties.

This Stuff Works

By the way, if you have PBNs, remember you can do to boost this … Think about this Ryan. You can take, you can find a domain that is topically relevant to your domain, your money site. Rebuild that domain, right, put a link on it from the home page over to your money site. Then find a bunch of other domains that are in the same topical trust flow category, but may not be 100% relevant. Purchase them and just do 301 redirects, registar redirects, or HD access redirects, or even C panel redirects, you could do that too, the PBN site that you just built. The first domain that you purchased for link bulding. Does that make sense? You can basically boost the hell out of that one, because like for example with the tree service industry, a lot of the tree service sites, it's difficult to find good expired domains in that niche. I find a lot in the business/construction and maintenance niche.

It's, so what I'll do is occasionally when I find a landscaping site, or a tree service domain that I can purchase, then I'll point that to one of my tree service sites, and then I'll take bunch of the plumbing sites, and HVAC sites, and roofers sites, and stuff like that, and point them at that one domain. I'm basically powering it up, but I'm not pointing it direct to my money site, because the topical relevancy wasn't there. Hopefully that makes sense. Great question by the way Ryan. Great question.

Adam's yelling at me in slack so. Earl says, “Have you checked out Lisa Allen's RSS authority sniper?” Yeah, that's what we're going to have her on about Earl, and on June 2nd in the mastermind we're going to have her on. We might end up cutting out the webinar with her from the mastermind, and making that publicly available. We probably will, because she's going to be talking about RSS authority sniper 2.0 and Rank Feeder, and they're both really, really good products. If you can wait a couple weeks we're going to have her on, but yeah it is it's great. It's a good product.

Randy says, “Can you show that in your Majestic account?” Well, we've got to go but let me just, let me pull up one thing real quick. We'll go through this very quickly I promise. Let's look up, let's just go to Twitter. Right here, this is what I'm talking about. For most of the stuff that I work in guys, I work in a lot of the clients I do SEO stuff for, and lead gen sites are all in the homes services industry, so it's business, with the sub category of construction and maintenance. These are your topical trust flow categories in here. You can see business, construction, and maintenance. This is the category that I typically am looking for when I'm buying domains, because I can use them for pretty much all of my money sites, if that makes sense.

Whatever you see right here in this first position, this is what they call topical trust flow category zero. If you were download a back link report, then the way that they sort it in the CSV file, it's always going to show you topical trust flow category zero, that's going to be first, and that's going to be this number here with the category, so that's going to be the one that it's weighted the most. Hopefully that makes sense. All right guys, we got to wrap it up master class [crosstalk 00:46:20].

Marco: If I can just, if I can just add a little bit on this topical trust flow. You can manufacture your own.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: You don't have to rely on Majestic's metrics. Go and manufacture your own. Because as long as everything you're doing it's themed, and relevant, and topical, and you're posting regularly. You can build up your own topical trust flow in you niche. I mean we've show that in [inaudible 00:46:39]. How you can do that. [crosstalk 00:46:43]

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay guys thanks. Master class starts in about ten minutes guys, we'll see you all over there. Those of you that are in master class. If you're not, well come join.

Adam: Yeah, and we got some good stuff for master class today. What are you talking about Bradley?

Bradley: Oh yeah.

Chris: We should tease that a little bit shouldn't we.

Adam: Hell yeah.

Bradley: I'm updating the crowd search training, although that's probably going to be made public as well. I'm going to be going through a whole other … Last time we did crowd search training webinar about it was over a year ago I believe, and so I'm redoing it. A lot of stuff has changed since then, so today we're going to do an actual formal training on how to use crowd search.

Adam: Cool, awesome product.

Bradley: Yep. Okay guys, thanks everybody, we'll see you in a few minutes.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 79

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 79 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Chris: [inaudible 00:00:00]

Marco: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Bradley: We're live.

Marco: We're live.

Bradley: They caught us in mid-discussion. Hey everybody! Bradley Benner, Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts for May 11th. This is actually episode 79. Wow, that's crazy. We've got Chris, and Hernan, and Marco on today. Adam is “running in the woods,” so he's not here today. What's up Chris? Continue reading “Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 79” »

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 77

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 77 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 27th of April, 2016 and we are on episode 77. Hernan is still out and about so we've got the four of us here today. We'll go down the line like we usually do and say hello so we'll start with you Chris, what's going on?

Chris: Nothing much, doing excellent here. How you doing?

Adam: Not bad, not bad. I'm actually getting sunshine now which is nice. We almost had snow which is … It's hard to believe it's almost May.

Chris: Yeah. Continue reading “Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 77” »

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 72

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 43 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: I know we're live but I have to tell myself every time before we start, I can't move. I got told that I move a lot when I start talking. Now I have to mentally tell myself. I just thought I'd share that with everybody. If you see me wiggling around or moving, you can type something in there and say ‘stop.'

Bradley: Sometimes people move too much when they talk and it gets a little bit annoying.

Adam: I don't know what you're talking about. Moving to announcments. Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 23rd of March until midnight here. This is going to be Episode 72. We got almost everybody here. I think Chris was busy doing something. We'll go down the line like we do and we'll start with Hernan. How's it going man?

Hernan: Hey Adam, hey everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Hey Marco, what's up? How's the weather? Sorry, that's what I should have said.

Marco: Warm and sunny.

Bradley: He was going to tell us that anyways.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going man?

Bradley: Good man, good. Glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal. As far as announcements go today, not much. We want to let everybody know who doesn't know … Hopefully most of the people here already do know. IFTTT 2.0 coming out Monday morning. 9AM EST. Sales page is going to be live. We're going to have a special discount available for the first week. [inaudible 00:01:15]

Hernan: And a bonus.

Adam: What's that?

Hernan: And a bonus.

Adam: Yeah, for the first 7 days, significant price reduction. On the first 24 hours, we're tossing in a free course. You can find out about that once we go live. We're going to keep it pretty hush-hush until then. Go check it out. As always, we highly recommend you join. Regardless, we're always going to be here for the Hump Day Hangouts to help you out. In case you're not aware of how to get notifications from us, I'm going to pop a link in here that you can go and sign up and we'll let you know about the launch when it happens and keep you in the loop on that. That's what I've got. Did you guys have anything else you wanted to tell people about?

Bradley: Just excited to get the course out. We put a lot of work into it. Both Hernan and I tag-teamed it. It's damn strong. It's actually ridiculous how cheap we're selling it compared to what's in.

Hernan: 120 something videos guys. It's crazy.

Bradley: It's not really that many, is it? Is it really that many? I know it was 100 and something. I didn't realize it was that many, damn. We need to renegotiate this price, guys.

Adam: We're launched, we're done.

Hernan: You're right. We're selling it really cheap in the initial launch phase, then it's going to go up substantially because of the course and the material and the amount of time that we put into it. Also there's the community which is I think a great asset to it. It's going to be up. If you want to jump, you better jump in quick.

Adam: Awesome. Also, it looks like Chris showed up. Chris, are you here?

Chris: Yay.

Adam: How's it going man? Good. We were just going down the line and done our announcements. I said, ‘I don't know, I guess Chris is busy.' Glad to have you.

Bradley: Chris and I were partying it up down in Orlando at Marketing Mayhem together.

Adam: Yeah, if anybody didn't see it … Did you guys keep the video up? Was that on your page Bradley, or Chris'? The Facebook live video?

Bradley: I believe it was on my personal Facebook page because we had to stream it. How did we do that, Chris? We had to log in through your iPhone didn't we?

Chris: Yeah, because Androids can't handle it yet.

Adam: I thought [crosstalk 00:03:43] launched it live? Anyways, we'll have to try it out.

Bradley: I don't care for Apple products or Facebook, so.

Adam: We'll be in San Diego next week so we'll give it a shot.

Chris: If anybody is in San Diego next week too, it is on.

Adam: Let us know if you're going to the Click Funnels Conference or if you're in San Diego for any other reason, we're amenable to free beers. Just saying.

Bradley: Will meet for beer, I'll be wearing that shirt. Will consult for beer.

This Stuff Works

Adam: That's a lot of beer.

Bradley: I guess we can get in to doing some work now. Let's start.

Adam: I guess so. Let's get started.

Bradley: You ever watch the show with, was it Rob Deidrich or whatever his name is?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Robin Begg. Remember Robin Begg, that show?

Adam: Yeah, that was awesome.

Bradley: He goes, ‘Time to do work.' Let's get into to it. I know there's a bunch of questions already. Let's lock the screen. You guys should be seeing everything all right, I hope.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: There's one question that got marked as spam. I figure we'll go ahead and try to run through that one first because that's in a special screen. You have to click a button to go to a special screen to see it. I can't get it to restore to the actual page. I might be a little bit out of order. I'm going to …

Adam: [inaudible 00:05:03] so I can … because I can't see that.

Bradley: You can see me though, correct?

Adam: Yeah, but I just want the text. I'll find it later.

Bradley: I'll drop the link in Slack. I don't know if you'll be able to actually enter that.

Hernan: I think you'll need to log in as Semantic Mastery.

Bradley: Yeah, I don't think you'll be able to see it. Might just have to wing this one.

Adam: That's all right, I'll get it later.

How to Avoid Footprint Issues With Images Online?

Bradley: ‘Hey guys. Thanks for letting me in. I had spent hours listening to all f your latest Hump Day Hangouts and have started to build a small group of PBNs supported by their own IFTTT networks to eventually point to a money site or top level site that links to a money site. I have one question which I have not seen covered online and wondered if you guys could advise. I use private internet access every time I log in to a PR to visit a PBN of mine and each one associated with different WhoIs info and hosts spread across various countries on the main well known host, so I'm being careful. I have just noticed the properties, ie. meta data, of the images pulled from search to use as content have the owner and computer listed and it described the machine, ie. my desktop, and its serial number or whatever. Once the pic is downloaded, it has this attached it would seem. Right click image to properties. I know one could only ever link to external images but it is that not a quality footprint juice leak problem.'

Okay, Dean. Click to view the image on your computer. Don't download it. Click to view the image into a separate browser window or whatever, browser tab. Take a screenshot of it. We talked about this last week I think. When you take a screenshot of an image, you're not downloading any meta data because it's a brand new image. Save the image as a JPEG or JPG because then you can add your own meta data to the image which gives you some additional opportunities to optimize the image. That's what I would do. I don't typically download images from online anymore for various reasons, but one of them being the meta data issue.

Says, ‘I know one can attach meta data via Google Picassa but again that's not machine data.' As far as the machine data, I haven't seen any issues with that. I just take screenshots. It may say something about the computer on there but I think you're being a bit paranoid if that's the case. To be honest with you, I think that's a little bit tin hat stuff, tin foil hat stuff. I wouldn't worry about it. It's not something I worry about. I take screenshots of images, use those on PBNs. I have my own meta data so I can optimize for different keywords. I can have my own EXIF data if you're using GeoSetter or some sort of tool like that where you can coordinates, latitude, longitude and things like that. Just upload those images to my WordPress sites. I think that's pretty much it. Very good. There's your answer.

Building Backlinks Directly to Money Site Without the Use of IFTTT as a Buffer

On to the questions not marked as spam. Tim1991 says, ‘Hey guys. I know that you like to use your branded IFTTT properties as a buffer between your money sites and your manually built backlinks, PBNs or SAPE links.‘ That depends but that's a fair statement. ‘I was wondering if you build links only to your branded IFTTT properties or if you build backlinks directly to your money site as well. Also, which are your preferred properties to hit with backlinks and why, or do you build them evenly to ll of them?'

First part of that question. No, if you have highly themed PBNs, they're well themed, the entire site is topically related to what it is that you're going to be linking to … and it can be a bit broader. For example, if you've got a roofing site you're trying to rank and you have a home improvement style PBN, a PBN that's themed around home improvement, then you could use that PBN to link to your roofing site and link to an HVAC site and a landscaper site and a painter site, carpet cleaner site, all that because it makes sense to do so. What I don't recommend is if you have a PBN, I wouldn't link directly to my money site from a PBN is if it's one of those general PBNs that have 15 different categories that are really unrelated on them. In that case, then I will only link to my tier 1 properties instead so that I'm not linking directly to the money site.

If it's well themed, you can link directly to your money site. When it's not well themed and you are linking to your tier 1 properties, it's important … You'll get more benefit or more bang for your buck if you can link to properties that have do follow links, particularly your blog properties, like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress. Tubmlr's got the redirect now so there's a little bit of a loss. Blogger and WordPress, you can have contextual links. You can have links that get a little bit more keyword relevancy or topical relevancy based on them being anchor text links within the content of a post that's topical related to your money site. Those are the one that I would typically link to.

Don't get me wrong, I link to all of my IFTTT properties, not just the do follow link ones, but if I have a particularly strong link that I want to use to push juice through a do follow … to push juice to my money site without linking directly to my money site, then I will strategically use that through a do follow link and most likely a contextual link within the content body of a post, if that makes sense. You want to add to do Hernan?

Hernan: I was about to say that a great way to build backlinks to, for example PBNs, is to have their own IFTTT syndication networks to each of your PBNs. That way, you're powering them up. Also, as you were saying, even with Tumblr having the new redirect, we're using Weebly now on the updated training. I think that's fine. I don't know, have we figured out if they were indexed or not?

Bradley: You can get the page or the post indexed but the robots.txt will block like any meta data, meta description coming through. However, you know there's still SEO value there.

Hernan: Definitely. It's still a contextual link. I would do those. Even further, if you have one-off links, PBNs or SAPE links when you are building to one-offs, what I like to do is to grab for example, let's say if you have a page that you want to power up, I will write a blog post pointing backlinks to that page. The blog post will syndicate. I will grab the individual URLs for each of those blog posts and power those URLs with SAPE or PBNs. They are one-off, and that will power up the blog posts which in turn will power up the page that you want to rank for because that blog post as well, it will have a link back to the page, provided it's internal linking. That's something that I like doing. For general powering up purposes, we will power up the home page.

Bradley: Of the IFTTT properties.

Hernan: Of the IFTTT property, yeah, of the IFTTT property. If you want to push some extra juice on those stubborn internal pages or internal posts, that's something that I recommend doing and it works really well. You're powering up the internal URL where that blog post has been syndicated up.

Bradley: That's a good strategy. That's part of our SEO strategy and the whole use of the networks is to build links internally from your blogs. Use content marketing from your own blogs. Publishing posts to your blog which have contextual links within the body of the post that point to the pages that you're trying to rank, those posts then syndicate to your branded network properties which case will each get their own post URL from WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger, Weebly and Medium, if you're using Medium, which is covered in the new training as well. Each one of those, you can extract the individual post URLs from each of those platforms, that would give you a total of 5 URLs that now you have as additional targets for PBNs or SAPE links that aren't well themed to begin with.

Is it Important to Have Backlink Diversity for Money Sites?

The follow up question is, ‘Provided you build a majority of strong links to your branded IFTTT network, how important do you consider blog comments, press releases, forum posts pointing directly to your money site in regards to backlink diversity number or referring domains?

I think it's important. I use press releases a lot. I do blog comments but not as much because it requires … I don't do automated blog comments. I do manual blog comments. I usually just have a VA do that for me. They go out, find related posts that are topically related to the money site, then they'll leave a real comment in the description or in the comment section. That's a manual thing. I don't do as much of that.

Press releases are so much easier for me. Just have a press release distributed. Press releases though, they will typically pull your trust flow down a little bit because a lot of the press release sites don't … They have really poor trust flow metrics for that particular press release. The URL flow metrics are low. Just be aware of that. However, I think it's important to have that because it does give you backlink diversity. Referring domains and IP diversity. I think press releases are important. I think it's natural to have press releases as part of your overall backlink profile. I use a lot of press releases. Plus, they just generate traffic. I think that's important.

Forum posts, I don't do any forum posting. I think that if you're posting in related forums, they can drive traffic. As far as the backlink value, I don't know how valuable that is. For the sheer targeted traffic that it could generate, I think it's important.

Hernan: You hit it with that Bradley. If you're looking for blog comments opportunities or forum posts opportunities, I would rather focus on the traffic rather than the actual backlink because if you have … If you can generate traffic back form that website, it's usually themed and it's usually powerful because they already have traffic to that forum post or to that blog posts. However, you cannot spam them. To have have the real good benefits from this strategy, you cannot spam them. You need to be really helpful. In the blog comments, leaving a real blog comment, as you were saying Bradley. Or on the forum posts, leaving a real thread. When you are helpful, or actually leaving a link back in the signature, but you need to build those profile in time. The same with blog comments. You need to be helpful.

Even further, with something like Disqus where you have your own profile, and then you will have your own feed of comments that you have left. Those are are all linking back to your website. You're actually building an authority profile on Disqus based on those blog comments. I would say that you focus on this strategy from a value-giving point of view and that will give you traffic, which is the most important part.

Bradley: Just remember, the targeted traffic coming in, that's a ranking signal. Actually, just having that, because it's engagement on your page, if your website is receiving targeted traffic and people … it's giving you good time on site metrics and people are clicking other links, they're basically engaging with your site,. If it's targeted traffic, they will. They're most likely to. That's actually a ranking signal as well. Although the backlinks may not be … have a huge SEO benefit, the actual engagement signals well, if that makes sense.

Is it Considered Keyword Stuffing if You Add Local Keywords to Each Video Title?

Robert says he's building a YouTube playlist and he wants to know keyword usage. He's basically saying that if he's building a mono silo … If you guys aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, go pick up YouTube Silo Academy. It's only $7. It's still $7, right? We didn't change that, did we? Before I out my foot in my mouth …

Adam: You're right.

Bradley: Okay. His top level keyword is the top of the silo, which would be essentially the first video in the playlist. It's probably the playlist title as well. Then what he's doing is using the same keyword but just adding local modifiers at the end. Within that, he's linking from one video to the next, to the next, to the next and essentially creating a mono silo structure within one playlist. He's asking if this is spammy.

No, it's not considered keyword stuffing as long as each one of your video files are unique enough. You got to be careful because YouTube is becoming increasingly trigger happy when it comes to terminating accounts. I know because I, in the recent weeks, have seen some crazy things happen with some YouTube channels, getting strikes and things like that. We've actually disputed a few of them and had them revered, the strikes reversed. I just want you to be careful that if you're going to be doing that, that's okay but just make sure that your videos are somewhat unique. In other words, not just using the same video and changing the …

What I recommend is having at least a few videos that you make each one of those … If you're doing 20 videos for example, I would have maybe 4 or 5 different videos within those 20 videos that you could use over and over again, but the file structure should be different. It could be encoded differently, you could change the videos slightly by adding an opening slide or a closing slide, changing background music, changing the links of the videos. Try to make them unique somewhat because the point is, having those keywords like that, that's not actually a spam signal in my opinion. It hasn't caused me any problems in the past.

If you have the same video over and over again with only very minor changes, it's going to look really spammy. If anybody were to actually manually review, then they'll probably terminate that account or at least remove all those videos and give you a strike, a community strike. Personally, I would recommend that if you were going to be doing that with a lot of videos, that you have somewhat unique videos, or at least a handful of unique videos that you use over and over again, but still make them unique as far as YouTube is concerned. Does that make sense? Was that clear? Guys?

Hernan: Yeah, I think you make it clear.

Bradley: Then there's a period here, because I guess he forgot to put the period down here. I'm going to go ahead and plus 1 that for punctuation. That's good punctuation skills, Robert. Plus 1.

Can Personas be Used in Giving Business Reviews?

Paul say, ‘Hey guys. My question is about the personas in our networks. Can we use our personas to give reviews to our clients' businesses? Citations, maps, packs, etc. Thanks and keep up the good work.'

You can, Paul. You certainly can. I don't recommend doing spam reviews, but that's what it is. You can, if you're comfortable doing that, you're okay with it, doesn't keep you up at night, then feel free to do.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Also provided that [inaudible 00:20:37] carefully built, I should say. It can pass a manual review is what I'm saying.

Bradley: Yup. Just be careful doing it. If you got a strong profile that you built up, those are assets guys. You can use them for things like that. Remember, you're creating an identity. That's in part what all these IFTTT networks, interlinking and using the semantic hubs and all of it is about. If you end up picking up IFTTT v2, I hammer that home throughout the training because they are so damn powerful, especially using the new methods that we've cooked up.

Maps and Linking Social Media on Citation Pages

Greg says, ‘Hey everybody. My site is a lead gen site for a service business. I did not have a map showing in Google My Business page.' Did not have a map showing. It's a lead gen for a service business. Some questions that I build my citations, why … It's a service business so I did not have a map showing in Google My Business page. I don't understand that because if you're doing a local …

If you're doing a lead gen site, even if you're doing a service based business which means your customers don't come to the business, the business goes to the customers, you'd still want a local page which would have a map. You would just select the hide the address option. Maybe I'm not understanding the question. I'm not sure what he's saying here. I'm going to move on. ‘Some of the citations provide a citation to show a map or not. Should I also not show maps in these?' The problem is with citations, if you have … I'm assuming you do have a local page and you've selected the ‘don't show my location' option. It will still show a map, but it just won't show the pin where the actual physical location, in air quotes, is. It will just show a round map marker in the city area. It won't be a specific pin marking where the address is, if that's what you're talking about.

The citations that provide to show a map or not, if as long as you can still add your address in there, if there's an option to not show the location, I'd just select that. A lot of the citations, here's the thing Greg, probably 90% of the citations that you can create don't have that option. You're going to have to list that pseudo address regardless. That's an issue. When I create lead gen properties and I get a physical location for those, typically a mailbox somewhere, whatever, then I still end up listing those addresses in just about every citation directory because it doesn't give you the option. Most of them don't give you the option to hide it. What I'm really concerned with is the Google listing, mainly. Even Yelp, for that matter. I think Yelp shows the address, and Yelp is a place that you'll get traffic from.

By the way, just so guys know in case you're not already aware of this, if you add a business listing to Yelp, prepare to be absolutely hammered with phone calls from Yelp, sales calls, with them trying to sell you advertising. They are relentless. I've got Yelp listings from 4 years ago that I set up. Every single year around spring time, because it's their 3 service businesses, I start getting hammered, 3, 4 years calls a week form yelp. For 4 years I haven't advertised with them and yet they still call every spring for about 3 months straight, they'll call several times per week. It's absolutely ridiculous. I can't stand it.

Hernan: Tell us how you really feel, Bradley.

Bradley: So annoying dude. What I do is I keep blocking the numbers from my … keep in the block on my Verizon phone or whatever so that each time they call I block another number and then they just call from a new number. Bastards.

Marco: There's an easy solution to that, Bradley.

Bradley: What's that?

Marco: Just drive money to them.

Hernan: That would shut them up.

Bradley: Pay them some money. ‘A few citations will not display the street address unless a map is shown. If I choose not to show a map, will not having an address other than the city displayed introduce inconsistent listings? I want the citations to be as perfectly consistent as possible.' Greg, you're just going to have to use the address. If you're concerned about it … Yeah, the citations are stronger when you have consistency, including the street address because the 3 data points are name, address and phone number. Those are the 3 most important data points so you want all of those to be consistent across as many citations as you can.

‘A few strong citations don't provide a URL link, some offer do follow link for $10 per month which seems price too high.' No, don't do that. ‘For a $15 one payment, one will add what is called a true weblink, direct link to website for SEO purposes. Is that worth it in your opinion?' No, because there's too many out there that will give you a link. Even those that don't give you a link, they're called unstructured citations, it doesn't matter. Those are still valuable for ranking in Google Maps. Don't worry about that. There's other ways that you can get links that don't have a monthly fee or that are more powerful anyways. I don't ever do that.

‘A lot have option to add Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other property links. I'm adding these in. Isn't this almost like a mini link network? Should I add in any of the IFTTT properties I built that can be added to the citations?' If there's locations for those specific properties, why not? It's all branded, right? We're not trying to hide our footprint with branded properties, guys. We want to just broadcast that footprint as much as possible to show how authoritative we are.

Hernan: I think he makes a good point. On the new training, on v2, we are … You are making the point of authorizing other social networks on the … when you're opening accounts, branded accounts. That's actually another check mark on the authority checklist. That's another way of authorizing your network or your profile. I think that every time that you can post additional websites, not only you will be powering up your profile but also it can potentially bring you traffic to those websites. That's what they are for.

Bradley: Last 2. ‘Two citations suggested by BrightLocal are Herald Tribune and NFW Daily News. These end up with the following URLs. Are both of these truly separate or somewhat duplicate?' It doesn't matter. Those are different. Those are considered different URLs. They're unique URLs, unique referring domains, regardless. There's nothing wrong with that. ‘Should I add the Map Quest as a citation, as a map?' Yeah, Map Quest is a powerful citation. Again, I don't worry about that. Again, I build all the citations that I need to rank and then is top building citations. I use a lot of pseudo addresses and it works just fine. I just hide it in maps. That's it. In Google Maps, I mean.

How to Deal with Removed Web Properties in IFTTT V.2?

Ed says … Also in Bing maps, I choose the don't show in Bing maps option as well. ‘Hey guys, in the wake of IFTTT now removing App.net and Diigo from the services, do we go in the recipes and shut them down or does it matter?‘ It does matter, Ed. When they actually completely remove them, they're just not going to work. It doesn't matter. If you want to go and log in … I personally have way too many accounts to do that so I just let them, whatever.

By the way, there is a workaround for Diigo. It was actually posted in the first IFTTT SEO Academy as well, but it's also being covered in the second. Diigo is a social data hub, guys. It's too important to stop using. There's a two step recipe workaround that works just fine for posting to Diigo. It's been tested and it's in the new training as well. It's funny because actually right after I had done the training, the new training, recorded the videos, seriously during the time that I was recording the training videos is when they decided to remove those. I was like, aww, shit. Let me go back and do an update video saying, ‘By the way, Diigo's been removed. Here's how you fix it, blah blah.' If it had been 2 days earlier, I would have saved a lot of additional work.

Do You Have a Course in Hiring Outsourcers?

Richard Ortiz. ‘What's up, I have a couple questions with regards to raising page authority in the money site and on your courses. Here are my questions. Do you guys have a course specifically for hiring outsourcers like Curation Mastery and Mastermind that goes into detail?' No. It's either, it's a bonus for Curation Mastery. It was also in Masterclass where we covered that. Obviously, in the Mastermind we've covered it multiple times as well. Those are the only 3 places you have. We do not have a stand alone course for hiring out sources yet. That may be something that we do some time this year, possibly. Don't hold me to it.

What are Tier 1 Sites in an IFTTT Network?

‘Is the IFTTT properties surrounding my money site considered tier 1?' Yes. ‘If not, then what is considered tier 1?' Yes, they're tier 1. Anything that links directly to your money site is considered tier 1. Anything that links directly to your money site is considered tier 1. Citation, IFTTT properties, backlinks, anything at all that links directly to your money site is considered a tier 1.

Can We Use FCS Networker Pointing to Money Keyword Within Syndicated IFTTT Properties?

‘Can I use FCS network to point a money keyword over to my syndicated IFTTT properties like Twitter, Yelp …' Yelp's not a IFTTT property, but okay. ‘… Google Places, YouTube video without a penalty?' You have to be careful with what you're doing. If you know how to use the tool properly, yeah. Don't hammer away exact match keyword anchor text only to all your tier 1 properties because then you'll pass that through any do follow links to your money site. You just got to use diversity. Just make sure you're using diverse anchor text, mainly URL, naked URL anchors and generic keywords or very broad keywords.

Hernan: Richard, just, with FCS networker, just send a handful of backlinks links to each syndicated property, like 10, 15, 20. Just a handful of them. You do not need that many to power them up. In fact, being branded, they need to be treated as extensions of your brand. You need to be really careful, because they can actually generate sales and they are additional landing pages. I would be careful. Just send a handful of them.

Would a Money Site Gets Tier 2 Link Juice if it's Pointing to a Naked URL?

Bradley: ‘If my tier 2 is a money keyword and has pointed to tier 1 which is a naked URL or brand URL, will my money page rank for keywords still giving the effect to tier 2?‘ Yes, in fact, especially if your tier 1 links back to your money site or do follow links, then especially … That's back to question 3, that's why I recommend that you keep those tier 2 links with a diverse set of anchor texts because you can overdo it. If your tier 2 links are all exact match keywords, first of all that looks unnatural. Whenever you're linking to your tier 1 properties, just like what Hernan said, you don't want to burn your tier 1 properties either. Yes, the relevancy, keyword relevancy passes through do follow links guys. Just keep that in mind. Do follow links, whether they're naked URLs, brand URLs, whatever, it doesn't matter. A do follow link will pass keyword relevancy.

Best Practices When Pointing Links to Tier 1, 2, 3 Networks in IFTTT

‘Got to say, glad to have made it for the first time.' We'll plus 1 that. Kenny King says, ‘Good afternoon. How's it going?' Good. ‘I've had a solid branded IFTTT network. We post regularly up to 4 times a week. Mostly 3 times. It's nice and active. I want to boost some individual pages on our main site. I've not done any tier 2 links but just wanted to ask 2 questions about tier 2 and possibly 3. What types of links would you point at a tier 1 branded network? Would you maybe buy some PBN links from a forum or would you keep it even cleaner?'

No. You could. We've done a ton of stuff with SAPE. They're typically cheaper than PBN links if you know where to get them or find them yourself from the SAPE network. Again, it comes down to what you're pointing links to. If you're pointing to no follow links, then you can get away with a lot more. You can be a little bit sloppier. I recommend, what Hernan mentioned, was that you always try to keep your tier 2 links as themed and as clean as possible. Don't hit your tier 1 links with kitchen sink spam. Or from really poop PBN links and things like that. It will do more harm than good. You're better off trying to find some decent links with decent metrics, particularly with … that are topically related. Therein lies the rub. That's the hard part, is finding tier 2 links to point directly to tier 1 links that are topically related or relevant, if that makes sense. If you can, that's your best bet.

Because guys, it's more and more about relevancy that it is about links. Even at tier 2. What you don't want to do is get links from completely unrelated blogs pointing to your tier 1 properties, that are most likely your branded properties anyways, which you just mentioned in the first part of your question, because then it really doesn't make sense. Google's starting looking to 2 hops back, they're looking 2 tiers back now. Unrelated links pointing to your tier 1 properties just looks unnatural. It's clear what you're trying to do. Again, I try to keep them as relevant as possible. That can be challenging, but you can definitely do it. That's why we recommend doing stuff like a layer of FCS or additional web 2 links pointing to your tier 1 links because then you can spam behind those or use more unrelated links to those tier 3 links if that makes sense.

Hernan: Kenny, have in mind that when you have a branded tier 1 network and you have those big links opportunities, it makes a lot of sense for example, for an author that's publishing a guest post, to link back to the money site and also to link back to the Twitter profile for example, or the Google+ profile or the LinkedIn profile. I wouldn't be afraid of actually, if you have those opportunities, to actually send a link to your money site and also to your tier 1. It makes a lot of sense from an editorial standpoint. Your Twitter profile or your company Twitter profile will link back to your money site anyways. You're powering up the entire structure that way.

That's what I like doing when commenting on related blog posts, as we mentioned before. I usually leave a link to my Twitter profile or to Semantic Mastery Twitter or Google+. That usually, for Google+, that usually has a list of other links to your, not only to your money site but also to other links in your IFTTT network.

Bradley: The second part is, ‘For individual pages, would you point tier 2 links at an individual post or posts that point to an individual page to try to boost the page on the main money site?' Yeah, we answered that same exact question right on this very webinar, but absolutely. Syndicate a post from your main money site that's got an internal link within the content body that's pointing to the page that you're trying to rank on your site. When that post syndicates, go to your blog properties especially, go capture the post URLs from each one of those blog properties, Blogger, Tumblr, WorPress, Medium and Weebly if you're using those. Now you can build links directly to those. That will give you essentially a tier 3 link.

Remember, you're first link is coming from your own post on your main money site to your page. Ultimately what you're trying to do is rank your page. The first tier link comes from an internal link from within your blog post itself. Then you got the syndicated post to your branded properties. That's essentially a tier 2 link. Then you'd build links to those individual post URLs and that gives you the tier 3. You can be a bit more aggressive with those because you're putting 2 hops between your page and the actual additional link building that you do. Absolutely, that's a powerful strategy. Again, Hernan talked about doing that just earlier.

Using Tumblr Links for IFTTT Networks and Local Citation Pages

John says, ‘Hello guys. I have a IFTTT brand network for a website.' A lot of good questions today. All about IFTTT. It's themed for this big launch. ‘I have around 30 good aged Tumblr account that have trust flow of 10 to 21 with clean backlinks and anchor texts.' That's awesome, John. ‘Some have links from [inaudible 00:37:22], wikis, libraries and all have links from real non-Tumblr sites. Should I use them to backlink to the IFTTT network properties or instead link them to citations?' You can do either, John. Those are powerful assets that you have there. Tumblrs with good metrics, guys. It's a great strategy. It's still very powerful, even with those redirect links. You can use them for either.

What I like to do is, again … When you have opportunities like that, assets that you can use that are clean and have good metrics guys, then that's when I get a lot more focused with whether I'm linking to do follow or no follow links. Because you can use the do follow links that you can find from your networks very strategically when you have stuff like this.

This Stuff Works

‘Would you spread them out and use only 1 or 2 Tumblrs to link to 15 different IFTTT properties or citations or instead focus on 3 properties and link 10 Tumblrs to each of those 3 properties or citations?' John, I would focus on finding the ones that have do follow links in building all of the Tumblrs that you have available to however many do follow links you can identify. If you have, let's say you find 6 properties or 8 properties from IFTTT networks to citations that have do follow links, then I would just spread out the available links from your Tumblr accounts to those.

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley. What I like doing when I'm in doubt where to link to is to actually search for the brand name on Google. Google will tell you the first 10 spots. Those are the more relevant for the brand. You can get your Twitter, you can get a Medium profile, you can get a citation. You can get all sorts of different backlinks, and those are the most relevant for your brand on the Google side, so power up those.

Bradley: Let Google tell you which properties it thinks are the most valuable or important to your money site, to your brand, and then build links to those. That said guys, I do want to disclaim something here because I mentioned through other Hump Day Hangouts that the whole do follow, no follow thing is not as much of an issue. I stand by that statement. It might sound contradictory based on some of the responses I've given today. I want to explain that I build links to all of my properties, especially my branded properties, regardless of whether they're follow or no follow. It doesn't matter to me because all of those links are going to show up in your Google search consul as backlinks to your site. In my opinion, it's absolutely natural and important to have no follow links as well.

All I'm saying here is that when you have unique opportunities such as what John has here with these Tumblrs, then that's when I'll take that extra step and find the do follow links that … especially the ones like what Hernan said, Google tells me are the properties that are the strongest. I usually look at the top 20, the first 2 pages, to see what Google's telling me are the most important properties to my brand. I'll scrape those real quick to see which ones have do follow links and those are the ones that I'll use to build these type of opportunities, when I have these kind of assets. I'll use those do follow links to build from these, if that makes sense.

Just so you know, it's important to have a mix of everything, but when you have some opportunities like this that you can use, there's obviously some benefit to identifying which are the more powerful properties in Google's mind and the ones that have do follow attributes so you can push juice through those.

‘Do you think these Tumblrs will be strong backlinks?' Yes, absolutely. ‘All are themed. I'm just hesitant to link any directly to my money site.' I'd still, John, to be honest with you, I'd probably link a few of them directly to the money site. Not 10, but I might take 2 or 3 and link directly to the money site too, just with a well written post on those Tumblrs. Just make sure the content is strong if you're going to link … Don't do it with all of them but take a couple of them. Why not? Find some of your strongest ones, just put a well written post on that Tumblr with a link directly to your money site too. There's nothing wrong with that. It's natural.

Kevin. ‘Hey guys, I have a few questions.' We're running out of time, guys. We're going to wrap it up about 10 minutes early from now on so that we can get prepared for Masterclass. Let's try to run through the next few. ‘I have a few questions about DA boosting with a sub domain with GSA

Marco: Bradley?

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: If I can just jump in here real quick. This question is really advanced and it's stuff that we cover inside the Mastermind.

Bradley: I agree. I'm reading it now.

Marco: Sometimes Masterclass. Sorry, Kevin. You can go over it a little bit. It's just things that we keep for our Mastermind students.

Bradley: It is a bit advanced, Kevin. Honestly, this is something that probably shouldn't be talking about on public webinars, that's for sure.

Hernan: Otherwise, we'll have to kill you, Kevin.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:42:25]

Adam: This is really hardcore. This Hump Day Hangouts just escalated.

Bradley: The Google Gods will strike us dead too. Let's just say, Kevin, doing that whole boosting method, if you do it right you can boost … I've gone from a DA1 to a DA47 in 2 Moz update cycles. Basically 60 days or so, doing it that way. Although I can tell you, to be honest, it's not near as effective as it used to be. I'm sorry, if you're following other people that tell you that DA boosting is still as effective as it was. It's just not correct. It's not near as effective as it used to be. It's not something I even focus on anymore. I focus on manipulating trust flow now. Honestly, the whole DA boosting thing …

There's still some benefit there, don't get me wrong, guys. I'm not saying it's useless or it's dead. It's not near as effective as it used to be. I try to accomplish what I want to accomplish with the least amount of work, so that's why I focus on manipulating trust flow instead. Topical trust flow, more importantly. Just keep that in mind, Kevin. Honestly, this sounds like a lot of work for something that's probably not going to benefit you nearly as much as you hoped that it will.

 A Quick Review on PressCable Press Release

Greg says, ‘Hey Bradley, you mentioned in a video that you've used Press Cable Press Releases but didn't think they were all that good.' They're okay, don't get me wrong. I've used many other press release services and I'm not crazy about Press Cable. There's a few reasons why. I think their editorial guidelines are too strict, number 1. Number 2, the WYSIWYG editor sucks. It gives you absolutely no options to do anything within the content. It's just too simple.

Anyways, it's up to you if you want to sue it. The distribution is good. They're just too limited in their editorial guidelines as well as their editing, their content editor. Let's see. ‘I plan to write them in good PR format. I'm wondering how much conference I should have in the press releases.' Greg, their service is fine. The distribution service is fine. It's quite strong, actually. I'll give you that I just don't like the editorial process of the content editor.

How to Drive Traffic to Gen Videos Sites?

Jenny says, ‘i like to create a site like Genvideos. How do I drive traffic to it?' Marco, you know about more about gen videos than I do. I can talk about the traffic end, but what is Genvideos exactly?

Marco: That's just a website where you can watch free videos, free movies. It's some, I don't know, Popcorn Time was really popular …

Hernan: Yeah, kind of the Popcorn Time.

Marco: Popcorn Time is still around. You can find it even though they tried to shut it down. It still works. That's what it's like. You're providing free videos and displaying ads. The ads are what will make you the money.

Bradley: That's the revenue model.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:45:23]

Bradley: The revenue model is advertising and you're looking to drive traffic to it. Obviously, IFTTT networks is a good way to start. Create a bunch of networks to it so that every new post or new entry, new listing, whatever it is, however it's posted to would get syndicated out across the network. Branded networks, particularly. If it's just a video style site, you could essentially get away with tiered networks on that as well, most likely.

Hernan: You may want to jump into v2, Jenny, when we launch. Probably next week.

Adam: You could do some RYS stuff.

Marco: I would throw the combo at this, man. IFTTT v2.0 and then some RYS Academy just to power it up because it will start ranking real quick for medium, high and lower terms. The low hanging fruit will almost rank automatically with RYS Academy, man. If you put it all together, IFTTT v2.0, the Twitter SEO Academy and then some RYS Academy magic, you're good to go.

Hernan: What's good about these kind of websites and these kind of models is that they are really viral. These Genvideos guys, they have the Facebook comments added. If you want to do something viral when you're uploading free movies, the downside with that is on the legal aspect. The virality, the viral aspect is that it can bring you a ton of traffic and also a ton of good signals. I think IFTTT can bring you both, backlinks and the traffic that you need to make it viral.

Marco: Set up your servers in Panama, Jenny.

Bradley: All right guys, we got about 3 minutes. We're going to try to run through the next couple really quickly. We're going to cut it off at 10 until, sorry. We're going to try to get through these very quickly.

Creating New Photo and Adding Meta Data Using Screenshot

John says, ‘I can't find your video where you discuss geo tagging images and recommended us to take the pictures with our own phones.‘ Not with your phone, John. That would suck. Those pictures would be awful. If you try take pictures with your phones … Well, wait a minute. I could be misunderstanding.

When I talk about screenshoting an image, if you're viewing an image on your computer and you don't want to download it because of the meta data, take a screenshot of it. Use something like Jing. I personally use SnagIt which is also by TecSmith. It's just an upgrade with paid … It's a little bit better than Jing. It has more options. Whatever screenshot software you use is fine. Just download it as a JPEG or JPG. I think we talked about this earlier.

If you're doing local stuff, honestly the most powerful images are going to be ones that you take yourself or that you get the client to take or whatever from a phone. Those are original images and Google weights original images more. That's something that you can do, absolutely, is take photos with your phone or camera. The place of business and that kind of stuff. That's going to be more powerful too. I'm not sure. If you were talking about screenshoting, do not use your phone because that would be terrible. If you were trying to take a screenshot with your phone of a computer screen, it will be an awful picture. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

Hernan: I like using LiveShot which is a Chrome extension. It's the same for Firefox. LiveShot plugin. You can grab a portion of the screen with that. You'll click on the print screen button and you can grab a portion of the screen and save that.

Adam: Live Screen Shot, that's my 2 cents.

Bradley: There's a lot of them. It doesn't really matter what you use. I use SnagIt because I use that for all my, recording videos and everything as well. That's personally my recommendation. Jing is free and all these other ones you're talking about are free. Just find something, take screenshots. If you crop some of your pictures, MS Paint … MS Paint isn't going to do anything with the meta data. If there's already existing meta data, it's not going to change it. Just so you know that, that's not going to change that.

This Stuff Works

‘Did you remove the geo location data form the images? Does this remove.' No, it won't change. Again, if you've downloaded somebody else's image and there's meta data attached, you're downloading the meta data. The only way to get around that is to screenshot it, so that you're talking an original photo or shot of that image that's only been generated on your computer. It was born on your computer. There's no meta data attached. Does that makes sense?

‘If so, is Geo Setter a good program to add the data?' Yes, Geo Setter is what I use to add meta data. You can add meta data if you're on a windows computer by right clicking, choosing properties and then going to the details tab. As long as it's a JPEG. PNG it won't work, but for a JPEG image, you can add your own meta data there but it won't give you the EXIF data which is where you add geo coordinates. That's where you geo tag, by adding coordinates. Something like Geo Setter is a software program that will allow you to add geo coordinates as well. That is exactly what I use.

‘I am not sure if anything though than GPS coordinates needs to be added. Thank you for your help.' The other thing that I add is, again, if you right click on an image and show properties and then click on details, you can add a title, subject, tags, details or description, then you can add in the author URL and copyright URL so you can actually put links in the meta data. You can add in again, with a software program, you can add in geo coordinates.

This has got to be the last one because we are already a couple of minutes over. Sorry, Jackie. I did see your question earlier Jackie. We can't do audits. We can't do audits on Hump Day Hangouts. It's not what Hump Day Hangouts is for. We can answer questions. Unfortunately, we're not going to have time to answer this one. If you want audits, join the Masterclass and do it before Monday when the price goes up. On Monday, the price is going up on that too. On Masterclass, we do audits. In fact, we have Masterclass in about 8 minutes and we have somebody that's got 2 sites they want us to audit and we're going to be doing it there. I apologize for that.

Deeper Tier Networks in New IFTTT

Bo says, ‘Hey team. I have a question regarding tiered networks. Has there been changes to how many tiers we deeply go with blog syndication? I think I overheard that for safety reasons, we no longer go below tier 1.' No, Bo. In the new training, I cover this … Again, I hammer some of these points home in the new training guys because they are the same questions that come up over and over again. I say them over and over again in the new training. Some of you guys are going to get tired of hearing some of that stuff in the new training, trust me, but I don't care. To be honest with you, I get tired of answering the same questions over …

Bo, I'm not mad at you dude. You're one of our good students. Don't think I'm saying that. I'm just letting you know, be prepared the new training is going to cover all this. I do not say that we don't do tiered networks. I just say that tiered networks requires that extra level of care and attention to properly minimize your footprint. There is no footprint with branded networks guys, remember that. With tiered networks for blog syndication, there is an issue with potential problems of creating a footprint because you're clearly trying to manipulate search results. You have to add in your additional content triggers related to content feeds as tier 2 triggers to populate your tiered networks with additional related content from other sources, which minimizes the footprint.

For that reason, because it's additional attention to detail and work and I manage too many damn accounts, I just don't do tiered networks for blog syndication anymore. I only do it specifically for YouTube where we don't even need related content feeds. There's no footprint issue with YouTube syndication. Blog syndication, there is. It's okay to use tiered networks provided that you add in those additional steps that we teach you how to do. If you have more than just a handful of sites to manage, it's too much work in my opinion to maintain all of that so I just don't do it. That's all I'm saying.

Personally, I don't do tiered networks for blog syndication anymore, but you're welcome to do it. They're still very effective, still very powerful. They just require those additional steps. You must follow those additional steps or you're setting yourself up for trouble. That's all I'm saying. YouTube networks, go to town man. Build as many tiers out as you want, stack as many networks as you want. You don't need related content feeds as least for now. It works like a charm.

Hernan: Add them on SERP space so that you're constantly monitoring them.

Bradley: Absolutely. SERP space, baby. Sorry guys, we gotta wrap it up. We'll see everybody in Masterclass in about 5 minutes. Hump Day Hangouts next week, I will not be there, neither will Adam, because we will be in sunny San Diego for the Click Funnels event. You will have our fearless cohort Hernan and Marco and potentially Chris as well to be on Hump Day Hangouts with you.

Hernan: Get ready for Monday everybody.

Bradley: IFTTT v2 baby.

Adam: Bye guys, see you in a bit.

Bradley: Bye.

This Stuff Works