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By April

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Adam: Cody and welcome to Humpday Hangouts Episode 103, we're very close to 104. 1 week away. Let's say hi to everybody really quick, I'll start at the end on my screen who I see, and start with Chris, how's it going?

Chris: It's been good, how are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. Well, I guess I can complain if I wanted to. It's actually kind of nice here, it's just cold. I'm just waiting to hear the weather report from Marco, winter has officially started here, so. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. It's really, really good to be here. I'm excited for today, 104, a lot of stuff going on, so this is going to be a great episode.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, let's get the weather update.

Marco: Man, I'm sorry to say that it's still warm in Costa Rica, sorry man. I can't help it, it's about 85 right now. Rain is rolling in though, so it'll go down to about 80. Once the rain goes away, I could go take a dip in the pool, you know how that goes.

Adam: That's okay, you got to suffer for a little bit so you can enjoy it, the good parts, huh?

Marco: It's such a tough life.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: Good man, glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal, well hey, before we get started I wanted to go real quick, obviously Local Kingpin just launched, so that's going really well. I think a lot of people might not be aware that we're also going to have … For people who decide that the local lead gen and on demand traffic generation is for them, we're going to be doing update webinars as part of the course. You guys are obviously here watching Humpday Hangouts, so you know we like to webinars and we like to do training. Bradly, do you want to tell them just a little bit about what you're going to be doing with these update webinars and why they're there?

Bradley: Sure, well. I'm adding a second case study, I actually started setting it up today, so I will be adding additional videos to the training. Guys, it's a one time purchase but I'm going to be continuing to update the training over the next probably three months or so. Because, I'm still learning on how to improve the AdWords campaigns and so as I continue to learn, I'm going to share that with whoever, all Local Kingpin members because I'm not 100% satisfied with where it's at now.

Even though I've already gotten a lot of good responses for where it's at I still think it can be better and so I want to make it better, and so I'm going to be continuing to add training inside the members area. Then we're also going to have probably at least 3 update webinars, that are probably spaced out at least 3 or 4 weeks apart. Over the next 3 months, we're going to have an additional 3 webinars, which will be kind of like Q and A where members can ask questions about specific issues they're having, and that kind of stuff.

That goes for the Maps Kingpin upgrade too, which is kind of like the Maps SEO part of it, that's all going to be … All of that is going to be updated. The front end product and the up sell, if that makes sense.

Adam: Awesome, all right, and then on top of that too. We're also going to be giving people an additional custom click funnels template to be using for local lead generation. We're going to be adding that in there, and I think I'm going to talk Bradley to putting it into use, so he'll be able to give you guys back some analysis on it.

Bradley: Well shit, if you get it done quick enough I can use it on this next case study.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, all right, should be done tomorrowish, so we'll see.

Bradley: I'll be setting up ads this weekend for that new case study, so if you have it done you can share it to my ClickFunnels account and we'll be good to go.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, it's going to be done by some unnamed ClickFunnel certified partner, they're going to knock it out and we'll get it done.

Bradley: Weird out here.

Adam: Yeah, some weirdo. What we got? One more? Marco, you want to tell everybody about the event coming up next week?

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yes, I mentioned last week, we're going to have CT Fletcher on for an hour and a half, and he's going to be talking about how he built his business. How he went from nearly dead to right now, kind of social media just about, from what I see and everything that he's doing. If you guys want to come and join us and listen in, get some tips, some hacks from the guy who's doing and all … Everything has been done. He's not really paying for anything, it's all organic. It's all just him producing content and getting people to like his stuff, share his stuff.

I'm going to share … Oh, you shared the link already that's cool. I was going to share the link but, the press release is going out early tomorrow, I would suggest guys that you go and reserve your space because once it goes out … He wants us to be free, he wants us to be available to the general internet or online public. Not just our group, but we're holding off so that our people can go in and reserve their seats whoever IS going to attend before it goes. Once it goes on and the seats are locked, sorry, catch it on the replay.

We're planning to have lots of fun, asking tons of questions and just see what he has to say.

Adam: Awesome, that's going to be a great webinar.

Bradley: Awesome, really looking forward to that too.

Adam: Yup, anybody got anything else? I think that's about all I got?

Bradley: One more thing I want to mention is we've already started getting support tickets for people complaining about the coupon code expiring. Guys, we gave plenty of notice ahead of time for Local Kingpin that we're going to have a 24 hour coupon available, and also our top affiliates or the affiliates that actually send us real traffic, they got the ability to also send that 100 dollar coupon out.

If you missed it, I'm sorry, but there was plenty of notification ahead of time. One way to avoid that in the future, is to make sure you're on our notification list. Go to semanticmastery.com subscribe to our notification list and then that way you won't miss the coupon the next time. That said, that price will be jumping again what to 397 on tomorrow?

Adam: Friday morning?

Hernan: Friday, yeah.

Bradley: Then, eventually next week it's going to go to it's evergreen price at 497. If you're on the fence, and you still haven't purchased, I'd get it now. Because, there's no exception guys, if you've missed it you've missed it, okay. Didn't want to be a hardass but we've got to keep our word, and that's what we said we'd do. All right, so let's go ahead and get into some questions, I'm going to grab the screen.

Hopefully you guys can see me zoom in a little bit. Let me know if you're having an issues seeing guys?

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Adam: We good?

Hernan: Can you zoom in a little bit more, because it's … If it's tiny for us, I bet that, ah, kay. There we go.

Bradley: That's about as big as it's going to get man.

Hernan: Yeah that works.

Influence Google Search Auto Complete

Bradley: When I read a question it's going to be like watching a tennis match, my head's going to go from one side to the other. All right, here we go Greg Dreebert says: What's the best way to influence auto complete in Google Search. Crowd Search, you could do that with any sort of those CT spam bots or applications and obviously Crowd Search is the one we use, but yeah, you could do that over … It takes time but you can influence auto complete or suggest by doing that. Okay?

Informing Google On Redirected Pages

That's why that's so effective with brand searches guys, or what do you call navigational searches. Because, over time it adds brand search signals to Google which is very, very strong for businesses, okay? Greg says: When redirecting a site, what about the privacy page about us disclosure table and library images at the old domain, redirect them over or just leave them? Yeah, why wouldn't you just redirect them Greg?

If you're moving all the content from one domain to another, just move those pages too. I don't know why you wouldn't is what I'm saying. Yeah, just move those and then you could redirect the old links and I don't know why you'd even need to redirect the old links because those aren't types of pages that typically, you have any back links going to so it really shouldn't effect SEO and any at all period, if that makes sense. There's really no need to redirect old pages to new pages if everybody's going to land on your new site anyways, if that makes sense?

There's no sense in redirecting old URLs from privacy policy pages unless for whatever reason you had back links built to that that you want to keep. After redirecting, I could not use the inform Google of address change function inside of search console as it needed the old homepage to exist and I have already redirected it. I instead use the fetch this Google and index the page button, is this is a good idea? Can I do that for all redirected pages? It would be only 10 pages, thanks.

Yeah sure, you can do that. There's no problem with that, just changing the site address isn't really that big of a deal inside of search console because you just add the new site once it's added, once you got it set up and it's just a new property, that's all. Okay? The fetch is Google works, it's the same thing as submitting the URL really, the only difference is when you use the fetch is Google, you can actually take a look at how the page renders to the Google bot. That's really the only difference. Okay? You can also tell Google if you want them to crawl just that page alone or the page and all of its direct links. You can tell it to do so. Usually with a new site, a good thing to do is if you have a page or like a categories page or something like that you can have it crawl all it's direct links, then that kind of helps to spider the site quicker. That's all.

Linkn Building For Serp Space Links

All right, Brandon says: Hi, I have some questions regarding URLs to include in the search space link boating package order, do you suggest we link to Google owned stuff, like blog spot and Google Plus, some Rank Feeder feeds? I wouldn't do Rank Feeder feeds. The reason I wouldn't do that is because if you have any of your own money site feeds or posts published in that Rank Feeder feed, then you'd be essentially injecting spam directly to your money site, so I don't recommend that. Google stuff is fine, some of the individual docs in your IFTTT G Drive folder, yeah you can do that, or you can just set the folder to public which it should be anyways.

Just select the folder URL, all right? Because if you're just building links to the folder URL then all of the contents within the folder will get the link juice as well. Okay? Just go with the folder there. You can go with individual drive files, that's fine, but you can do the folder itself. I have built out some of the RYS Stack, do we link to as many of those individual doc sheets and forms as we can. You can, or if you have everything, what we call Spider [inaudible 00:10:52], right? Then you could just link to either the folder or anyone of the docs or all them. It really doesn't matter, because everything is going to spread around no matter where you inject the link juice, it's going to spread around if you have it built right.

The network properties, how many individual syndicated blog posts should we link to, I don't like to individual blog posts on the network properties. I link to the homepage URL of all the network properties, because if you link just directly to the individual post URLs, which is fine if you have … For example, if you have a page on your website that you're trying to rank and so you've published a blog post with an internal link that's linking up to the page, just the way that we teach and you syndicate that post, then you can go collect those post URLs on the web 2 properties and specifically target those post URLs with additional links, because then you'll be pushing juice from that post up through that internal link, up to the main page of the site that you're trying to rank.

This Stuff Works

I only do that selectively when I need an extra boost for a particular page, but typically I just will build for efficiency reasons links to the homepage URLs of all the profiles, if that makes sense. That's because for example, with Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, if you're building things to the homepage URL, then every time a post is published, it's going to benefit from all of the juice that is basically sitting there on that homepage URL. Until it paginates, until the post paginates, which happens like, let's say it's 10 post on each page before it goes to page 2, so that means that you've got 9 more posts from the post that you published today, you got an additional 9 posts before that post paginates and pushes off the first page, if that makes sense.

You can … What I've found is most of the time you benefit from the link juice while it's still on that first page and it helps you to rank and then by the time it paginates, you typically should've seen results already. Then, by the way you could always build links to your … Once it starts to paginate, like page 2, page 3, you could actually build links to those too by the way. You don't have to just stop at the homepage URL. I try to get the most mileage out of those link building pages as I can and to me, unless I'm trying to specifically boost a particular post and therefore a page, then I just build directly to the home page URLs of all the network properties. That way, everything that gets published benefits from those links instead of just an individual post or page if that makes sense.

Any body else have any other suggestions for that?


Hernan: I think I've pointed this out in the past, what I've done at some point is in case you need a boost, you know, for those pages and those posts that are page two. Or, you know bottom of page 1, position number 9 and position number 15 for example. What you want to do is to set up a new post with a link back to that page that you want to boost, that way you wait until it syndicates out and then you grab the syndicated URLs. For example, if it syndicates into WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, you will grab the individual post. They will also have the link to the page that you want to boost, and you can build links to them, you can do PBN to them, you can do FCS Networker to them, whatever you want to do to them, that way you can push an internal page or an internal article higher on Google, you know?

Bradley: Yeah, that's what I was saying. If you have a particular page on your site that you're trying to rank then when you publish the post on your blog, from your money site with an internal link to that page. Once it syndicates, collect the post URLs on the web 2's and that's only very specific targeting. If you have particular pages on your site that you need to boost for, that's a good way to do it, but like I said, for efficiency reasons, I like to just build the links to the homepage unless I'm selectively doing what we just discussed. If that makes sense, okay?

Marco: I had some really good results with the free WordPress blog, siloing it, mimicking the original site. Takes a lot of work and every time that you get a new post, of course, it has to be manually added to the silo. I mean, you get tons of traffic once it starts to ranking and it does rank really well, so.

Interlinking Syndicated Content in IFTTT

Bradley: Awesome, all right, Mark says: Hey guys all is well, I have a question about interlinking web 2 articles. I know it would be a bit manual, but with a VA and Browseo, would it be worth going through the web 2 bugs and interlinking posts within that platform. WordPress, for example. Can you do that with syndicated contents, using words or phrases within the syndicated content to link to another post? Thanks.

Yeah, you could. Again, I don't ever do that just because it requires too much manual work but I suppose you could. My question is, why don't you just link from one post to another from the main money site blog, so that the link are already present, when you syndicate the article, right?

This Stuff Works

My point is is if, that logging in into WordPress.com, Blogger and Tumblr for example and then adding manual links to additional posts on those same sites, which could probably be the post from your money site anyways. Why not just create internal links from your original blog posts over to the other posts so that when they syndicate, they're already interlinked, so that it doesn't require manual work. Does that make sense? Now, if your main money site is siloed and you don't want to cross link between posts from different silos.

You don't want to do that because you'll bleed the theme of the silo, but if it's for a flat site, and it's not siloed then I wouldn't worry about it. Or, if you're going to link to other posts within the same silo, then that's absolutely fine to do. My point is, if you can avoid having to have that second step and going in and actually manually adding links, if you can do that on the front end when you publish the first post, then I would knock it out there. Yes Mark, you can do that but I would recommend doing it from the money site blog itself, and you can interlink within the same silo to other posts in that silo or I wouldn't interlink between silos though.

IFTTT V2 & Local Kingpin Results & Profit Making

If you're going to do that, you can do that with no follow links. If that makes sense. That's more of a navigational thing, that's more of a link for a visitor than it is for SEO, okay? The no follow links I mean between silo's. All right, Dave is next. He says, Thank you for allowing me to ask a question. Forgive me, this is a little long as I'm just a little confused. Hi, I was going to invest in IFTTT 2.0, but I'm a little confused now. According to this above course on local lead generation, Local Kingpin, I'm guessing IFTTT 2.0 course is not that affective anymore, as Google has now altered its ranking system. That's not the case, Dave, that's not the case at all. It's a good question so, but that's not the case at all.

It's not that IFTTT is not effective, the whole point of the Local Kingpin training course is to generate traffic on demand without having to do a bunch of SEO work. SEO is still absolutely effective for generating leads. Now, organic SEO for local leads isn't nearly as effective as it used to be, because you have to pass by as many as 7 other listings before you ever get to the first organic listing. That was the whole reason why I started learning how to use AdWords, was because my organic call volume or excuse me, my call volume from my organic listings only, had dropped as much as 60%.

That took a serious hit in my revenue, so I decided I had to figure something else out. Not every lead gen property has a Maps address, right? There's a lot of lead gen properties that had been generating revenue for me that didn't have a physical Maps location, so I wasn't able to rank in the 3 pack, right? If you're going to focus just on SEO for generating leads, then I recommend that you focus on Maps SEO and that you try and rank in the 3 pack, because the organic rankings aren't generating leads for searches with local intent that show a map. They're not nearly as many.

This Stuff Works

You'll still get some leads but not nearly as many. I recommend, if you're going to be doing local lead gen that you foc … SEO is going to be your primary method, that you focus on Maps alone. Which IFTTTSEO Academy, will help you to rank in Maps, okay? In fact, the upgrade I should say for the Local Kingpin course which is about AdWords, is how to rank in Maps which is SEO. Maps SEO. That's because it's still very effective and the process that I use to rank in Maps includes an IFTTT network. Any sort of SEO work that we do includes an IFTTT SEO network. Okay? It's not that IFTTT SEO is not going to help you, it just depends on what is it that you prefer … What would you rather do?

Would you rather drive leads, generate leads by spending money and having it done quickly and it's very scalable that way? Do you have more time or more money? If you have more time and less money, then you might want to go with something like SEO for generating leads. If you have more money and less time, you might want to go with AdWords for generating leads, right? It really just depends on your own personal preference, where you are and what resources do you have available? Okay?

Hernan: Sorry Bradly, but if I can add to what you were saying. The main point and the main goal of Semantic Mastery, we as a group is that you get profitable and you get results. SEO IFTTT v2, works extremely well so does AdWords, so does Facebook advertising, we have been talking a little bit about that on last mastermind, there's potential to make a course about that so the idea is not to be either or but rather use every tool at your disposal to grow your assets and-

Bradley: Absolutely.

Hernan: Your company. We would be doing you a disservice if we would say, “Just do SEO,” because that's not how it works. The idea is that you get results and one of the best way to do that is combine traffic sources, because that will give you more independence and that will give you more freedom and all of those things. I just wanted to say that, that Semantic Mastery is focused on giving you results. Doesn't really matter what you do, of course SEO works. Even if you do 100% paid advertising, we will still tell you, “Okay, do some SEO, because that's a long term, mid term traffic source and relationship within the 2,” you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah, yup. That's a good point, because for example, with AdWords, let's say that your cost per acquisitions for a lead is 35$. It depends on what kind of service you're in, but for me and my business the tree service industry, that's actually a good price for acquiring a lead, right? Let's say 35 dollars is my cost per acquisition because all I'm doing is AdWords. However, what if I can also rank in both Maps and potentially organic listings as well and let's say that I start getting 30-40% of my leads coming through Maps, right? Then now, I've actually decreased my cost per acquisition considerably because I'm generating leads through Maps that aren't costing me on a per click basis.

There's still a cost to it, guys. Everybody says free SEO traffic, bullshit. There's no such thing as free traffic. You have to put work and effort in. It's either time, work or effort or all of the above. There is no such thing as free traffic, you still have to put work into it, so again, it just really depends on what you're saying. What your resources are and what Hernan just said is absolutely true. Do as many traffic sources as possible, because that way you have a much more diversified traffic source, you don't have to rely on just one.

If you just rely on SEO and something happens, Google changes it's algorithm tomorrow and you lose that site, you've just lost a stream of revenue. That's why I think supplementing even with AdWords now is critical for any sort of local lead gen business because there is so much volatility in SEO that we never know what's going to happen, it's becoming increasingly complex. In my opinion, why not go ahead and scoop up traffic from all sources that we can. I stick specifically with YouTube and Google and Maps, right? One of the things eventually I'd like to get into is learning how to generate local leads using a Facebook Ads if I ever decide to start doing Facebook Ads, I have a Hernan though.

He does all that stuff for us, in fact, we may end up doing a training course about that at some point down the road. In which case, I'm anxious to take it, so. All right so, for the rest of that question. I know there will be a lot of hard work put in my myself to rank websites and study for formula, but will it be as effective as initially wise? Yes, it still is. What kind of results have your students been getting in terms of renumeration for ranking websites?

I know we've got a lot of really good testimonials in the IFTTT SEO group, so. Our students are getting … Anybody that implements that and they do it, usually gets results, so.

Adam: Yeah, I was going to say, you can go to the IFTTTSEO.com the sales page for IFTTTT SEO Academy and check it out. Those are real, the stuff we put up there, people having results. We've got some examples right there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: How profitable can I get? I can't tell you that Dave, wish I could but it just depends on how you're running … What are your expenses, how are you monetizing your leads, who are you selling them to, what are you selling them for? There's way too many variables, but a good lead gen site, it really just depends. My lead gen sites, my average on my tree service sites that are SEO based only. I don't have an average for my AdWords funnels yet because it's still too new for me. I don't have enough data for me to be able to determine what my averages are on those.

For my SEO sites that are mainly ranked in Maps for the tree service stuff, I have an average of about 400 per month per location. That's because it varies widely. For example, I've got some that I might only get 2 or 3 jobs out an entire month, so those lead gen properties aren't making but a couple 100 dollars a month, if that. Sometimes not even that, but I also have other properties that generate 12, 15,000 dollars a month. The average comes out to be across all the different sites that I have roughly about 400 dollars per site per location.

The trick there is to build many, many, many of them, right? I love that guys, because every single one of those is an additional stream of revenue, so that if some of them get hit by … Slapped by Google or whatever, I still have a whole bunch of others that are generating revenue, right? It's diversification.

Adam: Something else real quick I realized too, that I don't think that is on the sales page, it will be updating soon then. Is that you did the monetization webinar, so inside of the training there's actually at least 1 webinar if not 2, I forget. That speak directly towards how you can monetize these.

Bradley: Yeah, it wasn't a webinar, it was just a training video. Monetization models, I actually just added that yesterday. We'll be talking more about that again in some of the update webinars, or are you talking about inside of IFTTTSEO Academy, I'm sorry.

Adam: Yes, sorry, you've done at least 1 dedicated to it, and there might have been it's a couple of other players.

Linking IFTTT With GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gigs

Bradley: Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about Local Kingpin, because I just added monetization models training to that yesterday, so. Okay Ashley says: Hi you are great. I want to go back thanks to my IFTTT Network, is that possible to use Black Hat tricks like GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gig or just PBN, yes, absolutely. What we recommend is that your first tier of links, so your first layer of links to your IFTTT network properties, you keep them clean. In other words, don't use kitchen sink spam, you want to do contextual links from usually properties with some higher metrics, themed if possible. From there, you can throw kitchen spam at that first layer of links, that first tier.

You don't want to burn your IFTTT properties, because you want to treat those … They are like an SEO Firewall guys, that's in part why we use them, but at the same time they are extensions of your brand so you don't want to just spam them to death. The way that we do it, is we build a what is it, it's between like 75 to 125 contextual links to the IFTTT properties, and then we throw spam behind that.

Hernan: Yeah, that's the case. You don't want to burn them, so do not throw a couple 100,000 directly to the IFTTT networks but … Because we have had greater results in terms of metrics, in terms of rankings by adding a layer of contextuals in between. That's exactly what we are doing on our IFTTT link building service. That's the structure of it. You get a handful of links per IFTTT property backed with spam, so.

SEO Services With Little To No Resources

Bradley: Yeah, and again, you can use any of those tools that you just mentioned, that's fine. Okay, Ben says: A client getting questions, starting with little to no resources. If you had to have an SEO client by next week, what would you do to make it happen? Me? Video email, so what I call Vmail. That was how I first started off getting clients, when I first branched out from just doing lead gen and started landing clients as innate client consulting work. I did it with video email.

This Stuff Works

I literally built my business with my client based business from video email. It was the most effective way to contact and to prospect for clients was video email, okay?

Hernan: Nice.

Bradley: If I pause the screen for a minute, I can get you a link to-

Hernan: I remember that guy, that was pretty good that guy that you made the video prospecting.

Bradley: Yeah. I've got a link to an opt in form that you can opt in to get free training on how to do video email if you'd like. I'm going to have to pause the screen to get it, maybe what I'll do is when the webinar is over. Here, let me make a note of it and I'll tag you Ben so that you get notified. Just a minute, I'm writing a note. Vmail opt in. You opt in, you get the free training on how to do video email, and then obviously since you've opted in I'm going to spam you to death. Just be aware that you're going to be spammed, no, I'm kidding.

I'll paste that link on the page once the webinars over Ben.

Marco: If he's just starting out and he has just absolutely nothing, there's nothing that he can turn to or go on. Man, the best thing that he can do is network other … In other words, just get out to his local business owners and let them … Let me get this right. Find out who they are, find out what they need, you know what they need, they need more money. You need to figure out how to let them know that you can make them more money without being … Without really hammering them over …

Because, they've heard the pitch before. I mean, that's a thing, get out there, get yourself known. Make up some business cards, fake it till you make it. You can put on them, SEO expert or however it is that you want to brand yourself, but you have to make people aware that your brand exists, what it is that you do and how it is that you can help them. Get out there, hit the pavement, let them know, you get your business cards out there, get known and I think that gets some positive results.

It's worked for me, I've used Craigslist, I've used just about everything there is. When I needed a client, I've gone to Craigslist for gigs and I've bid on jobs that have been posted. Up work, I've done it all when I needed a client or when I wanted a client to test something.

Bradley: Yeah, you know, personally I didn't find a whole lot of good results with going to business networking meetings, like MeetUp meetings and stuff. I ended up spending more damn time just driving back and forth to the meetings and having to buy bullshit breakfast at IHOP or whatever that resulted in such little client work. Although, it just got me out of my comfort zone and talking about my business. Again, everyone's going to have different results, I'm just saying personally from my experience, the best results I've got was from video emails, and that's selecting potential clients or whatever is particularly in a niche that you want to work in, and then just crafting a video where you're analyzing their property and not criticising it but explain how it could be improved upon, that kind of stuff.

Then sending those personalized emails to the owners or to the business, preferably owners if possible. A hybrid model of the 2 worked, whereas I would go to the networking meetings and collect business cards and then follow up with those people using video emails. Now that was a 1, 2 punch and that worked well too.

Hernan: Nice.

This Stuff Works

Chris: Now, I'm going to hop in here and I may got slaughtered on this one by you guys, but I don't care I'm going to say it anyways. Do 2 things at once, do what they're saying and then, while you're looking for that, find somebody, hopefully you know somebody who's got a business, just do some work for them to get some results. Get a testimonial from them, put yourself out there and do something good for them. It doesn't happen to be ranking their website on page 1, just, can you help them with their social media? Can you help them with their content? Can you a do a site audit, do something and get a testimonial from them.

Because nobody's going to want to hire you if you don't have anybody that can refer you, and that's where the real work's going to start coming in, when people start referring you.

Hernan: Yeah. I love this and if I may add a couple of things that have helped me tremendously are to leverage communities. Have discussion forums and Facebook groups for example, and as Bradley was saying, you can really pick what kind of Facebook groups or what kind of communities you're joining. For example, let's say you want to work with realtors, join a realtor group and do not try to teach them real estate. Try to help them with digital marketing or SEOing your case. It's amazing if you add value over there, it's amazing the amount of work that you can get. Because those people are usually trying to get …

You will not try to sell them anything but just be helpful. As Adam was saying, try to do something for them and it's amazing the amount of content you can get, because those people are actually … They're really engaged with their topic and most of the cases they're really desperate about finding somebody that they can trust. The reality is that you can build that trust by actually helping people in those forms and those Facebook groups that will you get a ton of recommendations and private messages, et cetera.

It has happened to me just for the sake of being helpful on discussion forums that are around a niche that you want to go after and Facebook groups as well. Posting a really good piece of content over there Ben, that's related to the problems that they are getting that they are getting as Marco was saying, they're not getting enough leads, they're not getting enough sales. That will easily position yourself as the authority figure and for example SEO for realtors, and you will get a ton of private messages et cetera, and then off you go.

It's just about being helpful and do not try to pitch them, because again, they have heard it. You are actually showing them that you can help them in the future but by helping them right now. That has been really valuable for me and that's a tip that I hope you use because it's super, super … It's amazing the amount of feedback that you can get by just being helpful and dedicating 1 or 2 hours a day, just spending time on those forums and communities and being helpful.

Chris: If I could just add, being helpful works.

Marco: We're going on our 104th episode trying to be helpful, and the whole semantic mastery brand has practically been built on being helpful, so.

Bradley: That's true, we've been at it for 2 years now, next week it will be 2 years on Hump Day hangout so, and last thing I want to mention about that Ben is I've always used video SEO as a foot in the door too. As far as video email for prospective but video SEO as a foot in the door typically. Video SEO is not my primary method of making money, I love to use video SEO but specifically as a foot in the door because it's something that although I know it's way more difficult than it was even a year ago or 2 years ago, to rank for local terms. You can take a long tailed keyword that's not competitive at all, even before you initiate the contact with a prospect and rank something for them with their branding on it, so that when you send them a video prospecting email, you can show them the property that you ranked.

This Stuff Works

Show them a video, and it doesn't have to be anything spectacular, it's just to show them that you know what you're doing. Because, how will they know? For the vast majority of prospects aren't going to know whether it was a difficult keyword to rank for. For example, you could rank for your keyword plus zip code, right? Your key word plus city plus zip code, because it's very rare that people search by zip code. They do but it's rare. You could rank a video for that fairly easily, most likely, and then you could just point that out in your video prospecting email that you send to that specific prospect. Say, “Look, I did this just to show you I know what I'm talking about. Would you be interested in some additional marketing help that can drive more leads in your business and help you to make more money, blah blah blah.”

If that makes sense? That way you can do something for free for them to prove that you know what you're doing, but I agree with what Adam said and that's just finding some people that you can be helpful … Hernan as well, find people that you could be helpful with and then maybe offer up some free services in exchange for referrals, that's another good tactic. Say look, “I'll help you optimize your Maps listing and maybe perhaps rank a YouTube video for you or whatever and then all I ask for in return is that you give me 3 business referrals. 3 other people that you know that are in business that could potentially use help with marketing.”

Adam: I just want to say real quick to everybody's who's requesting access, we're going to include that link in the Friday email. If you're not signed up to it, go to semanticmastery.com and get signed up and that'll be on the Friday email. Also, if you're watching this in the future from some other point in time since we get a lot of people watching the replays, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll get you the link for the video prospecting.

Google Maps Setup For Additional Services

Bradley: Yeah and guys, I'm going to drop it on this events page as soon as we get done, okay? I'll just post it in about 15 minutes, okay? You guys are going to be right here on the event page. All right, so Ivan's next he says: Hi guys, looking forward to the 104th. Yes we are too. Question about Google Maps. I created a personalized Google Map, so he's talking about Google My Maps for my residential computer repair company, now I want to offer 3 more related services. My question is, what do you think will be better? 1, adding 3 new layers or pins targeting services like service 1, 2 and 3 on my existing map or 2, create 3 new Maps. Naming them, service 1, service 2, service 3?

Linking 3 Maps somewhere in the description. By the way I watch the 4 videos of RYS Academy. Awesome information, now I'm playing around with Google sites creation. That's another link that we can drop Adam, for the free RYS webinar series?

Adam: Yeah, let me grab that really quick.

Bradley: Since that was mentioned. Ivan, I haven't tested the difference between those 2 methods. The way that I've always done it, which I haven't built a whole lot myself, is adding additional layers to the same map, but I haven't tested that. Maybe Marco could speak on this one a little bit.

Marco: We've tried both and the thing is that everything just flows throughout the folder. Everything depends on the niche, man. Everything depends on what you're going after, everything depends on the keywords, competition. There's so many variables that what I would tell him is do both. There's no reason why you can't do both because they're My Maps.

Bradley: Right.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Go do both and see which one works better. It might just turnout that they all work and-

Bradley: I've always just done option 1 on the same map, just add new layers but yeah, I haven't tried the other method. It would almost be worth setting that up on 2 different properties, to see if one has a better … If you do both at the same time for the same property, I don't know if you'd know which one had the better results. Because you just threw both at it at the same time. That would be worth setting up a test for though, honestly. Yeah, just do both, why not?

Sistrix Tool

Sky's up, he says: If you have time, can you briefly go over how you would use https://www.sistrix.com and what additional info you would add to improve SEO, are you talking about for video object?

Yeah, apparently that's what he's talking about. The Sistrix tool for videos is the only time I've ever used it is for video objects. Let's see what they got. Is it thinking, what the hell is it doing? Okay. Let's see, anyways, there's the video tool on here somewhere and that's the only one that I've ever used. The only problem that I find with it is it kind of screws up the formatting of your post if you try to include this in a WordPress post. It gives it some strange formatting and I guess it has to do with CSS conflict or something, from the Microdata. I don't know, I'm not a coder, does that sound right Marco.

Marco: Yeah, that's probably it. Even if you play with it, if you CSS it on the website and make it look good, when it gets syndicated out, there's nothing that guarantees it won't be stripped out.

Bradley: It's probably going to look like shit too, yeah.

Marco: You can't control the CSS or whatever template you're using on free websites anyways, so, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I actually avoid using that when possible. I'll use the video WordPress SEO video. That WordPress SEO plugin from [inaudible 00:42:53], there's a video SEO Add on, it's expensive, but I like to use that if I'm doing a lot of heavy video stuff on sites. Just to finish the question, would you finish the meta item prop interaction count, as this would obviously go up over time. I don't like to inflate anything in structured data, unless there's real data to back it up somewhere. Personally, I don't because you can get structured data spam, manual action taken against your site.

I stopped spamming structured data, probably over 2 years ago now. Because I've gotten in the past those structured data spam messages inside … Manual spam messages inside of search console from that and so I stopped doing it. That was like adding review stars and shit when there weren't really reviews, that kind of stuff. I don't know if would inflate the interaction count. I would just use whatever the data is at the time, and if you need to update it later on then you could but I don't know how that updates real time anyways.

I think it's something you'd have to manually do. For example, I've got a client that's got reviews now showing on his site. He emails me about once a month asking me if I can update the review count on his structured data, which I did for the first couple of months, and now I told him, no. I sent him a video and said, “You do it.” Here's how you do it, you know, because it's kind of a pain in the ass. I don't know how you can update that stuff in real time without doing it manually.

This Stuff Works

Would you use an H3 rather than the default H2. I don't know Sky, I haven't tested if one is more effective than the other. I typically would just whatever the output is. For example, the Systris output. I stopped using it though, like I said. Microdata doesn't work nearly as well guys as JSON-LD. JSON-LD is the preferred method, even Google says so now. That's what Google prefers over Microdata. Microdata was the start of structured data guys because it was way to mark up objects without having on a page … Because Microdata is like HTML markup, okay? It's structured data markup but is uses like HTML elements to do it.

JSON-LD is a smarter way to do it, and by the way did you know that you can add JSON-LD script inside posts for the most part? WordPress editor might strip it out, but you should be able to add it anywhere, that type of script, anywhere on the page. Doesn't have to be in the header is my point, so. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Hernan: No I would use JSON-LD as well, so.

Bradley: Yeah. There's plenty of those JSON-LD creator tools online now, lots of them, and you can check that. By the way, if you want to insert JSON-LD into a particular page and WordPress is stripping it out, it depends on the theme I think. Because some themes will strip it out and some won't, but there is a couple different plugins that you could use to install that. One is I think raw HTML, I think you can add JSON-LD script with that, I can't remember 100% off the top of my head, but there's another one which was … Shit, what's it called. H-O code inserter, or something like that.

You guys remember that one? HO Code starter plugin or something like that. Let's go see if we can find it real quick. I'll have to try to find that, dammit, I've got notes that I'm taking for follow up. O-H-

Adam: Got more work to do after you're done working.

Bradley: Yeah right. O-H. Ad scripts, there it is. OH Ad Script, 10 OH Ad Script, 2 pages, that's the one I'm talking about right there. I don't see the plugin but that's what I'm looking for. Let's see. Maybe the link's actually on this page, it probably. Hold on, one more second guys. There it is. Right there, this one. O Ad Script to individual pages, header, footer. This is so you can add JSON-LD markup to specific pages or posts. This is the plugin you can use for that. For example, I'm not sure how you would markup a video with JSON-LD, I just haven't done that myself but I'm sure you can do it.

That's how you would add it to WordPress if your theme strips it out. All right? All right next, Ganti says: Oh wait I'm sorry is there a lot of scheme that can be potentially be added according to scheme of video. Any tips as the keywords, same as and a few other look pretty interesting. What are your thoughts on that Marco, I'll let you handle that one.

Marco: No, I mean … I do just the standard, I don't like to spam it. A lot of people tell you and I've seen it said that more is better, especially if you go to schema.org, they'll tell you that more schema is better. There's a point and I think you're one of the people that found out, that Google says, “No, you're spamming your structured data and screw that.” Why? There's really no reason to inflate the interaction count. There's really no reason to add any of that other stuff, keywords and all of that, because you're taking care of that through your content, silos and everything else anyway.

This Stuff Works

The video, if you're getting the transcription, then you have plenty of content. I don't know why you would want to do keywords, same as maybe, spam My Map instead of a video. Add schema the way that we do it in Maps powerhouse. Add schema that way if you want to spam, where at least you're protected a little bit.

Facebook Instant Article

Bradley: Next is Ganti says that, if you still find time, we'd like to know more about using Facebook's new instant articles feature to get traffic to the blog and also use IA with IFTTT, I can't speak on it at all Ganti, it's Facebook and I just don't do anything with Facebook. I guess I'll defer to Hernan.

Hernan: Hmm. That's a good question Ganti, I haven't used it yet, instant article Facebook's unfortunately.

Bradley: I know there was a launch of some product this week that had to do with that stuff.

Hernan: Oh yeah. No, Ganti I'm sorry, I haven't used that. I'm still getting used to messenger ads, those ads that you click on them and you get a message on Facebook messenger. Those are pretty cool, I'm starting to experiment a little bit with that, but I'm sorry Ganti, I haven't got the time to go through it. I'll try to investigate a bit with it and maybe if you can trigger a Facebook page, you can IFTTT Facebook, IFTTT Native Facebook channel to trigger the automation, you know what I mean? That will link back to Facebook, I don't think that's the best use of your IFTTT network, unless you want to publish content early which will be fine.

We will need to dive into that a little bit more.

Ranking Videos

Bradley: All right, we're at the 5 minute warning, so I'm going to have to roll through the next couple. Jay asks: When negotiating value of lead gen videos to potential client, our lead gen videos that don't rank on the first page are long tail keyword in Google, but do ranking video listings to tough a sale for the effort, yeah Jay, in my opinion, because very rarely do people click the vertical search. It's not really all that valuable. I would actually position that not as in the vertical search, the video search of Google. What I would do is suggest, like if I was going to try to talk it up, I would say it's rank number 1 in YouTube.

Because typically, a lot of the times you'll be able to rank in YouTube number 1, but even if it won't rank in Google. There is a lot of traffic in YouTube, it's not usually the type of traffic that's looking for local intent stuff, but that's how I would frame it. Yeah, that's kind of a tough sell. If it's not ranking in Google, it's only ranking in the video search then to me, it's not really valuable. I'll target other keywords. That's what I'll do is I'll … I've mentioned this many times before, if I can't rank the keyword, I don't even let clients tell me the keyword that they want to rank for anymore.

I ask them, what would you like to rank for? Then I do keyword research, and then I come back to them and say, okay, here's what I can rank you for. These are the different keyword search phrases that I can rank you for. Are any of these acceptable? Maybe, what I'll do is do a poking job, right? I'll be able to determine which keywords I can rank for with little to no work, then I'll go back and say, “Look, I'll give you a 3 for 1 special. I can't rank you for this keyword but I can rank you for these other 3, and I'll give it to you for the same price.”

Why? Because I just found out through poking that I can rank without any additional work, right? Why not give them 3 for one and still capture that revenue, if that makes sense? Now, I don't just rank them for spamming keywords that don't generate any traffic. There has to be some traffic potential or else it's not worth it and I'm not just going to take somebody's money, unless they just want to see their videos so they can puff out their chest and say they're awesome, because their video is ranked on page 1, and which case there are clients out there that that's all they want. It's just an ego thing. I'll be happy to take their money to do that for them.

Few Websites For 1 Persona

All right, we got 2 more minutes. Scott says hi, are we able to create a few websites under our own name instead of an alias, is there an issue if a person has several websites? No Scott, I just always talk about reducing potential risk, but yeah you can have as many websites as far as I know under your own name as you want. As far as search console, I don't know if there's a limit to how many you can put in search console. I've got several dozen and I haven't hit a limit yet, so. I also don't put everything under one account, I have persona accounts that actually own in air quotes the account and then I just add myself as a manager. We've talked about that many, many times on Humpday Hangouts.

This Stuff Works

He says, I also notice Google is so sensitive, probably Facebook and other passwords as well. If you don't log in from the same IP the they are asking for phone verification immediately. That's true. Using fake alias with burner numbers could be an issue, if the number doesn't work when needing to reverify for whatever reason a couple of months down the road, things happen. That's true, but that's why if you create the accounts under a proxy, another IP, then you can always log in to those accounts through your own IP when the accounts are still new and they typically won't trigger reverification, and even if they do, you should still have the burner number available if you created the account yourself to begin with.

If you bind it to your IP then you shouldn't have any additional login issues going forward. That said, you can also, as we mentioned throughout the training, if you create these sites underneath persona accounts and then add yourself as a page manager, then you can access through your own IP because you're a manager. You're authorized to access those accounts, so it won't trigger reverification because you're accessing from your own account. Again, all of that is covered in the training. If you want to put everything underneath your own profile, you can, just be aware if anything ever happens to your profile, you're going to lose all your assets. It's up to you as to how much risk you're willing to handle.

All right, we got to go guys. I really wish that we got to the rest of the questions, I'm sorry we didn't. I'm going to go find that link and drop it here for the video prospecting, the vmail course guys. It's free, it was something I put together like 4 years ago I think it was before I was in a partnership with 2 ladies. We were going real estate branding, so, just it doesn't have semantic mastery and all of that, but the training is still valid. That's all that matters, and I'll drop the link here and then we'll see IFTTT SEO Academy members in about 5 minutes for the update webinar. Got some pretty cool things to show study and then we'll see everybody else next week.

Adam: I was going to say to you real quick before we hop off, we also got the podcast guys. Check it out on the website, me and Hernan will crawl through here and Bradley's been known to come back every once in a while and answer a couple of questions. If you revisit the page, you might see some stuff. Yeah, be sure to check out the podcast and we'll see you guys later.

Bradley: Okay, bye everyone. Bye.

Adam: Bye Hernan.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 89

By April

YouTube video


Click on the video above to watch Episode 89 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Well, indeed we are here, buddy. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 89 with Semantic Mastery. Today is the 20th of July, 2016. We've got a couple of us here today. So, hey, Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, Adam, hey everyone at Facebook, Google+, everything. Earthlings, it's really good to be here.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up, man? It's good.

Adam: Let's see. Just so you know, we don't see you. I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

Bradley: Well, let me check my settings.

Adam: Good deal. Well I'll go through some quick announcements. We told everybody…

Bradley: Can you guys see me now?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Cool. So I'm going to put the link up, everybody. We had a couple respondents to our Rant Mastery. If you guys want to chime in there, it redirects right to a Google forum. I'm getting phone calls. All right. So if you can pop stuff in there real quick. It's going to be just quick responses we're going to start doing on Facebook, via Facebook live, through the Semantic Mastery page. It's kind of fair game, but obviously if it's something really off-topic or something too in-depth, we're going to have to skip it.

Bradley: Yeah, so the idea, guys, is rant mastery. We need ideas to rant about, so rant requests is what we're looking for. It's a one-question Google form, and it's 100% anonymous, so just submit stuff that you would like for us to rant, sound off about. We're going to do Facebook Live posts. It's probably I was thinking about doing one per day but it might be like two or three per week, something like that. We're going to take ideas from people. It can be just about anything. It doesn't have to be about specifically SEO and stuff like that. Remember, our Q&A session is this, Hump Day Hangout. If you guys have something short, or whatever, we'll take all ideas, any and all ideas because it gives us ideas of stuff to rant about. Submit your stuff. You can be smart-asses if you want.

Adam: I was about to say. I know I'm going to really open up the floodgates here, but we read every single one of those entries. Already we've had a good chuckle or two, so, you know, keep it somewhat clean. By all means, put in there whatever you want. Could be anything. We've had some good ones. I think I've got one I'm actually going to do probably tomorrow or Friday when I get some time.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and we're probably going to start those full-force after today. We just needed a few more entries. We had a few, but we'd like to get some more, so you guys help us out. Contribute to it and give us some stuff to rant about.

Adam: Yeah, and one more reminder for everybody. Right after Hump Day Hangouts at 5:00, we're going to be doing how to livestream part two with OBS, Open-Broadcast Software. I guess that's what OBS is. It's a little bit better way. I prefer it to Wire Cast. It's right now what Bradley's using to dual stream to more than one location. For me, I just think it's simple. I like it. It's easy to use. If you're interested in how to do that, we're going to paste the link on the page and hopefully you got an email. If you're watching this down the road, you'll be able to click on the link and go watch it. This is going to be some training that we're going to offer people. It's something neat that we do, so we wanted to share it with you guys.

Bradley: Yeah, and Adam, next time you paste a sub-domain, don't put www in front of it. It doesn't work.

Adam: Interesting.

Bradley: So, just so you know.

Adam: No, I had it in my notepad without anything and was like, ooh, I'll make it all, anyways.

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley, but just a quick note on the webinar, that's what we're using right now to livestream all over the place. Facebook has been giving a ton of exposure lately to live events. I think it's a great opportunity for people to come and leverage on that opportunity, you know? I think this is a great tool. It's free. It is kind of a … well, it's not a pain, but it has tricks and perks to set up. That's why we are doing the OBS webinar anyway. I suggest that you come, sign up; it's free. It's going to be a pure value.

Bradley: Yeah, no pitch. And it's not going to be a real long webinar, guys. It'll be an hour or less. It's not real in-depth on how to use OBS. It's actually fairly simple to use. I think it's a lot easier to use than Wire Cast to be honest with you. I really like it. It's open-source. It's 100% free. The webinar we're doing today, guys, it's 100% value. There's no pitch at all. You guys come check it out and you'll learn how to use OBS, which we just started using about a month ago. I really, really like it. It gives us the ability to simulcast both YouTube and Facebook Live at the same time.

Like Hernan said, Facebook Live posts are getting about 25% reach. Whatever the Facebook page total like number is, every time we do a Facebook Live post, it gets pushed out through the edge rank algorithm and shown to about 25% of the overall audience, or the people who have liked the page. That's really cool. Then they'll give you the option to boost it, which will give you another 25% reach, roughly. That's pretty significant, considering most posts get anywhere between 5 to 10%. 10% is even high engagement, unless you boost it, for regular-type posts. Facebook Live posts are doing really, really well for engagement, and that's why we started to use it. We want to kind of show everyone else how to use it as well. We'll be doing that today at 5:00 PM, so in about 45-50 minutes from now. All right?

Adam: Good deal. Well, that's all I've got on my end. Do you guys have anything?

Bradley: No, I think we're good. Let's go ahead and try this again, because remember, it's a little bit tricky if you're doing a screen share. If I select just Google hangouts tell me you guys aren't seeing anything but a black screen, right?

This Stuff Works

Adam: Correct.

Bradley: All right, let's do this. Let's go select Firefox window. It's a little bit tricky setting this up. That's it right there. You guys should be seeing it now.

Adam: Good to go.

Hernan: All right.

Bradley: I am going to go ahead and show Chrome and webcam over here actually do this. Everybody should be good to go. All right guys, sorry about that it's a little bit tricky managing all of these at the same time. All right, let's do it. Let's get into the questions.

How Likely Is It To Get Mention From Huffington And Forbes?

Alex says, “Bradley, how likely is it to get a Forbes or Huff post-like website to mention me on their site if I contact them? Say I do land a backlink from them, how many would someone need to gain authority in the health beauty niche to rank from zero to at least the first five pages?

Well you mean from not indexed or not in the top 100 to the first five pages. I am assuming that's what you mean Alex. How hard is it to get a link from them? Well if you could get a guest post, if you could somehow work your way in and get a guest post on it, you could get it that way. Something else you could do is there are what they call editorial links. There are a lot of services out there now that sell editorial links. They are damned expensive. I mean hugely expensive. Sometimes they are thousands and thousands of dollars for one link. In fact, Hernan, can you … I know local client takeover, those guys, have an editorial link service.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Can you locate that and drop it on the vent page for him.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: It's really expensive, but that's why it's expensive, because those links are so effective. It's very difficult to weasel your way in and get a link on your own. You have to pretty much build relationships with journalists and things like that. That are regular contributors to those media outlets in order to get them to use a quote of yours or something like that in one of their articles, in which case they'll link back to you. It's difficult to do that. You can if you've got the time, then you could do that.

Another site that you could look at for opportunities to comment on stories that are going to be written would be HARO Help A Reporter Out. That's something else you can sign up for a free account and get alerts on a daily basis and that's called Help A Reporter Outer. Let’s go take a look at that real quick. The email, the upcoming request from journalist and writers, bloggers and that kind of thing that are looking for experts in that particular subject matters and they'll tell you what the subject matter of the articles are. Then you can submit details to the writer saying that you can be quoted on that. When they quote you, that's when they'll link back to you. Let’s take a look at this real quick.

Help A Reporter Out right there. That's helpareporterout.com, okay? That's it right there. You can sign up for a free services on the source, sign up that way and then you can get them to send you, everyday they'll send you some available opportunities and things like that. Now you'll be competing with others too, so just keep that in mind. It definitely takes work. That's why the services like the one that Hernan is going to drop on the page is valuable because they've done all the leg work, you just pay them a lot of money and you get to link back. Hopefully that was helpful.

Hernan: I'm talking to Mark [Luckenbo 00:09:32] from [Nelcity 00:09:34] and they do not have it publicly but they will toss a contact information so that if you guys are interested getting it, it’s not cheap but they can get the job done for you. Another option that, I think diving like deep into guest posting to increase like brand awareness for Semantic Mastery and what not. There are a bunch of people out there that you would think that they wouldn't even answer your emails. It’s not like that. If you have something worth saying or sharing Alex, go ahead and pitch them, you may be lucky and at some point you need you just need to follow up with the guys and what not.

I thought it would be harder but we landed some nice guest posts. We're talking not only about the link possibility or the Link shoes but the traffic that is guest post can get. You have several options. The other option is to scrape them using Blue Chip Backlinks you know and 301 those links to whatever you want to you want to write. That's like a third option.

Bradley: Yeah that's not quite as effective is still effective and it's better than not having them at all. With your backlinks in fact I'm pretty, maybe not, I might be thinking of the old crawler I was using. They used to have specific categories like from CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes, those kind of things, Entrepreneur Inc. magazine, they used to have like lists of available domains that they have scraped them, that might've been the other crawler. Regardless you can call yourself if you want, if you have access to that tool. Okay also just wanted to thank you guys, I'm very thankful to have found out about you guys and I have IFTTT.

How Many Forbes Or Huffington Mentions To Gain Authority In The Health/Beauty Niche?

Well plus one that but I'm in the Firefox window so won't let me. The second part of that question I didn't finish and I'm sorry about that. He said so say I do land a backlink from them, how would someone need to gain authority, how many would somebody need to gain authority and help building their strength from zero to at least first five pages? Too many variables there Alex, there's too many variables. Because I mean like for example if you on-page isn't correct, I'm assuming yours is but I'm just saying if your on-page is poor, then you're going to require a hell of a lot more backlinks. If you have really really strong on page, you've got an authority type site. If it's a newer site most likely it's not going to mean of authority type site. If you did, having an authority type site, its siloed as well as a lot of content, interlinking is done properly. All of that then it will take less links than it would if you had a poor site with poor on-page SEO.

This Stuff Works

Like I said there's too many variables for us to be able tell you how many links you're going to need.

Would Rankings Be Affected With Trailing Slash In The URL?

Paul says, “Hey guys, I've got a question out of left field for you.” Okay. “I've a web designer who redesigned the site for a client. When they uploaded the new site, it lost ranking. Nothing new there, it happens but the client is pissed in went out and got opinions on why. Here is what the clowns said. They said the URL was built wrong with a forward slash on the end of the URL and I was one of the reasons it lost ranking. If it ends in a trailing slash, it creates a meta-refresh that returns the error status 503 to the Google bot. My first reaction is that they're full of shit what you think? Thanks. Yeah that shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. Returns at 503 to the Google bot. I don't know, I've never looked at it from a Google bot standpoint.

Adam: No they should, my opinion on this and Macro since he joined maybe he can chime in on this one.

Bradley: Hi Marco.

Adam: Yeah but the point is that I think that it shouldn't be able to turn a 503 error because that's a server error.

Bradley: Yeah [crosstalk 00:13:32]

Adam: Yeah. If you're getting a bad Gateway, that's something to be fixed on your server but it doesn't have anything to do with the URL. If it isn't meta-refresh or 301, you could be 301 like the end of the training slash two though without trailing slash or whatever, you can do that on WordPress itself. If you're getting a 503 and that's something that you're actually seeing, just plug it into [inaudible 00:13:58] or red checker or whatever. That's something that you need to fix but it's on the server side. It doesn't have to do with the trailing slash.

Bradley: 503 a service unavailable error, that sounds like server error not a URL errors. Anyways I'm sorry go ahead Marco.

Marco: No what I would ask is, is this what they're telling the client or is this actually what's showing up when you look it up, run it as Google bot inside what is it? The search console. Because if that's just what they're saying, the trailing slash has absolutely nothing to do. I mean it could be the theme that's the problem with the trailing slash. It could always change the way we have like the 301, everything that returns in error gets 301 to the own page or whatever destination you want. I don't see way it would be returning a server error just because of that forward slash or trailing slash. That's by default in WordPress when you choose your own permalink trailing. I mean you go over with setting up your own permalink, I mean that's added by default by most themes. I don't see why that would be a problem.

Bradley: Yeah. What I would do is just like he said, you want add your site, the search console and go to fetch and render or use a Google fetch tool. Inside a Webmaster tools or search console and it'll tell you like what codes and things like that. Fetch is Google, that's what you want to do is take a look at it that way and see what the errors are. I think they're full of shit too. I mean if there's some sort of error code that is being generated and it’s something that can be fixed and it’s probably going to be on the server side. It might be something that could be done in HTTP access or whatever too.

Hernan: Yeah because 503 has to do with the HTTP request. You're requesting that URL to the server, the server error says, no sorry. That's unavailable right now because of whatever, delay … Oh there you go. No you're not looking. Look that up, 503 error [crosstalk 00:16:17].

Bradley: What I've done just a second ago.

Hernan: They're going to tell you exactly what I told you, that that whatever is running the website has a problem, they can't handle the request.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: It’s saying a server unavailable error, what it is and how to fix it, PC support.

Hernan: There you go.

Bradley: There you go.

Hernan: If you can't find an answer, Google it.

Bradley: That's right. Hopefully that's it. Server's too or because there's maintenance being performed on it. That's a server error code and doesn't have anything to do with the trailing slash and the URL. If it is, you could always contact the host and say what's going on with this trouble. If you're dealing with a good host which is why we always recommend Liquid Web because the Liquid Web has awesome support that pretty much takes care of any issue ever but a lot of the cheaper host won't do it for you.

Hernan: Oh yeah, after fighting with [inaudible 00:17:09] for I don't know, maybe a year, Liquid Web is like heaven.

Is It Okay To Use The Same Gmail Accounts To Build Other IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Liquid Web is totally worth the extra money. Dean says one building IFTTT networks based around niche A with Gmail phone verified accounts and Google sign ins, is it okay to build out a few more networks for niche B still using the same Gmail account and using it to sign in etc. is that spammy? Because as a web designer I have a few client sites already in my main Webmaster tools account and would save me time to perhaps use the same persona i.e. the real me to do that. Many thanks, just put my first network one day ago plus one that.

Well you can Dean but I wouldn't recommend it. The thing is, is what I've said this is how I do it and this is what I recommend is that every time you build new networks that you still set up a persona even if it's branded networks for that matter. I mean the way I do it is I set up a persona which is the account owner so to speak, right? Like that's the page owner of the younger Google account owner is the profile, that's a person or persona in this case. Dean what you do is you set up the branded accounts, the page, the Google plus page and YouTube channel and all that kind of stuff and then you assign yourself your profile, your main Dean's signatory profile as the manager so that you can access it from your own Google dashboard without having to login through a different login. That's what I recommend that you do.

The reason why I say that is because it separates accounts. Let’s say that you had you know 10 different sites and they were all and they were all, so you had different networks and you built them all underneath your main profile or any one profile, does that make sense? Like whether it’s yours or somebody else's profile doesn't matter. Let’s just say that all of those accounts were under that one profile. Something were to happen at some point where Google thought you were doing something spammy and decided to terminate your account, you'd lose all of those, okay? All 10 sites. At least when use a persona as the account owner and you assign yourself as the manager, then you can still manage all of those accounts through your profile.

If you were to ever get terminated because you weren't the page owner, that page would still, it would be affected, it would just terminate your account but it wouldn't terminate the page owner's account. Does that make sense? What I suggest doing is, I know it's a little bit of extra work but it is just a way to prevent yourself from putting all your eggs in one basket in case Google decides to take that basket from you. I always recommend that you separate it. Okay. Let’s see, I already have sites in my main Webmaster tools account, would like to save time perhaps … Yes, the same thing though. I mean once you because you can add your main profile as a manager so that you can access the Google Plus page and the YouTube channel and the blogger account, stuff like that you can do all of that is a page manager.

Then if you want to add those sites to your search console or Webmaster tools account and your analytics account and things like that, you can you just add yourself as a user. Within search console, you click on the top right where the settings are and you add users, click on add users or whatever the term is and then you just submit your Gmail address and then you can also restrict the access level to like read-only or full rights and that kind of stuff. I would recommend that's what you do is still set up the new networks on a new personas and then just make yourself a on page manager as well as a search console user and an analytics user well.

Marco: To go real quick to Paul's because he posted later on that it’s what they told the client. Here's his opportunity to make himself look like a boss. He just needs to make sure that everything is redirected to either the www or none www version of the website. We usually recommend www since it’s a subdomain. Make sure that you have it in Webmaster tools or search console or whatever you want to call it. Make sure that you have access to the cPanel and to the error logs then you go and you sit in front of your client and you run it through search console and then you run a regular request through all three browsers if you want, then you're going to look at the error logs, they should be completely clean and then you say, whoever told this, doesn't know what they're talking about and now you just look like a boss.

Bradley: That's right. Yeah that's what I was saying. Because you can turn this, let somebody else especially when they say some bullshit like that when you go back and can show them proof like that wasn't true, then that makes you look like a superstar. You'll earn their trust as well. One second guys, I got side tracked.

Why Does 3 Pack Shows Up Sometimes And Sometimes Not In Google SERPs?

The next questions is R [Bacon 00:22:19]. He says, Bradley quick question, I noticed when I search Google rankings for certain keywords that I ranked my sites for sometimes a three pack shows and sometimes it doesn't. Is there any explanation as to why only shows part of the time?

This Stuff Works

Well the only explanation I know of and there might be an actual like official answer to this, but the one that, my assumption is or my understanding is, is that Google is always always tweaking their search engine results pages and they're trying new things for different search phrases at different geographic locations and that sort of thing to determine the click through rates of the listings that they're displaying. Sometimes they show the maps sometimes they don't because I know what you're talking about, I see the same thing. However that said, what they do is they determine, they do is like a sample of with the three pack and without the three pack. Then they try to determine and they'll also change the positioning of the ad sometime.

Sometimes the ads, most of the time the ads are at the top, but sometimes they'll move the adds to the bottom of the page now instead of … Because they don't do it on the sidebar anymore anyways. What they do is monitor that the click through rates from the different configurations that they display in the search and results pages. Then over time to determine which one gets the most interactivity or most engagement or whatever. Then they choose to display that more often than not. It's almost like auto optimizing the search engine results pages. That's my understanding of it. I can also tell you I just pulled this up that's why I was distracted. This is an article search engine Roundtable that and I've noticed this a lot recently to and those of you that were on I don't know if we talked about this in Hump Day Hangouts or we talked about it master class last week, I think is master class. I'm doing a lot more AdWord stuff now.

I had never done AdWord stuff in the past, but this is part of the reason why, is because of what they're doing, the search engine results pages is now when you do local searches, most the time on desktops and laptops you're going see four ads and then you're going to see a maps three path. You don't even get to any organic listings until you're below the fold. Because of that, all of the sites that I've done, lead gen sites and plus client sites of mine that were focused 100% organic SEO. They didn't have a maps listing or they were in areas that they don't have a physical location and they also don't you outwards. Most of my clients have not to this point done AdWords. The problem is, is that most of the organic listings we've noticed have started to do considerably … Seen a considerable decline in call volume or leads in general.

About 80% of my businesses is phone calls for lead gen and for clients who, we generate phone calls that's our primary objective. We've seen all organic listings, we've seen significant drop in call volume. However the maps listings the wants that do have maps listings, they have stayed fairly steady. That's why I'm starting to do a lot more Adwords stuff now because we've got to evolve with the changing search. I'm recommending to clients, I've got a meeting with two different clients on Friday actually to pitch them AdWord services because … I'm going to use the same thing. We talked about this before but let's just bring this up real quick. If I say like roof repair let’s say Richmond, yeah. Take a look guys, there's four AdWord listings here first. Then you scroll down and then there's the maps pack with three listings. You've got to scroll a third of the way down the page before you even get to any organic listings. Because of that, a considerable call volume is dropped off.

As well like I said, I'm going to go meet with two roofing contractors in fact on Friday and I'm going to be showing them this and explaining this to them and saying, “Look guys, if you're not up here or in the maps, you're losing a hell of a lot of calls.” They're aware of that already. The link that I wanted to share which I'm sorry I got side tracked again. Here is, let me see if I can post it on this page without being signed. This is an SEO roundtable article that was just posted yesterday by Barry Schwartz. There is there is a lot of chatter on line right now about the maps listings have dwindled considerably. This is a like a before shot, you see this here and then we scroll down, this is the aftershock. You can see that the maps listings now are considerably reduced as well.

I'm not talking about the three pack, I'm talking about when you click on the show more results, so like right here where it says more places, if we click on this, we notice that I've noticed is for a lot of my lead gen sites because I'm always checking on stuff is that the maps listings, they're not showing the show more listings down here at the bottom. Like if you're not in the top whatever, however many they decide to display here, then there's no way to even access the maps listing unless you're looking specifically for that businesses name. If you read this article on here I'm finally pasted, I've been teasing you guys with it long enough. Let me try this right here. No, it’s not going to let me post on here. Adam I'm going to drop this in slack if you could …

Adam: It’s good.

Bradley: Fix down on the event page. What I was going to say with … What he says in this article is that, yeah I think they're paving the way, Google is paving the way for paid maps listings. They're starting to tweak the algorithm. Now again this is speculation at this point, but it seems pretty apparent what they're doing. They're reducing the number of maps listings are showing up organically so that they can start making room for AdWords paid maps listings. We had heard from Google announced before that the first listing in a maps pack is going to be paid out anyways. You can see if we are looking at the maps page right here, this is a paid ad.

From what I hear, from what I had heard on and I'd have to locate the article, but I heard that the first position in the three pack is going to start being an ad too. My point is guys if you're not evolving, then you're going end up not being able to perform as well as an SEO. I think AdWords is going to be something that's just going to be a necessary evil if you want Google traffic.

Hernan: Right, yeah. You make a great point here Bradley because we have talked about this time and time again in several occasions that every free traffic source ends up at some point ends up becoming a paid traffic source. It happens to Google, it happened to Facebook. You used to post on a Facebook fan page and you will reach everyone and know that's not even close. Every free “traffic source” ends up being a paper play, pay to play traffic source. You need to have that in mind, that's for once. The other hand is Google maps listing is not your business listing, is Google maps, it's Google's. You need to be really certain about that, that if you have a big Facebook page, it’s not yours, its Facebook's. If you have big Google Plus community, it’s not yours is Google Plus.

You need to be really really aware of that when you are trying to first explaining to the client and second developing any kind of asset online. The only things in my opinion that really belong to you are at the relationship that you have with your customers and with your clients and with your leads, your email list, maybe your website but that's pretty much it. In any other case you're trying to reach out for traffic eyeballs and you need to leverage other people's real state to do that. I think this is part of the rules of the game. We need to evolve as Bradley was saying. I think that it does a lot of good to start with that mindset, any kind of business or grow your business or even sit down to talk with a client, start with that mindset, because it will help you in the long run.

Bradley: Yeah and that's part of the reason I'm developing the local kingpin training now that's going to be released in October because of this reason. I'm trying to streamline the ability to set up lead gen funnels for local businesses or for your own digital asset portfolio, if you want to do lead gen business. I'm trying to streamline it where it's something that can be duplicated very very quickly. There are some benefits to AdWords guys. I mean literally you could set up a landing page and turn traffic on it 48 hours, within 48 hours. I mean its traffic on demand. There is definitely value in that and so that's what the local kingpin training is about.

Then there will be some SEO training in there too. It's going to be more about being able to set up funnels and turn traffic on very very quickly. Because SEO continues to get more complicated guys and there is no question and is not that I'm running scared, it's just that I want to provide the same kind of consistent results to my clients and for my own lead gen business that I've been able to over the last six years. It seems that without evolving and going into some paid traffic through Google that my abilities are starting to decline. Not as an SEO but is my abilities to generate leads if that make sense. This is something that I've been forced to learn is AdWords and now I see the value in it. To be honest with you, I'm not sure why I hadn't see it.

I guess before I didn't need it because SEO just works so damn well for generating leads that I just never thought about AdWords. I was like, that's stupid. I'm not paying for traffic. Now it's like being forced to pay for traffic. Just like I said, there's benefits to that it’s easily scalable.

What Are Your Thoughts On Text Tools For Semantic Keyword Analysis?

Greg says, have guys heard of textools.net for semantic keyword analysis and could you comment on it please. They're are having summer special and a 14-day free trial. Well I hadn't looked at it yet, I guess we can look at it very quick. Let’s see text tools I'd have to read through this little bit. I don't know anything about it. This is the first I've heard about it. I'd have to look at it a little bit more and I'm certainly not going to do that on a call right now. Has anybody else here heard of this before?

Male: No, not on my end.

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Bradley: Well we can check it out and then comment back on the event page once we've looked at it or comment on it next week. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s given us something to look at Greg. I don't have a comment for you right now.

How To Link Out Geo-Relevant Expired Domains To Local Money Site?

Ryan says, I'm finding lots of geo relevant expired domains from old local businesses but have very little backlinks. How you typically link out to local money sites from these or do you just add a URL or brand link somewhere on the page or do you add some content? Would it be better to save your exact match anchors for domain to provide more link juice? Thanks. That's a good question Ryan. What I've been doing is it's not, I don't care about the number of backlinks when I'm scraping domains. I'm not really worried about that.

What I look for, is I look for the trust flow numbers and the topical trust flow category so I want to make sure that it is relevant. Then what I do is I look at the age of the inbound links going to that domain. In other words I'll go look at archive.org, the way back machine and I'll take a look and see if for example one of the domains that I want to purchase, let’s say it’s only got two referring domains, right? One of the links is like from 2006 and then the other ones from like 2010. Chances are that link is never going to be removed. I don't really care about the quantity of links. I used to when I was buying expired domains like that the traditional PBN style back building PBN's when you just go out and find expired domains based on purely metrics and you didn't care about topical relevancy or any of that stuff.

It was more about the number of backlinks, the number referring domains. Because once you would rebuild the site or build a new site onto that domain, then Webmasters over time would start removing the link to that site because it was no longer relevant to what it had been, it was new content and that kind of stuff. With traditional PBN domains over time they would lose their back links. They were like a finite resource, they would only last so long. That wasn't always the case but that was more often than not the case. With the domains that I'm buying now, I don't really care if, like I'll buy domain, it just has one inbound link, no kidding.

If it's a powerful inbound link and if it's going to serve a purpose then I'll go ahead and purchase it even if it has just one inbound link. Again I checked to make sure that the age is there. If it was a one inbound link, it was just placed last year, then I might not do it because there is a likelihood that that's going to be removed. If it was a link placed in 2008 and it's been there for eight years, chances are it's never going to be removed and so that would still be valuable in my opinion.

How I slink from those to my money site? Well what I typically do is will rebuild the old site using the way back rebuilder, the one inside of each of backlinks. Those of you that aren't using Blue Chip Backlinks, Terry Kyle came out with just the way back rebuilder, is like a spinoff from Blue Chip Backlinks and it's cheaper than Blue Chip Backlinks. I don't remember what it is, I think it’s like 37 a month or something like that. To be honest with you should go ahead and get Blue Chip Backlinks if that's the case. What I'd typically do is just rebuild the site and then I'll just put a link right on the homepage of the site. Like all other links on the site will be no follow and there will be one to follow link that I'll hack into the site like on the front page of site because it’s just an HTML page. I go in and edit the HTML, update the index.html file and save it to the server. It worked to the Amazon S3 or wherever hosting it in and that's it and I leave it alone. Because those are genuine real sites, right?

I just usually put it in it. Sometimes there are footer links. I know you've got a little bit more careful with doing for footer links and that kind of stuff. That's what I've been doing and it works really well. It’s different than like if you were some spamming using traditional style PBN with a bunch of blog posts on it because those look like PBNs, you know what I mean? When you're rebuilding old sites, they look like legitimate sites because they were legitimate sites. I'll just put a link on the homepage somewhere and that's it. That's how I do it. Remember if you're concerned about that, which you should be, you've got to be careful. You can always link to tier one IFTTT property preferably one that has a do follow link back to your money site, so you can link to that. Or you can set up one expired domains that you've rebuilt and then point all of your subsequent expired domains to that one so that you essentially creating like a buffer site and you can do that as well.

Do I add more content? No, I'm not building PBN style sites at all anymore. All I do now is rebuilt old sites that's it. That way I don't have to come up with content, I don't have to theme the blogs, I don't have to, nothing. I just unzip the file, upload it to the server, go in and edit my index.html file, add my link and I'm done. Never have to touch it again.

Would it be better to save your exact anchor text for domain provide more linkages. Yeah I mean you can. What I do is I just typically will if I'm going to build like 10 links back my money site, then I'll use 10 different anchors text, things like that so that they're not all the same. That's up to you. Again what you could do was always use an exact match anchor from one rebuilt site that points to your money site and then link to that rebuilt site with all the subsequent domains and use different variations then. Does that make sense? So that you're only providing one exact match anchor back to your site, but then you’re juicing that link with a bunch of other relevant links using LSI or co-occurring type keywords, okay?

What Is The Recommended Way In Setting Up Email Accounts For Small Businesses?

Scott says when setting up email accounts for small business folks what is a recommended way? I find using cPanel one hosting is troublesome and I'm thinking of using Gmail but somehow make it look like it's coming sending, from their domain name which you can do with Google apps, right? Can't you do that with Gmail apps or whatever it’s called?

Hernan: Yeah I think.

Bradley: I don't do it that way, I set up on webmail and then I set up an alias in Gmail.

Hernan: That's what I do as well for small businesses. Yeah Scott, if they work with Gmail you can redirect the email account to your Gmail and then set up an alias like a reply from, so that they are replying from the at their domain dot com. That's is pretty straight forward.

Bradley: Yeah I know in Google apps you can do that. Somehow I've done in the past but I had to get some help because it was kind of geeky setting up bunch of MX records and stuff in your DNS server for your domain and all that. I know somehow through Google apps you can still use your domain but everything runs through the Google servers instead. Because the way that I still do it now, though is I run everything through webmail. Then I just create and alias and set up SMTP settings in Gmail so that I can send and receive email from my Gmail account, but it's actually still going through my hosting account in my webmail server.

You can do it through, you can do it the other way around where you can have all the emails go through the Google server but you have to do that through Google apps. I'm not 100% sure how to set that up. I had to get help. It was like three years ago when I did it and I had to get help with it. Let's see, I found tutorials from Google however it was not very specific on transferring all older emails over so it seamless to the client and hassle-free to me. Yeah I don't know about transferring old emails. Every time I've ever done it, it's always just been from once you have done the setup from that point forward, there may be a way to import all the old emails. I don't know how to do that though unfortunately Scott, I can't give you any guidance on that.

How To Create A Google Plus Page Login? 

John says and we still got about 10 minutes. John says trying to create a Plus page logins of people can get into the page that way and V2 both sections three video 11 and section eight video two reference a create plus page login option but it doesn't appear to be available now and I'm not finding an update video on the subject. Did Google move or remove this? No John it’s still available. I'm going to have to share my desktop here for me to be able show you that. It is absolutely still available. What you're probably doing is you probably assigned yourself as a page manager and you're trying to edit or create a page login as through the manager account and not through the owner account. You can't do that, you have to be logged in as the page owner.

This Stuff Works

The profile that actually owns it you have to be logged in under that account in order to set up third-party access which is a page login, okay? My guess is that you're set up as a as a manager. Let grab the whole screen here so that everybody can see this and I'll show you. I just wanted to confirm that that wasn't the case, so I actually set it up myself earlier today just to confirm. You guys should all being seeing my entire screen and it probably got really messy just now. What I want to do is move this out of the way, I've got too many damn windows going on here guys forgive me. Let me move this to chrome.

Hernan: That is kind of psychedelic [inaudible 00:42:30].

Bradley: It's messy, isn't it?

Hernan: Its window inception?

Bradley: Yeah it is. One known side of a window. Okay so on Facebook you guys are seeing chrome and you guys aren't seeing chrome you have to see my whole window in order for this to work. From your Google my business page manager, you're just going to select on the page. Make sure that you're logged in as the profile that owns the page. You can't do this is a page manager, okay? I know you guys are hard to see, let me actually just expand this a little bit. That's not going to work. That's all right, you guys can see what I'm talking about. From here just click on the settings, again you have to be the page, you have to be logged in the Google account as the page owner. From settings you just scroll down and it's right here third-party tools, right there.

That's how you set it up, this is the page username right here, you click setup password, you're going to have to enter in the profile account password in order … Once you click setup password it’s going to prompt you to enter in the profile password again. Then you click that, once you click that, then it will ask you to set up a separate password as the page login. This is the page login username/email right there. Again if you're logged in as a manager instead of the owner, this right here won't even show up. That's probably the problem you're having John. All right?

Let’s go back to this Firefox because I know that was probably confusing. Are you guys seeing that?

Hernan: That's why you need to get another monitor Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah probably. No, because then I would be like way confused. A bunch of windows and a bunch of monitors, that is the perception there.

Hernan: Turn this into the matrix or something.

Bradley: Have an ice cream headache by the end of the show. Did Google move it? No, if not is there a work around trick? No, I just showed you how to fix it, you're probably logged in as a manager. Any suggestions on what we should I guess on what should we used to log into feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Any suggestions on what we should use to log in the feed burner to create the plus page RSS feed URL? Just log in through the profile that you're logged in with.

Hernan: Right because you can login with the profile or with the page login. I mean you can do both. It depends, I mean you could create blogger, yeah like regular Google accounts like blogger. I'm not sure about, YouTube for sure and feed burner from your page login. We usually do it from the yeah from the profile login but sometimes you can do it from the page login itself.

Bradley: Yes, I mean from feed burner all I do is like from usually I'd be logged in as the profile or is the page anyways that I'm working on because I do all kind of work in Firefox for the most part. You just go over to feed burner and just create your feeds that way. Maybe I'm not understanding question John because it seems to me like it's pretty self-explanatory. If you can clarify that if you're here.

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Jacobs is back. Hey Jacob, good to see you back man, it’s been a while. Zane is here, cool. Let’s see, we are almost out of time anyways so this is probably good.

Adam: [Inaudible 00:46:05] answer the [inaudible 00:46:06] question there.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: Sorry you weren't there yet.

What Are The Advantages Of Using City Domain Extensions In Local Optimization?

Bradley: Chris says, “Hey guys have you have any experience with local using city domain extensions like …? No, I haven't done that yet. I don't even know they were available. I would try that. It would be worth giving it a shot. I'm not really that good at success with some of those fancy domain extensions like I just try to stick with .net or .coms, .nets, .orgs for the most part. That's kind of cool, it might be worth testing on a lead gen site. In fact I might actually test that. I'm building out a whole bunch of leads gen sites right now for the local kingpin training. I might actually touch that. Okay, cool. We are almost done. AdWords announced paid pins are coming late 2016, early 2017 on their live event last month. That was it Jacob, that's where I heard it. It was there. It was the guy John Mueller whatever Moller or whatever the hell his name is. That's exactly what I was talking about. Okay [inaudible 00:47:09] question was answered. Is that correct?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay looks like we're done. Thanks Zane for contributing. Zane is a partner of ours in mastery PR and we got some really cool stuff coming up for you guys. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet, but it's really cool we got coming up. We've got another product next month coming out and the next one in August excuse me October.

Adam: All right, well we are done. Thanks everybody for being here. We will be back next week. Those of you that … Did we drop the OBS webinar?

Hernan: We did and I just put it on there again. I wanted to stay in case anybody's listening who wasn't on earlier, at 5:00 Bradley's going to be showing you guys how to use OBS open broadcast software. How to use that, it’s what we're using now to stream. Pretty powerful software. There is no pitch with this, it’s just showing you guys how we do what we do. If you're interested in using live streaming and you should be. If you're doing anything with video or you're interested in it, then click the link at go sign-ups free webinar and it starts in 11 minutes.

Bradley: Yeah, we will see you guys in just a few minutes then. Thanks guys we will see you in a bit.

Hernan: Thanks.

Male: Bye everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 75

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 43 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to your Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 13th of April. This is “Hump Day Hangouts; Episode 75.” We are now three-quarters of the way to the century mark. We still don’t have Hernan. He’s missing in action, but hopefully he’ll show up again someday. We do have Chris, Marco, and Bradley. We’ll go down the line and see what’s going on. How’s it going Chris?

Chris: Hello everybody. Doing great here. Good to be here.

Adam: Marco, as usual, how’s the weather treating you?

Marco: Warm and sunny, man. I can’t stand it. I can’t wait for the rain.

Adam: It’s coming. That’s tough. Bradley how about yourself? How are you doing?

Bradley: Really upset that Hernan is not here again, and that you guys are going to have to settle for us.

Adam: No Hernan. Maybe we can get him if he watches this, which I guarantee you he will be. Hopefully, he can start posting some more pictures. I think we were getting like pictures, pictures on Facebook and stuff, and then it’s gone quiet. That might be because of his internet connection.

Bradley: Since Hernan might be watching this later, I just want to give you this.

Adam: We miss you buddy. Let’s roll through some announcements real quick, and then I think we’re going to dive into it this week. Real quick, if you got our email this morning, we were telling you about the Summit Webinar, the free webinar for video marketing tomorrow. Bradley, if you want to talk about that real briefly. I’m going to pop the link in here. You guys can sign up, but it’s a free expert panel that Bradley is participating in tomorrow.

Bradley: There’s a Video Marketing Summit. It’s called, “The Video Mastery Mini Summit” that John S. Roads is hosting. He’s putting it together for tomorrow. It’s a 2:00 p.m. eastern. There’s going to be several panelist on there. I’m one of them, Todd Gross, Felicia Slattery, Ben Littlefield, and Ray Laine. Ray the video guy, he maybe on as well.

I guess it’s like speed dating. We’re each going to be given about 15 minutes to just talk about what each one of us are really good at. Obviously, there’s going to be an offer at the end for something really cheap. Most of you guys already have IFTTT SEO Academy. That’s what I’m going to be talking about is how to use … It’s for video stuff “How to use IFTTT syndications networks for video SEO”.

Again, this is like the offers that are going to be made are incredibly discounted. It would be worth anybody that’s doing video SEO stuff to come check it out tomorrow and see what’s available, because, again, there’s several people are going to be talking very briefly about whatever, and then making a ridiculously cheap pitch at the end. If you guys are interested in that, come check it out tomorrow.

Adam: Cool. I promise you, we did not come up with that URL shortener. I have no idea where that comes from. We did not do that. That was given to us. Always you guys, if you don’t have a Search Base account, please head over, sign-up. Free account to sign-up. I actually had somebody asking me, “Hey. How do I get these discounts you guys were talking about with Serp Space?” You get them by signing up. Then we send out emails from time to time as deals come up. If you’re signed up to our email list, you’re good to go. Head over there. Once you join, you’ll be set for the discounts. Then we’re going to be rolling out some more stuff in the near future. Hopefully, we’ll see you over there.

Chris: Sweet.

Adam: How about you Chris, anything else or are we ready to roll?

Marco: IFTTT SEO Academy rules.

Adam: Of course, it does.

Bradley: There goes Marco again. All right cool. I think we’re pretty good to go on questions now. No other announcements, right? We’re ready?

Adam: I just saw the picture you posted.

Bradley: Well, I had to post something. I’m going to go ahead and grab the screen. We’re going to get right into it. I’ll take the entire screen. Hopefully, you guys are seeing everything okay.

Third Party RSS Feed For Non-Wordpress Sites

We’re going to start right with Mark O’Connel at the bottom. He says, “Hi, guys. Quick question for you. If a client has an RSS feed that only post a small description and that’s it and it wasn’t WordPress, would you get them to ask their webmaster to make it full post feed? Have you ever created your own unique RSS feed? There are software out there that create RSS feed. Is it possible to create an RSS feed from another URL and put it on my own domain or sub domain, put a robots.txt file in it and no index it as well and use that for the blog syndication? Thanks.”

Mark, I have run into that problem, but I’ve always gone directly to the developer, whoever is managing the site and ask them to change the feed. In fact, I’ve met with resistance on that a couple of times where the web developers have said like, “Why would you want to do a full text feed? That can cause duplicate content issues.” I’ve had to argue with them and say, “Just do it.” You just stick to building websites and I’ll stick to doing SEO, okay?

Seriously, I’ve had that happened on a couple occasions now. I’ve just had them change the RSS feed output to where it makes a full text. I don’t know about the other option that you mentioned. Is that something that you’ve done before, either Chris or Marco? We’ve created an RSS feed.

Marco: Say that again. I’m sorry.

Bradley: In his question, I would go directly to the webmaster or the developer and say, “Hey. I need the RSS feed to output full text post instead of just summaries.” He is saying that there are software out there that also create RSS feed. Is it possible to create an RSS feed from another URL and put it on my own domain or sub domain to use that for blog syndication? Do you guys have any experience …

Marco: I have never done this, but, yes, you can actually create an RSS feed from … Anything that has content can become an RSS feed. This is absolutely plausible. I don’t see why not. Especially we’re doing … It’s a little underhanded, but, yeah, absolutely. I might try it myself. The only thing that I always tell people is, “Test it.” The only thing that you can do is test and see what works and what doesn’t, and how Google reacts to it.

Chris: I’ve done it in the past. It was like feed blending and get my own custom-made WordPress plugins just had pretty much a spider behind it and just search for specific kind of content. I haven’t done it for like a year or so. No idea if we get a penalty or not right now.

Bradley: Like I said, I’ve always just going to the developer and said, “Look, this is what we need. Make it happen.” Then sometimes I have to argue with them to convince them why they should do it, but that’s how I’ve always done it. I haven’t tested the other method, Mark. Just test it.

If you have a way to do it on your own that doesn’t require a lot of manual work, the thing that I would see … Foresee as a potential problem would be, if you had to go up and update the RSS feed manually, which would suck. You know what I’m saying? Like if you had to insert new items manually into the feed output of, like if you’re using some sort of third party RSS feed generator. If you get the developers to just create either … They could even create a second version of the feed. If their main feed outputs a summary, you could have a second feed created that just uses a different slug, that would output the full text post feed, the full text post, which then you could use for syndication. That’s typically how I do it because it requires the least.

Remember, the more third-party stuff you start using, the greater the chance of something breaking down. In my opinion, it’s better to go straight to the source and get to the actual feed updated on the blog itself.

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How Does Search Engine Bots Perform in Terms of Caching, Indexing, Timing, and Ranking?

Next one. Sky says, “I used to think when the cache data change on the SERP, search engines results page, the search engine that had crawled, evaluated and assigned the ranks core. I recently noticed the description tag was not updated in the SERPs even after a new cached version was displayed in the SERPs. The cached version displays new updates made to the web page. The description was my old version and it wasn’t rewritten by the search engine. Can you please cover the bot process indexing timing and ranking evaluation? Thanks.”

First of all, Sky, I wish I could. If I knew that much, if I knew exactly how the bot process index timing and rank evaluation work within Google, I wouldn’t be sitting here teaching you guys how to do any SEO stuff, because I’d be counting my money and running my empire. Honestly, I can’t answer that. I don’t work for Google.

I can tell you that I have also experienced the same thing where … I’m not sure what causes it, but sometimes the title tags or the meta descriptions don’t get updated like they’re supposed to.

Sometimes it’s weird. I’ve seen Google reorder the title tags from my sites and I have rhymer reason as to why they’ve done it. I’ve gone back and checked the SEO titles. I’ve checked the meta descriptions and seeing that they … For whatever reason Google decides to display it however the hell they want sometimes.

In my opinion, it’s a fluke. There might be something behind it, but don’t know what it is. I just usually just ignore it, and it ends up fixing itself at some point. I know that when they come … When they refresh the database so whenever they refresh the results, it’s supposed to update, but I think its different data centers that perform different functions. Just because the cache has been updated, it doesn’t mean what’s displayed in the search results is going to be updated, because that could be another data center refresh entirely. Does that make sense? They’re not always synced up. In fact, they’re usually not synced up is my point. You want to say anything about that, Marco? I think you had something about it, too, didn’t you?

Marco: No. Not at all. I’m totally with you. There’s absolutely no way for us to know timing. If we could, we could pin point the timing and then the rank evaluation that’s conducted during the bot process, I would be right there with you sitting on the beach, drinking Mai Tai or whatever, and talking about how we have the stuff killing it all over the web. We’d be able to take over just about any niche. You name it. We would take over, because we know exactly how the process works.

Most of all we do is a good guesstimate and spend tons of time looking at patents and the way that Google does things. Through tests, we can infer certain things. There’s no way to know. There’s just no way.

Bradley: Yes. I mean, as I said, Sky, I’ve noticed that there is like the cache … The refresh rate is different depending on what it is that they’re refreshing. You see stuff that’s just as out of sync all the time. I see it fairly regularly. I just chalk it up to being just part of the process, and so I just ignore it. Most of the time, this stuff will fix itself anyways. It will refresh at some point.

How to Rank Amazon Product Pages in Google?

Randy M. says, “What’s the best technique for ranking specific Amazon product pages and Google for your clients for specific keywords?”

I don’t do any Amazon stuff, but I can give you my best guess, but I haven’t verified it, because I don’t do any Amazon stuff. I would assume that if you have Amazon product pages, because it’s an Amazon page, essentially, on the Amazon.com domain, it can withstand probably an enormous amount of abuse.

My assumption would be that if you were to just build a shit ton of back links to it, preferably high quality links if possible, but you could probably even get away with quite a bit of spam, too, because I’s an Amazon page. Now again, I cannot say for sure, Randy, because I don’t do any Amazon stuff, but I know that the Amazon domain itself is … What is it? A perfect domain authority of 100 … I mean, it’s Amazon for god’s sake. It should be able to withstand a lot of abuse. That’s what my assumption would be, is that you optimize the page as much as you can, which I don’t know, because I’ve never set-up an Amazon listing. I don’t know how much you can optimize the page itself, but then also probably just build literally a ton of boat load of backlinks to it. That would be my opinion. Marco and … I don’t know. Adam, do you have any common experience for this Amazon stuff?

Adam: No. I haven’t tried Amazon man.

Marco: Yeah. Not with the product pages, so I don’t want to say something, like you said, haven’t tested. Not for product pages?

Chris: When you had that question, I was like, “You can transfer it within Google or in Amazon?”

Bradley: He says Google. That’s what I’m saying. As far as for Google, I can’t speak to the Amazon algorithm, but for Google, I would imagine you should probably be able to rank it with just optimizing the pages as much as possible, like I said. Again, I don’t really know what the extent of the optimization of the actual listing page is. Then I would just build a bunch of back links to the page because, it’s an Amazon domain so you should be able to get away with pretty much murder for that.

How to Recover from Google's Search Engine Penalty?

Greg says, “Hi Bradley. I have a tough SEO question. My website used to have good page one positions last year. Google gave it a same content, no value manual penalty. Okay. Google has rejected four reconsideration requests over the past six months. Last week, I got a second spam thing content penalty.”

It’s time to change domains Greg. That’s all there is to it. “Six months ago, it did only have five pages. Since then, I’ve added 15 pages, a one thousand word about us page with original images, three original videos. We interviewed three different SEOs, etcetera. Pages are 800 to 2500 words. It has no affiliate links. All is original content.”

It’s just your domain is like the bastard child. Google, for whatever reason, just does not like your domain. I would just switch domains. “One SEOs advice was not to fight Google, start a new site and redirect this site to a new domain. What direction would you suggest?”

Yes. That’s what I just said. I would absolutely just clone the site. Slap it up on a new another domain. Then I would go ahead and redirect. As long as you know you don’t have a back link penalty, then I would redirect the old pages to the new ones. Just make sure that your backlink profile is clean. If it’s not, then I would probably setup some double 301 or something like that to where you’re not … Which we can’t really get into on Hump Hangouts. I would just make sure backlink profile is fairly decent before doing a 301 redirect from page-by-page.

For example, if you have one page that have a particular spammy backlink profile built to that specific page, then I wouldn’t 301 redirect that directly to the new page, if that make sense. I would end up maybe redirecting it to a buffer site first that had a link to my page, so that you lease the buffer site would be getting the bulk of the bad, the potentially negative SEO juice.

I don’t know if that make sense. Let’s see, “Would you 301 inside over page the new domain?” Yes, if the backlink profile was decent. Only redirect the most important pages. For example, if you were to take a look at all the different pages, like the backlinks on a page by page basis. If you’ve got pages than don’t have any backlinks or have very few or insignificant backlinks, there’s really no need to 301 redirect that all, because there’s no need to push the juice over, because it’s such insignificant amount of juice. It’s not necessary.

Yeah. You can just redirect the most important pages. Again, just pay attention to the backlink profile and make sure it’s clean. “Double redirect. I heard of this, don’t even know what it is.”

You could come talk to us in the Mastermind. We’d be happy to talk to you a little bit more about that.

“Is there a way to completely delete the current site and start a new site with the same existing content on the new site?” Yes. You would just clone the site and put it on new domain. Start a new site using the same existing content on the site. Yes. You just clone the domain. Clone the site. Install it on the new domain. Then you’re essentially deleting the old domain.

“Will the negative black market has carry over and contaminate the new site?” It shouldn’t. It should be a domain specific penalty.

“If I redirect it to another as a sub domain, will it contaminate the other sub domains in the root main?” Look. If you’re worried about the old domain redirect … If you redirect the old domain to the new domain, there’s a chance that you could pass the penalty to the new domain. It won’t be instant. It will take some time for it to catch up.

That’s why I recommend if you’re going to do it, that if you do it on a page by page basis and set them on a domain-wide level, and that you would only select your most important pages provided that they have clean back link profile. Anything that you would think is questionable, whatsoever, don’t do a 301 redirect to the new site. Put a buffer site in between. I don’t care if you use wordpress.com, Blogger, or Tumblr, whatever. Put some sort buffer site in the middle and redirect to the buffer site. Then have the buffer site pages pointing to the pages on the new site, the new domain. That way you’re cleaning that juice through that buffer site.

The penalty wouldn’t pass to the new domain if you don’t have a direct 301 redirect to the new domain. If you had a two-step where its redirecting to a buffer site first, and then the buffer site is just pushing juice to the new site, the penalty is not going to pass to the new site. At best or at worst, they would actually just penalize the buffer site, which is why you use like a high domain authority or Web2Dot or type site.

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If you brand redirect to sub domain … Honestly, this will confuse more people answering this question. If you’re in the master class, we could talk about that in the master class, but that last part, trust me, that’s going to end up having a lot of people scratching their heads.

Is it Good to Use a Sitemap in Resurrecting Expired Domains on Amazon S3?

Jeff says, “Question 1. I’m resurrecting expired domain on Amazon S3. Is it advisable to use a sitemap? If so, can I just generate a site map .XML file as usual and submit it to search console? I tried this with my first site. The Google kept rejecting the sitemap. What am I missing?” I don’t worry I bout site maps for HTML sites, Jeff. If you want to go through the trouble, then certainly, I’m sure it could help a little bit. Honestly, I don’t go through the trouble. It’s too much extra work for such an insignificant amount of benefit.

It’s diminishing return, guys. Spending your time creating site maps, XML files and trying to work that out, if there’s an easy way to do it, sure use it. Why not? If you’re having trouble with it, just move on. To be honest with you, if you’re resurrecting the old sites, you should be able to. Once the site has rebuilt, you should be able to scrape the URLs from the pages that are available. Then you could even use a crawler or a domain crawler to do that very quickly and scrape all the pages, the URLs, and just hang them or submit them to an indexer. That’s all you need to do.

“Do I remember you saying these sites had dynamic IPs?” Yes, Jeff. Amazon S3, if you’re hosting HTML sites using Amazon buckets, the IPs will change. They’re dynamic IPs. It’s interesting because you can let go do like an IP check on one of your bucker URLs. Then check it 20 minutes later and the IPs will change. It’s interesting how often they change. I don’t know if it’s a set schedule or what, but they change often.

Should We Use Page or Category as Buton Link in the Navigation Menu?

Marcus says “Hi, guys. Your simple silo video is very helpful for the navigation menus. Should we use the page as the menu button link or the category? Both have the same name.

Michael you would use the page. The reason why is because the category page is nothing other than an index page. It’s just like a blog index page. If you click on a category page, all it’s going to do is show the post on that are within that category. Depending on your theme, it’s either going to show a snippet with like a “read more” button, or it’s going to show the full text post. Either way, it’s just an index page. When you’re setting up the silo and if you watch the simple silo structure videos, you’ll see that I talked about … As far as I’m concerned, the category page is pretty much useless for most type of websites. If it’s specifically just a blog, then it makes sense to have a category page. If it’s just a normal type of website like a local client website or some sort of website for business, a category page is typically useless.

What you do is you redirect the category page to the top level page. They shared the same slog. The only difference is they’re separated by the category in the URL. Does that make sense? Let me just plug this is up for a minute, so you guys can see what I’m talking about. You guys are seeing my full screen. Correct? Ralph?

Marco: Yes. We are.

Bradley: We’re going to say “red widgets.” Let’s say this is your top level page, but it’s also your category. You’ve got a category called “red widgets,” but then you’ve got your top level page, which is essentially what you want to be the top of the silo is also named “red widgets.’ They share the same slog. You can do that with categories and pages.

The category page would look exactly the same, except it would have the category URL. This is the only difference between the two. In my opinion, this particular page itself is nothing, but an index page that will display all the post within the red widgets category. In my opinion, it’s basically useless. What I do is 301 redirect this URL to this URL, so that if anybody were to ever try to click on that red-widgets category, it’s going take them to the red widgets page anyways. It basically eliminates the category pages. Hopefully that was clear.

What Anchor Text to Use When Linking the Homepage?

“On the sub domain website for the links linking the home page of the sub domain down to the top level pages and back up to home page, what type of anchor text do you use? Do you use the most important keywords?” Not sure what you mean why the sub domain makes any difference here on this, Michael. Honestly, I’m not really quite … I don’t really follow the question there.

Marco: To me, it reads like it just you could take the sub domain out that question and it should be the same as how we’re reading it, Michael, I think.

Bradley: My opinion, if you have red widgets as your top level, and then you’re going to have, let’s, say big red widgets, small red widgets. Let’s say, let’s do another one. Let’s do red widgets with polka dots. Let’s say that these are your top level category or your top level turn, the top of your silo is going to be red widgets. You can link. These are all supporting articles or supporting pages and that could even be post, depending on whether you use this simple silo structure or complex silo structure.

At any point when you’re linking from here, the best way to do it is just to make sure that from your red widgets page that you have a link down to each supporting article within the content, preferably contextual link, but you can even have like a little bullet list and say “For more information about all the widgets, about other widgets, red widgets types or whatever, click here.” It have like a little bullet list. It doesn’t matter.

My point is on this top level page you want to link down to your supporting articles. You can use the exact matched keyword if you’d like. It doesn’t really matter. It’s an internal link. You can get away with using exact match anchors as internal links. It’s not going to be a problem.

Then from each one of your supporting article you want to link back up to your top level page. Again, you could use exact match keywords. You could use the brand name. You could use whatever it is that you want to link back up there. It could just be a generic like, “To find all about all the red widgets, we provide, click here.” It could be either here. It could be that whole entire sentence. You know what I mean?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s an internal link. What you want to do is you just want to make that you’re linking from you top level page down to each supporting page. Then each supporting page links back up to the top level page. If it make sense to, if in the content, if in the big red widgets content you mentioned something about red widgets with polka dots, then you could do what I call a “lateral link” or a “horizontal link” from big red widgets over to red widgets with polka dots, because it’s all in the same silo.

What you don’t want to do is link from anyone of these supporting articles or the top level article over to the blue widgets silo. If you do link over to that effort for the users, for visitors of your web site, it might make sense to link from within the red widgets silo over to the blue widgets silo for navigation purposes. If you do so, it’s okay. Just make sure you’d now follow that link, so that you don’t bleed this theme. Hopefully that was clear.

Does the Anchor Text of an Internal Link Contribute to the Overall External Anchor Text Ratio of the Website?

On the internal link’s anchor text count towards the entire site overall external anchor text ratio. Now, Michael, as far as I know, it doesn’t. It’s an internal link, so Google treats those differently. I’ve never seen a site penalized from over optimized internal anchor text links. Yeah. They are seen differently. As far as I know, they’re seen differently, because I’ve actually tried to do that in the past where I was testing. It’s been about a year and a half now, but I was testing … I built a whole bunch of pages and used the exact matched keyword to link to the top level silo page from every other page. I didn’t build any external back links, and the site still ended up ranking fairly well even with no external back links. What am saying is it didn’t cost any negative problem.

Guys, by the way good on page for a lot of like … Especially, local stuff guys, good on page is like, if you have a really strong on page, you can rank with next to zero back links, if your site structure is set-up properly.

How to Index Multiple Cloud Boss Sites?

Earl say, “Have over dozen new sites on cloud box via blue chip backlinks for a various projects now could use a quick one-on-one on indexing?” The best way to index is … The most effective way is to submit manually to Google. Obviously, it’s not something you want to do if you got a bunch of them. The best way is just go submit directly to Google. Go to Google and types submit URL. Just type in “submit URL.” It’s going to be this on.

Believe it or not, they actually ranked Bing in Google’s own search results. That’s funny. Do you guys see that? Google actually ranked Bing above them. That’s interesting. You can do the same thing for Bing and Yahoo, too, by the way. Why not? That’s the quickest way to do it. You have to be logged in there with your search consult account or a Google account in order to do it. That’s the quickest or most effective way.

If you want to automate it, then I wouldn’t recommend probably backlinks indexer. That’s probably the only one that I would submit money besides to directly. A lot of the other indexing services, I would submit back links to, but not money site URLs.

Something else you could do is if you have a good Twitter account that’s active, it’s got a lot of followers, you know that kind of thing, especially if it’s themed, if it’s relevant, then you could tweet those URLs out. It’s incredible how quickly something will give index when you tweet it. That’s another method.

Is Helpful to Add Lower DA Local News and Blog Sites into the RSS Feeds in a Local Blog Network?

Chris has a question. “For a local blog network, is it helpful to include some local news sites and blogs spiced into our RSS feed even if the local sites are lower? Yes. I could care less about domain authority. Yeah, you can do that. I mean absolutely. For example, a lot of the … My curators who curate for my local clients, there’s obviously, like, for example, plumbers don’t … There’s not a whole lot of like stuff to blog about for plumbers. Do you know what I mean? Like you reach a point where it’s, “What the hell else can we right about?”

What I’ve trained my curators to do is to subscribe to the RSS feeds using something like Feed Me or Feed Reader to a lot of the local newspaper sites and any local blogs, any local directory sites that have a blog, anything like that, so that they can constantly be scanning for local news stories that they can curate to tie back into the local plumber that’s in that area. It’s like there’s no shortage of content when you start tying in local content, because it doesn’t have to be niche-specific if it’s geographically specific. That’s my point. You can do either or both if you can, if you can get local news stuff about plumbing and you’re tying it back into a plumber site, that’s ideal, but how often does that happen? You could tie local site stories back into the blog or you can tie plumbing stories back into the blog, but that’s a pretty good method to do. You can do that.

Can the Network Properties be Branded with Only the Subdomain Part of a National Brand's URL?

For national brand site, can the network properties be branded with only the sub domain part of the URL?

In this case, the root is a generic category and the sub domains are very distinct from each other. They could easily stand on their own. I’m not 100% sure about what you’re saying, Chris. If you are creating essentially sub domains that are like sub-niches of a particular niche. If your root domain is covering like a broad niche, for example, and you have sub domain sites that are covering sub-niches that are more specific to that particular sub-niche, then absolutely, you’re going to have separate networks for each one of those. They’d be a little bit more narrowly themed. Each network will be a little bit more narrowly themed. They’d all fit into the boarder category, but they’d be like narrow themed, narrow, very specific type of networks for each sub domain. Yeah, you can do that. I don’t know if that’s answering your question or not, but … You may also interpret that differently than I just did.

Chris: Not I.

Bradley: We’re going to move on. Jess has two questions. Looks like three.

Chris: He said to refresh, because he edited it.

Eliminating Trailing Slash from Interlink Property URLs

Bradley: Okay. Let me refresh them. Why do eliminate the trailing slash from interlink property URLs? Jess, it doesn’t matter. If you want to leave the trailing slash on, do it. I just take it off, because it looks prettier without it. To be honest with you, it’s an SEO hack. It’s just because it looks prettier that way. For example, when you add your URL to a Google Plus page, my business page, or either a local page or a brand page, if you leave the trailing slash on, the trailing slash displays on the page at the top where the profile images right underneath the trailing slash space. It doesn’t change anything. It just looks crappy in my opinion, so I just take it off.

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Best Practices in Separating Branded Blog and Persona YouTube Channel

Regarding separate networks for blog, branded, and YouTube channel persona, I appreciate maybe going to great lengths in IFTTV2 to clarify best practices about this. Is it assumed that the branded YouTube channel associated with the blog will service this was for their videos to be embedded into posting a blog and be syndicated to the personal networks? No. I can use any YouTube channel I want, but it just seems to make more sense that the branded YouTube channel associated with the blog would be where the videos were … It doesn’t matter.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter, Jeff. If you wanted … I see what you’re saying about … You say, I ask because I have … It was all geared up using aged YouTube channel I bought to post the videos for more authority, but leaves a blog with a n associated branded YouTube channel, we’re basically nothing will be happening. My question is, why can’t you take the aged YouTube channel and brand it to your blog brand? What’s stopping you from doing that? If you created a brand new channel when you set up a network that you branded to your blog, what is stopping you from just taking your aged YouTube channel and re-branding it and just not using the other channel that you set-up?

That’s my point is like I don’t … If you have an aged YouTube channel, you can rebrand it. If it already has a custom URL, so what? It would be nice if you could … I don’t know that it does or not, Jeff. I’m just assuming that an aged channel might have a custom URL already. You can still rebrand it and still put your own images on it and theme it to whatever theme you want, so you put your own channel art on it, and you optimize it for … That’s what I would do. If you have an aged YouTube channel, that’s what you should do.

I think I remember you asking something about the other YouTube channels that you create. Guys, remember, we create YouTube channels for every network even if they are persona-based, whether they are branded or not, it doesn’t matter. If the reason we do that is because on the YouTube about page for the channel is another place that you can link up all of your profiles and everything, it’s a Google property, too. That’s why we do it. Even if we’re never planning on using the YouTube channel that we’re creating for that network because we already had a YouTube channel that we were going to use to syndicate to that network, it doesn’t matter. We create it anyways, because it’s just another place to tie all of your properties together. It’s another target URL for back linking purposes. It just strengthens the network.

I don’t know if that answers your question, Jeff. I hope it does. You can just rebrand the aged channel, and the one that you already created for your associated website, I mean, like, for example, you can take the aged YouTube channel and associate that with your website, even if your other channel was already associated with it. It doesn’t matter. When you go into your channel settings and advanced and you can create the associated websites, you can do like external annotation links and all that kind of stuff. You can associate one website with more than one YouTube channel.

How to Generate Content for a Website with No Blog?

Ryan says, “If a client has a website, but no blog especially local business, what’s the best way to generate content on auto pilot? Create a sub domain and syndicate authorities with attributes? Something else? Thanks.”

Ryan, if you’ve got a client website with no blog, what I typically do with that situation is I tell the client that we’re going to install Wordpress on a sub domain that we’re going to use as the blog. It will be like blog.clientdomain.com, or newsclientdomain.com, or something like that. That way I get access to the sub domain blog or my team does, so that we can produce content and use that as a content distribution engine. That’s what I like to do.

IFTTT Packages in SERP Space

Malcom says, “Interested to hear more about the various different IFTTT package you sell on SERP Space.

We can go take a look real-quick. This might be helpful to others. Let’s go to the marketplace. IFTTT networks. The single tier IFTTT network, this is just one ring. If you purchase just one ring, it’s a tier one ring, it can be branded or it can be persona-based. It’s up to you. It’s entirely up to you. We have the single tier two network, which I’m not even sure why we have that here, to be honest with you, because it’s pretty much the same thing as a single-tiered network. It would be a tier two network, which means it would be triggered by either the blog, or Wordpress, or Tumblr RSS feed. That’s it. I’m not really sure why that’s there.

The three-tier two networks that’s if you already have a tier one branded network or whatever. You have a tier one network already, and you want to go back and add three, the tier two networks. Then that’s what this is for. Actually, you are buying three rings here instead of buying a full two-tier network, which is four rings. You are just buying these three outer rings.

Then lastly, there’s the full two tier network, which is where you get the tier one ring plus the tier two rings and all done for you. Typically, this is what people will order if they want a branded tier one ring, and they’ll send us the information that they want us to use when building that branded network. Then these will be the three supporting rings.

Guys, I highly recommend, and I am going to repeat this every week. I swear. I recommend if you are doing blog syndication, you stay with a tier one branded network only. If you’re doing YouTube syndication, I recommend always going with the full two-tier network, because why not? You’ll get more power out of it that way. In fact, you can stack as many full two-tier networks on a YouTube channel as you’d like, and you’d just get more and more power.

Spliced RSS Feeds Submission

I created four spliced RSS feeds using Chimp Feeder in Feed.Informer, but I only included one of my own feeds in each spliced feed. I see that I will end up with too many feeds. Can I simply not use those splice feeds? I have already created and go back and start over and create new ones putting two or three of my feeds into each mixed feed. I knew that this … I’m not sure of creating this. It’s already submitted those feeds, anyway. Eddy, if you haven’t submitted them anywhere, then don’t worry about it. Just go back and create new feeds to your liking. That’s all. It’s not going to hurt anything. If you created those feeds and haven’t submitted them anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Even if you did submit them somewhere, you could always go back and create new feeds and resubmit. That’s not an issue at all.

You must be talking about for the advanced RSS stuff, because that’s the only place where we splice feeds as for the advanced lessons.

Chris: Yeah. That’s a good lesson to check out, too. I know you talk about that, but then the training, like looking at the frequency of publishing, so you don’t end up the more you’re just swamped with other posts.

Bradley: Yeah. That’s in the advanced RSS training inside the IFTTT SEO Academy. That’s what he’s referring to here, guys. Otherwise, you don’t need to splice feeds.

Silo Structure for Advanced Link Building

Jenny says, “Good afternoon, guys. I’m just wondering. Is it best to build a … What is the best way to build a proper silo structure for advanced link building?” Actually, we covered that. We’re running out of time. I would like to draw out a thing, but we really don’t have time for that, unfortunately. What I talked about here is the best way to do it. The thing about this, if you remember what I said, if this is your top level page, and these are supporting pages, or they could be post, depending on what type of solid structure you use, if you’re linking from here to each one of these, so you have a contextual link preferably within this page for each one of these that links to each one of these, and then from each one of these, you link back up to the top level page, and you can laterally do a …

You can link laterally or horizontally to the other articles within that same silo if you’d like. It’s not necessary if one of the other pages or it comes up naturally in the conversations, so to speak, of the page, then you can link over to it, but you don’t need to force it. It’s unnecessary. For …

Chris: Sorry about that. We actually have two YouTube videos in our Semantic Mastery channel in YouTube.com/semanticmastery. They deal with simple silo structure and complex silo structure. You covered it really well and kind of go about it. Once you set that up, it’s just purchasing a link building package from us. I won’t hammer it to this.

Bradley: That’s the point is that once you have a proper silo structure in place, then when you’re building links to anyone of these pages, all that link equity, the inbound link equity or link juice is going to flow up through the silo to the top level page. What it do when it hits the top level page? It flows back down to each of the supporting pages in which case they are linking back up to the top level page. It creates like recyclable … It’s recycled link equity. It basically traps the link juice into a loop where it recycles it.

That’s what makes the silo structure so powerful. I think there’s a term called “buoyancy.” They call that “buoyancy.” If you’re building links to any one of these pages here or even to the top level page, that’s going to cycle through. It’s going to go through that entire silo. It’s just going to keep circling back through and back through. That’s what powers it up. It makes the whole entire silo stronger.

We’re running out of time really quickly, guys. We’re going to wrap it up in about 7 minutes. Richard says, “I just recently got my hands on you, guys, IFTTTV 2. Only two words to describe; bad ass.”

Chris: Thanks, Richard.

Bradley: Thank you, Richard.

Marco: Do you have one for me too?

Semantic Mastert Course Certification

Bradley: Yeah. “Do you have anything similar to Mathew Woodward PBN sort of certificate course?” No. We don’t have any certification courses where we give you certification. We could make something up, though. We could put a …

Marco: The ranks.

Bradley: We could put a gold star in a piece of a parchment and merit …

Chris: At least pretty handy with that Snag It image editor.

Bradley: We have the mastermind. If somebody wants to hang a certificate on the wall, just reach out to us. We’ll come up with something. Do you have anything similar to offer like Jacob King? I’m not sure what Jacob King is to offer, to be honest, Richard. Sorry. If you don’t have any other previous resources to offer, do you recommend me going to them and purchasing from them in order to learn and further my knowledge? Or do you think it is a waste of time? I can’t speak on what it is that they do. I know that the traditional PBN courses and I don’t know what Mathew Woodward looks like. I have no idea. I’m not saying anything bad about his, but I know that a lot of the traditional PBN training out there are outdated. In my opinion, they are …

Although PBN are still effective, their days are numbered in the way that we have been taught to use them. They can still be used effectively if you do it properly, which required embracing the web 3.0 or the semantic web, which is something that we try to teach inside of this minute mastery. I can’t speak for those other two courses, because I don’t know what the content is about them.

When will you guys teach us how to use GSA X Room or FCS network or in scrape box if ever?

That’s a great question. We get that question a lot. It’s certainly not something I’m going to do, because I hired that work out, so I didn’t have to learn how to do it. We have some people that could probably contribute to that. I don’t know that we were ever get to that, though. If there’s enough demand, we will.

Chris: Maybe we’ll do this. Hernan is going to be listening. Maybe we’ll put up the page and … Because we’ve got the people to do it, myself included. Maybe we’ll put something up and say, “Hey. Here’s what we think. Here’s how it’s going to look like. Here’s what we’re going to cover. Price is going to be X, Y, or Z. If we get 100 people onboard, well do it. If not, maybe we’ll approach it that way. From time to time, we get people asking just like Richard. Maybe it’s time we cover some of this stuff.

Bradley: I’m just saying I’m …

Marco: What are you looking … Yeah, Bradley. If what he’s looking for is to further the knowledge, then what I would say is come join the mastermind. You have people in there, not just guys who are “do-it-yourself guys,” the one-man-band. We have people in there who run agencies. We have people in there who are top-notch SEOs, I mean, just people who are fabulous with videos, with websites, with programming. You have this like-minded community of people all who are all wishing to build their business, to expand, always looking for more information. We have a community that shares. They are always sharing and talking. I would just suggest they come on over to check-out the mastermind.

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Curating Third Party Content in Branded Tier 1 Network

Bradley: Yeah. I totally agree. That’s where you should be, Richard. We do a ton of stuff in there, like it’s always evolving. Rick says … I tell you what. We’re going to wrap up. I’m going to try to get through these next four very, very quickly, so that Adam doesn’t get mad at me. We’re going to wrap up as soon as we get … I’m lucky if I can get to them quick enough. Rick says, “Is it safe to syndicate related content from authority sites to my tier one blog accounts and place the NAP and then link back to my site within the IFTTT recipe? This is in addition to the content that I publish on the money site and syndicates to tier one blog property? Essentially, every syndicated article on my tier ones include NAP and they link back to my site from other related sites as well as my own.”

I wouldn’t do that, Rick. The reason why is why would you want to be publishing other people’s content on your tier one branded properties, which is an extension of your brand? In my opinion, that’s your golden frame, like you should keep all content on those specifically generated from your blog. If you want to use a related content from authority sites, that’s absolutely fine. But what I recommend that you do is you curate the content from those authority sites into blog post that originate from your blog that will then distribute them out to your networks. Therefore, all the content on your tier one network is 100% originated from your blog even if your curating authority content from other sources. That’s what I would do. Personally, I do not like to clutter up my branded properties with any third party content, unless it’s curated content, which means it originated from my blog, so that if anybody clicks on the post from any one of the tier one properties, it’s going to bring them back to my site, so that somebody else’s site, if that makes sense.

Full Post Shown in the IFTTT Syndication Network

Gail says, “In the Curation Mastery Course, it talks about the fact that Wordpress automatically truncates the post and prevents the keyword from potentially getting syndicated, the point of causing a penalty. What I don’t understand is when theew supposed syndicated out to the tier one IFTTT branded network, they show he full post. Thus your anchor text appears, anyways. What am I missing here? Because my Wordpress feed is truncated, but the full post with anchor text shows in the IFTTT networks?”

You are not missing anything there. If you are syndicating your content and it’s showing a full text to your blogs, that’s great. Just be aware of that. Guys, if you are just using a tier one branded network for your blog syndication, then you’re only got three full text post that can be republished; Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress. Now, you can use Weebly as a second tier post. It can’t be triggered from RSS feed. It has to be triggered from one of your blog properties. Medium. You could use medium, too.

At the very, very most, you are going to have three to five links sharing that same anchor text. Just keep that in mind when you’re creating links within the content. Just keep that in mind. As long as you know that, now, if you start using multiple, tiered networks and all that stuff, now, you’ve get some more things to be concerned about, but that’s why I recommend over and over again, and I’m going to do it again right now, to just use a tier one brand of network for blog syndication, because that eliminates so many of the potential problems that come from trying to use tiered networks.

Optimizing Category and Tags 

Come on. Get off there. Let’s go back. We got two more. There all says, “Dumb question, but one I think would be a damn good point and help with all Wordpress sites on tag pages and category pages. Is there a way to optimize those with keyword rich text.” When also stop dup content issues … I mean, just like a post not like the standard put in text, not like the standard put text in, but with H1 headers and images, this would or potentially give a Wordpress themes on hugged untapped SEO.

Sherry, what I recommend you to do is just note index those pages. You can set that up typically within your whatever your SEO plug in is. You can set that up. You can set-up templates like templates for the category pages and whatever, and the tag pages if you want. Usually, the SEO plug ins will provide you that option to like you can optimize, like the titles and things like that.

To be honest with you, I would just know index them unless you know what you are doing with tag pages, which we talked about in the mastermind and how to use tag pages with canonicals to do some pretty ninja SEO stuff, but it’s not something that typically I would recommend people doing, unless they are a little bit advanced with SEO. Just know index them. You could leave them to follow, but no index. That’s all I would do.

Burner App and Yahoo Mail

Ryan, last question, guys. I had been using burner up numbers in the past and notice that Yahoo Mail doesn’t take it, and it recognizes as an invalid number. I’ve been wondering if Google secretly is able to detect burners, which could potentially flag your account as suspect.

Ryan, I use burner to verify accounts all the time, and I’ve never had an issue. Maybe there’s some team in Google that is watching to see if burner app numbers are used and at some points are going to come whack your sites, but I really don’t worry about. As long as it works. I haven’t had any problems with it. Guys, if you need phone verified accounts and you can’t do it in your won, just buy them. There are people out there that cellphone verified accounts. Just go buy them, because it’s a pain in the ass doing it yourself, anyways. Still need to do some testing, but I’m wondering if anyone foresees any issues with this so far. I haven’t had any problems, Ryan.

Not been using Burner Up for over a year to verify accounts. Most of my VAs do this stuff for me now, but when I do use it, it hasn’t cost me any problems.

That was it. No Masterclass today, guys. That’s next week. I guess, we’ll see everybody next week. Thanks guys.

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