Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 81

By April

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Bradley: Hey everybody. This is Bradley Benner with Symantec mastery. Today is Hump Day Hangouts episode 81. We've got everybody on except for Adam. That's why I'm doing the introduction and announcements but I will go on down the line and say, “Chris, how are you doing?”

Chris: I'm excellent. How are you doing?

Bradley: Good man. Hernan, how about you?

Hernan: Doing good. Just missing Adam you know.

Bradley: He'll be on soon I think. He's just rebooting. Google didn't like him today so.

Hernan: Okay.

Bradley: And Marco. How are you doing Marco?

Marco: Hey, what's up man? I'm working on giving away the farm again.

Bradley: Yeah. I know. We're going to be having another webinar about some of the stuff that we talked about to kind of build upon what we did last week with the iframe and Java Script webinar and we're going to be doing that on June 6th, Monday, June 6th at 3pm. We'll send out notifications on how to register for the webinar for that but once again it will be a free webinar. We're going to give away a lot of content. You know Marcco's been extremely generous lately with giving away stuff so we'll see how much he gives away this time, but yeah, that will be Monday, June 6th at 3pm guys. We'll certainly notify you guys of how to register for that webinar once we get that setup. I think Hernan's working on that in the background actually so maybe we'll have it ready for today.

Adam, now that you are here, how are you doing man?

Adam: Hey everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 8 … No. Just kidding. All right. I don't know what happened.

Bradley: You're tardy today.

Adam: I am. I don't what happened man between recordings stuff on Facebook sideways and having random restarts on the computer I'm just lucky to be here.

Bradley: Maybe you should stop running in the woods beforehand.

Adam: I need to have a bong like object. Not that I would have one of those, but something near here to make that sound effect like a straw and a water bottle.

Bradley: A bubbler.

Adam: Yeah. There we go.

Anyways. Did you guys get a chance to talk about Lisa Allen? I mentioned it on Facebook and I wanted to bring it up here for anybody who's in the MasterMIND.

Bradley: I have not but now that you are here, take it away.

Adam: All right. Well, nothing much guys, but our MasterMIND members are going to have a chance to talk to Lisa Allen and if you don't know who she is, she's behind things like RSS Authority, was at Authority Sniper?

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Then she's got Rank Feeder Elite which is going to have some pretty awesome features and does some stuff like co-citation and just some fun tricks with RSS, but she's going to be talking to our MasterMINDs next week on Thursday. Looking forward to that and I mentioned it on Facebook in that quick video I did if you haven't seen that just talking about hopefully we're going to be able to get some information from her and probably be able to share that with a wider group. MasterMIND members are kind of getting first access to that and getting to talk to her and you know kind of one-on-one, not one-on-one but a live Q&A. That will be next Thursday and we'll hopefully be able to share some of that information.

Bradley: Cool. Okay. I don't think we really had any other announcements did we?

Adam: Not this week. Let's roll.

Bradley: Okay. Get right into questions. All right. I'm going to go ahead and grab this screen. A love the GIF that is distracting even me. All right. Paul … You guys are seeing the screen okay?

Adam: Yeah. I'm good.

Why Is IFrame Not Working On Wordpress and Twitter?

Bradley: All right. Paul says, “Hey guys. You have dumped a lot on us in the last 2 weeks.” I know Paul. I know. Thanks in part to Marco as we were just talking about. “I wrote my first iframe script, put it into the Google tool and it checked out good. It works find in Blogger and Tumblr but in WordPress or when it's syndicated to Twitter through IFTTT. My question, why's it not working on WordPress or Twitter? Even when I go in manually try it on WordPress it still doesn't work. By the way, the webinar on curating was great.”

Paul, I'm going to ask Marco to chime in on it, but honestly without looking at it I couldn't tell you. I have no idea what it is that you created or why it's not working. I don't really have any idea. Marco, do you know?

Marco: Yeah because WordPress strips up the iframe.

Bradley: It does?

Marco: It does.

Bradley: Okay. Twitter does too apparently?

Marco: Yeah. What Twitter does since he's syndicating it, it's probably all getting stripped out and what Twitter actually shows is a picture, is as an image of the map, but if you go into the source code in Twitter you're going to see all kinds of neat shit, excuse me, stuff that Twitter does to the actual code where it's adding cards and it's adding all kinds of structured data information to feed back to Google so don't stop doing it just because you don't see doesn't mean that you should stop doing it. Just keep feeding it, keep feeding it data and this is what I'm going to be talking about in the next webinar. I don't want to give it away here, but just keep feeding it data because as long as it's structured and as long as it's in a trusted site or even a partner site it's even better because Google will go in and pull data right from there to feed RankBrain to feed the knowledge craft and a whole bunch of other things that are happen. I'm not going to give away any more right here. If you want to know more, tune in to the next webby and we'll deal with all this information.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: There you go. Marco was the one to answer that question and he did an excellent job. Paul, try to come on the June 6th webinar that we're going to do and maybe you can get some more insight there as well.

Using US IP Address for Social Profiles Intended For Australia

There's a question from Matt Fisher from the Facebook group. I'm going to open that up and take a look at this because I posted this earlier. This is a rather long question and I figured I'd save it for Hump Day Hangouts. Matt says, “Hey Bradley, I'm finally about to purchase a full 2 tiered [Dunn 00:06:07] for you IFTTT network from you in about 2 to 3 days time. I have a few questions though. Does it matter that you are using US IP addresses for on the social profiles and the link if I am trying to rank stuff in Australia?

No Matt. It does not matter and the reason it does not matter is because that is what we use to create the accounts because most of the sales that we … networks that we sell are for US based and that is just how our procedures have been set up. However, once we deliver your completed network as long as you login from a local IP you'll be fine. You have to do it within about 3 days of us delivering the networks or else it can cause login issues. It can lock the account, but if you get it right away and login your local IP will bind and it won't cause any issues okay so it doesn't make a difference.

Ranking Videos After IFTTT Network Purchase

Number 2, “Will the network rank videos and websites or do I have to choose if I want to rank videos or websites at the time of purchase?”

You have to choose at the time of purchase one or the other, but once you get a network back if you want to connect additional triggers to that network, you are entirely free to do whatever the hell you want. My point is we talk about best practices and when we deliver your networks we will also send you some best practice videos as well as what's in IFTTT v2, the best practices. There's videos in there as well where I talk about that, but essentially typically you're going to want separate networks for your YouTube channel and your website. Not always the case. It depends on how you're publishing content to both of them, your YouTube Channel and your blog because what a lot of people do is they end up publishing a video to their YouTube channel and then the just take the video and they go embed it on their blog as a blog post with very little … it's basically the same thing. It uses the same title because they are targeting the same title. I've seen that happen a lot and what happens is if you have both your blog and your YouTube channel syndicating the same network, then they start to look like duplicate posts because first you syndicate the video and then you go publish the video as a post.

However, you can syndicate from both YouTube channel and the blog to the same network provided that you make the post unique. In other words, if you're going to publish a video to your YouTube channel and let that syndicate across the network, typically your going to optimize that YouTube video, like the title tag and everything for an exact match keyword. You're going to optimize it for SEO trying to rank it, but for the blog post if you do a more traditional style blog post or a curated blog post where there's like an actual topic that you're blogging about instead of just targeting like for example the title is exact match keyword, you have a normal typical type of title and the content isn't focused just around that video embed and nothing else, then you're fee to publish that post as well. You end up having the same video syndicate from your YouTube channel to your syndication network right but also from your blog to your network as an embedded video within a blog post and that's perfectly fine.

What you don't want to do is just have basically just have duplicate posts, one from your YouTube channel and one from your blog syndicating the same content to your network properties because that will get your network properties terminated okay? Again, just keep them separate. If you publish properly from both your … when your republishing a video on your blog from your YouTube channel if they're both syndicated in the same network, just keep those guidelines in mind okay? Otherwise, create separate networks, one for your YouTube channel which would basically be a persona based network and the branded network would go around your associated website at that point. All right? Hopefully that makes sense.

Should You Buy 5 IFTTT Networks To Create Link Wheels?

He says, “I have a reputation management company that I would like to rank, but I also want to rank lots of client websites and videos to for various niches. What should I choose when buying a wheel or is the real answer that I need multiply IFTTT wheels? Ultimately my question is should I be building up to buying 5 different types of link wheels?”

Remember Matt. We try to theme the networks. As long as you're themeing the network correctly I'm not going to tell you you need 5 networks. My standard response or answer is always going to be yeah, get more networks right? That's a good answer. Just buy more networks or build more networks, whatever, because that's going to give you more power, but depending on what your budget is and everything else, I'm just saying you're going to want to theme your network.

There's a few ways to theme. You can theme based on a topic or industry, like a niche for example. Let's say it's a plumbing … you're doing SEO work for a plumbers or yeah, we will just use plumbers, then you can theme your networks around like plumbing and home improvement and then you could use that same network for plumbers and possibly even electricians and HVAC and landscapers and all of that other kind of stuff because that network was built around that. That's one way. That's like theming a network around a particular topic. There's another way to theme that would work which is based around a particular location. You could theme a network to syndicate videos or syndicate content from for that matter, for any local business within a particular city. Let's say Atlanta, Georgia was your city. Then you could have a network themed around that city and then you could use that same network for any type of business. It could be construction business, medical, dental, insurance, it doesn't really matter, anything. The common theme at that point would be the location so it's entirely up to you as to what your strategy is. What you don't want to do is just have one like plain general network that you just throw a whole bunch of stuff into, that you publish all kinds of different industry type videos.

This Stuff Works

Last thing is a little bit more advanced. You can have a more general type like YouTube channel for example and maybe even potentially a blog to go with it, an associated website to go with it, if you silo them properly which means you would have categories if it's YouTube you would have different play lists and you would basically theme your play list the way that I just mentioned, either by niche/topic or by location and the same thing with the blog if you had an associated website that was associated with that channel, you could theme that blog with silos, categories and subcategories potentially and everything else.

It really again just totally depends on what your strategy is. I like to kind of keep theme based, topic based networks that are themed around a particular topic or niche. I like to do that and I like to keep them somewhat narrow and not go too broad because I'm always worried that I'm might lose a channel and if I have a broader channel that I'm covering multiple, multiple niches on and something were to happen to that channel, I could potentially lose all that work, all that revenue and as I've told you guys dozen and dozen of times if not hundreds times, I try to mitigate my risk by spreading my eggs across multiple baskets instead of putting them all in one. That's why I like to create topically themed networks and do separate networks, separate channels and separate networks for each topic, right? It's just that way in case anything ever happens to one of them I still have all of the other ones producing revenue for me and I've only lost a percentage of my assets instead of all of them all at once. Okay?

Again, I would go with themeing in either topically or geographically and build out additional networks as needed if you want to go into different industry or target different areas for example. I would just continue building out new channels and new networks for those.

Will IFTTT Link Wheels Rank In The 3 Packs?

“Will this help rank in the 3 packs?” Yes. It can but you have to do it properly and if you were in the MasterCLASS, I don't know if you are or not, but if you are in the MasterCLASS we did a local SEO case study where we used the IFTTT networks as part of ranking in the 3 packs and we ranked that site in about 6 to 8 weeks using pretty much just those methods. Well, everything's covered in the case study but IFTTT was a big part of that and it's been ranked ever since. If you're in the MasterCLASS, go watch that.

Number 4, he says, “I have a reputation,” Guys … Well this wasn't on the event page so I can't yell at him for this. It's a long ass question but it was on the event page. “I own reputation management agency. I was very interested in what you mentioned briefly in your sales video about your new course. Please keep that in mind please when you advise which type of wheel I should purchase.” I don't know what you are talking about. “Will you be bringing out new IFTTT link wheels after a week I buy one from you given that you have a new course with new methods?” What is he talking about, new course?

Marco: That's new course. That's the old group. He's talking about IFTTT 2.o, but he should also, if he's in reputation management he should be looking at [RY Academy 00:15:21].

Bradley: Yeah, he should be. Matt, IFTTT 2vo has been out since March so, no, and all of our networks that we sell are using the new methods okay so no to answer your question number 6. They're all up-to-date and that course has been out since March. Okay?

As far as reputation management, if you are doing that you should absolutely be in ROIS because it's incredibly powerful for that. All right. There's Matt's questions. Let's keep moving.

How To Determine Real Visits From Bots?

Rob says, “Hey everyone. Hope you're all well. Here's my question. I've been a My City SEO site for a couple of months using a tier 1 network that I built that has around 15 properties, web 2 and social accounts. Haven't done my own videos yet just YouTube embeds, starting to make my own info-graphics for these pages and start creating my own videos this week. I'm ranking on page 1 on Google within a week or less for every page group that I post using low to medium comp keywords. Okay, not using hosted PBNs.” He says, “According to HostGator Stats, I'm getting around 4 to 6,000 visitors per month.” No, that's bot visitors Rob. That's not actually visitors. Those are BOTS. “How can you tell real visitors from BOTS?” Well, put something on like Analytics. Marco, give me some suggestions for him for this. Some sort of analytic software than just what's in C Panel.

Marco: Yeah. I would go with Google Analytics man. That's my go to tool and then you'll start seeing the spammy sites that start sending you traffic and you can just block those because Google will give you the users and then the number of times that they visited, right. Sorry. I've got a rain storm if you're hearing it, but you get 2 types of information from Analytics, but the most valuable one, the you get is where your traffic is coming from and that's when you can start blocking out the BOTS. You can just Google it, a list of BOTS that you don't want on your website and you can just ban them through htaccess.

Bradley: Also, something that you can add if it's a WordPress site which I am assuming it is, if you put new stat press as a plug in new S T A T press on you can monitor traffic from that and that will give you some different filters and you can see what kind of traffic is BOTS and that kind of stuff, but I don't leave that plug in on for long because it just loads up your database over time with data so if you're curious about it or whatever you can turn it on but I just wouldn't leave it on long term is all I'm saying.

Hernan: Sorry Bradley but just to chime in on this, I think that Google Analytics is getting better and better on filtering out those spam visitors because they will actually skew well. The same issue we all have has been growing as a really big issue when it comes to Analytics and I think they're getting better actually on filtering them out without we having to actually add any more filters, etc., but I think there was a service right from the guys …

Bradley: That's why I paused my screen. I'm opening it up right now.

Hernan: Okay.

Bradley: All right. Here we go. I'm going to grab it guys. This is a referral spam filter that Loganix, the guys Matt or Adam Steal from … yeah, Adam Steal and the guys from Loganix they are the ones set this up and they maintain it. They're always updating it. I get emails about once every 2 to 4 weeks from them with an updated referral spam segment filter so here is the spam filter. This is directly from them and like I said, they are constantly updating this. All you need to do is opt-in and then they'll send them directly to your email that you opt-in with every time they update it and you can use that. It just imports. It's like a 1 click solution. You click it, it automatically opens up your Analytics account. Just be sure you're logged in and your using the same browser and it will automatically apply these filters to your Analytics account. It will allow you to select which properties you want to apply it to, but I just say, “All Properties” so check that out.

Should You Go With More Competitive Keywords To Rank Better Pages?

Okay. “How can I push the boundaries and start crushing it. I noticed that it's easier to rank each pages new group. Should I be going after more competitive keywords or what are your thoughts?

Yeah. You can Rob. If you want to go after more competitive keywords, do it and then what you can do is use those keyword sets that your calling groups here as supporting type keywords so go for the broader keywords. If you've got your site siloed properly, you should be able to basically piggy back off the momentum of those longer tail keywords, the ones that are lower competition giving you results as quickly as you are. If you have your site structured properly, then you can go after the more broader, more wider, competitive terms and use those quick results that you're getting to push those in the SERPS as well.

It's all about your silo structure there, but if you're having some good results doing what you're doing, keep doing that, but yeah, you can start to target the more competitive keywords and use your internal linking structure. Even if you, like I don't know where you are with your site and what your site structure looks like, but even if you didn't have a real good silo structure originally, you can go back and use the virtual silo method to accomplish what it is that I'm talking about without having to go in and change a bunch of URL structures and everything else.

This Stuff Works

That's a bit more advanced Rob. That's something we could cover inside the MasterCLASS. I don't know if you are there, but that's something that we could actually go … I could diagram that out for you and help you with that inside the MasterCLASS during 1 of our webinars if you are available for that.

Are Relevant Videos Helpful In Ranking A Page?

“Will a truck load of relevant videos push me over the top?” They could. It depends on what you're doing with those videos right? I've used Hangout Millionaire to rank a stubborn videos that I was trying to rank like a video that I've lived streamed or something, a pre-recorded video that I've manually live streamed through wire cast or whatever and I've had a hell of a time ranking it and then I'd set up a Hangout Millionaire campaign and just put a bunch of spam videos that linked to that video and forced it to end up ranking. I know it just depends on what you are doing. Yeah, irrelevant videos can work. It's better for YouTube SEO than it is for anything else, but it can work.

Can You Make A Great Income With Video Marketing Services?

Okay, Lois says, “Thank you for all this great content Bradley and team. You are awesome teachers. I will plus 1 that. Still something I don't get, but overall video rankings, SEO is starting to make sense to me.” Well, that's great Lo. “My question, I am considering starting a video creation/video marketing business. Based on your experience, what is a good niche I can focus on here in new York or any other place for that matter? Can I really make great income offering those complementary services alone? Create video from scratch and rank it? Do you see this as a business with longevity?

Yes. For a couple of reasons. Number 1, because online video especially is becoming more and more the norm. In fact, there was an awesome article. I shared it last week, but it was from Reel SEO. Damn, can somebody locate that link for me? You guys remember from last week. Just look on the event page from last week. I think I dropped it at the beginning of the webinar.

Anyways, it's from Reel SEO. It was talking about the 18 to 40 year old demographic or something like that, 18 to 42 or something, whatever it was, actually watches more YouTube than … That demographic is watching more YouTube than they are the top 10 prime time TV shows. My point is that more and more it's going with online video and video-on-demand and that kind of thing and so right now is a really good time to be offering video services to business because especially once you grasp that and it's not just about the SEO guys, you should also be totally, totally on top of AdWords for video, video advertising because that is a really, really simple thing to set up and generate revenue from.

It's very easy and it's scalable because once you learn how to set up YouTube ads, you can do that and it's just a matter of you take a percentage of ad spend if you are providing that as a service for clients. You can take a percentage of ad spend. You charge them for a set up fee and then a monthly for whatever their … to manage their AdWords accounts for them and it's a great way to do … and that coupled with SEO and you can really produce some good results and generate some good income from it as well. All right? That's what I'm saying. Just ranking videos is fine. I get that, but you should also be totally learning how to set up ads and do video pay-per-click because there is so much traffic on people watching online video and stuff if you understand you can get really, really targeted and do really well. I'm doing a lot of testing with YouTube ads right now for a side project and I'm having a lot really good results with it.

What Is A Good Video Marketing Niche In New York?

As far as a particular niche, if your doing video marking services like either as I've suggested in the past guys, if you want to stay in just 1 city which you said New York, then you might have to be kind of a general video marketer. In other words, you provide video marketing services to all different types of business. However, what I would suggest is that you do is possibly become a video marketing expert in 1 particular industry and then go wide. Expand the area that you service. Instead of just doing New York City, you become a video marketing expert for I don't know, caterers. I'm just pulling this out of the air, but let's say, “caterers, catering companies”. You become a video marketing expert for catering companies, then you can cover the entire United States or wherever you are and you will understand that industry. You can have all of your marketing materials, all of your pitch … the language within your sales copy, everything can all be 100% focused in on caterers and so you will be able to scale that and then you become a big fish in a small pond because you become an expert catering video marketer if that makes sense.

I prefer that models guys over doing a just general type … catering to all businesses, no pun intended, but providing services to all different kinds of businesses in a particular city you have to learn the language of all the different businesses that you are talking to. You have to understand their pain points, the keywords, you have to do more keyword research and everything else if you are doing any SEO. All of that is going to be necessary each time you pick up a new client that you are unfamiliar with that industry. It's a whole new learning process, whereas if you select 1 industry and learn their vocabulary, right? You become real familiar with that industry then it's simple because you can just repeat the same process over and over and over again and you'll be a lot more efficient.

That's how I would do it Lo. Personally I would just find 1 particular industry that you have a desire to provide services in, like you have an interest in for example. Make sure that there's money there. Make sure that it is a viable industry for your particular service and then scale into that 1 industry.

This Stuff Works

All right? Anybody want to add to that?

Marco: The only thing that I would add to that is that he's in a market with 20, 30 million people in New York City area right and the surrounding area so he's right there and all he has to do, if he can validate the entity he'll start ranking. That's half the battle right there because once he's ranked he can go to people and say, “Well look, this is what I can do for you” and that's just a done deal. It's kind of like a done for you business that he's come up with if he's right there in New York City. If he's not, then it becomes a little bit more difficult to validate the entity, but it's stuff that I will be talking about and covering next week and it's stuff that we do … again, I keep going back to this. It's what we do in RYS Academy. It's what we teach with IFTTT v2.o. If that entity becomes part of the the Semantic Web, it becomes a reference point rather than just some anomaly I mean you can take on whoever you want. It doesn't matter.

Hernan: Talking about that, we already have the webinar link in case you guys want to jump in.

Bradley: Oh you do?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Go ahead and post it. Just make sure you put an identifier what the link is, but go ahead and post it.

Hernan: Yep. Okay. It's going to be in the events page.

Bradley: Okay. You found that Reel SEO link Adam. Thank you. There was also … Let me see if I can go find this real quick. Give me a second guys. There's something … because the last part of his question … excuse me. I'm looking for … The last part of his question he is asking about SEO, video SEO if that is something, what the learning curve is and so I'll try to answer your question while I'm trying to locate this post here but just a moment.

Okay, this is what I was looking for. Let me grab the link to this post. Okay. In case any of you guys missed this, I post this is our free group and also in a couple of the Facebook groups, but this is the link to the Real SEO article with my revenue generating method for clients and the reason I'm sharing this is because this post here I'd cut this out of the Hump Day Hangouts. This was in the beginning of last week. It was where I was talking about this, but there is a link to that Reel SEO link that Adam already posted and what I did to generate, I got 2 clients that I ended up sending proposals to and they accepted both of them and I've got to more clients or clients that are existing clients of mine that also have requested proposals. I have not got them to them yet, but all I did guys was I took that article, that Real SEO article and I sent it to my existing client base and my point is I told them, “Hey, look, this article from Reel SEO,” which by the way I guess I should open that up so you can see what I'm talking about, “YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than the top 10 prime time US TV shows.”

If you want to read the article and I suggest you do, this is great because this is like perfect validation for you to be able to pitch your video marketing services, whether you're doing video production or video SEO or YouTube advertising or video pay-per-click. It doesn't matter. This article right here is perfect validation and all I did was take this article and send this to my existing client base email list with a summary of what it was and why they should be jumping on the YouTube advertising, the AdWords for advertising bandwagon while it's still relatively empty because right now it's a great opportunity to get in there and get some really cheap clicks and start to dial in some ad campaigns.

What Is The Learning Curve For Video SEO Business?

All I did was send that out and I got within 24 hours I had had 2 responses and I ended up sending proposals. They were clients that asked for proposal requests or requested a proposal, excuse me, and I landed those 2 clients. I got 2 ad campaign management jobs out of it which is pretty cool because it's simple to set up and so the reason I brought this up just now Lo is because for number 3 when you said, “As a newbie to video SEO marketing, I've never done it, what would you say is the learning curve for video SEO to the point where I can confidentially offer that as a service? I need to learn this like yesterday.”

Well, there is certainly a learning curve, but there is a learning curve in anything that you do and that's why with the SEO it's going to take a little bit of time first of all for you to learn how to do it. Number 2 is to build your assets so that you can rank videos like setting up a YouTube video channel properly and start building authority to the channel, having some IFTTT networks set up that will age a little bit and become themed well because of consistent posting. There's a lot of things that are going to have to take place to get to a point where you can confidentially offer SEO services because you know you will be able to rank pretty at will whatever you want to rank.

I mean, that time will come but it's going to take some effort to get to that point so the reason I showed you that Reel SEO article was there's something else that I would recommend doing and I do this for all clients now is when I offer the SEO service, I also sell them on YouTube advertising as well because I can get them immediate result. You know I practically get immediately with SEO because I've got a lot of assets available that I can use for that, but I can also do YouTube ads and like literally within 24 hours be driving traffic even if their videos aren't ranked yet in Google. I can be driving targeted traffic and so that's why I shared that with you was because there was an article in there and then there's that post that I shared, the link to the post. There's a YouTube Ads training course called Video Ads Crash Course by Justin Sarti that's $97. It's totally worth it. The interface inside of AdWords is different than what it is in that training because AdWords has changed their interface but the concepts are all the same so really it's no different and personally I recommend just picking up that course up if you're thinking about doing YouTube advertising.

All right. By the way just so you know, Google is totally redesigning their AdWords interface. I was reading an article about it yesterday. It was announced by Google. Over the next few months they're going to be rolling out the interface changes so all of what we know inside of AdWords is going to change which I can only hope is for the better because I find AdWords incredibly complex and it takes a long time to get used to it. I'm still getting use to it. Any ways. That was my 2 cents.

What To Do With 3-Pack To Rank Multiple Cities?

Allen says, “If I'm targeting a local niche and my end goal is to rank in multiple cities for the same keyword service, what do I do in terms of the 3 pack. Do I choose 1 city and go with a location there or can I set up for multiple locations and attempt to rank in the 3 pack for more than 1 city. Never dealt with 3 packs in multiple cities on the same site and hoping you can provide me with the best strategy for moving forward. Thanks in advance.”

All right Alan. I'm not 100% sure I understand what your question is. There's a couple of ways you can do it. If you want to rank, if you're talking about having a physical location in 1 city and wanting that same location listing to rank in maybe the adjacent cities, that's difficult to do. It can happen. Usually it has to deal with how close in proximity the adjacent cities or suburbs or whatever, the neighboring town names, like whatever they are it usually has to do with how close they are logistically. If it's very close, then it's often times that you can rank in those areas also but if there's some distance between them then it's typically harder to rank for those so that's why I will usually get separate mailboxes for every suburb that I want to rank in.

First I will go with the main city and then see where I rank after a few months. It depends on what kind results you are trying to get. If you can be patient, what I like to do is rank, whatever city it is that I chose, and then see if I rank in some of the neighboring suburbs over the next few months and if not, then I can go in and get some additional physical locations for those other areas like physical mailboxes. Go rent mailboxes is essentially what I'm saying for the other areas. That's typically what I will do. I know that there's some real crazy stuff that you can do with [RYS 00:36:48]and using Google My Maps, which we talk about inside of our RYS Academy that can get you those kind of results without having to have mailboxes but that's something that's only covered inside of RYS. Hopefully that helps.

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As far as the site, there's a couple of ways you can do it. You can build it all out on 1 main domain and silo out your site for the different cities that you want to rank in, right? You would have a different category on your site and a page for each location or depending on what you intentions are you can build sub-domains for each city. That's what I like to do but I also cover a pretty broad area that way and if I'm doing everything like for example, if I was going to be building a separate page for every municipality within a particular county and let's just use Fairfax County, Virginia. There's like 24 municipalities in that county. I wouldn't build 24 sub-domains. I would build 1 site for Fairfax County and then I would have pages or I would silo out the site or have separate pages for each 1 of the locations, but if I was going to have a broader site like a Virginia State site, a site that covers the state of Virginia, then Fairfax might be a sub-domain. Does that make sense?

Then I might have a different subdivision for another county or maybe it would be by region. It just depends on what it is. I don't know how broad or how narrow you're going geographically. There's too many variables for me to give you an exact answer. I can tell you that typically what I like to do is to build sub-domains, city based sub-domains across a broader domain. That's how I like to do it.

All right. I don't know if I answered his question or not because it was a bit vague.

Would A Landing Page With Service + City In URL, Post Title, and Content Help Rank A Website?

Ryan says, “To help rank a service in nearby cities, what do you think about creating a post instead of a city landing page, includes service plus city in the title URL and content, then after letting the full post syndicate to WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger 301 the original post to the home page or the category page, the web 2 post would probably end up ranking for those towns as well. I didn't know if the attribution link for the post title would cause over optimization since it's going through a 301?”

No. You can test that Ryan. You can test that. I haven't tested that exact strategy so I can't give you an answer, but that's what I would suggest doing is just testing it. It seems sound to me. You could do that. Right? You could also set canonicals for that too. In fact, 1 or our MasterMIND members, Greg, he did a pretty cool trick that he shared with us the other day about how he used a canonical to push his page and it ended up working really well for him. I can't get into that because it was a MasterMIND post. We can't share it here, but it was pretty cool and we've talked about using canonicals very strategically within the MasterMIND for months.

How To Improve The Value Of PBN Sites?

Enrique says, “Hey guys, love the IFTTT. Love the MasterCLASS even more.” I will 1 plus that. “I have a pretty large private link blog network that I've been very cautious with and by very cautious I typically mean 1 money site link site per site, nothing else. I'm concerned of course that I might be wasting the link power of the private sites. My question is what would you do to get better value out of each site? Add some links to different money site 2.os? Add links to different private network link sites that are not linking to the same money sites? Obviously I want to avoid a footprint but not at the expense of getting the most benefit out of my PBN or private link network.”

Enrique, typically what I had done is I would go with my PBN sites which I'm really not even using anymore. I am using what I'm calling private link network sites which are just sites that I rebuild for the purpose of 1 backlink and that's it and that's fine for me because it's actually more economically that way because the labor is less. In other words, building a PBN, I would build out basically a blog. I would try to make it as much like a real blog as possible so it was a lot of setup and it was also, I put at IFTTT network around it and I would post content to my PBN sites regularly. I have curators that do that. That's their job is to post on the PBN sites and I would give them so that the sites would be updated with content regularly and they would link to multiple sites because I would keep my PBN sites broad enough within a particular general category. For example, homes services or home improvement style blogs so that I could link to tree services and landscapers and plumbers and everything else if that makes sense. I would get a lot of additional posts out of a PBN, but it was also a lot of work and I was paying curators to post on them.

Now what I deal with is rebuild the expired domains, rebuild the content from the dropped domain and I just put in 1 link to the site that I want to link to and I'm done. It's a hell of a lot faster. I'm only getting 1 link per domain now but it's not all this setup work and all the labor expense in having the ongoing curating costs and everything else so personally that's what I'm doing. You asked me what I'm doing. I'm not doing any more blog sites. I haven't been for awhile but if I was going to continue to do that then I would do what I just mentioned to you and that would be add some network sites around my PBNs and then I would start posting to them regularly with similarly themed content and if your only using the network to link to a handful of sites then you could link to the IFTTT network sites, things like that. Just find different random things that you could link to that eventually funnel back to your money site. Try to do it without leaving a footprint though like you mentioned.

Marco: Just to add to what you were saying Bradley, I've seen great, great results when you have an established website and you want to push a website for the last 10 or last 7 spots or whatever to power up your tier 1 with PBN or PLNs because most of your sites will have IFTTT back links, they will have other back links, you have probably created guest posts, whatever. When you're linking to those posts and usually you're not linking for example, I have a client that has guest posts on major publications and I'm linking to those posts and they are authority posts. They are not linking back to a website that has like 30 domain authority or 30 trust load or whatever. They are linking back to Forbes.com or Washingtonpost.com. Those kind of websites which are also considered authority links you know so I'm killing 2 stones with 1 bird. I'm linking out to authority websites and I'm also powering my clients tier 1. You can do the same if linking for example, to an internal post from your IFTTT, from a [inaudible 00:44:29] site. That has been syndicated now from your blog. That way I found that you're powering up you IFTTT or your tier 1 links and it works really, really well.

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Bradley: What you just said is true. What you can do Enrique is go do a backlink analysis on the money sites that you are linking to and then find some tier 1 links that are going to those money sites that high quality links, pages or whatever and then you can start building links to those. They don't have to be your own properties. It doesn't matter. If there's a link on that page to your money site, why not build links to that page and you can use your PBN for that. You could power up links on other sites is my point that are pointing ultimately to your money site.

Okay, we need to wrap it up. We've got about 4 more minutes. I'm going to run through these next couple of questions and then we're going to wrap it up guys.

Would Not Linking A Subdomain To The Root Page Prevent Building Authority?

Chris says, “Hi. My sites have good content with clean backlinks. I structured my sites with the root domain and 3 sub-domains and I have some questions on linking. I linked from the root to the sub-domain home pages, but I have not linked from the subs back to the root in case 1 sub-domain every catches a penalty. Am I preventing the root from building authority or is this a good practice?

No. That's fine Chris. That's fine. You specifically said, “this is for building authority.” If you're talking about domain authority, no. It doesn't matter. You don't have to have a link because your domain authority is going to be … it's a site-wide metric so it's a domain wide metric. It effects all sub-domains, all sub-directories, all pages and posts. It's not going to make any difference. As far as passing trust and topical relevancy from your subs to your root, yeah you could link up to your root if you have a reason for doing so but typically when I'm building out sites and sub-domains I'm ranking each sub-domain as a stand alone. It's not for the benefit of the root. It's just because it's a sub-domain site and so typically I don't need to link up to the root but again it just depends what your goal is.

Are you preventing authority from building? No. You're not. Topical relevancy potentially yes, but again I don't know why unless you're using sub-domains to rank the root you wouldn't need to do that anyways.

Should SILO Pages Link Back To The Home Page?

“On 1 sub-domain I have silo structure with 2 complex silos. Should I link from the 2 silo pages back to the home page or will this bleed the silos? Thank you.”

No you can. What that does is that pushes relevancy from your keyword sets from your silos to your home page. That's entirely up to you. You can link back to the home page. It's not necessary though but you can. It's not going to hurt anything if you do. It will actually sometimes force your home page to show for the top levels silo page instead. If somebody's searching for that particular keyword that's a top of level silo instead of that page showing in the search results sometimes your homepage will show because your pushing the relevancy all the way to the home page through that internal link. It's up to you. You can also do that with canonical. That's what we were talking about earlier with Greg, one of our students. He did something very similar to that using the canonical and you can do the same thing. Okay?

What's The Potential Impact Of Embedding Google Maps In Web 2.0s?

We've got 2 more minutes guys so Brian says, “Making local map points on Google Maps for businesses, their surrounding areas in their surrounding areas they service and then embed them onto web 2.o or adding back-links help get into the snack pack for multiple surrounding local areas. Just wondering if you've done testing with this?”

No. I have not done that. I don't know if Marco's done that? That's not something I have tried yet. I know we've done some pretty ninja stuff with My Maps, but we can't really share that here though.

Marco: It's not something that I'm going to get into on Hump Day Hangouts. He's welcome to come to our RYS Academy where we get into all sorts of nasty stuff with Google Maps and everything you can do, how to connect them by relevancy to push to surrounding areas. Everything and anything that you can do with a map is inside RYS Academy.

What Tool To Use To Track Email From Opt-In Forms?

Bradley: Yeah. All right. We've got to wrap it up. One thing Michael. You said, “I use Call Fire for calls, but also like to track e-mails from email opt and forms. What can we use to have an email come to us as well as go directly go to the client?”

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Michael, put a comma and then your e-mail address in the field that it sends to. I don't know which email opt in form your using Michael, but most of them where the text field is that you enter the email that you want for any option form submission to be sent to if you just put a comma you can add another email address or as many email addresses as you want and it will send to all of the email addresses in that field. That's how most forms work. I don't know about which one you're using specifically.

Adam: That's like Contact Form 7. I mean everything

Bradley: Most are like that. You just put a comma and add the next email address and it will send to 2 or 3 or however many you want.

Nate Gilbert, you sent me another email again with a question when you should of posted it here, but I did read your question in the email. Unfortunately I'm not going to respond via email because you're suppose to be posting your questions in Hump Day Hangouts and as far as the Google Trends dashboard, I'm not quite sure what you were asking about in your email because Google Trends still works just the same as I had shared in the training. He said that he couldn't niche down into areas … I know we are wrapping up Adam. Just give me 1 second. For example, if I look for tree service, click search, right here in this drop down worldwide I can go to United States and he said for some reason he couldn't drill down to city level but I'll go to Virginia and I don't know, let's go to Washington DC for example. There, now I'm all the way down to city level so I'm not sure what you were asking about Nate in the email but once again, please post your questions on Hump Day Hangouts' event pages because otherwise they will get ignored. Okay?

All right everybody. We are out of time. That was a good session. We hope everybody got a lot of information out of that. We don't have any other webinars this week right?

Adam: No. Not this week.

Bradley: Good, but next week we have a few. Okay. Thanks everybody for being here. Thanks guys.

Marco: Thanks.

Hernan: Bye everyone.


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