Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 67

By April

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Adam: Oh. I thought we were just going to hang out today.

Hernan: I think [so 00:00:11].

Bradley You bastard.

Adam: I got to ask.

Bradley: You [bastard 00:00:10]. You've got beer, I got coffee.

Adam: Hey, everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, episode 67. Today is the 17th of February. We're having everybody hop on, I think Chris and Marco might be … Oh, I spoke too soon, they are hopping on right now, so if they can hear me, we'll have everybody say hello, but we'll start with Hernan, because I know he's here.

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The Death of the PBN

By Bradley Benner

PBN's are a Dying Breed – Meet the Ranking Score Patent

How Google is going to kill PBNs


Update: After much asking about this topic, we have decided to make an exclusive webinar/masterclass explaining a new way of building links. Click here to register for free.

Or why you should build PRN’s to rank in 2016 and beyond:

I recently wrote an article where I went into detail about “the Google Dance” (read the full article here) and how most of the information could be found in a couple of the patents the company had filed and was granted. In addition, I confessed in the article that I am a Google patent geek and probably spend way more time than I should, looking through them.

But the reality is that there is a wealth of information to be gathered from patents, patent filings, and especially from patents that are granted. This is absolutely helpful in our industry since there is often so much conflicting and misleading information. Why listen to so-called experts when you can get the public information filed when the “invention” is claimed?

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