Can I Use RSS Masher To Merge Feeds As An Alternative To Backlink Commando?

By April

In episode 123 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether RSS Masher is ok for merging feeds as an alternative to Backlink Commando.

The exact question was:

Since Backlink Commando is no longer working, can we use RSS Masher to merge all the feeds? And then how would we be able to scrape all the urls like we could with Backlink commando?

This Stuff Works

IFTTT SEO – Automated Backlink Building

By Semantic Mastery

Did you know that you can use IFTTT to make automated backlinks that will help you build your network and grow the power and domain authority of the site that you are basing it off of?

What's even better about this is that it is a one-time setup – after that you can depend on your network of high authority web 2.0 and social sites to drive juice to your site time after time. It's a great setup that works.

There was a product called IFTTT Backlink Commando that helped with this process. It could create IFTTT accounts and speed up the process of implementing recipes (what IFTTT actions are called). However, there are some additional aspects that you need to be aware of – creating IFTTT accounts is only part of the equation. Watch the video for more info.

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