How Effective Would Having A Network Around Each Subdomain Be For A Medical Lead Gen Site?

By April

YouTube video

During episode 76 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if it's okay to add separate IFTTT network to each subdomain intended to optimize medical lead gen site.

The exact question was:

1) I have a lead gen site that has 4 city subdomains. In a webinar you recommended using only one network on the entire root domain. The only build an additional network around any competitive subdomain. My plan is for 10 subdomains, and one network would certainly be easier than 10 but I care more about effectiveness. I am wondering how much more effective would having a network around each subdomain be for a medical lead gen site?

I have one network already built around one city subdomain that is branded with the city url and already has posts, feeds submitted to directories, etc. I also have a 2nd new network that was accidentally built around the ROOT domain and it has not been used at all yet.

Should I use this new network for subdomain 2, 3, 4 and all later subdomains – and continue to use the existing network for subdomain #1?

2) If only using one network, do the subdomains lack a silo structure due to no posts on the subdomains? What happens to the Google+ pages and Local pages for each subdomain – are they not included in the network so nothing syndicates out to them?

3) It does not seem as though having one network reduces the total number of blog posts needed per month. Is that correct? Thanks!

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