What URL to Enter When Triggering the RSS Feed in an IFTTT Branded Network?

By April

YouTube video

In Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts episode 70, one participant asked what URL must be used when triggering RSS Feeds in a branded IFTTT network.

The exact question was:

1) For a BRANDED network – In Instapaper, Pinboard and other properties- what url do we enter when trying to trigger the RSS feed – when we are to trying to set up an RSS feed? blogger post or post on our website?

2) Pinboard looks great but I have about 10 questions on what to check yes or no and a few set up issues – how should I ask those? a Facebook post?

Hey Bradley sorry for the extra questions but hangout is only 6 hours away and if others haven't posted yet, then I will 🙂 thanks.?


In the video, Bradley explained that the URL to use for branded network would be the RSS feed URL of the money site, the blog or the main YouTube channel. These are going to be used as content distribution channel in the IFTTT network. He mentioned that the reason why the IFTTT triggers in Instapaper is not working is because the latter removed its RSS URL. However, Instapaper does allow public profile and in order for IFTTT to triger the feed item in IFTTT, one should manually logged in and like all the RSS items so that it can be distributed to the blog or website within the syndication network.

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