What’s The Best Strategy To Power Up IFTTT Properties In A Home Improvement Niche?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 100 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked about the best ways to boost IFTTT properties in a home improvement niche.

The exact question was:

100th Humpday party time…

Some questions for the Google Ninja's:
I'm trying to power up my IFTTT Properties and created some Topical Relevant Business Directories in the Home improvement niche now what will be the best strategy?
Assumptions based on my knowledge:
1. It is best to link only one way not 2 ways
2. Google checks/counts/monitors 2 HOPS

Then the best linking approach would be like: (=> = DF outbound link)
Business directory a => Business directory b => wordpress (T1) => Business directory c => business directory a (All topical relevant sites / same niche) Creating a link wheel

I can also exchange links with other people in the same niche where they get a backlink from A and create a backlink from their site to C. This can be expanded with all mine T1 properties to maximize links with topical relevant trust flow?

Another question about powering up the IFTTT and moneysite in 1 video you mentioned a service to purchase credits to get visitors to increase CTA / reduce bounce rate etc… Can you give me the link to this video since I can't find it?

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