Will Google Penalize Setting NoIndex To 3 Subdomains In A Video Syndication Network Using IFTTT & Syndwire?

By April

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During episode 95 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if Google will penalize if you set noindex to 3 subdomains in an IFTTT/Syndwire video syndication network.

The exact question was:

Hello Bradley. I hope you are doing great. I have question regarding IFTTT and Syndwire.

First of all, Syndwire has some blog that can embed video on but does not integrate with IFTTT like livejournal, sosblogs and Jimdo..

So, I was thinking create 3 subdomains on my self hosted wordpress site and using IFTTT to syndicate my video to these 3 subdomains, then use these 3 subdomain RSS as a trigger for syndwire, so syndwire can auto post my video to livejournal, sosblogs and Jimdo. It is like having additional 3 property to syndicate my video automatically.

I plan to noindex these 3 subdomains but I know Google may crawl it but it won't index it.

So my question is if I noindex these 3 subdomain, will Google tie these 3 property with my 3 subdomain and trigger a penalty or I am overthinking stuff?

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