How to Avoid Footprint Issues With Images Online?

By April

YouTube video

During episode 72 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best ways on how to avoid footprint issues when dealing with images online.

The exact question was:

Hey guys thx for letting me in i have spent hours listening to all of your latest humpday hangouts and have started to build a small group of pbns supported by there own ifttt networks to eventually point to a money site or top level site that links to money site — i have one question which i have not seen covered online and wondered if you guys could advise —
I use private internet access everytime i log into pr visit a pbn of mine and each one is hosted with different whois info and hosts spread accross various countries on the main well known hosts (so im being careful but i have just noticed the properties ie metadata of the images pulled from search to use as content have the “owner” and “computer” listed and it describes the machine ie my desktop and its serial number or whatever —

So once a pic is downloaded it has this attached it it would seem (right click image to properties)

I know one could only ever link to external images but is that not a quality/footprint/juiceleak problem?

I know one can attach metadata via googles picasso but again thats not the machine data is it? And whose to say processing your images through propertie is undetectable.

Am i paranoid – maybe but hell im investing my time and money i dont want them monkeys to spank me.
If meta data can benefit your rank like we know it can then one can assume the machine id is visible in the images in each pbn? (Footprint)

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