Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 69

By April

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Adam: Hello, everybody. Welcome to a Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 69 where I echo a lot. All right, here we go. [Let's go 00:00:09] down the line and say hello. How's it going, Hernan?

Hernan: Hey, Adam. Hey, everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, what's up, man?

Marco: It's still sunny in Costa Rica.

Adam: It's not warm enough for me to be wearing my Semantic Mastery Mastery shirt yet. That's what makes me sad. Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up everybody?

Adam: We'll keep the announcements short today. I just want to remind everybody, IFTTT 2.0 launching on March 28th. I'm going to pop the link in there if you want to sign up and be notified. For sure, you will be hearing about it. We have a couple of questions on it today so we'll be wrapping that in the part of the Hangout and if you haven't yet head over to SerpSpace.com and sign up for your free account. That is all I have got. What have you guys got today? … Keep Reading