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By April

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Adam: That's what you get from making jokes right when we go live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts, episode 222. This is …Oh, man. I should have cued up some music. This is the last Hump Day hangouts that will be on a Google event page but more on that, first, let's say hey to everybody. It is the sixth of February, 2019.

Bradley: Well, let me interrupt you for a minute because you said this will be the last Hump Day hangouts and I know some people, that's all they heard and they're gonna freak out like, “What,” so we're gonna clarify. No, just the last Hump day hanging out on a Google event page guys. We're still gonna do it, we'll clarify that in a minute. I just want to make sure everybody understands; we're still gonna keep doing Hump Day hangouts.

Adam: You dropped off right there. That might sound bad. Yeah, we'll get back into it. We got some really good announcements; we got some great stuff coming up. We're gonna say hey to everybody really quick and then we'll jump into questions after that so I'll do the normal lineup here. Chris, how you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Actually, doing excellent man. It's like a new PR in the tune today, same as yesterday, so I'm super excited. A good week. How are you doing?

Adam: I'm doing pretty good, just [inaudible 00:01:08]. Man, I don't know what came over me there. Yeah, I'm doing pretty good.

Chris: Rich, you'll need a couple more tee shirts man.

Adam: Yeah, [inaudible 00:01:15].

Bradley: What was the PR for … what movement?

Chris: Yesterday it was squats and today it was bench.

Bradley: You PR-ed your … for those of you that don't know workout speed, that means personal record for squats and bench press. That's very good man. Congratulations.

Adam: I figured Chris [inaudible 00:01:34] got a press release about his lifting.

Hernan: Chris now lifts 385 pounds.

Adam: Contact Chris Tow and [inaudible 00:01:46] for more information.

Chris: Nobody takes the coaching online but you can check out my Instagram. I might share a couple of things there.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Chris is one of those guys. He's in the mirror at Instagram posing.

Chris: Exactly.

Bradley: He's one of those guys.

Adam: Herman, how are you doing man? Are you surviving the heat wave?

Hernan: Yeah I'm good, actually cooled off a little bit so it's good. I went for a run, not a macho as you guys breaking PRs but still broke a sweat. But, yeah, I'm excited for what's coming. I'm excited to be hanging out with Adam. We've got to be scheming and plotting a lot during FHL 2019 so I'm excited for that too.

Adam: Awesome, me too … me too. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: I'm living the life and I'm loving this shit. Fuck all of you. It's just so beautiful here, man. I can't help it.

Adam: Yeah, it's been funny. People around here were freaking out because there was snow dusting on the hills to the East; I'm in the bay area, and it's just hilarious. It hits right at freezing and people are just like, “Oh, is this the polar vortex,” and then at 50 or 60 later in the day. But that's my jam and I like it like that. Bradley, how about yourself?

Bradley: I'm doing well and if we ever had an invitation to be memed, Chris just did it. Greg and Wayne if you're out there listening meme away, so to speak. But, yeah, that's said I'm really excited too. I got lots of stuff going on. Tomorrow we've got the Mastermind Webinar and I'm gonna be releasing all the process docs and training that I developed over the last three or four months for scaling the local least pro method that business model out. Everything that I put together the last four months that's been refined and refined and refined again and it's polished enough now.

This Stuff Works
And I promised the Mastermind members that we're gonna get it when we finished our 12 week sprint to build 50 GMB assets and that ended on Monday. I'm gonna release everything to the mastermind members tomorrow and in the following 12 weeks with the POFU live attendees, the people that came to our live event that joined me in the first 12 weeks sprint, which was to build 50 local assets, lead generation assets out and we all hit various numbers. Specifically for my build, I hit 42 out of 50 for semantic mastery, for our agency that we're building separately. It's not semantic mastery.

But anyways … I didn't quite hit 50 but I hit 42 and that's good enough, in my opinion. Aim high guys. If you aim high and you don't quite hit it, you've still done good. Right? And so I'm pretty proud of that. And then we had varying levels of completion or hitting that goal through the other members that joined us and it's across the board and I'm proud of everybody that helped me with that and participated throughout that process. But the next 12 weeks we're gonna do another sprint when …

By the way, these guys only paid to come to our live event one time. They were just like 24 weeks of additional training and that was not planned. That was something that I chose to do once we were at the live event. And I'm glad because it's given me a lot of help with developing these processes out and getting input from other people so it's not just 100 percent me. And so the next 12 weeks, now that we've got all these assets built and we have our teams that are continuing to build more assets, now we've got to monetize them.

We've got a lot of assets now that are ready to be monetized, which means find service providers, either lease them, buy the leads, however the arrangement is that we work out. And so I'm really looking forward to getting back into prospecting from a lead generation perspective as opposed to a client/agency perspective; which I tried almost all of 2018 to just sell agency services, traditional agency services, and failed miserably at that. I was pretty good at prospecting but sucked at sales.

And it's because the market, in my opinion, is so saturated with business owners being solicited to buy marketing agencies. The moment they think that they're being solicited to, they put up their defenses. And I'm sure a lot of you guys can relate to that. But, just in the last few weeks, the lead generation business the word's gotten out and I'm actually getting inbound calls now from contractors asking for lead generation services, which is amazing guys. I'm telling you the dynamic is completely different and so I'm really looking forward to the next 12 weeks of developing out and testing all different types of prospecting methods for service providers.

And I was on a mastermind call with one of our members earlier today who was telling me about his strategy. Scott, it was awesome. I'm gonna put your strategy to the test and I'm gonna be sharing all that data and in the Mastermind. Anyways, I'm just really looking forward to it; got a lot of stuff going on. Like Marco said, there's so much opportunity right now, guys. It's almost hard to sleep so I hope you guys see the same opportunity I do.

Adam: Good deal. Good deal. And for those of you just joining us, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, the Mastermind is a higher level group for people who are looking to either start or continue to grow their local digital marketing agency. That's the place to be if you're ready to take that plunge and you either want help getting started or, like I said, if you wanna grow it. You can find out more mastermind.semanticmastery.com. In general, though, the first place we recommend everyone to start is with the Battleplan and you can check that out battleplan.semanticmastery.com.

This Stuff Works
And we do have an update to the Battleplan coming out that's bigger, badder, more kick ass and that's gonna cover even more areas so stay tuned for that. And there's gonna be reasons to get it. Don't worry about getting one now. I know shit with, “Should I wait and get the third one when it comes out in February?” You just get it now, start putting it to work. You'll get an ROI as one of our buyers even told us. He said it paid for itself in 13 minutes and that was great. There's all the video training that goes into it too. All this stuff has been updated so go grab that if you haven't yet. And then something else I wanted to talk about, Bradley, you were talking about the mastermind and hopping on a call.

Marco: Hey Adam-

Adam: Yeah. Yeah.

Marco: -before you get into that, I'd like to ask people if you haven't subscribed to our channel, please do. It's really encouraging when I see those numbers of subscribers grow, the people that follow us, the people that … It makes it worthwhile to come in here and give people all of this free information that they're getting, information that people have used to build businesses. But just, all it takes is just a tick of a button guys. Go subscribe, let us know that you're following us, that you're interested in what we're doing so thank you for doing that.

Adam: Yeah. Definitely, check it out on youtube. We'll put the link out there. Let's see. I had a couple more short ones. Bradley mentioned the Mastermind and then, obviously, MDYB is where you can get your done free services like syndication networks, RYS, drive stacks, all sorts of good stuff. What we're also adding in there, we've had a lot of people ask us for help with finding VA's, how to build their own team. And so the VA matching service, helping you build your own team or providing qualified VAs that we've vetted; they have given salary expectations, they're full time, they're ready to go and we're gonna connect those with people.

But right now that's gonna be limited to just the mastermind. We're gonna be taking four orders or Beta testers in, helping them connect and giving them the best practices guide to get started with using their VAs. And then, eventually, we'll be offering that to other people who want that. Hopefully, if you're listening to this, that sounds interesting to you because that is a core part of growing your business. Whatever it's doing is building that team and we're happy to be able to do this and use the same process as we do to find our VAs and our help and get you the help you need.

A real quick note, we had a great webinar with Lisa Allen. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll put the link below; check that out, RSS Authority Sniper. She's added some really cool updates, I'm not gonna go into that I'm just saying that it's awesome and it's part of Bradley's case studies he's doing right now which Bradley I'll let you touch on that in a second. And then, just to wrap it up, as I talked about at the very beginning with a no more ‘Hump Day hangouts'. It's no more Hump Day hangouts on Google event so they are shutting down.

Bradley: Wait, what?

Adam: They're shutting down the Google events. We are gonna get it ported over. It doesn't matter. All you need to know is keep using the same links you get to. When you get an email, click the link, I'm here. If you go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions you will still go there. We're gonna get our own page setup, get stuff going so that it's seamless; and it's just gonna look a little different but, hopefully, it's gonna be even smoother for you.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, we're gonna use the discuss app, as the commenting app below the webinars so it'll make it really clean. It'll be a nice clean page just like the Google events page are and it'll keep all the comments on right below. And what's kind cool about it is the comments are archived too so instead of every week having a separate event page, like we've had in the past where the comments … you'll be able to scroll through the comments and just look through the questions and stuff from previous weeks as well once we start that.

We've been doing that, actually, for the Mastermind Webinar for what, two years guys, and it's been working really well over there. It's gonna be a seamless shift for you guys. It won't affect you guys any at all.

Adam: Good to go. Alright guys, we got any other announcements before we dive into it? Okay.

YouTube Embeds Clarifications

Bradley: All right, so the first thing I'm gonna do is grab the screen and then I'm gonna take a moment to clarify some comments I made last week that, apparently, I wasn't very clear on. I knew what I was trying to say but, apparently, I wasn't very clear in my delivery and it caused a shit-storm in that we had a whole bunch of people freaking out about what I said about embeds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it because I'm gonna clarify my statements now and it should make sense.

And for those of you that heard what I said last week and freaked out about it, I apologize for not being more clear about what I was saying. Again in my mind I was clear but, obviously, I confused a bunch of people. What I was talking about last week specifically was … and it was this dude here. I'm sorry, I can never say your name, Mayank. And, again, I would love to hear how that's actually pronounced because I'm, probably, butchering it. He asked a question about embeds and I had said that yes, absolutely, embeds will help to push a video.

I was talking specifically about youtube guys and I think people conflated what I was saying about embeds with any type of embed including map embeds and things like that. But what I was talking about was specifically youtube guys. And that was that will embeds help push a video and I said, yes. However, mass embeds and mass links to a video that doesn't have corresponding engagement signals, which means views, comments, likes, shares, those kinds of things, can be a spam signal. I wasn't saying embeds themselves are a spam signal.

And that's, apparently, how it was taken. And it might've been the way I said it or whatever. Again, I apologize but I wasn't saying embeds are spam signals and I think that's how it came across. What I was saying was specifically for videos. If you have a video that you go out and you do thousands of embeds and build thousands of links to it and you go look at the video on youtube or Google search and it's got three views, guys, is that natural? No. And we know, for a fact, that youtube videos can rank purely on engagement signals now. We know, for a fact, that that's true and I'm gonna show you right now, or in just a moment, the proof of that.

What I was saying was if you're gonna build a bunch of backlinks and/or embeds for a video, then, I would recommend that you also build traffic or engagement signals. And how do you do that? Well, the easiest way, unless you can get real organic views, is to buy views … not spam views from view bots and from view services but buy views from Google directly from the Google ads network. Guys, you can set up Google ads for YouTube. I just did a two and a half hour webinar on that two weeks ago that I made public for 55 bucks, you can get access to it, where I go into great detail as to how to set up these ads, specifically how to set these campaigns up to get videos to rank in Google search, guys.

And it's from buying engagement signals directly from Google, which is perfectly legit and legal. It's encouraged as opposed to buying spam views from view services that don't work anymore anyways. And so my point is you can still take and get results from mass embeds and from mass backlinks with videos. But watch what happens if you do backlinks and/or embeds and you just inject a little bit of real traffic engagement signals into that. Everything just comes alive. It's like magic. I'm telling you. Marco has been talking about ART for two years, three years now and that's … What is it? Authority, relevancy and trust?

Marco: Activity, relevancy, trust and authority.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Activity, relevancy, trust and authority. There you go. And so if you're going to be doing mass embeds and things like that, guys, if you just inject a little bit of traffic signals, and there are real traffic signals which you can buy directly from Google for pennies, it will make everything come alive. And so I just wanna show this example really quick. This is a video … And I'm gonna show a real live example here guys, just to prove it to you. I'll zoom in on this just briefly but this is exactly … I clarified this in the mastermind too because we had several people freaking out like, “Oh, I do a bunch of embeds and there's no engagement signals. Am I fucked?”

And I was like, “No, no, no, you're okay. Your videos are still okay if you do that.” But what I'm saying is if you've got a video that you've done a ton of embeds to and backlinks to or whatever and it's not ranking yet, just go buy some traffic signals from Google and watch what happens. It'll come alive; it's like magic.

Marco: Yeah. But, before you go on, we've never recommended just thousands and thousands of embeds anyway.

Bradley: Correct.

Marco: We've always said slow and easy wins the race. We've never said go buy a million embeds. We've always said you can get 25, you can get 50, you see how it does, its niche relevant and watch it and then you adjust accordingly. That's what we've always recommended throughout when we were with the other company where we were providing the video and map embeds and even we're gonna be providing now. We're not telling you go buy a million embeds tomorrow.

Chris: Yeah, we never recommended that.

Marco: Ever, ever. But slow and steady wins the race with anything.

Bradley: But one other comment that I made was [brute force SEO 00:16:54] and I'm not a brute force SEO kinda guy; Marco is though. And Marco was like, “Well, we can get results with brute force.” I said, “Yeah, you can and there's no doubt, I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying the way that I, particularly, like to do things is to try to make it look more natural if possible. And that's all.” And that's what I was trying to say last week guys and, apparently, I wasn't very clear. But this is the example that I wanted to show because this is the video ranked.

This is for a local video production company that I've been doing wholesale. I've been providing wholesale video ranking services to them for five years now, four or five years, and we used to do a whole lot of it. I don't have nearly as many campaigns as we used to but … Anyways, long story short, on December 28th, I took the video that they sent me, I live streamed it to my channel and it went through all the syndication networks that that channel is hooked up to. That's an age syndication network, there's multiple networks attached to that channel and it works well.

And I had also used some embed credits that I had from SerpSpace which, Marco, there's a video powerhouse thing in there that we built when we were still part of SerpSpace and so I had some embed credits and stuff. And, for whatever reason, usually when I upload a video to rank for a client or for this company or for anybody really, usually I do the live stream to the channel. It automatically syndicates through all the networks and then I usually immediately follow up with setting up the youtube ad, the Google ad free for video, to start injecting engagement signals so that as the embeds are getting picked up and indexed and that kind of stuff, there's automatically traffic going to them.

Again, that's the secret sauce. It's worked for years now for me. For, at least, two or three years now, that's been my magic bullet. The trick up my sleeve is to just immediately add that the Google ad to it so that I start pushing traffic signals into it then I'm buying from Google; which you can get Geo targeted topically relevant traffic so highly relevant traffic from people that are likely to actually engage with the video too. And, again, all of this was taught in the training that I did two and a half weeks ago or three weeks ago or two weeks ago actually that's available for 55 bucks. If you're interested, just reach out to us and we'll send you the link.

This Stuff Works
Anyway long story short, for whatever reason that day, I was short on time and I did not set up the youtube ad, for that so I let it push through. And about two weeks later I went to go look at where the results were because I always tell the client it's gonna take me roughly 30 days to get results. It usually doesn't take that long but I always tell them to prepare him for it taking as much as 30 days. Two weeks later I went by and I looked at it and it had finished or completed its initial Google dance.

You guys are aware of that where the video might show up on page one and then it disappears from the top 10 pages and then it comes back on page three and then it disappears and it comes back again. It had finished that because I had set up the pro rank tracker. I use proranktracker.com to track youtube videos … the rankings for youtube videos. Anyways, I looked at the history and I saw that the initial dance period was over and it had settled on page two between 12 and 15. It was steady bouncing between 12 and 15 so 12, 13, 14, whatever. You get what I'm saying.

I went then and set up the ad because I was like, “Okay, now it's on page two.” And I went and looked and I was like, “Oh that's why. There's no ad.” I looked at the view count and I think there was like four views at the time and I was like, “Oh shit, I forgot to set up the ad.” I set up the ad for that and that was on a Friday … on a Thursday, excuse me, and it takes about 24 hours for a youtube ad to get approved. Sometimes it's less but most of the time it takes roughly 24 hours. And so I set up the ad for this and I looked at it on Monday.

It had been running for roughly three days or four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then on Monday is when I looked. And by Monday it had had generated, I think, 86 views and boom, it was on page one. And, guys, it's been on page one ever since. And that's what I'm saying about just injecting traffic into that video after it had already been embedded. I prefer to do it while the embeds are just occurring. Before they even index, I like to start sending traffic but, in this case, I did it backwards to where I had all the embeds go out and it had sat for two weeks before I set up the ad.

But as soon as I injected traffic guys boom to page one and it's been there ever since and here are the youtube stats. Let me zoom in on this a little bit. Let's see, how do we use zoom in on this shit? It's not letting me. Okay, well, I don't know if you guys can see it but here's the youtube stats for just the last 30 days and you can see that that's the same video guys. My average cost per view, seven cents. My budget is 50 cents a day guys, look at that. You see that 50 cents a day, who can't afford that?

I usually start off with a dollar per day but I backed it down to 50 to this point and you can see that I've spent $23 in the last 30 days to keep that video. I've got 332 views in the last 30 days and … Excuse me, I've actually generated six clicks. Those are six clicks because the targeting that I have set up for that, I've got the geographic targeting setup for about, I think, a 30 mile radius from the shop, the Warrington auto service shop so all the clicks or views that are coming through are from people within that service area. And they're an in-market audience for people that were looking for auto repair services.

It's highly relevant traffic and Google knows that traffic is in the in-market audience for auto repair services so it knows it's a relevant audience that's viewing this video. That's what causes it to rank guys because it's not like just getting random views from anywhere in the country or globally. These are views that are geo targeted from an audience that Google recognizes and knows is in market for that service so it's a highly weighted view and it's pennies guys. The average cost per view is at seven cents.

Do you get that? That's what I was trying to say. Hopefully, that clarified everything. If anybody has any questions about that, just post them on the event page and I'll be happy to answer it. Okay. You wanna comment on that before I move on guys?

Marco: No.

Chris: Okay.

Hernan: No, I think that that was pretty clear, thanks.

How Do You Get The First Post URL Of Your GMB Profile Using The Citation Builder Pro Software?

Bradley: Elaina says, “Bradley, in reference to you using the citation builder pro software you mentioned in a local least pro training, how do you get the first post URL of your GMB profile again?” Easy Elaina, log in to the GMB profile and go to posts and you'll see the published post. If you're using the citation builder pro software, once it's been published through this post scheduler, you can also grab the link from inside the dashboard of the post scheduler. There's a little link icon to the right column of the post and you can grab the link from that too so very, very simple.

That's all you need to do. Or you can go do a Google search for the brand name of that GMB and in the knowledge panel … on the right side of the screen, in the knowledge panel, you'll see your post. Click on the post, it will expand like a pop up window and you can click the share button on that and then grab the share link from that. That's your GMB post URL. It's a very, very simple process. Okay?

Does Long Form GMB Post Performs Better In Terms Of Ranking?

Will says, “I noticed that for GMB posts, there is room for 1500 characters to write a post and yet in the local pro training you use only a handful of characters to complete a post.

This Stuff Works
Shouldn't we try to write longer posts to convert more keywords in our copy so we can rank for those keywords too? Or is there a point of diminishing return when we write writing longer pieces of content texts that yields no benefits?” That's a good question Will. Honestly, I haven't been testing long form copy because, for me … I know Marco and Rob, I think, have done some testing there so I'll have Marco comment on that in a minute. But, for me, it was more about activity and consistency. In other words, we post the short little posts because the way that I look at GMB posts as more like call to action type posts.

And that's what I called all of the templates that I created for local least pro CTA templates. I called action templates because it's just an image where we inject a key word or two or three or whatever that sounds … it's worded to where it reads well. And then we have a call to action and we do more posts. In other words, we do higher volume of posts instead of doing long copy post and only a couple of week. We do one post per day or two posts per day that are much, much shorter.

Because I also think when somebody's looking for tree services there don't care to read a freaking article just to get the contact information. They want to do a search, find a tree service company and call them to come out and provide an estimate. And I get what you're saying about injecting more keywords and all that kind of stuff but you can do that by just doing more posts too. That's been my methodology; I haven't really tested long form content because it's more work really and I'm able to get results without it. But that said, Marco, what has been your experience with that?

Marco: We started out doing the long form, taking up all the space in all of the posts. I know for a fact that Rob, he just likes to use the short form. However, lately what we've been doing is intermixing. We've been doing the long and the short, long and the short never in any set pattern because Google catches patterns. But I've found, and from what other people are telling me, it gets really good results when you use long form. That's the way that … When this started out, when it was originally conceptualized back when I was doing, and I'm still doing the New York attorney project, I'm still with her. She's not going anywhere, trust me. It was all long form and it has been to this day.

The writers do nothing except long form posts. Now what we take care to do is that in the image there's a call to action and in the first few lines there's a call to action. And the button is always a call to action button because, to me, that's what works. The person seeing that they might want to read the rest but I could care less if the person reads the rest. If they take action, fine, but I want all of that content for the BOT.

Bradley: Sure.

Marco: That all I'm concerned about. I wanted to have all that, all of that relevance. I could be writing about something locally, main events. I'm not gonna get too much into this because I'm not giving it away but there's so much that you can write about, to create relevance, inside that post to trigger just everything to relate your GMB to everything that's going on in whatever your local is that you can get amazing results if you do it correctly. And I think that this calls for an update webinars sometimes in local GMB pro because you can get some fantastic stuff going if you mix it up right.

Bradley: There you go. There you go, there's two sides of that coin. Well, I just haven't tested with long form copy because I really haven't had the time and I've been able to get results for the types of industries that I've been working in without it. I've always been an advocate of doing the absolute bare minimum to get results. Guys, I say that all the time and so I'm able to do that in the industries I'm in and still get results; there's no need for me to do the long form copy. Eventually I made test that but for right now it's still working and I've got the processes already developed. My teams handles all that and since it's working … if it ain't broke, don't fix it type stuff, you know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I may test that though.

Marco: I like that. But if you remember that the deal that I made with my attorney is it had goals; it had goals that I had to meet as far as call volume. And so I had to keep increasing the call … I didn't have to just show a steady stream. Of course, I had to continually increase the call volume in order to get her to pay more and more and more and more and more. Each time we reached one of the call goals, the monthly went up and it has gone up. You'll reach a saturation point where you just can't do anymore but you also want to keep it up there.

And I'm not changing anything that got me up there. I'm not gonna try changing it and then have it fall off and her say, “Well, this month I'm paying you less.” That's not gonna happen so I'm trying to avoid that at all costs.

Bradley: Okay. Mike has got several questions here just for future reference. I really appreciate you coming and asking questions, man. That's exactly what we encourage you guys to do. Just for future reference though, it's only fair to post one or two questions and then wait until other people to post some more questions just because it's not fair to take up too much time. That said, I'm gonna run through these really quickly guys. Okay. The first one is, “I need help with the following questions.

This Stuff Works

Should We Use The SerpSpace Tiered Link Building Service To Increase The Power Of A Tiered Syndication Network?

For increasing power to syndication networks should we use the SerpSpace link building service?” Yeah, you can. [Daddy 00:29:52]who's been with me for six years now, he's amazing. He's a link builder. He's absolutely amazing. We're gonna be launching that in our store, MGYB, in the next few weeks. I think it's the next product that's coming. Is that correct, Marco?

Marco: That's correct.

Bradley: Okay. Any ETA when that's gonna be available?

Marco: Within the next two weeks.

How Does The RSS Authority Sniper Fits Into The Video SEO Plan Laid Out In The Battleplan?

Bradley: Okay. That said, within the next two weeks we're gonna have daddy working, in our … it'll be available in MGYB. But in the meantime, yeah, absolutely. It's the same guy, so no question. Number two is, “Can you talk about where RSS Authority sniper fits into the video SEO plan as laid out in the Battleplan? Should this be an add-on to everything else we were supposed to do for video SEO?” It doesn't have to be but it can, certainly, help. Guys, to be clear, RSS Authority sniper is the software. It's a software that helps you find RSS feeds that are relevant. That's what that does.

It's a one-time fee. It's a software that will just help you to find a relevant feeds and it will create the spliced RSS feed from the different content feeds that you find. The magic of it is the subscription, which is the add-on service, which is rank feeder, R-A-N-K F-E-E-D-E-R. We can drop a link for that. That's when you create the spliced feed that goes on the rank feeder server that serves that RSS feed and then that's where the magic happens. It's not the RSS Authority sniper, that's just the tool.

The magic is from the feed that is created that is hosted in rank feeder and what you do with that feed, which is an SEO tool. And it's an incredibly powerful yet simple SEO tool and that's what I love about it guys. People like complicated stuff because it makes them feel smart and fancy and shit. I like simple stuff and the RSS rank feeder creates these really powerful SEO RSS feeds by combining relevant and authoritative feeds with your own content and so that it creates what's called co-citation.

And, essentially, you are siphoning authority from all of the relevant content that you surround your content with within these feeds. And so it's super, super powerful and if you're doing any local video ranking, what she released in this newest version of it is geo tagging. You can add geographic data to the feeds and so that's really, really powerful for local. And so I've got a case study going on with that right now where I'm testing for GMB assets. But for videos it's the same thing. What's really cool about it is you can actually take a video, just a video URL, and add it to, if you've got the front end software, RSS Authority sniper and it will pull an RSS feed from youtube from that video.

In other words, the RSS feed for the channel that that video comes from. And now you can use either that individual video as part of your feed or you can use the channel feed if there's a bunch of relevant video. In your case Mike, since you're gonna be having channels that you're gonna be hosting videos on for video SEO services, you could add your channel feed as one of the content feeds that you create a spliced super feed from … a rank feeder feed from along with relevant content. When I say relevant, I mean topically relevant as well as geographically relevant if it's for local.

How do you do that? Well, for example, you could go look at for your local, the town, the city that you want to rank the video for, you can go find their local government municipality website and see if it's got an RSS feed. If it doesn't, you can still add it as a sticky or a static item in the feed. You can find local blogs, you can find local event calendars that have the RSS feeds. And you can squeeze all the RSS feeds into one and create a spliced rank feeder feed that then you add the Geo tagging into which you can add specific coordinates or you can add what's called a box, which is like a service area type business, where it will show…

It will, basically, add the geographic relevance from a service area instead of a single map point. There's all this really cool stuff that you can do with it. What I would suggest Mike … And, yes, it can absolutely help with video SEO, guys and it's all done and … it's automated other than setting up the feed itself, which is simple process. And that's what RSS Authority sniper will help you do in a step by step fashion. But you honestly don't even need the front end product, you could just do it from the rank feeder dashboard, which is the subscription based product.

And from there, once you set up the feed, it just runs on autopilot. What I suggest doing is gonna Fiverr and using an RSS submit gig costs where it'll you five bucks to get an RSS feed submitted. The super feed that you create that hosted on rank feeder, you take that feed, go to Fiverr, search for RSS submit. You'll find a gig … I use one that it submits to 70 feed aggregators and directories and that's it. It costs five bucks. You send the link, it's done; two days later, you've got it submitted and it just works on autopilot.

You don't have to do anything else with it so that's what I like about it. It's an automated way to continually inject both topical and geographic relevance and create co-citation for whatever content you want to siphon authority to, if that makes sense. Very, very powerful and it's a simple, simple tool. That's why I like it.

How Should You Connect The Drive Stacks And Syndication Networks Using The Video SEO Battleplan?

The video SEO Battleplan doesn't mention syndication networks and drive stacks. Can you talk about that? Where do these fit in to the steps laid out in the Battleplan? Well, syndication networks, you just connect them to your channel. I'm sure you already know that Mike. The video SEO Battleplan, I'm not familiar with what that part of it says but it should say that you would want to connect your channel to a syndication network because that's just automatic syndication and embedding and back links and social signals and bookmarks and all of that just from just uploading a video.

This Stuff Works
Drive stacks, I've never really used drive stacks for video SEO. Marco may have; I have not. I've only used drive stacks for pushing web pages, websites and GMB assets but not for videos specifically. Marco, what about that?

Marco: We've used it in conjunction and it works like crazy.

Adam: Okay.

Marco: It really does because you're creating the three parts of art; Activity, relevance, trust and authority. If you're embedding a Google property on a Google property, it's only going benefit. You can't go wrong with doing it. Either way, you do it and we always embed a video anyway into our drive stacks, it's part of the process. And why wouldn't you do that on the G site that you're creating and create that relationship between your youtube channel and the G site and the drive stack and back and forth. Yeah, do it by all means. It really worked for the stuff that we were doing.

I could see also linking, for example … Without getting too far into the weeds, I could also see using drive stacks to promote an entire channel as well as playlists. Because, guys, remember YouTube Silo Academy? It's about how to silo a YouTube channel just like you would silo a website and that's incredibly powerful for video SEO. Again, it's simple but it's powerful. And so you could theme mirror your drive stack, like we talk about doing with websites, but you could do that with your youtube channel as well so that you're basically mirroring the silo from your channel into a drive stack. And I think that that would be very powerful. I haven't done any testing there, but I'm sure it would work because, again, it's Google promoting Google.

Marco: Well, I'll tell you right now. We stopped working in the niche, which is why I mentioned it but we got videos ranked in the gold niche.

Chris: That's awesome.

Marco: That's how powerful it is.

Bradley: He says, “If I have my YouTube Channel connected to a tiered syndication network, do I need to go with video powerhouse embeds.” You can. See, that's the thing. Again, like I said, do the bare minimum to get results. I wouldn't recommend syndicating a video to your network and then immediately going and ordering 300 embeds. It doesn't make sense; you might not need that. You might get the results just from your syndication network so why waste the embeds and the any additional effort.

What I would recommend and this is how … Guys, I've always done this besides adding the youtube ad into it, the Google ad into the process. Whenever I've done video SEO stuff, and I've been doing it for years, I would just let it go through my networks and I would it two weeks before I would do anything else because a lot of the times the networks alone. Especially once your networks are aged and they are themed well, which means they have a lot of relevant videos and all that kind of stuff on there, they become more powerful over time.

And so a lot of times just syndicating a video to the network alone, it would rank within two weeks so I wouldn't have to do anything else. But if it didn't rank within two weeks, then, I would go and I would order like 50 embeds. 50 embeds and that's it. And I would drip those out over 14 days. I would select the drip option for 14 days and then at the end of two weeks I would go check it again and again. When I say check it, I just go look at pro rank tracker because it made it real easy to look and see what the results were and if it needed some more, then, I'd put some more in there.

But, I'm telling you, the real magic is gonna also come from injecting real traffic in engagement signals which you can buy directly from Google for pennies guys. I'm not saying don't do embeds; I'm not saying that at all. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that is the secret sauce now for me. It's just buying the engagement signals because we know that YouTube will rank on engagement signals alone. You combine those two or three components, embeds, backlinks and traffic engagement signals, those three together are going to make it make it happen.

Should We Use A SerpSpace Tiered Link Building Service To Power Up A YT Playlist/Channel?

For powering up YouTube playlist channel, should we use SerpSpace tiered link building service? Again, that's what I just said. That's the same thing that we're gonna have available in MGYB but, yes, you can do that too. But remember, again, it's more about … In my opinion you can do that as well. You can do that too but I would focus more on engagement signals is what I'm trying to tell you. You can do both, don't get me wrong, but if I had to choose one over the other I would probably do engagement.

I don't know … I'd just do both. Why? Because I don't have to choose one or the other. I'd do both. And that's where I'm seeing the most results. Do v2 users get an upgrade for free to Battleplan v3? And I would say no, but am I wrong?

Herman:No, it's not free but your ROI is there and we keep this price to low on purpose and we're gonna do our best to keep it there.

Bradley: Yeah, it's priced so low guys. Mike, you can afford it, I promise. Tim says …

Chris: Hey Bradley, hang on a second before you. When you read the next question include what was added by Adam above because he commented in YouTube and I would like this answered all at once.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Where did Adam comment on there?

Adam: I posted a picture, you'll see it keep going up.

Are Drive Stacks Not Effective Anymore?

Bradley: Okay. Sorry to jump in with a downer question. I was looking at DriveSpace, I was going to buy your course, got told by someone over at SerpSpace that DriveSpace aren't really effective anymore. Tim, Tom said, Google said all links do no follow. It doesn't matter. It's a Google property. But do you wanna comment on that Marco? I'll let you take that one.

Marco: Oh yes. We've been trying not to knock SerpSpace because it doesn't make sense. We worked with them, we went; we each went our way. They're doing their thing and I'm doing ours. Now, if …

Bradley: [Inaudible 00:41:42]no ill will there.

Marco: There is absolutely none on my part but ‘if'. And remember that I'm using a conditional ‘if'. If it's true that somebody in SerpSpace said that DriveStacks don't work because the links are no follow, then, they can kiss my ass because they're absolutely fucking wrong and don't understand the basic principle behind RYS academy reloaded. We don't rely on those motherfucking do follow links, man. Read the fucking course. Read my shit. Go read the fucking black book you mother fucker, if you said it. Now if you didn't, please excuse me. Tim may have misinterpreted it.

Bradley: Yeah, that could be it.

Marco: I went there and I said it. If you did that, then it's on. Show me my shit doesn't work. Don't tell me because I can show you a thousand examples where my shit's working, fuck you, not you Tim.

Bradley: Well, tell us how you really feel. There you go. Yeah, they work. In fact, I've got… I can show this. I've got a GMB off page SEO test that I'm doing right now in isolation guys. These are the nine different tests that I'm doing right now specifically to move a Google my business assets using all of these different off page SEO methods in isolation. In other words, I'm testing each one of these where that's the only thing I'm doing besides the on page. It's these off page things here? What I've got listed right here.

I'm doing all of these right now. I've got multiple tests going right now because I just told you guys, we've been building out assets like crazy and I got a ton of them that need help. They're not ranking yet; they're not producing so I'm testing all these different methods to figure out which ones produced the best results, move the needle the most. And then from there I'm gonna set up tests to start combining the methods to see which combinations move. This is gonna be a longer term process where I'm gonna be testing all these things so that I can really figure out what the magic combination is.

This Stuff Works
That's what I'm trying to do because I wanna be able to provide the same instructions or the same kind of roadmap, or Battleplan if you will, for you guys so that you can get results too. And you can see that DriveStack was number two. I had to drive stacks so every one of these on testing on two different properties because if we see the same result on two properties, we know that it's likely going to occur on a third or fourth test. If we see a good result on two properties for the same test and we see good results on one good and poor results on another well, then, it's inconclusive and we need to test further anyways.

If we see two with poor results, then, we know it's likely that it's not going to work for a third or a fourth; so that's what I'm doing right now. And so for drivestacks I've got two assets that I've got set up and I ordered the drivestacks; they're about just over the three week mark now, which is usually when it takes 21 days or so before you start to see any movement at all from a drivestack. And I've already seen a significant jump in one of my GMB assets from a drivestack. I'm not gonna show you those here guys but, again, all of this case study data is going to be released in the mastermind as I have it.

And the drive stack absolutely will move a Google my business asset. Why would it? Well, because it's another Google property. I don't give a shit whether it's follow or no follow links. Guys, I stopped caring about that a long time ago. Yes, you can still get better. You can do certain things with a do follow link that you can't with a no follow link but does that mean no follow links don't help ranking? No, absolutely not. It does absolutely help. And how do I know? I had somebody do a negative SEO to me, well not to me but what a client's website, and they didn't 100% anchor text, exact match anchor text links that were all no follow.

And guess what? We ranked number one for that keyword. He screwed up apparently. And we know, for a fact, that youtube links are no follow links within the descriptions and such yet YouTube Silo Academy works. Why? Because even though it's a no follow link from one YouTube video to another in the description, it's a YouTube linking to YouTube. I don't know whether page rank passes through that or not but Google still treats that and it still will move the needle, whether it's do follow or no follow up. Again, I wouldn't get so caught up in that anyways, really.

Marco: And, by the way, we have the million link case study into a drive stack to rank in a major metropolitan area, one of the most competitive niches in that area. You're aware of that?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Marco: We've shared it in in the mastermind. You know what it is, man; and it's ranking to this day with the porn links in the link profile. We have indexed porn links and it's ranking man. Come on man, tell me my shit doesn't work. Kiss my ass.

Chris: There's that example again. Guys, that's a drive stack at work right there and it's been since May of 2015. We're going on four years now guys. It's still there. It's drive stack stuff; never done anything to it ever since. It's still there, four years later guys outranking all the other Virginia SEO agencies and it's just a drive stack that I built, a very crude one that I built on a Saturday when I first learned about it from Marco and that was in May of 2015 and it's still there today. No, it doesn't work. It doesn't work. Go on. Move on. [Crosstalk 00:47:07]. Don't create more competition for yourself, man.

This Stuff Works

How Do You Maintain A Persona Account Without Ever Leaving Footprint Issues To Google?

Bradley: Michael says, “Hey guys, Marco made a comment a month or so ago that has been gnawing at me ever since.” That happens often, Michael. He says, “The idea is that we maintain a firewall between us as individuals and the persona accounts we create when setting up all of our accounts. Marco said essentially that it's better in Google's eye to be a giver instead of a taker by buying Google services such as upgrading their G suite account, et cetera or buying ads. There's a lot of things you could do. You could pay for the additional storage in drive, there's a ton of things that you could do.” That is correct.

How does a Google persona do that and still maintain the firewall between me and the persona account? If I pay those services using my credit card then the firewall is broken and the footprint connection is made for Google to see. That may be so Michael but I can tell you I've got tons of accounts out there that still use a handful of billing options and I haven't had any issues with that. Honestly, I'm not saying that it isn't a footprint that could cause some issues, I'm just telling you personally I haven't had any problems with that; and I've got multiple accounts that use pretty much the same billing details.

That said you can also get … I know we were talking about it in the POFU live group. Adam was chatting with one of our members about using privacy.com or those types of accounts where you can get virtual credit cards and things like that. Now apparently, the prepaid cards, Google doesn't like those but I've used some prepaid cards in the past or virtual cards. NetSpend is one that I've used in the past that you could create a credit card and then get virtual card numbers to use for online services.

In other words, you log in and it will give you a new unique card number that you could use for an online service that you're not using the same card number across multiple online services in case there was a breach so it's unique and only to that one. Anyways, my point is I've used those in the past and that's worked too. Marco, can you comment on that? Because I don't know of it really causing a footprint issue. I could see the potential for it but I haven't experienced that.

Marco: No, I have a bunch of stuff on my card too and I have multiple cards so my reference was to that. The persona, I bet you have family and you have friends that you can reach to and my friends don't mind because they know that I'm covering whatever I spend on their credit card for that month. It's all set to automatically repay. Now the bitch is went when I have to update to a new credit card; now that gets into a mess. But, of course, you should have a VA doing that. You don't do all of that. It's the same thing that I do with Google, my business listing.

I just don't like have having everything on just one card because if something happens, then, I'm screwed. But if I have multiple cards and I have multiple things going then it's protected because Google isn't gonna hit all of them all at once, especially the different names, different things. That's how I do it. Now, how you figure it out, that's up to you Michael. There's no one way to do this thing but you just have to figure out a way that's worked for you and where you're comfortable putting these sets of assets so that it works for you.

Bradley: There you go. This is just getdivvy.com. This is a virtual credit card with two different card types, burner cards, which are disposable credit cards, one time usage or subscription cards, which is probably what you would need for Google ads type stuff. But, again, you could just have to test that. But, again, just do this, go search virtual credit cards and just look through some of the offers. Privacy is the one that we talked about in the POFU live group but I don't know if those work or not. Again guys, just go test some of these and find one that works for you.

Marco: And, by the way, I've tried using debit cards and Google won't go or prepaid and Google won't go for those. That's why I think you need a subscription type card, which is what divvy had two different options. I think a subscription type card would work but you'd have to test. I can't promise you that.

Hernan: That sounds like it would work because you have privacy it was definitely not.

Why Can't We Use The RSS Feed From A GMB Account As A Trigger Point To Syndicate To A Branded T1 Network?

Bradley: Okay. Will says, “Bradley, is there a reason why I couldn't just take the RSS feed from my GMB account and then use it to trigger my FTTT account to syndicate these GMB posts on my branded T1` network? In other words, create all this applets to each property and off it goes. Wouldn't it have more power to my GMB post or when all these T1 properties linked to posts, what do you think? Yeah. And Will I answered you up here briefly but that's exactly what syndication academy update webinar next Thursday, which was February 14th valentine's day at 3:00 PM.

I'm gonna be hosting the update webinar, the next syndication academy update webinar, and I'm specifically talking about … Well, Google plus is dead now. What? Because that was one of our big social hubs and syndication network or syndication academy, excuse me. But then I'm gonna be talking about GMB post syndication; I've been testing that. Again, that's right here. That's on my GMB, post-test, syndication networks and GMB posts. I've been testing that and it is working. I'm seeing some movement so we'll talk about that there and then. But yeah, you can absolutely do it. The short answer is yes. Can you ? Yes, you can.

Is It Possible To Pay To View The Recording Of A 2-3 Hr Google Ads For YouTube Videos?

Okay. Good question. Lisa says, “I'm just learning about the two to three hour Google ads youtube video that you heard that occurred last week. Is it possible to pay for the recording of the class?” Yeah, we just talked about that Lisa. It should be still available for 55 bucks. Am I right, Adam?

Adam: Incorrect. We took it down. It's only available in the mastermind. I realized we had some confusion internally about that but I posted up there above.

Bradley: Oh shit. Okay. All right. Well, there you go Lisa. Come join the mastermind then. It was up guys for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, if the window's closed, it's closed. I just produce the training, I don't make the rules; apparently they do. Frankie says, “Hey guys, some help please.” Yeah, Frankie, I read through this and I gave a brief answer there but I did want to spend a few minutes on this and we're running out of time guys and I apologize. But I do want to spend a couple minutes on this. Frankie says, “Hey guys, some help please having a rather big problem.

How Would You Manage A Competitor Email Threatening Legal Issues Of A Rank And Rent Towing Websites?

I have a rank and rent towing website for two to three years now. Today a competitor's contacted me and said I've only changed the location details. He said, City County and city of laws prohibit an operation such as yours to operate unlicensed. We will take legal action as well as communicate to the county towing regulations of your unlawful internet practices as well as the city of city of whatever. We are a legitimate business and pay for licenses, insurance, and taxes; you are a fly by night website with nothing except the selling leads. You have been warned. Is any of this true? Has anyone dealt with something like this? Should I be worried or is this BS?”

This Stuff Works
Okay, I don't know whether this guy is just blowing smoke up your ass because he's a jealous competitor or if that's really true; but you need to find out if that is true. If you're going to be operating lead generation in that industry, you need to make sure that you're complying with the laws or else you could be, potentially, in trouble Frankie. And so I would recommend that what you do … However, that said, I wanna be really clear here guys. I started to type all this out yesterday Frankie but I didn't because I figured it would take me too long to type number one, but number two, it would be easier just to explain it.

Yelp doesn't have to have proper licensing and insurance to advertise or to have a listing from a towing company so why should your website has to have proper licensing? Well, because if you're using a pseudo brand, a generic name brand, that company … that generic or pseudo brand company, a fake company essentially is not licensed. It doesn't have proper insurance. But if you have a service provider that you have a good working relationship with … What is a good working relationship?

Well, to me, that's a service provider that has been paying on time that I have good rapport with, I communicate well with, and the pays on time essentially. As long as you have a good working relationship with the towing provider that you're selling your leads to why not just rebrand the website for them. Rebrand it; put their name on it, put their logo on it. Keep your tracking number on it but put their license number in the footer and all that. Do all the stuff that is required to comply with those laws. If they're a licensed towing contractor or towing company, they're gonna have all the proper licensing and everything.

By the way, if you're selling leads to companies that require licensing, guys, make sure that they have licensing. I don't sell tree service leads to companies that don't have contractor's license. You see what I'm saying? And proper insurance, a liability insurance and all that stuff. That's one of the things that I require from the contractors I sell leads to because I don't want that to ever come back and bite me in the ass. You see what I'm saying? My point is, Frankie, it could be just a jealous competitor but it's in your best interest. Ignorance is not an excuse and so you should find out if that's true.

And then also, like I said, if you have somebody that is licensed and insured and all that, then, why not just rebrand it for them? You still own the domain, you still maintain control of the website, you maintain control of the tracking phone number but you put their brand, their logos, maybe their address on it but it would be your phone number and then put their licensing number or whatever is required to be displayed on the marketing collateral for that type of business. Just like realtors have to have their license number, financial institutions have to have all kinds of regulation stuff in the footers of their site, you may have to do the same thing.

That's the easiest fix that I can tell you; otherwise, get the hell out of that industry. And just so you guys know, one of the first lead gen sites I ever created … the first two lead gen sites I ever created one was for carpet cleaning and one was for locksmiths in the state of Virginia. And I found out, very similarly to what Frankie is saying, that there's a ton of regulations in the locksmith industry. I don't know if it varies state by state but in Virginia it's heavily regulated. Fortunately, I found out before I had caused any damage and I just, basically, took the site down and I just abandoned it.

Does anybody wanna comment on that? Okay, moving on. All right, we'll try to answer another one or two and then we're gonna wrap it up guys because we're almost at the 60 minute mark.

How To Evaluate Keyword Difficulty?

Mike has another one. He says, “A question about keyword research. How do you even evaluate keyword difficulty? I'm using ahtres and they show a lot more keywords and other tools but their keyword difficulty score seems to be way off the mark.” Mike, I gotta be honest with you man. I don't trust tools and their competition metrics. I honestly don't. I test.

I stopped following two metrics for keywords and stuff a long time ago. I don't care. I just go test. I know you're doing video SEO so how hard is it for you to just run a spam campaign, it's called keyword poking. Just go poke the keywords that you wanna instead of relying on tools and what their proprietary metrics are. That's just proprietary metrics. It might be well-educated proprietary metrics but they're still proprietary metric. Just go test. Just run a spam campaign of poking campaign for all the keywords you wanna check and just go determine which ones are easy to rank for by the results.

That's my opinion. Anybody else have a different opinion? Okay. You guys are quiet. Mike says, “Should we be sending links to entity stacks or branded brand once they sit a bit or should we be filling more content on things like BlogSpot?” Should we'd be sending links to an entity stack or branded brand once they sit a bit. Oh, okay. I'm sorry, I misread the question. Yeah, usually I would wait until there was a few pieces of content posted, what I call seasoning the networks before I would start hammering with links guys. That should be in the Battleplan by the way because that's standard operating procedure.

We've talked about that many times about the order and the timeline of which I would apply or methods; and so, typically, I'd order the syndication network while my blogger is preparing the content. Well, I always said three to five posts. My blogger would prepare content for three to five posts that once the syndication network came back, she would schedule the post to go out and we drip out three to five posts over the course of one to two weeks. And then during that time I would order the link building package, while the posting is being done over that one to two week period.

This Stuff Works
Because there's, obviously, a delay from the time we ordered to the time the link starts being built to the time the links gets submitted for indexing. And so, usually, by the time the link building campaign was completed the first initial batch of posts had been posted which had seasoned the network, so it seems a bit more natural. Again, guys, I try to do things more naturally now than I ever did in the past and it just seems to work well. And that's typically how I would do it. So, yes, you can send links to it but I would recommend that you season your network a bit first; send some activity, consistent activity, through it but via publishing.

Should We Be Sending Links To Entity Stacks Or Branded IFTTT Ring Once They Site A Bit?

“Also, should we be filling more content on things like BlogSpot?” Well, I don't know what you mean by that other than when you first get to network, if you've ordered it from us, it should already have one piece of seed content on it. If it doesn't, then, if you're building it then you should be adding a piece of seed content when it's built. Otherwise it could just look spammy to begin with. And I also don't … And that's part of the reason. By the way guys, we add a piece of seed content from our networks because I don't recommend that you have a brand new web two network or property that you automatically start syndicating posts to because that can get your accounts terminated.

Because, remember, web twos don't like automated publishing. Most platforms don't like automated publishing so that's why we put a piece of seed content on there because by the time you get the network back, that piece of seed content has been published on that particular property for a few days, at least, before you start publishing automatically via IFTTT. I recommend that you do that. Just put some seed content on it and let it sit for a few days. Let it marinate and then you can just add additional content through syndication is what I recommend.

“Where can you get a T-shirt?” Come join the mastermind. There you go. I think we're almost done. YouTube ads … Yeah, I wish we could do that honestly. That's a really good course man but I don't make the rules I just make the training. Michael says, can one of you … There you go. See all these people are asking for it. Wow, we might have to open that up Adam. You might have to twist your arm. Is he still here.

Adam: [Inaudible 01:01:45].

Bradley: You might have to twist your arm. We got a lot of people asking about this youtube ads webinar again, man. All right. Jay says, “Brad …” I got to go guys. I'm gonna try to answer just this. Yeah, look at this, another 55. Wow, we might have to open that up guys. If we're gonna do it, it'll be for a limited window.

Does An Adwords/YouTube Branding Campaign Improve Maps Rankings?

I'm gonna answer Jay's question; it gonna be the last one. “Bradley, I just want a clarification on your ad words youtube branding campaign. Is there a correlation that they improve maps rankings or is that dependent on where the traffic is directed … maps, listing, homemade?”

Yeah, Jay and I covered that in that training that I was just talking about which, apparently, is closed right now. Specifically, the training was about how to rank the video but at the very, very end of it I talked about what you can do with that. Because the traffic from those videos, if you have your targeting set up correctly, which is super … I'm telling you guys, the targeting options inside Google ads has gotten really, really, really good. I mean, really good. And so you're buying traffic from it a relevant audience guys. That's crazy. That's awesome. That's great and that's what makes it work so well .

It's because Google knows that audience; they're Google users. Google has them in specific buckets. They know that they're within a specific geographic area. They know that they're in market for particular services or products. And if you have a video that you are … Long story short, I was talking about doing it specifically for ranking videos but at the very end I talked about how if you do have a relevant audience that you're targeting, then, you will get clicks. I just showed you in the screenshot, which I must have closed down, that I didn't get a lot of clicks but, remember, those clicks are heavily weighted guys because it's highly relevant.

And so you can send the clicks, the target URL, within the ad itself so the destination URL. When they click the link in the ad, where does it take them? You can direct that to a GMB map or a GMB post or a GMB website, whatever you want. And so that depends on where you want to send the traffic. But can it? Yeah guys, because you're injecting relevant traffic and engagement signals to whatever property you want. And I'm doing almost everything exclusively inside Google ecosystem now because of GMB stuff. I'm not even building WordPress sites now. I hope to not have to build them again, but I'm sure it'll happen.

Marco: Before you go on, I have a follow up since I saw that post again. If there is someone saying this stuff, I wish that person will come to me. Not with not with rhetoric because anyone can say anything. And I just said whatever the fuck I wanted because I can't but that's nothing. Come and show me that it doesn't work; that when it's done the way that I show and how I show it's irrelevant, it doesn't push, it doesn't create what I say it does. That's all I'm saying. If, in fact, there's someone saying that just come to me because we can solve it. We can work through it.

I'll apologize. I'll come live and say, “Look what I've been teaching for the past, what, five, six years is wrong. I'm wrong.” But we have the data to back to back up everything that we've said about RYS, drive stacks, G sites and the power that they push. We know because we test, we don't just talk. And I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: Yeah guys, the things that we teach, it's real world stuff. We all have our own agencies or businesses outside of semantic mastery and so I test things on my own properties or the lead gen assets and in clients. If I can get results from my lead gen assets that I can repeat, then, I apply them to client properties; and if I can get results there, then I teach about it here or in mastermind and various other platforms. But that's it. Everything that we do, it's not theory, it's been tested. And guys, remember there's more than one way to skin a cat so what we teach isn't the only way. There's other ways to do shit too.

This Stuff Works
I don't like it when … And, again, I don't know if that comment was made or not I just … I'm not talking shit about any other SEO out there or other groups, especially ones that we were partners with and I would expect the same courtesy from others. I made a mistake a few months ago about commenting on a comment that was posted on a hangout, or a hump day hangout, about something that Josh Bazinsky said. And I spoke out of turn because I didn't clarify or confirm that that comment was even true and I spoke about it and I shouldn't have and I apologized the next week because I felt that that was wrong.

Like I said, I'm not gonna talk shit about other people because I realize that other people's methods can work too. See what I'm saying? But to come out and say drivestacks don't work, well then, just … I agree with Marco, just show where they don't because we have a lot of proof that shows that it does. And, again, just because it doesn't work in one application it doesn't mean it won't work for others. And that's all I'm saying so, hopefully, there won't be a shit storm from that because you know what they say.

Marco: [Inaudible 01:06:53]

Bradley: You know what they say; don't start none, won't be none.

Marco: I couldn't care less if there is. They could just come to me. And that's what I'm saying, come to me. Let's work through it and if we can't, then, we can just find another way to do it. I'm all about it, man.

Bradley: All right everybody, no more Google plus. Rest in peace Google plus. Let's all have a drink for it and we'll see you guys next week on the new event page with the same link guys, semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, but it will be a different format. Okay? We'll see you all next week. Thanks for being here. Thanks guys.

Marco: Bye everybody.

This Stuff Works