Do You Have A Service Of Closing Lead Gen Clients?

By April

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In episode 327 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if Semantic Mastery offers a service that teaches about closing lead gen clients.

The exact question was:

3) do you have a service of closing leadgen clients?

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Is Lead Gen ‘Unethical’ Because It Doesn’t ‘Guarantee Results’?

By April

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In episode 206 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how the team would respond to someone arguing that lead gen is unethical because it doesn't guarantee results.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, after a long absence I'm finally getting close to being back in the MM once again (thanks to video lead-gen). Until then though, I need some advice from the SM crew. It looks long but it's just one question. I moved to a new city a few months back, and I've been going to lots of meetups/events/etc. Well, I met this guy who also owns a digital marketing agency (but non-SEO related), and I told him about the SM way: build assets, generate leads, and use those assets to profit.

Apparently this is rocket science, because I got blasted! He couldn't believe that lead-gen was an ethical thing, since the business' results weren't guaranteed. Well, how is it our fault if a lawyer can't convert leads? Our job ends at the lead! But apparently, this put the blame on the client, which is a “”bad thing,”” and hurts the relationship. Also, he said by charging per lead (or even by posts for GMB), I'm not “”results-based”” because the client wouldn't be guaranteed results. He couldn't believe I could even think of charging a lawyer $1000 a month for a few calls. He would faint if he met Marco.

To be honest, it was just a discussion, but I didn't like being talked down to for what I know is ethical. How would you guys react to that?

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 102 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: All right. Welcome, everybody to Humpday Hangouts, episode 102. Today, is the nineteenth of October, 2016. We're happy to be here. Today we are going to keep the announcements pretty short, so we can get started getting to the questions. Real quick, we'll say hi to everybody. Chris, how's it going, man?

Chris: Good. Glad to be here.

Adam: Yeah. Hernan, how you doing?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What's up? It's really, really good to be here. I'm excited for what's coming, actually. I am really, really excited. [inaudible 00:00:29].

Adam: We get to see you, win, win.

Hernan: Definitely. You guys should get a coupon after the Hangouts.

Bradley: I don't know if I'd put that in the win column.

Adam: Marco, how's the weather, man?

Marco: Hey, man. What's up? Rain. We've been getting lots of rain. It's nice and warm, though, cannot complain. Excited. I'm really excited, today, man.

Adam: Would you say that your pumped?

Marco: I would say that I'm really, really pumped, man.

Adam: Outstanding. Hey, Bradley. Let's say hi to Bradley, and then we'll circle back around, here. How's it going Bradley?

Bradley: Hi.

Adam: I figured everybody doesn't get to hear you talk enough, after this, so we got to stop and say hi to you, real quick.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: To make sure you're there. All right. Marco, why don't you tell us what your pumped about.

Marco: Okay. I'm really, really pumped to announce that we have this major social media machine coming to meet with Semantic Mastery men. The guys name is CT Fletcher, for those of you who don't know who he is, former power lifter, I mean, serious power lifter, champion. Right? Record setter. Just everything. Then, he had a problem with his heart, and he actually died on the operating table, not once, three times the guy dies, and he comes back. Now, he has to think things through again and start all over.

One of the things that he's done, is he's targeted social media, and just in the last three years he's grown, if you guys have seen my post, just his YouTube subscribers are over one million in three years, so imagine. This is all organically. It's not as if he's paying for ads, or running all this other stuff, this is just him doing videos, his message, connecting with people, going into Twitter, going into Instagram, going into Facebook, going into everything. What he has graciously agreed to do is to give some Semantic Mastery ninety minutes of his time, you can imagine how busy he is. Right?

I spoke to him. I spoke to his business manager, we connected. I got him to give us ninety minutes, to come and tell us how he did it, of course, share his story, but tell everyone how it was that he managed to grow his social media empire, because it's now an empire. The guy is a social media machine. You can see why I'm so geeked to have this guy come to us, and not just do the usual thing he does, also social media, but to actually come and share with us what it is he is doing behind the scenes to make his business grow. Because whatever he is doing applies across the board to whatever anyone wants to do. He has a message, and he delivers it to his audience in a way that his audience just eats it up. I'm geeked. Sorry, for taking so much time. I could take an hour to talk about this, but let me stop.

Adam: It sounds good. No. This is going to be awesome. I think we're all looking forward to it. I know I am. We were talking about it earlier. I think everybody is pretty pumped. Sorry, to keep using that, but everyone is pretty excited to do this. Right on.

Bradley: The guy is a beast, man. He's big. He's just …

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: He's not just big, he's f'ing big.

Adam: Definitely. Speaking, we'll do a beast mode segway, here. Obviously, we got local kingpin coming up next week. Basically, I would have talked to Bradley about this, and why he kind of went into AdWords, and that's kind of a dirty word, sometimes with SEO's. People here are like, AdWords, you're working with the enemy, but I think this is important, and I asked you this question, earlier, Bradley, so I just want to ask it, like somebody asking you on the street, or maybe one of the students, but why did you go into AdWords for your legion business. Why did you go into AdWords for your legion business?

Bradley: Great question. Because a big portion of my business is lead generation, and I do client consulting, too, and what do I do for my clients? Well, I generate leads. That's my business. Right? Using online marketing methods. We found from my own lead gen properties as well as my clients properties that any of the clients that were ranking in maps in my own lead gen properties that were ranking in maps, didn't really get effected much by the new search engine results pages layouts. It really didn't change much as far as call volume, and most of my business is generated through phone calls, not so much web submissions, but mostly calls.

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For anything that was just organic based, call volume dropped significantly, as much as sixty percent. That's because the new search engine results page is ISA, but it's newer, a lot of local queries now will have four ads at the top, above the three pack, and then there's the three pack. You go to go buy a seven listing just to get to the first organic listing. Because of that, any of my lead gen properties that weren't ranking in maps, my call volume dropped significantly and then the same thing started to happen to my clients, too.

It was just a matter of me wanting to maintain the level of income that I had been used to, and saying, okay, look, there's four ads above the maps pack, and now maps packs are showing ads. Not all of them, but a lot of map packs, or you're starting to see it more often, now, is the first position in the three pack is an ad, and then if you click on, expand to show more results, at the bottom of the three pack, you open it up, and the first listing in Google Maps is an ad.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I said, you know, it's basically, I have to evolve with the times in order to maintain that level. You're right. AdWords has been kind of like the dark side for SEO's. To be honest with you, I never did AdWords for a couple of reasons. One, I didn't need to, because I was able to generate leads with SEO, a lot of leads with SEO, alone. Number two, because it was intimidating. I was intimidated by AdWords, there's just no doubt. I avoided using it as long as possible, but now I think it's an absolute necessity, if you're in the lead generation business to at least have a look at it, and try it. Again, if your income drops because your not able to generate as many leads, then who are you hurting by not doing AdWords?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yourself. I started getting into it. I've learned so much in the last few months. I've got the local kingpin training, the tagline is on demand lead generation, because what I've found is with the AdWords funnels, you can set them up, and set up an AdWords campaign and within forty-eight hours you start generating leads. Whereas SEO could take you, if you're really good, it could take you a month to start generating leads, or more likely it's going to take you three to six months to really start generating leads from SEO.

Whereas this is something you can literally set up a full AdWords funnel, local funnel, or lead gen funnel, and within forty-eight hours have that setup, your notifications, everything, and turn the traffic on, and just like that start receiving traffic. The funnel that I set up for the actual training, and I'm going to do a second one as part of an ongoing case study.

All though the local kingpin training is going to be a one time purchase, it's not a monthly, there's going to be updates for about three months. We're going to do several update webinars, because I want to do an ongoing case study, kind of like a live in real time case study for that, as well. The funnel that I set up for the training, I turned on the ads fourteen days ago, it's actually thirteen days ago, because it was Thursday, so it was thirteen days ago, and we've got thirteen leads in thirteen days. That's amazing. I mean …

Adam: That's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. If it was SEO it would take every bit of a month or two before we would start generating those types of leads. I'm really super impressed with it. I've been fortunate enough to be able to develop, I started building out my multiple funnels for my lead gen business, and so I've got a lot of practice over the last several weeks. Maybe four to six weeks. I got a process in place. It takes some time to learn the process, but once you learn the process, you can turn these things out, very, very quickly, and the other part of is you can hire a virtual assistant for about eighty percent of the entire process can be outsourced.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: That's it.

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Adam: Outstanding. Cool. Everybody, you are going to get to hear more about this next week. I wanted to answer that, we have had questions about it, and I think it's important that you hear about why Bradley started doing this. Some pretty important stuff. Also, real quick on Marco's notes on CT, we will be sending out some more information about that, but Marco posted some of his social stuff, his YouTube channel, by all means, go check it out. You'll be hearing from us with some information about where we'll be doing the interview, or the discussion, and you'll be able to show up and join. I think that's about it.

Marco: One last thing, before I forget.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Because I did say it in the announcement that I put out, today, for our one hundred and fourth episode, since we're going to be giving away prizes, one of the prizes that we will be giving away is we're going to give someone an opportunity to ask CT Fletcher a question. They will be invited, not as the webinar attendee, but actually into the group, to come in, and ask CT Fletcher a question, whatever question, just directly in person. Not only will we be handing the questions that come on, in the chat, but whoever we select can go ahead. They can start planning for it, looking forward to it. You have to attend the one hundred and fourth episode, live to be illegible to win the prize, that's the condition. There you go.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay. Question time. You guys ready?

Marco: Yes.

Serp Shaker For Lead Gen Properties

Bradley: Let's do it. Ben is first. He says, “Hey, Bradley, I'm using Serp Shaker, still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out? It would seem if I can deal with making each page somewhat unique, and having some quality incoming links to a few of the category pages, and I would have a valued properties going to hang around for a while. What are your thoughts about this?” Yeah. It is Ben. Any sort of those mass page generator builders, there's several of them now. Yeah. If you want to use them to generate lead gen properties, or to build lead gen properties, you certainly can. I

Recommend using an overlay or plugin though, or something like that to where you can make them look pretty, because the default, I guess you can install a theme, or whatever like that, but typically what I'll do with those types of sites is build a landing page that's on a different domain, or a sub-domain, or something like that, or even within Click Funnels, and just use the click funnels URL, for the landing page, and use that as an overlay, because those sites by themselves typically they look like crap. It's because there's junk content on them too, that kind of stuff. If you're using a piece of content that you added, Spintax so it can be used across hundreds, or even thousands of pages, then it's pretty much crappy content. I recommend that if you're going to use it to rank that's great, but use an overlay plugin.

Do not by all means, do not overlay your money site page on top of one of those sites, because that's cloaking, and it can get your site the indexed. Both the underlying site, and the overlay site. I know, because I've had it happen. That's why i say always build a landing page on a sub-domain, or another domain entirely, like a throw away domain, or use something like Click Funnels, or something like that, lead pages, or something. Yeah. You could still do it.

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I've found that for a lot of local stuff, depending on the keywords, where I find the most success with those kind of sites, for local stuff, is if you build out the sites using a long list of long tail keywords. That you are generating a page for each long tail keyword, plus a local modifier, for all the municipalities, townships, cities, all of that around the entire service area of the business. If that makes sense. You can generate, like let's say you had a list of a hundred long tail keywords, and you had five cities, or townships, or municipalities, whatever you want to call them, that you wanted to target, then you would end up building the site, it would target all five cities times one hundred keywords for each city. It would end up being a five hundred page site. If that makes sense. That's where I found it to be the most effective. Because a lot of the short tailed stuff, they don't seem to rank as well, because local has becoming more competitive, at least in organic it is. If that makes sense. Anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: I've taken the same route when it comes to some other plugins, like, well Lead Gadget for example or Master space creator, which would be playing a HTML sites, the reality is, whatever change that you need to do with [inaudible 00:13:58] is really cool, because it's [inaudible 00:14:01] do not need to handle databases, and those kind of things. What ever change you need to do, you need to do the website all over again. You know?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: The reality is that I've gone through not the entirely lead gen property, or renting out but rather the Amazon slash affiliate way and for me it was a complete waste of time. Because you have to be dealing with the indexing, and you need to be dealing with, I don't know, Amazon, accounts [inaudible 00:14:35], and those kinds of things which is a completely waste of time. In my opinion. If you keep it, I think if you keep it like really high quality, and again, you follow Bradley's advice, you use Serp Shaker or Lead Gadget to create the whole structure, or skeleton of the website, which will save you a ton of time, but then you go and add somebody, change the content, and et cetera, that will be much more viable approach, because each website will be much more viable to rent out, and you can actually ask more money for it, because it's not just foreign garbage over and over again. You know what I mean.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: If you go for, I don't know, three hundred pages, you know, five hundred pages, that's fine. I was doing, I don't know, thirty thousand even two, five hundred thousand pages which was really pushing it. If you keep it short and to the point, and to admin quality, I think would be fine.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, and I've done this, you can use, for example a Yelp listing, for the business, you can use that as an overlay. Right? I mean, it's better to have a landing page, because a landing page has no distractions on it, and it's got a clear call to action that literally is for local businesses, typically either make a phone call or submit a contact request form, or both. You can, if you don't have a landing page built, or whatever, and I've done it just for testing purposes, where I've gone out and built a bunch of pages with long tail keywords, trying to target areas, just to see if it would work, and in the meantime slap the Yelp listing for the business on it.

The overlay, like literally is hundreds of pages out there that when the visitor visits, it will show the Yelp page. That's just kind of a short cut, and instead of going out and building a landing page, and taking the time to do that, just try to rank the site first, and use an overlay for something like Yelp, or the Google My Business listing, or something like that. I haven't tried it with that, but why not, give it a shot, and if you start to see some results then you can always go back through and create an actual landing page to overlay instead.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right?

Hernan: Yeah. Just another thing that I wanted to add, Bradley, that I've seen a lot of people doing this, is that they will put out big soft shaker kind of sites, and they will link back to, or use some sort of call to action, or banners, or whatever, at some point they will even do 301's, for example, when the website is ranking, I would advice against that, but if you have several feeder sites, like Serp Shaker decides that they will feed traffic into a main website …

Bradley: Yeah.

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Hernan: That main website could be very well the one that's turning visitors into leads. You know? You do not need, I mean, the main website, the main money maker, will not be, you want to be worrying about getting at the index, or whatever, because it's not …

Bradley: Because you are sending people from a banner or something instead of a direct overlay.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Is what you are saying. Right?

Hernan: Yes. That is what I mean. Yeah.

Bradley: All right. He said, “Building links to category pages,” I've never built any links to any of those types of sites, because I always look at those as short-term sites, like I don't expect any of those sites to last for any significant amount of time, so I never do any off page site, SEO to those sites, guys. You can if you want, and I know that some people do, and that's fine, but to me I hate doing rework. I hate doing stuff that I end up losing later on, so I just never built any links. I did strictly on page stuff, and that was it. It's up to you if you want to try it, Ben, by all means, test. Okay?

Serp Space Link Building Package For Tier 1

Just to clarify, he says, “The link packages on Serp Space link to tier one properties, only?” Correct, Ben. We will not except any money site links, but you can send on the IFTTT network properties, press releases, citations, anything you want, PBN's, whatever you want, and we'll build links to those, just not your money sites.

Project Supremacy Plugin

[inaudible 00:18:25] Marketing, says, “Project Supremacy plugin, and yes, or no, or why?” Your call. I've only used it for the scheme of dot org, the structure data markup, and that's it. That's the only thing I've ever used it for. It was, honestly, I don't use it on most of my sites, I did it for one specific site, in particular because we were trying to force the review stars to show, and I've had nothing but trouble with that one particular site. I always add my own, Jason, I'll decode to my sites, manually, I just injected into the header, myself. I don't use it for anything else, other than that. I know a lot of people loved the plugin. I'm not saying anything bad about it, I just personally haven't used it myself, other than for that one specific purpose. I know it's kind of like a Swiss Army plugin that it does a whole bunch of stuff. Many of those features I haven't even touched. I don't know. I'll let one of you guys comment on that, if you've used it, and do you suggest it, yes or no?

Hernan: Yeah. I do. I've used it and I really like it. It's kind of like as you were saying Bradley, it's kind of like a Swiss Army knife. The reality is that for many of us that are working with, for example [inaudible 00:19:36] SEO, besides the stars rating on the [inaudible 00:19:42] data that you could put images, and all of the markup, most of the other kind of things that [inaudible 00:19:50] on that regard, but I think it's a really cool plugin. I mean, you could have your, pretty much all of your, I wouldn't say all of it, but maybe eighty or ninety percent of your SEO needs covered with that plugin. It has also a keyword research, and a keyword difficulty [inaudible 00:20:10]. I haven't used that, as much as I would like, but I think it's a really powerful [inaudible 00:20:16] they did a really good job developing it. It's a solid plugin, that's what I mean. It's not like those kind of plugins that they try to do everything, but there [inaudible 00:20:27] is not the case. This is a really solid plugin, Todd is a really good developer, and they have taken their time to do that. Yeah. I would recommend it.

Bradley: Yeah. It's your call. One of the things, guys, is I've over the years. I've gotten to the point where I'm a minimalist when it comes to WordPress, now, I try to the absolute bare minimum of plugins, because of all the issues that occur with plugins, and conflicts, and updates, and hacks, and all of that kind of shit, and slowing down of the page load, page speed, and everything else, so I really have gone, I used to buy plugins, I used to buy every damn plugin that was ever launched.

It was such a waste of time, and eighty percent of the plugins that you purchase, especially in the IM world are junk, and they don't end up being supported for any length of time. I know projects supremacy plugin is contrary to that. In other words, there's good developers behind it, and support, and they're constantly updating and improving it, but personally I'm a minimalist when comes to WordPress, now, and I try to use the absolute bare minimum of plugins, so it's just not something that I've used much of. That's a good question. I know a lot of people who are really happy with it. I know it's suppose to be a really, really great plugin.

Approaching Potential Lead Gen Clients

Mark, says, “SM crew, I hope all is well. I would like some advice, please, I had my first lead gen site on first page, for one of my main keywords, plus one that. I'm literally number eleven for my main keyword, so I'm going to start contacting people, now, I'm very excited, but I'm also nervous. It's my first one, and couldn't have done it without you guys, especially IFTTT, SEO Academy. It's been very powerful for my site. I believe not the only thing, but huge. I don't like the idea of people ringing one company the lead gen one, and getting another, the lead fulfiller.” Like, the service provider. What you're asking, what Mark is asking about guys is if you have a generic lead gen property, and you're selling the leads to another company, and the other company ends up calling the customer that submitted the contact request, and they're calling from a different company, now, and they announce themselves as a different company. That seems a little bit weird. Yeah. That can be.

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What would be your advice? I'm thinking of saying the lead gen company has teamed up with who's getting the leads. For example, saying something like plumber pro Dallas teamed up with Bob's Plumbing. Sorry, for the long question, but it's my first time, and I would like some advice from you guys, trust me, I'm a big skeptic online, as I know most internet marketing is full of slime. Thanks you, guys for any input will help.” Okay.

Yeah. You can do that, you can say for example, there's a couple of things you can do, you can do what you just mentioned, that is certainly valid, in fact, the lead gen funnel that I set up for the local kingpin training is exactly the scenario that you're talking about, here. It's a generic name that I made, a suto brand, as I call it, and I've got the tree service contractor that is servicing those leads. He asked me the exact same question. He said, “It's kind of weird because they say, we called, and I call and say, hey, this is blah, blah, blah, what he does, now, is when he returns the call from the lead that comes in, as he says, hey, this is my name from blah, blah, blah, you submitted your details for blah, and here I'm coming out to give you an estimate, or whatever. That is my marketing website. That's what he says to cover.

I'm only doing that because I'm sharing that lead gen funnel in the local kingpin training, in other words, it will be shared with you guys. I didn't want to actually use the contractors name on that, but for a lot of my lead gen clients, guys, what I'll do is I'll build out the sites and get them ranked, or whatever with my own suto brand, and then I'll go in, and just swap out the graphics of the logo graphics and put the company, whoever the service provider ends up being, I make it their branding on the site. Does that make sense? When somebody lands on the landing page, they see the company's name. It's usually like in an image.

I won't put the company's name in text on the page, or in the SEO title, and stuff like that, because that could effect my SEO that I've done for that lead gen site, with the suto brand. What I'll do is I'll put their graphics on there. I could put a notification bar, like you can use a plugin for that, for example, a notification bar that comes up at the top of the WordPress, the webpage that has scrolling text, that says, we've changed our name, or we've partnered with, or whatever. Just put their branding on it. Does that make sense? I like to do that, because that way I still keep my site ranked, my digital assets with my suto brand kind of like underlying, but I put their branding on that site, so that when anybody lands on the site, they know that when the service provider calls the customer they're going to be familiar with that brand, already. That's just another way that you could do it.

You can do that literally with just graphics guys. You can even put a popup plug in, like an exit popup plugin, for example, on the site, that will make a big banner square popup on the page, and say, hey, all service provided by, and then the contractors name, and their logo, something like that. Okay? I totally understand. Some people, some companies are going to complain about that, so find another service provider. My point is there's plenty of contractors, especially guys, because that's the niche I work in is contracting niche. Right? There's plenty of contractors out there that are hurting for leads, and could care less what the site looks like, as long as they're getting the leads. Okay? All right.

Changes Made Before It Does The 3-Week Google Dance

Brandon is next.“How much can be rewritten in change, as far as content sidebar, outbound links of an existing page, before it does the three week Google dance? Where changing most of a page caused only that page to jump around, or does it infect the entire site?” I don't know what the specific percentages are of the how much content can be changed, because usually if you edit or modify the SEO title, like the meta title, that's a pretty big change because that's the first thing, I think that's pretty much weighted the most for telling Google what the page is about, is the SEO title, it's one of the first things that the bots see. Changing the SEO title can make it dance. I know that for a fact.

Also, changing the URL slug, can make it dance, sometimes. Changing the H1 tag, which is important, that's the page opening title. Right? That can make it dance. Now, as far as changing the content, changing a few, adding, for example, a lot of the times I'll go back to old content, and add new paragraphs, because it kind of refreshes the page, and adds some new content to the page, gets it re-crawled, re-indexed, so that can actually have a positive effect. As far as, changing how much existing copies on the page, I don't really know. I don't have a number for that. Do any of you guys? Have a threshold?

Marco: No. I don't have a threshold, but I do know linked building, major changes on the page, and also no changes, it can start dancing for no reason, it's a number, it's a mousetrap. Google might assign a position to you, for whatever reason, and then all of a sudden it'll drop. It'll drop to see how you react. You cannot touch it for twenty-one days, once it does that. We've always seen this for no reason of a video, remember videos would drop and you commented a lot about this Bradley, and then all of a sudden you just left it alone, and it would come back often even stronger than before.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: We were able to pinpoint that this is actually the Google Dance. We were able to give it a time frame [inaudible 00:28:14] look up, what is it? The Google Dance explained, just Google the Google Desk explained, you'll see my blog post, and you'll know what it's all about. It doesn't mean that you do have to make changes on the page, it just means that Google, for whatever reason will decide to get your stuff dancing to see how you react. Once it starts doing that you cannot do any link building or anything else other than what you normally do, or else you get sand boxed.

Bradley: Yeah. The other part of this is when changing most of a page cause only that page to jump, or does it effect the entire site? It depends, Brandon. Because it depends on how integral that page is to the rest of the site. If it's a page that has, for example, if it's one of the strongest pages on the site, that you are changing, it has a lot of inbound links, and that's where most of the sites authority comes through, or at least a large portion of the sites authority comes through that one page, then changing that page could certainly effect the entire site.

For the most part, typically it will just effect the one page, unless like I said, there is a lot of link equity flowing into that page for some particular reason, then is also feeding the rest of the other pages on the site. If that makes sense. If that's kind of like where a lot of inbound links are coming in, it just depends on how much of the overall strength of the domain is coming from that particular page. If it's a significant amount, then yes, it could effect the whole site. If it's a nominal amount, then most likely it's just going to effect that one page. Okay?

Also, like Marco said, it's usually structural changes that are going to cause any sort of structural change, so again, SEO title, URL, H1 tag, anything like that can cause the page to dance, quite a bit. As far as the actual content, the body of the content, if you were to swap out several paragraphs that could most likely change it, as well. If you're just editing a few lines, here, and there, it's probably not going to cause much change. Although it can, though, guys, it certainly can. All right. What you might want to do, Brandon, is test another page on the site, that might not be as important, and see what it does to that site. Okay?

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Anchor Text For Child Category

Chris, says, “My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it. My confusion is on what type of anchor text to use in the post linking back up to the child category pages? I thought it would suggest in the IFTTT training to use long phrases, and even an entire sentence to avoid, short exact matched keyword anchor text being syndicated out to the four blogs, and the network, but it also seems we should use strong important keywords to link up to the child pages to reinforce, to Google what the child page is about. I feel like I'm missing out on strong internal linking power, because out of fear I'm using long phrases instead of keywords with anchor text. What do you suggest for the links? Thanks.”

Chris, I understand your concern, but what I was talking about specifically with using the longer phrases and that kind of stuff, using sentences, that's if you're using a tiered network. Because if you're using a branded network, and you've only got three or four blogs in that network, which would be Blogger Tumbler, WordPress, and perhaps Medium, or Weebly, one of those, or for example. Any one of those you're only looking at three or four anchored text links. What I would do is, I would go ahead and use your exact match keyword, as your internal link, which will syndicate out to the network, but it's only three or four different blog properties.

Your only getting three or four external links with that exact match, and their webbed to links, so it's not quite the same as if you were building a real strong PBN link, if you were to build four or five really strong PBN links with the exact match anchors, that could tip you past the over, beyond the over optimization scale. For the blog sites, it's not really an issue. On a two tier network, you've got to be careful, because on a two tier network, now you're looking at twelve to sixteen, depending on whether you're using three or four blogs per network, you're looking at twelve to sixteen anchor text links.

When you're using tiered networks, which I don't suggest you'd ever do, anyways, you can, we always suggest you use a tier one network, only for blog syndication. Don't worry about it. Just make sure that if you're going to continue linking from blog post to those top level category pages, or child category pages, as you say here, that you don't just hammer the same keywords over and over again. If you're going to be continually linking from your blog to those category pages make sure you vary your anchor text, and your link types. Right?

Vary your anchor text, use naked URLs, generic terms, you could also use like I've mentioned before, three different link types, you could do contextual links, which is typical, that's what most people will do, but you could also curate content from your pages or your category pages, whatever into your blog post, then you end up using like a curation, or a citation style link, where you're citing, an attribution style link, where your attributing where the content came from. Right? The source, you are attributing the source. That's the other way, and then you can also link with recommended reading, or related resources box. Those are different link 0types as well. Again, I do recommend you use exact match anchors to link to your category pages, just make sure that if you're going to hammer away on those same category pages over and over again, that you vary your anchor text, your anchor text types, and your link types. Good question, though.

Identical Keyword Strings

Scott, says, “Doing keyword research on Uber suggest for an affiliate site, and there are several phrases with identical strings of words, except for the last word or two. The phrases are all related, and mean the same thing, IE, questions to ask a girl, questions to ask a girl over text, questions to ask a girl you like. Do you make one page with these additional keywords sprinkled throughout the article to hopefully rank for all of them, or do you make a separate page for each keyword?” Do not make a separate page for each keyword. You will trigger pan to penalty, for sure.

Around pan to four, which I think was around April or May of 2014, that changed, it used to be that you would want to a separate page or post on your site for everyone of those keywords. That's how we used to do it. Then, it ended up becoming a negative ranking factor, because they're two similar, those queries, or those terms are too similar, and so you end up with what Google determines. It's like duplicate content, because they're so similar that they really don't deserve their own pages of content. They could all be combined into one.

What you might want to do is create a page, and with this particular example, you might just want to create a page with questions to ask a girl, and then have literally a Q and A page, because then you can work all those keywords in there, and actually answer them, and that would be like an actual valuable piece of content based upon queries out there that people are searching for. Right? That would probably end up speaking to the hummingbird algorithm too, and mobile, as well. Because those are full text queries. Right? No. I would put them all on one page. Absolutely. You don't need to do that. Guys, just think about it, you got to think about, does it look spamy, and if you had multiple pages or posts on the site that are only slightly different, then, yeah, that certainly looks spamy. Just try to think about it logically. Does it look spamy, if so, if you think it would seem spamy, just don't do it. All right.

“Same question goes for ranking videos for these keywords,” videos are different, because now you are talking about using YouTube, which is a Google property. That's a bit different. Those rules are different, guys. A lot of difference between money sites, and YouTube. Videos are easier and cheaper to make for separate videos as far as you can just spin content and description, wherefore a site you would need unique content for each page, it would be far more expensive, but I totally agree Scott. Scott, yeah, you can spam with videos, a hell of a lot easier and get away with a hell of a lot more. I wouldn't do that to a money site, though. Okay.

SEO Strategy With Consistent Results

Pete, says, “Asked last week, and we ran out of time, so here it is, again,” yeah, sorry, Pete, it's got to get in early, buddy, “When discussing three pack optimization strategies everyone has a strategy, my question is, what are you doing to get consistent results that you can directly tie to your strategy? Keep in mind, I know that there are several factors that come into play, but somethings have a bigger bang, no silver bullets, just a strategy implementing, it seems you get the biggest returns.” RYS Academy, Pete.

Marco: You beat me to it.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah. I tried. I knew you were going to say it, Marco. Yeah. RYS Academy works really, really well for local. It's not a silver bullet, because it's not something that works a hundred percent at a time, every time. It's consistently, it's like our secret sauce for ranking and maps is to employ a drive stack. Right. That is something that we've talked about. Look, you can buy RYS Academy, or join RYS Academy, and learn how to do it yourself, or you can just buy done for you drive stacks from us and not even go through the whole trouble of learning how to do it yourself. It's up to you. If you're the do it yourself or you are going to want to join the academy, if you just want the results, without having to learn how to do it, and put the work in the do it, then just order them from us.

I mean, I don't build my own drive stacks, are you kidding? I only built a handful of drive stacks in my entire life, and it's only because I did it for training purposes, for others. We have a virtual assistant that builds our drive stacks, who is absolutely amazing. The guy is a machine, and the stacks that he builds are freaking beautiful. He does it quickly. For the cost that you guys can by drive stacks, man, it's hands down the way to go, in my opinion. Marco, you want to pitch that a little more, man? Because I think I did a pretty good job.

Marco: No, dude. Nine months of being inside there playing with files and folders, and everything that you can do, and moving it up and down and all around, I don't want to go in there, again, man.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I don't do it. That's why we hire and trained our VA to do the best job possible. We found the best guy for the job, and now he does it, so we that we don't have to.

Bradley: He's amazing.

Marco: He's fabulous. The quality. Gsites, if you guys have seen Gsites they suck. Right? There's very little that he could do with them, but he does some awesome stuff with them, man. He actually makes them look really good.

Bradley: Yeah. He does. He just did one for the local kingpin training, the upgrade it's called Maps Kingpin, and so I implemented a drive stack for that, and had our guy build the stack for me, and he got it back to me like within twenty-four hours. Of course, I'm one of his bosses, but he got it back to me in about twenty-four hours and I posted it in our slack box, and I was like, wow, he's an artist. This is beautiful. I was really, really impressed. Definitely check it out. Rob is next, “With the blog on a sub-domain with an IFTTT syndication network that has internal links over to the main domain, any recommendations for linking best practice, since they are not actual internal links?” No. I wouldn't worry about it, Rob.

I mean, the way I look at it if you have a blog on a sub-domain, of a main money site, the way I look at it, is it's still isn't an internal link. I know it's technically not, but since it's part of the same domain, I still consider it as an internal link. I treat them as such. Now, I wouldn't hammer away, just like I mentioned to Scott, I guess it was, or Chris, or whoever I was just talking about with anchor text. You don't want to just keep hammering away with the same anchor text, over and over again. There's no doubt you want to vary your anchor text, your anchor text type, and your link type. I still treat blogs on sub-domains as part of the money site. That's just how I do it. If anyone of you guys have any other opinions, I'd like to hear them.

Hernan: Sorry. I was muted. Yeah. I do it the same way. I treat sub-domains as part of the main money site. Yeah. I just usually use the same IFTTT because you want to keep everything as branded as possible. The more content you're feeding to that, usually the better.

Bradley: Yeah. If I'm using a sub-domain as an entirely separate site, like different branding, and everything else, then of course, you wouldn't be linking to the root, anyways, unless there was a reason for it. In which case I would treat it as an external link. When the blog is branded like the root, then it's pretty apparent, it's pretty clear that it's just a blog on a sub-domain. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, or site on the root domain, and you want to put a WordPress blog on a sub-domain, and it's, then since it's the same branding, and I'm linking from the sub-domain blog post up to the root domain, I don't treat it as an external link, I treat it as an internal link, but if it was a separate site, entirely, like different branding, different category, topics, and all that kind of stuff, then I would treat it as an external link, then. That was a good question, too, Rob.

Drip Feeding Tier Links For 14 Days For A 6-Day-Old Stack

Kevin is next, “Hey, guys. I just have a quick question about back linking to a Google stack is fifty tier two contextual's to all of the stacks individual properties, plus one hundred tier threes to each tier two drip feed over fourteen days be too much for a six day old stack?” Love your approach, Kevin. No. You can basically drop an atom bomb on a drive stack, and I'll let Marco comment on this one, but I haven't seen any negative effect from it. Throw the kitchen sink at, as far as I'm concerned. What do you think Marco?

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Marco: I always tell people test. My standard answer is this is something that you should test. We have abused them, I mean we've done [inaudible 00:42:09]. We've done [inaudible 00:42:11], just a whole bunch of crap to it, and nothings happened. That is not to say that tomorrow it won't change.

Bradley: That's true.

Marco: Take that with a grain of salt. Right now, hammer it. As a matter of fact jackhammer SEO.

Bradley: Yeah. I love Kevin's approach, though, man, that's awesome. He's not holding back. He's CT Fletchering it.

Adam: That's awesome.

Setting Up Syndwire To Send Some Social Signals To A Tier 1 YouTube Network

Bradley: [inaudible 00:42:37] says, “Hey, Bradley. [inaudible 00:42:39] team, Jeff, here,” okay, so it's Jeff, would like to ask the following, “If I have a YouTube channel with a persona based tier one IFTTT network attached and I want to send some tier two social signals to the tier one network with Syndwire, would I set Syndwire up with persona based profiles, or branded profiles?” I'd do persona based, Jeff. I'd do persona based. Because again, it makes sense, I wouldn't, if you've got a tier one network, and you want to send social signals to your tier one network, it really wouldn't make sense to those, at least in my opinion, it wouldn't make sense to be coming from branded, especially, branded properties that are branded the same as the IFTTT network, or the money site.

To me, it makes sense that you would be receiving signals from people. Random people, and followers, and customers, and fans, and that kind of stuff, which would be personas. Okay. That is just my take on it. I would set it up as personas. All right. “Now, the same, but different companion website to the YouTube channel has a branded tier one IFTTT network attached, and I want to use Syndwire to drive tier two social signals to my tier one branded network, persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Syndwire set up.” Persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Attach [inaudible 00:43:59] drives to a tier one branded network. Okay. You want to drive tier two social signals to your branded network, around your YouTube channel? Same thing. I would still do persona based. “For the companion website Syndwire setup.”

I'm not sure what that means. Because you asked about YouTube channels, as far as I can tell you're just asking, okay, money site, branded network, what type should you have branded or persona based, tier two? I say persona. YouTube, as your trigger. Branded tier one network, should you have persona or branded tier two? I say, persona. Okay. I mean, that's the bulk of them, anyways. If you want to mix some branded stuff in there, you certainly can, but, again, I would just stick with persona.

“Do you have any suggestions for gigs for single wire profiles setup to the semantics mastery level quality,” no, unfortunately I do not, Jeff, because I just took one of our network builders, that builds our IFTTT networks, and basically had them set up my Syndwire profile as the same way that we set up our IFTTT profiles. In other words, she would create a persona, and then register for all the accounts, that were available in Syndwire that I cared about, because there was a bunch of them in there that were really worthless in my opinion.

The ones that I cared about she would go out and create an account with that persona brand, or that persona profile for all of those accounts and then she would interlink all of them, and theme that network. Theme that persona around a particular category, like, construction, or health and wellness, or whatever, something like that. Then, I would group persona profiles together. Let's say she built twenty profile personas each with their own set of accounts, and they were all for the construction and home services industry. I would put all of them in a single Syndwire group, so that when I went to go make a post, I could just select that group, and I could push out to all twenty of those properties, those twenty profiles, which might have fifteen or twenty properties per profile. If that makes sense. They would all be themed.

I just had one of our IFTTT builders do it. I don't know of any [inaudible 00:46:14]. I never purchased a gig from anybody for Syndwire. I just had one of our own internal network builders do it. Personally, I couldn't suggest any. What I would recommend that you do is potentially hire your own virtual assistant, and train them the way that you want them to build it, because that's going to be your most cost effective, and if you're a heavy user of SyndWire, you're probably going to want somebody, essentially a virtual assistant on your payroll that can build them for you, because I know accounts do get shut down, and that kind of stuff. All right.

Yeah. I got the point with the big flashing warning, Adam.

Adam: I thought it would be a little bit more obvious this way.

Using Expired Domains Aside From Rebranding

Bradley: Brian, says, “What do you guys do to breath life into an expired domain you scraped, besides re-branding it, and giving it an IFTTT network?” Social signals. That helps. Also, Crowd Search, if you're using Crowd Search or some sort of CT spam, click through spam tool, driving traffic into that PBN will breath life into it. Social signals, and traffic will breath life into an expired domain. Again, you can spoof traffic with something like SyndWire, not SyndWire, excuse me Crowd Search.

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Possible Reasons Why A GMB Listing Is Not Saving The Updates You Made

Ethan, Ethan Rocker, says, “Hey. I keep on running into a frustrating problem when creating my Google My Business listing.” Okay. I read this earlier. I don't have any advice for you, Ethan, I'm sorry. That's something that I would reach out to Google My Business support for, and find out if they can help you. A lot of times they can, in fact, Wayne Clayton pointed me to a help file for Google My Business the other day, that I found to be really cool. I guess, Google stepped up their game. Let me see if I can find this, real quick. This one here, I believe. Yeah. This is it.

All right. I'm going to drop this link on the page. This is how you can contact Google My Business, and tell them you are having an issue, and explain to them what the hell the issue is, and they'll contact you via email, or whatever, or possibly by phone. You can tell them which one you want, and ask them what the problem is. Hopefully it's not a spam site. If it is, I didn't fill this out, because I was having issues getting a verification card for one of my lead gen properties, and I did not fill this out, because I didn't want some Google rep poking around, and investigating a little bit further, if you know what I mean. If it's a real business, then I would have no problem at all contacting their support. Okay. Just keep that in mind. I don't know of any other thing to tell you about that, Ethan, I apologize. This is G and B help.

We almost got all the questions, today. Almost. Okay. Regarding G and B listings it is recommended to check the box, is it recommended to check the box? I delivered goods and services to my customer at their location for all niches? No, Ethan. I have a few drug rehab sites and I'm not sure if that would be relevant. No, Ethan, if you, okay, think of it this way, if it's a service based business, where the business serves the customer at the customer location, then you would want to check that box, because that basically removes your street address from the maps. If you don't serve, if customers don't ever come to your location, then that is by Google's own terms of service, that's how you're suppose to set the listing up. In other words, if it's a plumber, and the plumber always goes to the customers house, or business, whatever, the customer location, there's probably never a time where the customer is going to come to the plumbing company's location. Right?

You would check that box and it would basically remove your street address from maps, but it would still show your city, your contact information, everything else. If you've got a point of sale. A business, where customers make a transaction at your location, or they come to your location to pick up stuff, or whatever, then you're going to not check that box, and leave your street address. Does that make sense?

That's why I like for my lead gen properties, again, I deal pretty much exclusively with contractors and they're pretty much all service based where they go to the customer location, so I never, I always check that box to where it removes my street address from the maps, because most of the time they're virtual mailboxes, anyways. I don't want that address shown in Google Maps, it doesn't make sense, nobody is going to click driving directions to go to a virtual mailbox for a plumber. Does that make sense? Again, just think about it, do you have a point of sale? If you have a point of sale, leave the address showing. If you don't have a point of sale, there's really no need. If the business goes to the customer location, then you can remove that, or check that box. Okay.

Greg, we got four more minutes, guys, right? We got four more minutes or am I suppose to wrap it up, now?

Adam: You should be wrapping it up, but yeah, let's just roll through these.

Bradley: Greg, says, “Based on your input last week, I removed two blogs from my IFTTT network, I had ten,” okay, “For the other three extra blogs, I could change them to syndicate only post snippets with a title linking to the blog, two paragraphs of content, and attribution link they would look like large bookmarks, or a blog archive page. Would these be good to continue to use in that manner, or would you still eliminate those completely, as well?” I don't know, Greg, I would test it.

Honestly, that's all I would do, is I would test it. I'm not sure. I mean, again, personally I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it one more time, now, and then I'll say it ten more times next week. I would just do a standard tier one blog syndication network, and that's it. That's all I do for my money sites, now, guys, is one, branded tier network. That's it. Okay. If you want to do other things, what you are talking about, here, Greg, again, you'd have to test it, because I just don't know.

Without me testing, I'm not going to give you some bullshit answer. You know what I mean? I would have to test that, and I'm not going to set up a test for that, because like I said, I always just use a branded tier one network, because it's the safest. It makes sense. Right. Again, if you want to continue using additional blogs, if that's your strategy then hey, great that's awesome, man. It's good to see you taking initiative to do your own thing. Just continue, I would test with maybe with another site. If it's a money site, that you're counting on ranking, or whatever. If it's important to you, then I would test it on a test site, first, and see what kind of results you get from that method. All right.

“If I keep them, should I leave the existing full posts that are already on them, or change those to two paragraph snippets? Thanks.” Again, I don't know. I cannot answer that, Greg. I am sorry. I wish I could, but honestly like I said, I can only give you the advice of what I do, and what I do is just a branded tier one rank for money sites. That's it. All right.

Recommended SEO Plugin

Damian, “Advice request. I'm starting a site from scratch. Can you recommend a good plugin or theme that is not loaded, and has all the SEO bells and whistles? I've done website SEO, I haven't done website SEO, for real, in three years. I'm building the video leads HQ brand, and that consists of a website, too, any recommendation from the experts?” Damian, I'm pretty particular with my themes that I've used. I like the Inkthemes. I've always used Inkthemes. I don't know if they're particularly SEO friendly or not, it's just that's the one, like you guys know every theme developer has their own functionality within their, and I just learned Inkthemes really, really well. I always stuck with those, or I'll use something like Optimized Press, or Click Funnels for everything, now. I use Click Funnels for just about everything, now.

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What were you going to say?

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say, you can go to Theme Forest, and order them for most popular, and you will find avatar, I think the X theme, or something like that, and then you will find, Thrive Themes, it's a good one.

Bradley: Yeah. Thrive is good. Yes. I agree with that.

Hernan: Thrive is good. Genesis. DV, is another good one. There you have a bunch to go about, and they're not that complex because the more beautiful the theme, the less it works for SEO, so have that in mind.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, like I said, I'm more of a minimalist now, when it comes to WordPress guys, like I try to knock out a site as quickly as possible, using the least amount of plugins. I don't like spending a lot of time on WordPress, and now, I'm using Click Funnels for even my websites, basically. I mean other than if I have to have a blog and a syndication network, which I do for a lot of stuff, then I'm certainly using WordPress, but yeah, I mean, I agree with Hernan, and Thrive Themes are really good themes, too. I haven't used them a whole lot, I use more of their plugins, landing pages, and content builder plugins and stuff, but I know that they've got some pretty good stuff.

Okay. Cool. Four, fifty-five on the money. We got to all the questions. That was like a match made in heaven. All right, guys. Thanks for everybody, being here. We will see master class members in about five minutes.

Marco: Awesome.

Bradley: Don't forget Local Kingpin, next Tuesday.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: See you.

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Is Serp Shaker Still A Viable Approach To Creating Lead Gen Properties To Rent Out?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 102 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the efficacy of Serp Shaker in creating lead gen properties to rent out.

The exact question was:

1) Is using Serp Shaker still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out? It would seem if I can deal with making each page somewhat unique and have some quality incoming links to a few of the category pages, then I would have a valuable property that is going to hang around for a while. What are your thoughts about this?

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