Creating Clone Content and 301 Redirection for Client Sites

By April

YouTube video

In Hump Day Hangout Episode 61, someone asked about if cloning client site would be a good thing to do in order to protect link building assets. This is in response to using 301 redirections to protect money sites.

The exact question was:

Happy new year guys! In an earlier episode (15) of Hump day hangouts Brad discussed his method for using a 301 redirect to a clients money site so that we retain the benefit of all our link building work. You mentioned buying a domain and creating a mirror image of your clients site with the same page/post structure etc. Question: Can we create an exact copy of the clients content as well? This would be the ideal as creating a clone would be the easiest and fastest way of getting this done. Also how would you recommend setting up the 301 redirect with what we have available today ??? plugins etc?? Thanks allot.

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