Is Local GMB Pro Included In The MasterMind?

By April


In episode 224 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Local GMB Pro is included in the MasterMind.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley. thanks for our call last Thursday. It was very good to talk to you and I got a lot our of it..

A couple of questions.

1) Is Local GMB Pro included in the MM? Not that I think I need it, Local Lease Pro is looking pretty comprehensive as I go through it. I'm just curious as it doesn't recognize my username.”

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 224

By April

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 224

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Bradley: Okay. Now we're live. This is screwing me up. Hey everybody! This is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts Episode 224. It is February 20th, 2019. I'm sorry I don't have my camera today. For some reason Google Hangouts decided it did not wanna recognize my camera at the last minute. You guys would probably appreciate the fact you don't have to look at my face. I've only got two people on with me today because Adam and Hernan are out at the Funnel Hacking Live event. They're out having fun while we're hard at work.

Let me say hi to Chris. What's up, Chris? How are you?

Chris: Doing good. Great to be here.

Bradley: Marco.

Marco: I made it, man. I'm here.

Bradley: Good. I don't really have any announcements specifically, except that we've got a Mastermind webinar tomorrow, for those of you that are in the Mastermind. We're gonna be covering several things that I've been tracking for the last few weeks now as far as doing some off-page tests for ranking GMBs, doing a whole bunch of different types of off-page tests and isolation.

In fact, let me se, for one moment, I've got pause the screen for a minute. Marco, do you have any announcements while I do that?

Marco: No. But I'm so glad you're gonna talk about this because my write-up for the Mastermind, which I'm finishing up today by the way, is about that, testing, whether it's single variable testing or whether it's testing in isolation, or what it actually is that you're trying to do.

What you're trying to do is gauge whether there's an effect. You're not trying to show that something doesn't work. It's crazy going in and trying to test that something doesn't work. The test should be, what does it do? You should get the data. The data should speak for what the tests. You're testing a variable, but does the variable move the needle? No, it doesn't. Okay, onto the next thing, which is what you're doing, you're testing all of these different variables and you're isolating so that you can do whatever it is that you're doing to each one.

I'm really glad that you're talking about this. I'm gonna go a little bit more in-depth in the Mastermind newsletter about testing and how people are being misled by so-called, all of these are expert testers that don't know what the fuck they're doing. So I'll just leave it at that.

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Bradley: Yeah. I've been tracking, well, about a month ago was. It was around January 21st when I started setting these tests up. I'm testing every one of these methods and isolation. In other words, they're GMB or Google My Business profiles that had the initial on-page stuff done and what my standard operating procedure is for optimizing a new profile, and then from there, all I'm doing is specifically one of these methods.

I'm testing across multiple properties per methods so that I can see if we get positive results or negative results or no results on any one method, I want to see if that occurs across more than one property for the same type of method. Because if we get positive results on two properties, if I'm only doing two tests or testing on two locations per method and they're both positive, then that's a really good indication that that's a viable method or something that moves the needle.

Like he says, that's actually funny you said that because that's the title or the subtitle of the actual test that I'm doing Which Method Moves the Needle the Most? These different tests that I'm doing, and like I said, if a positive result occurs on two properties, two separate locations, then I know that it's a good method to use and that it will continue … It will be duplicatable, in other words.

I will obviously set it up and see if I can repeat it again across other properties. If I get two no changes, or two negative changes, then it's probably the case also. But if we get one that's positive and one it's neutral, or one that's positive, one is negative, then it's obviously gonna have to require further investigation.

So that's essentially what I'm doing. I've tried several these things and I've got some really super good results back with one of these methods in particular. I'm not gonna tell which one here, guys, you got to join a Mastermind for that. But I'm gonna be covering it tomorrow because I've got really, really good results from one method in particular. It's actually one of the easiest methods and that's what I love about. I'm pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was not surprised that the method works because of what I know about that method, but I'm glad that it's one of the easier methods for any one of us to achieve, or to implement, I should say.

Again, I'm gonna be covering that in the Mastermind webinar tomorrow as well as I'm also gonna be covering some questions about PR stacking from some of our members. I'm also gonna be talking about setting up display ads for remarketing using the Google Display Network because it's a much, much easier process now and it's very, very effective.

So that's what I've got to tease with for tomorrow. It looks like we don't have that many questions. But I'm gonna get right into it.

Chris: I got a question, man.

Bradley: Go ahead.

Chris: I scrolled through my Facebook feed today, people are literally scared of GMB and Google all of a sudden. You just were talking about, yeah, which method is the most potent or the biggest needle move of them. Anybody, you wanna share your insights on that, Marco or Bradley?

Bradley: I'll start. Yeah. Armageddon is coming, right? The sky is always falling, Chicken Little type stuff. By the way, that screenshot that you're looking at there, guys, that's the tease for tomorrow's webinar in Mastermind because those are the movements that I've seen occur just in the last few days from that one particular method I'm gonna be covering.

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Anyways, Marco and I, well, we've been around long enough to know that shit changes all the time. It's SEO. For the last several months we've been pushing really hard on GMB stuff because it's been working so well and I've been saying all along it at some point Google's gonna shut it down. I don't necessarily think that existing properties are gonna be taken down. What I think is gonna happen, and this is just my assumption, guys, my educated opinion about this or my educated guess, prediction I should say, is that it's gonna become damn near impossible to register new GMB profiles. I think that's how it's gonna be shut down.

That's why I've been pushing for people to build, build, build for the last several months, and to build your ass off and to build a team for scaling your build processes so that you can secure as many location as possible prior to what I think is going to happen, which is going to be damn near impossible to register new businesses.

I don't know exactly what they're gonna do to shut it down, but it's likely going to be something like having to take photographs at a storefront or at the business location. It could also be requiring … Again, guys, just speculation, but it could also require you to send corporate documents in or something that shows proof of address with the business name on it, so like a utility bill or something. I know because I've actually had to call Google Support before to get help moving a legit business for a client of mine to get the Maps listing updated. That was one of the things required, was a bank statement, the account details and everything could be blurred, but it had to show the company name and the mailing address and all that.

Those are things that I assume or that I predict are going to happen. But we always find workarounds and we always find ways to continue to make money. That's really the name of the game, guys. Don't freak out. Don't go into panic mode. Relax. Know that you're gonna have other options. We're gonna figure them out eventually and other people will figure them out as well, and you can too. But it's about keeping your head cool and realizing that this is a cat-and-mouse game that we play and that's the business that we're in.

Marco, what are your thoughts?

Marco: I get a little bit more basic, man. Yeah, I don't care. Why? I say basic because there's basic web principles. The foundational stuff that we teach is based on web principles, right? We're in the semantic web. We all know that, right? We talked about ART, activity, relevance, trust and authority, and how to generate all that. But there's foundation of principles. You can only code one way. If you write spaghetti code, you're writing garbage that nobody's ever going to be able to tell what it is if someone needs to come and take over. So there's international standards that are set.

There are basic principles where the guidelines are not set by Google. Google's Terms of Service and Google's guidelines are determined by Google, but coding standards are set by other people. In order for Google to mess with that, Google has to go and push at a higher level where there's a bunch of other people pushing back. I've been talking about this since Semantic Mastery began. Google is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Correct, but there's others on the web. Google can't just go and do whatever the fuck they want to do. There's some stuff that they just can't touch.

While that goes on we'll just keep going and getting the results that we get. That's what you saw. The test that you're shown, which is beautiful because it's based on basic foundational principles, that's what we work from. Now all of these other stuff, yes, they're hacks, guys. We manipulate. That's our job. We're in this to make money. We're not here to make people happy. We're not here to make Google happy. I'm in this to make money. I don't care. They can't tell me that it's wrong to do what I'm doing, well then, Google should go and change their whole scheme for making money online because it's all based on lies and it's all based on moving people into their funnel and keeping them there as long as possible; they don't care how they do it, they just want to do it. Well, that's fine. That's their business model. I have mine.

Just to get back to this, basic principles, they still work. Why? Because everyone has to adhere to the same standards no matter what. That's my rant for today – well, hopefully.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree with that. Let's get into questions, guys. Not a whole lot of questions and I'm surprised. Maybe it's this new platform that's scaring people off, the discus platform. All right.

Chris: The sky is always falling.

Bradley: What's that?

Chris: The sky is always falling. Some people say it's …

Bradley: Chicken Little, yeah. Okay. Ben's up. He says, “Hey Bradley, thanks for our call last Thursday.” Okay. Ben's one of our Mastermind members and I'd been doing Mastermind calls. I opened up an opportunity for our Mastermind members to schedule a 30-minute call with me. It started the first week in January and this is the seventh week that I've been doing those calls. Next week, I'll wrap it up and then it'll be closed down until June. In June, I'm gonna open it back up again.

I encourage our Mastermind members that even scheduled to call with me in this first round to call schedule a second call with me in June because in six months you will have hopefully overcome some of the issues that we discussed on our call, and hopefully you have a new set of issues. I really want to continue to find out what's going on with our members. It's been super insightful for me to learn more about what's going …

Well, first, to get to know our members on a more personal level. It's been great. It really has been. I've really enjoyed the calls. Number two, it's given us a lot of insight as to what's going on, and in our Mastermind, which is our top level program, what's going on in our members' businesses, so that we can develop better tools and resources and training to help them overcome their obstacles. It really has been beneficial to me as well as, hopefully, to others.

Is Local GMB Pro Included In The MasterMind?

That's what Ben is referring to here. He says, “Thanks for our call last Thursday. It was good to talk to you and I got a lot out of it.” Well, thank you, man. I appreciate that. He says, “A couple of questions. Number one, is Local GMB Pro included in the Mastermind? Not that I need it. Local Lease Pro is looking pretty comprehensive as I go through it. I'm just curious as it doesn't recognize my username.”

Yeah, I know. We had Rob Beale collaborate on that with us and so there is an additional charge for that. But as a Mastermind member you get it at a silly ridiculous discount from what the advertised price is, if you look at the sales page publicly. Just contact Support when you're ready for that, Ben. But since I did talk with you, trust me, you're not ready for that yet. Go through Local Lease Pro, start implementing those strategies, provided that they're still going to work, depending on what happens with the GMB stuff going forward.

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As it stands right now, it's still working just fine. But just keep in mind that you should be implementing that right now and then the Local GMB Pro training would really be more about assets that need the additional push, or if you're in super competitive areas, that's where you're going to want to implement Local GMB Pro. But again, that's not something that I would recommend you start with right now, you're gonna be overwhelmed. I know you and I talked about that. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much training. I'd rather you take action and Local Lease Pro is set up with actionable data, actionable information for you to go out and implement immediately to start building, and that's the most important thing. Okay.

Good question. But, yeah, as a Mastermind member, you'll get a significant discount on that when you're ready. But I can tell you right now you're not ready for that. Okay.

How Do You Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome?

Number two, he says, “You said you were a former shiny object syndrome sufferer.” Yes, I was. That's absolutely true. I think most of us in this industry or in this space are or have suffered from that, and maybe still do at this point. As SOS is so clearly at the root of my lack of progress to this point, I was wondering what it was that helped you turn the corner. You are clearly totally recovered and in control today.”

Yeah. You know what it was, honestly, it was kind of a perfect storm in that I was trying to do too many things and trying to not only teach on too many different topics as far as digital marketing, but I was trying to do too many things for my agency and provide too many services. What happens is I became overwhelmed with chasing different methods and trying to implement every method that I could learn about. So every time I saw a marketing email come through, and you guys know, I'm sure you are all on a million email list too, I would get the same type of emails, you guys would about new methods, about new tools and processes and things like that and I would get sucked in. The grass is always greener, right? I would see the opportunity that I thought, as an entrepreneur, I would see opportunity and I'm want to go after it, I want to chase it.

But what happened was over time things started to accumulate and accrue to the point where I had 15 projects going on and none of them were really progressing because I was spread too thin across too much. We, as a corporation, Semantic Mastery kind of suffered that for a period of time too and in part, I'm the face of the company, I should say, not to discredit my partners or anything, but in part because I was doing that in my own business as well. So we were kind of going that way with Semantic Mastery, trying to be too many things to too many people.

Really what happened was, and fortunately, my partner Adam, he's not here today, but he introduced us to a book by Gino Wickman, I think it is, called Traction. It's a program for really zeroing in on a singular focus and purpose for a company, for any organization. We've been working through that now, guys. What are we, over a year now into that, Traction? Are we on our fifth quarter now? Somebody would comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. I can't remember exactly what quarter we're on.

Bradley: I think we're on our fifth quarter now. Anyways, we do everything now. It's kind of a combination of various methods, but the 12-week year is one of the books that we provide to our Mastermind members when they come join. Another one is That One Thing. That's another book that where it teaches you how to really focus in on one thing to get results and find out what is the most important thing, the one thing that I can do such that everything else becomes irrelevant or less important or irrelevant, or something like that. It's a great book. Then there's the 12-week year, which is about taking 12-month goals and boiling them down into 12 weeks, which is a 90-day period. What we call them 12-week Sprints. It's a quarter every year.

We started implementing these strategies and then traction really kind of started giving us the organizational structure as a corporation to start developing our goals, figuring out what our primary focus was going to be, zeroing in on that, and then building out our processes and systems to achieve those goals. Like I said. I think we're on our fifth quarter of that process now. That's why over the last probably six months or so, you guys have been following us and probably noticed we've really shifted to just local marketing stuff. Not that we don't still talk about and teach and share and present information in the Mastermind about all types of marketing, but our primary push is local.

That's because I needed to do that in my own business in order for me to get better results for my clients to increase my own income and to get some of my time and my sanity back because I was just all over the place and it was overwhelming and, honestly, it was exhausting. Also, as you guys know, shit's changing all the time in the digital marketing space, so having to stay on the cutting edge of everything is incredibly difficult.

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So I really wanted to shift my focus into something that I preferred, which was local marketing. I also feel that that's one of the quickest ways to earn revenue, is local marketing. So I kind of shifted to that. We took several surveys of you guys, our members, to find out that that's what the vast majority of our audience was doing, was local marketing or lead generation, that kind of stuff. So we really shifted all of our focus to that.

Again, Ben, to answer your question, how I got over it was kind of a combination of recognizing the fact that I was really spinning my wheels and not making any progress in a lot of different areas because I was going after too many things, my attention was spread too thin, and then also, again, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Adam kind of presented us or brought to our attention like this, Gino Wickman's Traction program and they call the EOS, I guess the employee operating system, and all this stuff. Just get the book, guys, it's inexpensive, and go through it. It's a lot of work. We've been at it for five months now-, or excuse me, five quarters now, I think five quarters, and it's a lot of work. But it's totally worth it because we're seeing the benefits and the fruits of the work that we're putting in.

So a combination of those two things for me really kind of got me to stop … Guys, I'm not kidding, I've unsubscribed from just about every single email list. I got one specific email that I would always sign up for stuff and now, because over the years I've subscribed to so many lists, I've unsubscribed from just about everything. But yeah, I still get emails for internet marketing products and stuff all the time, from stuff that I've never even subscribed from. You guys know how that goes, people sell lists and your name gets passed, your email gets passed around from one list to another, whether you subscribed or not.

I'm not gonna lie, every single day now when I get a marketing email unless it's from somebody that I want to be on their list, I go find the unsubscribe button. as soon as I open an email, hit the unsubscribe button, and then I come back and hit the spam button. I do it every fucking day every single day. Some days I might only get one email now, other days I might get five or six spam type marketing emails. But I do the same thing. I open them up, I don't even read them, I just go right find an Unsubscribe button, click Unsubscribe, and then I come back it's hit the Spam button. What it's done is it's really reduced the amount of junk that I see on a daily basis.

I was telling this to Ben when we had our call, our Mastermind call, it's like being an alcoholic and going to a bar. Right? When you open your email account, if you know you have shiny object syndrome and you're not getting any traction in any one area of your business because you keep chasing opportunity, stop, stop going in your email box and reading these emails, guys. Stop. It's like get yourself out of the bar if you're a recovering alcoholic, right? It's the same principle. You need to avoid the shit that's detracting from you being able to get make progress in your business.

So for me, it was just eliminating the marketing messages. I'm a marketer so I'm susceptible to marketing messages, right? For me, it was just avoiding them. Out of sight, out of mind. Putting blinders on. Putting my nose down. Working through what I knew I needed to do and that was local marketing. Right now it's about building a lead gen business and developing processes but I'm not doing all the work and then teaching our members about what I'm doing and how we're doing it. So that's what's worked for me.

Any of you guys have comments on that?

Chris: Yeah. You probably should read the latest Mastermind issue, for February, because what I wrote about was pretty much what you've just talked about, but in steroids. It's like if you're struggling with that there's something really, really valuable in there for this month.

Bradley: It's awesome.

Chris: Not to reveal everything, so from Masterminding members, you can be looking forward to some really sweet stuff. I recommend you check it out as well, Bradley.

Bradley: I sure will. Marco?

Marco: Well, the way that I stopped is I realized that we're producing better shit than most people out there. So I focus on our own things and I know that you focus, we, the Mastermind's focus is local. But I'm still in the lab looking at manipulation methods for national, global, just whatever, because that's just how my mind works. I can't just do the local thing and be happy. I have to be able to see where all of the algorithms are going, where Google is going, where it's taking us and why, and then try to intercept at the right time, which is kind of like how RYS Academy was born, then RYS Reloaded, Local GMB Pro, as a matter of fact, came through because of that. It was just looking to see where Google was going and why. So I'm constantly after that, where is Google going, why?

As long as I'm on that, I don't care about somebody else's shit because I'm too busy with my own shit. That's how I was able to overcome. We've all been there. If you've been online for any length of time, it could be a week, you bought something. Yeah. That's just the way it is.

Are Both G+ Personal And Business Profiles Be Shut Down By Google?

Bradley: Yeah. That's a great question, Ben. I really appreciated that question. Hopefully, that was helpful. Ken. What's up, Ken? He says, “Are both G Plus personal and business profiles going away or is it just personal?” I believe it's all Google Plus. I think the only Google Plus that's going to remain, and I could be wrong about this guys, but I'm pretty sure that they're all being killed off unless you're what they call Google Plus Enterprise, which is only for like, it's like internal Google Plus for large organizations. I don't even know anything about it. I just read somewhere about it.

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So as far as I know, Google Plus is being completely killed. I think in April it's gonna be down completely. You won't be able to access even your old stuff. I got notifications, dozens and dozens of notifications about it where they say if you got any photos in Google Plus, the notifications, you got to download the photos and all that kind of stuff because in April they're gone. That's it. They're extinct. Whatever. Good riddance. No big deal. Move on.

Which, by the way, guys, we covered the Google Plus … Oh, yeah, guys, if you're in the Syndication Academy and you didn't watch the update webinar from last week, go back and watch it. I mean, literally, as soon as Hump Day Hangouts is over, go watch it because it's super, super powerful what I was talking about, because one of the things I was covering was Google Plus being shut down. We had a lot of people comment and question about, “What's going to happen? Because Google Plus is down and that's one of our main social hubs.” Yeah. So what? We find others.

I shared exactly what I'm using now, which is so much more effective anyways, and it's really, really powerful. If you're in Syndication Academy, guys, go watch the update webinar that was just recorded last week. It's in the archives area, the updates area along with all the notes and everything in there. Super powerful and it's easy to do. Okay. AlL right. I'm gonna keep on moving.

What Photo Selection In GMB Is It That Dictates Which Image Is Displayed In Google Maps?

Jay says, what's up, Jay? “Inside the GMB, what photo selection option is it that the dictates which image is displayed in Google Maps? I've tried several options there but it won't change.” Yeah. I've had that issue in the past too, Jay. I don't know, maybe Marco has an answer. I've tried in some cases to get an image to change too and not been able to get it to change. I just don't even care at this point. I know some clients do, but it's not been a major issue for me so I haven't dug into it that much.

Marco, do you have an idea as to what you can do to get Google to display what you want?

Marco: No. I don't have an answer for that. It sometimes displays the latest one, it sometimes displays what it wants to, I don't know. If you have GMB that is legit, that is tied to a company or whatever, you might wanna get in touch with a Google rep and see if they can help you out. If you act really ignorant, if you act really stupid, like you don't know what's going on, they'll really help you out. They'll go out of their way to help you out. I found that the more ignorant you act and the more that they … “I don't know …” “Oh, you mean like Chrome?” I mean they go that deep into … Just totally being blissfully ignorant about everything online.

Because you're a business owner who doesn't have time for all of this. The only people who have time for this are marketers who are in there trying to manipulate every day, who are the first ones that find out what doesn't work and what does. So you wanna try to avoid being that know-it-all marketer because if you do that you're gonna get nuked, your IP is gonna get tagged, and you're in for a lot of trouble.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. If it's a legit business, man, just contact the Google My Business Support. Again, if it's legit verifiable business, guys, I don't have any problem contacting Support anymore. I found them to be quite helpful when needed. Again, don't be afraid to do that. I remember years ago it was damn near impossible to get support help from Google and it was only via email and it would be sometimes days or even weeks before they would reply and it was just a bitch. But now it's a lot easier to get in touch with Google Support. Again, if it's for legit business, don't be afraid of trying.

What Are Your Most Successful Tactics In Getting Client Response From Cold Emails?

Okay. Jeff says, a minute, I still got to get used to this platform, guys. Jeff says, what's up, Jeff? He says, “Two questions. What is the record for most F-bombs dropped by Marco in one rant?” Well, apparently, Ken's been counting, he says 87.

Chris: Did you see the RYS Academy sales video, the webinar, the very first one? I bet it goes higher.

Marco: Guys, listen, I don't do it purposely. It's just when I get excited I get really animated and it just flows. Please excuse me, I don't mean to offend. Well, I have meant to offend people in the past, let me change that. You guys, in general, I don't intend to offend you. If you are, please excuse me. Please understand that that's just … My partners know that that's me because they have to deal with me on a daily basis, so they know. They know Marco.

So you guys, just please excuse me. Next time if you come to my webinars or whatever, please put the kids away and you might not want the wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever around while you're listening to me talk.

Bradley: Yeah. I remember we had a Mastermind webinar about three years ago, maybe three and a half years ago, and Marco and I, we're a little loose with our lips as far as some of the things we were saying. One of the members posted like “I've got kids in the room.” It was so funny because immediately after that I put a parental guidance suggested explicit language, image, or whatever, graphic on the bottom of the header image for the page that we were hosting the webinars on. In that point forward, we always kept it to be like, hey, keep your kids out. It's not safe for work-type stuff. I think it was really funny. I think Carolyn was her name.

Anyway, so to carry on with the real stuff here, guys. Jeff says, “I know you mentioned this previously, but I couldn't find it when researching out-, or excuse me when reaching out to business owners. In an effort to sell them the leads we were generating, what has been your more successful tactics for getting them to respond? This is primarily a cold email question.” Jeff, that's a great question. That's something we're going to be covering a lot in depth in actually going through real live tests in case studies and such for monetizing GMB assets. We're gonna be doing a lot of outreach stuff in the Mastermind coming up over the next several weeks. In fact, that was supposed to be started this week. I'm a little bit delayed, but I'm gonna be working on that a lot next week. I've got several assets that I need to start doing outreach for too.

This Stuff Works
But to answer your question, what I found and I spent a lot of time last year, in 2018, doing prospecting and trying to do sales for traditional agency services. I got really good at prospecting, getting the conversation started. As far as sales, I failed miserably. I think we spent like $18,000 between our salesperson and our VA staff which was handling the cold email outreach and all that stuff. I think we made like $6,000 in sales. It was ridiculous. That in part is just because I think that the local business market is so saturated with solicitation calls from marketing and advertising agency.

So long story short, that's part of the reason we shifted back to the lead generation model because it changes the dynamic entirely, and I know that's what you're asking about. But when it came to prospecting, I found the easiest thing to do is, are quick question type emails.

There's a great book by the guy that the developer of If you go to, it's a service that you can subscribe to, it's like an email tracking service and all that. I personally like better as an email marketing platform, but I started out with using There's a book by the developer. It's a real short book. You can get it on Amazon, Kindle. I think you can get in paperback too, but I got it on Kindle. It's a real short book, it's only like 30-some pages I think, really inexpensive. I think it might only be $1 or $2.99 or something like that.

Go get it. Go to and probably click through some of the links and you'll find the guy's name, the developer's name, and then you can find the book on Amazon. Pick that book up. Guys, I tested last year multiple types of cold email outreach methods for prospecting. Out of everything that I tested, and I tested David Sprague stuff, David Sprague's got some really good tools, guys, there's no question, but as far as his cold email outreach programs and stuff, I just had miserable success and we gave it full on effort.

I mean, for months, not just his program but all different types of outreach methods. What I found that produced the most success, especially dealing with contractors, was the quick question type emails. That strategy is outlaid perfectly in that short little book by the developer His name is Jeremy something, I think. Anyways, just go pick it up, read through that book, and then start testing. That's what I did and it worked really, really, really well.

We're actually gonna be testing in the Mastermind. I'm gonna be using a combination of the more mass email approach, which is what I was talking about with the quick question type emails, which all you're trying to do is solicit a response, a reply, that's it. No, you're not asking them to click through any links, you're not getting diarrhea of the mouth and dumping a whole bunch of information and doing an email. You just ask them a simple question that's kind of disguised like a lead for them. It's a little bit misleading, but not so, because you're gonna present them with an opportunity.

Again, it's not unethical. Like I said, it's just a way to ask questions. For example, maybe if I got a tree service site or assets that I need to monetize, I might contact 10 or 15 different … When I was doing the mass prospect, I would contact 50, 60 tree service contractors with these quick question type emails. Now I'm going to be doing a hybrid model that it incorporates the video email process, which is, we have a training program that I developed that I've used for years to get results for prospecting and sales and that's called the video lead gen system.

It's how to use video emails to get people's attention. It's a bit time-consuming because you got to record videos that are personalized to each person you reach out to. I'm trying to templatize that now to where it's going to be a lot easier and more efficient and have a team that does the video editing and all that kind of stuff so that we can turn it into more of a process. Like an assembly line to where we can do 10 or 15 videos in a short period of time and then targeted emails out.

But I'm still going to be using those quick question type emails where I might say like, “Quick question, are you guys accepting or are you guys providing estimates for tree removal right now?” When they reply yes, that's the conversation starter. “Okay, great. Would you mind if I sent you a video explaining what it is that I've got?” Then if they reply yes again, now you they've given you permission to send them a video. Then you send them the damn video, which is a personalized video explaining what you got.

“Hey, look, I got these leads coming in right now.” You don't show your assets, guys. You show call volume or you show the fact that you're generating leads. Show proof. Say, “Look, I really need somebody who can take these leads. If you're interested, let me know I'll send a few of them to you for the next week, or I'll send you five leads or 10 leads or whatever, whatever your business model is good for. You say to them, “I'll send you five leads for free,” and then, “I'll follow up with you after that to find out if you're if you like them. If they were good genuine valid leads that you'd like to continue that service, we can talk then,” stuff like that. Just real simple little questions, guys.

I've tested all kinds of processes and what I found was those quick questions where you don't drop a link in it, you don't ask them to click, you don't ask them to go to a landing page and fill out a survey, or watch a video on the first email, none of that, you just ask them to reply. That's a conversation starter. That starts the dialogue. Once the dialogue starts, then you ask permission to send them a link for them to click, which is just a video essentially. You say, “Can I send you a video to explain what I've got?” If they say yes, now they're giving you permission.

This Stuff Works
Then you send them the video link, and then they'll click on it, and now watch the video. Then sometimes they will reply, sometimes they won't. But that's really the whole point. Again, video lead-gen system was the course that we did on how to use video email. Then I'm going to be kind of mixing that with the more … I'm trying to templatize that and make it towards a process to where it's not so time-consuming to do those emails, although they're very, very effective. Okay?

Again, this is stuff that in the Mastermind, guys, were gonna be covering over the next several weeks. Okay. Those were great questions, Jeff.

Does anybody else have-

Chris: I'll post a link to the book in a second.

Bradley: I'm sorry?

Chris: I'll post a link to the book in a second. I already got it.

What Are Your Thoughts On WebFire 3.0 Tool?

Bradley: Okay. Cool. Yeah, it's a great little book. All right, moving on. Martin says, “Have you any experience with the WebFire 3.0 tool?” No, Martin. When you said that, I clicked on it and I looked, I don't, so I can't really comment on that. I don't have time to look through it right now. Perhaps, if you remind me, next week I will take a look at that before. I might look through that thing when we're off this webinar today.

Marco: Hey Bradley, those are all like, those are click … Well, what do you call that, the auto traffic-

Bradley: It's like a click-through spambot?

Marco: Yeah. Tons of websites like that.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: The problem that I'm seeing, and by the way, they're working. Some are working better than others. I'm not gonna say which one because then everyone will run there and ruin it for me. I don't want you guys messing with my money. At any rate, they are working, go and test them out. But interestingly enough, what I found works the best is … You did a course on it, it's only available in the Mastermind.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The way that you teach it becomes actually cheaper than most of these click-through spams or spam traffic networks, which is really interesting because you're targeting real people to come and visit your stuff. These real people have a genuine interest in whatever it is that you're doing right and they're going to ask way-, they're going to act, excuse me, way differently than the people that have to click on your link. Does that make sense? They pay for it. Well, you paid for it, they go, they click, then they get credit. It just becomes crazy because they're not really interested in your stuff, they're only interested in theirs.

Now since we're targeting real people with the real interest, through Bradley's training, it becomes that much better. Guys, activity, relevance, trust and authority. We're in trusted and authoritative to the max because were inside Google.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Relevance because we're targeting whatever it is that we're targeting. I'm not gonna say anything because it's something that's right now only available in the Mastermind. Then, activity on that link. It's relevant activity. People clicking on that link going and acting the way that real people do. Some might not like it and bounce back, many will. But that's what real people do and that's what we're after.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. I'm not gonna reveal the method here either, but exactly what Marco was saying, because that is real genuine traffic that Google knows has an interest in what you're sending them to. So guys, when you're talking about activity and engagement, which is one of the primary ranking signals now, is engagement, it's not just blind engagement.

Again, if you are trying to rank something locally and you're getting clicks from China and Russia and Korea and UK, and I'm talking about in the US, I'm just using this as an example, guys. But if you're getting a bunch of clicks from things that are non-relevant either geographically especially for local stuff or non-topically relevant, in other words it's just kind of like random traffic coming, do you think Google counts that traffic as an engagement signal, the same type, and gives it the same amount of weight as somebody that is in the local area that's clicking from a local IP, likely from a mobile device that is intimately connected to them at all times, that they have a history of being interested in that particular type of content or service or product? Think about that guys, which click, which engagement signal is gonna be given more weight by Google? You already know the answer to that.

It's not that these kind of tools and stuff can't produce some nominal results, they can, but if you wanna get really good results and do it within terms of service, there are alternative ways to do it and it's super, super effective. I mean, super effective. So it's absolutely true.

Marco: I just want to be clear, Fiverr geeks, Fiverr traffic geeks, they get some results. These types of websites, the spam traffic, they get some results. But when you compare them all and compare them to the course that we have, it's night and day. it's just totally different because it's just targeted traffic, people that are targeted to the geolocation so that they interact with whatever it is that you're doing at that level, if that's necessary. If not, then you can adjust to whatever it is that you're doing and get traffic for pennies on the dollar, guys. That's what it's all about.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, topical relevance and geographic relevance, and you can combine both and get super, super good results. It doesn't take a lot of traffic to get good results when you have heavily weighted engagement signals, which is what that is. It only takes a few engagements to get significant results when you have a really targeted audience that Google knows about. All right.

Anyways, we're gonna keep moving. Sorry, I can't give you a better answer on that. Bryan says, “What is the backlog on GMB listings in MGYB purchases. I'm out about four weeks.” Bryan, you'd have to contact support. I don't manage any of that stuff, I'm sorry. Just contact support or send us ticket to [email protected] and we'll get it answered for you. Okay?

Marco: I was just talking to Rob about this to make sure. We have to deal with whatever it is that Google decides. I mean, they were on the show, we don't control them. So we can't say it's definitely this or definitely that, or we'll have it in a day, in seven days or whatever. It takes however long it takes. Some of them are nearly impossible. I believe that Bryan has already contacted Support and gotten an answer.

Now my thing is if you go through Support and then you come here, it just slows the process because then I have to go reach back to support, ask what's going on, track it down, and then they all go and track it down and try to see what's going on when it has already been answered.

The only thing that I can add to this is, guys, we're not in control of this. We're trying to do what we can. Bryan, you're welcome to request a refund. If it gets too long, you're welcome to request a refund and try to find someone who stands behind the product like we do 60-day guarantee replacement. If it gets suspended within those 60 days, we offer a legitimate guarantee. Now how long it takes to get it for you, that's another question altogether.

Bradley: What's up, Daniel? Hey man, the question you asked two weeks ago on Mastermind that we didn't get to because the training went so long, please repost that for tomorrow because the Mastermind webinar is tomorrow and I didn't want to spend some time on that. It was about a GMB question you had. We're gonna have time. I'm gonna be covering specific training tomorrow, but it will be a lot shorter because I just did the Mastermind newsletter entry specifically about that. So that we're gonna do some video training on it tomorrow, but you guys will have the written process.

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You guys know how I do my process stocks. Well, you're gonna have the written processes, the newsletter entry that you're gonna get in about two or three weeks, whenever you get the next newsletter. That means my training tomorrow, the video training, will be a bit more streamlined so I should be able to get to your question. All right. I apologize I didn't get to that, man, and it's been weighing on me for almost two weeks now.

Is It A Good Idea To Leverage A Popular Family Name Or Brand To Get Press And Media Attention?

Anyways, Quentin's up. He says, “Hello my name is Quentin Ravenel. I'm a full-time musician based in Charleston, South Carolina. Arthur Ravenel Jr. is a staple here. We've named a bridge after him that gathers 25,000 people every year in April to run or walk on the Ravenel Bridge. Is there any way to use my last name as leverage?”

That's a really good question. Yeah. I would think Press Releases would probably be a great way to kind of piggyback off of that name recognition because that's essentially … It's a brand, right? Ravenel is a brand, right? If you can use that … There's a strategy called newsjacking. Look into that, Quentin. Look in the newsjacking. In fact, you could just do a Google search for newsjacking and find plenty of resources, Amazon books, whatever that can teach you the strategy of newsjacking that I think would be perfect for that, for what you're saying here because you have the same last name-, excuse me, as a brand that's well-known in that area. I would use that newsjacking strategy as a way to get some press and some media. It's almost like click bait but in a proper way, in an ethical way.

Again, I don't do a lot of that stuff, I just haven't had the opportunity to, but I'm familiar with that strategy. That's something that I think you could implement here.

Marco, do you have any suggestions for that?

Marco: Entity relationship, man. That's what he'd have to do. Relate his name to the Ravenel Bridge name so that when it comes in the, what they call, the Google auto predict, autosuggest, so when people go looking for the Ravenel Bridge walk, or a Ravenel Bridge run, Ravenel Bridge weekend, all of that stuff, your name comes up in there too. I mean, we've done that, right? Social conditioning?

Bradley: Yeah, social engineering.

Marco: Yep.

Bradley: Newsjacking, go check it out. There's tons of information about it. There's the book, David Meerman Scott, I think is the pioneer of that or whatever, at least the most well-known, but you can find all kinds of information about this free and paid. Just spend some time researching that newsjacking because it's something that I think you could implement and get some significant results that way. Okay. By the way, go to to purchase Press Releases and we'll publish them for you, they're really, really nicely done. Okay.

Gregg. What's up, Greg? You and I got a Mastermind call tomorrow, Gregg. Looking forward to it. We got a lot to catch up on.

Urban Towing says, “Does SerpClix work well for traffic to RYS or is there something else you would recommend?” Again, I'm not familiar with SerpClix. If it's another CT spambot or crowd search, click-through thing-

Marco: It is.

Bradley: -which I imagine it would be. Yeah, I would probably produce some results, I don't know how much. But I would recommend finding some better methods where you can actually buy or get real targeted traffic from real people that may have a genuine interest in your potential product or service. Guys, paid traffic is a good way to do that kind of stuff.

Marco: I actually went to SerpClix and did the math. It's 14 cents per click. We can beat that through your method, can't we, Bradley?

Bradley: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Marco: And this is real people. Real people targeted, remember that. Activity, relevance, trust, authority, that's what you're after.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Guys, we did … for years, Dan Anton had a product called It works like gangbusters for a long time. Click-through spam was an engagement signal … I call it click-through spam. But that's when somebody does a search on Google for example, keyword search, it could be a brand search, which is called a navigational search.

Guys, you can go to our YouTube channel. You can just go to Google and search and you're gonna find this Semantic Mastery webinars. I've done two of them because we did one webinar and I think two years later we did another webinar because it was still working so well. I explained in that webinar, and both of those webinars and great length what click-through spam is and why it works so well.

It was actually a method that I learned way back in 2011 from Ivan Budimir, who was my most influential mentor in the local marketing, digital marketing space. It was Ivan Budimir. He's no longer in the space, but he was absolutely amazing. I learned so much from that guy. He actually introduced that method to me back in 2011 and showed the Google patent. It's not the actual official name of the Google patent, but he always called it site weight.

Site weight. In other words, if all things being equal, if there were two sites that were identical, which we know is impossible, pretty much, but theoretically, if two sites were equally authoritative, like they had the same amount of on-page optimization, the same amount of off-page optimization but one site got navigational search queries, which now in the semantic web is incredibly important, what is a navigational search query?

That's a brand search or a variation of a brand search, like brand plus keyword, or brand a plus phone, like for somebody looking for the phone number of a company, or brand plus location, or brand plus map so that people looking for how to get to that location or get to that company or that store or whatever the case may be. Those are called navigational queries. If all things being equal, there were two identical sites competing brands and one had navigational queries and the other did not, the navigational query site would outrank the other, one hands down, two to one every time. Every time and it was tested over and over and over again. That was because of the site weight algorithm, or filter, or whatever you call that shit. Again, I'm not the patent nerd like Marco. Marco, that's a term of endearment, by the way.

He introduced that way back in 2011 and the strategy then was to hire microtask workers to set up these little gigs. You would pay microtask workers two or three cents or something like that to go do a particular search, preferably with the brand dimension. Then find the link that you told them to find, click through, and then you would tell them, “Go find copy and paste the third word of the seventh paragraph on that page into the answer box,” and the answer box was their proof that they did the task that you assigned.

The reason why you wouldn't just tell him to go click the link and copy because you want them to dwell on the page. That dwell time counted as an engagement signal, right? They would land on the page and then they'd have a hunt for that specific word or phrase or whatever it was that you told them to do that would make the answer. That would be the answer that means they solved the task that you gave them to do. That would create the dwell time, potentially scroll, you might ask them to click through to another page, whatever the task might be, click through to the link, then click through to the contact page, and then leave a message or whatever the case may be. You could set it up multiple different ways, but those were engagement signals way back in 2011 guys and it moved the needle like almost overnight.

The problem was as soon as you would stop paying in microtasks workers within just a few days your rank positioning start falling again because it was all about those engagement signals. Guys, again, this was eight years ago. Well, now, we've just been talking on this webinar alone about how important engagement signals are. So engagement signals are weighted even more now than they were back then.

This Stuff Works
Now the engagement signals are weighted more because Google can track and knows its users and the users' behavior and their history. That's what I was talking about. If you can get engagement signals from people that are locally and/or topically relevant to the content that you're having them engage with, then that's going to be weighted so much more.

What I'm saying is, again on a local level, if you can get people from a local geographic area that have a history for having an interest in that topic or that product or service as well as being local, a handful of clicks from them can produce better results than dozens or hundreds of click from non-relevant and non-non topically and non-geographically relevant clicks. Does that make sense?

So the click-through spam, and that's what I called it because we were literally spamming click-throughs, isn't as effective as it is when you can get relevant audience to engage because Google understands its audience, guys. Google knows its audience because everybody's connected to Google all the time, right? So it knows what their history is and what their interests are and where they're located and all that kind of stuff.

So that's what I'm getting at. As far as the click-through spam stuff, for a long time it was working really well. Dan Anton's, I think the best bot that came out, which was and for I think three, four years, I mean, I used it heavily. I was getting 50,000 credits per month and I was using every bit of them. It worked like gangbusters. But over time, it slowly started to stop working as well. I know that service is still out there. There are potential uses for it but it's not something that I would do to direct to money site anymore. There are better alternatives now in my opinion, which is what we we've been talking about. We did some training about that in the Mastermind a few weeks ago.

It was a good question though. I was worried we're not gonna have enough to talk about today, man, and look, we're almost up. It's awesome. Let's see. “Think of how stupid the average person is and realize half of them are stupider than that.” That should actually be how stupid the median person is, right? It's awesome. Thanks, Greg.

Okay. Grant says, “It might be easier to just close/delete designed junk email accounts ThAn unsubscribe endlessly.” Yeah. I know what you're saying, Grant, but this is an email account that I've had for, God, 15 years, so it's not something I wanna get rid of. But, yeah, I know what you mean.

By the way, I did all the heavy lifting. Now it's just a daily maintenance thing. If I see an email come in, if that's from something that was unsolicited, I open it, unsubscribe, and then as soon as the unsubscribe is successful, I go back and hit the spam button. Again, most days now guys, I might only get one or two spam emails. There are some days where I'll get five or six or whatever, but almost every day now it's just a bare minimum. So it's manageable now. It just took a little bit of time.

Also, there's a service called Guys, go check it out. Go to, especially any of you suffering from shiny object syndrome. Type in your email and it'll take a few minutes to run and it'll come back and show you how many lists you're subscribe to, and tell me it doesn't take your breath away. It's like, holy shit, how did I get subscribed … It's just over the years, you accumulate, you get added to so many subscription lists either voluntarily or involuntarily, a combination of both really.

If you go to, it's amazing. It'll just take your breath away when you see how many email lists you're on, and you can start to systematically unsubscribe. Okay.

Chris: You're the nightmare of every email marketer.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, now, I am, yeah. But trust me, a lot of email marketers made a lot of money from me too. All right. Let's see, Walt says, “Not an affiliate link.” Okay. This is the quick, probably the quick … There you go, Grow Your Business With Cold Emails, Jeremy Chatelaine. That's correct. He's got an accent or whatever. It's awesome, guys. Really short book. Look at that, it used to be cheaper, but 10 bucks, buy it, guys, it's worth it. 100% worth it, buy it, and read it. It's a great book for anybody's doing prospecting. Guys, hands down, that has been the best strategy for me that I've ever found. Okay.

I'll keep moving. Grow Your Business With Cold Emails: Everything You Need to Know. Go, perfect. Thanks, guys. I appreciate that.

Daniel, awesome. “Guys, I'm not whining about the GMB question, and I do have faith in SM.” Bryan, I think he took offense to which you said, Marco. Just looking to start implementing building out the local strategy and certainly anxious to get moving.” I totally get it, Bryan. I totally get it.

Marco: Yeah, so do we. I didn't expect or intend again to offend. I just come across that way. I was just explaining that it just takes time. We try to get as quickly as possible. We know all you guys were anxious, but there's only so much we could do when the beast keeps changing shit around.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Correct. Yeah. That's one of the issues, guys. Again, we all have to keep changing our methods to get these things done verified and such. I don't even know what they're doing to do it. I don't care. Bryan, I'm just like you. I placed my orders too. I'm not kidding. Guys, I placed my orders just like you do now. I do have a little bit of pull sometimes, most of my orders are in queue still now because they're not critical. But sometimes, for clients, for example, that have requested maps expansion, then I pull some strings to get them pushed forward a little bit. So that's one of the benefits I guess of the CEO.

But for the most part, guys, I'm in queue just like you guys. It's not you guys aren't waiting because I'm getting all mine done. Trust me. I'm waiting too. Awesome., You're welcome, Grant

All right, guys. We gotta wrap it up. “Marco, you didn't drop an F-bomb on me so I was unsure about the love.” It was Bryan again.

Chris: It's coming.

Bradley: Marco, you got to say fuck just to make everybody happy once.

Marco: Yeah. Let me just close this off with this: fuck Google.

Bradley: All right, there you go. ‘Nuff said. All right everybody. Thanks for being here. Mastermind webinar tomorrow, don't forget. If you did not check out the Syndication Academy update webinar from last week, do it, guys. Super, super powerful stuff. I showed you how to use RSS feeds there with geo-tagging.

By the way, I'm doing a lot of testing with I have it … No, I must already closed it down. No, there it is, RankFeedr. I've got it open. I'm not gonna show my projects. But Lisa Allen's RankFeedr, guys. I know the coupon has expired now. She actually extended it because of the Syndication Academy update webinar that I did last week. I talked about it in there. Although the method that I showed was how to use Feedburner feeds to create local geotag feeds and they're super powerful too, not as powerful as the RankFeedr feeds though because RankFeedr you can splice together and create static or sticky items and you can add the geotag and not just a specific geo coordinate but you can add what's called a geo box, which is like a service area business. Super powerful stuff, guys.

I've been testing really hard for the last week now with the RankFeedr stuff and I'm seeing good results. Again, I know the coupon that she gave is expired, but it's still totally worth it. It's super inexpensive guys for the elite subscription, which I think allows you to create eleven hundred RankFeedr feeds.

Guys, it's a set and forget. You set up a RankFeedr feed one time and you let it go. It just runs for as long as you keep your subscription active and you don't have to do anything else. It will help to create co-citation geographic and topical relevancy on autopilot, guys. I'm telling you and for the elite service the elite subscription level, which again I think is 1,100 feeds, it's $47 a month. It's a no-brainer.

So if you haven't already picked it up, guys, go watch the Syndication Academy update webinar, and go pick up the RankFeedr subscription service, which is how you create those things. I'm only telling you guys, we don't pimp other people's products unless we truly believe in them and I'm endorsing this because it's such a good product and you can go to our website I think it's RSS-authority-sniper-3 I think. You could find the webinar replay and go through that process, if you want to watch the webinar where she talks about it.

But honestly, you don't even need to watch the webinar, just go pick up the damn service because it's really powerful. All right. With that, we're gonna close it out. See you all next week. Thanks everybody. Thanks, Marco. Thanks, Chris.

Marco: Bye everybody.

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How Do GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro Compare Against Each Other?

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Would also appreciate if you could give a brief overview of how GMBPro/LLP/LocalPRPro compare against each other. I'm completely new to local marketing, so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?

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Hello, I stumbled on your video from May; Local GMB Pro Revealed – Generate Leads from Google without SEO and watched most of the video. I went to find the video to finish watching it and now I found; Local Lease Pro Launch – The Side Hustle Toolbox that was released just Oct 1, 2018. Does this newer one replace the one from May? How long does the training take to begin using?

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How Can You Test The Water With GMB If You’re A Beginner?

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In episode 221 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to test the water with GMB as a beginner.

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Can you go over GMB basics? I'm interested in getting started with one local GMB to see how it's done, so I think I could start with MGYB for getting it verified, right? But after that, what should I do? I know there's courses on this, but I'd like to start with the basics and “”test the water”” to see how it's done before moving forward.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

By April

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

Click on the video above to watch Episode 221 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hump Day! Alright what's up? We're live everybody. Welcome to Hump day Hangouts with Semantic Mastery. I'm Adam Moody and I am pumped up for today because today is episode 221. Not only that, we've got some great stuff coming, but real quick want to go down the line and say hello to everybody.

And I'm going to mix it up this time because I realized we go in the same way every time, so randomly starting, Marco, how are you doing today? WHat's the weather like?

Marco: It's a whole lot better than it is for you guys, I'll tell you that.

Adam: I take it you're not freezing to death as badly.

Marco: Well listen, it's a 100 degree difference.

Adam: Oh my god.

Marco: Between you guys. Between 100 and 120 between what you guys are going through and what I have here because we're getting cold from you guys. It was only 75 today.

Adam: Tough, tough.

Awesome, well Bradley let's bring you in for the opposing viewpoint here.

Bradley: Well it's not too bad right but it was fucking nine degrees this morning and tomorrow morning it will be three degrees. And that's the air temperature, not the will chill. But I know in here in Virginia, it's not nearly as bad as it is in a lot of parts of the Midwest, man. I heart Minneapolis was like negative 55 degrees or something. Holy crap.

Adam: I'm going to pass on that. Yeah, wherever you guys are at, whoever is listening, pop on the page what the temperature was this morning. I'm curious. I know Wayne Clayton was saying it was going to be something crazy like 40 below or something, so.

Bradley: Yeah, it's ridiculous man.

Adam: Well, how about our man on the ground in the southern hemisphere, Hernan how you doing?

Hernan: Good. Yesterday I think it was 115 Fahrenheit down here.

Adam: Are you serious?

Hernan: No, no I'm serious. Dead serious. But not only that, listen to this, it was 85 percent humidity. So it was like, you know …

Bradley: Felt like 130.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Just like a blow dryer and someone is throwing water at you at the same time?

Hernan: Yeah, something like that. So it was nasty, it was disgusting so don't come. If you guys are planning to come to here to Argentina, don't come in summer. Don't do it.

Adam: Oh my god, that's awful.

Hernan: Yeah, don't do it.

Adam: Well we'll go from hot and humid to cold and more mountainous. Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Like we only have 28 degrees, here.

Adam: Good.

Chris: Nothing to stress. The good thing is it doesn't matter how cold it is, doesn't matter if it's a tsunami or whatever, hump day is still happening, you know?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Chris: That's the thing that I'm really excited about.

Adam: Yeah we're going live from somewhere. Somehow it's going to happen.

Well speaking of, if you're new, thanks for watching, thanks for listening to us talk about he weather for a couple minutes. Before we get into it, I just want to say, again thanks for watching and checking us out. You can always watch it live on the vent pages. You can go to and you can also check out the replays on youtube. I know we have a lot of subscribers who do it that way and you can always ask your questions, and then if you're working, you've got client calls, whatever, you can't make it, you can check out the answers afterwards.

This Stuff Works
But being here has its benefits because we do some fun stuff from time to time. We have giveaways and all sorts of good stuff. Also, if you're wondering where to start with semantic mastery, head to battle, grab the battle plan and then if you're looking to take things up a notch, you're wanting to join a real MasterMind group and you're wanting to start or grow your local digital marketing agency, then come join our MasterMind. You can find out more at

Real quick, we have a couple more announcement I want to talk about but I want to bounce us over to Marco because we sent out a email about the charity we support and the one Marco is really helping to grow and we're facing a little bit of a countdown here. So Marco, do you want to explain?

Marco: Yeah, well good and bad. The great thing is that the school year won't start until February 11th. So that gives us this week to finish it. It should've been finished already but we're able to extend it until Friday since we can go next week and shop for all the supplies and the uniforms, the books, the shoes, and whatever the kids are going to need to get themselves through school for the year.

The bad part is that they start school late, right? But I mean, what can you do? So, the deal is, which is also good news, is, and I mentioned it last week, the rotary club of Snow Qualmy Valley, Washington has been just so cool and so gracious and so kind in that they're matching every donation that's 50 dollars or above.

And just this morning by the way, we received a 500 dollar donation from one of our MasterMind members. I'm not going to say who but you're awesome, you rock because that's five kids. Just 500 dollars, 500 from the rotary club so it's 1000 dollars.

Adam: Oh, nice.

Marco: Oh, it's awesome because that's five kids that go to school that wouldn't otherwise have had the ability to go. And so it is extended right now guys. They're matching dollar for dollar anything above 50. If you donate 500, what happens is, since they donate 500, right? Dollar for dollar, you get two hours with me. So you get a consultation. And anyone, as I've sad before, if you can dig deep in your pockets and you got that and you can donate 5000 dollars, what I'll do is, I'll help you set up your local business, whatever it is that you want to do. We'll take it and we'll work it from the ground up. We'll apply all of the methods that we've been teaching. I just met with our group last night and they're all getting calls, right? And we're working now towards how do you monetize that you're already getting. We talked about it. I want them to get even more assets and start pumping them up and start getting more calls. And so we have a few ways that we can monetize.

The whole thing is, guys whatever it is that we're doing in that mini MasterMind group is what we'll apply to whatever it is that you want to do and we'll get your business going. Whether it's getting calls to your clients, whether it's getting your own leads, however it is that you want to set it up, donate that 5000 dollars and I'll be more than happy to work it through from beginning to end.

So that's how that works.

Adam: That's awesome. And Marco, can you pop the link on the page so people can donate?

Marco: I'll pop it in there. And by the way, just so you know, we have 3620 dollars of donations that are 50 or more. So that's 3620 that the Snow Qualmy Valley Rotary Club will be donating. So it becomes six something, right? So, come on guys. I need you. Kids needs you. It's more kids that can go to school, more kids that can get an education. It's a worthwhile cost. You guys can even go that gallery. I'll post the link to the gallery. I don't want to talk anymore, I don't want to take up more time because I want to answer questions. But guys, this is a great cause and we need you. Go dig in your pockets, 50 bucks. Come on, 10 cups of coffee. 50 bucks. That's all it is.

Adam: But yeah guys if you could do that and push. I know we would love to get that up to a total of 10,000. If we could get the matching from the rotary club, that would be amazing. And thank you to anyone who's already donated any amount, definitely helps these kids.

And speaking of talking, I've got a couple more but these are good announcements for you guys. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Coming up this Monday we've got Lisa Allen coming on and we're going to be talking to her this Monday at 9 pm eastern about the update to RSS Authority Sniper. I know it's a tool that a lot of you know about, a lot of you use. And those of you who don't, regardless if you use it or not, you're going to want to find out about her updates which is a good reason to check that out. Because she's got some GPS targeting stuff she's going that we're going to dive into and she's going to show us how she's been using that along with just going over how obviously RSS authority sniper can be used for maximum effectiveness.

Bradley: Just to chime in on that for a minute, I haven't had a chance to go through any of it yet. I'm planning on scheduling some time on Friday for that to prepare for Monday. And I can tell you guys the RSS authority sniper, that was a tool to help find RSS feeds relevant to whatever topic you're looking for content for. And that's been updated too so it's probably better. I didn't really use the RSS authority sniper much. I would go manually search or have a VA manually search for RSS feeds. I found that typically I was able to find better results for what I was looking for if we just manually searched.

However, the add on service is called Rank Feeder. And it's monthly subscription, but that's the tool she created to create feeds. It's like a feed splicer and it does all these really really cool things and that is super super powerful. And it was powerful two years ago when she … it might've even been two and half, three years ago now, but when she first launched it because it creates co-citation, which is like link building without links. It's very very very powerful. It's a way to associate a webpage with authority content through co citation and it's very powerful. And you could splice feeds and insert specific URLs into an RSS feed and make them sticky so that they were always present in the feed so that as dynamic RSS feeds would update with their content, there would always be those specific items that you wanted, like webpages or URLs that you wanted to associate with that authority content. So, the feed would update dynamically, right? But those sticky items would stay there. So they were constantly being associated with authority content that authority content sources were publishing. It's not something we had to do, we just had to go find the feeds.

So anyways, it's very very powerful. And whatever she's got cooked up into it now is specifically for local. It's adding GPS targeting and such to it. And again, I haven't been through it yet, but guys that's primarily like 99 percent of what we're doing is local, so I expect it to be very very powerful because it was powerful before. So I'm going to go in and dig into that on Friday a bit guys so I can prepare for the webinar on Monday.

This Stuff Works
However, that said, one other thing real quick is I'm doing an off page SEO test for DMB assets. And I'm testing several different methods. It started with six and now I'm at eight. Eight different methods and I'm testing isolation. Hers is going to be one of them using rank feeder and the GPS targeting or whatever that she built into it. So that's all being revealed in the MasterMind as I have data roll in from those tests and case studies and such.

So again, when I have more data for that, I'll be sharing that in the MasterMind as well.

Adam: Outstanding.

Yeah, get signed up you guys. Check out that webinar. We had someone who shall remain unnamed but might be owner of a press release company distribution service asking about some ideas for integrating his company using this stuff. So, anyone can use this stuff, whether you're doing this for clients, doing it for yourself, doing it for your own freaking business, this is good stuff, so definitely want to be there.

Bradley you, speaking of the MasterMind, this is the last announcement you guys, but we want to make sure you have a chance to do this, Bradley you did a webinar on, what was it Thursday? With the google ads?

Bradley: Yeah, we just announced on Wednesday last week. So a week ago today. It was just very short notice but I developed a … It's a method I've been using for years but for ranking YouTube videos, local YouTube videos, for lead generation or for clients. And that's setting up youtube ads or Google ads for YouTube to drive traffic. Very very relevant and geo-targeted traffic. And it works like crazy. It is by far, the number one ranking factor for ranking videos. I mean I've got videos that are ranking on page one for keywords that I've done no back link building to or anything other than just set up YouTube campaigns for.

And it's funny, and I talked about this in the webinar last week and I showed the live example too, there was another video that I did for the video production company that I provide wholesale SEO services to. And for whatever reason I was limited on time the day that I set up that campaign. Which, essentially all I do is take the video that they create for their client, they send it to me and then I stream it through OBS to my YouTube channel that's connected to a bunch of syndication networks. And that's always the first step in ranking a video. But typically, right after uploading or live streaming to my channel, it syndicates through all the networks, I usually set up a Google ad for that immediately. I just use a dollar a day budget, guys. So it costs 30 bucks. And it's really only 30 bucks … It's a dollar a day for the first two weeks because then I actually start backing my daily budget down to where I even get it down to 50 cents per day. So it's 15 dollars per month.

And what happens is those views come in from geo-targeted traffic and from a relevant audience. If you can find the correct audience, which it's very broad now. There's a lot of categories. So it's likely you can find a relevant audience. And that's very highly weighted views. In other words, those views are weighted by Google a lot higher than views from, if it's a Virginia business, from a view in California, from somebody that's not interested in windshield repair or whatever the hell it may be.

So my point is, I usually set up the ad right after syndicating the video through my networks, but I didn't have time the day that I did this. And this was three weeks ago now. And so two weeks went by and I went to go check on the video and it was on page two and it was bouncing and I looked at my pro ranked tracker report for it and once it had done its initial Google dance, it had stayed on page two and it was bouncing between 12 and 15, position 12 and 15 but it'd never gone on page one within those two weeks.

So on Thursday, two weeks ago now, I set up the YouTube ad or the Google Ad for YouTube with a dollar a day budget, and on Monday, so three days later essentially because it takes about 24 hours to get approved, but three days later it was on page one. And it's been on page one ever since guys. And again, that just has to do with those Google Ads. So, long story short, I did a two and a half hour Webinar last week where I show over the shoulder training, how to go in and set up these ads, how to find your relevant audiences, how to do geo-targeting, all that and set that up.

And the I also showed how to do a branding campaign and use re-marketing for that which is very very powerful for client work and for lead gen assets because YouTube traffic is so inexpensive guys, but it works. And I also shared some tips about how to use that for boosting Google my business profiles. I'm certainly not going to reveal that here, but 50 bucks guys or 55 dollars now because of the replay to get access to that webinar, that otherwise you'd have to pay 300 dollars to be a member of the MasterMind to get.

And the only reason that I opened it up for everybody is because we talk about it a lot here on hump day hangouts and I wanted to make sure … you know, I've always talked about it conceptually but I've never actually showed people how to do it and I felt like it was time. So if you're interested in that guys, it's only 55 dollars. I think this is going to be the last time we announce this, so take advantage of it while you can.

Adam: Awesome, alright let's get into it.

Bradley: Okay, you guys all ready?

I'm going to grab the screen. Here we go. By the way, the plus one button stopped working. Have you guys gotten the notice via email yet that Google Plus is terminating all their APIs and everything too?

Adam: No.

Bradley: Just so you know, Google Plus, I'm pretty sure it's going to be 100 percent completely removed from all Google products in 2019. I know their APIs are being killed. Some of them have already started to fail, but they just sent out notification of that which is, you know ….

Finally, I remember when Google Plus was launched, there were social media pundits that were predicting the demise of it right off the bat. Google plus is dead or is dying. And here it is, essentially ten years later and it's still around but they are finally killing it. So I just thought that was interesting.

Is There Any Way To Sort Applets In IFTTT?

Justin says, “Is there anyway to sort my applets in IFTTT? They are all just kind of lumped together in my applets page. I have looked at IFTTT support, FAQ pages and couldn't find anything and don't see to get any access or response to any real person from them so I figured I'd try here. I love that it's free of course but would gladly pay them for an easier to manage system.”

Well, as far as I remember, I haven't contacted IFTTT support in at least four years, no kidding. But the last time that I did, or every time that I had contacted support, when I had contacted support, was always via twitter. And I'm not even a Twitter user so that was kind of a pain in the ass. But you may want to try contacting them there. I don't know if it's changed since then but they do have paid options, Justin. So I would contact them and ask them or look at their paid options and see if that's a feature that is available with paid option. I have not paid IFTTT a dime since its inception, since I discovered it. And I don't really plan on it, but that might be something if you're a heavy user of it where you've got many many many applets, then yeah I would suggest contacting their support. I don't know if they have options for that stuff or not. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Typically our networks, we have a IFTTT account per syndication network and so usually there's not more than between 15 to 25 applets in an account. But if you are using it for multiple stuff, you might have way way more than that.

How To Get Started With GMB If You're A Beginner?

Shaun says “Can you go over GMB basics? I'm interested in getting started with one local GMB to see how its done, so I think I could start with MGYB [inaudible 00:18:54] for getting it verified right? But after that what should I get? I know there's no courses on this but I'd like to start with the basics and test the water to see how its done before moving forward.

Okay, well Shaun, yes. GMB basics. Yeah. What I can tell you is yes, first of all MGYB, you can go get a GMB verification there which is what I recommend guys. Otherwise you can do it manually but it takes a lot of time, and your time is better spent developing the creatives and all that stuff, the keyword research and all that for whatever project you're about to pursue, right? So what I would suggest is going to, ordering a done for you GMB verification. You'll get it back in a few weeks and while you're waiting for it to be delivered to you, you can start developing your creatives and getting the content together, your keyword research. You know, all that kind of stuff, right? So that's what I would recommend. And yes, there is a course for that. We've got actually several courses starting with local lease pro that teaches exactly how to, first of all, research locations to find where the easiest opportunity is or at least where there is opportunity to snipe or get into the maps 3 pack with as little work as possible.

Some assets or attempts are going to take you more work than others guys, there's just no question about that. Now that I'm way over … I think we're approaching 60 GMBs. I can tell you my percentage rate of getting into the three pack with little to no work has gone way way down because I'm targeting many more locations now within a particular cluster.

Anyways, Shaun, not to confuse you, go check out local lease pro. If you want, that's a great starting point. We have an advance training for more competitive GMB assets. It's called local GMB pro, that's really the logical upgrade from local lease pro, okay. And then we have Local PR Pro which is really about how to push maps, or GMB assets into the map pack using press releases. So the three of those compliment each other incredibly well. And the finally, the mac daddy of all, when you really need the additional push, when you absolutely got to kill every motherfucker in the room … excuse me that was a Samuel L. Jackson reference from Jackie Brown. Anyways, when you absolutely have to push it, RYS academy reloaded is our final course for that kind of stuff.

Hernan: It's AK-47 [inaudible 00:21:25]

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:21:24] AK-47 reference?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: AK-47. I'm going to have to pull that clip up man.

Anyways, Shaun but good news for you is we've got our battle plan version 3.0 is coming out next month. We're launching that next month and that really is the user's guide for how to get results and this year, our version three is going to have a lot of stuff in there or a section dedicated specifically to GMB assets since we're all really pushing on that right now. And that's going to be probably your best bet if you want to ease into this thing is just start or wait for the battle plan to come out and then if you … you know, local lease pro and the battle plan together are really the starting points for any type of GMB asset business.

Does anyone want to comment on that?

Chris: Yeah I just want to comment on one thing because you mentioned the success rate of getting them into the three pack or whatever. A lot of times, you start getting calls and you don't even know where it is that they're coming from. They might be verified and they'll start working on them. So already the phone number is there and you start getting calls. How in the world are you getting calls when it's barely verified.

So success rate and the calls that you get and everything else is relative. And what I would like to add is you did a 15 with an 80 percent success rate. And now we're doing hundreds, we'll end up with thousands. I'd rather have 50, 60 percent of 1000 than 80 percent of 15 any day of the week.

Bradley: Right on Greg AK-47. If anyone wants to watch this clip, that shit is funny. I hope that's the right one. Anyways, I'm going to keep moving but that's funny.

When we first launched link building services after what used to be called IFTTT SEO Academy, now it's syndication academy. Daddy, our link building manager, he builds links to networks and we had set up a click funnels landing page for that and I had created a video where I spliced that clip in. It was awesome. I've got to pull that up somewhere, that video, that was funny.

This Stuff Works

What Are Some Best Practices To Optimize A Franchise Business That Wants To Expand To Nearby Locations?

Pete. What's up Pete? He's the MasterMind. He says “Hey guys my client is a service area business and wants to expand in a nearby location and they want their own GMB listings branded in their business name. My questions are, would you use the business name on every GMB listing? I only ask because I've seen some franchise companies use brand name with local modifiers at the end for each location and then use a virtual telephone number with different address.”

Yes Pete. Well, first of all I wouldn't append the location to the name because if it's for a brand, that's kind of a spam signal in my opinion. So if it's for a brand, I would just use the brand name, Okay? But you want a unique physical location when you verify the GMB, which if you're doing it yourself, you're going to have to get your own separate, unique addresses for each location, right? If you're ordering it from us, don't worry about it. They'll be unique when we verify them. But you're going to want a unique physical address, a unique phone number and a unique landing page or website URL, right? So remember if you're building this for a brand and if the company says well I want you to just put our homepage URL as the website for all of the listings, don't do that. Don't do that. Especially if they're maps expansions. Right? Maps expansions listings. In other words, if they don't physically have a real office in the location that you're setting up a maps listing then do not link directly from the GMB to their website. Don't do it because that could create a problem down the road because you don't actually have a physical location in that area right?

So what I would recommend at that point is just use the GMB website at which point you can link to from within the content of the GMB website to the corporate website if you'd like but I wouldn't link to it from the GMB listing. In other words from the website or the appointment URL or any of that. I would not do that. If you are adamant, or the client is adamant about linking to their site, then I would recommend that you create landing pages on sub domains of the root domain and use the sub domain URL that's unique to each location as the website URL because sub domains aren't the same as a root domain or a inner page of a root domain in that it's less of a footprint. I mean, it's still a footprint, they're all connecting back to the same domain. But the difference is if you catch a penalty on the root domain or any of its inner pages, it's going to apply the penalty domain wide. Including all sub domains if there are any. Right?

So it can actually hurt the entire domain. But if you catch a penalty on any one of the sub domain sites, or pages in this case, I mean you can install WordPress if you'd like but I would just create an HTML landing page. A nice one that's set up for conversions like a lead capture, all that kind of stuff. And I would just install them on sub domains. Duplicate those pages, just change the NAP info on those pages. You could just duplicate them. It'd be really really easy to do.

If you've got something like click funnels, you could build a landing page in click funnels and then export it as an HTML file and upload those or just direct sub domains to a click funnels page.

My point is, there's a million ways to do it but I would have a sub domains landing page as opposed to an inner page because that way it would reduce potential penalties against the entire domain. If a sub domain page or site were to get slapped, it would only affect that sub domain, not the root or any of the other sibling sub domains. Does that make sense? So, absolutely make sure all three … You know the name can be the same but the other three data points, address, phone number, and URL should all be unique. Okay?

What would you recommend the best ways to link GMBs back to the central business website? For example with service area pages, they're just a page. Again, just like I mentioned, I would not link directly to the main website other than perhaps in a contextual link from within the GMB website. And you can also link to it from GMB posts once the GMB assets are set up. But I would not link to them directly from the info tab in GMB to the website unless you're doing it on sub domains. Each sub domain being unique to that particular location. It's a good question. It's not letting me plus one though, dammit. Oh, that time it worked.

Does Uploading Photos To A GMB Site Strip Out The Geotag and EXIF Data?

Michael, what's up Michael. He says, “Hey guys I have a GMB related question. I was uploading photos to a GMB site, strip out the geo-data and exit data. I recently uploaded photos to GMB site and it stripped the titles and renamed them untitled. Why did it do that? Got me wondering if it strips the title .. “

No, I mean it might strip it but when you upload it, Google reads it. Right? So it's preset when you upload it and that's all that matters. When you upload the file, Google sees all that data. That's what matters. In fact, I like the fact that they are stripping it out because that way if some other SEO tries to analyze images, they're not going to see all that stuff, right? Of course if they knew what they were doing, they'd know what to look for anyways. You know what I'm saying? So I don't think it matters.

Marco, what do you say?

Marco: No, it doesn't matter. They have it. They have the info. They know. Especially if you're doing it locally, the phone is the tell in this. And if you're doing it through what we teach in local GMB pro, then google has the information and that's all you care about. As to why Google stripped out your title, it's probably a glitch. We can't answer why Google does the shit that it does. Because everything in GMB, in Google my Business is in a state of constant flux. It's very fluid. They're constantly changing, adding, they're constantly giving us stuff to play with.

This Stuff Works
We had a problem the other day where some images weren't showing, right? Or they were showing differently. They weren't showing the way they were supposed to. Why? We don't know. They were changing something and it happened.

Glitches, it happens on the web. So sorry we can't answer as to why. But what we can tell you is that the shit works because what you're creating is your entity's relationship to the location, whatever you location is, whatever your local is. You're giving Google that relationship and that's all you care about. Whether it stays or not is irrelevant.

Bradley: Yep.

Is It Okay To Use A Instead Of An RSS As A Trigger Point To A Syndication Network?

Alright, Jason is up. Jason says, “Working with a local contractor who has another host, his site is built on click funnels and he has no native RSS feed. Without tipping the other host to a potential takeover of the site, the client doesn't want to ask the current host to add an RSS function. I get it, so I have some spare syndication networks in and I'm looking to use one for his property and thinking of using web 2.0 as the syndication point or trigger point. [inaudible 00:30:55] real issues with that before I press submit?”

No that's fine Jason, absolutely. Anything with an RSS feed you can use to trigger. In fact, it doesn't even have to have an RSS feed. For example, you could connect WordPress as the trigger source. So if this, click WordPress, then host to Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever the case may be. So you can have WordPress actually connect via API as opposed to RSS. In other words, IFTTT can connect to WordPress API and then it will trigger whenever you publish to Does that make sense?

Or you can do it via RSS. In fact, you may want to test those. I remember years ago when I was developing the whole syndication network strategy, I tested that and there was some funky stuff that would happen when you would use the native app as the trigger point as opposed to the RSS feed from the app.

In other words, if I was to use WordPress's trigger or Blogger's trigger or Tumblr's trigger as opposed to using the RSS feeds, sometimes it would cause some funky stuff to happen. So, that was years ago. Because RSS always worked. I quit testing that shit and said, you know RSS works, let's just use that. Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?

So my point is, you may want to test that. But also, Jason, think about this, and I'm pretty sure that you have rank feeder, Jason, so you may want to think about just taking their click funnels page, creating a rank feeder feed, which is what we're going to be talking about on Monday guys with Lisa Allen. And then use other authority content feeds to create that co-citation and feed your network that way, right? I mean you could do that. Because, especially if you have a sticky item in that feed, you could be using that to constantly co-citation whatever your sticky item is. In this case, maybe the click funnels page, right?

That's just a thought. You might want to think about using that too. But yes, you can use WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger or anything with an RSS feed. I like to use any type of blog account, obviously, because you've got more WYSIWYG editors and you can edit the elements of the page and all that kind of stuff. Okay?

Plus there's probably RSS feed creators online other than rank feeder that will allow you to create feeds from HTML pages and that kind of stuff. I know there use to be services like that, so I can't imagine that they don't have those still.

Are There Any Significant Impact If The @id Of A Multisite Property Is Changed?

Alright he says on the next one, “Hopefully not asking too much for the free forum but for @id, if I have a multi-site property and I want to add it to the ad ID page with geo-relevance, could I search google maps for brand geo-modifiers and put multiple locations in the page that way?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, Jason. That's more of a MasterMind question anyways. I really don't want to answer that here. That's getting a little bit too far into the weeds. What I would suggest thought is that you go into MasterMind archives and take a look at where I talked or just create a post in the Facebook group and I'll share it in that group with you about how to go organization markup. You can do that with an ad ID page guys, it's perfectly fine. You can set up an HTML page and create organization markup.

The way that I do it for multi-location businesses is a combination of Jason, LD and micro data as well as just flat out HTML. And so, that would work perfect for an HTML page or an ad ID page. Like hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket, right? And that's a combination of Jason LD, organization markup, local business markup for each individual location plus just HTML where you can embed the map and AP, that kind of stuff.

So again, post in the MasterMind Facebook group about that Jason, we can start a discussion in there and I can put you to the training that I've already covered MasterMind webinars for that, okay?

I'm going to keep on moving.

Hey guys, oh he's back again with some more YouTube questions. He's here every week so [inaudible 00:34:45] I know I'm probably mispronouncing your name, I apologize for that but glad to have you back.

Is Still Effective For Ranking YouTube Videos, Local And National Sites?

He says. “Hey guys I'm with another set of questions and as Bradley said in the last hangout, I plan to use all the free information you guys are giving to build up my business so that I can join the MasterMind then. Everybody plus one this comment for me.” Question is, “Is still effective for ranking YouTube videos, local, national sites?”

For YouTube, I don't know if it is or not. To be honest, I wouldn't use it for money site stuff anymore at all, guys. I stopped using it, shit a year and a half ago now maybe? YouTube videos I doubt it will even move the needle on that anymore, [Mike 00:35:22] And the reason I say that is because a lot of those services, they use commercial IPS, right? Commercial proxies. And the problem is, so many commercial IP blocks now ranges, what do they call them, subnets or whatever have been blocked or marked by Google. Flagged as irrelevant traffic, right? And that killed a lot of those search and click or what I call CT or click through spam, spam bots.

That killed a lot of their effectiveness because the IP blocks they have been … Google understands that they're commercial IP blocks. For example, storm proxies, right. So you have a range of proxies or IPS that they go through and that Google is aware of what they are so they're disregarded or given less weight. Does that make sense?

So, again, I just talked about, at the beginning of this webinar how I did a two and a half hour training last week specifically on how to use Google ads. Guys, for pennies per view from real traffic. You're buying traffic from Google. And literally, you can use YouTube traffic to rank videos, especially because you're getting views. You don't get a flood of clicks unless the really video is really compelling or the offer is really compelling.

I find that the type of captains that I set up in the webinar last week, which you can get access to for 55 dollars guys, I'm telling you it's a slam dunk. I mean, it's just a no brainer. It's a great great strategy guys and you can get targeted traffic from Google to your videos. Targeted views, anyways, right, to your videos from specific geographic areas that you set from specific audiences that you set which is the recommended method. And those views are weighted heavily because they're coming from real Google users, guys. From people that are signed in to their Google accounts, have Android devices or whatever. It doesn't matter whether it's Apple or Android but they got Google accounts, right?

Google knows these people. They're valid, true Google users, instead of trying to spoof traffic, you can buy real traffic guys. And it's literally pennies per view, right? Again, I don't get a flood of clicks. So using that strategy for driving traffic isn't necessarily going to get you a flood of traffic, but it will get you a bunch of views which is great for the video itself and the traffic that you do get is going to be really heavily weighted traffic because it's highly relevant if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
So it's much more valuable than buying spam traffic anyways. And it's not against Google's terms of service, right? Spam traffic is. So, as far as using or any type of spam bot, I wouldn't recommend it because, especially to money sites guys, I wouldn't put that stuff anywhere near a money site. YouTube videos, you could test it but I'm telling you I don't feel like that's effective anymore. Because again, I just buy the traffic direct from Google now and it works so much better, right?

Guys it's so easy to set up a campaign. I mean, I'm telling you, once you get the hang of it, you can set up a YouTube ads campaign for a video in ten minutes flat. Okay?

Chris: [crosstalk 00:38:38] Yeah, he can also get an embed gig. Video embeds, which will move the needle … I don't because crowd search, I stopped using them a while ago. But [inaudible 00:38:51] embeds it in a niche, relevant network and we're moving … I don't if … No we didn't announce it.

We're moving MGYB into Woo Commerce so that it makes it easier to add products. So this week and next week, we'll be busy adding products. One of those will be video embeds. We'll be adding [inaudible 00:39:15] link building, indexing, just a whole bunch of things that we haven't been able to do because of the limitations that we had with Sam Cart, we'll be able to do now.

So I think you might want to look into a video embed gig. They're not really all that expensive and they do move the needle. Or, just get out training and get it moved the right way with the right signals.

Bradley: Yeah.

Okay so, the only thing I would suggest though is, guys, you've got to think about this logically. Just flat out embeds and/or back links do not work as well as they used to without traffic included. Think about it guys, it's very logical. Why would a video or anything get hundreds or thousands of embeds, or tens of thousands of back links if it's not being viewed? Right? It doesn't make sense.

So yes, it can move the needle but we know for a fact that we can rank videos with engagement signals alone guys. No back links, no embeds whatsoever. If you combined the two, it's so much more effective. But it's less effective to just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds without engagement signals because that is clearly a spam signal, right? That's clearly somebody trying to manipulate search position of a video. Because it's not natural for a video to be embedded, picked up and shared if it's not getting viewed.

Who embeds a video without viewing it, right? Only SEOs. And Google knows that, the algorithm knows that. It's not like manual reviewers, that's built, baked right into the algorithm now.

So my point is, if you're going to do embed blast guys, that's perfectly fine. Back links are perfectly fine. But make sure that you're adding traffic to the whole mix. Views, in other words, to the whole mix because that's going to increase your effectiveness so much more.

If you start getting a bunch of embeds and/or back links, and a bunch of views all at the same time, that's mimicking a viral nature of a video, and that shit will rank, no question. But if you just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds and there's not any views and engagement signals, that's clearly a spam signal. I wouldn't recommend doing it. Yes, I know there's some brute force SEOs out there that still do that guys, but I don't recommend it for longevity and everything else. Just set up some simple YouTube ads for pennies per view and get the results that you need, okay?

How Does GMB Pro And Local Lease Pro Different From Each Other?

“Would appreciate it if you could give a brief overview of how GMB pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro compare against each other”.

Well I mentioned that earlier I the webinar, but just so you know he says, “I'm completely new to local marketing so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?”

This Stuff Works
Local lease pro right now. Hands down, that's the starter course in my opinion because that's going to show you to how to … The tip of the iceberg or tip of the spear is the location research and we go into that extensively and we did an update webinar about a month ago now that it's the training course in the updates module where I go into much more granular detail on how to do location research.

So local lease pro is the best starting point, [Mike 00:42:24] and then from there, the upgrade would be local GMB pro. And that's only for assets that need an additional push or if you're in a really competitive market, that kind of stuff. And then local PR pro is something that we just add into the mix throughout that whole process. That's just strategy for using press releases and PR stacking for getting results with local maps listings. Okay?

“Is the rank [inaudible 00:42:49] websites model still effective?”

Yes, but here's the thing; Don't build websites. Just build GMB websites. They're free, you don't need hosting, you don't need to go through all the SEO bullshit. Just set up GMB assets, use the GMB website and you're off to the races. Guys, I make jokes about this all the time but I'm half serious too, more than half serious. I hope to god I never have to build another Word Press site. I mean I know that's not going to happen but for all the stuff I'm doing, I'm trying to avoid building WordPress websites as much as possible because you don't need them. We're able to get results without them now. That may change, but for now it's a nice break.

Would It Work If You Post Regular Blog Posts From All 5 Websites That Are In The Same Niche As Duplicate Content To A Network Of 100 Web 2.0 Sites?

[inaudible 00:43:30] says “Hey there, got a question, would it work if I post my regular blog post from all five websites that are in the same niche as duplicate content to a network of 100 web 2.0 sites? The 100 web 2.0s have a ton of public back links just like IFTTT greetings.”

Yeah, but just make sure that you're posting an attribution link right? Just make sure you're citing the source. I mean you can post it without an attribution link if you'd like. I wouldn't recommend it. Guys, it's not duplicate content because it's on different websites. It's only duplicate content when it's on the same domain. But what I would recommend is, if you're going to republish, that you would cite the source just like we teach in syndication academy which is where you would say, this post or this article or whatever was published first on … and then you link to that and the source where it was published which would be your money site anyways. THat's what you want. That's the back link back to your money site, right? Through the attribution link. So that's what I would do. But yes, you can do that.

By the way, I would recommend … here's the catcher on that though, guys. If you're doing this across branded properties, the that's natural. But if you're taking the same content and republishing it across hundreds of web 2.0s that are not branded, then that's clearly for SEO manipulation and that's a footprint that you're leaving. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you have branded profiles. Does that make sense? Or unless those 100 web 2.0s, if you've got a lot of other content being pushed into those web 2.0s on a regular basis, like from other RSS feeds or other content sources to where you're burying your article among many many others that are relevant, then that's okay too. It's still a footprint though, but it's a lot less of one than just if you just have, say you got 300 web 2.0s out there and all of a sudden you push the same article to all 300 and there's no other content coming behind them. In other words, than that's a big footprint in other words. So I would recommend that you don't do that unless you have other content sources that are feeding those web 2.0s so that it's not such a big blatant footprint. But yeah, you can do that.

Because here's the thing guys; you can't prevent other people from taking your RSS feed, for example, and using it to populate their auto blogs, you know what I mean? So my point is, it's okay to do it. Somebody can come scrape your RSS feed right now and have it feeding one of their syndication networks because you have relevant content to whatever they're trying to promote. And so you have no control over that. You see what I'm saying?

So, again, if you go out and just … all your web 2.0s don't have content being published to them regularly and all of a sudden, they all get a post and it's all the same post, that's clearly what you're doing. But if you have content constantly updating those networks or those web 2s, excuse me, on a regular basis and you just inject one of your post or articles into that stream of content, than that's not nearly as big of a footprint, if that makes sense. It's a lot more natural looking anyways.

Is It Okay To Use Similar Content For Multiple GMBs For Each Press Release?

Okay Dennis is up. He says “Hey guys if you're using PRs and the company has many GMBs, is it okay to duplicate the content changing under the GO and NAP for each PR?”

No, Dennis. It's likely that the distribution networks will not publish. So again, here's something that you could do. Take the PR that's your original and just hire one of the content farms for rewriting services., that's one of the ones that I use., I think that's another one. Just hire the rewrite service. It's a lot cheaper than having an original article written or a original press release written. It's just a rewrite. It's a lot cheaper. So take that PR and have it re written as many times as you need. But don't just use the same one, it's likely going to be rejected by the distribution network, okay?

Do You Know A Resource That Helps In Generating A Q&A Schema Markup?

Ivan. Hi Ivan, long time buddy, no doubt. He says “Posting question here but still watching live or replays every week. Two questions for you. Do you know a resource that will help me generate Q and A schema markup?”

This Stuff Works
Schema Pro. That's Ryan [Ryden 00:47:44]. I'm pretty sure he can do it for you. [Jeffrey 00:47:48] Smith's Ultimate SEO Plus version two or 2.0 plugin will do that when it's launched as far as I'm aware but that's not launched yet. Although I know it's in beta right now so it's very likely going to be coming out in the next few weeks. And that's a WordPress plugin that will do all that kind of markup for you. But Schema Pro, again, Ryan [Ryden 00:48:10] I know he does a lot of Schema markup or structure data stuff for people. He's got a little side business where he just generates code for people so he can help you with that.

Is There An IFTTT Recipe That Automatically Transfer GMB Posts To A Google Sheet?

“Number two, is there an IFTTT recipe or applet that automatically transfers GMB posts to a google sheet?” That's a good question. I don't know if there's a good IFTTT applet. I don't think it integrates with GMB directly, IFFTP does, I don't think. But if you're using our GMB auto poster or briefcase, then you can get an RSS feed from GMB posts which then you can use an RSS 2 Google sheets applet in IFTT, if that makes sense.

So in other other words, yo have to check IFTTP, click on the services menu. I can't believe I haven't checked yet. That's funny I'm going to go check now to see if it integrates with GMB. I doubt that it does, and so if it doesn't which, again it's like that it doesn't, then if you're using our auto poster or GMB briefcase, you can get an RSS feed, which is working now by the way guys. I'm still working with [inaudible 00:49:16] our developer to work out some additional bugs and stuff but it's working now. I've been testing it.

So, you can get an RSS feed from your GMB posts and use that to trigger an IFTTT applet to push your posts into a google sheet or wherever you want, really. Good question though, good to have you back Ivan.

Walt says, “Windchill is for wimps.”

Okay, negative 40 Wayne I feel for you buddy.

Negative 52 windchill, wow Jim. Ouch.

Okay, are we almost out of questions? It looks like it. Looks like all of you guys are real chatty.

Is There A Way To Claim Unverified GMBs?

“Is there any way to claim unverified GMBs?”

I don't know. I tried a method that was revealed to me during the [Pofu 00:50:07] live event. And I tried it eight or ten times and I couldn't get it to work. And I think that the way that I was told got killed anyways, so I don't know. And I certainly wouldn't reveal it here on a free hump day hangout if that was the case. Sorry but that would definitely be inside information if I did know.

Fred says, “Marco could this work for an online service based companies selling similar to Geico, free car insurance quotes online? The online service we offer is similar to Geico but in a different industry and we would like to rank in different states using your training. I'm trying to wrap my head around how my team could use the semantic mastery courses to accomplish something like that.”

Fred, if it's a question specifically something like that that may be a little more complex, I would recommend just hitting us up at support. And it'll get routed to the appropriate person, either Marco or me or whatever where we could guide you. We obviously need more details than just this very brief, vague description of what it is that you're trying to do in order for us to point you in the right direction. So just contact [email protected] and we'll figure something out.

Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, just on a higher level you can't wrap your head around it because you're confining your local and you're mixing up your local and your national. As I've said before, and I've said it plenty of times, your local is just a matter of how you view it. And how you take it down is just the way that you set up your entity. Your entity has to be related to whatever it is that you're doing.

In our case, it's related locally. In your case, it all has to be done a different way. Look at what your competition is doing. I always tell people you have to become a master mimic. So that's a place where you can start. If you want a deeper answer than that, as Bradley said, just [email protected] Ask to talk to me and we'll see what we can do.

Bradley: There you go. Awesome.

Sam Jackson, that's so funny.

Should You Create Another Branded Network If A Closes?

Okay, “Good days guys and thank you very much for this forum, if on a branded network, was closed, should we create another with a persona account and brand it?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, you can do that. Here's the thing; if you got a recovery email for that account anyways, just do that. For example, when we set up syndication networks, if you guys purchase them from us, when we deliver them you got the main Google account and there's always a recovery email account. It's typically Outlook or Yahoo. And so whenever an account gets terminated, like in this example. It was probably created with the Gmail account, right? Because that's what our VAs do, that's what we trained our builders to do. So, you still have the recovery email account from that same syndication network that you could go setup another account under that recovery email account if that makes sense. And then just brand it again.

Your username, which becomes the sub domain is going to have to be changed slightly, obviously because the other one is not going to be available for the terminated account, but yes, you can do that. Or, if you have to, just create another email account and set it up that way. There's nothing wrong with that. It happens guys, accounts get terminated from time to time, there's nothing you can do about it. Just replace it. Not a big deal.

“What would be the benefit of GMBR assessed to Google sheets?”

I don't know. I don't know what his point was for asking that question, however I know that we have done some testing in the past with auto feeding into a G sheet and then making the G sheet public and hammering it with links. So kind of like an RYS type thing. So that's something that you could potentially do.

“Is anyone still using RSS master software from [inaudible 00:54:06]”

I am not. Actually I haven't even been using rank feeder but I'm looking forward to testing on Friday with the new GPS features to see how we can incorporate that into our local strategy as well as the press release stuff because of the fact that I think there's an opportunity there to squeeze that into some press release stacking stuff, too.

But as far as RSS Masher, I really liked that because that was like a feed splicer that you could add HTML elements to the actual feed itself and add links and things like that, which was was pretty powerful. But I thought of RSS masher more as a marketing took than an SEO tool. And I said that before because people used to ask, what's the difference between RSS masher and rank feeder? And I used to say, RSS masher is more like a marketing tool. It's good for creating very nice looking RSS feeds that you can use for content syndication. So it's great for splicing authority feeds and to feed second tier syndication networks for blog syndication and that kind of stuff, Greg. But as far as pure SEO power, rank feeder killed it hands down. It was hands down the better product for just SEO.

And again, I haven't looked at it since she's developed the GPS stuff, but it didn't create a real pretty visual feed like RSS masher did but it created a very powerful SEO feed. Again it was two different things. People would say, well which one should I get? Well it depends on what you're trying to do. In fact, it may be many cases where you need both. But again, purely for SEO purposes, Rank Feeder was so much better in my opinion than RSS Masher. But RSS Masher was better as a marketing tool on a content syndication tool if that makes sense.

Ivan is saying that's it for what? What was the reference? Okay, I think that's it.

Alright guys, it looks like we're actually done just a minute early, or four minutes early really. I'm going to leave you with this since it's a Sam Jackson kind of day.

This is our link shortener, I'm not supposed to be in there. Let's go back to the main page. There you go. Sam Jackson, keep scrolling motherfucker.

Alright, any parting words guys?

Adam: Thanks for being here.

Hernan: Yeah, thanks everyone.

Adam: Appreciate it. See you all next week.

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How Do You Get The URL Of A Scheduled Post In The MGYB GMB Service?

By April


In the 210th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to get the URL of a scheduled post in the MGYB GMB service.

The exact question was:

Hey there, i am using the GMB post sheduling service. But i was wondering. In the local GMB Course you link to the previous post but when i shedule the post, then i dont have the url of the last url becuae i will be sheduled, how do i link to the last post then if the last post is not published yet? Greetings Dustin

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Find more info

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 197

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 197 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hey! There we go. I got a little scared there that I thought we weren't gonna go live. But we are alive. It is Hump Day Hangouts and it is Episode 197. Getting closer. Getting closer. Before we dive into things today, we got a few really good announcements we want to get to and share with you, guys, but let's go down the line up and say hello to everybody. Chris, how are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Good to be back in Austria. Off the screen. Getting some roots in again and breaking outs. Yeah, exciting week here, especially for Semantic Mastery.

Adam: Yeah. Chris shared some really good information that came to light. I'm not going to show you exactly how because I don't want to disclose people's names. But Chris wrote for the MasterMIND newsletter a few months ago about the use of routines and traveling and how important that is. I liked it at the time and then I recently recommended that to a friend also who was having some real issues for their job, they travel a lot. It came up that they had that time where they keep coming back from traveling and it was really messing up their schedule, bringing down their productivity and actually screwing up their projects.

Anyways, Chris, a little public shout out to you, that you're helping people.

Chris: Sweet. Good to hear.

Adam: Awesome. Hernan, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: Hey guys! Hey everybody! It's really, really good to be here. We have some really good stuff coming up, so I'm excited. I'm pumped.

Adam: Hernan has never helped anyone, so we're just gonna skip over him.

Hernan: Well, you can just skip me over. Well, actually maybe there's stuff that we shared with the Search Engine Marketing Success Summit, could potentially help a couple of people so we can talk about that.

Adam: Nice. What's that going to be about? That's still coming up, right?

Hernan: Yeah. That's coming up in late August. I've been interviewed on behalf of Semantic Mastery. We talked about syndication. There are some big names someday on that, Rand Fishkin, and some other really big names. So it's exciting to see. I think the event is free, so we're gonna be potentially having the link over here. But it's good to see we're getting out there. Semantic Mastery's getting out there. I'm playing with the big boys.

Adam: Good deal. Awesome. Marco, how about yourself? How are you doing, man?

Marco: Well, from what you guys saw this morning, the boatload of emails, we're working hard on MGYB. We're trying to get it ready. We're trying to get it to work like clockwork so people don't have problems, less support, fewer issues. Just we want everything to run smoothly for people who are used to the kind of service that Semantic Mastery provides. So that's what we've been doing now.

I'm really excited about Make Google Your Bitch! That's our marketplace, guys. We're gonna offer about a one-stop solution where you can get everything. Anything and everything that you need to choke Google, you can get it at So stay on the lookout, we'll be sending emails as soon as everything is ready. It's almost there.

I mean, I could go on and on because the Done-For-You auto posting service, that's ready. We have actually three VAs ready to go. I can't say that, but we can help you with your … Oh, shit. We can help you with your pin. If you're having trouble getting pins for your business, we can help just about any way you want. Right? So reach out.

Adam: Nice. [Crosstalk 00:03:47] Marco, I'm just curious, what's your favorite offering right now as far as the Done-For-You solution?

Marco: As far as Done-For-You, it's just being able to give people a business wherever they want, because it was nearly impossible before. Now there's still some impossible niches and some that we can't do. But right now, we can help you, if you wanna do affiliate or whatever it is that you wanna do and that you're having trouble, we can bypass everything and just get you where you want. I think that's fabulous.

Adam: Yeah. That's awesome. Just so it's clear to everyone, so, Marco, you're talking about, not only for someone's client, if they need to get GMB verified, but if you wanna maybe do some lead gen, something like that, right?

Marco: Yeah. Whatever, lead gen, whatever it is that you wanna do, you can just come to us. We do everything. You just provide some basic information, and then we go and we do everything. We turn it over to you and then you're free to do whatever it is that you wanna do. Hopefully, you have Local GMB Pro so you know exactly how to just take over the niche and just get tons and tons of leads. So, it's beautiful, it just works hand in hand with everything that we're doing and also with what Bradley's Local PR Pro. So, everything just goes hand in hand.

This Stuff Works
We try to make it so that anyone, I mean, whether you know absolutely nothing about SEO or you're the expert SEO, you can just go in and just kill it. I think that nobody, nobody right now is offering what we're offering.

Not only that, we feel so good about the service we provide that we're offering a 60-day money back guarantee. I'd like to see anybody match that. So that means that if anything happens to your listing, for whatever reason, we don't care, within 60 days, we'll replace it once. If it happens again, if it gets removed for whatever reason, we'll just give you money back. I mean, come on, come on, how good is that?

Adam: Yeah. That's freakin' awesome. Yeah. If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I put the link on the page. You can go, again if you wanna go ahead and sign up. Like we said, we're still getting things in order, but you can register your free account and check out the services that are available right now, and then there's gonna be a lot more coming.

Well, we mentioned Bradley's Local PR Pro, so let's actually talk to Bradley. How are you doing, man?

Bradley: Hey guys. I'm happy to be here. We don't have a lot of questions because apparently our page wasn't redirected properly or something. So I've got some stuff I kind of wanna show off, if we have time. But I'm good. I'm happy to be here.

Adam: Well, let's just roll into it, flex your muscles, show off a little bit.

Local PR Pro Prospecting Method Case Study

Bradley: Well, okay. So I got a couple things I'm working on. One is another case study that I'm starting for Local GMB Pro. You have been working on a cab service, a taxi service in there for a while, but I've kind of, it's funny, I just posted in the Facebook group yesterday, I think it was yesterday, maybe as a couple days ago. Anyways, the taxi service I've been completely neglecting. I haven't had time to work, like fool around and tinker with the GMB stuff recently because I've been working on the prospecting and sales side of it, developing a prospecting method for selling Local GMB services to clients.

Because we've had a lot of requests for that inside a Local GMB Pro, so I'm working on the cold outreach emails, as well as the lead nurturing emails, landing pages via sales, that kind of stuff, so that we can kind of help set the GMB Pro members up with their own prospecting funnel and system. We're working, we're actually trying to prove it now too because, not only am I developing it, but we're testing it.

So anyways, I've been working on the GMB Pro stuff, excuse me, the prospecting stuff so I haven't done much as far as tinkering with the process and actually doing the GMB Pro services and methods and things like that. I'd leave that to Marco and Rob mainly to do the testing.

This Stuff Works
However, I wanted to set up a new … I've neglected the taxi service one for several weeks now while I've been working on this. It was funny because I just posted in the group a couple days ago that, like SEO, we talked about GMB Pro method is not … It's going to … It helps to generate leads and exposure for the business, traffic without traditional SEO. And that's absolutely true.

The rank trackers may show no improvement, yet the business will get more and more traffic and more calls, more exposure, more leads. Right? Period. Whether it's clicks to website, phone calls, contact form submissions, text message, clicks for directions if it's a storefront, so driving directions, any one of those, you'll see a significant increase in activity or engagement from doing the Local GMB Pro methods. Right? That's just a lot of activity in the GMB Pro dashboard.

So even though we talked about being able to generate results for businesses regardless of what the SEO rank trackers show, we've said many times, and even in the course, we said, “Look, if you know SEO, you can apply SEO methods to it and get even better results, but it's not necessary because it will still generate results.”

Again, regardless of what the rank trackers say, because it's so much different. This is really affecting the mobile algorithm and people that are in close proximity that have in market, search history, that type of stuff. So you'll get exposure for the businesses regardless of whether it's showing in rank trackers.

Well, Mario's Cab Service, the taxi service that I've had set up, that I've neglected, well, now it's ranking for tiny or short tail phrases without local modifiers. It's ranking number one for multiple phrases. It's crazy.

Again, that's cool for us, as SEOs that typically rely on rank trackers to see what kind of progress we've made. Even though I can still quantify the progress with GMB Insights, it's still nice, as an SEO. Old habits die hard. It's still nice to see the rank trackers now showing significant improvements in rankings.

Especially for short tail phrases, that in my six years of doing local SEO, well, as an agency, in eight years, I've been doing local SEO and lead generation, I always targeted phrases plus local modifier, it was very rare that I ever went after just a search query without a local modifier. And now we're able to start getting results in ranking, in the maps pack for just like a single phrase terms.

This guy, the cab service is getting exposure and clicks from taxi and cab. That's it. One single word. Two years ago, I would have never even attempted to rank for something like that. It would have always been taxi service plus a city, or city plus taxi. You guys get what I'm saying.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out how effective it is. It's really crazy. Then, I started in another case studies for a handyman. It's located in Tennessee and I'm gonna be building that out. I'm actually just started building the assets for that this week. I'm gonna be updating some content as I start getting some results for that.

But the reason why I'm pointing that out is, for those of you that aren't in Local GMB Pro yet, get into it. It's absolutely fabulous. It works like crazy. Those of you that are in Local GMB Pro, I'm gonna be adding a second case study. It's not gonna be probably as in-depth as what I've done for Mario's, but I'm definitely gonna be adding some in there. It's right at my own. It's a handyman, so it's a contractor. So that's much more my speed.

The reason why I started telling you this, guys, I'm just gonna grab the screen real quick, and then I've got something else I wanna share too, if we've got time. If we don't, then I'll just keep moving. This is Google Adwords keyword– or excuse me, the ad preview and diagnosis tool. I'm not running ads for this business, but I was just using this to show you guys, if you can take a look.

This Stuff Works
I've just registered this GMB on Sunday of this week. Searching a single keyword phrase, look at that guys, “handyman in Arlington, Tennessee.” I've got it set up for mobile and he's ranked number two. Jimmy Lanes Handyman Services. That's the company. So that's fabulous, right? So that's handyman, which is one singular phrase, and this just happened in less than five days, or less than four days. It's only been four days since I verified the GMB.

Let's click again and we'll check “handyman service.” Look at that, number one. Look at that. It's freakin' crazy, guys. The guy doesn't have a website or anything. His website is this now: That's a Google site, guys, from Google My Business. So I added some content to it. I haven't done anything else at all. Nothing. You can see already were ranked in, which is crazy.

The reason I knew this is, I wasn't expecting this, I wasn't even actually looking for this because I haven't done anything else yet. I haven't optimized this GMB listing or anything. All I did was register it and put content on the GMB website. That's all that's been done and you can see it's already ranking. There's two primary keywords: handyman and handyman service. Now there's a rack of other keywords that we're gonna be optimizing for as well, but that's really good. I just wanted to kind of point that out.

I've mentioned this before, I'd done the same thing with a tree service site recently. I registered it, and within an hour, it was, boom, number one for the two primary keywords in the 3-pack. That's absolutely insane, guys.

So this stuff works. If you're not excited yet, get excited. So that's what I wanted to share about that. There was something else I was going to share and I can't remember what it was now.

Do we have time? Have you guys looked at the …

Adam: Yeah. We got a few questions, but, yeah, let's go ahead and keep rolling and then into questions.

Bradley: I got one more. I wanna roll out to you guys, something that I've just started experimenting with. I haven't even had a chance yet to see. Let's see if, I guess, I'm gonna start another incognito window. All right. You guys are seeing my full screen, right?

Adam: We're seeing your desktop.

Bradley: Okay, good. All right. I want to show something else to you guys that I just started playing with. For example … Oh, you know what? I wonder what … Oh, I'm signed in and I'm on incognito window. Let me sign out of that real quick. I guess you can't open two instances of incognito windows without them being signed in. That's crazy. All right. Would you stop with this?

Okay. Anyways, try again. It's not showing it. I'll be damned. Okay. Well, it's not going to show it now. But what I was trying to show was, let's see if we can find it for my company. Okay. So it's showing here. All right.

Freebase (Semantic Database) For Entities

So what I wanna show here guys is, when you see something that pops up for a brand search, and the reason why I was searching for my name just a minute ago is because I'm also considered an entity in Google semantic database. Me, Bradley Benner, is also considered an entity. I was talking to Marco or telling Marco about this the other day. I'm testing some stuff, I'm not going to get into it, it's more Mastermind level stuff, that I'm gonna get in as far as what I'm testing but it involves this stuff. And this is really crazy.

This Stuff Works
Several years ago when Google started to apply the semantics databases or semantic technology to their algorithm, their search engine, one of the things that they used is a semantic database as a resource for sourcing data. It was Freebase, right? That's what it's called, Marco? Freebase, not Firebase, right? It was Freebase?

Marco: Freebase.

Bradley: Okay. So Freebase was one of the places … I learned this back in I think 2013 when I was at the Network Empire Certification event. I was learning about from Kevin Pauly about semantic technology and how it applied to search. One of the things that we had access to at the point, at that time was called Freebase.

It was a semantic database that you could literally go in and enter entities. You could add entities, people, places, things, products, services, that kind of stuff. It was heavily moderated, so it wasn't for spamming. But if you could validate, if you could go in and enter data and it could be validated on the web, then the moderators would enter it into the semantic database.

Well, I did this way back in 2013, now since then Freebase, yeah, Freebase has been bought out by Google and it's no longer available for us to add data to and things like that. I don't know if it's still in the background. But there is a similar service called CrunchBase. CrunchBase is, I don't know if Google owns that or not, probably, I don't think it does, but it is also something that gets sourced for semantics data. So that's something that you guys could attempt to do this with as well.

But what I wanted to show was when you do a brand search, if you see this kind of a box right here, this means it's a semantic entity in Google's database. Right? So you can see that it's showing: founder Bradley Benner. If I open that link in a new tab, okay, so now it's showing, you can see the Bradley Benner is coming up as a semantic entity. You guys see that? So, “Organization founded, Big Bamboo Marketing,” which is known as a semantic entity.

You see this little line of … I know it's probably really small on your side, let me zoom in a little bit guys. But right here where it says “Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?” I've already claimed … You have to go jump through some hoops. I don't know if I still have an open house. No, I probably don't. I've already claimed and got verified for Bradley Bennett for my own personal brand.

I just started testing this last week. Essentially what happens is when you click on this little button or this little link where it says “Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?”, you click that and that takes you to This allows you to enhance your presence on Google and you can get verified, and then you can post directly to Google search. Literally, you can create posts that instantly get published on Google search. It's not on a website. It's not on a Blogger profile. It's not on a G site. It's not in GMB or Google My Business. It's literally publishing direct to Google search results.

As long as you get verified, you can post out directly to Google search from that profile. That can be a brand, a brand identity or it could be a personal entity, it could be either one. To get verified, what it's gonna do is, well, first of all, you got to sign in to the Google account.

This Stuff Works
I wish I had … I should have taken screenshots of it, guys, when I was going through the process because I've done it twice now. I did it from my own brand last week. ClickFunnels. Thanks, ClickFunnels. I appreciate you interrupting me. Okay. Anyways, I did it for my own brand last week, which is why it doesn't have that line of code there or text under there that says do you you know manage this brand or whatever because I already claimed that.

But essentially what it does, when you go through the claiming process, what it first tells you to do is … Let's go back here. It tells you to, well, sign in with the account that you want to claim it under. I highly recommend if you have a G suite account, if it's for a brand, you use the same G suite account domain is attached to for that brand. If it's for a personal brand, then obviously, sign in with your personal Gmail account first. Then, that's what you want to click, is that.

Then what it does is, the first thing it asks you to do, and it asks you a question: Are you the brand? Are you trying to claim the brand or the profile in Google? Are you that person or a representative of that brand? Are you that brand–, I'm sorry, I said brand, but it says entity. “Are you the entity?” So you first say yes or no. “If it's no, are you a representative of the entity?” For my personal brand, I said, yes, I'm the entity for Big Bamboo Marketing. No, I'm a representative of the entity.

Then if it's for in a company, then it asks you for documentation to prove that you have are authorized to represent that brand, or that entity, excuse me. So you have to upload some corporate documents. You have to define your title or your role at the business. Then what it asks you to do is, come right here. And you see the share button, guys. You get a special Google link for that. If you copy that link, then you have to add that link into the form when you're trying to get verified.

Then you have to go through and take in all of this … You have to go into … It says two to five profiles that show up for that search for, on the first page of that search query.

In my case, I logged into Yelp. In fact, I think I still have all this open back here. Oh, no, I already shut it down. Anyways, I logged into Yelp, I logged into Manta, I logged into Alignable, I logged in the Facebook, and I logged into LinkedIn. I've only attempted this twice, guys. In both times I've done all five profiles. It gives you five different sections that what they want you to do is grab the URL of the link itself, which is a verified profile for that entity, according to Google.

It tells you to copy the URL, then paste the URL. Then be logged into it and show that you're logged in and have editing capability or editing rights for that profile. And take a screenshot.

So you paste the URL and then there's a button to upload a screenshot that shows that you have editing capabilities. You do this for two to five profiles that are listed on the search result page for that brand or that entity, excuse me. Because remember, it could be a person, it could be a brand.

Once you do that, then the last thing it asks you to do is to take a selfie holding an ID, a government issued ID. So a passport, driver's license, something like that. So that they can see that it's you and that you are indeed who you say you are. I just took a screenshot of, excuse me, a selfie with my phone holding up my driver's license and I submitted it. I was able to get verified for Bradley Benner, But I just submitted all this stuff for Big Bamboo Marketing today.

Now like I said, one of the things is, it will give you the ability, once you've been verified, to go in and actually post directly to Google and to control what shows up to a degree. It allows you to control what shows in the knowledge panel.

I just kind of wanted to point that out. This is something, in the MasterMIND, I'm going to be talking about, I'm testing some stuff with this right now that I'm gonna be sharing in the MasterMIND guys. but I'm certainly not going to share that here on Hump Day Hangouts, but I did want to kind of point this out.

For any of you guys that haven't haven't seen this yet, first of all, go register your businesses or the businesses that you manage in CrunchBase. Give it some time because it's likely that within a few weeks, couple months, whatever, I don't know how quick Google is in recognizing entities, but you should start to see this entity panel show up, It's not a knowledge panel, right? It's an entity panel. I don't know that that's the official name. That's what I'm calling it.

But when you see that, that gives you the ability then to go in and claim that for the business or have the business owner do it. You could even create that as a premium service. But this gives you the ability to protect your brand. Do this for your own company. Do this for your own entity, your own personal entity. Right? Because that protects it and it gives you the ability to control what people are going to see direct from Google, to a degree, right?

This Stuff Works
Again, there's a lot of nasty stuff that I think we can do with this. I'm just starting to test it now. Again, I just would encourage you guys to go play around with that. Okay.

Adam: Nice. [Crosstalk 00:24:02] Go ahead.

Marco: Yeah. Freebase went into WikiData and that's even worse trying to get into.

Marco: Remember how we tried to get our stuff in there-?

Bradley: Yeah. They always moderate it out, close the account.

Marco: Yeah. They shut it down for spam.

Bradley: Yeah. Anyways, guys, I just wanted to point that out. I thought it was really cool. I just started, I think actually if I go right now to post … It says get verified but I'm already verified. So I'm not sure how you access that. Anyways, I'll play with this more and maybe I'll share with you guys a little bit later. I want to figure out a way to actually … There's a way to post to it, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'd just do a brand search while I'm logged into that account. That might be it, actually. That's not shown right now. So I'm not sure. I why wonder if it has to be capitalized though. That's what it did on the other one. No. I still got some more investigating to do. But I've been playing with the guys and I'll let you know what I find.

All right. So let's get into some questions, if you guys are cool with that. Any other announcements or anything?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Marco: POFU Live, man.

Bradley: Yeah. POFU Live. We're gonna be getting into a lot of business scaling things. Then I had one of our some followers, Kelly actually reach out. She's in a specific business type and she was like, “Would your POFU Live apply to this particular business type?” and I actually had to tell her no, because we're talking about how to really build and scale a local marketing agency, local consultant agency. That's really what the bulk of the training is gonna be or the POFU Live event is gonna be about, guys.

Is It Against Google's Terms of Service When You Put Links Inside A GMB Post?

Okay. Paul's up. He says, “Hey guys. Recently I was told by someone that when, or excuse me, that when you put links in your post, your GMB posts, that is against Google's terms and services. Is this true? I have not been able to find it in the Terms of Service. If it is true, why would Google make those links inside your post clickable live links?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah. Paul, as far as I know, that's just in another internet rumor. That's why I commented yesterday when I saw you post this question about this, because I specifically went into Google's help files and took a look at this and this is talking specifically about Google My Business posts. It talks about what's allowed and what's not allowed. It doesn't say anything about external links. It just says you can't link the stuff that is malware viruses or other harmful software, or links to sites that are irrelevant to the business. That's all it says. Other than that, it seems like we can post pretty much anything we want.

It should be content that's relevant to the business. If you're linking out to stuff, it should be relevant to the business as well. But that's as far as, I mean, that's pretty much all it says. So I'm pretty sure that's just another internet rumor.

But it must be true, I heard it online.

Marco: Yeah. It's actually the types of links. If you're doing pharma, if you're doing gambling, if you're doing supplements that aren't verified, that type of stuff, yeah you're gonna get hit for that. But as long as you're doing stuff with your company and for your company and you're linking to all the stuff that's related to your company, now we haven't run into any trouble. So whoever said that is full of shit.

Google Testing Lazy Load For GMB Images And Embeds

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Scott's up. He says, “FYI, Google is experimenting with Lazy Load for images and embeds as built-in support in the Chrome browser.” Okay. “This will improve page load speed for pages with maps and YouTube embeds more here.” Oh, that's kind of cool. That's kind of cool. All right. I'll take a look at that later. Thank you, Scott.

Will The AMP Plugin Runs Well With The Project Supremacy Plugin?

This will be a short webinar today. Oh, it's already 4:30 because of my rambling ass. All right. Dan, right? He says, “Hey guys. I was going to add the AMP plug-in but I was concerned about something. I have a plug-in on my site Project Supremacy, which does all the schema markup for my website. Will the AMP plugin get along with plug-in?”

As far as I know. But, Marco, what do you say?

Marco: Yeah. We don't schema with the AMP plugin unless you add the little tricks that I did a video on, but it shouldn't have a problem. Now plug-ins will conflict and if it does then just don't use it. I mean, it's as simple as that. But nothing beats tried but failed. Right, Dan? So go ahead, install it, see how it works you see how they get along and do the things that I mentioned in the video because that really works. It starts moving your website up in no time for keywords that you thought you could never rank for and it's just a simple tweak. Actually, Google gives you the things that you should tweak and they give you the code.

Bradley: Yeah. If you use the what search console or whatever in that rank or markup helper or something like that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. It's all in there.

Bradley: Search console.

Marco: The video, yeah. In the group, the Facebook group, which is AMP Creators Mastermind, tells you how to use it.

Bradley: There you go. That's free guys, right?

Marco: It's totally free.

Hernan: It is.

Is MGYB Replacing Serpspace?

Bradley: All right. Sweet. Adam, how do we want to answer this? “Is MGYB replacing Serp Space?” No. Not yet. Not entirely.

Hernan: Yeah. That's a good question. Not yet. Not entirely. But we should have more information for you guys shortly.

Bradley: Yeah. More details coming. But the short answer is not entirely. Local GMP Pro, there you go. Thank you. Okay. Wow. Let's see. Thanks, Greg. Okay. Well, anything else we want to share, guys, because, I mean, I know we screwed up, didn't have a lot of questions because apparently, the redirect wasn't working. But you guys got anything you want to share or should we just wrap it up for the day?

Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to talk a little bit about POFU Live. Let me put the camera back on. Because we actually had a bunch of people asking us what's a whole deal of POFU Live and what's the main goal of it. I would say for the past, almost a year now, we decided that we wanted to go local. Right? That we wanted to go the local SEO/marketing route, number one. But also, number two, we also wanted to help you guys grow your digital marketing agencies and that's gonna be the main point around POFU Live, to be honest, to be completely honest.

We have these three pillars on Semantic Mastery, which are: number one, get more and better clients; number two, get those clients better and faster results so that they can stick and they can stay with you for a long time because they are happy with your work; and number three scale, outsource processes and also the mindset that is required behind that.

This Stuff Works
So those are basically the three pillars or main aspects that we're gonna be talking about POFU Live, which I think is gonna be pretty awesome. Not to mention all of the networking and everything that happens of those events that's usually, I wouldn't say neglected, but that's usually not the case when we're meeting virtually. Actually, we at Semantic Mastery as a group, we get a lot done when we meet in person.

Anyways, guys, get it. If you're part of the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, we have a sweet deal. Actually, if you can buy a full year of Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, you will get a VIP ticket for free, which is a sweet deal. If you just wanna come, get your tickets because we're doing this for a really limited audience. We wanna keep it small. We wanna keep it really intimate and tight for a reason.

Yeah. It's gonna be pretty awesome. So I'm really excited about that.

Adam: Awesome. We had some people asking about where to stay and all that. All I can tell you is we're gonna be taken over an Airbnb house. Now what you do is up to yourselves but I would say try to buddy up with some people. Especially if you know people who are going or want to go, that's a great way to do it. We do it, obviously, because it's easy for logistics but also we get a lot done you know when we meet up like that or after hours.

Hernan: Yep, pretty awesome.

Bradley: Okay. I think I'm gonna show off a little bit more stuff here.

Hernan: It's all right.

Bradley: Because we have a little bit of time I think. This is just to expand on what I was talking about earlier with the GMB Pro stuff. I'm kinda on this kick right now just because it's working really well and because I'm working on all the prospecting, copy and stuff like that for the emails. I just recorded a VSL today for it and all that, so it's fresh on my mind.

Improved Engagement With GMB Posting

Anyways, two things I wanna show you. All right. Let me grab the screen again. All right. So this was the post I was talking about in the Facebook group, about the some of the keywords that we're ranking now for. Again, we talked about forgetting about ranking, don't concern yourself with ranking when doing the GMB Pro stuff, but old habits die hard and we're all still gonna do. It's funny because we had several people in the group that had purchased the product and then they said, “Well, I've been using the GMB Pro services now for a month, or have been you know doing performing the services, whatever, and I'm not seeing a ranking improvement.” Well, we all say in unison, “Stop worrying about rankings.”

But anyways, it just goes to show you that it does actually improve. Look at all the last one, 24-hour taxi near me is in the C position but all the rest of those are in A. Brand search, obviously, but look at that guys, 24-hour cab, 24-hour taxi, 24-hour taxi service, 24-hour taxi hyphenated, best taxi service, cab company, best taxi service near me, all number one position A in the maps across mobile, desktop, and maps for all those keywords.

Which is crazy because, again, I would have never even attempted to rank for those, well, it's rare that I would attempt to rank for short-tailed keywords like that, typically. I've always targeted with local modifiers. Anyways, I just wanted to point that out.

Then, this is what I was talking about earlier, this is the same business, Mario's Cab Service. You could see that these are the number of engagements in just the last month that has caused a click or some sort of action on the Google Maps listing, the Google My Business assets. Right?

This Stuff Works
Look at these guys, taxi services. By the way, those of you guys that aren't targeting “near me” keywords, if this isn't proof right here that the “near me” keywords are absolutely critical, I'm not gonna show you all the other businesses that I manage, but in all of the GMB Insights now, I'm seeing more and more “near me” keywords in these top 10 that produced engagement or actions to the GMB listings.

I mean, there's three of them here alone, right? Taxi near me, cab companies near me, and then cab near me. You can see taxi and cab, in the last 20 or 30 days or whatever, one month, 28 days, or I don't know how they calculate that exactly, but he's got 16 clicks or engagements from taxi alone and 12, or excuse me, yeah, 12 from cab. Those are short tail keywords.

I mean, how else … That's kind of difficult to do with just straight SEO, guys, is my point. Right? Especially a company like this, this listing is only what, three months old now, maybe four, but I really didn't start doing much with it until about three months ago.

Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

Marco: Yeah. My comments are still don't worry about rankings. That's a byproduct.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The real action will come inside the GMB and you can see it. Right? How many calls, 51?

Bradley: Yeah. He's got 92 actions from 148 maps exposures or impressions. Think about that guys. Was that 60% engagement? That's freaking ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes I'll get engagement from organic. But what I found is the vast majority stuff is coming from Maps impressions, not from organic. Right?

Marco: Yeah, because his mobile related.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: We're triggering the mobile algorithm. I mean, guys, it's really simple, the concept. Once you go in there, you're gonna kick yourself in the butt and say, “Why didn't I think of this myself?” Well, it takes time. That's stick intuitiveness. That's right. If you don't go in and if you don't play, and if you don't stay around long enough to chase it and to see what it does, then you're not gonna get anything out of it.

But if you look at this, man, it's just consistency. That's what Google is looking for in here. They tell you, if you go down to two photos, they tell you “add more photos” so that you know they want more pictures. Right? It says right there where the camera is, your photos, receive, and they ask you add more photos. Just give us more photos.

This Stuff Works
Why? Because Google plays with those photos, right? They have facial recognition, they have image recognition software that they need to use. So the more unique photos that they get the better that their image and and facial recognition software can get. So you're doing them a favor and they do you a favor in return. That's how I see it.

The byproduct of all this, yes, your organic rankings will go up, your Map rankings will go up, but the action has to take place in the Google My Business listing.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, think about why, though, because one of the biggest rankings factors now guys is engagement, Click-thru rates and such like that. And it's true. It's very difficult to spoof mobile traffic. So if you're getting exposure and engagement from mobile devices because of GMB activity – GMB Pro methods, essentially – then that's going to naturally improve your organic rankings because it's engagement signals. Even if your organic rankings, again, aren't showing it upfront, consistent engagement through mobile devices to your GMB assets from searchers, Google searchers, that's going to improve your organic ranking because of the engagement signals. It's positive signal, right? Because it's not spoofed traffic. So that's part of the reason why. But it's super powerful.

What I was going to point out here was, like I was talking about the near me keywords. I just went to page two. I know this is saying less than 10 users. But still, look at the frequency, guys. The number of occurrences of near me type keywords: taxi near me, cab companies near me, cab near me. We go to this next page, look at all these near me keywords or in my area near me, right?

That's why I was saying, if you guys aren't targeting that, you're crazy. There's even templates inside the GMB Pro course for how to GMB post templates, content templates for near me keywords. It's very, very simple. All you do is swap out tokens with your desired keywords and, boom, you've got …

The reason why we're getting all these exposure for near me keywords, guys, is because my VA that posts in here has been targeting near me keywords in the posts. Right? Why? Because we know how powerful they are. We know that a lot of traffic is coming from that now those near me keywords. I'm not gonna reveal everything, but what I can show here is, you can see I've got her, she's only doing four post per week right now, or maybe five. I think she's doing five now.

But scroll through and you can see some of the type stuff where we talk about like, “Hey, if you just searched cabs near me and then look no further. Mario's Cab Service provides 24 hour taxi service.” See, now we're targeting multiple keywords in it. What is that, about a 40-word post, guys. It's about 40 words long and we're getting exposure and clicks and engagement from that. Does that make sense? Try that with your blog. Try posting a 40-word post on your blog and trying to get some traction from that. That's why we love this process, guys. It works really well.

Paul says, “I'm seeing more engagement with more posting on the GMBs. I'm posting on 12 businesses and it's hard to keep up.” Yeah, it is, Paul. Hire an VA.

Marco: And use our Autoposter, Paul.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: It makes it really simple just to go in, schedule the post, drop the image in there, and everything is taken care of. Then you're free to go and scale your business. We always talk about that, Paul. Get away from working in your business and work on your business.

Bradley: That's right.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Our Autoposter, which is available in, it makes it a whole lot simple. We have videos that show how to use it. Don't go through the videos. Have the VA go through the videos so that they learn the process. That's how our VAs learn the process, the same way.

Bradley: Here's the thing. Paul, if you've got 12 businesses that you're doing that for, that's worth hiring a full-time VA for that. You could hire a VA, from the Philippines or something like that, pay him $150 a week. You could even potentially pay him less. But that would be a really good, that's a really good wage, $150 a week or salary, excuse me, for a Philippines VA. We've got dozens of them so I know.

I was gonna say, what we typically do, and we talk about this in Outsource Kingpin, guys, but what we do is we typically, well, first, we set up a hiring funnel, which screens out the tire kickers and the time wasters and such to where we only interview and spend time with those candidates that are extremely qualified and that have proven themselves to be able to follow explicit instructions. That's exactly what the hiring funnel is all about.

Again, all of this, we teach exactly the same process we use in Outsourced Kingpin. Okay. First of all, set up a hiring funnel, then put some VAs through it. The ones that come out on the other side, which you're gonna lose 80% of them, but which is good because those are people that you don't want to talk to because they can't follow instructions or they won't put forth the effort.

But the 20% or so that come through the other side, now you set up interviews with them, you chat with them. Find a good one that you communicate well with, they've already proven themselves being able to follow instructions, because they went through your hiring funnel, right? They wouldn't have even gotten the interview time with you had they not been able to follow instructions.

So the interview process, the key thing about that is who can you communicate with the best. Right? Who's the easiest to communicate with? That should be the deciding factor on whether or not, well, that and, obviously, ask them what their salary requirements are and such, and those kind of things. But I found it's best to hire those that you communicate the most fluently with, right? I think that's important.

Once you hire somebody like that, now what we do is, we usually put them on 30 days or depending on whether you're paying weekly or bi-weekly. I pay weekly and so we do 75% or whatever their agreed-upon salary is going to be, for the first month, that 75% wages. That's how I do it, because they're in training.

You hire them for, let's say, $150, 75% of that would be $120 a week that you would pay them to go through training. They could be trained in a week, and in week two they could start posting. Over the course of the next two weeks, you will have to kind of manage them a bit, give them constructive criticism, give them suggestions on how they can improve, you're gonna have to jump in and probably record several Screencast videos on things that you want to point out on how they could make this better and that better and ways to find different images and things like that, all that kind of stuff.

But you go through that process in that first month where you're paying them a reduced wage, so that by the end of 30 days they are proficient, they're competent, and they can handle it. Now you've got somebody that if you got 12 businesses, I don't know what you're charging for your services.

This Stuff Works
I'm not going to reveal here publicly what I bill, but somebody asked just specifically what I've been charging to offer this service to clients. I've been testing different price points and I found one that seems to be accepted the most widely by my clients. It's a combination of both GMB posts, GMB optimization services which includes posting and citation building. But I also offer it for those that balk at that pricing a lower GMB posts only option.

But what I'm saying is, if you got 12 businesses for what I'm charging, that's a significant amount of money. To pay a VA $150 a week to do all that for you, Paul, so that you can go out and find more GMB Pro clients, that's what you should be doing. Right? That's what you should be doing.

Again, inside Local GMB Pro, guys, if you haven't already joined, well, the MasterMIND will get it too, but the prospecting training that I'm doing for that, you guys will have email, copy, and all that stuff that you can use, you should have it probably within the next two weeks or so.

Marco: Just so I can add to this, we will allow you to put a VA or two VAs through the training. I mean, we don't control the training to the extent that you can't have your VA access the training and go through it. Because you shouldn't have time to go through it. You should only have time to go and make more money. Your VAs have the time to go and train and go through it and go through the process. The only thing that you should be doing is checking up on them and making sure that they're doing the posts and the images the way that you want them to and the way that the training teaches them to.

So you could just put the training on fast-forward and go through the relevant things so that you can control the VAs that are doing it. That's only gonna take, what, an hour of your time to go through everything that they're doing instead of whatever time you're spending on this now.

Bradley: Cool. He's got two VAs already. He said he bought your course to hire VAs. Well, that's good, Paul. Hire another one. It sounds like, I don't know if your VA is doing your posting already. You say it's hard to keep up. Maybe it's hard to keep up managing your VAs and that's a very good problem to have too. Because that means that you're growing, right? You're scaling. If it's difficult for you to manage your VAs, guess what? It's time to hire a project manager, right?

Hernan: Oh, yeah.

Bradley: it's hard time to hire a project manager. One of the things I recommend in Outsource Kingpin is, if you've got a VA that has shown considerable skill and ambition, then promote within before hiring an external, an outside project manager. You can always promote.

Now don't get me wrong. Some VAs are incredibly good at executing tasks but not good at management. I know because I've promoted several VAs over the years to project managers just to have to demote them back to whatever their job duties were prior to being a project manager because they weren't able to manage. They weren't successful at managing others.

I'll be 100% honest, I'm not the best manager. I'm more of like a vision idea guy when it comes to managing. I'm not the best at that either. So that's part of the reason why I learned to hire project managers to get me out of the way. So that's something that I would suggest to you, Paul, is if you're having trouble.

Again, I don't know that, I'm just assuming. If you've got VAs already but you're saying you're having a hard time keeping up, then it's likely that you're spending more time managing than you should be, and that's a good indication that it's time to hire a project manager.

Marco: Or one of the two VAs, the best one, should be made project lead and the other one should be helping that VA with whatever the VA needs. So that VA should be giving instructions according to whatever your vision is and whatever you want. So you spend even less time with them. I mean, they should actually be that good where one of them can take the lead and say, “Okay. This is what we need to do. This is how we do it. What I need you to do, VA number two, is this, this, this, and that, and then together we're gonna kill this.”

Which is what I just did with our VAs. We actually have three. I put one in charge and I'm gonna see how that works. She's on probation for project lead or team lead. If she doesn't work out, I'll just try the next one, and the next one, and the next one until I find one. It usually works out. I mean, we have Jojo, who was awesome. We have Justin, who turned out to be a perfect project lead. We have Rosale, who's fabulous.

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I mean, we found some great people, guys. There's no reason, if you have our course, not to be able to. There's no reason not to be able to find them. Just fabulous VA who can manage the other VAs. But don't call the manager, just call them a team lead and pay them a little bit more.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's covered in Outsource Kingpin as well. There's team leaders. Team leader would be somewhat like, for example,, GMB, if you got VAs that are just doing GMB posts and that's their primary function and you promote one of them to be a team leader that all they're going to do is kind of manage that team and help to assist, help the individual VAs with whatever they need, get them stuff, organize data, organize project, stuff like that, that's a team leader. Because they're only really managing one job function or a limited set of job functions.

Whereas a project manager, that's more of like, that's a higher level. So that's a step above a team leader. Because a project manager doesn't necessarily have to know the mechanics or the details of how each and every task is performed like a team leader would. Because a project manager is more, it's a broader level and that they're more about making sure that stuff is getting done, that each individual tasks, job, function, or whatever is getting what they need, has what they need, that kind of stuff, making sure things are done on time.

So typically, a project manager can actually manage multiple team leaders. Right? Let the team leaders manage the teams. The project manager manages the team leaders. That might sound like, “Oh, shit. I'm building now an organization.” But guys, that's how you get the hell out of your own business and let it make money for you without you being there, it's by doing this kind of stuff, putting key personnel in place to replace what you are currently doing.

It's not hard to do, if you're scaling your business, even linearly, which is how most of us do it, where we go out, we get a couple clients, then we go set up the processes to get them the results, to provide fulfillment for the services, and that kind of stuff, and then we go out and start over again.

But really, if you can put people in place to remove yourself from the operation, because I guarantee, you're the bottleneck. Just like I am in my business and have been for many years, and so I'm trying to eliminate that or prevent that by delegating. Right? But if you pull yourself out of the business to where you can work on the prospecting and sales side of things, now you can potentially have exponential growth or geometric growth. Right? Because instead of doing what we all typically do, I'm 100% guilty of it, again, prospect, get a few clients, then turn prospecting off while I get everything set up and provide fulfillment, and then go back out and start the machine again and doing it in waves. Right? So it ebbs and flows, its peaks and valleys of getting new clients and not getting clients, getting new clients.

Instead, you could focus on continually keeping your pipeline full of prospects and, hopefully, sales while your team is managing and handling the fulfillment. Right? If you can keep that prospecting funnel going at all times, then you shouldn't have any of those ebbs and flows, or at least it should reduce that significantly. By the way, that's a lot of the stuff that we're gonna be teaching at POFU Live.

Okay. I think we're about wrapped up, guys. “The last thing,” Paul says, “is you guys are exactly right. Great advice to scale.” Well, you guys just got a little mini-POFU Live lesson today. So, all right.

Do you guys have anything else you want to add before we wrap it up?

Marco: No, I'm good.

Hernan: I'm good.

Adam: Good to go.

Bradley: All right. Thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you all next week. Thanks, guys.

Adam: Bye everyone.

Bradley: Bye.

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Is Using Personal URL Shorteners A Smart Move For Local GMB Pro Posts?

By April

In episode 193 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if using personal URL shorteners is a smart move for local GMB Pro posts.

The exact question was:

In your training you teach to use URL shortners but to stay away from bitly and that the Google URL shortner will be discontinued so to stay away from that one as well.

I have a shortner software called and it essentially does the same thing all these link redirect tracking softwares do with the retargeting, adding CTA etc.

Would me using this be a good alternative and a smart move for example with my Local GMB Pro posts on my local GMB account for my client? I noticed that you used google shortners in some of your posts so curious on your thoughts thanks!

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 189

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 189 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hey, everybody. We're live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 189. We're getting closer and closer to 200. Actually, we're just having a discussion about, actually, 208 is kind of being like the … I think we'll probably have two fun episodes, right? I'm just gonna say … Yeah, at 200, that's a cool number, but 208, because technically, 52 weeks in a year, multiply that by four. I think we'll definitely have something fun on 200 and 208.

Anyways, before I get carried away with the numbers here, let's say hi to everybody. Chris, how are you doing, man?

Chris: Good.

Adam: I like your shirt, by the way.

Chris: Yeah. I can send you one.

Adam: Really?

Chris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: Did you get the new, one?

Chris: Yeah. All Mastermind members got it.

Adam: Nice, nice. Yeah. We got to share some pictures. We'll talk to the Mastermind members and see if they can show their pride they're at the Mastermind show, off their T-shirts. But I'm not, so I'm gonna keep my logo covered because I'm not wearing my Mastermind shirt. Hernan, how are you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing great. Look at this.

Bradley: Damn, the new one.

Hernan: Yeah, there you go. I'm doing great. I'm super excited for today. I'm super excited for what's coming. I'm super pumped for the event that we're gonna be holding. So, yeah, things are looking really good.

Adam: Nice, nice. Marco, how are you doing?

Hernan: Marco is always wearing the polo, like 24/7. Yeah.

Bradley: That's his profile photo, Hernan.

Hernan: Yeah. Oh.

Marco:That's all. I got to change that. I got to go back to my thinking spot and change that image.

Adam: Well, lack of anything else going on, how's the weather down there?

Bradley: Oh, shit.

Marco:It's warm. It's about to rain. It's always warm, like, can I say Groundhog Day? Only thing that changes is whether it's wet or it's dry.

Adam: Fair enough. Well, Bradley, you didn't get washed away in the thunderstorms yesterday, did you?

Bradley: No. But it's raining right now actually again. So more storms. If I lose power, guys-

Adam: Yeah. Hump Day goes away, you guys know what happened, it's the storm, not us.

Bradley: If I lose power, I'm going for a beer so.

Adam: I'm gonna get into it then. Real quick, I wanted to tell everybody, today is obviously Wednesday, on Monday, this coming Monday, the 25th, we're gonna have a quick overview webinar. Bradley's gonna be running the show on that talking about Leads Recon. So if you're not familiar with this, this is a really good product by Ted Chen, same guy who developed Power Suggest Pro, which is obviously probably one of our go-to keyword research tools. This is also like his other tools. It's a great tool. It does exactly what you needed to do. It's simple to use and it's effective.

We're gonna be going over a little bit more details on how to do that. Ted was really nice to hook us up with a special offer that we're gonna be able to pass along to you guys. I highly suggest that you register, come check it out. I don't know, I'm not gonna make everyone say, but I know between the five of us, there's multiple licenses. So I know at least a few of us use this.

Bradley: I was in there playing with it today. I mean, I'll be 100% transparent, my main lead scraping tool is Lead Kahuna. I've been using that forever. It's slow though, and so I had to hire a VA to do it. What I like about Leads Recon is it's very much like Power Suggest Pro and that it spits out leads very, very quickly. It doesn't give near as much data. But really how much of that data do you really use. That's what really slows Lead Kahuna down is because it pulls in so much data and it takes so long.

Leads Recon, it's very simple. It pulls up listings both from Facebook and from Google My Business, Maps, basically. What I found is really great about it, again, I'm gonna demo all this on Monday for you guys, but you, excuse me, the Facebook scraping that it does it, extracts like Gmail addresses, Yahoo addresses, because these are the business owners that created their own Facebook page and just used their own Facebook, or excuse me, their main profile, main Gmail, or excuse me, email account as their Facebook email. So that's what ends up being extracted from Facebook so you get a really good email address from the Facebook scraping especially.

Again, I'll demo all this stuff on Monday guys. But if you don't already have a lead scraping tool that you're using, I know many of our Mastermind members, because we've been talking so much about prospecting and stuff lately, have been asking about how to get access to a lead scraping tool. Again, if you don't have the money for Lead Kahuna or you don't need all that data, which many of you probably don't, it's probably better to go with something like Leads Recon. I'm excited to share that with you guys on Monday.

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Adam: Go to know. All right. After that, we got something special coming up over the 4th of July, but we're gonna keep the lid on that for a little bit and we'll be letting everyone know about that soon. Like Hernan mentioned though, we got the live event, we set the date, like we told everyone last week, live event is gonna be the weekend of October 20th this year. We're starting to finalize a lot of the topics. It's really getting good.

We meant what we said last week, if you contacted us, we're gonna have a special deal for you to get a ticket to go there. We're finalizing guest speakers as well. Jeffery Smith is gonna be joining us, which is gonna be freaking awesome. We've got a couple other people we're talking to and we don't want to say anything till we get their thumbs up when we know that they're on board. But we've got a lot of topics that we're gonna be covering. Again, we're finalizing that as well. I'm looking forward to, one, being there and then, two, sharing some information. It should be good.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: All right. On my end, that's everything. You guys got anything else we need to cover?

Bradley: Okay. [Crosstalk 00:05:52] all at once.

Adam: Let's do this.

Bradley: All right. Cool. Let's get into it.

Chris: Cool.

Are You Using A Multisite Plugin Like MainWP Or The Normal WordPress Multisite Installation When Installing Multiple Subdomains For Local SEO Sites?

Bradley: All right. First up, is Da B. “Hey Bros, got a question. Bradley, when you use multiple subdomains for your local SEO sites, are you using some sort of multisite plugin like MainWP or do you use the normal WordPress multisite installation? Which one do you prefer or recommend?”

Well, yes and no. For some of my multi-location sites, that depends on how many locations, I probably should have MainWP for each one of them, but I don't. Some of them are just three sites or two sites or something like that. So I don't have a like a MainWP. We just go in and manually, and most my curators handle updating WordPress sites and plugins and stuff like that. For some of my service providers or whatever where I've got multi-locations or even clients for that matter, then, yeah, I'll use MainWP.

So just on the root domain, because you guys have probably have heard me say many times that I use the root domain and then we build out subdomain sites for the individual location, so the root domain is really just used as like a corporate brochure, if that makes sense. A lot of times we'll use the blog from the root domain too to syndicate to a branded network and until and unless we need a specific location-based syndication network for a particular location that might not be responding as well to the blog on the root. That's a good place actually to add the MainWP if you're gonna use that. And that just because I just streamlines being able to update the plugins and WordPress installation and themes and stuff like that. So yeah, I would use main WP.

I've never done a WordPress multisite. I've never, never once have I ever worked on a WordPress multisite anything. I don't really ever have any desire, I never had a desire to do it either. I've heard a lot of weird things that happen with that and all that. I don't know anything about it. I just knew to stay away from it. So as far as WordPress multisite, no; but MainWP, yes.

Again, for clients that have multiple locations, but if it's just one or two or maybe three locations, a lot of times I don't even bother with that. It's a good question, though.

Hernan: Yeah. If I can add a real quick, some of the plugins, not all of them, but some of the plugins that we use or that we used to use weren't compatible with WPMU. That's why we weren't using it. Yeah, MainWP, you can even put that on a subdomain for managing stuff; it's amazing. Yeah, that would be my take on it. I always managed individual WordPress installations with MainWP, if anything.

What Are The Most Effective Tools In Indexing Thousands Of Unique And HTML-Based Webpages In Search Engines?

Bradley: Yep. Same thing I do. J. Bowen is up. He says, “Hi, hello. I need to find the best and most effective method for getting many thousands of unique and HTML based web pages indexed in the search engines.” He's doing a mass page builder stuff. That's the churn and burn strategy. “What is the most effective tool for this? What about money robot and ghost indexer?”

All of the stuff that I used to talk about for indexing, I don't know if it's still as effective, because I know within the last month or two, probably two months now, a lot of the indexing services, like Google is just like indexing slower now. So maybe one of the other guys on here can give you some pretty good suggestions.

I know from some other people that are also building mass page sites that, if you hit the sitemaps with some links those tend to work fairly well because you've got, obviously the sitemaps are just a list of URLs from the site, so spamming those apparently works fairly well. But again, I don't really do any mass page stuff at all anymore, so I'm not up to speed on what's really working for that. Two years ago I could have told you exactly what to do.

Any suggestion, guys?

Adam: I haven't been doing it myself. I know there's a lot of other methods when you're dealing with mass page builds, but I will say not just go to SerpSpace and do it, but go to SerpSpace, contact support and take a look at the different packages there, because I know the indexing rate was insane. But again, they may want to know exactly what you're doing so that they can tell you if it's gonna be a good fit or not. I would suggest doing that as one option.

Hernan: Yeah. I do agree with Adam. I used to do it where, I think it was Lead Gadget and MPC, Mass Page creator, which will create, I don't know, a couple million websites. It was nuts. But people started using the Google Indexer URL so much that Google caught up to it. So, yeah, I would definitely go with indexing on SerpSpace and any type of backlinks, like sometimes tweeting the sitemap and whatnot, it will help, but have in mind that since it's mostly duplicate content within the website and the pages add little value unless you have a really complex template, then that's something that you need to have in mind. It's been harder and harder and harder to index these type of websites because of that.

Bradley: Yep. I mean, think about it guys, I did training for Lead Gadget for quite some time and there was a reason, because it worked really well. I'm not saying it doesn't still work, but I'm saying it's been years now, right? It's been three years since I really did a whole lot of stuff with Lead Gadget, and before that it was Serp Shaker, right? Google's had plenty of time to catch up to these mass spam things. Again, I'm not saying it doesn't work. But I would recommend, Jay, besides contacting Serp Space, because we do have Dedia who's our link building manager. He handles the indexing services, and he does all our spam stuff, so he knows what works and what doesn't. He could probably point you in the right direction.

This Stuff Works
I would also suggest that whatever mass page generator it is that you're using, that you contact the support over there and ask them what they're doing. Maybe they've got a Facebook group, something like that. Because the people that are in the trenches using those tools all the time are going to know best and all I can do is just give you theory at this point because I don't do that sort of work anymore. Okay.

Marco: Dediahad run into this very problem. He wasn't getting indexing, it was garbage, and so he started looking around. We spoke right when this started happening. When Google throttled the URL submitter, which everyone was using, that's when the indexing took a dump. However, I know that Dedia has been able to achieve over 40% indexing with whatever he's done. I'm not gonna give away what he's doing or what he's using, because that's proprietary how he does it. If he wants to reveal it at some point it's up to him, it's not up to me. But I know that's ridiculous right now. If you can get over 40, I mean, you're doing a great job.

How Do You Connect Self Hosted WordPress Blog To IFTTT?

Bradley: That's right. Yeah. Definitely check it out, Jay. Again, I'm sure whatever mass page generator you're using, there are people that can help you and provide some guidance. Ralph Peterson's up. He says, “Hey guys, I've been having issues connecting my self-hosted WordPress blog to IFTTT. I also have one other hosted site that will just not connect, or that just will not connect, excuse me, they both were at one time connected but the connection was somehow broken and I've tried to and tried and tried to reconnect but it just will not. One site, I even deleted the original IFTTT and signed up for a new account and still will not connect. Any direction would be sincerely appreciated.”

Okay. I've had that happened on a few occasions and usually it's one of two things, it's either a plug-in or theme conflict. There's some plugin or theme that is causing a problem. Some of the plugins that I know can cause problems with connecting a self-hosted WordPress blog to IFTTT or any of the bot blocker plugins like Spyder Spanker. There's a number of them out there now. Any of those bot blocking plugins. Because the IFTTT bot is on the blacklist, essentially.

I used to be able to, I used to use those bot blocker plugins a lot because I used to run PPNs and stuff like that. I don't anymore. I don't use those plugins at all anymore because I don't run PBNs, but I know that there used to be a way to Google the IFTTT bot name so that you could add it to the whitelist, and that would work. I used to use Spyder Spanker and self-hosted WordPress sites would not connect to IFTTT as long as Spyder Spanker was installed. Until I had added the IFTTT bot name to the whitelist and then it would connect.

Chances are that could be it, Ralph. I don't know if you're using any of those plugins, but if you are, that's likely the culprit. Disable the plugin and try connecting again, if that's the case. Also, you could try disabling all plugins and trying to connect and see if it will connect. If it does, then you can disconnect and start re-enabling one at a time until you figure out which one it is that's causing the conflict. If that's the problem. It could also be a theme issue. It's less likely to be a theme, but it is still possible.

Other than that, I would say … I think that should be it. Now the only other thing I would perhaps take a look at is if you're using Cloudflare or something like that, which mass your DNS. That may create an issue, but I'm not 100% sure on that either. If you've got other self-hosted WordPress sites that are connected, see if there's any difference in plugins or setup on the server side or anything like that. But that's typically how I would do it.

Do you guys have any instruction on that? Okay. No. It's a no.

Adam: Yeah, I'm gonna go with no.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, again, try that. I know we had a question in the Facebook group, the Syndication Academy Facebook group. I think it was Carol and Priscilla. Anyways, This was just covered on the last Syndication Academy update webinar. I think it was the last one. It might have been the one previous to that. It was within the last two Syndication Academy update webinars where I was specifically, because that this was brought up in the Facebook group, a couple other people were saying they were having issues too. I went through some of the known causes of problems and also how to resolve and all that's in the updated webinar. Ralph, I would go check the archives for the updates and see, like I said, either it was last month of the month prior to that and you should be able to find a little bit more information on there.

But I know for sure they do still connect. It's likely a plug-in or a theme issue. Also, it could be a host, by the way. If they're both on the same host there could be something in the host blocking it. So that might be something else you would want to troubleshoot.

By the way, I think we're going to have a Syndication Academy update webinar next Tuesday afternoon at 5 p.m. I haven't scheduled it yet, but I think I'm going to in the next 24 hours or so. So you guys that are in Syndication Academy you'll get the Facebook event notification.

Do You Recommend Doing Paid Ads To Get Local Leads In GMB?

Okay. I'm not even gonna attempt that name, excuse me. “In GMB, do you recommend doing the paid ads to get local leads?” Yes and no. Okay. If you're in local GMB Pro, I actually literally just addressed this yesterday, I added three additional training videos for how to use YouTube to drive traffic in the local GMB posts, or just the ecosystem, period. One of the things that I talked about in that … I'm not revealing too much, Marco, so don't worry. I know Marco is already starting to sweat.

One of the things is that in the GMB dashboard you see how they keep pushing Adwords. Google keeps pushing an Adwords coupon for 100 bucks, right? I think that's pretty much common across all GMB dashboards right now. If you have not set up an Adwords account yet, they'll promote it until you do. They'll give you $100 of free AdWords credit if you spend 50 bucks, which is fine. That's great. Use it.

But when you click that button, it's going to automatically set you up with a Adwords Express account. Now I don't have any experience with Adwords Express in the last two years, but I know two years ago, it was shit. It was junk. It was for people that didn't know or had no desire or competency in in learning how to run Adwords campaigns. So Adwords Express was a very quick and easy way to set up an ad, but that gives you virtually no control over it other than geographic targeting really and so. You can adjust the headline and stuff like that, but there was very little control. Again, this was two years ago.

I started to go through that process yesterday when I was recording the training for Local GME Pro and a lot has changed in Adwords Express since the last time I went through an entire setup. So I have not tested it recently to know if Adwords Express is a viable option or not, but I know from the past that I would always rather manually run my campaigns through the regular AdWords dashboard.

What I'm suggesting for GMB is maybe do some testing if you want to try Adwords Express. But what I'm doing specifically is running traffic into the ecosystem from YouTube with Adwords. It works really well, guys, especially if you're in a market in industry or if the business is in an industry that is listed in the in-market audience targeting inside of YouTube. That is incredibly powerful because those people are already in market in the market for that product or service.

For example, roofing services is one of the in-market audiences. I know I've got a couple of roofing clients and we're running what's just really branding campaigns for them. We've taken one of their videos, added them as in-stream ads, and set up the geographic targeting for their service area, so it might be 30 mile radius, or 40 mile radius, whatever, from where their business location is, and then choose the proper audience targeting such as, in this case, in-market audiences for roofing services.

So anybody in that area that's in that Google bucket of people in the market for roofing services, anytime they're surfing YouTube, on YouTube watching any videos, our video has the chance to play in front as an in-stream ad or a pre-roll ad. Right? So if they're already in the market for that, whether they click on the video or engage in the video or not, now it's that name of that roofing company getting in front of them and Google says that they're in-market for roofing services.

This Stuff Works
What happens with those type of ads, guys, is if you do get clicks, IP click from a known Google user that is in-market for that service, do you think that click. that engagement signal is weighted more than other types of random engagement signals? Of course, because Google knows where that person was, where they came from, what they've been interested in, what their recent search history is, and their locality where they're located. Right?

So when they click-thru, that's a huge engagement signal. But even if they don't click-thru, now you're getting your name in front of them and in what happens is, it's called a view-thru conversion. If they've been exposed to your ad, but they don't take action, they don't click through actually from the ad to whatever the target URL is typically a landing page or whatever, but let's say that they got exposed to your brand name because of that ad and then later on that day, the next day, whatever, they do a brand name search and then click-thru the organic listing or the maps listing to that brand, well, Google's tracked that and that's called a view-thru conversion. It's not a direct conversion, but it's called a view-thru conversion.

That's where I found the most success with using in-market audiences for local video ads. Set it up as a branding campaign. You don't promise any leads. You just tell the business what it's for. Guys, I'm doing this with a $1 a day budget. It's $30 a month and you can even reduce it. I can't share the strategy here, guys. In the Mastermind, I share it. But there's a strategy where you can reduce your maximum cost per view bid all the way down to 2 cents and still get just as much engagement as if you had it at 35 cents. Just as much exposure, excuse me, as if you had it at 35 cents per view.

If that's what you're willing to pay per view all the way down to 2 cents and still get every bit as much exposure. So then you can actually reduce your ad spend down to 50 cents a day. That's $15 a month, guys, and get results and. Again, the results that I'm seeing, if you can use in-market audiences, is setting it up as a branding campaign and then start watching over time, you'll see the view-thru conversions start creeping up. Those are leads that come thru they were exposed to the brand but didn't do a direct click at that moment. They came back at a later time and did it. Most likely because they were exposed to that brand through that, if that makes sense. It's a great strategy guys.

Again, this was just covered in Local GMB Pro and we also cover it in the Mastermind. Anybody want to comment on that or add to it?

Marco:Nope. I like it.

Bradley: Very good.

Hernan: Yeah, me too.

Do You Have A Follow Up Sequence To The Leads That Come Through Your Lead Gen Forms?

Bradley: Okay, very good. All right. Jennia is up. What's up, Jennia? He says, “Good day to you all. Make it a great one. Quick question. With local Lead gen, do you have a follow-up sequence to the leads that come through your lead gen forms? Do you generate a list – money is in the list, right? – and market to them other home products or services or does this not apply to local home repair lead gen? Can it be applied somehow?”

Yes, it absolutely can, Jennia. Do I do it? No. I've set that up for, in fact, one of my roofing clients. We were just talking about roofing clients. One of my roofing clients, I set all that stuff up for him. Well, shit, he's been a client for five years now. So I set it all up for him five years ago. Before I was wise enough to realize that I should have owned all of it, that asset, but I built it all out for him instead.

Think about this guys. Jennia, I'll completely answer your question in a minute, but think about the opportunity, guys, that this presents. For example, a roofing lead, think about this, when a roof leaks it causes a lot more damage than just the roof. You need more contractors than just a roofing contractor. You're gonna need a drywall contractor to repair wet drywall on the ceilings. You're gonna need a painting contractor. You're likely gonna need a carpet cleaner and/or a new carpet. New carpet installation, right? You're gonna need, maybe, depending on how bad the leak was for a roof leak, you might end up needing water damage restoration company to come in and suck the water out and bring in those big fans to dry shit and all that. You guys get the point.

What I'm saying is, with a roofing lead, I set all this up for one of my clients years ago, he takes the leads that come in and then sells the same roofing lead, the contact information, to a painting company, a drywall company, carpet cleaning company, and a water damage restoration company. He sells the same freakin' lead to all four of them. So he monetizes it by bidding on the job himself and then he sells that lead to four contractors. I'm pretty sure he's got exclusive contractors for those.

But the point is, whether he gets the job or not, he makes money from the lead. Does that make sense? So that's a smart idea. Now I haven't set that up. I tried setting that kind of structure up for tree service leads, but there's not really a whole lot of tangent services for tree services. Other than perhaps landscaping, which a lot of the tree service companies actually do landscaping work.

As far as can you build a list, yeah, you can. I typically do not for that kind of stuff; I probably should. The reason why I don't is because I'm not getting expressed permission from the leads when they submit a contact request form for a contractor to call them to schedule an estimate or whatever. I'm not getting expressed permission. I could probably squeeze it in somehow on the opt-in form or something. But asking them if I could mail them related offers and stuff like that, I typically don't. I'm probably leaving money on the table, Jennia. It's something you could pursue and I would recommend that you do. But it's not something I've done, building an actual list anyways.

I mean, think about it guys, because you could do that, build a list and an email. I'd be real careful about being too spammy, though. But you could email out offers like discount offers, coupon offers, CPA offers, things like that for home improvement related stuff. Just assuming that the leads you're collecting are for home improvement services, right? That's very possible. It's a good idea. Absolutely, it can be applied. I just haven't done it any time recently.

Do you guys wanna comment on that as well? That's a great question, Jennia.

Hernan: Yeah. I do agree with you, Bradley. If you have that, if you have the ability, because the people are interested in a topic, that's what you're building, after all. You're building a platform of people and a group of people and a list of people interested around a particular topic. So, yeah, you could monetize it. As long as you have permission you can monetize it in several different ways. Yeah. That's thinking creatively.

Bradley: I'm doing more remarketing stuff now so that's how I do it because once you build the remarketing list, if they've engaged with your, or even landed on your landing page, then you got them on a remarketing list and now I can remarket any sort of ads to them that I want. It doesn't have to be specifically about the service from the landing page, right? If they land on a roofing landing page, then it's very likely, or I could very well remarket ads to them for pay-per-call services, like for carpet cleaning and drywall and painting crews and things, if I wanted. Or I could probably just remarket, like have other contractors in place that are buying leads from me and then remarket to them where a click sends them to a landing page for a painting contractor, for example. Right?

So they came in on a roofing landing page because they need roofing services but now they're on a remarketing list and they're getting banner ads that following them around the web that's saying, “Hey, you just had a leak. You probably need a painting contractor. Click here,” and it takes them to my painting contractor. Does that make sense? I mean, that just stirred up a whole lot of ideas that I could be doing with remarketing stuff, Jennia. That's something I would do because then it doesn't even require email.

Email is still very effective, guys. Don't get me wrong. But what I like about remarketing is it's so simple. I'm sure Hernan could agree with me on that.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Oh, yeah, 100%, because if you think about it, you've already done the heavy lifting right at that point. People are interested, they click on a list and they click on an ad, they visit something. So I think that remarketing for any kind of purposes for any kind of businesses is usually the highest ROI campaign that you could possibly have. Right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Because of that fact that you're working with those folks that they already shown interest in an offer or whatever that is.

Does Yelp, Yellow Pages, And Other Local Citation Sites Allow Fake Addresses And Phone Numbers For Local Lead Gen Pages?

Bradley: Awesome. Gordon's up. What's up, Gordon? He says, “Hey, guys. Thank you very much for your Hump Days help. It is greatly appreciated.” Well, thank you, Gordon. He says, “I think you said in the past that if you were trying to make a lead gen sites pages for different city locations you should have separate GMB profiles as well, a separate directory profiles with different fake addresses and phone numbers for each city, talking about the GMB 3-Pack ranking, just search engine ranking, fake addresses and phone numbers for each city. Is this correct, and if so, will sites like Yelp, Yellow pages, et cetera, allow you to have multiple profiles for the same business brand name or do they need to be linked in some manner?”

Okay. I'm not 100% sure on the question, Gordon. I mean, I know you got fake in quotes, so I'm not sure what you mean by fake. Guys, when I say spam addresses, I'm talking about using post office boxes to set up GMB listings. That's what I mean. They're not fake. They're real addresses, but they're PO boxes, which is not … Technically, it's against Terms of Service, but I still do it anyways, and it works. So that's what I'm talking about.

Now again, I don't use fake phone numbers either. I use virtual phone numbers that are forwarding phone numbers. Again, I'm talking about setting up GMB stuff. I don't really try to rank for organic stuff for multiple cities that much anymore. I do have some clients where that still … Because it covers such a large service area.

In fact, the two roofing clients I was talking about are clients that cover a large service area. But what I've been able to accomplish for them is quite amazing by getting them to rank in so many of their service areas in the 3-pack, at least the ones that are all adjacent to wherever their business is physically located. That means if they've got a large service area, I'm actually been very fortunate and a lot of these listings will rank in the maps for all the adjacent localities too, the ones that are directly adjacent to where their physical location is, if that makes sense.

A lot of that has to do with the geo posts and the GMB stuff that we're doing now, as well as the press releases that really helps a lot, the drive stacks really helps a lot, also having the syndication network and blogging about it, like I just mentioned, the geo post that's all stuff that really helps. Again, I'm still trying to rank in Maps.

As far as organic stuff, I'm not sure because I'm not sure what you mean by fake stuff. But when it comes to Yelp and Yellow Pages. Yelp, for example … First, guys, I want to preface this with, Yelp can be a good source of leads in traffic, there's no doubt, but be aware that if you sign a business up for Yelp that that business is going to be hammered with solicitation calls. I mean, they are absolutely relentless, guys. You will get called three, four, five times a week from multiple representatives from Yelp and they all give the same bullshit pitch, which is, “I'm your new rep from Yelp. I'm taking over your listing and I just wanted to talk to you about all the ways that we can generate more traffic and leads for your business.” You'll get the same damn pitch from every single one of them and you'll hear from five different Yelp reps in the same week. How could your listing be transferred to five different Yelp reps in one week? It's not. It's just bullshit. It's their sales tactic and they're relentless.

If you have multiple locations, Gordon, yes, you can connect them all to Yelp under the business owner account. That's technically how you should do it, anyways. But the problem then becomes that you end up getting called for each one of the listings. How do I know? Because I've got one in particular for one of my tree service sites it's got about 12 locations within the same business owner account and I literally get called maybe 10 to 15 times per week because of that one stupid listing, because of that one company in Yelp. Fortunately, I have a call center that screens all the calls. But I pay for every one of those damn calls. For every call that comes in, every minute that's spent with the call center, and we get a shit ton of Yelp calls that go through my call center when the message still gets sent out. Like, yeah, another Yelp rep called.

My point is, yeah, a lot of the big directories will allow businesses that have multiple locations set up a brand account. One business account and then they manage all the location listings within the one account. It's a much more efficient way to do it, but just keep in mind that you're opening yourself up to solicitation for advertising services from those platforms and you need to make sure that the company that you're doing it for, obviously, providing agency services or whatever, you need to make sure that the company is aware that if you're going to set up a Yelp listing for them, let them know that they're gonna get hammered with sales calls, make them aware of that. Okay?

Guys, I've gotten to the point with Yelp where I don't even wanna create a listing on Yelp anymore, even though I know there's a lot of traffic and leads to come from Yelp. Honestly, to me, it's more of a headache than it's worth.

Okay. Anyways, hopefully, that was helpful. Jordan says, “Hi. Sigh. Hernan and Marco and Chris, what does it feel like to have a team in the World Cup?” Okay, no comment.

Hernan: It feels good, man. What can I say?

Bradley: I guess Jordan is a soccer fan. I'm not much of a one.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Ronald Reyes-

This Stuff Works
Marco:I'm not much of a soccer fan either. I'm into baseball and football.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco:It makes no difference to me, Jordan, where the Costa Rica is. I mean, I'd like Costa Rica to win a couple of games, but it makes no difference.

Hernan: Yeah. I know that Jordan is a big soccer fan. So, yeah, man. Here, literally, the country, Argentina literally stops functioning the minute the World Cup starts, and even further when Argentina plays. It's crazy. Yeah. Tomorrow, we have a game, so it's gonna be two hours of dead productivity for the country.

Bradley: Dead silence more of.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Nothing productive gets done during the game.

Hernan: No, no, no. It's nuts.

When Will The GMB DFY Service Be Available?

Bradley: It's awesome. All right. Ronald Reyes is up. He says, “Is the GMB Done-For-You service ready yet?” Not yet, but we're working on it, Ronald. I know you're kind of excited. We all are. Yeah, I am too. It's not ready yet. Do we have an ETA on that yet, Marco?

Marco:Well, as you know, we had a hiccup with the two VAs that I was training. One got sick and the other one just couldn't handle the hours.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco:So I had to go and hire another one and I'm actually looking for one more so we can really get this going. The girl that I have now, she's great. She's almost finished with the training and then what she has with me is just going over everything and make sure that she can do it the way that we expect it to be done, and then that'll be done this week. Next week, we go into how to do posts and she's gonna learn how to do the auto-posting service. So we're even going to offer that where she can go in and schedule posts for a month at a time for you. Then, we just have to figure out what kind of price we're gonna be offering for that.

Will You Be Implementing A Traffic Source Like

Bradley: Yeah. Well I'm excited about it, too. Scott apparently is as well, “Looking forward to GMB Done-For-You. Question, will you be implementing a traffic source like” No. Certainly not that one. A lot of those apps are really just not useful so much for, I don't know, if it would be useful for GMB stuff. We haven't tested it, but I wouldn't recommend it for money site traffic anymore. For YouTube and social traffic referral traffic, yeah, it still has its place. But I wouldn't want to drive traffic direct to a money site for using those kind of apps anymore. A lot of that stuff has been flagged or it's just flat-out not counted even though it might show an analytic side.

We know because we've done a lot of testing in this, guys. We tried to build our own and spent more money than I care to admit, and we failed. We were never able to get it to work the way that we knew it needed to work and that's why we never launched it, and we're out of shit ton of money over it. But it is what it is, we try and so that's why again we certainly aren't gonna recommend. I stopped using those services guys. There's a reason for it, right?

No. We're not gonna be implementing sources like We've got some other stuff we're working on that we may be able to at some later date talk more about. But right now what I recommend doing is just … Again, you're in local GMB Pro, Scott. I just posted about this in the training yesterday, like if you want to drive traffic into it, you can do it very cheaply with YouTube ads. Right? Very cheap.

Marco: Scott is also a beta tester. He has access to both the YouTube views. Scott, those are real people so if you could try getting people to YouTube video that directs them to the GMB, find out more about the company, or however it is that you want to direct those people. You just have to put quality videos.

Guys, I keep telling y'all that. It's not just you, Scott, because I don't want it to seem like I'm picking on you. You have to put quality videos in front of these people. These are real people. If you give them garbage they're going to trash your video and it's going to have the opposite effect that you expected. People are not going to click on your video just because it's number one. People are not going to react well if you give them garbage, right? We're in a visual age. So give them a good video, give them good CTAs, get them over to your TMB, and that's going to work much better than feeding them garbage or feeding them bot traffic or whatever else it is that you're thinking about.

Reach out to me in the beta testing group and we'll see what we can do about setting something up. That's what the beta testing group is about: we set up tests. So we'll set up a test and see how well that works out.

Bradley: Yeah. I jumped off Screenshare for a minute because I'm trying to load a case study, YouTube channel for the Local GMB Pro just because I want to show something here. Stand by for a minute, guys, and I'll be able to grab the screen again. But this is just to reinforce what Marco was just saying about the YouTube views service, that's still in beta only, right? Marco?

Marco:I mean, it's ready to go live anytime we want.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco:We just have to set up pricing, how it's all … Yeah, I'm just waiting for benefits, how to use it, what you can expect, a bunch of things that need to go on that landing page where people go, and so that they can get the most benefit from it.

Bradley: This is what I wanted to share. This is the video. I know it's small. Guys, let me zoom in a little bit. All right. This is a video that I just set up, the training that I'm talking about that I updated Local GMB Pro with on how to set up YouTube ads to run traffic into the GMB Pro ecosystem. This is the ad that I set up. This was just within the last 24 hours, guys.

This Stuff Works
Wait a minute. No. That's not it. Excuse me. I've got that on another video. This video is showing the traffic that's come to it from our YouTube views tool. Excuse me. The one that we're talking about that's in beta currently. I mean, it's ready. We just got to get everything set up.

Look at what it's showing from analytics, it's coming from YouTube advertising. So these are real people. I don't know how, I don't even understand how we're doing it because I don't get involved in the backend of the software and stuff. But that's freaking amazing. I don't know, because, Marco, I don't remember you telling me that before. When I was taking a look at analytics yesterday and I was seeing this, I was like, wow, that's pretty impressive, because the views that have come through, they're being shown as YouTube advertising views, and that's from that service, our service. Does that makes sense? Comment, no comment.

Marco:No, no.

Hernan: That is pretty cool, actually. Yeah. I wanna start testing it, too.

Bradley: Yeah. The traffic is 94% from the United States, guys. That's what I wanted. I selected the United States. A little bit trickles in from some other areas, but that would be natural, right? It would be unnatural to have all traffic coming … Well, I don't know about unnatural, but this seems to me logical that some traffic will trickle in from some other areas because that's typically what you'll see.

Marco:There will be bleeding and it's natural. You have to look at your analytics. Everyone, you have to look at your analytics and you have to understand traffic. The great thing about this is that … You can't simulate the analytics, the user agents that these people use, the devices that these people use where it's mostly mobile, because that's what we want and you can only get that from real people. That's what I want people to understand about this service that we're going to be providing. Yes, it looks like YouTube ads traffic.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco:As a matter of fact, you cannot run ads to that video while you're running our views because it'll show a conflict. Well, how can you run ads from one place and get ads from another. That's explained in the video that that's posted in there. It's a little tutorial video where I talk about do not run ads while you're running YouTube views to the video that you're looking to rank or whatever.

We're getting fantastic results. Someone was telling us they're number one in YouTube search for a really competitive term. Other people have managed to hit top five, top three. For other, less competitive, but still when you're dealing in these spaces where it's services and you're talking about plumbing, you're talking about HVAC, you're talking of a whole lot of things that are competitive, no matter how small or big the city is, there's still a lot of competitiveness. To be able to outrank people just from these views, it just goes to show that it works. Getting people to look at your videos and react the way that real people do is the way to go.

How To Setup Call-Only Ads In Google Adwords?

Bradley: Great. Okay. I see the next question from Bob McAllister. He says, “Do you guys use Adwords? I'm having issues getting a call-only ads set up. If you can give me some quick advice, like how to find it?” It's really actually simple. I mean, I can't go into AdWords and set it up right now. We don't really have the time for that, Bob, and that's typically not something we would do want to Hump Day Hangouts anyways. But it should be fairly simple. I'm not criticizing you at all, but call-only ads are typically a lot easier than even having …

Because really all you need is a domain, a landing page that has basically the keyword on it and contact information. You don't even send people to a landing page, but you have to have a URL to set up a call-only ad and it's just I guess to confirm or verify that the business exists. I'm not quite sure why, but they require that.

The call-only ad, it's fairly easy to set up. I would just use Google Adwords help files to go through the process. Seriously, it's very simple. I mean, again, to me, it's simple to set up. Now setting up call ads and call conversion tracking from landing pages, that's a bit geekier because you have to add code, like JavaScript code that will automatically change the phone numbers displayed, the number that's displayed on the website so that Google can track, click thru it like conversions from somebody that click-thru from an ad but then made a phone call once they landed on your site. That's called a call conversion or call conversion tracking. So that kind of stuffs a bit geekier.

A call-only ad is just literally an ad that displays the headline, the headline one, headline two, and upon click, it's a phone call because it's a mobile app. Right? Does that make sense? So those are typically really easy to set up. So I would just go through the Adwords help files. Also, go to YouTube and just search how to set up a call-only ad. I guarantee you're gonna find multiple videos there that have a walk through of how to set that up. Okay.

Marco:Bob, when you're ready what I would suggest and if you're looking to grow your business, which I'm sure you are, just come join our Mastermind because these are questions that we would deal with in-depth. In the Mastermind, you'd have an answer usually within 24 hours, unless it's the weekend, of course. Then you could always ask the question during a Mastermind webinar and we cover it and we'd actually go in and show you how to do it.

So that's one of the benefits of being in the Mastermind. Or you could just pay one of us our consultation fee and get us one-on-one and we show you how to do it, which I leave for the price of the Mastermind you'd get that from us included in that membership fee. So I highly suggest Mastermind is the way to go for all of these things that you're having trouble with.

Hernan: Yeah, absolutely agree.

Bradley: Bob's been following us for quite some time, I know that for years, because I've seen Bob's image for years. Plus, he was in another group before Semantic Mastery even was a thing.

Does Inconsistent NAP Cause Issues With GMB?

Jordan, “Using Bright Local and I saw I needed citations that had come through, submitted nothing, and then called. We have a GMB through a post office that got verified on GMB and Bing. But Express Updates lady said, ‘Oh, we can, I guess use this as a PO box, so we're going to list use that crap.' Will that hurt me too much or cause problems?” Yeah, I can do it. The problem with having inconsistent data published on an aggregator is that over time many other directories will auto create listings from that data.

So what I would do is I would contact Express Update again and even if you have to buy a year's worth of, you pay for like a year to have a listing there. They'll give you free listings. But what I'm saying is I would contact them and saying, “No. This is unacceptable. This is going to hurt. We have a street address option for this business. Yes, it's a PO box but our NAP is the street address, we want it corrected, even if we have to pay for the listing for the year separately for just Express Update. It would be worth it in my opinion because it could very well cause NAP issues down the road. So I would absolutely try to square that away.

I would tell Express Update that's bullshit. I would. I would just be like, “Look, we have our listed verified address as such. It is this. Check it out on the GMB profile, if it's a listed address not a hidden address.” Maybe you have to provide something to that that's the actual listed address of the business, whatever the case may be, I would try to jump through those hoops to make it happen.

Again, I would even offer up, if needed, to pay for the listing because I know they have upgraded listing services or whatever, but in that case, like I said, it could cause problems, it could come back and bite you in the ass down the road. Probably not immediately, but months down the road, as more and more listings get created from data scrapers that scrape those aggregate sites, you're gonna end up having NAP issues. I would get ahead of the problem now is what I'm saying. It sucks, Jordan. That kind of stuff happens.

“Will the event keynotes be recorded and accessed and sold if we cannot make it?” Oh, you mean the live event [inaudible 00:49:36] live? Yep. I think we talked about doing something like that. Adam, do you have anything you can-

Adam: I missed the very beginning of that. Can you repeat that?

Will the event keynotes be recorded and accessed be sold if we cannot make it

This Stuff Works
Adam: Most likely, in some way shape or form, our biggest goal just being transparent is to provide the best experience for the people who are there and since this is our first one that's where focus is gonna be we would obviously love to record it and if quality comes through, yeah, we'll definitely look at doing that. But they're probably gonna be some stuff that's for them only for the people there and then again our focus is just to make it there and then we're not gonna try to hire someone to come in and do it. But yeah. The short answer is our goal is, but stay tuned it's our goal is to put on the live event, make it great for the people that are there, and then we'll see if we can get good recordings for everyone else.

Bradley: Yeah. My thoughts on this are there may be portions of it that we make available. But there's gonna be obviously a lot of stuff that we cover in the live event that will be exclusive and only covered in a live event, not even in Mastermind because that's what live events are, right? You come to join the network and also to get some knowledge that you can't see or hear anywhere else. That's so that there will be some of that as well. But yeah, I mean, likely there will be something that we will also produce out of the live event. But again, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

What Is A Good Amount Of Calls Or Leads Using GMB?

Dan says, “What is a good amount of calls leads using GMB? I was getting over 2,600 people finding a customer's business, 47 phone calls and 35 asked for directions before doing any posts. Curious what results have been for the test in GMB.”

Well, to be honest, the case study that I'm doing is not producing calls nearly as much as some of the other like my contractor type clients. Remember, this is a newer industry. It's a brand new industry for me. The taxicab service, I've never done any work in that. It's interesting to not see so many calls coming through GMB as what I'm seeing in some of my contractor type sites, but still not bad considering it's new and I haven't done really any traditional SEO stuff, other than a couple PRs. But remember, there's not even a companion website yet. I'm just using the GMB website.

It really depends. It's probably going to vary, Dan, from business to business or industry to industry really, because I know like, for example, the preschool, which is kind of interesting to me, the preschool that I've got a client that has two locations. He owns two schools in two different locations and, man, it's crazy how much engagement he gets. It'll show the number of impressions the Maps has given his listing and in like fool like 40% and of the 40% of the number of impressions given resulted in some sort of action, whether it's phone call, click through to the website, or request driving directions. That's a huge percentage 40% of the number of impressions have engaged with the listing and I found that to be incredibly high.

However, I mean like even my roofing clients, for example, I'm only doing the GMB pros method on for one of those clients and he gets some ungodly amount of impressions per month and something like last month I think he had 147 phone calls. I mean, it's just insane so I think it's gonna vary, Dan. Maybe Marco has a better benchmark, but I think it's gonna vary by industry or a per industry.

Marco: Definitely. It depends on the amount of phone calls. Like if a high price item you can't expect 500 calls because one call or two calls is all you're gonna need to be profitable for the month. And so with Mario, we are finding that there are issues. But I think a lot of it has to do with Mario not providing us images from the area that are geotagged. But we solved that problem with the last webinar update that I did. I showed people how to get unlimited local images and it's that simple. I'm surprised nobody thought of it before. I'm not the smartest guy in the world. It's just I like to tinker and I like to solve problems.

When I see a problem I look for solutions, I don't focus on the problem. I just focus on a way around it and how I can give people a solution, right? Something simple. Something effective. I found it and I'm actually going to do a follow-up to that when I do a follow-up in a couple of weeks. I'm gonna make the replay of the original webinar available. I'm announcing it now, I'll announce it in the groups. But I've had enough people ask me, I'm gonna see that again or I missed it. Damn, I really wanted to see it.

So it's gonna be a two-for-one. I'm gonna do a little bit more, go in-depth on how you can get even more, not only images, but actually local videos. Just a whole bunch of things that you could do to add local relevance to everything that you're doing. To me, that's what really works when you add all of that local relevance when you have an active owner that's going all around town and taking pictures and actually helping you because it's their business. I mean, you need to make that a like it has to be in the contract or whatever. You say, “You have to give me content and this is the content. If you don't then I'm washing my hands and I can't help you because no content means that you don't get shit.

Bradley: Yeah. I agree with that. That's why I've been working with my VAs to try to develop implement ways for us to create the content that and that will still work and provide the same level or similar benefits as if we had original photos taken on location from a mobile device, with the geo tags. Because, honestly, I've got a handful of clients now that are I'm doing the service for and not a sync. Well, one of them has started to trickle in some images and some videos from their tech, it's a pest control company, mosquito control company, so they do like mosquito and tick control they spray out outside.

So, fortunately, I'm getting a few videos and images from them but out of the several clients that I've got signed up now. Other than them nobody has provided me with any images and even though that was when I made the proposal for the service that was part of it was I'm gonna need images. I set up Google Photos folders for each one of them and nobody's given me any damn images.

And so I'm certainly not going to cancel the contract in, well, I don't do contracts, but I canceled the service and say nevermind I don't need your money because they're not providing me images. So fortunately, Marco came up with some ideas or some methods for how to do that and we're trying to get our VAs to implement as much as possible.

Do You Recommend Easyblognetworks For PBN Hosting?

Okay. We're almost out of time guys. Cool, we're almost done too. Greg. Thanks, Greg. We can't go one Hump Day Hangout without a meme. We'd have to have a meme on every Hump Day. Tommy says, “Do you recommend easy blog networks for PBN hosting?” I don't recommend. Tommy, I don't mean to be a jerk. I don't know. I can't tell you. I don't do PBN stuff. I haven't for two years now, at least. I really don't know what to tell you and I apologize for that. It's just PBN stuff isn't stuff I deal with anymore. I really can't tell you what's best practice now. I'm sorry, I can't give you any more information on that.

The problem with PBNs, guys, is the footprints are so easily detectable now. It's so difficult. I mean you have to be really, really good. We had a webinar for the Mastermind members with Roman Barnes. He did a really in-depth webinar about all the footprint stuff that Google checks for now. It's all done algorithmically like it's done automatically and in a fraction, a fraction of a second, it can determine and identify footprints through so many different data points now that it's to me it's just overwhelming to try to hide that footprint, to make PBNs even worth the while. I know there's a lot of people still getting a lot of good success from it guys. I'm just telling you, for me, I found other ways that don't require near as much setup and or don't require near as much work.


Bradley: Go ahead.

What Are Some Examples Of Good Video Versus Bad Video?

Marco: Greg Drebert has a really good question he wants an example of a good video versus a bad video.

Bradley: I totally missed that question. I'm sorry, Greg.

Marco:The answer is actually dead simple, Greg. You go in and you type in YouTube, search the general keywords that you want to drive traffic from the ones that get traffic, you look at the videos that people are doing, the ones that get really a ton of views with a ton of comments good comments. You see the subscribers if they're getting subscribers and they're always. I always tell people you do what the big guys are doing, but you always try to do one better. So whatever they do, plus one. It's really that simple.

Bradley: Yup. I can tell you what doesn't work or the stupid slideshow videos with music now. Like that were used to work five years ago, those don't work anymore no. They're not compelling enough. I mean you gotta have a voice track you know stuff like that guys. People will expect more now so those stupid slideshow videos from all those spam tools where there's just a music track with various images and a text overlay with a call-to-action, that shit. I mean, it very rarely works anymore. It's not even worth the time. So, yes, thanks, Greg. I totally skipped over your question, so I deserve that.

Okay. “What's the link for live event?” We don't have one yet, Paul, you'll know when we do if you're interested in-

Hernan: Yeah. If I may add, Paul, just contact support at and the guys will give you details on the actual super special discount that we're doing just for you know as an early bird ass until we have our our landing page up, if that makes sense.

So just contact support.

Bradley: Yep. That's what I was gonna say was if you're interested in the early bird that we talked about just contact support. We don't have a link for yet but contact support will get your name on the list and make sure that you get that.

How Do You Get Videos To Link TO GMB?

Brian, “How do you get videos to link to GMB?” Just link to them. Just link to them. Link to the full URL though, guys, can't shorten it. You got to use the full URL. That's how you do it. It works trust me. I just did it yesterday again. See? “I wasn't able to get on the webby where you talked about unlimited.” Yes, that's what I just said, Dan. You'll get access to the webby from Monday during Marco's next webinar.

Okay. All right, guys, 5:01. So I just went one minute over today. Thanks everybody for being here.

Marco: Perfect. Thanks everyone.

Hernan: Thank you, guys. See you.

This Stuff Works