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By April

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Adam: All right. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 215. Man, I'm feeling weird because I had to sit super low to fit the special Christmas headgear in range here. But I'm looking at everyone else and everyone else looks as goofy as me, so I'm pretty happy.

Bradley: Hey, who are you calling goofy?

Marco: What? What?

Adam: To share the goofiness, sorry, I meant the holiday cheeriness, let's start off by saying hi to everybody. Chris, how are you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good here. I'm in the mountains in Austria, so unfortunately, no costume for me this week. But maybe next week.

Adam: See, we can't even see you. You could have been wearing a Yeti outfit or something, we'd have no idea.

Chris: Yeah. Like I'm just in a feature story.

Bradley: Or you could have been buck naked. For that reason, I'm glad your webcam's off.

Chris: Exactly.

Adam: That's how we lost all of our viewers. Hernan, how is it going, man? How's the middle of summer for you?

Hernan: It's good, man. Yeah. We have a lot of these decoration, with snows and shit. Here, it's like 40 degrees Celsius or something, it's nuts. But anyways, I'm really, we're really excited for this week, for next week, what we have coming up, so really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: What's up, man? I'm feeling a little frosty today. Just like before, so big head, little hat, paying an homage to Frosty the Snowman.

Adam: That is awesome. Sorry, it cracks me up. It's a great hat. Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: I'm well, man. I got my elf hat on, with my elf ears. It's got to be a hat for a kid because it's squeezing the shit out of my head. I feel like I'm a little light-headed and dizzy from it.

Adam: That's good. If Bradley starts getting angry towards the end of Hump Day Hangouts, you know what's going on, it's the hat.

Bradley: No. I'm gonna lose the hat here when I go off camera.

Adam: Good deal. Well, we got a few announcements for everybody and then as always we're going to jump into answering your questions for you. Real quick though, I want to say, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for watching, whether you're watching us live right now or if you're watching a replay on YouTube, that's awesome.

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If you're looking for the place where you wanna get started with Semantic Mastery, because it's a question that comes up a lot, grab the Battle Plan. All you have to do is go to Battleplan.semanticmastery.com. That's gonna give you the repeatable results. It covers a really wide range of various stuff, like ranking new sites, what to do with press releases, how to do keyword research. It's not just the guide, we've packed a lot into there. We've got links to tons of training videos, all sorts of good stuff.

Also, if you're saying “Okay. Well, that's great. What's next?”, come join the Masterminds. If you're really looking to take things up several levels, if you're looking to form that network, that peer group, if you really wanna take your local digital marketing to the next level, come join the Mastermind. You can find out more about that at Mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

Speaking of the Mastermind, I think we've got a couple things coming up. Hernan, I think there's something going on next week, right?

Hernan: Yeah. Next week we're gonna announce, we're gonna have a big announcement, so that's gonna be pretty awesome. So, stay tuned. If you are being on the fence about joining the Mastermind, I'm not gonna go deep into that today, but if you are being on the fence, we're gonna have great news for you. We have a bunch of stuff going up for the Mastermind, for the current Mastermind members and the new Mastermind members, like the POFU paths. We have a new members area. We have a bunch of stuff coming up, bi-weekly calls that have been going up for quite a bit, and Bradley always over deliver. Stay tuned, next week's gonna be pretty amazing. If you are being on the fence to join the Symantec Mastery Mastermind, just be here next week because it's gonna be pretty awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. Just quickly, I wanna add to that. We're calling it POFU paths or pathways, which is anybody that's been through or has joined the Toastmasters International. They recently had updated kind of like their course that you go through, their courses that you go through in order to become a distinguished Toastmaster, any one of the levels in between starting off in that. Essentially, it's a training program.

What was cool about it was they updated it from like old paper books to an online portal. The old paper method was you had specific books you had to go through and you could kind of jump around at which speeches you wanna do within the books, but you pretty much had to go in a specific order. It was very limited. But then when they rolled out the pathways program last year it basically allowed people to go in. It's kind of do like a survey or questionnaire they fill out about themselves and then it would kind of direct them and say, “Okay. Look, we've got all these different courses that you can take and we can direct you into this way or that way.”

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I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was really refreshing as a member of Toastmaster. I thought that it would be good for … I talked to my partner's about it, and Adam was in Toastmasters as well, and we thought that that would be a much better way to introduce people to Semantic Mastery, especially in the Mastermind. Because we've been told over and over again it's like a fire hose of information, when people come in they get overwhelmed, they don't know where to start. So, we wanted to kind of make it easier to really give people specific paths, whether you're a startup or if you're in the growth phase, in other words, you're already making money but you're trying to grow your business.

That's really what we're gonna be announcing next week. Hernan's put a lot of work into developing this out, guys. I highly recommend you come check it out.

That said, there's one other thing I do wanna mention. I know we did the Local Lease Pro update webinar, I think Adam is gonna mention something about that because that replay is gonna be taken down today and all the bonuses go away as well. So, if you haven't watched that, I would highly recommend that you go watch that now.

One of the things that I was talking about through that webinar was all the processes that go into developing out these assets is in a way that we can scale it. Because it's one thing to know how to build out a GMB asset on your own, that's all well and good, but if it takes four or five hours to do that, how many can you really do yourself is my point. If you really wanna scale this business and this opportunity while it exists, while it lasts, because we don't know how long it will, then you should really be focused on scaling.

That's something that I'm covering extensively in the Mastermind, is the scaling options. I've been working with a small group from our POFU Live event that we did earlier this year and we're developing out processes to scale so we can build many, many assets per week and have personnel or outsource that do it for us. That's what we've been developing, is the processes and the training to develop or outsource this. In other words, to train our outsources to do the processes that we have set up and build everything to our specifications.

That's what we've been sharing in the Mastermind. Again, if you guys are looking to take advantage of the opportunity that it is present right now, while it still exists, then I would highly recommend you come join the Mastermind where you're gonna be able to scale so much quicker than if you try to figure all this stuff out on your own. Adam?

Adam: Awesome. Yeah. Real quick, I never do this, can I share my screen?

Bradley: Yeah, please. I'll lock it on you.

Adam: All right. Let me do this. All right. If you aren't in the Facebook group, first of all come, join our Facebook group. But the free Copy & Paste Local Lead Gen Funnel for local businesses was the winner this month of the poll we put in there. We got that put together for you. Hernan created the best practices as well as some kind of insights. I'm not gonna go deep into it. You can go here, it's free. That's it. It's free. Go get it. Check it out. Hernan, like I said, recorded some great information for that. You can import it to your account. Hernan even got some ideas on what you can do if you're not a user of one of the page builders. I'll put the link to that on the page. Like I said, that's awesome. It was most requested one. Go grab it.

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Next up, like Bradley said, the replay from Monday is down. Like we said, it was only 48 hours, but if you wanna take advantage of this, along with the other people who have so far, you can get Local Lease Pro, you can get all the stuff Bradley was talking about, and you can still get all the bonuses, but that's going away real quick after Hump Day Hangouts. Right? The bonuses include the one-on-one private call with Bradley, the free verified GMB listing, and free client prospecting with the Video Lead-gen system. All right. This is a pretty amazing one. We tried to make it so that literally it's like you're getting this for free. If you buy this, the bonuses are worth more than the product that's already discounted. I'll put that link up there as well.

If you've already got Local Lease Pro and you're looking to take advantage of some of the MGYB sales, we got the crazy Christmas sales up already. I'll put that link on. I'm not gonna go into detail, you can go through here and see we got some great deals, like the Syndication Networks is at 40% off, Done For You RYS Stacks 30% off, Press Releases, as well as verifications and a bunch of other stuff. Cruise through. We've got a couple of weeks, but this won't last forever either. It's coming down at the end of the year, right before New Year's.

Bradley: Yeah. I would say, guys, go through those, the specials for Christmas through our MGYB because there's a lot of really good deals there. For example, the Press Releases is $20 off, so you can get the Press Releases, the same that we use for our business. I talk about how powerful they are all the time. You can even create your own organization page, which is incredibly powerful. It's a great link hub, really. It's a semantic hub that you can point as a link target. It uses a link target. It's fabulous. It's got iFrames in it and all that stuff. You can get those for $79 with that $20 off coupon, which is fabulous. If I were you, I'd buy several of them. If you don't have your own subscription to a Press Release distribution service, come buy them from MGYB. They're really, really good and right now they're inexpensive so I would take advantage of that.

Anything else, guys, or should I get into questions?

Adam: I think we're good to go.

Bradley: Okay. Let's do it.

Hernan: Let's go.

Does Publishing The Same GMB Post To Multiple Locations Of A Brand Hurt Rankings?

Bradley: All right. First up is Jordan Fowler. What's up, Jordan? He says … Hold on, let me zoom out a little bit. “Let's say I have a large nursery client with locations across Texas, a chain all the same brand, does it hurt to post the same GMB post same day to all 20 locations since they are all a single brand?” I don't know because I haven't tested like that. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: Yeah. I really don't know, man.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: Twenty locations, single brand, the same GMB post to all 20?

Bradley: Yeah, I'd try to vary it in some way.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I would, too. There's no point in that. It's the same thing. Google is getting the same thing multiple times. You have to think how will that affect what I'm trying to do, which is trigger the algorithm in a positive manner. All you're doing is feeding it the same information. Now if you know anything about the algorithm, it's looking for fresh unique relevant content that's updated on a regular basis, and 20 of the same posts for 20 different locations, does not meet that standard.

That's what I always try to look at. Guys, I am a fan of publishing as much new data as I can. Just feeding the bots new data as much as possible over and over and over again all day every day, that's what I do. It works for me. You could try it and see how Google reacts. Yeah. I don't know if that would put the 20 locations at risk. I don't know what would happen because it's not something that I do, sorry.

Bradley: Yeah, me neither. I mean, because I always try to vary things, Jordan. I've said that, for years I've been saying that, I don't even build, use the same content for lead gen assets, at least I hadn't been when I was building WordPress sites. For GMB assets, it's slightly different. But again, I would recommend that you would vary the posts, for example. Even if you use the same post text, I would still have unique images, even if it's the same image but geo tagged for each individual location that you would be pushing out to, or something like that. I'm sure there's some way that you could automate that. I mean, I would do that, at least have it that way.

Something else is, we have the auto poster, the GMB Auto Poster, which now allows Spintax, which is pretty cool, and also post-siloing, and stuff like that. That might be something that you could use to where you could set up posting to all individual 20 locations. You go in and set up the post, but have it go out with the Spintax and everything. It would set out a different variation to each location, in other words. Right? That's something else.

By the way, guys, I'm working with a provider right now that's going to … We're gonna be able to provide you guys in our store, at MGYB, super spun GMB post articles so that you can just basically purchase one and it would be full of tokens, that you can swap the tokens out with your own keywords, GMB profile, name, phone number, target URLs, all that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works
That'll be all easily interchange using find-and-replace function and then you'll be able to just copy-and-paste that into the GMB Auto Poster and set up Auto Republish on your posts. Every single time it goes to republish a post again, it's gonna select a new version, a new unspun version of that so that the text is always going to be unique. That's gonna be huge, guys, because it's gonna save you so much time and it's gonna be very inexpensive. Very inexpensive. That's something that's coming.

That's something that, Jordan, I think would probably work for what you're trying to do and that would at least vary it and make it unique, each post would be unique, somewhat unique anyways. That's a good question, though.

What Are The Most Important Things To Do For Keyword Research In 2019?

Liz says, “Hey guys, thanks for the Hump Day Hangouts. Been watching for a while and I have a question. What do you see being the most important thing to do for keyword research in 2019? Any big changes? What tools do you think you'll be using moving forward, any big changes?”

That's really good question. Most important things to do for keyword research in 2019? Well, considering I'm focusing solely on local stuff right now, I'm not doing any affiliate marketing, I'm not doing any real national stuff, well, not yet, I've got a big project coming up, but right now everything I'm working on is primarily just local stuff. So, for me, keyword discovery through GMB Insights is huge.

I've been saying this now for weeks, if not months, but today, I was actually developing out some more keywords going through Insights from many of my lead gen assets and looking at the keywords that are bringing the traffic to the GMB listing, the Maps listing, and what I'm finding is just an enormous amount of near me search queries. So. I'm targeting more and more near me stuff than anything right now and that's because it was speaking directly to the mobile algorithm at time and it's just working like crazy.

I mean, guys, I'm seeing as much as 50 and even 60% of the engagement coming to my GMB listings now through near me keywords. It's insane. It's crazy, some of the search queries that are bringing variations of some of the keywords and the way that people … and all that kind of data is new. Those are new type of queries, a lot of them. In other words, there's not a lot of historical data on that stuff, is my point.

I think using GMB Insights in search console, if you're doing more, maybe not necessarily local stuff, but search console. If you have search console, go do keyword discovery from there and you'll see what your site is getting impressions from. I think that's really, really important, guys, to see what Google thinks about your site and when it gives it impressions, puts it in the search results.

Search console is really good data for that, guys, because you can find queries or terms that were used that your site got exposure for that you didn't even know you have potential to get traffic from. Right? Just because you get exposure doesn't mean that you're gonna get traffic, because you could be on page nine. So, in search console, if you select the option to see the position, the average position, then it'll show you the impressions, the number of clicks, and then average position.

Like I said, if you look and you see a lot of impressions but no clicks, if you check the average position, it typically means because you're on page two or three or anywhere beyond that. Right? Because remember, where do you hide a dead body? On page two of Google, right? Anything really off of page one is very, very rarely gonna get any clicks. But if you're getting impressions, that means Google is already aware that your site is relevant to that query.

This Stuff Works
Those are really good opportunities, in my opinion, to optimize and find new sources of traffic that you would have otherwise overlooked. So, for me, besides the tried-and-true using Google Ads for discovery using alpha beta campaign structure, I love that, it still works really, really well, but then using search console in GMB Insights.

As far as tools, I still don't use any tools other than the ones that I've always mentioned, which is I use Google Trends as my starting point at all times and then I use Power Suggest Pro. I use the Google Keyword Planner sometimes because I do a lot of AdWords stuff, but I really just look at that to see if there's any traffic data from the keywords that I've extracted from Google Trends and from Power Suggest Pro. But whether or not it shows traffic or not, I don't care because if it's in Google Trends and/or suggest I already know there's traffic on those keywords. It just might mean that people aren't bidding on those keywords and that's why there's no AdWords traffic or Adwords Keyword Planner data, in other words.

That's my answer. Anybody else wanna comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. My thing is, once I start going in Google My Business, I'm just a total fan of being inside Local GMB Pro. It just makes things so simple. The thing is that the data that you get in Insights is really hyper-targeted, meaning that it goes by unique user. I'll give you Mario's Cab as an example because they're still getting tons of traffic even though we stopped posting for them for lack of payment. But I would have never thought to post with the keyword to just “taxi” or just “cab,” or “a cab.” That listing got people to come through by just looking for the keyword “taxi” or “cab.”

Who would think that you could rank for that or that you could get people to come through to their listing for that? If you have a TLD, that's impossible, or nearly impossible. The money that you'd have to spend to get to that level where you're getting traffic for “taxi” is incredible, but through GMB, we were able to. I just saw last month, 20 people came through using the word “taxi.”

Bradley: Yeah. I'm pulling it up right now, that's why I paused my screen.

Marco: Okay. Twenty came through using the word “cab.” Google tells you most popular queries for your business by unique users, so these are people who actually found the listing through that. It's phenomenal.

Bradley: Look at this. Look at this, guys. I haven't done any work for this listing in three months now maybe and it's still benefiting from the work that I did, which was really only about the initial optimization and I had a VA that was posting to it regularly, and then when payment stopped coming in we canceled or suspended the service. But it's still benefiting. Look, in just the last month, look at the number of engagements that it's gotten. The keywords that brought it, “taxi near me” and “cab companies near me.” What is that talking about, the “near me” keywords, guys? Remember, I just said that. Look at the number one search query, “taxi near me,” “cab company near me,” number two. “Cab near me,” “cabs near me.”

If we scroll through, I know these are saying less than 10, but you're still gonna see a lot of different “near me” or “in my area,” “close to me,” “close by.” Those are variations of “near me” search queries and it's huge. Like Marco said, “taxi.” “Taxi” brought 20 engagements in the last month. Does that make sense? For just the word “taxi,” just the word “cab.”

Again, and I've said this many, many times, mainly dealing in local from for my entire career, I have always targeted the keywords with a local modifier, especially with a real short tail keyword, like “taxi,” for example, or “plumber,” or “roofer,” or something like that. I would always optimize for the local modifier, which would be the city name appended to the keyword.

But now, because of what had just occurred in July with the mobile index first, it's no longer necessary, and we're proving it through Insights, which is actual data from Google, from engagements that occurred on our GMB assets, or the assets that we manage.

This Stuff Works
The point is, we're seeing that we're getting traffic from just short single phrase keywords in this case and we're getting direct traffic for it, of which I would have never attempted to optimize for. Or at least I would have known that it would be a dogfight to rank for in the traditional old-school SEO methods. But because so much shifted in July of this year, that's what opened up all this opportunity. Again, that's why my keyword research methods really haven't changed, except that I'm doing much more discovery through Google search console and GMB Insights now than I ever had before.

Should You Be Worried About Leaving Footprints For Google If You Keep All Your SEO Project Folders In Google Drive?

That was a good example, Marco, thanks. All right. We're gonna keep moving. That's a great question, Liz, by the way. Ken, what's up? Kenny says, “When you are doing your research for the ELC location research spreadsheet for gathering any research, are you saving each different iteration to your local personal G Drive?” Here's a tin foil hat question, guys. Ken, yes, I'm picking on you, buddy. “I'm asking because that would seem to create a footprint and connect things together for big G or is no big deal in creating folders in my G Drive for all my projects and keeping all files and folder research in each folder?”

Hey, look, I know everybody has their own varying opinions on this. I think even Marco now keeps his data in Box or something else, not in Drive. But my entire business is in Drive, it always has been. I don't worry about that shit. I think Google's got much bigger fish to fry. If, at some point, I get where I feel like I'm nervous about it, I may change that, but for now, it's specifically for me, it's because it's an ease of use for me and my team. It's so much easier for me to manage everything within Drive and have all of my team members have access to it so we can collaborate real-time.

I know that there are other services to do it, but I don't want yet another fucking service that I've got to be logged into all the time. I've got too many as it is. I personally like Google apps and everything about Google. I've built my entire business on Google stuff. My entire business is in Google Drive and I'm okay with that. Again, everybody, to each their own. I'm not saying my way is right or wrong. Some of you might say I'm crazy, but I've been getting by just fine and I'm gonna continue to do so until someone proves to me that I need to change it.

Ken, I don't worry about it, but I know some people do. If you're a tin foil hat kind of guy, put another layer on and move your stuff outside of Drive. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: It's not so much that I worry about, it's just that I don't want Google having the data, that's all, and they go into Drive. I plan, the stuff that I'm doing is going to bring the type of revenue that's going to make Google pay attention. So if they do, I don't want them seeing shit anywhere. I'm not gonna make it easier for them to hit me. They've been known to single out people, target people and just wipe them out. So if that happens, it's not going to be because they got the information from me. They might get it from a competitor, they might get it from someone who dislikes me for whatever reason, but they're not gonna get it from me.

Bradley: There you go. Anybody else wanna comment on that?

Hernan: Yeah. I've been using Google Drive for quite a while now. Again, I'm not that worried about Google. Yeah. Maybe I should be a little bit more worried about that, I don't know.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Well, you're a paid traffic guy, not so much in this yoga anymore, so you don't have much to worry about, I suppose.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Or Hernan doing the paid traffic stuff just to fool Google.

Bradley: Yeah. It's a mask. It's a distraction, right? A decoy.

Adam: A ruse.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Okay. Will, I actually took the time to read through your question several times earlier because I had to try to really interpret what it was specifically that you were asking. I've got a couple things I wanna mention. I actually wrote up some notes for this question because there's a couple things. First of all, Will was at POFU Live. Will, if you're not in the Mastermind, which I thought you were, this was a type of question that's more suited for the Mastermind because it's long.

When we do the Mastermind webinar is we get into as deep a question as somebody wants to get into, there's really no limit to that. If somebody wants to come on, and we could spend two hours with one individual's question, if that's what it takes, that's fine, we're happy to do so. But in public, Hump Day Hang out setting like this, in order to be courteous of others, a long question like this would take me 10 minutes to read through it. Honestly, this is not really the type of format for this type of a question.

If you're not in the Mastermind, I'm gonna be giving you some shit right now, Will, you should be. Because you were at the POFU Live event anyways, so you should be in the Mastermind where you can ask these kind of questions. But if you're not, that's okay. I know you're in the POFU group because you were at the live event. We do have a Slack channel dedicated to the POFU attendees and you're more than welcome to jump in there and ask as many questions as you want, we'll answer them in almost real-time.

Again, if you're not in Mastermind, join it already, Will. If you don't, for whatever reason, then use the POFU Live group for extended questions such as this. Now that said, I'm not gonna read through his questions, guys. You guys can read. Those of you that are watching this on the replay, it's been on the screen long enough, hopefully, you've read it. If you're just listening to it, well, tough shit, sorry.

How Does AnswerConnect Handle Calls For Service Providers As Part Of Local Lead Gen?

But here's my answers to his questions. Question number one, first of all, Will, the answering service I use is AnswerConnect, it's not CallFire. CallFire is a virtual phone number service that you can use to buy phone numbers and redirect or reroute to wherever you want. Yeah. You're conflating the two, but that's okay, not a problem. CallRail, yes, I prefer CallRail now over CallFire for my virtual phone number provider. Also, I know CallRail does also provide answering services, I have not used their service for answering services yet, or like a dispatch center or call routing, that types.

I haven't done that yet because I've been using Answer Connect for that. I've been using AnswerConnect since 2012 and there's really no reason for me to change what I've got currently. Now going forward, I may give CallRail's answering service a try. Okay. Excuse me. AnswerConnect does take call, it's a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There's no time off for them. Okay.

This Stuff Works
All of the lead gen properties that I have that route through a call center, the call center will answer the phone whenever the caller calls. The reason I do that specifically is because a lot of my contractors, most of the lead gen stuff that I do is for contractors and most of my contractors are working contractors. In other words, they're out in the field performing work duties, whatever that may be, and so a lot of the times are too busy to answer the phone.

I learned a long time ago that when I routed lead gen calls direct to the contractors, unless they had a receptionist that was going to be live and answering the phone during normal work hours, then I was missing a lot of calls, I wasn't getting paid for a lot of calls that I was generating because they weren't answering the phone. So, I lost a lot of money. I left a lot of money on the table when I was routing calls direct to the contractors, unless they had their own receptionist, which was rare, because usually it was the owner of the business that would take the phone call direct on a cell phone.

Number two, if you've been doing any sort of lead gen work or client work for any amount of time, you already know how much spam calls come through. When you send phone calls direct to a client, the more exposure you get them online the more spam calls they're going to receive. That's another benefit of having an answering service, a call center will screen the calls so that no spam or notifications get to the contractor, the service provider.

That's a huge sales benefit, guys, because when you're talking to a service provider that's gonna be buying leads from you, if you can say, “Hey, the only time you're gonna get any lead information is when they're qualified pre-screened leads. They're qualified calls that have been pre-screened by our call center so you're not gonna get hammered with spam calls. You're not gonna get shitty unqualified messages.” Does that make sense?

Anyways, from that, yes, my answering service, Answerconnect.com. You can go check them out. I've been using them for years. They have a script that they read and ask the caller of specific information. I provide that script. For example, let's say that it's Pepper Tree Services, is the lead gen asset. They would answer “Pepper Tree Services, how may I help you?” Caller would say whatever and you can go through a whole role-playing thing and that's basically what it is. “Do you provide free estimates?” “Yes, we do. We provide tree removal, tree trimming, blah blah blah blah. May I take your name, your phone number, the address of your property, when's the best time to call, what's the service you're needing?”

That's the type of thing, just a very quick survey that they ask them and to qualify the call, get the pertinent information, and then from there, that lead, as soon as the call is ended, and by the way, the answering service just says, “Yeah. We're gonna have our estimator call you back as soon as possible,” or shortly, something like that. “Thank you for your information. Our estimator will call you momentarily.” Okay.

As soon as the phone call ends, then the dispatch center or the AnswerConnect, they forward the call information, the lead info, the contact information to the contractor via email and text, and I get a copy of it via email for my records. Okay. So, that is the billable call right there. There is no duration. The only time that there's … That was number two, I think that was another part of your question.

But also, in some cases, and I mentioned this, there is a live call transfer at the end of the contact information being collected by the call screener, the AnswerConnect. Then, at the end of that, in some cases, I have the call which is live routed or live transferred to the actual contractor at that point, but not until all of the contact information has been secured and taken by the answering service. Right? Because if the contractor doesn't answer, that way we still have that lead information, and that's still a billable call for me. Does that make sense?

Again, the moment the call is done it's mailed out, it's emailed out and texted to the contractor, and I get an email copy of it. Like I said, sometimes there's live transfers, it just depends on the arrangement I have with the contractor.

As for monetizing, I have several types of arrangements, but the most are, because you were asking about that, everybody has to have an ROI, yes. But what I do, it's several different types of arrangements, lease location, which is the simplest for a flat monthly fee. That's where the contractor does not pay per lead. For example, maybe it's a GMB asset or a couple of assets or whatever that I'm gonna rent out to them and it'll be, say, $300, $350 a month, something like that.

Let's say just one asset with an answering service, it's $300 a month. It will cost me roughly $50 a month for an answering service for one location. Depending on call volume, that varies, but let's just say roughly 50. That means I'm making $250. I don't charge on a per call basis for that type of arrangement. Okay. I have several of those out there. Okay. That's what Local Lease Pro is all about.

For pay per lead arrangements, the call is billable as soon as AnswerConnect has collected lead info. In other words, AnswerConnect screens the calls and only the calls that result in full info collected are deemed billable. Right? When I say full info, a lot of times a customer or a prospect, a caller doesn't wanna leave their physical address. Yet, we asked that. Many times we get it, but a lot of the times or sometimes people say no, they're not comfortable giving out their address until they've talked and spoken with the estimator. That still counts as a billable lead because the vast majority of the contact information has been filled out or collected. Right? That's the answer to number one.

How Do You Expand The Number Of Keywords On A GMB For Greater Coverage?

Number two, you say that you've done your research about, and you were looking at keyword number or traffic data, and then you have some formulas that you apply that says you need this number of calls to get a conversion, that then converts to an actual sale, and it's going to be this percentage, blah blah blah. Look, I understand you've done all that research, Will, that's great. That's awesome that you went through all that trouble. But have you set up any tests yet to test those numbers?

This Stuff Works
The reason I say that, I'm not trying to be a dick, but the reason I'm saying that is because I can't tell you how many times I've tried to do research about keywords and found that there was no data or little data or poor data or very low numbers and things like that, but then I've set up campaigns and just knocked it right the hell out of the park with trafficking inversions. I've had that occur via Adwords, like Google Ads, but also just from SEO campaigns.

My point is, even though you may have seen the data and you've applied some formula or another, every specific location, and I have found, will produce it unique results. Right? There's gonna be commonalities among all locations, yes, but what I found is, I could have a tree service Google Ads campaign set up in one location and the same campaign basically set up in another city. There's a set of keywords that are gonna be typical or normal, but then I see a lot of traffic coming in from different sets of keywords for each location, if that makes sense.

What I'm saying is, regardless of what your data shows, without you actually setting up a test campaign and pulling actual real data in, then you're really flying blind. All you can do is make an educated guess. You're speculating, right? So, I would recommend, one of the best ways, guys, to find research is to determine which types of keywords are gonna be bringing traffic, and which types of leads you can get, what conversions are gonna be like, is throw some money at Google Ads, set up some Google Ads campaigns.

You can do it with lead gen stuff, guys. Invest some money to discover what your industry is really about, where the traffic-producing keywords are within your specific vertical. Guys, spending some money on AdWords is a great investment in that case because you'll find out which keywords are bringing the clicks. You can actually start to dial in your copy and your landing pages and everything that way so that any SEO that you apply you already know is going to generate results because you've got the data from AdWords that proves it and you've been able to start dialing the campaign in on that side.

Because, remember, yes, you're spending money on Google Ads, guys, but how much time does it take to get significant results from SEO? I mean, obviously, you can do some Local GMB Pro stuff and some Local Lease Pro stuff and get some quick results, initially. But I'm talking about, if you want to build a really good campaign, like what he's talking about with the type of leads that he wants to get, then I would recommend that you would be doing content marketing and developing out real good content strategy. Just start capturing all those different types of keywords that could bring traffic. But that's gonna take time. You can get some initial results immediately with Google Adwords, which will also give you the best data that you can use to develop or design your SEO campaigns around.

Okay. Those are great questions. Again, Will, next time save this length of a question for either the Mastermind or in the POFU Live group, and that's only to be courteous to everybody else. Does anybody else wanna comment on that before I move on?

Hernan: I think that was perfect, Bradley.

Would You Recommend Using A CoWorking Space Address For A GMB Profile?

Bradley: Okay. I need a drink after that one. Olena's up. “Following the manual approach of getting an address for my GMB profile. Beside a postal box …” By the way, I had a PO box that I had secured a few weeks ago and it was gonna run out of … Before I was buying them up from our own services really. I had gotten notification that I hadn't gone and actually claimed the box, and got the number signed and picked up the keys and all that. So, I went to go do that just yesterday, as a matter of fact, and I had filled out the street addressing form and all that.

I took it to the post office and they basically denied it. They said that they wouldn't honor the street address option at that particular location. Which I thought was bullshit. I've said many, many times, guys, that sometimes you have to educate the postal workers about that street address option. Well, this was the first time that … I've had to educate many of them that said, “I'm not sure that we do that,” and I'd say, “Yes, you do. I got this from the USPS website, this form. Every one of you do it. It's United States Postal Service. This is not an independent Postal Service. You know what I mean? It's the National United States Postal Service. You all take this form.”

This Stuff Works
Well, this one today denied it, or yesterday, I guess it was, denied it. So, I walked out of there mad and I was actually able to get a refund on my PO box, anyways. I shouldn't have even spent the time to drive out there because we have our own service now and it would have saved me a ton of time. But since I had already paid for it, I thought I would do it. So just so you know that PO box stuff, it does work. There's no doubt. I've got them all over Northern Virginia. But there are some locations that just flat out, they're gonna tell you no, because they don't understand it or they haven't been educated on it, and they won't let you do it. So, just keep that in mind.

To finish on Olena's question, she says, “Besides a postal box, would you recommend to get an address from a co-working space in my local area? The niche I'm working on is Internet service related and the co-working location and my service could match.” Yeah, you can do that, Olena. If you can get mail there, a physical address, sure, you absolutely can do that. I wouldn't get some other, like the UPS mailbox stores and stuff like that, I wouldn't use those. Those typically get flagged really quickly. But, yeah, those shared workspace, or co-working spaces, as you're calling it, those will work. As long as you can get mail there, it's like building address and all that, yeah. Absolutely.

“I've spoken to them about receiving verification from Google and they allow companies to operate and work from its premise.” Yep. “Being that Google is aware of this co-working spaces address since they have their own verified GMB profile, do you see any issues with getting another GMB profile with the same address?” No, because here's the thing, in this case, you literally could go to the co-working space to meet potential clients or clients. Right? That's what the whole co-working spaces were for. It's for people, it's like flexible office space, right?

Let's say you work from home, so your home isn't conducive to entertaining or prospecting or pitching prospects, right? You know what I mean? I wouldn't want potential prospects coming to my house or clients come to my house either. These co-working spaces, that's what they're designed for. So, I don't think it would be an issue.

Now I haven't actually set one up there, but I don't think it would be an issue because that's a perfectly valid reason to have a co-working space or shared office space. Right? Because you work from home. But when you need to host an event or meet with clients, then you go to your shared office space. To me, that's perfectly logical. I don't think it would be any problem.

Anybody see any problems with that?

Hernan: I think that's pretty cool. I haven't thought about that, but that makes sense.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: No. I don't see any problem because she's gonna have her own business name and she's gonna have a different phone number. The only thing that's going to be the same is the address and, hopefully, they'll give you like a suite or some type of identifier that will make the address a little bit different-

Bradley: Like a box number or a suite here.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, from everybody else's. That's perfectly okay. Think of an office building and how many different companies can share an office building, right? Google doesn't see any problem with that. The co-working space idea, to me, in that same vein in that you're in an office space, you're renting office space just like if you were with all other companies, except this would be just part-time and just to do what it is that you need to do. I see it perfectly okay.

Can You Place iFrames Into A JPEG Image Metadata Area?

Bradley: Yeah. Good question, Olena. Wood Wine Gift Boxes says, “Can I place iFrames into a JPEG image metadata area? I'm thinking of some type of infinite loop to Drive Album and back.” I'm not sure why you'd want to put an iFrame in the comments section of the metadata of a JPEG image. I don't know what that would accomplish. Marco, would that accomplish anything?

Marco: It would just get the code in there. But he actually got me thinking. Scott, because I think this is Scott, right? Scott Rogers, here's the deal, nothing beats a try but I fail. He wants to have an iFrame stack within that JPEG image. Do that, but then drop some schema before the closing tag in your iFrame. Add some schema in there and then run it through Google's structured data testing tool. Right? You're gonna have to upload the image somewhere so that Google can go in and-

Bradley: Oh, my gosh, I see what you're saying.

Marco: -look for structured data. If Google reads it, then you just got an iFrame stack within that image. Wouldn't it be good if you could just duplicate that multiple times within that comment section. Different iFrame. I'm thinking ID loop to loop.

Bradley: Hey, do you realize we're on Hump Day Hangouts right now, Marco?

Marco: Sorry.

Bradley: Aren't you usually the one pulling the reins back on me?

Marco: No, he got me thinking. Sorry.

Bradley: But, guys, did you just hear what he just said? I don't know whether that will work or not, but that's the next test, right? Guys, take an image. Even if you're not trying to stack an iFrame in the metadata, just create json-ld markup, like local business markup, for example, drop it in the comment section, the metadata of the JPEG image, save it, upload it. Then, go to the structured data testing tool with the image file URL, and stick that in there and test it. Read it and see if it will pull back the structured data.

I've never even thought of that and again I haven't tested it. It might not work, it might not read it at all. But that's an interesting test. I'd like to test that now.

Marco: Me too, which is why he got me thinking. Man, he just got the juices flowing. I said the only way to test that is doing it that way, to see if Google will read the code.

Can An iFrame Be Tweeted Out?

Bradley: Yeah, that's interesting. That's a new test. Okay, cool. “Can an iFrame be tweeted out somehow?” Well, when you tweet out a YouTube video, that's basically a tweeted iFrame. I don't know if you can iFrame other stuff because Twitter just converts the YouTube URL into an embed, which is an iFrame. Marco, can you tweet out on iFrame?

Marco: I think that Twitter turns it into an image, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't done Twitter stuff in a long time, guys. We haven't needed to look for that extra power. Twitter stuff? I'm out of tune with Twitter right now.

Bradley: Yeah. I was never in tune with Twitter. I just never cared, honestly. I know you can get a lot of power on it but …

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah. We used to do some nasty shit with Twitter, like pinging, t.co Google shortener, and then we will ping it with something like ScrapeBox and a Google shortener, where we show up a bunch of hits coming from Twitter, like simulating virality. That was fun, but yeah, it's been a while.

Bradley: Yeah. You could take a tweet with Google short URL and then have it retweeted and it would look like hits to that URL.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Twitter, anything that you throw at Twitter will become a t.co shortener.

Bradley: Yeah. You could mimic a post going viral or a video going viral just buying retweet gigs from Fiverr. It was cool. It worked really well for video SEO. It probably still does, I haven't done it in a while.

Hernan: Maybe.

How Much Power Do You Lose If You Don’t Put The Map Embed On Every Website Page?

Bradley: Yeah. Jordan says, “Second question, if others aren't waiting. Ideally, we like to put the map embed from the drive stack on the footer so it's on every page of site. But some clients don't like it aesthetically. How much power are we losing putting it on a Locations page and/or Contact Us page only? FTR, I'm embedding it in @id custom local biz page.” I wouldn't worry about it, Jordan.

As a matter of fact, if you take a look … I'm gonna talk about this from a couple of … I'm sure Marco has some input on this too. But when it comes to structured data, I know that's not specifically what you're asking about, but when it comes to structured data, like local business markup or organization markup, that kind of stuff, it's not necessary to put that site wide. Right? Specifically in Google's structured data guide, it talks about how it really only needs to be on a Locations page, About Us page or Contact Us page. That's it. It doesn't have to be anywhere else on the site. We typically put it site wide in the HTML header. But we don't have to. It can be according, to Google's own recommended best practices guide, it can be on the Locations, About Us, or Contact Us page. Right?

When it comes to a map, I totally get that, if a client doesn't want the map site wide in the footer or in the sidebar or something like that, then just put it on the Contact page, About Us page, or Locations page. That's perfectly fine since you have an @id page that you have the map embedded into. That's where you do all your nasty stuff. You don't need to worry about having it on every page on your site.

That's my take on it. I know you can get more link equity or link flow flowing to a map that's on the home page in the sidebar and the footer than you could if it was on an inner page, obviously. Right? Because that's where most of the juice flows to a domain, is the root. But again, I wouldn't worry about it since you have an @id page. Obviously, you've got to always consider what the client wants.

Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. If you follow RYS training, especially the black book, we recommend the home page just for that reason. Most of the link equity, most of … everything goes into the homepage and then Google branches out from there. That's why we recommend it on the home page. You can make my map look really good, I mean, with custom pin and all that stuff, so that the client doesn't really complain about what it does aesthetically. I mean, if you're scrolling down, I don't know what the concern is with my map in the footer. You can always control it with Widget Logic or some other type of plug-in where the map will display so that doesn't display site-wide. But I do like it on the home page, Jordan. Maybe you can sneak an accordion in there.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Some type of accordion so that is hidden within the accordion. But I want it either on the sidebar or in the footer, or both.

Bradley: What about instead of an embed just a contextual link in the footer or something that says “see us on Google Maps” or something, then even put a keyword as the link and just linking to it? That's still not as good as embed, I get that, but then you'd still have a home page link pushing equity to it.

Marco: Yeah, but it's not the iFrame. I'm looking for the iFrame. That's all I'm looking for. I'm looking for that iFrame with that JavaScript link going back to the my map and the drive stack.

Bradley: Then, I got you. Jordan, there you go. According to Marco, yeah, an accordion menu, like an expandable menu, that would be good. You could put it behind something, like somebody clicks on it and it expands and there it is, but that way it's still on the home page, it's still benefiting from the root into the home page. There you go. All right.

Can You Use CoWorking Space Address For A Local Lead Gen GMB Page?

Mattias says, “Hi, guys. One question about GMB listing verification. I know that lead gen assets you promote are mainly for service area businesses, but I found some easy to rank opportunities for local real estate accounts, et cetera, and would like to build my own asset for rent instead of working on theirs. Since these are niches which typically use physical locations, I was thinking in using co-working spaces for verification, and then once I closed the deal with the client, redesign the website with their name and logo, but keeping my address and tracking number. Or perhaps the only option is to rank organically with the standard WordPress site.”

Yeah. Well, the problem with doing those type of businesses is, remember, a point-of-sale business or a storefront where the customer comes to the business location to transact business. Like an accountant, for example, for the most part, people go to the accounting office. I mean, my accountant actually comes to my home. But again, for the most part, if you're going to be doing it that way, storefront type businesses, the problem arises when a user, a Google user does a search like “accountant near me” or “CPA near me” and then they find your listing, and what happens if they don't call? They just go to the office. People do that still, right? People still do that. They still find something near me and then go to that location without calling or anything.

What are they gonna do? They show up at a co-working space, shared office space, like we were just talking about earlier, and the accountant is not there because you're just leasing that asset and directing leads to wherever the accountant's real office is. So, that would piss users off and it's eventually going to end up either with negative reviews on your GMB listing for that or it's going to get reported as the business doesn't actually physically exist there. Then, Google will terminate it for spam. That's the problem with trying to do lead gen stuff with storefront businesses, guys. Again, you're welcome to try it, but I'm telling you the potential problems that you're gonna run into, that are very likely to happen.

This Stuff Works
I would be pissed off if I did a search something near me, found a store supposedly, and I go to drive to that location or walk or whatever, I get to that location to find out that it was a spammed GMB listing. I'd be pissed. I'm an SEO, you know what I mean? I would even understand why they did it, but I'd still be mad that they wasted my time. Does that make sense? It would either end up, me, I would leave a shitty review or it would be reported. You know what I mean? I'm not saying I would report, I don't typically do that.

But my point is, somebody would and that could end up being a problem. If you end up with negative reviews on your Maps listing, it's gonna affect your GMB asset, even if it doesn't get reported. But if you end up doing it clients and you rebrand it for them, then that's technically a negative, it's negative reflection on their business. That could be a problem for you too.

I don't recommend doing it for storefront businesses, guys. In that case, organic rankings and Google Ads, those are my two favorite sources for that type. Okay. Do you guys have any comments on that or should I move on? We're almost done anyways, I think.

Marco: No.

Does Using Call Rail Phone Tracking For A Client’s GMB Account Create Problems With NAP Consistency?

Bradley: Okay. Brian says, “How do you use CallRail phone tracking for client's GMB account or on other properties? Because won't that create NAP consistency problem?” Yeah, Brian, so you don't use, I'm talking about when you set up an asset, start off using your own tracking numbers. If you have a client that you need to track numbers for … All right. I know there's a AdWords phone number that you, you can add additional numbers to GMB, to a Google My Business listing.

If all you're doing is trying to track calls through the Google My business listing, then you could have both phone numbers in there, because Google will be aware of both numbers. So, your NAP from your citations would still be built to the customers number, but you could have the GMB listing displaying your tracking number as long as the customer's phone number is still in the GMB dashboard. Because you can add more than one number, is what I'm saying, but you would make the primary number your tracking number.

Now I haven't tested that in quite some time. I don't know if that's going to cause problems with existing citations out there, NAP inconsistency. My point is Google … The reason why I'm telling you this is because I know for a fact, and I've talked on the phone with Google My Business support reps about this, I have a client that has a physical location that is displayed incorrectly in Google Maps. When I edit the info, it's a storefront business, it's a preschool, when I edit the info for the store, the location of the business, it's always correct, it's been added or inputted correctly to GMB, yet GMB or Google My Business Google Maps displays the address in a different format.

I contacted them and said, “Well, how am I supposed to build business directories listings, should I use the correctly formatted address the way the United States Postal Service says it should be standard address formatting or should I use what's displayed?” The Google reps have said to me that I should use what the correct address format that is entered in the backend or Google My Business dashboard. Even though the Google is displaying it differently, they're displaying it differently because the other addresses in that shopping center are displayed that way. So, it's the more common display type. So all the citations are built with the correct formatted address, which does not match what shows on the Google My Business, if that makes sense. Yet, I've never had any problems with that listing. I was able to get it ranked very, very quickly and it's ranked today. That had been a client of mine now for a little over a year.

So, my point is, I know that as long as the data on the backend is inputted correctly, the Google is aware of it. It shouldn't cause you any problems, if you want to add your tracking number as the display number in GMB, as long as the primary business number is still included in the GMB dashboard.

But again, I have not tested that specifically. It should work, but I haven't tested it. The only other way that you could do it would be to set up the listing with that number or flat out, just the tracking number, I mean, or flat out change it and then do a citation cleanup. But then that puts you in control of their phone number across all their listings, not just their Maps listing and most clients aren't gonna go for that.

As far as tracking other results, remember, you have GMB Insights. You should have probably access to Analytics, so if you're doing work for your clients, then you should always take screenshots when you start the project. I take screenshots monthly so that we have a progression, they can always go back and look at screenshots side by side or scroll through them in a folder and look and see the type of results, increase in impressions, increase in number of keywords, increase in traffic numbers, decrease in rank, like getting higher in the search results, that kind of stuff. All of those are kind of metrics that you can show to prove what you're doing, if you're not tracking calls specifically.

This Stuff Works
That was a good question.

Marco: CallRail had a dynamic call tracking or call insertion. I forget what it's called in CallRail. But look into that so that you can track results for the client. Now as far as GMB, get your own assets and redirect the calls to the client, you track them in CallRail, you send them to the client's number, everybody's happy.

What Are Your Thoughts On PressCable's Statement That All News Sites Purge PRs From Sites?

Bradley: Yeah. He says, “I asked the PressCable guys,” Dan says, “if they could tell me which purge their press releases and this was their response. ‘Please be advised that all new sites purged PRs from sites.'” That's not true, because Digital Journal I know for a fact has PRs that I published that are still live from years ago. They're still linked targets. Digital Journal is one. That's absolutely not true. Most of them probably do at some point.

For example, and I've said this before, NBC 29 is the Richmond, Virginia NBC affiliate and Richmond is the capital of Virginia. So, NBC 29, every time a press release gets published for a Virginia, a client of mine or one of my lead gen assets that are in Virginia, the NBC 29 press release typically ranks very, very well.

But I've seen those live as many as six months later, I think six months is like the definitive cutoff point where they purge for those. But I've also seen like no shit on the NBC 29 domain the press release purged within two weeks. So, I really don't understand, like sometimes it's two weeks, sometimes it's a month, sometimes six weeks, sometimes it's six months. So, I don't understand what their criteria is for purging. There may be some publications out there that it's a year and then they purge them or whatever.

That's why, like I went back through the Local PR Pro training and I very specifically talked about, with the PR stacking, that you should really know the services that you're using to identify which are the best stacking targets. In other words, find ones that are permanent. That's why I love Press Advantage and that's why we use it so much. We sell Press Advantage Press Releases because the Press Advantage domain itself is powerful. You get an organization page, which is a great link target. It's fabulous, plus it's got iFrames embedded. It's awesome, guys.

But then the actual Press Releases from Press Advantage rank very well, they're very well written, you get NAP and a do-follow link on it. It's just really, really strong and they don't purge. So, those become now are my primary link targets for a PR stack or my Press Advantage PRs. Or Digital Journal, which are all no-follow links, but it's still powerful.

If you are submitting Press Releases through PressCable, you'll notice that, and it might only be on premium distribution, but you'll get distributed out to newswire.net. Newswire.net, I don't think they purge from there either and that's another good link target. So, I would check into that, Dan. I can't remember though, because I have a subscription to Press Cable too. I don't remember if newswire.net is only for the premium distribution or if that's part of the regular distribution.

All right, last two questions, guys. I know we're a couple minutes over. We should be out here in about three minutes. Wayne says, “What is today, Bradley? Let's give away all the goodies from the Mastermind.” Yeah. “LOL. Truly good stuff you're sharing here today. If you haven't seriously considered joining Mastermind, then consider today's info, just to taste of the high-quality info you will garner from Mastermind.”

Thank you, Wayne. I appreciate that. Merry Christmas to you buddy and your family. Wayne's been a member of ours for as long as I can remember. Thanks, Wayne.

How Do You Get The Most Bang For Your Buck On Each Google Post?

Casey says, “Thank you guys for doing this. How do you get the most bang for your buck on each Google post?” I guess timing really. You have a good image, but the timing is really important. Marco talks about that a lot. You can see that, you can identify those kind of the best times just from looking at Insights reports. So, look at your Google Insights, Casey. I'm not gonna go in the detail here. Just go look at your Google insights report and take a look at the days that bring the most engagement and those are probably the days that you should be posting more often. At least in my opinion, it's probably how to get the most bang from a GMB post, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
Marco, what would you say?

Marco: If you go into the historical data, you can actually get the times when people tend to reach out for whatever. I don't care what niche. There are certain times that people are more active than others. Days also, we found that out with Mario. What the days were when you should be posting and the Times. That's all in the historical data and that's all shared inside the Local GMB Pro. I'm not gonna do it in here.

Bradley: Yeah. What's really cool was I recently landed a very large, well, for me, AdWords client or Google Ads client, it's about 20k a month an ad spend. That's the biggest account I've managed for Adwords, specifically. It's really cool. AdWords has come a long, long way in the last year, guys. It's really crazy, like the amount of stuff that's been added in Adwords, like automated bidding strategies and all this kind of stuff. But what's cool is they have an overview report now, which will show you, it'll give you recommendations on how to optimize the campaigns more.

One of the things that it does is, it shows you, after you have enough data, it'll show you the times of days that your ads are most likely to receive clicks or that people are most active and engaged, or most active searching for those type of keywords. It will actually tell you that, through using automated bidding strategies, it can increase your CPC bid or whatever during those times and decrease it during the times that the data shows that people are less likely to be active. So that you can stretch your marketing, your budgeting dollars out further, you can get more bang for your buck, essentially.

That kind of data you can actually apply to, that's what Marco's saying, you can get similar kind of data. I don't know if it's nearly as accurate, but you can get similar data from GMB Insights. If you're are using AdWords, you can also plan your content strategy around publishing content at those times that AdWords recommends that people most likely to engage with your ads or your content, your brand, if that makes sense.

Again, use the data that they give you, guys, to fine-tune your marketing campaigns. That's all I can say. All right. Thanks everybody for being here. Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night. I'll see guys next week.

Adam: Bye, everybody.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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How Would You Recommend Using A PPC Google Ads Budget To Generate More Business?

By April

In episode 207 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to use a PPC Google ads budget to generate more business for a local towing company.

The exact question was:

I currently have a towing site in my local area generating around 70 80 qualified calls a month with great organic rankings but average map rankings. I was still able to close a towing client at $750 a month. I got paid, now I was planning to supplement my organic calls with some PPC Google Ads to add some gas to the fire and get my client making some money.

1 how would you recommend I use that budget with Google Ads, (I don’t mind making less profit myself in the beginning as I plan the SEO to take over in the later months).

Should I Run YouTube ads like you’ve discussed in the past?

Or should I run regular PPC Ads since the niche is towing and they typically call the first one they see.

Thank you!

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 214

By April

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Adam: All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, episode 214. This time it actually is 214. I'm able to use my numbers this week, which is great. I almost wore my little Christmas hat, but I decided I gotta hold off for like another week.

We got a lot of good stuff. We got some news we want to share with you guys, and then jump into questions. But first, let's say hi. We got Hernan and Bradley with us. So, let's start on the left with Hernan. It looks like I can see half of his face. How's it going man?

Hernan: Cool.

Adam: Oh, there we go.

Hernan: How about now? Is that better? I'm doing great, actually, I'm doing really well. So, yeah, we're having a lot of good stuff coming out for '17 last year for the Mastermind. We have a bunch of good stuff for this month. I'm really, really excited for what's coming.

Bradley: I'm going to get a seizure from your fricking Christmas tree in the background.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:00:49].

Adam: No, come on we want to see …

Bradley: Stop doing that.

Adam: Oh my God. Stop doing that right along. Bradley, what are you doing, are you still alive?

Bradley: I'm convulsing, that's what I'm doing. No, I'm good man. I just finished the Syndication Academy Update Webinar, the first one in several months. Anyways, it wasn't as good as I'd hoped because I'm having some slight issues with one of the things I wanted to share. Because of that, I'm going to schedule another one for next month. So, just be on the lookout for that guys.

Adam: Thanks.

Bradley: Marco made it.

Adam: Yeah. Hey, Marco, are you there?

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Marco: No, I'm not.

Adam: Well, we're just saying hello to everybody. If you've got a sec, if you want to say, “Hi, how you doing?”

Marco: Of course, man, what's up? I'm excited man. End of the year, so it's always good. Family time, just getting together. My wife's a chef, so I'm lucky and I'm really looking forward to 2019. We have so much coming down the pipeline, it's not even funny. It's ridiculous. The kind of money that's to be made right now. Dude, we're back into 2003, 2004, 2005 when I started out.

It's ridiculous the way you can just go out there and with almost nothing, make a bucket full of money.

Adam: Definitely. Now's the time. Well, we'll be speaking of that in a little bit more in just a minute. There's some really good opportunities, but I want to say too, if you're new to [inaudible 00:02:24], of course, thank you for watching. If you're checking out the replay on YouTube down the road, come join us live for these. You can always come to the most up to date or the recent or upcoming one. That's semanticmastery.com/hdquestions.

Again, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, you're wondering where to start, start with the battle plan, all right. That's going to get you repeatable results. Covers a ton of different areas, different stuff you need. Then, once you've got that, we even encourage our Mastermind members, everyone to get the battle plan. Once you're ready, take yourself a few notches, if you want to either start or grow your own local digital marketing agency, come join the Mastermind.

I can talk about Masterminds just in general, all day about how much good they do for you. We love ours, we're very proud of it. We've got a bunch of kickass members and we've got a lot of really good stuff coming here very soon. We're putting it to action right now. The [pofu 00:03:16] pass and we're going to have a little bit of a special to do with that. We're going to explain much more about that. Let you guys see a little bit behind the curtains here, more closer to Christmas, I guess, is the way to say that.

But, in the very near future, Bradley's going to be doing a webinar on Monday, right?

Bradley: Yes, Monday's the Local Lease Pro Update Webinar to share some additional things that I've discovered for that … Myself and my team have discovered over the last … Since we've launched the course, essentially. Several things that we're going to talk about is location research is much more granular now than before, so I'm going to be sharing that process on that webinar. I can show you guys how to use … How to run that software that we use in that course to find easy opportunities for GMB assets.

It's on a much more granular level and I'll explain all of that during the webinar, which will be on Monday. I'm also going to be talking about some things to avoid, to prevent getting locations terminated for spam. There's certain things that we've learned through all the very heavy custing that we've been doing the last couple of months. So, I want to talk about that.

So, you guys that aren't part of Local Lease Pro, you'll get information, like behind the scenes in some of the information, but it's not going to be the whole picture, right? So, we're going to make it public, everybody can come join because I want you guys to … This is our primary push right now in Semantic Mastery, we've really shifted directions entirely to building out legion assets right now because there's so much opportunity, more so than I've ever seen, since I've started in digital marketing and local marketing, which was in 2010 and I mean that.

Marco was just saying, “This is like 2003, 4, of 5, or whatever.” Well, I wasn't in digital marketing back in, so I don't know what it was like. But, since 2010 when I got started, I've never seen this much opportunity. So, that's why we're pushing it so hard and that's why I wanted to make this update webinar Monday public because I want you guys to see how excited and enthusiastic we are about this and also why.

When you see what I talk about, with the location research alone, if that doesn't get you excited, then you're in the wrong damn business is all I'm saying. So, again, we're going to have that public on Monday. Adam screwed up and put 48 hours in the email that it's going to be public, I didn't want it to be public for that long, so fuck you Adam.

Adam: Merry Christmas.

Bradley: Yeah. Merry Christmas you prick. Yeah, I was really only going to keep it public for 24 hours, but since the emails went out, it'll be public for 48 hours and then it's getting lockdown and then it's going to be in the members area only, along with the rest of the training. So, I highly recommend that you guys come check it out.

If you haven't joined Local Lease Pro, we're going to also offer a shit ton of bonuses and stuff like that. If you do want to join on Monday, but it'll be kind of a limited time thing. So, make sure you attend and absorb as much information as you can.

Adam: Yeah. I want to encourage people too who aren't in, obviously for the members be there … We're going to have some good stuff. For non-members, we are doing Q&A, so if you want, come and learn, see what's going on a little bit behind the scenes, like Bradley said, you can see really what's going on here, how big the opportunity is.” But then we'll also be answering questions.

We realized if you don't have the whole picture, there's something missing. You're not sure how this would work for you, this, that, or the other thing, be there. Ask questions, get them answered, and then like Bradley said, we've got a hell of a Christmas deal for you and happy to make that available, but yeah, that replays going to be only available for a limited time and then if you're not there live, obviously, you can't get questions answered as in depth as if you're there. Sign up, be there.

Bradley: Yep. So, what else we got?

Adam: One last quick one, just want to tell people the special offer is going away for MGYB, we've got a killer deal on the deep keyboard research. All right, this is one of the new additions to MGYB, it's a kickass keyboard research done for your service and it's 40% off and that's going away later today. So, I'm going to pop the link up there, check it out.

If you've got any projects coming up, you've got clients coming on board. You've got websites, thinking about building apps, need content ideas, this is the place to do it and 40% is a hell of a chunk of change. Highly suggest you make use of this today before it goes away.

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Bradley: Okay.

Adam: I think that's it, are we ready to go?

Would It Hinder The Ranking Of A GMB Page If The Images Uploaded In 2016 Will Be Removed And Reupload Them For Geotagging?

Bradley: Yes, let me finish sending Rob a message real quick. All right, sorry. Let me grab the screen, we'll get right into questions. All right, here we go. Not a whole lot of questions yet, guys. You better get to asking some questions or we're going to shut this down quick. Anyways, Dan's up first, he says, “I had uploaded several images to a GMB for a customer back in 2016, will it hinder the rankings to take images … To take all of the images off of the GMB page, geotag them and then re-upload them? Perhaps I should just do a few at a time?”

Yeah, I don't think it would be a problem. I would do a few at a time if I were to do it, Dan. I mean, again, maybe Marco has some additional information than I do. I don't see why that would be a problem. If they're just GMB images, you're not taking post down and all that kind of stuff, then I don't see why it would be a problem.

I wouldn't want to take post down though, delete posts and then repost them again, I'd just leave the old posts up, if that makes sense. If it's just images, taking it from the GMB photo section, like removing them, geo tagging them and then reuploading, I can't see that as being an issue. But, I would still do it a handful at a time, dripped out of several days or whatever. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: Yeah, my question is why would you want to do that. Why not add new images.

Bradley: New images. Yeah, that's a good point. That's a very good point.

Marco: We teach how and I think Dan has Local GMB Pro. We teach you how to go in and get images anywhere you want and then you go and add all the information that you want and then you have new data. This is the whole point. You guys, I don't know how much I can get into this, but you're missing the whole point of what Local GMB Pros all about and what we're doing with Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro.

We're trying to feed the fucking bot data and if you take stuff down and bring it back up, Google knows that the image existed already without the geo tagging. Why not give Google new images with new information, so not only is it looking at the front, it's also looking at the back. I don't understand the point, unless you can't get images. If you can't get images from your client, fire the client, or use the method that we teach in Local GMB Pro.

Always, for me, I always feed the bot more data. More data. It's always about more data, fill in the variables, and get lots of love.

Bradley: Yeah, I like that. That's just true. If you get more images … Dan, you should know, I think you're part of Local GMB Pro, but … I think RYS members also had access to that webinar, on how to get additional images. There's stuff like … Even if YouTube, you can just grab images from YouTube, I've done that a bunch. That's what my VAs are currently doing right now because they're a bit faster at it. Yeah, there's a ton of ways to get additional images. I agree with Marco, his was definitely a better answer than mine. So, Marco's the winner.

How Many GMBs Per Manager Account Is Acceptable?

Dan's up again and he says, “How many GMBs per manager account is acceptable?” Well, it depends, Dan. It depends what you're … What are the … What type of GMB assets are they? Are they real bonafide genuine businesses? If they're genuine businesses, there's no problem adding a manger and managing the genuine businesses from a manager account, right? They're real businesses, there's no problem with that at all.

Now, Marco and I have slightly differing opinions for lead gen assets, but personally for lead gen assets … Guys, let's just be 100% clear here, let's not sugarcoat this, when we're doing lead gen GMB assets, they're spammed, right? They're spammed assets, that's what they are. So, let's be clear about that. So, when you're doing lead gen stuff, then I don't recommend using a manager account because that connects … That creates a footprint, right? You can connect to different locations.

So, what I'm doing currently now and I've tested … Because we're scaling this lead gen asset building process so much right now, we're testing all different types of configurations and I've got several out there right now where I'm doing location clusters, which is multiple locations where assets within a service area, like a radius. A 20 mile radius is typically what I'm doing right now.

So, I'll secure many assets within that 20 mile radius. So, some of my location clusters are manged under a single manager account. In other words, each location is owned by a separate Google profile. So, it's owned by a separate Google profile. But, it's managed or there's a manger account that connects those profiles, so a manager can access them. However, like I said, currently what I've kind of shifted to now, is doing everything under the owner account or at least logging it … Or, if I'm going to add a manager, only adding a manger long enough to make changes to the GMB asset and then removing that manger, so that the footprint doesn't stay there.

In other words, for example, one of the things that we're going to be doing is providing done for you GMB optimization services, so we can provide an MGYB, our store. It's not available yet, but it's coming very, very soon, guys. We've got VAs in training right now, to be able to provide you guys with full soup to nuts done for you GMB asset building. From verification, all the way through … Setup an optimization and scheduling GMB posts and scheduling them to republish to where you don't have to do shit, except purchase it and then start making money from it once you monetize it, right.

So, one of the things that we're going to have to do is whenever we create or somebody … Typically, you're going to buy the asset from us, so we create it for you, but then the VAs that are going to optimizing it, will be … That asset will be … A manager will be added to that asset and then the VAs will optimize that profile, that GMB asset from the manager account. But, then as soon as we go to deliver it, we remove the manager account, right? That's what the process is likely going to be and that way there's the owner account and then you can add yourself as a manager if you'd like, but I would recommend using something like Browseo or Ghost Browser and always logging in and making changes to it from the primary owner account.

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That way, it's isolated to that one account. In other words, if you end up getting terminated from Google, for whatever reason … I've got a couple assets that have been terminated recently, that I don't understand why they were terminated, but again, they're spammed assets, so I'm not going to complain too much, I'm just going to move on and build another one, right? So, my point is if you end up catching some sort of penalty and it gets terminated, then it's going to be isolated to one account and one account only. Okay? So, in the past, I've always said that it's okay to add yourself as a manager to GMB assets and then manage … Make changes and things like that through the manager account.

But, that's typically when for real businesses or maybe the occasional lead gen asset, I've never done it at scale, like we have been over the last few weeks. I'm really concerned because these are black hatted Google, GMB assets. I'm really worried about potential footprints. So, I'm trying to do as much as possible to reduce footprints. That means not using manager accounts when … If possible. If you're using a good browser [inaudible 00:15:17] like Browseo or Ghost Browser, you should be able to accomplish that.

Now, Marco, I know you have a slightly different take on it, do you want to share yours?

Marco: Yeah, we have managers doing it all. The owner never, ever goes back in. That's how we do it. It's as if an agency were doing the work for that Google my business listing, which I think [crosstalk 00:15:40].

Bradley: So, you have different manager accounts, is what you're saying?

Marco: Absolutely, yeah. Because we have a whole bunch of VAs.

Bradley: Gotcha.

Marco: Right? So, they all get spread out. We don't have one BA that does … For example, what you always talk about, tree service, right? It's not about a bunch of clustered tree service, GMBs that, that VA is doing. They're out everywhere. They have a bunch of different niches that they handle. The team lead will spread them out. She'll give, “Okay, you get three. You get three of these. You get three of these. You get three of these.” Then, she'll come back and she'll start adding them again until we get to a certain point and then we don't add to those who will open a new account and that account we'll manage the next set. They all won't be in one niche. I think that's just perfectly legitimate.

In fact, I haven't seen any problems with any of the stuff that we're doing getting suspended.

Bradley: Yeah, I haven't had anything suspended through a manager account. So, again, I've had in the past, I've had a manager account suspended and it didn't affect any of the GMB assets that it was managing because the asset was owned by a different Google profile. So, as far as I know, that's still the case, but I don't want to create a known footprint between assets. So, what Marco just said, Dan, just to clarify, is that he's … Remember they're making changes. His team is making changes to GMB assets through manager accounts, not through the owner accounts.

But, there's not a footprint between the manager accounts and the assets because he's randomly selecting different Gmail accounts to be added as managers and they manage more than just one vertical industry. Now, again, Marco's got a team. Dan, I'm not sure if you have a team or not. So, that might not be the most efficient way for you, if you don't have a team. If you have a team, then maybe it is. Also, it depends on again, like Marco said, if you're dealing with multiple industries, that makes it easier to do that because each manager account can be managing multiple types of GMB assets. In other words, different types of industries, which would make sense because that acts very much like an agency that would be managing different client's businesses, right?

So, what Marco's saying is absolutely valid, I completely understand his method. Me, personally, in my business, I am targeting one industry. So, we're targeting … For my business as tree service industry for contact media, it's remodeling and general contractors. So, because of that, we're targeting one industry, I don't have that … Even if we had multiple manager accounts, every manager account will only be managing similar types of properties. So, that doesn't work for my setup. Again, you're going to have to customize the setup based upon what your specific business is currently and select which is best.

For me, for my business, because I'm targeting one industry, the best, so far … At least what I think to be the best method is doing everything through the primary owner account or if I'm going to add a manager, it's only temporary, long enough for the manger to make whatever changes are going to the GMB and then that manager get removed, so that it's not a long term manager connection, if that makes sense. Okay, so again, really take what Marcos said and take what I said, and determine which is the better fit for your business and then apply that method, okay. It's a great question, by the way, Dan.

Marco: I'm also about to put it to the test because I'm about to close on a really deal, where we're talking about thousands of GMBs and it's in one vertical, one niche. I'm going to see which of the two methods works best for longevity.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:19:42].

Bradley: That's what we're trying to do here. We're trying to develop processes to scale all of this, which is really what local, excuse me, what [inaudible 00:19:51] is all about. So, we're really trying to develop all of these processes and done for you services because we're building out our own. Guys, we're not just creating these services to sell them to you guys. We're creating these services for our internal use. Since we're going through all the trouble of creating all of these processes and training virtual assistants to do all this stuff, because we're building our own businesses this way, we practice exactly what we preach guys.

This Stuff Works
Since we're going through all this trouble anyways, it just makes sense to also … Because we're going to have all the processes in place for training, for all of this, to be able to provide that to you guys, right? Because of that, we're doing all of this testing right now. Remember, a lot of this is new at this level, at this level of volume that we're doing. So, we're trying to figure it out as we go and as soon as we get good information, we share it in the appropriate places. Like Local Lease Pro, Local GMB Pro, and then the Mastermind. Those are the three places where this stuff is getting shared, right?

Thoughts On Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Testimony That Google Is Not Manually Intervening On Search Results

So, if you want to stay on top of it without having to do the testing yourself, then just come join us and … The Masterminds probably your best bet because that's where the conversations are held on a daily basis. All right, Wayne's up. He says, “Observation …” Yeah, this was funny. “Google's CEO Sundar Pichai …” Or, Pikai, I can't … Whatever. “Testified in front of the house judiciary committee and literally said, “Last year we served over three trillion searches, just as a fact, every single day, 15% of the searches Google seized, we have never seen them before.” That's crazy.

So, this is working at scale. We don't manually intervene any search results. Another SEO said, “Anyone else see the word manually in there? Duh, I would've preferred him to say, ‘We don't intervene.' Thought you slipped that one by, huh, Sundar? Maybe to that box of rocks they call Congress but not to us, SEOs.” That's funny. I thought that was really interesting. So, thanks for sharing, Wayne.

Are There Any Laws Or Issues One Should Worry About When Running Ads To A Vacation Giveaway Offer That Is Free?

Frankie's up, what's up, Frankie? He's coming to ask a lot of questions. He said, “Hey, guys. Happy holidays. I've got a new client who owns a travel vacation club in the travel niche.” Marco, this seems like might be up your alley. “In my city who's giving me $1,000 with ad spend with Google Ads because they want results ASAP. Then, for each lead I bring in, they will be getting …” You will be getting paid, Frankie will be getting paid, “$200 to $250 regardless if they join the travel club or not.” There you go, that's great Frankie.

So, they're giving you the $1,000 for ad spend and they're going to pay you with the leads that you generate with their money? Phew, that's a really cool engagement, man. How'd you get that? How'd you manage that one? That's great. I like that. “Since he is paying for the ad spend and I still get a nice chunk per lead, I agreed to do his deal at the potential … I agreed to do his deal as a potential … Here it's huge for me.” Yes, I agree. Typically, in this industry, in order to generate the leads, the main way all the current marketing companies have done is to … They do a free giveaway offer for a vacation trip to Orlando or a free cruise in exchange for their contact info and having them attend a short sales presentation where they have the option to buy or not buy. But, they still get their promised free gift.

“My question is there any laws or issues I should worry about dealing with when running ads to a vacation giveaway offer that is free? Also, I know if you have used Answerconnect in the past. I know you have used Answerconnect in the past, so I wanted to ask in the service of Answerconnect make conversation outbound calls to the new leads and ask questions to qualify them, just as they would if they were inbound calls, thanks.”

Okay, so first thing, is there any potential issues with that? I don't know. You'd have to contact Google. If you're talking about setting up Google Ads, then I would just call Google Ads, formerly AdWords. Call Google Ads support and ask them that. They'll tell. Guys, listen. I've always found Google Ads … The support line, to call them, always really helpful. I'm not kidding. Anytime I have a question that I'm unsure of, I just call Google Ads because I'm spending money with them, why not call them and just ask them so I don't have to spend a bunch of money researching stuff.

Of course, I do a Google search first and if I can't find a direct answer to my question within a few minutes, then I will call. They're usually really responsive and they're happy to help because you're a paying advertiser. I found that to be the case, maybe other people have had different experiences, but I have always found it rather helpful. So, I would call in and ask. Do some Google research first if you can, Frankie.

It's very funny, but there was a training course, I can't remember the name of it, it was by Morrison, Anthony Morrison. He's got a brother too. They do a bunch of stuff, but he's got a training course, it's rather old. A couple years old now. It was very much like what you're talking about, but it was done on Facebook and that was giving away a free vacation, which cost him like $600 or $800. He could buy a three night or a two night, three day trip package at an Orlando resort or something like that, right? It would cost him like $800, $600 to $800 or something like that.

Then, he would do it on his Facebook page for that area, he would do a post and he would use Facebook ads on the page to promote this free giveaway for this free vacation giveaway, right? For two nights and three days at whatever this resort was. He did it in multiple locations and he would get thousands of people to opt-in for that free giveaway. On the thank you page, after the opt-in, there would just be AdSense. Straight up Google AdSense ads. Because so many thousands of people would click through and opt-in to be put on the list for the vacation giveaway and then land on the thank you page with the AdSense ads, which by the way you can put affiliate offers there and things too.

Then, he would end up making more money on just the AdSense clicks, then it cost to pay for the vacation, the giveaway, right? For the tickets of the giveaway. So, he ended up making money just on that giveaway alone and then he built a list of thousands of people that now he can email market to, right? Also, retarget or remarket through remarketing, right? So, it was huge because he was building a list with a free giveaway and making money on it. He as a training course about it, it's all done on Facebook, but you could apply that same principle to a Google Ads campaign or apply Google Ads to that same type of campaign is what I'm saying.

Again, if it's legal … Well, if it's not a violation of Google Ads terms and service, but you can find that out either through some research or just calling Google and asking them. It's a brilliant strategy. Brilliant strategy.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:26:35]. I just posted the URL for their policy regarding contests and giveaways.

Bradley: A no go?

Marco: No, yeah. He has to look through it. As long as the state where he is doing it doesn't prohibit it, as long as it's not prohibited in the U.S. or whatever, he can totally do it. [crosstalk 00:26:54]. Read through the URL, make sure that you understand it. Again, call Google. Frankie act real stupid. Look, “I want to spend some money with you, I'm not sure how? Can I do this?” If you act really stupid, they're really going to help. I mean, seriously. They're going to go out of their way to get you to spend your money with them.

Then, you go, after you're done with them and take … Everything that they said, with a grain of salt. Because all you're looking for is the clarification that yes, you can do it and what the conditions are. What the limitations are, that's all you're looking to get out of them. They're going to try to talk you in to getting some of their reps to help you or whatever. You can always do it yourself. But, the whole point behind this is getting all those little nuggets out of the person that you're talking to. The way that you do that is by acting really dumb.

Bradley: This is it. This is it. I was trying to think, I was sitting here the whole time you're talking, I'm trying to think a name of that Facebook page, where that … Let's see, was it this one or this one? It was Destin Florida and it was Anthony Morison's course, I can't remember. I think it's this one. Yeah, this one here. Destinflorida.com.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah, Destin Florida. I don't remember the name of the course either.

Bradley: Me neither.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: But, this is it right here. Look, they're still doing it. See, look, he's still doing this, man. I don't know why'd you ever quit. He's crushing it with this guys. You can see, he's still doing it. The course is still at least two years old. So, destinflorida.com, you can see the type of promotions he sets up. Live three day giveaway. Again, the training course is really good. We don't have an affiliate link for it, I'd give it to you. But, honestly, it's a good course. I actually set it up for my keto VIP project, which is the ketogenic diet thing that I was doing for a while, but I don't do much of affiliate marketing, you guys. I just straight do local stuff. I certainly don't like Facebook.

I know you can make a lot of money from Facebook, but I'm just not a fan of Facebook. So, I spent a lot of time setting up a similar giveaway with ketogenic diet stuff and I wasn't nearly as successful with it and it's probably just because I only attempted it once and then quit because I just don't like Facebook. Like I said, this is a really good strategy, I think it's something you should checkout for sure. It was a great question. As far as Answerconnect, it's been several years since I've had Answerconnect do any outbound calls for me.

I used to do that with lead gen service providers, when I used to offer equity share or revenue, like when I would have a service provider where I would get a percentage of a closed job or of a closed sale. What I would do and I've mentioned this before, maybe I don't have the hangouts, but I've done this with three different tree service contractors. Only one of them ended up being honest with me and not lying about jobs that closed and they said they didn't get them.

One of the ways I found out that I had contractors lying to me and not giving me credit or paying me for jobs, for leads that came through my sites, was I had Answerconnect to … Answerconnect's been my call center, like my call answering service since 2012, so I've been using them for many years. At the time, I would have Answerconnect go … I would provide the leads that came to a particular GMB location and I would provide the phone leads to Answerconnect and have them do an outbound customer survey, right?

That's what it was disguised as a customer survey and they would call the leads that came through and say, “Hey, this is blah, blah, blah, tree service. We're calling with a customer satisfaction survey. We understand that you didn't use our services and we were just calling in order to improve our service, we'd like to ask you a couple questions as to what led you to make the decision to hire somebody else.” Something like that. It was worded something like that.

I provided them with a script. It was two to three questions. What would happen is the call, the person who would answer the phone, the lead that they were calling, right, would say, “Well, we made a decision to go … We just decided not to get the tree work done.” Or, “We went another company because of this …” Sometimes the answer would be, “Wait a minute, we did hire you guys to do the tree service. Go back and check your records.” Or, something like that. They would say, “No, we did hire you.” Then, I would call the contractor and say, “Okay, what about this lead here? Did you close this job?” When they would lie to me, I would show them proof, “Wait a minute, I had it confirmed that you did do the job, therefore, you're fired. I'm going to send these leads somewhere else.”

That happened to me … I tried that with six different contractors and only one of them turned out to be honest. I don't offer that anymore, unless I've developed a really good working relationship with somebody. But, at the time, Answerconnect was the service that did it. Now, I don't know if they still do it, the easiest way to find out, Frankie, is just contact Answerconnect, right? Go to Answerconnect and go to contact us tab and ask them a question. You can call them. They're an answering service, so call them, ask them, “Do you guys do outbound calls?” If they will, great. If not, just do a search on Google, right? Outbound calling, telemarketers, something like that and find a service and have them do the outbound calls. Okay? It's that simple.

Answerconnect used to do that, but I don't know if they still do because it's been many years since I've done that. Okay? That's a great … Man, that's really sweet about this guy with giving you a $1,000 and … So, you're going to spend his ad money and for every lead that you generate with his ad money, you're going to get paid? That's great, man. You should try to repeat that over and over again. So, congratulations.

How Do You Determine The Profit Margin Of A Potential Local Lead Gen Client?

Ken says, “Last week Bradley said …” That's the webinar for Local Lease Pro Update on Monday, I'm sure Adam already dropped the link, so there you go, Ken. Will, what's up Will he said, “Bradley, on LLP, you mentioned that …” Which is Local Lease Pro, guys. “You mentioned that one of the criteria for selecting a niche is to ensure that the service provider had good margins to afford your leads.” Which means good profits. “Question, how do you go about determining what profit margins that the client would have, as you explained with the carpet cleaning client you used as an example to drive your point?” Again, Will, ask, right.

For example, if you're … If you're looking for … Well, first of all, think about … You've got to think about the type of businesses … The carpet cleaning, they're very, very small margins for the most part. So, it's hard to justify marketing cost, especially lead generation cost for carpet cleaning companies. Like tree services, it's almost all labor, right? It's very rarely is there ever any material cost, other than fuel, right? Then, paying for labor for the workers and stuff like that. There's very rarely any material cost. Remodeling leads, think about a kitchen remodel, right?

A kitchen remodel on the low end, an average kitchen remodel is about $30,000. Typically, most general contractors and remodeling contractors have about a 20% markup, right? So, if it's a $30,000 job and again about the average is a 20% margin, markup, margin, right? Then, they're looking at about a $6,000 profit margin, $24,000 would go out to materials and two subcontractors for labor, right? That's about a $6,000 profit margin per lead there, so it's easy or it's much more easy to justify charging $100,000 a lead, when there's $6,000 profit potential for that lead. Does that make sense?

So, again, think about it logically, Will, that's first and foremost. Just think about the type of business that you may want to generate leads for. Think about what they charge for their product or service and think about what their cost may be. Try to guesstimate. You can try to do some simple Google searches, guys, and start looking for that kind of data. You will likely find it with a little bit of digging, just by Googling. As a last resort or if you're not …

This Stuff Works
I personally, don't like talking to people on the phone, for the most part, unless it's something I purposely scheduled, unless I want to … You know what I mean? So, I don't like to call people just out of the blue and ask questions. That is a way that you can do it. For example, you can call whatever business type in your local area that you're considering doing lead gen services for and just ask them. Say, “Look, I'm a local marketing guy. I'm in the same area. I'm not calling you to sell you anything. I'm literally calling you to ask you some questions about your type of business because I'm considering getting into marketing for this type of business. I'd just like to know a little bit more about your industry. Would you be willing to answer a couple of questions.”

Send somebody a gift card for $20 or something like that to Starbucks or to a local restaurant and then call them after you know that it's been delivered, right? Then, say, “Hey, I'm the guy that sent you the $20 gift card. Would you mind answering a couple questions about your business because I'm looking to get into marketing for that. I'm not trying to pitch you on anything, that's why I sent you a $20 Starbucks gift card. Would you mind taking a few minutes?”

Butter them up first by giving them something. I've done that in the past, guys, and it works. So, again, it's just a conversation starter and is it worth $20 to actually find out what the margins are for a particular business that you may be interested in generating leads for? Also, couldn't they be the first person to buy leads from you, after you had that conversation and built some rapport with them? Think about it. So, there you go, Will. Like I said, a lot of the times, just think about it logically first. Do some research on Google. You'll likely find the information you're looking for, some sort of statistic sheets or something.

Lastly, you can always just send somebody a small gift. Or, you could just do a straight cold call, but if you want to butter them up first … Remember the law of reciprocity, when you give somebody something for nothing and you're not trying to pitch them … You guys know, probably from prospecting and trying to sell marketing services, we've always talked about how we should lead with something free first and then you try to sell them something. What if you give them something free first and you don't try to sell them anything. You just want to ask them a question.

You'll probably close that sale because you're not selling anything, you know what I mean? I would try that.

Marco: What I've also done, is I just have people call as a customer, just a typical customer to get a quote, just so that I have-

Bradley: That won't reveal what the profit margin is for that.

Marco: No, no. It won't reveal the profit margin, but it gives you an idea. If you have a quote and you know the general markup, which is 20% to 30% across the board, sometimes 10. It's generally 20 to 30, then you know more or less where you are.

Should You Limit Your Service Area Within The Zip Code Where The GMB Is Secured?

Bradley: That's true. So, Ted's up. He says, “Local Lease Pro method question. I'm in a large city with a dozens zip codes … With a dozen zip codes within that city name. If I secure a GMB in one of those zip codes with the population of 10K, should I limit my service here to target just that zip code where the GMB is secure?”

Well, that's up to you, it depends on really how you spaced out your assets. You don't want there to be gaps or spaces between us, that's if possible. So, that's really determined … Again, this is more of a question that should be answered on Monday, not necessarily today, Ted, because we're having the whole Local Lease Pro Update Webinar then. But, yeah, I would say it depends on how you have your other assets within that same service area radius spread out, right? Let's say you have a 20 mile service area radius and you've got only four assets and they're equally spaced out across those 24 or that 20 mile radius, then I would have the service area setup for each of those locations to where they all overlap in the middle slightly but that way the whole 20 mile service area is covered, by service area of each location, right?

So, each location will cover 25% in that particular example. So, that's how I do it. If you're doing a whole bunch of locations within a particular service area, then yeah, you can go hyper local, which is really what we're teaching with Local Lease Pro anyways, is going hyper local and keeping your service area or radius very, very tight, or small. Something I typically have been doing is going about a 5 mile radius, guys. That's only a 10 mile service area, right? 5 mile radius from the location itself, that's typically what I'm doing. But, again, it depends on how many assets you have and how big your service area is and how you want to spread them out then.

We'll talk more about that on Monday. Okay, there you go, Adam, thank you. Thank you. There you, Brian, it was just posted below you. “What time is the webinar on Monday?” It's 4:00 PM, I believe Eastern, right? Hello?

Adam: Correct.

Bradley: Yeah. All right, Monday, September 17th, I believe, yeah, 4:00 PM>

Adam: I'll put it on the page, it should've been on there.

Does A GMB Page Needs A GMB Site?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, cool, thank you. Cool, we're almost done. We can wrap it up either early or on time. GMB, Brian, okay. Says, “GMB, need to have GMB site in addition to the page, need to have a GMB site in addition to the page. I thought the GMB page was a site until I saw a link to a GMB site.” I think you're talking about the maps page. No, a GMB website, Brian, is a web … Google gives you a free website now. It's whatever sub domain you choose, .business.site, that's a GMB website.

Okay, it's just a one page site, but every time you create a GMB post, it gets … If you have a GMB website published, then it will also be converted into an internal page on the site. So, that's a GMB website. Yes, if you're doing GMB stuff, I say, setup the GMB website too. Use all the tools, all the features that Google gives you guys. That's why we're crushing it right now. We're doing everything that Google is giving to us, where 95% of other businesses don't even have a clue that it exists. That's why we're crushing it right now. That's what Local GMB Pro is all about.

Just get in there and use all of the tools that Google gives within Google My Business and Google will promote your location, your asset, above everybody else because you're using all the tools that nobody else is using. Does that make sense? Yes, Brian, use the GMB website if you can. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No, you answered it perfectly. That's all I use.

Bradley: Okay. I'm not even building WordPress websites anymore guys. I swear to God. The only time I'm going to build a WordPress website is if a client demands it. For lead gen assets, nope, don't need them anymore. Why the hell would I want to go out and pay for a domain, setup hosting and deal with all the stupid WordPress shit that we have to deal with all the time, when I can setup lead gen assets all day long with a GMB single page website and I never have to do a damn thing to it, think about. So, again, if a client demands a website, which most clients will, then, that's fine, I'll work on their WordPress websites for them.

But, for my own stuff now, nope. No more WordPress sites, I'm done. At least for now, that may change.

Marco: For those of you who have worked out the page rank math that business.site is around a 5, 6 PR. That doesn't mean that your sub domain is going to get a 5, 6. But, I mean, you're attached not only to a Google property, but it's like a 5, 6 PR. So, the quality score will be a … Not the quality score, but the ranking score will be just a touch lower than that, but it's a really good indicator that it's fucking powerful and you need to be there.

What Are Possible Reasons Why A Site Ranks Lower Than The Others Despite Having Better DR, UR And More Quality Backlinks Than Its Competitor?

Bradley: All right, so … Thank you, Marco. The next question, [Asheesh 00:43:01], I guess. I'm sorry if I mispronounced your name. That's a metric question, Asheesh and I know it's the first time you've posted a question for us, so I'm not going to slam you too hard, I promise. But, something we don't care about here at Semantic Mastery is metrics. I could care less what [Moss 00:43:18] metrics say about a domain or a webpage. I could care less what Majestic SEO says or what an AH Ref says because we stopped tracking metrics over two years ago and I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

I don't give a shit what the metrics are from my competitors compared to the metrics that I work on or my client's assets because we can still get results regardless of what those metrics say, period. We've proven that over and over again. So, again, I'm not picking on you. This is probably the first time you've asked a question here. This is really not the forum of Semantic Mastery is not the place to ask questions about metrics and why your higher metric property isn't outranking somebody with lower metrics. Probably because they're doing stuff that really speaks directly or feeds Googles … Feeds Google exactly what it wants and that's independent, separate and apart from metrics.

Metrics are proprietary. So, Moss has its own algorithm that it tries to determine the strength of domains, pages, and things like that based upon what it things Google wants. And AH Ref has its own and Majestic has its own and everybody has their own metrics and they're all proprietary. None of them work for Google. So, what I'm saying is because Google doesn't give us page rank metrics anymore, which was the most accurate, then why bother with third-party metrics. I know some people out here live and die by third-party metrics. That's fine.

If it's working for you, that's great. But, in your case Asheesh, you're saying that your metrics are higher but it's not ranking. So, apparently, it's not just a metric thing that determines whether you rank or not, right? You're saying that you have living proof right now that it's not just a metric thing, which is why we don't care about third-party metrics anymore. I don't even track them, I don't care. Does that make sense? Now, I know Marco has a strong opinion about this too.

Marco: Yeah, absolutely, because everything we do is meant to trigger the good parts, let's call it, of the Google algorithm, freshness and proximity. Just everything that Google is looking for. They're looking, as I said, for the ranking score, they're looking … It's not just pay join, pay join is part and I've been saying this for a couple of years. Pay join is part of the ranking score algorithm and that's what we're building up. As long as we're working towards that, we can care less what Moss is doing or Majestic or anything else. It's a guide, but theirs is a guess.

If you think of a whole bunch of people together and they got the math that Google gives you, because they don't give you everything, and they made an educated guess, right? Some went for domain authority, some went for trust. Well, neither one has everything that Google has. The only one that has that Google has is Google and they're not giving up the ghost. So, all we can do is … The Semantic Mastery, which is we test, we see what moves the needle and then we do some more of it.

We do some more of it to the point where we try to hammer it and try to break it and try to get Google to push back, so that we know when we come to you guys, we can tell you these are the boundaries as far as what you can do.

Hernan: Yeah, with the thresholders.

Marco: Yeah, absolutely. We need to know. We need to know what doesn't work, so that we can give people what does work, right? That's just obvious, that's what everybody should be doing and if they're not, then, Asheesh, avoid them. Go somewhere else.

Bradley: That's it. Thank you, Marco. [inaudible 00:47:04], by the way, I don't know if you saw that I commented on your question on the Syndication Academy update. Man, I really apologize, I missed your question. Yours was the first question, so I don't know how I missed it. But, he was asking on that about can you get an RSS feed from Facebook. Yes, you can from Zapier, you can get an RSS feed from Zapier. So, yes you can.

In fact, I posted on that page the event page from earlier that I would try to squeeze that in from the update webinar we're going to do next month in January, which is part two of this Syndication Academy Update Webinar that I held today. So, I'll try to get to that.

Is There A Benefit Of Using Hashtag When Posting To GMB?

So, his question today or for here is there a benefit using a hashtag when posting to GMB? I have no idea. Marco, do you know? I still haven't been using them, so I don't know. Does it even take hashtags?

Marco: Yeah, you can use hashtags, I don't know if they go … Actually, you can do jump links in posts. I just gave me something that I shouldn't be giving away, but run with it.

Bradley: Yeah. I don't know. Well, jump links are different from hashtags though. Again, I don't know if hashtags if they hyperlink with a posted post, I don't know or not, I haven't tested that. I have no idea.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I don't know if they would work. I don't know if there's a benefit. Everything that we're doing does not include hashtags.

Bradley: Hashtags, yeah.

Marco: Maybe that's something we should test, we should put that on our list of things to [crosstalk 00:48:31].

Bradley: I'm going ping Rob, test hashtags for GMB post.

Marco: Yeah. Tell him to contact Irene and then Irene will contact me.

Bradley: Whatever, he knows what I meant. Okay, yeah. That's a good one, thanks for pointing that out, I haven't even thought about that, we can test on that too. Yeah, the jump link thing, we will be talking about that in local Lease Pro or Local GMB Pro. Probably Local GMB Pro and then Mastermind guys in probably sometime next month, because I got part two of Syndication Academy Webinars very specifically about Q&A posts and Q&A schema, questions and answers schema. So, there's something that we can apply with what Marco just leaked to that. We'll talk about that once part two of Syndication Academy Update Webinar is complete. Okay. But, there's something very powerful we can do with that.

What Are The Main Needle Movers For Boosting A GMB's Ranking?

Edward says, “Hey, guys. Thanks for doing this.” I'll plus one that. He says, “For a competitive search term, which are the main needle-movers for boosting GMBs ranking> Only a small team here.” Right now activity, Edward. Obviously, make sure it's fully optimized, it's well optimized. It's got good content and then posting activity is probably the number one factor in my opinion for getting results. Getting traction with a GMB asset. So, guys use the data in the GMB assets to tell you what Google wants. The data in the GMB insights will tell you the best days to post.

Maybe you need to increase posting frequency on those days, right? It will also tell you the keywords that are … Or, the search queries that are bringing the most traffic to your site. For whatever reason, when you target those keywords in GMB posts, they tend to bring in more traffic. Also, by the way, you'll probably notice, Edward, a lot of the keywords that are bringing traffic are near me keywords, near me queries, right? Or, variations nearby, close to me, in my area. Those types of queries. Target those, guys. You're triggering the mobile algorithm that way. Google loves that shit.

So, go in there and collect … Start building a database in near me terms and all the variations thereof. Then, start targeting those in near me type posts. Again, we have post templates that are called near me post templates inside Local Lease Pro, as well as local GMB pro. Not going to give them to you here, but you can create your own too by the way. You don't need my templates, you can sit down and just think about how to create your own near me templates. Post regularly and consistently and often, right? That's the number one key.

Then, as far as getting ranked in the free pack, which isn't really necessary to get results from GMB. It doesn't even have to be in the three pack, guys, because you're talking … Especially what I just mentioned with the mobile stuff, you don't even need to be in three pack and you can still generate leads from GMB assets, we've proven that. If you want to be in the three pack because, let's face it guys, that's still something that we as us like to see, right? Local PR pro, I'm not shitting you.

Probably the quickest way I've ever seen, other than the other Local Lease Pro method, which is just researching locations and finding easy opportunities, other than that, the quickest way I've been able to get into the three pack is through press releases in the Local PR method, which is PR stacking and all of that. Again, that's why Local Lease Pro guys is hands down … That is our number one front end product right now. It will be, as long as this opportunity exists, right? Local GMB Pro is the advanced training for GMB assets.

It's for those assets that don't push into the three pack and generate results right away. It's for the more competitive areas. That's what Local GMB Pro is, it's about how to get the absolute power out of a GMB asset, whether it's in a three pack of not, it makes no difference. Local PR pro, is the course that teaches you how to push that into a three pack in very, very quickly, whether it has a website or not. That's why there's three courses, guys. I'm telling you, they work hand-in-hand. Then, lastly to follow it all up, is RYS Academy and drive stacks, which is like … that's super advanced stuff that just pushes a shit ton of power into whatever you want through Google properties, right?

So, it's like those three courses are … They compound. They just build upon each other and then RYS is for … That's just the icing on the cake and that's for if you have … If you just want to push massive authority. Marco, you want to chat about that at all?

Marco: No, I think you nailed it on the head. They go hand in hand. Local PR Pro, Local GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro, each one acts differently. Then, when you want to … If you want it to stick, you throw drive stacks at it and then it's like … Like I said, it's never … I haven't seen it this easy to make money in so long, that it's not even funny. It's just so easy. The main needle mover, as you said, it's just activity, but it has to be the right kind of activity on that niche. Let me tell you right now, that each niche reacts differently, depending on the kind of posts that you do. I'll give that away. I'm not going to give everything away, but I'll tell you that.

How Much SEO Do You Do For GMB Sites?

Bradley: Jeff says, “How much SEO do you do for GMB sites? Also, how much can you throw at a GMB site without incurring the wrath of G?” Okay, as SEO, I just put well-optimized content on it, guys. The beautiful thing about a GMB website is you don't … You cannot modify SEO elements of the page. You don't put in header tags and you don't … You just literally past content in. You can bold stuff and you can create links from within the content. You can't add header tags. There's nothing that you can modify on the elements of the page, it's just text only, right? It's all you can do.

This Stuff Works
All you need to do is have a well written piece of content for the GMB website and that's it. That's as far as you can go for on page, other than photos, which are incredibly important and GMB posts, which act as inner pages, if you have a GMB website. If you're just doing GMB posts and you don't have a GMB website, then you don't … They don't act as inner pages, they're just posts. But, if you have a GMB website, then they'll start as posts and then it'll turn into an inner page of the website as well. So, you can silo those. I can't get into how, but we'll talk about that a little bit on Monday for the Local Lease Pro method.

Our auto-poster, the GMB auto-poster, that we have will also automate a siloing post, which is really, really cool. Okay, so you can do that. But, as far as the off page stuff, I don't know because I haven't done any massive spamming to the GMB websites yet because as I was just talking about in the previous question, the only exterior link building I have done thus far has been from press releases and drive stacks. I have not even thrown any spam link campaigns. We have a [inaudible 00:55:47], right? We have a link building manager who's fabulous, he's amazing at what he does.

I haven't even started testing, sending link campaigns to a GMB asset yet, maybe Marco has, but all I've done is drive stacks and press releases. I just now starting to play with syndication networks and syndicating GMB posts because our auto-posts create an RSS feed from GMB posts. So, I'm starting to test with that a little bit too. I have almost … I said this with RYS stacks, but I've also tested just link building with Google sites, using a software from Peter Drew. I haven't done enough testing there to determine whether that's something I want to add in my standard operating procedure or not.

Yeah, again, since it's a Google property, Marco can probably comment on this a little bit more, but I haven't tested the limit on that. But, since it's a Google property, will likely withstand anything you throw at it. What do you say, Marco?

Marco: I say that I haven't needed to do anything, except what's in the training so far. It's so simple, you just go, you get an asset. You optimize it the way that it's taught, you throw it up, it ranked or it doesn't rank. If it doesn't rank, you can still … The activity will create calls. The way that it's setup will create calls, it'll create activity. That activity, Google starts feeding on it because it starts seeing it. Activity is one of the major factors right now. I keep saying it, are activity, relevance, trust, and authority. Those are the things that will trump anything. I don't care what it is, I don't care what negative aspects there are. If you have activity, relevance, trust, and authority setup in whatever it is that you're doing, it's going to trump everything and Google is going to reward you over and over and over again.

What's Stopping Someone From Creating Thousands Of Websites And GMBs and Renting Them Out?

Bradley: Yep, there you go. Kasey says, “What's stopping someone from creating thousands of websites in GMBs and running them out?” Just time and any other major complications. Yeah, time, that's it. Time and funding and having a team to be able to accomplish that. What do you think we're in the process of doing right now? We're building those teams so that we can do that kind of volume. That's exactly what we're doing, Kasey. That's why I said, the opportunity while … Strike while the irons hot. Right now is the time to do it and that's why I've been pushing for two months now, as far as I have been to try and build a … This in a scalable way. We're training VAs. I've created … I spent weeks developing training videos and process stocks to be able to train virtual assistants how to do this entire process from start to finish.

The pofu live attendees are getting these updates from me in real time. They're kind of helping me with this, right? They're all using our scaling processes to build their businesses. So, we got all these people that are doing this right now and we're teaching some of this in the Mastermind as it becomes refined and repeatable because it's still kind of in its rough stage right now. The Mastermind as it becomes proven, I share this in the Mastermind as well.

That's exactly why, I don't know how long this opportunity is going to last. While it's here, we're going to try and secure as many as possible, right? So, Kasey, the only limitation that I know of right now is your bandwidth, and your funding, if you're going to be hiring it out, right?

Marco: Definitely budget, unless he has his own method of securing GMB assets. 1,000 or 2,000 of them, if you get through us, we're talking about quite a bit of money.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah. All right, Wayne, last question and then we're going to wrap it up. We're right on time too, so that's perfect. Wayne says, “Realized today that if a prospect in HVAC or plumbing can't get into local service ads, then there's a hell of an opportunity to do what you learned from Semantic Mastery to help prospect.” Yeah, that's true. Thank you, Wayne. So, yeah, if you can't … For example, guys, I know that in our Mastermind, somebody was talking about trying to get one of their clients into the local services ads section, which is what you're seeing here, right? Apparently, it was funny. I think it was Muhammad.

This Stuff Works
So, anyways, one of our members in the Mastermind said, that there was real awkward conversation with the business owner, when they were trying to explain to them why they should be in local Google service ads. The business owner said that they couldn't be because they couldn't pass a background check. That's funny because that's going to happen, especially if you're dealing with contractors. Trust me, there's a lot of contractors out there that can't pass background checks because of something in their past. I'm totally cool with working with those types of contractors, guys. People make mistakes and they can change.

But, if you can't pass a background check because of something … You've got a skeleton in your closet, you can't get into this section. So, what Wayne is saying is true. That doesn't mean that they're dead in the water, right. DITW, that means that they have … You just have to do other things, like Google Ads or like what we teach with maps, which is Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro, right? Excuse me, Local GMB Pro. So, there you go. Thank you, Wayne, that's a good point. All right, no other questions, right on time. Hot damn, that doesn't happen very often. Whoo. Cool, and even Adam's still here. Wow.

Adam: About to head out. Time to hit it before the sun goes down, go for a run. But, I want to remind everybody to show up for the webinar on Monday. If you've got any questions about this stuff, I know we talked about Local Lease Pro for a bit today, a lot of questions about it. Whether or not you're a member, show up, go register, come hang out. This is a great way to close out 2018 and really start kicking ass in 2019.

Bradley: There you go. Also, we have a Mastermind seminar tomorrow, for those of you in the Mastermind. So, post your questions through the forum, the Google forum, guys, because we've got a lot to go through tomorrow. So, thanks everybody for hanging out. Thanks, Marco and Adam.

Marco: Bye everybody.

Bradley: See you.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 209

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Adam: Let's get ready to rumble. Wait a second. All right. It's Hump Day Hangouts everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 209. The one where the guys think I went running in the woods right before I showed up here. Let's go down the line before we hop into announcements. We got some really good stuff to share with you guys, but we'll say hi. Chris, how are you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good. Good weather in Florida this time. [Crosstalk 00:00:25] Yep.

Adam: Nice, awesome, awesome. Hernan, how goes it, man?

Hernan:I'm great. I'm really excited. We might or might not have some pictures of you and I running in the woods. So that might go or might not go into an ad somewhere sometime soon. But we'll see. That's gonna be a lot of fun. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited for what's coming. I'm excited for all of the good feedback that we got from POFU Live 2018. I'm excited for people who are getting the tickets for POFU Live 2019. That's pretty cool to see too. So, really good.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, how goes things down south for you?

Marco: Running is not in my vocabulary, woods or otherwise. Slow and steady wins the race, man.

Adam: Fair enough. We'll, I've got to ask you, it's been a couple of weeks, how's the weather?

Marco: It's beautiful. We're in transition to the dry season. It's nice and warm, 80, 85. We get an afternoon shower here and there, but otherwise bright sunny. Come on down.

Adam: Awesome, awesome. Bradley, last but not least, how are you doing?

Bradley: Balls deep in GMB stuff. Hi, everybody.

Adam: For those who don't know, that's a good term. Bradley's been doing a lot of work. I think you've been working with the accountability group to people who were at POFU Live who are interested and kind of going along with you as far as kind of a 90-day sprint.

Bradley: Yeah. It was really a 13-week, 90 days, roughly 13 weeks. This was something that I decided to do after we had developed all the content for POFU Live. I said that I was gonna be sharing how to scale the Local Lease Pro method. I'm working on developing all the processes and stuff so that I don't have to be responsible for any of the work really and the entire thing can be done. That entire Local Lease Pro method can be taught and completed by virtual assistants, by people that I've trained to do it, so that my business can grow without it relying on me, which is part of the … And that's really the problem that I think most of us face in this business is we all end up doing everything or most everything in our businesses and it creates a kind of a bottleneck and it's very hard to scale beyond a certain point. I've seen that occur in my own business.

The whole point of what I wanted to share at POFU Live was the processes to remove myself from this so that my business could grow. Right? I wanted to share that with everybody in the group. And I did, right? But, first of all, it wasn't fully developed. It's still in process right now because I create rough processes first and then I go back and refine them as we become more efficient and better. So we ended up having to keep redeveloping the processes as we keep refining them. Eventually, it will be a very polished process that will be a lot easier and simpler to, not only perform, but also to train to new people. So that we can train more virtual assistants to build more assets for us.

Anyways, originally, when I shared the training at the POFU Live event it was in its in a very rough format because it was like the first iteration or first version of it. So I've told all the members that I wanted to also create this accountability group where I would meet with everybody on a weekly basis. Just one hour a week, on Mondays, we're meeting.

Over the course of 13 weeks, we all set the goal of developing out 50 GMB assets, lead gen assets, at the end of 90 days. That's an achievable goal. That's five properties per week over the course of 12 weeks. The first week was really just preparation, so it's 13 week process, but as 12 weeks of what we called a sprint. Right? Sprint was the GMB optimizing, finding and secure optimizing five GMB profiles per week over the course of 12 weeks, which would give us a target of 60, but I said I would settle for 50. That's a very achievable, reasonable goal. Some of us in the group are going way beyond 50 in that same 90-day period.

Basically, the accountability group, we're meeting on a weekly basis and just kind of like talking through issues that arise. We're also setting goals on a weekly basis. I'm telling everybody action items that they should complete to kind of keep them on track to hit that 50 GMB target at the end of 12 weeks.

It's been really good because one of the things it's done for me is it's forced me to continue developing out the processes, because I've made myself accountable to all the other members in the group, which is about 12 or 13 of us at this point. But it's good because if I had not made myself accountable to those members of the group, then it's likely that I would get sidetracked, like I often do, and not complete all the processes. Which means I would still be responsible for doing most of the work because I hadn't created the processes to train others.

It's been really good and beneficial to me. I hope it's beneficial to the others as well. I guess really, once the process is completed through these 12 or 13 weeks with the members that have joined me, because they're all participating, it helped me to develop and refine the processes, we will have a very efficient process for being able to develop GMB lead gen assets from start to finish at the end of these 12 or 13 weeks, that then we're going to release to the Mastermind members.

This Stuff Works
All of that was to tell you guys, if you're serious about building a lead gen business or even a local marketing consulting business, I would highly recommend that you join our Mastermind because we're gonna have a business in a box completely done for you, process docs, process training that you can hire your own VAs and put them through and everything to where you won't even have to do any of the damn work. The only place you're gonna be able to get that is either in a Mastermind or POFU Live 2019. So I would encourage you to come join us while you can.

Marco: Before you go on, I'd just like to give Bradley some affirmation on Local Lease Pro because he's given enough away in the Mastermind and through Hump Day Hangouts where you could go and do it and build a business.

Listen, just the stuff that he's giving away, I haven't been through any of the training or anything, but I don't care because I know what he's doing. Anyway, went and got 11 verified GMBs. That's it. Verified. All I did was target correctly. As Bradley teaches you, go you use the software. The software isn't any secret. It's free. In fact, it's the most timeless software in the world as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, 11, right? As soon as they popped in, I mean, we got 12 calls. Now granted, as Bradley teaches, most of them will be spam calls in the beginning, but that means that you're on the radar. We actually got a few good calls and this is just with verification; we did nothing else. We targeted the right place. If you look at the GMB, it's blank, no images, no nothing, just the info. Right? Well, just garbage info.

If it works that well without doing anything, without applying local GMB Pro, Local PR Pro, and everything else that we can do to push these up in the 3-pack into the Google Freshness algorithm, into the mobile algorithm, so guys, imagine what the fuck you could do, or what I could do with these, once I start the process the way that Bradley teaches it. So that's all coming. But I mean, just nothing, nothing but verification and it's already getting calls. So, Bradley, you rock, man.

Bradley: Thanks, man, I'm all shocks.

Adam: Bradley, real quick, when you talked about doing this sprint and we have real quick, guys, everyone listen, we're gonna get on to some announcements and some good stuff soon, but I wanted to share with you because I think this is interesting and something we shared in the presentation in Local Lease Pro and POFU Live. Bradley, we're doing something for 90 days like this, and this is I think is on the low-end, but what's like a revenue projection for that?

Bradley: Well, if everybody was to hit the target of 50 GMBs and use kind of the rule of thumb as like the low-end for monetizing each individual asset and the simple way to monetize them which is just lease them out. That's the rank and rent model. You don't need all the tracking in place, the infrastructure, if you're selling leads. If you're doing on paper lead basis, it requires a lot of additional tracking, additional management.

The Local Lease Pro method was an easy way to monetize it. It requires the least amount of management effort. So that's just to lease them out on a flat monthly fee per location. What I recommend is, if you're gonna do them on single basis, like single location basis, that you shouldn't rent them out for any less than around $250 a month. For some of you might think that that's awfully low, but trust me, that's not. Especially the way that we're targeting these GMB assets on a hyper local level, it's better to bundle them together and offer multiple locations as a package deal to a potential service provider or a client because you can use this method as a deal sweetener to land clients as opposed to just doing lead gen too.

I recommend bundling multiple locations together that fall within a specific service area and then offering a package deal. So, like a volume discount for bundling those locations together. For example, I recommend, and I don't want to give away too much here guys, that's why you got to come join the Mastermind, but I recommend securing multiple locations within a specific metro area. Right?

Within the service area of one city, you target multiple … I say metro area because that's typically what I'm doing, is I'm just targeting major metropolitan cities: Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina, all these great big cities and then we go through, when we create 10 or 12 different locations or secure 10 or 12 or a minimum of 10, or let's say a minimum of 10 GMB locations within that 25 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia, for example. Then, once we've got those 10 GMBs, let's just say, a minimum of 10 GMBs secured, now we can offer that to one company, one service provider. Right?

Then we could say, “Okay. Look, all 10 of these I typically do it at $250 per location, but I'll rent you all 10 of these today for 1,500 a month,” or something like that. It could be more. It could be 2,000 a month. It's whatever the market will bear, what they're willing to pay for those kind of services, what are the leads worth, all that kind of stuff. That's gonna vary by industry. But as a rule of thumb, I would say off of 20-, or, excuse me, 50 GMB profiles, at the end even if you were to just monetize them at roughly $200 a piece, that's $10,000 a month. Think about that.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: It's a lot of money.

Adam: Well, yeah. I just wanna remind people that this is a pretty cool opportunity as well. I know there's people watching, literally, on Hump Day Hangout today who were in that group. So keep your eye on the prize and keep working, keep working the process.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Real quick, for those of you who are just joining us for the first time ever, thanks for watching Hump Day Hangouts. If you're checking out the replay, that's awesome too. You can hit subscribe if you're watching this on YouTube and stay up to date.

This Stuff Works
People ask us, “Hey, where should I start with Semantic Mastery?” and we tell you, “Get the Battle Plan.” All right. It's a good way to get repeatable results whether you're dealing with stuff like new sites, old sites, you're wondering how to use press releases, whatever it is you're trying to do, keyword research, we've got it, it's in there. Get it and help yourself. Then, if you're ready to take things up a few more notches, you can come through in the Mastermind. Obviously, we're gonna be talking about stuff like what Bradley just talked about, as well as damn near anything else you want to talk about as far as local digital marketing and beyond.

Beyond that though, if you want to get stuff done for you and save time, we always advise that you do this whenever you can reinvest in yourself, reinvest in your business. We've got the store where we sell services that we've created because we needed them and that's at Mgyb.co.

Now, speaking of services, I want to let you guys know to keep your eyes open. Next week, we're gonna have a real pre-Black Friday sale next week. We wanted to get something out ahead of time before everyone just gets swamped with kind of new or real or fake sales where businesses try to kind of tell you it's a sale but it's not. We got a really cool one for next week. I'm not going to tell you exactly what it is now and spoil the surprise. But then we're also gonna be doing some fun stuff with kind of the Black Friday timeframe out.

Marco, do you want to kind of tell them what we're thinking about?

Marco: Well, we're gearing up our annual charity drive. This is something that everyone knows is near and dear to me. I'll do a video. I don't want to spend too much time on this right now. I just want people to be aware that there's a whole lot of people out there that are way more unfortunate than you guys could ever imagine. Next time you're kicking yourself down because of all why it was me, why it was me, my life sucks a lot, life is hard, well, guys, you don't know the half of it. What we're trying to do is just make things easier for people who have nothing.

I mean, literally, literally, tomorrow, yeah, tomorrow, they might not eat tomorrow, they might lose their house tomorrow. This just happened in one of the places where we go one of the communities, they literally came through and took out the housing. I don't even wanna call it housing, the slums to build, access ramps, and to build a new route through there and since it was government property anyway. People are shit out of luck.

That's the kind of stuff. So not only do you not have anything, what little you have, the government comes in it just smashes it all, and then you're left with what? Right? You're out in inclement weather and nothing to eat. What do you do with kids and everything else? Anyway, it's difficult. As I said, we'll get more into it, but we're gonna tie it, right? Throw offers and what we'll be doing with the offers and what we're doing as far as the charity drive. We're gonna try to tie it all together. I wanna make I'm gonna make it really worthwhile for people to give.

But guys, give because your heart tells you to give, not because of what you get. Don't give because you might get something in return. Give because it's the right thing to do. It's unbelievable the feeling that you get when you give from your heart and you just truly put yourself out there and you give money, gift of yourself, give time. What you get back is much more than any monetary amount or whatever it is that you want to put on it. There's nothing that can compare to what you get back. I get more from the kids when I go. I learn more. I get more than any money that I could ever give. So that's my piece for now. More will be coming. We'll make it clearer as we go.

Adam: Outstanding. Yeah, some good stuff coming, you guys, so stay tuned. I think, on our end, that's it for updates and announcements. Are you guys ready to get into it?

Bradley: Yeah, man.

Hernan:Let's do it.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: All right. I'm gonna grab screen. By the way, I found some really interesting, we were targeting these GMBs on a hyper local level, guys, because of the mobile first index, that's what opened up, all this opportunity in July, the end of July. There's not a whole lot of people that are taking advantage of this right now, and that's a good thing.

But I found some really good opportunities for even major metro areas which would typically I wouldn't have touched with the 10-foot pole for local lead gen stuff because we all think that major metro areas are uber competitive and that they're just too difficult. But that was before the method that we've just developed because of the mobile first index. I'm finding wide open opportunities in even major metropolitan cities, guys. Wide open opportunities. It's absolutely insane.

I can't tell you much about it here, guys, this is a free venue. But I'm telling you, come join the Mastermind and all this stuff gets revealed. There's just more, I said this last week and I'll say this for as long as it still exists, there is more opportunity right now in local lead gen than there has ever been since I've been in the digital marketing space, which started in 2010.

Guys, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. So if you guys are not pursuing it, you're freaking crazy. Stop all the shiny objects shit and develop a real business that can generate real money. Like what we call fucking money, right? That's exactly what this can do right now. There's wide open opportunity and I don't know how long it will last. So I say take advantage of it while it's there.

Is There A Way To Bulk Add All Service Areas Now That Google Strips Out The Radius Option In GMB Listings?

All right. Dustin's up first. He says, “Hey there, I saw that Google made some changes in all of the GMB listings. Now you have to add all of the areas your business is serving. You cannot just say 30 miles anymore. Is there a way to bulk out all the areas the business is serving because one by one is a pain in the ass?”

Yeah. As far as I know you can name it by either zip code or you can do it by city or by county. Again, this is new. This has all happened within the last week. I've been in playing around with different configurations because sometimes, with an existing listing, if it's a service area business, Google will strip the address right from the listing under the new dashboard, under the new GMB dashboard. Google will strip the address right out of the listing. So it'll show in the info tab in GMB, it'll show add address, like the pencil icon, and it says “add address.” Well, if you go in and try to add an address to a service area of business that can trigger re-verification, at least that's what some of the people in our group have reported.

Fortunately, I haven't done that yet. What I'm doing is on the listings that have the business address stripped from it where it doesn't even exist anymore in the listing, in the GMB listing itself. That's fine. It doesn't bother me. Now, it's the service area, you can go in and set the service area. So depending on, I guess, Dustin, you've probably got a large service area, so what I would suggest you do is just go in and try to add the service area based upon county or city. Right? That's gonna be a lot.

For example, and the reason, I've been working on this stuff forever or a lot recently, but let me just show you what I mean. Where are we? We're in Georgia. You guys are seeing my screen, correct?

This Stuff Works
Adam: Correct.

Bradley: Right. Let me show you what I mean. Here's one that I was just creating some process training for the accountability group, what we were just talking about. I was doing some location research training, which is this right here. Location research training. This is the process doc I've just developed for our group. You can see that for Memphis, guys, in fact, let me click into there. This shows Memphis covers 63 zip codes. Could you imagine one out …?

By the way, if you extract all this data and you get rid of all the unique and PO box ones that show zero population, it comes out to be it's roughly 23 zip codes. So 23 zip codes in Memphis, Tennessee. You're right, that would be a complete bitch. It would suck to have to go in and add 23 individual zip codes. So instead you should be able to just go in and type in Memphis and it will cover the whole area of Memphis, all of the zip codes. Does that make sense? I mean, that's just an example of how you would do it.

That's the way I'm doing it, because we're targeting on a hyper local level now, is I'm actually going in and just adding the zip code for the area that we've got the physical location in or perhaps a very small radius. How do I do that? Well, over at freemaptools.com, which is this site, here you see what it says “find zip codes inside of a radius.” Click on that and then you could do something like just a five-mile radius, if you're staying hyper local, or 10 mile, whatever. But five mile radius is typically I'm doing it because I'm trying to secure as many GMB assets in a metro area as possible. So when I have them spread out I only need a very, very small service area for the edges of those service areas to overlap. If that makes sense. So I end up with full coverage of the entire metro area with just a handful of listings. Right?

You can do that by just coming here and adding that in. For example, if I wanted to, I could come in here and just grab, let's say, this zip code 38109. I would come back over here and type in 38109. I would click draw radius. Now right there you'll see there's the three zip codes that I would add for that particular GMB listing. If I had a GMB listing in the 38109 zip code area and I only wanted to target a five-mile radius, which you could see what that radius is right here, I could zoom out a little bit, you can see that that covers looks like southwest side of Memphis. Right? That's only a five-mile radius, but that's pretty significant. I could scroll down here and I could grab these three zip codes now and add those three zip codes into the GMB dashboard for my targeting at my service area. Does that make sense?

Then, you repeat that process again for each one of the listings that you have within a metro area. If you've got one full metro area, like I said, that where you're targeting in all of it your service area is being targeted from one location, then I would recommend that you just add that city name or even the county name as well. Again, zip-codes.com will show you what the county name is for each one of the zip codes too. It might be easier for you just to come in and add county names. All right.

That was a little bit more hands-on training than we typically do on a Hump Day Hangout.

Marco: Yeah. Also, just add to that, Dustin, you shouldn't be the one doing all of this.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: You should have a VA that you can tell, “Look, I need this updated. This is the process. Go get it done.”

This Stuff Works
Bradley: That's right. That's exactly what I'm … I mean, for three weeks now I've been working on developing process docs like this which just teaches my VAs. I've got a VA who's really fucking good. His name is Joe. He's really good. But he's never done any of this kind of work before. I basically taught him how to start with a brand new verified GMB profile and optimize it completely, build the add ID pages, do all the stuff that we do, even set up the GMB autoposter, schedule out 31 posts for republishing every 30 days, all of that stuff. He's somebody who's never done any of this stuff and he's got the training and the process docs now to do all of that.

Now, it sucks because I just developed all these, for three weeks, I've been working on all this shit, and just last week, they changed the GMB dashboard. So I have to go back and redevelop those process docs now because the formatting has changed. You know what I mean? That's kind of the nature of doing this. It kind of sucks because they're never complete. When you create a process training one time it's never done, right? You can always go back and refine it. That's what I was talking about. So I've got to go back and do that again to update the processes for optimizing and now setting service areas and all of that. All that has to be updated, which I'll be working on next week.

But that's what I'm talking about. Marco, what he said was exactly correct, is get the hell out of your own way. If it were up to me to do to secure and optimize 50 GMB profiles in the next 12 weeks and I was doing all the work, it wouldn't get done. Right? Be realistic, guys, how many of you would actually do it if you had to do the work yourself over the next 12 weeks? Would you really do it? Most of you might have intentions and say, “Yeah, yeah, I can do that.” But you won't.

That's my point. I mean, the vast majority of you wouldn't, right? I'm not saying that to pick on anybody. It's true. It's tedious. It's hard. We get bored with it, right? If we don't see results immediately we get bored with it. But that's why you should fall in love with the process and not the result, right? I mean, we've heard that. That's cliche. But that's exactly the truth. If you focus in on doing the process that you know will end up bring in results and you fall in love with that, then the results will come. It's just a matter of time.

So if you've got this process developed where you can train, have a team, a virtual assistants, either one or many, doing the work for you, then you know it's going to get done, and the process is being completed which will produce results. It's just a matter of continually being tenacious, just constantly completing the process and not being distracted by other shit, other shiny objects. Right?

That's really been a problem for me too in my own business over the years. It's part of the reason why I have not systematized everything in my business, because I always get distracted. It's a lot easier sometimes just to do the work yourself than it is to create training to teach somebody else how to do it. You know what I mean? I'm sure all of you can relate to that. But once you do develop the training, then you don't have to do it anymore. That frees your time up to do other things. Right? That's really what Semantic Mastery is all about now, guys, is trying to teach you guys how to create a business where it's not reliant upon you and your effort to make money to generate revenue.

Should You Use Unique Google Account To Each Google Search Console and Google Analytics Property?

Jordan's up. He says, “Best practices for multiple Google Search Console and, for that matter, Google Analytics accounts, we create for various clients, is there any issue or danger in creating all the accounts from a master agency account? Or should each Search Console, Analytics account be created in a unique Google account and shared with the master agency account or, for that matter, should they be kept entirely apart? Does that matter at all?”

Okay. Jordan, I'm gonna give you the same answer I give for every time a question like this arises. In fact, there was a discussion about this in the accountability group that I was just talking about. Something similar. I recommend that, for example, guys, every time I get a new client, I go, if they don't already have their site attached to Search Console and Analytics, most of the time clients, if they have an existing web presence will already have that stuff installed, at least in my experience, they will. At that point, I just give them my email address and tell them to add me as a manager or a user so that I can access Search Console and access Google Analytics.

This Stuff Works
If I have to set it up for them, if it's never been set up for their website, then what I do is I will create a Gmail account, a new brand Gmail account that I now then use or assign to that client's campaign. I will use that new Gmail account for all stuff for that client, in other words, if I'm building a syndication network. When I say me, you guys know I'm not doing this shit. I'm not creating a Gmail account. I'm buying already Done For You created Gmail accounts double phone verified accounts. So I just select one from the list, I assign it to that campaign, to that project, that client, and then I use that email for all of the other accounts that need to be created, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics. Does that make sense?

Then, what I do is I add myself, Bradley Benner, as a manager to Search Console or a user, user/manager, an admin to Search Console and to Analytics and everything else so that I can access from my main profile, the one that I'm logged into right here right now. Right? That way I can still access and then also … By the way, I also assign my VA, because I have a VA that does all the client reporting for me now, which saves me many, many hours per month. So I also add her email as a manager or an admin to Search Console and to Analytics because she, on a monthly basis, goes into those client accounts and takes screenshots of Search Console and Analytics and everything else that I tell her to do for generating client reports and puts all of it together for me to where all I have to do is copy and paste into email and add my commentary to the monthly reports. Does that make sense?

Again, master agency account, yes, I suggest that you have that, that you add as a manager account. But I always recommend, guys, separating Google properties by Google accounts. In other words, separate everything instead of trying to put everything under one account all the time. Because what happens if you lose that account? You're fucked. I mean, there's no other way to put it. There's no way to sugarcoat it. If you put everything, all your eggs in one basket and Google decides to take that basket from you, you're eggless, you're fucked. But if all of your accounts are spread between different Google accounts, then if Google takes any one account, you've still got all the others. Right? You're only going to lose that one account.

And it doesn't affect the manager. For example, if you've got 20 different clients and each client has a separate Google account, Gmail account that you've created for them or whatever for Google Analytics or Search Console and such, and you add your account Jordan Fowler as the manager account and your account gets terminated, God forbid, Jordan, but let's say your account ever did get terminated, it wouldn't affect all those individual accounts because the owner, the account owners of the Gmail account is not you. Does that make sense?

The same thing goes for GMB, guys, for Google My business. Don't create a whole bunch of Google My Business properties under one account. I do a 1:1 ratio. Now, okay, again, 1:1 ratio for every GMB asset that I create has got its own Google account and then I will connect all of them or through a manager account, as a manager but not as an owner. Does that make sense?

Anybody wanna comment?

Marco: Yeah, just going further into that. Once you have a whole bunch under that one-manager kind of thing is up to 50. I can't remember what the limit is, but you should have multiple Gmail accounts ready, especially you, Jordan, I know that you're an agency owner, so that when you get into the hundreds you're going to have four, five, or six different manager accounts that access sets of account.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I hope that was clear. The same thing goes for your GMBs. You'll have, I don't know, 30, 40, and then stop, open another account that manages, and then that'll be the manager of the next set of 30 to 40, then you stop. You mitigate risk that way.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: That's the whole idea. As Bradley said, all of your eggs in one basket, you're gonna have a whole lot of broken eggs. But on the other hand, if you mitigate the risk, then one egg breaks, that's okay, you can replace that one egg. But if you have to replace 500 GMBs, that's a whole lot of money down the drain, man.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: You're damn right it is. You're damn right it is. That's like you contemplate suicide time. You know what I mean? That's some depressing shit. All right. This, guys, I just posted this because I know I've talked about this here on Hump Day Hangouts a few times about this being a method where most people talk about doing rank and rent videos where they will go out and rank a video and then they'll charge to rent on a monthly basis and they'll just continually work on keeping that video ranked. That's easy in some cases, but in other cases, it's a real bitch to keep a video ranked.

So instead, there's this video spam method. It's absolutely a churn and burn method. It's a spam method, but it works. In my opinion, it gives way better results than just ranking and renting singular videos for singular keywords. Right? I've talked about, we gave it a, there was a catchy name that Randy James actually came up with called “video carpet-bomb.” We have been providing this as a service in MGYB, our store, which if anybody still needs that service they can reach out to us privately and we may be able to accommodate you. Just contact us at [email protected] I talked about this as a strategy for using the churn and burn video strategy as a kind of a churn and burn rank and rent model, as opposed to just rank and rent where you're constantly trying to keep one video ranked for a particular keyword.

I had one of my clients contact me last week and said that he went to an organic food restaurant and he really, really liked it. He got to talk to the owner and blah blah blah. So he contacted me, he's been a client of mine for five years, and he contacted me and said, “Hey look, I'd really like to help this new restaurant out. Would you be able to rank some videos for them?” He said they had a video created from another company or whatever and he asked if I would be able to do that. I said, “Yeah, sure. Let me run some tests and I'll get back to you.” So I just contacted my VA that runs the video marketing blitz software, which is what we used to do this particular type of campaign.

Guys, I've been talking about this method because I use this method all the time to prospect or to when I'm pitching a prospect on my services. I use this as a way to wow them, right? Because I go out and when I send them the proposal and, usually, for me, it's a video email. It's a Screencast video, where I explain what the proposal is line by line. I essentially go through line by line and explain which each deliverable is and all that kind of stuff. I do all this via video email.

But then I also will send a long one of these campaign results where I go out and just rank a video for them for dozens. Sometimes, like in this case, there's 112 damn keywords ranked on page one, guys, from one campaign. One hundred and twelve keywords ranked on page one of Google for one video campaign. It took my VA about less than a day to do it. I pay that VA roughly $30 per day and all I did was the same thing that I do when I'm using this as a method for prospecting. I will create this, tell my VA, “Hey, here's the keywords, here's the location. Go out and create this campaign for me. Send me the results.”

Then when I send the proposal to the prospect that I'm pitching my services to, I send them the report and say, “By the way, just to show you that I know what I'm doing and that I can get you results, and that I mean business, and then I want to earn your trust or earn your business, I did this for you in the last 72 hours, in the last week, since we last spoke, whatever the timeframe is. Check it out. Here's videos ranked for your keywords, your products, your services in your local area.” I used that as kind of just a way to impress them and get them to … It's kind of like, like I said before, a deal sweetener. It gets clients or prospects to, because you're showing them results that they didn't even ask for, they're not paying me for this at this point.

This Stuff Works
The reason I started telling you all this is because just last week I told you one of my … His name's Ken. One of my clients asked me to do this for this restaurant and I said, “Okay, then. No problem.” I went and just did some real quick keyword research just using Google Trends. I found a couple keywords. I knew which area it was in anyways. So I just contacted my VA and said, “Hey, I need you to run this VCB campaign for me. Here's the keywords, here's the target areas. Go do it. Within 24 hours he came back to me with this report right here. It shows 112 keywords ranked on page one, guys.

So I contacted my client and said, and this is what I sent him, this was just from today. Look at this, just from today, guys. It said: “Please see attached Excel sheet. I was able to get the video ranked for 112 keywords. Actually, it ranks for many more than that because of different combinations,” which is true. “This type of campaign is $250.” I've talked about that on here on Hump Day Hangout, guys, because we were selling that. We don't have a public sales page up for it. Like I said, contact us at Support if you need to.

We're selling this same service for 100 bucks and I was telling everybody on, as I mentioned this before, you can you can sell this as a $250. That's just what I'm selling. Guys, I know a lot of you were saying, “You got 112 keywords ranked on page one and you're only charging $250 a month?” Yes, because it's a churn and burn strategy, right? A lot of these videos aren't gonna stick for very long.

So instead of trying to keep these videos ranked, what I've recommended and what I've said in the past was you just redo the campaign every month. In other words, “This type of campaign is $250. It can also be turned into a subscription where it is updated every month, meaning the campaign would be rerun each month where new keywords and/or locations can be targeted if desired.” Or you can just keep running the same keywords over and over again because each month it's going to be that that same video or different videos if you wanted could be pushed out across different channels targeting the same keywords again. You could end up with multiple videos ranking for those keywords on page one. Does that make sense?

Again, I told him, “Here's 250 bucks, but it can also be turned into a subscription. Take a look at the report. Let me know if the owner would like to chat with me about keeping his videos up and for an ongoing basis.” I also asked him where I have to send the invoice. Well, he replied a few minutes beyond that, said, “There you go. I've added Erin,” which is the business owner for that particular restaurant, to the conversation. He says, “I've been saying this for many years and I'll say it again, you're the best. Amazing results in such a short time. I'll pay the invoice for the first two months equaling 500 bucks and Erin will pay the agreed price of $250 each months thereafter.” Anyways, he talks about going ahead and completing the sale because I've got his billing information.

Which is great, guys. Think about that. All I did was, my client reached out to me, said, “Hey, could you do something for this person?” I said, “Yeah. Let me run some tests and I'll get back to you.” Within 10 minutes I had the keywords and the locations. I sent it to my VA. Within 24 hours I got this report back. I sent the email out, which is the one you're reading right here, and I just secured $500 in revenue, plus $250 a month in recurring revenue. From a process that literally a VA did in under a day and I pay that VA roughly $30 per day.

Think about that, guys. I mean, that's the power of arbitrage and that's the power of getting yourself out of the process. Right? Think about all of the different opportunities, guys. You could go hire us to do this sort of a campaign for you and just make the difference. Right? Just make the difference between what you're paying and what you're charging. That's a steal. A hundred and twelve keywords for $250. I know a lot of you are thinking I'm under-charging. But every single month, that's another $250.

My VA, he can actually set up a campaign template for this to where all he has to do is, literally, once a month, the calendar notification will tell him to go press a button and then the report will be generated shortly after it's run. He'll send it to me via email, I send it to the client, and boom, there's another $250. Does that make sense?

Guys, it's easy to make money in this business when you have systems in place and you have other people doing the work. You know what I'm saying? Hopefully, that makes sense. I wanted to share that with you guys because, you know, I think too many of us are trying to do all the work ourselves, guys. That's what we're trying to do here at Semantic Mastery, with MGYB especially, is provide you guys with done-for-you services so you guys can go out and just sell the shit and make money. Right? Okay, cool.

Do You Still Recommend Creating Subdomains Versus Subdirectories For Rank And Rent Multi-City Websites?

Chik's up. He says, “I'm embarking on building multi-city websites for rent.” Okay. “Do you still advocate creating sub-domains versus sub-directories for each city and is the choice weighted more towards safety, penalty, or ranking? Thanks.” Yes, Chik. I absolutely recommend sub-domains over sub-folders or sub-directories because of the safety issue. We were just talking about mitigating risk, not putting all your eggs in one basket. The problem with sub-directories is if anything from root level beyond, so anything that is beyond the root level, so domain.com and anything domain.com slash anything, so anything beyond the slash, all of those, if it catches a penalty, the penalty will be levied against the root.

This Stuff Works
In other words, if a particular page or a post on your website was to catch a penalty, it can affect the entire domain. Well, additional WordPress websites that are installed in sub-directories are treated as if they're on the root. So if you've got individual location WordPress site that's on a sub-directory terminated-, or penalized, excuse me, then it will affect the root domain and all of the other locations attached as sub-directories. Does that make sense?

But if you do sub-domains as opposed to sub-directories, if you do sub-domains, each sub-domain is treated as an individual website by Google. So as long as you keep the root clean and you don't catch a penalty on the root, again, if you catch a penalty on the root, it will still apply to all of the sub-domains because that's the parent domain. But if you catch a penalty on a sub-domain, it will be isolated to that sub-domain only. Does that make sense?

That's why it's important. That's why, for me, if I'm gonna do multi-location projects or campaigns and I am going … I don't use WordPress. I'm not using WordPress websites now, guys, because I'm just doing GMB stuff. I'm using GMB websites as the primary website now. But when I was doing a lot of WordPress stuff and multi-location stuff, I would do it with sub-domains and I would keep the root really clean. I wouldn't do anything spammy to the root. If I was gonna do anything spammy, it would be into individual sub-domain locations. That way I would protect all of the other sibling locations, which would be all of the other sub-domains. So, that's the reason why.

There's been some tests in the past, they're old though, that like from several years, many years ago now, that sub-directories actually have a little bit more SEO value, they're weighted a little bit heavier towards SEO, but I would rather reduce my risk than have that little tiny bit of additional SEO push from doing everything under the root. If that makes sense. Does anybody wanna comment on that before we move on?

Marco: No. I think that's perfect. The reason why we also do it is because we can push so much power to the sub-domains that we don't need the extra boost that you get from a sub-directory because we can go ahead and make up for that with all of the power that we push.

What Software Do You Recommend For Building Google Stacks?

Bradley: That's right. Okay. “Do you have any software recommendations for building Google stacks?” No. Only because we do everything manually. We don't use software for any of our account creation or any of that stuff, because anytime you add automations, it can reduce the integrity of the properties. In other words, we found, especially through Syndication Networks, that anytime we tried to use any tools for account creation or anything like that, we found that those accounts would typically get terminated a hell of a lot easier than doing them manually.

That's why even today, to this day, guys, all of our Syndication Networks, all of our drive stacks, everything that we create, all the accounts are created manually. We don't use automation or tools for that stuff. We have virtual assistants that manually create all those accounts and the reason why is because they stick, they're a lot better.

I know there are software tools out there that do that. In fact, one of our members at POFU Live from the Ranking Factory, Patrick Tuttle, he was there and he's got some tools. I have not used it. I know he's a good guy, but I have not used any of these tools. It doesn't build drive stacks like what we do manually. But it does help to automate part of the process, that's for sure, so that might be something you wanna look into.

Marco, do you have any?

Marco: Yes. They've automated some of the files and they go into other cloud resources, not just drive. But pure power, pure drive stacks, guys, there's nothing like that. And I'm biased because I was right in the middle of creating all of this stuff, putting it all together. If you want the true power that can be gotten out of a drive stack, the only way that you can do that is manually. There's no automation software that can do that at this time.

Now, having said that, I will be going back and forth with Patrick, we've gotten to know each other lately, since he came to our event, and we just been going back and forth. So I'm hoping that he can develop it to the point where most of the process can be automated and then our VAs can go in there and put those final touches. Guys, the devil is in the details and that's where the power lies when you start connecting it. It's that human end, that person that have been taught, this gets connected to this, and this is how it gets connected, and this is how you get a do-follow link, and this is why we're …

All of that training gets incorporated into it. If we can manage that where some of it is automated and then our VAs put the final touches in it, it's gonna be a dangerous thing, man.

This Stuff Works

Are All The Participants In POFU Accountability Group Using Virtual Assistants?

Bradley: That's it. John. John, what's up, buddy? John is very active. It's awesome to see how excited he is about everything in the group. He's kicking ass right now. He's taking a lot of action, which is awesome, John. He says, “Are the participants all using VAs?” He's talking about the POFU accountability group. Yeah, because that was that was the whole point. I mean, now am I literally peeking in everybody's windows and checking to see if they're doing the work themselves or if they've hired VAs? No. But the whole plan was, for the accountability group, was to do as little of the work as possible in the actual setup and optimization of these profiles.

Because that's something that a VA can and should be doing, right? Because again, if it was left to each of us to go out and put in this kind of work to make this shit happen, the vast majority of us, me included, wouldn't do it. Right? It just wouldn't get done guys because there's too many other … We're always playing whack-a-mole, there's always fires to put out in our businesses, there's always people vying for our time via Facebook and email and text message, and all the other shit. Right? It's just very difficult. So instead, I said, “Okay, enough of this. I'm gonna teach, I'm gonna develop the processes so that I don't have to do this anymore and I'm gonna share it with all the members of the group.”

Guys, this is the 12-week journey. Step number one. Step number one for the first week was to hire a full-time virtual assistant so that they could put them into … Week two was to put that virtual assistant in the training, week two, is this week by the way, is to put the virtual assistant into the training. By week three, they should be able to start optimizing profiles. Right? That's the whole point, was every one of the members, if they're following along like there were instructed to should have by now had their first VA hired. If not, they should be in process of hiring their first VA.

Which, by the way, how do you do that? Well, it's real simple. We've got a training product called Outsource Kingpin and that's exactly how we hire all of our VAs. Between my partners and I, we've got about 40 full-time virtual assistants now. I think 98% of them were all hired through this exact same method. So POFU Live members all got Outsource Kingpin included with their admission because I wanted everybody to have that process. So that they could go out and start hiring virtual assistants and remove themselves from their businesses. Stop being the bottleneck, right?

Is everybody doing it with VAs? Well, they should be. They'd better be. Do I know whether everybody's using VAs or not? No, I don't. I imagine there's probably a few people in there that are gonna say, “No. I'm gonna do all this on my own,” and those are the ones that are likely not going to have much of a business at the end of 90 days. Right?

“How much is Mastermind now, guys?” 297 a month where you can buy a yearly for I think 3,000, which saves you two payments. Yep.

Hernan:Which is an absolute fucking no-brainer. Yeah. Provided that-

Bradley: Or you can go out and develop all your own process docs and do all the trial and error and figure all the shit out on your own. See how expensive that is.


Can You Use The Same Physical Address To Verify Multiple GMB Profiles For Different Niches?

Bradley: Okay, cool. Will. Will, what's up, buddy? Will was at the event. Really cool guy. He says, “Bradley, can the same physical address be used to verify multiple GMB profiles for different niches? In other words, for example, could I use the same address for let's say handyman contracting services and pest services? Two niches that are not related?”

This Stuff Works
Yes. You probably can, but I don't recommend it, Will. It's so easy right now-, well, it's becoming a lot more difficult, but we still have a way to get separate GMB addresses for each business. It's also inexpensive enough that if you can use PO boxes still, you can still … Guys, you can rent PO boxes for just three months, that's the minimum. But you can rent PO boxes for three months. If you use the street addressing option, that's all you need to get a postcard.

Will, I would suggest, you know, you've got better things to do with your time than go rent and secure a bunch of PO boxes. But if that's the route that you wanna go, then I would recommend getting a separate PO box for each business. In other words, even with the PO boxes, guys, can use the street addressing option. What happens, your business address becomes the street address of the post office and then you have the pound sign or the number sign and then box number. So whatever your PO box is, let's say, it's box 101, then it would be 123 Main Street number 101. Right?

So what I would do, Will, at that point is get multiple boxes. Because it would still be 123 Main Street, but each box number would be different, which it kind of mimics a suite number. It could be potentially a different office in a building. That's the way I would do it. Guys, I just recommend that you have unique addresses for each GMB because otherwise you're leaving a footprint that could end up costing you your GMB assets. Right?

Guys, again, I know everybody wants to reduce expenses and they I wanna take shortcuts. But that's how you build a business on a shaky foundation. I would much rather spend a little bit extra money and a little bit extra time and spreading my risk as thin as possible. That's why I recommend a separate GMB-, excuse me, a separate Google account for each GMB. I recommend a separate Google account for each search console and analytics account, like we were talking about with Jordan earlier, right? Same thing with this. I would have a different physical location, a different box, a different address for each business. Okay.

Marco: Didn't we set up a bundle for the POFU guys?

Bradley: For? Oh, yeah, we did for GMBs.

Marco: Yeah. Will, write to Support. I mean, this was set up for you.

Bradley: That's correct. Sorry, my daughter is texting me again. Anyways, yeah, yeah. Will, you're in the POFU Accountability group and the slack group. We've got a special deal in there. It's only available for POFU Live members. Guys, I'm sorry. But for GMB profiles, check it out in there, okay? All right.

Do You Have Any Experiences On Google Suggested Edits For Your GMB Listing?

Ted's up. He says, “One of my LLP GMB assets is showing a Google suggested edit to show my GMB address and delete my service area. I try to deny it but it keeps suggesting edits. Do you have any experience with this? You guys rock. Cheers.” Thanks, Ted. Yeah. I've seen some of those suggested edits that seem to be persistent. They keep coming back but I just ignore them each time, and that's it. It's only been in a handful of my properties that I've seen that and it hasn't forced the changes. So it just shows them as suggesting edits.

Adam: Ted, I tagged you in a comment. Rob Claudette sent me a message so he's further up on the page, Rob.

Bradley: Cool. Rob's in the belly of the beast right now, along with me and Marco, testing all this different stuff trying to figure out the best course of action based upon all these changes occurring in GMB. So we're in there testing, playing around, guys. Fortunately, again, that's part of the reason I have this group going on, is because all of us are in there testing and we're all sharing information, guys. It's an open group and that nobody, I'm not holding anything back, as far as I know the other members aren't. We're all trying to be as open with each other as possible so that we can really nail this down to a process that we can repeat and scale to grow a great big massive lead generation businesses in the shortest amount of time possible.

Is A Metro Area Different From Counties In GMB?

John says, “So metro areas is different than counties?” Yes, John. Right. So, a metro area, for example, Memphis, Tennessee. Or let's just go back to that. If we take a look at this, if we load the city map, we can see that Memphis, Tennessee actually … Let's go over here. We'll do it in Google Maps to make it easier to see. Come on, map. All right.

If we take a look at this, you'll see this is actually, right here, I guess if I zoom in a little bit it might show. But, yeah, right here. Okay. Right on the other side of the river is Arkansas, down here is whatever. There's Tennessee. There's Mississippi. Mississippi's over here and then there's Arkansas. This is Memphis. Well, part of this, if you take a look at the different counties and such, well, in this case, it looks like all of them are actually in Shelby. Let me give me another example. Let me give you a better example.

Okay. Here's a good example. This is what I was talking about. This is the Atlanta metro area, right? Atlanta City, Geor-, Atlanta, Georgia, excuse me. The metro area is gonna cover all of what they call city limits, but there could be different counties that make up, that fall within that city, if that makes sense. If you take a look at the county over here, they're showing Atlanta. Right here is the city, right? But take a look, there's Fulton County, there's DeKalb County, there's Cobb County. It looks like those are the only three: Fulton; DeKalb, or DeKalb, I don't know how to say that; and then, Cobb. So there's three different counties that actually end up within the Atlanta metro area. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
Here's another example, another way to test this, guys. All right. You can go to Google Trends. All right. Let's just use, whatever, it doesn't matter, we can use any of these. Take a look at where, I've got this, the targeting set for United States for the past 12 months right now for these different keywords that I was just doing some research on. But take a look, metro areas for it. Okay.

For example, if we came down here too, let's switch this to five months-, or, excuse me, five years so it'll show more data. If we scroll down here, let's just use handyman services as an example right here. Right here, it's showing sub-region. But we can do list view instead. Now, take a look, this is metro area. So these are also metro areas according to Google.

For example, Tampa. Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida is a metro area, right? It actually covers two cities. Because if you were to go take a look at Google Maps at Tampa, Florida, and I know this because I'm also working in Tampa right now. Well, that's one of the cities I'm securing a whole bunch of lead gen assets in. St. Petersburg is down here, it's another city. So the Tampa, St. Petersburg metro area is this, it's both Tampa and St. Petersburg. It's a big area. Like this, right? I think I've got 12 properties secured right now in this metro area. Does that make sense? So that's a metro area. That's different.

Now, if you were to take a look at the zip-codes.com, let's go back over there for a minute. I love this site, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed. I use this site all the time. We're gonna go to Tampa. Oh, I didn't realize what time it was, guys, we got to wrap it up. I can stay a couple minutes later, guys. If anybody's got to go, please feel free. I do wanna finish this one though. All right.

If we look at Tampa, Florida, for example, you can see that Tampa itself, it looks like is all covered within Hillsborough. But the metro area, if we were to click into city for Tampa and we scroll down, it looks like Hillsborough County is the county for all of that. But if you scroll down underneath this, it says 65 cities within 30 miles of Tampa, and we want to go look at … What's this? St. Petersburg, right? That was the one we're looking at. Looks like St. Petersburg is in Pinellas County. Does that make sense?

Let me give you one other example. That's Oklahoma. I don't have it probably open. I don't and I don't have the counties listed here. But this is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, right? These are all different … Now, this is Oklahoma City. Here you can see this is the city. That all falls within Oklahoma County. But some of these other areas out here, which are what they call, considered suburbs, fall within other counties. Does that make sense? But they're all still part of the Oklahoma City metro area. Hopefully, that makes sense, John.

Okay. Let's wrap this up, guys. I'll stay another 10 minutes if we can get through all of them in. “God loves a cheerful giver. What Marco's doing is amazing with this charitable work. Keep your eyes peeled for his announcement. It's good on you, Marco.” Thanks. We all appreciate that.

Should You Publish Unique Post To Each GMB Listing That Is Under One Category?

Nestor says, “What's up guys? I have a question about posting GMB. If I have multiple accounts in one category, is it okay so if I post the same info in all the locations always or is it better to have different posts on each location?” All right. Marco talked about this, I think, the last week. Google prefers unique content, so you're probably gonna get better results with unique content. But if you have different locations and they're all kind of funneling back to the same brand or the same website, I could see the attraction for posting across multiple GMBs. And you should be able to do that.

Isn't our autoposter give you that option now, to post to more than one GMB at the same time simultaneously?

Marco: I believe so. But Rob would have a better answer for that.

Bradley: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it does. I think you can select multiple GMBs from the drop-down when you go to create a post in the GMB autoposter that we provide, or that you can buy from us or subscribe from us. Again, Nestor, I'd recommend unique post if possible. But obviously, for efficiency sake, if you've got, if it's all kind of feeding back to one brand, you could probably get away with it, I would say test it, Nestor. Test it. Okay.

Who Do You Recommend For An Answering Service For A Local Lead Gen Campaigns Using GMB Listings?

Will again. He says, “What answering service do you recommend to use behind these GMB listings? You mentioned it's better to have the lead call go directly to an answering service as opposed to have the call go directly to the service area of business because they might be too busy to answer these calls.” That's correct. Now, I'll tell you guys, the answering service that I've been using since 2012 when I first implemented it is called AnswerConnect, answerconnect.com is the site. Again, they're great. I've been using them ever since 2012, so going on almost seven years now.

However, that said, I have recently just started a switch, well, I haven't switched, but I just recently, because of this new GMB method and scaling, and I've got I think somewhere around 35 or so GMB assets that I've just secured in the last three weeks, so I've got a lot, I just started using CallRail instead of CallFire for my phone numbers. I still have, literally, dozens and dozens and dozens of numbers in CallFire and it's a bitch to pipe or port numbers from one service to another. So I don't know that I'm ever gonna completely disentangle from CallFire, but I started using CallRail for all these new assets that I'm setting up.

This Stuff Works
CallRail actually has a live answering service like a call center, live answering service that you can add on to the CallRail subscription. Right? It's an additional service. It's an add-on. I haven't tested that yet, but I likely will because if I can combine both my virtual phone numbers and my call center all under one account or under CallFire instead of having CallFire as my virtual phone number provider and then AnswerConnect is my answering service, if I could do it all under one, under CallRail, I will. I haven't got that far, I haven't started testing that yet, but actually I really like CallRail. It's a really cool service. It's a lot of really cool features and it's actually cheaper than CallFire. So check that out.

Luis says, “Hello guys, I'm thinking of joining but not sure which program to join. Any specials running currently for any of your products?” Yeah. We're gonna have that promotion next week. Right, Adam? I don't know if Adam is still here. I don't think Adam is still here.

Marco: No. Adam dropped off, yeah. But we got some stuff coming.

Bradley: Next week.

Marco: Like we mentioned, Mastermind, yearly, you get a discount anyway. That's ongoing. That's an ongoing special.

Bradley: Yeah. Mastermind is the best. I'm not kidding. I mean, we're not just saying that. Mastermind is your best bet. If you're serious about growing a digital marketing business and not just how-to bullshit or how to learn one particular method to execute one particular skill. There's a whole lot more that goes into building a business, guys, than learning how to rank something. Right? I mean, that's only part of it. That's a small fraction of creating a business out of it. Right? Being able to execute some specific function is awesome. It's great. It's a skill that is good to have. But that does not make you a business owner, right?

Again, the Mastermind is all about creating a business around whatever skill it is that you have. We recommend focusing in on one particular skill and making a business out of that and making it profitable for you and generating revenue for you where you can even remove yourself from the process and it still makes money before moving onto the next thing. Does that make sense?

That's why the Mastermind would be your best bet. But that said, we're gonna have some bundled promotion, some special pricing and stuff next week. I think Adam said next week is when we're gonna announce it.

Is Location A Big Factor When Ranking GMB Listings?

All right. I'm gonna give it five more minutes, guys. Dan says, “Would you go after a location that has all owner verified and images optimized but none of the addresses fall within a given address?” Bingo, Dan. I'm not gonna go into too much detail, guys, about my particular targeting methods right now. Not here in a free venue, I'm sorry. Some of the stuff is reserved only for paying members. But, Dan, bingo, you got it.

“It's the only opportunity I'm seeing and I've been using the Easy Local software for several days now looking for low-hanging fruit. Is it time to change my niche?” No. Start looking for opportunities within the data of even what looks to be super competitive. Guys, I'm finding opportunity in even the biggest metropolitan areas right now because we're searching on a such a granular basis now. I'm telling you guys, there's more opportunity now than I've ever seen in my career of digital marketing. I'm not kidding. Even stuff that you would typically look at.

Again, what I talked about a Local Lease Pro was finding the easiest opportunities, the data that I told you to pay attention to was because that makes it really easy to find very quickly the ones that are, the GMB profiles that will likely rank with little to no effort other than verifying and optimizing the profile. Right?

But for those of you that wanna go into a little bit more advanced or willing to put in a little bit more effort, there are opportunities to be had even in the most, what we think are the most competitive metropolitan areas, big cities. I guarantee you there is opportunity in whatever niche you're looking for at, Dan, right now, even in the biggest cities if you target, if you do your location research properly. And that's exactly what we're teaching.

Marco: Yeah, Dan, look at the data, look at the data carefully and draw your own conclusions. I'm not gonna give it away either because it's what I did to hit a major metropolitan area. I talked to Bradley earlier this morning about what I was doing, just giving him affirmation. This just totally rocks. It totally works. But if you just think outside the box a little bit and take a look at the overall data and say, “Well, yeah, if this is looking this way and I do this, then.” It's an if-then-else statement, right? That's how I look at it. I look at it as a computer program. If-then else, that's how it's gonna work for me.

Bradley: Yep. Edward, thank you for the kind comment, buddy. I appreciate that. I look forward to seeing you this weekend. I'm going to Hilton Head, South Carolina this weekend because my sister's getting married again. I'm gonna meet up with Ed and have some coffee. I'm gonna meet him and his partner. It's awesome. I'm looking forward to it, Ed.

This Stuff Works

Is The Course Drip Fed When You Do The Monthly Subscription?

“Thanks, Bradley.” You're welcome, Chik. Ray says, “Is the course drip fed when you do the monthly, because I already have three full-time VAs and would like to jump forward past hiring VA?” Ray, yeah. Right now we don't have any, I don't think we have any courses that drip feed content anymore. Do we? I don't think we do, Marco.

Marco: I don't think so. The only thing that comes up is what's available, the products. Not everything that's discounted is … Yeah, you can't buy everything all at once, can't get into everything all at once.

Bradley: Well, you're talking about the Mastermind. I think Ray, when he says, “Is the course drip fed?” you're talking about hiring VAs. I don't know if you're talking about Outsource Kingpin specifically, Ray. That's what I was talking about earlier when I was talking about a course that we have for hiring and training VAs, managing VAs. Again, it's called Outsource Kingpin. That is one of the products that is available as a Mastermind member too and, as what Marco was saying, was when you join the Mastermind it used to be that you got all of our products under $300 all at once.

But because we continue to add more and more products to our product line, like training products essentially, that became like a fire that's too much, it became overwhelming. People would join and they would get access to all of our training products all at once. It was just too much and we would end up losing that person as a Mastermind member because they didn't know where to go and we didn't provide the proper direction and all that. So we're working on all that.

One of the things that we're doing to prevent that is we are only releasing a new product, a new one of our training courses to a Mastermind member each month that they're in good standing. Right? So each month that you remember you get another one of our products unlocked or available to you. Right? That's just how we're gonna drip those out. But whatever product you choose, whatever training course you choose, you get access to the whole training course, it's not dripped out. Let's not drip down on a monthly or weekly basis or anything like that. It's just for you to consume at your own pace. Does that make sense?

Outsource Kingpin, if you've already got three full-time VAs, the Outsource Kingpin process could teach you how to hire VAs in a much more efficient manner and save yourself a shit ton of time. You probably don't need it. I'm saying if you've already got, I mean, you probably get something from it anyways because, like I said, you could make your hiring process a lot more efficient.

But if you don't feel like you need that right now, then I don't think Outsource Kingpin is gonna be the best for you. It does teach you how to kind of train and manage them too, but it's more about, it's kind of a whole training course for setting up a hiring funnel to reduce your amount of time and effort screening prospects and that kind of stuff, and then only talking with the qualified candidates that have made it through the screening process, the automated screening process. And those are really, really good candidates. Then, hiring those candidates and then how to train, excuse me, train and manage them. Again, I'm not sure if that's what you wanted, but there you go.

How Well Does This System Work With Promoting Affiliate Offers?

“The bundle links are in the accountability slack group.” Yeah, okay. Thanks. “I'm gonna send in my prospecting sheet to see if I'm on the right track.” Okay. Fred says, “How well does this system work with promoting affiliate offers?” That's a good question, Fred. I don't know because I'm just doing everything with, you know, I'm dealing with local businesses so I don't actually do affiliate offers. It can be used for affiliate offers. I know that people do that. I just I can't talk about how good or how well it works or doesn't work because I just don't do it, Fred, I apologize.

Marco, I know you don't either, right?

Marco: Well, actually, yes.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: How well does it work for promoting affiliate offers? We go back to what is your local. If your local is the US, then you're going to create your own entity, you have the e-com option correct, you could push your product services, whatever it is that you wanna push. Your local, Bradley just discussed it, it could be the city, it could be a metro area, it could be the county, it could be multiple counties, it could be the state, it could be the country. It depends on what you want to target.

You could set your targeting within the GMB. Google has made it really easy to do this. Then it's just a matter of posting the offers in front of people and getting in front of them when they're looking for whatever it is that you're selling.

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Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Dan says, “Thanks, guys. Looks like I have a ton of opportunity here then.” Yeah, Dan. I'm telling you, man, it's hiding in plain sight too. I'm not kidding you, guys. There are so much opportunity in local GMB stuff right now and it's like hiding in plain sight, stuff that you would never, again, even a year ago, stuff I wouldn't have touched with a 10-foot pole, I'm finding wide open opportunities in right now. There is no keyword, well, at least in the type of niches that I deal with, there's not a single area that I have not found an opportunity in just yet.

That's why I stopped trying to target a lot of cities and really now what I'm trying to do is target multiple locations within a city because it's a lot less work. There's too much research work to try to target a whole bunch of different cities because there's a lot of work that goes into the research the location research side of things.

That's the process doc that I was working on today. Because I've already refined the process once, I had a really rough process the first time, which is what my VA has been using for three weeks to do all the location research. Like I said, I think I've got like 35 assets secured in the last three weeks. But this is a much more efficient location research process. Although our location research is evolving and becoming more granular, we're getting a lot more detailed in our location research.

Quit This House, “Bradley, Support says we cannot get Outsource Kingpin with Mastermind.” Well, then that's changed just since our corporate event, our corporate meeting a couple weeks ago, guys. That is absolutely Outsource Kingpin. We've got to rebrand it. We're going to rebrand it, guys, because that was an MPR product. But it was originally a Semantic Mastery product. Anyways, we rebranded it and put it under MPR. We're bringing that back under the Semantic Mastery brand. And, yes, it will be available if you're a paying member in good standing. It's one of the products that gets unlocked with your monthly membership. It's one of those products that gets unlocked in one of the months.

In other words, like I said, if we've got six training products, you don't get all six the moment you join, you get one per month for six months. Or we've got a specific track that we will be revealing as far as whether you are a new business owner, like trying to start and grow a business, or if you are an existing business owner and you're trying to scale a business. It's only two different paths that you can take when you first join the Mastermind and that will determine which products you get in which order. If that makes sense.

“But got a different answer.” Maybe Chris G, our support guy, he might not be aware of that. We haven't fully implemented that yet, guys, so just bear with us. If you're in the Mastermind, reach out to us. I'll get with Chris and let him know that we have changed what's gonna be available and when, and make sure that you guys have access to it. Okay?

All right. Well, let's wrap it up now. I got thrown off there, guys. These are support kind of questions, not something we should typically address here. But I appreciate you bringing that to my attention because, again, we'll school Chris and let him know that that is the new process. Okay. All right.

Anything else, Marco? Let's wrap it up. We're way beyond what I said I wanted to do.

Marco: No, dude, it's cool.

Bradley: All right.

Marco: Just keep rocking, man. The easiest thing in the world right now as far as online is concern is making money. If you guys aren't taking full advantage of it, then come join the Mastermind and we'll help you take full advantage of everything that's available right now.

Bradley: Yep. All right. I will get with you, guys. I'm texting Chris now in slack. Guys, I'm gonna send him a message right now to let him know. We'll let him know what the new process is for that. But yeah, guys, just reach out to Support, we'll get you squared away. All right. Thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you all next week. Take it easy.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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What Data Items Should Be Inserted With Schema Code For A Local Lead Gen Site’s Pages?

By April

In episode 185 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked about other data items that should be inserted with schema code for the pages of a local lead gen site to help rank it.

The exact question was:

2) In addition to the NAP info, what other data items should be inserted with Schema code for the pages of a Local Lead Gen site to help it rank, and where should that code be inserted?

Thanks again 🙂

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