Is The Local Lease Pro Method Still Valid From A Location Research Perspective?

By April


In episode 269 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the local lease pro method is still valid from a location-perspective.

The exact question was:

1. Is Local Lease Pro method still valid from a location research perspective or are there any changes I should be aware of to outsource the process?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 269

By April

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Adam: Hey, we are welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 269. I don't know just sounded cool. So anyways, gonna roll right into it. And we got some good announcements coming up. But first I want to say hi to you guys and see what's going on and then we're going to dive into we got a lot of questions this week. So want to make sure we get into what looks like everyone's fully back from the holidays now and focused on moving forward. So I think the questions are on full blast, but Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm well, how are you?

Adam: I wasn't prepared for that. No, doing good. Yeah. Nice and cool down here. I'm in the Bay Area near San Francisco. It's actually really nice. It's partly cloudy and I'm getting ready to head up and take some time off and visit family later this week. So I'm pretty pumped.

Bradley: Very cool. I'm glad to be back to a normal schedule. So got a shit ton of work backed up from the holidays.

Adam: Yeah, the routine is good. Definitely it's nice to go on vacation. I really look forward to coming back and kind of even if I'm not working full time, getting back into the groove. Hernan, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: I'm doing great, man. I'm really, really pumped for what's coming. I'm really pumped for the next couple of weeks actually flying to Nashville. By the end of the month, we were getting an award for Semantic Mastery, which is pretty cool. It's the Two Hundred Club award. So gonna be there in the Funnel Hacking live 2020. So I'm excited about that. And I'm excited about what's cooking this month for Semantic Mastery. So really pumped to be here.

Adam: Definitely. And we will circle back to that last part with her on here in a minute. But first, Chris, how are you doing today?

Chris: Well, I'm doing super good here and I'm excited because in a couple of days it will actually in two weeks almost. I'll be going skiing in the mountains and yeah like Christmas was not too big of a holiday. I was working and stuff. So like yeah, I was with my family like I kept it up. And yeah looking forward to actually have some really vacation towards the end of the month.

Adam: Sounds good man. Yeah, I'm actually going to be doing the same thing I want I'm not going to be joining any. I'm gonna be going to Puerto Rico for like work vacation so I'll be hopefully doing some work from the beach there. Hernan looks like he's getting ready to say something. Do you have something you'd like to add or

Hernan: no, no, no the work part of it. But Awesome.

Adam: Well, speaking of beaches and warm weather, Marco, how you doing today?

Marco: warm and sunny. Oh, can I say it? Groundhog Day, dude, Groundhog Day. Good, great, great holidays. I actually worked over the holidays on it on and off. When the family was busy with other stuff. I had time to go do a ton of research into some of the things that are coming up. heavy hitter club, Semantic Mastery, a lot of things that we're planning to do. I actually found a flaw in my math. And I found a flaw in my math for a lot of the stuff that we're doing, you know, that plugin that I built that I made available to mastermind members. There's a flaw in it. But I'm correcting it because I found the math twice I got the math people working on it, we accounted for the discrepancy. But for the discrepancy, I found that there was the force was disturbed. Suddenly, I saw the there was a ripple in the forest. And so we had to go and fix that. We got we had to go and find out why we did that. It was just back and forth, servers and computers and geeks all over throwing out equations that I don't understand. I understand the basics of it. I just tell him Look, this is a problem. We need to fix it and then they go they they figure it all out and they bring it back to me and something that I can build into the plug in. So that's what I did. Besides spending time with my wife, 3 kids and in laws, which is time consuming in and of itself. So I'm glad to be back at work.

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Adam: Fair enough. Definitely. I think that's yet definitely a common thread here. So I'm going to pass it over to Hernan real quick, but I wanted to tell before Hernan talks about this, I want to give you the specifics. And I'm gonna let her tell you a little bit more about it. But in two weeks on Hump Day Hangouts, we're going to have a special intro we're going to be launching a brand new training course but it's a hell of a lot more than that. All right, you've heard us talking about a 2xyouragency. We're getting ready right now to release that. And I don't know Hernan, I'm starting to like stumble because I've got so many things I want to like touch on and tell people about but maybe if you just want to give people again, like kind of the overview of what this is about and who it's for.

Hernan: Yeah, for sure. So most of the people that are watching come to Hangouts, they do some agency work in some capacity, right? And we refer to an agency whenever you're solopreneur that have a couple of VAs and then maybe you have anywhere between three to five clients. Or maybe you have a bigger team, you have maybe 20 to 30 VAs and you have 10, 15, 20 clients, however many you might have. So we started asking you guys, we started serving our audience with something that we do frequently. And one of the things that came up a lot was how do I get more clients? So that was the first thing, the number one thing that came up. So how do I get more clients? How do I get more clients and not that bu how do I increase the quality of the of the clients that I'm getting? And basically, the client, the quality of the clients that you're getting is you need to decide on who you want to work with. Are the these people super cool? They're geeking out on SEO paid media with you, they have this mentality that they want to grow their business and all that stuff. So what we decided to do and this took place last year, during our corporate meeting after POFU Live 2019 is to put together a brand new training program, which is going to be a comprehensive program and we decided to name it 2xyouragency because the goal and the promise of that program is that you can double your agency revenue in 90 days if you apply the concepts.

So basically, we're going to be going deep into prospecting, generating more leads, generating more clients to your agency, and also going after SEO, going after paid media, Google, Facebook ads and whatnot. And then additionally, we want to help you guys increase the worth and the value that you're delivering to your clients or you can charge more money, work less hours and show you guys how to be more productive and how to outsource. So it's going to be a really comprehensive program that has allowed us to you know, do this from five different parts of the world. It has allowed some of us you know, we want to travel want to go to conferences. I'm traveling, Chris's traveling Marcos with his family, Costa Rica, I'm traveling Bradley, he's not traveling, but he's launching.

Adam: He hates traveling. He's doing what he wants.

Hernan: That's cool too. And and that he's launching additional sources already. So I think that that's really, really powerful. And that is something that we want to share with you guys. And we want to share with you guys how we have been doing it and put in our brains together to actually help you achieving that. So I'm really uh, we're really excited about the launch of that's going to be in two weeks.

Adam: So yeah, go ahead. I was gonna say if you want to get notified and you're interested already, head over to we have an early access list hop into that which special deal. And also want to say if you're just joining us for the first time, welcome. Be sure to be back here in two weeks, if not every single week for that special event. But also the first place to start with us right now is the Battle Plan. And you can find out more about that at And then we have the done for you services. A lot of people who are watching Of course know this, but we do get new people watching and are saying hey, I hear you talk about syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, press releases, where should I get this stuff done? Head over to All right. That's your one stop shop for all that stuff and we're adding more services constantly in the SEO shield, and it's two varieties just came out within the last two months. Really good results with those and I mean you can find out more about that I'm not going to tell you all about it just go check it out. That's going to become the backbone moving forward.

And last but not least, if you're watching the replay, we really do appreciate it if you can subscribe or leave a comment Say hi. We appreciate it and we just you know, it's nice to see the engagement and know that people are out there and getting us out of it. So if you do check out these videos, you see this and you're getting good use out of it. Let us know and if you have any questions again come to semantic every week at 4pm Eastern

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Marco: for 2xyouragency before we move on, I just want to give a quick just just a nugget for people to actionable sheet right now. Get help. Get help instead of you be doing it all yourself. You're actually losing money because you're you become the bottleneck. Everything stopped at you, and at how much time you have to deal with, with everything we have about 15 days right now in in MGYB to imagine if we had to do the work of 15 people and that's just VAs I'm not talking about Rob. I'm not talking about the other people in there that helped us out and other people that we reached out we reached out to. Imagine if I had to go and and and learn discrete math, so that I could then come back and start applying all of those. I don't want to learn all that shit. This people who already know it way better than I'll ever know it. So just surround yourself with really good people, pay them well. And and take care of them and they'll take care of you. And that's the only way that growth can start. When you start delegating when you realize that No, nobody else is going to do things like you do. But there are people who will do it really, really well up to whatever it is that you demand from them because you set the expectation. If you don't do that, then don't even bother because you're not going to grow. So if you're making any kind of money, the first investment that you make in your agency is hire someone to help you to grow is the first post that people see from me when they join the free SEO group, right? Get help, get help so that you can go and make even more money.

Bradley: I like what Adam said in the past. He says, you know, he takes like what your processes Adam and that's once a week you spend a few minutes or half an hour or whatever it is to try to determine what can you automate delegate or eliminate. And kind of in context to what Marco was saying to Marco's point was, you know, I started a real estate business last year. And I've been working on that on the side as well as my agency, my lead gen business and Semantic Mastery obviously. I want to scale my real estate business though and because of that, I've spent the last week, week and a half since Christmas working on trying to automate, I'm learning a very complicated CRM right now, to help automate a lot of the tasks that I've been either doing myself or even delegating so that it can actually free up my VA, who's a very trusted team member for me to have her do even higher level stuff than a lot of the menial stuff that I've delegated to her. I think I can automate a lot of this stuff. It's just a matter of putting in the time and the effort to do it. So I've been working on learning a new CRM, which is customizing it to a degree. I've also been learning or working on additional process documents and process training for her to teach her the higher level things that I've been doing right now, once I've automated, once we've automated some of what she's been doing manually, then that'll free her time up to work on some of the higher level stuff that I've been doing, if that makes sense. So, even though that's not specifically related to agency or consultancy work, it's the same principle. And that's what I'm trying to get across to you guys now is that what we're going to be doing with 2xyouragency or double your agency is teaching how to scale a business.

It's going to be catered towards digital marketing consultants and agency owners, but it's the principles are the same, regardless of what business you're in. And so, you know, we're going to get away from doing strictly or mainly SEO type training to more how to build and grow your marketing business. And I think that's really important. So you know, we're practicing what we preach. And that's what I'm trying to get at. I'm going to be talking a lot over the next many weeks with Hernan. Hernan and I going to be doing most of the training for the double your agency training, and we're going to be talking a lot about how to get better results from what you're currently doing and actually how to even simplify what you're currently doing. I think that's part of the problem is that we all overcomplicate stuff, and in fact, part of my real estate business has been overcomplicated, and that's where now getting in and really going through everything on through it with fine, a fine tooth comb going through all the nitty gritty details. I'm learning how to simplify and kind of consolidate steps and things like that. So that's really what we're going to be teaching on guys. So I would encourage you to, you know, make sure you sign up for that when it's available. All right, anything else, guys before we get any questions?

Adam: Think so let's let's do this.

Bradley: All right. Let me go to screen. Make sure everything is kosher on my end standby. All right. Somebody confirm when you can see my screen.

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Good to go. Yeah.

Is It A Good Practice To Do Internal Link Exchange Between Blog Posts And Pages?

Okay, cool. So it looks like our first question comes from motion digital or motion. I'm not sure if I'm saying that right. Hello, SEO, SEO experts. I want to ask that is, is it good practice to do internal link exchange between two blog posts or pages? Thanks for your reply in advance. No and Marco can talk more on this provided how much he wants to share here, but a reciprocal link is not a good thing. So if you're linking from one post or page to another, and then that post or page links back to the same page, you know, to the page that was linking to it, then that's a reciprocal link and it stops page rank dead in its tracks. Is that right?

Marco: Yeah, that's one of the things that we've proven.

Bradley: So that's not a good practice, right?

Marco: It depends on what he's trying to do. Okay, so you if you're strictly doing it for the purpose of building up the weight of your page to affect the algorithms that account for your score your page rank and your ranking score, then no. But if you have to do it for user experience, then that's something that you have to take into consideration. And then you have to figure out how to work around that.

Bradley: Just nofollow it, right?

Marco: And no, that's that's not a good practice, either. I just what I've been trying to tell people is I don't want to get too deep into this, because that's only mastermind stuff. I've been telling people that if you have to, if you absolutely have to get page rank, nofollow bleeds page ranking and ranking score. And so you're, you're still affecting the way that you're going to build your page ranking ranking score. So now if you absolutely have to, and you have no other way than then yes, that's what has to be done. But there are other ways you just have to think outside the box. And this is not a forum where I'm going to help people think.

Bradley: Okay, well, thanks.

Alright, so we've got multiple questions from Dan, the man, Dan, we're going to our I'll make an executive decision here to answer the first two, and then we're going to keep moving. And if we run out of questions, we'll come back. But, you know, for questions that arose a bit. It takes up too much time, and it's unfair to other people. So that's cool. We'll try to come back to them if we have these if we have the chance.

Is The Local Lease Pro Method Still Valid From A Location Research Perspective?

First one is, is local lease pro method still valid from a location, location research perspective? Or are there any changes I should be aware of to outsource the process? To be honest, I can't give you a solid answer on that. Because I haven't done any of that type of location research for many, many months. So I can't tell you with any certainty if that has changed, except that the tools that we were using before for competition research was a tool by Chad Kimball. It was free I think he kind of locked that down. And I don't even know if it still works. I know many months ago, at least six months ago it was it that tool had gone from a desktop version to a cloud app. And it didn't work with the same functionality as it did as the desktop version did. And that was really the columns of data that it would reveal was really where you would determine just by quickly looking at very select data points, whether or not there was what the competition level was and what the likelihood was of a GMB registered in that specific zip code.

You know, how easy it would be to actually get results. And it was, you know, there was a fairly good success rate if certain criteria was met within the location research that you could just register a GMB within that particular zip code and it would rank with little to no work and it was a fairly good success rate with that somewhere around 60% would rank and the three pack with little other without doing anything other than on page optimization, primarily for the GMB assets. However, that that tool, like I said, when it went from a desktop version to a cloud based version, it didn't reveal the same kind of data. And so I don't know if that method still works, because I don't know that we can get that the same data that that tool originally showed. I can tell you that within the last few months, I don't remember when it was but they tightened the proximity filter even more. So that's an even bigger issue now than it was when we first, which was a year and a half ago now, developed a local lease pro method. So I can't say with any certainty, Marco, do you have an opinion on this?

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Marco: No, absolutely not. Because when I got into the local lease pro method, we had all the different tools and a way to get the GMB available to us with you know, that that was taken away fairly quickly. And so I just I just stopped doing that and just worked on the assets that I had already gotten. Having said that though, we're where it's in the works. We're trying to get that back. And we're even trying to get it. So where it's always you know, we can guarantee that if it gets suspended, we'll get it unsuspended. But like, if I say anymore, I might have people come knocking on my door and putting me in a trunk and getting rid off me for that. But yeah, it's in the works. So in a few months, you might see local lease pro redubbed or 2.0, because then the methods would be would be viable, and then Semantic Mastery could stand behind it, because then we can provide a guarantee if your assets get suspended. It's in the works. It's in the works will tell you, it just talks right now. Give us time and we'll get back to you on that.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's, you know, that's, that's kind of what I would say is when, you know, you can still do some competition research, maybe not the local lease pro method, but more traditional competition research for map stuff. And, but remember, it's all about the entity right now and it's going to continue to go further in that direction. So, if you can identify some holes in the competitors in a particular area that you're looking to, to break into, if you can identify some weak spots in their entity. So I mean, ambiguation that kind of stuff, then that's, that's an opportunity that presents an opportunity. But, you know, it requires some research and also some judgment on your end. So, but it looks like Marco kind of answered your second question, Dan, and we're going to move on, but that was that we are in the process of possibly potentially getting the ability to generate GMBs back, to verify GMBs back, and then even possibly to reverify or unsuspended if needed. But that's not something that we have available yet and we're not 100% sure that we're going to be able to do it, but we're looking into it, okay.

Marco: I want to be sure that we can provide a guarantee, because if we can't stand behind the product, then I refuse to even put it out, I mean, that's not how we do things.

What Are Some Best Practices You Follow When It Comes To Reverifying A GMB?

Bradley: So when it comes to Is there a best practice you use when it comes to re verifying a GMB, I am getting several assets that are being asked for re verification. And that's interesting, I've only I've only had that happened to me twice since 2010, where I've had to re verify an existing asset. In both times I've had to do that. I had to have mail sent to the original business location. And that's only happened to me twice in 10 years and in fact, I haven't even seen it or nine years, I guess? Oh no, I should it's been 10 years now I can't believe it. And both times that happened that was at least five years ago. So I haven't had that happen at all in the last five years. Now they in my what I've experienced is either is no issues whatsoever or a suspension, not a reverb, not a request for re verification. So I don't know what the process is now because it's been at least five years since I did it. And like I said, the last time that I had to re verify an asset it was via us mail. So it was just sending the postcard again with the pen to the same address that it was originally listed for. That's why I used to keep my PO boxes. And you know, I used to rent them and then keep renewing them. But I got away from doing that because after five years well like I said in the last five years, I haven't had to re verify even one of them and so I got taught you know I had so many damn p o boxes and also I think I've said this before, but about once every six months, I would have to get take a whole day and it got to a point where it would take two days because I had so many of them. But I'd have to take a day and go from post office to post office to post office and actually collect the mail because otherwise I would get calls from the post office from each different post office saying that they had a box of mail because the post box the P o box was full of junk mail and it's all solicitation mail. It's all junk mail. And even if I would give them verbal, okay or authorization over the phone to throw out the junk mail, I tell them Look, I don't there's nothing in the PO box that I need. Just throw it all out. They wouldn't do it. So I would have to every six months or so go through and actually collect mail and it was it was literally go open up my mailbox, pull the mail out, go to the desk, ask them to give me the box of mail its head and then I just go stand over the recycling bin and just throw it all in there. And so I got away from doing that because it was just a waste of money, a waste of time, and I never had to do it again. But I don't know what the processes now, Dan. You know, you'd be lucky if you could do it via phone. But I doubt very seriously, if that's possible with the spam stuff. So it's probably going to be verification via us mail, or even potentially the way that they've required some businesses to do it, which is to have a Google photographer, you know, actually come out and take photos of the business and stuff. So, I don't know, I don't know what to tell you, other than if they're requiring you to do it, start going through the process and see what it does and then come back and report to us what you found because I'm not sure what the process is now. Okay.

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Should You Use GMB Service Areas For Restaurants Or Is It Only Applicable For Service Area Business?

All right. I'm going to move on next one is two questions. If you only have time. For one, please answer the second one. Should I enter GMB service areas for restaurants and or service areas only for service area businesses, or number two is if a company is worried about the restaurant image. Can I create my IFTTT network and Twitter? Will it work if I don't do a branded ring but instead use something like fans of restaurant change name, chain name and then run everything through that. This way I can post anything to Twitter and not have to worry about them not liking the content I would want to post the blog since I don't have any time for budget for expert copywriting. Thanks.

Okay, so we have time for both of those. The first one is should I enter GMB service area for restaurants? I don't know. I've never done any restaurant marketing. Is anybody here have a good answer for that?

Marco: No, I don't but I asked him This was in I think the free SEO group and I asked him to put it in here because I wanted you the opinion from you guys in case you you guys have worked with restaurants, because my view of it is alright. So let's say your traffic is mostly from your your neighbor, from your area. You don't really need the service area. Yeah. Because people already know. I mean, it service area would work because people already know where you are. Correct? Yeah, but let's say what if you're trying to reach people a little bit farther up? People who actually need directions to wherever it is that you are? If you have a surface area those people cannot get right. It's like a double edged sword. Right? Because what's this restaurant planning to do? Are they planning to add a catering business? For example, in which case a service area would be great, right, you know, because you're not serving people at your location. We're actually going out of the kitchen, you have both. You used to be able to unless it's changed in the last couple of months, you used to be able to have, in some cases a service area business with a shown location, like a published location. Did they do away with that, you remember that people started getting hit

Yeah, no, no, I know that is that what he has to do is go and find out whether he is in one of those niches where you can display both the address on the service area. And that would be a win win. Yeah. If If not, and you have to choose one or one or the other day, you're going to have to talk to the restaurant owner and say, Where do most of the restaurant patrons come from? Are they from the neighborhood? Or are there people coming from out and telling you? Hey, you know, we heard about you and we went into Google Maps, and we typed the directions of it so that we could come here. There are people who will travel a long way. Yeah, go to a really good restaurant. And if they don't know where you are, and they can't find the restaurant and that's a service area, they can't find the address, then they won't know how to get to you.

Bradley: Yeah, you know, I would suggest contacting Google support or Google My Business support and asking that question. Seriously, it can't hurt to ask I would contact Google support or Google My Business support and just ask, say, look, we've got you to know, I managed the marketing or the Google My Business profile for this business and they are a restaurant but they also deliver and they also do catering or whatever the reason is that they would want to also be in the service area business and ask is it Am I able to do both the list the the the address, you know, publish the address and list the service area where they deliver to, or where they do catering or both, and just ask and find out because here's the thing if a Google rep says no, that's fine because of that type of situation, then you can while you're on the phone with them, make the change to the GMB to add the service areas and keep the address published. And if it suspends it, you'll have them right there to say, well, you just gave me you know, said it was okay to do so can you suspend this or whatever, that's what I would do is in a situation like that is just contact them before you do it, and it causes a problem, I would contact them and ask them and if they say that it's okay, that that's one of the conditions which that's allowable, then make that change. That makes sense. So that's a good question, though. Because again,  good question. Yeah, I've never done any real. Excuse me. Restaurant Marketing. So I really don't know.

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Can You Create A Second Tier Network Promoting The Money Site Without Compromising Brand Image?

Number two is if a company is worried about the restaurant image, can I create the IFTTT network? Okay, I know what you're saying here. You're saying they're not keen on you creating a branded network for them? And I'm not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

You know, can you do fans of Yeah, cuz I, I've never done that again. But in my judgment, it sounds like it would be okay because you're still doing a branded ring, but it's not branded content. Like, in other words, it's not content published directly from the brand. It's published from, you know, so it's not the brand. So I don't know as far as I think for because of the way that syndication networks, it's not just the publishing of content and the backlinks that are the most important thing about syndication networks anymore. It's not that those aren't important anymore. They certainly are. But the real value or power of a syndication network now is about solidifying the entity. Right, which we've proven that again, and again, I've talked about this before, we're just adding a syndication network to a brand new domain, even without doing any content syndication, can actually solidify that entity and get that entity name to break number one for brand search, we're doing nothing other than connecting a syndication network to it, and that I'm not even talking about syndicating content, just building the syndication network interlinking everything back to that primary asset that the money site. So I don't know that it's going to have the same result is that the next best thing, I've not tested it. I don't know. It seems to me like it could help, but I don't know that it would have the same effect the same amount of benefit that a branded Ringwood because it's not technically an entity asset. What say you, Marco?

Marco: Well, I say that the process right for the entity is creation, verification, validation, and solidification. The syndication network plays an integral part in this process, because if you don't have the GMB, which I'm assuming that they do, but if you don't have a GMB, then then the next best is you got you to go and pay Google for some ads, which we always recommend you go and pay Google for ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads. Facebook ads will also help so that there's a credit card on file with Google for the entity. That's just as good as verifying the entity One. Two, it's claiming that footprint because it's expected in today's Semantic Web for you to be out there in social media, trying to get people to be social, with whatever it is that you do. I don't see why these people balk at a branded network at getting all because if somebody else doesn't then and they fuck up the entity, then you're fucked and your client is fucked. Think about that. Yeah. Because then what you have no ambiguity, which is a big, big, big no-no. Right now and moving forward. I mean, if you are ambiguous the entity you are in all kinds of trouble. Are fans of the next best? Yes, it is. As long as the entity is solid as long as Google understands what the entity is, that golden frame, then you can go out there and you can drive traffic through that into whatever it is that they're doing. So you got to be really careful about it. Messing with the entity can get you a lot of traffic. And if you don't do it right, it can get you into tons of trouble and trying to recover from ambiguity takes you and I've said it before it takes probably 10 times the work that it did to ambiguity.

Marco: Yeah, I think if it's a restaurant chain name, so it's probably you know, a franchise or a chain like you said, the new entity is probably strong, but you'd have to evaluate that on your own anyways. And then as far as I said, if you did fans of the type of syndication network then is then really all you're using it for is the SEO signals like the backlinks and you know, that kind of stuff. It's not as much as the entity validator because it's not actually to you know, it's not part of the entity. So I don't know. That's a really good question. I'm not tested that I agree with. I mean, we would typically say, Marco, says don't, nothing beats a tribe but a fail. Right?

So it would be, or, you know, it'd be worth maybe trying. But at the same time, I would be concerned about what Marco said, which was ambiguating the entity, if that caught if you do that, if this were to do that, then it could end up causing more harm than good. So I would be careful with that. It's interesting, I just can't imagine I mean, if they have if it's a restaurant chain name, then they could have a lot of the entity assets built out even if you're not, you know, actively publishing to those, it would still help to build that SEO shield for that particular location in the entities name. Right. So in the name and the brand name of the business.

Hernan: Hey, can I add something real quick here? I think you're completely right, Bradley. I think that some of those assets probably already built, but I'm 100% sure that the syndication I will right now have a lot of different properties and I'm pretty sure that the restaurant doesn't have them all. So you can add them, you know, you can add them and then use the assets that they already have, which has, they have the history they have age to make them part of your syndication network. So if they have like, for instance, a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, you can post to those, you know, and you don't need to recreate the entire thing. That's, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, they're probably don't have a Tumblr blog, they probably don't have whatever Pearl trees, those are more like the obscure type of networks, that only us since your marketers know about it. So we create them. Probably they're not going to give a fuck because they're not using it anyways. And you're like saving their name on that like saving that URL and adding that to the entity validation process. So that's what I would do like, you know, don't recreate the wheel if they already have a bunch of assets that are already out there that are, you know, ready to use and they have age, you know, so.

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Marco: So think about it this way. Also, this is a restaurant chain, and you're going to take a look at the restaurant chain entity.

And that's not right. It's not done properly in the entity at the corporate level hasn't been solidified properly, then here is a perfect way for you to get your foot in the door with corporate to come in and say hey look, I took a look at your entity and it went the okay of your client. And you have big issues, which could be fixed with some simple code. And we're going to send Google the right signals to get your company your brand, a whole lot of love. I see that as a big, big opportunity for support getting your foot in the door at the corporate level. Yeah, that's a good idea actually.

How Do You Add Schema To A Google Site And Pages?

Okay, so next question is how you talk also about optimizing Google Sites with schema, can you show how to add schema to Google sites and pages? Thanks. As far as I know, the Google site itself won't accept JSON LD, I could be wrong about that. But the way that I typically do it is I just embed a webpage that has schema in it into the G site page, and then it reads through just as if the schema was on the page itself. Is that correct? Marco?

Marco: That's correct. That's how we do it. The G site comes with its own schema already set up by Google. And that's all you get so so how can you get even more schema in there while you fake it till you make it? Right.

Bradley: So just to clarify, just take the page, a page, you know, even if you had to build out an Amazon s3 page specifically, just for the schema. But if you're if you follow our training and you understand theme mirroring, where you're going to mirror onto the G site, the same pages, and silo structure and everything that you have on your main money site, your website, then you can actually do a, you know, you should have a page by page, you know, one to one ratio, four pages on your posts on your site, your main site, to your G site. And then you can iframe each of the pages, the corresponding pages from your money site into the G site. Right. So they, again, one to one ratio, and then each one of your individual pages on your site will have the schema from your money site anyways. But if for whatever reason you're not using the money site, or whatever the case is, then you could even do something like just take an Amazon s3 page and as an HTML page and add JSON LD markup to that and then embed that as an iframe into your G site page. And that'll suffice.

Marco: So now, we did away webinar on how to power up, drive stacks and decide for the under our best practices series. I'm going to post the URL in there so that people can go in and go and have a look.

Bradley: There you go. And those are all MGYB anyways, those webinars we did, right.

Marco: Yeah, they're in there, but I want I'm going to post the URL. Okay.

Is Google's AMP Stories Valuable For Ranking And Traffic?

So next question is I've come across Google's AMP stories recently. Do you see any value in these for ranking or traffic? You know, I haven't done much with AMP. I just know that it's important for mobile stuff. Because they're like, cached pages. So they don't, they don't have to load they just they're instantly load. But I've not done too much testing with that. I know Marco did so Marco would.

Marco: Yeah, we have we have our own amp amp plugin and what but what Google does it caches them on their servers and so they're served directly from Google so you can imagine it's lightning. So if you have something that's newsworthy, if you have that that type of website, then by all means you need to AMP that and look at the categories where these AMP stories are, are being served. I mean, you will, what are they above? What are the different categories and see if you fit one of those categories, and I would totally pursue that.

Bradley: Yeah, it sounds like it's it's pretty much developed for news stuff, news type stuff, right?

Marco: Yeah, it has to be newsworthy. Okay.

What Are The Benefits Of Hosting Your WordPress Using Amazon S3?

Fitz says good day and Happy New Years. Thanks. Thank you guys for this forum. If you host your WordPress site on Amazon s3 and then you hammer with links or is it the best practice to treat like all other money sites? Is there any benefit to hosting on s3? Well, I don't think you can host on s3 not a WordPress because it's a CMS. It requires databases.

Remember, s3 is just a storage, right? So it's simple storage solutions. That's what s3 stands for. So you can, you can host static pages. I know you can use Amazon elastic cloud for if you want to host WordPress sites, you can do it with Amazon elastic cloud and lightsail. Okay, I'm not used that one, but you can't do it with. With s3, you can host pages that are static, but they're not dynamic. In other words, they're not accessing databases and all that kind of stuff. So I'm not sure that that's what you were asking Fitz.

Marco: I know what he's asking. So if you're going to host up a WordPress site, which is a top level domain, on Amazon, you go you're going to have to go to EC two, are you going to have to go to lightsail, as I said, but that's still your top level domain even though it's an Amazon hosting. It's your top level domain. And all of the rules that apply the top level domains apply an Amazon, they applying Google Cloud, Google Cloud doesn't offer you extra protection at the top level domain level. That's why we stay at the Gsite level. If you map your domain over to the Gsite, right there, then you're protected because you still have the underlying g site, then you can just hammer. This doesn't happen. At this level. Not at the s3 level, you're actually getting an Amazon domain URL with the HTML it's s3 and location and what a whole bunch of other shit. Now that offers protection, we hammer the crap out of those. I mean, we do do that over and over again. So you have to understand what it is that you're doing. TLD then TLD rules apply. If you're on the Amazon domain, then Amazon domain rules apply. Hosting on Amazon does not necessarily mean that you have an Amazon URL to protect you. And that's what we're looking for.

Bradley: So even for your custom pages, like the HTML pages that you do host or store and Amazon s3 in an s3 bucket, you can use, what is it route 53, or whatever it is Amazon route 53, which is their DNS tool, you can actually do it through Cloudflare too now where you can map a custom domain over to your HTML page, right? So you could do that still. But what you wouldn't want to hammer your custom domain with links that the Amazon page URL, so the bucket URL, essentially, it's still there, even even if you're you map a custom domain over to it, then your underlying s3 bucket URL is still live. And what you do it you can canonicalize that to The custom domain page URL, if that makes sense. But then hammer the Amazon page with links and not the page on the custom domain, if that makes sense. So I agree with Marco hundred percent you've got to be, it doesn't matter where it's hosted at it depends on what the domain is. So if your domain is the Amazon domain, then absolutely. But if it's your custom domain hosted on Amazon servers, then what I would do is take any sort of Amazon domains that you could extract and hammer those but I would not hit the actual domain itself the money you

Marco: use an SEO shield, and then you can do whatever you want with it. Seo shield, SEO shield guys, we did it for a reason. It works. It protects you. It's going to protect you in the future. You said well, why try anything else? Why take risks when you can play it safe and get tons and tons of power?

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Are There Any Google Properties That Don't Play Well Together?

So the next question is on. Are there any Google properties that don't play well together? For example, shouldn't embed on a G site or should link to from another property? If you have time for a second question, is there any legal Google properties that don't play well together? I'm not that I'm aware of. Any, any that you know of?

Marco: Absolutely not. I mean, it's RYS Academy, RYS Academy Reloaded. That's what it's all about how well as an ecosystem, all of these things play together to provide massive power. If they didn't, I mean, we would have found it by because we did isolate each one of the dots and we actually saw or files excuse me, to see which one had had had the most ranking power. But then, as you say, sometimes Bradley. The whole is greater than the sum of its part is not that they don't play together is that when they're all hooked up together, the way that we hooked them up with activity, relevance, trust and authority, the art of ART is just what happens in there is incredible. We're not sure what Well yeah, it's Google's narcissism, Google loves Google preparing itself. Being in the Google ecosystem, all of that come comes into play. I don't see them not playing well together. I mean, and if you had a drive second g side done by MGYB to then you'd see what it is that we're doing and whatever it was pointed at, once it started ranking and bringing you back all the love that you can get back and all the money, then you know, just how well they play together. Yeah.

What Are Some Ways On How To Rank GSites (Medium Competition And Medium-Sized City) In SERPs?

Okay, so the second question is, I have seven Gsites that are still indexed, but missing action in the SERPs. Any suggestions? I will stick them fast. Um, okay. So I'm going to give you my answer to that because of my experiences and I think I just talked about this last week on Hump Day. But my experience with G sites and part of the drive stack is that it takes a while for it to fully settle in it dances for weeks. And then what's interesting is I, you know, I was maybe it was on a mastermind webinar last time anyways, I was talking about this because you know, I've got my real estate business, and I've done some work on the G site for that I haven't done near as much as I should. But some and it's interesting, but some of the work that I've done sometimes when I do a search to see how things are going my money site is ranked number one for the keywords that and the G site will be number two because remember theme mirroring that's we keep hammering away to you guys. So I duplicate the pages on the G site that are on the money site. And all I do is embed the money site pages into the G site pages. So what happens is my money site ranks for the first the keyword and then the G site page, the corresponding page will rank number two, but over the last few weeks, I've been watching the Google Site bounce in and out too. It shows that it's still indexed. But some days, it'll be number two position for my keyword, you know, right underneath the money site page. And other days, you can't find it at all, even though it's still indexed. It's not showing in the top, you know, 10 pages or whatever. And that's been happening for several weeks now. And I haven't done any additional work to it because I just haven't had the time and I don't have a VA trained to do that type of work for my real estate business yet.

But I've experienced this over the years now since 2015 when we started doing drive stack stuff that I've seen that over and over and over again and what I would recommend and I'd love to get Marco's opinion on this, but what I typically do is just don't worry about it. I mean, I understand what your if your primary purpose of the G sites is to push relevancy and authority to your money site, then don't worry about the G site, whether it's ranking or not. If it's indexed, that's the important thing because you're pushing relevancy through to your primary asset. If you're trying to use the G site, however, as the primary asset, then then I can understand why you want to see it ranking. And if that's the case, then I would continue hitting it with links and everything else because eventually, it will settle in. What do you think Marco?

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Marco: I think I have a question on this because he only mentioned g site. To those 70 sites have companion drives that right? Are they orphaned? She cites how much work went into those decides their orphan g sites. Don't expect them to do much. Yeah, because the work isn't finished. Now if you do have G site and a companion drive stack, who built it? Did we build it? Did you follow our process meaning that once it was done? Did you hit it with link building? Did you hit it with press releases? Did you then hit those press releases? With link building? Did you then do your embed runs with link building? Did you push all of that power into that drive second into that g site, and then gauge the results of where it is that it's settled, you know, so you hit it with all that after 21 days you going, you look? Okay, it's on page three, I need more power. So maybe what I need to do is isolate one of my top market-level keywords on an inner. And this is again, going back to the webinar that I just posted, maybe I need to isolate keyword in on an inner page keyword in a drive stack, and gold goes that way and then hammer that because then you repeat the process. And you might need another inner page and repeat the process. But once you start doing that and adding those inner pages, adding those additional drive stacks, what's going to happen is you going to push so much power that every additional drive stack bets are off. So again, I would ask, Who did these? And are they complete? And what have you done? In addition?

Marco: Yeah, and that's, you know, very, very nicely said Marco, because I just assumed that when somebody right on Hump Day hangouts talks about their having g sites that they have, the drive stack is, you know, it was kind of all one thing, you know, a G site with a drive stack because that's, that's just what we're so used to. So I just assumed all of that was present, but that was those are very good questions on your part, Marco, thank you. Because that's something that yeah if you don't if you don't have companion drive stacks or they weren't built correctly, you know, all that kind of stuff. You were talking a whole different ballgame.

What Is The Best Way To Use Stacks For A National Brand?

So, Austin Don says what would be the best way to attack a national brand target specific geo areas or the general broad keywords? For example, we buy houses niche with stacks. Okay. My suggestion would be to target to kind of break it down. I mean, I see I've never done I haven't done national SEO stuff in years other than affiliate stuff, which for the most part, it's not the same as for doing it for like what you're you're talking about for an actual business. So the way that I build out for stuff that I want to expand like surface area type stuff, as I build it, build it out by silo structure and content.

And so I'll use the location modifiers as part of the solid structure. So for example, we buy houses, you can do it on a state level. For example, so we buy houses in Virginia or something like that right and then each state would have its own category its own silo. And then from there, you can start building up the metro areas within the state right so the big regional metropolitan areas you could do by you know, like the metropolitan area names you could break it down on a county level if you wanted an even to a city level if you wanted but you got to consider if you're doing a national build how much work that would be it would take years to build all that out. Really think about it because of the amount you know, the amount of cities and each state on a broader level the counties right it's gonna be less number of counties so that's how I've always built it out. I don't know because best the way that I'm doing it with my real estate business, which is not we buy houses, it's we buy land, right? So the way that I'm doing that is I'm using I targeted the state of Virginia, specifically with my my brand and I've got the drive stack and which is really just targeting we buy land in Virginia or sell land fast in Virginia. Those are my two top my top two keywords. And so my drive stack was built, just the way that we taught we teach and the way that we build them for you in the MTI be, which is to associate your top level keyword with the brand name for your top level stack. Which, again, I may have pigeonholed Alpha Land Realty my land business into just Virginia because that's how I started building it out. If I want to scale outside of Virginia, then I'm going to have to do some work on the entity to be able to, you know, break out of that constraint, right those confinements that I created.

So the way that I'm building it out of Virginia is I'm starting to target specific counties and in building out internal pages on the blog or in the G site and also within the drive stack to target those counties. And then from that level, I do selectively choose the cities within the county that I want to target or the ones that get, you know, traffic and then build out the content for that, like I said, on a smaller scale, on a statewide scale at smaller than on a national scale. So I think that's feasible. If I was going to go on a national level, though, if that was my target area, then I would probably start with the broadest keywords, in this case, we buy houses, and then I would start building out on a state by state basis, internal silo structure, throughout all of your assets, all of your SEO shield. But you know, it's very difficult, in my opinion, I know, AdWords can be or Google ads can be expensive. But it's so much simpler to get results that way. Think about the amount of time and effort and money that you're going to spend on content creation and everything else to achieve SEO results, building out content for all of those different areas. Whereas you could go in and set up ads very quickly, and you're going to spend money on that too. But the difference is, you know, you don't have to put in all the effort. So I'm not sure how I would target that, I would probably start with associating the brand with the general keyword. So in your cases, we buy houses, but then I would start building out on the state by state basis, the areas that I'd want to receive leads from first and then from there, I would drill down further and go into a county-level or Metropolitan regional metropolitan area first, then a county level and then ultimately a city level. That's a really good question, but Marco, how would you go about it because I know you typically don't localize as much as I do.

Marco: You have to, you have no choice, right? Because that's how the keyword the top-level keyword that we're targeting is, for example, Sell house fast, and then city, maybe state or county or whatever. It's one of those variations of the keyword. So you have to do it that way. It's how we did it with Land solutions network, right, the land buying arm that we're building nationally, haven't had time to really work on it, but I'm just looking at analytics right now. And we just had what 60 something clicks during the last month or so. So that means that it's ranking already for whatever.

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Bradley: Yeah, I was gonna, I was gonna see if I could just yeah, I mean so that's, that's what I'm talking about is what you're saying it you know, here's the thing if you go into Google Ads even if you don't plan on running ads, which I don't know why anybody doesn't want to run ads. You know, especially in this type the real estate business because you can I mean, one deal, you know, could pay for your ad budget for six months or a year. So anyway, that's a whole nother topic. But what I was going to say was with Google ads, if you go into the keyword planner, remember the keyword planner sucks, guys, unless you're spending money, right? If you're not saying spending money, it gives you this broad range of search volume, and it's just it's stupid. So you've got to be spending money in order for it to show somewhat accurate search volume numbers, but go in and do a search on, we buy houses and some of the other, you know, related keywords and then just take a look at the ones that are that show up in the suggested keywords results of the keyword planner that show modifiers so we buy houses, and then the different modifiers you'll see state modifiers and you'll see a lot of city modifiers you won't see as many state modifiers but you'll see a lot of city modifiers. And I know because again, I'm in a similar industry. And those are the ones that I would start to target because a lot of people don't.

A lot of people will just search to sell my house or sell my house fast and they won't put a location modifier in there. So you do want that's why I think AdWords is great because you can rank or you can get traffic from those blogs, keywords very easily. And then you can also get traffic from even the localized, very specific keywords if you set your ads up properly, right, so I would go in and just kind of do a survey or, you know, survey the results of the Google Keyword Planner to extract all of the We Buy Houses, keywords and related keywords that have location modifier so that you know which ones if you're going to target on an SEO level where you're going to build content out for those, you're targeting the ones that have enough search volume to be returned in the keyword planner as a result, if that makes sense. Because if you're not seeing it show up as a location modifier. So we buy houses plus a particular city if you don't see that show up in the search results, the keyword planner results, then it's likely that it's not getting searched enough for it to be tracked by Google, which means it probably wouldn't be worth targeting or spending the effort on developing content out for that specifically if that makes sense. So I was going to try to show you some things samples of that, but we've run out of time, so I can't. So anyways guys, we're past the one hour mark. I've got to go, Marco. I appreciate you hanging out. Thanks, everybody for being here. Bye, everyone. sorry, we couldn't get to your question post it again. So we cover it next week or come join the mastermind we got a webinar tomorrow. That's right. Alright, guys, we'll see you later. Thanks

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Why Is The Local Lease Pro No Longer Recommended In Making GMBs?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 268, one participant asked why the Local Lease Pro is no longer recommended in making GMBs.

The exact question was:

I heard that Local Lease Pro is no longer offered as a standalone course in part due to the way Google's GMB policies have changed recently and I was directed to local GMB Pro is the replacement question is about why local lease pro method is no longer recommended.. If I got the local GMB pro would I still be able to accomplish the same kind of business model which is quick map quick map ranking without sight and simple flat fee rental using the local GMB process

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Is Local GMB Pro Included In The MasterMind?

By April


In episode 224 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Local GMB Pro is included in the MasterMind.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley. thanks for our call last Thursday. It was very good to talk to you and I got a lot our of it..

A couple of questions.

1) Is Local GMB Pro included in the MM? Not that I think I need it, Local Lease Pro is looking pretty comprehensive as I go through it. I'm just curious as it doesn't recognize my username.”

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How Do GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro Compare Against Each Other?

By April

In episode 221 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro compare against each other.

The exact question was:

Would also appreciate if you could give a brief overview of how GMBPro/LLP/LocalPRPro compare against each other. I'm completely new to local marketing, so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?

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Is Local Lease Pro An Updated Version Of Local GMB Pro?

By April


In episode 212 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if Local Lease Pro is an updated version of Local GMB Pro.

The exact question was:

Hello, I stumbled on your video from May; Local GMB Pro Revealed – Generate Leads from Google without SEO and watched most of the video. I went to find the video to finish watching it and now I found; Local Lease Pro Launch – The Side Hustle Toolbox that was released just Oct 1, 2018. Does this newer one replace the one from May? How long does the training take to begin using?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 217

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 217 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: We are live! Welcome everybody the Hump Day Hangouts Episode 217, also known as the first Hump Day Hangouts of 2019. I gotta get used to saying that. I always screw it up for the first two or three weeks. Anyways, thanks for joining us. We got almost full crew here today, so I'm gonna go down the line here and say hello, do some quick introductions, and then we will get into it. Chris, you're first on my list today here. How are you doing?

Chris: Doing good. Woo-hoo to the New Year!

Adam: Are you back home or are you still up in the mountains, or where you at?

Chris: Back home at the moment. I gotta crank up and start the year productive like most people. How about you?

Adam: Yeah. I had these grand plans, you know. I took last week completely off, went almost off the grid, not completely but tried to stay away from the computer and all that jazz. Then, Sunday, I got sick. I had awesome week planned, all the stuff to do, I was gonna get right back into it, I was excited, and then it's just been like, motivation has been down here. So, it's turning into an inconvenient two-week vacation, so we'll see how it goes.

Anyways, Marco how about you? How are you doing?

Marco: I'm talking to a muted mic. What's up, man? Doing good. Starting off the new year really good, ton of projects. As you know, we got a whole bunch of awesome things coming to MGYB and coming to first and foremost our Mastermind members, and then it goes to everyone else, our followers and all other members then get access before it goes public. Membership has its privileges, as we always say.

Another thing that I'm really looking forward to is on the 14th. Guys, mark it on your calendar, Monday, January 14th, 3 p.m. Eastern, I'm doing an Entity webinar. There's a caveat: the only way that you can have access to that webinar is by donating to my charity. I'm calling it “The Endgame.” What this is all about, what other people just refuse to tell you because they want to give you information piecemeal and they want to lead you down the road but they don't want you to have all of the information. What I'm doing is, I'm giving everyone all of the information. I'm giving everybody the why these all take place. That's The Endgame. What we're after so that Google can give you all the love possible.

That's on, again, Monday, January 14th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. It's The Endgame. The Entity Webinar. Donate. It's for a good cause.

Adam: Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. We'll have some more information about how you can do that shortly. Starting next week, we'll give out information to everybody so you can get on that. You definitely do not want to miss out on that.

Real quick, Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: I'm great, man. You said that you screw up for a couple weeks 2019.

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Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I always screw up when I'm writing a check. You know what I mean?

Adam: Right.

Bradley: That's where I always screw up and then I have to either scribble it out and initial it or void the check and write a new one. It always pisses me off. I'd do that for the first whole month really. But other than that, yeah, I'm really excited too. We're gonna hit 2019 running. We've got major big goals that were working on currently, GMB asset building and all that kind of stuff, and we're looking to really provide more and more Done-For-You services in MGYB. A lot of those are in development now, training virtual assistants in order to be able to fulfill those services for you, guys.

We just got a lot of stuff coming up. It's gonna be a really good year. As Marco said, the Mastermind members, we've kind of restructured that as well. We have clear direction this time. Finally, after all these years, I think we've got a really clear direction for new members, whether you're starting out or already got a business and you're just trying to scale it and grow it. It's just really a lot of good things that we are implementing this year. So, looking forward to it. This is the start of a big sprint for the next 12 months.

Adam: Definitely, We'll do our own break it down, do it 90 days, and then down to the week, and then day-by-day. Right? Good deal. I want to say thank you to everybody who took us up on some great offers over the holidays, whether it's MGYB sales and then those of you who decided to join the Mastermind, that's awesome. We're really glad to have you guys in there and getting through that. Really awesome that we had everyone do that. That's a great investment for 2019.

With that said, if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I want to first say thanks for watching, whether you're watching us live or you're catching the replay, come check these out, whether you're in our Mastermind or you're not, you're in different groups or not, just come ask these questions, be part of the community, get your questions answered every week. You can always go to, like I said, if you're watching the replay, even though you post them on the page, you can come back and check out the replay, if you're traveling or whatever the deal is you can't watch us live.

If you're also wondering where to start with us, Battle Plan is the place to start. Just go to That'll fill you in on the rest of the details. It's repeatable processes to get you results. All right. That's the bottom line.

If you're already in digital marketing, you're in the local game, you want to really take things up, you want to be part of like-minded community, then the Mastermind is the place to be. You can find out more about that at Alrighty.

Let me check my notes here. I've got a little bit of a head cold that's messing with me and slowing me down here. I did wanna mention something coming up next week. For those of you who remember in … Bradley, was that October or November when the Side Hustle Toolbox came out, the Stack?

Bradley: Yes.

Adam: Yes. It was in the fall time frame.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Those guys have put together another one and they asked me to contribute, so I was happy to do that. Carey put together one info stack and it's more around productivity mindset, self-development kind of area, the idea of being start 2019 off to a good start. I've gotten a sneak peek at some of the stuff that's in there. It looks like some really good stuff. I'm happy with the one I made, the short course I put together for it, basically about freeing a lot of your time and how you can literally create about 115 hours out of 30 minutes over the next year. So, stuff like that.

If you're looking to really make some improvements, whether it's your business, your life, relationships, whatever it is in 2019, this is gonna be something cool that we're gonna share with everybody. Just like the last one, there's several thousands of dollars worth of products that they're putting together and then you get access to it all for just a ridiculously low price. I don't know exactly what that's gonna be it, but I believe the one we took part in was like 47 bucks.

Bradley: Yeah. It was there was over $4,000 worth of training, products and courses and stuff, and Side Hustle Toolbox is what it was called. I think with the coupon that they had during the launch week and all that, you get it for basically at 50 bucks, so it's ridiculous.

Adam: Yeah, just a big value bomb. We'll be sharing that information with everybody. It's something I talk about too, with all of these, it's like take the best, leave the rest. Any one of these things is worth $47. So, if you look through it and you think that one of them is worth it, grab it. Don't get lost in it. Pick the top ones, the ones you think are gonna help you go through it, put it to use. Don't worry about drowning in too much. Just grab it, pick the ones that are gonna work for you, put it to use it, and move forward.

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Cool. All right, guys. Anything else?

Marco: Subscribe to our YouTube channel, please.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: It's free.

Bradley: Yeah. We recently just passed 6,000 subscribers and those are organic subscribers. We appreciate you guys subscribing in the channel. Yes, definitely subscribe if you haven't already where you get notified, we chop these up Hump Day Hangouts up into individual Q&A videos and post them out too. It's funny, we looked in the dashboard-, excuse me, I was looking … I think I'm gonna pull it up right now. Stand by for a minute because I think this is crazy. I was in the Analytics the other day for our channel. Yeah, we've got 2,590 videos in our channel. That's crazy.

By the way, in case you guys didn't know, you can go to our channel and then use the channel search feature and type in your question. A lot of times you'll find an answer because we previously answered it on Hump Day Hangouts. Since we put timestamps in the video descriptions of the Hump Day Hangouts and then we also chop up the individual Q&As, a lot of the times you'll just go to you find, the channel search function will lead you directly to an answer. In case you weren't aware of that, you may wanna check that out too.

All right. If that's cool, guys, I'm gonna go ahead and jump into questions. Is everyone good?

Adam: Let's do it.

Does The MYGB Service Able To Verify GMB Listings In Germany?

Bradley: All right. Okay, cool. Dustin or Da B is up. He says, “Jo Bros.” He must have meant “yo,” I don't know. Anyways, he says, “Happy New Year. I would like to know if you are also able to verify GMB listings in Germany with the MGYB service.” I can't answer that. Marco, can you?

Marco: As far as I know we can verify just about anywhere in the world. The European Union is a little problematic. Your best bet is to write to [email protected] and they will give you the right answers.

What Is Your Recommended Off-Page Strategy For A Small Affiliate Site Dedicated To Reviewing One Product?

Bradley: There you go. Sam's up. What's up, Sam? He says, “Happy New Year. I'm going to make a small affiliate site dedicated to reviewing one product. It's for launch-jacking but I want it to rank long-term too. Can you advise on off-page strategy for this type of site? IFTTT Network + RYS Stack? Thanks.”

Well, I don't really do much affiliate stuff anymore and when I did, I mean, I … It's kind of hard, in my opinion. Again, I'm not gonna be the best one to give you advice on affiliate stuff because I just don't do much of it. But I can tell you affiliate site for just one product, I don't think is the best idea, Sam. Only because you gain more traction over time with a site that you're gonna continually post to and update.

Unless you're gonna be continually updating this one small affiliate site, as you mentioned, about one product, if you're gonna continue to add content to it, then it would make sense to have like a syndication network because you'd be constantly adding, publishing content, reviewing products, or whatever. That's why I said … Let me back up for a minute.

Typically, some of the best affiliates that I've met, like for example, Jeff Lenny, Jeff Lenny is a really good affiliate marketer, okay, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Jeff Lenny, but he's somebody that you could model. He's got basically an authority type review site that he's built for reviewing products and such. That's typically how I've seen most people get long-term traction with affiliate sites, especially if you're just reviewing products, is to create some sort of product review site that you're gonna continually update. That's gonna keep it fresh. That's gonna help you to develop authority over time.

The problem with a single product-type site is that it's hard to build authority with that and it's also hard to continue content marketing about that one particular product, so they don't ever really gain a lot of authority. Now, depending on how competitive it is, you may be able to just throw up a one page site or whatever and rank it and do very, very well, especially with launch-jacking because it's a new product. It typically means there's not a lot of competition because the product name is a new name, or there's not a lot of competition for it yet.

But that's why I'm saying, again when I was doing launch-jacking stuff, we were able to get some really good traction with just YouTube videos and Press Releases. Press Releases were one of the big parts of it. But we did a lot of YouTube spam and Press Releases and RYS Stacks. Yeah, drive stacks work great for launch-jacking because again they're new terms usually, new search queries that you can optimize for.

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But again, like I said, long-term, if you want it to rank long-term, I would recommend that you go with a branded affiliate site, something you create a brand, it could even be Sam Bailey, you know what I mean? and then just review products consistently. That's how you wind up gaining traction over time.

Again, I'm not gonna be the best person to give you advice on affiliate stuff because I just don't do it. Marco, or anybody, you guys wanna comment on that at all?

Marco: I totally agree with you. Its brand plus keyword association when it comes to a launch-jacking right, and then he wants it long-term, well, it's gonna keep it long-term if Google gives it that association long-term, if it starts to associate the brand with whatever keyword it is that he's pursuing. In this case, it's whatever product or whatever small affiliate that he's trying to do, that's what he's going to have to do.

Now, yeah, of course, RYS is going to work, but you're going to have to keep adding power to that drive stack. You can't just do a simple drive stack and expect that, although it has happened, Virginia SEO.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: You can't expect to stay at the top when you have all of these people trying to rank for that and doing things every day to try to take you on. It means that you have to continue adding information and images and video and whatever it takes to stay on top. So, yes, drive stacks, press releases, we've had great success, link building, everything in conjunction.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, one thing you might wanna consider, I had a lot of success with driving traffic, especially for launch-jack using Google Ads, formerly Adwords, because it's a new product. There's a ton of SEOs that … Again, when I did some launch-jacking training for, what we used to have was, we used to have something called the Master Class and I did several launch-jacking projects sites-, campaigns, excuse me, during that training.

We did really well each time we did launch jacking, but one of the things I started to do was set up you-, excuse me, well, YouTube Ads as well, but Google Ads from search and that tends to work really well too because, again I was trying to launch jack affiliate-, excuse me, internet marketing products. So, other training, internet marketing training products, or WordPress plugins, or whatever, just other IM-type products.

You'd end up competing with a bunch of other people trying to launch-jack too and it's a time-consuming process to set up launch-jacking. I even had developed some processes for some VAs and we were targeting various IM products when they would launch. We would publish a press release and all that kind of stuff and it would work fairly well.

But like I said, it was so much easier just to set up a good, what you call the bridge page, don't ever say that to Google Ads though, but it's really a bridge page where you basically set up a landing page that you could do a review of whatever product it is you're trying to promote. Make sure it's a well-done landing page though, that is content-rich, in other words, it could have a video but also have good text on it to where it's not a blatant just affiliate-type page if you're adding value.

Google Ads, they'll suspend an ad if they think that it's a low-quality page or a thin content page that is only used to promote an affiliate link. But I've had many landing pages that were, again they're bridge pages, don't ever say that to Google, but they're bridge pages where all I was doing was promoting an affiliate offer, but I fleshed it out well. Because of that, it would stick and Google Ads would accept it and then I could drive traffic using Google Ads for really inexpensive because it's a new product name, it's a new keyword so there's not a lot of people competing.

Again, for launch-jacking, you'll get a ton of SEO, a lot of IMer's that will try to launch-jack doing various spam and SEO stuff. But very few target using Google Ads, at least in my experience a couple years ago. It's been a couple years since I've done any of this. I found it to be a lot easier and more efficient to skip all the SEO stuff and just set up Google Ads for launch-jacking.

That tended to work really, really well because it I could cut, what used to take me if I was going to develop out the launch-jacking campaign and do all the work myself, which I used to do, it would take me sometimes two days to really develop all the stuff out. I'm talking about the video spam, ordering press releases, setting up a WordPress site, or at least a page or a landing page or whatever. All that kind of stuff was a real pain in the ass to set up.

Then once I trained Vas, even then it was still a lot of work, even if I had a VA that would set up an entire campaign, a launch-jack campaign in a day, I'd still be paying that VA for a day's worth of work. Whereas I could just go into AdWords, or Google Ads now, I could go into Google Ads and set up a campaign in a matter of 20 minutes after I built the landing page and then the traffic could start within hours. Once the ad gets approved, traffic can then start immediately. Then it was just like, as soon as the launch was over or the shopping cart closed or whatever, then I could just turn the ad off and I'm done. You know what I mean? I made my money and I'm good to go.

So, that I found to be more efficient, Sam. What I'm saying is you could do a combination of both. If you're trying to have something that's gonna rank long-term, then I would recommend, like what Marco said, that you're gonna have to have something that you're gonna update with content regularly. That's why I recommend having a syndication network if you're gonna do like a review site where you're gonna review more than one product. But you can jump-start your traffic with Google Ads, at least initially, and get placed right at the top of the page. You might wanna check into that as well. Okay.

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Something else I like about that, Sam. Remember, if you're driving people to a landing page, whether you do it with SEO or Google Ads, always try to build a list too. Instead of just point people from that page direct to the affiliate offer, try to put them through an opt-in gateway somehow so that you can build a list, because you got to think about it.

Also, make sure you're using remarketing, Sam. Even if you decide not to do Google Ads for this affiliate campaign, I would still make sure that you have Google Tag Manager added to your landing page or your site, depending on how you're gonna build it out and make sure that you create a remarketing list because, depending on, if it's an offer that's gonna be an evergreen product or whatever that's available for purchase beyond just the launch window, then you can build a remarketing list even if somebody doesn't opt-in.

If you put an opt-in on the bridge page to try to collect email addresses that you can market to them via email at a later date, that's great, you should still try to do that. But even if you don't get somebody to opt-in, if they land on your page, now you've cookie them and they're on a remarketing list, so you can still market to them. If you know what particular product or service it is that … They landed on that page, there's an interest in that product or service, then you could potentially even serve ads to them via remarketing for other similar type products.

My point is, you absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you should try to collect emails via opt-in if possible. But at the very least, if you're driving traffic, you should be building a remarketing list because that way you can continue to market to that visitor that would have otherwise been a lost visitor if they didn't purchase or opt-in. Does that make sense?

Anyways, definitely, that's a good idea. I'm using remarketing for everything, guys. I love it. It's great. I mean, even for local stuff that I'm doing, remarketing is so powerful, guys, and it's so inexpensive compared to cold PPC.

What Are Your Thoughts On Using Firebase Dynamic Links As Replacement To Soon-To-Be Defunct Shortener?

Steve. Steve says, “Happy New Year and thanks to all Semantic team for these Hump Day Hangouts. Looking forward to another great year.” Thanks, Steve, we appreciate that. “As Google phases out the shortener, closing March 30th, their replacement is Firebase Dynamic Links, which, in addition to a link destination, can also have a builtin title, description and image for social media. What are your thoughts on these? Will you use these in place of Are there any SEO advantages from keywords in the title, description or image exif data? Thanks.”

Marco looked into that several months ago or a year ago now when they first announced that Google URL shortener was going to be shutting down eventually. One of the problems with the Firebase links is they are all 302s. Is that correct, Marco?

Marco: Not necessarily.

Bradley: Okay. Can you expand on that a bit?

Marco: Yeah. You can make them 301.

Bradley: Oh, you can?

Marco: You can.

Bradley: Okay. You're short answers today, aren't you?

Marco: Yeah. Go read all of the shit that I read through to find that. I'm not giving it away.

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Bradley: Okay. Well, there you go, Steve. I tried. Yeah, okay. It was my understanding because I remember Marco talking about this. I was unaware that you could make them 301. I'm not sure how you do it, Steve. I have not researched this at all because, as far as I was aware, they were 302 links and I said, “Well, that kills that.” But, yeah, just go do some more research, I suppose. I tried to give you a better answer, Steve. I'm sorry I couldn't.

Marco: Just to add a little bit to that, we're going to have our own shortener in MGYB. It should be ready by Friday. If not, sometime next week. Then, we'll do tests and make it public before Google phases out their shortener and then we'll just power up our own. That's what you should do. I mean, we're not going through Firebase, but Firebase allows you to do that, to set up your own link shortener.

Bradley: There you go. There's some benefits to doing that too because you can power up your domain that way too.

Should You Use One Schema Markup For All Pages Of A Multi-Location Business Or Should Use Specific Schema For Each City Page?

Scott Walker. What's up, Scott? He says, “I have a client whose business has three locations, should I use Schema markup with all locations on all pages then use just the specific Schema for one location on the individual location/city pages?” No, Scott. If you have a business with three locations, there's really one type of markup that you should use, it's what's called “organization markup.” Another substitute that will also work is called “corporation markup.” Either corporation markup or organization markup would be listed on either the site header of the main domain.

Most multi-location businesses are going to have a root domain, right, guys? They're either gonna have location pages for each individual location, which are inner pages of the root domain, or maybe perhaps subdomains with a WordPress installer, an HTML page for each location on subdomains, it's usually gonna be one or the other.

With the organizational/corporation markup, you can put that in the site header, if you're using JSON-LD markup, you can put it in the site header and that can be across, like a global site header. In other words, it goes across all pages, which in organization markup you're talking about the corporation itself, the entity, the main corporate entity, then you can list the individual locations.

But on the individual location pages, whether they're inner pages or on subdomains, however you have that worked out, those should only have local business markup for that particular location. Organization markup can go either globally across the site in the header, except for on individual location pages, or you can just put organization markup on a locations page which lists all of the locations, but then there would be a link that clicks through to the individual location landing page. Or you could have it on a Contact page or an About Us page. That's per Google's recommendations, by the way, guys. So, I would definitely look into that.

Also, there was something else, let me pull this up. I just had this up earlier today. Organization schema, Google, there we go. There's an SEMrush article right here. This is a really good one. This is where I learned, this is actually where I stumbled across the @id page stuff that I basically developed from this article. Way back in February of last year is when I had talked about the local iFrame loop in Syndication Academy. I got that idea, that idea was sparked from this article right here on SEMrush. Okay.

Essentially, if you scroll down here, you'll see there's organization. This is corporation markup here. But then there's the organization markup, which you can select which type, okay, that's how you get a bit more specific. And local business schema, okay, that's where you would go all the way down to the individual location. If you scroll down here, it talks about @id page and all that kind of stuff. This is a really good article. I'm gonna drop this on the page. I would recommend that you spend some time kind of going through here and reading this. Okay.

By the way, Scott, if you're in the Mastermind, which I think you are, Muhammad actually just had posted a very similar question in the Facebook group. I answered it and I gave some live examples there of how I have it on some of my sites. Go check that Facebook group for the Mastermind and you should find that thread and read through it. You'll see some examples of some of my own properties where I have organization markup with individual locations and all that kind of stuff. All right. Keep moving.

Is It Best To Use City+Brand Name When Building Multiple GMB Sites In The Same Geographical Area?

Michael. What's up, Michael? He says, “Happy New Year, Dudes! Short GMB question. If building multiple GMB sites in the same geographical area, and I want to build a brand, is it best to use the city plus brand name in the name so that Google doesn't see it as a spam site? I was going to use the same for each location, but MGYB customer service suggested I not do it that way. How do you do it? Thanks.”

Okay. I'm not sure why that advice was given to you because, if I've got several assets that are in the same city, with the same city name but they may be different zip codes, I'd still use the same name for all locations because the other data points within the NAP are gonna be unique. If you're trying to build a brand, a pseudo brand anyways, then I recommend you keep all the name the same. It makes it easier.

The problem with creating, trying to create a different brand for each location is that it sucks. It's a lot of additional work, right? One of the things I've done, as you probably know, Michael, or anybody that's been through Local Lease Pro or in the Mastermind, they know I'll use a pseudo brand, like Local Tree Pros, for example, or something like that, and then I'll just name it City Tree Pros as the actual location name.

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But if I've got, let's say, three assets in the same city but they're in different zip codes, then I would name it that, let's just say, Cal Pepper Tree Pros, let's use that as an example. There's only one zip code in Cal Pepper, but let's just say that I had three different locations for Cal Pepper Tree Pros. Then what I would do is I would have all three of them named Cal Pepper Tree Pros, but the physical address when the verification occurred to get the GMB verified, the physical address would be unique, the phone numbers are all gonna be unique, the web addresses are all gonna be unique. Even if the name is the same, that's perfectly okay because the other data points are unique.

I'm not sure why MGYB customer support would have said not to do that. That's something, Marco, maybe you and I should chat about with whoever gave that advice because I want to make sure that we are giving a code the standard answer to everybody. Michael, in my opinion, I would still go with the city name-, or excuse me, with just the brand name, or if you're doing city plus brand name, if that's how you're naming your GMB assets, then if you have multiple locations within the same city name, do like I mentioned, you're gonna have unique data points for the NAP other than the name, so it should be okay.

I've never had any issues with that, guys. I've got many, many, many clients as well as lead gen assets out there guys that are multi-location. They share the same name and I've never had any issues with them. The only time that there's issues if you share the same phone number or if you share the same web address. Which, again, I've seen problems where people have multiple locations and they share the home page URL of their website as the landing page URL for their GMB assets. That's wrong. That creates NAP inconsistencies. That ambiguates data and that causes problems.

If you're going to have the same name and you're going to use inner pages, or for example, again, if it was one company and they have just one domain they don't have separate domains for each location, then you should use the location page, which is a separate landing page on the domain for each location, as the website URL in the GMB listing because that makes it a unique URL per listing. Does that make sense?

That's my advice to you, Michael. Marco, do you have any suggestions on that or anything different to say?

Marco: No. It's just the way that Rob recommends it. It's something that we found that works really, really well at just getting tons of calls.

Bradley: What's that, putting the city name?

Marco: No. By putting different names within the geolocation, within the geographical area.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah. I haven't tested because I … Again, the reason why I haven't tested that is because I don't want to have to create new brands. You know what I'm saying? I wanna go with one type of pseudo brand that I can scale and that way I don't have to come up with a different brand name each time. If I've got three assets in one city, I don't wanna have three brands. Does that make sense, guys? That's why I do it that way. It's more of an efficiency thing for me because we're scaling so much. It would be very difficult to continually come up with new brand names and new logos and all that shit. It would be an enormous amount of work.

Andreas says, “How will we be invited to your webinar on the 14th?” If you donate, you'll get an email with the notification.

Marco: No. If he's on our list, he'll be notified what it is that he needs to do. If he isn't, then how you do it is you donate, then you contact [email protected] and get all the information that you need.

When Is The Release Date Of The New Version Of Jeffrey Smith's Ultimate SEO Plugin?

Bradley: Okay, there you go. Jordan's up. What's up, Jordan? He says, “Any insider news, I know you all are tight, from Jeffrey Smith on when the new version of Ultimate SEO is coming out? No. I can follow up with them now, Jordan, and find out. Let me make a note of that. Because I actually asked him about it just last month, or in December, so just last month, I asked him specifically about it because we were talking about it in a webinar somewhere and I wanted to promote it. I was asking if he had the new one out yet and he didn't, he said he was working on it though. I think it's gonna be out this month at some point, but it might be February. I'll just make a note of it. All right. I'll find out.

Greg Drebert, if you're on then you know because you're real tight with Jeffery. You can always post and let us know if when the launch date is. You look like you are live, Greg. If you can shed an insight, that would be great. If not, I'll reach out to Jeffery and find out, Jordan, and I'll ping you back either in the Syndication Academy Facebook group or next week on Hump Day Hangouts. Okay.

Jim says, “Ass.” Okay. That's quite a way to start a question. “I was in the process of typing out a bit of a long specific question and the browser refreshed or losing it all let's try again but shorter.” Yeah. By the way, if you're at the 59 mark on the clock right before the webinar starts, when it turns to the zero, the top of the hour, yeah, the page refreshes automatically for Google Event pages. So, yeah, next time type your question out in a text file or notepad file first, that way if that happens you don't lose it. Don't you hate that? Okay.

Would SM Techniques Work On Brand-Based Adult Websites?

“Hey, SM gang. I have a question about whether the SM techniques work with non-local, more niche clients. Marco might be the man to ask because he doesn't give a fuck. You say that the techniques should work for any niche, but has anyone tried them with a non-brick and mortar adult client?” If Chris is on, he used to do a lot of that kind of work. “As in a client that operates one or more adult content websites that are based on the brand, rather than the business. In most cases, there probably wouldn't be a GMB to work with. Does G treat adult sites differently when it comes to these mainstream tactics?”

I've never done anything in the adult industry. I know Chris has. Chris, if you're still on, do you have any insight? Is Chris still on?

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Marco: No. I don't I think he and Adam dropped.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Well, Marco, can you … I've never done anything in the adult industry at all.

Marco: No. I mean, I haven't. I did but that was just way back in the day I had a client. Dude, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I mean, seriously, how we developed RYS Academy and RYS Academy Reloaded is that we found the document ranking in Google and it was full of just porn links and just porn stuff and it was ranking like crazy, the G doc. It's one of the things that sent Dr. Garry down the rabbit hole and sent me into thinking how to put it all together into one cohesive unit to push all of that power over to whatever it was that we were trying to rank.

So, if a G doc ranks for porn, there's no reason why anything else shouldn't. I'm just reasoning it out. It's not something that I'm going to try because I don't have a client to do it with. But, Jim, I mean, this is a test in the making. As far as GMB, why wouldn't you try to …? This is what my webinar is gonna be all about on Monday the 14th, why wouldn't you want or try to create the Entity for this so that it's just clear with Google what it is, what all the assets are, where they are, and they all belong to one brand and you try to that the brand plus key word association? I don't see why it would be any different. Of course, it would be filtered for adults, but I mean, that's your market anyway.

Bradley: Yeah. But actually, because I was just thinking business category for the GMB. Guys, they do have media company as a business category, so you could set up a GMB listing for that brand and label it for the GMB business category as a media company. I don't know that that would be filtered out unless it had something offensive in the title of the business name, the GMB profile name, if that makes sense.

Yeah. Sorry I can't shed more light on that. Jim, if that's a question that you would like answered more, I can always post, or with a better answer I could always ask Chris P to shed some insight, because I know he did a lot of work in the adult industry for a while. I don't know if he still does or not, but he did for quite some time, so he might be able to give you some pointers too.

Jim, you might even want to post this question in whatever group you're a member of Facebook group for Semantic Mastery. That way we could get some comments going on over there. I'm sure there's probably some others that have done adult content stuff that could probably help out too. I'm sorry I can't give you, I've got zero experience doing any marketing for adult content sites, guys.

Marco: Yeah. Too bad Jason Quinlan has gone underground or he'd be perfect to answer this. But I'm looking at the categories right now in Google and they have one for adult DVD store, adult entertainment club, adult entertainment store. So if they allow you to verify that, I mean, just looks for the category, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to verify something along those lines and then build your entity that way, see which one fits. If none of them fits, go general.

Bradley: Yeah, media company. I was just thinking, Jim, if you were dealing with online website stuff, a media company might be a good category too. Anyways check it out, post to one of the other groups, one of the groups that you're a member of and see if you can get some other people that may have that some experience, Jim, to comment.

Does Any Of The Semantic Mastery Team Member Buy The Annual OMG Machines Package?

Happy New Year to you as well Scott. Andreas says, “Thanks for the affiliate marketing tips, Bradley.” You're welcome. Jim says, “One more quick question for SM or anyone else on here. Does anyone on here buy the annual OMG Machines package. It rings in at 5k, so it's not for everyone. Is the information worth the cost? Something that can be implemented into an SM strategy? Thanks.”

I do not. I was a member of OMG, that's how I got introduced to Network Empire, it was back in 2012, 2013. For one year, I was in OMG. Then, I got introduced to Network Empire at the OMG live event. I think it was their first one. It might have been their second one. But Network Empire was there and that was where I kind of took the Syndication Academy, at that time we call them IFTTT SEO Academy, and then kind of learned how to really power that up.

Part of the reason I got away from OMG stuff, and I'm not talking about anybody else out there, guys, that's not what this is about, but I got away from the OMG stuff because it was mostly, at least back then, I haven't been a member for several years, but it was mostly about PBN stuff. Like how to go out and buy really powerful domains and build PBNs and not create footprints and all that kind of stuff.

That works. That did work a lot better. But we found methods that … I didn't like the whole PBN thing. I got tired of building private blog networks or building sites and trying to hide footprints. It became more and more difficult and less and less effective without going through all of the … In other words, unless you went through all of the trouble on how to find really powerful domains that were relevant and then how to set them up properly without footprints and all that kind of stuff, then they weren't as effective. If you did all those things right, then they could be really effective.

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But I found become increasingly difficult. I stopped doing PBN stuff and worked more on content syndication and the kind of stuff that we that I felt like was more long-term and more sustainable, which is why I went with going more than Network Empire out. Then, we developed out our own products and our own stuff. RYS Academy being one of them and Local PR Pro and Local GMB Pro and all of these own methods that we've developed on our own that have absolutely nothing to do with PBNs. Nothing.

Guys, we rarely even talk about external link building because we don't need to do it very often. When I do now, I primarily just use Press Releases as my external link building method. My point is, personally, Jim, I wouldn't spend 5k on it. But that's just because we use our own methods, our own proprietary methods that tend to get us results without needing PBNs. Again, I don't know that that's what they're about anymore guys. I'm just telling you that that's why I got away from it.

If anybody else wants to comment on that on the page, I'm certainly open to having people comment on what their thoughts are on there, guys, but please keep it civil. We're not here to pick fights with anybody. Don't start none, won't be none. You know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah. I don't have enough information to tell them one way or the other, and I wouldn't anyway. I wouldn't say, “Yeah. Go spend 5k,” or “No, don't spend 5k.” What I will tell you is, as Bradley said, back in the day that's what was done, that's what worked, and you did it and you moved on to the next and the next. Then came Network Empire, of course, Becker we met inside one of his Masterminds.

There's a bunch of information out there. What I can tell you is that we did our own flavor. We did our own thing. If I need a PBN, I build the G site and a drive stack.

Bradley: That's it.

Marco: And I add power to the G site and the drive stack. I push all of that power the way that we teach it, Local PR Pro, Local GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro, RYS Academy Reloaded. I mean, if you're not in RYS Academy Reloaded, I don't know why you're not in there.

Bradley: Yeah. Yep, there you go. All right. Ken, yeah, there you go. He got the donation link. Greg says to Jordan, “I just talked to Jeff.” See, Greg, you're the man. Thanks, man. I knew you'd come through. You always do, Greg. Thank you. “I just talked to Jeffrey. He'll throw in five extra licenses to the 89 five-pack for Mastermind members only. That's 10 total. Okay. So, you get 10 licenses for $89 for the Ultimate SEO Plus Plugin. That's the Buy link. Then, send him an email with the special I mentioned they get the extra five licenses. We'll be testing the new beta plugin this month.”

I thought that's what Jeffrey said. I remember, like I said, just last month when I was chatting with him in Skype, he said something about January. I didn't know if that was the launch or just the beta testing, Greg. But I appreciate you chiming in, Greg, as always. Thank you. So, it's coming out soon, guys. If he's starting beta testing this month, it's coming out soon.

Entertainment Agency, there you go, there's another one. That must be another business category. “Clients are clients and money is money. It's all the same work.” Yeah, I agree, Jim. I mean, I don't know. I've never been approached to do adult stuff. I'm not sure whether I would do it or not, to be honest with you. You're right, money's money. I don't look down on it or anything like that. So, you're right, it's all the same kind of work.

Marco: Yeah. That's just another niche. You go into whatever it is. You're going to get paid, that's how I see it.

Bradley: Oh, we're almost … Look at this, guys. Post some more questions because we got 15 minutes left and we're almost out of questions. That's rare. It's okay, it's only January 2.

Jordan says, “Also, if someone is a Schema wizard and wants to make a little cash, hit me up. I have a large international travel site migrating to epicenter CMS and the dev team is installing Schema but not using JSON-LD. I need a set of eyes that gets the non JSON-LD type of schema to make recommendations.”

Yeah. Jordan, I would reach out Ryan Rodden Skeema Pro, I think I think this is it. Right here. Reach out. I'm gonna post this link on event page here, Jordan. Ryan Rodden, he was a Mastermind member for quite some time. I don't know if he's still in the Mastermind or not, but he's a Schema pro. The site he set up specifically because he got tired of people asking him all the time questions of like, “Hey, would you look at my structured data?” so he set this up and just like he said, “Yeah, I'll take a look at it. Go buy it here.” He'll either generate the code for you, or he'll do a structured data overhaul, or he'll review existing structured data, and all that kind of stuff, you just have to purchase it.

But anyways, Jordan, if you've got a big site or whatever, just reach out to him, see what he can do for you. Ryan Rodden for schema work. Or I refer you, by the way, or the Semantic Mastery referred you.

Hey, where's my comment? There it is. All right.

Scott Walker, “I belong to OMG. Very nice people. But I agree with Bradley, Semantic Mastery is far, far ahead on Local GMB, Google Maps techniques.” Well, thank you, Scott. Appreciate that. Yeah. I mean, like I said, guys, I don't know whether they do much with local stuff or not, I know at least back in many years ago now, I mean, you got to think that was 2012 to '13, I think, when I was a member with them. That was shit that long damn time ago. I don't know what they're doing now, to be honest with you. So, you'd have to, Jim, decide on your own really. It's not really much I can help you with on that.

Marco: I have a question for Jordan. All right. There's three types of Schema-, or excuse me, structured data that you can go with: RDFa, micro data, or JSON-LD. Google recommends JSON-LD. Why wouldn't you go with what Google recommends? So now it's me asking a question during Hump Day.

Bradley: Wow! Now I gotta wait for the answer because there's latency, some delay.

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Marco: I'd like to know why. Is it the CMS that doesn't allow for a certain type of structured data? Or is it the client? Is it you? If it's you, why? I mean, this raises a lot of questions, right? Since Google says, “We recommend JSON-LD. This is the way you should do it. This is the way you should go. This is what the bot wants. This is what the bot is coded for.” It'll understand all the other, but you I'm just wondering.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, while we're waiting to see if Jordan replies here, he goes. “That's what I want to argue. Use the freaking JSON.” I agree, Jordan.

Marco: I can give him a page where Google recommends it.

Bradley: Yeah. Do that because then you could go show the web developers and the owners of the company, say, “Here, this is Google saying that you should use JSON-LD. So, why are we doing it the other way?”

Marco: We have Quentin just dropped something in there from South Carolina.

Any Suggestions On How To Use SEO And Google Ads To Rank As One Of The First Musicians In Charleston, South Carolina?

Bradley: “Hello, guys. I live in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm a full-time musician. I play drums and lead sing. I'm looking to be one of the first musicians in Charleston to really use SEO Google Ads the right way. Any suggestions?” It's a really good question. That's a good question. I don't know. SEO and Google Ad, I'm trying to think of how you could do with GMB stuff, but I don't think … It'd be very difficult because as a musician you're gonna travel to different venues to perform instead of have your own venue. You know what I mean? Most likely. So, that would be difficult.

But to use SEO and Google Ads? Well, it depends. I mean, again, that one I'd have to think through quite a bit, Quentin, because it's not something that I've done in the past. But I would probably think that you would want to just optimize for your name or your band's name, either your name or your band's name, or both, or band or group or whatever. You see, you play drums, so I'm assuming you're in a band.

My point is, I would probably optimize for that because as people get to know who you are, they'll start searching for you or your band's name. So, I would optimize for that. I mean, you could go generally to start getting some exposure. For example, I don't really do searches for music in my town so I don't really know what type of search queries people would look for, but you could start, for example, let's just walk through this. We got a couple minutes.

Go to Google Trends. That's where I would start because that's where I always start. For any type of new industry, guys, whenever I'm trying to figure out the best way to start marketing via SEO or even Google Ads at that point, I always start with Google Trends. Always, okay? Come to Google Trends. I don't know what kind of music you play because you didn't specify, but I don't know, let's just see what live music brings up.

I just put live music in. By default, it's gonna be set for United States and it's gonna show data for the past 12 months. But what I would do is I would narrow this down from maybe down to a city level. So you said Charleston, I'd start at a city level, but you might have to broaden it out a little bit. Charleston, South Carolina, right? That is what he said, right? Yeah, South, Carolina. Okay.

Then, this isn't only for the past 12 months, sometimes that won't be enough data, especially on just a city level. You might wanna pull it back to either the regional level or even to a state level, which I'll demonstrate that here in just a second. Right there. We've been talking about this for months now, guys. Ever since July 2018, the near me keywords are by far the most rapidly growing keyword type of query, a near me query.

That's where I'm starting for all my GMB assets now is I'm starting looking to do location research with near me keywords. That's where I start with my research. This just goes to show you, live music near me in just the past 12 months has had 120% increase in search interest in Charleston South Carolina. So, specifically in that city.

My point is, you could literally start optimizing for live music near me. That's a search query that could be optimized for. How do you do that? Because people ask me that, “Well, how do you optimize for near me keywords? It doesn't read naturally.” Well, for example, with GMB posts, Google My Business post, we do a lot of, and again, I just mentioned that's where I start now is always targeting near me keywords because they're driving a ton of traffic right now.

Well, put in like the first line of the GMB post was did you just search, and then we put in quotes, live music near me, question mark. Well, look no further, you just found it. Then, you can spit out some details about the venue and your business-, or, excuse me, the band. Obviously you'd want to associate live music near me with your band name. You'd wanna make sure that your band name was present and that post, as well as maybe the venue that you're performing at, that kind of stuff.

That way you're working that keyword directly into within a non spammy way. Did you just search live music near me or just search live music near me or there's multiple ways you could reword that to where it still reads? Okay. That's one way you can do. Live music Charleston, obviously, that's with the local modifier. These are just rising terms. If you take a look at the top terms, apparently, that's it.

But my point is, you can start targeting with those as more of them as a general way to get people to introduce to who you and your band are. But then what I was saying was, as your notoriety begins to increase, as you become more known in your local area and beyond, then probably I would recommend optimizing for your band's name, or your name if you're the lead or whatever. That's because people will begin to search for your name through brand and that's so you optimize for your brand name and that way you come up and you can control really the conversation via Google about your brand, if that makes sense. That's reputation marketing 101, right?

I don't know, I would start there something else. You could do like I said is back out a little bit. If you take a look at like South Carolina or 12 months we could actually bring it back, let's say, five years and that's kind of should bring you some more live music Charleston, South Carolina tonight. These are just rising terms. You look for top terms. Again, same thing, it didn't really add much. Something else you could do is, let's bring it back to 12 months, but back it out from Charleston to the whole state level. Okay.

This should bring back some different data. It looks like it didn't really. There we go. If we look at top Charleston live music, live near me live music Myrtle Beach, Greenville, South Carolina. There's just a handful of them there. Again, guys, that was just one keyword live music. I would try to figure out like, if you're in a rock band, rock music maybe, whatever type it is you could start just use Google to start trying to identify the types of queries that people might be searching for and indigent or drill into those keywords more, those search queries more.

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For example, let's do this, I mean, I know it's about time, but you could go to Google and search for, like if I said, live music actually, shoot, live music and it might not, yeah, it will. If I did live music near me, something else searches related to live music near me. So you could find other types of related search queries that people in Charleston, South Carolina search for that could give you additional ideas for stuff to optimize for.

That's what I'm saying you can use trends and Google search to find all these types of related search queries and things that you can start to use in your content marketing to start getting exposure for those, for your band. Does that make sense? So, that's what I would do hopefully. Hopefully, that helped you out a little bit. Okay.

Is There Any iFrame Stacking That Can Be Done In A GMB Via The Local Lease Pro?

“Hey guys, when you just have a GMB via Local Lease Pros or any iFrame stacking that can be done? Vince, yes, go back and watch the updates. If you're in Local Lease Pro, go look at the update module that was just added last week or it might have been two weeks ago now. The updates module, I specifically put training in there for how to set up an @id page, which is iFrame stacking essentially.

Go take a look at that. That's in the updates module of Local Lease Pro training. Okay. Everything you need is right there for you, Vince. Scott says, “Marco, I just donated. Great of you to do this for school kids.” Yes, it is. Thanks, Scott.

Jordan says, “Idea for band. If you have a fanbase that likes a similar band, example, Radiohead worked that angle as well. Yeah, that's true. It's true.

Jim Wells. “Marco, will I still be on the list from donating before I wasn't sure if that carried over?” It does, doesn't it, Marco?

Marco: No, it doesn't. This is a brand new webinar, brand new information, brand new donation.

Bradley: Okay. There you go, Jim.

Marco: Come on, guys, it's for a good cause. I'm not asking you to donate a million dollars five, 10 bucks, 25 bucks, whatever your heart tells you to donate. Then, yeah, listen to the information and let me know if it was worth it.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: As for Jordan, he says that it's a huge international travel site and that it's the devs doing it. You shouldn't let the devs do the SEO Jordan, ever. They think they know until you show them, no shit, stick to coding and let me do my job, make it easier for me, and then just show that. Google recommends JSON-LD and see where you can go. I know that you're gonna get a lot of push back because that's the way they want to do it. But it's not what you want to do, what you should do according to what Google is recommending.

Bradley: There you go. Looks like we finished up right on time today, guys. Wow. That's a great way to start the year. That's rare. We appreciate everybody being here. No Mastermind webinar this week, but we will see you all next week for Hump Day Hangouts. Thanks, everybody. Thanks, Marco, for hanging out.

Marco: All right, man. Bye, everyone.

Bradley: See you, guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 213

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 213 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: All right, welcome everybody. This is Hump Day Hangouts. I just realized that I did a live stream in our Facebook group asking people to come to Hump Day Hangouts 214. But apparently I was a week in the future, because this is Hump Day Hangouts Episode 213. Today is the 5th of December 2018. And before we dive into answering everyone's digital marketing questions, going to say hi to the Semantic Mastery team real quick. So left to right on my screen. Chris, how are you doing?

I'm doing good here. I'm in the gym here as you can see. So yeah, that's life in California.

Adam: Outstanding, outstanding. That's tough. Yeah, you're in California and you're indoors. What's going on man?

Chris: Nothing much. It's raining outside like, [inaudible 00:00:42] about the weather. How about at your place?

Adam: Yeah, well, it was raining this morning. So I'll let you pump some iron while we move down the line here. Hernan maybe things are a little bit warmer for you, right?

Hernan: It is actually. It's a nice day today. I think it's about to rain but going good and yeah, really excited to be here. Really excited for what's coming for this month. So very good.

Adam: Marco. How you doing man?

Marco: I'm good man, babysitting.

Adam: Keeping busy.

Marco: Real busy. She's a handful, but I'm happy. And then of course Christmas. So it's annual charity drive for Semantic Mastery. And so I'm really happy about that. It really gets me going man. This is the stuff that I really like, that I really enjoy, right? It's what makes me happy. So looking forward to doing all of that.

Adam: Outstanding. Yeah, we're going to have some more information on that. I know we've had a lot of people who have donated and are going to be coming into the kind of the webinar on Monday and I'll talk a little bit more about that. But thank you to everyone who's donated so far. And last but not least, Bradley how are you doing?

Bradley: Good man. Just happy to be here.

Adam: Good deal. All right, short and to the point. Well, just one-

Bradley: One thing real just quick. Marco, I pinged you in Slack. Could you reply to that when you get a chance. Sorry, I just need a link for something.

Adam: Yeah, right. You guys are just sending gifts back and forth. All right everybody. Well, first of all, if you're new to Semantic Mastery thanks for tuning in and watching this. Whether you're watching it right now live or if you're checking it out on the YouTube channel, appreciate you watching. You can always come and watch live and especially if you're on YouTube and you want to get replies, we try to reply to comments and questions on YouTube channel. But if you want to have the best chance of getting your questions answered go to And I believe that is in the YouTube description as well. Or if you just join, you sign up to join our subscription list. We send out alerts about hey, we're starting soon you can come join and do it that way.

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The second thing I wanted to mention is well, people ask us once we get started what's the first thing we should do? You should get a battle plan. Everybody skipped the battle plan. People in our mastermind get the battle plan. Everyone should get the battle plan. It's a great way to get repeatable processes for SEO of digital marketing and I'll put the link on the page here. But you can just go to battleplan.semanticmastery and then also highly suggest if you've done that, you got the battle plan and you're ready to take things up a few notches, you're looking for a peer group, you want to really grow you want to scale, come join our masterminds. You can find out more about that at And speaking of the Mastermind guys we got some big stuff coming up later this month don't we?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: [inaudible 00:03:43].

Adam: We do, we do. We got a lot of updates coming. We just told the members about it inside of the Mastermind believe last week. I know I was traveling so kind of lost track a date but we got some big changes coming, a lot of really good stuff and we're going to actually have a little bit of a webinar about that later in the month right Hernan.

Hernan: Yeah. It's going to be around the … Well, it's going to be after Christmas. So it's going to be around the 26th, 27th around that. And yeah, we're going to be announcing a bunch of updates and upgrades and enhancements that we're doing to the Mastermind, the Semantic Mastery Mastermind experience if you will, right? So we have a lot of content in there, a lot of people having great results. But we felt that we could do a lot better with how things are organized for you guys. So yeah, that's going to be quite a treat for everyone within the Semantic Mastery Mastermind. So if you wanted to join, go ahead and join because it's going to be quite a ride for 2019.

Marco: Yeah, better to [inaudible 00:04:42].

Adam: Yeah, definitely. So we got that going on and then also we're going to have a little bit more firm announcement. We got a really cool update webinar. Bradley's been doing a lot of work as well as other people with the Local Lease Pro stuff. We're going to have an update webinar about that. Bradley decided to make that public and then we're going to do-

Bradley: For a short period of time.

Adam: Yes. For a very limited period of time. But you can come watch it. We understand, you might be in a different time zone. So, we're not going to say you have to be there live. But you're going to have a day, maybe 48 hours to watch it. And as well, we'll answer questions. Go deep into that. We're seeing a lot of really good results. We want to share this with people. And also we're going to have some specials announced there as far as some Christmas good stuff going on. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: I got a couple things to add to that briefly. So yeah, so that's December 17th, correct?

Adam: Right.

Bradley: Okay, so we're going to do a Local Lease Pro update webinar for the members and … But I'm going to make it public for a very brief period of time, probably only 24 hours guys. So all of you that aren't in Local Lease Pro, if you want to get … We're going to be talking about location research, I guess, some new discoveries and location research and some real opportunities that we were missing before. And so I'm going to reveal how to do that. I'm also going to reveal some really cool tips on how to … Because location research has expanded so much, which is really the tip of the spear. So it's really important. We're going to talk about how to make sorting through all that data more efficient and easier. So we'll talk about that.

We're also going to talk about some other just slight changes to the original training. But we're going to make that public just because we want a lot of you guys to understand what type of training it is. So in case you haven't joined, you may end up wanting to join because you're not going to get all of it, you're just going to get what I'm going to share as the update. So, that's only going to be part of the overall puzzle. If you want the whole thing you have to join Local Lease Pro or join the Mastermind because that's really the first product that you will get as a Mastermind member depending on whether you're starting off or trying to grow your business. But either way, it's one of our front end products now when you join in the Mastermind.

I would highly recommend that you guys show up for that. And then one other thing just real quick, it's kind of a side note. I meant to announce this earlier. And Adam I don't know if you set it or not. I wasn't paying attention. But guys, we've been noticing me to get a lot of questions in the comments section of the YouTube videos on our YouTube channel, and that's fine. But a lot of times those don't get answered or they're delayed for days or even weeks before they get answered, because nobody's actively monitoring our YouTube channel comments. So I just answered them occasionally when I see them. But just so you know, this is the forum for questions, right? Hump Day Hangouts, guys.

And I know not everybody's going to hear this. But just for those of you that end up sometimes posting comments or questions underneath the YouTube videos, especially like the clips that we cut out Hump Day Hangouts, a lot of times they don't get answered, that's what Hump Day hangouts is for. We give an hour every single week. So please post your questions here and that way we can get them answered, okay?

Adam: Cool. And something a little bit closer in time wanting to remind everybody and Marco mentioned at the beginning, but we got the charity drive going on right now. We're going to be tying that in later in the month. But coming up real soon Marco you got a webinar on the 10th and you want to talk about that real quick?

Marco: Monday 3:00 PM Eastern, anyone who's interested in Drive Stacks, whether mine or somebody else's, I'm going to show you how it's done right. And how you power them up the right way. And all it takes is a donation. So the course costs 4K as you know. And it's worth every frigging penny that you spend because nothing pushes more power than the Drive Stacks. We've shown it time and again. But Rob and I are going to go in there on Monday … Yeah, Rob is riding shotgun and he's going to give some stuff away as he always does. He's like Bradley, he likes to give away the farm. So if I'm not doing it or Bradley's doing it, he is. So we're always giving away stuff.

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People have donated we'll you the access. If you haven't, I'm sorry. That's how it goes. So if you have Drive Stacks, if you have interested in Drive Stacks, if you're in [inaudible 00:08:57] academy, local gym, be pro, I don't care where you are, you need to be in this webinar. And all it takes, it's not even coming to Semantic Mastery. All it takes is a donation and whatever you decide to give is fine. I'm not going to say anything. Five bucks, 10 bucks, whatever you decide to give is good enough to get you in on the webinar.

And there's a previous webinar that we've done. I'm trying to get access to that so that I can even give you access to that to the first one in the series. So I think it's just totally worth whatever money it is that you decide to spend. Give from the heart because it all goes to kids. You guys know the charity if you don't you can … I'll drop the links to the … We have some videos and what do you call it? In our YouTube channel. By the way, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. It really helps us and we also have it in the charity page, right? There's video so you can see what the charity is all about. You can also visit the Facebook page and so that's what we're doing guys. We're just helping kids.

If you like helping kids, you like helping others, donate and what you get in the bargain is a fucking awesome webinar on how to power Drive Stacks. It can't get any better than that. Yeah. And by the way, I misspoke man. I'm not babysitting I'm just being dad.

Adam: Awesome. Well, you guys heard it Monday 3:00 PM. And again, give which you can, give from the heart. This isn't, like Marco said, this isn't going to us. It's going direct to charity. And then Marco's been nice enough to share this information, put it on the webinar and try to get you access to that other one. So I put the link on the page, go there. And then also we're looking for input on a resource we're putting together. We have a list of a couple Hernan posted in the Facebook group yesterday. We've got a lot of responses but we love as many as we can get. Going to put that on here as well. If you can just hop over there, check it out, see which resource you would want and vote on that, we would really appreciate it. With all that said, I think we're ready to go.

Bradley: Okay, cool. And one thing I want to mention, I just thought it was funny that the Local Lease Pro method is just crushing it guys and it's … I don't know, how long it's going to last for us to have this kind of opportunity. So we're trying to build as quickly as we can and that's basically what we're teaching in the Mastermind. And it's super important and what's really cool about, there's a one particular metro area that I've already got a service provider lined up for and they asked for us. They give me a list of specific locations that they want to get more work from and so I did the locate … Well, I had my VA do the location research and I think there was 12 maybe 13 areas in total that we researched like zip codes essentially. And I ended up identifying five that we were going to attempt to secure and to rank for Legion.

And I got three out of five in the maps pack, in the three pack with nothing other than claiming, verifying and optimizing the GMB profile. It didn't have any press releases, it didn't have any off page stuff. It was just literally just optimizing the profile. So three out of five in the metro area almost overnight. It's just fabulous guys. And so that's kind of stuff you can expect with Local Lease Pro. And that's, again, we're going to be doing the update webinar on the 17th. So I highly recommend that you show up for that so you can get a taste of what it is that we're doing, okay. And with that, I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen. I'm going to get into some questions.

Is There A Bottom Threshold For GMB Regarding City Size And Demand?

All right. First, Larry is up. Larry had several questions last week. He said, “I have begun thinking about local GMB and have a question about local city size and search demand. Is there a bottom threshold for GMB regarding city size and demand?” Okay, I mean, no, there isn't a … You can still get leads from a Google My Business asset even in really small towns. I Know, because I've got several Tree Service assets in some very, very small towns. And what's great about them is they're typically really easy to rank. And obviously I don't get a whole lot of calls from those. But they still do generate calls. So yes, you can still get leads from an area even if it has no search volume according to Google Keyword Planner. But don't worry about that. Really don't worry about that because the Google Keyword planner's typically showing keywords that advertisers bid on.

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And so if it's in a really small town, and there's nobody actually advertising spending money on Google ads in that area for those keywords, which is, it's rare that you find those but it does happen. Then that data might not show for those keywords. But because nobody's bidding on them, right? Nobody's bidding on those keywords. So there's no reason for that data to be tracked. But that doesn't mean you can't get leads from there. I know that to be a fact because like I said, from Tree Service as well as some other industries that I've been in where the keyword track or the keyword data doesn't show any search volume, but I don't care because it still ends up generating leads.

As far as what I'm doing for my minimum size like when I have location research done by my VA for let's say 30 zip codes around a metro area, including the metro area and then the adjacent or surrounding areas. Let's say we research 30 zip codes. Out of that what once we've identified all the zip codes within a specific radius, then my VA goes and searches the population data for each one of those zip codes and then sorts it and gets rid of any unique or stand or, excuse me. Unique or P.O.Box type zip codes which have zero population and then the ones that, the remaining zip codes that do have population the window that I'm selecting is no less than 10,000. If the zip code has less than 10,000 people, then I omit that.

Now that's not saying that you can't get leads from that. You certainly can. I'm just saying that typically I'm going for 10,000 or more population in a specific zip code, because it's going to produce more call volume, right? It's likely to produce more call volume. So that's just an arbitrary number that I pulled out of the air no kidding. Maybe at some, once I have more of a streamlined process and everything else I may test with some lower population areas and see if I could still generate just as good results or similar results. But that's currently my threshold. And there's really no rhyme or reason to that I just selected that, okay.

But again, it doesn't matter how small the area is, people need stuff, right? Like, so it doesn't matter even if it's a very small town with a small population of say 3,000. Those 3,000 people are still going to need services, right? Of whatever it is. So if you can get a listing in that area, it might not generate a lot of leads, but it should generate leads nonetheless. Okay?

Marco: Yeah, I would add that it depends on what the lead is worth. Because if you're getting 10 and it's only 10 bucks, I don't know if you want to bother with $100 a month, although some people … If you do that 1,000 times, that's a whole lot of money.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Right? But if you're dealing with something that's high demand in the area, and high ticket so that maybe two or three calls a month is all you need to make this successful for whoever it is, then I mean, totally, because 15,000 people you're going to get some kind of call volume. What kind of call volume? I don't know, you're going to have to research. Research the competition, research what's going on. 15,000, I would say definitely.

Bradley: Absolutely.

Marco: That's not a small size town. I mean that it's small in comparison to others, but you're still going to get decent call volume maybe in the 30 to 40 calls a month range maybe I don't know. If you get a call a day, you're good to go. Calls that turn into leads. Let's say if you get one a day, 20 a month you're good to go. The dermatologist is happy because he wasn't getting those before and it depends on how much he's willing to pay you for your efforts. I mean you got to weight that. How much are you going to get paid for the work that you're going to do.

Actually in if you have Local Lease Pro and you know how easy it is, you'd laugh all the way the bank because literally there's very little that you need to do.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. I mean, there's no way for me to speculate on how many calls you could generate from a city with 15,000, especially for dermatology keywords. It's not something I've ever … I've never worked in that industry. So I couldn't tell you. But my point is if a three pack is showing its 15,000 people in that population in that area and you said it's a mess and can be easily taken over, then I'd do it, right? I mean it depends. Are you getting paid. Has he already agreed to pay you to do it or are you talking about doing it to generate leads. However you decide to do it.

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If he's interested the dermatologist that is, then I would go ahead and do it. Because 15,000 people that's perfect for me as far as … That's right in my window it's above 10,000. And so a lot of the zip codes that we target range between 10,000 and 30,000 people. It's right in there, that's a good number so I would absolutely go after it.

Something else Larry you can check out is use Google Trends. Go to and you can take … And that's trends, T-R-E-N-D-S and then you can actually sort, you can put in keywords like dermatology, dermatologist, things like that and then select your State, select United States and then select your State that you're in. And then you can get kind of an idea of what the Search interest is. It doesn't show search volume, it shows search interest and it's like a percentage, essentially. So you'll see search interest for the keywords, not only for like dermatologist and dermatology and again I'm not familiar with that industry. So I don't know what somebody looking for that would search for, but that's a great place to start. That is always where I start for any type of keyword research is Google Trends because I can specify my area, my location, my geography, and then I can narrow down all the way to a city level. But that typically restricts data considerably.

I usually start at the State level and if I don't see a lot of data, then I'll broaden my search to United States so the entire country, right? But usually I'll start with just the state level and then also you can adjust the time. So how much data are you looking at as far as historical data. I think by default now it's at 12 months, the previous 12 months of data. But you can select from that drop down also like five years, the last five years or since they started Google Trends, since Google Trends started tracking this data which I think was in 2004.

You can go all the way back to their if you want and that'll give you even more data. But what's cool about that as it will show you the top related search queries based upon your seed term which in this case would be like dermatologists for example. So it will give you a lot of other keywords that now you can start to do research on to identify other keywords that could generate traffic to the business, right? And that'll also, like I said, it doesn't show you search volume. But guys remember the AdWords Keyword planner is or the Google Ads Keyword Planner now, it's an AdWords tool. So when you're talking about doing stuff for SEO, I do still reference it occasionally because it gives me some idea of what type of interest there is for specific keywords but it's not an SEO tool.

It's different in that the data that it's showing is for AdWords data for people that are bidding on keywords and for people that are interacting or clicking on Google ads. So that's what it's showing not necessarily organic stuff, right? So that's why I say, I don't really care what search volume says anymore. I go to Google Trends I take a look there then I also use Power Suggest Pro to pull back a lot of long tail stuff based around my seed terms and then that's it. If I know that there's a suggested phrases and I know that trends shows that there's data and related keywords for that or whatever seed terms of researching then I go ahead and build it for them anyways.

And last but not least, I've said this before but something else you can do is to identify whether keywords convert, whether they generate traffic is set up a Google Ads account or a campaign, excuse me. Set up a Google Ads campaign and just throw a couple hundred dollars at it and test. Because with the alpha beta campaign structure which you can research that just go to Google and search alpha beta Google ads. And you'll see a PDF by what's called by … Excuse me, it's a PDF by a company called Q3 Digital. And talks about what alpha beta campaign structure is, which is really, really easy to set up. It's super simple to set up and it will very quickly show you which keywords are generating traffic and then that's what you can start your SEO campaign around or the keywords that are actually generating traffic, right?

And so that's something else that you can do. Just with a small budget is figure out which keywords are generating traffic and then build your SEO campaign around that. Here's the thing guys, I don't recommend going out and just throwing stuff at the wall when it comes to SEO. Like as far as, “Hey, I assume these keywords are going to be generate traffic. So I'm just going to go start SEOing for these keywords.” Because what happens is you spend a lot of time and effort and perhaps money too on optimizing assets. Building assets optimizing them, building links, creating content, all this other kind of stuff just to find out that maybe that's not a winner.

Whereas if you take AdWords, you could throw a couple hundred dollars at an AdWords campaign, which you could set up in an hour or two tops. If you know what you're doing, right? It could be done in an hour. And then you could let just let the campaign run and slightly optimize it over a few days. And then you'll have data that will show you exactly which keywords are generating traffic, and then those are the ones that you target with an SEO campaign. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of rework. Anyways, I was a good question, Larry.

Is It Okay To Use A Group Of Purchased Images To Different GMBs In The Same Niche And Geotag Them For Their Unique Locations?

Next one is Dan, he says, “Is it okay to use a group of purchase images for several different GMBs in the same niche and simply geo-tag them for their unique locations?” Yeah, I mean, we do that Dan. One of the things that I have my VAs doing … We're not really using a lot of stock images anymore because … We've talked about grabbing images from YouTube. I can't get into that specifically here. But any of you that have been through any of courses know that we've covered that in multiple courses which is going and … Grabbing an image from YouTube that tends to work well because a lot of the times those are unique in that they're not … A still shot from a YouTube video hasn't been indexed, right?

My point is that they have a little bit more power. So that's one thing you can do. But what I have my VA do is about once a week just spend an hour going and collecting more photos just using the YouTube method and adding them to a photos master folder like a masters photo folder. In other words, it's just a pool of photos or screenshots or whatever that they've taken that we just keep adding to every single week. Another couple doesn't go in there or, however many they get done in about an hour. And that way as we continue to build GMB assets, our pool of available images is always growing, right? And so that way we can just select images at random from that that drive folder and then we just geo-tag them.

For example, if we're setting up a new asset, and let's say we want to optimize 30 images for daily posts or something, we'll you'll just randomly select 30 images from that photos master folder or even copy that entire folder. And then in put it in the project sub folder, and then use something like geo setter to geo-tag all of those images. And then whenever he goes to post, set up a GMB post or a blog post or anything really, he can go grab an image from that specific folder. It's already geo tagged. It's ready to go. Does that make sense?

We started off just with like 30 images that we started reusing over and over again for other assets. But I don't like that because it could potentially cause a problem. And you guys if you've probably heard me say this before. I hate rework. Like I hate losing assets, guys. I hated it. That sucks. It's very discouraging. So I'd rather spend the extra time developing the masters photo folder more and more on a weekly basis. And again, it's something a VA could do so that you just keep adding. Stock photos will work. Don't get me wrong. But I like to use more unique images of possible.

Marco: We did an entire webinar on how to get unlimited local images in Local GMB Pro.

Bradley: Yeah, [inaudible 00:26:23] right.

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Marco: No, we didn't share it with … Yeah, we did invite RYS Academy-

Bradley: I thought so.

Marco: In fact, yes we did. So if you're in RYS Academy or Local GMB Pro, you have a way to get unlimited local images and I showed exactly how it's done. And you can have just thousands and thousands of unique images from your hometown and you can relate them all to whatever it is that you're doing. It's a really simple method. I don't know why nobody else has come up with it, has said, “Holy crap. This is so simple.” Because it really is. Once you see it and you see how easy it is, you're going to hit yourself in the head and say why didn't I think of it because it's stupid simple. So if you guys are in it, you just go, it's in the Facebook group in the Local GMB pro Facebook group and in the RYS academy Facebook group. I uploaded the webinar in there.

Bradley: Yeah and I would say definitely you know give more images as you can. It's time consuming to do the methods that Marco was talking about as well as the YouTube method. That's why I recommend that you have a VA do it. Just train a VA to do it guys. It's very inexpensive to have a VA collect images for you, will save you a ton of time.

Marco: Hang on a second. The reason why I did that webinar is I wanted to show people also why you shouldn't use stock images because Google AI can pick out everywhere where that stock image been used. And it's been used multiple times. So Google knows that it's a stock image rather than image taken by someone at the location. So why not go through a little bit extra trouble and give Google what it wants. When we try to trigger the algorithm, that's always what we look to do. We want to feed RankBrain as much data as possible. But it has to be new data for RankBrain to really pay attention.

Does It Affect Branding If The RYS G Site Ranks Higher Than The Money Site For The Main Targeted Keyword?

Bradley: There you go. So Greg's up. He says, “Went through the RYS DYF Manual best I could. I'm a newbie to this stuff and have the following questions. It looks like it may be possible for the RYS G site to rank for the main targeted keyword before the money site does. If so that would be an unfortunate money site branding situation. Even though the G site is carrying links to the money site. I thought the RYS stacks would push ranking juice to the money site.” Well, they do. But yes, sometimes the G site can rank first. And I mean, that's just because it's a Google property and Google's [inaudible 00:28:56] narcissism, right? Google likes to rank its own properties guys, that's why we utilize them the way that we do.

The idea is if you have a Google site that's well built and trust me the way that our guys do it from MGYB, it's incredible. Like, it's amazing how well they come out. I mean, they look really, really good. And there's a ton of data on them. And there's a ton of calls to action, as well as blinks and contact information and all that stuff, so that even if it ranks before the website does, which happens often, it doesn't matter because somebody clicks on it, they're still going to know exactly who the brand is, right? And they could click through to the money side if they wanted to. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if the Google Site outranks the money site. It makes no difference to me because it's still a branded property that's pushing whoever lands on it to the brand. So in my opinion, it really doesn't matter.

Now, there are some things that you can do. Marco, can you add a canonical to a Google site? Is there a way to inject something in an HTML header? I can't remember [crosstalk 00:30:04].

Marco: Yeah. But that's not something that we're going to share. Not right now.

Bradley: Well, okay. I wanted to say how to do it. But I'm saying, you don't think Greg understands that canonical is anyways. But that's something that you could do. But I wouldn't even worry about it. Because, I would rather the Google Site index than not index and push all the power to the money site. Because if the Google site can index and it's still pushing power to the money site, then both could end up being on page one, right? And I would rather have that additional asset that would push a potential competitor off page one, than not have that asset. Does that make sense?

Is It Best To Embed The Map On The Homepage Of The Money Site Or Can It Be Embedded On Multiple Pages Throughout The Site?

Anyways, yes, that can happen sometimes Greg. But again, in my opinion, is that's not a bad thing at all. Number two, “Is it best to embed the map on the money site's homepage, or can be embedded on multiple pages?” It can be embedded on multiple pages, or it can be embedded in the footer or in the sidebar which will make it appear on all pages. That's perfectly fine. Typically I embed a map in like the footer, one of the footer widget areas or a sidebar. Typically that's how I do it. Okay?

Is It Possible To Change The GMB Address After Verifying It?

All right, we're going to be moving. James says, “Hey, hope you guys are well. Quick question if I may. Are you able to change a GMB address after you've receive the postcard and verified the original address? If so …” Well, now you can James only because everything changed recently. Now I don't know if it's a storefront business, as a point of sale. I know for like service area businesses, once you verified the profile, you just go in and clear out the address. There's actually even a link in there that says clear address. I mean, that's what you do now, which is crazy because for the longest time, ever since Google Maps came out, that's not how you did it. And that just changed within like the last six weeks or so. So yeah, you can and as far as … Recently even if you go remove the address, I don't know if you'd want to add the address back in unless it's a storefront.

If you have a storefront where people are going to be coming to the business then yes you want to make sure you have the correct address. But if it's a service area business you don't even need an address anymore once it's verified. Okay? Go ahead.

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Marco: I would say that yes there's always a risk. Anytime you make changes to a Google My Business listing. This one is less unless you make too many changes. If you start making too many changes, the speed at which you do it comes into play. You do shit too fast you're going to get burned and I'm telling you're going to lose the asset. And if it's a client, your client is going to be pissed because you got their stuff … It's going to disappear gone. I mean, it's nearly impossible to get it back once Google says it suspended due to TOS violations or whatever. You're going to start making changes. Dude, slow and steady wins the race. So you do one thing, you let it sit for a while you come back. And never ever through the owner, don't ever use the owner.

I might be giving away too much. Set up a manager and do everything through the manager. Don't ever again sign in as the owner. Protect the owner at all costs. Put all of the blame on the manager.

Bradley: You and I have conflicting opinions on that. In my opinion, it depends on whether you're building a lead gen asset which is a spammed asset essentially or if it's for a bonafide business. If it's for a genuine business, then I totally agree with what Marco just said. But if it's for spam to dress I'm actually recommending that to do everything through the owner account and not even connect a manager account. I'm going to that route because I'm trying to reduce any potential footprint issues. And remember with lead gen assets guys, they're spammed addresses, right? There're spammed asset. So you want to reduce footprint or eliminate footprint if possible.

But when you're dealing with clients or like bonafide businesses, right, genuine businesses, then it's not an issue because they're real businesses that can be verified, right? And can be re-verified if needed. So that's why I would absolutely recommend what Marco said, if that's the case. And that would be like assign yourself as a manager and then make the changes as a manager not through the actual owner account. That makes sense.

Marco: Well, here's the deal with that. We have MGYB Done For You services, right? Excuse me, GMB Done For You services. And the only way that our VAs can go in is as managers. And so that's just the way that it has to be done. And in practice what I've been seeing is that anything that we do as managers, whether it's a spammed address or whether it's a real address, Google doesn't react to it because we never put anything that's of the same type … We never put 100 let's say Tree Service properties on one manager. We spread them out. We give them multiple niches. So each one is going to look like it's an agency actually working in the GMB rather than one big umbrella that's getting spammed. Everything under one umbrella. So that's the way we're actually doing it inside the Done For You services. Because they have to be added as managers.

Is There A Benefit In Changing “User Agent String” For Different Local Business Identities In Ghost Browser?

Bradley: That's right. All right. Randy says, “Began using Ghost Browser recently and found that you can edit the user agent string for different identities. Is there a benefit in changing that for different local business identities?” I don't know. That's not something I messed with Randy. If somebody else has an opinion. I'm happy to hear it. I don't worry about all that shit. I'm using Browseo instead of Ghost Browser and I just make sure that I log in through the … And that's what I was just talking about in the previous question. The Google owner account for the GMB asset we assign to project or essentially it's a profile in Browseo. And then we log in. And from that point on that browsing session remains live or active, right?

Even if we close Browseo that browsing session, that profile remains logged in to where when I pull up Browseo and open the Chrome browser the next time I'm already logged in, right? And so I don't care about the user agent stuff. That may be something that we start worrying about a later date. Right now it has not been an issue. It has not cause any problems so I don't mess with that. Again, guys I try to produce results with the absolute bare minimum required. Because otherwise especially when you're building stuff out at scale, the more steps you add the slower it takes to complete. And so we're trying to streamline things as much as possible.

Now again I'm not saying that that's not something that should be done or that will need to be done in the future I don't know. But it has not been an issue for me and the stuff that I've been doing yet. Does anybody have an opinion on that?

Marco: I don't do anything. I mean I have with Ghost Browser but very limited. I don't know. I found it very rigid. It might be a whole lot better … When it first came out. Might be a whole lot better now. They may have added a whole lot of stuff. But I'm just not familiar with it. And at any rate, I wouldn't be because the way that we teach it is get a VA to do it. And which is what I do. I just had a VA go through the training not for Ghost Browser but for Browseo and so that's what they do.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you with Ghost Browser. But we do have some people who use Ghost Browser. If you're in any of our paid groups-

Bradley: Yeah, just post about it.

Marco: Yeah, just posted in there, and we have a few [inaudible 00:38:03] if I'm not mistaken. There's a few people that are using Ghost Browser and are getting results with it. So, check in there.

Bradley: Yep, there you go. And last part of that, he said, apparently, there was an issue with the MGBYB website on his end. If you have an issue with something like that, just contact support at and try to get it addressed there, Randy. All right.

Should You Take Actions Or Just Ignore A Missing Street Address Of A Live GMB Listing?

Peter says, “Hey guys. A month ago, I received the GMB listing from your store and there was a street address. Now there is no street address, but the listing is still alive. Should I do something about it or just leave it?” Well just leave it, Peter. If it's a service area business, don't worry about it. The address does not need to show in fact, you should clear the address if it's a service area business. Now, again that's changed that's different from even six weeks ago. It used to be there was a checkbox that you would check to hide your address, but the address was still in the GMB profile. It just wasn't shown in maps to the public.

But now as a service area business, it is recommended to clear the address. And once it's verified, you can clear the address. Google knows about what the original address was, but it's not even going to show in the dashboard anymore once you clear it, and that's absolutely fine. If it's a storefront, then yes, you want the address to show because you want people to be able to click for directions. You also want the location to show in maps so that people can find it for driving directions and all that stuff. But for service area businesses, there's no reason for the address to be listed. Because the business goes to the customer location, right? So that's what it should be. Just leave, and I'm assuming it's a service area business.

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Do You Still Geotag Images For GMBs?

Eddy says, “Hey guys. I've been following your content for a while, but only the replays on YouTube. Do you guys still geo-tag your images?” Yes, absolutely Eddy. Absolutely. I've got a VA that does all that stuff. But yeah, absolutely. We geo-tag all the images.

Do You Purchase Image Licenses For Each Individual GMB Or You Buy Them Once And Use Them Multiple Times?

“Also, do you guys purchase the image license for each individual with GMB or do you buy them once and use them multiple times?” Well, okay. I'm using stock images, which again, we try not to use any more at all. But okay. So, for example, I've got clients that I have bloggers post on their GMB profiles direct to the clients' GMB stuff, right?

And so in that case those clients have purchased like, they have an account set up, like I use is the stock image site that my company uses, my team uses. And so each one of my clients that we blog for has their own Stock Fresh account and they pay for the credits. And bloggers actually just access their account to pull images to post for them. That way in case there's ever any license claim issues for that specific business, that business is the license holder. You don't want to as an agency guys purchase stock credit images or licenses and then post them on client sites. Because the client sites or assets have to be the license holders in that case. So your clients can actually be hit with a copyright claim. Be sued for copyright infringement if they're not the license holders.

And trust me, how do I know this? Because I learned the hard way. So I'm telling you don't do that. If you're going to be posting for clients on client assets, you want to make sure that they're the license holders. However, if you're building lead gen assets and you are the owner, well, owner I'm using air quotes, but you control those assets, then you could actually have just one license for your parent company, whatever your company is, which I hope you have an LLC or a corporation. But your company would be the license owner and then all of those assets you could post them too because you can produce the license and also produced that you control those assets, right? You can prove that you control those assets. So that's what I would recommend.

But again I highly recommend that you're not using stock images. I mean there's other ways to get images like we just talked about.

Ralph Pendergraph says, “Last week I asked about GMB accounts that were suspended immediately after verification. Bradley, you asked how were my Gmail accounts created, and they were created on my cell phone with the same number.” Okay. “Which is probably the footprint and the reason for the suspension. Just want to update you guys.” Well thanks for the update Ralph. That could be it. It's getting harder and harder to create Gmail accounts and that's why we typically just buy them. But we've been having issues with some of those recently too. It is, it's just getting tougher guys. And so we're just going to have to keep trying to work around to get to figure all this shit out. I mean, that's the nature of this industry, right? The cat and mouse game that is SEO.

But yeah, that's why it's important. If you're going to be using account providers, which is what I recommend, it's very important to find a provider that also doesn't leave footprints. Because what sucks is you end up with accounts that you start to do stuff with and then they get terminated incredibly easy, and it's because they were flagged to begin with, and that's a problem.

How Important Is AMP For Websites In 2019?

Greg, this is a question for you, Marco. “Hey guys. How important is AMP for websites going into 2019?”

Marco: I think, well, here's the thing, right? And I've said it before, and I have to say it again, it's all about ART, activity, relevance, trust and authority. And not necessarily in that order, but you have to have it all in order for Google to pay attention. If you already have people coming into your website interacting and staying, page speed becomes a non-factor because ART trumps everything. Let me say it again, in case you haven't heard me. All of the other times that I said it ART trumps everything including page speed. Page speed becomes irrelevant because people visit the website and if it's slow, they expect it to be slow and they wait for it to load. Some websites take forever to load.

I mean, and if you're there for a specific reason, you're going to stay. Now, if you have a brand new site, it doesn't have any visitors, it doesn't have anything, then one of the things that is going to matter is that page speed. Because you want people who are coming in to have it available right away and to be able to stay and take action, right? Once you have that going, then again, it becomes a non-factor. How important is AMP? AMP is immediate, because it's Google cached.

And while the project is going, and while Google is paying attention to it, then it's important. And we still have the plugin in the, what do you call it, in the AMP group, in Facebook. So [inaudible 00:44:46] it's still there. It's up to date, it's working. You could do lots of fun stuff with it. So there you go.

At What Rate Do You Disavow Toxic Backlinks Indicated From SEMRush In Google Search Console?

Bradley: There you go. Thanks. Jordan says, “Toxic backlinks indicated from SEM rush. Do you …” I think he meant to say always disavow and Google Search Console and quickly so. “We are currently but wondering if we could slow our role to once every couple of months?” Okay, yeah. I haven't done it in a long time. But yeah, I didn't do it like I would just go quarterly or maybe even bi-annual like every six months or so, that's what I would do. I have a pest control company, they had an employee that I guess left on bad terms or was fired or whatever. Well, at least that the owner thinks it was this ex-employee, started spamming the site with backlinks, but shitty backlinks like really awful anchor texts. Like stuff I'm not even going to repeat on this public company hangout. Like really just awful stuff.

And this was back when I first took the client on which was shit, that's at least four years ago maybe closer to five now. And I was actually pitching the client on SEO services when I happen to look at their backlink profile, and I was using Majestic SEO at the time. But I noticed like, all these awful anchor texts that were pointing to the site. And in fact, those were like, the primary anchor texts. Where like, all these really disgusting, awful things that were being used.

And so that was actually really kind of helped me land that client was because I shared the data from the Majestic report and showed, I was like, “Look, you're getting spammed man. You're getting negative SEO essentially.” And I said, “This could be a real issue. If it hasn't already caused a problem, it certainly is going to.” And so that was part of the reason it became urgent all of a sudden for him to get that cleaned up. And that's part of the reason I ended up landing that client.

One of the things that I did was I would just export the link list from Majestic and then sort by those awful anchor texts and then I would submit all those URLs to the disavow Google … I would disavow those, right? As a disavow file. But the guy was persistent as hell. So again about every three months … At least originally, initially, I did it for about the first year about every three months I would go in and resubmit a new disavow file because additional links would index or appear that we're crappy negative SEO links. But, over time it … And it absolutely helped. I was able to get the site to rank really, really well. So those links were not hurting.

Now, I know a lot of people say don't ever disavow links with Google Search Console. I know people tin foil hat, say because you're just feeding Google Data all that. But I've recovered several sites that had penguin penalties by disavowing links. It's not something I do regularly anymore because all the SEO stuff that I do now doesn't … It's very rare that I come across people that or sites that have to do that kind of stuff. I don't recommend link cleanup jobs. It's a pain in the ass. It's very tedious.

But if you've already got a client and this is an issue then, yeah. And again, there's probably different opinions even from my partners, but for me personally I have had been successful many times by disavowing shitty links. Like I said, I did it quarterly initially and then I went to it about every six months and to be honest I probably haven't even looked in about the last two years now for that particular client. But he's kicking ass so it doesn't matter. So what do you guys think? Marco you got an opinion on that?

Marco: Yeah, I've never disavowed a link and never will.

Bradley: There you go, point in case.

Hernan: I'm in the middle, right? So you guys are like, I always disavow and I never disavow. I think that Google is kind of intelligent enough at these points so that it will tell what kind of links are bring in or are more valuable than others and it all comes down to what Marco was saying. If those links are bringing in traffic and authority and relevance and whatnot. But it all comes down to what do you see in the rankings. Are they fluctuating? Are they piling up? Like it's normal that your website will have a couple backlinks that they're not there because there's a lot of websites that are just like scraping links left and right. Yeah, that's what I would say. Don't touch it unless it really goes down or they're piling up.

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Bradley: I agree with what Hernan. If it's not causing any negative effects, then don't bother Jordan. If you've already started doing that though, and you're not seeing any negative effects, then I would almost say do not submit the disavow file because it could be that the reason it hasn't shown any negative effects is because you've been submitting. If you're currently comfortable with the situation, whatever it is that you're doing either submitting it or not submitting it, but you're comfortable with the results, then keep doing what you're doing is what I'm saying. But typically, like I said, I knew Marco was … I kind of assumed that Marco was going to counter what I said, but I haven't done it in probably two years, like I said guys. But I used to do it when needed and it was fine. I was actually able to successfully recover several sites that way.

But again, I've no other people that say never, never, never submitted a disavow file. But I kind of agree with Hernan too just in that Google has gotten a lot better to determine which links are valuable and which ones aren't. And they kind of disregard their non-valuable links.

Marco: It's called the distance graph algorithm, right? I wrote about it in 2015. That's when it kicked in. That's when Google started just not paying attention to the garbage links and really paying attention to quality links from trusted authoritative sources. The more trusted and authoritative the source in the niche that's what we always say relevance. Or we say ART activity, relevance, trust and authority. That's what activates the distance graph algorithm. So it's not really tinfoil hat. I always say fuck Google anyway.

Yeah, I could give a shit what they do. But this is actually something that's based on science. Google just doesn't pay attention to the garbage links. Whatever they're pointing at you, Google will give them less and less and less authority as time goes by. They might have an effect initially, but you don't really have to disavow them because they won't really count since they have no trust or authority. Now if you have traffic coming through those, let me just clarify. If you have traffic coming through those garbage links, then they can become powerful enough to really affect your website.

And I'm not going to get into how to do negative SEO or hot are how to change the semantic relationship of a website. You can really screw somebody over really bad just by changing the semantic relationship of the website. And there's ways to do it, which I won't get into in this forum.

What Is A Drive Stack?

Bradley: Felician says, “What exactly is a Drive Stack? Thanks.” It's using Google Drive properties for SEO purposes. That's the simplest explanation I can give you. And I'm not even going to try to expand on that. What exactly is a drive stack? It's using Google Drive, which is Google Docs and Sheets and drawings and maps and all that stuff that's available on Google Drive as an SEO tool. That's it. I'm going to move on. We're almost out of time.

What time's your webinar next week?

Marco: 3:00 PM Eastern.

Bradley: 3:00 PM Eastern. There you go Jordan. Jim says, “Donated, I had planned on donating. So this offers just icing on the cake.” Great Jim. Thanks man. “If you've ever learned anything from Marco and or the SM team donating is a given. Think about how much money you've made and how much free information you've gotten from Hump Day Hangouts. Wasn't that worth $5 to $10 or more.” Absolutely Jim and thank you for that comment man. I really appreciate that. I'm sure Marco does as well.

Marco: Absolutely.

Is It Possible To Review The Process For Creating A New WP Site By Using A Redirect From The Old HTML Site?

Bradley: Marcus Goodson says, “Is it possible to review the process for creating a new WordPress site by using a redirect from the old HTML site? Is it possible to review the process for creating a new WordPress site by reusing a redirect from the old HTML site? Do I need to edit the htaccess to transfer the authority to the new site best practices?” I'm not sure if you're talking about building a new site on the same domain … redirect from the old … Yeah, okay. I think I know what you're saying. If you're building a new WordPress site on a domain that was previously an HTML site, how do you capture or redirect inbound to link equity, right? Link flow from non-existing HTML pages.

Then yes, and htaccess would be a great way to do that. All you got to do is like, for example, just build a list of all your pages from your HTML site and the URLs. And then you could just redirect those to the new pages on the WordPress site. Because typically HTML sites are going to have like, dot html at the end or something like that at the end of the pages, whereas WordPress doesn't, right? So you could just set up all those redirects in htaccess Marcus, and that's absolutely how you could do it yet.

That's the point, is you just want to set up 301 redirects. In fact, I'm not sure if you can do it with the plugin. I think you can. I use simple 301 redirects is a great WordPress plugin because it's exactly as the name says. It's a simple 301 redirects. It's super, super easy. All you do is you put the original URL in the left column and in the right column, you put the target URL, the new destination and it'll automatically set up redirects and so like, you could take your HTML extensions, right? So from each individual page and put that in column A and column B is where you would add the new WordPress page or post whatever the URL that you want to redirect that old one to.

But that's just if you want to do it within WordPress. If you want to do at htaccess, if you're comfortable editing htaccess, you can absolutely do it there. And that's probably the best place to do it if you're going to do it. I'm not comfortable editing htaccess guys, so I typically use the plugins, or if I have some redirects that I want done via htaccess. Fortunately, I use really good hosts like Liquid Web or WPX hosting. And I can ask them to do it, hosting support to do it. And they'll do it for me. Because again, I don't like messing around in the htaccess. I'm not one of those types of coding nerds. I don't understand that shit. And so I just stay out of it. Okay, cool. We're going to keep on moving. We're almost done anyways.

Felicia says, “Next one was not Dan's question. I see mine was deleted. Great.” I'm not seeing … What are you talking about Felicia or Felician? I'm not sure what he's talking about. Next one was not Dan's question. Okay anyways, I don't know what you're talking about and nobody can delete comments from this page at least I don't think you can. No, and so if you posted a question and it's not appearing Google Plus sometimes will say that comments or spam and there's no way for us to control that. And if Google says it's a spam comment and it takes it from the page and we can't even see it as an admin, page admin. Just so you're aware of that. It's nobody was targeting you, okay. If you posted a question and it's not appearing then it's because Google took it off the page not us. All right.

Edward, what's up Ed? Ed was at [inaudible 00:56:52] live he's awesome. He says, “Envado subscription lets you license photos for your clients.” That's perfect Ed, thank you.

Any Recommendations For Some Call Forwarding Platforms For Rank And Rent Sites?

Gregory says, “Can you see suggest a couple of call forwarding platforms for ranking websites?” Oh, yes, Gregory. Great question. I used CallFire for … I still use CallFire because it's so ingrained into my business. I've been using CallFire since 2012. No, actually probably … Well, I don't know. Between 2010 and 2012 is when I started using CallFire and I've been using it ever since. So I've got dozens and dozens, if not a 100 plus phone numbers in CallFire.

However, I just started for this GMB asset building the scaling like because we're really building this out. I started using CallRail. I freaking love it. In fact, I would love to transfer all of my numbers from CallFire into CallRail. But that whole porting numbers over is a complete cluster fuck. Like, it's not something I want to do, and it takes several weeks. I'm just not even going to attempt it. Everything that I'm building now though, I'm using CallRail. It's fabulous. It's inexpensive. There are so many amazing features in CallRail guys. It's awesome. So I highly recommend you use CallRail. Anybody have any other suggestions?

Marco: I totally agree I've been using it for about five six years.

Bradley: Yeah, it's great. I really wish I would have started using it a long time ago.

Hernan: But have you tried to integrating them with any other tools yet? I assume they're pretty deeply … I mean I would assume CallRail's been around for a while. So they can act like an example.

Bradley: Oh my gosh. They'll integrate with just about everything. And they'll integrate directly with like Google Ads. I mean it's awesome. And there's a bunch of different apps that will natively integrate with it. But then it will also connect to Zapier, which means you can pretty much connect to anything. So it's amazing.

Hernan: Well, that's good. We should probably talk with the Local Lease Pro people because I see it too. I'm looking at the CallRail pricing info. It's nice they got packages. So if you did this per like metro area, you could include this and kind of have things separated out. I kind of like how this is setup.

Bradley: Yeah. That's great. So great question Gregory. All right, Jordan says, “I'm planning on donating 200 to the charity to get in to Marco's negative SEO webinar.” That's funny. I've never done negative SEO guys never. Never once. Don't get me wrong, I've been tempted to do it. But I've always thought that I would rather work on stuff that can produce revenue, than to take somebody else out because they pissed me off. You know what I mean? And not only that, but I truly believe in karma guys. Karma is a bitch. The universe as a way to working stuff out. And if you're out there negative SEOing, and I know Jordan was kidding. But if you're out there negative SEOing somebody, like that's going to come back and bite you in the ass at some point in your life at some time.

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I'm least that's what I believe. And so I've just never done it. And again, I've been tempted in the past. I've had other people like in a tree service industry example, I've had other tree businesses call and report stuff to Google My Business. I've had them leave negative reviews on the GMB assets because I outranked them. That kind of stuff. And so I've been tempted to like, oh yeah, Mr. Tree guy, you think you're smart? Like, don't you know, this is what I do for a living. I can destroy your online presence. You know what I mean? But I've never done it. I've thought about it, but I've never done it because I've always thought Why would I want to spend my time doing that when I can just build more assets to produce more revenue? You know what I mean? And again, I know Jordan was kidding, but that's just my philosophy on negative SEO.

John says, “I'm on my way to Boston in December. First grandchild on the way, we'll catch the replay. Thanks.” Awesome John. John is a Mastermind member. So everybody, we made it, we're only one minute over. Wow. All right guys, thanks for being here. Thanks, Adam for hanging out and Marco as well by everyone.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Adam: See you guys.

Bradley: See you guys.

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When Will You Add Citation Lessons In Local Lease Pro?

By April


In episode 205 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked when the team will release the citation lessons in Local Lease Pro.

The exact question was:

hi again,
when you'll add citations lessons in LLP?

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