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Should You Create A GMB For A Business Aiming To Get Monthly Membership Signups Even If It’s Not A Local Service Type?

  In the 329th episode of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if you should create a GMB for a business aiming to get monthly membership signups even if it’s not a local service type. The exact question was: Hey gents, so I bought an SEO Shield for a business who is looking to generate monthly membership signups. It isn’t a local business really, though I am wondering if I should order a postcard and setup a GMB even though it really isn’t a local service type of business? My SEO Shield is already in your Que ... Read more

Can You Offset Average Reviews And Get Into The 3-Pack By Targeting Optimized Listings With Press Release, Backlinks, Drive Stacks From MGYB?

  In episode 329 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if you can offset average reviews and get into the 3-pack by targeting optimized listings with press release, backlinks, drive stacks from MGYB. The exact question was: Hi Guys, . . . Need your help with 2 quick questions (smile) . . . (1) I’m presuming that having lots of 4 and 5 star reviews still has a significant effect on getting a GMB listing into the 3-Pack, but if the business has just “”average”” quantity and quality reviews compared to their competitors, can you offset that ... Read more

Are Claimed And Verified GMB Listing And Multiple Local Directory Listings Necessary To Rank Just In Local SERPs?

In episode 180 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if it still important to have a claimed and verified GMB listing and multiple local directory listings if you just want to rank in local SERPs but not in the 3-Pack The exact question was: Hi Guys, Thank you VERY much again for the help you provide, your generosity will be rewarded tenfold :-) Can you please help with the following :-) 1) If you’re looking to just rank in the Local SERs, but not in the 3-Pack, is it still important to have a ... Read more

What Should You Do When The Previous Business Shows Up When You Google Your Client’s New Business Address?

In episode 125 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how you should prevent the old NAP affecting your citations when dealing with a client’s new business address. The exact question was: Client just got a new location brick & mortar shop, wants me to build citations but when I google the address the old business that occupied the spot shows up. How do I go about getting this done without the old NAP affecting my citations?

Multiple GMB Listings for a Store Front with One Physical Location

  In Semantic Mastery’s Hump Day Hangouts episode 66, a viewer asked about creating multiple local listings to different cities within a metro for a storefront with only one physical address. The exact question was: I have a client with a store front that people can visit in one city – it’s their one and only physical location. We want to get 3-pack listings in other cities in the metro area surrounding this location. We plan on using PO Boxes with street addressing so when we setup the GMB pages for these cities we would choose not to display the street ... Read more